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    How to Clean a Sailboat : How to Soap & Scrub a Sailboat

    September 21, 2019

    Hi, I’m Ches Rainier, welcome to Expert Village.
    Today we’re going to be talking about some techniques used to clean a fiberglass boat.
    Alright, now we’re going to talk about some techniques to use with the soap of the boat,
    because you’ve got to put a little soap in sometimes otherwise it just won’t get clean.
    So you’ve got to get yourself a good biodegradable soap. So a little drops, not too much, and adds some water. Most of the time you
    can get away with just a rinse down and let it dry. If you keep up with your maintenance
    then soap really isn’t necessary. What I like to do is hit all the bird droppings
    and areas where there’s a lot of stains going on the boat first, and then go over the rest
    of the boat lightly because it doesn’t need to be scrubbed quite as hard. This is just
    a plastic brush you can get at any hardware store. I tested it out on some of the surfaces
    here and it’s not too abrasive on the finish of the boat so that’s the main thing you’ve
    got to watch out for. You need it to be abrasive enough to get off whatever you’re trying to
    scrub off. Some of these bird droppings can be pretty stubborn, but you definitely don’t
    want to ruin the finish of the boat.


    How to Sail a Sailboat : How to Coil Rope for Sailing

    September 18, 2019

    There’s a proper way to coil lines on a boat.
    Most of the lines on the boat are braided lines, and they’re–you want to coil them
    up in a specific way. Not like a cowboy would, by putting a twist in it and forming loops,
    because if you do that, what will happen is–see how I’m twisting it now, the improper way;
    don’t do it this way. When you take it apart, you end up with what they call knuckles in
    the line. Of course it doesn’t do it with me. You end up with knuckles, which are these
    little things like this, and they get caught up in the blocks when we’re trying to let
    them out. So on a braided line, when you coil it up, you actually want to just pull–bring
    the line in and let it lay naturally. And what it will do is form a figure eight naturally,
    and you lay it the same direction each time. And it forms a figure eight. And then when
    you drop the line down onto the deck, you won’t get knuckles, and it won’t get locked
    up in the blocks. So once you get to the end of this line, if you don’t have these nice,
    fancy clips to hang your lines, what you can do is reach through this line, grab the working
    end, put a twist or two in it, and hang it over a winch. Now you can pull it down, and
    it hangs nice and neatly. Now when it’s read–you’re ready to use it, you can lift it off and drop
    it down, and everything comes off nice and easy. Nothing comes out in knots. So that’s
    the way to properly–that’s one way of properly coiling up a braided line.

    Provisioning a Sailboat for 6 Months- Sailing SV Delos- Ep. 64
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    Provisioning a Sailboat for 6 Months- Sailing SV Delos- Ep. 64

