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    2019 Pontoon Boat GRAND TAHOE | Our Flagship Luxury Pontoon
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    2019 Pontoon Boat GRAND TAHOE | Our Flagship Luxury Pontoon

    October 19, 2019

    Behold! Grand Tahoe, Tahoe’s brilliant feat of modern pontoon design engineering. No member of our Master Collection better illustrates our commitment to creating pontoon art then Grand Tahoe. This sophisticated pontoon will paint a stunning image on your local waterway with its sleekly designed tapered walls and brilliant two-tone colors. This boat has set the pontoon world abuzz from the fit and finish of our unmatched, in-house custom-made furniture to the rock-solid performance of our solid frame construction. And Grand Tahoe’s engineering is a brilliant fusion of form perfectly meeting function. This is the pontoon that flawlessly delivers high-performance match with the sleekest of styling. At Tahoe, we work in relentless pursuit of superior innovation, performance, and style. And Grand Tahoe is the culmination of that quest. This astonishing pontoon is available in three incredible layouts. Quad Lounge Windshield floor plans contain port and starboard benches in the bow and aft portions of the boat. In addition to the starboard fiberglass home standing chair, the port side has a fiberglass console and chair. The windshield spans across the port console and starboard helm stand with a gate in between them. The Elite Windshield seeks to emulate the interior of a tournament ski boat with both a port and starboard bow bench. The aft portion of the boat has a corner seating area on the starboard side and a refreshment center with refrigerator and sink on the port side. In addition to the starboard fiberglass helm standing chair, the port side has a fiberglass console and mid bench. The Windshield spans across the port console and starboard helm stand with the gate in between them. The Rear Lounge Windshield features two electric lounge seats in the aft portion of the boat. With both port and starboard bow benches the rear lounge model also features an additional chair in the mid area of the boat. In addition to the starboard fiberglass home standing chair, the port side has a fiberglass console and chair. The Windshield spans across the port console and starboard helm stand and is spanned by a gate. In short, Grand Tahoe’s a master class in true innovation, performance, and style. Experience Grand Tahoe. Tahoe: The Art of the Pontoon.

    Sylvan S3 Extreme
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    Sylvan S3 Extreme

    October 8, 2019

    I’m Brady Kay editor a Pontoon Deck Boat
    Magazine today we’re on Lake Monroe in Indiana and we got to tell you this
    Sylvan S3, it’s impressed us once again it’s amazing what Sylvan can do with
    this boat and we’re gonna check it out and tell you more now we love this tall
    helm console great easy to read gauges rocker switches on the bottom access to
    your pulk stereo just a great well-built helm console that has a lot of function
    to it as well now cross from the helm chair is this great first mate seat it’s
    identical in comfort and we just think it’s important to have a nice seat over
    here plenty of LED lit cupholders and lights throughout the boat and check out
    these rear lounge rooms aren’t these great just outside the stern gate is
    this great swim platform it’s got your boarding ladder nice stainless steel
    easy to use you got a ski pylon of course this is
    where that mercury 250 pro outboard is that we really love and check out these
    two comfortable seats back here it’s a great area and with these movable arm
    rests you can get comfortable up here as well and of course this sporty Tower makes
    the boat really look great but it’s actually the RPT tubes as well as that
    mercury on the back it gives us boat its true performance we’ve been testing boats for over 20
    years now and each year they seem to get better and better thank you for watching
    on behalf of the PB magazine staff we’ll see you out on the water you

    Sylvan RPT Performance
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    Sylvan RPT Performance

