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    December 3, 2019

    You know I was thinking the gallery celebrates two years this month meaning that I’ve been filing taxes on this place for two years Which essentially means I also have two years of solid data. I know everything about how much everything costs the averages of everything I know exactly how much it costs for example to feed my fish today. I want to talk about that We’re gonna go through exactly what my fish eat in one day I also want to talk about cost but we’re also gonna spice it up a little bit and feed them something a little special and now in a past video we actually took a raw piece of shrimp and dropped it into a few of the tanks just to See what would happen. We’re gonna do that to a lot of Tanks. We’ve got two pounds of shrimp here now It’ll feed this every day because two pounds of shrimp where I’m from costs about fifteen to twenty dollars Canadian one of the easiest things you can do when feeding your fish is to use a Predetermined measuring device and for me, it’s just this tiny little Tupperware dish by Rubbermaid for the 375 gallon aquarium I fill this up halfway twice a day and offer to them They get a combination of veggie pellets as well as a cichlid pellet Which is more of an all-around fish food now at half-filled it weighs around 30 to 40 grams, depending on the combination Of which sizes I’m adding the smaller the pet pellet the more dense It’s going to be the more I can fit in the cup the heavier It’s going to be for example, they currently get some north fin now I Did a video in the past a little while ago where I unbox some fish foods and north fin happened to be one of them I even showed the receipt where I prove I paid for it and A lot of people went to Northland and attacked them saying they’re sponsoring me. They’re giving me free food, etc, etc That is 100% not the case I just like the food they’re Canadian and it was affordable and my fish enjoy it and I get great results on it Maybe I should get them to sponsor me So on average the three hundred and seventy five gallon gets up around 80 grams of food per day Which sounds like a lot and it is it is a tremendous amount of food But there’s a lot of fish in that tank and they’re only going to get bigger For example the first year of the aquarium gallery monthly out here including fill food electricity I use a ton of electricity in taxes land taxes It shorts all everything adds up Internet debt Internet that’s out here tremendous amount of things that add up the first year cost me an average of $1,300 a month to run it in the second year. It’s averaging out to be a little above 1,500 the fish are getting bigger It’s just costing more to feed them That’s really all it is when it comes to the hundred 20 gallon tanks on average They get about 15 grams of food Twice a day as well the bass being one of the funnest to feed because they attack it so well We’ll go from feeding those cichlid pellets that we fed the 375 and other times. I’ll give them like a Stick that is meant for arowana. They’ll enjoy that as well And then of course, I’ll give them some frozen or fresh foods like the shrimp. Tilapia scallops Whatever that whatever is available the theme of this video though is more of us focus on dry foods It’s a lot cheaper for me to feed dry than it is for me to feed fresh Even if I make it myself or do it yourself, it cost me a tremendous amount to continue to feed like that You’ll also notice that I’m only feeding five different types of food out here The trophy is get a varied diet as well for the most part They stick to the veggie diet, which is this stuff here But then I’ll also throw in some krill Every once in a while as well just to give them a little bit of meaty diet However, they are a vegetarian you do want to focus on vegetable matter for that type of fish now The average is 15 grams of food per tank twice a day. It can vary of course, especially with the bass There’s not many of them so they don’t get nearly as much but again, so that’s the average for each tank So if you hear me saying 15 to 30 grams or 30 grams total the day That’s the average some get a little more some get a little less then of course the wall root tank These guys will eat almost anything that I give them but they are Fish that leads towards being herbivores so they get a vegetable diet as well as a cichlid diet those guys Get a little bit of all three so they’ll get the Skrill the cichlid as well as the veggie, but these guys will also eat Frozen foods if I dice that up But so will the bass the bass will definitely eat a lot of frozen foods the angelfish are a different story Those guys can have a varied diet. So I keep them on one Based on the limited amount set of dry foods that I like to keep and the fact that I need to buy it by remember The first time I did that unboxing of unboxing all this food This is all new stuff. But with angelfish, you also have to take into account their size of their mouth So the one millimeter and the two millimeter Typically what I stick to feeding dry foods with so many fish has made everything out here so much easier I know that I can make my own food. I’ve done that in the past I’ve fed fish exclusively it especially when I was breeding discus I’ve had success breeding the front or raising the fry because I’ve had my own Do It Yourself foods? But to have so many different foods for so many different sizes of fish and having so many different sort of nutritional Requirements makes that extremely difficult to do the giant ker-rah me and the plecos that are in there. Well, he’s getting big so at times He downs some carnivore, which is these bigger pellets. He’ll eat some of the 3 millimeter cichlid pellets the pleco seem to like this the most And those are coniferous plecos in there, so they will eat this stuff And of course, he’ll eat the sticks as well But has a sweet tooth for shrimp and we’re gonna get to that in a moment We’re gonna feed some of these fish shrimp and they’ve never had it before the XO dawn tank I’ve been trying to get them off of the beef part because I don’t really want to have to make that all the time So I have been attempting to give them shrimp and other pellets, but it’s taking a while to get them They’re so good. Those guys get a lot of krill, which is high in protein and it happens to be 85% Atlantic krill and they seem to like it then of course the barbed tank that’s such an easy tank to feed but I had nothing But pellets here, so I stick to the one millimeter veggie pellets for these guys. They seem to enjoy it They are do a healthy that I still have the exact same amount that we started with which is mind-blowing for such a tiny fish Not losing any of them has been pretty awesome But these guys definitely enjoy the pellets I do find that the bigger guys will start eating it right away and the rest will sort of pick at it from the bottom of the tank as It softens up now the two thousand gallon most the time they get dry foods as well So, of course, they’ll get the arowana and the carnivore i’ll usually feed the Arowana first and they’ll get the floating sticks Although they will go after these bigger pellets as well but If I feed them the sticks first the pellets definitely get down to the stingrays as for the pond and the catfish Well, I can feed those guys to kitchen sink. They’ll eat absolutely everything in anything. But for the most part they do get the carnivore However, they’ll eat absolutely Anything I put in that and they are getting big fast The two thousand going gets around eighty grams of dry food twice a day Whereas the pond gets around thirty grams of dry food twice a day which means on average I’m feeding about 500 grams of dry food every day out here, which is About 50 grams more than a pound so over a pound of dry food every day and to summarize that a pound of dry food If I buy in bulk would cost anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars and that’s every single day So just the food bill out here. It could be anywhere