    September 17, 2019

    Previously on Delos! Not knowing anything about rigging the boys give Delos a new rig while at the dock. What are you guys up to? We’re writing a shopping list. A massive shopping list. For like 6 months! And we’re putting it in categories. Really? It’s that big. What categories do you have so far? We’ve got dry goods, other stuff, cleaning products, toiletries… And snacks! You gotta have snack one. Spices and sauces, that’s a very important one. Peanut butter! Hey Hey everybody! While half of the crew was changing the rig the rest of us went provisioning. We already bought heaps of stuff in Malaysia but it was now time for a final massive provisioning. Our goal was to leave Thailand with enough food to last us for 6 months. Let’s do this people! Do we have any more white flour left? Yeah. I think we have like 8 packs or something. So we could just get like 100, or another big pack of earl grey. And then like a big pack of green tea. Well how many bottles of alcohol we drink per month so we can figure out how much sugar we need. Because that’s mainly what we use sugar for. And then we have to include some baking. How many bottles of alcohol will we go through a month? 10 we think so far… If not more! I would say like 15. So if we do 10 bottles a month…. So yeah. 6 kilos. 40 KG’s of sugar for 6 months. Just for the alcohol. So we’re off to do our first provisioning run! Oh man, it’s fricking hot. We’re sweating A LOT. And we’re going to go to Makro which is like a bulk food store. Big provisioning! So we’re gonna see our cruiser car now. And because when you rent a car you can either get like a regular car or a cruiser car. And a cruiser car is WAY BETTER. No power steering, no AC. Yeah. It’s usually a piece of shit from what I’ve heard but it’s cheap. And it’s exactly what we need. It’s a nice car. It’s the upgrade. F*uck yeah look at that thing. I haven’t driven a manual in a while! Let’s do this! Ummm. So we’re at our first stop. This is Makro which like a bulk foods store. Yes! You can see the trolley’s ahead. Like they’re massive. So we’re gonna try to find heaps of stuff. This is our first stop But like 4 or 5 stops to go to. So this is the start. But we have a list. Let’s do this! So we’re gonna go and get some canned foods first. We’re gonna come back here a few times. We don’t have a lot of space in the car so we’re gonna start with that and then check out if they have any good snacks here too. Snacks!!! That’s our mission! See you in a bit! Okay. Babs and I. We’re on the dry goods. Oh shit it’s backwards No it’s not! Dry goods. Okay so we’re gonna go this way. Perfect! Ah to the left, here. This is what we need mate! Big packs of rice. So here we are at Makro in Phucket and we’re actually meant to be filming in here so we’re trying to be real hush-hush about it. So we need 30 KG’s of rice. That’s like 15 bucks. Ha ha, for 30 kilos of rice. And that’s feeding 7 people for 6 months. And we’ve got 10 of these! Tea for Brady’s Kombucha. Yeesss! This store is f**cking awesome! Yeah so we can’t pay with credit card apparently so we’re trying to find an ATM to get 32,000 baht to pay with. And yeah, let’s go! We tried to withdraw enough cash but our daily limit didn’t allow us not our day today! So you’re not allowed to film in there unfortunately. We’re been for about 3 hours now F**ck tired. And apparently or unfortunately they didn’t take card either. So we had to like scramble together all our cash. I don’t know. We got it paid and we’re outta here! Let’s get the f**ck out of here! It felt insane to buy so much food. Funny thing is though when we made our shopping list we kind of half guessed the quantity we needed for everything. But at the store we followed the list religiously. Round 1 check! Put your feet in here I think we can fit you. Hi Karin! That was a f**cking shit show mate! Yeah. She’s pointing something. What? I think our car is too low or something is falling out. Open up the door. What? Are we too low? I don’t know. Oh flat tire! F**ck! Oh my god! You’re kidding me. Mate! It’s not flat. It’s defenitely not flat. I think we just need air. Nothing is working for us today. So we just pretty much all of the heavy shit out. of the car, all the cans and stuff. And um. We’re gonna go to the gas station and get some air in the tire and then come back, put everything in and see if it’s okay. Thank you! It works I think. We rented this today. F*cking cruiser car. That’s a cruiser car! Sweet, yeah perfect. Yeah thumbs up. So now we’re gonna go. Oh thank god! So now we’re go and eat something cause we’re f**cking starving. The car is full of stuff. And it’s now night time. We are tired! So we just putting everything into the boat. And I’m sweating ’cause it’s like 8,000 degrees in here. And yeah, it’s a hot one! The next morning we spent hours trying to organize our shopping. Even though Delos has a lot of storage space this was pushing it. It was only the beginning. And we were a bit scared everything wasn’t going to fit. Especially since we bought over a thousand beers in Langkawi. Yep, that’s how we roll. Beers first, survival later. Hello there! Hi! I’m making pancakes for breakfast. So we have pancakes, Swedish style. And I got some strawberries as well. We’re just putting all the cans away. We bought like 400 cans. F**cking mission! Yeah so we also managed to get, um, to use the freezer for the restaurant so we chucked all of the rice in there today which is good so we’re gonna go back today and buy some more flour and stuff which we also need to freeze. Which is awesome, ’cause we don’t really have much space in our freezer. And why do you freeze them? Because the eggs from the bugs are already in the package. So they will hatch and then you have like instead of rice you have a full bag of black bugs. We want to avoid that happening. So many tourists! The highlight of the day going provisioning is getting in the car with AC We’re gonna get um toiletries like 150 rolls of toilet paper. 100 boxes of milk. And all the other random crap that we didn’t get last time. That was our 3rd provisioning round and we still need more. Yeah we’re stil not ready yet. So we have a lot of stuff. So now we’re just going back so the boys can help us unpack and everything. In the V-Berth we put all cereal stuff. Sugar and flour some snacks and a lot of nuts. And as you can see all cubbards were full. Brady and Josje even had to clear out some of their things to fit it all. Ready to go to the store. Um, yes, yes very ready! None of us slept good for the whole good for the whole week. It was sooo hot in the marina with no wind. And of course when we could have used the AC it stopped working. My favorite time of the day was showering at the marina restrooms ’cause it had both AC and awesome showers. It saved me that week! (Music- Summer of ’69) We tried to buy toilet paper for the whole trip, but it takes up a lot of space. We decided that we were only allowed to use 1 square per time. You gotta plan ahead! So I think we did pretty good! I mean I don’t think we need to get much else apart from So I think we did pretty good! I mean I don’t think we need to get much else apart from…. And we still need like some dried fruit and that kind of stuff. Yup. And chick peas. We were so lucky to be anchored in the marina when doing our last provisioning. Imagine this load of stuff on dinghy rides back and forth. It saved us sooo much time! By the way, here’s the complete shopping list unedited! We’re here to pick up some stuff. Okay. Yeah I have to go a lot of times though back and forth. Cause it’s like a large pack. Is he there? Yeah. Okay, would it be better if we come back tomorrow? Shall we come back tomorrow is that better for you? Morning time. Morning yep. We’ll come back tomorrow morning. Okay. Let’s go to the other place that’s where we have most of it anyway. We have some stuff in your freezer. Pasta and rice. Rice? Yes. So we just are coming to get it. 4 days ago we put it in your freezer. Oh there he is! Hi, hello! Thank you so much! Come on Karin let’s go! Come on Karin let’s go! Hey hey hey! Pick up the pace ladies! Pick it up! Pick it up! What are you doing Max? Taping. Taping what? Chips! To the wall, or under my bed. This is my bed and this is my secret stash. Nice! We made it! Man, that was a lot of hard work. You guys helped us through it though. You had been buying us beer so Brian had a surprise for the last night. Japanese Sushi all you can eat buffet with drinks! We got so excited! 7 hungry sailors and two hours to eat as much as we could. I could not believe we were done shopping. The boat was defenitely lower leaving the marina then when we had arrived. We counted that we had bought 25 trolleys of food this week. Where did we put it all? I had never bought that much food in my life. What a unique experience though. Now Max had learned yet another new part of the sailing lifestyle. And preperation and teamwork is super important. Next up on Delos! We meet a local expat that owns a mexican restaurant. We go to a Ping-Pong show. And get ready to sail to India!


