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    Surigao Tradional Margati Fishing Catch Tulingan or Skipjack Tuna

    November 11, 2019

    Good Morning AniMalupet viewers! Today we have new episode that i will share to you on how to catch skip-jack tuna. This kind of fishing is called “Margati fishing”. This method of fishing is different from the other method of catching tuna. This is the bait or lure we used. It is made up of hook, reflector tape and put inside the small tube. To operate this kind of fishing it needs two person and and two motorized boat. The durable nylon is connected to that boat and the bait or lure are placed at the center of fishing line. Motorized boat go side by side and put down the lure at the center area where the group of tuna devouring the bait ball or School of small fish. We have a catch one skipjack tuna. Fishermen follow the flock of seagull bird because it is one of their guide, if the flock of birds will dive it is a sign where the group of tuna feasting the school of small fish. The other fisherman do the same method we used. This kind of fishing is awesome because despite of many motorized boat their fishing line did not getting rumble. maybe they are expert enough in this kind of fishing. The other fishermen are came from the different barangays of Lingig, Surigao del Sur. They came here becauce in this area there are many fish catch. They pull the fishing line faster because there are many big fish will eat the catch like what happened to this catch. open the box Hey! forward The six skipjack tuna sell in the public market and it weighted 22kg and the price per kilo is Php 180. and we cook and eat the skipjack tuna without tail.

    BIG FISH from the Beach on Popper ! (Corsica part 2)
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    BIG FISH from the Beach on Popper ! (Corsica part 2)

    October 13, 2019

    Here I am, second day of fishing. I’m on a new beach now. As you can see, it’s very beautiful out here. I’m alone, well I came with a fishing patner. Other than that, there’s nobody. Except for the piles of seaweeds, but that shouldn’t be a problem. There are tons of seaweed in the water, So It should be good for fishes. I will start with a 40g jig, we will see. Then I will try using a popper or a jerkbait. Aie ! my feet will die here. I use a jig coz it’s very shallow and I need to cast pretty far. Is the water cold ?… oh yes oh YES ! Standing in the water, that’s the real thing !! I saw some mulets, mulets means leerfish. I saw something follow. Yes ! Oh no… Yes ! oh sh** ! Oh common they won’t get hooked !! Common, common ! I can’t believe this. I can’t catch them.. Unbelievable. Oh yes ! It’s not big, a tiny leerfish?! No, what is this ? It’s a weever ! It’s huge ! I don’t like this at all. A big weever, I never saw such a big one. I thought it was a small leerfish, but no. Well, a weever on popper. It’s paradise here ! I need to reach the tip of the… The problem is to cross this. It’s so beautiful ! What kind of rocks is that ?! The sharpest rocks on earth ! I’m in a hollow. I will use my good old jerkbait It’s all broken but it takes some fish ! I kind of lost hope for the topwater. The water is very clear and calm, I had 3 hits before, maybe small leerfish. They couln’t catch it, And now I think I had a follow on popper, but I didn’t see well. But nothing, So I’m going to change lure and we will see if, when the conditions are calm like this with a clear water, It’s better to play the card of realism. Well, change of beach, ther’s a man on surfcasting. Here at least ther’s no wind and no waves for now. And that is really what I am looking for. We’ll see how it goes, I’ll start with a jerkbait. You really have to fish the edges Very often there are big fishes just near the bank. This one is nice ! It ate my popper just right here ! YES Finally I caught my leerfish, at least I think it’s one. It’s hooked on the back, it happens often when they attack lure. My camera was off, I saw it and … These fish are so strong. Come here ! It still has some strengh Come here with me darling 🙂 I’d like to catch it. Common common ! I can’t catch it my rod is too long. All good ! It’s a nice fish ! A nice leerfish Calm down ! Well, nice leerfish ! I think it’s my biggest so far.. I approximately measured it, it’s not huge but it fought well. We’ll see if she’s fine. Yes ! Well, that’s it for this morning I finally caught my leerfish ! I can’t really tell how big it was I’d say around 2 kg Maybe more, maybe less I don’t know but she gave a good fight. It got hooked really… I saw it follow but my camera was off and I just turned it on before she took the lure, I hope we’ll see it ! She took like like 50cm from the beach and then ran of . A nice fight and I could release it so… I’m quite happy, I hope I can catch more. Maybe tonight, or another afternoon. That’s it, see you soon !

