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    ⛵️We are so Excited!!! 🎉We are finally done installing our sailboat’s hatches!!! 😍#115
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    ⛵️We are so Excited!!! 🎉We are finally done installing our sailboat’s hatches!!! 😍#115

    January 14, 2020

    Third day of work. We couldn’t finish it last night because it was too dark. And now it’s time to finish it. Hopefully. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the
    house. New episode every Monday!! Cleaning the dust. We’ve been away from the boat for like 5 days, maybe 7 days and the dust of other boats is just
    amazing. Check it out. That’s the problem when you are in a working marina. Working marina is just… people are working all around. You need to clean the boat. That’s it. So it’s time for some cleaning. That’s it. Yeah. Now that we cleaned the deck it’s about time to? Install the hatches. Or portlights, I’m not sure. This is a portlight… Portholes? Yeah, the side ones that open. And then after that we’re gonna start
    installing the hatches itself. We are anxious to see the boat with 100% of the hatches installed. But as we have 12 to do we’re gonna do it in turns. First we’re gonna start with this one. And for that we still need to sand a
    little bit here, apply the… But before that we need to show them how we installed the acrylic on the top of this. We can not skip steps. That’s true. Because right now the hatches are ready to be installed but we didn’t show you how we installed the acrylic. (Yes, we showed it last week – you can see it here) That’s a lot of work. So let’s start with the acrylic and then we’re gonna come to the installation of the hatches. Contact glue We need to wait 15 minutes for this (to dry). So meanwhile we are putting some tapes on the windows (hatches). Is it hard, babe? Up side down is tricky sometimes. So we are preparing the portholes for the primer. Yeah… we are preparing it to install the… To paint the primer so we can install it with
    the Sikaflex. Because Sikaflex with primer works so much better. So, we want to have primer. You got the point, right? It’s gonna take a while until we finish this. I’m doing this and Duca is doing that one. Primer time. Everything we do we have primer
    in between. That’s just the way it is. But this was expensive but we are using
    for a while already and we still have a lot. That’s pretty good at least. Let’s do this. Now is the tricky moment. If we can do these ones, the side ones, we can do the rest. These ones are the
    tricky ones. But we’re gonna manage to do them. We are installing our third porthole. We are learning. It’s actually a good result. Excited. It’s actually easier to install
    than the portlights. Yeah. Because we can communicate. That’s true. The sunset. We still have one to install and that’s it for today. Because the sun is going out and then
    it’s really hard to install this. So, this is the last one. Almost done for today. Yep. This is really cool. Check it out. You can see the sunset. The view… The view is not the best one yet, there is just a motorboat next to us that be sitting here for a long time. But, in the future hopefully we’re gonna have some water, clean water here, sunset right on the ocean. Dream is for free still. Yeah. Let’s keep going. Stop dreaming and keep working. Second day of installation of hatches. Yes. Almost done with this job. It’s simple but it’s long… it takes so long to get all the holes right. We’re just making sure we have the right screw (screw thread) I mean, the right… you got the point. Because the paint is really really thick, so… We need to be really really careful. Meanwhile… I’m organizing these things to glue the rubber. Hello. Hello. Second part. Third day of work. We couldn’t finish it last night because it was too dark. And now it’s time to finish it. Hopefully. Yesterday it started to
    get really dark. And black Sikaflex in a white deck with white hatches during the night… it’s not a good idea. And mosquitoes. And mosquitoes, yeah. So, now we need to clean the mess. Now that it’s dried. So, we need to clean this. I can use it like this for now. So yesterday… This is the result. done during the night. We are pretty excited with the result actually. It’s not bad. That’s the mess. We are still cleaning it. But, at least it’s in place. So far we did 4, right? (Actually 4+4=8) We hope we don’t have any leaks. Yeah, hopefully we don’t have any leaks,
    because I don’t want to do this again anytime soon. Check this out. We have this one… And we have this one, this one, this one, and this one. And we still have another
    3 to go, not 2. The huge one, another one of the big ones, and another huge one. The entry door. Yeah, that’s the entry door. So far
    excited? Yeah. I’m really… I think I’m clean now. Taking this off. It’s terrible. It’s like a challenge… to install white hatches in a white deck with black Sikaflex. Why we are not using the white Sikaflex? We don’t really like the white because
    it’s always… it always gets dirty and yellow and with like a lot of… Like this one. It’s a bad job. Don’t show them, babe. This is a bad job, it doesn’t look good because we have a cover on the top of that,
    so we didn’t care about it in. By that time we didn’t know how to use soap. Yeah, we didn’t use enough soap to smooth the Sikaflex. But these ones are getting good, so far so good. I mean, it’s not perfect, it’s just impossible to do it perfect because we have no experience with that. But at least we don’t believe
    it’s gonna leak. And that’s… You are dirty here. Yeah, it’s time to go for lunch. Hatch of the day. The huge one. Actually, this one went easier than we
    thought. We just forgot to record it. It went smooth in place. Taking off that I almost killed myself. We were trying this in place and we were walking… I mean I was walking with this huge one by myself through that hatch. And it was
    covered with one of those papers, and I stepped right in the middle. And I just twisted my ankle. And your arm? But it’s all good. I almost got seriously hurt, but it’s all good. The first bad thing that has happened here. The first job accident. Labor accident. Yeah, the first real one. I hope it’s the last one. So, we still need to put this one in
