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    Everything You Need To Know About Llamas! | Minecraft 1.11 Gameplay Tutorial

    October 13, 2019

    what is up guys move here back with another minecraft video and today we’re going to be looking at the newest mob in Minecraft 1.7 and that is the llama so these are the four different kinds of llamas and we’re going to look at everything you could need to know that’s been added about them so first thing over here they are a passive mob but will attack a player if they are hit so let’s test this out really quick i’m going to go into survival mode and just going to give all these guys a quick little love tap and as you can see hey they will attack you back so there are four different skins of the wool color depends on which by him there in at the moment they spawn naturally in extreme Hills and Savannah biomes so these again are the four different looks so they have 22 health which is 11 hearts and they do one damage which is half a heart and use the spinning attack what you saw earlier we’re going to show you one more time so you can see him actually do with the projectile yeah so that’s actually the infamous llama spit that you can see right there so they also drop 02 leather and any other items that were they were holding a planned out so let’s kill these guys quickly and see how much we got them so that one drop some weather there that looks like oops get these guys first name account the loot afterwards one more that’s putting up a fight there we go so 20 1 and 1 so this pretty much is a good representative value all right next up wolves are afraid of llamas and will run away from them llamas leaves are spinning attack on them as well let me go actual stay in a stay in survival mode so let’s take a walk over here and a couple llamas so let’s put him down right over here wolf LA and you see here will start running away and the level approaches you get spit attack off looks like the wolf is a little bit too far away you guys get the idea they are not friends all right next up llamas can be tamed with hay bales and melted a player can control movement when riding them even when tamed right so let’s grab alarm over here and some pay bills so let’s put one down right over here head let’s give them some hay and you can see he’s taking it but let’s try to write them you’ll see he won’t let me guide them anywhere i can’t really do anything even if he was fully tamed it does give me up please give me that backwards over just kind of funny actually all right let’s get to the next part they will follow a player with the lead attached and they can form a caravan of up to ten llamas following this is actually really cool so let’s put down a whole tunnel was over here alright let’s grab one with the lead so can I put down like 21 but let me just go in a circle so i can get as many as possible and you’ll see the village they’re going to form a perfect line i think it behind me so let’s see how many i got here let’s go back a little bit further 123 even the babies follow kate 123456789 10 and you see these other ones over here they want problems coming just wandering around but i do have a caravan of 10 let me just only this guy there we go all right let’s get back to the next part alright they can Juan mess that one up they can be equipped with team Blom’s can be equipped with different of 16 different carpet colors alright so I’m going to grab a bunch of them actually go into creating more once again let’s get rid of all this stuff over here and grab some of these carpet colors you can see all the different types there are 16 and there we go so here’s just a generic problem oops get out always make sure to shift and then right-click them so now i can see it has an inventory space over here let’s put the sign competent and you can see he now has a different look let’s go to them again let’s put the purple carpet instead there we go you see once again he has a different look so i put a bunch of llamas over here with the no way I tag and you can see there is a different variety for every single different type of wall as well as carpet and i’m going to go over some of them in specifics because some of them have really unique looks that I think are worth mentioning again the orange no nothing too fancy the white nothing too fancy purple is kind of interesting you’ll also notice that some of them have different up these looks like they have scarfs while there were some of them might have like a looks like a big balls and blue is kinda cool yellow is this see where the call this one has some polka dots I’ll show you some of my favorites over here so this one over here at the at the dark grey wool he has like a like a bandit mask which is really cool and also this one over here the the light Grable it has like things around his ankles one of the only one that hasn’t I think there’s one other mistaken or this might be the only one actually looks like that is the only one see how this one has the purple and has an Enderman on it on it’s a back really cool and the green one has a creeper again really really cool and there’s a lot of variety without what you can do so if you want to design your base for like a certain color aesthetic you can definitely pull some cool stuff off all right next up if given an item they don’t like if given item they don’t accept they’ll make a funny noise let’s put these carpets away and let’s grab some some Lana is over here let’s get an oak sapling and a lab is block so let’s put this down over here so I don’t keep hearing all that noise over there alright so let me just make sure I get an adult 30 i’m going to try to get a little sapling and listen to what happens it makes a really funny doors and again not to be withholding right click down it doesn’t every single time you click else i’ll do a little bit slowly against avery with lapis block so yeah they don’t respond well to things they don’t like all right next up they can be equipped with the chest and function as a beast of burden so this is their main function so let’s grab against some more spontaneous get rid of that stuff let’s put these in a pile of some chest and a lead alright so let’s put down a one over here let’s put down an adult and I think I have to get the team first let’s grab some hay bales so there we go see how much you can take all right let’s see if we can put one on yet no he’s not responding well your instructor more i’m gonna go to this one over here since these are automatic contain but let’s try to put a chest on them see there we go so you can see it just like that you can now use HSN if I right click on the file right-click on him again he has three inventory spaces so there’s a little bit of there’s some specifics about how that actually functions were to set the time today very quickly so each Lama has a strength value between 1 and 5 they can hold three items for every point they have in strength so each llama head so each Lama has between three to fifteen inventory space when chested so this one I showed you over here that has three inventory spaces has a strength value of one that’s why it’s only one times three so a full-time llama caravan can have a maximum inventory of a hundred and fifty can wall a full ten mama caravan can have a maximum of 150 inventory slots that’s because with a maximum strength of five can have 15 inventory spaces 15 times 10 is 150 also when breeding there is a three percent chance that the offspring will have a strength score one higher than the stronger parent that still means that there’s a maximum of five so it’s going to take awhile to breathe maximum strength llamas but it is possible again it’s going to just take a lot of repetition anyway guys that’s just this video this is pretty much everything that you need to know about Mama’s i’ll throw in a couple extra commands of the description so if you guys want to spawn some of them add that are here you can do that as well anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the video please leave a like if you did as it does help me out a lot and subscribe if you wanna see video similar to this one in the future my name is smooth and I’ll see you later take it easy guys