from 400 to around $800 a month So now we have two pounds of shrimp I want to see which tanks will eat it in which tanks won’t will they pick at it? Will they won’t will they not let’s go ahead and offer it to every tank and see what they do Of course, if they don’t need it, we’ll remove it. Let’s start with the 375 gallon aquarium. We know these guys will eat it Well, go ahead and drop a handful in there. See what happens Keep in mind we’re not gonna prepare it or cut it up. I think they’re going to go ahead and eat it now notice the tank is Pretty yellow but it is the white balance. Yeah, they are eating this Yep, but clan loads got one. Yeah, so they definitely eat this stuff up as you know If I cut it up dice it up, it’s just too expensive to do it every single day just adds up too much To fighting over it now the trophy is being a herbivore. I wonder if they would eat this Okay, so these guys got a piece looks like they’re actually eating it This is the trophy estanque So it doesn’t look like they’re gonna eat it. I waited a few minutes. It’s just playing back there I’ll take it out when we’re done here. Now the wall Roo. Let’s see if these guys will go after a chunk of this Let’s see what happens I know their mouths might be too small for it, but I’m pretty sure they’ll go ahead and rip it apart Oh Timmy one a little bit Timmy going after it get it Timmy Hmm go go go. Look at Timmy. No grow. Some of these guys are getting big aren’t it? This is the biggest guy Sexy little thing. Yeah, so they’re fighting over that whole hate now You know, it’s different. It’s okay to feed your fish things that they have to rip apart But you shouldn’t necessarily do it all the time You know can cause Stunting and whatnot simply because a lot of the fish are not gonna be as strong as some of the others look at this big Guy, you know the biggest is always Oh Timmy got a chunk Only the big guy in Timmy the biggest guy and little Timmy got a piece best friends forever Yes, so usually the biggest one will always get you know the meal so you want to make sure that the food can actually fit In their mouths, so everybody can eat All right, you want some you want this tell me for the giant craw me he’s getting big you get real big I love him. He loves me. He’s my spirit animal. Let’s go. I Don’t think his mouth is necessarily big enough but If he eats it the right way Why is he running from me? Oh If you go hide to eat you have an eating problem I Know he could eat it I know for a fact he could eat it because we fed him a full one before But he always surprises me with that like biggest mouth is versus How big the food is out there goes? Oh, there he goes How was that? My another one I’ll give him another one I wonder if he’ll swim around with this one in his mouth like a mustache again No, that was quick Just doing his mouth into his belly that’s it, bro That’s exactly how I eat as soon as I’ve discovered that I actually liked the way Celtic tastes Look what he did earlier knock down one of the trees that was silicone to the bottom. This is the second one We don’t have to get him a bigger tank here shortly But he’s not that he’s not that big. There’s 120 gallon. He’s doing just fine. Now the barb tank. This will be interesting So many tiny little fish. I’m pretty sure they’ll nibble at it, but we’ll see Did it get it guys get it get it get it oh, oh You a packet two miniature baby tiny miniscule piranha You guys know what none so this tanks still do a great absolutely beautiful a lot of the plants Uprooted here and they’re just floating I’ve just been leaving this tank alone letting it do its thing the strongest survives type of thing in it We’ll see what happens over time Yeah, it doesn’t look like they’re gonna eat too much of it But it also looks like many of them are starting to discover it down there And they’re pretty though So the EXO dogs, we know these guys are a meat-eater They will go after it, but they haven’t really had a sweet tooth for this type of stuff They like the meaty stuff more. So but there’s a few of them that will eat it They must be eating it because every time I drop one in It’s gone shortly after but they’re not as ferocious for this as they were for red meats They will eat it Until it’s gone You all growing a lot bigger as well I have no idea how old these guys are I would suggest probably close to a year maybe a little bit more So they’re getting two adults eyes, it’d be interesting to see if they breed how they do it if they do it but Yeah, love this tank Yeah, they’re eating it. I think the texture of it throws them off And they like the beef hurt more because they get ripped chunks off The angel tank. This will be interesting because their mouths are so tiny. I wonder if they’ll even pick at it Yeah, I don’t think they actually care Yep, they could not care less Maybe the rest borders will go after it. I’m scooting around on the bottom there now, of course The bass now. I know these guys are gonna eat it. But will they eat it at this size is a different story It’s kind of the size of a fish so I think the big guys will get it the little guys might not let’s see what happens here Oh, What’s going oh? Not just fitting in his mouth Wonderful Hey spit it out. There’s a biker in here. Look, he’s just sticking his tail out there. He’ll eat it These guys will eat it but it’s just stuff definitely gonna be a little smaller now Of course the 2000 we know these guys will eat it a big meal for them Will they eat all of it. Yeah a lot of big fish in here the Rays will eat it. They love it. Oh He’s got three in his mouth All the Rays wrote arowana Go go down and get a bite here and there What the Rays don’t eat? The Arowana will and vice versa saw looks like a lot but they’ll eat it Now the catfish, oh boy These guys are getting huge like really big the size of them They’re very sensitive they can feel a lot of I’m gonna turn the waves off here They can feel the vibrations of whatnot in the tank So when I come near it and I just touch the lid they’ll come out I’m gonna do is dump a little bit of the the juices in here. So they know they’re about to be fed That’s the little one coming and then the big guys behind him, but these guys are getting massive They’ll eat anything I give them Now if the lights are up I’ll come up to the top of the tank see the size difference between the two if the lights are off They’ll come up to the top of the tank and eat Like whiskers out it’s really weird. I’m just Gulpin that down here I’m just gonna give them a bunch And you just sucking them in No, no. No. This is why they grow so fast. They eat so much. I could do this almost all day long with them just keep dropping food in Get it bro Yeah, he’s gotta be pushing two feet Yeah, definitely 20 inches the big guy Remember they were they’re just tiny. So you want to get a red-tailed catfish. Do you? Uoe you promise? You’ll get a bigger tank. These guys crow enormous. You’ll be weighing 40 to 60 pounds in no time Jays Absolutely, incredible a lot of people want to get these big fish But don’t take into account how much it’s gonna cost to keep them Their food bill is extreme the cost of electricity to keep their massive tanks their initial setup costs Regardless of how much things you build it’s expensive. All right, so some of them ate the shrimp Some of them didn’t is just interesting to see what would happen with that said though I’m hope you guys enjoyed finding out exactly what my fish eaten one day and the costs associated with it It certainly should be a big eye-opener for people that want to start keeping especially the big fish Not only is it expensive to buy them? Build or buy their tanks set it all up the ongoing electrical cost to run it But their food bill could potentially be enormous and it when it comes to stingrays for example We’re gonna be doing that for 25 years 20 25 years So anyways, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video If you did, enjoy you’re not subscribed to this channel yet. Make sure you do so you do not miss any more

