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    Why Did Nine Ships Disappear In Perfect Weather?
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    Why Did Nine Ships Disappear In Perfect Weather?

    December 1, 2019

    Most people have heard of the mysterious Bermuda
    Triangle in the west of the North Atlantic. But did you know that there’s also a similarly
    deadly region in the Pacific, known as the Devil’s Sea? Located off Japan’s coast in the world’s
    biggest ocean this area has swallowed up ships and aircraft both in the past as well as much
    more recently. But why does this happen and how? Let’s find out in this episode of the Infographics
    Show, Nine Ships Lost in Perfect Weather. To the Japanese the area is known as the Mo-no
    Umi, or literally the Sea of the Devil. Alternatively, it is also referred to as the
    Dragon’s Triangle or the Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific. The exact coordinates of where it is seem
    to be somewhat open to debate; however, the rough location remains the same. Most claim it is a triangle with a top point
    near Tokyo, Japan, with its left corner hitting the Philippines, and its right reaching just
    short of the Mariana Trench. It spans a good portion of the Philippine
    Sea. If you were to make a horizontal line from
    its center around the globe, on the opposite side of the world you would pass right through
    the heart of the Atlantic’s Bermuda Triangle. Many believe this is no coincidence. Beyond its ability to seemingly swallow up
    boats and planes whole, it is also where people claim to have experienced many strange things. Some have seen ghost ships set sail, UFOs
    fly among the clouds, or monsters deftly navigate its waters. It is where others have witnessed mysterious
    inconsistencies with the passing of time and the functioning of electronic devices. Could it also be where Amelia Earhart met
    her end? According to some conspiracy theorists, this
    is exactly what happened. Though others hypothesize that she was both
    captured and killed by the Japanese. Of course, the position of the US government
    is that she simply crashed somewhere unknown at sea. To add yet further to the Devil’s Triangle’s
    mystery, some suggest it could be the site of The Lost City of Atlantis. As it is impossible to explore what lies beneath,
    we’ll never know if this is the case. These and many other strange things have been
    associated with the lethal waters that go back thousands of years. There are tales of 13 century attempts at
    Mongol attacks on Japan acting on orders of the grandson of Genghis Kahn. They tried two such invasions in both 1274
    and 1281 AD. Unfortunately, to get to their target area
    they had to first navigate the Devil’s Sea. Typhoon storms ended up battering the fleets
    on both occasions, and the second one was especially strong. This threw off the attacks and led to celebrations
    among the Japanese population. Shattered remains of water-logged ships from
    the Mongolian fleet still rest on the ocean’s bottom. It’s estimated that around 40,000 men were
    lost along with their ships to the sea. This was followed by several sightings of
    a single lady on a ship sailing along the Dragon’s Triangle all alone. What she was doing or what vessel she sailed
    have never been determined with any certainty. Her ship was unusual as it was described as
    the shape of a box used to hold incense, unlike the design of other ships common to the area. Beyond this strange sight, many claimed to
    have glimpsed strange lights that shone out from above the waves. Mysterious events only continued in the 1940s
    and 1950s. During these ten years several ships who entered
    the Devil’s Sea area were never heard from again. 20 submarines from World War II similarly
    disappeared. Specifically, the stretch between the Miyake
    and Iwo Jima islands seemed to be particularly deadly. Some who navigated the treacherous waters
    of the Devil’s Triangle and survived claimed that the weather would change suddenly and
    drastically, without an obvious cause or warning. They have mentioned devastating rogue waves
    coming out of nowhere or strong maelstroms mercilessly spinning in the waters of the
    sea. In addition to this, Toksiaki Lang, who flew
    over the area during battle with the US in the Second World War, claimed to have glimpsed
    a long serpent-like monster with wings gliding through the water. There were more unusual tales from during
    the war. A pilot in a Kawanishi HK-8 plane who was
    looking for signs of the Americans approaching radioed in to the military base on the mainland. After mentioning that the sky was opening
    up communication was lost and never continued. Some wonder if some higher power claimed him
    or a portal had opened up to another dimension. Nothing will ever be known for certain. Between the years of 1950 and 1954 alone,
    as many as nine ships equipped with radios and sailing in calm seas went missing. Only one had called for help. Noticing a troubling trend midway through
    this time, Japan decided to investigate. It dispatched a research ship, the Kaio Maru
    No.5 to take a closer look. Sadly, the vessel became yet another statistic. While the ship was found none of the remains
    of those manning the vessel ever were. It is estimated between 1952 and 1954 five
    Japanese vessels sank or vanished and more than 700 people died in a Devil’s Sea location. However, after the loss of Kaio Maru No.5
    Japan had already terminated all open investigations into the region. They knew if they revisited the area exactly
    what would happen. And sure enough, their fears were soon proven
    true with the continued loss of their citizen’s vessels as well as those of others. This was despite the fact that the Japanese
    government had issued an official warning about the dangers. It’s clear that many tragic things have
    happened at the Devil’s Triangle. What’s less clear is why. A theory that has largely been debunked is
    that, like the Bermuda Triangle, it is one of the world’s twelve Vile Vortices. This term was first given by a biologist known
    as Ivan T. Sanderson who classified each of these places around the globe as the site
    of strange electromagnetic activity. He also referred to them as the world’s
    graveyards and it’s not hard to see why. Sanderson believed that they are caused by
    combinations of hot and cold air and water currents that met in these specific locations. According to his calculations, this happened
    in a type of pattern. When he drew lines to connect the Vile Vortices
    of the world, they formed a 20-faced polyhedron. Because of these unusual events, it would
    throw off the function of navigation instruments, as well as other things. Pilot Tetsuzan Naito would attest to this. According to some sources, he had been flying
    over Miyake Island when his instruments went haywire for a full 15 minutes. Then, alarmingly, his engine started sputtering. Further, he claims, after all this had happened,
    he was temporarily surrounded by a strange green glow. Interestingly, green haze has also been reported
    in the sky above the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. To continue with Sander’s theories, remember
    that the 12 Vile Vortices were, he believed, a convergence of Earth’s power that caused
    strange electromagnetic activity. For this reason, he claimed a vile vortex
    could not only lead to things disappearing or strange instrument function, but paranormal
    activity or gateways to different dimensions. Pilot Takeo Tada flying over the area in 1971
    seemingly supported this. He claimed it was a nice, though cloudy day
    when he saw a flying orange saucer appear before him. As it was traveling rather slowly, he was
    able to observe it closely before it vanished into a cloud. However, afraid of ridicule, he didn’t share
    this story until decades had passed. Those who are less inclined to believe in
    the world’s intersecting power grid and Sander’s ideas, may be pleased that there
    are also other more logical explanations. The Miyake-jima and Iwo-jima islands, or area
    with much strange activity and disappearances, are near the Izu-Bonin volcanic arc, with
    actively erupting volcanoes. In fact, in ancient times the Chinese believed
    that all problems in the area stemmed from dragons beneath the waters of the Devil’s
    Triangle with a hunger that they satisfied by feasting on entire ships. It may be that what they mistook for a fire
    breathing dragon was really an underwater eruption that had breached the surface. Researcher Larry Kushe is said to have found
    proof that the wreck of the Japanese investigating ship was actually caused by a volcano known
    as Myojin-sho erupting. Volcano activity could also lead to earthquakes
    and thunder and lightning storms, which would make sailing overhead quite dangerous. There is additional evidence of continual
    underwater movement and explosions that can be seen from far above. The shifting of tectonic plates either lift
    land up or bring it down. This is why the area near Iwo Jima has continually
    forming and then quickly disappearing landmasses or islands. Of course, there is the apparently bottomless
    Mariana Trench nearby with unknown if any effects but probably only adds further instability
    to the area. Some also believe methane gas from the seabed
    below could have journeyed to the surface with disastrous consequences. In fact, some theorize this could sink a ship
    and leave behind little if any evidence. This is because it causes problems with buoyancy
    as it is difficult to float on a bubbling sea. In fact, an NBC news article updated in 2003
    describes the odorless gas as first being solid in pressurized conditions but turning
    to gas as it breaks free and drifts upward. This could then potentially lead to a gigantic
    bubble which could easily overtake a ship. However, if far enough away or, surprisingly,
    right above such a bubble a vessel remains safe. Through experiments scientists have found
    that it is when ships are near the edge of the trough that forms that they would be in
    trouble. Lots and lots of it. Of course, Larry Kusche, who proposed the
    volcanic activity theory, also claims that the tales of the damage The Devil’s Triangle
    has wrought to those in the air and sea have been exaggerated. In his belief, many of the ships that vanished
    there actually went down in different locations entirely. And, as we just described, those who did vanish
    in the Devil’s Sea, Kusche believed, were victims of multiple natural phenomena, nothing
    other worldly, inexplicable, or strange. Further, taking vessels into the open sea
    is known to be dangerous. Many navigate the ocean’s waters and it
    is almost inevitable that for some reason or other ships would eventually flounder and
    sink. So, while all of these ideas of dragons, portals,
    or aliens are fun to consider, there are really any of several logical reasons for each disaster. Of course, it could also be a combination
    of all of these theories, a little UFO and portal activity mixed with the actions of
    bubbles and volcanoes. Tell us, what’s your take on the many nautical
    and in-flight tragedies that took place near the Devil’s Sea? Is there a simple explanation or is it truly
    a mystery? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
    called 50 Facts About Bermuda Triangle! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
    forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