    They Wake Up Eventually. Uncut Fishing #20
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    They Wake Up Eventually. Uncut Fishing #20

    September 26, 2019

    Hello, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Uncut Fishing and on this late morning, it’s half past nine, slightly more than that, I am trying to understand this stream. I saw just one trout so far. However, it was a really nice fish. Went after the spinner once and that’s it. Maybe I should switch to something (different) but I don’t like to do so, doing so. Also caught a few perch but nothing special. Let’s see how it goes. Difficult to say what types of spots to look for. There are a lot of opportunities for trout to live here or to hide. A lot of water. But I think we should be looking for shallower water livelier water, with more current concentration, but I’m not sure if I’ll find such stuff. Oh, no! Nine times out of ten, maybe four out of five, ok, nine out of ten maybe to much, but four out of five (times) for sure I would have no trouble at all, it’s just an instinct getting this over. But in this case, it’s not just a log, – it’s a log, which is not covered, but which has caught some grasses and that’s the grass that I caught. The log was fine. What was that? Maybe some snags. Yeah, there may be grasses in there. So, a medium sized trout. A very strong take. Here it is. A thirty centimeters fish. Look at those dark spots. Very large spots too. Yeap. A very strong and pretty convincing take but that’s the first real take, trout take, I mean, that I’ve got. Just the second trout I’ve seen. And obviously there are many more than two trout in the bits that I went past. [This turned out to be a fluke.] [As was the case before I started recording, fish continued to ignore me and my lures.] […Until about 90 minutes later, when they slowly began waking up.] Ok, a follow. A small, pretty small trout, but when they are active, I would already be releasing it. Now it just followed, didn’t even attempt a take. This one… This one actually tried to take it. It’s a different one. Tried to take it several times. What is wrong with them? Slightly larger than the first that followed but not a large fish. Ok, so they are sort of half-dead, some are more, some are less, most are inactive but if we find one large trout that is in the mood, I’ll be happy. And now, it appears, we are leaving the dream stretch and entering the flat and wide one. Here is a trout. Maybe it’s a small pike. It’s in the grasses now. This is probably… No, this was probably a very small trout. Or a perch. But the first sighting of such a small trout, if it was a trout, today Another take from a small one. But again, such a take that chances of hooking are not large. Oh, another take from the small one. Here it is. This time it just gave way to the spinner. Look at that. Here it is. So, maybe, maybe that could restart the segment to sort of presentable state. But those are not the fish that I’ve been seeing but failing to hook. Oh, that’s more like it. Not a large trout but a good fighter. Here it is. So… I don’t know… I don’t know what to say. Sometimes things turn. Fish are not inactive indefinitely. Maybe that’s one of those cases, we’ll see. Another small one. Stop, stop, stop, stop. This may be not a very good way to handle this brother. Here it is. And… It was hooked into the lower lip. Didn’t touch it so I really don’t think it was hurt. Obviously, it wasn’t, like, not harmed at all. Fishing is about that. You can use whatever, barbless or whatever hooks you like, you can use landing nets for every fish but all of that will still harm it. So, three fish in quick succession. No giants. Oh! There was another small one somewhere next to my feet. You cannot check everywhere. Oh! Ok, you can shake it off, if you wish but unfortunately I will have to help you. No, no, no, no, no. Relax! Here it is. Nice fighters, these. It would be interesting to hook into a trophy-sized fish when they are in this sort of shape. I don’t know, again, – it seems as if somebody flipped a switch. I got 7, or something like that, takes in what appears to be nothing special compared to the holes that we had in the beginning. In any case, it’s worse, from my point of view, but trout prefer it. I don’t know. I started wading maybe slightly too fast. You can see the waves well in the distance. When there are a lot of fallen trees and grasses, they will not go far. But now there’s nothing to stop them. Didn’t even check this structure. So, I will have to approach this bit differently. Oh, it was a good, good spot. But maybe beaver (lair) entrances under those roots. Sometimes fish sit in beaver entrances. This is a perch. Took it while I was thinking how to get it over the log. Here it is. Ok. This branch makes it difficult to approach this from the other side. Yeah, so an interesting spot but slightly too messy. A huge tree. Fallen tree. Oh, there was a trout in there but didn’t seem large. This looks perfect. [Sigh] This was a decent fish. Not a giant but a decent fish. And the spot… The spot was just extraordinarily good. No wonder it chose that over this nonsense. I thought that I had it under control. There was a risk it will dive somewhere. I thought I had it under control but the hookup was probably a very mild one. Probably nothing else in there. Ok. But this is sort of coming alive. Again, some interesting spots. In the beginning, I wasn’t really already paying attention to good spots because none of them worked. [camera: Battery is low.] (I’m back,) folks. My camera switched off due to low battery. Tried to switch it on, – switched off again. Hooked two fish in the meantime, both when the camera was off. But… Maybe, maybe one more fish! Oh! That’s what I mean. Not a large fish but they woke up. Look at that. Dark. Dark one. Ok, now, folks, I must say goodbye while I’m still recording. And, this was Uncut Fishing. Unfortunately, I can’t record any longer, the camera will switch off any moment. And… Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

    PIKE TACTICS: How to fish a Deep Weedline (Float Tube Fishing)
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    PIKE TACTICS: How to fish a Deep Weedline (Float Tube Fishing)

