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    Wall Street Warriors | Episode 8 Season 2 “Distant Indicators” [HD]

    September 30, 2019

    (vo) Coming up next on Wall Street Warriors… [Chyron-COMING UP] GARRETT:
    I didn’t come three thousand miles, okay, to get hung up on. I’m good at what I do. I work my balls off. LANCE:
    This will spook a lot of people. You know, you look at a stock that you have
    a couple thousand shares that’s down seven and a half bucks, people wanna run, they wanna
    sell. BRETT:
    I’m in the Dominican Republic right now to meet with a potential investor for our fund. WASSIM:
    This area will become basically the private beach. LARRY:
    We have a hurricane forming off the coast of South Africa. It could slam into Florida. It’s [bleep]ing scary. [OPENING CREDITS SEQUENCE] [Exterior sequence of shots-Day] [Cut to the Stock Exchange] [Chyron-The fallout from the subprime credit
    crisis is now in full effect] [All shouting] [Larry is on the floor of the Stock Exchange] MALE:
    Two-eighty, [word?] two-eighty again. LARRY:
    Overnight, trillions of dollars have disappeared from the system. So there is a ramification and spillover effect
    into the commodities, into the metals, into everything. You hear any talk of that in there yet or
    not really? MALE:
    No. LARRY:
    This is the entire world making too large a bet with other people’s money and leveraging
    those bets. And the reality is this bet should have never
    been made. We are bracing for a slowdown, a recession. Earnings are gonna dry up. Your hedge funds are gonna dry up. You’re gonna start seeing layoffs on Wall
    Street. (yelling) At three and a–, at three and a
    half. At three and a half. Look, this is what markets do. They weed out the people that aren’t supposed
    to be here over time. I mean, there’s too many untalented people
    that are managing too much money and should have never been doing that. And now it’s, you know, coming time to pay
    the piper. (yelling) Said five and a half. MALE:
    Five and a half. Five and a half. [all shouting] LARRY:
    We live in an incredibly historical time. I think that we’ve grown up accustomed to
    rising prices, rising real estate, rising stock markets, rising bond markets. Most of us have never experienced a downside. You know, maybe 1987, if they can remember
    back that far, you had one day. We dropped twenty-five percent, but after
    that, it was straight up and a–, you know, for years. One bid. Back to one third again. The world is starting to realize what the
    downside volatility can look like, and it’s [bleep]ing scary. [all shouting] [Exterior shot-Day] [Chyron-ONE WEEK AGO] [Cut to Land and James at the office] JAMES:
    Wow. Look at that thing move. Holy [bleep]. I’ve never seen a stock do that before. There’s no point in even watching it right
    now. Last week, SanDisk had earnings, their Q3
    earnings call. They beat the earnings estimates out there. Most people were expecting about thirty-two
    cents, they came in at fifty-four. [Chyron-SanDisk is one of their top portfolio
    holdings] LANCE:
    Just going [bleep]ing bonkers. One time. It was one of those things on Wall Street
    where, basically, the company reported great news, and we had a bad result. What I mean by that is Eli Harari, the CEO,
    came out and said, “Guys, listen, we’ve got more demand than we can meet. We can’t even meet all our demand for the
    fourth quarter.” JAMES:
    The stock pulled back a couple dollars that night, um, but nothing major. (on phone) Right, so what you’re seeing is
    they traded down recently. Friday, we come in, and coincidentally, uh,
    it was the 20th anniversary of the big market crash. 1987, October, there was a huge market crash. LANCE:
    It only added fuel to the fire, threw some kerosene on it. SanDisk was down seven and a half bucks. JAMES:
    Wall Street can certainly be a superstitious bunch. Uh, the guys I talked to, there’s definitely
    some hard feelings, they didn’t want to buy stock Friday morning and, apparently, no one
    was buying SanDisk Friday morning, either. (on phone) What you’ll find today is you get
    the stocks on sale. LANCE:
    Short-term tabulation right here, but me and Jimmy are making sure we get all these guys
    on the phone, making sure no one’s losing faith in our story, and that’s what we’ve
    got to do for the next couple weeks. [Chyron-During this period, 13 analysts had
    set the average price target for SanDisk at $63] JAMES: (on phone)
    You don’t have a cowboy running this company. He’s the founder of the company. He’s still the CEO. LANCE:
    This’ll spook a lot of people. You know, you look at a stock that you have
    a couple thousand shares that’s down seven and a half bucks, people wanna run, they wanna
