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    Cruise Ship Gets An Awesome New Kind Of Water Slide
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    Cruise Ship Gets An Awesome New Kind Of Water Slide

    November 18, 2019

    (Laughing) (Screams) I’m in Galveston Texas this morning
    and it is hotter than blazes! I’ll tell you what…
    a waterslide would feel really good right now and that is what has brought me to Galveston. One of these cruise ships behind me
    has a brand new type of water slide on it that no other cruise ship has. We’re going to take a look at it. It’s Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. (Woo Hoo!) The ride starts to get really crazy
    when you hit that first downhill section. It’s really steep
    and you get some serious speed going… and that takes you all the way up
    the uphill section right there. Just like that! You almost hit the wall at the top
    and then gravity takes over… and pulls you backwards to the end of the ride. It is SO much fun!
    We went four times in a row. It was so fun! (Woo hoo!) (Woo!) (Screams) (Huge screams) (Woo!) (Screams) (Screams) Now be aware that there are some very restrictive rules
    regarding riding the Tidal Wave slide. You have to weigh at least a hundred pounds
    and be at least 52 inches tall to ride… and you can’t weigh more than 280 pounds… and if it looks like you’re even close
    to not meeting those limits… there is a scale there
    and they will put you on it and weigh you before you’re allowed to get on the ride. The other thing is that
    you can’t take anything on the ride with you. No GoPro…
    so unfortunately I was not able to get
    any point of view video going down the slide. And you also can’t wear a watch
    or even a wedding ring. I had to take all that off to go on the ride. Just a swimsuit and that’s it.
    Just for safety reasons. Now, as a public service,
    here is a perfect example of
    how NOT to exit the raft! I would say it’s probably one of the
    three best water slides on cruise ships. Disney’s got the “Aqua Duck” slide. Carnival’s got the “Green Thunder” slide
    on a couple of their ships. And then here the “Tidal Wave” slide
    on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. Listen to what some of the passengers
    had to say about it: It’s probably the fastest, funnest ride. It doesn’t last very long…
    but if you scream it makes it like 10 times better! (Off Camera Voice)
    I think so!!! It feels like a 90-degree drop…
    straight down, straight up, straight back down! It is great!
    And this is from someone who hates roller coasters! The tidal wave is so much fun!
    You go so high. It’s awesome.
    It’s like a thrill… like excitement. I love it so much! Nice little jump at the beginning and it looks like you’re about to fly off the top
    once you go down before you’re swung around. It gives you a little rush! It’s interesting that a lot of the
    people that ride the Tidal Wave slide don’t know the history of the slide. Things got off to a rocky start after the slide
    was installed on the ship about five months ago. There was some kind of design problem. I took them a few months to re-engineer things
    and make it all safe and get it right. But it’s great now… no problem now…
    and it opened up about three weeks ago and people are really enjoying it. (Scream) (Woo!) (Scream) I’ll tell you what…
    between the Tidal Wave slide… The Flowrider… The twisty water slide… The ice skating rink… The rock climbing wall… There is a lot of fun to be had on
    Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. I’m Jim Zim.
    Thank you for watching. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel
    you’ll be notified any time I post new videos about water slides and model trains
    and all the things that interest me.

    COUNTING TO 10 – for Kindergarten Preschool BEACH THEME Fun Count to 10 Video
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    COUNTING TO 10 – for Kindergarten Preschool BEACH THEME Fun Count to 10 Video

    November 18, 2019

    Please click and subscribe. Hi, kids.
    Welcome to the beach. Let’s relax and have some fun
    counting to ten with some of the animals
    in the ocean. What animal is this? That’s right.
    It’s a fish. Let’s count ten fish. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ten fish. Good job! What’s this next animal? That’s right.
    It’s a crab. Let’s count ten crabs. One, Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Good job! What’s this next animal? That’s right.
    It’s a starfish. Let’s count ten starfish. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ten starfish. Good job! What’s this next animal? That’s right.
    It’s an octopus. Let’s count ten octopuses. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Good job! Do you know this next animal? It’s a clownfish. Let’s count ten clownfish. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Good job! Thanks for helping me today. I hope you had fun.

