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    ⛵️How we bought our DREAM SAILBOAT!! (CRAZY PLAN) #123

    March 11, 2020

    We are back on the boatyard. Yeah. Check it out. We’ve been away from the boat for 3 weeks and it feels like a year, seems like such a long time. Yeah. But as we just arrived and we need to work a little bit before we can have some videos for you, guys, we decided that today we are gonna show you one more thing from the trip that we didn’t show you yet. We did a presentation at UK sailsmakers. Duca did a presentation. Yeah, she was really sick so don’t get
    mad at me saying that I didn’t let her talk, it’s because actually she asked me before the presentation: take over for me, I cannot talk today. So I did a long… this
    is gonna be a really really long episode. But if you’re patient enough to go all
    the way to the end I think it’s a really cool episode because we talked about things that we’ve never talked on the channel and it’s a really special one. It was
    really really cool. That was our first ever presentation about our project. So we’re learning and it’s tough to put everything in a short video. It’s gonna be like probably over an hour. But if you’re a patient enough let us know what you think: if you like it or not. If you didn’t like it let us know also. It’s a… we… he talked the history behind our channel, so it’s a good thing. Yeah. Basically I tried to tell you how we got to where we are right now. How did we plan all this project and how
    we ended up being able to follow our dreams. Basically it’s all about dreams. But, less talking because you’re gonna already have a lot of talking. So, let’s get started. Enjoy it. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we’ve been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So, we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But, guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! Florida New York UK sailmakers – Port Chester/NY I’m glad to have you all and I will let Roberta and Duca to take it over. Thank you. So, everyone knows who we are? So, I’m Duca. I’m Roberta. And we’ve been refitting a sailboat for over 8 months full-time now. It was abandoned for
    almost 23 years now. Neglected. Neglected, yeah. People say it’s neglected. I…. for me it’s abandoned, but… Well. We want to talk a little bit more than what you guys watch on the videos. So, we want to start from where did the dream started actually. How did we get to sailing. So… you start it. Side note: before anyone complains that Duca didn’t let me talk, I want to let you know that this day I was feeling sick so I asked Duca to take over the presentation. So, basically my family was always into
    sailing. We live in an island on the south of Brazil, so my summer house when
    I was a kid was a sailboat. Not that big, it was 35 foot sailboat. But, you know how teenagers are… Once you get to 15 you stop hanging out
    with your family. So, when I was 15 I stopped sailing with my dad and I went to something else (gymnastics, climbing, surfing, in line skate, skate drums, etc.) And my dad sold the boat because no one wanted to sail anymore. And years later somehow I decided to go to university again. And when I was 27, don’t ask me why, I might know I might not, I went back to university to become an engineer. And when I started the university I was in one campus and then the second semester changed the campus to a really far away campus. That means in order to not get the traffic jam at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, I would go 2 hours earlier to University and wait there, because was more comfortable to wait there. And during one year… that’s just a few of them. I read maybe 15 to 20 books of circumnavigation. Me too. Every book I would read I’ll just make her read. So, I started reading way too many books and at that point I was on second semester out of 5 years course (I speeded up and did in 4 years). And I was like: I don’t want to be an engineer anymore, I just want quit it again. But I was like: I don’t cannot go back to University when I’m 27 and quit on the second semester, now that I started I will go to the end. But at least I’m starting a profession that I can actually make money out of it. So, I’m gonna… I created a plan and started trying to convince her of my plan. She didn’t really believe back then but… I worked really hard on trying to convince her that: if I finish the degree, I work for 5 to 10 years as an engineer I could make money enough to quit, build a sailboat and go sailing full time. So, there was the plan, it was what we need to do, right? And then I convinced her that in order to learn so we can do that in the future we should buy a smaller boat now. And then we bought our first boat. Terrible boat. Weekends boat. This boat was… it wouldn’t sail well at all. It was terrible. At least we got to learn on the hard way, you know. My intention was to buy a hobie cat. But she said hobie cat I don’t want because
    I would just get wet every time we go out. That’s not a house, I want a small
    house. It’s a sport. So that became our small house for the weekends. Not that long weekends because it was too small. And then we decided to buy a better boat. And we bought… That was a boat. That was for real. So, this boat for the first 6 months we bought the boat we spend every single weekend as a summer house. We would go as soon as I finish University
    until we need to go back to work on Monday. Every single weekend and that was our school. That’s where we actually start
    likely sailing more and more. But, when I got close to graduate from Civil
    engineering degree I realized that I wasn’t gonna make money enough to buy
    the boat I dreamed on. I was… because I was not enjoying engineering, but I was like: let’s try one more try. I’m gonna go to a master degree. Because if I go to a master degree I will make more money. Because right now I don’t have knowledge
    enough to make money. I will go to the master degree I’ll have enough knowledge and I’ll make more money, right? So then… I applied for a few master degrees and we ended up moving to Sydney Australia. The plan was to stay at least 2 years in
    Sydney, if possible to stay longer, just to get citizenship and… it’s a place
    that for Brazilians to emigrate is easier than the US. So, that’s why we went
    there and not here. And we moved to Sydney. And there is one short video that we want to show you today. I don’t know how many of you watched this before. That’s the first episode of our entire channel. That was the first video we ever made for our YouTube channel. The audio is not the
    best. The audio is gonna be here… The audio is not the best, the quality of
    the voice-over is not the best. But I think the script, the story that tells, means a lot. This is a long… you don’t need to watch this part. We needed to teach Brazilians how to turn on subtitles. So it took us… to do that took us one week of work, full time. 7 days full time just to teach this. This is all hand drawn. So, it’s like a stop motion. Sorry for the audio. We were learning how to shoot voiceover. Inside your dad’s closet. Yeah, that was inside my dad’s closet. You know transition point in life? We went to Australia with one dream: with one… we want to get a job as engineers, we want to make a living with that, so in the future we can find a boat and we can travel. That was… as you can tell there’s a lot of sailboats in that video. Already from them. But… I think more and more I started to realize that doing what I don’t want
    dreaming with what I want wasn’t working. Until we gave up. One day I was sitting in the park in Sydney with a friend from Turkey. I used to deliver food like you know… Uber eats. In between all the delivery guys I was
    the promise. And that’s true. The engineer. He is a master degree engineer. And then one day I’m sitting… It was just me and and a guy from Turkey, and I look at my cell phone and I see a photo from Instagram from a friend in Brazil showing: getting in Bali to surf. I’m like. [email protected]!% I’m here working my ass off and
    he’s going to surf, he’s being surfing for only a year. And then the next photo he
    is like: I’m becoming the photographer for an expedition, sailboat expedition from Bali all the way to Brazil for 6 months. He’s never sailed a boat before, he’s never thought about sailing. And the family he was in the expedition with was the first book of those that I read. That’s a family from Brazil that did a circumnavigation… they did now 3 already. But the first circumnavigation they left Brazil when I was born in 1984 and took them 10 years with 3 kids to come back and I watched them coming back from my window. I look to my friend and I say: Done. He is: no, you’re not gonna quit. I’ve just quit. And I call her and I say: Moving to Indonesia. That was the happiest day since I don’t know. He was like a child, walking around and jumping. So happy! The guys from the delivery team didn’t believe but a month later we were in Indonesia. And a lot of people in Brazil our friends would see pictures of us… we went to Indonesia. went to Thailand, we went to New Zealand and they think: they’re rich. They’re just traveling around for 4 months while everyone works they are there for 4 months. But the truth is we were not traveling, we had a mission, there was: what are we going to do from now on. We had savings, but every day of the trip the savings would go down and we would not make any money. So, instead of paying like one day in a hotel we would stay at the same hotel in Indonesia for almost 2 months. Because if you pay monthly it’s cheaper. We would only eat on the cheapest
    restaurants because we had a mission, to find out what are we going to do from
    now on. And we would do the same thing every day: I would wake up, I would go to surf and then in the afternoon we walk on beach, as far as we could go until she
    make me come back because she would the never cross the rivers and there is like some dirty rivers. You know like… waste rivers. And she is like: no, this one I won’t cross. And then we’d come back. Always the same. And then every day we talk about the same thing: what are we gonna do? Some days it was good, we’d come happy, excited with new plans. Some days she’d come crying saying she will go to her mother’s house. “I’m gonna go back.
    No, that’s it”. And then… At one point we’re like: we need to decide. Time is flying and at one point we need to decide it. When I talk about… talking about a future I’m not… it’s sometimes seems like it’s fake, right? Saying that: oh, it was a
    sabbatical trip, we were just open to anything. We were. First time life… no parents
    no family, just us. If you would ask us to go to Japan and you have a job Japan we might go to Japan. We were 100% open. And I’m serious. Give me an opportunity we will go. We had nothing to go back to Brazil too. We had no reason. And then we put in a piece of paper pros and cons of all the ideas. Like 4 ideas. If we go back to Brazil I can go back to work to my dad and that’s good because I’ll make money,
    and that’s terrible because I’m gonna be stuck there. That’s good because this, but it’s terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible… And if we do this and that. One thing that’s being always in between us, that’s something that a lot of people don’t know, it’s a
    camera. The day I met her I already had a camera in my hands. Nowadays YouTube is something that a lot of people are starting to do because they like something and they get the cel phone and shoot. My dream of doing documentaries comes
    before the dream of sailing actually. 15 years ago I went to Morocco to the Moroccan Film Festival and I came back to Brazil wanting to study cinema. It never happened. The family has never agree with. At one point I said: if I’m not gonna
    study film I’m gonna do a documentary. That was 2006. So I quit University my
    first degree for one year to go and travel with a friend to shoot a
    documentary for one year. And that’s when I met her. So when I met her I was right on the way to take a year, a gap year to shoot a documentary. And she spent with me and my friend 6 months. So, that means shooting video and photo was always in between us. And in Indonesia we realized that one
    of the ways of us doing everything we like, not just one, because it’s hard to choose. If you like too many things it’s hard to choose one thing. But, if we choose documentary we can do all we like, not one thing. So, we tried to put in a piece of
    paper, actually a Moleskine, a small book, the dream job. That would be to combine all our dreams and passions in one thing, and that one thing is Odd Life Crafting. But… how can we do that? I mean like.. A lot of people keep asking: so, do you have a job? Are you a millionaire or whatever,
    whatever, whatever? We know that YouTube became something that for who watches is just someone upload a video but it’s not true. The truth is most of the channels
    are companies, are people that actually make their livings are working with video. And in order to make this to work we needed to have a plan otherwise it wouldn’t work. I strongly believe that without a plan we won’t get anywhere. So, we tried to design a 5 years plan for the channel. What can we do? What do we like?
    How do we want to have a channel? What’s the channel gonna look like? So, basically… we discussed the end goal. Where do we want the channel to get? We wanna travel the world by a sailboat. That’s the final goal of the channel. But we don’t have money to do that. If we do that today we just can’t. We cannot afford to buy a boat, we cannot afford to fix a boat. We can afford to start building the boat
    but we don’t have the money to finish the boat. If we start the boat and the channel doesn’t go well we need to sell the boat for cheap because it’s just… we
    cannot finish the boat. So, let’s create a few other seasons of videos that we can afford with the money we have. And with that we grow the channel and if that works we might be able to build a boat with the money from the channel. I mean… Our friends didn’t believe of course. So, then, the plan. So, the way we
    designed was… We back then had exactly 25 thousand US dollars. That was our savings. That’s the money I saved to pay for the master degree. As I quit the master degree I had twenty five thousand dollares. With that money to start anything other than in the home country we wouldn’t last for 6 months. Because we didn’t had time to work somewhere else, everything we do we just keep spending money. So, we decided: let’s go back to Brazil, we can live at my mom’s house, she lives by herself. She would love to have us at her house. We eat at our parent’s house and the money is gonna last for
    longer until we can figure how to make this out. What’s something that we like that could help in order to achieve a metal boat in the future? I always liked metal boats. Don’t ask me why. I just like metal boats. If we buy a shipping container we can build a house for us to live while we build a boat and also learn the trades of building a boat. And a house we have enough money to build the house. So, it would be
    win win. We build a house, we have no place to live so we build a house for us to live, we learn with that, and then we go to a boat. If we don’t get to grow the channel, if the channel doesn’t go well in a year or 2 years, we just live in the
    house and we find a job. So, that means… if everything went wrong we had a house and we look for a job. I mean, it’s not the perfect plan but it’s… I mean, it could work. So, we went back to Brazil and we bought that shipping container. That became this house. That’s… The first day of work ever. I mean, after the footings. Yeah. You can tell it by the safety gears, right? Sandals, shorts and… The truth is I had no idea what… we did like 3 times that. I had no idea what we were doing. We’ve never touch any tools before… this is just like… it was tricky but we were really excited about it. This is something that took my sleep for 3 months. We waited for the shipping container to arrive for 3 months and I would not sleep because I was scared of: how am I gonna cut the shipping container? I was scared to… and that’s the first cut I did on the shipping container. I was scared that if the disc brakes I’m gonna get hurt or… And actually I almost got hurt. I exploded a few discs, but… I got shot by one. I mean, after a while you get used to it and you learn. And that’s how it was. The frames. That’s her learning how to weld. Yeah, that’s her birthday gift 2 years ago was to learn how to weld. That was the gift for her birthday. Welding classes. So, that room that was like that before became this, that became this that became that. And that. That was a dream when you… you
    know, just sketch on the computer. And it becomes reality after. For many people that’s just a room, right? That is just a bedroom. I mean like… kind of a bedroom, not finish yet. For us it was actually the prove that we could do much more. Because if we could do that…
    Baby steps, don’t think too far ahead. Do one thing, one step at a time and if we
    could do that we could fix a boat. We just need money but if we had the
    money for it… Back then we didn’t have the money for it but I mean that if we had the money for we could do it. That was you know like… It was like another turning point. Like you know… the university was one turning point, this was another turning point. And then… And then that happened. Yeah, that’s not our boat. It’s another one. I don’t know if you
    guys heard about this boat. But while I read books… So this was like 7 years after… Like close… like 6 years maybe
    after I started reading the books. And for all those years I spent a lot of hours online looking for designs of boats to buy, or old boats to buy or anything that was
    related to boats. And I came up with the perfect design that I wanted, that was called Polar 43. This one. That was designed by Brazilian designer and there was just one made until today. This one. That is not finished, it’s just the hull. And before we moved to Australia I found my dream boat online to sell. This one. That someone started building and lost his
    company and had no money to finish it. And then when I got back from Australia, we got back from Australia, it was still for sale and I said: we’re gonna finish the house and we’re gonna make money with that and we’re gonna buy that boat. That I have been looking for like 2 years already. And then someone bought the boat. And then I found out that the guy that bought the boat was a friend of a friend of ours. Because this boat was where we are refitting our boat right now, 700 kilometers north. And the guy that bought the boat was from our hometown. And when we moved to Australia the way I paid for the master degree for the first semester we sold half of that boat we had to a friend. So, half of the boat pay for the