    sell. First thing, the easiest thing to do is sell
    your stock. I want out of this thing, it’s not performing. You know, the hardest thing to do is, is really
    grab your balls and buy some more stock down there. Lower your dollar-cost average, you know,
    and that’s what we’re trying to do. JAMES: (on phone)
    Especially with the numbers that came out, you know, with the new earnings. You know, Wall Street is the type of place
    where it’s not what you’ve done yesterday, it’s what you’re gonna do tomorrow. LANCE:
    We got a seventy dollar stock on our hands, we just have to make sure we get there one
    way or the other. JAMES: (on phone)
    Like I told you, this is a long-term relationship, but I, I’m looking to prove myself to you. [Cut to exterior sequence of shots-Day] [Chyron-THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC] BRETT:
    I’m in the Dominican Republic right now. I’m here to meet with a potential investor
    for our fund. I’m meeting with the owner of Sun Village
    Resorts. I’m not sure exactly what to expect here,
    but this is an opportunity to get to know him better and hope to have him see the value
    of our fund and, uh, look to invest in us. [Exterior sequence of shots] [Cut to Brett arriving at the resort] BRETT:
    It’s a really gorgeous landscape here, and I can see there’s a lot of development going
    on now, which is why I’m up here to meet with the owner. He’s made a tremendous amount of money off
    the real estate here. They’ve been investing here for twenty or
    thirty years, and as additional foreign money comes into the island, he just continues to
    profit from that. (on cell phone) Awesome. So we’re firing up the audit, then? [Brett enters his hotel room] This is great. Very nice. The owner put me up in a maxim bungalow, two-bedroom
    suite. He’s really taking care of me. It’s great when you can combine business with
    actual relaxation a little bit, so this is my weekend. I’m taking the early flight back on Sunday,
    uh, to get back and get some work done for a Monday morning meeting, uh, but in the meantime,
    you know, I’ve got a couple days to enjoy myself, meet with some locals, try to, try
    to understand more of the life of one of my clients. [Exterior sequence of shots-Day] [Chyron-PARIS, FRANCE two weeks ago] RICHARD:
    Richard Holthaus. Nice to meet you. LAETITIA:
    Laetitia. Pleased to meet you. RICHARD:
    Have a seat. We are looking to recruit one person at the
    analyst level. Uh, we focus primarily on restructurings. It’s very labor-intensive. You should know this. LAETITIA:
    Two weeks ago, I had an important job interview with Richard Holthaus. He’s looking to hire a couple more analysts
    for his company, and the way he talked to me, I just kind of assumed he was gonna offer
    me the position. He wanted to meet again and discuss things
    more. [speaks French]
    [subtitle] I’m going to think about it. When you come back in two weeks I will have
    an answer for you. [Chyron-TWO WEEK LATER] [Sequence of shots of Laetitia in Paris with
    her sister, Alex] LAETITIA:
    I’ve been in Paris for two weeks now and in terms of job prospects, I didn’t really know
    what I was gonna do. And then Richard called me back, and he wants
    to meet again, and he wants to know if I’m really interested in the position. [speaks French] So I’ve got a meeting with him this afternoon. And then also, a couple days ago, I heard
    back from this company based in New York. They’re called FXCM, and it’s basically a
    foreign exchange trading company. I’d been in touch with them before graduation,
    and they’re interested in seeing me regarding a junior analyst position there. So, you know, I’ve got that going on in New
    York. [Fade to Laetitia in a restaurant] [speaks French] Richard and I decided to meet over lunch at
    a restaurant by his house. I was a little nervous. [Richard enters] You know, now I’ve got these two offers all
    of a sudden coming at me. I’m torn. There’s New York on one side, Paris on the
    other, and, you know, I have to make a decision, and… I, I don’t know yet. RICHARD:
    Hi, Laetitia. LAETITIA:
    (overlapping) Hi. How are you? RICHARD:
    How are you doing? LAETITIA:
    I’m good. BRETT:
    (vo) Coming up next on Wall Street Warriors… [Chyron-COMING UP] GARRETT:
    I sent you some details with regards to my firm. JAMES:
    Lately, we’ve been trying to get exposure overseas. We believe we’ve hit pay dirt with Garrett. GARRETT:
    I didn’t come three thousand miles, okay, to get hung up on. Give me one shot, okay? I’m good at what I do. I work my balls off. [COMMERCIAL BREAK] [Exterior sequence of shots-Day] [Cut to the brokerage office] MALE: (on phone)
    Uh, yeah, good morning. Let me get Mike on the telephone, please. MALE: (on phone)
