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    Off to Cuba ~ 2 Headed Gator, WW2 Ship, Da Beach
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    Off to Cuba ~ 2 Headed Gator, WW2 Ship, Da Beach

    January 10, 2020

    morning everybody feeling a lot better
    every single day now it’s getting better and better although it is gonna take at
    least another week to fully get over my bronchitis again I’m still not
    contagious or anything but I want to I want to film some stuff for YouTube
    because it’s been it’s been a tough month with being sick with the flu and
    bronchitis and not making any money with my Disney videos I need I need some
    content to help pay the bills so we’re gonna have a me day
    well a me day with you on the other side of the lens I’ve never never really
    explored much of Tampa I don’t even think I’ve ever stopped in Tampa in my
    life so we’ll get Roxy warm here and then
    we’ll go we’ll go play in Tampa today we’ll take it easy though you know
    because I still don’t don’t feel my best but yeah and see all the Spanish moss I
    love it I love it all right let me go feed Jackson got
    some fun today all right guys my first attempted moto
    vlogging here on the Honda rebel I got the microphone tucked underneath the
    helmet here I don’t know if it’s working or not or if they’re still wind getting
    in there I know one thing I don’t like being behind this truck because all this
    netfloor – shrubbery has got in the back just does not look very secure so I’m
    just gonna take it easy I want something to fall out and hit me
    oh yeah it looks like we’re 22 minutes away from downtown Tampa so we’ll just
    kind of enjoy the scenery here and sunshine and have a good have a good
    little ride here how’s that sound I sure love having this motorcycle it is
    a blessing for someone in an RV because otherwise there’s no way the RV would
    get to places like this I wouldn’t I just wouldn’t take the RV downtown Tampa
    there’s no way I’ll also mention the Tampa RV show is
    coming up I’d like to go I just don’t know about
    timing – 8c well it’s starting to feel a little
    bit like industrial Tampa just a lot more businesses and stuff
    he’s a big muffler man guy over there holding uh I don’t know what he’s
    holding a wrench advertising for automotive services okay
    cool fifty-five miles an hour through here
    love it man having a bike is so fun
    it just makes so much sense there’s my cough come back
    now that sign just said Tampa City Limits so we are now officially in Tampa
    Florida Oh see the city line over there
    obviously not sure how close we are there’s the city
    not exactly the prettiest sight but Tampa Bay okay actually like this part of town
    though called those palm trees I love me some palm trees
    yes I forgot my gloves today but they were in the helmet but I didn’t feel
    like going back in flight I doubt it set the alarm on the RV and everything how’s
    the view working how’s the microphone working you guys like like going on bike
    rides with me I don’t do it too often my channel is more about RV life but still
    this is an extension of the RV makes us so that I can see more and share more in
    a practical way mm-hmm gonna make a stop up here at a historical marker you might
    be interested to see what it is though it’s gonna be that building right in
    front of us so what is now the Columbia restaurant behind me this facade in the
    middle here they have some markers so we’ll go check those out right now
    it’s a beautiful building I’ll give you that I love the tile work in detail here
    but the sign here the Rough Riders Road here
    1898 the intersection of 7th Avenue and 22nd Street was a sandy cross road
    connecting three army encampments in that Ybor City area during the
    spanish-american war Oh Theodore Roosevelt and his gang on horseback were
    called the Rough Riders and they made this spot here in Ybor I asked somebody
    how to pronounce it y bo r because I would have butchered it another little
    note here on the other side says Colonel Teddy Roosevelt frequently rode by here
    on his horse named Texas and his little dog named Cuba that’s that that’s pretty
    cool I never say I don’t take you guys places we are in the United States
    however this this is the park amigos de Jose Marti this little point 1/4 acre
    piece of land that we’re stepping into is technically owned by Cuba yeah well
    plaque here from 1893 gave some refuge to some people I guess so so that’s what
    we got Isle de Cuba uh-huh with the American flag and the Cuba flag waving
    high here in Tampa that’s dick reminding me that it’s still there ok that’s
    different that’s different little piece of Cuba right here in Florida on the
    mainland very cool ok the downtown Tampa trolley that’s cool
    not necessarily going to be filming every little ride on the bike from place
    to place I’m doing some walking too but at least you know I can get around and
    stop a little stuff like this you guys know how much I love my quirky metal art
