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    Frog Fishing – Best way to catch frogs
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    Frog Fishing – Best way to catch frogs

    January 5, 2020

    Now that’s how you do it. (Music) That is a big guy. I can’t get a good bite on it. There he is. Now that’s how you do it. So there you go. This is the way I do it. You ain’t got to chase them and it’s fun. It’s kind of like catching a big bass or
    something they fight a lot. There you go… That is how it’s done. Give it a second, let them swallow it, and just take it again. They’ll just jump after it. It really works better if you’re behind them so you can drag it up onto the bank and then they’ll usually get it every time. and if they don’t get it the first time just give it a little shake they’ll keep going after it. Then you don’t have to wade in the water. And easiest way to get them off… Is if you just grab them by the back here. So I’ll squeeze on that backbone then they can’t jump as much and it comes out pretty quick and easy. That’s why you got to really keep her in it. If you give it any slack they’ll get off. So you always want to keep it tight it’s worse than a fish. So… there you go Frogs every time Look at that big o guy. Those will be some good eating right there. Best way to catch bullfrogs. right here. Works almost every time. Real sharp hook and a nice plastic worm and… this just the way I’ve always done it I know you can usually catch I don’t know five or six and just a few minutes and that’s plenty to eat. AwwAhaww There’s two actually. That little one right there oh dang it you can get that other one Not quite close enough. Sometimes it’s a little hard to set the hook with these if you have those little worm hooks with the… it’s like a little stick it sticks down and then you hook it into that it works better. You got a really yank these and hope that the little plastic kind of comes down Because they don’t and even once you hook them they’re really easy to come out I don’t know what it is about a frog’s mouth but it just comes out pretty easy actually right in front of him. Nope right behind him but he turned there he got it you got it and that jump there it is like I said earlier no slack.. Ahhh there he goes again they get any slack they spit it out somehow it’s a lot of fun though that might be it for that patch we’ll see if we can see one more try to get one in come off of there. Caught a fish on the rebound . Wasn’t trying for that. Wasn’t even ready. I think he took it again nope. Now he’s in the weeds maybe he’ll take it again. Yep think he did. Oh get of the roots… Ahh! Dang it! Again! Oh!… I just can’t I cannot hook them today I don’t know what it is with my hook. but hey…you get the idea right it’s a little bit of fun. He might be pretty smart now. Nope. Missed him. Guess he aint smart yet. He went for it but he missed. So you got to re throw it I just hope we do a better chance of hooking him. I’ve gotten them all on the bank. Except for that one. But they all fall off as soon as they get on. Well that time we got him but he’s really… he’s trying a big old mouth open. All right finally got that one. These are smaller than the ones from the other day. You just want to get them right there around that back. Now let’s do the… look at that big old frog. Way back perspective thing. Anyway this guy that time, you got it, see look how easy that was to take out so if you give them any slack they get it out of there. That one’s not very big the tomb in the bucket we got yesterday are really big. But they’re still this was still pretty good to eat. good size look at those legs Those right there that’s a big as chicken drumstick you know Alright we’re going to let Caitlyn try it. So that was one out of four I think I got three got away this one didn’t so anyway that’s how you do it and it’s a lot more fun than a BB gun or gigging so Alright let’s let her try. Alright we’re going to let this guy go though because nobody feels like cleaning today we got to leave tomorrow so we won’t have time to eat them anyway. They’ll be here for next time. Here you go Hoppylong. You want to real it fast till it gets to the edge of the grass and then start just hopping it across the grass. Now get up there you’re too far away probably. Ok stop right there and just kind of hop it across. jiggle it a little bit jiggle it. Keep jiggling it just keep jiggling right there he’s going to it. Give it a little bit of a pull okay Now reel your slack in and then yank real hard and start reeling. Reel! Reel! if you get any slack keep reeling tight faster faster. If you give him slack he’ll get off. Reel it. Reel… back up if you have to. Don’t let him get on the ground cause he can hop spit it. Reel… back up back up. I don’t know what happened but the camera is cut out she got her first frog there I will have some close-up video hopefully mine didn’t shut off so we got some of that I did have to run down and help her it got stuck in the grass right down right down there can get it up but luckily it was hooked really well on this one actually I looked just like fish right below that bone so yeah all right below the bone there so he worked out pretty well and didn’t get off all right well first frog right there. jiggle it all right a little more a little more and right there jiggle it jiggle it around and just stop right there and try to jiggle oh there you go there you go same thing as last time reel up your slack yank hard and start reeling start reeling you let too much slack oh you let too much slack yeah alright… he jumped that time… yeah got all your slack out reel and yank reel reel reel reel don’t give me any slack get him over that grass don’t let him jump getting reel there you go Perfect He’s pretty good size Yeah All of these frogs are pretty good size Well I know those two in the bucket though are huge for frogs from yesterday. I aint grabbing this thing for nothing. That’s going on the video right there. Alright everybody caught a frog we can go back and do more chores. I aint grabbing it for nothing. Look at it squirting and throwing up on us. Alright guys best way to catch bullfrogs and the funnest thanks for watching please like subscribe do all that great stuff and we’ll catch you in the next video!


