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    How Handmade Fishing Lures are Crafted
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    How Handmade Fishing Lures are Crafted

    November 12, 2019

    My name is Pat Cohen, I
    design Fly tying materials, fly tying tools, and manufacture
    flies and I sell them around the world to fly
    anglers and fly shops. There’s three kinds of flies. There’s your raw, basic
    fish catching flies, there’s artistic flies, and then there’s a blend of those two where they can be artistic and catch fish. That’s where I try to be. Creating an artistic, beautiful fly, these things are not just a lure. These things can be magnificent. It’s a little bit of painting, it’s a little bit of sculpture, it’s a little bit of carving. You’re creating something that blends both functionality and art. So to tie a fly, especially a bass bug, the most important thing is to have a vice that will hold your hook as absolute steady and sturdy as possible. You’re putting an enormous
    amount of pressure on the hook so you need a vice that’s
    going to stabilize that hook so that you don’t pop out
    of the jaws, hurt yourself, or break something. The waxed thread goes onto
    your hook on the tail section. It helps the material stick to the hook. What is important about having flies that look like something. You’re gonna look at food
    sources in different ways. I would have never
    thought in a million years that bass eat birds. All these fish are opportunistic so if it falls in the
    water it’s fair game. So this understanding of
    predator prey relationship is very, very important. To make an effective fly
    you need to understand what each of those materials does that make it attractive to fool a fish. Let’s say you can use peacock curl. It does things in the water. It throws off color and
    light in a specific way that makes fish lose their minds. If you don’t have that knowledge and you don’t have
    attention to those things your chances of catching
    a fish go way down and then it becomes more about luck than it does about skill. Then we begin our tailing materials. In the case of the bird we use Marabou, which is a duck feather. It’s a soft flowing feather. We built up layers so
    that we could make it look like a feathered tail,
    and then we used a feather from a ring neck pheasant. It’s got a specific
    mottling on the feathers. Once that’s established
    we tie that thread off, we put a little bit of glue on there to really hold everything. Durability is the key. The worst thing possible
    would be to bring it out catch one fish and have
    the fly fall apart. We’re switching to belly hair from a deer. The hair is hardest at
    a specific time of year. The cellular structure
    of the hair changes. It makes the hair flow and flit and that is what you want in a bass bug. You’re creating pressure
    by packing that hair back and that’s what creates that dense body. And create patterns and dots and lines. You cannot make a bass
    bug without a hair packer. What you’ll need is a tool that can grab the hook shank with
    and push that hair back with maximum force. There’s been various
    packers that have been made. Were a little bit flimsy. I got injured using it, putting
    a flat hook in my thumb. I said this is ridiculous
    this can’t happen. My tool, my packer came out of that. It came out of a necessity. A lot of people had the