    The Puppies Go To The Beach
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    The Puppies Go To The Beach

    December 3, 2019

    (light cheerful music) – [Narrator] The service dogs in training from Doggy Do Good have a big day ahead of them. It’s beach day! The sun, the surf, and boundless distractions that could cause any of these dogs to flunk out of Service Dog School. This is Puppy Prep. ^(light cheerful music) None of the pups are more excited to smell that ocean air ^than eight-month-old Golden Retriever, Luke. He’s been hanging out by the beach since he was only a couple months old. ^His half-sister, Remmy, is also excited, maybe too excited. It’s all right for her to take a second and adjust to the new sights and smells, but when it comes time for work, Remmy’s going to need to focus. For these puppies, the first order of business at any new location is to sample the local grass. While they’re not supposed to chew on the foliage, it’s easy for the pups to sneak a bite when the trainers have their backs turned. And the trainers turn their back frequently. Having this many puppies around draws attention, and people are excited to learn about the service dogs. But Nelly and Remmy are taking this chance to mess around. (dogs barking) The dogs aren’t supposed to go on the sand after 10:00, and while special exception can be made for service animals, there’s no shortage of other activities by the ocean, like the playground. The playground offers a multitude of different surfaces, sounds, and experiences. All of this builds confidence, getting the puppies ready for anything. ^First one up, six-month-old Chocolate Lab, Benelli. Climbing on rocks and walking on sand may appear simple, but it’s actually building the puppy’s comfort on a variety of surfaces. Wherever Benelli goes, she needs to be focused not on where she’s standing but on what her owner may need. – Good girl. – [Narrator] After breezing through the different surfaces, it’s time for something that will really disorient her. – Good girl. – [Narrator] The slide. While Benelli’s future owners may never actually take her down a slide, it’s important she has confidence to handle all kinds of new experiences. At first, she’s nervous, but with some coaxing and the promise of treat… – Good girl! – [Narrator] …even a puppy like Benelli can find her courage. Now back on firm land, the trainer is sure to praise Benelli up, building a connection in the puppy’s mind between bravery and reward. Fresh off the excitement of the slide, Trainer Paul tosses his keys to ensure Benelli still knows it’s work time. – Good, get it. – [Narrator] And she happily does her job. – Benelli, great, get it. Benelli, get it. Good girl. – [Narrator] There’s still one more slide for Benelli to attempt. (dramatic drumbeats) The spiral slide. That is, if she can get up to it. With a bit of a running start… – Benelli, jump. – [Narrator] …she makes the leap. – Good girl. – [Narrator] Her lesson from the other slide has her excited to try this one. Having never seen them before five minutes ago, slides are now simple for the six-month-old Chocolate Lab. – Woo hoo hoo! Good girl!
    Good girl. – [Narrator] Back with the dogs in down stay, ^Karen tries to refocus Remmy. She tries to get the Golden to heel, and focus in, but the eight-month-old won’t settle down. This isn’t good. Remmy’s future owner will count on her, day in and day out. And, it looks like Remmy’s lack of focus is starting to spread. Luke, get back! Come on, Karen’s trying to focus on Remmy. Kaya, are you serious? Come on! – Kaya, no! – [Narrator] All three Goldens have the sillies now, even usually dependable Luke. Kaya has to refocus, and quick. It’s her turn to walk the playground. ^The eight-month-old enjoys jumping on different surfaces. – Good girl! Good girl. Come on, let’s go. – [Narrator] The straight slide. – Good girl! Good girl, Kaya! Good girl! – [Narrator] And when it’s time for the spiral slide, what was a tough jump for Benelli is an easy hop for Kaya. But, what goes up must come down, and Kaya’s confused how that’s supposed to happen. When Sandy, the owner of Doggie Do Good, leads the way, Kaya eventually figures it out. She’s immediately praised for her bravery. – Good girl! Good girl! – [Narrator] A second attempt down the slide… (laughs) Oh, look at you. Oh, no. Good try, Kaya.
    Good try. – Good girl. Good girl, Kaya. – [Narrator] But, what’s important is that Kaya’s conquered her fear, and admirably so. Back in the down stay, it looks like Remy has finally calmed… Oh. Relax, Remmy.
    It’s just a bird. All right.
    Good girl, Remmy. Thank goodness you’re finally starting to show some self-control, otherwise today could have been the day you failed at… Oh no. – [Trainer] Remmy! – [Narrator] Breaking from a down stay to this degree is a bad sign. With Karen working with Kaya, Paul has to leave the dogs to find where Remmy ran off. Even though they’re unsupervised, they don’t dare to break; no one wants the fate that’s about to befall Remmy. Lockdown. Remmy now has to think about what she’s done, and hope it doesn’t mean expulsion. ^Now, it’s Luke’s turn to take a lap around the playground. – Good boy. – [Narrator] His first challenge is the rocking horse. Karen is trying to get Luke to jump over it, in preparation for future awkward spaces. – Stay. – [Narrator] Luke is not having it. – Good boy.
    Jump over it. – [Narrator] He hasn’t had problems of bravery in the past, so this is a new issue. – Over it.
