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    Mother May I With That YouTub3 Family! Fun Parlor Game! / The Beach House
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    Mother May I With That YouTub3 Family! Fun Parlor Game! / The Beach House

    December 5, 2019

    Michael: Hey everybody, welcome toThe Beach House. Today we are with that YouTube Family Michael: We are getting ready to play mother may I with them. So we’ve got a few different players here. Becca’s going to be playing Michael: And James played last round on their channel. So you’ll have to go check out their channel and see Michael: The other version that we’ll play together downstairs. Michael: But then we’ve also got…who else is playing this round? Jordan: I’m going to be playing and I’m really excited. Michael: We got Jordan and David. Jordan: Ellie’s going to be playing and we’re on the same team. Michael: You guys ready? Michael: And then we got the rest…everybody that played downstairs. The cheerleader squad over here. Becca: And we have obstacles, so this table is in the way Becca: The island is in the way Michael: We have to get all the way down to the end of that room over there Michael: You guys ready? Michael: What’s your game plan Rebecca? Becca: I have no idea, but it might involve running on tabletops Jordan: Running on tabletops? Oh I didn’t know it was going to get that intense. Michael: Ellie, what is your strategy to win? Ellie: Go really fast. Michael: Ooh, that’s a good strategy. Okay, so you got a stand here on the starting line. We got one more player over there David: My strategy to win is I’m going to be like super fast like The Flash. Michael: He’s making deals with the mother. Are you bribing our mother over here? David: Just saying I don’t have to bribe. When you got skills… Michael: All right, well the starting line is over here Michael: Nice try. That was your strategy. Michael: Sorry I called you out on that. Michael: All right, well I think everybody is set up and ready to go so let’s get started. Michael: You want to do the honors? David: Ooh I get to start? This is going to be a short round guys. Sorry. David: Mother may I David: Hmm…be like Flash and come see you Corbin: No. But you can be a slow train. David: A slow train? David: (TRAIN WHISTLE) David: This is going to be a long night Becca: Okay mother may I Wingardium leviosa Corbin: No. But you can be a ball Corbin: Stop Michael: Wow. You got really far! Michael: Okay Michael: It’s Ellie’s turn Ellie: Mother may I Ellie: Be a ballerina? Corbin: No. But you can take two baby steps Michael: Two baby steps Michael: Good job Jordan: Okay. Mother you just got to trust me on this one and say yes okay? May I take my partner here and do the tango? Jordan: No?!! Corbin: But you can… Corbin: Be a crab. Jordan: Oh I got this. I’m the best crab ever. Corbin: Stop David: All right, are you ready? Mother may I trade places with Jordan? Corbin: No. Corbin: You can… Corbin: Be a ball. David: Ball?! David: Did you say bald or a ball? Michael: You got really far. David: I don’t think I can stand up right now. Becca: He needs to get undizzy for a little while. Becca: Oh mother may be a kangaroo? Corbin: No. But you can…. Corbin: Be a tornado Corbin: Stop. Ellie: Mother may I… Ellie: Go on the table? Corbin: No Corbin: You can be a ball Jordan: Alright. Come on Ellie. You got this! Corbin: Stop. Michael: Good job! Jordan: So close yet so far! Jordan: Mother may I….teleport? Corbin: Until I say stop. Jordan: Okay, so this a magic trick. So you got to come real close. Jordan: Ready? Jordan: Wow! How did that happen? Michael: Good job David: Hey, I’ve already been a ball, so I know I’m not going to be a ball again right? David: Can I be…here we go. Mother may I David: Be a downhill skier? David: Okay ready? Here we go. Becca: Would you mind doing it again? Becca: Give me an idea Michael. Becca: Mother may I be a race car? Corbin: But she can… Corbin: Be a snake Becca: I’m gonna be on my back Becca: I got so close Michael: Can you reach it? Becca: I think I might just take a nap right here actually. It feels really nice. Ellie: Mother may I Ellie: Teleport? Jordan: Mother may I do a single scissor cut? Corbin: Yes Jordan: You said the wrong answer cause I have long legs so… Michael: Better luck next time. Jordan: Okay you guys, are you ready? Jordan: I am now the mother! Jordan: So, ask away. Becca: Okay, round two. Becca: Mother may I be a torpedo? Jordan: A torpedo? Jordan: Why not? Becca: Did I stop at the right time? I heard a lot of screaming. Okay. Michael: Alright Corbin. Corbin: Mother may I… Corbin: Go under the table, across the under it? Jordan: Oh so you’re going to crawl under the table? Jordan: I’m feeling generous. So, I mean why not sure. Jordan: Okay stop! Corbin: I asked to go to the other side Michael: Alright Ellie Ellie: Mother may I be a bunny? Jordan: A bunny? Jordan: Yes. Jordan: And stop. David: Mother may I be Dracula turned into a bat? Jordan: No David: What?! Jordan: You could be a spooky scary skeleton Jordan: Stop Becca: Okay, oh I am always unprepared every single time Becca: What’s something that’s really fast? May I be like the wind? Jordan: No Jordan: You can take Jordan: One ginormous giant step instead. Becca: Okay, ready? Jordan: Okay. Corbin: Mother may I be a tornado? Jordan: Tornado? Why do you want to be a tornado under the table? Jordan: Okay, no. Jordan: You may not have your tornado, but you can be a tsunami. Corbin: What’s a tsunami? Michael: It’s like a big wave. Ellie: Mother may I be the scissors? Jordan: Scissor cut, how many? Ellie: Five Jordan: Five?! Jordan: That’s so many. No. You may do two. Jordan: Two scissor cuts Jordan: There you go. David: Watch this one, it’s going to be good. Mother may I be Tarzan of the apes? Jordan: Sure. Yeah. David: She said yes! I didn’t think she would. David: (CALL OF TARZAN) Jordan: Stop! David: But still in last place. Becca: Mother may I be an ape?! Jordan: Be an ape?! Yes! Jordan: Stop! Corbin: Mother may I be a race car? Jordan: A race car? Jordan: Well, it depends what type of race car are you going to be. Corbin: Blue Jordan: Oh a blue race car. Okay, yes. If you said red then I would have said no. So… Jordan: Okay stop! Stop stop! Jordan: Alright. Ellie’s turn. Ellie: Mother may I be… Ellie: A race car? Jordan: No, you may not. Jordan: But Jordan: You may… Jordan: Do Jordan: The Jordan: The bird. Jordan: Oh no! Jordan: Okay. David’s turn. David: I have a feeling she doesn’t want me to win. David: So watch this. David: Mother may I be a fly fisherman? Jordan: No Jordan: Sorry, no. Jordan: But, you can go deep sea scuba diving. David: But that goes down. David: All right, you ready? Jordan: Stop! Jordan: I forgot the word is stop. Becca: Okay, mother…I was just about to say may I… Becca: Forgot what I wanted to say Becca: Mother may I be a fast growing weed? Jordan: Okay Becca: Losing my balance Becca: If you want to see that, check out their video on their channel. Michael: All right guys, thank you so much for watching The Beach House. This is so much fun playing mother may I with Michael: So if you want to see the version then we played on their channel make sure to go check it out Michael: I’ll have a link in the description below and Becca: For that YouTube Family! ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

    Our House Got Blown Up! Suspenseful Escape From Danger! / The Beach House
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    Our House Got Blown Up! Suspenseful Escape From Danger! / The Beach House

