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    Pesca aos grandes Lúcios Portugueses (4K ULTRA HD)
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    Pesca aos grandes Lúcios Portugueses (4K ULTRA HD)

    January 28, 2020

    come here come here are you inside or outside? can you enter? hi guys and welcome to another fishing video first I ask to you to like and subscribe, that helps the channel a lot today goals… will try some pike I am in Sabor and this river is known for this species I will try some Bass too and maybe some Zander I come with two friends they are already fishing that way is the first time they try to fish pike, they never did this fishing even I want to start fishing fast let´s see how it goes so guys what I am doing? I am casting near the shore with my fish finder, I am trying to see where the trees are and where is the baitfish trying to see that and up the trees so I don´t lose my lures because if you find baitfish you find the predators and that is what I am doing, I am casting trying to do less noise now I am really near shore but I am getting far now so I cast really near shore the lure makes lot´s of noise but there is no problem maybe that activate them, I will try a bit of everything in this area, I got 7.8 meters deep so I am trying the golden albino Trout, always got me great results here and I am casting and retrieving very slow there we go is a beautiful pike jesus he swallows all come here come here are you inside or outside? can´t enter? he is in he is inside what a fight I was despondent look well what a beast let´s take a photo and release the fish where do we take the photo? maybe there there he goes don´t even need help I need more help than he does crazy crazy so I have to cut my line so I release him faster that is the most important as you know look my treble hook is now a double hook and got one of the hooks, and look my lure, what a shame but I got him so he destroys my lure but I got him I made the release without any problem he goes to the bottom without any problem so we didn´t skunk let´s see if we catch more, I sent a message to my friends so they come here, maybe they are more active here but I don´t know if they received, I have a bad connection here so far is very hard, only got one fish one of my friends got a decent Zander and nothing more till half an hour ago very hard for them too they go to right side and I come left most of the fish I caught here was on the right side obvious I want to catch fish but I want them to catch their first pike I got a message, maybe is one of them saying they catch a fish the connection here is terrible yes, he got one and break the rod bad luck so what I am using? I bring a spinning set because when we go so far you need to bring two because you do lot´s of kilometers and you can break a rod or you reel breaks so you need two sets I don´t use this because when I am fishing for pike I like to use my casting combo I am with a Black Savage 15-50 I love Black Savage, I have all the range some more than one Okuma Citrix reel 0.35 line this is normal and a leader from Savage Gear to pikes you need to use or they cut your like I don´t like to use steel I already fish with steel and I got fish but the animation is better especially if the lure is light if we use the fluorocarbon leader 96 meters 97 meters 98 99 one hundred one hundred meters deep 101 102 and going down I passed a spot there with 150 meters deep, can you believe? you see all this mountains and there are underwater too has you can see we got 4.5 meters deep and the water temperature is 12.3 degrees on the other side of the island, we have 9 to 10 meters deep we got a temperature with 11.4 or 11.5 degrees, that is one-degree difference seems is not much but can do all the difference why is hot here? is simple less deep and all that shore is rock the sun hits the rocks is like a heater and my hope is that we catch a Bass because today is hard, I am in low Sabor my first goal is pikes but is so hard today absolutely nothing so let´s try any fish maybe some Bass even if we skunk with this landscape, we can´t complain there are worst things so… here is one fish drink water so beautiful till this moment I don´t have one single hit and this one swallows all here he is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful so my tactics were this rocks here as you can see we have four meters deep here so here is hotter because of this rocks so my last hope was a jerkbait not very big or smaller, with 9cm shad color and I try to catch a Vass or a pike because it was very hard I was thinking of fishing for Zander so you can see how desperate I was this is the fish let’s go to the shore that island take a photo and make the release let´s release he fought hard let´s see if he swim well there he goes beautiful so, guys, I am in low Sabor got my first fish maybe the last because is very hard today great sun but this is bad for pike, look how this treble hooks are they always destroy all my hooks look this landscape, so beautiful don´t you think? for some time I was thinking that I would skunk but at least I would skunk with this landscapes but would skunk anyway but my bet was this part, we have one meter here to the other side, this is a island and near that shore, we have four meters deep rocks, I know the water is warmer there so my bet was a Savage Gear jerk 9cm, I don´t want anything very big or small because I just wanted a fish, even a Bass so my fishing morning is over hope you like this two videos was a fish in high Sabor and low Sabor I think the first was bigger, at least it was fatter this year I will fish a lot in sea to Seabass I only need one more month and a half the water in the Douro is still very dark let´s see how it goes see you in next video