    Nope. Over it.
    Good boy, come on. – [Narrator] Eventually, our hero figures it out. – Good, good! Good boy! – [Narrator] And Karen is sure to reward his courage. – Good job! Good boy, let’s go! – [Narrator] If Luke shows the same hesitation on the slide, then… – Good boy! – [Narrator] …well, nevermind. – Good job, Luke! Good boy! – [Narrator] Looks like after only a couple attempts, he’s already a pro. – Good job!
    Good boy! – [Narrator] Good job, buddy. – Good job. – [Narrator] When Luke returns to down stay, he finds Deacon is still getting used to his harness. He’s not quite sure why he can’t flip all the way over on his back. Paul straightens him out, and it’s back to down stay. ^Okay, Remmy. ^You’ve had a tough day so far, so time to redeem yourself on the playground. First up is the rocking horse that Luke struggled with. – Come on.
    Good girl. Over it. – [Narrator] Just like with her half-brother, it’s a matter of confidence. – Let’s go. – [Narrator] And it suddenly looks like Remmy’s lost most of hers. The culprit? The pirate ship steering wheel. – Just need a second. – [Narrator] Notice how her tail is tucked between her legs? So do the trainers. They’re hyper-aware of the pup’s attitude, and this is a huge signal from Remmy. Karen gets down on Remmy’s level and starts feeding her treats. She pets her and praises her, trying to show Remmy she’s safe. Remmy then has to pass by the wheel several more times, ensuring the dog has confronted her fear. – [Karen] Good girl. – [Narrator] If Karen can get Remmy to sniff the wheel or be still next to it, that’s going to be a great indication that Remmy’s making progress. – Good girl! – [Narrator] Eventually, a sniff. – [Karen] Good job! – [Narrator] And after a few more laps, her tail starts to wag again. Remmy’s done extremely well, and with so much excitement already had on the playground, the slide can wait for another day. ^Back on the grass, the undeniable Mr. Pip ^finds himself in an embarrassing situation. – [Trainer] Mr. Pip. – [Narrator] Because he is by far the worst at down stay, Mr. Pip has to be tied up, to the other dogs. Luke seems confused why he has to babysit, but he doesn’t mind. It gives him something to watch as he snacks on the grass. – [Trainer] Luke, leave it. Luke, release. – [Narrator] Finally, some respect. Unbelievable. Chin up, Mr. Pip. You’re still a hero in our hearts. (Mr. Pip whines) ^Another hero from Doggie Do Good is recent graduate Sammy. Sammy transitioned to his forever family only five months ago, but his bond with handler Bryce has been immediate. Sammy helps Bryce with several diagnoses, including generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, inflammatory bowel disease, and bipolar disorder. One way Sammy aids Bryce is during Bryce’s regular blood draws. Before going into an appointment, Sammy gives Bryce hugs and pressure, helping to prepare the boy for the anxiety the needles cause. During the draws, Sammy gives Bryce constant pressure to help him feel more comfortable. Sammy knows Bryce isn’t in distress now, but the 18-month-old lab checks in constantly, making sure, if Bryce ever needs him, he’s there. While Bryce’s family had always had animals, at first, they weren’t sure about adding a service dog. The support that Sammy’s provided in only his first few months, however, has made it all worth it. Someday, the puppies in training will have similar bonds with their owners and be just as important to a family as Sammy is. Back with the student pups, it’s time for a long walk on the beach. ^Or at least next to it. ^Remmy’s had a big day, so trainer Paul takes this walk very slow. Whenever Remmy begins to pull away or move in a different direction, the trainer stops. This teaches Remmy to stay focused. During a heel, the puppies need to be paying attention to the handler constantly, not drifting away on their own line. – [Paul] Good girl. – [Narrator] Eventually, Remmy starts to do better. On the stairs, heel is even more difficult for these pups. Dogs want to be on even ground, and prefer bolting up and down steps. The people they’ll someday aid, however, may need help with stairs, so it’s important the puppies learn patience. To end her day, Paul works with Remmy on one of her special abilities: hug. As difficult as the day has been for the young Golden, it’s important to remember that someday she’ll be a huge comfort to a lucky family. It’s going to take work and patience, but it’s clear it’ll be worth it. – Release. Good. – [Narrator] Some dogs can become nervous on the pier, as the spaces between the uneven surfaces can be uncomfortable under their paws. ^Not our Mr. Pip, though. ^He even finds the time to get in some of his best down stay work to date. Good boy, Mr. Pip. As the day winds down, Paul begins ^to test a special skill with Kaya: steady. Steady allows people with mobility issues to put pressure on a dog, to sit down, stand up, or just regain their balance. It’s one of Deacon’s specialties, and might someday be Kaya’s as well. Knowing her eight-month-old joints are still developing, Paul puts only the lightest of pressure over her legs. Once she’s grown, she’ll be able to take much more weight, and may even wear a harness like Deacon. At the end of the day, some dogs took steps forward, while others, steps back. For all these puppies, though, it’s still too soon to tell who will flunk out, and who will graduate Puppy Prep. (light cheerful music)