    December 1, 2019

    Previously on The Beach House Michael: Pull. Pull. Michael: Oh no. Michael: I don’t want anybody to get hurt Michael: Come on in. James: Upsetting. We need to get out! Hacker: That will not help them again. This time, I’ll win, James: What do we have to do this time?! Corbin: How do we escape?! Ellie: Give us a chance! Hacker: Oh perhaps. But you know with all the treasures you’ve collected, you’ve made yourself quite target. Hacker: It wasn’t hard to enlist the help of a few friends Hacker: Now to make things more fun, remember these guys? Hacker: Or how about this one? Hacker: Of course my personal favourite. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WE GOT IT’ BY O/B/A) ♫ ♫ Michael: Guys, we’ve completely lost all control of our entire house. The hacker has taken over all of our electronics. We’re locked in. Becca: I don’t know how we’ll get out of here. The rest of the family is gone. Thank goodness. But we can’t even call them to get…like to let them know what’s going on. Michael: Because our phones are fried James: There is one way out but we would have to break a window. Becca: I don’t want to break anything. Michael: Maybe that’ll be our last resort James: Yeah, we can’t do anything to get out, we’ll just have to break a window. Corbin: Last time we got in contact with the hacker, Corbin: He was being easy on us. Michael: Yeah, maybe he’ll give us some easy tasks. Michael: So maybe we’ll get out easy, but the bandits are coming, the time pirates been released by the hacker and Michael: We’ve got the gingerbread man coming. So they’re all coming right now, and we just need to get out here Michael: So I hope that we can get out Becca: It probably would be better if we whispered while we’re making plans Becca: Because our security camera he’s hacked into. Michael: The entire house has been… Becca: We don’t want him to know exactly what we’re trying. Michael: Oh wait. Michael: Do you guys hear that? Michael: He’s coming back. He’s on the TV again Hacker: Well, I’ve decided I’ll give you a chance to escape. Only one chance though. Hacker: And if any of you fail, you’ll be my slaves in this house forever. Hacker: Each of you will be given a question. If you answer correctly, all of you will be free. Michael: Do you guys hear that? Michael: Hopefully we can answer the questions right. Corbin: At least we get a one chance. Becca: And I don’t think we can help each other either. He’s going to ask us individually a question. Michael: Okay. Get your thinking caps on guys. Becca: And if you know the answer, don’t say it out loud. Because he might consider that cheating. Michael: Okay. Michael: Let’s hear what is the first question. We’re ready, Michael: Mr. Hacker. Hacker: This first question is for Michael. Hacker: What is the state capital of Vermont? Becca: Do you even know that?! Michael: The state capital of Vermont. Michael: Oh! Michael: I remember a commercial on TV when I was a kid. Becca: What? Michael: It’s Montpelier Hacker: Good job. Hacker: You got that one right. Hacker: This one is for Rebecca. Hacker: How many planets are in our solar system? Michael: Becca Becca: There used to be nine. Not official answer, I think there’s eight. Michael: Is that your answer? Becca: Cause Pluto used to be Becca: a planet but now I guess it’s not. Becca: Eight. Hacker: That was an easy one. Good job. Hacker: Got it right. Hacker: But, it will get harder from here. Hacker: And the next one is for James. Hacker: How many weeks are in a year? Michael: James, Michael: you know that? Michael: How many weeks are in a year. Michael: James we talked about this yesterday! Don’t you remember?! Michael: Maybe the hacker was listening to us when we were in the car driving. James: Fifty two! James: Is that right? Hacker: You got it right. I was listening to you. Good job. Hacker: The next question is for Corbin. Hacker: Are you ready? Hacker: It is. What is ten times nine? Corbin: It’s ninety. Isn’t it? Hacker: Good job Corbin. Hacker: You are very good at math. You got it right. Hacker: The next question is for Ellie Hacker: What are the ABC’s in order? Ellie: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Ellie: Q R S Ellie: T U V Ellie: W X Y and Z Ellie: Now I know my ABC’s Ellie: Next time won’t you sing with me. Hacker: No. I will not sing with you but you got it right. Hacker: The last question is for Charlie. Hacker: And this one will be the hardest of them all. Hacker: What is the cube root of twenty seven? Charlie: Sixty seven. Hacker: That is incorrect. Hacker: You failed my tests! Hacker: And now, you are my prisoners forever! Hacker: And not only that, Hacker: but your enemies are nearly at your door. Michael: Oh what are we gonna do? Corbin: We have to face the enemies that we already defeated?! Michael: How are we gonna get out of this one you guys? Michael: This is the most difficult we’ve ever dealt one. Michael: And we failed the hacker. We’re his prisoners Michael: Becca, Michael: what are we gonna do? Michael: We have to save our family. Becca: I don’t know. But I just…I can’t handle this right now. Becca: Like I cannot Becca: I’m pregnant. And honestly, Becca: I can’t have any more struggles and I think that I just I’m not willing to put up with this Becca: I don’t care what we have to do. We just have to make sure Becca: That the hacker’s not in control of us. Michael: Do we have to break a window maybe? To get out. Michael: I don’t know what else to do. Becca: Huh! Michael: What? Becca: Let’s turn off the power to the house. Michael: Huh! The breaker box Becca: Yeah Michael: Let’s go right now. The hacker is gonna see us. But he can’t make us not go downstairs. Michael: Let’s go Becca: Or at least he won’t know. Becca: What we’re doing because he won’t be able to see us. Michael: Right. Becca: And hack into all of our electronics because the power is out. Michael: Let’s go Michael: The breaker box is downstairs. If we go quick, Michael: He’s not gonna have any control cause we can just turn off the breaker and he’ll have no idea Michael: I don’t know if you heard what Rebecca had said Michael: But she said we could just turn off the breakers. Here. Michael: Oh. That’s bright. Michael: You okay babe? Michael: Okay, let’s wait for Mom. We’re gonna stay together whatever we do. I’m not gonna leave you Michael: So it’s your idea. Do you want to do the honors? Michael: Okay. Open it. Michael: What the… Michael: There’s a letter in there Michael: What does it say? James: It says Mr. E Becca: Read me. Mr. E Michael: In the breaker box? Becca: Okay. Everybody, let’s make sure we’re in a spot where there’s no cameras Michael: There’s no camera, yeah. There shouldn’t be any cameras down here. I think we’re safe. Becca: Read me. Mr. E Michael: Oh, wow. That’s a long letter. Becca: He doesn’t usually send us a letter. Becca: He usually sens us like a chip with information or video on it. Michael: He sent us letters before. Michael: What does it say? Becca: “You figured it out. The open door when all other doors are shut.” Becca: Yeah, the breaker box. Michael: All the doors are shut to the house and locked Becca: And we couldn’t get out Michael: With the breakers open okay. Becca: “I knew the hacker was trying to bypass my security and would take control eventually. So I cannot send this message electronically.” Becca: Yeah. He doesn’t normally do this. Michael: The hacker can’t hack a paper Becca: Yup. Becca: “Follow my every instruction ‘perfectly or your family will not survive.” Michael: Wait, this is why he was so cryptic in that message that he sent to us. Was because he knew the Hector was trying to get to us. Becca: Even at that time Michael: We have to listen. Okay, what does he say to do? Becca: He said the family will not survive if we don’t follow his every instruction perfectly. Becca: “Do not turn off the breakers yet.” Oh. Becca: That’s good to know. We could have done that right then and not even realized. Becca: “You’ll only have a 10-second window.” Becca: “To escape before the battery backup kicks on and the hacker regains control of your home.” Corbin: One second window? Michael: We only have ten seconds once we turn off the breakers Becca: “Right now, you have five minutes.” Becca: “Something bad is coming and you need to gather all your most valuable possessions. What could never be replaced?” Becca: “Get it all now, then get out!” Becca: Mr. E Michael: Five minutes. Becca: So he’s saying…wait wait. Wait. Okay everybody. Becca: He said gather all of our most valuable possessions what could never be replaced get it now. James: We need to hurry! James: We have five minutes! Becca: But then he says turn off the breaker box and we have ten seconds to get out of the house. Michael: Because something bad is coming Becca: I think if we turn off the breaker box it’s gonna make it so that all of the electronics in the house are all off Becca: Including the locks on the doors that he’s placed on the doors from outside. Michael: Does it say anything else? Becca: Get it all now then get out. Mr. E Michael: Okay. Let’s go. Michael: Run run run run! Everybody grab something that’s the most valuable that can’t be replaced Michael: Go go go go go! Michael: Okay Michael: Becca, I think we should grab our journals. Charlie: And I need a pillow. Michael: James, we can replace that! Go put it back! Michael: Okay Michael: Let’s go Ellie: And a pillow for you Dad! Michael: We can replace that. What we need is our like valuables. What’s the most valuable things that we have? You. Corbin: I’m going to get the Nintendo Switches and put it in this. Michael: But those we can replace Corbin. What we need is like, journals. Michael: What’s the most important like…like a sentimental things? Michael: We only have five minutes Michael: Okay, okay, where are our journals? Michael: Lipstick. Lipsense, that can stay here. Michael: Toiletries, Pokemon cards Michael: There’s all of our papers. Okay, I’m gonna grab all these papers. I got to put them in this backpack right here Michael: And have to do this without the camera cause that’s… Michael: Too hard to carry both at the same time Michael: So… Michael: Once I grab everything I’ll let you guys know Michael: Did you grab your most valuable things Ellie? Ellie: Yes! Michael: Okay. Let’s go. Michael: Okay, good job. You guys! We’re not gonna be able to carry all this stuff! Michael: Just choose the most valuable things! Michael: Did you get all your stuff? Corbin: Money can be replaced. James: And Corbin got my Nintendo Switch. Michael: Okay. Did you guys grab all of your money? Michael: Okay, I’ll go get mine did you get yours? Michael: Okay good. Michael: Okay. Go grab your money quick from your bedroom go get it! Michael: Okay. Michael: I got this all loaded up Michael: Wow. That’s heavy. Michael: Oh that’s really heavy! Michael: Okay Michael: Here we go James: I got my journals. Michael: Okay, perfect let’s go. I think it’s been almost five minutes you guys, we got a run run! Michael: I got my bag here. Oh it’s heavy. Michael: Where did Mom go? Hacker: Wait. What do you think you’re doing? Hacker: There’s no escaping your house. I have you trapped and you’re mine forever remember? Michael: Is everybody ready? Michael: Okay. Michael: Yeah, cover the camera James: Did any of you bring a fire kit? Because I did. Michael: Good. Becca: I think I’m gonna stay right by the front door and I will open it as soon as you guys turn off the breaker. Michael: Keep it covered. Becca: But you have to go downstairs and turn off the breaker. Dad’s gonna be with you. Becca: The second it’s done, I’ve got all the important papers in here. You guys have the stuff that you think is most important Becca: Honestly, the only things I really care about our journals most important papers and the kids. Michael: Okay. We’ve got the kids and those are irreplaceable. Michael: Okay, run! We’re gonna go downstairs. You ready? Michael: Let’s go Michael: Come on Charlie Michael: Stay with me. Stay with me bud. Michael: I forgot Michael: If we’re leaving the house. I gotta get the keys to the van Michael: I almost forgot if we’re leaving the house. We got to be ready Becca: And we only have ten seconds. Michael: I know. Michael: Okay Becca: Actually, you might want to have all the kids back up by me. Michael: Okay, I’ll send them up as soon as I start turning this stuff off Michael: Hey, are you guys all ready? Corbin: Yeah. Michael: Okay. This is it. Michael: Are you guys ready? Michael: Go! Go go go! Michael: Okay, they’re all off! Michael: Go go go go! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Go go go! Go outside! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Run run run! (Explosions) Hacker: No! No! Nooooo!!! ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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    December 1, 2019

    guys check this out we’re underneath the ship now oh there’s a lot of spiders in there guys I do not want to be under there looks like this is the way I’m gonna be going in it is it’s looking freaky and I gotta make sure I do not pop this boat hey what’s gonna pop it Jake family Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand-new video and guys if you are following along in our series things are getting intense okay we escaped from prison in our previous videos and made it to well as you can see in the background this abandoned pirate ship that’s right guys we found out that the person who locked us up the gamemaster is evil because of something that happened on this ship and we need to put a stop to this mystery if you guys don’t know the gamemaster has been hunting down and capturing youtubers and we were at the cusp of solving this mystery all right Papa Jake is going full Sherlock Holmes on this and we asked you guys in our last video do you want us to board the ship because I mean Logan is it’s a freaky pirate ship it is really freaky guys it’s abandoned too which makes it even freakier because there could be pirate ghosts but you guys absolutely like button and that is exactly why today we are gonna be boarding the abandoned pirate ship and searching for clues to put an end to the gamemaster in our last video we did have some weird like electromagnetic stuff happen to the drone that we are flying over it as you can see I don’t know what caused that but it makes me even more believe that this ship could be haunted and whatever is linking it to the gamemaster might be evil this is gonna be one of the most dangerous missions we have ever gone on but we’re bringing you guys along alright guys so check this out we’ve got two of our inflatables here that we’re gonna use to get across and over to the ship now if you guys remember in our drone footage there’s actually an opening that we found on the way far side of the abandoned pirate ship which means well we got a paddle all the way around and then hopefully we can figure out a way to get in like I said guys we need to be extremely careful this thing is not only falling apart so we got to be careful using gloves and long pants but it might be haunted so we got to keep that in mind Logan this make our paddles alright guys so we have our rafts and we have our paddles and we’re ready to go out to the ship let’s set out and sail over there I’ve got everything ready in mine so stay close and hopefully we don’t run into any issues but like I said guys this is gonna be pretty scary looking these are gonna work for us right dude I really hope so yeah be careful and don’t tip okay I’ll try my best I think I’m good uh Jake that doesn’t look too sturdy we’re not going too far I think I’ll get us there all right guys we’re making our way over to the ghost ship got our little dinghy here it’s a little hard to control definitely not as inflated as I would have wanted it to be as you guys can see it’s kind of buckling but like I said the ship isn’t too far away look at all this flow cause with all the seaweed here it makes it so creepy this is definitely a go ship so we got to get around to the other side and that’s where we’ll actually be able to get in okay guys so far so good dude check that out this thing is massive and guys as we get close to the water is actually changing color it’s like a darkish blue now I know if you guys can see that on the camera but that is really freaky Logan how you doing oh man hi we’ve got to get up and inside this thing guys and from the looks of it work it’s up there we’re down here let’s hope the other side is a lot better I mean on the drone it definitely look like there’s a spot to get up but from here this is gonna be difficulty all right let’s keep moving around the ship that way I think that’s our best bet to get inside guys the thing is huge when you get up close yeah guys check it out and it’s so rusted we got to be careful we don’t get too close to it because we do not want to pop this guys check this out we’re underneath the ship now oh there’s a lot of spiders in there guys I do not want to be under there we’re making our way around though to the other side we’re getting close to the entrance or slash where we think we’ll be able to enter so once we get over there we’ll update you guys but as you can see this thing is just absolutely massive look at all the places we could search in here there’s got to be some clues in here hi guys looks like this is the way I’m gonna be going in it is it’s looking freaky and I got to make sure I do not pop this boat on this rusty metal or else we’re gonna have a really bad day / no way to get off this thing so whoo that was a trip hi Jake this looks really freaky yeah man it’s it’s uh this is interesting all right get up you’re dead all right guys Logan’s getting up here nice there we go guys so far the mission is well 20% successful we’ve made it onto the boat now it’s time to start exploring but already guys this place is creepy not only the fact that it is an abandoned pirate ship but it is a dangerous hazard being on here and I also don’t know exactly where we can walk because there are holes all throughout here and I mean it’s rusted metal so parts of this could break at any time guys I’ve never seen so many spiders in my life yeah there’s a lot of weird stuff on this so let’s uh let’s start exploring into we can find whoa guys this is uh this is really freaky you do not want to fall down there that is a that is a dangerous place to fall down guys you have to be so careful there is a ton of random holes here look at this not somewhere you want to fall down so we’ve made it onto the ship it’s been quite the journey to get on here guys I can say I’m a little spooked to be honest with you I move at nighttime it’s a over the middle of the day but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this was once like a pirate ship in a way pretty cool but it doesn’t take away from the freaky factor dude look at this this is crazy spider webs guys this is really creepy I don’t know if you can see what’s back here guys but tell me if you can see anything behind that corner it looks like this ground is like not stable enough to actually go over there cuz the grounds moving beneath me but let me know what you uh let me know what you see and look at this dude there’s like a machine here guys I don’t know what this used to be but check this out this might be they’re gonna look stairwell or something but there’s like a gauge over there and there is a ton of bird’s nest and other nasty here this freaky man that’s it right now nothing too spooky is happening but this place is definitely really freaky freaking me out to being on here there’s like a weird feeling being on here especially knowing this was an old pirate ship you see anything Logan this looks like it was a staircase that went to the basement and now it’s full of water guys by the look of it it looks like there may have been a fire yeah you’re right guys there’s a lot of markings here that indicate that this could have been a fire I mean obviously the ships sunk but if you look around there’s a lot of charred wood here like look at this was definitely on fire I didn’t notice that until Logan pointed it out but even when I was looking in here guys look at the wood all down there that looks like that was on fire at one point perhaps there was more to this shipwreck maybe it wasn’t an accident maybe someone looked this ship on fire you got to be very careful when walking though guys the ground here is definitely not stable I’m trying to vlog as best I can but I also need to be very careful looks like this at one point look up even here guys look at this there’s another hole here that is freaky it would be awesome to go and explore down there but it is just too dangerous this is one of the most dangerous things we’ve ever done and I cannot stress it enough guys do not try this at home if you have an abandoned ship or even an abandoned building near you do not try it at home because it is dangerous and you could get extremely hurt okay whoa okay what’d you find it’s kind of weird but I found a lens cap to a camera what’s what some kind of camera lens dude that is weird I mean considering that this game masters after youtubers and we know he’s been trying to make his own youtube videos that makes this thing even weirder so as of right now what we do know is that the game master was turned evil after this ship will crashed or had a shipwreck and whatever happened on this pirate ship happened over 200 years ago which means either the game master is well a ghost or there’s something else to this story and I think Logan might be uncovering it with that camera cover let me know the comments down below guys what you think that could be from I’m also noticing here guys look it looks like this might have been like a kitchen or a room or something on the old pirate ship this is like tile for the floor it’s like nice tile it almost looks like it hasn’t been here for 200 years like this wipe all the dirt off and it’s fine but obviously the rest of the ship is burned you guys can see down there the water is actually really clear you can kinda get a good view of what it looks like it looks like down there there’s some more machinery oh dude I don’t know if you guys can see or if we can zoom in but there’s an actual door down there look at you see that yeah it’s like an old door an old window that is crazy if you notice anything or recognize anything from this pirate ship you know maybe an old weapon or something in the video let us know in the comments down below let us know what you guys see ok guys I’m gonna check out the front of the ship guys it’s really freaky the ship keeps making these like all rusty ship noises it’s really weird what I think I just saw something move in there no yes in the room we just came from it was like a figure so he was black all black like I don’t know like something like that something’s going on I saw something move did you get on can she get the footage oh keep filming that way something’s moving in there I wants to want to go back over there I’m freaking out guys let’s kind of avoid that section for now there’s a box it’s like a chest or a box of some sort walk through the chain yo check that out does it have anything on it you could have been left by the pirates I have no idea yo that is crazy okay we should definitely bring this with us this could have a ton of really important clues in it there it is the sound Jake I think I saw what you’re talking about something moved back there guys something’s there I don’t know it’s like a pirate ghost or or or some creepers following us but there is something that keeps making a noise and moving back there we’re trying to get it on camera but dude I almost want to go back that way I’m really freaked out right now look maybe we should get back on our boats and go back to shore right okay well we documented everything we could with this camera so we can review the footage when we can get home and also have you guys help us review the footage but on top of that we found this and whatever information on the gamemaster we can find has to be on this all right come on let’s get back in her ships and get home chiku is that from inside room inside something’s in there come on we gotta go gotta go all right guys we’re getting out of here we guys take what we have back and try and open this and figure out where it came from guys make sure this act I couldn’t hit the subscribe button we’re putting a stop to this mystery the game master Thomas from Papaji