    Listen, Kirby, I want to be really brief with your time here. GARRETT: (on phone)
    I sent you some details with regards to my firm. Have you had a chance to go over it yet? JAMES:
    One thing we like to do as a group is bring on a staff of guys to help us with our, our
    marketing and just basically our footprint. GARRETT: (on phone)
    Let me ask you, are you familiar with the company? Did you ever hear of ’em? I’ll fill you in. They’re one of the largest natural gas producers
    over here in the States. JAMES:
    Lately, we’ve been trying to get exposure overseas, with Great Britain,
    Ireland, Scotland. We believe we’ve hit pay dirt with Garrett. GARRETT: (on phone)
    Right now, the stock is currently priced at a touch over thirty-six dollars a share. JAMES:
    He’s pretty much right off the boat from Ireland. We had to get him all, all his visas and everything
    to make sure he was legally allowed to work. So far, so good. You know, he’s, he’s opened lots of accounts. GARRETT:
    Look, I didn’t come here, I didn’t come three thousand miles, okay, to get hung up on. Give me one shot, okay? I’m good at what I do. I work my balls off. I came over here with nothing to my name. I’ve worked up a reputation. I have successful clients. JAMES:
    He specializes, I could say, in contacting businessmen in Ireland. GARRETT:
    The thing about it is, okay, if I was calling America, people are a lot more short with
    me. I’m not, don’t call them as much anymore now
    that I’m getting’ great success in Ireland. I’d just rather put in the extra hours. I’d rather get in at four o’clock in the
    morning and call Ireland than stay later. GARRETT: (on phone)
    They earn north of four dollars, fifty cents a share. Now, growth rate alone, I think you’ll agree
    with me here, enough reason to already own the stock. People often say to me, you know, you’re only
    on the phone to me this long because you’re Irish. It just makes them feel a little more comfortable. You can interact, you can make them trust
    you a bit more, which is very important in the business relationship, especially when
    you’re managing people. (on phone) Welcome aboard the team. Let’s go make some money this year, eh? Thank you. Thank you. Bye. JAMES:
    Yeah, kid. JAMES:
    Well done, bud. LANCE:
    Put ’em on the board? GARRETT:
    Put ’em on the board, man. LANCE:
    This is just the board of, uh, new clients and new assets that we raised. So it’s just date, name, how many shares,
    stock, and, uh, Garrett’s initials, so– JAMES:
    Is that three for him today? LANCE:
    It’s the hat trick. JAMES:
    Well done, bud. GARRETT:
    Cheers. JAMES:
    Is that your first hat trick? GARRETT:
    It actually is, yeah. LANCE:
    That’s how you make a lot of money in the business right there, opening a lot of accounts,
    bring in news assets, so this guy’s gonna be a millionaire next couple years. He does a hell of a job. GARRETT:
    More information on myself. Garrett from Dublin, obviously. [Exterior shot-Day] [Back to the Stock Exchange] MALE:
    …tremendous opening just on the eight and a half strike. LARRY:
    The frozen concentrate orange juice that you’re buying today in your supermarket, that price
    is being dictated right here on this floor. Every single day, that price will change,
    depending on if there’s more buyers or more sellers and who’s doing what. [all talking] LARRY:
    We have a hurricane forming off the coast of South Africa, Hurricane Dean. It’s right now a tropical depression expected
    to form into a hurricane, could slam into Florida at the end of next week. So we have a lot of variables at work. Give me an idea of what the weather looks
    like with this Hurricane Dean. Is there any, can we get an update? Here’s the forecasted eye. MALE:
    Slightly south. MALE:
    Happy hurricane season, everybody. (laughs) LARRY:
    What do you think of this hurricane? That’s why I thing the market’s gonna
    be— MALE:
    (overlapping) I think the hurricane’s bogus. LARRY:
    It is bogus but it’ll support the market for an hour or two. MALE:
    (overlapping) Bogus. Ninety percent of them are. LARRY:
    Right. MALE:
    Except that one we had a few years ago. LARRY:
    (overlapping) Except the one that’ll put you out of business. MALE:
    You go back to ’04, when hurricanes really weren’t a factor involving the orange juice
    market, and I think it was Hurricane Charlie which actually brought us into the hurricane
    phase. It caught everybody by surprise. LARRY:
    Hurricane Charlie, that wasn’t supposed to go through the crop, it was supposed to be
    down in Tampa Bay, and literally, the thing made a U-turn at the last minute and went
    right through the crop. When you’re dealing with Mother Nature, it
    can come from, from anywhere, and it can come, you know, here’s a hurricane that’s not even