    September 21, 2019

    fish on so that the casting parallel to the weed line trick works Fisher oh man another stunning Baltic Sea fight I’m gonna give away three of these nothing locking knob on hey guys welcome back today we’re gonna go on a short pike fishing trip here so without any further ado let’s jump in the flat form and see if we can find any fish out there if you’ve seen any of my previous videos from this platform you know that we have the wars we have my fins and even have the possibility to mount the trolling motor on this one it simply floats you inflatable but now it’s rock solid it can be standing on this you have this oars and it’s simply one hell of a flow tube I’d like to also seen before when using this one and out other flow tubes and small bolts whatever can use this one deeper so mark it with roads in the water that’s it’s attached in this lanyard okay that’s been hanging in water like that and you just open up the deeper app like this so now we can see the depth the temperature and also where we can see the depth map and I’ve been here before a few times with a fill tube so I have this you know what I mean only paddling along the shore here but we can see that it’s quite a deep weed line we do have some weed and this is usually a good place for like fishing because they can hide down in this stuff I’m actually gonna start with this one let’s lock in with a 7 gram you get and a gator stinging perfect color for you know these dark conditions and now and that’s gonna work my way along this weed line that’s gonna make short casts and we’re gonna see if we can find any nice fish today so I’m gonna work my way backwards and that’s gonna make sure two casts like this toward the weed line I know from experience that most of the fish are standing the first few meters from the weed line under space we have a few meters so that’s so there’s not much use of you know place to throw 250 meters after making really long casts we’ve been covering quite a long stretch now with all this weed line haven’t felt anything yet Tim seen follower or nothing but we are fetching this place because we know there are big fish in here we’re fishing on four meters at the moment so you know if I want to go for numbers there are other places for that for sure but we are winding this place because of the big fish possibilities win over here might end up with nothing it might also end up with a super nice fish shape in this kind of cold water [Music] – all yes oh yeah nice pipes nice pipes right by this huge boat haha first Pike of the day took a while I’ve been grinding and grinding and grinding and just slowly methodically been casting this weed line and now outside of this huge ugly boat this night Pike decided to go for the kill we’re on four metres of water and there’s nothing okay we’re descending around me again did the trick look at this beautiful beautiful pike in this clear water ready for landing cold water certainly not that feisty so cool to catch pike like these from a flow tube what big fish you don’t really want to get them in here so I found this this way to land fish is to be standing from my knees like this I’ll take it on the side oh man this is nice quite yes oh look at that that’s a nice nice pike not really metre I would say but not that far away Wow look at this beautiful beautiful pike Wow small head level nice chunky long heavy awesome Pike to start off this short floated trip I’ve fished for like half an hour and we already have a fish like this in the boats or you know in the float tube her head is not that much smaller than mine so we’re gonna unhook this lady we’re gonna get her back perfect perfect fish to catch from a flow tube can’t believe it so we’re gonna unhook her and then keep casting try to catch some more of these girls thank you big girl yeah dudes job done this is why I came to this this spot you know not that many fish but usually some nice ones like that I was just winding and grinding and grinding this weed line didn’t feel anything didn’t see a single follower until that one slammed my lair right outside this ugly box awesome freaking freaking awesome so let’s keep on hammering great start few more hours to go just to kind of celebrate that knife fight I’m gonna give away three of these in net the Lockean lob on that I caught this Python it’s one of the lures that we produce down in our Factory in Sri Lanka that can be found both in our own web shop as well as a whole bunch of other shops around Europe and if you want to sell these alerts and at the same time support this channel and make all these videos possible feel free to send us an email down here and you guys if you want to help us feel free to tell your local tackle shop about these nurse and the stuff we do and maybe show them some of our videos that’s where you can also help us grow help us be able to make all these videos and produce all these coolers means the world for us means everything for us because without these nurse we would not exist back to the giveaway yes leave a comment why you need one of those and I will pick three of you guys within a week from the release of this video actually I feel like using something else now maybe this one holding a roach in the real ropes collar has a quite dark belly so she’s making good silhouettes and this ler always makes a lot of vibrations and noise in the water so on this 3/4 meter wide line should be perfect so now I’ve been casting this part of the weed line like this hundred meters from the boats fishing outside casting inwards like this haven’t had any more contacts so what I’d like to do then is to actually go really close to the shore paddle in there and make a few casts along the shore traveling like this could actually use these oars as well that’s because we have them makes it much faster and so now I’m gonna make you few casts along the shore like this if some days it seems like the pike you’re standing inside the weed you’re looking for prey to pass by and then sometimes when you fish it from the outside it’s easy to miss those fish because you’re not covering you know even if you make your casts every second meter when fishing from outside you might still miss some of those fish so I like to go in and make a few cast along the shore like this that’s to be sure we did didn’t miss anything and I caught many fish like this that I would have missed if I would have only fished it from the outside and then when going in like this I have managed to catch some