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    #164   Hurricane Clean-Up on a Liveaboard Sailboat!
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    #164 Hurricane Clean-Up on a Liveaboard Sailboat!

    September 21, 2019

    Hey Ame, how ya doin?’ Alright, well, here we are. Boy did we luck out with this hurricane, didn’t
    we, Ame? I dont know if that’s luck, I’m just grateful
    that’s all I can say (laughter) It’s really a relief, wasn’t it? Big relief. Well, hurricane season is – only got a couple
    more weeks of it – I think (yay!) And now its time to start planning to up and
    out! We’re gonna head SOUTH! (laughter) where have
    I heard that before? Yeah, really! So we’re in Oriental (N. Carolina.USA)
    at a marina that’s only about 10 minutes where we are, where ‘Yab-Yum’ is. And the storm surge was so high here that
    poor sailboat was lifted right out of its spot, up on land now. So behind me is the mighty mighty Neuse River….a
    force of nature! WE saw the road blocked to Deaton’s Boat Yard-
    that’s the place where we need to bring the boat to do the bottom paint before we head
    south. We wondered why they weren’t answering the
    phone. Vin chose an alternate route and then when
    we got there we met John, a viewer. It’s so fun to meet you guys. Yeah, it’s fun for us too! He was just sharing how he’s watched our journey–
    I been following you guys for a long time – it’s great, yeah, ya gotta be careful. Cause we’re gonna enlist you to do some work. It’s okay! I’ve been doing my property basically fore
    the last couple weekends and am pretty well caught up. Now I’m gonna if I can help out some others
    around here, cause we’ve been pretty well hit here, so.. Yeah..
    there was a huge pile here a mountain, basically a mountain of debris and fill so they’ve come
    a long way here and you know i guess they did pretty good across the way here as well
    good people here at Deaton’s and the’ll take good care of you- yeah, that’s what we’ve
    heard it’s so fun to meet you guys! So here’s a local pier that really got the
    wind damage its a shame but you know whats amazing? as strong as that wind was to damage
    this pier you go through this town and amazing these old, old trees are still standing – it’s
    pretty amazing and I love some of these big trees that have survived
    and not just this hurricane but other hurricanes and just like alot of the people in this town,
    and alot of the people across this nation, they’re survivors just like this tree. Hey everybody, how ya doin? Vin here. If you live within you know a half hour or
    so of Oriental (N. Carolina) and you would like to assist me to take the boat -it’s about
    3 hours south – wanna take the boat to Deaton’s and put it on the hard so I can do the bottom
    paint- Amy has to take care of some family business, if you can do that then send me
    an email Anyway, so we’re here waiting for the flood
    waters to recede from the hurricane because the US Coast Guard has shut down, basically,
    the waterways of S. Carolina (part of the ICW and some bays)
    because of debris and flooding til the waters recedes (until Oct. 19th) or whatever comes
    sooner.. so, in the meantime gonna focus on continuing
    to get the boat ready as soon as the waterways open up and gotta do the bottom paint , let
    me know send me an email if you can help me get some stuff done
    thank you so much guys, and I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the video
    I had a commentor (viewer) who said he likes to hear our ‘banter’ with eachother. (laughter)
    Banter? There’s gonna be banter? Maybe we should film an argument..I think
    we’re too tired to banter I just want to go make dinner and eat yeah, well when hurricane
    season is over we can get goin’- it’s all about the waterways are clear that’s true,
    it’s a really big thing that we’re keeping an eye on with rising waters but also, you
    know, stuff that’s been, debris that they havent even gotten rid of yet
    yeah, it’s still flooding on the Waccamaw (river) and the Socastee Swing bridge is closed
    so, we’ve got to figure out what we’re gonna do – probably us and lots of other people
    who normally head south So, let’s banter- they said we were ‘cute
    and charismatic’ I guess you were the one who was cute and charismatic I dont know but
    I think you are cute and charismatic I’ve also been called other things by the commentors
    too but I had to delete them wasnt ‘family friendly’ you know the worlds full of people
    lovers and haters we’re bantering It’s totally broken? I’m sure it’s supposed to have no, it just
    flew off yeah, it’s missing a little tab So what is our boat dinner gonna be? We have gourmet boat food on this boat – we
    serve just the best – we serve the best noodles and pickles mini-dill pickles and we serve
    the best raman noodles and we have the most delicious hard-boiled eggs we just have such
    a well-rounded diet that is good, you know just gotta watch that lack of fiber we have
    plenty of fiber- having oat meal every day there’s our fiber – that’s good Hello! I like the shades! Time to eat?