    Mr. E Gives Us His Mansion! / The Beach House
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    Mr. E Gives Us His Mansion! / The Beach House

    November 27, 2019

    Previously on The Beach House Becca: So we knew when we had to leave the house and after the house blew up it was a total devastation because we have Becca: our kids. And Becca: we have each other. And we have our most important things. Michael: Mr. E warned us. Something was coming remember? James: It looks like Dad’s cellphone. James: It’s weird. Charlie: That’s weird. James: Hey it has a Yubi Loop on it. Michael: It looks like there’s a video Michael: A new home? Becca: New home?! Charlie: A new home? ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca: Here’s a quick recap for you Becca: We found a phone that was an exact duplicate of Michael’s phone Becca: It had coordinates and a message from Mr. E telling us that he is letting us inherit his mansion. Becca: And Becca: He gave us the coordinates to go and find it today Becca: So we’re headed there right now. We might be driving for a very long time Becca: Because it’s actually really far away, but we are on the road and everyone’s happy and we have everything we need in this RV Becca: Maybe this was his plan from the very beginning. Maybe that’s where we needed the RV Michael: So my phone says we are 2 hours and 47 minutes away. I just can’t believe like, we’re driving to Mr. E’s house. Michael: His own house. He’s giving it to us. Becca: And it’s not even a house, It’s a mansion Michael: Right. Michael: I still can’t event believe. Like my mind just like… Michael: Are you serious right now? Michael: Like, I’m just…it’s just crazy. So we’re driving there right now. It’s a ways off. And it just started pouring down rain in the park. Michael: So we got all of the kids loaded up and we’re heading there right now. Michael: Hopefully, we make it there before dark. Michael: I wonder what kind of crazy stuff there will be like…what if he has like… Michael: What if he has like a huge like basketball court inside the house like how cool would that be? Who knows what…how big this mansion is? What if there’s a huge swimming pool outside, You know? And like playgrounds for the kids Becca: So we don’t know what this mansion is going to entail. But we are so excited. We can’t wait to get there and see Becca: Exactly what’s at this location. Becca: And we’ve never had this from Mr. E. He’s never given us like a house Becca: coordinates and then actually said he’s going to give us his house. We’re inheriting. Mr. E’s house. Becca: His mansion! So crazy! ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: Okay guys, we’ve been driving for the last two and a half hours. We’re almost to this house. Michael: I’m really excited to see it. But so far, all I’m seeing this countryside Michael: We seem to be in the middle of nowhere. Michael: And Michael: that doesn’t seem like there’s any houses or mansions at all nearby. So we’re about there. Michael: Kids, are you guys excited to see Mr E’s mansion? Kids: Yeah! Michael: Okay, we’re about there Michael: I think we might be just around the block and I just wanted to pause and take a second Michael: Because I’m really excited to see this. Okay, it’s gonna be here any second Michael: Are you excited Becca? Becca: I’m so excited. Michael: We’re almost there. Becca: And excited too because Becca: I need a house to have a baby in. Like I need to be more settled. Becca: And this is kind of hard thinking how are we gonna go to the hospital when this is what we’re living in? I don’t know. Michael: We’ll just live in the RV outside of the hospital huh? Becca: And I just had a really big contraction. Becca: And Becca: some pain in my stomach, so I’m seriously… Becca: And that’s no joke, I really did. Becca: We need to find this house quick. Becca: Not like I’m gonna have a baby right now, but the sooner we can get settled the better. Becca: There’s just fields everywhere. Michael: Just this little dirt road in the middle of nowhere Michael: Guys, Michael: I think I can see the house. It’s just right up ahead. Michael: We’re almost there. Becca: One minute away. Point two…wait. No it’s….it’s really close to us. Michael: That’s gotta be it but it’s… Becca: That’s not it. Michael: It’s tiny. Michael: There’s gotta be something wrong. That’s… Michael: That’s not a mansion. Becca: It’s this one? Michael: This is where…this what we have here. Michael: Navigated straight here but this is…there’s nothing here. Michael: It’s just this tiny old tinier home. Look! Take a look. Becca: That can’t be it. Michael: Well that’s where… Michael: That’s where the coordinates are taking us from Mr. E. Corbin: Wait. Maybe they’re not the right coordinates. Michael: That’s what he sent us. Becca: This is seriously what he sent us to. Becca: It says 166 on the house. Michael: That’s the same address that Mr. E is sending us to. Becca: That can’t be it. Michael: That’s what the message said there’s coordinates … Becca: He said a mansion right? Didn’t you say a mansion? Michael: Yeah Becca: An inheritance. Michael: Beyond your wildest…this is not beyond my wildest dreams. And he said that it would be Michael: like beyond my wildest dreams Becca: That’s wo weird. Michael: Should we… Michael: Should we check it out? Becca: I guess so. Michael: Woah! What if there’s like a Michael: tunnel underground? Becca: Like what if it’s… Becca: Well, Mr. Is super secretive Michael: We should just go check it out anyway. Michael: Cause what if it’s like a bunker underground or something under you know? Becca: That’s so weird Michael: But we’re literally in the middle of nowhere. Michael: Okay. Are you guys ready to go check it out? Corbin: This is not a mansion. Michael: Let’s stay together. Michael: It’s kind of creepy actually Michael: So let’s stay together and let’s go check it out okay? Michael: Let’s go check it out. Get the steps out for you so you can step down easier Michael: I’m gonna give this to you for just a second. Becca: Are you guys ready to look at it? Corbin: Yes Becca: This is weird cause this is what we’re inheriting. Michael: This not what I expected at all. James: That belongs to us?! Michael: Okay, guys, let’s go check it out Corbin: That he had just lied and said we’re getting a mansion. Michael: Yeah, this is not a mansion. Corbin: This is like a shack! Michael: Yeah. This is like… Michael: It’s just fields as far as the eye can see. Michael: Yeah Michael: I’m gonna…here, let me do it. Michael: You guys stand next to me okay? Michael: Here we go. Michael: What?! Michael: How is this even possible? Corbin: All of our stuff is here! Becca: It is! All of our stuff is here! Michael: What?! Becca: Look at that! Michael: That’s the same kind we have from our other house? Becca: It doesn’t have anything in it but… Michael: So we just came in the door of the shack. And now we’re inside Michael: This huge, huge mansion. Michael: That’s like in Harry Potter. Becca: Like in the tense they’re going thru. Michael: Small on the outside but huge on the inside. Michael: This beautiful chandelier. Michael: Does it open? Corbin: No Michael: The handles aren’t even opening. Becca: Michael, look at this! Michael: What? Becca: Hologram generator. Becca: One, two and three. Michael: Hologram generator? Becca: Hologram generator Michael: Do you think that the outside of this house is a hologram? Michael: Maybe it just looks like a shack Becca: That has to be. Michael: They must just look like a rickety old shack but on the outside it’s not Becca: That is so weird. Michael: What if we turn it off? Becca: Think about this though. This is good! Becca: The outside of our house looks like a tiny shack. Becca: And now it’s our house. Becca: Mr. E’s mansion is like Becca: under disguise just like he is. Michael: What if we turn it off and go back outside. Do you think it’ll look different? Becca: We can try. Becca: Pull them out. Michael: They pull out? Oh. look. Michael: Maybe… Corbin: And then turn off the other ones Michael: Let’s go and see if it looks different outside. Becca: Okay. Everybody outside. Let’s go look. Michael: Woah! Michael: It’s like… Michael: Holy cow! Becca: This looks one hundred percent different. Michael: Whoa, you turned off the hologram! Michael: Holy cow. Michael: it’s gorgeous. Michael: Okay, let’s go check out this house Michael: Is there anything in this front entry? Becca: It’s actually locked. Michael: These doors are locked too. Michael: And we can see inside here. Michael: Look, it says Beach House on the wall in this front room Michael: There’s couches Michael: That looks just like our piano. Michael: And look. Becca: I’m so confused. Our house blew up. Michael: Right, so how is all of our stuff in this new… Becca: Wait wait! Those look a little bit different. Michael: That’s the same as our table and chairs Michael: And that’s our couch. Becca: They’re not exactly the same. Becca: This looks newer Michael: And that’s from our bedroom. That’s my desk. Michael: It looks the same. Everything is… Michael: How is all of our stuff, Michael: except these are not our curtains. Becca: Like that’s new. Michael: Yeah, I’ve never seen that before James: That’s new. Corbin: Heroes of The Fourth Dimension? Michael: I don’t know. Michael: Woah! Becca: Wow. Okay, Becca: how is this Becca: possible? Becca: That we came into a house that Mr. E owns. Michael: It’s Mr. E’s mansion. Becca: In it that looks exactly like our stuff. Michael: This is Mr. E’s mansion. Michael: Wow Michael: This is a gorgeous kitchen. And this picture of the Salt Lake City temple Michael: Becca, these are the same pictures we had on our walls at our house Becca: This is so crazy. Michael: It’s beautiful out there Michael: There’s a kind of a patio here. Michael: That’s our chair! We have that same chair. Becca: A grill. Michael: Well that is the same as our grill. Michael: This is not the same, like view from the other house. Becca: Is this real? Becca: Are we actually being given this house? Corbin: Let’s turn off all the hologram Michael: I don’t know. Michael: I think all the holograms are off. Becca: This is so weird. Michael: There’s a hallway right here. Becca: Let’s check all the doors. Michael: Guys, let’s check and see if any of these doors open. Cause so far none of these doors have opened here Michael: No. Becca: Same. Becca: None. They’re all locked. Michael: Can you open it Charlie? Michael: Try it. Try to open it bud. Michael: Is it opening Charlie? Charlie: No. It’s locked. Michael: Oh man. All the doors are locked. Michael: Wait. Michael: There’s a downstairs! Michael: What’s down there? Becca. Becca: That door’s locked over there too. Michael: Yeah, I’m gonna go check the downstairs with the kids you wait up here Michael: There’s doors down here Becca. James: Four, three, two, one! Michael: There’s numbers Michael: on the doors Michael: Two. One Michael: Three. Michael: And four. Michael: Can you open it Charlie? Michael: It’s not opening. None of the doors are opening. Let’s go back upstairs you guys. Michael: Let’s go back upstairs. Michael: I noticed that there was a new computer on the desk Michael: Exactly like my old computer. Michael: I wonder… Michael: There’s just four doors downstairs Becca. And they have numbers one, two, three and four. Becca: Really? Michael: Yeah Becca: Like how big? What does it look like? Michael: There’s like big numbers, they’re like this big. Michael: Just as one and then two. Michael: So this is exactly like the computer I used to have James: And the exact same chair. Michael: I wonder if there’s a…something on it. Michael: Password? Michael: Put in my password here. Michael: To wee if it’s working, Michael: I mean, does Mr. E know my password? Becca: I don’t know. Michael: Let’s try it. Michael: It worked. Michael: It’s a video! Michael: Here, let me just play it. Becca: Again! (Verification complete) Michael: Welcome to your new home Beach family. Make yourself comfortable. Michael: Did you hear that? Corbin: Let’s turn on all the holograms. Michael: He said the hologram generator will protect us. Corbin: I’ll go turn them on. Michael: Okay. Go turn them on. Make sure that’s it turned on the same way when we got here. Michael: Thank you. Michael: Did you hear that? Corbin: He said we have solar power so the hacker cannot take over our home. Michael: Yeah. He said we’re totally off the grid here. Becca: With solar panels Michael: So nobody can hack. Michael: Okay Michael: Did you hear that? James: I said that. Michael: You called it. Becca: What did he say? Michael: So he yeah. So he knew what kind of stuff we had in her house. He said he duplicated Michael: All of our things from our old house and put it in here for us to be comfortable Corbin: So basically, he just copied ours? Michael: Yeah Becca: So that means he’s been watching all of our videos. And over time collecting things that look exactly like our own possession Michael: Our same couch, our same table, our same computer, our same desk. Michael: Our same pictures Michael: Our same TV Becca: So we wouldn’t miss anything. Michael: Yeah, so he knew this was coming and he was preparing for it a long time ago. Becca: Wait. Does that mean that he blew up the house? Michael: I think so. Michael: To protect us Michael: from Michael: the hacker. I mean think about it. The hacker knew where we lived. James: All the other bad guys. Michael: The Bandits Michael: The Time Pirate Michael: The gingerbread man, everybody knew where we lived. Michael: And now they know exactly. Michael: So we’re safe here. Becca: That is so weird. Becca: He said solve all the puzzles Becca: and clues in order to open up all the doors. Michael: Should we get started? Kids: Yeah! Michael: Let’s do it. Becca: I still cannot believe. Becca: He’s been… Becca: He’s like… Becca: A little bit of a crazy guy. Becca: Seriously! Becca: I’m just saying he’s been watching all of our videos and studying us so hard. That he’s duplicated every single things in our home. Becca: Well, he gave us this mansion. Michael: And he wants us to find all the doors and all the keys. Corbin: Are you sure that’s being crazy? Corbin: Cause I don’t think so. Becca: I mean, it’s really nice. I’m so glad. Michael: Okay guys, where do you want to explore first? ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