    first semester of the civil engineering degree, and then when I came back… we came
    back we had a partner on the boat. And his friend bought our boat. And then I got so sad that I told all my friends that: someone bought my boat. It’s impossible, they bought our boat. And then… We needed to go back to the house… you know like… It was hard… one thing that was
    hard during the period we built the house is that no one that watch our channel
    knew we were thinking about a boat. And we had double lives. So worked at the house… we love the house, don’t take me wrong, we still love the house. It’s still a dream of ours to have a tiny house when we can go back to something when we go to our hometown. But we’d always keep thinking and searching about boats. And then when we find a good boat we were like… things started getting slow on the house. And people… I don’t know how much they notice that. And sometimes the building gets slow because half of the heart is somewhere else. And when we found that that was a big problem. But then as he sold it to someone else we
    went back to the house. That is photo of that boat. That’s a… You can talk about it. I don’t know what to say about this. That is just a bathtub, right? You can buy it anywhere, it’s just a bathtub. We had a lot of spare parts of plywood laying around and we were like: we are gonna build a bathtub. That was a month of a lot of work. We got just a lot… I think the next picture shows it better. Not that one. Yeah. That was a lot of just… we had storage shelves. We took out the storage shelves and we built the bathtub with the storage shelves. This because we wanted to put our heads out of the boat. It was just like… to put your minds just away, you just created a big project. So you don’t have time
    to think about the boat. And the we started building this bathtub and that was a huge project. It took us 2 months and then… We found another boat. That is actually our boat. But to be honest… When we found this boat… on the same day, around the same day… The other boat that the guy bought I found online for sale again. And I’m like… and I call my friend and I say:
    I told you he was gonna sell this boat. I was sure he wasn’t gonna finish the
    boat. And then I just keep looking the boat online. And knowing that: he’s not gonna sell, it’s hard to sell a boat. That was like 75 thousand US dollars for a boat that is not even finished. No one’s gonna buy this boat. I guarantee no one is gonna buy it. So I’m just gonna keep looking it every week to guarantee it’s there. And we’re gonna build the house. Once we finish the house gonna buy that boat. And suddenly one day that boat disappeared from the internet again. Another one month sad. It’s true. And then I decided I needed to call the guy. I needed at least to know how much he sold the boat for, how was the deal and I called the guy. “Hey, Mauricio, this is Duca, I’m friend of Andre I heard you sold your boat…” And he is like: no. And I was like: Yeah, but the ad is not there anymore. “No, it’s just expired. I didn’t sell the boat”. [email protected]%3 You know when there is a run and in the beginning of the run you need to cross a line right on the start? I’d just start crossed the line before the start. Because it wasn’t the right time to buy the boat, but I’ve just told him I wanna buy his boat. So, what do I do now? Right on the same time that happened someone showed up wanting to buy our old boat. The half of our old boat that we had. And also I was expecting to get money from a last will off of my dad’s friend (Odd) that died… So. I got enough money to buy the boat. Suddenly. I wasn’t expecting that. In one week I sold the boat, I got some extra money, the guy decided he wants to sell the boat. And we had a meeting,
    business meeting. And I’m like: I think it’s time to do it. “Yeah, but we didn’t finish the house”. I’m like: we find a way. We can buy the boat and then we finish it after the house. We just buy now, leave the boat there, put it in a piece of land, put a cover on it and we finish the house and we finish the boat. And then I talked to the guy and say” I wanna go visit the boat. Because I’m interested in buying your boat.” So he was like: okay. So, we went there and I felt even more in love with the boat. And she is… she knew the boat was like this size we wanted, it was like a small house, but a big house at the same time. It was like a small house, a big boat. The boat is pretty big. It’s 43 probably like 30,000 pounds. We talk in tons, but it’s like maybe 12 tons, 13 tons. And we went to the boat and I
    told the guy: I’m not joking, we really want to buy your boat and
    that’s why we’re taking time to make you an offer. Because I’m not joking, it’s not
    like you know… speculation. I’m not just curious I really want to
    buy your boat. And I told him that: tomorrow I’m gonna go to your house and I’m gonna
    say the price I’m gonna pay. That’s the… in the afternoon I was supposed to meet him and in the morning he’d call us: “Can I go to your shipping container house?” You know… you have a meeting 4 o’clock p.m. and a guy calls you 10 a.m.. Something went wrong. That doesn’t sound right, but you can come. And then he showed up and he say: “I’m sorry, but I can’t sell the boat. I went home yesterday and I told my wife and she said we are not selling our dream. We have no money to finish it, but we can’t. You’re gonna be depressed…”. And then he’s like “I had a daughter that just died 3 years ago when she was 15 and we found her diaries and she wanted to sail the world with the family. We can’t sell it”. I called all my friends again… “I just lost the boat again”. And then I was so sad for like a month, and it’s true. And we went out with… actually
    he is one of our Patrons now, our good friend (João). And we went me, her, him and his
    wife and I was like that was: man, I lost my boat again and I don’t have a boat. And he is like: Do you remember the boat I showed you a month ago? This picture. Because he tried to show me this picture before and I said: I don’t want to see it. I’m in love. Don’t show the other one. I already have my love, that’s not the one. And he’s like: yeah but I have that old boat that I showed you. Can I see a picture? And then he comes up with this picture. I’m like… It might be the one. You never know. Don’t give me his phone number though. I’m gonna go to São Paulo because
    this is in São Paulo. I’m gonna go to São Paulo in 3 months from now if you give me his phone number I’m gonna call him too soon. I know myselft. I’m gonna try to wait and I’m not wait and… Suddenly I’m gonna call him out of nowhere. So, before I go to São Paulo you give me the number. And one day… 3 months later… During these 3 months was when we built the bathtub and the whole thing. Because we needed to put our minds somewhere else. So we created a big project so we don’t think about the boat too much. And a day before we go to São Paulo I send him a message on What’sApp. Hello, Julio. I’m Duca, me and my
    wife have the project… we have a YouTube channel, and we are doing this, our plan is
    to do that. We want to find a sailboat to do ourselves the fixing bla bla bla bla bla… All of that… I used the knowledge that my friend gave me. What I mean by that is
    that he tried to buy the boat before… But he is a doctor, he has no time, he
    asked the guy if he knew someone to fix the boat for him and he’s like: are you saying that you want to buy my boat and you want to hire someone from a distance to fix the boat for you? No, the boat is not for you. No, I won’t sell it. So, the guy didn’t want to sell him because he didn’t want to put his hand on the boat. So, I used all the informations against him and I said everything he wanted to listen to. It’s true. So then he’s like: okay, we can talk. Come to São Paulo and we can talk. So, we went to São Paulo, that was Mother’s Day last year. We drove 10 hours. That was Sunday
    for Mother’s Day lunch with her family, that was there, her sister was there at
    same town as the boat. And we were late for lunch, there was 3:30 p.m, and I said: Just tell her that we are still on the road, you’re late, because we’re gonna… I’m like… no, I’m not gonna home without seeing at least the outside of the boat. Because all we had seen was
    this picture we didn’t know then… But this was taken in 1997. So, my friend said first like… no, it’s like 7 years ago, then it became 10 and then became 15. And we had no idea. The truth is we didn’t know how long it was really sitting there the boat. And we felt in love. Because even though it looks terrible you would touch the black parts and it’s just dust. There was nothing bad underneath. Of course we found some rust later. But this day we didn’t find one
    point of rust. Because it’s so good. I mean… that was after the first day. We
    didn’t go inside the first day. We were not allowed to go inside because the security guard in the marina didn’t even know we were supposed to go there. So I just stopped like: I just want to take a look at that boat, can I just go quick? I will just go there and check it and I will come back. I won’t go inside. And he let us go. And this was actually the second day. We spent… just to try to make it short… You know I talk too much. She talks too little, I talk too much. We spent in São Paulo to buy this boat one full week waiting to buy the boat. We received on the past 8 months a lot of email saying: how did you buy this boat? The guy didn’t even let me go inside of the boat. He never wanted to sell the boat. And truth is no one really tried to buy the
    boat. No one put the necessary work. So we went to lunch with her family. Next Monday we were supposed… next day we were supposed to see the boat with the guy. And I called him: are you coming to show the boat? He is like: yeah, I can’t today, maybe tomorrow. One entire day sitting on the couch without internet, just like… And then… He lives 4 hours away. And then I called Tuesday: so, are you coming today? He is like: yeah, actually the storm last night just drop the mountain next to my
    house, it just fall and we cannot drive to the ferry. Because he lives in an island. Maybe
    tomorrow. So, we waited another day. And we got to a point that we keep pushing and pushing and pushing. And during this time I realized that one of my favourite books came back years ago was a book from another family that circumnavigated for 5 years in the end of the 80’s. And I realized that the boat that they used was actually the same boat as this one, with 2 differences: it was a ketch, 2 masts, and not lifting keel. But the design is a 100% the same. So then I got the book back and start reading again the book. And I opened the first page of the book and I actually gave to her that 7 years ago maybe more 8 years ago as a gift, when we did
    like 8 years together maybe 7 years together. And on the cover said: one day we are going to travel the world with a boat called Odd. We didn’t even know we were gonna have a channel called Odd Life. I didn’t remember I wrote that. And the boat is the same. I’m like… this boat is meant to be. And we were like… We are not leaving here before we see the boat. If it takes a month we’re gonna sit a month here. We’ll find videos… we have no idea. We are going to find a video to shoot or wherever. In the middle of this to find… because the channel we take really serious. You guys know… we never fail Monday, Monday is important for us. Back then no one knew about us looking for a boat. The audience had no no idea, so we needed to have a video about a tiny shipping container house. So we find another channel in São Paulo that also has a house. We drove 3 hours away, shot an
    interview with this guy. So we could have content for the week and then we shot a video about another guy that do woodwork to learn how to do drawers for
    the house. And then, suddenly…. I think it was you that had the idea of picking him up, wasn’t? No. It was me? Because the problem is he was stuck on his Island. And I’m like… I have an idea to pick him up. I asked him if he had a friend with a boat to take him to the continent with his small boat. So, he get a dinghy, his friend takes him
    to the beach of the continent, we drive 3 hours north, pick him up, drive 3 hours south with him, spend 3 hours looking the boat at night with him with flashlights from the cell phone, 3 hours driving him back and 3
    hours coming back. That means 15 hours to see the boat. And maybe that’s why we bought the boat, because we had 3 hours on the car with this guy before we even saw the boat inside. And by the time we got to the boatyard the boat was ours. It was just a matter of saying yes. I mean like… there was nothing more
    to say. Oh, that’s the picture… During this week that we were just
    waiting and waiting and waiting…. the guy… Some people ask to talk more about this guy. This guy’s a real special… it’s a… He is a different guy, tough guy to talk to. He had accomplished a lot of things. He has been to Antartica with other boats 13 times. He attempt to walk from the coast of Antarctica to the center of Antarctica that is 1,200 kilometres 3 times by himself. So he is… a guy that knows a lot of things. But I was like… I need to see the boat inside. Can you please at least send me a picture from the inside? And he sent this picture.
    That was 22 years ago too. His wife on the boat that looks just like now. And when I saw this picture I’m like: the boat is nice inside. Because I had no idea how was the layout
    of the boat. But, it’s like how it looks today. I had no idea because that’s a long time ago. How do I know that it’s still good? And then… When we arrived in the boat he was like really methodical, he’s like… Let’s start from the stern all the way to the bow. So I show you everything. Because he wanted to show every single detail. People think that he abandoned the boat and he didn’t like the boat, it’s the opposite. He loves the boat so much. So, he went to the stern of the boat and he opened the bed and there is the steering wheel
    quadrant. And when he opens it…. This picture won’t be… how do you call it in English? It’s… It won’t make justice. It’s just a picture. But when he opened the quadrant… I’m like… What? Did you install this yesterday? The stainless steel cable was just
    perfect. It was just like… it seems like somebody installed it a week ago. And in that minute I was like: I just want to kick him out. So we can get excited that we just
    bought a boat. It’s true. If he didn’t want to just show us anything more about the boat we would buy it anyways. If he quit and he is like: no I don’t have time… I would buy without seeing anything inside. And from there we moved to do the saloon and that’s how the boat was, even though it was abandoned. The boat was actually much better than we’ve imagined inside. Yeah, this is cool. One of our subscribers from France last week did this 3D model of the boat. The sails are not correct. Yeah. He doesn’t sail. They sails are just… in the wrong way around, but… So, I don’t know… Basically it’s a French design, designed by Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt from Meta boatyard in France. It was built in Brazil by a company called Dinieper. I say a company and not a boatyard because it was actually a company that make machines, not boats. And somehow, in the middle of the
    eighties, they decide to get their employees when they were not busy and
    started building boats on a spare time. And that’s I think is the reason why it’s so well built, it’s because they had so much good labor and the precision they had was
    really good. It’s galvanized steel inside and outside. 44 feet, 13 feet beam, 3.3 feet… It’s a centerboard, so it’s really low draft. It’s like 3.33 feet when it’s up and 8.8 feet when it’s down. So it’s like a really long centerboard, really really long. That’s really cool. That’s from the same guy that did the drawings for us. And that’s a little bit of the refit. That’s how it used to look like and that’s how it looks a few months ago. It’s what we found. Yeah, the process is started by first cleaning the boat outside and then by discovering what we bought.
    Because we actually bought much more than we knew. We found what we bought after we bought it already. Because we were so in love with the boat that we were like: just buy it. Then we found out. It’s fine. Oh. I forgot one thing. Am I confusing you, guys? Is that too confusing? Because I go back and forward and… You are doing good. You are the first test, we’ve never did any
    presentation about the project ever before. You’re doing great. Thank you. So, basically before we bought the boat… I forgot one history that is a funny one. Remember the old boat that the guy gave up on selling? During this week that we were in São Paulo
    waiting for the guy to show up the other guy called me: Duca, we just get a meeting, me and my wife and we’re gonna sell the boat. [email protected]%7 What’s wrong with you? I’m like… yeah, but now you wait. I’m like: sorry, but now I’m são Paulo I told you I was going to São Paulo to see another boat and I’m waiting, tomorrow I’m gonna see the inside of the boat. So, if you want to hold it you hold it, but if you wanna sell just sell it. But I’m gonna give you an answer in a week. I cannot do it now. And funny thing… the boat is still for sale. No one bought it yet. So, then we started by washing the boat. And this, even though it looks… just washing a boat… That’s what made possible for us to be here and that was what made possible for us to actually build the boat the way we want. That’s when the channel grew. A lot of people ask: how can we afford to do
    what we are doing? People don’t believe but 100% of the refit is paid by videos. It’s paid by Patreons, paid by adsense, paid by sponsors. And that’s the reason why I believe the channel actually did turning point. It was when we washed the boat. Because people were just curious to see what there was underneath that dirt. I think it all the time I see the dirty boat when it comes on. By the way, if you guys have any questions while I talk a lot and she doesn’t talk, nothing. You can ask us, it’s all good. Anytime. People think she doesn’t work, she do the
    dirty job a lot actually. This is the bilge for the shaft. For the engine shaft. So, the first step after washing the boat… I believe the boat is in a good condition this day after 22 years on the dry, on sun and rain is because it was well built and because it was galvanized. So, one thing we didn’t want was to lose
