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    SMG4: Mario’s Big Chungus Hunt
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    SMG4: Mario’s Big Chungus Hunt

    October 16, 2019

    Glitch Productions And SMG4 Presents: (Ahh… the forest…… …& Mario?) Mario: hrph Mamma mia… *grunts* Mario: *Italian gibberish* |*wooping in his flashback*| Mario: *Italian gibberish* *grunts* |*wooping in his flashback*| Mario: Here we go! WAH! (oh wow) (Cover your kids’ eyes!) WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP (x2) (OMG MARIO IS GONNA DIE!) WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP (MARIO! LOOK OUT!) *Still wooping* (Something is getting closer…) (Mario! Stop wooping!) Mario: Wahhh! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……. big chunguuss….. Mario: (You want Mario’s Spagett?) Big Chungus: (yes yes yes) Mario: (oh no plz) Big Chungus: (gimme my spaghetti!) *Mario crazily shakes head*
    Mario: (NO!) *Big Chungus crazily shakes head*
    Big Chungus: (YES!) (0_0)
    *shut down* Mario: What’s wrong with you? Big Chungus: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mario: *PANIC* Big Chungus: GET IN MAH BELLEH!! Mario is a wiazrd: YOU!! SHALL NOT!!! PASS– *oof* CHUGUS VACUUM: *ON* Mario: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *latah bish* *gun cocks* Mario losing his sanity: The Hunt… Is on Mario: GET OVER HERE!! Big Chungus: YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! *Mario Went Total Psychopath On Big Chungus* *YEET*OOF* Mario: GOTCHA BITCH! MISSED x ∞ *Mario’s aim sux* Mario: *Grunts* Mario: DIE BITCH!! *Airplane noise* oh bruh Bullet Bill: AHH THE PAIN ITS UNBEARABLE!!! Tell my children I luv– (WTF CHUNGUS! sin count: ∞) Big Chungus: ohok… Big Chungus: oo ee oo lala~ Confused Mario: (Wut?) ???: Hey kid! Totally not Mario: Wanna check out my van? I got some candy~ (dat face tho) (Oh… ) Mario: ow… Mario: *grunts* (o shet Mario pulled out the big gunz) *GET THAT MOFO* NOM Big Chungus: oOOooo~ Mario: *Grunts* No! Hurry up already! Chain Chomp: It’s so thicc! EXTRA THICC DAMN BOI HE’S THICC!!! BOI!!! THAT’S A THICC ASS BOI!!! DAYUM!!! Big Chungus: IIIIIII’m about to whip somebody’s aaaaaaaaassss (gay!) *bishes* Big Chungus: HA! GOT EM!!! *dat derpy walk though* (Oh shet. he fahked up) Big Chungus’ Power: *OFF* (snoring and shit) Mario: HO Ho ho! (The fucking walk like HOW DOES HE DO THAT?!) Mario: GOTCHA! Mario: Game Over! BOO! (Minecraft version) Big Chungus: AAAAAAAAAAAHH!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERHH!!! *ded* Mario: boiiiiiii i win OH I GONNA TAKE YOU TO THE RICE FIELDS TONIGHT!! YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE OH YOU SO DEAD! Chungus: Plz! And leave me no harm! (CHUNGUS IS FRIEKING OUT) Mario: MMmmm~ So good and tasty!
    (I don’t think he wants to R.I.P chungus) HMMMM… HM!!! Big Chungus: WHAT THE F#@K!? Mario: Haha! Game Over!
    (Oh shet he gonna get roasted) (Mario senses something…) Mario: Wahh! (pelo battle cry)Chocka hoo Chocka hoo Chocka pinga Chocka hoo Chocka hoo Chocka hoo Chocka pinga Chocka hoo *Chungus Battle Cry Continues* Chungus Cop: Keep your hands in the air… Step to the rear of the Chungus Mario: How about you suck mario’s-a pingas?! THAT’S IT! WE’RE CALLING THE MILITARY!! *La Cucaracha* Chungus Soldier: *Inaudible* Duty reporting! Mario: oh [email protected]! *Screams* *Boing* *Continue Screaming* Target required *FIRE* Mario: *PANIC* *Slowed down oof* Mario: mama mia… what’s-a going on here? Mario: *pants* Hmm? What are you doing? Big Chungus: Hey kid, would you like some drugs? *Girl scream* GOTCHA BITCH Mario: Oh no you don’t! *Super Mario Odyssey* Mario: Oh yeah! Big Chungus: What just happened? Enemy spotted NOOOOOOOOOOO– Wait a minute? ahhhh [email protected]! Mario in disguise: Why don’t we just give up partner? Mario: hehehehehe haha… Mario: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (Now u fuk up) Mama mia… ah spagetti… (He’s still alive?!) *snoring* ah the princess… *snoring* ah dat ASS!!! *Knock knock knock* Mario: Hmm? *gibberish* Mario: AH! Oh no! (pelo battle cry again) Mario: Hey stinky! *Italian gibberis–* SILENCE!! *Warp pipe sound effects* *more gibberish* de! (pelo gasp) Mario: *Laughing* Mario: Wah! *panic* GRAAAAND CHUNGUUSSS! *screams* IM VERY CHUNGRY (get it?) Mario: NOOOO! GOD! NO! Mario: *Italian gibberish* *gibberi–* Judge Chungus: Say what? (That music! Could it be?) (It is!!! Meggy!) Mario: Yes! I’m so happy to see you again! Grand Chungus: What da hell is this? *gibberish* Mario: Hey! Shut up! *Knock knock* (Wow… that’s really hard… for a plumber…) *mumbling* Ah yeah.. that’s definitely is SILENCE!! *more gibberish* *Grand Chungus having a stroke* Judge Chungus: BOI!! What u gonna do huh? (Playing 3DS while tied up… Yup that’s normal…) Mario: Imma guess imma go fishin’ Judge Chungus: Huh what?! Mario: penis Grand Chungus:
    GENIUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Mario: Mama mia.. Mario: Okie dokie! Let’s-a go! Oh yeah! *gibberish* Mario: Haha! That’s-a easy for me! Mario: *Italian gibberish* Let’s-a go Mario: Hoho! Hello! Shigeru Miyamoto: Oooh! My boy! Mario: Are you ready to fly? Shigeru Miyamoto: Uuhh… Mario: OKEYDOKEY *rip* Master Hand: U MUST DI– *Gun shot* oof *Level up* Mario: Lot’s-a fun! Mario: *Singing while shooting* Goomba: Ah! OH MY GOD!
    Mario: *Singing while shooting* Mario: *Singing while shooting* *BOOM* *Cha-ching* Mario: Hello! *Italian gibberish* Yipee! Goomba: Uh… No. *S L A P* Goomba: AHHH! Mario: B*tch *Level up* Koopa: Jesus! Hey! Koopa: You’re holding up the lin– *S L A P* Monty Mole: That was very nice… *S L A P* Monty Mole: AH! *Toad wandering around* *S L A P* *S L A P ing intensifies* *Level up* (mafia in a nutshell) *S L A P* uh *Cha-ching* Mario: Oh yeah! *Level up* That’s-a so nice! *BOOM* (Big Chungus for PS4?) Mario: Ho my god! Big Chungus: I did it! I did it! (look at awl dose gaems) *Honk* *Honk* Mario: Here we go! Weehee! (rip toadsworst) Mario: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Tari: What? (POW! U R DED! Not big suprise…) Tari: Hmm? What the… dadadadadaddadadqa Tari: WOW!!! (hory shit that was fast!) Money (x8) Mario: It’s-a king Mario! Mario: Yay! Judge Chungus: der… derderderder… Mario: *Excited* Oh Yeah! Judge Chungus: derderder (Wow… that escalated quickly than I expected…) Mario: (Wait… what?) Judge Chungus: *gibberish* *Throws him out* Mario: WAAAAaaaaa—oof! Mario: *Sigh* Oof… *pipe noise*
    Mario: *Sigh* Oof… Mario: fak uuuu