some more nice fish because like this you can present earlier in that strike zone hundred percent of the time of your casts fish on oh yes good take that’s who begin oh yes when casting along the shore oh yeah it’s another decent pike awesome we have three meters right here by the weed line oh man so it’s kind of deep deep edge we got some weed and we have some pipes [Music] [Music] oh yes beautiful pike air flows through the weed line look at those leeches on the back indicates that they’re standing quite still close to the bottom man ok this beautiful Baltic Sea archipelago pike on that hooligan ROK’s we’re gonna unhook this lady and we’re gonna keep fishing of course because they are biting haven’t had any careful takes haven’t had any followers so it seems like these nice ones are feeding so yeah we’re gonna release this baby and keep fishing this is not a place where we want to put our hands so hook out as always so go back to the weed line where it came from felt that the casting parallel to the weed line trick works but now we’re gonna keep drifting and then I want to move out again have some distance to the shores I can keep making these kind of short casts into these pockets and then every fifty or hundred metres or so I’ll go in again and make a few more of these casts of course this technique takes some time to fish all the spots twice but like today we have quite a it’s quite a limited area it’s a few hundred meters of weed line that I know Holmes fish we have this perfect wind so there’s no need to rush anything hey Shawn oh yes yes yes I forgot to adjust the drag on the reel so took line in the hook set oh man it’s another nice fish [Music] oh yes again on that hooligan roach what an amazing take once again this is why you want land big fish on the sides usually from this one this works to it just careful oh man another stunning bite this real roach now I have the third Pike of the day well fished for a bit more than hour we do have like two more hours to fish I believe so this stays turning out to be really really great look at that look at this feisty nice beautiful pike let’s put it back I always use 300 hooks when fishing the holding ropes because it has such wide profile and the wider profile of your lair the bigger you need your travels to be just to make sure the hook is wider than the lair because otherwise the lure will cover the hooks kind of time for this lady to swim back oh she slapped my rod in the water good thing I had to learn up here and obviously the gator big baked explorer rod is floating together with this instinct real well this reel probably doesn’t really like that so I’m gonna rinse it with some fresh water just rinse it like this with some fresh water when I get home today I’m gonna do it way more thoroughly and careful the most of it is probably gun freaking freaking awesome not really surprised that this collar is working if I would pick one color to fish with in all waters all around you know every condition something like this will always work so and when it first like this when you know look you’re not gonna get as many bites even though well Noah had a good action but when fishing for big fish like we’re doing now we know that we’re not gonna get that many bites you know we’re not going to catch huge numbers then I like to use these you know comfort layers these layers that you are highly confident in you don’t want to be thinking like yeah I wonder if this one is gonna work so no it’s not the time to start experimenting with layers that you haven’t tried before stuff like that because that will just make you lose your confidence and stop believing what you’re doing and you won’t be fishing as efficient as you could do so one fishing big fish like this useless that you are highly confident in [Music] fish all yes another nice one and they’re not a good take four takes and four fish on the hook they are killing it today the general is holding a roach yeah dude really feistel dude hello there [Music] oh yeah nice bites holy shit guys we are crushing it today look at that another beautiful Baltic Sea pike super chunky looks like it’s a brand new from the pike Factory no damages or nothing whatsoever again drifting is 3/4 meter we’d like that’s making short precision cast like this into the pockets and this Pike kill this one if you mean results must have been like 2 or 3 meters but this one was hiding and yeah awesome cake we’ve had four cakes today and I haven’t missed a single one of them they’re killing them so hard so I measure real quickly as your most 90 centimeters so 9072 pike going back Wow so that Pike was standing close to this kind of deep hole here with the five six meters I’m signing on the edge here and now we’re entering a more shallow part of this weed line ends up in the corner down here with the only like 1 meter of water I think I’m gonna change us actually to this one when it comes to shadow fishing especially in cold water dragon is definitely one of my favourites to use come on now big Pike this is a great place it’s like a shallow plateau along out here with some weed so this place you should hold some nice fish also even inside the we like this Fisher Wow ok muff damn I like the second cast with a dragon don’t know what happened there but it was the first mr. fish of the day this one was brand new oh shit smoked ahead look at that holy holy shit it’s all inside a weed aha on the dragon Oh came off crap crap crap crap would have been so fun to have landed that one guess there’s a high probability that that’s what’s the last fish all today like you can see his life is going down really fast now hmm well I’m gonna keep casting few more guests so that was it for today we’re back at the shore after a short paddling trip I had a few awesome hours on the lake and the fish we caught I think I think we’ve got four fish right yeah puzzling four fish they’re all nice lost a few nice ones in the end this one was really killing it the real roach color of hooligan rocks also this not the Lockean but we are also running a giveaway on so if you want one of these leave a comment why you need one of those net the Lockean Loeb um so yeah that was basically it thank you so much for watching if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe up there as always and all the gear and lures used in this episode including the flatform dislodged rods reels everything you can found it on this link down there so yeah thank you so much for watching see you guys next time