    expected to go anywhere near the crop, it’s dead quiet in here, and then all of a sudden,
    it makes a U-turn at the last minute. Bang, it’s in the crop. [Back to Laetitia in Paris…] RICHARD:
    Thank you for coming in. Um, I just got back from New York City. LAETITIA:
    Oh, how was it? How was your trip? RICHARD:
    Tiring, as usual. LAETITIA:
    Yeah. RICHARD:
    New York’s fun, but it’s, uh, it’s crazy. LAETITIA:
    Yeah, you can’t do it anymore. RICHARD:
    This business definitely does beat you up. I sent you all the data points. And thank you for your e-mail. Obviously, as I explained to you, uh, several
    weeks ago, it’s a particular type of fit that we’re looking for in terms of the language
    and international background, um, and coming from a good American school. Have you had time to– LAETITIA:
    Yeah. RICHARD:
    Think about family and your friends and your, your inner thoughts. LAETITIA:
    (overlapping) I, I’ve, yeah, I’ve thought it over. I’ve been, I’ve been here for two weeks,
    you know, and gotten to see a little bit of what Paris was about, and I, I just don’t
    think it’s the right fit for me at this point in my life. My life is in New York, my friends are there,
    although my family’s here. I, you know, it’s too big of a change for
    me to move here, and I actually just heard back from a company in New York that, I was
    in touch with them right before I graduated. Um, they do foreign exchange trading, and
    I think it’s something I’d be really interested in. RICHARD:
    Okay. LAETITIA:
    I didn’t know how to tell him, really, that I, I just wasn’t gonna accept his offer. I think that honesty works best. He understood. You know, and I mean… the main reason I
    didn’t accept the job is, from the get-go, he let me know it was, you know, a big commitment. Not only the job, but also, you know, leaving
    New York and coming here. I don’t, I don’t think I’m ready for that. Maybe, you know… RICHARD:
    That’s fine with your parents and everything? LAETITIA:
    I mean, they’re, of course, they’d much rather have me stay here but, you know, they understand. I mean, obviously, I’m twenty-one now. I can’t, you know, always be with them. RICHARD:
    We’ve all been there, just fresh out of school. Sounds like you have a path which you want
    to explore. What I propose, then, is, um, you know, we
    keep in touch. Um, I wish you lots of luck. LAETITIA:
    Thank you. RICHARD:
    Um, it’s an exciting time for you, so… give it your best shot, and I hope, uh, I hope
    you’re successful. [Back to Brett in the Dominican Republic…] [Chyron-Brett is in the Dominican Republic
    to get a wealthy developer to invest in his fund] BRETT:
    Got settled into the hotel finally, and one of the things I wanna do is learn more about
    the owner’s assets, what he has here, what’s important to him, to try to find ways that
    I can actually add value to his business. (on cell phone) Hey, I wanted to check as
    well if you’d be able to see if all the wires hit? You know, there’s no better way to create
    a bond with a potential investor when you can actually help drive revenue to his business. The owner, as you can imagine, is extremely
    busy. He’s running a lot of things, he has a lot
    of properties, he’s actually building another property on the island right now as well. But we’re gonna be hopping on the yacht later
    tomorrow, so his marketing manager, Wassim, um, took us around for a tour around the island. WASSIM:
    There’s about seven and a half million people on the whole island. Here we have this… BRETT:
    He showed us four or five of the seven pools, a bunch of the different huts and, and dinner
    areas. WASSIM:
    This area, up to about this step, will become basically the private beach. BRETT:
    They’ve been running the Sun Village Resorts over 20 years. The maxim part of it they just kicked off,
    so I’m trying to think of ways that I might be able to get involved in helping with what
    he’s doing. WASSIM:
    I, I think it has to do more from the investment point of what the Europeans have done in the
    Caribbean. BRETT:
    Mmm. WASSIM:
    There’s a lot of Spanish investment, German investment. They’ve invested big. BRETT:
    I can see the value proposition into why people would want to come down here. You can fly here for the weekend from New
    York. It’s a three-hour flight, and you have an
    absolutely stunning environment. WASSIM:
    The sailboats are included. The wind surfing’s included. BRETT:
    It was a great opportunity to learn more about what’s important to him, find out other ways
    I can add value to his life and his business. LANCE:
    (vo) Coming up next on Wall Street Warriors… [Chryon-COMING UP] LAETITIA:
    It was very hard saying good-bye to my parents. FATHER:
    Don’t cry. LANCE:
    Tonight, after work, we’ve got a game. We have a four-on-four football league. GARRETT:
    This non-contact [bleep] doesn’t do it for me. [COMMERCIAL BREAK] [Exterior shot-Day] [Back to Laetitia in Paris…] LAETITIA:
    I really had a great time visiting Paris and my family. It was really good to see them, you know,
    since they left. But it was time to go back to New York, and
    I told my parents that I wasn’t going to accept Richard’s offer. They were disappointed but, you know, I told
    them about the job at FXCM, and they think that it’s, you know, it’s a better fit for
    me. MOTHER:
    (speaks French) Bon voyage. FATHER:
    (speaks French) Bon voyage. [speaks French] We miss you already. LAETITIA:
    It was very hard saying good-bye to my parents. It’s always hard. It was a hard decision to make. [speaking French] FATHER:
    Don’t cry. [Cut to Laetitia in a taxi] [Sequence of shots] LAETITIA:
    I really love Paris. Every time I leave, I have this little stinging
    feeling in my heart, but I’m really excited about starting out at FXCM. I don’t really know what it’s gonna entail. It’s something completely new to me. But I just feel like I like New York better
    and that’s just where I belong at this point in my career. [Exterior sequence of shots] [Back to Brett in the Dominican Republic…] BRETT:
    It’s nice to get out here in the Dominican Republic, just to, to get away from the city
    a little bit. It’s nice to be able to do business but, you
    know, take a deep breath, let it all out, drop your shoulders. In this type of an industry, you’re always
    thinking about business. You’re constantly thinking of how you can
    make things better. Sometimes you get so busy, it’s hard to really
    take the time to think about what you can be doing differently. Tomorrow, we’re gonna go meet with the owner
    of the properties and go more into his environment to help make him comfortable, and hope to
    have him see the value of our fund and, uh, look to invest in us. [Back to New York…] [Exterior sequence of shots-Day] [Cut to Lance in the office] LANCE:
    Tonight, after work, we’ve got a game. We have a four-on-four football league, and
    we play the, uh, the team we played in the championship game last year. MALE:
    Lions. Official flag-football game jerseys. LANCE:
    Four-on-four football. It’s more of a speed game. GARRETT:
    My defense, uh, isn’t the very best. It’s not the very best at all. I play rugby as well, so it kinda clashes
    with my schedule. JAMES:
    It’s one of those deals where he quit before we had time to cut him. LANCE:
    Yeah! (laughs) JAMES:
    We come in the next day, he’s like, he’s like, I don’t wanna play anymore. I don’t wanna play anymore, so… GARRETT:
    Let’s play a real man’s game. This non-contact [bleep] doesn’t do it for
    me. [Exterior shot-Night] [Cut to the football game] MALE:
    Team down. Set. Hike! LANCE:
    We played a team called Urban Achievers. And we’ve actually kind of had a rivalry with
    these guys. It’s pretty heated. They’re pretty competitive, we’ve very competitive. We played them three times last year. We won all three games, including the championship
    game. MALE:
    Good job, Jimmy. Good job, baby. JAMES:
    The biggest thing about Wall Street is that, uh, you better know your sports because everything
    is an analogy to some kind of sporting event. LANCE:
    Let’s go! Win this thing. Come on now! [whistle blows] We need one more stop. We get the ball back, we score. That’d be a wrap. We need one more stop. MALE:
    Yeah, Bob, go! Go, Bobby! [whistle blows] MALE:
    Ah, jeez. MALE:
    They got a touchdown on the last play. They’re actually going for two points, so
    if they score it, they win it. MALE:
    Oh, yeah! [whistle blows] Yeah! LANCE:
    I’m not good at losing at anything. It doesn’t matter if we were gonna sit here
    and play Pick-up Sticks, you know, and if I lose, I’m pretty sour about it for at least
    a couple days, and especially losing to those guys. I didn’t take it very well. I pretty much pouted the whole way home. JAMES:
    It’s been a rough week. [Exterior sequence of shots-Night-Time lapse] [Fade to black] [CLOSING CREDITS SEQUENCE] LARRY:
    Did they get this light? Uh, I think I did. Make-up. We need make-up. GARRETT:
    Steve just invested in a new headset there. STEVE:
    You’re gonna get more dollars than you would if you had one hand holding the phone. GARRETT:
    I put it on my shoulder. MALE:
    I got two words for you guys, two words. GARRETT:
    I think it’s [bleep]. MALE:
    Jerry McGuire. That’s all you need to know, man. He had the headset and that guy is good as
    gold, man. STEVE:
    You can walk away when it gets too loud in here. And I could do it from across the room, you
    know? MALE:
    Plus you can go to the bathroom.