    Sailing the West Coast of South Africa (Part 2 – Ep6)

    September 17, 2019

    you know it’s just it’s just so beautiful you can form and record and everything you see you like I say form that did I capture that in and everything is just so beautiful like I feel like forming every little thing I possibly can and this wall is huge it’s gonna be a while because I started Moses [Music] [Music] so we are yeah it’s Chris mama the USA hey there and I’ve got the Sun rightfully behind us you can’t see anything my Chris how is the way as I was the first experience for you I’m glad I’m holding at it’s at one hand for the boat one hand for myself I think I want both hands for the boat the SWOT is a four point five meter say that’s quite a kick into it we are soon wrapping around dungeons and Bob are the ways that yeah now the beep do kind of like really you know interesting to go through the waves and I’m loving it you know [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so we are really one way one hour on our way and just relaxing it out with some nice comfortable cheap shoes and it’s a bit over but over kick in the water but we’re all just relaxing it and skipper mark is taking care of the yard that we come where we supposed to be and we are just Yellin relaxing with a beautiful view and taking it easy so it’s a it’s really nice I guess what do you say it’s great this is mine [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] good [Music] my god here we are crossing close to Table Mountain very well-known but not from any scene the left side it is lions head followed by signal so the weather looks a bit grey she considers fog and the water is turning gray yeah but we are still enjoying the ride and enjoying the adventure discovering all beautiful view dr. Nature has to offer on the Seas much common are really great [Music] boom if you wanna support us join our adventure family on patreon check out our link below in the video description for a more personal experience and extra rewards but for now let’s continue the adventure [Music] [Music] all the men are relaxing a bit more you know what I mean while relaxing while I’m absorbing the spectacular year we are sailing around from Haute Bay heading to waterfront to escape the big 4.5 meters well that made the men relax a bit too much [Music] [Music] [Music] whoa whoa whoa waters shaking up in at 4.5 meters well no we have entered on the side of the coast and soon to enter into the V a waterfront oh my it was a wonderful sail beautiful scenery but most of me and the boys were relaxing on our sides trying to shake off that first motion sickness but please tell nobody because we want to be pirates so this is now top secret remember it’s the secret between us and don’t share it abroad we are sleeping over at the VA waterfront tonight and then entering tomorrow morning early at five o’clock we are launching off on our way to the next destination [Music] this is one of those that is where you can see the four seasons in one at the beautiful by the city of Cape Town getting some air footage from the B and a waterfront just a spectacular sight where you can see the Atlantic Ocean coming together with the landscape scene signal yo lion’s head and Table Mountain and on the total left in stable speak [Music] hi guys we just want to say thank you so much for your support we are really happy that you are enjoying our videos and those who are new to our channel if you want to see more and just follow us then you can subscribe below and even turn on your notification bell to be notified every time when you upload a new video and what it’s near you can see below we’ve linked our website to patreon there you can get benefits and even surprises and extra videos so yeah if you want to support us more then there is the perfect place yes we are just so thankful to everyone and we are excited to continue this journey with you and to share all our new experiences new places we visit near adventures we take with your everyone much love and here on the next adventure bye [Music] [Music]