    installations all over the country I appreciate businesses that put stuff
    like this and builds that this is a welding shop and he’s got a machine gun
    and everything like that that’s actually pretty awesome this one here looks like
    a Greek soldier of some kind and this guy is in a bunker and there you go
    rustic steel creations thanks for putting some cool stuff out front for
    advertising give you some free advertising weird stuff though – I mean
    I can’t explain quite all of it but okay you’re doing a great job there buddy
    keep pushing whatever you’re pushing there so there’s a legit folk tale hear
    about the two-headed alligator in these parts here’s a concrete mosaic version
    of it apparently there’s a couple more
    sculptures around here it’s from the folktale bite or smite something about
    good karma and a rabbit I can’t find a whole lot of information on the story
    but it is quirky nonetheless yeah yeah okay all right you know I’ve seen quite
    a few of these another futuro home this one’s in pretty good condition
    I think it’s built the way they were supposed to be built up high and unlevel
    and stuff it’s good take a closer look at it can see this one actually has all
    of the windows around it and there’s an air conditioning unit looks like there’s
    plumbing so this one is exactly how they were meant to be probably a little
    staircase that goes up into it very cool also ironic this is a strip club below
    the futuristic futuro house mr. Club interesting just a gray wall behind me
    that’s all it is it’s not all it is this monster beast aptly named the American
    victory is one of only four surviving fully functional World War two ships excuse me
    ships in the u.s. fully functional I might add she’s a beaut Clark we’re here
    at a terminal two here in Tampa what a beast right that’s not Tampa Bay out
    there like I said that’s just this is just the marina here and at the time of
    me filming this there still is no World War three officially but if you’ve been
    following the news us and Iran and everything going on things could change
    things could change here in 2020 but for right now just a just a sleeping beast
    there yeah I think what I’m gonna do is go try to find some beauty in Tampa
    let’s go find the Tampa Bay it’s actually go find it the white sand and
    blue skies and all that stuff ooh security notice maersk level one yeah I
    don’t think we have that clearance guys so yeah let me look on the maps google
    some stuff and go find some nice scenery okay everybody excuse me sorry
    what’s palm-trees lotsa happy happy Eric almost some white sand down here but not
    not really as pretty as I envisioned it over all these years every time I’ve
    heard Tampa Bay said I see it as a place as pretty as like Panama City Beach and
    it’s not it’s it’s just a bay you know you probably got to go to the Gulf of
    Mexico side of Tampa to really see the the green blue water everywhere and pure
    white but I’ll take it I seem to have found a little deserted park here where
    nobody’s at and I finally feel like I’m in Florida I finally feel it yeah it’s
    about 76 degrees today here although on the bike when you’re going 55 miles an
    hour it’s significantly 20 degrees colder than that
    yeah I’d almost call that weights and it is that’s what you saying man nice
    little ride thanks for coming along with me guys I’m gonna carefully head on back
    here a little bit I’m gonna sit down in that chair first off Cameron soak in the
    bay a little bit though I see you’ve just made yourself right at
    home haven’t you now Oh sunbathing on the concrete all right
    miss me you didn’t miss me but but I have the power to the food bowl looks
    like you’re petting your out yourself yeah Oh big stretches what a rough day
    you had oh my god I was so much sleeping that you did yes I had a really good
    ride today it was fun it was nice and sunny changed my spirits I’m just gonna
    have to be patient getting over the last bit of this bronchitis
    but I’ve told the guys here that I’m not contagious doc says so maybe going out
    with them one day before I leave would be fine all right so anyway Jax and I
    will we’ll see you next time on the nomadic fanatic show of example hey guys

    East Coast Beach Camping – RV & tent camping on or near the beach
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    East Coast Beach Camping – RV & tent camping on or near the beach

    December 25, 2019

    Today we’re looking at beach camping on
    the eastern shores of the United States. How’s it going, welcome to the Campendium YouTube Channel where it’s our hope and our goal to provide you with the the
    motivation and the resources to get out there and camp. So if you haven’t already,
    please hit that subscribe button because today, we’re talking about beach camping
    on the eastern side of the United States. Now on the Campendium website we have a great article with tons of information about beach camping so I’m gonna put a
    link in the description for that but there is three things I want to cover