    Could This Star Wars Fan Theory About Rey Be True? | In Theory

    October 12, 2019

    In Star Wars: The Force Awakens we’re introduced
    to Rey, who is set up as the new hero of the series. But is Rey in danger of turning to the dark
    side? Could she in fact become a villain rather
    than a hero? In the Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker
    asks Master Yoda if the dark side is stronger than the light side. Yoda replies “no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.” It took Luke months to master even basic tasks
    as a Jedi, but in The Force Awakens, we see Rey quickly and easily tap into her Force
    powers. When she is captured by the First Order it
    takes almost no effort for her to use a Jedi mind trick to convince a stormtrooper to free her. And again when fighting Kylo Ren on the Starkiller
    base, she quickly matches his Force abilities, despite his more extensive training. In The Force Awakens novelization, which is
    part of the official Star Wars canon, Rey hears a voice in her head while she is battling
    Kylo Ren that says: “kill him”. The book says she recoiled from the voice
    because she knew it was the dark side. So we know with certainty that the dark side
    is reaching out to her and we know that she is vulnerable to being seduced by it, because
    of the anger and fear she feels after watching the death of her father figure, Han Solo. Look at the poster for The Force Awakens movie. Rey’s staff lines up perfectly with Kylo Ren’s red lightsaber, implying that she might be the one holding it in the future. Also, consider her childhood, Rey was forced to work for a cruel junk trader
    on desert planet where every day was a struggle to survive…a childhood that is very similar
    to Darth Vader’s, who was the most powerful dark Jedi of all time. Rey was also abandoned by her family, without
    an explanation and frequently gives in to her rage and anger. It would make sense if she felt more drawn
    to the dark side than the light. What if instead of being the hero of the new
    trilogy, Rey is really being set up as the villain? What do you think?