    What Happens To Fish During A Hurricane

    September 16, 2019

    (thunder booms) – [Narrator] Normally when a hurricane is barrelling towards us, we
    tend to run the other way. But not Isla, she’s a leatherback turtle who was meandering off
    the coast of Virginia when she accidentally swam
    straight into Hurricane Florence. Scientists were worried
    she’d get caught up in the middle of the storm,
    but Isla managed to survive by swimming towards deeper waters. Turns out there’s a part of hurricanes we don’t often think about:
    what happens under the surface. And Isla is just one example. (compelling music) Far out at sea, fish that
    live near the surface might feel some turbulence
    as a storm passes, but most sea creatures including
    dolphins, whales and sharks avoid the rough surface water
    and swim to calmer seas. But it’s a different story near shore. Changes in water temperature and salinity can be
    catastrophic for marine life. Hurricanes can generate massive waves, which mix warm surface water with cooler, saltier water
    below, generating currents that extend up to 91
    meters below the surface. These currents are so strong, that they can sweep manatees
    inland into canals and ponds, or away from coastal waters altogether and into the open ocean, where they can become
    disoriented and even die. Hurricanes also bring heavy rains, so freshwater often floods coastal areas. And because freshwater is
    less dense than saltwater, it sits on top of the
    saltwater like oil on vinegar, where it can prevent oxygen from reaching the salty layer below and disrupt salinity levels, which can lead to sores,
    lesions and ultimately death in whales, dolphins and porpoises. Hurricanes can also kick up
    dirt and sand in shallow seas, which can kill fish by
    clogging their gills. Experts think that this is
    probably one of the factors that killed an estimated
    9.4 million saltwater fish in 1992 during Hurricane Andrew. The dirty, murky water
    also blocks sunlight from reaching corals and sea grass. In fact, scientists found that coral cover in the Caribbean decreases on average by 17% a year after a hurricane strikes. And that’s in addition to the stress coral already face from human interference from things like global
    warming or pollution. But hurricanes are not
    always bad news for sea life, believe it or not. After Hurricane Katrina
    damaged or destroyed 90% of fishing boats in the Mississippi Sound, scientists observed a huge
    increase in dolphin births. Without all the fishing boats around, dolphins suddenly found themselves with tons of fish all at their disposal, and their populations thrived. And of course, hurricanes
    impact land animals, too. Sometimes they change
    ecosystems altogether. For instance, the Hawaiian island of Kauai is now inundated with feral chickens. Locals say they are the descendants of domesticated chickens that escaped when hurricanes blew open coops. And in North Carolina, torrential rains from Hurricane Florence overwhelmed more than 100 hog waste lagoons, possibly releasing pig waste
    into the local water supply. Unfortunately, research indicates that the intensity of
    hurricanes will only increase with climate change. So if we don’t get a handle on it soon, we’ll be in some deep shh pig waste, we’ll be in some deep pig waste. (compelling music) (electronic tones)

    Live Life to the Fullest – Ep. 1 BÁTOR ADVENTURES
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    Live Life to the Fullest – Ep. 1 BÁTOR ADVENTURES