    October 2, 2019

    game-changing Sylvan performance rides
    on our PT revolutionary planning technology tubes our exclusive v-shape allows the pontoon to lift and plane across the water with sport boat style
    speed and handling in fact you get increased top speed per horsepower and
    dramatically improved fuel efficiency which is perfect for great days of tow
    sports and cruising how it works is our exclusive V bottom shape acts
    like a traditional boat hull and our hard shines on the outside create lift
    allowing the pontoons to plane just like a regular V bottom the competition plows
    along or has to add an expensive third pontoon to get the performance that we
    get out of two. not only that but our pontoons are built to last and can
    handle any conditions you throw at them each RPT starts with a hundred gauge
    aluminum and are welded into shape we reinforce our nose cones because we know
    that’s what takes the most abuse our riser brackets have four points of
    contact to the pontoon to reduce fatigue and the feet are welded the entire
    length of the seam not spot welded these connect either to our standard 125 gauge
    hat channels or our 250 gauge heavy hat channels each of our transoms use up to
    20 through bolts for the most secure fit in the industry
    what this means is the industry’s best performing two log pontoon is also the
    best built so much so that we stand behind it with the best warranty a
    limited lifetime +6 but don’t just take our word for it
    get out to your dealer this summer and see for yourself see how our
    revolutionary plating technology pontoons offer an exciting thrill ride
    and one that can be found only on a Sylvan


    Pontoon Boats- 2013 Tahoe LT

    September 27, 2019

    With the tahoe lt, we have taken the most
    popular elements of the full line of boats, and combined them into one fabulous value.
    Built with the care and quality used on all our high-end boats, the LT has the most popular
    features as well. Eight and a half foot wide body, large twenty-five inch pontoons, plush
    furnishings using matrix 50 seat vinyl, aluminum seat frames, Bimini top, deck rail with bumper,
    fiberglass driver stand, and Bluetooth stereo sound system. This state-of-the-art pontoon
    will be the clear choice for those who want the best boat at the best price.
    Find your secret spot with the Tahoe LT.

    2019 Pontoon Boats TAHOE CASCADE PLATINUM | Premium Luxury Pontoons
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    2019 Pontoon Boats TAHOE CASCADE PLATINUM | Premium Luxury Pontoons

    September 24, 2019

    Introducing Cascade Platinum, the result of years of technical refinement and aesthetic accomplishment. And the newest member of the Tahoe Master Collection. This is a fully loaded premium pontoon for the most discerning buyer. From the distinctive two-tone wall design to the beautifully designed helm stand, this pontoon is the perfect marriage of performance and style. Whether cruising out to a sandbar party or lazily gliding through a warm summer evening, Tahoe Cascade will embrace your lifestyle and free your spirit. This gorgeous pontoon is available in eight outstanding layouts. The Cruise floor plans feature both a port and starboard bow bench, in addition to the aft corner seating. The aft portion of the pontoon has two sun decks with storage compartments that are used to house the privacy station. Quad Lounge floor plans contain port and starboard benches in both the bow and aft portions of the boat. In addition to the captain’s chair, there’s also a port side chair. The Rear Lounge features two electric lounge seats in the aft portion of the boat. They have both port and starboard bow benches. The Rear Lounge models also feature an additional chair in the mid area of the boat. The Rear J Lounge features an expansive aft lounging area with removable footrest, in addition to the port and starboard bow benches. Entertainer boasts a bistro bar table with booth seating, as well as a port side prep station with sink, bottle storage, and lower storage cabinet. The Elite Windshield offers a ski boat interior that features both a port and starboard bow bench with an aft corner seating area on the starboard side and a refreshment center with refrigerator and sink on the port side. In addition to the starboard fiberglass helm stand and chair, the port side has a fiberglass console and mid bench. Cruise Funship features a water slide, queen-size upper deck lounge area with towel storage, as well as radio controls, all accessible by ladder at the rear entry area below. Entertainer Funship features a bistro bar table with booth seating, with two bow benches and rear sun deck. Your masterpiece awaits. Experience true innovation, performance, and style. Experience Tahoe Cascade. Tahoe: The Art of The Pontoon.