    same problem that I had. Pretty much everybody uses these now. They’ve become a staple in the industry. Part of fly tying to me is opening up and seeing things a
    little bit differently. I wasn’t always a fly fisherman. I tried fly fishing
    one day out of nowhere. Feeling that water on my
    legs, something clicked. It just felt cool. It forced me to get in touch
    with my natural surroundings and with that river, and
    understand what was happening. It’s all about taking it all in. I said, wow, there’s
    this whole magnificent, beautiful world that if
    you are in front of your TV you are missing out on. I became obsessed with it. I accidentally fell into bass bug making. What happened was I
    went to a big box store, and I saw these things, so
    I bought a couple of ’em, but I caught one fish and
    this thing exploded on me. And I said, man, there’s
    gotta be a better way. Did some homework and
    then I learned from there. Just honed it into what
    I wanted them to be. I wanted people to recognize these things for what I felt that they
    were as I was making them. I want people to pick
    them up and study them and say, “Holy cow, I didn’t
    know you could do that “with deer hair.” After we build the body
    up it looks like a giant caterpillar, like something
    exploded on your hook. It’s unruly, it’s uncontrollable, we have this giant mess. From that mess we need to
    create something that looks like whatever finished fly
    is that we’re creating. Then you grab razor blades
    and you literally carve this block of flared
    hair into whatever it is that you need to shape. You’re forming a shape out of nothing. You’re pulling that image
    out of this mass of hair. Where you cut things, changes
    what it does in the water, so you have a lot of
    control at this point. If you want it to be a baby
    bird that’s fluttering along on the water, you’re going
    to shape it accordingly. Creativity is the only thing at this point that will stop you from
    making this what you want it to look like. Right behind the eye of that hook you attach your weed guards down. A weed guard is a piece of monofilament that I put on the sides of the
    hook and underneath the hook. It allows me to throw my fly in places that fish like to hide, lily pads, weed beds, fallen down trees. You would build up the head, just building thread up, and you create this tapered beak. You’ve gotta put your eyes on there, but making that head
    swivel and articulate, we want this fly to move. We would put the wings on there and just kinda finish it up. It’s got eyes, it’s got wings, it’s got realistic colors. All those little things
    to me are important. It’s all about imitating nature, and having those it makes you go out and seek areas differently. You’re gonna seek these areas
    that maybe you would have overlooked before because you didn’t have that fly in your box. I love all of this stuff, and I love making all of this stuff, and I love being part of this
    culture and this community. It becomes part of you. Creating an artistic, beautiful fly, it is my livelihood. I just put my spin on
    it, do my thing with it. Getting in touch with
    what’s going on out there, it’s all about diving
    into your environment and taking it all in, and becoming part of the bigger picture. And that’s a magnificent
    thing to be part of.