    Blackout! We Lost Power In Our Home! Big Storm Disaster! / The Beach House
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    Blackout! We Lost Power In Our Home! Big Storm Disaster! / The Beach House

    November 26, 2019

    ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: I just got a phone call. It’s been raining all day today. Michael: And kind of storming and thunder and lightning. And it’s getting close to the evening. Michael: I just got a phone call that said our waters been shut off Michael: Because there was a water…a break in the water line. Becca: Are you kidding me? Michael: No. Becca: I thought I’d heard that and I was like, I’m grabbing the camera. Ryan: Are you serious? Michael: Yeah. Michael: So they said you may experience low water pressure or no water at all. Michael: Wait wait wait. Don’t use only water in our water line. Michael: Just to mess around because if we only have a small amount of water in the pipes Michael: Well that once it runs through then that’s it, right? Or will it not even run through if there’s no water pressure. Ryan: If there’s not a lot of water pressure, I don’t think it will run thru. Becca: That means we need to go get water at the store too Becca: Because I have been not quite put on bed rest. Becca: But I am at high risk for having a baby early and so I need to have plenty of water to drink. Becca: That’s so crazy, so I think we might have to go get a couple of jugs of water me and Ryan. Michael: Yeah, I could stay here with the kids Michael: We’re not prepared for an emergency Becca: We really aren’t. Ryan: Although if that’s the case, a lot of people will be buying water really quick. Becca: I mean it depends on what…was it like a big water line? Or was it just like in our neighborhood? Michael: It said it was in this area of town. Like in this neighborhood. Michael: So it must be a big break. Becca: Did they say time wise like when they would get fixed or anything? Michael: Well they said they hope to have it fixed later tonight, maybe tomorrow. Becca: That is like a long time without water though Michael: I know. Michael: Maybe there isn’t any water. James: We can survive without water for three days. At least three days. Ryan: It seems to be working. James: It’s working. Ryan: And if it’s a water line break, Ryan: is it going to be contaminated? Michael: Well, that was unexpected. Michael: It seriously has been raining all day long Michael: this entire day non-stop Michael: Stormy raining even the kids like they’ve got these little toys cardboard houses in the yard that are like Michael: totally drenched from the storm that we’ve been having It’s been really stormy but Michael: Other than that, we just kind of been hanging out today kids played a lot of games watch Netflix stuff like that. Oh, Michael: Power just went out. Becca: It’s so quiet. Corbin: Shall we try to turn back on? Becca: Also, there’s a maintenance truck out in the front. Becca: On the front road there’s a maintenance truck Michael: Yeah Becca: All right, well… Michael: Powers out. You said there’s a maintenance truck in the front? James: Does the water on the fridge not work either? Michael: Not if the power is out. Michael: Let’s try these lights. These lights aren’t working either? Michael: Or these lights? Michael: Non of the lights are working. Michael: Great Michael: Well, it’s starting to get dark outside too because it’s starting to get late. If we don’t have the heater then it’ll start getting cold in here too. Becca: Don’t open the fridge. We have to keep the fridge shut. Michael: We’ve got to preserve what little…like that ice box. We got to keep it cold. Becca: Just like a cooler, if you leave it open, it will get all the ice melted. And there is some ice in the freezer. Charlie: Mom! I saw it. Charlie: And I didn’t open it. Michael: Yeah. Don’t open the fridge. James: Is the rain good to drink? Michael: We have a little bit of water a pitcher in the kitchen. We should be okay. Becca: Also downstairs grandpa has a wood-burning stove. Becca: If the power stays out for a long time. We can keep warm by that wood-burning stove and I know we have some wood outside Becca: So we will be okay warmth wise. But it could get very cold up here. Michael: Do we have any candles? Or flashlights? Corbin: We can’t use the fireplace because… James: The wood is like wet. Michael: Well let’s gather up some flashlights and candles so we can have light even because it’s starting to get dark out Corbin: I might have a flashlight. Michael: Okay, everybody go fined… Michael: Yeah, go get them all. Ellie: We could use your phone Dad. Michael: Okay, well I don’t want to waste my battery. Charlie: Mom, I could use your one. Michael: Was that thunder? Becca; I don’t know but it shivered me to my bones. Michael: Well, you can’t let your water break. Becca: My whole body jerked from that sound. Michael: I’ve been hearing thunder all day today. Becca: Oh it was the chair in the kitchen. He moved it. Becca: But seriously, my whole body went…(makes buzzing sound) Michael: Do you know of any candles Becca? Becca: We have a little bit of candles possibly on the garage some and some on this shelf. Michael: Do we have a lighter? Becca: There’s a lighter. Ryan: Bad news guys. Ryan: The cardboard house is getting wet. Michael: I know. I saw that. Michael: Ryan, do you know where the candles are? Michael: I got another emergency alert. Michael: Yep, I just got an emergency alert. There was a water main issue in your area Michael: The water has been shut off to repair the PRV. You may experience a little water pressure. Blah blah blah. Michael: We apologize for the inconvenience. So… Becca: Wow. These goes to show you never know when something could happen. Becca; It’s been raining so much. Maybe it like… Michael: Flooded or something. James: Turn those off. We don’t want to waste the batteries. Michael: We should save those till it gets dark here. But let’s get the candles ready to go. Becca: Okay, we’re actually super lucky in one way and that is Becca: Bedtime for the kids is just about when the Sun goes down. So like we’re not gonna need to be awake. Becca: There are some candles in the laundry room on the shelves. Ryan: Can you hear the rain? Michael: I can hear the rain. Michael: Can you hear that rain Michael: Yeah. Even the battery. The power is out on the microwave. Michael: It’s really stormy out there. Michael: I’m gonna go grab some candles so we can have some light. Michael: I almost tried to turn on the light. Michael: Light doesn’t work. Michael: You found of candle? Michael: Okay Michael: Yeah Michael: Is there candles up here? Michael: Here’s a couple candles. Here, can you take us to the kitchen? Michael: Here’s another candle. Michael: Okay, here’s another candle. I don’t see any more candles. That’s all I see. Michael: Can you go put it on the kitchen counter please. Michael: Do you hear thunder? Becca: You know like sometimes rain will come in like sheets? Michael: Yeah. Becca: Huge sheet of rain just went over at the top of that and on this window. Michael: Yeah. It’s a little bit scary. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a power outage. Michael: And it’s it’s seriously getting dark. It’s right. It’s good right now cause I’m right by the light of the windows Michael: Okay, let me find a lighter. Michael: Here’s the lighter Corbin: It’s not like a birthday candle. Michael: Yeah.This is not a toy, this is not a game. Corbin: This is not a birthday candle. Michael: Here we go. Michael: Just wherever is fine. Corbin: Yeah, that’s good. Michael: So this is going to be hard to get to. We might need like a stick or something. Michael: It’s kind of far. Okay. Michael: Do you know if Grandma and Grandpa have any lanterns or anything? Michael: Cause we need as much light as we can get. James: Kind of cool with no lights on right now because it’s really cool just listening to the music at this… Michael: Of the rain? Becca: Do you realize that we need to conserve our battery for your phone and my phone as much as possible. Becca: Like we can’t use them for lights we can’t use them for other stuff because the only way to get emergency alerts right now is on the phones. Michael: Right. Well, it’s a good thing. I’ve got like a three day supply of battery packs for myself cellphone. Becca: Yeah. And I could use that same too if we need to. Becca: But it’s important right now to make sure we conserve our phone batteries. Becca: Water lines don’t break that often. And then the power went out after that and if we can’t get updates that’s bad. Corbin: We will need more batteries because these might burn out. Michael: Yeah, they could burn out and I think we do have some spare batteries Michael: But it’s getting late guys, I think it’s time for you guys to finish your dinner and finish getting ready for bed too. James: What is the time right now? Michael: It’s a good thing we have cell phones. When I was a kid Michael: if the power went out and we had no way of knowing what time it was. Michael: I know right? I wanted to go to the bathroom Michael: Right. I took my phone or the candle to the bathroom because there was no power Michael: Okay, it’s seven o’clock right now. But with how stormy it is, it’s a lot darker outside. Michael: Hi Becca’s Mom: Hey, so I got some bottle water. Michael: Thank you. Michael: Oh yeah. We need more candles too. Do you guys have any candles? Becca’s Mom: I did have. I can go down and look and see what I have. Michael: Okay, go help Grandma carry em guys. Becca’s Mom: Oh out the garage I only got all of those lanterns. Michael: Oh that’s perfect. Ellie: Really scary. Michael: So we got a fancier lamp just to give us a little bit more light. James: And it’s gotten very dark. Michael: It is a little later. Ellie: Over there it’s really dark. Michael: But here’s the question you guys. Michael: Has anybody seen Charlie? Michael: Has anybody seen Charlie? Becca: I bet he’s all asleep. Becca: If it’s dark enough. James: Yeah, it’s raining super hard. Michael: It’s been a while Michael: Okay Michael: We’re all finishing getting dinner and getting the kids ready for bed Michael: Rebecca ran an errand you guys didn’t probably see her leave. She and Ryan kind of snuck away Michael: Sorry, we haven’t seen Charlie in a long time. So I’m worried a little bit worried about them. We’re gonna go upstairs and check. James: Sometimes he says I’m tired and then we say okay. And then he goes up to bed. Michael: He’s okay. Alright everybody let’s go. Charlie’s fine. Michael: He’s already in bed. Becca: Oh really? Michael: Yeah, so he’s fine. Becca: I figured he was. Becca: Did he have a light with him or anything? Michael: I think he had a headlamp before. Becca: But he probably went and laid down when it was getting dim. Michael: It says it has a little bit light outside still. Michael: Yeah. So Michael: I think it’s about time for these kids to go to bed too. Becca: Oh you really have no reason to stay up if the power’s out it’s like well get some good blankets. Michael: Once upon a time. Michael: It was a dark…it looks a lot better with a flashlight. It was a dark and stormy night. Michael: Do you want to tell the story? I’m trying to tell a story. Everybody keeps taking over my story. Michael: Fine. Maybe we’ll just put the kids to bed. It is after their bedtime anyway. Becca: Tell the story. Becca: Tell it. Tell it. Tell it. Becca: Okay, do it. Michael: You guys ruined the best part. Becca: Just trust me. Do it. Michael: Okay. Michael: You’re going to interrupt me again. Michael: I already know that. Michael: It was a dark and stormy night. Michael: It was very very stormy the thunder and lightning was crashing every five minutes. Corbin: All of a sudden, the power went out. Michael: It’s at all? Michael: You got anything else for me? Michael: The family was terrified because the power went out and they could hear creaking sounds in the wood Michael: As people were stepping but no one was stepping Michael: Then all of a sudden… Michael: A monster appeared Michael: That’s all I got. Michael: And with that it’s time for everyone to go to bed. Becca: So thoughtful of you. Michael: Yes. No one is allowed to have any bad dreams. Becca: Let’s have a family prayer then everybody is going to bed Michael: That’s a good idea. Michael: That’s a very good idea. There we go. Okay ready Michael: I’ll say it. Our dear father in heaven. We thank you so much for this beautiful day Michael: We’re thankful that we’ve been able to spend the day together with our family. We love each other very much Michael: We pray that we can all be safe tonight. And please bless our home and bless our family. Michael: And please be with us and help us to have a wonderful great day tomorrow. Michael: And please help us to always do what’s right. Michael: And we love each other and we love you so much. I only say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen Michael: Okay guys. Michael: Time for bed. Michael: Night Corbin. Michael: Hey guys, you guys can each take one flashlight to bed with you. But we’re leaving the candles down here. Becca: Okay, go ahead Ellie. Becca: I screamed cause you accidentally kissed me on the lips because we were both like not paying enough attention. Go ahead. Becca: Watch out for the flame. Michael: I’ll take the candle. That’s about to get knocked out Michael: We need this to be able to see tonight Michael: Okay guys, good night Michael: Good night Ellie. Ellie: I hope we get power in the morning. Michael: Me too. Michael: Good night, Corbin Corbin: Hopefully we have power in the morning. Michael: Yeah, hopefully Corbin: If we don’t then we might have to do the same thing today. Michael: We might. Michael: It’s been raining still a lot Michael: Good night James. James: Good night. Michael: Rebecca, It’s just the two of us. Becca: How romantic. Michael: Isn’t that so romantic? Becca: I actually was sitting here thinking you know what this reminds me of? Michael: What? Becca: It reminds me of when we were living in the RV for the summer. Michael: And everything was just very peaceful and quiet at night. Becca: Like there’s no electrical humming. Michael: Yeah. Becca: There’s nothing. Like it was running like the fridge ran off of gas and I don’t think it like hummed at all. Becca: And when we were in Kent, Washington Becca: It was raining every day and at night it would rain and I like the whole you could just hear the pitter patter. Becca: And I’m listening to the porch out here because it’s hitting on the window and on the porch and I can hear it just pitter pattering and that is one of the most… Becca: Calming things to me. Just sitting and listening to that. Michael: Well, good night you guys. Thanks for tuning in to The Beach House power outage Michael: Natural disasters scary storm special Michael: Hopefully we have power in the morning. Becca: Yeah. Well even if we don’t well at least be able to see. So that’s good. Michael: Okay. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye Michael: Pause the game. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