    Our House Got Blown Up! Suspenseful Escape From Danger! / The Beach House
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    Our House Got Blown Up! Suspenseful Escape From Danger! / The Beach House

    December 1, 2019

    Previously on The Beach House Michael: Pull. Pull. Michael: Oh no. Michael: I don’t want anybody to get hurt Michael: Come on in. James: Upsetting. We need to get out! Hacker: That will not help them again. This time, I’ll win, James: What do we have to do this time?! Corbin: How do we escape?! Ellie: Give us a chance! Hacker: Oh perhaps. But you know with all the treasures you’ve collected, you’ve made yourself quite target. Hacker: It wasn’t hard to enlist the help of a few friends Hacker: Now to make things more fun, remember these guys? Hacker: Or how about this one? Hacker: Of course my personal favourite. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WE GOT IT’ BY O/B/A) ♫ ♫ Michael: Guys, we’ve completely lost all control of our entire house. The hacker has taken over all of our electronics. We’re locked in. Becca: I don’t know how we’ll get out of here. The rest of the family is gone. Thank goodness. But we can’t even call them to get…like to let them know what’s going on. Michael: Because our phones are fried James: There is one way out but we would have to break a window. Becca: I don’t want to break anything. Michael: Maybe that’ll be our last resort James: Yeah, we can’t do anything to get out, we’ll just have to break a window. Corbin: Last time we got in contact with the hacker, Corbin: He was being easy on us. Michael: Yeah, maybe he’ll give us some easy tasks. Michael: So maybe we’ll get out easy, but the bandits are coming, the time pirates been released by the hacker and Michael: We’ve got the gingerbread man coming. So they’re all coming right now, and we just need to get out here Michael: So I hope that we can get out Becca: It probably would be better if we whispered while we’re making plans Becca: Because our security camera he’s hacked into. Michael: The entire house has been… Becca: We don’t want him to know exactly what we’re trying. Michael: Oh wait. Michael: Do you guys hear that? Michael: He’s coming back. He’s on the TV again Hacker: Well, I’ve decided I’ll give you a chance to escape. Only one chance though. Hacker: And if any of you fail, you’ll be my slaves in this house forever. Hacker: Each of you will be given a question. If you answer correctly, all of you will be free. Michael: Do you guys hear that? Michael: Hopefully we can answer the questions right. Corbin: At least we get a one chance. Becca: And I don’t think we can help each other either. He’s going to ask us individually a question. Michael: Okay. Get your thinking caps on guys. Becca: And if you know the answer, don’t say it out loud. Because he might consider that cheating. Michael: Okay. Michael: Let’s hear what is the first question. We’re ready, Michael: Mr. Hacker. Hacker: This first question is for Michael. Hacker: What is the state capital of Vermont? Becca: Do you even know that?! Michael: The state capital of Vermont. Michael: Oh! Michael: I remember a commercial on TV when I was a kid. Becca: What? Michael: It’s Montpelier Hacker: Good job. Hacker: You got that one right. Hacker: This one is for Rebecca. Hacker: How many planets are in our solar system? Michael: Becca Becca: There used to be nine. Not official answer, I think there’s eight. Michael: Is that your answer? Becca: Cause Pluto used to be Becca: a planet but now I guess it’s not. Becca: Eight. Hacker: That was an easy one. Good job. Hacker: Got it right. Hacker: But, it will get harder from here. Hacker: And the next one is for James. Hacker: How many weeks are in a year? Michael: James, Michael: you know that? Michael: How many weeks are in a year. Michael: James we talked about this yesterday! Don’t you remember?! Michael: Maybe the hacker was listening to us when we were in the car driving. James: Fifty two! James: Is that right? Hacker: You got it right. I was listening to you. Good job. Hacker: The next question is for Corbin. Hacker: Are you ready? Hacker: It is. What is ten times nine? Corbin: It’s ninety. Isn’t it? Hacker: Good job Corbin. Hacker: You are very good at math. You got it right. Hacker: The next question is for Ellie Hacker: What are the ABC’s in order? Ellie: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Ellie: Q R S Ellie: T U V Ellie: W X Y and Z Ellie: Now I know my ABC’s Ellie: Next time won’t you sing with me. Hacker: No. I will not sing with you but you got it right. Hacker: The last question is for Charlie. Hacker: And this one will be the hardest of them all. Hacker: What is the cube root of twenty seven? Charlie: Sixty seven. Hacker: That is incorrect. Hacker: You failed my tests! Hacker: And now, you are my prisoners forever! Hacker: And not only that, Hacker: but your enemies are nearly at your door. Michael: Oh what are we gonna do? Corbin: We have to face the enemies that we already defeated?! Michael: How are we gonna get out of this one you guys? Michael: This is the most difficult we’ve ever dealt one. Michael: And we failed the hacker. We’re his prisoners Michael: Becca, Michael: what are we gonna do? Michael: We have to save our family. Becca: I don’t know. But I just…I can’t handle this right now. Becca: Like I cannot Becca: I’m pregnant. And honestly, Becca: I can’t have any more struggles and I think that I just I’m not willing to put up with this Becca: I don’t care what we have to do. We just have to make sure Becca: That the hacker’s not in control of us. Michael: Do we have to break a window maybe? To get out. Michael: I don’t know what else to do. Becca: Huh! Michael: What? Becca: Let’s turn off the power to the house. Michael: Huh! The breaker box Becca: Yeah Michael: Let’s go right now. The hacker is gonna see us. But he can’t make us not go downstairs. Michael: Let’s go Becca: Or at least he won’t know. Becca: What we’re doing because he won’t be able to see us. Michael: Right. Becca: And hack into all of our electronics because the power is out. Michael: Let’s go Michael: The breaker box is downstairs. If we go quick, Michael: He’s not gonna have any control cause we can just turn off the breaker and he’ll have no idea Michael: I don’t know if you heard what Rebecca had said Michael: But she said we could just turn off the breakers. Here. Michael: Oh. That’s bright. Michael: You okay babe? Michael: Okay, let’s wait for Mom. We’re gonna stay together whatever we do. I’m not gonna leave you