    Northern Pike Bite is on Fire 🔥 Ice Fishing For Northern Pike with Tip Ups
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    Northern Pike Bite is on Fire 🔥 Ice Fishing For Northern Pike with Tip Ups

    January 23, 2020

    Oh yeah, oh, this feels nice. Oh I’m on. Benny I’m on something big, Benny… Tip up! Another tip up? Alright!
    Aaahhh! Welcome to Conjuring Rock, where we enjoy
    all-season camping and fishing. Today we are looking for the big pike. This is a
    spot I’ve been to before and I know that there’s Pike in the area so we’re gonna
    see if we get something bigger today. Hopefully so man, let’s do this. So we’re gonna look for, like, the 12 foot – 15 depth
    range, set a tip-up there. Then we’re gonna set a tip-up around like maybe 20,
    25 feet deep see if we can get some different results.
    See if it produces different size fish Got these nice big golden shiners. It
    would be nice to have like the pike strike rig with the two hooks but this
    is all we got so that’s what we’re working with. Making it happen! *cell phone audio from previous video* What are you doing right now Ben? Watching the video of where I put my tip-up
    last time on our other video hahaha He forgot where he was set up so… hahaha No! I didn’t put the background in there So as you can see – I’m not sure if you can see
    the screen – I’ve got this tip-up set just three feet off bottom at 18 feet. I have a good feeling,
    so we’ll let that soak. The tent’s alive! I keep hearing the bell go off here Yep, something’s got it. Nice. Something’s got it Got something here.
    It’s coming back towards me I think it’s small. Yeah just a little pike.
    Oh well, first one of the day we haven’t even been here 15 minutes. Yeah. Well it’s not on ice yet – yeah there you go Yeah, it’s a little hammer. Yeah, you got
    some pliers bro? Yeah. So, we’re just – it’s not the size we’re looking for, but,
    it’s still glad to see a pike either way. ‘Could hear the bells going off but he wasn’t
    spinning, that was weird Cool man. We’ll get another minnow on and –
    It’s good that it’s producing. Yeah, great way to start the day. Yeah. Okay, so we’re gonna move into the tent and do some jigging. I’m gonna jig an ultra-light rip-n-rap see if I can call them in with some of those rattles. Benny’s just
    jigging a dead minnow hoping to get a bite on the live or dead bait – live bait
    dead – get a bite – yeah okay Wish I was recording for that but I was just
    eating some soup and had a dead minnow on – Oh he broke off! And that’s a big old
    Pike dude was a big that was a big Pike Awwwwe.
    That was a big old fish Awe, What a shame dude. That was a big fish. Bro, I think I’m marking a whole bunch of stuff here *Bell ringing* Oh yeah, oh yeah. Do you wanna do this one? Oh yeah, oh this feels nice All right that’s what we’re here for our
    let’s get a bigger hog, but that’s nice I’m happy with that. That’s not bad dude, not bad at all.
    My biggest fish of 2020 on the tip-up. Want a picture?
    No, it’s all good dude. Right on dude Hahahaha … Yep Yep Oh it’s not big, she’s small It’s not a terrible little fish though. Happy to see
    the tip-ups go off. Yeah. He’s good, he’s more than good.