    How Much does a Bluewater Sailboat Cost? | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 22
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    How Much does a Bluewater Sailboat Cost? | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 22

    September 21, 2019

    – Now that we’ve owned our
    boat for a little while. – And we have officially left the dock. (upbeat music) – We thought it might be a good time right before we set off down the river to take a step back and talk
    to you guys about money. – Cash flow.
    – Dollah-dollah bills, y’all. – Clams.
    – Clams? – Everybody always wants to
    know, how much does it cost? – And it’s one of the most
    important questions too because it’s one of the
    biggest barriers for entry. Once you decide that
    you want to buy a boat, once you decide that
    you want to go cruising, the next biggest question
    is, do you have the money? – Today we’re gonna talk to
    you about a couple of things. We are going to answer the question, how much does it all cost? We just bought a boat. That’s the big one. – We’re gonna touch on
    our saving and planning in the years that lead up
    to actually buying the boat. (champagne squirting)
    – Yeah (laughing). Lauren just paid off all her school loans. The types of expenses to
    expect when purchasing a boat. – [Woman] $370 to document a boat. When you have a lien and
    you have to record it it jumps up to like $570. – The upgrades that we
    needed to do to the boat once we purchased it. – A new windlass. – 44 pound Rocna. We got a dinghy! Here is your throne. 200 feet of chain. – Lastly, we’re gonna talk about the tools that we developed, to help us answer some of the questions, like should we finance the boat and how much boat can we afford? And how much is it gonna cost to make this boat into
    what we want it to be after we do buy it. It took us 10 years from the day we decided
    we wanted to go sailing, to signing the dotted line
    to purchase our sail boat. Was it 10 years, really? – Yeah it was, I mean
    it’s kind of a gray area but yeah, it’s about a decade. Overall, our biggest thing was we didn’t wanna just save
    up some money, take off, and then when that money run out, be forced to come back to land. We actually already had done that once. It wasn’t a boat situation,
    but we quit our jobs and we took off traveling,
    and then we ran out of money and we had to come back and get jobs. We did that in our early 20s and that wasn’t something
    we wanted to do again. This time we wanted to
    make it sustainable. So we wanted to eliminate debt, we wanted to acquire some
    passive income streams and. – We needed to save for the boat. – And we needed to save for the boat. – So while it took us 10 years
    to do all of those things you can probably get
    them done a lot faster if you don’t come out of school
    with massive amounts of debt and if you are comfortable with the idea that after a year, or two, you might need to stop
    and get different jobs. We’re treating this a
    little bit differently, we’re wanting to make it
    a sustainable lifestyle and so we are working the entire time that we’re traveling and we’re hoping to cut
    back on that a little bit but it’s more of a lifestyle choice for us rather then a sabbatical. (upbeat music) So during all of our time
    thinking about buying a boat in that 10 year period,
    we also had to talk money. We had to figure out how
    much money we could spend and it wasn’t always clear because. – The type of boat that we wanted changed. – Drastically.
    – Like drastically over the years that we were searching. – I’d like it, we’d have to
    put some money into it though. – That boat’s a piece of work. – We really didn’t follow a very well thought-out plan,
    which is why I wrote the post “How to Buy the Right Sailboat for You.” (laughs) So that you could
    learn from our mistakes. – So you’re not idiots like us, spending years looking for a boat. – But when it came down to brass tacks, we decided we had a
    all-in budget of $50,000. – And the $50,000 thing actually came just a little bit after we had like a $30,000
    budget for a little while. – For a while we thought we
    wanted to stick around $30,000 and then we decided we could
    go a little bit more to get what we felt like would be
    a significantly better boat that was gonna require a lot less work. – Yeah. – So that really leads into, kind of the thinking behind our budget
    was, we had $50,000 all-in. That meant we could buy a $50,000 boat and not spend a penny more,
    or we could buy a cheaper boat and every dollar under $50,000 was money that we could
    put towards upgrades. – You might still be
    wondering, why $50,000? We wanted to buy a boat that
    was pretty much ready to go. We didn’t want to be stuck in a boatyard for months or years, trying to
    finish a half-completed boat. We looked at boats that
    were less than $50,000 and we felt like either, they were too small for the two of us, or they weren’t in good enough condition. And so after looking at
    hundreds of listings, probably thousands, it
    just seemed like $50,000 was the minimum amount
    that we would need to spend to comfortably get what
    we were looking for, which was something that
    was pretty much ready to go and also the size that we wanted, somewhere between 35 and 40 feet. – And the reason for that is a few things. I’m six foot three, and
    having standing head room in the place that I’m going