    the galvanization, because that’s what we bought, we bought the galvanization. So, in order to not lose the galvanization we did a lot of… there was a lot of hand sanding involved. We could sandblast it. But if we sandblast we would lose the galvanization. Some companies said: I can sandblast, I can control the machine, so you won’t lose the galvanization. I won’t trust. So that’s what took so long to paint, because was like 4 months of working of painting. Because we needed to find out what there was before the white. There was the red paint and then a green
    paint and then we just keep finding layers. Until we got to… So. I don’t know what galvanization means. Galvanization they call also
    metalization, that is a bath, a hot bath of a different metal, of zinc. So, it won’t rust. So, basically it’s like… They call it sparkling galvanization. So, it’s like a… let’s put like pressure washer but with a liquid metal really hot and it attaches and it creates a layer of this other metal. So that means it even if you have a failing point, and we had some failing points, and you have rust it won’t spread. Because the rest is protected. So it spreads with much more… much slower than if there wasn’t galvanization. There is a way that actually take that thing off not damaging the galvanization. It’s a media blasting using plastic, they use in Corvettes. Yeah, but then comes the other problem: we live in Brazil. It’s true. I’m sorry to say bad things about my
    country but like… it’s tough because A lot of ideas come from the outside… you
    should do this, we don’t have we this. You should buy this. We cannot. It’s tough to buy things from outside of the country. The government protects a lot
    the local market… So, a lot of suggestions like yours we couldn’t find. There is anyway you can like have a third party get a box and ship it to you? I will just skip the presentation one second and tell you a story. I’m gonna tell one story that will explain the whole thing. 2 weeks ago someone from Seattle sent us a painting. Just a painting, no frame just the
    paper. I asked him: please, put the price on the tag low because… He painted the painting and he told the shipping company that it costs one dollar. Right? They charged him to send that one hundred and ten dollars around, the shipping cost. When it arrived they charged us $120 of taxes. And it cost… it was a piece of paper. So, if I cannot get a piece of paper how can I get a machine or… it’s just tough. We were lucky that the guy wanted us to have the painting so he sent us through PayPal the money for the
    tax. In the end of course we paid some of the taxes also. But, it’s hard. So, during this period… During the tiny house we were… Some people ask: so which project are you guys proud more? The tiny house or the boat? The boat is a much bigger project. But the tiny house we did ourselves. That was our school, that was our laboratory. Anything we wanted to try, we tried. We feel like doing fiberglass we did fiberglass. If we feel like working
    with wood or with metal… It was basically an excuse for us to try new things and that was awesome. On the boat, on the other hand… of course we love what we’re doing, but it’s such a huge project that we need to hire some people, some help, professional help in between. Because a house won’t sink. A boat will sink. So, it’s more like a serious game. But, at the same time, even though we have a welder working with us it’s an excuse for me to learn with him. So, that’s the first time I tried TIG welding. With his machine. Because he was working and I’m like.. I need to try some. And that was really cool. I got burnt actually that day. I burnt my arm with TIG welding for like a week. It was like really burnt. So, that’s the process, we took all the paint that we could off. We left the paint that was already in a good shape. Primer the boat. Some more welding. Some more rust. Primer. And we went into the painting cabin. That was the big moment… like the big
    transformation. We went to the painting cabin looking like this. And we came out like this. A lot of people ask why did we choose orange, right? Yeah. There is 2 answers. One: if you are in an anchorage at night with 50 boats you know exactly where is your boat. The second one is that we want to travel. And we want to meet you, guys. And if we go let’s say to his island, he might find out that we’ve been there a month later and we didn’t meet him because he didn’t know we were there. If we arrive in his island if an orange boat he is gonna look… that’s… Why orange? Oh! Orange. We have a… you know pelican case?
    The equipment case? We have an orange pelican case. We really like the orange. And the boat next to us in the marina had a really orange keel. We are gonna steal that orange. So, we copy this orange from the keel. The first choice was red but I didn’t want this one. True, yeah. It was red, but she didn’t allow me. So, I went half way. So, if we cannot go red we can go orange. What is on the copper bottom that you painted there? That is not copper bottom, that is just the primer. It’s gonna be gray, dark gray. It’s a metal boat, so they say that is not good to have copper there. By the way, one explanation. She is being sick for 3 days. So, even though of course I speak more than her… but today it’s even worse because She is actually a little bit better, but… Yesterday she was really really bad. So, we’re trying to… That’s the non-skid. An easy job but at the same time a hard job. Because even though it’s really easy to
    draw the squares, that took a long time to find the right drawing. We were like… that’s right. No, let’s take it off again, again, again. That was another big project. Hatches. A boat that leaks is not a good boat. You can sail well but if it’s
    always wet inside it doesn’t work. We decided to do the long way. You guys maybe watched the videos, but… All the videos. That was like maybe the trickiest job so far, I think, the hatches. Took time to do it, but… That was a tough one, that was the rudder post, the rudder shaft. The former owner said: don’t touch the rudder, it’s fine, you can use it. I’m like… I’m not gonna trust that. He didn’t want us to touch it and I was like… Let’s do it. So, we redone. That’s the new shaft. That’s the project that we didn’t finish
    yet. I mean we kind of did. That’s the diesel tank by the way, if you don’t know. The entire boat… the way this boat was built, the structural part of the
    boat is the diesel tank and the water tank. And from there you have the bulkheads and the plates. No stringer, so that means that the tanks are part of the structure of the boat. And they are huge to treat. Even though it’s good to have a lot of diesel it’s bad to fix a lot of diesel tanks. So now it’s all painted. That was the problem, we had no idea why it was like that. Because it was full of diesel, it was not supposed to be rusted. And it was the entire tank like that. And we transformed into that. Much better. But we still din’t finish it, we need to… It’s there, sitting there. We wanted to leave at least 2 weeks before closing to see if any rust come back, so we can treat it. And as we decided to come here I was like… No, just leave it as it is. And also because the gasket it in Brazil we ordered a month ago and it didn’t arrive yet. Yeah, we ordered it one month ago and we didn’t get gasket yet. That’s the employer washing the mast to sell. It’s funny in the marina no one believed
    that we could ever sell a mast. When we said: we’re gonna sell the mast and buy a new one. They would be like: no one sells old mast. I mean, a mast is something that you build for a boat, it’s not something that you go to the store and say like: give me a mast, an used mast. And I said: I think we can do it. We can sell the mast. And we put in a video and we sold it in 3 days. That was a good job. And we sold for one third of the price of the new mast. What is really good thing. And the new one has arrived. The new one… oh!! The problem is that when you edit you think everyone have watched it already. Tomorrow’s video is about the mast. So, I’m talking thinking that you already know that the mast is there. But, I think we can show them. Basically, what’s next? It’s that we are really excited to go back to the boatyard to put the mast up. Oh! That’s gonna be in 3
    days? Not necessarily. We’re gonna be in Brazil in 3 days but it takes a while to put the mast together. And one of the reasons why we are here is because we had some stuff for the mast that we wanted to buy and that’s the reason why
    we came to the States. And also to come to UK sailmarkers because we are designed our new sails because new mast, new rigging deserves new sails, right? So we’re starting to talk about the new sail plan and this is gonna change a little bit compared to the old one. And that’s what we’re excited about the
    future. Duca. I have a question about your antifouling paint. Did you use any kind? Not yet, we will. But you are going? Yeah. Now it’s just the primer. Because we need to paint right before
    going to the water. Right. So, it’s not the right time to do it.
    So we’re waiting to get closer to the water. So, this is just a list. Because people see the boat painted and see that mast arrived and would be like… Oh! So you are going to the water? It’s not necessarily like that. We still have diesel tanks and water tanks to close and to fill. We’re gonna exchange all the hoses for the
    water and diesel systems, all the valves of the boat. We need to install batteries, charger/inverter… All the equipments. Electronics. Maintenance to the boiler, hardware on the deck, we have a lot of things to do. What kind of batteries you are gonna use? I’m glad you are asking. Because we actually installed regular batteries… how do you call it? Lead acid. Because in Brazil you won’t find lithium. It’s just… if you find it, it would cost half of the price of the boat. And I’m seriuos. We paid 210 thousand of our money and it would cost close to a 100 thousand just the batteries. And people keep complaining that:
    you’re wrong you should out lithium. I’m like: sorry, we can’t, we don’t have the money for it. But, last week on Miami Boat Show we just got sponsored by Battle Born. So, they say they are gonna ship batteries for us in Brazil, so we’re gonna go lithium. We hope they can. I mean… I still don’t believe. I only believe when it arrives there. They say they have their way of putting the
    baterries in Brazil. So, for now we’re gonna have lithium batteries. And…. Sorry for talking too much. But you guys can ask anything you guys… Ah, no… Do you wanna talk about this? Yeah. Okay. Before… we’re gonna answer a few questions that everyone asks. Because you’re gonna ask it anyways and then you can ask whatever you wanna ask. So, first question that everyone asks: how much did it cost? That’s like… we get emails every week. So, how much did it cost? The reason why we didn’t tell how much it costs until now is because we want to finish before we give you the numbers. We want to give the full detail of how much we spent. Just a random number so far we spent 50,000 US dollars on the purchase of the boat and we spent another 50 thousand US dollars on the refit. Before you think that’s too expensive the reason why it’s expensive is because Brazilian law… we are not allowed to buy used boats outside of the country. That means the market is so small that the availability of boats… they are expensive. For example, it was today? Yesterday I think. I went online to search for metal boats in Brazil right now. There are 3 available. So, that means… 2 are the same as ours. Yeah. There are 3 available, 2 are the same as our boat. The same design. So basically there is no
    choice. You either buy a boat outside and you never can bring your boat home or you pay the price. So, our boat if it was here it might be half the price. But, as we are in Brazil that’s… there’s nothing we can do. On the other hand, a refit cost
    much less. For example… People complain: so, we pay for a guy to help you with the diesel tank for a month. How much it would cost for someone to take rust off of a diesel tank here? Per hour. How much? $20 one hour? A bit more. More. 50 dollars an hour? They guy that helped us to keep to clean the diesel tank charges $25 a day. So, that means… in one hand it’s more expensive to be there, but it’s cheaper to be there. But, our money is worthing a little. Yeah, our money right now is just… Dollar is 4.5 by 1 right now. The boat is 46 feet long? 44. 44? Yeah. And you spent total so far about 120? Yeah, 130. Yeah. Let me tell you my friend: you got a bargain. You got one of the finest sailboats on the water. It will be on the water. And I mean… with that I included the price of buying a brand new mast, rigging, dinghy, brand new dinghy, brand new dinghy engine that we bought already, 100% of the electronics, 12 inches chart plotter. Plus, what you told about the wind vane. Yeah, and we have a wind vane that came with the boat. You got a boat that will take you anywhere you wanna go in the world. Yeah, we do believe. Kudos for you guys, because you work your butts off and we watch that happen. And I’m proud of you both. Thank you so much. I appreciate. So, do you have a job? Oh! We have some other questions. Yeah, people keep asking: So, how can you afford it?
    Do you have a job? That’s our full-time job. I mean like… that’s 2 full-time jobs. In the boatyard we work as hard as anyone else. But they go home and they rest, we
    go home and we edit videos. Or answer messages… For example… we post video 10
    o’clock in the morning Mondays. That means Monday morning is hard to work on the boat because we need to get ready to post the video at 10. Once we post the video she
    answer messages for one full day. And when I mean full day it”s like… all day long, 500 to 1,000 messages in one day. You got 24 time zones, so… Yeah. So, that means we don’t have a job, that’s our job, basically. We opened up a company now. Yeah, we actually have a company. Odd Life Crafting is a company now. Since last week. And how can we afford it? That’s how we can afford it. But people say: So, it’s easy to say you pay with videos. But how? Because some people are just curious. How do you make money with videos? Anytime you watch a video on YouTube and there is an ad this ad is placed by YouTube, by Google. But, it shares revenues
    from the ad with you. That means we are a Channel Partner of YouTube. And 55% of all the revenue from the ad comes to us. So, if you watch a video and there is an ad you are giving money to the person that actually created the video. And that’s like 50% of
    what we make. Of course he talked too much and we ran out of battery. It happens… I mean like that was a long one hour talk. But it was really fun and by the time we
    realized we didn’t record the last questions. But, just so we can conclude so
    we can finish it. We at least want to finish this question that’s how we afford to do what we’re doing. So half of the money comes from Adsense. How about the rest? The rest comes from merchandising. We have an online store so you can buy t-shirts, mugs, bags and phone cases. Really nice gifts. I like it. I like
    the mug. The mug is pretty cool. There is the link on the description below for the store. And also we have some… Sometimes we make some sponsored videos. Only if we like the companies. If we have done a sponsored video we like what the company does. We like what the company sells, otherwise we don’t do it. Like… we have many times companies contacting us to do sponsored videos for example Games. Like cell phone games. We don’t play games. So we don’t do cell phones games. I mean like if they pay like 20,000 dollars maybe it would help the boat. We would do one. No. No, we don’t wanna do sponsored videos that we don’t really use their service or their product. So, that’s why we don’t it do that often. Another to afford our way of living… video production…. is donations through PayPal. Yeah. That’s helps a lot.You guys that donates through PayPal, that’s a really huge support. That’s pretty cool. And half (40%) of the money that we have comes from Patreons. Yeah. Patreons are just
    amazing. Patreons… I don’t know if you know what’s that. But Patreons are people that really like what they are watching and they know that in order to keep
    doing that we have costs. So, they just want to support us to keep doing what we love and in exchange we give some small perks. Like… they watch the video a
    few days before or sometimes we have some extra video for… We are gonna start making some… How can I say it? Sorteio. Draw names. Yeah, we plan to draw names from our Patreons in the future to come to the boat spend a few days with us. But, that’s just in the future… And we have some things to give to them as well. Yeah, we will do some giveaways next month also for Patreons. But, that’s not
    the point. The point is like… I think people that are Patreons they are more because they want to support us than because they want to get extra things. I mean like… extra things are just a way of showing them how much we
    appreciate. But, I don’t believe that’s the main purpose of anyone that donates to the project. I think who donates is because they do believe on what we do. And that’s why we always end the video thanking our new Patreons, it’s because they’re just awesome. Like now. Yeah, like now. Of course. Before we do that we do have someone else we need to thank. Yeah, we want to thank everyone from UK Sailmakers. We had an amazing
    time there. Thanks a lot for… disponibilizar (Portuguese). Just for make it possible for us to use the space and to invite everyone that wanted to show up to talk to us and hang out with us. It was amazing. We had an amazing time. For like 5 days it was a really
    good experience. We saw them making sails, we got to try their sewing machine, that’s is a huge one by the way. That was really cool. We really appreciate it and we are really thankful for that. Emmett, thanks for sending me an email
    4 months ago. That was really good and now… I think we need to welcome on board our new Patreons, because this video is over one hour already. We are getting longer and longer. So, welcome on board, Jeff, Rick, Robert, Bart, Henry, Anthony, Brian. Also welcome on board, Marcelo, Brazilian. Welcome on board! And we also want to
    thank the donation though our PayPal. Thanks a lot, Allan. Guys, thanks so much. We
    really appreciate your support. And of course… we see you guys next week. We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew


    BABY ONBOARD our Sailboat 👶 ⛵We’re back!!!! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 259

    March 8, 2020

    – [Brian] This is the story of Delos, a sailboat adventurizing around the world for the past 10 years. (upbeat music)
    (water splashing) And now we embark on our
    greatest adventure of all. (film reel clicking) Come join us as we take to the high seas and travel the world with the
    newest member of our crew. If you enjoy Delos
    videos, please subscribe. It’s a great way to support our channel. – So we have just arrived back on Delos and it feels absolutely crazy,
    – Good morning. and a little bit overwhelming for sure and the night is here. – Somebody was up at
    oh-dark-30 this morning. (upbeat music) Good morning, Sierra. Did you sleep good? Do you like living in a tent? It’s not so bad, huh? It’s time to start the day Sierra. There we go. So Sierra, she likes to wake up early, she wakes up at like, oh six o’clock and I try and give Mom
    a little bit of rest ’cause Karin is still
    nursing her at nights. In fact, you wake up about
    every two to three hours, so it’s like your mommy’s been on watch for the last four months can you imagine being on
    watch for four months? No, it’s crazy and so I try
    and take her a little bit in the morning let Mom sleep in a bit and then we sit up here in
    the cockpit, I drink coffee and we play some games,
    flying baby maggot. Yeah, I sing some songs, ♪ Out came the sun ♪ ♪ And dried up all the rain ♪ ♪ And the itsy-bitsy like it ♪ ♪ Went up the spout again ♪ We just generally sit here
    and stare at the water. We both enjoy it, we
    were sailing on this boat until your mommy, known as
    Kazza, was seven months pregnant. And when she was seven months pregnant, her belly was huge and you were
    inside there, that’s right. Then we parked the boat
    and your uncle Brady, and aunt Alex sailed the
    boat across the Atlantic and we went to Sweden and
    that’s where you were born you were born in Sweden,
    a place called Gotland which is a small island,
    where your mormor lives. Welcome to Gotland. No way! (laughing) How did your mom get on the sign? – I don’t know, it’s really funny. – [Brian] It’s funny? – She’s like, “Look out for
    my face, I’m on the board,” I was like, “Okay” and there she was. It’s both our names. Took care of everything, okay. – [Brian] Welcome to our new home. – Welcome home my love, we
    have a little apartment. – I know.
    – It feels so weird. – [Brian] No way, Kazza
    come check this out. Look at that, that’s good news
    fiber, we got fiber Kazza. – Hey, come in. – [Brian] She’s filming too. – Yay!
    – Why did you need to do this? – [Brian] Hey Mormor. (speaking in foreign language) – Hey, Brian. (speaking in foreign language) – [Brian] So this is our apartment in Sweden, it’s pretty nice, huh? I got a big monitor for
    doing computer work. This is our couch, here’s my beer we also have a TV, which is quite nice. This is our little bedroom, there’s the belly. (laughing) – In my underwear. To take a photo. – [Brian] Hold on what’s going on here? Okay, now I’m so sorry about that. – Are you recording now? – [Brian] I’m now recording. – Are you sure? – [Brian] This is our first baby visit. – Yes, the first–
    – In Sweden. – baby visit in Sweden and it went really good,
    the lady was super nice Ava and she was very
    keen in speaking English. Feel the head down there. – [Brian] Yes so the head is down? – Yes.
    – Yeah. And the feet are kind of up here so. – [Brian] So that’s good. – I think so. – [Nurse] That’s good, that’s good. – [Brian] Have you found
    it to be difficult going to four different doctors and or
    in four different countries over the course of the pregnancy? – I mean, she was actually surprised about how many tests I’ve done. Always quite interesting because you know, you really know what’s gonna happen or what tests they’re gonna do. – [Brian] It’s always
    a little bit different. – Yeah, it’s always different, different countries have different things and he just told us now, that we’re gonna do another blood test. – [Brian] Yeah, here you go,
    man, thank you very much. We’ll give you a call
    if we need a ride back it might be a few hours, okay. – [Karin] 6:30. – [Brian] 6:30 in the morning. – In Sweden you take one
    ultrasound, I think I’ve done five. – [Brian] Did you feel something? – No just weird to see like. – [Brian] ‘Cause you have
    the screen over there I was wondering what you were looking at. (laughing) – [Man] Do you guys want to– – [Brian] I was like,
    what is she coming to do she’s not even interested, there’s a screen over
    there too, that’s smart you guys have this set up like you’ve done this before, haven’t you? – And we’ve done so many
    blood tests and everything so I think I’ve actually
    checked up way more than I would if I would have stayed here. But I also think it’s been
    pretty straightforward because I’ve gotten a lot
    of help from followers, which have been absolutely incredible. Telling me like, “Oh, if you
    come here you need a doctor “this is the one I went too.” That has been really, really nice and I felt that it was
    too hard except in the US it was really hard like we weren’t able to see a doctor there. But it made me appreciate
    how easy it’s been in all the other places in the Caribbean. It feels a peanut? – [Brian] A peanut? What’s the baby countdown,
    what do we got now? – Six weeks and three days left. – [Brian] No way! – Let’s do this. (upbeat music) This is just nice summer, where you can lay on a
    blanket on the sun outside and just do nothing. It’s been a really nice day here today and the belly is doing good. – Look at that.
    – I know. – [Brian] It looks like you
    swallowed a beach volleyball. Oh, was that you laughing? – Yeah, sorry. – [Brian] I can feel that, I can feel her moving around in there. Oh what the shit!
    – I know. – [Brian] Did you see that? Oh my–
    – That was a big one. – [Brian] That is the craziest thing she is getting strong. – [Karin] Yes. – [Brian] What does that feel like? – [Karin] It’s like an
    alien inside my belly, is what it feels like. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. We’re two weeks to the due days. – Yeah, like two and a half weeks I think something like that, which
    is coming up pretty fast. – [Brian] We’ve been
    procrastinating about a name. – Yeah, the baby name, the
    names are still a bit of a struggle, I think we have
    a few that we kind of like but it’s definitely hard and it goes back and forth a little bit. I think we’re doing good. – [Brian] Yeah, we’re doing good. – Yeah, it’s just hard
    with certain things like when you drop something you’re like shit you know to pick it up and
    stuff, it’s getting harder but so far I think
    we’re doing really well. – [Brian] It’s getting tougher to touch the computer and edit. – Yes I have to like. – [Brian] ‘Cause you’re
    sitting so far from the table. Okay, back to Stranger Things. – Yeah, let’s watch our series. It’s really bright out, super bright and it’s her official due date today but it doesn’t seem like
    she’s too keen to come out so, today we just been
    relaxing, taking it easy we’ve be working a little
    bit and taking a little walk around the park, which was super nice. And it’s a bit crazy that
    today is the due date I don’t know, it’s one of
    those things where you like kind of focus on this date and
    then the further gets to it, you kind of realize that she can come whenever she wants, right? – [Brian] What’s the news? – Oh!
    – Oh! – So he’s called the, I’m just gonna wait. – [Brian] Yeah, you just
    wait, you take your time I’ll start my contraction timer. I had a four minute 32nd
    interval on that one well, the news from the– – So the news from the lady that I called they answer straightaway,
    which is very nice. And I just kind of told
    her that I’ve been having these kind of like one minute
    contractions all night. This is like the first phase probably, so I’m in the first phase of? – [Brian] Labor. – The labor business and
    she said, the best thing I can do now is to rest,
    try to get some sleep because the real whole is coming and you don’t know how
    long it’s gonna take and eat carbs, have a nap, take a shower. She said you will feel
    when you need to come in. – [Brian] Starting, okay,
    so today we’re gonna chill we’re gonna watch a little bit of TV we’re gonna eat carbs, we’re out. It’s almost game time. It is nearly go time and
    we have decided to head into the (speaking in
    foreign language) center contractions are about what
    five to six minutes apart and getting more and more robust. – Yes changes it’s like more in the hips it’s quite intense, it’s
    gonna be interesting to sit in the car. – [Brian] Okay, I’m gonna
    turn this camera off we’re gonna get down there. So this monitor is reading contractions, when this gets up to 100% it means it’s a very strong contraction. Here’s the last two they’ve peaked out here it comes, baby’s heartbeat is good, there it is.
    – Oh shit. – [Brian] I’m glad we came in. Okay, it’s the next morning
    and we had a nice little bath last night to try
    and ease some of the pain which I think helped quite a lot. But then the and they’re kind
    and they put to bed together so that I could stay close to Karin and when we woke up this
    morning, her water broke. So that’s a good sign
    and they’re monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and Karin’s heartbeat and also the contractions. She ate an entire bowl
    of lactose free yogurt and a pear but she did not drink her tea and that is the baby
    update for this morning. We’re so close to being near the end now it’s not even funny, it’s
    been a hell of a mission but I think we have one more hour left according to the midwife then we should meet our daughter are you hanging in there Kazza? – [Karin] I’ve so many tubes in my body. – [Brian] Yeah, we’ve
    got gas, we’ve got a drip to help the blood pressure, we’ve got that. We decided to go with the epidural like for the last few hours, which
    I think was a crucial call. – [Karin] Yeah. – [Midwife] (speaking in foreign language) (groaning) – [Midwife] (speaking
    in foreign language). – [Brian] Head is out Karin, head is out. – [Midwife] (speaking
    in foreign language). – [Brian] Holy shit! Oh my gosh, Karin she’s out, you did it. – [Midwife] Wow, you did it. – [Brian] Oh my God. – [Midwife] She’s perfect, at last, hello. – [Brian] Oh my God good job. So proud of you. – [Midwife] (speaking
    in foreign language). – [Brian] 10:45, that was
    probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. How many of have you done? – [Midwife] Many. – [Brian] Good job. Awesome job. – [Midwife] I work for
    42 years as a midwife. – [Brian] I’m glad you’re here today thank you.
    – Thank you. – [Midwife] My problem
    is how can I finish? Because I love my job. – [Brian] Yeah of course, you’re bringing new life into the world. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    – It’s amazing, can I cut the cord? – [Midwife] Absolutely. – [Brian] Between the two scissors okay welcome to the world, you’re gonna have a hell of a life. – [Midwife] On the boat? (laughing) Around the world?
    – Yeah. – [Karin] (speaking in foreign language) – [Woman] (speaking in foreign language). – [Brian] Look at those
    curious little eyes. (sighing) – We did it. – [Brian] Good job, amazing,
    now begins the adventure. (baby crying) Bloody murder, bloody murder. So we’ve learned Sierra has
    three modes, she has angel mode where she lays there like a little angel. She has squiggly worm mode. (babbling) And she has screaming demon mode. (baby crying) And she can flip back and
    forth between these modes like either progressively or randomly. – The only ways to get her to fall asleep is to put her in the harness. (upbeat music) – Okay, that’s sort of our
    ritual but it works look and she’s now gone into angel mode. Little Sierra likes to be walked to sleep. – I love her face when she wakes up because she’s always really
    squishy, good morning. – Wow last night I’d changed
    her diaper four times for poops and two times for pees within
    like a three hour period that’s crazy but we’re using these– – Cloth diapers.
    – Cloth diapers which is nice. And we just living life here. (upbeat music) – [Karin] Almost what six weeks? And she can hold her little head up. – [Brian] What? – [Karin] Look at her. – [Brian] Whoa! (speaking in foreign language) Hello, it’s another Friday night here show you what we get up to. (baby crying) Come on Sierra, there’s
    nothing to cry about tonight, everything’s just fine. Whoa, Sierra! (speaking in foreign language) Yes! – [Karin] I did it. – Yes you did it. – It’s our last morning
    here in the apartment and it feels really sad, feels insane that we’re leaving today been here for six months and
    it’s just literally flown by like, I don’t know where the time has gone feels pretty crazy but
    we’ve done a lot of things and I have given birth to a baby and she’s four months, which is awesome. And we’re leaving Sweden. – All right Kazza, here we go it’s time to say goodbye to the apartment. – Yeah, time to go, we
    had a lot of thoughts stuff and a baby. – Hi, baby are you ready to go to America and then the sail a boat home. Yeah, all right let’s go. (upbeat music) – World traveler on her way. – [Brian] We’re not even
    in the airport five minutes we have our first disaster. – Shit everywhere.
    – Oh god. (speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) – Thanks you so much. – [Brian] Thank you for
    everything, it was awesome. – It’s been so great to have you here. – It has been awesome and
    here I won’t be needing this where we’re going. – I will be needing two. – Bye. Here we go Sierra next stop, America. (upbeat music) Wow what a mission? – [Karin] Yeah, it was a long trip. – Can’t believe it that’s
    like we started yesterday so it’s been over 24 hours of traveling. She did so good, imagine her
    first like long international flight, there’s no major. – I’m really proud of Sierra,
    I’m mostly proud of Sierra. – She cried a little bit I thought it was gonna be a disaster. – Yeah, me too. – And now hopefully Papa
    Dallas is gonna pick us up. (upbeat music) It is two in the morning
    and somebody is jet lagged how are you jet lag, wide awake. – It’s five o’clock in the morning Sierra is still awake, we’ll see I don’t really know anything
    about how to like reverse or how to get rid of this
    jet lag in babies this young but people have done it before so when I get internet tomorrow because my phone is not
    connected, I’ll do some research. (upbeat music) – I love you so much. – [Brian] This is your grandma. – I love you so much. – [Brian] She’s a happy
    baby, hi happy babby? – Hi, I can’t believe you’re at our house. – And we’re off to Delos
    tomorrow, so exciting, can’t wait. There’s a lot of stuff, baby
    and it’s like four o’clock in the morning and we should
    have left like 15 minutes ago there’s just so much
    stuff but we’ll make it. – [Brian] Last flight’s
    here we’re going home. (upbeat music) – [Woman] All right, big moment coming up. – The day is here, it’s finally here I feel like it’s been
    like a blur up until now going to the airport picking
    up Brian, Karin and Sierra it’s a huge deal. – [Woman] It is. – And a lot of milestones are happening. Time needs to to slow down. – Yeah, I’m making it.
    – Yeah I know. Let’s do it. – [Brian] Hey! – Oh my god. – It’s okay, we totally get it. Hey guys, look what I got. – [Woman] Oh my God. – This is Sierra, hey brother. – Hey buddy, how are you? – How are you?
    – Good. – You guys have a good trip?
    – Yeah. She’s a good baby. – This is your aunt Alex good to see you. – [Alex] Sorry, I just
    whacked her in the face. Hi, oh no! – [Man] The dad suits you well bro. – Yeah, look I dig it
    men, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a shit a load of work. It’s a lot of fun. – Feels bizarre to see her,
    after living with you guys for like seven years and
    seeing this little thing. – [Karin] We made it Sierra,
    are you ready to meet Maggie? All right, we’ll take that as a yes. – Look at you lucky little girl. – Mikey, sorry look at you
    hanging on like a champ. – [Man] Oh, she got the chopman feet gone. – [Man] Yeah. – [Karin] Look at that. – [Alex] Ankle twist. – [Brian] There she is, the
    Dalos welcome home Sierra this is where we live. She’s like, what the hell. – Welcome to your new house, it’s a welcome home bottle
    of champagne, it was a yes a gift from a Dalos tribe, shit that was hot pre primed. – [Brian] Well cheers
    guys, good to be back, thank you for the pickup at the airport. Thank you for the champagne welcome. – [Brady] Hey, welcome home guys. – [Brian] Cheers Sierra,
    you don’t get any drink. – [Alex] Cheers welcome to your new home. Congratulations on birthing a child. – Thank you. – She doesn’t get any champagne yet. Next on Delos, we install
    a gigantic internet dome I get looks great, it’s
    frickin cool again! It’s a gigantic comically large
    dome on the back of Delos. – [Man] It looks like
    we’re doing something cool, that’s all that matters. – [Brian] And Brady and Alex head off for a season in the snow. To celebrate the arrival
    of our little nugget, we’d like to offer a special deal, just head on over to the Delos
    shop, grab any gear you want and enter the coupon code,
    “littlenugget” during checkout and we’ll knock 10% off
    everything in your cart. – Make you dance, I like
    this big cloth of the sides. – [Brian] Other than that she’s alert I think she just pooped again. – [Karin] I think that was
    my belly, oh that’s me. I have a lot of things
    going on down there now. – [Brian] What do you think
    about living on a boat, huh? It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Oh gross. – It’s just getting bigger and bigger it’s crazy how can it be that big?