    September 16, 2019

    Hello and welcome to Corsica First fishing session I will start with a small jig Next video will be in Corsica If I am talking now it means that I took some fish ! I hope that this fishing trip will be successfull @$# ! OH DAMN ! They attacked my lure 3 times It’s a nice fish You want to take a pic ? A baby amberjack ! Beautiful tiny fish Fishing session With a very bad weather Oh DAMN ! Oh DAMN ! It’s not over because he’s pulling hard Oh this one … He’s fighting It’s a leerfish, same as the other one 2 times ! Man take your rod and cast Cast at the same place Yes this one we keep We keep it but .. I don’t like to do this A nice fish Another Leerfish From the beach in Corsica A bit smaller than the previous one I think So now I take out the bif weapon ! A bigger lure I can cast far enough We will see how it goes I saw some fish passing by But I think they were big mullets They did not want to bite After I’ll go back on the beach It’s a small one A lizard ! A small comber ! The lure is as big as the fish It’s a nice looking fish I have a fish ! A garfish ! I almost didn’t feel it Biggest fish of the season ! A lizard Even in Corsica

    Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing
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    Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

    September 1, 2019

    hi welcome to the north west carp and
    anglers diary fishing blog I’ve just caught this lovely 14 pound common now I would never have caught this fish without the sunglasses I’m wearing and that’s the subject of
    this episode polarizing sunglasses for fishing so I’m going to slip this fellow
    back and I’m going to take you through the different coloured lenses we have and why
    we use them lets get him back okay so this is the north west carp and anglers
    diary guide to polarizing sunglasses I’ve got three pairs of these they are
    probably one of the most important items of tackle I’ve got they’re the first thing I put on when I get out of the car because despite what tackle companies tell you
    and sell you at the end of the day if you don’t find those fish you’re not going
    to catch them and location is absolutely everything
    it’s a 98% location 1% bait 1% rig so you’ve got to find those fish and these
    are extremely important for helping you because you take the glare off the water
    and allow you to see down so if you’ve got a ripple on the water and the fish are a couple of feet down providing the waters clear enough these will enable you to
    spot them you would never see them with a naked eye that’s for sure so
    polarizing sunglasses extremely important okay so let’s take a look at
    the colour of the lenses and the different jobs they do
    okay so lens colour is really important when you buy a new pair of
    sunglasses I’ve got three different colours here and these are the three I
    use I’ve had plenty more sunglasses than this over the years I’ve sat on quite a
    few of them these are the three I have at the moment now dark coloured lenses
    they’re black or dark grey they are really really good for bright sunny days
    so you if you’ve’re out for the day you haven’t got a cloud in the sky clear
    blue sun beating down really really bright they are the best glasses for you
    they will block out a lot of light and enable you to see down into the water so dark coloured glasses really good for bright sunny days okay amber lenses they do look a bit yellowish but we call them amber and these let a lot of light
    in so they’re really good in dark conditions so if you’re fishing in the
    evenings it’s getting towards dark or dusk or you’ve got a really dark dull and
    overcast day then these will let that little bit of extra light in they’ll
    still take the glare off the water but they’ll enable you to see better in
    those conditions okay so amber lenses for dull and
    overcast days and the last set have got these are brown lenses they’re halfway
    between the two so the brown lens it won’t block out as much light as the
    dark coloured lenses and it won’t let in this much light as the amber lenses but
    overall as an intermediate pair they are kind of halfway between the two so if
    you wanted just one pair of sunglasses the brown ones would be the one to go for they’re actually really really good and I spend most of my time wearing the
    brown ones to be honest they are absolutely spot-on but the others
    like I said they’re for bright sunny days or dark dull days and i’ll alter depending on the conditions but these are a good intermediate pair very very well
    worth having okay so they’re the colour of the lenses and there is one other aspect of these as well if you’re a lure angler
    and you’re constantly or to fly angler and you’ve got a lure going past your
    face all the time and constantly casting there’s a safety aspect for these as
    well you put them on and you’re not going to get a treble hook in your eye
    you know so I’m sure we’ve all seen the videos on there on youtube or on
    facebook that go around social media where someone’s got a treble through the eye
    and it’s had to be gone right through honestly they make me cringe errm don’t
    let it happen to you remember the safety aspect and if you’re lure fishing really
    you should be wearing a pair anyway and if you’re not looking for the fish
    put them on for the safety aspect well worth doing and could save yourself a
    serious injury to your eyes okay so sunglasses they are one of the
    most important items to tackle you’ll ever own you know you can’t catch the
    fish if they’re not there and you’ve got to find them no amount of fancy tackle will
    help you with that you know you’ve got to get out there and look
    yourself and these are one of the best aids to helping you okay so that’s it
    for now thanks for watching I’ll be along with another video soon errm hit
    the subscribe button for me please and I’ll see you in another video tight
    lines and take care of yourself