    Godfrey Pontoon Boats | Aqua Patio 240 Sun Lounge SL | Rough & Salt Water Pontoon
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    Godfrey Pontoon Boats | Aqua Patio 240 Sun Lounge SL | Rough & Salt Water Pontoon

    September 22, 2019

    Aqua Patio Pontoon boat by godfrey pontoons The Aqua Patio 240 Sun Lounge or SL will rule roper this is the apple patio forty excel but the coastal commission twenty-seven
    actions because of the industry largest those homes in the industry’s
    rough option stainless copy really delay treatment booklets buried next to me redesign all my clothes but actually that’s what
    was accomplished act alwar patios and widest polished seats in the industry
    enterprise adversary an extra postage french vanilla display in the action please pragati even middle class behind him religious which was my place what she did value actually added up
    together refused is the best value out there in my
    opinion tribal free storage in every hundred
    receipt track of how you treat maureen s_l_ politicized fourteen fourteen of the freemen property is to
    be an issue with that rolling around on class bristol algeria here next year financially healthy talent without bolster c_b_s_ action this year it’s a very high talking everybody involved helmets perished got burial tortoise
    would bring trim greatest stereo on your show me a chance
    to play written exam your computer sales what you want three years ago bible classes because all the way rambo
    greatest feature of this boat susan huge someone who’s been every last one
    thousand palestinians because of the social problem intelligently refurbished unit family and blank beverages back here washington’s plan uh… extended platform but that doesn’t
    really have a great speech for workaround ratings manner wasn’t some corporations pool secretary to five oh five three zero
    zero zero gorlok dot sanjay outburst dot com thank you very much


    FLY FISHING for Sea Trout: Float Tube/Pontoon Boat Fishing on Gotland | FLY TV – Gotland Silver