    Is Fixing up an old sailboat w/ 500 ROTTEN BLISTERS even worth it ??  -Patrick Childress Sailing #60
    Articles, Blog

    Is Fixing up an old sailboat w/ 500 ROTTEN BLISTERS even worth it ?? -Patrick Childress Sailing #60

    March 6, 2020

    We need to get this old blister covered sailboat to looking like this
    and this is how we did it part two of major hull blister repairs hello I’m Patrick and I’m Rebecca on the
    sailboat Brick House a Valiant 40. We have had
    some comments people asking why don’t we just go out and buy a new sailboat
    instead of fixing up this old 44 year old sailboat. Buy a new sail boat?? i would
    rather have 500 blisters then spend 500 grand! yeah a new Swan 48 would be okay
    but the reality is a 44 year old sailboat suits our economy just fine and
    especially a valiant 40 I don’t know if any other design especially with the
    interior layout that I like as well as the Valiant 40 so these old sailboats if
    you buy them at the right price if they’ve been somewhat maintained there’s
    a lot of hidden value there. we used to flip houses that is we would
    buy old houses that needed work fix them up and sell them oftentimes within a
    month and make a comfortable profit that is what helped to get Rebecca and I out
    retired and sailing at a fairly young age! We see sailboats in the same way. Our
    Valiant 40 had a lot of tremendous value locked in it and we just had to
    bring it out. I’m gonna put my sunglasses on too because it’s very bright out here that’s why I don’t put sunglasses on my
    head most of the time I always lose them but yeah these sailboats like with
    the Valiant 40 has a lot of potential. If you just can sail away on it enjoy
    crossing oceans and in these foreign countries where it’s very reasonable, do
    the boat work to fix them up which is what we have been doing. I have been waiting
    for about five years to get to a place like South Africa to do all of the
    blister repairs. We knew it would be extensive, it would take a long time and
    a lot of work but everything that you saw in the first video and you’ll see in
    this video all the blister repairs and all the painting cost us about $4,000 USD
    for materials and labor. That isn’t counting my own time in labor and it
    does not count the Coppercoat that’s on the body but we feel as though just like
    flipping a house we have increased the value tremendously. We may not sell the
    boat for profit in the end but we’ve had a very cheap place to live, we’ve had a
    lot of great adventures and we’ll certainly get a lot more for it than
    when we first started out. Anything you want to say? No. You have to say something! You say
    yeah anybody has a Swan 48 you want to give us… OK if anyone wants to give us a Swan 48 we’re all ears – go for it! yeah but the reality is a new sailboat just is such a
    fast depreciating asset you know just like a car as soon as you drive it off
    the lot it’s you’ll never get what you paid for it again and that’s why we feel
    these old boats have a lot more value than any new boat ever can have. any sail boat
    even a new one is a maintenance treadmill. If you don’t want to do boat work,
    don’t buy a boat. And that’s part of it too. You have to be willing to get your
    hands dirty and work right alongside the helpers. you just can’t be throwing money
    at contractors who oftentimes just screw things up. Get in, do the work
    yourself, get the proper tools, and learn how to do it and you can have a very
    nice asset. So let’s get into finishing up these blister repairs… into the final
    faring and sanding. so let’s get to work! It was a lot of work to open up all of
    these resin blisters and prepare the blisters for the laminating of new
    fiberglass with epoxy resin to get everything ready the process the epoxy
    resin used is Gurit SP 106 with slow hardener and the fiberglass cloth is
    1708 we got all of those materials from AMT Composites in Durban South Africa oh
    I forgot to mention in the last video and I’ll do it real quick here with
    these thin rollers when they get used they get really plugged up with fiberglass resin
    and they become useless. but they can clean up very quick and easily by using
    a paint stripping heat gun just melt that stuff out of there give it a good
    brushing with a wire brush and couple of minutes it will look like new.
    The two-part epoxy faring compound we used is Seafare 600 which we also
    bought through AMT Composites but as you can see just using some putty knives or
    some sheetrock compound knives they just weren’t large enough to do an adequate
    job we had to find a better system a better application tool to help speed up
    the process and do a better job so we started experimenting with some leftover
    fiberglass panels and also some plexiglass panels and each had its own
    thickness and ability to fold perfectly into these outside curves and the inside
    curves and the plexiglass panel is a little thicker so it could be held very
    straight for very straight work like the keel to Hull joint curve the only thing
    is there to be absolutely no defects on that application edge of these new
    screeds but that was no problem we just got out the router picked up a piece of
    aluminum which was actually an old curtain track and used that as a
    straight edge for the router to follow to make a perfectly straight edge on
    both of these new screeds you can actually see how wide that piece of
    plastic is so I actually cut it in half lengthwise and made two screeds out of
    it but you can see here look at that router
    guide that bearing was just about ready to fall off I got lucky on that one good
    lesson to always check the set screw on the very bottom of that collar and make
    sure it’s good and tight depending on which way the wind blew we generally set
    up our old mainsail as a dust containment cloth
    although the contractor is working on the surrounding boats weren’t quite so
    concerned where their dust blew but what really helped out to contain our dust
    and make our cleanup much easier during the smoothing process of all that
    faring compound was to use a little cheapy vacuum cleaner that hooked up to
    the dust collection system of the random orbit sander and it didn’t use
    traditional bags for filtering they used water which was a very great collection
    system saved us a lot of work a lot of cleanup during this whole process hey that’s just amazing look this is the all over in the air on
    the ground on our work I mean the solid mud is about half of my finger deep
    incredible so after all that sanding we had to make sure that we got all the
    dust off of the surface in preparation for the next step in the process we
    found that washing with a scrub brush on the end of long handle with a lot of
    fresh water was not adequate when the surfaces dry if you wipe your hand over
    there would always be a layer of residual dust that did not come up so we
    found that wrapping a terry cloth towel around that scrub brush and then washing
    the boat maybe with a little dishwashing detergent in the water as well that
    eliminated all the residual dust that we were absolutely sure to make sure that
    all of that dishwashing detergent was well washed away from the surface of the
    boat using the water hose we washed at night because by morning the ground and
    everything else would be dry however during the day if we had to wash the
    boat we would use three buckets of water because we could not afford to use the
    hose and be slopping around in a mud pit one bucket with clean water would first
    be used to wipe down the boat we’d go over that with the next clean bucket of
    water and then follow that with a third clean bucket of water and it was one
    person’s job then to continually be emptying out those water buckets and
    refilling them with more clean water and this worked out really well occasionally
    we would go over the surface with a heat gun just mildly to make sure that
    everything was very dry but otherwise it did come out extremely clean with that
    three rag three rinse process one day we ran out of the two-part epoxy ready-mix
    faring compound so we had to mix up our own using the epoxy resin after stirring
    the hardener and the resin for a full two minutes then we mixed in a spoonful
    of Cabosill and then started mixing in the microballoons of course there’s
    other fillers of that would be very sandable but they weren’t available to
    us had to use the microballoons and we had
    marked in the tin can with a magic marker the level of which to fill the
    can so we’d have just the right amount of microballoons in the mix so we could
    duplicate this mix time and time again very quickly with no guesswork but
    the big problem was this stuff sags no matter how much of any of the fillers we
    put in there and the Cabosil it still ran it still sagged it was not easy to
    spread and get a nice even finish it meant a lot of work with these long
    boards in all the sanding that we had to do the only way you can get a good
    finish on these boats without a lot of waviness
    is with longboards and a lot of arm muscle flexion there’s no easy way I
    searched and I searched and I could only find one extremely expensive longboard
    that had a power cord attached to it and that’s made in Europe and we just
    couldn’t get that here 58% import duties plus shipping and everything else it’s
    just cheaper to hire a lot of people with strong arms so I made the longboards out of some scrap fibreglass panel that we had laying around and they
    were just wide enough so where they would fit side-by-side on a long roll of
    sandpaper holes were drilled in the fiberglass board the head where the
    screw if the flat head screw would fit was countersunk the little wood handle
    was glued and screwed to the board and we would be all set some of these boards
    had two handles some of the board’s had four handles it was nice to have their
    variety and then a rubber piece of rubber that I found laying around the
    yard was contact cemented sometimes they call it contact adhesive to the bottom
    of the longboard and that would give a nice backing for the sandpaper
    conforming to some of these tight radiuses on the hull one long piece of
    sandpaper did not work out as it would buckle in the middle
    it was far better than so we found to cut two or three pieces which is best to
    run the length of a longboard spray on adhesive just did not work well it
    wasn’t strong enough to attach a sandpaper to the longboard so then we
    always used the contact cement out of the can. I checked with every contractor in the
    boatyard, and they all said there is no easy way out of all of this hand longboard
    sanding and puttying and faring and sanding and puttying and faring and
    sanding, day after day, to get it right. some people familiar with this type of
    work would call our longboards short boards because often times on much larger
    projects very high-end projects boards that are 15 feet long would be used that
    is four and a half meters and take four and sometimes five people to operate but
    this is not a marina Queen it’s not a race boat what we’re doing here turns
    out to be very acceptable and the nice even finish throughout and very adequate
    for a hard used ocean crossing sail boat there are different techniques for
    finding the low spots or the high spots in the faring process but generally we
    could see them or feel them easily with our hand but we added black white or
    blue pigment to the faring compound and that helped greatly to show where we
    were and where we needed to go with the fairing but anytime we did find a lower
    the high spots that needed attention we would generally circle them with a
    different colored magic marker one day like red and maybe a green one on
    another day to help avoid any confusion and the day finally came to where we
    could mark the waterline we raised it up yet another inch and that would be a
    total of three inches from the original waterline as this boat came from the
    factory and before we ever got started on this project we put pieces of blue
    tape along either the cap rail or the rub rail and then measured down from
    there to the existing waterline to preserve those measurements and try to
    get them back at the end of this project so all of those measurements then were
    measured straight down from their individual station and marked with a
    magic marker on the hull of the boat and then we took a fishing line and strung
    it up and taped it to each one of those measurement points
    then it took a lot of eyeballing and moving that fishing line up and down
    just a hair and more tape to hold it in new places to get that curve that
    existed before we got started on this project once that was accomplished then
    we took new tape and followed the fishing line just to the top side of it
    where then the fishing line can be pulled away and we had whatever water
    line that was left this was not a perfect system but we did the best we
    could with it if you know of a better way of getting back that water line then
    please leave the information in the comments down below and everybody I’m
    sure will benefit from it all the faring and sanding was done now we were
    finally in the homestretch we use all epoxy resin and all epoxy
    fairing compounds on this blister repair project so osmosis – the intrusion of water into
    the hull, just would not be a problem. However I still wanted to give
    four coats of epoxy resin – as a barrier coat – below the waterline so that we would have a nice
    hard evenly consistent skin in preparation for the Coppercoat
    antifouling that we would be putting on and just to make me feel better about
    the project following standard epoxy mixing instructions we mixed our slow
    hardener with the resin at least two minutes before applying it to the hull
    rolling it on and then smoothing it out with a roller that we had cut in half
    and we applied it wet on wet that is one layer that we
    applied once it just set up and it was still a little tacky to the touch we
    went on and applied the next coat and this gave excellent adhesion to each
    successive coat four coats of two-part primer around and
    around until we just ran out of primer to use this was some South African made
    stuff that was recommended by one of the contractors in the boatyard so it wasn’t the
    name brand that the most international people would recognize and of course
    everywhere in the world there has got to be a bug that just feels like they’ve
    got to jump into wet paint all the surfaces were sanded with 320 grit paper
    with a random orbit sander before priming and I would have put a lot of
    money on saying that everything was perfect there were absolutely no
    blemishes and how long how much money I would have lost on that bet it’s amazing
    what primer will show up in the way the tiniest little defects so we use this
    stuff called spot putty it looks like tar but it dries extremely
    fast and hard and it was just the perfect party one part putty
    for filling up all these tiniest little dings or scratches or defects and then
    those would get sanded with 320 grit paper and and then they were ready for
    painting we wouldn’t prime over these pretty rough-looking isn’t it but that
    just as smooth as anybody could do with this stuff so it did take a little bit
    of extra sandy we went through three of these cheapy
    little vacuum cleaners that uses water for collection rather than a dust bag
    the bearings inside just kept burning out but it wasn’t just those a little
    black patch spots that we used the spot putty on the entire hull where it was
    primed you got sanded again with a six-inch random orbit sander with 320
    grit paper but we also used the little palm sander with the same grit paper in
    some of the areas that were a bit more curved and more difficult to get to with
    the big 6-inch random orbit sander. Sipho was on the spray gun with three of us doing
    everything that needed to be done to make it possible for him to just keep on
    spraying around and around the boat we moved a scaffolding his hoses and one
    man was dedicated to mixing up the two-part paint and again that was just
    generic paint made locally that was suggested by one of the local
    contractors. That is our old mainsail covering up the catamaran in front of us
    they just had their boat painted and then we don’t need any oopss with their
    paint job. Sipho certainly had the hardest job he couldn’t stand around and take a
    little break every now and then… always moving, and always spraying, and he worked around and around, and that was good enough. After 4 coats we were done what a
    nice feeling I mean I’m the boss I’m paying the bills I don’t want a marina
    queen but these guys said no way we’re not done and I lost that argument I
    didn’t have the heart to tell them that this is a long range hard core hard used
    cruising sailboat I don’t need an absolutely perfect job
    but they would not relent there were just the tiniest little defects the
    tiniest little pinholes primer and paint does not cover defects it only
    accentuates them and I did not have the heart though to tell them good enough
    was good enough in this case so they went at it and sanded down the white again, filling
    up all the tiniest little defects you could imagine and took special viewing
    from one angle or another to see them and then started wet sanding and also some
    dry sanding all with the 320 and actually 400 grit paper all to get this
    surface ready for another four coats of white paint the green and white color
    combination is the age-old Valiant 40 color scheme and this time we got away
    with four coats of green and you didn’t have to put on anything so now all that
    was left to do is put on the newly chromed trim on the hawspipe
    give it a good application of Coppercoat which is video number 57 and then
    apply prop speed to the propeller and apply Propspeed on the shaft and prop. Propspeed is a silicone finish
    that has worked out very well for us in the past and we’ll do a video on the
    Propspeed application one of these days. And after eight months of boat work,
    this old boat is finished and ready to go back in the water. We fully believe
    that it’s stronger and better now than when it rolled out of the factory in
    1976 44 years ago and just like the houses that we used to fix up and sell
    for profit in Rhode Island we fully believe that this boat is now worth far
    more than when we started out 12 years ago. We have all the receipts for the
    materials and all the time cards for the labor but it would take hours and hours
    to figure it all out to get an exact amount of cost, so Rebecca and I will
    both guesstimate that the materials and labor to do all the blister repairs. and
    this is not counting the cost of the Coppercoat bottom paint, but it costs us about
    four thousand US dollars to do this blister repair and the paint job but the
    boat work isn’t done. Rebecca wants to put on lithium batteries, and also a hybrid hot
    water heating system. SO now we sail away from Richards Bay and move on down to Cape Town where we
    will take care of those boat projects, but it’s been a fun great stop in Richard Bay…
    we went to the game parks and met a lot of great people but like with every
    cruiser there comes that date that you just have to leave…and sail away!