    Animal Bro – That’s Fishing (Official Music Video)

    December 29, 2019

    Random Noises Bass, Crappie, Catfish catch em every day don’t be by me cause I will slay Catching all the big ones like I’ m gettin paid Redfish, Drum, and Trout in the bay So many fish can’t even fillet, got a big fish how much does it weigh? Cause I’m gonna catch em Said don’t be by me gonna let my fishes go free Already have a trophy gar, sad you ain’t out here, you’re sitting in your car I’m out here lookin at the stars, I can see mars, yeah What don’t you know about me, I dont cast my lures in the tree I might look like it but I’m not three Catfish on live bait, Bass on fly Slay those monsters till I die Throw my jig at that big bass, Yall know it doesn’t land in the tall grass Clouser is flying, beats not dying, what you want from me just stop your cryin. Bobbers and hooks is all I need, a fish from me is guarenteed So much water to explore I love the sights I want some more Casting the reds, jigging for the flounder Reeling in that stud ten pounder Bayou, Bay or Herman park Bring em in until it’s dark One more fish, one more cast, one things for sure, it won’t be the last I’m not gonna fail gotta get hold of at least one tail already know its gonna be a whale try to catch like me with no prevail Holding my rod and I fell that thump, set the hook and I see it jump Fight and thrash my arms are tired, the battle ends when the fish expired. Lifting that slaunch is a feat It’s a feeling you cant beat Watching her swim away to fight another day that’s fishing Thats fishing


    Thinking about buying a boat for your pond?

    December 11, 2019

    Hey it’s Richard here with Platinum Ponds & Lake Management. We are here today at another pond. I wanted to show you this dock that comes out off the side of the pond complete with fish feeder, some power, table and chairs. But also you will see on the far side it actually functions as a boat dock as well. That is what I want to show you here today. The boat dock is set up for a small pontoon boat that is actually docking alongside of the pond. As you design your pond and also lay out your pond habitats you want to take into consideration how are you going to fish these areas? So here you know there are lots of structures out in the pond and different areas that can be cast in different directions. So it is very critical to have some type of boat of some sort to be able to fish your pond rather than just from the bank. Because there are lots of knick and cranny that you can drop lures in and fish in types of structures that you might not be able to reach out to without a boat. This boat here is quit nice, I want to show you what it looks like. They have a little boat that is 12 ft. long 6 ft. across weight capacity can hold up to 3 to 4 men. 2 chairs comfortably and all your tackle. So this would be a great option for someone that wanted to fish with a couple of boys and needed the extra capacity. Otherwise there are some other great options available on the market. I am sure we will be abel to do another video for you about that soon. As always find us on the web at Greenville, Spartanburg, Asheville, and Charlotte NC markets.