    BOAT FROM FILLING FOAM – How to make a boat from FILLING FOAM – DIY

    October 3, 2019

    Hi guys What’s up? I’m the Interesting and I’m Ficus As you can see it’s still very hot outside that’s why right now the water attracts us the most Today we’ll make a super cool boat Boat from filling foam We wanted to make such a boat for a long time and finally we decided to do it We bought a large amount of filling foam and we’re ready to translate this idea into reality and if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet Do it right now by clicking the button below So let’s get started These are also filling foams, actually it was in a box, but when we were driving, an axe fell on it and broke one container. So it got spread over Looks funny Well, apart from this mess, we’ve got 40 bottles of filling foam, which is about 35-42 liters in total volume Wow! Well at first we’ve to make the framework and to do this we’ll use such a thin grid just to give some kind of a form to our boat. If we just use the filling foam, then it’ll become all messed up. Alright, so now we need to cut it for the bow, then for the width of the boat to make the sides, which we will fasten with ties Do you think we will succeed? Yes, I think we will. Just if we guess the length correctly. Hey, what are you doing there? I’m trying to get those apples on the top But why not the ones below? Well, those are tastier although this one is not bad either And now we’re making the board of our boat We will fix them here with such small ties. This is probably the smallest ties I’ve ever seen Guys, I can’t understand the system. When you look at the fan it spins so fast that even the blades are not visible, but when you look into the camera it seems that the blades are spinning very slowly I don’t understand the paradox. If you know why, then do write it in the comments. See what a cool framework we’ve got. Of course it’s very light right now, if we put it in water, it’ll immediately sink. but this is just the framework, we need to fill it with the filling foam. if you turn it around like this You get something like a cage in which you can keep chicks. Yes, my mother does so when she buys broilers, she has such a square grid, similar like the shape of our boat, she keeps the chicks there. It’s Lifehack for those who want to get tan in a cage Now let’s proceed to the foaming Firstly, we’ll fill the oilcloth, then we’ll put the framework on it, and then again we’ll foam it. This is for the framework to enter the middle of the foam, as if it’s immersed. Because if just foam it in the top, then it seems to me that the construction will be weak. The first layer has already dried up and become so hard It’s nicely stuck to our framework. And now we will put the second and the third layer We’ll also have lifebuoys in our boat, but have you ever seen a black lifebuoy? Therefore, now we’ll paint them in orange. In order to paint them quickly on both sides, we tied them to the rope, and in such a suspended state we will paint them. It’s a huge donut, Remember in the Simpsons the cops used to eat them constantly. Well, this time we took the right filling foam, the one we took earlier when we made our first boat with filling foam and Styrofoam. In these bottles, there is much more foam than the one which we took last time. Is it Tytan? Yeah I’m wondering how many people will fit into this boat. Ficus says that now it’s absolutely not ready to get in water, it can’t even withstand one person Well, I think that 4 people can easily get into this boat. So, what do you think write it in the comments and we’ll see it later. For the first time I’ll draw the YouTube icon without a stencil because we don’t have a flat surface, well I hope I get it right We want to hang this rope on the board of our boat, because who knows if anyone falls into the water. we will also have the lifebuoy there. Our boat really turned out cool. We’ve a friend who’s going to evaluate our boat Yeah, hi dudes, I’m here to evaluate this boat. The whole boat with filling foam! Have you ever seen something like this? This boat reminds me of a casserole. Casserole? Well, yes, there’s something like that Yeah, really My marshmallow is ready to sail, or better to say casserole. Wow, superb! Okay get in, now I am delighted! You know what’s really cool? What? That you can sail far away, lie down and just look at the sky. But, is it soft? Yeah Do you know what it looks like? a piece of dried dough It looks more beautiful when you sail away far in open landscape. There the red light from the sunset falls, which is behind the clouds, you look at the waves and they appear to be as red and after the motorboat passes the waves turns so big Weren’t you afraid? No, especially it’s cool when the boat swings on the waves That’s it, now even I want to sail. We’ve boarded You know, I can’t describe the beauty of this boat, but its really practical for sure. It is 100% practical That’s true Because it is very capacious, and holding nicely on water Wait, now there will be waves, be careful. Now we have a cool boat. We’ll keep it with yourself. We can constantly sail on it, or can go fishing. Ficus, you are our motor. Going for a clash I’m alive, I was not eaten by catfish Guys look, at that boat sailing over there…looks really interesting There on the buoy it’s written 123 – I think this is the depth, but Sergey says no I think this is some kind of yardage of a city or something like that Well, yes it could be What do you think, Alex? Yes, it could be designation of some routes And now we want to try to get one more guy in, and see if 4 of us can fit in. it’ll be interesting to see if it can withsatnd us. It really withstood 4 of us, this is cool. We have decorated our cheese casserole with candles and now we will have a real fire show Guys, we didn’t expect that we’ll get such a cool boat And we are very satisfied with the fact that we managed to do it And me and Ficus will constantly using it now, because I think it will live for a long time So if you liked it and think that it is practical then be sure to give it a like. Yes, and write in the comments with what should we make our next boat? Or what house we should make next? It should be something unusual. We know you have lots of ideas, so just write them in the comments and we’ll surely try one of them. Also be sure to subscribe to the channel And click the bell to know first about our videos. Thanks for watching See you soon Bye