    5 Pike Fishing Lures You NEED in Your Tackle Box

    August 22, 2019

    good morning fellow pike anglers and welcome back to another episode today we’re not only gonna try to catch my first Pike of 2019 we’re also going to talk about the five different layers that you need in your tackle box no matter the conditions no matter the water these five layers will do the job so let’s head out in the flat form here behind me we have a very sunny beautiful day it’s a spring the pike or getting ready to spawn I don’t think they’re sort of the spawn we’ll see soon when we get to deeper in the water but yeah let’s head out there start fishing and then we’re gonna get into the five nurse that I always bring in my tackle box this is life alright so now let’s get rigged up and yes the disclaimer before we get started you know about talking about this nurse I also wanna say that I’m not an expert in any way I’m sure many of you guys fish weigh more than I do and have got way bigger fish than I have but these are just my theories based on my own fishing but also of course I’ve been working with the canal goddess for I think it’s now six years full-time filming and producing fishing films so I spent a lot of time Wood together with the you know true mom they cast Bower and all these other very very skilled Pike anglers that you’ve seen on this channel and yeah I just learned a lot from other people as well combined with my own fishing so with that said let’s bring up the first ler that I would never leave home without or actually I should say ler types I mean there are so many brands so many models and so many different layers on the market they all work excellently or every layer has its time you know and and many layers are very similar when it comes to features so what I’m talking about these nurse I’m actually talking about alert types you can easily ask you some other one from a different brand that doesn’t matter that much but I’m gonna show you my favorites and the first alert type order that I never leave home without is actually traditional shad jig a paddle tail soft baits like this I would say that this is the best all-round bait there is this one will work in pretty much all situations or water you can rig it with different heads or shallow rate because it’s a weed less they have a very good swimming action looks kind of like a fish creates lots of vibrations in water when we have this big paddle it’s really easy for the fish to find these lists some of these models like the shark Chad you can fish it’s super super slow but all so of course you can burn these ones and fish them very fast this one is one of my favorites actually but we have you know all our other there’s flat mill fat nose we have the pig shad McRobert so yeah pretty much all brands have some type of paddles a soft bait or a shag or whatever you want to call it before we do anything else we’re gonna get this one in water you know information is the key to success in fishing especially now in the spring it’s very crucial about water temperatures if you have something like you know 4 or 5 degrees Celsius in the water and we know that we’re probably gonna have some pre spawn fishing but if it’s like 70 degrees or warmer there’s a chance that some of the facial started spawning and then we need to adjust the tactics from that but you can see would be in there before so we can see exactly the depths of stuff we have two two and a half meters this is kind of a deep weed line going in here the further in we go here the more shallow it’s gonna get but this first stretch is you know 2 3 meters very close to the weed line so I’m starting with this 10 grams you get shark shad I’m just gonna see if we can catch anything then we’re gonna move on to the next type of lure but I think this is a good starting point so let’s start with this we can catch anything we can also have an update here and deeper well we have actually 11 degrees in the water if this one says that’s warmer than I expected if we don’t catch anything in like half an hour might go down downsize to this monkey shad 14 centimetres to other paddle tail soft baits I use lots or these ones they’re holding a roach and the flatnose shad this one the hooligan is excellent when fish are really hungry they want something big to eat it has a big profile big paddle this flatnose shad is a bit smaller a bit more comfortable for this is also very good all-round option so now we covered the first like few hundred meters of this stretch no contact or whatsoever so I’m gonna change to this one both to change the color but also most importantly to change to the shadow rate version because now we’ve came up in a white shadow area so we’re gonna try this one the mommy sharks as well it’s very murky water let’s see well looks like we have some pike food in the air at least look at this pike food is served looks like someone has been chewing on this one well if we have these ones here we should have some big Pike in the area [Music] fish along there we go a good take on the mommy short and we have the first Pike of 2019 on the hook haha there we go look how she inhaled this there the paddle is actually sticking out here and other side boom there we freaking go we’re started 2019 has begun and the shark shad did the trick mommy shark this one is no monster might actually have spawned feels like she has some fish in here so she has spawned and already started eating again there we go let’s release her bye-bye beautiful little pike bye-bye so the first mission of the day is accomplished first pike of 2019 feels awesome and that was a super farm fish to catch and they say I actually have a new set up for this season this is the new Gator small bait Explorer super fun gear to catch even small pike with so that’s that was awesome super super awesome and their type number one is unchecked from the list so now it’s time to move on to lure type number two and that is curly tail soft baits like the flat nose dragon net the Lockean and the thing with this lure type is that you