    Powder Mill Pond  BASS FISHING – PART 1 HUGE BLOW UP Top water
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    Powder Mill Pond BASS FISHING – PART 1 HUGE BLOW UP Top water

    December 3, 2019

    Ahhhhhh. That was a nice one. That was a real nice one. It was probably 2 pounds. It kinda knocked it it didn’t. (Got one on.) Mine jumped the water and missed it. Oh I got one on… I didn’t I didn’t see. There you go. You good. You got it. Oh man, oh man. This is a huge one. (I was off on a lure but..) That’s a fat one to it look that. Two and a half that’s close to… perfect. We have it on video someplace. That was exciting. Yes, not and it’s my second bait caster topwater. It basically did what I wanted to. It was about two and a half pounds lighter than the one I was predicted but. Mine’s not huge… it’s a crappie no wonder it hit it so weird. Wow it’s a big crappie. It was so weird. And I foul hooked him. Can you hand me that? thank you Nice crappie that’s a fat one. If we had a bucket I take it home and eat it. I bet that’s what was just popping yours because he didn’t he didn’t eat it, he popped it that did you see how when it uh when I got hooked it was like on like… It it snagged itself because that the hook was on the outside. Yeah I was gonna say the way it hit it feels like a pickerel. I was just thinking the same thing. I feel like it’s dangerous or the river current. Might not be difficult but it might not be safe. Oh you know what let me check my… I think this is also a pickerel. Ah no it’s a pickerel. Alright enough of this.

    $60,000 Japanese Koi Fish
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    $60,000 Japanese Koi Fish