    Finishing the Stern Frames! (TALLY HO EP47)
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    Finishing the Stern Frames! (TALLY HO EP47)

    September 29, 2019

    [Music] hi my name is Leo and I’m a boat builder and a sailor and I’m on a mission to rebuild and restore this one hundred and nine year old classic sailing yacht Tallyho right now we’re in the middle of a very exciting period where we’re reframing the entire Stern section of the boat and so far we’ve replaced about half of the frames that we need to do and we’ve got just over a week left to do the other half if you haven’t met her before this is my very attractive assistant poncho and yes that is a boy’s name but the original owners thought she was a boy until she laid an egg so now we know better our owners my landlords but I look after pretty much every day while I’m here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so this is the old after Deadwood part of the stone assembly and as you can see there are these pockets or notches for the heels of the frames and there’s a lot of different opinions and mixed feelings about boxing frame heels at all it’s often seen to be something that weakens the Timbers at the centerline and it’s also a place where water can get trapped people usually now rely on the floor Timbers to fasten the frames onto the centerline but in its cases a couple of other considerations one is that Tallyho and it has a floor timber every two frames the other thing is that the original pockets very shallow they’re not full pockets protect the entire heel the better just a half inch rebate to take the bottom of the frame an advantage of that as it means that the bottom the frame doesn’t have to feather out in a very fine point because that is a weak spot especially in sawn frames where the grain orientation is always exactly the right way and so for those reasons and also slightly for the sake of originality I decided to more or less copy the original technique so I’ve done half inch pockets more or less throughout the center line there are a few places where the frames but up onto the top of the keel that it wasn’t necessary to pocket it because there’s no feather edge at the bottom of the frame and as I’ve explained before I’ve put an angle on the bottom of all the pockets so that if water does get in there it won’t get trapped and it should be able to run out of it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s rubbed off I don’t know I’ve been told painting on I’ve never seen such a efficient saw operator yeah so this is the last frame right so that’s ring with one frontal lip I’m ready any what is there anyone but I’d love to be able to listen and that’s it work right [Music] [Applause] which one to join fast [Music] it’s in the boat a picture of my god again Robert she got so suck no get any positive comments without though babies feel this way [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] but here we go this is the final frame of our frame raising modern guys [Music] and I’m really happy to say that the frame raising is complete we’ve got all the frames into the stern of the boat and if you’re ready we’re going to have a look inside and see what it looks like from in there so we’re just going to go up this ladder over here [Music] so here we are and from inside here you can really see the elegant shape of the boat as per her design and it’s so nice after all this hard work to just see that shape starting to come back so all the stern frames are in it’s been a really successful three weeks I couldn’t be happier with how it’s gone and with how all the people have been it’s been such a fantastic group a fantastic team of really hard-working individuals and once we did our training we were producing and installing one pair of frames per day which i think is phenomenal really so big thanks again to everyone who came here everyone who made this possible there when he supported the project huge thanks to Kurt who really masterminded this whole period and who unfortunately had to head home now pretty soon everyone’s going to be leaving but before that we’re gonna have to celebrate so it’s time for a party in the workshop [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] we have a winner good job guys [Laughter] [Music] [Music] so I really enjoyed being up here I did learn a lot the the team was great everybody seemed to get along really well there weren’t really any personality conflicts and that so that made it really enjoyable and I think when when you enjoy doing something that the time seems to go