    Cat Vs Fish
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    Cat Vs Fish

    November 29, 2019

    Lila: What is this? (Sniffs) Lila: Mhm, water (sniffs) Toto: Look Lila! I’m scared! Toto: Where is Moma? Moma: I only come to eat Moma: Can this be eaten? Moma: This is not food, bye (Sniffs) Moma: Ñam Ñam Moma: Ñam Ñam Moma: Humans more food Moma: Ñam Ñam Moma: Ñam Ñam Moma: There is no more, bye Toto: Look lila! I am brave! Toto: No, not anymore Toto: I’m brave! Toto: You never play, bye 🙁

    A**-Hole on the Beach! Key of Awesome #45
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    A**-Hole on the Beach! Key of Awesome #45

    November 29, 2019

    Douchebag on the Beach who brought a guitar A-hole on the Beach smoking a cigar
    Drunk girl on the beach who thinks that she’s at a bar DRUNK GIRL
    Class of 2012 MARK
    All you beach offenders out there you know you are DRUNK GIRL
    Party People in the house tonight bleaaaaaah MARK
    White trash family who’s sitting too close Inbred family your children are gross
    You never secure your umbrella. yeah there it goes REDNECK
    Git the umbrella Shane! The wind done swept er up again! MARK
    Why do humans always ruin what I love the most? Teen mom who won’t keep an eye on her kid
    I hope he gets eaten by a giant squid
    Long Island ladies engaging in loud conversations LI LADY
    You know I can’t eat that because of my Vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Four abortions? MARK
    I don’t need to hear all about your old operations LI LADY
    I have to have it drained twice a week. You wanna see? MARK
    A-hole with a metal detector Your T- shirt says bikini inspector
    Sand castle pervert is making six foot dong SANDCASTLE PERVERT
    This is my masterpiece! MARK
    Cholo on the beach who brought his pet snake
    I think we can agree that was a mistake Stupid brat with crackers attracting nasty seagulls
    Old man in a speedo everyone can see your old balls OLD MAN
    Would you mind putting some sunscreen on my the back of my thighs? MARK
    Douchebags in the ocean get ready to run
    Excuse me fisherman can I borrow your chum Now I’ll just sit back and wait for the sharks to come
    Watching douchebags swim for their lives is just good clean fun

    How Do Fish Breathe? | Animal Science for Kids
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    How Do Fish Breathe? | Animal Science for Kids

    November 28, 2019

    Squeaks and I are adopting a pet goldfish! He lives in a fish tank, and he’s a great
    swimmer! In fact, this little guy’s whole body is
    really suited to life in the water. He has great fins to help him swim, and eyes
    that can stay open in the water. These special body parts help him to live
    in his underwater home, so we call them adaptations. There’s one adaptation that’s really important
    for our new fish friend to survive in a fish tank or pond. He needs to be able to breathe underwater. People can’t breathe underwater because
    there’s no air. We have to hold our breath, or use special
    equipment like scuba gear to get air. But our goldfish isn’t holding his breath,
    and he didn’t bring scuba gear! Instead of breathing air, he actually breathes
    water. Humans, fish, and all kinds of other animals
    have to breathe for the same reason: we all need something called oxygen. Even though air might not seem like it’s made
    of anything, it’s actually made up of lots of tiny things called molecules that are way
    too small for you to see. Oxygen is one of the ingredients in air, and
    it’s really important: it helps your body make energy! You need oxygen to break down your food, move
    your muscles, and even just to think with your brain. There’s oxygen in air, but you need it to
    get into and all around your whole body! So, you have special organs called lungs to
    help get that oxygen. When you breathe in, you can feel your lungs
    expand full of air, just like a balloon. Once they’re full of air, your lungs pull
    the oxygen that you need out of the air before you breathe out. That oxygen goes into your blood and travels
    all throughout your body. There’s air all around us, so as long as
    you we breathe, you can get oxygen. Land animals can have all different shapes
    and sizes of lungs, but animals that live underwater, like fish, need oxygen, too! Fish don’t have lungs, and there isn’t
    any air around them. Animals like our goldfish need to use another
    way to get their oxygen. And guess what? Water is full of oxygen, just like the air
    is! So fish can get their oxygen straight from
    the water they live in. They just need an adaptation to get the oxygen
    out of the water. Instead of lungs, most underwater creatures
    have another special body part that allows them to pull oxygen straight out of the water,
    called their gills. Gills look like little slits on either side
    of a fish’s face. A fish’s gills work a lot like our lungs. When a fish pulls in water through its mouth,
    the water goes back out through its gills. As the water runs through the gills, it goes
    right past the fish’s blood. The oxygen in the water flows into the fish’s
    blood, and now the fish can use the oxygen all over its body! The fish is basically breathing water with
    gills, instead of air with lungs. Other types of animals besides fish use gills,
    too. Crabs, lobsters, snails, and even some bugs
    use gills to breathe! So, even though we both have very different
    ways of getting it, our goldfish needs oxygen just like I do. Isn’t that right, little fish? What do you think we should name our new fish? Ask a grown-up to help you leave a comment
    below, or you can send us an email at [email protected] Thanks, and we’ll see you next time here at
    the Fort!

    32 | Velejadores X Lancheiros – Sailing Around the World
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    32 | Velejadores X Lancheiros – Sailing Around the World