    September 12, 2019

    – My name is Steffan Jensen.
    – And I am Robert Hansson. You are watching FLY TV.
    Today, we are doing this: Sea trout fishing is
    my biggest passion in life. I have fished in so many
    different places around the world. The amazing thing about sea trout fishing
    is that you never know what you will get. Sometimes you got a perfect day,
    but no takes. Then you get loads of action
    when the conditions are quite bad. It is the variety of
    this type of fishing that amazes me. We are in the south of Sweden today,
    on an island called Gotland. This may be the most beautiful spot
    I have ever fished. The nature is just magnificent here. We will not wade fish as we normally do.
    As you have seen us do before. We will target the sea trout from
    float tubes and pontoon boats. We will fish further out and
    hopefully get into some really good action. My name is Robert Hansson and
    I work as a fishing guide on Gotland. I pretty much know every rock
    and every inch of the coastline. It will be exciting to fish from
    pontoon boats further out. It is quite windy today
    and partly cloudy with some sunshine. I think we have a good opportunity
    to get some good action today. Nice! Let’s get some trout. The water is nice and clear today.
    We will start fishing in shallow water. We will work our way further out to
    quite deep water with big rocks. We will be much more exposed
    to the wind out there. – It is going to be exciting.
    – And really good. The variation of the bottom is amazing.
    It is not too calm in here though. We will probably get
    some heavy wind later on. I have fished a lot for sea trout
    from a float tube or a pontoon boat. But I have not fished from
    the water here on Gotland before. This is very exciting. The spot we are fishing is a big area
    with good bottom variation. It is very deep where we are right now,
    you cannot wade here. I would not be able to get
    a fly line or a fly out to here. It is not like a drop-off at the shoreline,
    it is slowly descending into deeper water. This spot has a good bottom all over,
    the fish could be more or less everywhere. We need to fish it fast
    and see if we can locate the fish. When we want to cover
    a big area like this- -it is good that the pontoon boat
    has oars so we can move quickly. You can cover much more water. You do not have to be afraid
    if you end up further out. You can always put the oars in
    the water and row back in. And you still got control of the fins. Every time you fish you can always
    steer the pontoon with the fins. It is like the best of a float tube
    combined with the best of a rowing boat. You get the best of two worlds. The fish hopefully thinks the same. I pretty much always fish
    for sea trout with two flies. To always have
    a second option for them. This is my go-to set-up
    that I feel very confident using. It is a jiggy fly in the back
    and a pink shrimp further up on the leader. This is one of my two basic set-ups. I use this one when
    the water is getting a bit warmer. I prefer using a shrimp here instead
    in early spring and during winter. Maybe a small gammarus.
    That is a good set-up for colder water. He caught a fish.
    Really? Awesome! Nice, Steffan! This baby just took
    my Magic Minnow orange and pink fly. Good, Steffan! I think he is more or less done. A little slim,
    but still a beauiful fish. Just make a quick release
    into the water. Let’s see if there is another one home. A nice start here in the…. We are going to change spot now.
    Just 650 feet or so. We had a nice start here,
    but we will hit the oars now. When you are fishing from
    a float tube or a pontoon boat- -you should always think about safety. Always wear some kind of life jacket.
    I am wearing float underwear. It is also very good to fish
    together with someone. If something should happen,
    the other one can always help you. It is a very good thing to have
    some means of communication. It is often enough with a phone,
    but otherwise a radio might be good. You do not need any GPS connection
    or network for your phone. This will always work. Buy one that is waterproof,
    that is a good advice. The last but most important thing,
    when talking about safety,- -is to not ever go out
    if you feel uncomfortable. It does not matter if it is
    a small lake or a big ocean. If you do not feel comfortable,
    then just skip it. Do not be stupid, be smart. And take care. Even though you see me with
    my rod under my arm- -I do not fish steady as many may think. Just steady roly-poly with
    a lot of variations. Give it a good pause. I just had a bite when
    I let the fly drop for a long while. This is a nice way to keep tension
    in the line all the time. You are still in control of the fly.
    It also helps me relax my shoulders. When fishing for many days,
    things like that can really help. It might have taken a dropper.
    It is a nice fish coming towards me. No, it is nicely hooked in the mouth.
    I thought it was foul-hooked. It just swallowed that fly. What happened here?
    I think it took both flies. That is cool. First, I had a strike
    and then a slack line. I think it actually went
    for both flies. We will have a closer look at it.
    I can assure you that it is well-hooked. This is so strange.
    It took both flies. I had a strike and tried to set the hook,
    but it was just a slack line. Then all of a sudden,
    I had another bite. It felt weird.
    The reason was that it took both flies. Let’s see if we can have a look at her. Look!
    Two flies. It happens more often that
    I get two fish at once. This has never happened to me.
    Two flies. Another nice silver.
    Man, this is life. Gorgeous. Steffan, what do you say?
    Time for lunch? Yeah, sounds good.
    Let’s go in. We will change location again. We will go further away this time,
    so we will load our stuff in the car. A new location.
    It looks really amazing. Loads of structure and