    Oh yeah. Cool man. Another one. I just changed my tip-up, I decided to move down
    to like 15 – 16 feet because that’s where Benny was was getting it there Oh, Tip-up!
    Oh yeah? Yeah. Awesome. Let’s see here. Oh, that feels decent. It’s coming towards me now. If he runs, let him run bro. Oh, just a little fella.
    Oh yeah. He’s really kicking look at him. He is not happy. No, he’s not. Alright, it’s okay. It’s another fish though. It’s not the upgrade we’re
    looking for. at least the tip-ups are going off though yeah. Yeah, cool man.
    Yeah. There ya go.
    See ya bud! Oh I’m on. Benny, I’m on something big!
    Benny, I’m on something big! No maybe not, maybe it’s just where I’m
    hooked on him. Yeah he’s just really fighting. He’s got a lot of kick. He’s active There ya go, It’s not bad. It’s decent bro, it’s decent. It’s not a bad fish bro. Not a bad one. There we go! …so slightly Yeah!
    Oh we got off. Naw. No way. Darn Another minnow bro, another minnow
    ’cause these areproducing There’s nothing better than looking over,
    and going “TIP-UP!” Oh man, a good mark. Yeah, ok, hold on.
    We’ve had this set for like 5 minutes. I know, lets go. Let’s go. Nope. You got him?
    Yeah I think so Oh yeah, here we go.
    Not huge, but hey! Oh he’s good. Cool man.
    Cool. He was thrashing, that was violent!
    Hahahah yeah. Cool, I wish I got that on camera. So, we were just setting this, then right after
    I set it I watched a fish come and take it. But they’re just going crazy for these tip-ups today.
    Dude was that not nuts? That was awesome. Pretty cool. Literally as we
    set this thing, he grabbed it. Something just about pulled my rod in the water.
    Oh, I wish that was recording! I know! Dude, it almost took my rod! I saw that, that was hilarious. Yeah.
    Your rod was like this, in the water and you – I grabbed it, oh my gosh! Yeah, not huge but – Hahah isn’t that cool dude?
    Dude that was unreal! Yeah, did you see that?
    Yeah, you almost lost your rod. Crazy man, crazy! The tip-up went off, oh yeah! Oh yeah, look at that
    spin bro. You got it?
    Yep. Feels alright. It might just be
    small and wiry. No, it’s not too small.
    No, no definitely not small actually. Here’s your fish bro.
    Right on. Our fish. Yeah.
    Yes! Cool.
    Tip-up night. It has been –
    Tip-up! Oh another tip-up, alright! Aaahh! It’s not spinning though. Yep, I need your help. * Listen to Ben slipping on the ice * hahahahah There’s another.
    that’s pretty cool. That is cool. It’s like – uh – I think we’re
    running out of minnows man. And we’re running out of battery on the camera. Hahaha Yeah. So, I’m running over to you, my cleat falls off, I go to stop and I’m just like – Hahaaha Benny’s on again! And he’s packing up –
    Oh there we go, now he knows he’s hooked. There we go.
    Decent fish man You calm down and we’ll get you unhooked. That was sweet.
    Yeah man, it’s great. Alright, we had an amazing day
    out on the water I don’t think I’ve ever had a day hammering pike like that. Crazy
    it’s like tip-up, tip-up, tip-up – Yeah, yeah that was super awesome. Uh – hit that
    like button, if you liked what you saw and subscribe if you want to see more.
    We’ll catch you later. Cheers guys.

