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    RPT 2
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    RPT 2

    January 8, 2020

    hey gang I want to introduce you to the
    brand-new RPT 2.0 system from Sylvan what we’ve done is taken the legendary
    RPT pontoons and made them stronger than ever we found that as a pontoons gotten
    bigger and so has the horsepower, boaters want to take them to new places
    and we want to make sure that these pontoons are up for the job
    so we’ve reinforced the nose cone which takes the most abuse with this double
    bulkhead system as well as two channels our seams have been reinforced with a
    strut and not only that but the aluminum has been upgraded from 80 gauge to a
    hundred gauge but of course it gets better what used to be MIG welded has
    now been TIG welded and the mid and rear seams are double bulkheads so these
    pontoons are strong from start to finish the RPT pontoons are back and they’re
    stronger than ever

    Sylvan Mirage 8522 Lounger
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    Sylvan Mirage 8522 Lounger

    January 8, 2020

    we just finished testing the Sylvan
    Mirage 85 22 it’s powered by a Yamaha f1 15 which isn’t a lot of power but this boat
    has twin tubes that have the RPT technology which stands for rapid
    planing technology and they’re shaped like little mini boat hulls so you
    really get a lot better performance out of your engine we got on plane almost
    instantly I was a guessing somewhere around 2 seconds but there was really no
    bow rides at all the technology really worked well and we got to 20 miles an
    hour in 5.6 seconds for the top speed of twenty eight point four miles an hour
    what’s really nice about this technology is it really helps you corner as well
    this boat has cable steering normally I recommend some sort of assisted steering
    at 90 horsepower and above but the Yamaha cables and this are working very
    well another thing you noticed that a modern
    cruise feed like this we had a little prop torque to the right but what you do
    is you just trim it up a little bit and all sudden it goes away and you track
    perfectly straight this boat actually does like a little bit of trim to it
    when you’re at higher speeds let’s head back to the dock and check up some of
    the features what’s nice is you got plenty of room
    back here big tubes are all the rage these days so you can take your tube and
    just put it right behind here and secure it with the cord and it still leaves
    your cockpit open one of the signature features of the 85 22 on this
    configuration is you actually have three separate conversation areas we have the
    rear loungers that are matching and you have the twin helm shares so the captain
    and co-pilot can basically talk about the people up front and in the back and
    have a nice conversation then you have twin loungers up front so three
    different zones you know one of the benefits of a compact helm is it really
    creates a lot of open space and yet everything here you know you’ve got the
    basic instruments like rpm, fuel and trim really that’s all you need and you have
    your accessory switches that are lighted and your horn and you know what’s nice
    about this model is the the throttle is positioned well it’s right within arm’s
    reach got your stereo controller right here so you get to keep your head unit
    for the stereo you know tucked away out of the weather
    you know when you have the family along and a pontoon there’s gonna be need for
    the necessary station as it were or just getting out of your wet swimsuits so
    Sylvan has this nice convenient changing room right here in a really nice innovation one of the
    problems with these things is how do you get it back in it’s like you
    gotta do this and you’re trying to tuck it and it just doesn’t work what they
    did is they just made it seed you can twist it and tuck it in the net here bring it down and snap it give great
    storage on the Sylvan unlike a lot of ones you have to take
    off the whole cushion remove it this one you open it up you can use two hands to
    stow all your stuff and then in the corner here we have just a
    flip up model like that it’s all roto-molded down here more information on the Sylvan Mirage
    8522 Lounger another great boats, go to I’m Alan Jones and
    I’m lounging

    2019 Pontoon Boat AVALON GS | Inexpensive Luxury Pontoons on a Budget
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    2019 Pontoon Boat AVALON GS | Inexpensive Luxury Pontoons on a Budget

    November 27, 2019

    When it comes to value Avalon GS from our Signature Collection is the best bargain in the industry. With clean traditional design and rigid structure, you can expect years of durable use and family fun. Beautifully designed, clean wall skins surround a plush interior that will provide years of fun for family get-togethers, romantic getaways, and old-fashioned party downs with friends. This simple yet elegant pontoon is a must-have for conscientious buyers on a budget who want the care and precision of Avalon construction, and at an extremely affordable price. GS is available in seven beautiful layouts. The Cruise floor plans feature both a port and starboard bow bench in addition to the aft corner seating. The aft portion of the pontoon has two sun decks with storage compartments that are used to house the privacy station. Cruise 2 features a port and starboard bow bench in addition to the aft seating area. The port side of the pontoon has extended seating without a port side gate. The aft portion of the pontoon has to split sun decks. If you’re serious about your fishing then you must take a close look at our new Center Console Fish featuring four-point fishing stations, a fiberglass center console, rod holders, livewell, and rod storage box. If fishing is first and cruising is second, then check out our Quad Fish. Quad fish boats include for fishing chairs for fishing in the bow and aft areas of the boat. If cruising is your aim But you want a fishing equipped space then choose Rear Fish, which features two fishing chairs in the aft area of the pontoon. The mid portion of the boat contains a rear corner seating area. Quad Lounge floor plans contain port and starboard benches in both the bow and aft portions of the boat. In addition to the captain’s chair, there is also a port side chair. The Elite Windshield features both a port and starboard bow bench. The aft portion of the boat has a corner seating area on the starboard side and a refreshment center with cooler tub. Add a high-performance system and get even more benefit from the standard twin consoles that each have a windshield to protect you from wind created by high-speed running. Experience true innovation, performance, and style. Experience GS. Avalon: the art of the pontoon.