    ⛵️Odd Life at the MIAMI BOAT SHOW (What a week!!) #122
    Articles, Blog

    ⛵️Odd Life at the MIAMI BOAT SHOW (What a week!!) #122

    March 4, 2020

    Ready? Yep.
    Vacations mode on. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we’re gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! Guarulhos International Airport That’s it. Our new place for tonight. That’s our home for tonight. Welcome to Washington Dulles International Airport Miami Intenational Airport Just to make sure it’s ours. What is next? Next: we need to find a car. Time to find a car. It’s this way? We are just going. Wait, wait. I have it in my email. Can you hold this? Floor 4 door 4. How to get on the floor 4? Tired. But happy. But happy, of course. It’s always such a long way to get here. But at least tomorrow the Boat Show starts and we are really excited to go to check out different boats and ideas. You know… because we didn’t finish our boat yet so if we find good ideas you know… We never know, we might change some stuff of course. We love to change stuff. I need to concentrate to find the place. It’s just to go straight. No, just go to the right. We’re trying to find the car that they
    gave us the key. We are just not finding it. I never seen a place that they
    give you the key and say like: just find the car. It’s just amazing. Maybe it’s this one. LZN… The key says one thing and
    the paper says another thing. I believe it’s this car. Let’s see if it turns on. That’s our car. At least we have a camera there. We can see. Now we need to find the address. Here is my phone. You can find the address. So now we are gonna find our friends address and I need to be concentrated. Because I’m not really good at that. I guess we can skip this part. Now basically we’re gonna drive to our friends house and have a rest because we’re really tired and tomorrow the boat show starts. See you guys on the boat show tomorrow. See you. We made it. Finally. It was a long trip to get to the boat show. But we made it. We are here now. We could lie it’s the first
    day we are in the Boat Show, but that wouldn’t be true. We came here yesterday. But we were too tired to shoot. We’re just like recognizing territory and getting to know some companies and get to enjoy a little bit and just to relax. Because to fly from Brazil to Miami it was just… We took like 24 hours of airports, different airports and you know… just… But it’s worth. The show is amazing. The show is pretty good. And now we’re gonna walk around and show you guys a little bit of the show. Yeah. Enjoy it. So, where are we going now? Checking some boats. We didn’t go to the boats yet. Actually, we have a friend… that’s a
    funny story. We have a friend that’s the guy that I
    knew and she knew like 13 years ago. And once he has invited me to go to the beach with him and he also invited her to the beach. And that’s how we met each other. And we had no idea he was gonna be in Miami this week. Because he lives inn the State nowadays, the States. And it’s been I think like close to 8 years… I don’t… I think it’s like 8 or 10 years we don’t see him. And we’re gonna meet him. I mean
    we met him already, he came with us. But he is there watching checking a
    catamaran. So we’re gonna meet him. He’s trying to convince his wife… He is trying to convince his wife to buy a boat. So, we’re gonna… That’s him. Can you answer? So, basically we met an old friend here that we had no idea we were gonna meet. And that’s really
    really cool. Where are you going? To check the boats. Which one? I don’t know. You have no idea? No. There is a 54 foot that… 48 actually, not 54. Center cockpit. I’m really curious to see that boat inside. And there is actually a 60 next to it. It’s just to see. We have no idea how it’s inside. We are just curious. We can check out details of the finishing. She loves to steal idea of the finishing of the boats. You are like a thief. It’s a good thief, not a bad one. Do you like this? I like this, it’s a pretty cool boat. Nice socks. I don’t have fancy socks. That’s his socks. Those are fancy socks. Oh! My socks yesterday were alligators on there. This is the responsible
    to introduce the 2 of us, 13 years ago. And now I’m gonna convince her to buy a sailboat watching this sailboat. It’s a wonderful boat. You need to work hard with him. He’s
    convincing her to buy a boat, so… That’s why I brought him here today. Okay. Because he wants to convince her and I said this is the right one that she can feel home. Let’s go. We will start this way. So, today you’re aboard the Hylas 48. This is the boat of the year, last year when it was introduced at the Annapolis boat show, for cruising boats in this size. It’s beautifully executed boat. There’s a lot
    of forethought. If you don’t know Hylas, Hylas is now in its third
    generation of family running the queen long yard. Exclusive, exclusive craftsmanship. With a focus on building seagoing
    vessels, that are easy for you to shorthand sail, take you save me from
    one location to another. Off shore it can be equally as comfortable
    as you are in harbor. So, as we go through… I’m gonna point out a couple of things and as we come back you have… For a center cockpit boat you have a very
    large center cockpit. Center cockpit boats, the cockpits are typically considerably smaller than this, so it’s a very comfortable cockpit. And as you come back
    you have a beautiful working stern deck, Sugar scoop down to the bottom with a fold down ladder. We’ve incorporated the emergency tiller. The plate comes off, that’s right on top of
    the tiller post… the rudder post, excuse me. We have a very nice quality
    diamond non-skid. It’s a good idea. I love the wood on the… yeah. And so… if you pay attention, what’s very important, especially on a cruising boat is that any of your mechanical areas are
    protected from being disturbed by anything that you have stowed aboard. Everything is gasketed. Possibility of locking. A good hydraulic piston to keep it up so it doesn’t slam on you. You can do the same thing by putting a line to tight it up. Hylas has attention to detail. If you look at fit and finishing, this is what they’re known for. Yep. So the other thing is we’ve incorporated
    stern rail seats. You may want to have a seat. Right there. Sit down. He is doing the work. Relax. Now look the view you have. You are sailing along the waves, the wind in your hair. It’s a nice place to hang out back here. And then if you need to take a dip, come up here, dive over, grab the swim ladder you have a shower. As you come up you shower off, you come back resume your position, you order your glass of wine or your piña colada… And you are in heaven. I told you, he was gonna do the good job. You are gonna convince her. Okay. So what’s very important as well is that as you walk through a boat, especially an offshore boat, you want to be unobstructed in your path. So, as we walk forward we’ve good clean walking deck. Notice that the stanchions out board. Oh, this little toe rail. It makes it very secure. You also have nice guards over the dorades and they have bail hooks, so you can bring halyards or other things to it. That’s pretty good. That’s something we need to do. This is good, the location as well. Yeah, exactly. This is something we need to make because we have those but it’s really easy to step, to break. And we’ve just rebuilt brand-new 3 of those and we need to add this because it’s gonna be… It’s gonna take like a month to someone break it. Hatches are built by a company in Khao Shong, Taiwan by the name of Mainship. I had never been to the factory before 4 weeks ago. And I’d just assumed that these were
    hatches that they were good looking and decent quality. And that they were stamped out in stainless, they are not. They are all hand hammered. They are all hand done. Everything straightened by a hammer tap. Like a knife, like building a knife almost. So exclusive. It’s crazy. Beautifil. Maybe our next one. My dream is to buy new hatches for the boat. A very large protective stainless plate here. A magnif… A very high quality Maxwell windlass and a separated chain locker. The construction of this hull is solid fiberglass, with solid fiberglass block stringers running the entire length of the hull on both sides. You can see this is our chain plate for the stay so. You have washing down here. Everything on this boat every through hull is all bonded. The question we need to make. How much does it cost? Everybody wants to know. Okay. So, this is a brand new boat and this is two thousand twenty. 2020 the model? This was a 2019, that it’s the year of 2020. So the price is elevated a bit. The base price on this boat is
    about 720 thousand. I was close. My guess was pretty close. Almost 1 million. Yeah. It”s pretty nicely done as a base boat
    but you certainly are going to be adding things to it. Okay. So the basic price is that? But you didn’t go inside. You’re gonna see it’s… You first need to take a look inside. The most important thing is outside. We will only stay outside. But also inside. If you live on the
    boat the inside is also important. So, the problem that we have here is that: A friend… he was going from
    Dinamarca… Denmark to the Caribbean. Yeah, to Caribbean. So it happened like the last two months. So, it seems like at they broke the autopilot. So, she’s very scared now. How we can prevent that to happen? Okay. 2 autopilotes. So, let’s. Yeah, exactly. So, my boat… I’ve got a 48-foot ketch. I have 2 autopilots. So I have redundancy. By the same token when I do passages, and this is contrary to many
    people, that’s when I do passages the vast majority of the time and especially
    if we’re under sail, if the conditions are such that we can sail we’re doing watches for 3 hours. So we go with the crew of 4 you’re on for 3
    hours off for 6, you’re on for 3 and off for 6. Like… at at night when
    we’re sailing we’re hand steering. So, you keep awake. I’m not lying about it. It’s there if
    we need it. If we need all hands on deck and we need somebody steering to address something that’s one thing. But otherwise for 3 hours anybody can steer. And we have the wind vane. So, in many cases the autopilot will steer better than you or I. But, if you’re relying on auto-pilot for some propose than it’s important to have redundancy. However, in this boat, as in every
    ocean-going boat, has this… I don’t know if you saw it before but there is a plate on that back step and if you unscrew that plate here on top of the rudder post in it that has an emergency tiller to stir the boat. I see. And you can have a wind vane. Yes, you can have a wind vane. We have a wind vane in our boat. And an autopilot. The situation that was they got a
    bad weather. And the sank the boat? No, they didn’t sink it. That’s how they got to the Caribbean. No, but they almost sank the boat. So, all this things that I’m telling her that’s preventable and you can pass with this and you will be alive. Even on the traffic with a car. Where is home now? Where is home? Michigan. Michigan? You don’t sounded like you are from Michigan. He is Brazilian. I’m Brazilian, she is from Michigan. So, where in Michigan? Detroit. Okay. So, you have some of the best proving grounds for a boat anywhere in the world. The Great Lakes is magnificent sailing. That’s where I grew up sailing, I’m from Wisconsin. Really? Yes. So, I grew up sailing the Great Lakes and we were fortunate this big lake that I grew up on which is Lake Winnebago in the
    middle of Wisconsin, between Milwaukee and Green Bay, we had 14 locks that would let us out under the Great Lakes. And we’d sail across the Door County and over to the North Channel. Door County, that’s where I went. I went to Door County. It’s beautiful area. The good part of a day drive. I remember. So, in any case… what I would say is
    there will be times when you’ll be out at sea and the weather is such… it can be more than you can anticipate. The important thing in my opinion is to become familiar enough with your boat. I attended a seminar a few years ago. A woman by the name of Lin Parday. You might know her very well. She and her husband Larry Parday sailed a boat, a little channel cutter. Each one have one boat. Yeah, initially. And Lin was saying: it’s
    important to get out on your boat without safety harnesses. And walk around your boat when you are out sailing and you’ll check all around. Be prepared if the weather are such… But in an emergency you may not have time to put a safety harnesses, so you need to know your boat. What I would say is that… I’ve been sailing since I was 7. I’ve got about 40 thousand miles of offshore time now and I’ve seen a lot of different conditions. Most anything is preventable
    with attention to detail, how your boat is
    prepared. Very importantly how your boat is built. What systems are incorporated in the boat to make it evacuate water quickly, to
    make the boat secure, to not have hatches breach. You know… keep in mind that there are a lot of people in the world sailing all different types of boats, all over the world. And 95% of the time they never run in any trouble because 95% of time the weather is not that severe. It’s sort of… It probably doesn’t have
    the odds of flying on an airplane. But the reality is the vast majority of the time even in world cruisers, unless you’re in a very specific areas, Sydney-Hobart area, that kind of thing. You have locations like Cape Horn. Most of the time you are not gonna see the conditions that will be threaten to you. When you find yourself in those conditions that’s when you appreciate the boat has been built to deal with those conditions. Sure. I’m not gonna give you a sales pitch but I say it’s important how you set up your boat and how it’s constructed. Because there are a lot of boats being sold today… I’m sorry I’m not gonna cross the ocean
    in one. I don’t care what the sales man tells me. I know enough about boats to know what
    they are and I’m not interested. But there are people out there doing it. Yeah, a lot. So, I don’t know what boat this was that they had an issue. Or how it was set up or prepared… And how was the condition of the boat and the maintenance and everything. You can always get hit by a bus. Yeah, crossing a road. I mean like… thing can go wrong, of course things can go wrong. But in life any… you can fall now here and somehow hit your head. Exactly. You know… it’s like… But if you don’t do anything, life goes on and passe by and you didn’t do anything. Like… my sailmaker said… Some weather came up and he came out he slipped down the deck, he felt he had hit his head he got out of the water
    2 hours the hit on his head killed him. Check that. Exactly our idea. We didn’t steal this idea, we had this idea before already. Okay, so… So, this cockpit… there are some things that I absolutely love about it… they done on this boat. First of all: your mainsheet is readily
    accessible right there. You could if you chose, I’m sure make a… do a double ended mainsheet. I don’t know the boat spec for it… and have it coming to here and there, so you could adjust from other location. If you want it. But this is great. Because the helm is accessible.
    Easy accessible. Then these little storage compartments. You’ve got nice storage right here for wardrobe. Here. Winch handle or whatever. Again, all
    gasketed. So they stay dry. They have a little T on this
    cockpit, my cockpit is straight. To get around this wheel is a pain. Here, I can easily squize. We have this problem, we need to go up. This boat is a bow thruster, so it push the bow right or left. This boat has electric general
    furling in-and-out. And main furling in an out. So you can go under sail… Lazy people. I know. Our boat now even the windlass is electrical. Oh! It’s a 14 tons. You know how to drive the boat, right? I hope so. It’s a 14 tons boat with a French one. But the good thing is… if it was an electrical one it wouldn’t be working after 22 years sitting on the boatyard. But this one is working perfectly. It’s working. It’s a good thing. Just make sure he understands. You know how to…? We had a boat before. Yeah, it’s our third boat. So, you are very confident? She is learning, she is getting there. He gets the dock lines, he gets the fenders. You take it to the dock. I’m telling. I’ve been telling that for a year already. My dad sails since he was he is 15. And he always says that the woman stay on the steering wheel. The man do the rest. When you have the wheel you can
    virtually ask for anything. I need something to eat, I need something to drink. It doesn’t matter. Whoever has the wheel is the captain of the boat at that moment. One question. With your experience of this boat, how big is this chart plotter for this distance? It’s fine. But how big is this? 12? This is the 12 inches. The same as we have. Because we don’t have space here and we are planning to put exactly there. So, it’s the 12 inches? The reality it depend on how you set up. That’s our thought. And we are gonna put a… Do get this. The support. We are back. Here we are again. We had some technical
    problem on the last visit. Let’s talk here, it’s better. So, explain us what happened. We were filming here and Duca and John were having nice conversation and then when we went
    inside to film the inside part the card was full. We had a full card with images. You know… I talk a little bit too much. You know that already. So today, as you can tell by my voice, it’s not the first not the second day of the Boat Show, it’s the last one. We were hoping to show you the entire show but we’ve been so busy. We step that feet inside of the Boat Show and we don’t stop a minute. We cannot even go to the bathroom or eat something is just like busy all day long. We were talking and eating and… And also by the way we really want to thank everyone that came up to us on the show
    and that talked to us and that… gave us so much love… that was…. the Boat Show
    is being amazing for us. Thanks to everybody that came around. Thanks to all the companies we talked to, you guys were so nice. It’s just, I don’t know… We came…
    We are really tired but we are so happy. But now we need to go inside… Just one thing. All the people that took pictures with us we would love to receive them. So just send them to [email protected] We would love to receive all of them. Because we met so many people that
    sometimes we want to get the picture and we couldn’t ask right away and we just
    lost track. We’d love to get your contact, so it’s a way to get it. But now we’re gonna show you inside of the boat because we talk talk talk on the outside and we never went inside. And unfortunately or fortunately… because
    this week instead of recording we lived way more than we recorded. Sorry guys. That was a week for us. So, basically we’re not gonna be able to show you the entire show because we just ran out of time. But trust us: it was amazing. We had such a great experience. We met so many new friends. It’s just… No words to
    describe it. We met a lot of other YouTube channels, we had a lot of fun with them, we got to talk and share experience and that was amazing. But now I’m gonna stop talking and we’re gonna go inside of the boat, to see it in detail. Are we gonna start on the… I think I need to take my socks off. That’s the beginning where she is jealous. She started where she likes, the kitchen. I love kitchens. She always wanted a good kitchen. The galley. Look at this. Look at this. A place to put the knife, a place… A place to have a table. This is good. This is good. Don’t… This is the fourth time we are trying to
    shoot this video. Yeah, technology is not on our side definitely this week. First we had the card full, card problem. That was the first day of the Boat Show, the second day. And then then our hard drive is giving us a hard time. Yeah, we’ve been having problems our hard drive with… a 100% percent of the videos of the entire refit of the boat is trying to fail on us. It’s failing every day a few
    times times a day. But that’s not the matter right now. Let’s talk about this
    video. We went back on the Boat Show on that last day and tried to record the end of the episode that you’ve just watched. And then suddenly, on the middle of the
    recording, the microphone got disconnected, that means we don’t have no
    audio for that. Truthfully we didn’t want to shoot just a regular boat tour, we just wanted to sit inside of the boat, hang out on the boat and see what we like and what we don’t like so we can copy… So we can try to cop some stuff for
    our boat. The finishings. So we don’t have the perfect images, all the details and this and that because we’re just hanging out and talking to the camera while people walk around and would be like… Who are these weird people talking to a camera here. This sounds weird. But then it doesn’t make sense now because we don’t have the audio. Microphone, please next time you, it’s right there… The problem is we use an external mic and then the external mic got disconnected. We can take a picture and show you how is the configuration of the camera. You can tell that right now it’s already like… I don’t know 6 days we’ve been the States, because our voice everyday gets lower and lower and lower. I think I’m getting with a cold or a flu or something. Yeah, we’ve been just talking too much. Not too much, we’re having a lot of fun. The truth is… We want to say sorry… don’t complain that I said sorry again… Because this episode is confusing. It’s confusing because we are too excited. We don’t look like excited, but this
    past week was just amazing. It was like a zillion times better than we could ever imagine the trip would be. When we bought the tickets we’re like: I don’t know if it’s worth to spend all this money to go there to the show and we have the boat
    to work right now. But it was worth every single penny, because we met so many nice people, so many companies that we’re starting talking to about a sponsorship, about a partnership, about some equipments for the boat. The boat is gonna be amazing, just wait and see. And we put some faces on the people that
    comment all the week… Like every week some people comment and we always… we were always curious to meet the person… That’s why he speaks for me. The person behind
    the name. Yeah. So, we put some faces to the names. Yeah. And I don’t know…We took the week to live and we forgot to record a lot of it. Because it’s like… we met other channels that we’ve been watching for a long time, we went to dinner with then, we got to make a lot of friends… It’s just… no words to describe it. Everyone that made this possible… you know who you are and we are really thankful for that. We are really really thankful. A special thank you. A special thanks for Wiley, that is one of our Patreons. And he took care of us. He took care of us for the entire weekend. He took us to the Boat show, he took us to dinner, he organized the brunch. Oh, by the way we had an amazing brunch. Yesterday? Or the day before? The day before. The day before, yeah. 2 days ago. The brunch was just amazing, eat as much as you want Mexican food and the food was just amazing. The people were amazing. That was so cool to have so much love around us. We met a lot of good people a lot of good new friends and… It’s just… it was this amazing. I think I told this before and the camera recorded this. Just send us the pictures we took so we can grab your contact as well. That true, yeah. We need everyone with the pictures to send us the pictures because we have
    almost no pictures. Our phone is empty of pictures. We were just so excited that we forgot to record anything we don’t have anything recorded. Even the picture that Arent took of Duca hiding the hot dog on the back. You can even send us this picture hiding the hot dog. The weekend was just so awesome. We didn’t have time to stop and eat so we were eating and talking with people…. You know… you know those days that you
    don’t even have time to go to the bathroom or to eat? Any of the days of the Boat Show we had lunch. We arrived at 10 and we didn’t stop until the end then we were like: I’m so hungry, I need to pee, I need to go pee because we couldn’t even have time to go to the bathroom. It was amazing. I just want to give one hint about the future. Because we are really excited about a few projects that we are talking about with a few companies that are… Developing with them and it’s gonna… the boat is gonna be even better. A lot of people give us a hard time saying that we should have… we should go lithium. Lithium batteries. Guess what? We cannot say it yet. We can
    say it. We just closed up a really nice partnership with awesome guys. The guys from Battle Born, they’re just awesome. And we’re gonna have lithium batteries. We don’t know how it’s gonna work to get the lithium in Brazil. We hope it’s all good. We trust them. They said we they can they can take the batteries to Brazil. They can make it
    happen. So, really soon we’re gonna have lithium
    batteries on the boat and that open ups a lot of possibilities. Maybe induction cooking that we would always love to have. Maybe even an electrical engine. That’s really far ahead but, yeah. We’re gonna talk about that later. We have a lot of things, that’s… now you’re just like the… The comments are just gonna just explode now. Dreaming. No, we didn’t buy an
    electrical engine yet. No no no. We just cannot afford that
    now. And the boat is really heavy, So, in order to have an electric engine that would be a huge project, that involves a lot more than just like one day decision. It’s a huge commitment. But, we are discussing about that. Don’t have anyone, we’re just thinking… just
    thinking loud, it’s not real yet. Not real. We are closing deals that I always
    wanted to close. Like… I can’t talk too much about this yet because it’s not 100% closed. We have like some really good conversations going on, that are gonna be
    really excited for us, for the boat. Because the boat deserves love. For you
    guys to watch us doing some new stuff with new… Yeah, I think we’re rambling too much and we are just talking about something that we’re not telling, so it doesn’t make sense. Sorry guys. Because we are excited, but we can’t say too much. Kids, kids, kids. We are just kids. Let’s just welcome on board our new Patreons then. That’s it for today, right? So, welcome on board… Recording. Bruce, Danny, Travis, Alan, Gilvan, Frans. And we also wants to thank the donation through our PayPal. Thanks so
    much, Peter. We really really appreciate your support. And we see you guys next week. We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