    PIKE FISHING: Motoroil vs Bright Colors CHALLENGE (Archipelago) | Team Galant
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    PIKE FISHING: Motoroil vs Bright Colors CHALLENGE (Archipelago) | Team Galant

    January 18, 2020

    Today we’ll find out whether bright or motoroil colors works best in the southern part of Sweden. Let’s prove for Pontus that motoroil is the best color. I’m just waiting until I can equip a motoroil colored bait. To be honest, I did not quite expect the outcome. Hello fishermen! Today me and
    Philip will be doing a challenge … where we’ll see what works out the best in the southern part of Sweden. Motoroil tends to be the best, but after a dialog with Pontus, he claimed that bright colors are if not better. Today we’ll test his claim. One will be using bright colors and the other will be using motoroil. We’ll swap colors after an hour, in order to eliminate the fishermen bias. Who’ll start out using motoroil? I want to start out.
    – Me as well. Before we begin, leave a comment stating which color you believe will take home the trophy … also smash the like button. Let’s do rock paper scissors? The winner will be starting out with motoroil. Rock paper scissors. Yes! I’ll start out.
    – Damn it! One is supposed to use bright colors, but not just like yellow colors. These blue colors are acceptable as well. This one is rather dark and dull, so this is forbidden to use. These are the rules. One hour before we swap colors. Not a competition between you and me.
    – It feels like it. It’s in the middle of the winter season, 3.2 degrees of celsius in the water … and the pike has entered more shallow water, so that’s what we’ll keep in mind when fishing. I’m using a single treble hook in order to fish rather shallow and slowly. Let’s start out Philip?
    – Let’s do it. Let’s prove Pontus wrong! First cast – gotta make sure my brake is set hard since I’ll be catching a pig. Fishing along the reed line. Follower! Of course the motoroil Flatnose delivered. Who could’ve guessed it? Not Pontus. Pike! Decent one. Second follower. They’re just following today. Fish on! Motoroil delivers! 1-0 to motoroil. We’ve been fishing for half an hour, two followers as well. I swapped from Flatnose to Flatnose Dragon. During colder periods tailbaits can be great. Not the biggest one. Half an hour left of me fishing with motoroiled colored lures. Let’s catch the big ones. When it’s so cold, the mornings are quite slow. It’ll be a sunny day and hopefully they’ll get more active. Does not feel hot. These colors don’t feel good. Something you’d like to tell Pontus?
    – He should try out the bright colors here himself. Not as expected. Follower! Had a follower on the non-hot color. There’s a possibility that I can manage to catch one. We have 10 minutes left of fishing until we’ll swap colors. I’ve had two followers and one bite. Philip has had one follower and a bite. I’ll keep on fishing. The first hour has passed. You
    had a bite in the final cast.
    – Exactly. That’s rather promising since I’ll be using that color now. Motoroil 1-0 though. Similar score when it comes to the amount of bites though. Both had 2 bites.
    – Let’s swap. I’ll be using Flatnose in a special motoroil color. I’ll be using a very bright color – Soumi Slayer. Philip had some activity on the Flatnose while I had on the Flatnose Dragon – so the bait does not seem to matter. Check out how shallow! 0.5-1 meter. Super clear water. Check out the movement of the lure as well. I don’t know about this one. It will not be unnoticed though. A bit too colorful for my taste. Here’s the bait Philip managed to get a bite on. If you have broken lures and will be heading for the sportfishing fair … make sure to bring them with you, because during 20-22th of March … the Kanalgratis crew will be recycling these baits and pay you for them. First cast with this ugly lure. Hopefully colors does not matter and Philip is just catching pike after pike. There! No! Had a strike on the ugly one. Time’s up! Finally my first bite on the bright one, just had like three followers before. Of course I missed it. Philip has missed out on a few as well.