    November 21, 2019

    Hello, welcome aboard! We left Tapera, where we were with our neighbor Paulo. And we went to Lagoa Azul, spent the day in Lagoa Azul, we had fun, Google went into the water as usual. We did stand up, that nice mess. And our subject of the day is the sailor and the motorboat owner. ♫ Music ♫ And we’ll show you a little bit what is the effect of a speedboat can do with our sailboat. Because a lot of people do not really know what can happen. Like, the boat… The motorboat owners, it’s not that we don’t like them. But they usually cross in front of us, but they don’t know how much it disturbs us. So we’ll show you. Paulo will cross in front of us, and we will film how much we shake. – It’s controlled, huh? It’s not that Paul is a bastard, he knows me.
    – Right. Then he’ll cross in the back of our boat so you can see how good it is when the motorboat crosses behind us. When he is very close to us, here on the side, the wave he makes, how much it shakes … So, it’s not like we… Look, Paul is calling us. Sometimes motorboats don’t respect us, and we have the preference because we’re on sail. So we came up here and then you’ll see what happens to us when the motoboat crosses in front of us. Look at the size of that wave. It’s coming. The wave is coming. Look at our sails, they’re regular. Look what happens, watch the wave. My God, that was intense. When the wave hits us, it deregulates the sails. And then you have to regulate again, get back on the move. And that, like, he crossed slowly, I’ll tell him to move faster. He will not let me know when it’s coming. Just to rock in here, like a fool. Look what happens to the sail. A lot of movement. ♫ Music ♫ That’s what happens, look. So, my motorboat owners friends, please do not cross on our bow. You can go in another direction. Sometimes, we can not do this maneuver. We can not get on board like that, suddenly. ♫ Music ♫ Well, we’re here with our friend and neighboor, the motorboat owner.
    – Our friend, the motorboat owner. Welcome aboard Paulo’s boat. Exactly. And Paul is the one who did all this test with us, that we showed before. Crosses in front, crosses behind … So Paulo, did you know about this difference it makes for us? No, I learnt recently, when I started having friends in the sail business, but I really didn’t know, it’s something we don’t learn, you have no idea how much it disturbs the sails. Sometimes we actually want to be near the sail, because we think it’s cool, everyone who has a speedboat enjoy the sailor’s lifestyle. I think people pass us by to see Google, that’s what happens, and I say “Oh, my”. So, the waves… If they see Google, then they will follow you guys. We have several friends who are motoboat owners and none of them knew how much it disturbs when he walks past a sail. And we showed the sail knocking, we got out of the way, things fall inside, people fall into the boat … We even talked about this. We do not have this knowledge of how much it disturbs. When we seek to divert from another vessel, we will divert as far as the security of passing by is guaranteed. You don’t have this idea that sometimes you’re far, but your wave is still going to disturb something about the navigation of the other boat. The ones who has a boat hardly has this knowlegde. – But in short, we love motorboat owners…
    – Good! We love… Actually, I think that the sea… Paulo, who is super fond of the sea, this is what attracts everyone, this is what attracts the motorboats, this is what attracts those who walk troller, sailboat… Canoe, fisherman … I think, in general, what attracts everyone is the sea and the love for the sea. So that’s what we have in common. Yeah, and this brawl has to stop, right? What did we do here? – We stopped side by side.
    – Yes! – Right!
    – So we’re here, let’s show it. I had never even seen it happen. – Shogun on the side, boat here.
    – Barbecue back there. – You see, you came in afterwards, barbecue was ready!
    – It’s ready! And it was already anchored. – We don’t have to lift the anchor, Beto is not suffering with his arms.
    – Easy. The barbecue was ready, waiting for you. Stop side by side, there is a refrigerator, there is a drink, there is meat, the best thing for the sailor. But I wanted to say something serious. Because I think the brawl is based on that. Everyone who has a boat, when we see a sailboat, we admire it, we like it. The lifestyle of those who live aboard and usually is in a sailboat, not in another type of boat, – It attracts everyone who likes the sea.
    – Yes, they admire it. Everyone would like to have a speedboat, as everyone would like to have a sailboat, everybody would like to live in the sea, living in the sea. So I think it’s one complementing the other. Let’s try to do this education, but understand, for God’s sake, if sometimes the boat passes near you, is because the the guy really wants to see, he wants to admire. Let’s try to see if you can spread this new culture to stop it. To stop it and see this happen more often, right? This it’s really cool. And let me tell you, there’s nothing better than a motorboat owner friend. There’s nothing better! At least one barbecue, right, which is ready. There’s a barbecue, there’s the private toilet, you know? There is the showerhead there, has space so Google can play, – I say “You can always invite me!”
    – And Paulo came from São Paulo and brought our modem that had broken. I think it was the most expensive freight ever. And this, in fact, the modem… We don’t have a fixed address anymore, nothing, but we have a lot of friends, which is the best thing in the world. And it was like so: one led to another, which led to another. – My aunt left here, from Ilha Grande, took it to my mother, my mother put it in the Mail, took to my friend, my friend from São Paulo, went to the Eldorado store, Eldorado traded, motoboy took it to Paulo, so Paulo could bring it to us.. – And arrived.
    – Has arrived! – Logistics, huh?
    – We have no address, but we have friends. So that’s what counts. I think that’s what … – To everyone who’s at sea.
    – At sea we all have to be friends, right? If one day a sailboat needs to tow a boat, I think he won’t deny it. If the motorboat needs to tow the sailboat, no doubt he’ll will help. Everyone is at sea, we have to help one another. That’s it. Then, motorboat saw sailboat, sailboat saw motorboat, stop side by side and make a barbecue. Exactly! ♫ Music ♫ Santa Claus arrived on our boat, our boat was invaded by Bis! Paulo … Look, our neighbor. We got it, got it, we’re here. Boat against boat. And look, Santa Claus, Paul! Amazing. Tell us more about this lovely dish, Paulo. This is a rocambole of cheese, ham, catupiry, tomato … And what dough, what did you use, what dough? It’s a secret … Ooooh! We make it here on the boat. Try and tell me what you think. I figured it out, it’s pastry dough. Wow!! It’s a secret … ♫ Music ♫ Google is drinkning water with ice in here. And brown bread. How is Google going to go home now, huh Google? ♫ Music ♫ – So, Paulo, what do you think?
    – It’s Cabo Frio now, that we’re going, right Beto?” You can go already. ♫ Music ♫ Good Morning! Wow, today we’ve overslept, it’s almost ten and a half. Yesterday we went to Abraham, at night, we took a walk. Yesterday we spent the day here, we went to Coqueiro Verde, along with Paulo. So today I don’t know what the plans are, I just know that Paulo is paddling to try to reach us, and he will, you see? ♫ Music ♫ Let’s have breakfast with our neighbor, we bring the pots, the milk, and just cross the bridge, Come Google, show how it is, come Google. Look at that! Well, in the end, in short, we decided to take a break at Tapera, look at Betinho and Google. We will go on the Tapera which has a lot of group girls in there. There’s Bibi, there’s Carmen, there’s Bruna … So we’re going to take a walk, have Google a walk, rest, and at night we are going to sleep at Praia Vermelha, which we never went. ♫ Music ♫ How do you pee? Tell me. How? It’s okay that the sea rocks from time to time, but it can also collaborate, right? ♫ Music ♫