    House – boat from Styrofoam – DIY
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    House – boat from Styrofoam – DIY

    August 16, 2019

    Hi Guys! What’s up? I’m the Interesting and I’m Ficus In the last video with the barrel, we couldn’t enjoy sailing much So this time, we decided to enjoy to the fullest And make a floating house On the boat Let’s get started Today we’ve Dima with us again Well, we’re right now at the epicenter and picking up huge piles of Styrofoam Yes, you did it Should I go like this to the cashier? We decided to take two small carts, because for the bigger one need to walk far It seems we’ve got one more place to sit in front, it is between the seats Guys, it’s so nice at the top. I took sunbath. Enjoyed the sunshine What a cool place Yes, this place is awesome. I saw it already from there because I’m at the top Alright guys we’ve arrived to our location and if you remember, we made our stretch film house exactly at this place and today we’re going to make our Yacht Guys, this time we decided not to do this at the sea because the waves are absolutely unpredictable so we decided to sail in this picturesque place Finally we’ll sail today. Yes, finally on our houseboat We’ll make a two-layered bottom because with one layer it won’t be so reliable and after completing the bottom we’ll start making the house and the board We decided not to make the house completely with Styrofoam because the wind can easily torn it apart into pieces so we decided to strengthen the construction Well it’s some kind of But we’ll fix it later. With OSB we’ll screw the floor and attach the Styrofoam on the sides. Therefore, it’ll be reliable. At night I’ll put a grill here We won’t give you anything because you set everything on fire Guys, write in the comments would you like to see this house on fire? Big arrow pointing there Yes, it’s the biggest YouTube sign Now we strengthen the construction from below so that nothing collapse down It’s already getting dark so we’ve to stop our filming and we’ll continue tomorrow I’m a real Surfer Guys, It’s the second day and we’re again at the shop, looking for something interesting for our new house. At the new hardware store, they have such a service. Mr. Dimitri takes you through the departments. It is very cool Alright guys, we are back to our location, it’s the second day and we hope to finish it all by today. We’re strengthening the construction with such wooden angles because there will be strong wind resistance especially when we’ll place the Styrofoam all over Ficus seems to be too busy at work I like to do this Our whole construction seems like it’s divided into 2 parts. There we’ll have the house and here the boat. House- boat Here we should have a pool, just in front of our home I just admire the framework of our house because not only it turned out very classy and beautiful but also very durable As a yin-yang house and boat. House-boat, boat-house House…Boat….Boat- House Guys, in my opinion, we made a huge boat-house or house-boat. I don’t know how to call it Well, write it in the comments how it sounds better and whether it’ll be break down when we immerse it into water As you can see today all the time I’m with an umbrella, because of the scorching heat outside so as to avoid getting sunburns and I feel ill This whole process reminds me of a cartoon about a Hippo and some other animal when they built a raft. This is an old cartoon. If you know what cartoon is this, write it in the comments Guys, some filling foam dripped on my head. Now I don’t know what to do, probably I have to get bald now. Look, here Finally, we have a roof and now have a place to hide from the sun We will have a flag in our house and our YouTube button will be directly displayed on it Welcome to House on the water Oh look, how cozy it’s here Oh look, how cozy it’s here And now it’s time to decorate our house and furnish it with furniture, decorations and make this house more atmospheric Really it has got lot of space I already want to sail on it See what a beautiful view from the shore where the water flowing there, it’s shining in the sunlight and how awesome it’ll be when we’ll sail in the water Guys, I don’t believe that it we’ll be sailing on now. We worked for two hard days to complete this, and now the time has come the moment which we have been waiting for Our anchor is improvised today – a bag of bricks Yes, we wanted to make an inscription on it but we don’t have much time as its getting dark And guys I’ve made such a motor from our driller and propeller and we hope that it’ll pull our house and we will sail across the river Guys, we did it. We are sailing Wow! We’re sailing away. We’re in the middle of the river I was bit worried about the fact that the house is very big and it’ll be difficult to sail on it but everything turned out great! Look how beautiful it is there is a sunset and everything is shining. I’m so delighted sailing on this So captain shall we sail to the shore? Yes Man, it’s really working Finally, that amazing feeling when the work is completed successfully. And you can reap the fruits of your harvest We are at the middle of the river and now we’ll throw the anchor and gonna enjoy the evening and fresh air We have got a fan in our mini apartment that allows us not to suffocate from the daytime heat Now we’ll be welcoming our guests on the board Push it Wow! We’ve got 12 people inside Kids: This is so cool Aren’t you afraid? Kids: No, not really That’s good Guys, we rode with the whole company and I think now we should rest together, the kids would go home because it’s getting dark Let’s drop the anchor Senior assistant Ficus drop the anchor It’s time to celebrate with some firework I’m Harry Porter – Expelliarmus…Alohomora Guys, it was a difficult 2 days but we made a masterpiece, yeah? Yes, these 2 days’ really worth it for such a thing Yes, we got a cool boat-house We finally got what we wanted to make for a long time Precisely something on the river and today in this house as per our tradition, Dima is going to stay overnight Right on the middle of the river As always it’ll be cool video I hope I’ll survive And won’t burn our house So guys hit the likes Leave your comments below- what kind of house who want to see next? Yes, and subscribe to the channel Click on the bell Thanks for watching. See you later Bye

    My Cheap $200 Pontoon Boat Project Part 4
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    My Cheap $200 Pontoon Boat Project Part 4