    – Three or four bites. We did not manage to set the hooks though. We’ve finally managed to find them
    – Really inactive, just biting the paddle. I’ll use this trout-color. There are sea trouts here so hopefully they’re used to yellow colored sea trouts. Bad day. We discussed the day. Suddenly I caught this fat 3 kg pike. Nice one.
    – Wide back. 1-1. Let’s keep going. Time to release him. Bye bye! The trout color seems to work. There! No! They are just biting the paddle. Three strikes. I will bring this lure to the sportfishing fair. How slow! Swapping time once again. During this hour the bright color only managed to deliver one fish, so the score is 1-1. We’ve had plenty of strikes. We have had like 6-7 bites. If we managed to catch all of them we would’ve had like 10-15 pike. Only due to the inactivity of the pike we’ve managed to catch two! Time is flying away due to the short days. Let’s keep going. Finally hooked up. My soul is getting warm. 2-1 to motoroil. There we go. Holy! There! 2-2! Philip missed the one I caught. He used motoroil. Fat little fellow. Equal score. Perhaps Pontus is right, colors do not matter. Too small sample size to draw a conclusion. Some active fish and finally a pike that hooks itself. Bye! The trout color is good. A freaky sea trout. Our theory was that motoroil would deliver more fish.
    Why do we suspect motoroil to work so good here? Since they are eating a lot of
    eelpout, this color works good. The score is 2-2. I don’t know what to say. If your fishing shop would like to purchase any of these lures, make sure to contact [email protected] Let’s head for the next spot. Let’s see whether this spot works better than the last time we tried it. Let’s start casting. First cast of the day. Or not.
    – You’re right. There! No! They are just nibbling! There! Big one! Nice one! I was like “Why do the pike just nibble” and from nowhere I caught this big one. The fun fact is that it took on the bright colored lure. It’s crazy. Not that long.
    – Dense fellow. It’s heavy.
    – Like 5.5 kg. Time to release this one. Did not expect the biggest pike to bite on this lure. Time to release it. Lure-swapping time!
    – I’ll catch a big one. My turn to use a bright color. I’ll use this trout. Let’s see if I can catch a big one. Good start! Let’s head home Tobbe. We’ve caught the most fish on the Baby Smolt. But I still root for the motoroil. It feels hot, let’s keep going. There! Holy!
    – You missed it? What a strike.
    – On the Baby Smolt. Anchor up. It’s hot right now.
    – More than before. I’ll catch it. Motoroil do your job. Seems to be some pike here in this shallow water. No wind and we’re not fishing that slow since it’s so shallow. Follower!
    – I can see it as well. Come on, strike! No, it vanished. There! Motoroil 3-3. Fat. Took on the Flatnose. Perhaps the final pike for today.
    – Probably is. Let’s release it. Bye. 3-3! Exciting. We’ll continue because I want motoroil to win this competition. Done for today. Let’s see the result. I did not expect this outcome. The score is equal, 3-3. The biggest one caught on the bright lure. We’ve had 20-25 bites.
    – A lot. Just 6 fish up. If you want to see something similar to this, make sure to smash the like button … also leave a comment suggestion for an upcoming challenge. Select two colors you want to see compete against each other. The one with the most likes will get picked.
    – Yes. Take care, follow us at Instagram and subscribe for more videos. Bye!