by very quickly because it’s three weeks that seems just flown by yeah well I’m certainly extremely grateful for your time and hard work and problem-solving and yeah you’re most welcome exciting great lovely okay yeah so glad yeah well thank you thank you all right yeah that’s it again yeah I hope to be here to help with the forward frames excellent celebrating it [Laughter] [Laughter] it’s a bit overboard I think well cheers to say all the other guys who helped us out and he left and cheers to Kurt who helped organize this whole thing and had to head on home and and cheers to Diego cats dog may rest in peace and cheers to all you guys that wins yes [Music] so as a celebration of all the progress we made we took this sailing dinging out yesterday and got a few of my friends in the area to bring out their little boats actually quite an interesting story I don’t really know the class or the history of the boat except what I was taught by her previous owner I have no way of verifying if it’s true or not but apparently she was built as a sort of material prototype for the Spruce Goose which was a largest airplane ever built which was build of timber during the Second World War in California and the story is that when they were developing what was quite a modern technology of lamination at the time they built a few small boats to test how well it works and apparently this is one of them and I’d like to thank very much previous owner who bought this boat round here some time ago yeah I didn’t what sir Eddie thank you obviously so much for coming in lending your skill and your time and your hard work and being part of the project has been really epic and it’s been just wonderful to have all your company thank you thanks yeah no problem thank you yeah yeah I had huge amounts of fun so thank you yeah I did I loved it and that more than I thought I would have those go said it’s good great thanks guys next time man my wise jqx you’re lucky I like this guy’s if I put this didn’t move us enough information then it probably won’t be chief in G yeah that’s right yeah oh I wasn’t recording [Music] I got to the end of our work period and it was a great success and largely thanks to you guys thank you so much for being part of it we enjoyed every minute of it up here there was a long hours sometimes but I’ve never been around so many skilled people that were such gentlemen everybody was so kind and caring and even being in the kitchen all day long it teaches you that no job is no menial job or anything you think it’s menial goes unnoticed absolutely and it’s just as important so yeah there’s no such thing as I mean you look governor you know thanks so much thank you really appreciate everything so everyone has gone now and it’s just Anna and Robert still here yeah yeah basically we’ve just been doing odd jobs done much real work on the boat just a lot of tidying up and sort of getting things back in order off the frame raising I had to make a chicken coop for the new young chickens we’ve got I’ve also been preparing to go back to the UK okay I’m gonna head back for a few weeks to see family and stuff of course my landlords will still be here so I’m sure we’ll be looked after and the dogs [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] thanks Tom yeah I guess this is it thanks for we’re helping this it’s been awesome yeah yeah thanks for the opportunity and it’s amazing and thanks you guys for staying on a little bit longer and helped me until the boring jobs after after everyone else had left hope cbn’s this last few weeks has been really amazing felt like we’ve taken the project to another level and hopefully we’re gonna be improving sort of time scale as well everyone wants to know what that is I think you’ll find it in a previous video it’s the rolling two years so it’s still two years away from the launch day as it will be every time anyone asks which means of course eventually we’re going to be launching about two years ahead of schedule and I’m really excited for a little break it’s been a really busy few months and so we nice to try and relax a bit and see old friends and family I’m going to be doing a little bit of sailing when I’m back in Europe so I’m maybe gonna make a video about that depending on if you guys think that’ll be interesting or not anyway as always thanks a lot for watching and a massive thank you to everyone who’s donated or otherwise supported the Tallyho project it makes a huge difference and it means unable to take the time to make and edit these videos so I really appreciate it [Music] [Laughter] you