    with you today. Number one being safety. You want to be aware of the situation
    that you’re you’re going into, so I like to download a tide app, like a tide chart
    is what it gives you and it’ll show you what the high tide and the low tide is
    gonna be. You want to be aware of what those levels are going to be. And then
    also weather, weather it is going to be key, because bad weather can mean a lot
    of bad things when you combine the bad weather with high seas, it can be
    disastrous. So know your information, know your tides, know your weather and even
    check with maybe some of the officials there at the park or Park Rangers to see
    if there’s any cause or concern with the the weather and the tides that are
    coming for where you are camped. The second and third thing I want to go over
    is if you’re actually going to be camping on the sand there’s some great
    locations where you can camp on the sand, but you want to be prepared for that. So
    a few things you can do is you want to scout it out before you drive on the
    sand to see how firm it is, to see if it’s safe to drive on that sand. If
    you’re if you determine that it is safe to drive on it, you can air down your
    tires so you can gain more traction not sink in the sand as easily, but if you do
    that you want to make sure that you have an air compressor to be able to air your
    tires back up after you leave the beach. It’s also a good idea to have a shovel,
    tow strap and all that good stuff. So now that you have those tips down, let’s dive
    into some of these amazing locations. So we’re gonna start on the eastern side of
    the States for this video and we’re gonna start up in Maine. First on the
    list is Cobscook Bay State Park. This place looks beautiful.
    Along with Schoodic Woods Campground. CamperManDan said “This is a keeper! Spectacular! This was our first time visiting this park and Boy what a gem. The sites were huge and fairly level. Quiet and easy access and location was great for visiting the area. It’s a 10-10-10 park.” Moving on to Winslow Park and Campground, Linda says “We arrived at this amazing park without reservations and were met with gracious
    smiles and a warm welcome before being given our filtered sun site number 76.
    This park is absolutely gorgeous with spacious sites.” Let’s move on to Lobster
    Buoy Campsite where Tomp says “Off the beaten track and the real Maine and the
    center of what Maine was 50 years ago.” Searsport Shores campground looks
    amazing and Island Girl Walkabout said “This was one of our all-time favorite
    campgrounds. The location is lovely. As with many privately owned campgrounds it reflects pride of ownership. Our campsite was one of the prime spots on the water
    overlooking a fantastic tidal pool area.” Moving down the coastline to
    Massachusetts is Race Point Beach camping. Tiger nomads shared these picks and said this camping is literally on the beach, feet from the ocean. The permit costs $75 for seven nights of camping. Not a bad deal for being right on the
    sand. It looks like New York has a couple of great options for beach camping.
    Montauk County Park where you can drive on the beach and Shinnecock East County
    Park. Now in Virginia, we have First Landing State Park. Watson’s Wander say
    “We spend a week here enjoying our site. Long walks on the beach and some great
    hiking and biking trails.” Now let’s dive into some Carolinas. Now North Carolina
    has some great options. Flanners Beach Campground looks amazing
    along with Cape Lookout National Seashore. We had a comment from DoggoneRV about Carolina Beach State Park “Did I just dream this trip? This campground was a dream, the sites are huge, treed and fairly level compared to other
    campgrounds I have stayed at.” In South Carolina we have a Edisto Beach State
    Park MB says “If you like all the commercial atmosphere like Myrtle Beach this is not for you, but if you like to just relax listen to the waves and pick up shells this is your spot.”
    Moving on to Florida they obviously have some amazing beach camping. There’s
    Peter’s Point Beachfront Park, Fort Clinch State Park, Margaret said “Great
    beach camping. This was our second time here and it was just as wonderful as the
    first. The facilities are immaculate and the beach is quite beautiful.
    Then there’s Anastasia State Park. bbvanlife gave it five stars and said “We
    were lucky to snag a site here for two nights.” And one of the last sites we want
    to share with you today is Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreational Area. People
    say it’s a beautiful beach site “one of our favorite spots ever” and “glorious
    beachfront camping” well I hope this list gave you some ideas and some motivation
    to get out there and camp if you’re on the eastern side of the United States I
    know for for me and my family we’re dying to get to that side of the United
    States and check out some of these amazing locations. So as always we want
    to remind you to hit that subscribe button, to keep exploring and to travel
    safe. We will see you next time.