    How to Sail a Sailboat : What is Boating Shore power
    Articles, Blog

    How to Sail a Sailboat : What is Boating Shore power

    September 3, 2019

    There are two panels. There’s the panel for
    the battery and the panel for shore power. The twelve volt system, or the battery system,
    is the one down here. Even while you’re plugged into shore power all these items on this panel
    only run if you have the battery turned on. Some of these things are: nave lights; anchor
    lights; steaming lights; cabin lights; macerator, or the shower sub pump that we showed you
    before; the bilge pump; freshwater pump; refrigerator, runs off of battery so you can actually use
    it when you’re away from the dock; gas is for the propane; instruments, we can turn
    off now; and then the auto pilot. When you’re hooked up to shore power there is also a switch
    up here for the battery charger. When you go into shore you hook up the power. You turn
    the battery charger on and that’s going to be charging up the battery as you use all
    your lights and your refrigeration and all the other items that are on this panel. Before
    we can turn this panel on we need to hook up the shore power and then turn on the power
    at the box. The last thing we do is turn the power on here at the boat. As you recall before
    we left we disconnected the shore power and now we are going to reconnect it. We want
    to run it through the bow hull pit area. Sometimes it’s helpful to have; by the way this is why
    we don’t turn the switch on ahead of time, because the cord could drop into the water.
    We want to make sure that the cord is not dangling into the water. I like to put a little
    wrap around one of the cleats just to hold it there, but leave a little slack in the
    cord. We’ll just run it back. If you have enough cord it doesn’t hurt to put a wrap
    around the wench or something, we’ll see if we have enough. Now we can plug in our AC
    power. This has a little L shaped hole here, and there is an L shape. You want to line
    those up and put it in and give it quarter turn clock wise. That should lock it in. Now
    we can turn on the dock switch. Steve has turned on the power at the dock box. Now we
    are going to turn the power on to the boat. We turn on the switch. The breaker called
    main shore power. Let’s do that again, please, sorry. Steve has turned on the power at the
    dock box so we now have power to the boat. We are now going to turn on power on the boat.
    We turn on the breaker for the AC main. A couple of the other things that you can use
    off the AC power are the water heater, if you’re at dock you can heat up water for showers.
    The battery charger, we are going to turn that on because we always leave the battery
    chargers on on these boats. Then there are outlets. The reasons we leave the outlets
    on is because in each one of the compartments there is a light bulb outlet and we have a
    socket that plugs into the outlet and we run a light bulb. The heat of the light bulb is
    enough to keep the area warm and in a damp marine environment it will keep the boat from
    mildewing and get that damp boaty smell. We have three light bulbs running in the boat
    at all times. That is our shore power. That is all taken care of and we’ve completed our
    checklist so we’re ready to shut down the outside of the boat and wash it down.

    Master-Bait Fishing Bait
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    Master-Bait Fishing Bait

    August 22, 2019

    Catch more fish with all new Master-Bait! Master-Bait contains a special sauce that
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    August 19, 2019

    No matter what kind of boat you own. Paddle. Sail. or power. Whatever size boat you own. And whether your idea of boating is cruising, rafting, hunting, racing, or fishing. Now there’s a place to go. To learn from boating experts. Have fun with fellow boaters. And even if you don’t own a boat, explore the boating lifestyle. Join United States Power Squadrons. We are America’s Boating Club. Visit Click MENU to “Join USPS.” Click “How Can I Join?” And “here” to join online. Then follow simple directions. Join United States Power Squadrons. For boaters, by boaters. We are… America’s Boating Club.

    New very simple dripper tracker!  Use as part of your solar tracker to get more power from your PV
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    New very simple dripper tracker! Use as part of your solar tracker to get more power from your PV

    August 16, 2019

    Here is the dripper tracker concept There is a string attached at the top. The red string is attached at the bottom As this float rises The yellow string goes up and the red string goes down and the black thing over there turns and if the float falls it goes in the opposite direction Oops, it is caught (quick model that wasn’t attached) As you can see one goes up and one goes down and it is all caused by the water falling. Generally it would be up at the start and the water would go down over time The water level is controlled by the height of the tube which slowly falls down and empties the barrel The half full float weighs 25 kg and only needs to be 5 kg to do its job. The emptying rate can be controlled in a whole bunch of different ways It is a non’ mechanical way of getting the circular motion that you need for solar tracking So this is called “equatorial mount” or “equatorial platform” when you have a rotating axis that points at the north star so it is called equatorial mount or polar mount and it is a way of aiming solar cookers that solar panels you point this at the north star and rotate you mount your solar appliance on this platform So the dripper tracker applies the rotational energy to turn the appliance on the platform. Check the solar projects 2012 playlist for more detail (It shows the entire device working)

    My Cheap $200 Pontoon Boat Project Part 4
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    My Cheap $200 Pontoon Boat Project Part 4

