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    Visiting the Canadian side of Niagara Falls in Winter

    August 19, 2019

    After flying for almost 16 hours I have finally reached Toronto Immigration officials were friendly You can find many Hindi speakers in Canada These trains are the fastest way to reach Union station takes around 12 CAD This is our bus to Niagara This is my 2nd day in Canada I am at Niagara falls We took that coach from the airport there were 7-8 passengers we had to change another bus in between to reach Niagara Finally reached this hotel – Sheraton I was dead tired by then I was travelling for almost 24 hours I didn’t sleep even the night before taking the flight because I had to edit a few videos before this trip Thats why I just slept after I reached here Now I can see the falls while having breakfast That is on Canadian side This is in USA Till now I heard about them only in my Geography classes today I am having breakfast in front of them! Temperature is quite low Weather is same like yesterday its cloudy Today we were supposed to take a helicopter ride not sure will the whether god allow us Its 9 am and I am waiting for Barkha for breakfast I can see drops on the camera This is the American side of Niagara falls she is joana an official from the cruise team Satluj originates from Tibet, flows in India and then enters into Pakistan That river originates from a great lake called Rakshasa Taal Its same with Niagara falls originates from lake erie then it falls here then ends into Lake Ontario Thats Rainbow bridge connects USA with Canada Thats USA & this side is Canada 25.95 CAD for a ticket on this cruise This cruise operates from April 1 to December 2 You can see fireworks from the cruise in Summer this cruise is for 20 minutes Fireworks cruise would be 40 minutes long That cruise costs 35 CAD You can also visit Niagara falls from the US But the views from Canada are better This is how it looks in Winter you can see Maple leaves all over if you come here in Autumn so this area turns into shades of orange, yellow and red Joanna told me about this it would be green in summer so like Kashmir its different in every season I wanted to do Journey behind the falls activity You can see the falls from behind like we saw the falls from the front The hotel where I am staying is Sheraton You can get falls view from hotels like Sheraton, Hilton thats my hotel this is hornblower group check-in counter there is an observatory deck its very cold You can get panoramic views from the observatory deck if the day is clear but unfortunately today because of bad weather we are not able to do Helicopter ride thats our country’s flag Skylon tower entry ticket=14 CAD this is the deck its snowing, be careful besides both the falls i could’ve seen many other places from here it’s very windy i am going in my fingers are numb these are the elevators construction started in 1964 and opened in 1965 just 1 year This is Canada! thats me lot of photos here after a few years, you can see my picture here This is welcome center of Table rock complex this is horseshoe fall this is the most amazing view of the falls Gimble’s battery has drained because of the freezing temperature visiting this place is free of any charges this was the best place to get the views of Niagara falls I would recommend this place to everyone Most beautiful, great things in the world are available for free this was one of them we are going back to Toronto around 118 km far from here its still snowing it looks beautiful from the car but you feel the reality when you are out This is QEW Connects Toronto from Niagara US follows miles and Gallons Canada follows kilometres and litres So the canadian system is easier for us I was very tired since yesterday but while talking to him and you I am feeling fresh seems I love talking to you all also the weather is better now though still cloudy but snowfall is stopped how are you feeling? “Its good now. Yesterday I was tired” “But after a 9-hour sound sleep, I am feeling better” “its very cold here” “Even Varun was feeling the cold” “but the warmth inside the car is quite comfortable” Yes, while I was on Skylon tower & on the cruise… I forgot to take my gloves. Don’t forget them But overall I am well equipped for the weather Inner-most layer is made up of Merino wool and then is… There seems to be some problem. I forget things fleece… another layer is a fleece above all is the jacket The temperature was around -3 or -4 this is suitable for upto -10 so get well equipped if you are coming in winter