    September 16, 2019

    Hey! My name is Botond Bátor Bencsik
    from Hungary I live the life fully I’m a backpacker Hey, I’m super-tired, just a security guard woke me up Since when I was, like, teenager I wanted to travel I wanted to see the world and I love the nature, so I wanted to see the the beauty of the nature. My name is Botond Bátor Bencsik from
    Hungary I’m travelling since 2014 as a backpacker. And now you’re gonna see my life because I’m gonna share with you everything. So, I’m in the Canary Islands
    right now I came here with my boat from Norway what I got as a gift from my friend Let’s go back in time a little bit, see what happened in the last four and a half years, almost. First trip, I flew from Bratislava to Ireland and that was my first big trip out of my comfort zone. It was my 22nd birthday I was so sick and I was a bit panicked like, what I’m gonna do in different country? I can’t really speak the language I didn’t know anything. So there was a big deep feeling inside me, probably a really fear what I wanted to push down So, the first trip, I was
    volunteering on a farm. And in January I decided to hitchhike through the whole country. That was my first big hitchhiking
    trip. That was the first time when I did swimming in the ocean So great! Yeah, I can go to the University, I can get a job… I can be a basketball player, whatever And.. I didn’t wanted that I said: I want a different life I want to go out… the country and learn
    English then just roll around the world or, at least do some cool adventure. If I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow that makes me feel I’m really live I live 100% I started my journey four years ago, and two years ago I met my friend Goggen… and I got a sailboat from him. And, using the power of the nature is so beautiful you just go somewhere where you want and you use the wind and that’s something magical Middle of the ocean! All right guys, see… I am back on the boat and today I’m a bit tired after this trip so I decide this is the day where I don’t do anything Just nothing. Good morning guys! 14th of February and the Valentine day, and I’m on my boat My anchor is still stable but you can see the waves are pretty big now so I don’t feel comfortable here. The wind is gonna pick up I will show you what is my plan So right now I’m in Porto Rosario and as you see, the wind is a bit too much 20 – 21 knots at the the gust. And my plan is go to north to Corralejo Okay…. So… Let’s sail Because the engine… stop soon It doesn’t like the big waves as you see f***ng shit Okay! I hate this when it’s stuck F*** F*** yeah Come on baby! Here I am again. Well, yesterday night was
    a bit choppy and to windy so I couldn’t really sleep well So I woke up a bit late and I wrote to my friend who lives in Norway and asked what can I do with the engine Here’s my engine didn’t even… take apart because I don’t have good tools My motivation about travelling is to experience as much as I can and learn every day something new It’s lovely town, Corralejo definitely much more nightlife then Porto Rosario This is my spot Italian pizza But, I got a nice pizza Look at this! (Spanish) Here we are… Miss Joy Forever! Here I am on a new mission to picking up some… buy some cleaner for the carburetor I didn’t find a cleaner but I bought food for 10 euro and I even found this stuff near the trash someone just throw this out. Very good stuff! Yeah, the challenges to be a backpacker guy who travel with low budget it’s always a hard work. People think like: Oh everything fine” Just travel around and they’re having fun. But it’s not like that It’s like more like: You have to find food, you have to find shelters, accommodation and you are anxious all the time while travels. So, I sure to try and fix the engine again I have to take out four parts and then clean the carburetor and probably change the fuel as well Hey Micke! Manage to take off the carburetor…. What do you think? It’s dirty or…. He’s good! It’s not easy to have online support. So, this is how we fixing things when we don’t have any clue, and any mechanic experience. Yeah, you need skills to make somebody to understand something they never done before. Back in life! It was a crazy party I woke up 12 o’clock Came home… half past seven… … half past six, sorry! It’s a new day! I give (borrowed) my dinghy away So, we just met yesterday because they live nearby on a boat So many people onboard! Crazy! Have fun! It’s another thing to… talk about: The girls, the ladies.. who I met on travel. I never had a long-term relationship, so… I was always struggle with this, but I didn’t take it like a struggle I take it like, okay, I’m more a free person If you can be in the moment I think it’s about the quality of the feeling But, you cannot… you cannot own your partner because it’s selfish I think it’s not the way of love So, I think it’s about the honest communication I just feel good to love anyone. I’m a human, I’m just… do what I feel what makes me happy. (music) Let me show you my life through WordPeople Subscribe here, like the video and don’t forget to follow me