Michael: So it’s your idea. Do you want to do the honors? Michael: Okay. Open it. Michael: What the… Michael: There’s a letter in there Michael: What does it say? James: It says Mr. E Becca: Read me. Mr. E Michael: In the breaker box? Becca: Okay. Everybody, let’s make sure we’re in a spot where there’s no cameras Michael: There’s no camera, yeah. There shouldn’t be any cameras down here. I think we’re safe. Becca: Read me. Mr. E Michael: Oh, wow. That’s a long letter. Becca: He doesn’t usually send us a letter. Becca: He usually sens us like a chip with information or video on it. Michael: He sent us letters before. Michael: What does it say? Becca: “You figured it out. The open door when all other doors are shut.” Becca: Yeah, the breaker box. Michael: All the doors are shut to the house and locked Becca: And we couldn’t get out Michael: With the breakers open okay. Becca: “I knew the hacker was trying to bypass my security and would take control eventually. So I cannot send this message electronically.” Becca: Yeah. He doesn’t normally do this. Michael: The hacker can’t hack a paper Becca: Yup. Becca: “Follow my every instruction ‘perfectly or your family will not survive.” Michael: Wait, this is why he was so cryptic in that message that he sent to us. Was because he knew the Hector was trying to get to us. Becca: Even at that time Michael: We have to listen. Okay, what does he say to do? Becca: He said the family will not survive if we don’t follow his every instruction perfectly. Becca: “Do not turn off the breakers yet.” Oh. Becca: That’s good to know. We could have done that right then and not even realized. Becca: “You’ll only have a 10-second window.” Becca: “To escape before the battery backup kicks on and the hacker regains control of your home.” Corbin: One second window? Michael: We only have ten seconds once we turn off the breakers Becca: “Right now, you have five minutes.” Becca: “Something bad is coming and you need to gather all your most valuable possessions. What could never be replaced?” Becca: “Get it all now, then get out!” Becca: Mr. E Michael: Five minutes. Becca: So he’s saying…wait wait. Wait. Okay everybody. Becca: He said gather all of our most valuable possessions what could never be replaced get it now. James: We need to hurry! James: We have five minutes! Becca: But then he says turn off the breaker box and we have ten seconds to get out of the house. Michael: Because something bad is coming Becca: I think if we turn off the breaker box it’s gonna make it so that all of the electronics in the house are all off Becca: Including the locks on the doors that he’s placed on the doors from outside. Michael: Does it say anything else? Becca: Get it all now then get out. Mr. E Michael: Okay. Let’s go. Michael: Run run run run! Everybody grab something that’s the most valuable that can’t be replaced Michael: Go go go go go! Michael: Okay Michael: Becca, I think we should grab our journals. Charlie: And I need a pillow. Michael: James, we can replace that! Go put it back! Michael: Okay Michael: Let’s go Ellie: And a pillow for you Dad! Michael: We can replace that. What we need is our like valuables. What’s the most valuable things that we have? You. Corbin: I’m going to get the Nintendo Switches and put it in this. Michael: But those we can replace Corbin. What we need is like, journals. Michael: What’s the most important like…like a sentimental things? Michael: We only have five minutes Michael: Okay, okay, where are our journals? Michael: Lipstick. Lipsense, that can stay here. Michael: Toiletries, Pokemon cards Michael: There’s all of our papers. Okay, I’m gonna grab all these papers. I got to put them in this backpack right here Michael: And have to do this without the camera cause that’s… Michael: Too hard to carry both at the same time Michael: So… Michael: Once I grab everything I’ll let you guys know Michael: Did you grab your most valuable things Ellie? Ellie: Yes! Michael: Okay. Let’s go. Michael: Okay, good job. You guys! We’re not gonna be able to carry all this stuff! Michael: Just choose the most valuable things! Michael: Did you get all your stuff? Corbin: Money can be replaced. James: And Corbin got my Nintendo Switch. Michael: Okay. Did you guys grab all of your money? Michael: Okay, I’ll go get mine did you get yours? Michael: Okay good. Michael: Okay. Go grab your money quick from your bedroom go get it! Michael: Okay. Michael: I got this all loaded up Michael: Wow. That’s heavy. Michael: Oh that’s really heavy! Michael: Okay Michael: Here we go James: I got my journals. Michael: Okay, perfect let’s go. I think it’s been almost five minutes you guys, we got a run run! Michael: I got my bag here. Oh it’s heavy. Michael: Where did Mom go? Hacker: Wait. What do you think you’re doing? Hacker: There’s no escaping your house. I have you trapped and you’re mine forever remember? Michael: Is everybody ready? Michael: Okay. Michael: Yeah, cover the camera James: Did any of you bring a fire kit? Because I did. Michael: Good. Becca: I think I’m gonna stay right by the front door and I will open it as soon as you guys turn off the breaker. Michael: Keep it covered. Becca: But you have to go downstairs and turn off the breaker. Dad’s gonna be with you. Becca: The second it’s done, I’ve got all the important papers in here. You guys have the stuff that you think is most important Becca: Honestly, the only things I really care about our journals most important papers and the kids. Michael: Okay. We’ve got the kids and those are irreplaceable. Michael: Okay, run! We’re gonna go downstairs. You ready? Michael: Let’s go Michael: Come on Charlie Michael: Stay with me. Stay with me bud. Michael: I forgot Michael: If we’re leaving the house. I gotta get the keys to the van Michael: I almost forgot if we’re leaving the house. We got to be ready Becca: And we only have ten seconds. Michael: I know. Michael: Okay Becca: Actually, you might want to have all the kids back up by me. Michael: Okay, I’ll send them up as soon as I start turning this stuff off Michael: Hey, are you guys all ready? Corbin: Yeah. Michael: Okay. This is it. Michael: Are you guys ready? Michael: Go! Go go go! Michael: Okay, they’re all off! Michael: Go go go go! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Go go go! Go outside! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Run run run! (Explosions) Hacker: No! No! Nooooo!!! ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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    December 1, 2019