    Granny Game! Classic Horror Kids Game in Real Life! / The Beach House
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    Granny Game! Classic Horror Kids Game in Real Life! / The Beach House

    November 26, 2019

    Michael: Hello treasure hunters and welcome to The Beach House Michael: This is your Granny here and I have Michael: four children that I’ve captured into my home. And they have to escape Michael: by finding the items Michael: They need a wire cutter to cut the wire, a hammer to pry off this bar. Michael: They need a key to open the lock Michael: They need bolt cutters to cut this chain Michael: And finally Michael: they need s wrench. Michael: To cut off Michael: Open and unlock this chain. Five items. Five and then I’m going to hide them right now. Michael: They have five days to escape. Michael: If they get caught, they lose a day. Michael: I’m going to hide these now. First Michael: The key Michael: Where will I put the key? Michael: Yes Michael: Right Michael: here. Michael: That’s perfect. Michael: Now, where would I hide the wrench? Michael: That’s the perfect place. Michael: And the wire cutters Michael: I’ll put these right here. Michael: The hammer Michael: Yes Michael: And these Michael: They’ll never find it in here Michael: Perfect Michael: Now the granny can’t see. Michael: Only hear. Michael: So, we’ll just fix this Michael: problem right now Michael: I’m ready. Ryan: Day one. Ryan: Let’s go get everybody. Ryan: Alright guys, you ready to go? Ryan: There’s a granny in the house. Corbin: Oh really? Ryan: We gotta find the items. Corbin: But how did he get in there? Ryan: We have to find the items. I just got to get out. Ryan: Wait, be careful don’t get touched. Michael: I hear you. Michael: Where are you? Ryan: Found anything? Michael: Children, I told you not to leave that room. Michael: I hear you now. Michael: Yes, that’s definitely the pitter patter of small children. Michael: Where are you? Michael: Yes. Michael: I have you now. Ryan: Did you find anything yet? Ryan: Looks like we have to find a lot of stuff. Corbin: Five things. Ryan: Look in stuff. See if anything’s in here Ryan: Anything in there? Corbin: That wouldn’t be in plain sight. Ryan: That’s right. We need to find it in plain sight. Michael: I hear children. Ryan: Here, give me the hammer. Ryan: Charlie, are you ready? James: You’re not my Grandma! Ryan: Got it. Corbin: Hey! You’re not my Grandma! Ryan: Adjust it quick! You got it. Ryan: He’s coming. He’s coming. Michael: Where are you? Michael: I got you! Ellie: Day two. Corbin: Day two. Ryan: We still got one. You guys ready to go? Corbin: Be more careful Ellie. Ryan: He might be up here Corbin: He can’t go up here. Ryan: He can’t? Ryan: Hold it right now. Hold it. Michael: You children aren’t very sneaky. Ryan: Did you find anything? Michael: Where did they go? Ryan: James, see if you can undo it real quick. Ryan: Keep on looking. See anything? Michael: No escaping my house. Michael: Where are you? Ryan: Do you see anything? Ryan: What about you guys? Do you see anything? Ryan: He’s coming! Michael: Where are you? Ryan: Oh Ellie got hit. Ryan: Oh we got to go upstairs. Ellie: Day three. Corbin: He can’t be up here. It’s protected Michael: I hear you. Michael: You are not even trying to be sneaky. James: Charlie, come here! Michael: I hear children. Ryan: Guys, I need to find the items. Ryan: Guys we still need to find the items. We have three items and only two more chances. We still need the key and the clippers Ryan: And the wire cutters Ryan: Wire cutters Ryan: The key and that left. Okay. Ryan: See it anywhere? See it in here? Ryan: I don’t see it anywhere. Do you see it? Ryan: No don’t do it. Michael: Where are those children? Ryan: Where did you find them? Ryan: Here, get a chair. Michael: Where are you children? Ryan: Guys. We just got hit and we only have one more chance to get two more items Ryan: So, we don’t want to go right in front of him and go na na na na na. Ryan: Or else he might get us and then we’ll lose. James: So be absolutely silent. Ryan: Okay. Let’s go. Michael: I hear you. Ryan: So close. Michael: Come here little one. Michael: Come here. Michael: Come to Granny. Michael: Come Michael: Come to Granny. Charlie: You’re not my Grandma! Ryan: Did you find it yet? Ryan: We still need to find the wire Clippers and the Ryan: The keys Ryan: Bolt cutters. Ryan: Bolt cutters and the key Ryan: Charlie look out! Ryan: Run Ellie! Run! Ellie: Day four James: It’s actually day five Ryan: I guess we were counting it off. Ryan: We have one last chance. Michael: I hear you. James: Back in our room! Back in our room! James: Guys, back in our room. We need to lock it. Ryan: This time we need to be really really quiet. Charlie: We have one chance. Ryan: Do you guys see it anywhere? Ryan: Let’s check in here Ryan: I don’t see anything. Ryan: Where was it? Michael: There’s no escape Ryan: Let’s check the laundry room. Ryan: Let’s check the laundry room guys. Ryan: Do you see anything in there there? Ryan: I don’t see it. Ryan: Be careful Michael: I know I’m close. Michael: So close I can taste it. Michael: I hear you. Michael: Where did you go? Corbin: I took the key. Ryan: You did? Michael: There’s no escape the Granny’s house. Ryan: Run run run! Michael: No escaping. Ryan: Here. Give me the key. Ryan: That was so close. Michael: Oh no you don’t! Ryan: We’ll distract him over there. Michael: I got you! Ryan: We did it! Ryan: Good job! Michael: Thank you guys so much for watching. Michael: I had a lot of fun being the granny. and you guys did a great job. Ellie: Share and subscribe. Corbin: And like and hit the bell! Michael: We love you guys let us know in the comments below if there’s any other fun games you like Michael: I feel like I’m either like Bob Marley or Hagrid. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

    Blindfold Redlight Greenlight! Classic Classroom Games! / The Beach House
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    Blindfold Redlight Greenlight! Classic Classroom Games! / The Beach House