    How To Make A Fishing Game

    October 7, 2019

    Gone fishing…. not working…. Sam, are you singing about fishing? Or am I just hearing things? Perhaps, fishing. Perhaps, singing. Or perhaps not… What are these pictures? I found them in some old box. And the memories came flooding in… Just imagine: smooth water surface… intense look… waiting… Suddenly the hook starts jumping… And you get this… this big… This big? Hmmm…. there… and there… Veeery big! Oh! But more often I got boots. Boots… and… and pans with holes… and… tyres! Oh! This is a completely different kind of fishing. Guys, have you ever fished strange objects out of the water? Write in the comments. But remember, you should never throw any trash into rivers lakes or seas. I heard this from the Tibidabo wisemen That’s right. So tell me Sammy. Did you catch a lot of fish? Fish? Uh…it’s not the results that matter but the process. Oh, I see. I only eat fruit fish anyway. But why did you go fishing then? Fishing comes with mosquitoes and water and you can get wet at any time Well, yes, these aren’t the most pleasant aspects of fishing. But… I LOVE fishing! That’s it! I can’t take it anymore! What, Sammy? I really want to go fishing! Think of something, pleeeease! Or I’ll leave and… and… Sammy, please, wait… I haven’t even said hi to our viewers. Hi guys! Right. Hi. So? So what? What are you going to do? Hmm… How about fishing right on this table? Uh? Whaaa? You’ll be able to fish right on our table and no mosquitoes. Oh, yeah, that’s a fine approach! Hmm, let me check my sewing basket. Felt, beads, threads, stuffing. Oh, and I’ll also need sticks Drumsticks? No, chopsticks. Here look. Well. I wish they like drumsticks. I’d drum away ran away… And scare all the fish away? It should be quiet when you fish. As if I don’t know. I am such an experienced fisher-slime! Wait here, I’ll show you something. Sam left and hasn’t come back yet. Fine, I won’t wait for him. I’ll start making sea creatures. I’ve prepared this template in advance. I’ll place it on the felt and…[gasp] Ugh… here! Er, Sam? Why have you brought this? Don’t you know that candy wrappers make amazing Bait? Bait? Oh I see! Well, I don’t know… This fishing won’t need it. Super bait is necessary for any fishing! Believe an experienced fisher-slime! Still let me set them aside. …and outline the seahorse on the felt. Be very ,very slow so you can make sure you get it, right Oh, well done. Here, a candy for you! Uhhh, thanks? Aha, gotcha! And you say I don’t need bait. Oh, it’s really just a candy wrapper! Oh, Sammy, I’m not a fish! I’ll cut out the outline dshape with scissors. Remember to be very careful with them. Hmm Right, I’ll need two of these. But the seahorse will also need eyes and fins. I’ve used felt to make them. Right, I need to sew the eyes and the fins to the body, [gasp] Sam! Yes? What are you doing? I’m checking out different type of bait. Huh? I see, return all the stolen bait back into the basket! Humph fine! Bait?! From thread?! That slime! Guys, be very careful when working with a needle. Like this. Very carefully. We’ll poke some holes in and out. And pull tightly. It’s a good idea to use cookies as bait. You can snack and feed the fish Cookies?! I can imagine that. Right, the small parts are sewn on So now I need to connect the big ones. I’ll sew all along the edges with this pretty stitch Sewing can be kind of complicated but once you get it it is so fun. And you can sew all kinds of different things Listen, why is your cotton candy so weird? What cotton… Sammy! That’s just polyester stuffing! Stuffing? Are you making fish with stuffing? You could say that. Look, I’ll put some stuffing inside, like this. And I’ll also place this metal spacer inside That’s some weird stuffing. Well fine. Continue. I have things to do Let’s see…. hmmm… Aha! Here we go! Almost ready! Oooh yeah! Bam dum bam dam bam dum dum! Whoa, Sammy! What’s ll this noise? I’ve told you these aren’t drumsticks But they make great sound! Right… It’s a good thing our sea creatures aren’t afraid of noise. Oh, so pretty, I feel bad about fishing them! By the way, where will I fish them? I feel bad but the process… There’s a special pond for that… Here! What’s in here? Ooooh…. I need to… Oh, Sue! What’s the matter? There’s no fishing rod! Oh, really? Well, you took the base for the rod. Wh-what base? This base? But… I didn’t meant to… Fine, fine. I had more of those, so I made a rod for you. Here, take it. Thanks, Susie! I’ll join you, too! [gasp] Oh! Allllright! Yes! Aha! No, mine! Aw, man! I’m the winner! Guys, give a thumbs up if you liked today’s video. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to know all about Sam’s hobbies Bye. Bye Oh, a big one! C’mere, c’mere! Yahooo! Yes! Hey guys! Please share this video with your friends. Help Sam get even more viewers for his channel. He works really hard on each episode. Thanks!

    Gasp! | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows
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    Gasp! | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

    August 18, 2019

    MICKEY: Oh. Here, boy.
    (WHISTLES) Come on, boy.
    Fetch. That’s my Gubbles. Okay, Gubbles, now sit. Roll over. Now catch your treat. (CLANGS) (STRAINING GRUNT) Hmm, looks like that little house is to small for my big fishy. (PANTING) Well, time to order you
    a bigger bowl. (MEOWS) (CLINKING) MAN ON PHONE:
    Fish Bowls Emporium. To continue in English,
    press one now. Gracias…
    Water! Water! The kitchen.
    (SQUEALS) Hmm! Lousy landlord. Stay with me, pal.
    I’m comin’. I’m comin’. Water! No, that’s chicken. Water! Get me some water. (UTENSILS CLATTER) (WHIMPERING) (MOANING) (SCREAMS) (MOANS) (SCREAMS) Did you say
    something, Gubbles? Oh, Gubbles. No! (PUFFING) Speak to me, Gubbles. (BLOWING RASPBERRIES) The tub. You’re saved! (EXCLAIMS) Ah! (GRUNTING) (GROANS) (CAT YOWLS) Ow! (JITTERING) (SCREAMS) I got ya!
    (LAUGHS) (CATERWAULING) Gubbles. Sit. Now, roll over. (YOWLING) Now fetch your treat. Now sick ’em! (GROWLS) (SHRIEKS) (GRUNTS) (SCREAMS) Good day, sir. Right, Gubbles? (GASPS) The tub. Ooh. The tub! (MUFFLED UNDERWATER)
    That’s my Gubbles. (CHUCKLES)

    How To Keep Your Goldfish Alive For 15 Years
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    How To Keep Your Goldfish Alive For 15 Years