    guys check this out we’re underneath the ship now oh there’s a lot of spiders in there guys I do not want to be under there looks like this is the way I’m gonna be going in it is it’s looking freaky and I gotta make sure I do not pop this boat hey what’s gonna pop it Jake family Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand-new video and guys if you are following along in our series things are getting intense okay we escaped from prison in our previous videos and made it to well as you can see in the background this abandoned pirate ship that’s right guys we found out that the person who locked us up the gamemaster is evil because of something that happened on this ship and we need to put a stop to this mystery if you guys don’t know the gamemaster has been hunting down and capturing youtubers and we were at the cusp of solving this mystery all right Papa Jake is going full Sherlock Holmes on this and we asked you guys in our last video do you want us to board the ship because I mean Logan is it’s a freaky pirate ship it is really freaky guys it’s abandoned too which makes it even freakier because there could be pirate ghosts but you guys absolutely like button and that is exactly why today we are gonna be boarding the abandoned pirate ship and searching for clues to put an end to the gamemaster in our last video we did have some weird like electromagnetic stuff happen to the drone that we are flying over it as you can see I don’t know what caused that but it makes me even more believe that this ship could be haunted and whatever is linking it to the gamemaster might be evil this is gonna be one of the most dangerous missions we have ever gone on but we’re bringing you guys along alright guys so check this out we’ve got two of our inflatables here that we’re gonna use to get across and over to the ship now if you guys remember in our drone footage there’s actually an opening that we found on the way far side of the abandoned pirate ship which means well we got a paddle all the way around and then hopefully we can figure out a way to get in like I said guys we need to be extremely careful this thing is not only falling apart so we got to be careful using gloves and long pants but it might be haunted so we got to keep that in mind Logan this make our paddles alright guys so we have our rafts and we have our paddles and we’re ready to go out to the ship let’s set out and sail over there I’ve got everything ready in mine so stay close and hopefully we don’t run into any issues but like I said guys this is gonna be pretty scary looking these are gonna work for us right dude I really hope so yeah be careful and don’t tip okay I’ll try my best I think I’m good uh Jake that doesn’t look too sturdy we’re not going too far I think I’ll get us there all right guys we’re making our way over to the ghost ship got our little dinghy here it’s a little hard to control definitely not as inflated as I would have wanted it to be as you guys can see it’s kind of buckling but like I said the ship isn’t too far away look at all this flow cause with all the seaweed here it makes it so creepy this is definitely a go ship so we got to get around to the other side and that’s where we’ll actually be able to get in okay guys so far so good dude check that out this thing is massive and guys as we get close to the water is actually changing color it’s like a darkish blue now I know if you guys can see that on the camera but that is really freaky Logan how you doing oh man hi we’ve got to get up and inside this thing guys and from the looks of it work it’s up there we’re down here let’s hope the other side is a lot better I mean on the drone it definitely look like there’s a spot to get up but from here this is gonna be difficulty all right let’s keep moving around the ship that way I think that’s our best bet to get inside guys the thing is huge when you get up close yeah guys check it out and it’s so rusted we got to be careful we don’t get too close to it because we do not want to pop this guys check this out we’re underneath the ship now oh there’s a lot of spiders in there guys I do not want to be under there we’re making our way around though to the other side we’re getting close to the entrance or slash where we think we’ll be able to enter so once we get over there we’ll update you guys but as you can see this thing is just absolutely massive look at all the places we could search in here there’s got to be some clues in here hi guys looks like this is the way I’m gonna be going in it is it’s looking freaky and I got to make sure I do not pop this boat on this rusty metal or else we’re gonna have a really bad day / no way to get off this thing so whoo that was a trip hi Jake this looks really freaky yeah man it’s it’s uh this is interesting all right get up you’re dead all right guys Logan’s getting up here nice there we go guys so far the mission is well 20% successful we’ve made it onto the boat now it’s time to start exploring but already guys this place is creepy not only the fact that it is an abandoned pirate ship but it is a dangerous hazard being on here and I also don’t know exactly where we can walk because there are holes all throughout here and I mean it’s rusted metal so parts of this could break at any time guys I’ve never seen so many spiders in my life yeah there’s a lot of weird stuff on this so let’s uh let’s start exploring into we can find whoa guys this is uh this is really freaky you do not want to fall down there that is a that is a dangerous place to fall down guys you have to be so careful there is a ton of random holes here look at this not somewhere you want to fall down so we’ve made it onto the ship it’s been quite the journey to get on here guys I can say I’m a little spooked to be honest with you I move at nighttime it’s a over the middle of the day but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this was once like a pirate ship in a way pretty cool but it doesn’t take away from the freaky factor dude look at this this is crazy spider webs guys this is really creepy I don’t know if you can see what’s back here guys but tell me if you can see anything behind that corner it looks like this ground is like not stable enough to actually go over there cuz the grounds moving beneath me but let me know what you uh let me know what you see and look at this dude there’s like a machine here guys I don’t know what this used to be but check this out this might be they’re gonna look stairwell or something but there’s like a gauge over there and there is a ton of bird’s nest and other nasty here this freaky man that’s it right now nothing too spooky is happening but this place is definitely really freaky freaking me out to being on here there’s like a weird feeling being on here especially knowing this was an old pirate ship you see anything Logan this looks like it was a staircase that went to the basement and now it’s full of water guys by the look of it it looks like there may have been a fire yeah you’re right guys there’s a lot of markings here that indicate that this could have been a fire I mean obviously the ships sunk but if you look around there’s a lot of charred wood here like look at this was definitely on fire I didn’t notice that until Logan pointed it out but even when I was looking in here guys look at the wood all down there that looks like that was on fire at one point perhaps there was more to this shipwreck maybe it wasn’t an accident maybe someone looked this ship on fire you got to be very careful when walking though guys the ground here is definitely not stable I’m trying to vlog as best I can but I also need to be very careful looks like this at one point look up even here guys look at this there’s another hole here that is freaky it would be awesome to go and explore down there but it is just too dangerous this is one of the most dangerous things we’ve ever done and I cannot stress it enough guys do not try this at home if you have an abandoned ship or even an abandoned building near you do not try it at home because it is dangerous and you could get extremely hurt okay whoa okay what’d you find it’s kind of weird but I found a lens cap to a camera what’s what some kind of camera lens dude that is weird I mean considering that this game masters after youtubers and we know he’s been trying to make his own youtube videos that makes this thing even weirder so as of right now what we do know is that the game master was turned evil after this ship will crashed or had a shipwreck and whatever happened on this pirate ship happened over 200 years ago which means either the game master is well a ghost or there’s something else to this story and I think Logan might be uncovering it with that camera cover let me know the comments down below guys what you think that could be from I’m also noticing here guys look it looks like this might have been like a kitchen or a room or something on the old pirate ship this is like tile for the floor it’s like nice tile it almost looks like it hasn’t been here for 200 years like this wipe all the dirt off and it’s fine but obviously the rest of the ship is burned you guys can see down there the water is actually really clear you can kinda get a good view of what it looks like it looks like down there there’s some more machinery oh dude I don’t know if you guys can see or if we can zoom in but there’s an actual door down there look at you see that yeah it’s like an old door an old window that is crazy if you notice anything or recognize anything from this pirate ship you know maybe an old weapon or something in the video let us know in the comments down below let us know what you guys see ok guys I’m gonna check out the front of the ship guys it’s really freaky the ship keeps making these like all rusty ship noises it’s really weird what I think I just saw something move in there no yes in the room we just came from it was like a figure so he was black all black like I don’t know like something like that something’s going on I saw something move did you get on can she get the footage oh keep filming that way something’s moving in there I wants to want to go back over there I’m freaking out guys let’s kind of avoid that section for now there’s a box it’s like a chest or a box of some sort walk through the chain yo check that out does it have anything on it you could have been left by the pirates I have no idea yo that is crazy okay we should definitely bring this with us this could have a ton of really important clues in it there it is the sound Jake I think I saw what you’re talking about something moved back there guys something’s there I don’t know it’s like a pirate ghost or or or some creepers following us but there is something that keeps making a noise and moving back there we’re trying to get it on camera but dude I almost want to go back that way I’m really freaked out right now look maybe we should get back on our boats and go back to shore right okay well we documented everything we could with this camera so we can review the footage when we can get home and also have you guys help us review the footage but on top of that we found this and whatever information on the gamemaster we can find has to be on this all right come on let’s get back in her ships and get home chiku is that from inside room inside something’s in there come on we gotta go gotta go all right guys we’re getting out of here we guys take what we have back and try and open this and figure out where it came from guys make sure this act I couldn’t hit the subscribe button we’re putting a stop to this mystery the game master Thomas from Papaji