    MS Ocean Endeavour Cruise Ship Tour – Quark Expedition Ship
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    MS Ocean Endeavour Cruise Ship Tour – Quark Expedition Ship

    November 18, 2019

    Unveiled in 1982, the 198-passenger Ocean Endeavour is a small, ice-class cruise vessel that operates expedition-style voyages to the polar regions. During summers, the Ocean Endeavour is chartered by tour company Adventure Canada for sailings to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. It sails to Antarctica during the winter for Quark Expeditions. Originally named the Konstantin Simonov, after a famous Russian poet, the Ocean Endeavour was built in the early 1980s as a Baltic ferry for a Soviet shipping company and only recently was converted into an expedition ship. It’s also sailed under the names Francesca, The Iris and Kristina Katarina. As part of its shift to expedition-style cruising, which took place in 2014, the Ocean Endeavour has been retrofitted to carry 20 motorized rubber rafts used for passenger landings in remote areas of the Arctic and Antarctica. The Ocean Endeavour’s Zodiacs can be deployed into the water on short notice for landings on uninhabited Arctic islands and other remote locations. The Ocean Endeavour features several outdoor deck areas with a pool and hot tub — features sometimes not found on smaller, expedition-style ships. Located at the back of Deck 6, Ocean Endeavour’s pool is kept at almost hot tub-like temperatures as the ship sails in the Arctic, providing a warming retreat for passengers after landings on cold Arctic islands. The Ocean Endeavour’s hot tub is filled occasionally during sailings, even when the ship is in the chilly waters of the Arctic. Ocean Endeavour offers lots of outdoor deck space from which to view passing scenery and wildlife, including a broad open space at the top of the ship’s forward area on Deck 9. Passengers can walk almost all the way around Ocean Endeavour’s top deck, which also offers two bumped out areas on its sides from which to view wildlife and scenery. A buoy at the ready at the top of the ship on Deck 9. To the rear of the pool on Deck 6 is another outdoor deck area from which passengers can look out over the water. The view from Deck 6 toward the rear of the vessel. Additional outdoor deck space is located on Deck 7, where there are walkways lining the sides of the vessel that pass by the ship’s lifeboats. Ocean Endeavour’s carries eight lifeboats that are accessible from Deck 7. A viewing area on Deck 7 of the Ocean Endeavour. Ocean Endeavour passengers also are allowed onto the outdoor bridge wings located on Deck 8. The hub of the Ocean Endeavour’s interior public areas is the Nautilus Lounge on Deck 6. In a nod to rough seas that the Ocean Endeavour sometimes encounters in polar regions, particularly the Antarctic, the furniture in the Nautilus Lounge and other public areas is bolted to the floor so it won’t move. The bar in the Nautilus Lounge. Feature comfortable seating, a bar and a dance floor, the Nautilus Lounge is the site of daily briefings by Adventure Canada guides that take place just before dinner as well as frequent lectures and evening entertainment. The Nautilus Lounge is home to a grand piano that sometimes factors into evening entertainment. One deck up from the Nautilus Lounge is a second major lounge, the Aurora. Smaller than the Nautilus Lounge, the Aurora Lounge is used for movie showings in the evenings and some daytime lectures. The Aurora Lounge has a small food service area that dates to the Ocean Endeavour’s days as a Baltic ferry and is generally not used during current sailings. Passengers will find coffee and tea available at a small station in the Aurora Lounge throughout the day. As in the Nautilus Lounge, the furniture in the Aurora Lounge is bolted to the floor so it doesn’t move during rough seas. Located at the middle of Deck 6, the Compass Club is a cozy retreat with windows overlooking the sea. The Compass Club is home to a curving bar that once served drinks but now only is used as an anchor for a coffee and tea station. Cookies are available throughout the day in the Compass Club and a hot item. Passengers go through more than 500 a day. A daily tradition on Ocean Endeavour sailings is afternoon tea time in the Compass Club. The Compass Club doubles as the ship’s library. It’s stocked with books on the wildlife and culture of the Arctic, Greenland and other destinations that the ship visits. As one would expect with a vessel originally built as a ferry, the Ocean Endeavour features a large amount of lounge space for a vessel its size, including the little used Meridian Club. Located at the top of the ship on Deck 9, the Meridian Club has a number of seating nooks and is lined with windows overlooking the sea on two sides. The Meridian Club is little used during Adventure Canada sailings on the Ocean Endeavour. In the Ocean Endeavour’s early years as a ferry, the Meridian Club was used as a bar, but it no longer is staffed. The bar area of the Meridian Club. The Meridian Club currently is home to a number of games that are available for passenger use. The Ocean Endeavour has a single large restaurant, Polaris, that can seat all of the ship’s passengers at once. All meals on the Ocean Endeavour are served in the Polaris restaurant. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style; dinner brings table service. Buffet lines used during breakfast and lunch line the middle of the Polaris restaurant. One of the most popular allures of the Ocean Endeavour during travel to chilly polar regions is it extensive sauna complex. Located on Deck 8 near the rear of the vessel, the sauna complex features showers as well as a changing area. The sauna area has a locker room. Towels are available for passenger use in the sauna area. The Ocean Endeavour has an extensive mud room where passengers can store and change into winter gear for landings. Each passenger on the Ocean Endeavour is assigned a locker in the mud room where they can leave rubber boots used for landings as well as parkas and other warm-weather gear. The Ocean Endeavour was built at the Szczecin shipyard in Szczecin, Poland, which made a number of ferries used by Soviet shipping companies during the Soviet era. Among the more common categories of cabins on the Ocean Endeavour are its 36 Select Twin cabins, which measure 135 to 175 square feet. Select Twin cabins are listed as Category 6 in Ocean Endeavour brochures. There are 10 categories of cabins in all. Most Select Twin cabins on Ocean Endeavour feature two single beds, though a few have double beds. Like most cabins on the Ocean Endeavour, Select Twin cabins have relatively little storage for a vessel now operating trips that are up to two weeks long. A small, built-in armoire in Select Twin cabins has room for hanging clothes and a personal safe but no shelves or drawers. Select Twin cabins located on Deck 7 have windows overlooking the lifeboat area. Bathrooms in Category 7 cabins have been refinished in travertine marble. Category 7 cabins have walk-in showers separated from the toilet area by a curtain. The sink and toilet area of a Category 7 bathroom. Ocean Endeavour cabins feature shampoo and shower gel dispensers that are refilled regularly. Outlets in Ocean Endeavour cabins are designed for European-style plugs and are 220 volts. The Ocean Endeavour also has 46 windowless “interior” twin cabins that measure 125 square feet. Located on Deck 5, interior twin cabins have two twin beds and a private bath. Bathrooms in interior twin cabins have a shower area that shares space with the toilet and sink. Interior twin bathrooms have white tile walls and pink floors. Ocean Endeavour also has three inside cabins designed as triples that have been created by merging two smaller inside cabins. The three triples, which measure approximately 200 square feet and are listed as ‘Category 2’ in ship brochures, have two bathrooms. Among the biggest cabins on Ocean Endeavour are its eight ‘superior twin’ rooms, which measure 180 to 210 square feet. They are listed in ship brochures as Category 8. Five superior twin cabins located on Deck 7 have a built-in desk area and closet along one wall. The built-in closet and desk area found in superior twin cabins have a television and miniature refrigerator. Passengers on Adventure Canada sailings receive a reusable, metal water bottle for carrying water during landings. Ocean Endeavour cabins feature miniature refrigerators that are functional but not stocked with drinks. Televisions in Ocean Endeavour cabins offer a small number of channels playing movies and documentaries about destinations the ship visits. The Ocean Endeavour has a small fitness area located on Deck 8. The Ocean Endeavour’s fitness area has a handful of weight machines and six stationary bikes — all bolted to the floor so they won’t move during rough seas. The Ocean Endeavour’s fitness area also a single rowing machine but no elliptical or running machines. A small sitting area sits just outside the fitness center on Deck 8. A small store is located on Deck 6, just off the Nautilus Lounge. A reception desk for the Ocean Endeavour is located on Deck 5. A large staircase leads from the Ocean Endeavour’s reception area on Deck 5 to the main public areas on Deck 6. The Ocean Endeavour’s main entryway on Deck 5 is rarely used during polar expeditions as most passengers come and go from a Zodiac boarding area on Deck 4. A spiral staircase leads from the reception area on Deck 5 to the Ocean Endeavour’s mud room. Just around the corner from the reception area on Deck 5 is a small concierge desk manned by Adventure Canada staff. Also on Deck 5 near the reception desk is a small Internet room with two computers. Inuit carvings are on display (and available for purchase) in a case near the reception desk on Deck 5. The Ocean Endeavour often stops at Inuit settlements while traveling the Canadian Arctic in the summers. The vestiges of the Ocean Endeavour’s days as a ferry in the Baltic can be see at its rear, where the outlines of two large, drive-in doors are clearly visible. Ocean Endeavour’s bow area isn’t accessible to passengers. The Ocean Endeavour flies the flag of the Bahamas off its rear as the ship is registered in that country. The Ocean Endeavour sails with more than a dozen bikes that can be rented for the day when the ship pulls into ports. The Ocean Endeavour has an elevator that runs to all passengers decks. Soup appears in the Compass Club during afternoons. Coffee and tea are available around-the-clock at a station in the Compass Club. The Ocean Endeavour measures 12,907 gross tons and is 451 feet long. Hallways on Ocean Endeavour’s passenger decks feature bright orange doors. Passengers can stroll the length of Deck 7 on an exterior walkway that passes by the ship’s lifeboats. Two large outdoor viewing areas bump out from the sides of the vessel on Deck 9.

