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    Last To Sink Wins $10,000 – Challenge
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    Last To Sink Wins $10,000 – Challenge

    September 11, 2019

    abcdefgkjdwhder, 1dasssssssss kccsaacsacscs I’ll fortnite dance on ur grave yeet yeet i am a clickbaiter unsubscribe to morgz hes so friggin ugly so y can see my ads In today’s challenge, each contestant will be building their own raft these guys are epicly ugly and when they win, after the they just give the money back to me , let’s start click baiting My name is Bald Martin and I am contestant number 1 I think I’ve got a good chance at winning this challeng Because I’m not heavy, unlike contestant number 2 wHaT? I may be a little heavy because I am, a 1000 lbs all that means though is I’ll just make a stronger wrath And finally That leaves me Contestant number three, I’m smart. I’m creative and I want to stay out of that freezing cold water So I know for sure I’m gonna win this challenge Each contestant will have one hour to build their raft and then will enter the pool with one we will sink click away oh, uh and one last thing. I forgot to mention time Starts now Im off! Okay, guys I’ve just arrived at B&Q in case you don’t know B&Q is a DIY shop And it’s filled with loads of supplies that I know will help me with today’s challenge now I’m not sure where Mum and Martin are but hopefully they won’t have came here because I don’t want them stealing my supplies Team morgz, let’s get in there and let’s start crafting our raft Okay, guys, I’m inside being to you right now. I’m just looking around trying to find some supplies for my raft Hey, excuse me lady stop right there (Gasp) Morgan?! What are you doin’ ‘ere? What am I doing here more like what are you doing here? Are you copying my items again? I am sick of it SERIOUSLY?!? Again? Hey! You! Stop right there! (Gasp) Morgan, Jill what are you doin’ ‘ere? What we doing here what are you doing here? Are you trying to copy us? Wait a sec, you’re copying me? No, Morgan You’re copying me. I think you two are copying me. I’m not copying you or Jill Morgan You’re definitely copying Martin. No Jo, I think Morgan’s copying you Martin Jill. I’m not copying either of you So does that mean that I’m copying Martin? No, Jill I think that means am copying you but does that mean that we’re both copying Morgan? .Both of you just shut up I don’t care who’s copying you I’m off to get my supplies. Yeah, Morgan me too. Martin. Stop copying me No Jill you’re copying me remember? wait, so does that mean that if Martin’s copying Morgan then does that mean that I’m copying Morgan? I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! Okay, guys, I’ve been thinking for a few minutes and I think I’ve come up with a plan I found a sheet of wood and I’m gonna craft this into a raft let me explain my sheet of wood has a big surface area so it can be hard to sink and And everyone knows boats are square However, the sheet of wood will not be no I need to get creative and think well, it’s gonna attach to this to make it even harder to sink And also I need to be quick Hi guys. I’ve been looking around this shop and I’ve just come up with that great idea I found these extra large black tools and check this out guys. I can fix inside it. This is really really comfortable So since it’s tub, it’s so big and Hollow inside. I think this is gonna stay a float However, I just use this tube as it is it will tip over and I could fall into the water So I’m gonna keep looking around and see if I can find anything else to add to this tool team bald. I’m feeling confident Okay, guys, I’m just around the entire shop and to be completely honest I haven’t got any ideas of what to build. I need something that I can sit on. There’s gonna keep me a float That’s gonna keep me comfortable and I just can’t think of anything. I literally just need something to sit on like a chair If I get chair and then find something to attach on to it to help keep it afloat Not only will I not sink, but I’ll be comfortable at the same time.Morgz, you’re a genius Now let’s go get a chair Okay, guys, I’ve been looking around and I think I found a perfect thing to add to my board. Check this out guys It’s polystyrene.Polystyrene is very light and it definitely floats So if I cover my board with polystyrene? It’s gonna take me one step closer to building the Unsinkable raft. Oh guys check this out I have just found the perfect thing to add to my top. These massive rolls are over think about it If you attach one of these to each side of the top then it’s going to stop it from tipping over and keep it a float oh ho guys I’m a genius ladies and gentlemen I have just came up with the best idea as you can see over here There’s loads of water tanks. These are used to keep water in But today I’m going to be using them to keep water out If I attach one of these to each side of the chair, then I don’t think I’ll ever sing team morgz I think this challenge is mine right guys I’ve just arrived home with all my items My watch is telling me that I only have 30 minutes left to get my wrap ready So I need to get a move on so guys step number one is attach the polystyrene to the board. I’ve got a glue.I’ve got rope And I’ve got tape.So let’s waste no time and let’s begin crafting the raft Okay, guys, I’ve just arrived with all my supplies now it’s time to get crafty as you can see I’ve got lots and lots of duct tape and I’m going to use this duct tape to attach this bubble wrap To each side of this box, but remember guys the times ticking away so it’s time to get a move on This is going to take a while Okay guys, as you can see I’m back home and I’ve got all of my supplies at the ready Now I only just arrived by and I think I can hear Martin and Mom So that means I need to get a move on. I only have 25 more minutes to build my device So there’s no time to waste. So guys the step number one. We need to add extra Protection to the water tanks as you see this right here is just a lid So I’m gonna add loads of duct tape to make sure it stays sealed Guys my safety raft is complete, but I’ve just got another great idea I’m gonna coat the raft in duct tape to make you that extra bit strong Let’s do this ladies and gentlemen Step one completed as you can see, my floats are now complete. All afternoon now is attach the, To my tub and then I’ll have the ultimate raft However, I’m gonna need some more duct tape. I’ve already used a row Okay, guys the tanks are successfully sealed with duct tape, but now it’s time for the hard part I need to find a way to attach both of these tanks onto each side of the chair and I think There’s only one way to do. It duct tape duct tape an even more duct tape So what are we waiting for guys? Let’s get started Ladies and gentlemen, the raft is Complete and the heart of the raft We have a solid piece of oak wood and therefore the middle layer. We have some extra fleuti Polystyrene and to top it off and to hold it all together. We have extra strong duct tape And looking at my watch, I have 10 minuets to spare, so I’m gonna have some fun and play on my Peppa Pig Space Hopper Wait a minute guys, that gives me an idea These peppa pig space hoppers are really floating and i’ve got battle three of these So why don’t I attach these onto my raft to make it even more flimsy but before we do that one last thing we Right guys with five minutes to spare I’m happy to say that I have completed my wrap and I think there’s only one thing left to do roll the cinematics Guys as you can see My rap is complete. It feels solid Sturdy and I’m confident it will not sink and if you don’t believe me just sit back and watch ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am happy to say that my build is officially complete And now I think you guys all know was coming roll the cinematics Guys with one minute to spare. I’m proud to say that my rap is ready And I think that means there’s only one thing left to do roll the cinematic Okay, guys The one-hour preparation time is over and all three of us are here in our completed rats We’ve got Jill in her Whatever you call this thing Morgan it’s called the Peppa Pig Mobile! Of course we’ve got me in my floatie Chair Mobile and then we’ve got Martin in his box It’s not just a box. It’s a floating box. And of course as well as the rafts, we have the pool now before we all enter the pool and see who can survive the longest I Say we go in one by one and see if our devices actually float Morgan. Sounds good to me. Yeah, Morgan I’m so confident. I haven’t even got my bikini. Yeah. Sure. That’s the reason you didn’t wear your bikini. Ah What you mean? Okay guys mom’s device is in the pool and it’s floating But will it be floating once mom gets onto it free? to Go oh My gosh, there’s also put it on suet. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my gosh Oh Martin what do you think does this count? I mean technically she’s staying afloat. She isn’t sinking her head is still out of the water you know what Morgan I ellefuc:!?8/( eoncepjxoajxapxj mum suckszxxxxxx Think it counts. However, I don’t think she’d be able to stop him there too long. My legs are getting really really cold You’re right (?) Its freezing! Okay guys it is time for Martin to enter the pool his device is floating, but will it keep floating once he gets in it? Let’s find out. Oh my gosh, where we goes? Goes, oh my gosh. This is it Wait, wait, wait a sec. Oh My gosh Martin you go get inside a little bit It’s working. However, I’ve got to hope that no water gets inside the box. I also I’m going down like the Titanic Well looks like Martin has Officially passed and now I guess that only leaves one more person Morgz it’s your turn. Okay guys as you can tell the device is Floating but now it’s time for the big moment. Will it still be floating when my 200-pound body is sitting on that chair. Let’s find out haaawa hawwa hawwwaaaaaa wawwa hawwwa hawwwaa It’s a little bit slow people, I think it’s like check it out guys. It actually feels pretty solid guys I got a little bit nervous when the last water times started to crack, but I guess it’s holding up pretty well Yeah, Morgan, I guess it;s a pass Don’t think the left water tanks gonna last for much longer So I think Morgan’s gonna be going out first But now everybody is in the pool and it’s time to begin though asked to sing a challenge Guys, I’m not sure how long this is gonna last but hopefully not too long because my feet are already so sexy So he’s my boom Okay, guys we’ve been in the pool now for about an hour and so far my raft is holding up pretty good so far Absolutely, no water’s got inside the tube and I’m staying afloat. Just fine. Honestly, I’m having fun I think I could do this for hours as for Morgan and Joan. Let’s see how they are guys Guys, I am bloomin’ freezining! I can’t feel my legs any more. And as for my bum! I don’t even know if I’ve got ’em anymore! And these stupid Peppa Pig balls have nothing for me I’m staying afloat pretty well, but I don’t how much longer I can last in this freezing cold water guys Mum’s right about the water it is Absolutely freezing Jill said she can’t feel a bum well I can’t feel my feet. Just like mom I’m staying afloat pretty well, but I don’t know how much longer I can last in this freezing cold water Guys it’s been about one and a half hours since we entered the pool and as well has been really really cold I’m starting to get hungry. I just don’t know why I always forget to bring food with me to these challenges I could really use some sweets right now or a chocolate bar chocolate bar Chocolate bar did someone say chocolate bar Morgan? It was me. I’m so hungry Oh, well Jill, it’s your lucky day. Because what I remember to bring with me A chocolate bar! Oh Morgan Thank you so much. I really need it Yeah Mom it’s chocolate crunch. I’m sure you will love it. Oh, thank you so much Morgan. I’m so hungry I really need it. Well Actually thinking about it. I’m pretty hungry as well wait What it’d be a shame if I ate it all myself Morgan, no remember sharing is caring mom. You’re right sharing is caring but not when you’re in a challenge No! nO! Morgan I thought we were friends but not anymore THIS IS WAR okay now that the scene is over Okay, guys I’ve lost track of how long we’ve been in the pool, I’m just so cold I can’t feel any of my bottom half I feel like I’m floating torso So I don’t think my legs are gonna work again after this video they’re frozen the guys I have come up with an idea to warm me up. I don’t think Morgan and Martin are gonna like it. Oh, no guys What the hell is he talking about guys? This does not sound good guys. I need to do something to warm me Oh, I don’t think I’ve got any other choice. If I do nothing. I’m gonna have to forfeit. This is my only hope Im gonna have to wee in the pool! What you better be joking Jill if you wee this pool, I will never go near you again. That is disgusting. And anyway, this is my pool I spent $1000 on it. You can’t just wee in it Too late Oh No, I think I can smell it Oh nOo, Your buying me a new pool after this challenge. That is Unacceptable. Come on guys. It’s only a bit of wee, I do it all the time on holiday Oh, no, not acceptable behavior for 55 year old lady You know what Morgan we need to get back for that Joe Martin. I think that is a great idea GuYS WhAt YoU dOiNg?!? NO! You don’t have to do this! It was an accident! It just slipped out! I dInDn’T mEaN iT I’m your girlfriend! I’m your mom! I’m out of here Guys I’m so cold I’ve been in the pool now for what feels like an eternity and it’s just getting harder and harder as they always go by the Temperature drops more and more and that just makes it even colder for me. Guys. I really wanna forfeit and leave the pool Oh, I can’t do this anymore. Wait No, I’m not gonna forfeit. I’m Morgz! I’m the challenge King There is no way I am giving up even if that means becoming a human Iceblock. Morgan I know you’ve got a heart of steel and you never give up this time you have to there’s no way that you can last longer than me, especially with my masterpiece Morgan I came here for days weeks months Years, you might as well give up bro before you end up pissing yourself even more You know what Martin? You’re I I caught last as long as you but if you’re really so confident that your raft is Unsinkable and it really is a masterpiece and why don’t we settle this like real men? let us have a battleship 1v1 I’m the last man standing wins the $10,000. HmMmm. You know what Morgan? You’re on if you wanna battle you’ve got a battle and there’s no way you are sinking my ship Morgan are you ready? I’m ready Martin are you ready? I’m ready Well guys is time for the final battle Three two one go Morgans trying to fill Martin’s boat with water. He’s trying to sink ‘im! Martin is retaliating These guys are really going for it! OOOH Morgans going with the back of the boat. He’s tryin’ to sink Martin by pushing into his boat ThIS IS CraZy. I have never seen anything like this in my life! Martin is stuck in the corner! OoH OoH! He’s grabbing Martin’s boat He’s trying to sink him! ThIS iS cRaZy ThIs Is LiKe NoThInG iV’e SeEn BeFoRe Martin’s boat is full! NO! Morgan’s done it! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH Ladies and gentlemen, your winner is Morgz YESSSSSSSSS Guys make sure you subscribe to the channel. We are on the road to 10 million Subscribers and make sure you cop the brand new Spray-paint morgz merch is gonna be available below this video right now in the merch shell Thanks for watching. Peace out

    How to build an EPIC Floating Dock
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    How to build an EPIC Floating Dock

    September 7, 2019

    Big brother thinks he’s going to have some fun? I’m going to have some fun to What are you doing…you idiot I’m Andrew I’m Kevin Welcome to Brojects! This weekend we’ve decided to build the ultimate swim raft Yeah I am pumped about this project it’s going to be awesome! Any other time I’ve been on a swim raft yeah it’s alright you get out there you
    hang around for a few minutes and then you leave basically We’re trying to make
    this so that you’re able to go out there and stay and really have know wants out there if you’re hungry got something if you want a beverage it’s there So it’s a long weekend we’ve got three
    days to build the ultimate swim raft we get a simple eight by
    sixteen foot platform and we’re gonna put five barrels
    per side to give us our pontoon style flotation on top of the platform we’re gonna build a
    pergola we’re gonna use four by fours as the uprights with two by six cross braces we’re gonna need seating as well as
    storage so a couple rectangular boxes should accomplish both the plan is to stay on board for long
    stretches so both the barbecue and a drink cooler are mandatory we’re gonna put a couple
    hammocks on board as well some hooks for our fishing rods To get moving we’re thinking of installing an electric trolling motor to accompany that a solar panel table This is an ambitious weekend build but if we put our minds to it I think we can do it It’s taking a lot longer than we expected We’re flying at it we got a lot of daylight left today Time crunches on…we’ve finally finished our little window frame exterior perimeter It will look great when you’re on it but We need to skirt it for sure…Junior? Skirt? I don’t do skirts man that’s your thing and Kevin is gonna cut out our notches
    for our four by four uprights we’re about two days behind on the decking but hopefully it will go fast from here on out Believe it or not we are both self
    trained carpenters You might not notice that it’s trial and error…all this stuff is trial and error These are a couple of benches we built to go on the back of the swim platform Pretty simple little cedar boxes we can take off the lid inside is where we’re going to keep the
    battery for the electric trolling motor and the other
    ones gonna be dry storage Not too bad…if I do say so myself The plexiglass is going to fit right on top of the solar panel Little table for the back of the swim raft I just get the little people to do the work for me after I do the brainstorming I wouldn’t say I’m the little people This is head and shoulders above what the initial thing started out to be We threw in a lot of extras like the pergola and the barbecue and the solar panel by the end I think we
    nailed this one I’m leaving man…you coming? I’m out of here! You made it! Whoa! Easy! Look’s pretty good I like it You want to play some pong? Yea I can’t wait to destroy you

    What safety equipment do I need for my boat? | With Andrew Hart & Nick Duigan
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    What safety equipment do I need for my boat? | With Andrew Hart & Nick Duigan

    August 21, 2019

    For an enjoyable day out on the water, you
    need to make sure you’ve got a few essential things checked off. A great day never hurts. The fish being on the chew. And some ice in the esky. Little bit of fuel in the tank never
    hurts either, but just as essential as those things are, you also need to make sure that
    you’ve got the correct safety gear and it’s at hand and ready to go. It’s often the last thing we think of when planning a day out on the water, but a full set of serviceable
    safety equipment is a vital part of your boat. The list of requirements ranges from things
    as simple as a bucket and lanyard up to a GPS-enabled EPIRB, if you’re heading into offshore waters. So the safety equipment requirements form the minimum safety equipment that you’re required to go boating. These minimum requirements
    change depending on the type of waterway that you’re operating in.
    For powered vessels operating in enclosed and coastal waterways, the minimum safety
    standards require an approved fire extinguisher, a set of handheld smoke flares, anchor and
    line, bilge pump or bailer, bucket and lanyard, a paddle or paddles, depending on the size
    of the boat, and a lifejacket for everyone on board. Another required, but sometime overlooked
    item is a waterproof and buoyant torch. Now, there’s no point in having all this safety
    equipment if you can’t get at it when there’s an emergency. I mean let’s face it, if you’re
    gonna need to use it, it’s not gonna be flat calm like this and they’ll be a bit of panic.
    So I want my EPIRB here within easy reach. Fire extinguisher is a really good case in
    point of that. What you don’t want is your fire extinguisher back where your source of
    ignition is. Typically in a boat like this, that’ll be the battery and electrical system.
    You also don’t want it near the fuel. So, in this boat, up here away from those things
    is a good spot for these. For other loose items, a safety grab bag keeps things together
    and within easy reach. It also helps protect your equipment from the elements. Flares are
    another item which require special attention. They’re a pyrotechnic which degrades overtime
    and soggy out-of-date flares don’t cut it. They do have a three-year expiry, so you need
    to keep on top of the expiry dates. Three years is probably just long enough for people
    to forget about them. We recommend that people write down the expiry dates of their flares
    where they keep their keys, so the moment that they pick up their keys, they go, “Oh, I’ve got another 12 months on my flares”. But remember, minimum requirements are just
    that – minimum requirements. We’re in a 4.8 metre boat, within two miles of the shore,
    which means by the letter of the law, we don’t have to carry some safety equipment. For example,
    this is a GPS-enabled 406 EPIRB. Now, in this boat, in this situation, we don’t need it,
    but why wouldn’t you have it? For $300 you push the button on this and within the hour,
    somebody is hovering over the top to pick you up. I can’t think of any situation where
    this isn’t a good idea. The Victorian Recreational Boating Safety Handbook contains a full list
    of requirements for all types and sizes of vessels in all Victorian waterways and the
    information is also easily accessed via the Maritime Safety Victoria website and it’s
    the skipper’s responsibility to make sure everything is on board and in good working
    order. Maritime Safety Victoria safety officers make regular visits to boat ramps and waterways
    across the state, so it pays to comply. “We’d just like to do a safety check on your
    boat.” “Yeah. No worries.”
    And then there’s our coastal waters. A great place to come and explore, but remember, the
    sea can be a nasty place. Not a place to be trifled with, Andrew. Once
    you are two nautical miles from the coast, you are officially into offshore waters and
    there are a couple of pieces of equipment that you need to add to your safety arsenal
    to be compliant out there. These off shore items include at least one
    parachute distress flare, a marine radio, registered EPIRB and a working compass.
    Yeah. As you can see, it’s pretty quiet out here, so if something happens, you’re pretty
    much on your own. So you need those things to try and communicate with other people to
    get some help. And of course, no set of safety equipment
    is complete without a lifejacket for every person on board the vessel. So remember, wear
    your lifejacket or others will wear the consequences.

    Leave No Trace: Boating the Owyhee-Bruneau-Jarbidge River Systems
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    Leave No Trace: Boating the Owyhee-Bruneau-Jarbidge River Systems

    August 19, 2019

    NARRATOR-1: Everyone launching on the Owyhee-Bruneau-Jarbidge
    river systems must fill out a registration form at the launch site. The top copy goes
    in the registration box. The bottom copy is carried by the trip leader on the river. Make
    sure you fill out the entire permit and that you have the correct date, trip leader signature,
    and your ZIP code. Make sure your boat and equipment are in good
    condition. Carry proper safety equipment, such as a first aid kit, throw rope and boat
    repair kit. The rivers are remote. Be prepared to handle all problems and emergencies on
    your own; once you enter these canyons, you will be a long way from help. So, be prepared
    for the unexpected. NARRATOR-2: You can minimize the impacts and
    preserve the wild nature of the rivers by using established campsites. Take the time to secure the boat and loose
    gear before setting up camp. If possible, camp on gravel or sand bars to avoid trampling
    vegetation. BLM river rangers patrol all sections of the
    Owyhee, Jarbidge and Bruneau river systems. River rangers commonly make campsite visits;
    you will need to show them a copy of your river permit. They will also request to see
    your required portable toilet and fire pan. All campfires must be contained in a metal
    fire pan. Proper use of a fire pan includes keeping the pan off the ground. This can be
    as simple as placing three rocks underneath your fire pan. Improper use of a fire pan
    can leave an unsightly scar. Failure to use a fire pan can leave an even more unsightly
    scar and can potentially cause a wildfire. An adequately sized, approved portable toilet
    system must be used on all float trips. They must be designed to hold human waste without
    leaking. During your visit with the ranger, take the
    opportunity to ask questions about upcoming rapids, potential campsites and weather conditions.
    River rangers are a great resource and are there to ensure the quality of your river
    floating experience is uninhibited by the actions of others. NARRATOR-1: When collecting firewood, do not
    cut or destroy standing live or dead vegetation. You’re required to carry your own firewood
    when floating downstream of the Rome launch site on the Owyhee river. Use dead and down
    wood only; cutting firewood can destroy wildlife habitat and leave unsightly scars for the
    next camper. In and around the kitchen camp, avoid dropping
    or spilling any food, waste, or products. This will draw unwanted insects and wildlife
    into your camp. Consider putting a kitchen tarp down to collect food and other bits that
    may fall while cooking and eating. Urine deposited on land especially around
    well-used campsites, can create unpleasant odors and attract insects. Urinate directly
    into the river. Use a biodegradable soap for washing dishes.
    Strain all dish and rinse water before scattering it broadly 200 feet away from the river and
    camp. When packing up, make sure to swamp and stir
    your ashes. Pack them out with you. Scatter rocks and unused firewood before leaving camp. Thank you for using Leave No Tract ethics
    in camp. Have a great trip and we’ll see you downstream.

    The Stagecoach Floats! How to go boating in Red Dead Redemption (the easy way)
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    The Stagecoach Floats! How to go boating in Red Dead Redemption (the easy way)

    August 19, 2019

    putting wheels on the stagecoach in Red
    Dead Redemption was a great afterthought it’s been real useful to me though it
    was clearly designed to be a boat and so since I’ve had a lot of practice I’m
    going to tell you how to sell it proper my name is Subovon
    my hat is famous the only place in multiplayer where you can get yourself a
    stagecoach is a gaptooth breach and you got to clear out the hideout to drive it
    away so if you got a large policy clear it out a few times and get yourself some
    spare boats drive them down to thieves Landing Dixon’s crossing is one of the
    easiest places on the map to put in the water it’s high rate of survival makes
    it the ideal place for a bunch of soft water ducklings like yourself to with
    their bills complaining about the distance you have to drive as a buy as
    useless as trying to smell good after sleeping with a skunk I won’t consider
    it once you get to Thieves landing you need to get the posse on top of the
    stagecoach the most elegant way to do that is to back it up to the gunsmith
    store your guys can run around the back they’ll climb onto the roof and they
    don’t even have to jump on they can step down onto the roof of the stagecoach
    like it was a fancy cruise boat you can’t drive like a maniac when you got
    the posse on top of the stagecoach so you’re gonna have to be careful and get
    yourself nice and easy to the front of bridge over a Dickson’s crossing you
    want to be aiming for these piers that’s where we’re going in it’s pretty easy
    it’s pretty much up to the driver everybody on top just has to be careful
    stay on try not to move and crouch it’s a good idea to take out the horses I
    can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten stuck on them and gone nowhere
    it’s a nasty piece of business I’m sorry about that
    just head on into the water you’ll see your character glitch
    they’ll make to get off and then he’ll glitch back on that’s the weird part of
    it if you don’t touch your controller you’re going to be fine you’ll stay on
    the rate of survival for the driver if he doesn’t touch his controller is 100
    percent so just let it happen lead the horses into the water or that
    one horse you got left let the glitch happen then you can
    crouch and you’re clever you can get on top of the stagecoach oh I tend to fall
    off so I don’t always I just crouch in the front seat and what do you want just
    clumsy it can take a minute sometimes or more to get going you might feel like
    you’re stuck but you’ll be moving very slow like clockwork hands real slow like
    once you get going you get going and something different will happen just
    about every time I wish I could tell you you could go over the falls but you’re
    going to get stuck at old backus’s place down here get stuck on the rocks right
    here just in view of Bota bridge that’s the brakes up here in Great Plains is a
    great place to launch it’s a guaranteed good time even if it’s not a guaranteed
    long cruise you might get stuck at the beginning or at the first Rapids if you
    go in and around here depending on your speed of entry number of horses you got
    number of people you got on the roof you could possibly sell all the wig black
    water you’ll meet with an invisible wall over there but eventually you could
    possibly go that far as you can see sometimes it’s just kind of slow going
    but once you do get going in this particular place you get going
    there are several Rapids and like I said something different is going to happen
    every time sometimes you’ll hit the rock you won’t make it past it
    sometimes you’ll hit it you’ll be just fine see what I mean well it’s an adventure every time that’s
    why I like being a captain got some good speed right there and then I got stuck
    on the grass right there like I said something different is gonna happen
    every time here the glitch does something really weird but I kind of
    like the effect one of those 3d visual types of things you see in movie
    theaters anyway you’re guaranteed to have a good time no matter what happens
    oh this is the time when I thought my character was gonna fall off and I tried
    to walk around it hey my first guy learned how to swim this game this is my
    favorite glitch in Red Dead Redemption the stagecoach floats now I’m gonna show
    you how to sail it from you

    Recreational boating safety emergency procedures | with Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart
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    Recreational boating safety emergency procedures | with Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart

    August 19, 2019

    Nobody goes to sea thinking they’re
    going to find themselves in an emergency situation. But when things do go wrong
    they generally go wrong very very quickly leaving you very little time to
    react. Pre-planning is the key. The object of this little video is to give you some
    idea about setting up your emergency procedures so you and your crew have got some idea of what to do should something go wrong. Obviously in boating there’s a
    fair amount of emergency situations you can find yourself in. Most common ones are:
    man overboard, capsizing of your vessel, or fire. The very first thing you need to do at any sign of a potential emergency situation is, ensure you and your crew are wearing lifejackets. If they’re inflatable lifejackets make sure your crew know how to use them. It’s really important that everybody has a jacket for when they go out and they know how to
    use it so if you’ve got an inflatable jacket you want to try it on before you
    go but you definitely want to know how to use it in case you do need to pull it.
    As the skipper it’s important to try and keep everyone on board as calm as
    possible the next step in your emergency procedure plan should be to raise the
    alarm, to let other boats in the area or rescue authorities know that you’re in
    trouble. Obviously there are a range of options for this, triple 0 on your mobile
    phone or channel 16 on your marine VHF radio are the places to start. Before you do any of that, it pays to know exactly where you are. Most post those guys have a GPS and
    getting information is as easy as the press of a button. Remember the better the information you can provide, the quicker the authorities
    will be able to come and get you. There’s a few other items in your boat safety arsenal that will help you raise the alarm and they include these flares. Every boat on the
    bays and around the coast in Victoria need to carry flares Nick and they are
    great for showing people where you are and that you’re in distress. But remember, only let them off when someone can see you. Keep your powder dry. Then there is
    of course this, what I’m calling the greatest safety innovation in the last
    century. It is the EPIRB. This is a GPS-enabled registered EPIRB and when you pull the trigger on this, everybody who needs to know, knows where you are
    within a matter of meters. So, if you’ve got a GPS-enabled EPIRB, once you let that off it can pinpoint your exact position which makes it easier for
    the authorities to find you. And while you’re waiting for help to arrive if your boat is upright and afloat, it’s usually a good idea to throw out the
    anchor to maintain your position. And the final piece of advice in an emergency situation is to stay with your boat. Even if you’re in the water, stay with your boat, because a boat is easier to spot than a person. For more information simply pick up or download a copy of the Victorian Recreational Boating Safety Handbook. It
    has all the details about developing your own set of emergency procedures,
    plus heaps of other valuable tips for staying safe out on the water.