    The Ghost Ship That The Government Tried To Keep A Secret – The Ourang Medan
    Articles, Blog

    The Ghost Ship That The Government Tried To Keep A Secret – The Ourang Medan

    December 1, 2019

    This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head
    over to to try out one of their premium plans right now. The ocean is a vast, mysterious frontier,
    and even though thousands of ships navigate its waters every day, from time to time tragedy
    strikes and leaves behind little more than a mystery- no wreckage, no survivors, just
    a haunting sense of “what exactly happened?”. But other times tragedy strikes and leaves
    behind a plethora of evidence, all pointing at sinister and unbelievable conclusions. Hello, and welcome to another episode of The
    Infographics Show’s Greatest Mysteries- today we’re taking a look at the ghost ship Ourang
    Medan. Ghost ships have been a stable of maritime
    folklore for centuries, and something we like to pretend we no longer believe in. However, sometimes fate tests that disbelief,
    pushing back the boundaries of our knowledge and our confidence in science and reason over
    superstition. The Ourang Medan is one of those tests, a
    mystery tempting us with an answer we may find too terrifying to accept. Reports vary on the start of the Ourang Medan
    mystery, with some placing it in June of 1947 and others in February of 1948. Whatever the date, the saga of the Ourang
    Medan began with an emergency distress call over morse code intercepted by various vessels
    in the Straits of Malacca, near Sumatra and Malaysia. The message was split into two parts, with
    undecipherable morse code in between each. The first part read: “All Officers, including
    the Captain, are dead. Lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.” Gibberish followed, though given the context
    of the second message it may have been the fading attempts of a dying man to communicate,
    as the second message simply read: “I die.” Nothing followed after this transmission,
    but two American commercial ships decided to respond. With the aid of British and Dutch listening
    posts the coordinates of the vessel were triangulated and a course was set. The identity of the stricken vessel was also
    ascertained as being the Dutch freighter S.S. Ourang Medan. The American merchant ship, the Silver Star,
    immediately made way for the coordinates and several hours later the look-out spotted the
    Ourang Medan. The ship was discovered to be drifting aimlessly
    with no power to the motors and no visible crew, though there appeared to be no damage
    to the vessel. Pulling alongside it, the crew of the Silver
    Star called out to the Medan but received no response. Radio contact was attempted with the same
    eerily silent response. Forming a boarding party, the Captain of the
    Silver Star prepared to board the vessel. What greeted the sailors upon boarding the
    Medan was like a scene from a horror movie, and proved the SOS message to be very accurate. Dead sailors littered the deck of the ship,
    each man found with their faces frozen in wide-eyed horror and twisted in terror. Their bodies had begun to decay abnormally
    fast, and rigor mortis had locked their arms in positions that made it seem as if the crew
    had died fending some nightmarish attacker off. The single animal on board the ship, a pet
    dog, had not escaped the grisly fate and was found with a savage snarl frozen on its face. A further search of the vessel found the Captain
    on the bridge in a similar condition, and the bodies of the Bridge Officers were discovered
    in the wheelhouse and Chartroom, perhaps trying to barricade themselves from whatever monstrous
    fate had befallen the rest of the crew. The engineering crew, also at their stations
    below deck, were discovered with the same frozen look of terror, arms stiff and fending
    off their attacker. Lastly, the radio operator who presumably
    sent the distress call was discovered still at his station, likely having died there just
    moments after sending the SOS. The Silver Star’s search party made several
    notes about their discoveries aboard the Ourang Medan. Firstly, not a single crew member had any
    visible injuries to speak of, though it was clear by their twisted expressions and frozen
    limbs that they had suffered greatly, perhaps even been engaged in some sort of bloodless
    violence. The bodies were also decaying much faster
    than they should be, rigor mortis had locked limbs in place almost as if they had never
    had a chance to lose muscle control and fall to the floor. The rest of the ship was found in good condition
    with no apparent signs of damage or disaster, though strangest of all was the still operational
    boiler room- despite temperatures of over 130 degrees (54 Celsius), the crew felt a
    sudden chill in this location. Deciding to tow the ship back to port for
    investigation and salvage, the Silver Star secured tow lines when suddenly smoke was
    discovered below decks in the number four hold. Fire quickly followed, and the boarding party
    made haste to their own ship before severing the tow lines. The moment the lines were cut, the ship exploded
    with a force so violent it lifted it out of the water before slipping beneath the waves. Whatever secrets the ship may have held disappeared
    as it sunk, and the first official mention of the incident was made in Dutch newspapers
    in 1948, and later in a US Coast Guard report in 1952. Publishing eyewitness testimony about the
    state of the crew, the report said that the crew were discovered “their frozen faces
    upturned to the sun… staring, as if in fear… the mouths were gaping open and the eyes staring.” What could have taken the lives of an entire
    ship’s crew so quickly without leaving any wounds behind? Some speculate that the cargo hold was loaded
    with potassium cyanide and nitroglycerin, which would have accounted for the sudden
    smoke and explosion. But neither would account for the crew- which
    is where some believe, things get more sinister as some speculate that the ship was secretly
    carrying cargo from Japanese military Unit 731. Infamous for their chemical and biological
    experiments during World War II, Unit 731 routinely carried out horrific experiments
    on live American and Chinese POWs, including once tying prisoners to stakes in concentric
    circles around a live grenade which was then exploded. By studying the wounds suffered, the Japanese
    honed their surgical skills and learned to make better anti-personnel explosives. Some allege that the Ourang Medan was carrying
    equipment or personnel from Unit 731 when suddenly an accidental release of some ghastly
    chemical or biological agent affected the entire crew. As wanted war criminals, any surviving members
    of Unit 731 may have had motivation for keeping the ship’s identity a secret, which would
    account for one of the most contentious pieces of the Ourang Medan account- the ship was
    never listed on any known registries at the time. Skeptics also point out that the Silver Star
    was also not on any known registries, although this is inaccurate as the ship was in fact
    at the time operating under a different registration: the Santa Juana after the Grace Line shipping
    company bought rights to the ship and renamed it. Many skeptics still disbelief the case of
    the Ourang Medan, yet if the ship was in fact carrying secret and dangerous materials it
    would certainly have been prudent to keep its name off official records. Most curious of all however is that the ship
    was mentioned in a private letter years later by C.H. Marck, the assistant to the Director of the
    CIA. The letter which was declassified by the CIA
    only recently was addressed to an unknown individual who’s name remained redacted, and
    is dated December 5, 1959. In the letter Marck explains the events, from
    discovery of the crew to the mysterious explosion, followed by the statement, “I feel sure
    that the S.S. Ourang Medan tragedy holds the answer to many of these airplane accidents,
    and unsolved mysteries of the sea.” [Include screenshot of letter found at] Marck also goes on to highlight what he calls
    “alarming” passages in old English chronicles, and talks about the sightings of huge fiery
    spheres rising from or disappearing into the sea by ship captains and crews. Most chilling of all however is the question
    Marck poses to the unknown recipient: “Do you think “something from the unknown”
    is involved?”. At the end of the letter, he then asks “the
    enchanting sea, what terrifying “secret” does it hold? I feel sure that the S.S. Ourang Medan tragedy
    also holds the answer to this “secret”. What exactly did Marck mean by “something
    from the unknown” being involved? What “secret” was he inferring to? Why did he place both in quotation marks? Why was the assistant to the director of the
    CIA concerned by a simple ghost ship story, and who was this mysterious recipient who’s
    identity the CIA has kept classified? If the Ouran Medan was nothing more than a
    tall sea tale, why was the most powerful intelligence agency in the world interested in the story? We love ghost stories here at The Infographics
    Show- but one thing we don’t love is terrible web hosts. That’s why we use Wix- with fully customizable
    layouts and easy, intuitive design tools, Wix is perfect for both business professionals
    and amateurs alike. But if you’re really in a rush, Wix’s
    powerful ADI feature can create a personalized site for you in seconds just by answering
    a few simple questions! Click the link in the description or go to and check out how easy it is to make an awesome site! What do you think happened to the Ourang Medan? Why was the CIA interested? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
    The Cannibal Island – Real Life Battle Royale. Thanks for watching, and as always, please
    don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

    What happened to the other 2 Titanics?
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    What happened to the other 2 Titanics?