    ⛵️Our new MAST has arrived!! #121
    Articles, Blog

    ⛵️Our new MAST has arrived!! #121

    February 28, 2020

    So, today the episode it’s not gonna be
    here. Come with us. That’s gonna be a surprise. We have really exciting news! But, wait until we get there. It’s taking too long, right? Just hold a little bit longer. It’s gonna be worth. Just hold a little bit longer. We’re getting there, getting there. I’m really excited. It seems like fake,
    but it’s true: I’m really really excited with that. Check this out.
    Where we are? In the mast area. Basically one of those masts it’s our
    mast. So now guess which one it is? It’s somewhere around… here. Here…like… So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So, we can travel around knowing that we
    will always have this little place that we can call home. But, guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! Disclaimer: we lost all the original video files for this episode, that means we used low resolution files and that’s the reason for this poor imagine quality. Sorry for that,we hope it doesn’t happen again. An important moment? Yeah. Exciting moment. Our mast just arrived. That’s so cool. We’re really really excited. We’ve been waiting for months for that. So, let’s go around and check out the mast. I’m gonna turn off this one. We can shoot with this one. Winches. Isn’t it beautiful? Yeah. This new mast is so beautiful. It’s just amazing like… all the welds and… it’s just
    really well built. This mast was built in Brazil. The aluminum actually I think
    it’s from Holland. But they just import the aluminum and
    they do all the cuts and welds on the south of Brazil. And the company’s called
    Manotaço. It’s like 1 kilometer… 1,000
    kilometres from here. This mast was built in 1 thousand kilometers from here, and that’s the tricky part. Because it might seem that’s just like: oh, you just buy a new mast. You just call them and ask I
    want a new mast for my boat that’s 44 feet. It’s not like that. The problem is.. our boat… we have no layout of the sail plans. We had no drawings of
    the sail plans. And we only had the old mast down. So, we needed to do all the measurements again. And that took a while. Remember my friend that was here on the first week helping us with the decisions of how to fix the boat? He has a lot of experience. And he also works with this masting
    company all the time. He had built many boats. So he came here twice maybe 3 times to help with the measurements and understanding… And to come up with a new sail plan because we are gonna tweak a little bit the sail plan. It’s not a hundred percent the same as it used to be. And how about? Is this mast better than the other? In our opinion it’s better. I mean
    the other mast was okay, it’s no problem. But this one is more modern the (section)
    aluminum is better, the mast is the lighter. And that’s why we can have
    stainless steel railing on the boat because we put more weight on the boat
    but we have less weight on the mast now. And also we are gonna have 2
    headsails, on the other one we had one. And we are gonna have batten car,
    that’s the… You know? The little cart that goes on the mainsail to be easy to go up and down easier. We thought the older mast was filled with foam and it wasn’t. But anyways it was a good exchange. And you know already, we already sold… I don’t
    know if you are new here… We decided to sell our old mast buy a new one, maybe you are not understanding what’s going on. The old mast was sold for around one
    third of the price of this mast. So for us it was a good deal. And for the person that bought our old mast it was also a good deal because he lives
    even further north, like 3000 kilometers. 3000 kilometers north, that means he would need to buy a mast 4000 kilometres from where he lives. And that was a good deal for everyone. But it’s not just the mast, we sold and we bought new boom… It’s right here, let’s show them the boom. The spinnaker… Present us the boom. So that’s our new boom. And our new
    spinnaker pole. Right there. We still didn’t buy the ends. We are gonna buy it this week. And new spreaders. That was another problem. Our old
    mast the spreaders were made out of wood and they were completely destroyed, rotten. When we arrived here on the boatyard
    8 months ago the mast was almost falling by itself. One of the stays
    actually broke like maybe a year or 2 ago alone, sitting on the yard. And that’s scary. So… Right away when we arrived we took the mast down and then we took the decision of making a new mast. If you didn’t see it the video is here. You can take a look. And I think… The boat is gonna be a lot better with this mast because now we can actually think about the sail plan the way we want. And that’s the reason why we went to New York last week. I mean this week. Yeah. Next week we’re gonna go to Miami and New York, you guys know that already. When you watch this video we might be on the airplane coming back to Brazil. And the reason why we went to New York was to sit with UK Sailmakers to come up with a really good sail plan for what we want to do with this boat, with this new mast. And that’s what we need to do today, we need to take some measurements of the mast, so when we sit there with them we have more informations to talk about, right? And another thing that we changed from the old to this one is the hight. That’s true. Yeah. We have like 50 centimeters higher mast now (*actually a little bit less than 50cm). And that’s okay because all the owners of the same boat we talked to they said they need a lot of sails in order to sail. And if we need to have less sails we just gonna… How do you call it? Rizar? Reef. You can always reef it. I mean like… When the wind is light you use the entire sail plan and then you just reef. So we want the option of having more sails. And it’s… other problem with the… They said that we could have some problems with the stays, but we are making the whole sail plans again. So it’s not a problem to change the mast. We also changed the dimension of the stays. I mean, the support for the stays on the hardware on the deck is really thick. The stainless steel welded to the hull… it’s a metal boat so it’s really really strong all the supports. And we are gonna have thicker stays. So, for example the main headstay
    used to be 10 millimeters now it’s gonna be 12. Because we have 2 sails on
    in front and also that’s a big change we did. Instead of having 2 sails… the
    other mast actually had space for 2 sails. But the second genoa was on the
    second spreader, that means it was a lot lower than the first genoa and it was just so small that the former owner took off permanently. Because he didn’t use it, he
    said it was too small to be used. So decided to have 2 genoas that are gonna be big like maybe 100% one and 150 the other one. So both genoas are gonna be on the top of the mast. We can show them the support. He said they never used this because the boat needs to have a lot of wind. She needs more sail area so
    the genoa was too small. The boat is heavy, it’s like 14 tons maybe. I think it’s 14 tons. We are gonna show you the difference of where the… Come with us. It’s easier to show them than to explain it. It’s really hot. She is slow. See? So, here is the top of the mast. Helicopter again. It’s always like that:
    you turn on the camera they come with the helicopter. I think they just want to
    pick us up. It’s like a bee when you are sweet smell the bee comes. It’s like the camera with the helicopter. It’s just our pilot, he just came to
    pick us up but I said come later we need to record now. Not yet. It’s always on the wrong time. I sent him back home. And he’s gonna come back later. Someone can believe in that. It’s not true. I’m just joking. We don’t have a helicopter. So basically, here is the top of the mast. The main genoa comes from here. It used to be the second genoa all the way… You can stay there, so they can see the distance. So, the second genoa on the old mast used to be here. So look at the distance she is you cannot even see her. So now we’re gonna have the second genoa all the way here. So that means… That means both… 60 centimeters from the top. Yeah, so that means both genoas are gonna be really close to each other. You can measure it. Wait for it. 56.5 centimeters. In this way we’re gonna have 2 big sails headsails. That means that when we want to go wing on wing we have a perfect sail plan. Of course we cannot jibe or tech the main one, the big one with this one right in front. That means that we always need to furl it for a one side and open to the other side. That’s okay, at least we have the option. But that’s a cruising boat, that’s not a racing boat. We don’t mind and even on racing boats if you see Volvo Ocean Race boats they also furl and unfurl it. They would never.. I
    believe they will never tech. And also we have the third point. That’s pretty good. So. Big genoa. Small genoa. And here we will have the option of of hoisting a storm jib . A really small storm and strong storm jib that we won’t even have a stay, it’s probably just gonna be a spectra cable, just a technical cable. And we just have to sail ready to host whenever we need it really quick. And this is gonna be on the deck, this is gonna be on the same spot that used to be that genoa. So that’s gonna be a much smaller genoa. How about the boom? What do you mean the boom? Come on. See? She is taking the lead now. People say that she
    don’t speak, but she’s getting much much… I’m improving. She is improving her speaking. This week we were talking with Zé do Mastro, that is the specialist… Zé do Mastro is the guy that fixed our rudder, that is gonna install the mast also. And we were gonna speaking with him about installing the boom on the mast. And he said that we can
    install it and then we can adjust the height. The height of the boom we can adjust perfectly for the cockpit. So you know like… Of course we’re not gonna change a lot the height of the boom but we can get like 5 centimeters up or down. We can decide the height of the boom, so we can have a bimini on the top the cockpit, right? We are still deciding where… we are still deciding where to put the spinnaker pole. The spinnaker pole usually people have on the mast. We are probably gonna have it on the deck, not on the mast. Our mast is not passing through the hull. It’s not… it’s just on the top of the
    deck, it doesn’t go through the deck. And we like the idea of having a
    spinnaker pole on the deck, so in a case… we’re not gonna think about that, it’s
    never gonna happen… But just in case something happen to the mast, if we
    lose the mast we still have the spinnaker pole that somehow can become a
    fortune mast. Because as the mast is on the top we… It’s just a… how do you call it? Precaution of precaution of precaution. It’s never gonna. We’re never gonna need that. Hopefully. But we just like the idea of having the spinnaker pole on the deck. The other reason we are going to the US is because we need to buy new clutches. Hopefully… we want to talk to a company that we already sent them a message on Miami Boat Show and see if they want to sponsor us with some clutches. Because we
    need a lot of… it’s like thirteen clutches (*11 actually). Another thing that we need
    to buy that we still don’t have is the top part for the spinnaker. The tip. I don’t know how you call that. The hook. The little hook. But now I think it’s too hot. I think we
    need to get this done, right? Look at this. We are just burning on the sun. And we… It’s pretty hot today. Let’s go to the… I think we need at least to go to the shade, because otherwise we’re gonna get crazy here. Yeah but, we are really
    really excited with the new mast. Now we need to install that is… Much better. So basically, what we need to install new mast now is to buy the stays. And to get the turnbuckles and also… Let’s sit down. Much much better. As I was saying… We already have the mast. We have already a deal to have the turnbuckles. But we didn’t buy the stays yet. We’re gonna buy probably next week. And then take them like 2 weeks
    to produce it. There is another thing. We need to go to Florianópolis, our home town that’s 700 kilometers away from here, o get all the electronics. Because we need to install some wirings from the electronics inside of the mast and also the cables for the boat. I mean, we could but that later but as we are gonna have the mast down why not do it on the proper way. There’s another way… another reason we
    changed the mast. All the cables (*ropes) were outside of the mast. And we want to pass some through
    the inside. I think it’s better the cables to go through the inside. And they are in Florianópolis and we need to get them all. The problem is that we bough a lot of stuff with our friend that has a shop in Florianópolis. And he has a lot of our stuff on his shop and we need to go all the way down there. When you watch this video I think it’s gonna be the 24th of February. Tomorrow, I mean tomorrow the 25th is my birthday. We are gonna be my entire birthday driving south to pick up some electronics and some stuff in Florianópolis where we live. So then we’re gonna pick
    up the radar. For us it’s radar. So we bought a radar, actually we bought
    all the electronics for the boat already. That’s a surprise. We did we didn’t even
    see… We didn’t even see them yet but we bought all the electronics. And we need to buy some controls in the US. We bought it already now. We bought it, it’s future. Are we confusing you? Talking about the future and the past and the present all the time, at the same time. Because today is like 8 of February? I think it’s the 8th of February or 9th, maybe. We are recording this before we go to the States so we can edit it during the trip, during the flight. During the flight we are gonna edit this one. So basically we’re gonna pick up the radar and all the cables… All the electronics. And the wind station, the wind vane for the
    wind sensor. Yeah, the wind sensor. Hopefully in a month from now I guess
    we’re gonna have all the pieces together so we can install the mast. We’re not gonna go to the water yet but a mast even though we are on a dry a mast now would be really good because we could make a tent on the top of the boat so much easier. And it’s gonna make life better inside to work on what we still have to do inside. There is something that can… There she comes again… What’s wrong now? We need to fix some spots in our painting of the hull, the orange paint. And might need to go again to the painting cabin. That’s the only tricky thing
    that maybe it’s gonna make the mast late. But we are hoping we don’t need to go
    the painting cabin. If we don’t need to go to the painting cabin that means we install the mast in a month from now I guess. If we need to go to the painting cabin that can become 2 months from now. Are you guys tired already of listening us
    talking that maybe we’ll go to the water one day? I mean… We’ll go. That’s a
    promise. No worries that we’re not gonna quit. We are gonna go to the water, but we wanna go to the water when the boat is ready. We want to do it properly. And I think we told you that before but the marina we are it’s much easier to have a spot on the dry, because on the water they don’t
    have as many spots as on a dry. So our price is probably gonna be better if we
    stay on the dry. Once we go to the water is we spend a week on the water making some tests on the boat and then we’re just leaving. So that means we could go to the water really soon but we rather just go to the water when we are ready almost to leave and untie the lines. That’s gonna be awesome.
    But one step at a time, right? For today that’s it. Because I’m really hot. I’m really hot? No, I’m not hot, I’m not that hot. She is better. I’m feeling hot now. It’s sweaty. I’m
    really really sweaty. You can see like… There is like water dripping everywhere. Check this out. So, let’s welcome on board our new Patreons for this week. So, welcome to the family, MV Hyperion, Louisa, Emeett, Brad, Ricard, Goffart, David And we need to speak some Portuguese now. Welcome, Angelo. Thanks a lot for the support. Ans we also want to thank a donation thought our Paypal. Thanks a lot, Derek. And I guess that’s it. That’s it for today because we are so
    warm, we need some water and some rest. So, I guess we see you guys next week. We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