    November 24, 2019

    Becca: Hi treasure hunters. Welcome to The Beach House! Corbin: Today, we are going to be doing Corbin: A game but we don’t know what it is yet so, Mom’s going say it. Becca: I’m so excited I was thinking… Becca: I’m so excited because Michael’s gone today. That’s not why I’m excited Becca: Michael’s gone today and we want to play a game. That’s gonna be really fun. While he is gone. Becca: So I was thinking, my kids do home school. They don’t go to public school. What’s the game they haven’t played before? Becca: I know. Red light, green light. Becca: Have you ever heard of red light green light? Becca: So what we’re gonna do to make this game a little bit more interesting cause James has played it before Becca: We’re gonna make it, whoever’s it, which I’m going to be at first Becca: Whoever’s gonna be it is blindfolded and that means… Becca: That I can’t see how close they are. And that’s really scary Becca: Okay, so we’re gonna get started. Everybody has to be touching this couch on this side of the room. Becca: Okay, the kids are almost ready. I have to explain the rules really quick. Becca: So how it works and when I say red light they have to stop if I say green light. What do you do? Becca: You go Becca: If I say green light, they run at me and I have no idea how close they are because I am gonna be wearing a blindfold and that’s kind of scary Becca: Okay Becca: So? Becca: Are you ready for this? Kids: Yeah! Becca: Okay. Blindfold on. Becca: Ready? Becca: Oh no. I just realized a big part of this game… Becca: Is noticing who’s in and who’s out if they… Becca: Keep sneaking while I’m blindfolded. That’s not good. Becca: Alright. Ready? Set. Becca: Green light. Becca: Red light! Becca: You have to stop moving Becca: I heard foot steps. Keep moving. Becca: Green light! Becca: Red light! Corbin: Hey! You peeking! Becca: That’s right. I was. Becca: So this is how it’s gonna work Becca: Modified rules because of blindfoldness. Becca: So how it’s gonna work is if I hear movement and I’m going to hear movement Becca: I have to guess who’s moving and if I get it right, they get sent back to the couch. If I don’t guess it right… Becca: Then… Becca: They’re gonna be really close to me and I’m gonna get out. Becca: Okay. Ready? Becca: Ready? Set. Becca: Green light! Becca: Red light! Becca: Green light! Becca: Red light! Becca: (BURP) Becca: I’m going to guess that was James! James: Nope! Becca: Who was it? James: Corbin Becca: Oh no. Becca: I guess he doesn’t have to go back because I didn’t guess him right. Corbin:: I didn’t move at all Becca: Your voice sounds really close to me. That’s so scary. Becca: Okay. Red light! Becca: Oh somebody moved. I tricked you! Becca: Ready, set….red light! Becca: Oh…I’m going to guess… Becca: Did I get it right? Becca: Oh Corbin you said James do too. That means I caught you. You have to go back to the house. Becca: Okay, ready green light….red light! Becca: Green light, red light Becca: Green light! Red light! Becca: I think Ellie and Charlie kept going. James: No. Just Ellie. Becca: Oh Ellie! You have to go back to the couch. Becca: Okay Becca: Red light! Becca: Charlie, you have to go! Becca: Yeah, it was Charlie. Okay Charlie, go back to the couch. Becca: Green light! Red light! Becca: I don’t want to say anything. Go back to Charlie. You’re too close to me. James: I’m it. James: Blindfold, on. James: Go back to the start. James: Red light James: Red light James: Corbin Becca: Nope. Becca: It’s scary with the blindfold on huh? James: Green light James: Red light James: Charlie! Becca: Charlie, back to the couch. James: Green light! Red light! James: Ellie was moving! Becca: Nope. That was me. James: Green light! Red light! James: Corbin was moving! Corbin: I was falling. Becca: You did a good job. He didn’t move after you said red light. James: Corbin! Becca: Oh yeah. You moved a little bit. James: Red light! Green light! Becca: All right blindfold Becca: Is… Becca: On Becca: Green light! Red light! Green light, red light! Green light. Becca: Red light! Becca: Somebody kept moving. My guess is that it was James! Becca: Okay Becca: Green light Becca: Red light! Becca: I heard movement after I said Red light. I’m going to say… Becca: Corbin James: Yes! Ellie: Look how close I am. Becca: (SCREAMS) Becca: Look how close Ellie is to me. Becca: She’s so close Becca: Alright. Green light! Red light! Becca: Who touched me? Ellie: Me! Becca: Oh my goodness! Becca: Alright Ellie. Becca: It’s your turn for the blindfold Becca: So scary! Becca: One more round Ellie: Blind fold on Ellie: Green light Ellie: Red light! Ellie: Mom. Ellie: Green light Ellie: Red light! Becca: Oh man. That was a good guess. Ellie: Green light Ellie: Red light! Ellie: Red light! James: I already got turned on yet and Corbin been disappointed that he can’t do it Charlie what’s your strategy for the last round? Becca: I have no idea what you just said. James. What’s your strategy? What’s your strategy for the next round? James: My strategy is to cheal! Becca: Shouldn’t have said that. Corbin heard. Becca: Now he’s just going to say your name every time maybe Ellie: My strategy is to win. Becca: Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about. Mine too. Becca: Alright, let’s get going. Corbin: Red light! Becca: His tricking us! Corbin: I think it was Ellie. Corbin: Green light! Corbin: I think it was Ellie. Corbin: Green light! Corbin: Red light! Corbin: Who was it? Becca: It was Charlie Corbin: Mom Becca: Okay. Fine. Becca: I have to go back to start! Becca: It’s okay Charlie. Win for me. Corbin: Red light, green light! Becca: Why do you keep saying starting with the red light? Corbin: Green light, red light! Corbin: James James: Nope. Corbin: Charlie Corbin: Green light, red light! Corbin: Ellie! Corbin: Red light, green light, red light. Corbin: I think it was Ellie. Becca: I think all of us moved one step. Becca: But, you’re the only one that got caught. Becca: Okay. Keep going. Corbin: Green light, red light Corbin: Green light, red light Corbin: Green light Corbin: Red light Becca: Corbin, you should see where we’re at. Becca: Does that make you nervous? Corbin: Green light Corbin: Red light Corbin: Ellie Becca: Ellie was moving. Corbin: Green light, red light Corbin: Charlie Becca: Yeah. It was Charlie Becca: James got him! Becca: Oh my goodness. That was scary right? ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca: That was so much fun! Becca: Thanks for watching The Beach House. Make sure to subscribe if you have’n’t already. James: If you want to see us do this another time, Tell us on the comments below. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

    24 HOUR BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CRUISE SHIP! 📦🚢 Gaming Room, Mini Golf, Toys & More!
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    24 HOUR BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CRUISE SHIP! 📦🚢 Gaming Room, Mini Golf, Toys & More!