    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker | The Rehab Expeditions | Co-op Mode | Part 6
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    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker | The Rehab Expeditions | Co-op Mode | Part 6

    October 15, 2019

    Look at this babe, what’s this? It’s a golden mushroom. That’s your prize. euh.. There’s lava here.. Oh i’m coming. I’m already… TOAD is coming.. oh I’m dead. And that’s what I said. I’m sorry. I got a star and I didn’t say that, but I thought it Hello guys and welcome to a new episode of toad treasure tracker We are continuing with book number two And Yeah we’re going to continue. Apparently Toadette is on rehab now She’s A ok this time! She will be okay. Sometimes you’ll never know. So let’s do Dragadon’s revenge Oeeehhhh.. I like his teeth tho. Very nice! good for a necklace Shield us! Euhh.. Euhhh… You are changing the camera or did I change the camera? yeah you did oh I’m sorry I’m sorry Whooh! I’m dead Hahahaha I’m gone hahahah No coins! Okay, I totally forgot how to get coins, but that’s okay Let’s continue! bye bye! I’m down. I’m here. No worries. Got something, I gotta… oh shoot. oh, I thought there was a ladder oh my God, my depth of vision is so bad It’s laddertime! Lava is rising!! ~~was that Lillith from Borderlands?~~ Whoa, I want this I knew it was special Just watch out. Yes Nothing to worry about the dear! I’m getting this done. Where’s this place this thing? Needuhh need to get up there there you go down here too. By the way. Oh, I don’t know. I’m gonna try. Okay try Oewaahh! I got something, I got a Diamo! (short for diamond) You got a Diamo? hehehe You got the Diamo Euh there is lava here. I’m coming. Oh, yeah. Toad is coming, oh I’m dead.. I’m just gonna wait here for you turn it, turn it TURN IT! I’m dizzy apparantly.. didn’t know that was a thing! let me get this one okay, need to be careful This thing needs to uhh.. ooohhhhh… ooohhooohhhh.. oh no, nooo! Turn Turn it Turn ITT! Oh my god, okay. ‘the excitement’ Okay wait for it! goooo ohh Ohhh Nooo! I thought I could do it Okay, oh my god that time I told you told ya it was too fast for me Okay, oh-oh-oh you scooted me over. Oh, sorry pfew almost ended up in the lava, baby you almost murdered me. I’m sorry, not sorry I Know you’re not sorry But I’m in a bubble right now I’m closed off from my environment And he’s down, yes, we still need to jump on his head still right? yeahhh You can get the star Yayyyyy! we did it. oh oh. are we on top of the…. oh Yeah!! The big baddie himself! So we tamed the Beast I guess, we got a dragon of our own toad! Always wanted a dragon it’s breathing fire! I am the Almighty toadette! and my Squire toad How do you train dragons! Well, apparently just stomp them on the head! I wish that movie went that way. Yeah how you tame dragons? Slap them on the head And now it’s tamed Well, okay oops Yeah, I’m I’m a lover for throwing things away I’M all organic You’re organic? In these ruins you need to be organic I need to compost… Not compose myself but compost myself. Oh, you’re such a good player Toadette Oh, maybe we need to do this? Spin that wheel for me! And you got $100 if you could answer this question right. Well, what’s the first name of Toad? Treasure tracker Dingdingdingding! Is that the first name? I thought it was the last name, but okay. I got a Diamo. Oh you got a Diamo. Oh, I got a Diamo. Oh, oh we both got a Diamo Yep, we’re good at Diamo searching Diamooooo. We are top tier premium Diamo searchers. Ooeehhh, there was an opening under there. I see there a small window thingything. oh so I can Look again, or maybe I can go under there Look at this, babe What’s this? It’s a GOLDEN mushroom! That’s your prize Yes I wanted a washing machine, but okay. I don’t know what I need to …. Toads don’t need washing machines. We don’t? No. But for all the treasure tracking? Don’t my clothes get dirty and stuff? Just throw them away That’s not ORGANICAL!!!!! We recycle things you know! Not too bad, I gotta turn this. okay turn it baby. Okay, make it all flat for me. Yes! Wait for it. Get on that one. Okay. Oh, I need to go the other way. Oh Oh snap I’m here. Get the star. You need to get star?. Or you need me to get the diamonds still? Oh I see a purple pipe Man, this is hard to get through I guess Oh no. Can I get to you? Eh…..yeah…. This is needed to be with…oh God! Sorry. You’re really throwing me off there Can you turn it a little bit back because I’m… I’m getting confused. Okay. Okay. Yeah-oh. No, yeah-oh the other way. No, no, no. No, no man its like a sick rollercoaster Uhmmm… I don’t know what to do? Wait. Oh no. Wait for it. Wait.No….Yeah..okay…Other side…and then I will get up there. NOOO! GET BACK! GHAHAHA! I just want the purple pipe. Okay? Okay. Yes the other way . THE OTHER WAY! Am I good? Yeah. Okay. You can get to the pipe. Wait for it. Oh my god. COOIIIINSSS!!! Diamo, thank you. Now get the hell outta here. Got off my rock! Get off my rock Blue Toad! There’s a Purple Toad in town here! I’m the lean mean purple machine Get ready. Okay, I’m gonna damage throu… oh no. I’m back Never mind, I can’t damage through and you are.. Im a pro. Can you run?! Is there a running button? Yeah there is a running button. Do I just know this by now? I mean like I’m just walking casually. By those guy’s. Apparently you can run. I did’t know that Oh my god. Doors, Wind-Up Stairs Hahaha the gas passer. Oeehh. So.. oh my god, that is much faster. Wooohhh Okay, that’s why I was so slow all the time this remembers me of the Like the fair. Where you have the Fun House Of…Super Mario 3D? No, just…the other one. Just in general life. Just in real life you mean. Yeah Well, I’m not interested in real life. Oh, I’m sorry. Like. I don’t care. That’s not my thing. Bye. Hey! Hello! Hey babe. This is my boat and I’m sailing away. Yeah, you can see that you’re conquering the waves. I know after that mansion of yours. I stole all your pennies for this boat All my pennies. Yes all your pennies. I got MILLIONS of them. And I stole them all. Noooo.. Not all my pennies Luckily, I have wealthy fortune of my family. You will never get all of it Get the Diamo, Get the Diamo! I CANNOT GETTHE DIAMO! You can wind it up. Yeah I can wind it up. Wait where do we need to be? But that’s the star, that’s the star thing Wait, I will go on an adventure on my own Oh I see it. Oh you see it? Yep. Just wait Yeah, that’s what I said. Oh sorry Yay got it, you can get the star! And I didn’t say that, but I thought it Well Well, I got star tho The best oh Neverrr 2xUp and down oh Sorry Number twelve! Burger king foot lettuce Burger King foot lettuce Up and down terrace baby! Let’s marry here. I mean like this is such a nice nice thing. yeah let’s marry here yeah Okay, we’re married a husband and wife Yes, i’m forever your king. You stole all my pennies, but I’ve plenty more so get all your Diamos YAAAAAYYYYYYY…. so pack your bags we’re going to Venice I’m a rich (Bitch) ohh uhhThis looks very familiar, yeah Alrighty got a diamo oeehhh you dodged that bullet Yep, I’m doing everything I can. I got a another diamo. Well, you get all the diamond. Yep. This one’s more easy than the other one. I think yeah, I mean like helloo I’m breaking all the peoples ”okay” Okay, Break them Those moles are nothing Thank you I got all the diamonds. Oh Nice. See you want a diamond for yourself? Yes. Give me the diamond. Okey can you uhhh.. We need to open this door. Yeah, can you stand there like Between two the door just go to the door. Oh, yeah here ya go to the door. Yeah oh…well that was mucht more easy…. For the future king You get a star. yes!!, I will do this land as my own That sounds very bad Well, I’m not gonna do this land. No, you’re not gonna do the land. You’re gonna do the soil I’m gonna do the soil. Yeah, I’ve been decomposing. Yeah This is the garden of decomposition. Yeah Yeah decompositiownnneee Well, I saw a bonus level ”oh let’s do it” The cherry one? yeah let’s do the cherry ooeeehhh slides! slides are fun! oehh OMG…! YAYYY LOL!! Weeeuuuuuuuwwww oohhhhOOOhhoohhh that was supercool actually It’s everything we need to do once more. Yeah Well guys this ends our episode of captain toad treasure tracker. We hope you had a very much fun please share and (sounded like spleen share) and uhhh subscribiee Lika for this video, yeah and Yeah, check out the other captain toad videos. The last one we did was very funny. Oh, yeah, so check that one out and Yeah, I’ll see you in the next one. don’t take my shroom next time. No, I will not. Okay. Goodbye. Bye. Bye