    500 ROTTEN, FESTERING Blisters!!  – Blister Repairs on a Fiberglass Sailboat! (Patrick Childress 59)
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    500 ROTTEN, FESTERING Blisters!! – Blister Repairs on a Fiberglass Sailboat! (Patrick Childress 59)

    February 23, 2020

    We need to get all of these opened up resin blisters from looking like this to Looking like this and this is how we did it Hello, we are Patrick and Rebecca Childress and our six-month-old South African deckhand coati on our Valiant 40 Brick House And we are hauled out in Richards Bay South Africa In 1976 When this boat was built the price of oil in the u.s Just about tripled and along with that all oil related products like fiberglass Resin, and the Builder of this boat decided to change resin suppliers and go to a cheaper resin No one could have foreseen the consequences over the years and decades the uncured resin in the lay-up has been trying to get out of that layup and Causing blisters on its way out. So these are uncured resin blisters It has nothing to do with osmotic blisters, which is water trying to get into the laminate and then causing blisters So I’ve seen these blisters develop and get bigger and more numerous over the past twelve years of crossing oceans on this boat So right here in Richards Bay after sailing three-quarters of the way around the world I’ve decided to dig in take care of these blisters make sure that there’s no structural issues and Fix these up just as best as I could So we can carry on and cross more oceans and have no more problems and hopefully any future owner of this boat Twenty years from now if there’s problems they’ll be just minimal. So we’ll see what happens in twenty years I hope I’m around to see it but this is what we did to dig in and Fix our resin blisters for right now Digging into these resin blisters below the waterline where there’s a lot of soft antifouling paint just wasn’t working out So well, we opened them up a bit, but there had to be a better way of Digging out the fiberglass that was delaminated from the hull and that’s where we found It was better to first drill holes into these blisters and if there is moisture Which often time there was to let it squirt out Although it might look clear here. Certainly. The liquid was more of a dark. Tobacco. Looking color Eventually, we got all the bottom paint off which was the whole video in itself and that took weeks to do But that also made it easier to find the less obvious Blisters like this one that has a little bit of a ring around the perimeter So this is where our nice flat random orbit sander just went over the top and outlined this ring Alright, it’s time to dig in and take care of this blister. We found a much better faster way to open up these blisters so that we didn’t have to spend a lot of time and send a lot of dust into the air with the dis sanding we Use two different sized hole saws and of course, we first got rid of the pilot bit got that out of the way we don’t need to be drilling holes right up through this hull of the boat to the inside and Made a pilot guide out of the thick piece of plywood that held the hole saws in place well, we were able to at least get them started then once the hole is started big if you get rid of the guide and Go ahead and drill the rest of the way through the delaminating fiberglass Certainly made a lot faster and easier than just a lot of this So what starts out as a shallow blister can wander off it in any direction and then become a deep pit going through many layers of fiberglass Those vertical parallel stripes are where this boat was peeled below the waterline only in 2001 and treated for blisters at that time It is quite obvious that just surface peeling to a particular depth is not the best way to go because these blisters originate at all different depths within the laminate layout It was become frustrating just when I thought we had all the blisters opened up I would find another one but my eye was getting a little better at finding these things and Especially in the late daylight the side lighting would show up blisters that just weren’t obvious during the midday light So this one it’s a small one I probably should have seen it before because of that circular Identification so we dig in and open that one up – these are the dish that we were using on the 7-inch porter-cable dis sander 36 grit and 24 grit Occasionally, we would drill into a small blister and it would turn out to be fairly solid So for that small hole we would use this angle grinder with a metal Grinding disc on it to kind of feather out that hole but it left such a ragged finish We would have to go back with the larger this sander and help flatten it out of it Here is an example of a blister that has been ground out fairly symmetrically around however There’s still a bit of a bubble area here. So this grinding is going to have to come back much further out To where it’s well adhered in the layers We want to grind open all those layers of fiberglass the existing layers of fiberglass So that when we lay up the new layers of fiberglass, there will be very good adhesion to what is already there So here’s a spot that was ground out to take care of a blister and After a month of drying we have one little spot here that’s starting to bleed through So I’ll get in here today with a grinder and grind this out We’ll see how far back that little wet spot goes but I would predict something about that size So we’re getting down to these fine little areas And hopefully closing in on a date to start putting everything back together again At the end of nearly every day I get out the water hose and wash down all these open blisters And it’s pretty well known that this process is washing then we’ll help draw out More of any liquid that might still be hiding in the laminate I think if you do some research on moisture meters, you’ll find that they aren’t terribly reliable They give a lot of false indications but what I needed it for on this project was to give an initial reading and Then see if that reading changes over the following months Which fortunately it did in in our favor after five months of drying the numbers were very much in our favor I’m 69 years old. We’ve waited long enough time is ticking. It’s time to put this boat back together and move on The best information I have on this is up to 10 percent Moisture is acceptable for rebuilding but if you have better information, then please share it in the comments So others who are watching this video can benefit from your knowledge Environmental concerns and many of these foreign boatyards is it not the concern that it would be in? America New Zealand, Australia or many other countries But we would still set up our old mainsail drop cloth as a containment cloth Not only for our dust but to keep our neighbors dust off of our boat, especially when they were sandy steel We had to get a system going for patching up all of these irregular shaped blisters so first they were numbered and then we got out a sheet of plastic a Manual held it up while Elvis traced out the outline of each numbered blister Then that piece of plastic was cut out along the magic marker line and used as a pattern to cut out the fiber glass repair cloth Concentric Li smaller pieces of cloth were used then to help fill a depression It was the judgment call of whoever’s working on that particular void that Particular patch on how many layers of cloth to cut to help fill that depression This cloth is called biaxial because of its particular weave as opposed to this more traditional type of cloth Sometimes called boat weave on the backside of this is Chopped strand mat this chopped strand mat is actually sewn when with threads onto the biaxial together This is often times called combi Co MBI? but it’s also known as 1708 because the biaxial cloth weighs 17 ounces per square yard and the chopped strand mat weighs 8 ounces per square yard good strong combination we will use this for all of our Repairs all the blister repairs all the laminating and the build up and we’ll generally put the chopped strand mat side Down onto the repair first and build up from there Now the chopped strand mat has a nice way of folding into a lot of the defects and depressions of our repair work On the final layer will put peel ply peel ply as a floss It’s a polyester cloth very finely woven, but you just put it on as though it’s another layer of fiberglass cloth and but you don’t Wet out around the edges You don’t want to glue the edges down, but when everything is all set up you peel this off against it’ll leave a texture Equal to the weave of the cloth So it has tooth for the next layer of cloth to bed to and adhere to and along with using the peel ply Any Amin blush, which is a chemical reaction in epoxy resins comes off in the peel ply so there’s no more washing or any other prep work that’s needed on our laminate on our lay up after the peel ply comes off actually a mean blush is a reaction between the epoxy hardener and the Surrounding humidity in the atmosphere Some hardness like what’s used in two-part epoxy putty don’t create amine blush So we have all of our stacks of pre-cut glass all lined up ready to go now All we need is some fiberglass resin and this is epoxy gur at 106. Resin using slow hardener It’s a 1 to 5 mix this is very similar to is West system 105 and these pumps are very easy to use for these small mixes and Talento is our mixer man. It was so easy just to SATA lente. I need 5 and he’d give us 5 pumps or we need 6 or we need 7 and He would just mix up what we need. And this was his full-time job all day long Cilenti is wearing a double respirator Only because I was working on a separate project myself and I had him mixing up thickened epoxy with Cabo Sill Cabo still is a very flaky powder. You do not want to breathe If we needed a big batch of resin Then we would use a small kitchen scale to weigh it out all of us an annual worked well together The Emmanuel was the more experienced apply man, and Elvis supplied him with everything that he needed next It doesn’t matter who you are in South Africa even adult boat owners go around this repair yard barefoot tough African feet they have CIPO has been working in this boat yard for at least 15 years He knows everything about everything and I’ve learned a lot from them he’s starting out filling up these small depressions with smaller pieces of Fiberglass cloth and then working into larger diameters sections to eventually fill up the whole depression And certainly rolling out any air bubbles that might be entrapped in the laminate Years ago Emmanuel started out here as a security guard now. He just like CIPA is one of the best fiberglass men and all-around boat repair guys and available in the morning talento gets to pull all the other peel ply off of our previous day’s patching and That’ll give us an idea of when we have to lay in more fiberglass cloth Do some sanding or what if we just get to start cutting and fairing everything Celente started out in this boat yard working on the catamaran that was hauled out in front of it Polishes that catamaran was used in our how to clean the bottom of the video tips from the pros I saw how hard he went every day non-stop So I had a ragam and he’s caught on very quickly on how to mix resin same isn’t doesn’t Apply resin and looser layup so he’s becoming a very good fiberglass man himself Along with all the other things that about you parry arguments to have done Sotell NT is an independent contractor Now that we don’t need him anymore He stays very busy because he’s very desired by all the other private boat owners who were hauled out and need some excellent work done Using the peel ply helped tremendously to smoothen the surface unfilled laminate But we still had to go back with the 7-inch this sander and also the six-inch random orbit sander to help smooth things even more To repair anything for cutting and patching and that’s where a lot of previous work to begin This boat needed Massive amounts of cutting and fairing from the gunnel all the way down to the bottom of the keel and it would be very impractical to try to mix up two-part epoxy resin and mixing the Proper fillers and everything else and then get it out of the bucket before it’s set up and onto the boat and ferret out So we chose to use a two-part Ready Mix fairing compound s fare 600 which we got from AMT composites out of Durban and we would have them send it up on a little truck And whenever we needed more it’s good stuff Everything on this whole project is only epoxy We never used any polyester or vinyl ester resins for anything, but the S fare, you just mix it up One-to-one by volume Or if it’s by weight, it’s 100 to 64. And the first number is always the Resin, so that would be 100 parts and the 64 would be the hardener quantity It’s very easy to mix this stuff by an eye you make two nice globs of equal size and shape and then mix it all together thoroughly and Then you’re ready to go. But still the working time is very short You do have to move fast and this is probably about as much as what we could mix up at one time And get it on the boat before Having it start to set up and become useless to us spreading the putty thin and white on the mixing board like this Decreases the amount of heat build-up so it increases the amount of working time before it starts to set up before applying any compound to the boat we first washed everything thoroughly to get the sanding dust off using a lot of fresh water and A terry cloth towel to wipe everything down as though we’re washing a car a scrub brush Just does not work always leaves sanding dust and other contaminants behind we need a very clean surface for all of this to adhere to Properly but after washing and everything’s drying then we went back and wiped everything down with acetone and very clean paper towels or very clean rags that we had laundered trials are a putty knives like this or Sheetrock compound knives like this one We’re adequate for some of these smaller areas in flatter areas, but once we got into much larger compound curves or large great areas We tried to find something that would work much better and that would conform to the compound shapes so we finally figured that out and we made our own tools get into that in the next video in this series part 2 And we also show you how we made long boards for sanding all of this stuff down and getting in Even finish it was a lot of work