    How to Clean a Sailboat : How to Prep a Sailboat for Cleaning
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    How to Clean a Sailboat : How to Prep a Sailboat for Cleaning

    September 15, 2019

    Hi, I’m Ches Rainer welcome to Expert Village.
    Today we are going to be talking about some techniques used to clean a fiberglass boat.
    In this clip we are going to talk about getting all your supplies ready to clean the boat.
    Before you start cleaning you want to make sure that you got your hoses out on the dock
    and all your cleaning supplies ready that you are going to need. That way you don’t
    need to be running back and forth on the boat because it is just going to get the boat dirty
    coming back and forth off the dock.
    If you don’t keep your boat at a slip you’re going to need to bring it from your mooring
    ball or your anchorage, where ever you’re holding it to the dock that way you have a nice fresh
    water supply to wash down the boat, we took this one here earlier.


    How to Sail a Sailboat : How to Judge Point of Sail on a Boat

    September 12, 2019

    We’re going to take the boat slowly up through
    the wind, our jib sail, our main sail will start luffing, and the boat will sail flat.
    Bring the main in center. The next point of sail, we’re going to fall off, we’re going
    to go away from the wind. Keep an eye on our jib. Our jib will just fill up. Jib fills
    up we’re on a close haul. We’re not exactly keeled over right now then, just on the verge
    of it. The next point of sail will be close reach. The boat will start heeling and we’ll
    accelerate in speed. Ease the sails up. There she goes. That’s a close reach. See how the
    red ones are kind of jiggy. I call it. I’m going to let the sail out until they flow
    back. That will be our good trim. They used, you can see how just before they go backwards
    they go forwards. Now let it, right there is our good sail trim for this point of sail.

    Camping on a Million Dollar Boat!
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    Camping on a Million Dollar Boat!

    September 12, 2019

    – Oh, hello. It’s gonna be a couple days
    of epic camping for this vlog. It’s gonna be amazing. – What are you talking about, camping? That’s bigger than our
    fridge at our house. – We’re camping.
    – We’re camping. I know it doesn’t look like it, like look at this room that we’re in, but look out this way. That is a boat, and that is a bigger boat. We are actually on a
    boat ourselves right now. It’s a ginormous boat. I think we should do an MTV
    Cribs-style tour of this place. Not right now. First, we’re gonna go hiking. Have you ever seen those places that they have those canyons? Have you ever seen what’s that movie? You’ve probably never seen it. 27 Hours, I think, it’s called where this guy is camping, or he’s hiking through these slot canyons, and a boulder falls on his
    hand and he can’t get out, so he cuts his hand off
    and then crawls out. – What? – That’s where we’re going this morning. (upbeat synthesizer music) Do you see this row of boats right here? This is like houseboat city. It’s too windy today to take the boat out, so we’re gonna find lots of
    fun things to do around here. We’re gonna go to the slot canyon first, and we all have to fit
    on this one Ranger thing. Kind of sketchy. Cole, are you qualified
    to be driving this thing? – Oh yeah, driver’s
    license and everything. – There’s like 20 kids back there. (upbeat synthesizer music) We made it through the group from China. I don’t know what they
    were doing out here, but smooth sailing all the way to our car. (upbeat synthesizer music) That’s where they came from. So that’s where we were
    on our boat a minute ago before we came all the way up here, but this place is pretty magical. It’s called Antelope Point. Now, a lot of you give us a hard time because we wear like
    BYU gear in our videos. Our buddy that has the boat
    here, his name is Steve, he is the biggest BYU fan you’ve ever met. Here’s the car that he drove up. I know it’s not blue like BYU, but you can’t really get a blue Porsche. I mean, come on. But look at that license
    plate BYU with the Y. Okay, to you it’s only been a few seconds. To us it’s been like five hours. This place is very unique. The Native Americans that run this place are very old school in the way they do it, so no video cameras, no tripods. You know I’m a rule abiding person, so I’m gonna try to sneak this in. – But if they say no, he’s definitely gonna turn the camera on because that’s what he does. If he gets in trouble he’s always gonna turn the camera on. – I don’t know that that’s true. (upbeat synthesizer music) – [Man] Look at these little steps, tiny. Like the finest sand ever. – Wait, Daddy, can I
    take off my shoes, too? – Yeah, take them off. – Lincoln can’t though. Just kidding. Lincoln decided it would be smart to take his shoes off and socks. Now he’s regretting that decision. – [Lincoln] Ow, ow, ow! (upbeat synthesizer music) – [Dan] How was that decision to take your shoes off, Lincoln? – It felt good for a bit. – [Dan] Now what? – Now I know I want to put them back on. – I told you that. (upbeat synthesizer music) Come on, Lincoln, we’re
    moving, we’re moving. Go, go, go. Just one sock. That’s progress. (upbeat synthesizer music) There’s the lady right there. Right there, is that her? Ah, that is an eagle. (upbeat synthesizer music) All right, we are climbing out. Look behind me. Look how crazy this is. You don’t even see the crack
    in the ground right here. That’s where we were, all
    of that crack right there. If you were just walking by, there’s no way you would know
    that there’s a giant canyon that you can walk through right there. People just coming out of the abyss. That’s cool. (upbeat synthesizer music) This is the part of the day where we take the boat
    out and it’s super windy, but we’re gonna try to surf. (upbeat synthesizer music) All right, we are back. We’ve got dinner cooking. We’re not out where we’re gonna swimming, but it still doesn’t mean we
    can’t go out in the water. – [Girl] Let me go first. – This is great. This is so nice, this boat. This is the second level right here. Look at this. This is all part of the kitchen. TV comes down from there. Back of the boat, they can
    go out there and go swimming. – Hi! The water is freezing. – [Dan] It’s not quite freezing. It’s 76 degrees. – In here? What? – [Dan] 76. (upbeat synthesizer music) Good morning. – Hi. – [Dan] How did you sleep? – Good. – [Dan] We are not at the dock anymore. – [Lincoln] I noticed. I woke up when they were first
    moving from the dock, though.