can fish them extremely extremely slow which makes this my favorite leur type for cold water fishing if I could only choose one ler to fish with during the spring or late fall I will probably choose this one the tail is moving in any speeds while the body is wiggling back and forth so these lers usually works excellent when you have cold water so like today if I start fishing with something like this paddle tail soft baits and I get followers or careful bites or don’t catch anything at all then I usually move on to this lure type also if I’m fishing together with Mila for example and where two or more guys fishing at the same time usually one of us starts with and one of us starts with curly tail like this I’m probably gonna move on to this one now but before we do that I’m gonna move on to the third ler type that I always bring and that is jerkbaits I have the goofy for example which is probably I would say well my favorite ones is you have this tail in the back combines the best of a jerkbait and this curly tail but the thing with these lers is that you’re not just retrieving them like this or twitching them which gives them a very nice sight side action like this and sometimes of the years some days that movement can really really figure it bites that’s actually 140 to do list the jerkbait versus soft baits challenge well that I mean the most iconic most classic big Pike ler of all times is probably this one the Buster jerk you see this one has been chewed by a lot of fish so yeah I never leave home without your expects you need them so learn type number four it’s actually not really in there it’s a fly I never leave home without the fly when applied fishing sometimes I bring my fire rod you see me doing that before in many videos you know doing Pike fly fishing which is extremely fun but if I’m not bringing my fly rod I’m always bringing something like this this one is a top daddy Rick from fie dressing which makes it possible to spin fish with flies very very smart system that works like this you have a normal Bauer Pike rig that they use for pike fly fishing and then we add a plastic comb like this that weighs like 30 grams or something this is a suspending as plastic comb and you can spread over a Pike fly like this and boom and the reason why I always bring this is because you know I’ve been filming a lot with nickel Bower and area so many times I’ve seen him out fish so many other guys using his fly the most extreme example of this was a few years ago when me and the cast went out we were gonna make a short episode on like how to use the wiggle tail sever knew we had this one Bay in the Stockholm archipelago that’s the plan to fish and when we got there we saw that there was this other boat fishing our exact spot so we fished around ahead just waiting for this guy to leave he was casting soft baits he was casting jerk baits and tail baits and all these others didn’t catch anything for like 45 minutes an hour and finally he’s changed spots he moved away from this honey hole we went there and after just a few casts Nick fell six into a hundred and nine centimeter I think on one of the first casts that obviously did not want to take each other the other guy have been using the crazy thing was that 20 minutes later Nick Turse got hooked up again and this time there was a new personal best for Nick as Bauer 14 point oh two kilos caught on a fly where this guy had been standing using his jerk baits and soft baits and so on and this place had very heavy fishing pressure lots of guys fishing there every day so this big pike like Stockholm archipelago and the big lakes they know all the colors on the latest busted jerk and pig shad and this type of loose but fly is something different and I found it in heavily fish waters fly can sometimes be outstanding so never leave home without the fly so this was stepped up daddy this guy the numerous Mouse I would say it’s kind of the same thing very very different from all these other nurse solar-type number five is called the Joker these are the crazy lurk we used a headbanger lot and this one definitely goes into this category moves really really crazy as rattles and somedays this one can work super super good if you have been following this channel for a while you have definitely seen me Emilia using the head banger we’ve had some our most fun fishing trips ever using this ler both the shad version and the tail version they have to move absolutely crazy and they’re super fun to fish with with these different lure types in your tackle box you can handle pretty much all situations you can fit them deep shallow fast slow no matter the conditions you get it covered if you’re new to pike fishing and are looking for a good start kit we’ve made two bundles one for muddy water and one for clear water so you can find them in a link up here or in the video description but with these two bundles you are ready to go no matter the conditions no matter the water type or anything we get it covered all right guys this day has come to an end it’s time for me to head back home and we haven’t had the most spectacular day got one pike I’m still very happy about that because it was my first Pike out 2019 I hope you learned something or get some new ideas about these top five ler types and I would love to hear from you guys in the comments which five learns that you always bring in your tackle box so all these you see looking nice nursed and we found in our webshop Canora goddess de se and if you also have a fishing shop that want to sell these nurse send us an email and we can fix that and that way you can support this channel so yeah that was it for now if you are new to this channel we upload three videos every week we also add French German and polish subtitles on all our videos but that was it for now make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already all the gear used in this episode can be found up here and if you want to see more videos like this one you can check out this one and this one so see you guys next time [Music]