    August 16, 2019

    so a few years ago I bought this barrel
    off of Craigslist it was $5 and somewhere in the past it’s got a hole drilled in
    it I don’t think I drilled that hole I know I cut that accidentally using this
    as a sawhorse but I don’t think I drilled the hole there’s also a hole up here
    when I bought it I don’t then they told me it had holes in it so I’m not using
    this as a pontoon for the pontoon boat but I won’t cut it on an angle and make
    a water diverter out of it. That’s today’s goal so just to the sawzall and cut the
    top off of this barrel now I’m gonna flip it over and cut the bottom off of
    it then it’s time to do some diagonals sawing. Or we could stop right here and
    have a really good trash can. Okay cut to is now done that one was down on the
    table saw and I came with the sawzall and just cut out these thick parts. Now
    we got to do a diagonal, hang on. So for my diagonal cut I’ve got these vice
    grips holding my tape measure and there is a line here that goes straight up and
    down and there’s a line on the opposite side they go straight up and down this
    line right here so I bought the tape measure to the other side and then
    that’s my diagnosed it with a sharpie I’ll flip it over do the same thing
    again cut it out. Cut number three will go this way and that way and meet up on
    the opposite end down there making another point we’ll have two diverters.
    This is step three. So on our fourth cut there’s two ways to
    have done this, I’ve got a speed square I need a 90-degree angle it goes right to
    the center. That’s one way to do it, but the way I did it make this part level
    then draw a plumb line cut it off do that both sides, we got it. So there’s my
    scrap from cutting up this barrel and I’ve got two of these pieces the top
    that we cut off that represents the barrel on the front of the boat and that
    is what it’ll look like once we get it on. I’m gonna use some kind of 2X4
    framing then screws straight into the 2X4’s and if water gets inside there
    I don’t really care I mean you could fill the foam or caulk it or whatever I
    think I’m gonna leave mine open for now. that’s exactly what I was looking for. So
    I’m trying to get ready for another spring trip tomorrow the boat is already
    hooked to the car and I just cut two boards these two are for that side these
    two are for this side and that’s what the water deflectors are going to screw
    – I got one installed one to go and it’s about the storm so maybe we should hurry,
    but go ahead and storm today and be pretty tomorrow that’s why I say so one of the
    diverters is fully installed if we come up top I took the deck board off and
    there’s a screw going in this way there’s a screwed one in that way
    there’s two screws coming to the bottom and I could get some spray foam and fill
    up this whole chamber I think what I’ll do is just get some empty like laundry
    detergent jugs two liter bottles fill this up with things that hold air put
    the deck board back on and call it done or we could put the hands on this that
    could be a compartment for things that don’t matter if they get wet
    fins hold a second all that is a perfect fit for fins okay let me think about
    that we might have a hinge on here and could do a hinge on the other side have
    another compartment can’t have too much storage okay I’ve loaded my possible
    storage space I got to find the hinges if we fold up like that look at that
    wetsuit son where’s your lifejacket out right here
    bungee there’s my rope for the anchor or if you want to do some magnet fishing my water boots another fin that’s a lot of space and
    the door I don’t know yet it might fold it this way that’s probably what I do
    put the hands down through that like a stud and this is Braceface number two it
    is on and ready for the diverter to be installed let’s install it and the good news is there’s a seam down
    the middle telling you where to put the screws in out and now moving to the back
    I just screwed this together. Anything what that’s for?
    You’re getting warmer that’s gonna be like a step when you’re
    riding along you keep your feet on it or when you want to get back in the boat
    you climb on that and you climb up into the boat be a little ladder once that
    ladder And so there’s the step step ladder in place as you’re riding put
    your feet up on it. I wonder if we could also strap the paddles to this hang on second
    this just in so now with this little board at it I’ve got all my paddles
    organized so you need a paddle reach in twist it pulls out put it back if you
    look under there they tuck into that front box let me zoom in so you can see
    it where there they are paddle one two three and a spare paddles
    even farther up in there peddle storage check some where to put your feet check
    front pontoon water diverters can’t see them from this angle but check it’s time
    to hit the river we have arrived at the river again this time it is the Suwannee
    River right across the river we’re gonna find Fanning Springs I can zoom in on
    the sign so we use the boat ramp we are now in
    the water the girls are working on getting on some lifejackets and we’re
    about to start kicking across about to where you see the kayakers. Did you figure it
    out? No… Let’s take the umbrella off. and if you look back behind the boat
    there’s a baby Gator half half of a baby Gator the front half may I call this the ravioli boat we have
    more canned pasta that’s spaghetti meatballs she’s got some lasagna she’s also got some keeping it a secret
    hang on oh she’s keeping it a big secret there it is
    raviolis and meatballs I guess I’m not some lasagna oh we’ve got the anchor out
    that’s the magnet you know just in case something’s in there if you want is on you
    I’ll share mine with you I’ll trade with you and the Chips Ahoy are open I think girls
    like Chips Ahoy mm swimming makes hungry in case you don’t
    know it and just missed it there was a manatee swam through I’m keeping my eyes
    up in case he comes back so we’ve been here about seven hours I
    think we’re gonna leave now go out and play swanee a little bit then we’ve
    got a motel room tomorrow we hit in a different spring
    this one’s Fanning tomorrow suppose go to Manatee.

    Boat engine easy cleaning
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    Boat engine easy cleaning

    August 13, 2019

    target: sail boat engine Mission: engine internal cleaning Modus: internal decarbonisation Equipment: GENIJATOR cleaning device Score: reduce fuel consumption extend engine life reduce maintenance cost reduce gas emmisions improve engine performancess Action: board Status: on board ACTION: locate engine air intake connect dvice supply tube Action: start boat engine turn on the device check active gas flow …sail dolphins GENIJATOR

    Woodworker Builds The Perfect Tiny House Boat for Life on the Water
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    Woodworker Builds The Perfect Tiny House Boat for Life on the Water

    August 12, 2019

    >>MAT: Hey everyone, we were just driving down the highway and came across this really awesome floating houseboat. So we contacted the builder, Richard, and he agreed to put it in the water for us so we could have a look. He built it all himself by hand. It’s like a tiny floating cabin. It looks tiny, but you’ll be really surprised to see how much he was able to fit in this houseboat There’s a dinette that turns into a bed, a full kitchen with fridge, sink, cooktop, there’s a heater, a full bathroom with a toilet, separate sink and shower, and on top of that there’s a super spacious deck for hanging out and enjoying the surroundings Ever since we saw this boat, we can’t stop imagining how cool it would be to live in this for a whole summer. Just living on the water. So we’re really excited to show you this we’re gonna give you a full tour. Let’s go take a look inside! [Music Playing] So this houseboat is 24 feet long (7.3 m) long and 8.5 feet wide (2.6 m) wide It weighs 5,700 lbs and it’s set up on three aluminum pontoons There’s a gas motor with a 192-liter gas tank at the front. For solar power, there’s a 260 Watt solar panel hooked up to two 6-volt AGM sealed batteries and there’s a 30 lb (13.6 kg) horizontal propane tank used to power the heater, the cooktop, and the hot water heater. So when you come in, this is the whole living area so there’s a little dinette here that converts into a sleeping area. You just remove the leg, lower the table and make your bed [Music Playing] There’s also a bunch of storage underneath the benches like this Over here is a pretty nice and spacious kitchen, there’s a sink, a propane stove, and actually quite a bit of counter space. And over here is the fridge. It’s 4.5 cubic feet, it’s electric and it runs entirely off the solar power system. There’s a ton of storage and there are some nice handmade drawers here For the heater. It’s a little propane Martin heater here. This is a pretty nice feature, too, there’s some open shelving but he added some mesh because things are moving around in the boat quite a bit. Over here is the roof vent that runs off the solar power system also to get some good air circulation and prevent it from getting too hot in here. All the LED lights are also running off solar power. And this is the little dining area. There are some cup holders here and some storage for a few things here if the boat’s rocking and it won’t move around and believe it or not even though this space is tiny, there’s a full bathroom with a toilet and a shower. So it’s just a dry toilet, dry composting toilet. And in the same space, there’s a small shower. There’s also a separate sink and then the floor is made of wood slats and the water drains through the wood slats into the greywater system. And if you’re taking a shower, you just close the curtain all around to cover the door and the toilet. [Music Playing] The sink in the kitchen, the sink in the bathroom and also the shower all run off a 12-volt pump and they all drain into a custom greywater filtration system that Richard designed. So apparently here in Quebec you’re allowed to dump your greywater (if you’re on a boat) directly in the body of water that you’re on. Richard thought it was important to filter the greywater before dumping it so he actually custom-built a greywater filtration system. It’s basically a big charcoal filter that purifies the water before letting it drain. There’s a 56-liter freshwater tank but you can also flip a switch and draw water directly from the lake or a river that you’re on. For example if you want to take a shower without emptying your freshwater tank, you just flip that switch and take your shower like that. [Music Playing] It’s cool that there’s a bunch of windows in here, you can get a really nice view from pretty much every angle. You can open a few of them so you can get some nice air flow. There’s also the big patio doors at the front and a really nice touch is that he put some small glass panels at the edge here and it’s just a really nice touch gives it a cool effect. You’ll notice all the woodwork, all the cabinetry, the beams, the ceiling, everything has been made by hand by Richard. He’s actually a woodworker, a professional woodworker. So you can tell that everything’s beautifully crafted and made with a lot of care. For the wood, he used mostly white cedar which is one of the lightest woods in the world and it’s great to use on a boat because it doesn’t rot like other types of wood. And one of the coolest things about this mini floating house is the huge patio door leading onto a deck Right now, this boat is kind of set up more as a fishing boat, but he’s actually planning on building one that’s more of a home so there’s gonna be some couches on the outside and it’ll be set up a little bit more just for hanging out. There’s also an awning that you can set up for shade and protect against the rain. [Music Playing] So many years ago when we started trying to figure out what we wanted to do, if we wanted to live in a tiny house or a camper van or an RV or a sailboat. The sailboat was always one of our favorite options but we hadn’t really considered a houseboat like this on pontoons and one of the advantages to this as opposed to a sailboat I guess is that you don’t need to learn how to sail and your living space is above the water so you would have a lot more light. It just seems like a nice living space. So if you’re interested to learn more about this boat and what Richard’s working on you can check out the link to his website, it’s going to be in the description of this video. Please share this video if you liked it and subscribe to see more like this.