    Groupers and Big Fish – Reef Life of the Andaman – Part 10

    September 27, 2019

    [Music] the Andaman Sea is home to a large variety of groupers smaller species such as this black tip grouper or the slightly larger long fin grouper look nervous when approached but show little effort to make an escape in comparison to many larger species one of the biggest bony fishes in our area is the brown marbled grouper individuals of over 1 metre in length are often observed at richly a rock [Music] [Applause] this disused and broken fish trap provides temporary protection for one particularly large individual [Music] the potato grouper or potato cod grows even larger encounters in the Enderman are a rarity but Silvertip Bank is home to one particularly tame and curious individual nicknamed Freddie when visiting divers feed sharks here Freddie invariably shows up to get a piece of the action [Music] the expectancy of food is undoubtedly his main motive for approaching divers but he does seem to enjoy contact with humans [Music] [Music] on a similar scale to the potato cod is the humphead wrasse the largest of all wrasses this species can grow up to 2 meters and as it matures it develops a protruding hump on its forehead this individual was seen at shark fin reef another speciality of shark fin reef and nearby Boulder City is the humphead parrotfish the protruding lump of bone on the forehead is used for head-butting rivals during combat [Music] the teeth are fused together into a parrot-like beak which is strong enough to bite through even the hardest corals [Music] several species of Barracuda inhabit the Andaman unlike other species the great barracuda prefers to stay alone or in loose associations with other individuals here at Silvertip Bank one or two great barracudas are commonly found around the mooring line [Music] the Barracuda possesses enormous speed and a razor-sharp set of teeth which makes it one of the reefs top level predators the barracuda preys on small fishes and on occasions shiny jewelry worn by divers has been mistaken as prey with unfortunate results for the diver this giant trevally is another very fast predator trevallies are often referred to as jacks unlike the great barracuda they prey on small fishes these are bluefin trevally ‘he’s thriving on the currents around the giant boulders at Rocky Point and these are young golden trevallies in the depths that reach lea rock back down on the reef we find the most common of the pufferfish family the black spotted puffer [Music]


    Sailing the West Coast of South Africa (Part 2 – Ep6)

    September 17, 2019

    you know it’s just it’s just so beautiful you can form and record and everything you see you like I say form that did I capture that in and everything is just so beautiful like I feel like forming every little thing I possibly can and this wall is huge it’s gonna be a while because I started Moses [Music] [Music] so we are yeah it’s Chris mama the USA hey there and I’ve got the Sun rightfully behind us you can’t see anything my Chris how is the way as I was the first experience for you I’m glad I’m holding at it’s at one hand for the boat one hand for myself I think I want both hands for the boat the SWOT is a four point five meter say that’s quite a kick into it we are soon wrapping around dungeons and Bob are the ways that yeah now the beep do kind of like really you know interesting to go through the waves and I’m loving it you know [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so we are really one way one hour on our way and just relaxing it out with some nice comfortable cheap shoes and it’s a bit over but over kick in the water but we’re all just relaxing it and skipper mark is taking care of the yard that we come where we supposed to be and we are just Yellin relaxing with a beautiful view and taking it easy so it’s a it’s really nice I guess what do you say it’s great this is mine [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] good [Music] my god here we are crossing close to Table Mountain very well-known but not from any scene the left side it is lions head followed by signal so the weather looks a bit grey she considers fog and the water is turning gray yeah but we are still enjoying the ride and enjoying the adventure discovering all beautiful view dr. Nature has to offer on the Seas much common are really great [Music] boom if you wanna support us join our adventure family on patreon check out our link below in the video description for a more personal experience and extra rewards but for now let’s continue the adventure [Music] [Music] all the men are relaxing a bit more you know what I mean while relaxing while I’m absorbing the spectacular year we are sailing around from Haute Bay heading to waterfront to escape the big 4.5 meters well that made the men relax a bit too much [Music] [Music] [Music] whoa whoa whoa waters shaking up in at 4.5 meters well no we have entered on the side of the coast and soon to enter into the V a waterfront oh my it was a wonderful sail beautiful scenery but most of me and the boys were relaxing on our sides trying to shake off that first motion sickness but please tell nobody because we want to be pirates so this is now top secret remember it’s the secret between us and don’t share it abroad we are sleeping over at the VA waterfront tonight and then entering tomorrow morning early at five o’clock we are launching off on our way to the next destination [Music] this is one of those that is where you can see the four seasons in one at the beautiful by the city of Cape Town getting some air footage from the B and a waterfront just a spectacular sight where you can see the Atlantic Ocean coming together with the landscape scene signal yo lion’s head and Table Mountain and on the total left in stable speak [Music] hi guys we just want to say thank you so much for your support we are really happy that you are enjoying our videos and those who are new to our channel if you want to see more and just follow us then you can subscribe below and even turn on your notification bell to be notified every time when you upload a new video and what it’s near you can see below we’ve linked our website to patreon there you can get benefits and even surprises and extra videos so yeah if you want to support us more then there is the perfect place yes we are just so thankful to everyone and we are excited to continue this journey with you and to share all our new experiences new places we visit near adventures we take with your everyone much love and here on the next adventure bye [Music] [Music]