    SMG4: Smart Mario

    October 9, 2019

    I have the power of captions! Hey guys. Sponsors play a large part in helping our channel continue to make content, such as “SMG4” and “Meta Runner”, for you smexy fans.(N8: smexy? Really?) And that’s why this video is sponsored by Youzu and their game “Saint Seiya: Awakening Knights of the Zodiac”! *Actually in Southeast Asia name Saint Seiya Awakening. I have my phone too!*(N8:WAT?) Saint Seiya: Awakening Knights of the Zodiac [AKA Saint Seiya Awakening in outside america and europe] is a strategy role-playing game with HD 3D graphics. It’s a mobile game masterpiece that perfectly restores the classic of the Japanese comics. [Kevin] Twelve golden Saints and all classic characters are back to the sanctuary are waiting for you to summon them! This game is all about strategy as an epic action-packed god man! [Mario screams](btw if you see N8 thats my opinion)(N8:OH SHIT IT’S MARIO!) Goddammit, Mario! D::( [Mario] Oh, ya mama mia! [insert italian gibberish translation here] [SMG4] Why!? I’ll tell you why The game looks super smexy with fantastic special effects and an art style based on the original animeh! The story, music and characters are all directly inspired from the original anime! It’s even officially licensed by Masami Kurumada! (Who dahell?) Mario: That’s so nice-a! [SMG4] The original author of Saint Seiya! [Mario] Mah ass!! [SMG4] Finally, the game is all about using strategy (10000000000000000000 IQ, thus why mario gets smart in the video) to outwit your opponent in epic PvP and PvE fights! Mario in a screaming raspy voice] I need it!!! [SMG4] You can download Saint Seija: Awakening Knights of the Zodiac and start playing now, “Links” in the description! [Link screams, smashed] The first 100 people to download the game and use my special code “SMG4” get a free Extra Rare Gear! 😮 [Wow, i want too!, but in my country doesn’t cause it’s a only outside continents] [Raises voice] Now give it back to me, Mario!! [Mario screams, SMG4 puffs and pants] [Glitch Production presentation] A challenger approches! His goal? To do what he did in Something is wrong with Meggy, enlighten the readers. We find Mario taking a beauty rest on his bed /Mario-ZZZZZZZZZZZZ Ah spaghetti ZZZZZZZZZZ ah ravioli (N8:WAKE UP MARIO) Mario then yawns to get ready for the day when… He realises/Mario-waaaaa! OOOOOOOooOOoOooooo…. HE WAS NEVER IN HIS BED FROM THE START Mario-AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Mario: What are you doing!? What’sa going on here!?! [bigfoot stomp] Someone approaches from the shadows with a creepy laugh It was Prof. Egad, who has not been in an SMG4 episode for months on end ooh yaw! [Gibberish] Hey stinky!! [Gibberish] [Gibberish] But Mario was wrong (SIKE) VERY wrong This was a setup by his friends and family (and asshole)! But how?! (Inkling noises) But…But why? Ooohhh…hoh,hoh hoh HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM… Commence Eddsworld style flashback (we miss you Edd) [Italian singing] We find Mario taking a bath [shivering] Oh no! To solve the problem he runs to his space heater. Obviously only using one of his two brain cells. S M A S H Let’sa go! S M A S H X2 Do I honestly need to tell you what is going to happen? I am so smart, i am so smart, i am s- C H E R N O B Y L OOH GODDDD Oh god, jesus christ! Augh! (WHY IS THE PISS EVERYWHERE?!) Oh yeah! [Gibberish] D: Mamma mia…HHHHMMMM… Bob: We’rE GonnA mAkE yOU nOt A DumBaSs (well look who is talking) Prof. Egad Decides to then take the role of every James Bond villain ever with a hint of Doctor Doofinschimertz Dumbass motherf*ck! [Gibberish] GENIIUUUUSSS!!! No! Mario so good! Move! Go,Go GO!! [Gibberish] Oh no! Help! (You literally have an alternate universe ego that takes down corporations, SHUT YER MOUF) Egad changes the course of history S P O O P Y That does not look rather pleasant, anyone got popcorn? Doctor E. G. Frankenstein: It’s alive… it’s alive, IT’S A L I V E ! dAmN, ShoUlD’Ve BroUGht somE poPcoRn (ikr) WeLL,I THink We KiLLeD hIM Mario is different… Mario? No…. MARIO! D: [yawn] ooo.. uuu… YeAh HeS b R o K E n HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM (thonk) Hey Say Something Smart. [Gibberish] (more gibberish) (EVEN MORE GIBBERISH!!!!!!!!!!!!) Mario Whos The Most top character in Smash (eachother in the ass) ultimate?? Thinking Mode Activated [Gibberish] [Sigh] E-Gadd: Hohohohohoho 😀 Oki doki, Oh yeah, Ohhohhahaha, Let’sa go! Oh lord jesus it’s a fire….. Hmm…[Gibberish] it-sa me robo merio at ur service man dis plaic smells like-a my mama-mi4s r4v10l1 be gone fier you little b*oof*y you don’t scrw with moi oh look a flaming babi f0etus deleteu5 *DUN DUN* mario paint music W O W ! Hey, that’s pretty good! Wow! (Bowser secretly Sans confirmed…?)(N8: no that’s just hotel mario shit) Ohoh Stinky P O O P ! H A H A H A H A H A H A H A H A H A H A! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaauh… hmmmm…… [Mario coding] and thus… the youtube community got lazy and did not caption until the 12 minute mark until i came along YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *idea* smg3 rave DUN s(mg3)creaming h o l a building a S E N T R Y DONK wat now activating instant ki- WAIT WHAT fine and dandy le cheering JESUS yEET DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *boom h u n g r y very wordy and formal *nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom* tru TRIGGERED (anybody else can caption from here i’m bored too, done by Nexus Freestar) Howdy doo bitches! That is correct! Now i can calculate the square root of smashing your fat ass! OH IT’S ON ASSHOLE!!!! Nice try bitch! [Gibberish + Alarm] I am unstoppable, Muwahahaha! D:

    SMG4: World War Mario
    Articles, Blog

    SMG4: World War Mario

    September 24, 2019

    Glitch Productions Intro Wait is the intro whooshing us? [エスエムジー4] Okie dokie… T Y P I N G (oh no its the we- i mean ANIME island) Mario: LALALAHMHMHM! This is lots of fun! (r u sur about dat?) (100%R: lol yes) Tari: Ummmm… Boopkins: *sobbing fish noises* Swagmaster: let me at them! i’ll kick their Kawaii ass (R.I.P Tari’s lifeforce: Lost in vietnam) *japanese stuff* *asgagadgde* *Luigi crying because ww3* Luigi: NO GOD! (Weegee is having a mental breakdown) Mario Captian: Luigi! *Italian gibberish* Mammamia! Yippie! Yummy! Soldier: You’re f***ed! Haha! oh yeah! *the sr pelo scream of holyness* Ok guys, 30 seconds! (why am I typing this when the subtitles are in the video?) (We must praise the god of the Teletubbie Sun, Chris said) YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND- BABY RIGHT ROUND- LIKE A RECORD BABY- (Fuzzy: STOP IT….Get some help.) RIGHT ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND- (Fuzzy: SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP) *stops* (Fuzzy: …Thank you! ;w;) *soldiers get shot, play despacito alexa* [Everyone screaming in terror] *Saiko saying a Japanese impression of Link* *Anime Language* Tari: AAH! Boopkins: AHHH! (Me: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) [Memorial to all of the people who died] Mario: LALALALLALALHMHMHM 😀 last guest OOFZ last guest OOFZ “My leg!” Mario: Haha! *Italian gibberish* (ITS NOT THE TIME FOR THAT, MARIO!) SMG4: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!! Boopkins: War… War never changes… Bob: YoU gOdDaMn WaIfUs Go BaCk To YoUr MaNgAs AnD aNiMe! *a fucking waifu comes with a fucking gun* NICONII Oh GoD, mY oVaRiEs! (its like the Millionth time he said that Phrase…) *luigi crying* Luigi: WAAH! x2 Oh no! HRMMMMM *scream* Anime Soldier #69: Wave good-bye to your head, wankah! ? *fart* (100%R: she’s fucked, lol) gnome *angry anime talking* *battle scream* (The appropriate way on winning WW3) Mario: That’s-a so nice! Okey-dokey! SMG4: God Damnit, Mario! Mario: RNGH! Hey stinky! MAMAF**KER! Tari: HELP! AHHH! SMG4: AHH! OhH, this is bad! Boopkins: None of us can get past this point! It’s too heavily armed and there’s barbed wire everywhere! Mario: Hmmm… Ohohohoh! SMG4: OH WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! Hmmmm??? [A WILD MINE APPEARS!] Oh no! Hmmmmm…. Uhh…. Mario’s gonna die! 😀 [Wow. You’re dumber than I thought.] SMG4: You’re gonna die! T H E R E ! *🅱oom* *🅱oom x2* *🅱oom x3* (Super Mario 🅱ros. (1985) Live Lost) Mario! So good! [I take it back.] Boopkins: Good job, Mario! Sonic Forces Narrator: ROCKET LAUNCHER! *🅱oom x4* AAAA Pokemon Rocket Launcher: Coming 3019 W O W W H A T A N E P I C B A T T L E ! Top 10 Sad Anime Death: #2 (I am sad Alexa again ;_;) (What a slowmo :0) Oof *More Anime Stuff* (I SENSE A JOJO REFERENCE IN HERE!!) YOU STUPID…. (Well there’s Bob, Mario, Saiko, Boopkin, SMG-) (He’s alive and sometimes dead…) (Here comes a new anime called Angry Swag.) (Here comes a new anime called Angry Swag (also featuring Sanic anime music).) 怒っている盗品 ROLLING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUNDWERTYHSGFRTYAUHGSDYUIJKHGSFYUSJAHGFDGYTDUIDSAHJGFTYUJASD NBVCFGSAHYDTSYUJADNBVGSYUAJKSBH (Fuzzy: *Grabs Chainsaw* Like-a sambody–! *bang* *bang X2* DYONGDONG Y E E T *Doing the Melee Fox dance* (No but I would love a croissant thank you.) *Stop killing Anime weebs* Anime Soldier #666: SHIIIIIIII *Anime oof* *Persona 5 style* Anime Soldier #21: 😮 Anime Soldier #87: :0 Anime Soldier #B*tch: :O Get the f**k outta here! WHOHEHAHAHAHAHAHA Anime Soldier #309763: Omae wa mou shi- OW MY A** Swag: Huh? (Oh hey bob) BoB: nEeD sOmE hElP? BoB: bRuH, yOu’Re NoT sO bAd YoUrSeLf. 🅱rUh bOb and Swag: BoB wIlL Do AnYtHiNg. BoB wIlL Do AnYtHiNg. L0L0L0L0L0L Luigi: Wow! Yuh! *italian gibberish* Tari: I believe in you! Keep going! Alright, let’s do this! Okay! Let’s do this thing! Mario: Bruh, Mario’s gonna kick some 🅱itches! (Bootcamp Flashbacks) (Kick their weeaboo asses Mario) [Meggy being ANNIHIALATED] (This pains me ;_;) NYES! (Shuddup you’re not Inkling Boy) MISTER! x3 *Gibberish* *Marx Soul screech* SIR, YES, SIR!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Not when I shift into maximum overdrive! (oh no) HAIYA! (doriyah!) *Intense Woomy heart attack* [How can anyone so ruthless would do this?] Axol: Francis! Stop this at once! WOMYWOMTWOOOOOOMY (wait aren’t you a veemo-) Naaaah! That’s probably nothing! (wait the speed tho) *Filthy frank laugh* Mario: Take-a that! Luigi: Oh yeah! Francis: gOd DaMN iT! GOD DAMN IT! Francis:You wanna know the meaning of life? Then I’ll show you the meaning of life! (Oh no! We gotta problem )=) Otchy-gotchy! Mario: Here we go! Tati: Meggy! HYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Mario: F**k off! (Pwnd) *Mario rated MVP of this TF2 capture the flag match* Top 10 hottest anime characters *and wtf is that music* (This music is like shit) ((I like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )) SMG4: This is.. Kinda Hot. (luigi smack smg4 please) Steve: Hey angel! You da sexi! (Wait when did Steve get here..) *Angry anime noises* Anime Soldier #GetRidOfFortnite: *dies* *poor steve :(* (i would feel that way if i lost my waifu marina from off the hook) Francis: Colours colours colours. [Google Translate went wrong] Mario: WAAH! Oh no! Mammamia! Luigi as Patrick: He’s just standing there… Menacingly! Boopkins: Francis?! Why are you here? Francis: What is wrong with you? SMG4: What? What?! W-WHAT?!? Tari: Oh no! Axol? *Tari crying* (poor her tho) You just got… PRANK’D, BRO! HAHA! Francis: EEEHEHEHE! MEEEHEHE! HEHE! *Angry anime shits* Francis: Oh my god, I’m so scared! *fucking gibbers like an idiot* *Angry mario noises* Mario: No! Francis: eh Eh EHHHH! Francis: *sends out a piece of paper* Kazoo Kid: Wait a minute. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!! *woomy heart attack* [SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!!] *sigh* *sigh again* * Marina Gibberish* *again with waifu talk* *s i g h* (desti is getting really f * * k e d up) Axol: No… I can’t… (A classic case of an ally being the one responsible ) Axol: It’s… Axol: It’s all my fault. HOLY CRAP MORE MARINA NOISES Axol: *feather things that axolotls have pops up* Huh? *More marina noises* (ARE YOU A OCTOPUS OR A SQUID DESTI??) (Never mind, let’s listen to the woomy/ octoshit talk. Oh other splatoon fans, the reason its not veemo is because its the splatoon 1 octo noises) *Determined Woomy/octoshit* *pearl noises* Axol: You’re wise, emo fish girl! (I’ve seen many emo fish girls in Splatoon 2 already) Desti: *boi* Axol: HEY MEWTWO! Mewtwo: U WOT Axol: Magikarp is better than you! (100000 IQ AXOL) TAKETHATBACKYOUFIEND (Oh boy Mewtwo Strike Back Evolution is looking great :D) Who’s That Pokemon? It’s a dumbass! (he’s havin’ way too much fun with this. I blame you for this, Desti.) Motherf*cking guy, what the hell you say to me?! LEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JE– oh Axol: Uhhhhh… *Microsoft Error Noise* *BOOM BOOM BISH* *Woomy has been saved :D* Yoink! 😀 (Thank god, she’s freed.) *octoshit* *Woomy crying* (OH COME ON! NOT THIS AGAIN! I CRIED IN MEGGY’S BOOTCAMP!!!) *woomy gibberish* Axol: We got you, beanie fish girl! *the bitches screamin’* *more woomy gibberish* Axol: B-but! *Angry Splatoon 1 octoshit* *More Splatoon 1 octoshit* (The good, the bad and the weeby) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – WIth violent anger) Don’t you know, that killing is never the answer?! (Ira vehementi – WIth violent anger) Don’t you know, that killing is never the answer?! (Estuans interius – Burning inside) Soldier: You should face up to the consequences! (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (Sephiroth) OH GOD! Soldier: That wasn’t very nice! AHH! (Sephiroth) YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!! *Squeak* (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) Piss. (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (f*ck me mario is definitly dead) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (nevermind hes pinnochio) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (Sephiroth) *Mario laughs* SMG4: Hey! (Sephiroth) SMG4: I’m talkin’ to you. SMG4 posted on Twitter: Sephiroth sucks ass. Oh damn! (Hey SMG4 there you lost a good computer) (to anime…) (I’ll feel the same when I lost all my woomy data) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) SMG4: Pls don’t hurt me ;-; (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – WIth violent anger) *intense Boopkins crying* (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) Boopkins: You’re so mean! (Sephiroth) (Wow Boopkins hasn’t said anything this entire episode) ((But the last sentence though)) (Sephiroth) Tari: *cry for help* (Sephiroth) Tari: HALP!! Tari: AAAA!! Tari: AAAA!! (Estuans interius – Burning Inside) (Estuans interius – Burning Inside) Francis: NOOO!! NO NO NO!!! Axol: Eh! Eh! Give my pen back! why r u so meen 2 m3 *Angry octoshit* *Smash KO noise* Francis: OH MY GOD! *only one word of octoshit thank god* Luigi: Oh hahaha! Oh yeah! Yahoo! *Japanese noises* Boopkins: Yay! 😀 SMG4: *crying of his loss* *Kidnapping in progress, child molestation to come* Axol: EMO FISH GIRL!!! (wait what his eyes are his glasses?!) Mario: Get That motherf*cker! *Sr Pelo gasp* You can’t stop me! *pew sword bang smash fortnite gay* (Another editor: I have no idea what this is but ok..) *Desti slowly backing up toward the Ink Zuccer* 𝐵 𝒪 𝐼 𝒩 𝒢 PWNED Weeeeeh! (Fuzzy: *Grabs popcorn*) E E E E E E E E e e e e e e e e [PSSSH] Francis: YAAAAAA~nan~AAAAAA Tari: AAAAH! AAAAH! Oh No! Saiko uses Hammer Thwack! Sephiroth: 𝙉𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡❟ 𝙠𝙞𝙙. MISS Meggy: [Inkling language] Saiko: [Japanese] [Francis is satisfied] Desti: [Octoling language] Saiko: Uuuuh! Oooooo…. [IDEA] [Does anyone speak Japanese? Anyone?] Francis: WAT? Tari: Huh? Tari: Huh? What? [More Japanese] Tari uses Throw! Francis is shocked! [It’s a duck, Francis.You didn’t make it.] [It’s not very effective…] Francis: Wut? Desti: GET OVER HERE! [IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!] [PSSSH] [Octoling language] Axol uses Axol Kick! Mario and SMG4 use Football 101! SMG4: Ha! Mario: Whoo! SMG4: Whoo! Mario: Whooo! SMG4: Yeah! Mario: Huh! SMG4: Piss off! Boopkins: [Eats rock] Luigi and Boopkins use Throw-up Launcher! Luigi and Boopkins use Throw-up Launcher! Luigi: Go Weegee! Luigi and Boopkins use Throw-up Launcher! Boopkins: Ptootey! [IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!] Yaaaaaay copyrighted music [Wait, where the heck is Axol’s pe-] (Alexa play Final Fantasy Victory theme*) *the octopus was the stabbed* *first Aerith, and now Desti (wasn’t she dead?! We saw her get KO’d) ((I mean, it’s SMG4 logic..)) … -insert Irene dimension theme/aphmau death music/Aerith’s theme here- (Can the silence end now??) *Extremely sad woomy* (Wow. One of the best foes on the channel has been brutally murdered by an anime character.) [Death Note Laughter] (Oi Francis there’s such thing as Inkling/Veemo Spawner) (Fuzzy: YOU [email protected] #!?) (Another person: Woah Calm down 0.0) ..Desti…No… )’: *Francis The B**tch Still Laughing* D-DESTI..? *Desti’s last words* (Me: DESTI NO!!!) ((Another Editor: *pat pat* She’ll respawn.) (me: SHE WAS STABBED! SHE ONLY RESPAWNS IF SHE IS SPLATTED! …Let’s face it… she’s not gonna respawn…) (Ded. Not a big surprise.) 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    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Gameplay Walkthrough – Episode 3 – Hunt for the Great Bird’s Lair!
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    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Gameplay Walkthrough – Episode 3 – Hunt for the Great Bird’s Lair!