    Palm Beach, Florida: Peanut Island, The Breakers, Mar-a-Lago and more
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    Palm Beach, Florida: Peanut Island, The Breakers, Mar-a-Lago and more

    December 15, 2019

    This video is sponsored by Rad Power Bikes GPS: There’s a seven minute delay caused by a crash in I-95 Express in one mile No kidding GPS: You’re still on fastest route Thank you Hello everybody! As always it is an ordeal to leave Miami during rush hour Some day we will learn, and with the trailer in tow we can’t even go on the express lanes $11 for the express lanes
    GPS: Continue for seven miles Today we are staying at the Lion Country Safari KOA West of West Palm Beach And I apologize in advance for some of the technical dificulties It loos like we had a defective memory card. Oh, well Well, we’re late check in so they probably have our paper here. Yes, that’s us. Let’s go. As soon as we arrive I connect our electrical… …our water… …and the sewer, of course. And then this couple Al and Tina recognized me and said “hello” Well, we’ve made it to West Palm Beach. This is the Lion Country Safari KOA I’m not even going to unhitch, we’re too tired, the traffic was horrible But did you check that out? Somebody actually recognized me. That’s pretty cool. Anyways, we’re going to opne a beer now, and… Getsome babecue or some grill going. I don’t know what we’re going to do. …and I think I’ll go catch you tomorrow Tomorrow we’re going to explore Lion Country Safari and Palm Beach Under the moonlight Good night, see you tomorrow Gooood morning from the West Palm / Lion Country Safari Kampgrounds of America! In my video most of the time I try to go more or less chronological But I think I am going to skip Lion Country Safary and show you Palm Beach first. The first place we are going to visit is Peanut Island, which is a little further north by Riviera Beach Highly recommended by many of you.
    And here we are, the Riviera Beach Marina We’re going to Peanut Island We are going to take the shuttle boat to Peanut Island and let me tell you Peanut Island probably deserves the whole day Yes, there is camping, and the beach, and snorkeling, and the island is also pretty big but we only have a couple of hours. The boat ride to Peanut Island is $12 per person and it gives you a $1 discount at the 1936 historic Coast Guard Station …and also at the John F. Kennedy Bunker, which is what we really want to see. By the way Peanut Island is actually man-made. It was created by the dredging of Lake Worth inlet and thePort of Palm Beach way back in 1918 Yes, all this used to be a fresh water lake. There’s the Coast Guard House, where we’re going so we are almost there. Check out the inlet, which is also called Palm Beach Inlet. We follow the crowds like idiots without realizing that the first structure that looked like a restaurant is actually where we want to go to buy the tickets to see the Coast Guard Station and the bunker. There are some people snorkeling and it kind of makes me wish I had brought my bathing suit and my mask We reliaze our navigational error and return to the first structure we saw which is called the Boat House Well, we are going to do the tour of the Bunk House, it’s a bunker Kennedy used to have here on the island, during the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis I think it is going to be interesting. We sit outside, by the shade while we wait for the tour, and another shuttle boat has arrived. Let’s see all this stuff they have here at the Boat House In 1909 the sun never sets on the British Empire By the way this is all very much in disrepair This bell belonged to the Toledo Sugar Mill in Cuba, before Castro, and it was a gift to the US ambassador at the time The guide explains that this building was like a large garage for coast guard boats This was like a garage for the boats Let’s walk towards the Coast Guard Station. It almost looks like a haunted house. That looks kind of like a lighthouse, but it is actually a lookout tower. As you can see the house is in a little bit of disrepair, like everything else around here Let’s go inside, and the thing is the Maritime Museum is no longer going to be in charge of this The county is taking over and no one really knows what is going to happen. They are actually selling a lot of the artifacts in here. and the Boat House is almost certainly going to be demolished to accomodate for a wider channel into the port This are all the things used by the coast guard Guide: It’s hard just keeping things up
    Guest: So this house will come down? Guide: There’s a good chance. The Boat House is going to come down because the want to expand the waterway Guest: That’s so sad Guide: Yeah, and we have termites too Guide: The county is very cheap So cool to see all this old radio equipment I hope they find a way to keep the museum alive Some old navigation equipment, before GPS, and some old outboard engines Guest: We’re are you headed, where are you going to go? Guide: Where I’m going to go? Well I’ll just be retired again. Yes, all these volunteers are pretty much out of a job when the county takes over OK everybody, so come before November because they are going to close this down Maybe not but that’s what the guy said. On the other hand you can have this vintage jukebox for only $750 Let’s continue. We walk a short distance to the bunker. Guide: What I’m going to do is I’m going to take you straight right into the bunker And once we get in the I’ll explain some of the things that you passed along the way Guide: …because the group is so large
    OK, this is really cool Did you know it only took then two weeks to build this, so you know, when the government really wants to build something fast… …they figure out a way to do it. Guide: Ladies first.