    place, and the entry door. And then we’re gonna be done with this. Why we are not using polycarbonate? That’s a good question. I think this one scratches… it’s harder to scratch. I mean, if it scratch you can still polish it
    and get scratch out. And it’s cheaper, it’s 5 times cheaper than… Yeah, other than the price… I don’t remember to be honest, it was 5 months ago that we decided it. But I remember that in between all the goods and bads we preferred acrylic. I just don’t remember the reasons. I think it was price. And I think it was the possibility of polishing it. You are tired. So, why did we paint the hatches with spray gun
    instead of powder coating? Because if we wanted to powder coat we couldn’t anodize. And at first we thought we were just gonna anodize, not paint at all, just anodize it. And if you anodize you need to choose in between powder coating or anodizing and we prefer anodization. We thought we’d prefer anodization. But now that we didn’t like the anodization we paint on the top of it and then if we paint on the top of it we would we would lose a 100% percent of the galvanization, I mean the anodization. if we powder coat it. Because they need to give a
    bath of chemicals. So in this way we painted it but we didn’t lose 100% of the anodization. And also we filled the little holes that we had. Yeah, that’s true. Any other question? Just leave the comment below. Finally, we installed all the hatches in place. But now we need to install these little things. And also we need to install this and all the finishings. We have a few finishings to do. But still, it’s a really good
    accomplishment. Now it’s about time to clean this little thing that goes on their hatches. So we need to take this apart of this. And to use kerosene, stainless steel cleaning some brushes. So, let’s get started. And now the final piece. So, what is this for? This is basically for ventilation of the boat. So, the air comes inside from here. And the water just stays here. It’s gonna just leak from here. Hopefully the water won’t do this way. But supposedly this is gonna let air in but not water in. And that’s a really good thing. If there’s a big wave I think the water ca go inside, because there is a thing that we can lock it, block… There’s… you can see this screw here… with this screw we can put a lid, a plug. We can put a plug underneath, so if we are in a really really bad weather, that we have waves crashing all the time on the deck, we just closed it to make sure no water goes in. But in a regular situation this is a way of closing the boat, but at the same time letting the air to be exchanged with the outside. It’s time for some water. Finally, we’ve been waiting to put some
    water on the deck for a long long time and now we finally have hatches. So we can clean the deck. And today’s the perfect day because it… today… It’s so hot. It’s hard to talk even. The sensation today is 47 degrees Celsius (117F), the weather sensation. As you can tell. The real temperature must be like 38 or 37C (100F). Around that. Perfect day for some water. So we’re gonna do some washing and then we’re gonna show you the result of the hatches. That’s just a sneak peek. Let’s do it. I cannot work with water today. Because… That means I’m just filming today. And someone else is working. So what do you guys think? It’s pretty good. The deck slowly is getting in shape. We have almost everything we need on the deck
    already. But there is something… I don’t know if you noticed it. There’s a few things missing that we took off the deck. But that’s for future episode. A tip: they are made out of stainless steel. You told them almost everything. It’s just a tip. There are a lot of stainless steel missing on the deck. And that’s for a reason, because we’re… We’re gonna talk about that in a future episode because we didn’t finish it yet. But so far… check it out. We have even lids. That’s pretty good. So, we have all the hatches done, all the lids of lockers done. What else? We just need to put the
    door in place. The entry door, yeah. We didn’t put the entry door in place because we are working on inside and it’s a really really dirty job. The tank. Don’t tell
    anyone. We’re working on the tank (Diesel tank). So we don’t want to have the entry door in place so we don’t get the entry door dirt. So right now it’s off but it’s ready to be installed. But that’s it for
    this week. It was a long week because it’s been hard to work this way. Poor, babe. Took a while for me to go to the doctor because I thought it was gonna get better on its on. But it was just swelling, swelling, swelling and then I went to the doctor this week and he said… The good thing is that it’s not broken. We took an x-ray, it’s not broken. But, in order to the swelling to… In order to heal… In order to heal he told me to use this for 2 weeks. And that’s gonna be a painful 2 weeks
    because it’s really hard to walk on the deck like… How is “esquilo em Inglês”? Squirrel. Our squirrel is… She say that I’m a little squirrel, that just keep walking
    everywhere and now the squirrel needs to sit down and that’s not that easy. But for this week that’s it because we’re just rambling and talking too much as usual. But we are really happy with all the
    hatches in place and now we can wash the deck. And it look really good,
    even the air exchange thing. The ventilation. It
    looks really good. We like it and we like the color of the acrylics and it’s just… I don’t know… We are in love. It seems like the boat is getting ready and that’s pretty good. But now we need to welcome
    on board our new Patreons for this week. So, welcome on board, Kyle, Gerard, Tracey, Matthew, Will, Titus, Craig, Stephane, Mark, Michael, Alexander, Emannuel, Antony. And we also want to thank the donations through our PayPal. Thanks a lot Michael, John, Cora and Michael. Guys, thanks so so much. We really really
    appreciate your support. And we see you guys next week. We’ll see you guys next Monday. Join the crew