    12 Most DANGEROUS Beaches Ever!
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    12 Most DANGEROUS Beaches Ever!

    November 17, 2019

    12 Most Dangerous Beaches Ever 12. Playa Zipolite, Mexico- A nudist beach, mostly
    flocked by hippies and backpackers from around the world. Located on the southern coast of the Mexican
    state of Oaxaca, Playa Zipolite has also been called “The beach of the dead,” and for
    a good reason. The beach has very powerful undercurrents
    that have supposedly used to claim about 50 human lives each year, and because of that,
    it’s known as one of the deadliest beaches in the world. There’s currently an entire lifeguard team
    stationed on the beach to reduce drownings, and luckily, the numbers have declined. 11. Gansbaai Beach, South Africa- This part of
    South Africa is mainly for adventure seekers who don’t have a fear of the deep sea and
    want to come face to face with Great White Sharks. A very trendy tourist spot on the southern
    coast of South Africa, Gansbaai is considered the “Great White Shark Capital of the World.” Between April and September, thousands of
    Great White Sharks gather along Gansbaai’s beaches. During this time, there is a 99% chance of
    a tourist seeing a shark right from the beach without even having to go in the ocean! Gansbaai has so many white sharks that it’s
    become an attraction for the adventure seeking tourists. You can feed them from a boat, and if you’re
    brave enough, you can swim with them in a shark proof cage. 10. Kilauea Beach, Hawaii- Kilauea Beach is one
    of the many beautiful and tropical beaches found in Hawaii; However, this one is also
    one of the most dangerous beaches in the world because the danger is hidden behind the beauty. The beach is located right next to an active
    volcano. The volcano has been active and constantly
    erupting since January 3rd, 1983. The lava forms new land as it cools and hardens
    in the ocean, so there’s a high chance you’ll experience this beautiful but dangerous scene
    if you decide to visit. 9. Bikini Atoll Beach, Marshall Islands- This
    beach is located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean, the Bikini Atoll has fabulous beaches
    and diverse marine wildlife, making it a great place to dive, but there are also dangers,
    there have been shark sightings at Atoll beach, but surprisingly it’s not considered dangerous
    because of sharks or other scary ocean creatures. Instead, it was the site of 23 nuclear tests
    performed by the US military between 1946 and 1958. Even though it’s been more than five decades
    since any bombs were dropped on the atoll, the radiation levels remain and are dangerously
    high. The government has declared the area safe,
    but you still might want to stay away from this beach. 8. North Sentinel Island Beach, India- The North
    Sentinel Island has exquisite beaches and stunning nature, you might mistake it for
    a painting, but the natives are extremely rude and even violent toward any tourists
    or outsiders. They’ve been known to reject any contact with
    other people and have been known to kill several intruders in the past. There’s been an incident in the past where
    India tried to make contact, and it ended with the natives taking down their plane with
    flaming arrows. So sometimes when you discover a beautiful
    remote island, there might be a good reason why it’s remote! 7. Manaus Beach, Brazil- Manaus is a large city
    in Brazil, mostly known for its beaches and adventure tours. Manaus is a pretty famous Amazon beach, the
    beaches in Manaus are mostly dangerous because of the creatures that live in the river. These creatures aren’t your typical Great
    White sharks or jellyfish. If you were to swim in the river, you would
    be sharing the water with electric eels, piranhas, and even anacondas. It’s recommended to make a doctors appointment
    to get booster vaccinations to help avoid catching malaria. This disease can be spread by mosquitos in
    the area and should be taken before, during, and after your trip. Infections can spread fast in tropical climates. Pick Pocketing and robberies have also been
    known to happen often in Manaus, so stay alert of your surroundings and keep your purses
    and wallets close to your body. 6. Lamu Island Beach, Kenya- This beach has beautiful
    turquoise waters and soft white sand. It once used to be one of the most visited
    beach resorts in the area. But unfortunately, these days not many tourists
    dare to visit this beautiful place because of threats made by the Islamic terrorist groups. They have already taken several visitors from
    local resorts around the area. A lot of locals make a living from tourism,
    and because of these incidents it has left locals without work and struggling to support
    their families because many tourists have been scared off from visiting Lamu. 5. Dumas Beach, India- An urban beach along the
    Arabian Sea in the Indian of Gujarat, for awhile now the Dumas Beach has always been
    shrouded in mystery. The beach has black sand and formerly used
    to be a cremation and burial ground. Although it is a popular tourist spot, Dumas
    Beach is also famous for being in the top 35 haunted places in India. The beach is considered one of the most haunted
    and deadliest beaches in India. There have been several disappearances here,
    and this time sharks aren’t doing the taking, there hasn’t been any trace or reason why
    these people mysteriously disappeared. People have gone to the beach at night to
    take photos and capture any paranormal activity they can, and have seen orbs appear in the
    photos they’ve taken and claimed the ghost stories are true. 4. New Smyrna Beach, Florida- The beach is known
    as one of the top ten beaches in Florida, but it has a far from perfect reputation. In 2007 there were 112 shark attacks recorded
    worldwide. Seventeen of them occurred at the New Smyrna
    Beach. The three most common sharks seen here are
    the spinner, blacktip, and bull sharks. Surfers and swimmers can quickly become accidental
    targets for these predators. The beach now has its place in the “Guinness
    Book Of Records” as “The Shark Capital Of The World.” 3. Chowpatty Beach, India- Chowpatty Beach in
    India is both notorious and famous. It’s famous because it is the venue for
    the Hindu festival, a celebration where hundreds of Mumbai residents flock the beach. But the water is notorious for being one of
    the most polluted in the entire world and deemed not swimmable by many people. So as you can tell, this beach is known for
    many things, but beautiful isn’t one of them. The beach is located in Mumbai, India. This beach is so polluted with waste and unclear
    water that it’s extremely uneasy on the eyes. The one time of day that Chowpatty Beach is
    beautiful is right at sunset when the bright colors of pinks and oranges distract you from
    the garbage floating around in the water but avoid going in; even many locals avoid getting
    in this water to avoid catching anything and becoming ill. 2. Cape Tribulation Beaches, Queensland, Australia-
    This beautiful place is home to the Box Jellyfish; it’s one of the most poisonous creatures in
    the world. Cape Tribulation beaches are shut down every
    year between October and April. The beach even has warning signs throughout
    the beach to warn swimmers of the risk. Since 1883 there have been more than 70 fatalities
    due to the Box jellyfish’s sting. The venom is so toxic, that if the victim
    is not treated immediately, the result can be fatal. Jellyfish aren’t the only creature you’ll
    find here; it’s also home to crocodiles and venomous snakes as well. 1. Heard Island, Antarctica- Unlike most beaches,
    this one has extremely icy water. This island is among the most remote places
    on earth, southeast of Madagascar. In fact, it’s so remote that the population
    on this island is zero. And for a good reason, because the Island
    is made up of giant volcano known as Big Ben. The island is permanently covered by ice year
    round, so it never becomes a typical summertime beach. The Heard island is owned by Australia but
    is closest to Antarctica. The water temperatures at Heard Island are
    so icy cold that a countless number of surfers have gotten hypothermia from being in the
    water too long. If you survive the cold, this would be an
    extreme surfing experience.

    Duct Keel – Into the Ship’s Spine | Life at Sea on Container Ship | Mariner’s Vlog #5
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    Duct Keel – Into the Ship’s Spine | Life at Sea on Container Ship | Mariner’s Vlog #5

    November 17, 2019

    Today we are going into the duct keel. The keel is at the very bottom and center line of the ship it is a steel structure that
    supports the framework of the ship so now that we know what a keel is. The duct keel is a tunnel that runs along the keel this tunnel is designed for people to
    pass through it doing things such as inspection on pipings or alarm gauges so today we’re going into the duct keel.
    First as always we have to put on some safety
    gear To get into the duct keel. We must go
    through the engine room to the bottom floor then through a man-hole. Climbing down two stairs and ladders
    we’re now inside the duct. To get across the entire length we use a
    pulley cart system with wheels and a rope to pull ourselves over. Along the way we
    do a visual inspection checking the structure for any cracks or rust To our right we can see the ballast lines, fuel lines and other pipelines. The fuel line is the huge pipe with insulation to
    reduce the heat transfer. The other big one is a balanced line for transferring
    sea water between tanks. In between the pipings are the expansion joints or
    flexible couplings the purpose is to coup with the ship’s
    flexing when under heavy seas we have arrived at the forward end. Here we test the bilge water alarm system by pushing this knob with my boots Finished inspecting here and now we’re
    going back to the accommodation 😀 Some interesting facts, laying down the
    keel is the first step of shipbuilding everything else is assembled afterwards So when the keel is broken the ship is
    commonly set to have “broken his back” as always thanks for watching. Thumbs if you liked it, Subs if you loved it. Comment if you’ve got any questions Stay tuned for more content and i’ll see
    you next week

    Carnival Inspiration Ship Tour – CruiseTipsTV
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    Carnival Inspiration Ship Tour – CruiseTipsTV