    That’s the generator right here. …and they couldn’t build it underground because of the high water table so they just made like a mound over it. Like a small hill covering the steel and lead structure underneath. Guide: It’s not so bad once you get in here When you cam down the tunnel on the right hand side, that was the generator. That was a diesel generator. That would supply electricity to the bunker. As you proceeded down I called the big step, on the right hand side was the air handling system That provided fresh air to the bunker, was recirculated and scrubbed to take the CO2 out, as this was a sealed area. You couldn’t allow any outside air in. …they gave us the permission to repaint it, and also they sent some of the things that you see, the desk, the rocking chair, and some of the artifacts and memorabilia Also you see the little red phone back there. That was a direct link to Russia to keep from starting World War III This is the emergency hatch, kind of reminds me of “Lost” I don’t know if you can see it but there’s light. This is really cool. And here are the toilet facilities .and the radio OK, I couldn’t resist, I had to take a picture with the red phone Hello, hello, Putin, yes. That was the shower for radiation. Radiation check, that’s the geiger counter. Well, this was truly fascinating. They forgot the TV. The air handler. The generator again, and the light at the end of the tunnel Let’s continue, let’s go, let’s get out of here. It is such a beautiful, scorching day outside. We are back at the boat house, waiting for the shuttle to take us back The secret service would go up those stairs Yes, the secret service stayed at the attic while Kennedy was here. I really hope they had air conditioning. Definitely a good day to be in the water, Freeport in the Bahamas a good 80 miles that way I would really love to stay and show you more, but we;re really melting here. We have to go back Yeah, it is really way too hot We’re going to take the boat back to the mainland And this is right here what remains of the tracks used to lower the boats from the boat house into the water Well, that was a really cool place to visit, if you can make it before they shut it down in November They actually even tried to build a tunnel from Kennedy’s estate in Palm Beach to Peanut Island But it always collapsed, several times, so they had to settle for a speedboat, or a helicopter. Yes, Kennedy’s estate had a helipad at the time Maybe we’ll return to peanut island one of these days to spend the day. Do some snorkeling. We will return in about 30 seconds, and then we’ll go to trendy downtown West Palm Beach for lunch, we will visit the iconic and historyc The Breakers Hotel and so much more. Stay tuned. Rad Power Bikes is an electric bike manufacturer offering direct to consumer pricing on powerful premium electric bikes Because they sell directly to you, the consumer, you won;t see the large retail markup that would be present if you were buying from a third party or a dealer. Insuring you are always getting a performance e-bike at a fraction of the cost. Now offering free shipping on all four models. We’re famished, so let’s go downtown West Palm Beach for lunch. Well, we’re parked here in downtown West Palm Beach. It kind of looks a little like Saint Petersburgh if you know what I mean …but we’re starving so let’s find something to eat. This place looks pretty good. This is called Avocado Grill, and it seems to be a pretty trendy place I mean, where else can you see a lion dancing on top of a bar They have Cigar City IPA on draught for $7, not bad considering where we are. We order the fish tacos, lamb sliders, crab cake sliders… Each small plate was $13, and in the end we decided to have another beer and try the stake tacos too. In total, $80, plus tax and tip. Perhaps a little pricy, but hey, we are livin’ it up, at a trendy place, in downtown West Palm Beach As the party begins to die down, we decide to continue. Well, that was fun I’m glad we decided to go there. It was truly an experience. This place right here the Bradley Saloon would have been our second choice. We cross Flagler Drive We walk towards the pier, the West Palm Beach public dock and it looks like there is someone learning flyboarding. There’s the Henry Flagler Museum, that we will visit some other time. The Breaker’s which we’ll visit next. And it look like he learned how to do it. That look like so much fun. Maybe one of these days I’ll take up flyboarding, or hydroflying as it is also called. OK, let’s drive from West Palm Beach, to Palm Beach, which is on the barrier island. Isn’t this nice. First we’re going to pass by Wirth Avenue, which is where all the designer boutiques are located. Palm Beach’s version of Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive, kind of. Why it is all so deserted you might ask. Well, I just realized it is Sunday afternoon, The stores are either closed or closing soon. Not that I was planning on buying anything anyways. Next, here we are, South Ocean Boulevard and there’s the famous clock tower. And here’s the beach. Somebody is kitesurfing. And here’s the clock tower at the entrance of Worth Avenue. The clock was built in 2010, as part of a facelift of the shopping district, and to be honest about it I was expecting this famous beach to be better. There’s a group of Trump supporters by the corner, and it is such a beautiful day here in Palm Beach There you can see The Breakers Hotel in the distance What the heck, let’s fly towards The Breakers, which is practically a symbol of Palm Beach OK, perhaps we are a little too far. Let’s return. Let’s drive towards The Breakers. See it upclose and personal. And here we are, the legendary The Breakers Hotel. Opened as the Palm Beach Inn, back in 1896 by Henry Flagler himself. to accommodate travelers on his Florida East Coast Railway. West Palm Beach was the original terminus of the track, but by 1896 it had already been expanded to what became Miami… and eventually Key West in 1912. By the way I think we parked in the employees parking lot. It’s OK, we won’t stay that long By the way, the original hotel was a wooden structure and it burned to the ground, twice. The current building actually dates back to 1926 It is very luxurious inside. …special guests of the hotel This is one of the ballrooms, and I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to be here. And here is one of the bars we wanted to visit, but perhaps we are underdressed. Let’s continue. …hence The Breakers Here we are, outside, in the distance we see the high rise buildings of Singer Island Is it me or the back of the hotel doesn’t really look like much. It is obviously a more modern structure. And there’s not many people at the beach, even with this gorgeous weather. Wait, I forgot, it is the low season. Actually I see some umbrellas on the sand by the pool area We were going to go by the swimming pool, but we’ve decided to continue exploring. It is a gorgeous property. By the way, rooms start at $325 per night in the summer, and can go up to almost $2,000 for a suite. But hey, that includes unlimited golf and tennis. Yes, we were definitely in the employee’s parking lot. We are going to drive to the northernmost tip of Palm Beach, by the inlet and see what we can find. The final stretch has all these mansions on the left, but part of the property is actually on the oceanfront side of the street Very exclusive And this is it, the end of the island. There’s no parking here, but let’s hop off the car and take a few pictures And here we see, once again, Peanut Island. And apparently over here you can go snorkeling in your own back yard. Why not? We are back by the Malecón, and this to the right is actually the Palm Beach Country Club How did you like Palm Beach? Pretty cool huh? Pretty exclusive place Now for the ultimate exclusivity we’re going to drive down to… I’m sure you’ve heard the place, Mar-a-Lago is called I think the president hangs out there from time to time. Anyways, we’ll continue. Oh, I remember this place to the left. That’s The Beach Club. Let me see if I can make a U-turn. We actually did a couple of parties here with the band. a couple of years back. It is one of those places that I swore never to play at again. I’m not going to go into details. We continue going back south. And here we have once again by the clock tower the Trump supporters Yeah, this guy in front is definitely with Trump, but there seems to be another demonstration up ahead. And the traffic stops to a standstill. Yeah, these guys are definitely against Trump. And they are probably marching towards Mar-a-Lago, which is less than a mile away. Demonstrators: When do we want? Now! What do we want? Impeachment! There you have it. Pro Trump and anti Trump. Fair and balanced. OK, what’s going on? I think they are telling him he cannot go that slow. Someone said “give him a ticket” That car seems to be blocking the entrance to Mar-a-Lago. And this is the best I can do you guys. This is a close as the Secret Service will let me go. We’re going back to the Lion Country Safari KOA, which has been our home for the weekend. On the next video I will show you Lion Country Safari, I promise. Which is actually a really cool place, and I think they sold it recently so it may not stay in its present form forever. Yes, nothing lasts forever. Not Lion Country Safari, not the Coast Guard Station… So try to visit every place you want to visit while you can Oops, forgot my towing mirrors.