    Trying SMALL RIVER for Pike ?(Fishing From Shore – Good Tips!) | Team Galant
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    Trying SMALL RIVER for Pike ?(Fishing From Shore – Good Tips!) | Team Galant

    December 27, 2019

    Hello fishermen! I hope you’re doing well because I am. Today we’ll be fishing pike in a small river during … this beautiful season. Smash the like button if you like shore fishing in small rivers … this type of fishing is both easy and fun. Could also be really effective. Had a bite in the drop. What a strike! Ready again to fish for a big pike. I’ll head home and cry. This river is connected to the sea, and these rivers can be really hot to fish at during Autumn … because the bait fish like these rivers – and the pike follows. The same theory works for lakes. I like to bring as little of things with me as possible when I fish these small rivers. I have a bag and a single rod with me. The rod is a light bait casting rod. Saxa Shade Generation 2 … with casting range from 30-90 grams. With this Abu Revo Beast. Very light … and when fishing from the shore, you tend to swap place often, therefor it’s forgiving to use light gear. Don’t stay at the same spot for too long. In the bag I have pliers, scale and other stuff. I also have my bait box with me. Let’s open the box up. These are the baits I prepared with. I’ll start out using a bigger bait, this Flatnose. Plenty of perch in this river so I thought this Transparent Perch … color was suitable. 10 gram lead head. My smaller bait is this Nettel Juvenile. The color motoroil has been great in this river – 7 gram jig head from SPRO. Let’s get these out and place the box in the bag. First cast for today. Hopefully some pike here. Plenty of leaves. Insane. I need to change bait, the Flatnose has a treble hook meanwhile this only has a jig skull. Let’s see if this works out even better. Retrieving it as an usual perch jig. There! Fish! First pike for today. A small fellow. Inhaled my lure. Fun! Fun fishing from the shore. Here it is, like 1.5 kg. Took on the Nettel Juvenile – good downsize lure. First fish up, a sign of fish even though this is not a monster. Also had a bite before but I lost it. Took quite close to me. Bye bye! Nettel Juvenile seems to deliver some pike. I fish it like a regular jig. Lovely swimming action. A really effective lure with it’s action. Let’s keep going and see if I can get one more pike. Been fishing as far up the river as I’m allowed to – so my plan is to fish the same spots again. I’ll swap bait from Nettel Juvenile to something bigger. I’ll use the Shark Shad for the same rotation. Time to see. Here it is. In the color Okoboji Perch. Works great, cool lure. I’m using a 10 gram jig skull. Plenty of logs in the river … so I won’t use to heavy skulls. As you can see, there are no leaves due to the current from the ocean pushing them away. Finally I can use treble hooks. Ready once again to fish for a nice pike. There! Fish! Feels not too big. Took in the drop. How am I going to land this fish? Bass-landing it. How dark, cool pike. Same size as the previous one. Unhooked. Time to go back. Bye bye! Make sure your bait is rigged properly. The hooks are razor sharp. I attached a pear weight, I want it to sink a bit deeper. Check so the leader is okay. The pike took in the drop so it seems to be a key for success. There! They seem to love this bait. I thought they wanted a smaller lure though. Been using the Juvenile for some time. Bigger baits seem to be better. Biggest for today. Stood on this log. Would be crazy if I caught a 10 kg pike at this spot. Yes! It has been quite a slow morning but it seems as if the activity has increased. Two pikes in 20 minutes. Not super big. There are big ones here though, time to release it. I thought down sizing was the key, but I was wrong. Trying to release it as carefully as possible. Bye bye! I’m in my car relaxing. Eating some cinnamon rolls. Some Swedish fika. I’ve fished far up the river, but my plan now is to fish way down. Could be hot since it’s close to the sea. Hopefully we’ll have some success. Been here for a while without any bites – but from previous experience of this river … I know some days are tougher than other. I’ll head back in a month. See you then. Today I’m at the river once again and with me I brought Edvin! We’ll try to find the right bait, method and spot. Some days are way better than other in this river, so we’ll make a quick session here … if we don’t have that much activity. This Nettel Juvenile worked decent last time.
    – Good size for this small river … they perhaps want this smaller lure. Could be good – let’s try it out. About a month since I fished here before. Last time I caught some on the Shark Shad using a 10 gram flexhed. So that’s what I’ll stick with again. If your fishing shop would like to purchase these baits, like this Shark Shad, contact [email protected] We’re at the first spot. An area with some current and a back-water. The pike like these spots. While Edvin is making some casts, I’ll head for another spot so we can cover more area. Had one! Just felt a small nibble on the Shark Shad. It’s like 4-5 degrees celsius in the water … so they are quite slow and inactive. One contact in 15 minutes of fishing – promising! Would’ve been even better if I managed to hook it. No! Tobbe! Had a good one. What a strike! Lost it. Had an insane bite. On the bigger bait. Pike might like these bigger lures. Nice strike, was a decent pike – saw it when it struck my bait. Let’s keep fishing. Fish! Tobbe! Decent fish. I made a cast in the middle of the current. Thought I was stuck in the bottom. Feels decent. Bigger baits are great. Decent. Like 80 cm, quite fat. Took on the Fatnose. They like bigger baits, perhaps due to the big bait fish. Let’s release it. Fun! Let’s get one more. Fish! Holy! Nice one! Almost a meter fish! Nice Tobbe! These are the ones we want.
    – Let’s land it. No!
    – You lost it. Typical. I won’t cry because of it since we saw it’s size. Probably like 6-7 kg, 100-105 cm. Not a personal best and we would’ve had trouble landing it. So it’s not too bad. Was of course a lovely pike but that’s how it goes.
    – I’ll go home and cry. Took on the Fatnose in the color Hotpike, retrieved the lure really slow. Let’s get one more.
    – That’s how it goes sometimes. Better average size compared to the previous session. We at least managed to see it. If we brought a net with us we probably would’ve landed it. It is what it is. What’s your take on the session Edvin?
    – Decent session … we’ve been fishing for like 3 hours effectively and we caught 1 pike, and plenty of bites. Better than expected.
    – This river is not a place where you keep on hammering … so nice to do these quick sessions to see if there are some fish here. That’s all for today. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos. Follow us at Instagram … make sure to smash the like button if you enjoy shore fishing. Take care fishermen! Bye!