    September 15, 2019

    (adventurous music) – [Zebra Gamer] Hello,
    Zebra Herd, and welcome back to Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. And today, we are moving
    on to the third chapter. Of course, in the last episode, we completed the second
    chapter, and along with it, we got ourselves a boss fight defeated, with the King of Pyropuff Peak. But now, we’re moving on to chapter three, The Hunt for the Great Bird’s Lair. And what is this gonna be? Maybe like a little cut scene? Oh, I’m gonna go back home. (laughing)
    No, we can’t. It’s like, oh, this is scary, goin’ home! We’ll see you, Toadette, good luck. Oh boy, what is this about? Oh, look at him, he’s just camping. Wish he had a marshmallow, maybe, you know, cook him some s’mores. Ah, maybe next time. Oh, look at that little tent. Oh, there he is. Oh, go get him! Oh, leave the tent, leave
    everything behind, oh. If only Toad could fly. I’d be mad, too, don’t worry, we’ll catch him, only a matter of time. The Hunt for the Great
    Bird’s Lair continues as we try to find him. And level 11, Piranha Creeper Cove. This looks fun, I like these
    levels, they’re usually okay. I mean, some underwater
    levels not so much, but in a game like this, I
    feel like it’s gonna be fun. And so far, I look correct. Oh, I love this song. Oh, can I pick up these little crabs that are walking around? No, they just hide. Hm, I think I see the first diamond. I have to work with this guy a little bit, and pick up that, awesome, awesome stuff. So in the first episode,
    I slightly mentioned it, but I wanted to talk about
    it a little bit more today, is the fact that if you don’t know, Captain Toad got his start
    in Super Mario 3D world, another game for the Wii U. Oh, look at all these coins. Oh, under the dilapidated
    boat right here, very cool. So yeah, it was actually
    just a little mini-game you could find in Super Mario 3D world. Eventually, people liked it so much, they made a full version of the game. But I wonder if that means we can see, oh, that was cool, a Super Mario 3D world port make its way to the Switch at some point. Is that something you
    guys would like to see? Would you like like to see Super Mario 3D world
    on the Nintendo Switch? I think that’d be really cool, cause that was another
    really great Wii U game that I feel like not many
    people had the chance to play. Okay, so we gotta be careful of this guy, and then we just gotta move. I don’t know if there’s
    a way to swim faster, because you’re gonna have
    to start learning it. Okay, we’re fine. We’re gonna have to follow him here. Come on, come on, come
    on, come on, come on, corner, corner, oh boy, I’m scared! We made it. So we got two diamonds already, let’s move over here, just like that. But yeah, I think that
    would be a lot of fun, Super Mario 3D World is a really fun game, and I definitely wanna play it soon. But I’ve been sort of waiting, I’m sort of expecting them to say, hey, it’s coming out on
    the Switch, you know? Or something like that,
    in the next year or two. So I’m like holding on
    tight hoping that happens. Oh boy, watch out! Let’s go ahead and pull that up. But what I’m getting a
    little confused about is how do we get over… Huh. Ah, oh no, that’s not what I wanted. Oh, I just fell all the way back down. I was just trying to look around. You see, this is probably
    a diamond in there, and you get onto it here. What I don’t understand is
    how you get onto that area. Maybe if we kept moving,
    we would find out. ‘Cause if we move this way, there’s a little thing
    up here for some reason. So let’s just go ahead and
    try to figure that out. Weird though, for sure, I
    don’t know what that’s about. I’m just gonna try to be careful. Can I, oh, I can make
    these guys retract though, which is nice, okay,
    gonna keep that in mind for these guys over here, ’cause they’re not fun to deal with. I don’t really see too
    much of another way. Sort of weird. Uh, keep it retracted,
    thank you, go away, got it. Maybe I can just get it from here? No, can I climb up like
    the palm tree or something? Nope. I don’t know, weird stuff, for sure. But for right now–
    (shouting) Okay, that’s how. Oh, that scared me. Come on, get, get, get
    this, there it goes. Our third diamond, awesome. But what I’m really curious about is what is this stuff about up here? Um, bunches of coins. Bunches and bunches of coins. Okay, so I got that, I’m
    gonna make you just hide. Oh, you can take them out. Oh, how much you wanna
    bet that’s our challenge, is to take care of all of them, like get them all taken down? I’m gonna try that. Boop, got ’em, ’cause I have a feeling that’s what the game’s
    gonna tell me to do anyways. But how do you get rid of the ones that are under the water then? Maybe that’s not the case then. But we’ll try our best. Let’s move back this way. Like there’s no way I’m gonna be able to get rid of the guy in the water here, like he might be impossible. Same thing with these two. So I might’ve been able to get rid of all that I could there. ‘Cause there’s no way I can get them. Unfortunately, I don’t think
    you can find a fire flower and just throw fireballs at guys. That’d be so cool if you could
    get fire Toad in this game. Don’t think it’s gonna
    happen though, unfortunately. Let’s plop down and go
    ahead and get this star. Don’t see anything else we could do. At least we got over 70 coins,
    that’s always pretty good. Yeah, okay, so awesome stuff. So there was Piranha Creeper Cove done, collect 70 coins, okay, that
    was it, perfect (laughing). I was gonna say, at least
    it was over 70 coins. I guess it doesn’t total
    up your coins though, unfortunately, so it
    doesn’t matter too much. Oh, we get another little bonus. Last time we had this, last
    episode, I totally failed at it. But for right now, don’t
    have to worry about that, I have to worry about Pixel Toad. Okay, so pretty good. Find Pixel Toad, when you
    spot his hiding place, tap him to catch him. Let’s see what we can do. Yeah, I’m glad that we actually found that one on the first try. Now it’s just about where
    this little Toad’s gonna be. Luckily, with this level, you actually get to
    look around quite a lot, at practically the entire thing. I think he’s gonna be behind this boat. He isn’t (chuckling). He could’ve been, though. I mean, I might wanna
    zoom in a little bit, because sometimes zooming
    in can be helpful, and sometimes not so much. Hm, yeah, we’ve seen him in
    some pretty crazy places. Oh, there he is, on the coconut. We’ve seen him in some
    pretty crazy places, hopping in and out of lava, or
    between windows or something. It’s like crazy stuff like that. Yeah, look at that Toad, that’s awesome. We can keep moving. Oh, we got another beach level. Looks like we unlocked a couple. Cool, let’s get a little
