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    How To Use Elastic Vinyl Repair Tape

    October 19, 2019

    Hey guys, this is Seth with Today I was going to show ya’ll our repair
    tape. The repair tape that we have we have in various
    quantities to suit your needs. I’m going to show ya’ll what quantities we
    have so you can best decide what you require. So the first thing that we have here is the
    biggest you can order this, again, from this is three inches by five feet long. It’s on a spool I’ll take it out and show
    ya’ll real quick. So if you look here it’s on a spool. Again, this is three inches by five feet long. It’s got an alcohol prep pad and instructions
    for use. That is a little bit bigger, and it can be
    cut up into small sections if you need it. The next is the smaller box. This has a three inch by twelve inch long
    strip inside of it as well as various smaller patches already cut up for you. So if you think that you need one unit repaired
    you can keep one for each unit. Whatever you need. We also sell a six inch by twelve inch sheet
    and this is all that you get right here and this might be all that you need. You can cut smaller squares out of it. Any shape or size you need to cut out of this
    you can. Again, we don’t want to sell you something
    that you don’t need so we can sell you exactly what you need as a company. We also have a three inch by twelve inch strip. This is the smallest that we sell but again,
    might be all that you need. Alright guys, so I’m going to be showing you
    what we’re going to be doing here today. The first repair that I’m going to be showing
    you is a simple tear of 18 ounce vinyl. And again this is standard 18 ounce vinyl
    that you find on your jumpers. And then we also have, again, 18 ounce vinyl
    and 18 ounce vinyl. This is just a mock up of a seam of a jumper,
    bounce house, slide, whatever, and I’m going to show you how to patch a seam. So I’m going to show ya’ll this material,
    it’s very stretchy and very elastic but it’s also very strong . So we’re going to show
    you right here this is just a pen. All the way down it won’t even poke through. This is the first one that I had shown you. This is the 18 ounce vinyl with the tear and
    I’m going to show you how to patch that. So the first thing i’m going to do is I have
    my three inch by twelve inch strip. What I’m going to do is I’m going to take
    it and I’m going to cut a square. It’s always best if you round the tips or
    the square to make it more of a circle edge. All right, so I rounded off the edges a little
    bit more just like that, and I’m going to find the edge there. And just take that across the top. Smooth it down for a second. And there you go. All right, so this is your typical seam application
    and as you can see we already rounded out the edges of this one. So again, I’m going to find the top here. The less you touch it the better. So I had a little bit of a bubble so I peeled
    it up just a little bit, and now I’m going to stretch it back out again. Flatten it out. And that’s how you repair a seam. Some of the benefits of this is that it’s
    transparent so it’ll match what color of vinyl that you’re putting it on. If you’re out on a rental it’s easy to apply
    out on the field. The difference between this and duct tape
    is when you apply the duct tape or glue it’s going to get really messy when you peel it
    off it’s going to leave residue and over time it can really do a number on your vinyl. So if you bring it in to us to get repaired
    we’re going to have to pull off that duct tape and then it’s going to be a hassle and
    it’s going to cost you more money. But if we have the tear aid on it, we’ll just
    pull off the tear aid and get right to the repair. All right guys so that’s how you use our repair
    tape. Those are the functions of the repair tape
    and the quantities of the repair tape. If you have any questions, the information
    is on We also have a live chat on the website if
    you have any questions. You can give us a call or email us. Also don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe
    the video. It really helps us out to be able to make
    more videos to help you. And it helps us as well. So if you have any questions, again, don’t
    forget to go to the website. You can order any of the sizes that I’ve shown
    you today and we’ll see you in the next video.

    How To Remove Boat Lettering | BoatUS
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    How To Remove Boat Lettering | BoatUS

    September 8, 2019

    Hi, I’m Mike Vatalaro with BoatUS Magazine. Today we’re going to show you how to take old boat lettering off your
    boat. With me is Ted Sensenbrenner of the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety
    and Clean Water. Behind us is the Foundation’s 27 ft. Albemarle that was
    donated to them. It is a non-profit foundation and donations like this do
    help support its mission. So, we’re going to show you two methods today. First, the
    one you’re probably familiar with the old heat and scrape, and then we’re going
    to show you a new product that promises to make it go a lot faster. Okay, the
    first and more familiar method is heat. If your lettering is not too ancient, heat
    and a plastic scraper might be all you need to pull it loose. You may also want
    to use a straight razor to lift the corners, but be careful not to gouge the
    gelcoat or paint job. Remember, when using a heat gun, keep it moving so you don’t
    burn the gelcoat. Now, be aware this method often leaves adhesive behind and
    you’ll need to wipe it off with a solvent, such as Sticker Off or Goo Gone.
    Some folks also like to use acetone, but remember, with acetone you want to get it
    cleaned off as soon as possible when you’re done to avoid damaging the gelcoat. Okay, the second method is to use a
    product called Vinyl Off. So, you’re going to want to wet a cloth with the Vinyl
    Off, and then you use that cloth to wipe the lettering that’s going to be removed.
    You’ll wipe it on, and you let it sit for a little less than a minute. It says in
    the instructions if you let it sit too long, the adhesive will stick to it.
    What this product does is, it actually restores the vinyl lettering to its
    original condition so it becomes easier to remove. Okay, so we’ve given this about
    a minute, and Ted has worked his nail under…and…here comes the six. Look at that! There goes the nine. That’s
    pretty impressive stuff. Okay, so to remove your vinyl lettering
    adhesive, you’re going to want to get some Sticker Off or Goo Gone, or maybe go
    and find a can of acetone or mineral spirits and wet a rag with that. It should come right up. You do want to remember, if you use the acetone or the
    mineral spirits, you want to get that off your gelcoat right away so you don’t
    actually harm the gelcoat. So, when you’ve got the old lettering off and the
    adhesive off, you’ll want to prep the surface for your new numbers or graphics
    by spraying it down. A little glass cleaner and wiping it dry will do. Thanks for watching. For more videos, go to

    Torqeedo 1003 Travel Electric Boat Motor Review Lithium Ion Battery
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    Torqeedo 1003 Travel Electric Boat Motor Review Lithium Ion Battery

    August 29, 2019

    So here’s my torqeedo, Torqeedo T1003 Travel. Apparently this has got the same amount of thrust as a two and a half horse gas, apparently. Now the interesting thing about this, it’s a lithium ion battery, which is this whole part, and that clicks off. But on here, there is a screen, a readout that tells you how much of your battery charge is left, it also has a, how much you’re using, how many watts you’re using, how fast you’re going, because it actually connects to a GPS satellite, and when you are actually in the water and moving, it tells you how much, how many nautical miles you can go with the amount of charge you’ve got left, at the wattage you’re using, which is pretty handy. Now, the guy, I bought a dingy from a fellow and this came with it. These are ordinarily about 2500 bucks, I think, just by themselves. They have a charger, and this all comes apart. It’s very easy to move around, this whole deal is about maybe fifty pounds, I lifted it up onto my kicker bracket here, in my back yard pretty easy. But it does come apart, all of these come out. These motor connectors come out, and the pin holds everything together. Nothing will run if the pin’s not in, and also, nothing will run if the emergency key is not on, that’s a magnetic key. So, I’ll show you how, a little bit about the power. We’ve got 94 percent charge, and I’ve got my key in here. Now I can turn it on, and right now I’m using 33 watts, and it’s not really telling me how long I’ve got left to go because the GPS doesn’t work. I’m not mobile, but that’s, that’s So now I’m using 104 watts, it will take my power down a lot quicker, but apparently, you can fish for about six hours at trolling speed, probably at that speed, for about six hours with this, with one charge. And they do have a solar package Torqeedo themselves, will sell you a solar panel, that collects a hundred, folding solar panel that collects a hundred watts, and apparently you can fish all day doing that. On a sunny day, getting your power right from the sun. What I like about it, is it’s quiet, and it does actually reverse too. Reverse goes up to full speed too. The whole motor is down there, there is no cooling. My boat’s going to be in the salt, so there’s always that cooling pump that gets all clogged up with salt. And this is something I’m going to use quite a bit, I had to get a new dingy, because my old PVC dingy started blowing it’s seams in the UV. And I found this beautiful Hypalon dingy with a bottom in it, fibreglass bottom in it of course. And what do they call those, a rib? But this motor came with it, it was an old fellow that wanted to retire. He’d only had the motor out three times, on a fresh water lake, so it’s just like new. And I like it. It’s easy, I’m going to use it myself, It’s a Torqeedo Starnberg Germany, and apparently this is becoming the motor of choice for waterways where they won’t allow gas. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

    NEW FLEX GLUE™ Commercial – From the Makers of Flex Seal®
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    NEW FLEX GLUE™ Commercial – From the Makers of Flex Seal®

    August 22, 2019

    ♪♪ Music Playing ♪♪ Hi Phil Swift here for Flex Glue! ♪ The super strong rubberized glue ♪ Flex Glue a powerful adhesive ♪ with amazing instant grab ♪ It locks into place ♪ and it holds on tight! ♪ Flex Glue acts like a magnet even this heavy brick ♪ is gonna stick ♪ And our pro formula has even more instant grab ♪ so you can tackle the biggest jobs ♪ Now there’s Flex Glue ♪ for everything you do With Flex Glue you don’t need screws or nails Making it perfect for all types of repairs Not only does Flex Glue have amazing instant grab ♪ but it actually gets stronger over time And once it reaches maximum strength Flex Glue can easily lift over 1000lbs Indoor and outdoor projects Virtually any materials in all conditions Wood, glass, tile and metal Flex Glue is so strong ♪ it even works underwater! ♪ So you can you apply Flex Glue underwater and it even dries underwater! ♪ This rubberized adhesive is UV resistant
    and totally waterproof! To show you the power of Flex Glue ♪ (metal crashing) we took all these parts and Flex Glued them together And built the Flex Glue monster 4×4. Slamming into giant logs and rocks Flex Glue’s powerful bond withstands the shocks And holds this beast together! Yeee Haawww!
    (engine roaring) (engine roaring) (laughing) Now any project, big or small With Flex Glue, you can do them all ♪