    August 16, 2019

    so a few years ago I bought this barrel
    off of Craigslist it was $5 and somewhere in the past it’s got a hole drilled in
    it I don’t think I drilled that hole I know I cut that accidentally using this
    as a sawhorse but I don’t think I drilled the hole there’s also a hole up here
    when I bought it I don’t then they told me it had holes in it so I’m not using
    this as a pontoon for the pontoon boat but I won’t cut it on an angle and make
    a water diverter out of it. That’s today’s goal so just to the sawzall and cut the
    top off of this barrel now I’m gonna flip it over and cut the bottom off of
    it then it’s time to do some diagonals sawing. Or we could stop right here and
    have a really good trash can. Okay cut to is now done that one was down on the
    table saw and I came with the sawzall and just cut out these thick parts. Now
    we got to do a diagonal, hang on. So for my diagonal cut I’ve got these vice
    grips holding my tape measure and there is a line here that goes straight up and
    down and there’s a line on the opposite side they go straight up and down this
    line right here so I bought the tape measure to the other side and then
    that’s my diagnosed it with a sharpie I’ll flip it over do the same thing
    again cut it out. Cut number three will go this way and that way and meet up on
    the opposite end down there making another point we’ll have two diverters.
    This is step three. So on our fourth cut there’s two ways to
    have done this, I’ve got a speed square I need a 90-degree angle it goes right to
    the center. That’s one way to do it, but the way I did it make this part level
    then draw a plumb line cut it off do that both sides, we got it. So there’s my
    scrap from cutting up this barrel and I’ve got two of these pieces the top
    that we cut off that represents the barrel on the front of the boat and that
    is what it’ll look like once we get it on. I’m gonna use some kind of 2X4
    framing then screws straight into the 2X4’s and if water gets inside there
    I don’t really care I mean you could fill the foam or caulk it or whatever I
    think I’m gonna leave mine open for now. that’s exactly what I was looking for. So
    I’m trying to get ready for another spring trip tomorrow the boat is already
    hooked to the car and I just cut two boards these two are for that side these
    two are for this side and that’s what the water deflectors are going to screw
    – I got one installed one to go and it’s about the storm so maybe we should hurry,
    but go ahead and storm today and be pretty tomorrow that’s why I say so one of the
    diverters is fully installed if we come up top I took the deck board off and
    there’s a screw going in this way there’s a screwed one in that way
    there’s two screws coming to the bottom and I could get some spray foam and fill
    up this whole chamber I think what I’ll do is just get some empty like laundry
    detergent jugs two liter bottles fill this up with things that hold air put
    the deck board back on and call it done or we could put the hands on this that
    could be a compartment for things that don’t matter if they get wet
    fins hold a second all that is a perfect fit for fins okay let me think about
    that we might have a hinge on here and could do a hinge on the other side have
    another compartment can’t have too much storage okay I’ve loaded my possible
    storage space I got to find the hinges if we fold up like that look at that
    wetsuit son where’s your lifejacket out right here
    bungee there’s my rope for the anchor or if you want to do some magnet fishing my water boots another fin that’s a lot of space and
    the door I don’t know yet it might fold it this way that’s probably what I do
    put the hands down through that like a stud and this is Braceface number two it
    is on and ready for the diverter to be installed let’s install it and the good news is there’s a seam down
    the middle telling you where to put the screws in out and now moving to the back
    I just screwed this together. Anything what that’s for?
    You’re getting warmer that’s gonna be like a step when you’re
    riding along you keep your feet on it or when you want to get back in the boat
    you climb on that and you climb up into the boat be a little ladder once that
    ladder And so there’s the step step ladder in place as you’re riding put
    your feet up on it. I wonder if we could also strap the paddles to this hang on second
    this just in so now with this little board at it I’ve got all my paddles
    organized so you need a paddle reach in twist it pulls out put it back if you
    look under there they tuck into that front box let me zoom in so you can see
    it where there they are paddle one two three and a spare paddles
    even farther up in there peddle storage check some where to put your feet check
    front pontoon water diverters can’t see them from this angle but check it’s time
    to hit the river we have arrived at the river again this time it is the Suwannee
    River right across the river we’re gonna find Fanning Springs I can zoom in on
    the sign so we use the boat ramp we are now in
    the water the girls are working on getting on some lifejackets and we’re
    about to start kicking across about to where you see the kayakers. Did you figure it
    out? No… Let’s take the umbrella off. and if you look back behind the boat
    there’s a baby Gator half half of a baby Gator the front half may I call this the ravioli boat we have
    more canned pasta that’s spaghetti meatballs she’s got some lasagna she’s also got some keeping it a secret
    hang on oh she’s keeping it a big secret there it is
    raviolis and meatballs I guess I’m not some lasagna oh we’ve got the anchor out
    that’s the magnet you know just in case something’s in there if you want is on you
    I’ll share mine with you I’ll trade with you and the Chips Ahoy are open I think girls
    like Chips Ahoy mm swimming makes hungry in case you don’t
    know it and just missed it there was a manatee swam through I’m keeping my eyes
    up in case he comes back so we’ve been here about seven hours I
    think we’re gonna leave now go out and play swanee a little bit then we’ve
    got a motel room tomorrow we hit in a different spring
    this one’s Fanning tomorrow suppose go to Manatee.