    sneak peek at it all. Level 12, Briny Bowl Swimming Hole. Huh, so I guess you can swim
    in this level, just like, well, I mean, you can’t really swim
    in any of the other levels. Well, you can’t swim in this one, either. He’s like stuck to the bottom,
    which is a little concerning. Okay, this is really cool,
    but also really scary. Ah, there we go, the
    Switch Pro Controller’s sort of like off sync with
    the center of the screen. So what is this, just some
    coins, I’ll gladly take these. That was a lot of coins, actually. Oh, and there’s some more over here. So I see our first diamond,
    but I can’t quite reach it. Don’t know if that’s
    gonna be a common thing. Let’s go ahead and freeze those guys while I pull this stuff up. What do we got, a diamond,
    yay, okay, so we got that. But I guess we can go up to
    the top, and then fall down. Is that the idea? Looks like it, so let’s go ahead and freeze these two as well, and I got this and that, awesome. Hm, oh, and by landing on that, it made it fall. What about that one? Oh gosh, we’re falling, we’re falling! I don’t know, pull this. Oh, it’s gonna raise it,
    look at that, so cool. So let’s go ahead and grab that, and I need to take those
    yellow pipes, never took those. Hm, curious. Grab those, and can I break these blocks? Oh, I can, look at that, whoa! Hey, you rude dude, I don’t like that. There we go, move it, move it,
    move it, we gotta be careful. These guys aren’t so nice. So if we go back down, oh, I could’ve plopped off
    there and gotten it. You know what?
    Let’s do that one real quick, and then I’ll go through the yellow pipe, or maybe I need to just do the green pipe, ’cause the yellow pipe just
    seems to lead over there, but I don’t think it does, like that’s sort of a little trick. What is the point of raising this though? I don’t know. Oh, because there’s a green
    pipe under it, gotcha. Okay, the yellow pipe
    here must just lead there. I didn’t think it would, but I don’t see what else
    it could do, you know? So let’s go ahead and grab that. I’ve done everything else I
    can sort of see at the moment, so let us go ahead and, oh,
    oh, come on, there we go. Get these coins, and I
    guess finish up this level. I don’t know what the
    thing was supposed to be, look at tiny Toad, he’s so cute. Looks like a little baby Toad. Find the hidden Gold Mushroom again. These are so tough. So we gotta go back
    in, I gotta find myself a hidden mushroom of goldenness,
    wherever that might be. Where could it have been? I mean, maybe I just wanna
    poke around a little bit, before I make anything fall. Right now, I’m finding a
    whole bunch of nothing. It had to be something with
    this yellow pipe, right? Oh, that gives me some coins, but not really much besides that. This level isn’t very large, so it must be something with
    this, where I can raise that, and probably under that is the thing. So let’s try to get that one, then. That’s the only thing I can really see, from the top or bottom of this. Oh gosh, leave me alone. So we’re gonna go ahead and do this, and then just land down like that, and sort of check under this thing. Uh, whole bunch of nothin’. Well, there might be something… I don’t think so, though. I don’t know if there’s any
    way to make it fall again. That is so tricky, hm. I have no clue where it could be. There’s not much room, you know, for it to be much any other place. If I could get that one, maybe, huh. This is quite the pickle. Let me go this way,
    we’ll fall down here… Yeah, I really don’t see it. Well actually, maybe it’s,
    no, it’s not up here. Weird. Okay, so let’s go ahead
    and activate this one, and obviously it does that, but that doesn’t do too
    much for me, is the thing. This is so weird, where
    is this Gold Mushroom at? This is a tricky one, for sure. And this one also doesn’t have a bottom. Oh gosh, didn’t really
    mean to go into this pipe. So where in the world
    is that Golden Mushroom? There aren’t many other
    places it could be. Oh wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why is it just golden over here? Look at that baloney. I just walked over here,
    and it started glowing gold. Oh, I don’t like that,
    because there was no, it did not look like it was glowing gold before I walked over. But hey, we got it, so now I just gotta go through
    the level one more time and get ourselves a Pixel Toad. I don’t think that’s gonna be so bad, once again this is another level where you can see the entire level in like one camera pan,
    which is always nice. But we’ll try it out, we’ll
    see what ends up happening, and we’ll have a good time, hopefully. Some of these are quite the challenge, but they’re all really, really fun. So let’s go back in, and
    find that Pixel Toad. Okay, so I have a feeling he’s probably gonna be under something. Before I try, I just wanna go ahead and
    look through everything, just try to figure it out,
    maybe he’s on another coconut. Maybe he’s not, you never
    know until you look. Okay, so so far, I don’t see him. Just trying to look
    wherever my pointer is. Hm, yeah, I don’t quite see him just yet, so I think we can actually, you know, start moving around and
    try to take out some stuff, you know, maybe move
    some stuff here or there, like if we like move that upwards. It’s probably maybe even
    on the underside of that, like we were looking for
    for the Golden Mushroom. You never know, so that’s
    what I’m looking for. And I don’t hear him yet, which is another good signifier
    that you’re getting close, so you gotta look for that kind of stuff, but for now, we’re gonna
    fall down like this, we’re gonna give another
    little look around, I don’t see the little dude. Oh, there he is. See, that’s what I meant, we got him. It brings them up here, I guess, weird. But there we go, there’s
    the Pixel Toad for level 12. Yay, and we’re gonna move on to level 13, Turnip Cannon Jungle. It looks like fun. I don’t know too much about
    what’s gonna go on, of course, but we got a whole bunch
    of these guys again. Oh boy, ready? Bloop, gotcha. Definitely I’m gonna try
    to get rid of those guys as much as possible, that
    might be a little quest. The star is already right here. The problem is we have no way
    to really get to it truly. There’s a diamond, sort
    of in a weird spot. I wonder how you get to that? But my goal will be to
    get rid of these guys as much as possible, these
    little Piranha Plant things. Okay, so I gotta be careful about this, ’cause I don’t know
    what’s going on with you, but if I pull this little
    lever, what’s gonna happen? Whoa, look at this, what
    if I just launch, oh, I can launch turnips at
    people, there we go, perfect. All right, got some turnip
    launching action goin’ on. Got it, got it. So can I just launch this