    Pesca brutal de Lucios – Insane Pike fishing
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    Pesca brutal de Lucios – Insane Pike fishing

    December 26, 2019

    let´s see if I catch him this is hard hi guys, so this is the place where I will start fishing is 7:15 am the road ends here, it is not because there have been floods this was a stream but they built a dam so the houses, the roads and bridges are all under water and the road ends here and was only a couple years ago, let´s see if we get a good day of course the battery died when I get a fish is always like that, but I recorded with that cam and let´s see the fish we got here let´s go far from shore look at this this fish is so beautiful is heavy another one don´t enter… he enter I am now trying to save batteries I am fishing for some hours now so I am recording only when I get a fish let´s see what we have here come inside so let´s see this one easy I only want to show you is just for the cam, than I will release you just this is just this what I want to do so beautiful don´t you think? so beautiful there he goes thanks to this fish I lost my pliers I drop in the fight into the water look at this I am trying to fish for pikes and fish Bass with a Eel he is fat this was fished with the Eel if I catch him… is hard and done he is heavy I think I will stop there, this cam is without batteries and I will take a photo so let´s take a photo of the fish so let´s release this fish there he goes another one, is the 4th Pike and a Bass this time I fish him with the Eel, the lure I fish the Bass hope you like the video I fish 4 pikes I don´t record one of the fights because my batterie died but I record the other 3 fights and I fish a Bass too yes 4 pikes and a bass this place got some pikes because is hard the banks are inaccessible for those who fish in tubes, can you see the water? we are in a valley and there is a lot of wind so is hard t fish here and maybe that is the reason there are some fish here has I said this was a small stream and they made a dam so the bottom has you can see outside of water the bottom is full of trees all of this are trees if your lure go to the bottom you will loose it so this place can be a very good place because is very hard to fish here so not much people can fish here there is alot of wind you can´t fish from shore amd the bottom is full of trees and we are arriving this road goes to…. … well to no side lol where you see this bridge under the water is another bridge I don´t know if you can see the bridge was a Ruman bridge the road is in the bottom can you see the line? we arrive what a day…

    Meta Mera – återblick 2019 och planerna för 2020
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    Meta Mera – återblick 2019 och planerna för 2020

    December 26, 2019

    Hi! Here I am having a look at one of my “childhood” waters just to make sure it is still possible to fish here. I’m going to do a new series next year called “Reliving my fishing diaries”, but it is about 30 years since I was at those places the last time, so I have to make sure they are still accessible. And this place is one of them. Even if it has changed a little it should still be able to fish here. While you are waiting for the first episode you can watch my recap of my fishing 2019. Some of these clips never appeared on the channel, and some of them you might have seen before, if you have been watching my videos. But everything that is filmed is not published. Hopefully I will start filming and editing in January and then publish one of those videos each month. So I will try to visit a new place from my old fishing diaries each month. 2019 was a good year for me. My Youtube channel went from about 500 subscribers to more than 2000. 7,9 kg (17lbs) and 85 cm long. My goal for 2020 will be to reach 3000 subscribers before the end of 2020. And to reach that goal I have a lot of plans for 2020, but as usual, time is always a limit. Sometimes when I watch Youtube, Facebook and Instagram I get the feeling that many begínners want to succeed and catch BIG fish from the beginning trying to take shortcuts by just fishing waters that contain really huge fish. They start out fishing only for big fish and nothing else is good enough. And I do blame social media for this, since most of the pictures published is of big fish. This can make you feel like you are the only one not catching. I sometimes feel that some beginners are trying to jump ahead of some steps in the evolution., by trying to catch a 7kg (14lb) bream before they have even caught a 3 kg (6lb) bream. I hope I will be able to take away some of that feeling (that only big fish count), by taking you to the places where I started to go fishing. It wasn’t in a super specimen water, because we fished waters close to where we lived. And this place is one of them., so one episode will be from here. Other plans are to make a series about fishing competitions, where I will film my preparations for the European Championship that will be held in Coruche, Portugal in July 2020. Hopefully I will also be able to capture the week we’ll stay in Portugal including the championship, which I can then share with you here. If time allows I will also go fishing for specimen fish in not so known waters trying to catch decent fish of various species. Not neccessarily monsterfish, but good fish, just to prove that you can catch nice fish just about anywhere in Sweden., and that you don’t have to travel far to catch some nice fish. Hopefully I can inspire some people to go out and try to find new waters. -“A real lump!”
    (No it’s not) -“Is it too big?”
    -“Yes it is. It has become rubbery.” I will also make some more episodes of where I try different methods and waters. I am going to rent a fishing guide to see if he can teach me new things about a fishing I am not familiar with. Start all over again… 145 cm 8340g (18lbs)
    110 cm Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you find it interesting. I will start preparing to start filming as soon as 2020 begins. Thanks for watching.