    November 29, 2019

    The Titanic. Even more than 100 years after its sinking
    everybody still knows her story. With over 1500 deaths it was the biggest civil
    maritime disaster to that date and the sad reason why the Titanic remains the most famous
    ship in the world to this day. Far less well known today, however, is the
    fact that the Titanic had two almost identical sister ships – The Olympic and the Britannic. And although their stories ended not nearly
    as catastrophic their careers were hardly less dramatic as all of them seemed to be
    followed by bad luck. In the end, despite them being the biggest
    ships of their time only one of them stayed in service for more than a year. Here is their story. The first and eponymous ship of the three
    Olympic class ocean liners was the RMS Olympic. Her construction started in December 1908
    roughly 3 months prior to the Titanic in Belfast – where later the other two ships would be
    built as well. During this time the White Star Line shipping
    company was in fierce competition for the title of fastest and biggest ocean liner in
    the world. The latter was already held by 7 of their
    ships before the Olympic would reclaim the title an 8th time from the RMS Mauretania
    of the Cunard line. However, despite popular belief, the Olympic
    class liners were with 23kn never the fastest ships – they weren’t even designed to be as
    the main goals were size, luxury and travel comfort. As a result, the blue ribbon for fastest crossing
    on the transatlantic run stayed with the Mauretania till 1929. The ambition to not only build the first ship
    over 40000 GRT but to build multiple ones was even for an established shipping company
    like the White star line a financial risk. The necessary funds for this mammoth project
    came in part from American financial tycoon JP Morgan, one of the richest and most influential
    bankers of his time, who had indirectly bought the White Star Line in 1902. Still, almost nothing could be allowed to
    go wrong. Olympic launched on October 20th 1910. As was the custom with the White Star Line
    no christening ceremony was performed beforehand. Over the next few months, thousands of workers
    transformed the empty hull into a working ship. Following completion, The Olympic completed
    her maiden voyage from Southhampton to new york on 21 June 1911 successfully
    Her maiden voyage attracted considerable attention both from the press around the world and also
    the public. In New york alone, tens of thousands of people
    came to see the biggest ship in the world first hand. Things seemed to be going according to plan. but it wasn’t long till disaster struck. Only 3 months into her service on Sept 20
    1911 the Olympic under the command of Captain Edward Smith was involved in a collision with
    cruiser HMS Hawke. as they passed each other in the Osborne Bay the Hawke was sucked into
    the side of the Olympic near the stern. This was likely caused by a suction generated
    by the much bigger Olympic after she had started to turn. the Hawke’s bow, which had been designed to
    sink ships by ramming them, tore a huge hole into the Olympic and flooded 2 of the watertight
    compartments. Despite this, she didn’t sink which only reinforced
    the “unsinkable” reputation of the Olympic class liners. Still, After returning to Belfast she had
    to be costly repaired for over 3 months. During the repair, the Titanic was still under
    final construction, which also delayed her completion by weeks. who was at fault was never definitely proven. But because the Royal Navy blaming Olympic
    for the incident, gained a court verdict in its favour, the White Star Line had to cover
    the cost of repairing the ship themselves. This cost the company over 25000$ which was
    the equivalent of the forecasted profits of the first two years in service. An internal investigation, however, found
    no fault with captain Smiths actions, so as a gesture of trust he was again appointed
    to command the newest ship the Titanic on her maiden voyage. according to some rumours, this was to be
    his last trip before his retirement, and in a sense, this is what happened. He died during the sinking of the ship on
    the 15. april. 1912 together with the other roughly 1500
    victims – 70% of everyone on board. With a cost of 1.5 million pounds, roughly
    150 million dollars in today’s money the sinking of the Titanic was the second financial disaster
    for the White Star in only half a year. During the collision, the Olympic was around
    930 km southwest on her way back to England. after receiving the distress calls, they immediately
    set course to help but by the time all survivors were rescued they were still 190km away. The offer to take on the survivors was refused
    as Captain Rostron who was on the scene feared it would cause panic amongst the survivors
    seeing a mirror-image of Titanic appear and telling them to board. After the Titanic disaster, Olympic underwent
    various safety improvements, such as the installation of a double hull, reinforced bulkheads and
    44 additional lifeboats. Similar changes were made RMS Brittanic, the
    third ship of the Olympic class, which was still under construction in Belfast. Despite these improvements, the loss of the
    companies’ reputation resulted in passenger numbers falling short of expectations in the
    following years. as in addition to that in 1914 with the outbreak
    of world war I submarine attacks became a real danger, bookings plummeted to a minimum. by the End of the year, the White Star Line
    had no choice but to withdraw Olympic from commercial service. In May 1915, because of ship shortages, the
    Olympic was requisitioned by the Royal Navy to be used for moving troops. for that, the ship was armed with 12-pounders
    and 4.7-inch guns. carrying up to 6000 troops respectively the
    Olympic then made several trooping journeys to Greece Turkey and other eastern Mediterranean
    countries. One notable event During this time was when
    she picked up 34 survivors from the French ship Provincia, which was sunk by a german
    uboat, On October 1, 1915. Because the Olympics best defence against
    U-boat attacks was her speed Captain Hayes was heavily criticized by the Admiralty for
    stopping and risking the ship for only 34 souls. the French however later awarded him the medal
    of honour After the Gallipoli Campaign was ended in
    1916t Olympic was chartered by Canada to transport troops from Halifax nova scotia to Britain. For that, she received a dazzle camouflage
    to make it harder for the enemy to judge her size and speed. Her many save crossings in the following year
    made her a favourite symbol in Halifax where even today places like Olympic Gardens or
    the Olympic Hall Community Centre are named in her honour. But the Olympic isn’t the only thing that
    links Halifax and the Titanic. Halifax is only 1,100 kilometres west of the
    spot where the Titanic sank. And many of the dead bodies later found were
    brought there for the families to identify and bury them. That’s why Halifax is the final resting place
    of more victims of the Titanic than any other place. 150 of the Titanic’s dead are buried here. among them is a man named J. Dawson. Sound familiar? J Dawson was the man played by Leonardo DiCaprio
    in 1997s titanic. Of course, Jack Dawson was an entirely fictional
    character and not based on the Joseph Dawson, who was buried here, who was a coal shipper
    on broad the ship. But because his grave simply reads J. Dawson
    many people thought it was the movie characters grave. This misunderstanding made his grave the most
    visited of all the Titanic’s victims. After the film’s release, countless fathers
    reportedly brought their mourning daughters here, who would often leave flowers and love
    notes. After in 1917 the United States entered the
    war the Olympic also transported many American troops to Europe. on one of these runs in May 1918 Captain Hayes
    spotted a surfaced German u-boat that prepared to torpedo them But seemed to have technical
    difficulties. He quickly ordered to ram the submarine which
    successfully sank it before it could fire. An action for which he was later awarded the
    DSO, a military decoration of the United Kingdom. Throughout the war, the Olympic reportedly
    carried up to 200,000 troops and other personnel, which restored her image and earned her the
    nickname Old Reliable After the war had ended in 1918 she returned
    to Belfast for restoration where she was modernised before returning to civilian service. Her youngest sister the RMS Britannic, on
    the other hand, didn’t make it through the war. Before her final completion the war had already
    broken out and she was requisitioned by the Royal Navy and made into a hospital ship. For that, she was repainted white with large
    red crosses. After completing five successful voyages to
    the Mediterranean Sea and back to the United Kingdom transporting the sick and wounded,
    Britannic struck a mine on November 21 1916 in the Kea Channel in Greece. Despite her having the same improved safety
    features that were installed on the Olympic, the Britannic began to sink and even faster
    than the Titanic. In less than 1 hour she had disappeared completely
    sharing the fate of her older sister and making her the largest ship lost in the First World
    war. However, due to the higher water temperatures,
    more lifeboats available and faster help 1006 of the 1036 people on board could be saved. most of the 30 deaths came from two lifeboats,
    that launched without permission and were sucked into the emerged propellers that were
    still running in an attempt to beach the ship. One of the few occupants of those lifeboats
    that survived was the nurse Violet Jessop, who managed to jump out of her boat just in
    time. What makes this story even more amazing is
    that she was also onboard the Olympic during the collision with the HMS Hawke and on top
    of that was one of the few survivors of the Titanic disaster. As a requisitioned ship that was in the service
    of Crown as it sank, the wreck of the Britannic belonged to the British Government for the
    next 80 years. till In 1996 it was sold to renowned British
    maritime historian Simon Mills for 15 000 pounds. Olympic, on the other hand, became a popular
    and fashionable ship after the war carrying thousands of passengers a year on the transatlantic
    route, including the rich and famous like Charlie Chaplin and Prince Edward. This, however, didn’t change the fact that
    the Olympic class was a financial disaster for the white star line of which it never
    recovered. The Shipping Company and their ships were
    subsequently sold multiple times and during the great depression, the white star line
    eventually agreed to fuse with the Cunard line, their main competitor, so both companies
    could receive much-needed subsidies from the British government. As a result of that merger and with a new
    flagship the RMS Queen Mary near completion the fleet of older liners was gradually retired. But not before Olympics back luck returned
    for a last time. on 15th May 1934 one year before she was withdrawn
    from transatlantic service Olympic inbound in heavy fog rammed the Nantucket lightship,
    one of the ships that marked the path into the new york harbour, which it broke it apart
    and sank it. The collision cost 7 of the 11 crewmembers
    of the lightship their lives. One year later on 5th April 1935 Olympic left
    New York to return to Britain for the last time. Her final demolition was in 1937 – 26 years
    after her maiden voyage – alongside the Mauretania, her biggest rival during her early career. On all her commercial voyages the Olympic
    transported around 430,000 passengers on 257 round trips across the Atlantic travelling
    a total of over 2.8 million kilometres.