    very cool rocks. Robert, what do you call these? These are rauks.
    That is what they are called. It is a very soft rock material.
    The inner core is what is still standing. It looks like we are
    on the moon or something. Let’s see if there is
    any moon fish at home. Oh man, that is a nice fish. I am so happy that I have
    this bonus fly on my leader. – It took the dropper?
    – Yeah, the big pink one. Beautiful fish. I placed the fly in here,
    I saw the fish moving in the surface. The fish was chasing the fly,
    but it took so long before it took it. I thought I was doing something wrong,
    but there it was all of a sudden. Super cool!
    Great, man! Wow, look at this gorgeous silver.
    It just smashed the dropper. – Man, what a nice fish!
    – Great! –Well done.
    – Thanks. Let’s get another one. It took this pink shrimp.
    I always like to present another option. If I would only choose one,
    I would fish this one. But I am happy to always
    have a second option for them. Maybe I would not have
    caught it at all otherwise. I am really happy about it. Fish on! That is a good fish.
    It is very very windy. I saw the birds diving in here.
    They are having a feast on small fish. I thought that they might not be alone,
    so I took a chance and got closer. This baby came and ate my fly.
    It is quite angry. It is a good fish.
    Come on, baby! – Get in the net now!
    – I am trying! Come on! I will get in the net. Beautiful. – Nice fish, Steffan!
    – Thanks. The water was a bit coloured,
    so I changed to a pink and orange fly. I chose one with a magic head
    to push some water. That pink and orange fly worked perfectly.
    Let’s put it back. We are in for
    a short coffee break. Hopefully before the evening bite. We thought we would show you
    what kind of equipment we are using. First of all, the rods. I am using a 7 weight Merisuola rod. It can handle big flies and a lot of wind. If the flies are extremely weighted,
    I like to use an 8 weight. Merisuola actually means sea salt,
    so it is made for salt water fishing. A good reel,
    in this case a Kust reel. With quite big capacity,
    if you hit one of the big guys. In this case,
    it is a slow-mo shooting head. You like using a full length line? I like the full length line.
    The XO line and Kust Sink 2. What about the flies, Robert?
    Any special patterns for Gotland? I have a few ones to choose from. You do not have a girlfriend, do you? Shut up. I recommend my guests a lot of
    dumbbell eyes flies for the movement. This is a brown fly with dumbbells. I use it as a quite effective
    eelpout pattern. I fish it quite slow and jiggy.
    It is one of my favourites. It is a great allround fly. Especially when you see
    a lot of baitfish in the water. As you have seen today,
    I like to use two flies. A pink fly like this
    with some rabbit. Easy shrimp bison and chenille. It is kind of a shrimp imitation. A great option for
    a fly further up on the leader. Further down on the leader,
    I use many different flies. I have been using this jiggy fly today. I get a lot of inspiration from my guests.
    A Norwegian guest introduced me to this. Like a good sand eel imitation
    or a baitfish imitation? We actually have a TIE TV episode with
    simple sand eel and baitfish imitations. Have a look! That is a great fly. I would like to add one thing.
    I never leave home without shrimp flies. This is my go-to shrimp.
    It looks quite natural. But it still got these fluorescent colours,
    as you know I love. It has a nice movement.
    It is a bit of everything more or less. This is usually the only
    shrimp imitation you need. It looks really nice. I like this pattern. You can watch a TIE TV episode
    on how to tie this fly. Last but not least,
    the fly I have been fishing today. I actually do not know
    what it is supposed to imitate. This is a kind of pink and orange
    fluorescent thing that moves. It moves because of the magic head. This is a very good attractor fly
    and it actually worked today. I caught all of my fish on it.
    It is really good in murky waters. Where the visibility is low. This head pushes a lot of water. Sometimes it is a very good go-to fly,
    and other times it is just too much. But today it worked. The last thing I think we should show you
    is what kind of leaders we are using. – What length are you using?
    – A bit longer than the rod. I use a 9 foot tapered leader. Then a piece of
    straight fluorocarbon, about 0.30. I want you to remember something
    if you are fishing fluorocarbon. Always bring every single piece of
    fluorocarbon back home. Every single piece that you cut off,
    as it will never decompose in the nature. Bring it back. The coffee break is over and
    the sun is about to set. I think it is trout time again.
    Let’s go out and give it a last go. Okay, so I got a double hook-up. The only problem is that
    these are not sea trouts. Let’s see if I can handle it. Come on! They look like identical twins.
    I have never done that before. I am fishing this tandem rig with
    two flies on the leader at the same time. I got one on each fly,
    but it was the wrong species. I would rather catch one trout
    than two ide. At least it is good fun
    when something is pulling your line. Let’s put it back. One took the dropper fly,
    which is a nymph thing. The head fly is a Magic Minnow. Man, I really thought
    it was a good sea trout. That messed me up. Let’s try and catch a sea trout. A strong one. I will try to turn it
    around a bit. Again on the magic head. A bar of silver. Robert, a great day has come to an end. – Thank you.
    – Thank you, it has been great. We hope you guys enjoyed it. If you want to see more,
    do not forget to subscribe. And follow Vision on Instagram.
    Thank you. Now it is done. English subtitles: Daniella Twedmark

    Pontoon boat test
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    Pontoon boat test

    September 3, 2019

    Testing packable pontoon boat
    Length: 12′-8″ Width: 40″
    Weight: approx. 13 pounds More projects at: