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    KP Tour 2016 // Dry Fly Fishing
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    KP Tour 2016 // Dry Fly Fishing

    December 7, 2019

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re there. 10 days. 10 days. Finally home. Just enough for tonight. Howdy folks! No welcoming committee outside? Well, we didn’t get the time. You just jumped out of the car and came running in. Good to see you buddy. You too! This is awesome – check it out! Aaaaahhh!!! There is a trout just below me. It’s very close to the bank. I can see the fish. I will tell you if it takes the fly. You are 2 meters short. That should be a good cast. Leave the fly there. It takes the fly!! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!! It’s a pretty nice fish. Oh yeah! My legs fell asleep big time. It took me 45 minutes to get on my feet! It’s time to land the fish. No!! Where is it? Haha – well done! Alright! Øksa is bringing home the bacon! Oh my it’s pretty! Ready for the release? Yes, I’m ready. Come on. Ahhhh beautiful! Goodbye. Yes, I can see the fly. Oh yeah! That’s awesome! “..freakin’ awesome, man..” That’s a pretty one. Mr. steamfisher! Real naughty fishing, there. Show it to me. Then the release. It went back to the bank. Don’t go that way little buddy. You have to go this way… …back to where you belong. Yeah, yeah. That is a rising trout. Now the fish is really close… Yep!! I’ve got it! Oh, this a good fish. It is going downstream. Coming down towards you. “Lamson reels. Never lets you down.” Haha…Wow!!! This fish is… Nice netting!! Oh my! What a fish! So pretty. Just let it go. So, how was yesterday? Good, good. All good… Hehehe – damn good! Lots of fun. Huge hatch. Nothing happened. Loads of green drakes… …insane amounts of green drakes. Loads of rises and big trout… …nothing happened. Right next to your fly!!! My behind is pretty sore.. I think mine is the sorest… …I managed to break a rod too. So that is perfect in every way. Yesterday evening we tied up some new flies. Some green drake imitations… …which we hope will lead to some better results today. There was a rise by the opposite bank. Looks like a good fish. Yeah, yeah! That is art! Øksa, the net! Pay attention! Nice one. Quite nice indeed. Damn…very nice actually! Maximum pressure – straight in the net. Took the fly on the first cast. Smack! “You’re on the mic with Mike.” Funny to see those “small trout” actually being of that size… Hehe.. yeah, they’re supposedly small, but they are really not. Yeah, that is a beautiful cast. It is a bit further upstream now. Oh yeah… Yes! That’s so well done. Awesome. Well, the fly is working great. Tied it myself and everything. Ok! This is getting serious? Damn, that was hard work! Well, then it’s… ..”adios amigo”. Brew and loose snus (tobacco)… This was very well deserved. And what kind of fly did the fish take..? Klinkhammer! Size… 16! 16…really?! No, actually 17. Of course, 17. Ok…where is the fish? Here it comes! Took something quite big. There is a caddis fly right over him. He goes for it. If you manage to present your fly in front of him… …he will take it. He took it!!! WHAT!?!?!?! He is still there. It didn’t bother him at all. …ok, deep breaths… …as you know, I’m totally cool here. Jez… There it is rising again. Probably took a caddis. The fly is going to pass right over his head. Don’t pull… right above him now. Takes it!! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah! Oh, this is a nice one. Here he goes. Damn, he’s fat! One in the right… Oh yeah? Ahh.. one in each leg. I need one more in my casting arm! Cool if it takes the fly… YEAH! F%#!! What happened? Well… Perfect strike.. Someone else go catch a fish….damn. So the fish went for it? The fly? No, the leader! Yes, this is… …NOOOO!!! There is going to be a bad mood back at the cabin. Yes it will… …because the leader snapped. It broke? Yes, it snapped. One should never snap the leader! The mood is great here back at the cabin! Just one evening left after this one. Damn – just one left! A drop came out, actually! Alright! KP Tour 2016 Let it go, let it go. Come on… We can confidently change that fly. I don’t know if he saw it. I’m pretty sure that fish is seeing everything going past. In the Jez… There! Come on! Right over him. Yeah! …darn! Looks like he’s still there. Lucky bastard! He looked at the fly again! [screaming for assistance] This one is big! Shit! He does not like me. Look at you. Is it big? That was a lot of work! Look at this! It’s so freakin’ fat! That was awesome. It’s still got power. Ok, now he’s going back. That’s beautiful. Yes, that is so pretty. And it’s wide as a barn door. Here he goes…bye, bye. I’ve got a nice fish! It has already made a couple of runs downstream. Wow! Good fish, right? Yes, that’s a damn good fish. On the light, 3-weight rod. Always that rod catching the big ones. Look at the rod bending like a straw. Be careful! What a feeling! Ahhh, check this out! This is bigger than the one last year. Freakin’ hell this is pretty! During our last hours in the river. That’s the way it is. [International fly fishing language] Check it out, mate! Check…it…OUT! Just get some life back into him and he’ll be off. Look at pretty Miss Piggy! …maybe not a pig, but still a nice fish. It’s healthy, it wants to go. Yeah…yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh, it’s a nice one. Hey! Don’t go into that rock! F#&$! So, I’ll just net it. Awesome job! Haha.

    Powder Mill Pond  BASS FISHING – PART 1 HUGE BLOW UP Top water
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    Powder Mill Pond BASS FISHING – PART 1 HUGE BLOW UP Top water

    December 3, 2019

    Ahhhhhh. That was a nice one. That was a real nice one. It was probably 2 pounds. It kinda knocked it it didn’t. (Got one on.) Mine jumped the water and missed it. Oh I got one on… I didn’t I didn’t see. There you go. You good. You got it. Oh man, oh man. This is a huge one. (I was off on a lure but..) That’s a fat one to it look that. Two and a half that’s close to… perfect. We have it on video someplace. That was exciting. Yes, not and it’s my second bait caster topwater. It basically did what I wanted to. It was about two and a half pounds lighter than the one I was predicted but. Mine’s not huge… it’s a crappie no wonder it hit it so weird. Wow it’s a big crappie. It was so weird. And I foul hooked him. Can you hand me that? thank you Nice crappie that’s a fat one. If we had a bucket I take it home and eat it. I bet that’s what was just popping yours because he didn’t he didn’t eat it, he popped it that did you see how when it uh when I got hooked it was like on like… It it snagged itself because that the hook was on the outside. Yeah I was gonna say the way it hit it feels like a pickerel. I was just thinking the same thing. I feel like it’s dangerous or the river current. Might not be difficult but it might not be safe. Oh you know what let me check my… I think this is also a pickerel. Ah no it’s a pickerel. Alright enough of this.

    Florida Travel: Stunning Sunsets and Fishing in Keaton Beach, Taylor County
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    Florida Travel: Stunning Sunsets and Fishing in Keaton Beach, Taylor County

    November 29, 2019

    (lively piano music) – [Narrator] Serene. Perfect. Sunsets. Relaxing. (lively piano music) Keaton Beach is located an hour and a half southeast of Tallahassee
    on the Gulf Coast. – [Narrator] We’ve got the longest undeveloped coastline in the entire state which is pretty rare now in Florida. Secret to our fishing is
    we’re the nursery of Florida we’re where all the fish
    come to spawn because we got the unspoiled grass flats where they come and lay their eggs every year. It just makes our fishing tremendous. – The waters here in the Taylor County and off of Keaton Beach are absolutely terrific for fishing. We have these shallow,
    crystal clear grass flats that might be more like
    what you’d expect in parts of the Everglades or inside
    of the Keys, that I’m in. It’s us and one other boat as
    far as you can see right now. I think if more people learned about it they’d make their vacation plans here. – [Narrator] This is a perfect getaway in the spring or the fall to come and to enjoy some of our just beautiful stops
    along our coastline. On such as this year Hagen’s Cove there’s five or six other spots, you can just stop, get
    out and make a day of it. Pop in, pop out bring your RV, you can actually camp or rent a place. But this is a great
    place to bring the kids and sort of get back in nature. – I’ve traveled everywhere. I can’t name a place where
    I’ve been that feels like this. It brought back these incredible memories that I had of growing up. When you look forward to
    having that glass of wine and everybody watching the sunset. That’s an event for us every night. I’ve found this piece of paradise and this feeling of complete tranquility and calmness. I think one week-end
    that you would come here with your family absolutely
    would change your life. (lively piano music) (lively piano music)

    River Walleye Fishing and Redhorse in the Wisconsin Dells
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    River Walleye Fishing and Redhorse in the Wisconsin Dells

    November 28, 2019

    Oh! No way! No way! NO! I got here a little early. that’s my car beeping because the headlights are on. Yeah. I’ve got to walk to the spot in the river and it’s really dark. And, I’m kind of scared! Oh I got a fish! Oh, I got a fish. Alright, I got a fish. I didn’t think it was, but now I know, I got a fish. Yeah! It’s a walleye baby! Yeah! Whoo! New species. Look, it’s a walleye. Yes. They took the bottom rig. Look at that. That’s so cool. Yeah, a walleye. Whoo! All
    right let’s get this off. Look a those sharp little choppers on that guy. All right,
    let’s let him go. It’s a good decent size fish. Get out of the way of these other poles. Oh, no way! No way! No, you can’t get off. No way! Oh, yes. No way! This is a redhorse sucker. Oh, no way! Look at this guy.
    Species 26, this big. Holy cow! Wow. Wow look at this guy. Holy cow. Just caught it on a bottom rig, a worm on the bottom. Man, these things are huge. All right, everybody. Let’s talk about how I’ve caught these fish. The walleye I was on a bottom rig and it had a little bit of minnow and worm on it and it was just
    sitting there and when I saw my line or my line or my rod just tap tap tap tap then I reeled in caught the walleye. This that redhorse sucker, man that was a big fish. That was on a slip sinker rig. See the slip sinker here it is it goes up and down
    and then I’ve got another sinker to stop it. So that’s what I was using for that
    and at the end of it is just a little worm, and if you can feel a sucker hit,
    you’re something. Let me tell you. I was reeling it, and reeling it slow and it
    didn’t you know bounce like it normally does off the bottom when it’s rolling
    you know and then I’m like oh man there’s something there and then when
    the sucker realized it was on. Then it pulled hard. That was a big fish. Those red horses get big. The walleye it wasn’t that big, but it was still awesome. Man, two different species. The first two fish, two different species. Yeah! Let’s see if I see if I can catch some more Whoo! Smallmouth! They fight awesome. That was fun. Wow. Three fish. This is some kind of day,
    yeah, this is my day. Yes! Look at this guy. That’s a pretty fish. All right, let’s let you go. You’re probably going to get out of here fast Well, overall, I gotta say it was a good day. Caught three fish, two of them are new! A walleye, and then the redhorse sucker.
    That sucker was big. Those things get big. That was cool. I’m gonna go out again some other time and try and catch a walleye a different
    time we’ll call this the redhorse sucker trip. All right, give me a number
    one, you’re number one. Thanks for watching. I’m 25 and 26 species caught
    while filming here in my home state of Wisconsin. Yes! Make sure you push
    all the good buttons keep following me as I try to catch all these different
    kinds of fish here and Wisconsin. YEAH! Give me a number one. You’re number one. YEAH! See these. These are not flowers. These are the spawn of Satan. Ragweed. I hate you! I shouldn’t get that
    close. I better go. I’m gonna stop filming because in about three seconds I’m gonna have an allergy attack.

    Fly Fishing in Fernie BC
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    Fly Fishing in Fernie BC

    November 28, 2019

    The attraction to Fernie is definitely the Elk River, potentially the best dry fly fishing in the world. The Elk river has beautiful scenery, fantastic hatches, and huge Cutthroat Trout – an absolutely amazing phenomenon for fly fishing.

    Las Vegas Grand Voyager Skywalk Tour
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    Las Vegas Grand Voyager Skywalk Tour

    November 22, 2019

    Decisions, decisions, decisions…who wants to make decisions when they’re on vacation? Should you helicopter to the bottom of the Grand
    Canyon? Or walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk… …on your Las Vegas Grand Canyon West Tour? That decision was
    so “last decade.” Now, you CAN do it all! Introducing the Las Vegas Grand Voyager Skywalk Tour.
    Scenic Grand Canyon Airlines’ newest tour package… …where you can see and do everything that makes Grand
    Canyon West unique without blowing your whole day! Your adventure begins when Scenic Grand Canyon Airlines picks
    you up in a van or motorcoach… …and transports you to their exclusive terminal at the Boulder City Municipal Airport (61B). Then you’re up and away, over the austere
    yet dramatic visuals of the Mojave Desert… …the colossal Hoover Dam, and the gravity defying Colorado River Bypass Bridge! You’ll get the ultimate bird’s eye view of not only the Dam and Bridge,
    but Lake Mead, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. As lake turns to river, the Grand Wash Cliffs rise up before you as if
    a mighty hand has punched a hole in the very crust of the Earth. Up ahead is the Grand Canyon! Your plane touches down
    at Grand Canyon West, a Native American Tribal Park… …owned and operated by the Hualapai Indian Nation. Next
    stop: the bottom of the Grand Canyon! At Grand Canyon West, getting to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
    is easy: an exhilarating helicopter flight to the canyon floor! You’ll get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon’s rugged
    cliffs and majestic spires before touching down at the bottom… …where a pontoon boat will take you on a
    leisurely cruise up the Colorado River and back. After your river ride, it’s time to reboard your helicopter and
    fly back to the rimside, where motorcoaches are ready… …to begin your tour of Grand Canyon West! Your next stop is Eagle Point, site of Arizona’s newest
    and most exciting attraction: the Grand Canyon Skywalk! This glass platform juts 70 feet (24 metres) past
    the canyon’s edge without struts or support beams… …giving you the spine-tingling sensation of walking on air hundreds
    of feet above the bottom of the Grand Canyon! Here you can also learn more about the Native people of
    the Southwest by touring replicas of their traditional dwellings… …or enjoying a dance or cultural program at the Amphitheatre. A hearty barbecue lunch is served at Guano Point, where every
    single table has a view of the Grand Canyon! Named for a now defunct mine from the 1950’s, after
    lunch you can walk around the promontory… …to view the old tram line and other implements that still remain. Eventually it’s time to head back to Las Vegas, and the beauty of this tour
    is that it’s still less than 8 hours long from hotel to hotel! The Las Vegas Grand Voyager Skywalk Tour is brand new, but
    already in high demand, so book your seats today! Click on the “book now” button below and we’ll see you in Las Vegas!

    Grand Voyager Tour
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    Grand Voyager Tour

    November 22, 2019

    On the Las Vegas Grand Voyager Tour, you’ll
    do what was once considered impossible: …get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
    and back in less than one day! This exciting adventure begins with an early pickup at your hotel,
    and transportation to the Boulder City Municipal Airport (61B)… …where our Twin Otter VistaLiner airplanes wait to whisk
    you away, over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead… …and the vast expanse of the Mojave Desert before landing
    at Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Your aircraft’s oversize windows allow for excellent photography, and
    automated tour narration will make this beautiful flight… …an educational experience for you too. Upon landing at Grand Canyon West, you’ll
    board a helicopter for an exhilarating descent to the Canyon floor! On the banks of the Colorado River, you’ll climb aboard an 8-passenger pontoon boat… …for a leisurely cruise to Quartermaster Point and back. Then, time to hop back on your chopper. Back on the canyon rim, you
    step aboard a deluxe motorcoach for a tour of Grand Canyon West. Your first stop is Eagle Point, site of the Grand Canyon
    Skywalk. This innovative and controversial attraction opened in March 2007. It features a cantilevered glass-bottomed walkway jutting 70′ (24m) straight
    out from the edge of the Grand Canyon. ***YOU MAY NOW UPGRADE THE LAS VEGAS GRAND VOYAGER
    TOUR TO INCLUDE THE GRAND CANYON SKYWALK*** If you’d like to experience the Skywalk, consider another excellent
    tour, the Las Vegas Indian Adventure Skywalk Tour. ***AGAIN THE LAS VEGAS GRAND VOYAGER NOW HAS THE OPTION
    TO ADD THE SKYWALK FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE*** After leaving Eagle Point, you’ll head to Guano Point, where you’ll sit down
    to a light barbecue meal and the view cannot be beat! After lunch it’s time to climb back aboard your airplane and head
    back to Boulder City, where your shuttles from earlier that morning… …are ready to take you back to your hotel. You won’t believe how far
    you went in such a short time and how easy it was! But before you commit to booking the Las Vegas Grand Voyager
    Tour, it’s very important you realize that Grand Canyon West… …is a Tribal Park and NOT a National Park. Expectations must be kept realistic. The Grand Voyager Tour runs year-round weather permitting. Space
    is limited to book your seats soon! For great deals on Las Vegas hotels and
    all your lodging needs nationwide call 1-800-916-8530

    Best Grilled & Fried Fish | Faridullah Fish Point Abbotabad | Pakistani Street Food
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    Best Grilled & Fried Fish | Faridullah Fish Point Abbotabad | Pakistani Street Food

    November 22, 2019

    Assalam o alikum, i hope you are all doing fine If you have seen my last three videos then you already should know that I travelled from Karachi to Islamabad We had dinner at the Rawalpindi Food street we did breakfast at the Kartar Pura and then we headed towards Murree and towards Nathiagali and now we have reached to Abbotabad and we are at the Farid Ullah Fish Point Their grilled and fried fish is famous all over Abbotabad there is always rush on this restaurant its very late night now and we are a bit tired too but now we will go to the Farid Ullah Fish and lets see whats happening there… Chalain !! (lets go) these woods at this place are for cooking If we go inside from here then we have these freezers in which we can see fresh fishes which fish species are these? rohu, mahsher and silver which ones have less bones silver has less sharp bones is it from river or sea? its from Dam and fish farms.. Bbq is Rs.450 per KG and Fried is Rs.400 per KG ok give me the one with the lesser bones its 2.3KG,
    How much cost for this? Do half bbq and half grill it will cost you Rs.1000 ok lets do it. ok then where is this going now… here they are cleaning the fishes Hello brother, how r u? Good Good we are fine you guys are working so fast check out the fish cutting skills this is a very big setup here… from there you take the fish there they cut and cleaned it and there they are washing the pieces and from there it goes for frying and grilling ok where is he taking it now… and now its going here for frying Assalam o alikum bhaijan how r u? you put all the spices right here Yes you just mix everything and fry right now i heard fish should be marinated first for some time before frying… we have our own desi spices, we do it right here right now these are the secret spices here fresh fresh fish ok lets watch now first they put some salt this is some kind of spice with garlic mixing them together then they throw some red chillies then another spice and then another and mix them all together you cook everything on woods yes it tastes different when you cook on the woods gas does’nt give the taste which you get by cooking on woods people are enjoying in local style this hall is for families these pieces are for grill what is this? is it vinegar? no, this is garlic water oh ok ok this is garlic water and whats this? this is plain water there is salt and one masala is it special ingredient? yeah this is special ingredient this is the real secret you use same spices in grill and fry both? No, bbq fish has different spices this is now on the coals its very cold out there, so all the people who are waiting… are surrounding this fire to keep themselves warm is our food ready? yes, its ready our fried fish and chapatis are here this one is friend, grill will take some more time lets start eating now… its really fresh and hot and this chutney looks really different thats awsome the rush on this restaurant has a valid reason… its so crispy from the outside and soft from the inside lets try it without chutney WoW this is vinegar or chutney or whatever it is its has some chillies too this is just ultimate, my abbotabad trip has paid off Grilled fish is now here, it looks really delicious lets taste it grilled is also very tasty but i liked the fried one better this is also good but its very soft and juicy if you ask me which one is better then… i would prefer the fried fish but this one is also has its own taste ! Awsome ! Fish was very tasty, i really enjoyed it it was delicious, ok brother Allah Hafiz Ok, we are going now, Allah Hafiz Fish was really very tasty So this was our first Abbotabad’s Farid Fish episode hope you liked the video and whenever you come to Abbot abad then you should try this… and please subscribe the channel, like and comment on the video if you liked it and share it with your friends I will meet you in the next video takecare of yourself Allah Hafiz