    [ENG] SOLARIS 55 – 4K Full Review – The Boat Show
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    [ENG] SOLARIS 55 – 4K Full Review – The Boat Show

    September 4, 2019

    (Upbeat music) – [Voiceover] With the
    boat show in Porto Rotondo, we are here for the Solaris Cup, where the latest model, the
    Solaris 55, is being debuted. The project is, once again,
    one of Javier Soto Acebal’s, the principal designer of the shipyard. (majestic, inspiring music) We are already sailing with the Code Zero, which is for fairer
    winds, and the main sail, which are sailing at a speed higher than that of the wind,
    which is seven to 7.2 knots. The boat speed is almost eight. (majestic, inspiring music) Solaris 55 is a fast cruise boat. Later we’ll see the interior,
    how welcoming it is. On deck, the layout is very simple, with the steering station
    in front of the helmsman. So, a single person with the help of the autopilot can
    easily guide the boat. (dramatic music) The hull lines are quite
    wide up to the stern. This has been the reason of installing two rudder stocks, to
    increase root stability. The boat is a bit safer to
    run, especially when listing. (majestic, inspiring music) The boat handles very smoothly. It responds to small movements,
    at least at this speed. But yesterday, while racing
    we found a strong wind up to 25 knots, speeds under
    Code Zero up to 12 knots. It is not like that today, however we can still guarantee a great experience. Today, though it started badly, has actually turned out to
    be generous with the wind. (upbeat music) As for the mast, you can choose between the aluminium fabrications painted black as in this case, or
    carbon – a little faster. Solaris 55 fits into a very
    popular section of the market. Between 50 and 55 feet
    there are many boats. This is one of the newest,
    one of the most modern, one that many ship owners
    will have their eyes on. (upbeat music) Forward, there is the
    traditional anchor locker, the sail locker, and as you can see the winch for the genoa is under the deck. This allows you to gain
    a bit more surface area, but especially to increase
    the efficiency of the sail. (dramatic music) The owner of this 55 is a
    cruiser who has owned many boats. He wanted a 110 horsepower D3 engine, therefore a bit exuberant on power, a large, supplementary
    alternator and a fuel purifier. (Majestic, inspiring music) The kitchen is in a traditional position, well equipped – two
    fridge drawers, a freezer, a drainage area, a double sink. Moreover, a set of storage drawers. (majestic, inspiring music) The interior is designed by
    the Solaris technical office. The layout is very
    traditional, with kitchen and the navigation table on the side of the stairs, three
    cabins, and three bathrooms. The owner’s cabin is in the bow. Aft, there is a VIP cabin
    with a large bathroom with separate shower, and another double. For the interior, an opaque
    teak finish has been chosen with great attention give to
    the direction of the grain. (majestic, inspiring music) It’s important to note
    that the owner’s cabin has a very comfortable
    bed that you can access from the sides, just like home. (majestic, inspiring music) (upbeat music)

    Puffer Fish Constructs A Masterpiece of Love – BBC Earth
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    Puffer Fish Constructs A Masterpiece of Love – BBC Earth

    September 3, 2019

    unfortunately this small Japanese pufferfish is dull almost to the point of invisibility but to compensate he’s probably nature’s greatest artist to grab a female’s attention he creates something that almost defies belief [Music] his only tools are his fins in his head a plan of mathematical perfection [Music] he plows the sand breaking it up into the finest of particles [Music] these shells aren’t just rubbish to be removed he uses them to decorate the bridges of his construction [Music] he can’t rest for more than a moment but must work 24 hours a day for a week or the current will destroy his creation [Music] a final tidy up and his masterpiece is complete [Music] nowhere else in nature does an animal construct something as complex and perfect as this [Music] if this doesn’t get him noticed nothing will [Music]