    November 23, 2019

    we have officially completed the world’s
    biggest floating box for cruise ship this is the most advanced box for
    technology join my eucalyptus infused face mask and Jake keeps singing with
    his ukulele and it actually sounds so bad you get so fluffy the dork who are
    you names ship to person well savage businessmen this side of
    towns obscene you see I fancy money I’m in the business of making money and
    while I’ve been a little down on my luck recently I had the idea the perfect idea
    to create the world’s first chip chippers and cruise ship there be
    glorious super big and make tons of money both charge hundreds of dollars
    per ticket but see there’s one problem I couldn’t quite get down how we build the
    cruise ships cost a lot of money and that’s where you boys come in I’m
    thinking we turn your two-story box board into the chip chips and cruise
    ship that way we save money and you boys get a handsome cut I’m thinking a
    hundred tape rolls each cruise ship yeah yeah yeah we could do that we could
    definitely do that right Marcia muth we can make cruise ship absolutely not
    we are not building a cruise ship there’s no safety regulations it’s not
    safe for the public safety but this kind of want to make money we’re talking
    about making money here guys are a tip Jefferson is into making money now you
    throw a little floaties in that thing maybe have some life jackets and there
    you go you got a cruise ship what are you saying
    okay whoa what if we survive 24 hours in it though okay we can prove that that it
    is truly safe to live in hey see there you go you got your own
    safety regulations personally I don’t care but I hope to come and see the
    cruise ship when it’s done see you boys later okay what’s going on everyone it’s
    papa jake and we are back with a brand new video and as you guys can see we are
    currently outside we’re sitting next to the pool and behind me is the two-story
    floating box fort sanic sorta it did rain a little bit we
    built this thing strong enough that it did withstand the night and now it is
    time to convert it into a real cruise ship now it may not look luxurious right
    now it’s kinda empty it’s just a bunch of cardboard but we know two things that
    a cruise ship needs to do one it needs to float – I mean that’s the most
    important it needs to flow other than that it’s pretty safe it’s got a beat
    okay the safety little bit asleep yes we’ll have some safety protocols I also
    want to expand on it and make it even bigger I’m thinking we get another
    floaty and push it out this way so it’s like the biggest cruise ship to ever set
    sail in fact it will be the biggest port we have ever sailed slash floated in
    water Logan tell everyone what to do you got a subscribe subscribe join the 6
    million people we have 6 million of anything that would be a lot but right
    now guys we need to build this cruise ship for two reasons one for fun and 2
    it might start raining again let’s get our cardboard and let’s start making the
    biggest cruise ship that she ever saw sail okay guys so update for you we’ve
    been working on the cruise ship barely under two minutes and it’s already
    starting to pour wine this case just doesn’t stop raining guys this is going
    from a luxury experience to now we’re back to survival again it’s cool now
    it’s cold and rainy okay guys since it’s raining and we do
    not want a repeat of the last 24 hours out here this is really bad this where
    we decided to put a tarp on top of the roof oh please it’s gonna keep us nice
    and dry Oh saves us look goes in here and we still
    gonna add an entire other parts of the ship so we got a lot of work to do so
    like I said we were gonna be expanding onto the sport and actually making it
    even bigger which is why we had to get an entire new floaty for the sport first
    things first I can inflate this thing and then we can start building we go we got a brand new floaty now
    it’ll have some cardboard and filled an epic room on top of this okay guys so
    update for you everything is going perfectly as planned
    guys we messed up Jason hold fort is on its side so while we’re trying to lift
    this in by ourselves it was extremely happy with all the wood in the entire
    fort just it just collapsed so yeah look at this thing we messed up Logan because
    we didn’t call Fox man at all but I said we call him up Jake you speak box man a
    little bit I’m working on it buddy oh okay yes do that over here okay guys update for you the ship isn’t
    that straightened up it’s like a sinking Titanic and we’re gonna try and get it
    in the pool hey guys we’re gonna I guess we’re officially inside so I’m gonna
    start working on the interior here making it super luxurious while Logan
    starts working on the additional sleeping quarters which what’s crushed
    when the box flipped over look at this alright guys so Jake has been inside the
    ship decking it out and I built ourselves a little attachment that we’re
    gonna put in the water add to our ship and this will be our sleeping quarters
    so now we have our two box four it’s in the water I’m uh I’m not really sure
    what we’re supposed to do now here we go so now we got this open and this
    attaches inside the main cruise ship area so now we gotta do is attach this
    and then I need to tape them together alright guys so check it out I’m
    currently working on the inside of the cruise ship here I still have a ton of
    stuff to do I haven’t even gotten to the lighting yet and it’s already starting
    to get dark out of course up here on the second story I’ve got a few LEDs and a
    few down here but we just installed the third part to this cruise ship and
    honestly guys it’s one of the biggest builds we’ve done let alone on water I
    mean right now like you’ve got to remember I’m standing up I’m chilling
    but I’m on top of a pool floating and then down here we added the sleeping
    quarters so what you would do is you would open this door here
    the super-secure hatch and then you have a ramp leading into these sleeping
    quarters obviously these are separated because we
    couldn’t build them all on land but you come over here it’s kinda like a train
    car oh I’m gonna get inside okay not too bad obviously not as big as the
    cruise ship but this is pretty good as sleeping quarters yes it is officially
    time we have officially completed the world’s biggest floating box for cruise
    ship I wonder chipper McChicken will like it he’s
    gonna have to love it and we’re gonna be the first people to actually get to go
    onboard and have the ultimate billionaire cruise ship experience we’re
    gonna go inside see all the cool stuff you can do on board we’ve kind of kept a
    lot of the interior secret because we wanted to show you guys
    once we’re actually in there but this is two stories three floaties massive by
    far the biggest build we’ve ever done on water
    we should go even bigger this summer smack that like didn’t leave a comment
    down below with other video ideas magnificent cruise ship I take it to our
    new guests on this marvelous luxurious cruise ship but I have prepared both of
    you an amazing voyage we will be sailing the seven seas around countless oceans
    and you will both be getting the most luxurious room that this cruise ship has
    to offer you will get to attend all of our games and fun activities plus be
    treated to a dinner by our marvelous top-notch chef
    why don’t you come aboard take your key card I’ll show you around gentlemen
    welcome to the cruise ship this is the most advanced box for technology known
    to man we have used every piece of physical box for engineering put into
    this ship it is three floatation devices Long’s two stories tall and can say of
    the seven seas for a lifespan of a hundred plus years this is the future I
    do have to let you know a few things one dinner is at 7:00 paired by our very
    talented and exquisitely professional chef chef Boyer you know over here are
    your flotation devices in the event that this fort does sink which is impossible
    you would simply take one of these put it on and pull the pin now remember only
    do that in the event of an emergency now enjoy your stay on the world’s class’s
    ship 7:00 p.m. yeah well we’ll be here for dinner that sounds great
    fifteen right now so that I guess that’s in like 45 minutes yeah okay what it is
    all right well guys it looks like we have this cruise ship to ourselves so
    we’re gonna go explore and of course be spending 24 hours in here so making sure
    that this cruise ship is absolutely safe is extremely important which is why I’ll
    be testing this myself it’s safe and good to go
    he said only an emergency but now they’re definitely might be an emergency
    all right guys so I think it’s time to show off the cruise ship and give you
    guys a little tour as to what we got in store so as you can see we’ve got the
    massive interior here which is the main area this is where you come to kind of
    relax you know maybe talk like hello sir it’s really bumpy yeah well we weren’t
    able to exactly put any stabilizers on the ship so if we do hit a big wave you
    know there’s a bit of like you know that kind of seasickness all these handrails
    though so you could just grab onto a handrail and check this out guys with a
    beautiful view we’ve got a nice patio out here if you want to eat and you got
    a nice view of the ocean slash the pool if you’re just chilling here so weird to
    think we are floating on a box we’re sitting here you actually don’t realize
    it like Logan’s chillin man I’m looking down here all right well let’s go check
    out the sleeping quarters because that is the third floaties that we added on
    to the ship if you guys remember from our last video we tried to make this and
    that was a success on the zone but then we expand it with the room let’s go
    check it out of course you got our key card scan it in and there we go should
    open like this and there is the sleeping quarters how’s that the commanding a bit
    seasick all right guys welcome to sleeping quarters
    Jake put put the ukelele away all of our luxurious rooms on this billionaire
    cruise ship come with your own ukulele which you can rule cheek why’s this so
    wobbly it’s a little bit more wobbly than the rest of the ship we put less
    time into it we didn’t have any windows to this because we’re doing the 24 hour
    challenge and it’s actually really cold outside so I didn’t want windows in here
    to get really cold so we left the windows open and we’ve got our nice
    comfy blanket got pillows we also have a wash basin in case we need to like wash
    our hands or use the water obviously we gotta save space so it comes with these
    little pucks which actually convert into full-on towelettes and then there you go
    you’ve got yourself a nice little towel you know you can wash your hands
    Jake Jake speaking of washing hands Dennis coming up that’s true dinner is
    almost ready guys we also got some hand warmers in here in case it gets cold at
    night and just watch awesome little snacks first aid kit but we got to get
    going it’s about dinnertime and we want to
    check out the rest of the cruise ship so let’s head back into the main area here
    close this up back into the main section of the cruise ship I don’t know there’s
    apparently a chef did we just hello chef I am a chef
    employee and I am going to be your ship of foot’s in that how may I help you
    uh looking for dinner you know like basic simple nice dinner poufy you have
    come to the right place and chef oh boy is it making the best dinner you have
    ever tasted I will start the cooking back into the main area here Jake Jake
    there’s a guy and he’s gonna cook us dinner oh that must be chef boy another
    customer tonight we are going to be having a fresh-caught fish straight from
    the ocean and I will be preparing it for both of you uh yeah like I mean I was
    gonna have a pizza but but freshly caught fish works for me
    do you have anything other than fish Shiva boy I only have a fresh-caught
    fish they must have fresh fish you ever taste
    okay yeah I guess we’re just having fish what about do you have any like like the
    7up like 7up for the drink I have a vision milkshake fish milkshake okay I’m
    not gonna pass on that one now some of you at home might be wondering how does
    chef a boy make the most beautiful fish dinners but that is because I use the
    premium fishing rod to catch my very own fish straight from the back of the
    cruise ship the ocean is filled with fish it is like nature’s grocery store a
    fee there we are the freshest fish in the ocean these will make a nice dinner
    for both of my boys all right dinner is a served fresh fish caught
    from the ocean and cooked up to perfection thank you joy courtesy of a
    chef oh boy this is fresh fish from the ocean
    even say we kind of fish you this no he’s going to nice fresh caught fish
    inside a box or cruise ship so we just enjoyed our luxurious dinner inside the
    cruise and now we’re coming up to the second story after dinner the Sun is
    going down it’s getting sort of dark out there so I thought we’d come up here
    play some games maybe beat Logan at beyblade first thing I wanted to try
    Logan was mini pudding I have never mini put it on the second story of a box for
    it that’s floating in a pool alright guys what we’ve got our Mini Putt ball
    here got our Mini Putt and stick and we’ve got our core setup so looks like
    I’ll be going first Logan let’s see who’s gonna be the winner of Mini Putt
    on the floating box for Jake you’re going down all right first one to get in
    the hole they’re trying number two wait wait wait wait but I got to do my second
    shot it is Mini Putt oh that was a that’s a birdie buddy yeah it took you
    three tries watch hole-in-one alright guys Logan is going up for his shot on
    the second line yeah that’s actually getting so dark we have all these lights
    in here but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna win a beyblades you know I’m the
    beyblade master if you didn’t know me and Logan have a long-standing beyblade
    championship going on right now that I have won every single Bay play match
    ever that we’ve ever done like the last three games we play I don’t know if any
    of you guys know what beyblade this is let me know in the comments but Logan
    has won every single game with this so this is not allowed to this time okay
    this is going over here we’re having a fair I’m still gonna beat you if you
    like he’s playing beyblades on this down below
    three two one well you know it’s best two out of three
    three one well I think it’s about time to head back to my sleeping quarters and
    go to bed of course this is a 24 hour challenge so we got survived tonight I
    mean when I say survive I do enjoy the night because we are in a luxurious box
    for uh Logan you haven’t even checked out your sleeping quarters yet wait Jake
    what do you mean I thought that was my room no nope
    Logan this is my room I pay for it you didn’t pay the $10,000 fee for the
    premium room I had to give the guy $10,000 to get this room what do you
    think you get this room for free your rooms under here I will uh I guess I’ll
    see you in the morning buddy have a fun time in your room what what okay let’s
    check out this room what why is my room flashing different colors
    a pillow and a blanket I could literally fall out of the fort
    all right gasps welcome to my room the luxurious room on this luxurious box for
    it as you guys already saw we got some awesome stuff in here but now that I’m
    in here I’m gonna get cozy for the night I’ve got this super thick and warm
    blanket obviously it’s nice and warm on the cruise ship itself but I want to get
    all cozy here okay we’ll check out some of the entertainment that we got it
    looks like it came with sour patch kids that’s awesome I love sour patch kids I love my room I love my room I am
    freezing right now it’s uh it’s really cold and Jake keeps singing with his
    ukulele and it actually sounds so bad Jake Jake you have to stop
    all right guys curly enjoy my eucalyptus infused facemask got it on here in
    complimentary in the luxury room super good for the skin gonna make my face all
    nice and clear I don’t know how I’m gonna sleep
    it’s like someone said hey let’s have a disco party and Logan saw him all night
    but honestly I gotta say guys this is one of my favorite boxers who ever built
    but I think I’m gonna get to bed now get some rest
    enjoy my night here as the as the waves rock me to sleep I’m just gonna have to
    try and sleep see you guys in the morning
    I always love doing floating box sports hopefully nothing happens tonight but
    I’ll update you guys in the morning when we wake up and that guy’s way too cold
    in my room so I came into the main area because it was just freezing course Jake
    gets his nice cozy room welcome to the breakfast menu
    you have a selected year to that Shiva body because I prepared you a marvellous
    a breakfast on this allegory as who-who’s you know
    Bishop Morita fish marina cut fresh this morning at full of fish and serious Yasha goodbye okay well at least I have
    some breakfast Aussie super comfy super warm I love
    this place to get up I headed into the main area organs doing see what’s going
    on in the cruise ship this morning it was terrible that sucks man yeah you
    should’ve got one of these premium cabins it was super comfy cozy in here
    foodie fish hey chef can I get some breakfast
    ah I am so sorry but the kitchen is a closed do you have to be here at 7 a.m.
    on the dots you see chef abaya does not fish unless it is fishing you
    have to wait for the lunch menu goodbye what’s come on I’ll pay for the premium
    economy I can’t even get breakfast looking up breakfast
    you weren’t here on time I guess alright guys well it is a beautiful morning in
    our two-story floating box Ford and when I say beautiful
    I mean it’s rainy I’m gonna head up to the second story here as you guys can
    see it is currently raining but we are still
    floating none of our ships sank during the night
    which is always a good thing how awesome would it be to do this video but on a
    lake I don’t know if that even be possible guys but let me know in the
    comments if you think that would be awesome and let us know by liking the
    video and of course guys if you did enjoy this and you want us to continue
    this series destroy that like button but this has been Pappa Jake and a burrito
    Logan and we will see you guys next time for another awesome video

    Heads Up 7 Up! Classic Kids Game! / The Beach House
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    Heads Up 7 Up! Classic Kids Game! / The Beach House

    November 21, 2019

    James: Hey treasure hunters welcome to The Beach House Corbin: Today, we are going to play Heads Up 7 Up! Becca: So, when I was a kid, I used to play heads up seven up in my school and it was so much fun Becca: It was one of my favorite games Becca: So we’re gonna pick two people to stand up and go to the front of the room…front of the class Becca: And then they’re gonna pick all of us are gonna close our eyes and stick our thumb up Becca: Those two people who are it are gonna pick two other people and you’ll have to try and guess who picked them. Becca: I wonder if we should do three people. Let’s do three people instead Corbin: I wanna say that we have never played this on the Beach House before. Becca: And it’s really fun, you’re gonna love it. Ryan: Alright. Becca: Okay, let’s be…I think I want to be it and… Becca: James and Ryan. Ryan: Here, sit down Ryan: So what you guys want to do, is you want to stick up your thumb like this and cover up your eyes Ryan: And Ryan: All three are gonna sneak around with your eyes closed. Ryan: And if we touch your thumb you put it down, okay? ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Ryan: Everybody that got touched stand up. Becca: Somehow Becca: Math wise this doesn’t add up Michael: Now, Rebecca I blame you for not giving better instructions. Becca: That’s right. Michael: The people, the three that we’re it were only supposed to put one finger down Ryan: That’s right. Michael: Not as many as they want to Ryan: So, Mom you go first. Who do you think touched your thumb? Becca’s Mom: James Ryan: No. Becca: If they get it right, they get to trade places and they get to be it next time. Ryan: Charlie who touched your thumb? Charlie: Ryan Ryan: You get to be up here. Becca: Charlie, come up. Becca: Look at him, he’s so happy. Corbin: James James: No!!!! Michael: Okay, last one. Who did you Ellie? Ellie: Mom Becca: I didnt! James did you too! Michael: So, now you three are it. Becca: Yes. So us three are gonna be it then we’ll do another round. Michael: Okay. Only one thumb per person. Becca: Only one thumb. Only touch one thumb. Michael: Joining us today, Michael: We have Ryan, from the Becca and Ryan Show Michael: We have Jessica from Jessica’s workshop Michael: And Grandma! Michael: Okay, everybody heads down. Ryan: Heads down, thumbs up. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: Is it time for heads up seven up? Michael: Okay. Everybody up. Michael: If you got tagged, stand up. Michael: We have another double. Double tagger. Michael: Okay, let’s start with Ryan. Ryan: Maybe we should start with Ellie Michael: Hey Ellie, who put your finger down? Ellie: Charlie told me… Michael: Was it Charlie? Michael: Nope, it wasn’t Charlie. Charlie: It was me! Michael: Charlie, you did not touch Ellie’s finger. Michael: That was somebody else. Ellie: Mom! Michael: That’s right. Now you’re out Ellie. You only get one try to guess. Michael: Alright James Michael: Who do you guess? James: Mom Michael: Was it you? Michael: It was Charlie. James: No. I remember someone walking past and putting my… Michael: It was Charlie. Michael: Okay, Jessica? Jessica: I think it was Corbin. Corbin: Yeah. Ryan: And I’m pretty sure it was Charlie. Michael: That’s right. Michael: Okay. So these are the three now. Michael: Everybody heads down on the ground. Becca: I realized I was saying it wrong. It was heads down thumbs up at the beginning when they all put their heads down. Becca: And then heads up seven up. Michael: Okay. Heads down. Jessica: Heads down , thumbs up! Becca: Heads down thumbs up! ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca, Ryan, Jessica: Heads up seven up! Michael: Okay, who got tagged? Michael: James and Corbin and who else? Michael: Okay. Stand up! Michael: Alright Corbin Corbin: It was Mom Becca: Nope! Michael: Oh your out. Michael: Go sit back down. James? James: Ryan. Ryan: Nope! Michael: You’re wrong Michael: It was not Ryan. Michael: Okay Ellie, who did it? Ellie: Ryan. Ryan: Nope! Ryan: I can only touch one person Michael: Everybody guessed right except James Ryan: Corbin Ryan: I touched Corbin’s thumb Becca: And then right after Corbin said..what did you say? Ryan: I said it was me. Michael: I think they had it in their mind that it was you. Ryan: Wait! So we get to do it again?! Becca: Yeah let’s do it again! ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Ryan: Heads up seven up! Corbin: Who put a sock on their hand?! Ryan: You’ll have to guess Michael: Everybody that got touched stand up Michael: Okay, Michael: who touched your finger? Becca’s Mom: I think it was Jessica Jessica: No Michael: No Michael: Wrong guess Corbin: Dad Michael: I’m not playing Michael: You have to pick one of these three Becca: Which one of us looks the most suspicious? Corbin: I think it was Jessica Michael: Good job. Okay Ellie, who touched your finger? Becca: Which one of us looks the most suspicious? Ellie: Mom Becca: No! Michael: It was Ryan. Michael: What? That’s the last one Ryan: No Michael: Yeah. She guess already. She’s wrong Becca: Who did she guess? Michael: She guessed Jessica Becca: It was me. It was me. Ryan: Final round! Michael: Last round. Everybody heads down thumbs up Michael: Ellie just passed out Becca: Heads down thumbs up ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Ryan: Heads up seven up Michael: Okay, whoever gonna tagged stand up Jessica: I think I was tagged Ryan: Okay, who do you think it was? James: Ryan Michael: Okay Ellie, who tagged you? Becca: Which one of us looks the most suspicious? Ellie: Corbin Corbin: Ryan cheated Ryan: I cheated. I cheated. I’m sorry. Jessica: Who tagged me? It was Rebecca Becca: Okay. I guess we’ll have to do it again. James: Now it’s the kids round Corbin: Yes! Kids: Heads down thumbs up! ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ James: Heads up seven up! Becca: Which one of these kids did it? Michael: Who touched your finger? Becca’s Mom: I have to look at their faces! Becca’s Mom: Suspicious face Becca’s Mom: I think it was Corbin Corbin: Yes Becca: I know who did it! Becca: James! James: No!!!! Ryan: And I know who did it! Ryan: Ellie! Ryan: I love you guys! Becca: Okay, if you guys want to see us do another round of this in another video with Mom, me and Ryan Becca: And just continuing to play, then let us know in the comments below. Alright, bye! ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