    November 28, 2019

    I got a phone call from Shawn McHenry, he
    said he had a really special fish to talk about in our Koi discussions video
    this week let’s go inside and see what he has in
    store for us. Shawn! Eric! Awesome to see you man. Great to see you man. I love these koi discussions. They’re the best. Okay You told you have this amazing koi,
    I’m here to see it. Tell me about it. Alright, So I have with us today about, I think an eight-year-old Nogami Taisho Sanke My customer, a very special customer of mine, asked for a very, very special fish and I have it. It’s for a koi show is
    that right it? It is, it is. It’s coming up this weekend and this fish is at eighty three
    centimeters, so around Thirty- four inch Sanke. She’s big. She’s big. And not only is she big but she’s beautiful. Let’s get her in a bowl! Yeah, yeah absolutely man. She’s so big, she doesn’t even come close to fitting in my net She’s a monster. Alright so, obviously she’s huge right? Yeah. We can see that. But that’s not what
    makes her special. What makes her special is that she’s huge,
    and she still has all the qualities of a young baby fish. Like
    her white is pure, pure milk. I mean she’s smooth and silky, When you say just as
    if she was a young fish. So how old is she? She is around 8 years old. Eight… And her red, is that nice deep red and a lot
    of times older fish get sort of, their red sort of fades away and it
    becomes a real, grimy orange and we can see the black on here is It’s like ink. Yeah, it’s like ink and
    they’re still it still coming up! So again it’s as if this
    fish was just a two or three year old fish, but
    really is massive. It’s massive. You know from my understanding its
    usually three to five years maybe seven years they might finish out. Correct. Not the case for her.
    Not the case with her at all. And that’s rare right? Yeah absolutely! And
    the most difficult thing is to get fish to have that red climax, the white climax and the black climax, all the same time
    and it’ll do that sometimes but it’ll be
    when the fish is this big (hand gesture small) right? In order to get this crescendo to happen on a such a massive fish, its, I
    mean highly unlikely. I mean it’s like one in a billion sort of chance. One in
    a million? One in a Billion. A BILLION! Yeah absolutely. That’s awesome. It’s absolutely so rare. Just look at the skin quality here, look
    at the… it just like shines. So obviously, she’s a huge, beautiful 32 inch fish, but What makes her so Interesting…. is, is the dynamic qualities
    she has, she has a awesome pattern. There is this really
    interesting face pattern here and then boom, boom, boom, nice, nice actually four steps If you look at it actually 5 steps. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Oh yeah. It’s pretty, pretty awesome to find a five-step Kohaku right? And then put black on it and make it a Sanke. She has absolutely perfect confirmation. Usually when Fish are this big, you start to see little kinks their
    body where… where they maybe had a
    bad spawning one year. Oh right… And so, they have this long spine that
    get outta place. She’s absolutely perfect straight. And thats…thats… to me, when the most important things about caring for fish and admiring its
    conformation Then… the red the white and the black have all sort of,
    climaxed all the same time and to get that to happen is a so-so rare… and to have it happen on such a large fish it’s like all these cool things come together at the same
    time to make this absolutely beauty. and do they start spawning her? At what age? She’s been spawning for them
    of course right? No, No, not at all! No she’s just been a show fish. No, not a
    show fish but just in his mud ponds growing. So he hasn’t use this as a breeder at
    all. Very interesting to know. I’ve actually gotten a couple guys
    already who have, who have seen this fish, who are interested in, once she retires, put out to pasture and see what kinda
    eggs she can produce. So Shawn this is really
    interesting to me, I didn’t realize that if the breeder sees the potential for
    a grand champion they do not want to breed her, is that
    what you’re telling me? Oh yeah, absolutely! They don’t want to breed until…. Why is that? Well, there is several things
    going on. Believe it or not, a breeder typically isn’t me most beautiful fish.
    What we’re looking for in breeding, and every Koi breeder in Japan
    has different opinion oh what’s a good male-female breeder. But they’re often
    looking for the volume of eggs she can carry, and
    certain traits in their bloodline This fish, is a show fish. so it’s…. its main purpose is
    complete, like absolute beauty. So, if you were to breed it and she were to lose
    some scales, or get bruised, or get stressed, you know
    breeding is a pretty stressful thing And we don’t what this fish to see any
    stress ever. You… You went to get this fish You went looking for this fish! I went
    hunting for her. Hunting? Right! So your client says, I wanna be in a show, I want a chance to
    win. Absolutely! Okay. And so I’m actually judging a
    Koi Show in Japan. The Nagaoka Nogiosai And….I am a judge, pretty cool right? Yeah. And we’re going through here and we go to pick our champion. Right? I vote for this fish. This fish and another Kohaku, end up getting right around the same amount of votes.
    Right? We go back and we have to revote, so we try to get one that has a majority, a significant majority, and the… the
    breeder Nogamison, he bred this sanke, well
    turns out he also bred the Kohaku. So this guy, no matter
    what, is going away winning grand champion and reserve grand champion. He’s is also a judge at the show and he’s like, guys I’m gonna be honest with you. Both my fish are gonna win. I’m a kohaku breeder. I think that Kohaku looks better. How
    about you guys? Ha, Ha. And so so of course, a couple other guys start
    voting for the Kohaku. Right…. And so the Kohaku actually wins grand
    champion. But if you ask me, in my opinion, this snake was the best
    show, the best fish of the show Right. So she took “reserve” at that big show? Yeah. Which was great for me! Because if this
    was “grand champion”, she would of cost me a lot more money! Ha,Ha, Ha, Ha…. And your client right? Yeah! Absolutely,
    absolutely! Wow, she’s really special. Shawn this is stressing me out just seeing her in the bowl. Let’s let her go, I don’t want her in the bowl anymore! Absolutely, Absolutely! How much does she weigh? Too much man, too much!
    That was AWESOME, man!!!! I feel really honored that you called me to come and see this fish. Absolutely! I couldn’t let a fish It’s very rare that a fish like this
    comes to America and I knew you’d love it, So, I had to have you out here to check her out. You know it’s like the art. This is like the Van Gogh of the, you
    know of the koi.That’s what we’re talking about. That’s why we’re doing these koi discussions videos to expose people to the
    true beauty behind that. Real, real treasure. Man thank you very
    much! No problem man. Have a great day. I’ll see ya….. Wow what an amazing koi. It’s not
    every day you get to be that close to a Sixty Thousand Dollar Koi! Special thanks to Shawn McHenry at Mystic Koi for having us out. I’m Eric Triplett The Pond Digger, Thanks for watching.

    fishing videos Amazing Fast Tuna Fishing Skill,Catching Fish Big on The Sea Long Snaks पकड़ना
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    fishing videos Amazing Fast Tuna Fishing Skill,Catching Fish Big on The Sea Long Snaks पकड़ना

    November 27, 2019

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    fishing videos Amazing Fast Tuna Fishing Skill, Catching Fish Big on The Sea
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    fishing videos Amazing Fast Tuna Fishing Skill, Catching Fish Big on The Sea

    November 24, 2019

    Fish pond design, Fish pond at home, Fish pond construction india, Fish pond in pakistan, Fish pond in house, Pond, Fish pond, Fish pond management, Fish pond inside house, Fish pond backyard, Fish pond construction, Fish, Fishing videos amazing fast tuna fishing skill, catching fish big on the sea, Sea, The, On, Big, Fish, Catching, Skill,, Tuna, Fast, Amazing, Videos, Fishing