    November 17, 2019

    Welcome to our video tour of the Carnival
    Inspiration. Inspiration was the first recipient of the
    line’s “Evolutions of Fun” makeovers. One of the most exciting refurbishments in 2007
    was the introduction of Carnival Waterworks, which includes a four-story tall, 300-foot-long
    Twister corkscrew waterslide, a dual-lane waterslide, a Splash Park, and even a dual
    slide for the pint sized cruisers. Also as part of the refurb the pool area was completely
    transformed into what Carnival calls it’s Resort Style pool area. Artificial palm trees
    and thatched awnings invite the cruisers to chill out poolside with a drink or snacks.
    There’s also a stage for live music, dancing, and of course the loved and loathed hairy
    chest contest. If you are looking to enjoy one of the two large whirlpools available,
    get there early; they are quite popular. Carnival calls the adults only Serenity the
    “kid-free oasis”. Located aft, Inspiration’s Serenity is smaller than those found on larger
    ships, but still provides a relaxing sanctuary and terrific views from the back of the ship. Practice your putting skills at the 9 hole
    mini golf course, or take in the awesome ocean views while staying fit on the jogging track
    at the top of the ship. Clever engineering protects joggers and golfers from the high
    winds. The Fitness Center is accessed via the Spa
    Carnival front desk. There is a hallway on the left and right side of the Spa Carnival
    check-in that leads to the Men’s and Women’s locker and shower area before entering the
    gym area. Located on Sports Deck 12, it can get pretty busy here, especially during sea
    days. It’s quite roomy, and houses a variety of state of the art machines here including
    treadmills, steppers, circuit training, and weight machines. There’s plenty of space to
    move around in here. Ocean views are plentiful as most machines face the windows. The workout
    facilities are free, but you do have the option to hire a personal trainer or take a special
    class for a fee. There is also a group fitness room. The Carnival Inspiration offers 2 main dining
    rooms. Both share an interesting mix of colors — golds, browns, blues and redish hues. Looking
    here at The Carnivale located aft on Atlantic deck 8, what we enjoy most is the eclectic
    ceiling art and lights. Handmade Italian fan-shaped seashells in marigold and garnet glass are
    among its decorative highlights. There are a variety of table sizes in both dining rooms,
    however, the Carnivale seats slightly more than the Mardi Gras at about 658. There are
    no real booths in either dining room. We believe the booths were removed in the 2007 refurbishment
    in favor of banquet style seating. The Mardi Gras dining room is located on Atlantic
    Deck 8 near midship and seats about 650. It is very similar to the Carnivale Dining Room
    in decor and layout. And again, the pizazz is found is the dazzling ceiling work and
    lighting. There are a good variety of food options, and most are quite good. The standard
    Chicken, seafood, beef, vegetarian, and pasta entrees are available, and of course there
    are plenty of dessert options. For the diet conscious, low calorie Spa-style entrees are
    also available. The service was very good and staff performances were particularly entertaining. This is the popular Brasserie Bar & Grill
    located on Lido Deck 10. If we can borrow a phrase from the 80’s, this place is totally
    tubular! The design theme of flowing purple tendrils illuminated by neon and stained glass
    is quite unique. But, this place is really about food, and lots of it. You’ve got the
    grand buffet, salad bar, round the clock ice cream, and a pizzeria. It’s the perfect place
    to grab a quick meal. Finding a table is usually not a problem, but lines for some of the serving
    stations can get long at peak times for lunch and breakfast. Open from 7:00am to midnight,
    the Brasserie is extremely popular during breakfast and lunch. For tasty bite-size samplings of some of the
    chef’s favorite savory foods don’t miss the Taste Bar. It’s always a fun little treat. And speaking of treats, if you’ve got little
    ones or a sweet tooth, you’ll likely to be drawn into the vortex of the candy store.