    Last to Leave the Snow Wins $1000! Freezing Challenge! / The Beach House
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    Last to Leave the Snow Wins $1000! Freezing Challenge! / The Beach House

    November 20, 2019

    Becca: Welcome to the beach Becca: Today, we have been inspired by our friends The Ohana Adventure to do a last person who leaves the snow gets a thousand dollars! Becca: We have some more of these amazing golden..these are 24 karat gold Becca: Hundred-dollar bill y’all Becca: And they have Becca: They even say on them: “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private.”, isn’t that cool? Becca: So, we are all gonna go out in the snow and see how long we can last out there. Becca: We’re gonna have a few challenges Becca: But each of you Becca: Whoever lasts the longest obviously gets a thousand dollars. Becca: But, you can only pick two things to warm yourselves from the snow James: I pick gloves and boots. Becca: What? Really? Jessica: So, I can wear what I’m wearing right now? Becca: Yeah, but everything else you have to be nude underneath. Jessica: What?! Becca: Ellie’s got? What do you have? Ellie: Jeans and coat Ellie: Paw Patrol boots Becca: Cute! Becca: And I’m wearing snow boots Becca: And these pink gloves when we get outside. Becca: And Charlie, what are you wearing? Charlie: Boots…coat. Michael: Ryan? Ryan: Glasses and this. Michael: What about your shoes? Ryan: Who needs shoes! Michael: Okay. Well Ryan, you should know that if anybody says that they’re cold. They’re not allowed to use the cold word. Michael: Then they’re disqualified and they have to go in the house. Michael: You can’t say you’re cold. Michael: Okay, let’s go. Everybody outside! Let’s go! Everybody outside! Becca: Here you go. This is gonna be in your… Michael: Okay. I’ll set it right here for the winner Michael: Some deer came to join our game Michael: Bye deer. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ James: I slipped Michael: There’s a lot of snow out here James: I slipped and my butt got wet. Michael: Charlie found a shovel! Ryan: Ow! Ow! I am so warm. Michael: Let’s go! Ryan: Okay! Becca: I have a feeling like he’s gonna win. Michael: It could happen. Michael: Ryan, you have to stay in the snow. Last to leave the snow. Becca: Okay, so we have five seconds Becca: We have five seconds to use the word cold as much as we want. Becca: You can say cold as much as you want these five seconds Becca: Okay. So the first challenge is a snowball fight. Ryan: That was my secret weapon. Michael: Now tell us the rules of the snowball fight Becca: So you can’t use the word…you know which word. Ryan: Ow! Becca! Ryan: Take that! Ryan: And.. Ryan: That! Michael: Hey! Michael: Oh no! Ryan is out! Michael: You don’t get a thousand dollars. Ryan: I am happy! Michael: Hey guys, Ryan’s out Michael: Why are you still throwing snowballs at him? Michael: Hey Ryan, you can go in the house now. Michael: Bye! Becca: I think he said the word Becca: That was good. Becca: What a good laugh. Becca: Ellie, come here. Let me hold you. James: That was me that threw it. Becca: Ellie’s gonna try and get James. Becca: Go ahead Ellie Corbin: Ellie, I’ll get you one. Corbin: Right there! Becca: Use your…here, pull your coat over your hands Becca: Like that and then you could hold snow and it’s like gloves Becca: Oh Charlie, watch out. Corbin: Put it down his shirt! Put it down his shirt! James: No!! James: Aaargh! Michael: Okay everybody, it’s time for the next challenge. Snowball fight is officially over. The next one to throw a snowball is automatically out Michael: So no more throwing snow Michael: Show us how to do a snow angel challenge Ellie Michael: How do we do the snow angel? Ellie: You do this Michael: Well, okay. Michael: That’s a pretty good snow angel. Who can do a better snow angel Michael: That’s the challenge Michael: I bet James is wishing he brought a jacket right about now. James: I got a better idea. Michael: Let’s see it. Becca: I don’t know if that counts, you got to lay down all the way. Michael: That’s like a snow pixie. Michael: Hey, what do you think of that? Becca: It’s a fail. Becca: You gotta try harder than that. Michael: There’s fresh snow over here. You can’t do a snow angel where it’s all packed down Michael: Jessica’s ready to show us her best snow angel Michael: Hey, Jessica wins the snow angel so far. Michael: That’s a great snow angel. What the…. Michael: Who is this random person? Ryan: I’m warm. Michael: Is that Ryan? Ryan: This is why… Michael: Hey, your out Ryan. Ryan: I know Michael: Okay, Ellie’s got a real snow angel here. Michael: Oh. That’s a good one. Michael: You got to do it in fresh snow Michael: You gotta find fresh snow. There’s some fresh snow over there. Michael: Are you ready to do it in fresh snow? Michael: Ah there we go Michael: Much good. Michael: Becca, let’s see your pregnant snow angel Becca: Do I have a hood on this? Corbin: Yeah. Becca: I do? Oh good! Michael: You lucky aint you. Becca: Alright Becca: Really hot. Becca: Oh my pants are going to get so wet and… Michael: Don’t say the bad word. Michael: Uh oh Charlie Michael: You just…you know your not supposed to throw a snowball. Michael: If you throw that, your disqualified. Michael: Charlie’s out! Michael: And Rebecca, I have something to tell you. You did the worst snow angel Michael: So, your disqualified. Michael: Rebecca, you and Ryan and Charlie are all disqualified. You have to go inside. James: Can you make some hot chocolate for everybody? Michael: Wait, why do you want hot chocolate? Michael: Why do you want it? James: Because I’m hot. Michael: Okay. Go in the house. Becca: Alright Charlie’s taking off his boots and his coat, huh? Are you all wet? Becca: That was wet snow, huh? Becca: Are you cold? Charlie: No. Becca: Alright, well, we are lucky because we get to say if we’re cold or not and they don’t. Becca: So, I think it’s time to get some hot chocolate rub it in their face Becca: It’s a good time to be inside. Charlie: Getting your hot chocolate? Becca: Yeah. We’re doing hot chocolate Becca: Hot chocolate time. And dill pickled chip because I’m pregnant. Ryan: And I am warm. Ryan: Look at this thing. Ryan: So warm. Becca: I’m just happy honestly that I’m inside. Because outside, is not very fun right now. Charlie: Yeah, hot chocolate fun. Becca: Much more fun. James: Next challenge is… James: Whoever goes the least on sliding down the hill James: Has to exit the challenge. Michael: Okay. Are you going first? James: Yes. Michael: Okay. Let’s your best job Michael: So after you’re done, you have to mark how far you went. Michael: Go! Michael: Okay, Corbin, you ready? Michael: Set! Michael: Go! Michael: Woah! Corbin went further! Michael: Woah! Ellie! Michael: She went further than James too. No wait, we got one more person. Jessica’s turn. Jessica: Scary. Michael: Are you ready? Michael: All you have to do is go further than James. Michael: If you go further than James he’s out Jessica: Okay. Jessica: I’m scared. I haven’t done anything like this. Michael: Wow Jessica. She went further than you! Michael: Jessica went further. Jessica: I think it’s a tie. Michael: James, she went further than you dude. Jessica: I think it was a tie Michael: Look at how far the tip is. Jessica: Actually it did go a little further when I got up Jessica: So. Michael: Do we need a rematch between Jessica and James? Michael: Okay, James and Jessica are gonna have a rematch Michael: Good luck Michael: Here comes James Michael: Okay, stop! You’re done. Michael: Don’t move Michael: Okay Jessica’s turn Michael: Ready? Michael: Woah! She went way further. Michael: James, your out. You gotta go inside and get some hot chocolate. Jessica: Dragging my feet. I was so scared! Look at the tracks! Michael: Good job Jessica! Michael: Bye James Ryan: Oh, is somebody coming to join us? Ryan: Aww. So sorry. Give me a high five! Ryan: Or you can get some hot chocolate James: We had a sledding contest and Jessica won. Becca: At least you get hot chocolate and they don’t. James: That’s pretty good. Charlie: Marshmallows in it. Yay! Michael: Okay, guys here’s the next challenge Michael: It’s the snow ball toss challenge, but we’re going for accuracy this time. If you get hit, you’re out Michael: But they’re gonna take turns. So we’ve got Jessica in this corner Michael: We’ve got Corbin right there and Ellie right there. So they’re each going to take turns and let’s have Michael: Corbin go first. Okay go! Michael: Miss. Okay, Ellie your turn. Michael: Oh Ellie might be a little bit far. That might be in her benefit though cause then she won’t get hit. Michael: Did you get Corbin?! Michael: Oh Jessica good job. Corbin’s out. Sorry buddy Michael: How did you hit him with no depth perception? Michael: Okay, we’ve got the reigning champion Ellie in this corner Michael: And we’ve got the newcomer Jessica from Jessica’s workshop Michael: And she’s trying to take a thousand dollars Michael: We need one final challenge Corbin: I just disqualified. I got hit by a snow ball. Ryan: Well do you want some hot chocolate? Ryan: Third to the last? Becca: Here you go. Here’s some hot chocolate. Becca: I wonder whose gonna win. Whose left? Corbin: Ellie and Jessica Becca: Ellie? She could win a thousand dollars again. Ellie won last time and she might win a thousand dollars again. Becca: That’s so crazy. Michael: Alright Ellie, what’s the final challenge? Ellie: We’re gonna put our head in the snow. Michael: You’re gonna put your head in the snow? Michael: For how long? Michael: Five? Ellie: Five minutes Michael: Okay. Michael: Can you put your head in the snow for five minutes? Michael: Are you ready? Jessica: I guess so. Michael: Okay. Jessica: Wait. We should both do it head to head. Michael: Okay, ready? And whoever pulls their head out first loses. Is that what happens? Michael: Okay Ellie. On your mark. Michael: Get set! Go! Michael: Oh Jessica’s out! Michael: Good job Ellie! Michael: You won! Michael: Again! Michael: Jessica, why did you pull your head out? Jessica: I said cold. And I was like, dang it! Michael: So you didn’t pull your head out cause it was too cold, you just said the word cold. Jessica: Yes! Michael: Ellie you won again! That means you won two thousand dollars! Michael: Let’s go inside and get some hot chocolate okay? Ellie: Yeah. Ellie: I won. Ryan: I heard. You’re gonna be rich! Becca: You did what? Ellie: Heads in the snow Becca: Heads in the snow! Michael: So, will you present our winner. Michael: All around champion. Hey! That’s not yours Michael: Ellie won again! Michael: Another thousand dollars. Becca: You won two thousand dollars! Becca: You’re more rich than I am right now. Becca: Look at this smile on her face. Michael: Okay, give her her money Becca: There you go! Ellie: I won again. Becca: And here’s some hot chocolate ooh, your hands are cold ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