    at the star, would that win? No, okay, glad it didn’t work that way, because I would’ve had to
    re-do the level anyways. What is that up there? Oh, look at that, sneaky
    little question block. Whoa, here comes a mushroom. Okay, let’s make sure we get that, ’cause I would really
    like to use the mushroom. Got it, 1-Up, I have seven lives now. Let’s look around for
    anything more in the sky. Or even down below, this way,
    just in the endless void. This reminds me of Mario Odyssey, while we’re looking for
    the taxi in the sky. Okay, so we found one of the diamonds, but what about the rest of them? I mean, I can bust that. What about the rest of everything else? Weird, um, I’ll try to find what I can. But so far, this is rather tricky, ’cause I can only go up
    ledges that have ladders, so I can go up like that, and
    I can bust some of that stuff. What do we got here? Ooh, that’s a diamond, okay,
    that makes it a bit easier. Now if we move back this way,
    we got a little purple pipe, and on the other side, we have, oh, hey, you get back here,
    you get back here, gotcha. There we go, quite easy. So let me make sure I get
    all these coins as well, because you never know
    what I might end up needing for the challenge, it might
    be to get fifty coins, so we can just make sure
    we get every single one, that’d be perfect. Okay, got it, and got it. So that’s 54 coins, that seems to be everything
    in this little level. I love this level, this one was fun. It’s interesting how some
    of them are really long. Well, not really long, but
    longer than these ones. But these are the more fun ones, I wish these ones lasted a little longer. Okay, so there’s that done, course clear, and I hope that was the
    challenge completed. Clear the course using only one shot. Well, I know how to do that, so that shouldn’t be too bad, but that is tricky, as well. Um, we can do that for sure, though. What I gotta do is first off
    get rid of this guy if I can, so just plop on him, oh gosh, that didn’t quite work
    the way I wanted it to. Whoop, oh no, no, no, no, Toad, run! I just wanna get rid of this guy ’cause it would make life easier. Oh, that didn’t work, you’re
    such a little stinker. Okay, well, I can at
    least make them retract. All I need to do when it comes
    to one shot is to hit this. Got it, okay, so now
    that I’ve gotten that, we’re gonna go ahead and try
    to get this guy to run away, perfect, keep him in there,
    do the same for this guy. And then for this guy,
    he doesn’t seem like he’s too much of a problem,
    we got it, we got it. Okay, so we took some damage, but we still got the challenge done with only one shot, we got the star. So there’s that check mark, let’s go in and get that Pixel Toad now. The Pixel Toad I really don’t
    think is gonna be so tough, unless he’s really hidden somewhere, but there really isn’t too
    many things you can move, so unless it’s just sort of
    like at a weird perspective where you can only see
    him through the cannon, or something weird like that, I don’t think this one’s gonna be too bad. We’re gonna find out together. Unless he’s like down under this way, but even that wouldn’t be
    too much of a challenge. Let’s go ahead and sort of
    zoom through the easy areas, these faces that don’t have
    too much going on with them. And then we can look at some
    more of the complex stuff. I usually, when I’m trying
    to look for something, like in Where’s Waldo, right? I try to do things in little chunks. So I don’t see anything in this square, not in this square, nothing
    here, nothing over here, and I’m trying to use the little pointer to guide us all though, so
    we can get through together. I don’t see anything in
    this area, and of course, perspective always matters. We might not see something from one side, but if we look at it
    from a different angle, we might be able to find him. Now we’ve seen the little
    Pixel Toad behind coins before, so we might wanna go and collect those. But I’m thinking that
    it might be a good idea to at the least dodge
    these guys, go through, and get rid of all these
    dudes running around, because I feel like they’re
    making things complicated, making it harder to
    see what I need to see. Got ’em, okay, and then maybe
    even behind that little brick. Oh, there he is! See, that’s why it’s worth
    doing, you never know. And he was hiding behind
    one of those piranha plants, so we got the Pixel Toad. That was worthwhile. Hey, okay, so there is
    Turnip Cannon Jungle done. Now, oh wait, really that’s it? That one was really short. The last episode was like an hour long. Onward, Captain Toad. Wow, okay, so we’ll focus
    on that in the next episode, but as you can see, we’ve gotten every level
    done in this chapter, but we do have some extra time, so let’s go ahead and try
    to get this mini-game done way back here, the Coins Galore. Last time we did this, we got 212 coins. I didn’t really know
    what I was doing, though. I wanna try the other challenge, though. This one is with the little cherries. Let’s give it a shot. Oh, I should’ve gotten
    some stuff from you. Oh, I’m such a dingus. Okay, let’s go ahead
    and pull this stuff up. I guess I can throw
    these turnips everywhere? Oh, I get it, we’re throwing
    the turnips everywhere so we can hit these big lots of coins. There we go, we got a
    1-Up, we’re past 212, okay, we got 225, our new high score. I didn’t even get a
    mushroom from the Blue Toad at the beginning, ’cause I’m a dingus. All right, brand new score, cool. So I don’t know if that
    did anything fancy, but I’m pretty happy about it. That’s actually really awesome, we’re all done for today’s episode, we’ll check out he next chapter, which is Onward, Captain
    Toad, in the next episode, but for now, that is gonna wrap it up for today’s episode of
    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Thank you guys so much for watching, I’ll see you next time, bye-bye.


    SMG4: Mario Goes to the Fridge to Get a Glass Of Milk

    August 22, 2019

    Glitch Productions That was a lotsa fun! Hey! I’m a thirsty! Hmmmm OH NO Uh oh, no more milky! I now know what I have to do don’t come in it’s the cancerous store that’ll give you diabetes old man sounds Movin on the ground, movin on the ground heeheehee ALRIGHTY HMMMMM That Gay Mushroom: LALALALALA Oh howdy there Mario, what’s up? Hello! (italian piss) Oh the milk section is right over there MIIIIIIIIIILK! THATS A SO LUCKY! WAHOO! Uh guys you dropped somethin’ .you might wanna pick- BOOM ok don’t worry about it NOOOOOOOOOOOO! How you doing? (angry gibberish occurs) (concerned remark) Crazy Girlfriend: Where’s all the f***ing milk man Gimme my goddamn milk plz mama mia (gay luigi sounds) goo weegee x2 OHHHHHH (Luigy humming sounds) OH NO YOU DONT! IAM LONELY (Some Italian Shit) Mario: Here we gooooo!!!! Gotcha b***h