    It’s small but well stocked Cafe Des Artistes Coffee Bar is the coffee
    bar on board the ship. The espresso drinks are high quality, and certainly a nice change
    from the buffet coffee. At the heart of the Inspiration, you’ll enjoy
    the glitzy six-story atrium flanked by glass-sided elevators. There’s an extremely small Internet
    Café, and a sitting area that is a terrific place to meet up with friends. Aside from
    the mesmerizing light show of the glass elevators, two valuable resources can be found in the
    Atrium; the Guest services desk and the shore excursions office. The Violins Bar is located on Promenade Deck
    9 near midship and close to the Monte Carlo Casino. This is a great place to sit and people
    watch. There’s a lot of marble and gold scrolly shapes here, but the centerpiece is of course
    the array of violins behind the bar. The Rock and Roll Dance Club is the ship’s
    full fledged nightclub on Promenade Deck. This is a fun place complete with pearl-finished
    guitars with fiber optic strings. Matching pearl finished bars keep the theme and lights
    give it a hopping disco feel. Here we have Rhapsody in Blue piano bar. The
    design theme was originally intended to transmit the “spirit of George Gershwin’s music”. We’re
    not sure about that, but it sure is a fun spot to meet friends for casual conversation
    in a unique atmosphere. The Avant Garde located on Promenade Deck
    9 features classic music and karaoke entertainment. It is adorned with statues and wall art inspired
    by and designed to celebrate the cubist art form. We’ve heard that the 3 dimensional artwork
    was designed to suggest the motion and interaction that can be shared by guests who dance there.
    So yeah, get in motion and interact. The Chopin Lounge attracts a lot of guest
    on their way to dinner at the Carnvale Dining room. It’s flat screen TV’s seem to air an
    endless stream of sports. Which makes it a great place to stop and catch-up on sports
    news. Here we have the Candlelight Lounge located
    aft on Promenade deck 9. It’s the ship’s cabaret-style entertainment hangout. If you like decorative
    fiber optic candles, then this place is for you. Hundreds adorn the walls and ceiling
    and help illuminate the karaoke, art auctions and late night comedy shows. There are good
    views of the stage from most seats here, although there are a few easily avoided support beams
    that could be a bit of an obstruction. There is a stage here, a dance floor and a bar. Located at the front of Promenade Deck 9,
    the two level Paris Lounge seats about 1300 people. The sofas are comfortable, there’s
    lots of legroom, and most seats have terrific views of the stage — again, with the occasional
    exception of a pole obstruction here and there. The acoustics are wonderful. All in all this
    is a great place to take in the lavish Vegas like productions, comedians, magicians, and
    passenger talent shows. The onboard casino comes to life casino typically
    any time the ship is in international waters, and is a great gathering place for passengers
    looking to try their luck. Located on the Promenade Deck (Deck 9) the Monte Carlo has
    Slots, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Bingo, & Texas Hold’em for gambling fun. The layout
    is open and it’s easy to find your game. Who knows, maybe you could take some of this home. There’s not a lot of shopping on the Inspiration,
    but the Fun Shops on Atlantic Deck 8 are certainly worth browsing on sea days. If you have teenagers 15-17, then they’ll
    probably want to stop by Club O2 for some music, video games, food, fun, and new friends.
    Club O2 is the perfect ’round-the-clock hangout for teens. The arcade on the ship is tucked in a tricky-
    to-find corner, on the port side of the Grand Atrium on Promenade Deck adjacent to the O2
    Teen Center. Once you find it, the kid in you will enjoy several video games and a place
    to redeem your winnings. To play the games here you simply swipe your room card. That’s it for this episode. If you like this
    tour, be sure to click those like and subscribe buttons. Check us out on Twitter @CruiseTipsTV.
    Until next episode, see you on the high seas. Alright, here we go! Woo, that is cold! (laughing).
    Slowing down, slowing down.