    We Found A Trapped Message In A Bottle On The Beach From Mr. E Part 15!
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    We Found A Trapped Message In A Bottle On The Beach From Mr. E Part 15!

    November 29, 2019

    Previously on The Beach House We are at the Children’s Museum and we’re gonna start 24 hours. Oh yeah. Mr E is sending us a clue. [♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ] I need Corbin to read this. Corbin come here. What is it James? [♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ] There’s a shark in there and a surfer. The day has finally arrived. What do you think it’s going to mean? ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WHEN ADVENTURE CALLS’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫ Good morning, everybody. Welcome to The Beach House. I’ve got boogers in my eyes cause I just woke up and this is how I wear my hair when I sleep. My sister taught that to me when I was very young because her hair is really thick. But I started doing it because I liked having my hair off of my neck when I sleep. It’s really long so it gets kind of tangled and nasty if I don’t do that. Anyways, welcome to The Beach House. I wanted to give you guys a little bit of an update on the laundry situation and yesterday. Yesterday was Sunday. We did not go to church. We were in San Francisco and we were at a RV park that was kind of sketchy. It scared me. I didn’t even want the kids to play outside of it. So we were slightly uncomfortable at that last place and then we had an ant infestation. It went overnight. We got home after being at the Ghirardelli chocolate place. And there were ants everywhere. Everywhere. And i was like nooooo! I hate ants. So I cleaned up everything as much as I could. And then in the morning they were back. And they were everywhere and we were out of propane. That place was so sketchy, that typically on a Sunday we would stay… Stay in the place where we are and we would go to church and just relax. But we had to leave. So anyways, We left. When we came to a new beautiful place and that’s where we are right now. And we just stayed home. And we’re all sick anyway and trying to get over it. Charlie. Charlie, I’m talking to the camera right now. Huge awesome thing that happened. We got our water heater to work. And this whole time we’ve been without hot water. I love you, too. We get all the kids baths and I got a bath/shower. Because it has a step. So here’s the shower head, but it doesn’t really work. So I just sat underneath here because it there’s like a little step. And I got a bath/ shower. I was so happy because of it. Because I could just be self reliant and I don’t have to run Outside of the trailer and find a shower house in each of the different places we’re staying. And i could just get a nice hot shower. And then while the kids were getting baths, I did laundry. This is the laundry situation right now. It looks like a booby trap from The Parent Trap. Are you thirsty or something Charlie? And it just goes up to the air. It has been much cooler on this trip so far than we anticipated. So I don’t have as many warm clothes. I have to re wash those more often. Anyway, that’s the update. It’s time to get out of here. We gotta get ready for your day clean up. And head to our next destination which Sounds like it’s gonna be surfing. However, we’ve all had colds and the ocean is not warm. So we’ll see if we’ll actually get to surf today. And we’re gonna find Mr. E’s treasure. Ugh, I still have a head cold. Anyways, I was gonna say the best and the worst thing probably about living in this trailer is that it gets dirty really fast. But it also cleans up really fast. Okay. Everybody’s eating breakfast. Laundry’s put away. Vacuumed a little bit. Corbin vacuumed for me. Put the rugs back down. We got breakfast going for everybody. Seriously, this place cleans so fast. It really does. And like, ten to fifteen minutes…spotless. Yep, look all clean. And I got these new organizational baskets at Target for all of our fruit. Car seats are up. Ready to go. Just gonna open up these curtains. Let some light in so we can see when we’re driving to. Lock the door. We always have to lock the door right before we leave so the door doesn’t accidentally swing open. We also have to make sure these skylight things are closed. That one’s closed. That one’s closed. There’s another one here . That one’s closed. And… That one’s closed. That’s a pretty good cleanup. We only worked for maybe half an hour tops. So much easier than cleaning a giant house out. Corbin was just having a breakfast conversation with James and said “Wait! I think I know what RV stands for.” Run van. Okay, so James found the clue at the Children’s Museum yesterday. But all it said was that it was time to got to the beach right? That’s what we determined. Since we don’t really know which beach to go to or where on the beach we’re supposed to look. We’re just going to go to a beach. And I think that at this point, it seems like Mr. E is pretty much just like totally aware of us. So maybe we jut go to a random beach. The clue will just show up there. So, that’s kinda what I think might happen. So let’s just go to the beach and see what happens. Okay, while Michael was driving earlier today, I said stop. I want to go get avocados and fruits. They’re on the side of the road. How much was it? Eight for a dollar? This one’s only seven for a dollar. I’m sorry. And I was like, I wanna go. And he’s like “Oh I can’t.” Cause we were going too fast on that road. But he kept an eye out even though I was sleeping in the back while he was driving he still stopped. He kept an eye out and he found one. So, I’m gonna go out and get some fruit. Kiwi, seven for a dollar! Oh I’m so excited. [♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ] All right. She’s back from the store. Strawberries! So much fresh stuff. This is how we used to buy strawberries growing up. In these little baskets. Do you remember that? I do. It was never in the ones that they have nowadays. It was always in this type. In those little green baskets. Okay, dad’s putting in the radio. He got another radio because when I really tried to turn on or off our old radio, It just doesn’t listen. It just ignores what we do. Oh I could turn it off just fine. Yeah, but I tried turning it didn’t. That’s because it only listens to me. No, I got this because I wanted to be able to connect it to my phone. So this actually has Bluetooth. It has a microphone so he can do phone calls. That way when I’m driving I can talk to the phone and not have to… We have a new radio. It’s almost pudding. And it’s also Bluetooth. So actually on the box, it says 13 bands. If you can see that. So I’ve got all the connections put together back here. Though it’s not mounted in the wall. What if it just immediately turns on and is playing a rock and roll song? Oh, I disconnected something. Because I didn’t want to have any issues when I was working on it. So I disconnected the fuse that gives it power. So he’s putting it in now. My handsome electrician. Oh wait, we don’t know if it works yet. All right, I made crab salad for lunch and it’s super yummy. The house is dirty again like usual, but we are at our new location and I am loving it so far. Not all of these places have plenty of space for the kids to play in. And that’s the hardest thing cause Sometimes it’s just in the trailer and that’s pretty much all the space we have. But today we have an awesome setup. This is like a little mini yard right here. And that’s actually a pretty good sized little yard for a trailer. So I told the kids not to go past this white pole and of course… Charlie. Charlie, do you see this? Do you see this white pole? You’re supposed to stay over here on both side. So this is our setup. Which is very very helpful to keep the kids in their own little space. Okay, we just got done playing at the park. And now we are headed to the beach. We’re gonna go and see Anything we can about surfing. I don’t think we’re gonna have time to do that today and plus, it’s kind of cold. But we’re gonna go and at least look at the beach and play and see what we can do there. And look for another clue. Because we haven’t even find one yet. Let’s go to the beach each. Let’s go get away What you gonna do, huh? I can already tell we’re getting close to the beach. We haven’t really had a sunny day at the beach yet. You know that? It’s always been rainy or cold or freezing. So this is gonna be nice ♫ ♫ [reggae music ] ♫ ♫ That’s a bad bad thing. ♫ ♫ [reggae music ] ♫ ♫ Oh that’s cold. ♫ ♫ [reggae music ] ♫ ♫ This is pretty. But the waves are really big. And one of them has twice sucked Charlie into the water. So, I don’t like that. It’s time to go. Plus it’s getting dark and it’s cold outside. And my kids need a bath. You’re soaking wet dude. I am not soaking wet! Yes you are soaking wet. Okay guys. Time to go. Let’s go. I noticed a few people have been walking on this beach, but we still haven’t found any clues or anything from Mr. E yet. Guys, the way back is this way. You’re going the wrong way. What is it? What? Now what is it guys? We just saw this hole dug up here. Just a hole? We just saw it as we were walking away from the beach and look what we found. What the heck. It says Mr. E on it. Wow. It does say Mr. E. What is that? Is it some type of wooden string? Charlie. can you grab it? Grab it buddy. He’s so cold. Thanks buddy. Whoa! It’s like it got a bottle in it. It’s like a message in a bottle. Hey guys there’s a note inside. I can see it. Grab it. Charlie is freezing cold. Let’s grab it and head back get fast and figure out this clue. I can’t believe we found it. That’s such a cool place too. Mr. E must have made it. I got a little Ewok here. He was freezing. So I took off his wet shirt and sacrificed my sweater to the sand. Charlie, are you a little Ewok? No. No? Just just a cute baby? Yeah. Okay. Keep going. What’s up James? All right guys, we’re back in the RV. The chaos and crazy of going to the beach is subsided. And we actually just got showers. All the kids are all washed. I even got cleaned up. I got a shower too. I’m the only one left nasty and dirty. Charlie’s all warm in his towel Much better now, huh? And without any ado, James is working on this puzzle. He’s trying to see if you can solve how to get this thing open. Yeah, the ball doesn’t go through there I’m afraid. So here we are, let’s get a closer look. It says Mr. E. And it’s this wooden box with a glass jar. And a lid on top, it’s got a rope holding it shut. And we have to try to guess…we have to try to get this piece off, but we can’t get this off. You ready to take a stab at it? Yeah. Yeah Charlie. Well James just recently started. Trying to figure out how to get this contraption off the end. Somebody grab a hammer. Well, all this beach fun time and puzzle solving is making me have an appetite. Somebody get the scissors! That will solve it. No, that’s not the right idea. We have to solve it the right way. The thing is, I swear I’ve seen other people do stuff like this. I just can’t remember how they did it! I’ll update you guys once we make a breakthrough. This might be a while. Are you having a good time making dinner? Meanwhile, as you have seen James and the kids have been working on solving this thing. Yeah. And they don’t want a turn. So I’ve just been working and I was doing this. I think he’s almost figured it out I think it’s just that note. Do you want me to read this for you? I can. All right Corbin. Read it loud. It says: “I hope you packed your flux capacitor. Travel back to the age of dinosaurs. Clue at dinosaur caves park.” What? I wanna read it. It says: “I hope you packed your flux capacitor.” Travel back to the age of dinosaurs. Clue at dinosaur caves park. Are we gonna travel back in time? What do you think James? What do you think baby? Flux capacitor. Did you pack it? Oh, no, we have to go back in time to the dinosaurs. Yeah.Clue at dinosaur cave park. I guess that’s where we’re going tomorrow. What do you think about that drone today? Oh. That was really strange. Yeah. James said he saw a drone. I never saw it but it could be. Corbin saw it too? Okay, well I think that concludes today’s adventure. We had so much fun at the beach. We found bottle on the ocean and solved the clue from Mr. E. And tomorrow we’re going back in time to the age of the Dinosaurs. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