    TOP 3 Surprises of Uncut Trout Fishing ‘2016 (spinning fishing)
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    TOP 3 Surprises of Uncut Trout Fishing ‘2016 (spinning fishing)

    August 22, 2019

    Oh, here we go. It’s a grayling and it attacked the spoon. Oh man… I hooked it by the skin. Pretty fish. You can see the fin, the upper fin, that’s their signature feature. So that was the fish that made the splash that we saw previously. And it attacked the spoon. That’s quite unexpected. This stream looks very different from what I’m used to there used to be no beaver dams, in this stretch at least. And as you can see it’s autumn, season is almost over I wanted to visit a stream which would be small and also would have some water in it, because the conditions now are such that… oh you can see there was some animal over there or the fish, I don’t know. Oh, there are fish. And a good one. A very good fish actually. Yeah, but we checked out this stretch above this micro dam, and… quite surprisingly, nothing. Oh! Yeah. I spoke too soon. So, this is our second one. 30 centimeters (or 12 inches 🙂

    Snakehead Fishing!魚虎泛濫成災?不!活生生的悲慘釣遊!
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    Snakehead Fishing!魚虎泛濫成災?不!活生生的悲慘釣遊!

    August 20, 2019

    sunrise Toman breathing type gaming Hello, everyone. Let‘s fishing snakehead today Group rod first Do it And then reel seen that ? a breathing signal of Toman over there And very slow What does it mean to be very slow? It means, it is very high rate of biting select bait cuz it’s sunrise now I think pencil bait is good (where are u?) It usually like this When you are all ready and start fishing The fish was all gone, they won’t come up (First-person perspective) X~ No fish! go eat my breakfast For Toman Fishing, I think the best way is breathing type The highest CP value, the most efficient But the premise is that there are some breathing signal If no You just waiting there And if you go toman fishing by ship That is asking for money you waitting there, you burning money. Generally speaking, 4000$ NT half a day The 1 or 2 hours since sunrise That is the prime time, at least 80% of the price 4000$NT, it can account for 3000
    3200 actuarially=) Therefore, Sunrise must grasp this time. My Bro
    Never doing chores at sunrise Like playing mobile phone, eating breakfast Oh~ Eating breakfast
    Just like what Im doing right now=) Cuz no biting time is money Who said that lure fishing is very economical NO! it burning money, okay? You just sitting here money measured in seconds Time does by , money goes by And there is no casting target Sitting here burning money Unuseful! For real The real situation of toman fishing Just like that coming D**n cast too far away Im already casting very quick No useful In my early posted video It seem s very easy to catch a snakehead after video edit Actually not that easy Edit a dope film like that
    (BASS bumping !music ! screaming !) That s**t has taken for a long time And you have to capture those moments Real state .Just like now It’s been half an hour now. Noting at all And the weather is getting hotter The hotter the more it don’t bite It may be ruined today. That is true live I try minnow bait (The farest way in the world) next sopt It’s been about 15 minutes over since now. in this period tightening nerves cast as quick as possible still useless about 6~7 wonderful shot in the period. really quick shot Not bite! (miss) I have already put on a silence pencil Yo zuri wooden It’s a good bait In other words, its easy to cast Good casting ability is the most important thing the sound, the swimming type …….blablabla Just let it go. No distance No chance You have chance only when youre bait hit the spot So what bait is the best choose Long casting, most important thing Now I change a place where the water is clearer maybe it want to bite Fish is there And breathing all the way But it just not biting the air pressure is high to low I personally prefer Low pressure state Such as before and after the typhoon what If entire high pressure That is god d**n hot , going to die That is actually not bad. Only in Sunrise no bite Under the tree Do you see that ? Something Under the tree Make it angry maybe angry biting And how ? Finally Line BROKEN~ next day with partner keep going over there hurry (u got it! u got it !) (what?) coming coming s**t baby yeah I see that oh coming (CCCCCCComing…….) (he moning x 3) I see I see no bite beside the bamboo gone! Desire is not high wonderful shot I think but no bite finally Ooooooh Fish on be careful Oh D**n Big one how do you feel go with him mission complete bro oh da**n only one hook works release ur reel a little (Im done) okokok its easy hook off when rampaging only one hook up

    3kg Bonito fishing from the rocks!
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    3kg Bonito fishing from the rocks!

    August 13, 2019

    So we just arrived on the spot, it’s very cold and there’s a terrible wind. We’ll see if we catch something My hands… Yes ! I don’t know if it’s a bonito. Ah yes, yes yes ! Argh I lost it… yep. My leader got cut, I can’t believe it How is this possible again ? Maybe my clips are the problem I don’t know I think so, but I’m not saying anything no more. It’s trempling a lot. I think it’s a bonito man It’s not an atlantic bonito.. It was really trembling It’s a little tunny ? It’s a nice fish ! Well, a little tunny and we’re back at it. I think my clip was the problem before, might have broken or something. Maybe it’s too big, and witht the friction it breaks the leader. I just changed to a small jig we’ll see. Wait, I’ve got something ! What is this ? maybe a squid… It’s really small. No no I hooked something. Yeah horse mackerel. I can cast it like this ! Must be another one. Hey not bad. Nice little fish. Noo I’ll release him. So, end of this morning session. I got broken again, on a bonito I think. Seeing the rush that he did. It’s the third time it happens, It’s true we have a tiny leader (25/100) But I think it’s breaking at the clip jonction. I just won’t use them anymore. I won’t take the risk anymore. So I lost a lure, put another one on and caught a little false albacore. It must be aroung 1 kg And after that 2 little horse mackerels. We’ll stop for today and we’ll come back before the weather is too cold. See you soon !! It’s 7 am, we just arrived. Sun is rising slowly. It’s about 3 or 4°c no more. We’re waiting for the sun and for the first hits to come. See you later. We had the wind from the side now it’s coming from our back so it’s better to cast. Oh tha’ts it !! I don’t know what it is, just jumped on the surface ! Maybe it’s a bluefish ? It’s very weird, it gives big head shakes. You’ve got one as well ? I’m sorry but he’s going sideways. Man he’s going towards you. He’s right here but I’m afraid to put too much pressure on the line. Coz we have a tiny leader. Man he’s running.. Look at that ! He’ss gonna empty my spool. I’m getting smoked. Look at that ! It’s no bluefish !! Yes, bonito ! At first I thought about a bluefish coz he jumped ! No he took it rpetty far but jumped right ahead. Finally ! Nice bonito. Amazing fish Look at this mouth full of teeth.