    How to Make a Simple Pop Pop Boat
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    How to Make a Simple Pop Pop Boat

    August 14, 2019

    Today I’m going to show you how to make a really
    cool candle powered pop pop boat using household items. To make it we’re going to need an empty drinks can,
    some Blu-Tack, 2 straws and an empty juice carton. First we’re going to make the boiler, and
    we’ll start by taking the Coke can cutting off the top and bottom with a pair of
    scissors, and turning it into a flat sheet. Then we’ll cut a straight line down one edge, and from
    that mark out a rectangle 6cm wide by 18cm long. Be very careful not to cut yourself. Once we’ve cut that out we need to gently fold it in half, but don’t
    push down hard on the fold as we don’t want it to tear. Next we need to mark out a 1cm
    line around one half of the boiler and cut it out with our scissors, so we
    should now have something which looks like this. Next we’re going to take out Bu-Tack, warm it up in our hands
    and roll it out into a long worm about 0.5cm fat. Then we’re going to open up our boiler pattern and stick the
    Blu-Tack onto the 2 outside edges of the smaller half. Next we’re going to fold it in half, remembering
    not to push down hard on the fold and stick the two halves together. Then we’re going to take a bit more
    Blu-Tack and put it on the edges. It should look like this. Next we’re going to fold over the tabs on both sides, and gently crimp
    it all the way up with some pliers to form a seal. Then we need to take our scissors and cut off the
    excess tab to leave one long tab along the bottom. Next we’re going to take our Blu-Tack and push
    it into a flat strip about 1cm wide. Then we’re going to wrap it around the end of
    one of the straws, followed by the second. Add a bit more until the straws are well
    sealed in a good plug of Blu-Tack. Next we’re going to open up the end of the
    boiler, be very careful not to cut your fingers and push in the straws and Blu-Tack plug. Add a bit more Blu-Tack to form a good
    tight seal. It should look like this. Then we’re going to take our scissors and cut the
    bottom tab along each side of the straws. Next fold the tabs over and give them a squeeze with some
    pliers, but be careful not to rip the metal. Our boiler is not complete. Next we need to test it’s air tight by dipping it into
    a bowl of water and gently blowing through the straws. If you see any air leaking, give that area a
    gentle squeeze with the pliers and try again. To make the boat we’re going to take our empty juice carton, mark out and
    draw a line down the middle of it, and cut it in half. To make the cabin for the inside of the boat, cut
    the bottom off the half with the plastic lid. or if you have another empty juice carton, you can cut
    the bottom off that to make a slightly bigger cabin. I’ve also cut out some windows and we’ll be fixing that in place later. Next we need to cut a small hole in the bottom
    of the boat for the 2 straws to go through. This should be roughly half way up the carton an in the middle. Then we need to put a thin ring of
    Blu-Tack around the hole on both sides. Next we’re going to take our boiler and
    poke the 2 straws through the hole. Then we’re going to fix the straws firmly in place to the
    bottom of the boat with a strip of tape, Making sure the straws run to the back
    of the boat and are central. Then cut the straws off flush with the back of the boat. Next using a stapler we’re going to fix the cabin in place. And finally we need to make sure the Blu-Tack rings around
    the straws are pushed together to form a good seal. Our boat is now water tight and complete, but to use
    it we first need to prime the boiler with water. To do this we’re going to take one of
    our straw off cuts and snip the end. Then we’re going to poke it into one of
    the straws at the back of the boat and with a mouth full of clean water, blow water through
    the system until it comes out of the other straw. The boiler is now primed and ready to use. All we need to do now is drop a candle under the middle of the
    boiler, put it into the bath, and wait for it to warm up. It shouldn’t take long for the boiler to start popping, and off she goes. After a while you might find that the boiler leaks and doesn’t work properly,
    in which case you might need to seal it with some more Blu-Tack. Or if you have any you could make a
    boiler using epoxy glue rather then Blu-Tack. This is far more durable and should last a lot longer. You can paint your boat using a waterproof acrylic paint if you like, you
    can also spray it with a waterproofing lacquer to help protect it. But make sure it’s completely dry before you use it. If it’s taking a while to get going, try dropping a second
    candle underneath the boiler. This should help speed things up. If you like this project, maybe you’d like to take a look at some of
    my other videos by clicking on the links on the right hand side. Or take a look at my youtube channel page. Have fun and happy boating!