    How to Dock a Twin Engine Boat in a REALLY Tight Slip | BoatUS
    Articles, Blog

    How to Dock a Twin Engine Boat in a REALLY Tight Slip | BoatUS

    September 12, 2019

    Hi, folks! I’m Lenny Rudow from BoatUS Magazine. And you know, we at BoatUS understand that
    one of the most stressful parts of a day of boating is actually docking your boat. Especially when you happen to have the WORST
    slip in the marina. The reason this slip is so tough is because
    you have to back into it starboard side to, and you can’t maneuver beyond the slip thanks
    to the pier being in the way. Oh! And let’s make it a little worse. Let’s park an oversized boat in the slip across
    the way. Now, your slip I certainly hope isn’t quite
    this bad, but if you boat long enough, sooner or later you’re going to have to squeeze into
    a tight spot like this. So, let’s see how it’s done. Rule number one is to check something like
    a flag to see how the wind may affect your boat and check something in the water to see
    how the current may affect your boat. Rule number two: come in slow. I mean, it sounds like common sense, but you’d
    be amazed at how many people come in hot and end up hitting something. Rule number three, when you’re on a twin-engine
    boat, center your wheel and then leave it alone. It’s much easier to steer with the throttles,
    and as soon as you touch that wheel and get the outboards out of alignment, you’re sure
    to make mistakes. Now as I actually approach the slip, what
    I’ll try to do is swing the bow to port as much as I possibly can while moving the boat
    forward as much as I possibly can. You really need to maximize the space that
    is available to you. As I do this, remember it’s all with the throttles;
    I’m not touching the wheel. However, I will favor leaving the port throttle
    in reverse and the starboard throttle I’ll take in and out of gear. The reason for this is your forward throttle
    always has more thrust. So it’s a little easier to adjust that way. Now here’s where it gets trickier, folks,
    and this is why not being able to maneuver beyond the slip makes things so difficult. You really can’t line up exactly for the slip. The bow of the boat is always going to be
    cocked a little bit to port after I’m able to back in. So what I’ll do is, I’ll just reverse the
    throttles from what I was doing earlier: Starboard goes into reverse, port goes into forward. That kicks the bow around, and I can line
    up just right to back into the slip. Well, I’m in! Believe me, folks, with a little bit of practice,
    anybody can dock in a really tough slip–even the worst slip in the marina. Well, I hope you’ll go to and check
    out the magazine and what other videos and articles we have to offer. And if there’s a particular topic you’d like
    to see us address, please fill out the comments box below.