    August 16, 2019

    The longest-living goldfish on record was 43 years old. But chances are your goldfish didn’t even live a quarter that long. In fact, most goldfish don’t survive past their fifth birthday,
    and that’s a major problem since they’re supposed to live for about as long as your cat. So why are goldfish dying so young? The usual culprit behind your
    goldfish’s untimely demise is, well, poop. You see, goldfish waste
    contains toxins like ammonia that can burn gills and
    even damage the brain. In the wild, this isn’t a problem. Freshwater lakes and
    ponds are home to armies of bacteria that break it down into less harmful chemicals.
    But in your home tank, there’s no bacteria to be found. You have to introduce it,
    and that’s where a lot of goldfish owners slip
    up because you can’t just buy a fish the same
    day you get your tank. The process of growing
    bacteria takes patience. First, you’ll need to remove chlorine from your tank water using a conditioner. Chlorinated tap water
    is fine for you to drink since it kills off germs,
    but it’s not so great for the bacteria you want to cultivate. Once you’ve created a safe
    space for the bacteria to grow, they’ll come from all over: the air, the outside of the tank, and any rocks or plants you stick in
    the tank for decoration. You can also buy commercially
    sold bacteria cultures grown in labs. After that,
    all they need is dinner. Fish food will do. As the food breaks down,
    it releases ammonia for the bacteria to eat, and
    finally, you wait for a while. Depending on how much
    bacteria you start with, the process can take about two months. That’s right, two months. But then there should be enough bacteria. You can double-check with
    a simple water test kit. But here’s the thing, all
    the bacteria in the world won’t keep your fish alive
    if the tank is too small. You see, as these bacteria
    gobble up goldfish poop, they produce some waste of their own, and if it’s not sufficiently diluted, it can kill your goldfish. A dinky, single-gallon
    bowl is much too small, and even the 10-gallon tank you see in every pet store won’t cut it. A single adult goldfish
    needs at least twice that much water to thrive. That’s almost 40 kilograms of water, 2000 times heavier than your goldfish, and even with a huge
    tank, you’ll still need to replace about 30% of
    the water every two weeks because besides poop,
    goldfish release hormones and pheromones into their environment, which, if left unchecked,
    can stunt their growth. That might help explain why goldfish in healthy environments can reach the size of an American football,
    while your last goldfish wasn’t much bigger than your index finger. Once you have a big, detoxified tank, Goldie just needs one more
    thing: your attention. Because you’re not swimming
    in the tank with her, it’s hard to notice if
    something’s wrong with, say, the water quality. So
    oftentimes new goldfish owners don’t realize anything’s
    amiss until it’s too late, and common diseases like
    fin rot, white spot disease, and fungal infections
    have already taken hold. So it’s a good idea to
    pay careful attention to how the water looks and smells, and anyway, spending time
    with your goldfish will be worth it since you can teach Goldie to swim through hoops
    and eat from your hand.

    Kitten Dangles From Fishing Net On Mother’s Neck | Animal in Crisis EP31
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    Kitten Dangles From Fishing Net On Mother’s Neck | Animal in Crisis EP31

    August 16, 2019

    Assistant Director : There there there!! PD : Is she there? There.. Is a skinny cat sitting crouched Seems like her body is twined around with something.. A little kitten is with her Upon approaching, she walks away PD : Oh no…! The kitten is helplessly dragged down by the mother cat The kitten is also tied together with the mother cat Informant : I think when the kitten was getting into the mother cat’s arms to take the breast The kitten got stuck in the net too I’m afraid they’re gonna die.. Don’t think they’ll survive PD : Oh my… No… The kitten is dangling from her mom dangerously Meanwhile the mother cat looks into garbage The kitten kicks her feet out of pain After hearing her kitten’s crying, she stopped looking for food Instead, she breastfeeds her kitten But then After sensing something, the mother cat moves to the other place PD : Huh? She goes into that warehouse Informant : We gotta take them and remove the net But she’s too fast to catch up with Also, she hides easily in such broad area While the rescue team comes across in a ship We decided to observe the mother cat After checking nobody’s outside, the mother cat comes out She carefully takes steps due to her kitten ??? Has the kitten escaped from the net? Being startled by the sound, the mother cat comes out Underneath the mother cat Found two kittens She has looked after the other kitten even with the net tied around her neck..? Assistant Director : I found them! The mother cat and her kittens are hiding underneath the piled up buoys How come they end up in such situation..? Informant : Since it’s an island, there are lots of fishing nets The nets to catch the fishes Perhaps the mother cat got stuck in one of them last year while wandering around Many nets are on the street as the village is based around the sea Fishy-smelly nets are the best playground for cats Perhaps the mother cat was caught in one of them while playing with it.. The mother cat was stuck in this net Perhaps when it was torn apart like this At the moment when I cut the huge net where she was stuck inside She ran away, leaving her neck and arms tied with the net The lady found the mother cat caught in the net And hurriedly removed the net around her But the cat ran away before the lady was about to completely remove it A month ago, I found her with a full belly I was like And she gave birth to kittens over there While breastfeeding her kitten, the kitten also was caught in the net too To cause no harm to the kitten The mother can’t even go out for food How painful would it be for both Informant : How can I ignore such poor cats when I can actually see them I’m so heartbroken.. so pitiful With all her heart, the mother cat takes care of her kittens The rescue team has arrived! At that time.. The mother cat comes out from the piled up buoys However The kitten hanging with mom is missing?! Perhaps something’s happened to the kittens?! Checking inside while she’s out Fortunately, the kittens stay inside as they were Vet : Even though the kitten escaped from the net luckily But there’s still a chance where she would get stuck again while being breastfed For more than 20 days, the kitten needs to be breastfed so.. The net is still twined around her body As the net digs into her flesh The wound will be healed above it causing harm to the muscles and blood vessels In the worst case, her skin tissues in the leg will die At the moment when the mother cat goes into the warehouse Blocks every way that links to outside A cage trap and meats are ready The mother cat walks cautiously around the cage Perhaps being starved, she starts to eat the meat And takes a bite of the meat that links to the entrance Informant : Nabi~ We will help you out, relax Successfully rescue two kittens Informant : Oh my.. How’s her neck? Vet : Oh no.. There’s a wound around her neck Clear mark from the fishing net Informant : I thought she was the only kitten.. The one who hung onto the mother cat Informant : Gosh.. They’re finally rescued Informant : I’m relieved now Hope she recovers well and lives happily with her kittens Removes the net first That has tortured her for a year Checks if she has other health issues Vet : As long as the superficial wound is treated well She will be recovered within 2-3 weeks, 1 month for max and lead an ordinary life How’s the kitten’s health condition would be? Vet : The net was digging into the flesh for about 2-3mm But as she could luckily escape from it she’s recovering from the would Her growth condition is fine Because the mother cat has been feeding her well Thanks to the mother cat who has looked after her kittens with lots of love All kittens are in health Finally, the mother cat is able to hold her kittens into her arms