    The Adventures of Annie and Ben – GHOST SHIP, HALLOWEEN SPECIAL by HooplaKidz in 4K EP 06
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    The Adventures of Annie and Ben – GHOST SHIP, HALLOWEEN SPECIAL by HooplaKidz in 4K EP 06

    November 28, 2019

    ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! You never know where they’re gonna go! ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! ANNIE, BEN and MANGO!! You never know where they’re gonna go! This fog came out of nowhere — — I can barely see my own hand in front of my face! I can’t see the beach! This is really spooky. Like Halloween! There’s another boat, Annie. A big one! Annie! It’s coming right at us!!! I’m trying to get away! Wow! That was close! That old ship barely missed us! MANGO! Mango, come back here!!! C’mon, Mango. This isn’t our boat. We have to leave. Leave!? But you just got here! WAAK! JUST GOT HERE!!! GHOSTS!!! RUN! Hide in here!!! I hope this keeps him out. Arrr, you found the dining room. I hope you’re hungry. WAAAK! HUNGRY! We don’t need to be afraid. Scary ghosts don’t invite you to dinner. Well this looks delicious! I’m Annie, this is my dog, Ben, and that’s Mango. Pleased to meet you all. I’m Captain John and this is me first mate and parrot, Susie. Those are really light biscuits. All I’ve got is ghost food. I had to use a ghost banana to bring your monkey and you here. Why did you do that? Because I need your help. I’ve been trapped in this ghost fog for 500 years. It was back then that I lost me compass and got lost. My crew abandoned ship and cursed me to spend forever in this fog. It’s this cursed fog that turned me and Susie into ghosts. And if you three can’t help me out, you’ll become ghosts, too. I don’t want to be a ghost dog! That’s not going to happen — — I ALWAYS take a compass with me when I get on a boat. I was hopin’ you’d say that!!! I found a map of the ghost fog world — comes with the curse, y’know. A compass is the key to unlocking the map. Now we can find North. The magnetic needle on the compass always points north. Aye, now we can sail out of the ghost fog. First things first. ALL HANDS ON DECK! Aye-aye, Annie! Okay, everyone keep an eye out. We’re looking for an island, or big rocks — something on the map that tells us we’re sailing to the way out. It’s an island!!! We’re heading right for it! Good thing this is a ghost ship. A ghost island can sink a ghost ship! HARD PORT!!! TO THE LEFT!!! You did it! We’re okay!!! High-five! Hahahahaha! Thank you, Susie. Well done, matey! Now that we’re past the island — — we have the rocks and the giant wave to get past. ROCKS AHOY!!! Does the map show you the way through the rocks? Aye, that it does! We have to sail between those two rocks. Take the bow, Annie — the front of the ship. Tell me where to steer! To the right, CAPTAIN JOHN! Too much! Back a little, to the left! We made it!!! Wow! Great job, Captain John! OH…MY…GOSH!!! IT’S THE GIANT WAVE!!! Captain John! What are we going to do!? We turn straight into the wave! It’s our only chance! SQUAWK! ONLY CHANCE! INTO the wave!? That doesn’t sound right. Trust Captain John, he knows what he’s doing. I hope. WOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Yeah!! Yayy! We did it! I’m out of the fog it’s clear sailing! And you’re not a ghost anymore!!! The curse is over. SQUAWK! CLEAR SAILING! That was so exciting! What are you going to do now, Captain John? Now that me and Susie are real again, we’re going to sail the world! SQUAWK! Sail the world! For us!? The ship from the dining table? Me and Susie want you to have it so you never forget our adventure at sea. We love it! Thank you, Captain John! C’mon, Susie. Next stop, Jamaica! It’s beautiful this time of year! Bon Voyage!!! BYE! GOOD-BYE!!! We’ve got to get back to land, Annie. And you gave Captain John your compass. There’s one in the cabin. Every modern boat has one. The compass is pointing north and so is Mango! He’s not going to “monkey around” with directions. Oooooooh, bad joke Ben! The worst jokes are the best jokes