    to live, is very important. Also, we work remotely, so
    we need some office space and having some space for
    toys was also very important. – [Lauren] What d’you got? – I got some kiteboard here. (upbeat music) How much does it all cost? Is that where we are at? – Well, yeah, we’re gonna focus on how much it costs to
    actually buy the boat. Of course there are costs
    once you buy the boat, ownership costs, but we will only.
    – Save that for another video. – Focus on what it costs to buy the boat. – When buying a boat,
    there are a lot of expenses that are easily overlooked. We found that when buying our
    boat, all of those expenses added up to about 10%
    of the purchase price. – And that’s because of all
    these other little expenses that you really don’t think about when you’re just browsing online, looking at the listing price of the boat. The list price of our boat, was. – What was it, do you remember? – I’m pretty sure, it was 40 ss. – Do we need to look it up?
    – Seven? There it is, 47. – Okay.
    – ‘Kay. – So our all-in budget, was $50,000. The boat was listed for $47,000. Bing! We’re under budget already. – Yay. – We offered.
    – 41,000 – We agreed on a purchase
    price of $43,500. – That.
    – That was great (laughs). – That left us with $6,500
    for upgrades and repairs, which we thought was fantastic. – But not so fast. – That was before we realized all of the other transactional costs associated with the purchase of our boat were going to add up to $4,029. – Wah-wah. – So what were all of those costs? – Survey, $740. – Our haulout to inspect
    the bottom of the boat during the survey was $272. – Insurance was actually something that we needed to have at the closing because we decided to finance our boat. – $591. We bought a Boat US membership, so that we had unlimited towing. We felt like we didn’t
    want to leave the dock and go anywhere without that. Was $10. – $10 that was the best
    money that we spent I think. – (laughs) Closing costs, were $125. – Registration was 73 but the
    biggest one was sales tax. – That was $2,218. – Ouch. – And depending on which state you are in and how dubious you
    feel like being that day there are many ways,
    both legal and illegal to try and get out of paying the sales tax but we just decided not to
    go through all of that hassle and pay up. – Because we’re also
    not by nature, crooks. So that did a good job of eating up most of the rest of our budget. – Leaving us with a total of $2,471 for upgrades and repairs. That’s startin’ to feel a little bit slim. (jazz music) – 99.9% of the time when you buy a boat there’s gonna to be something
    that you want to do to it after you buy it. And in our case, there was a bunch of upgrades
    that we wanted to make. – But we prioritized a number of things that we wanted to do to the boat before heading down the river. – To be specific, we weren’t
    super-concerned about getting a solar array up, we
    also weren’t concerned about immediately upgrading our batteries. Those were things that
    we decided to do later. But the things that we did do. – Are many.
    – Yes. (jazz music) – Are we showing a list
    on screen right now? – Sure, I don’t know. We bought a radar reflector, we bought a handheld VHF, we bought two jerry cans for fuel, one for water. We got a free inflatable dinghy with oars. We upgraded all of our LED, all
    of our cabin lights to LEDs. We bought Navionics for our iPhone. We purchased a new Rocna anchor. We purchased and installed a windlass. We added 200 feet of 5/16 high test chain. We got an anchor bridle, a swivel. And everything to finish out our. – Anchoring system. – Ground tackle anchoring system. We got our cell phone signal
    booster and an antenna so that we can continue working. And we made covers for our compass, our handrails and our winches. And put in some soundproofing
    for our engine compartment so that it wouldn’t drive us crazy as we were motoring down
    the river in a sailboat. That covers it. – Is that it? – That is all of our costs, to
    date from purchasing the boat through leaving our home port and starting out on our adventure. I just realized I didn’t
    include the stuff we bought before we bought the boat which was the holding
    tank, which was $700, which would put us $1,100 over budget. – Oh (laughs).
    – Shh. There are probably a few thousand
    dollars of other expenses in there for just living expenses. Probably a couple of hundred more in there for just consumables and
    every day odds and ends like cleaning supplies, and.
    – Kleenex. – Little bits here and there that didn’t make it into this list. – Kleenex.
    – Kleenex. Why Kleenex?
    – I don’t know. – And a few months between buying the boat and preparing her to head down the river, we spent a total of (tapping on wood) $2,924 meaning we were only $423 over budget. For a grand total of $50,423 spent to purchase and outfit our boat for extended, long-term travel. (upbeat music) So how did we spend $50,000 and only manage to go $423 over budget? That’s a good question, you might ask. – How do you know that a boat is listed for a reasonable price? How do you know what to offer? Not all the time do you want
    to offer the full price. I mean, just like houses, you often offer under
    what the asking price is. And then how did we know
    that the counter-offer was something that was acceptable? Those are all really good questions. And we didn’t just stick with a feeling. You know, it wasn’t like
    oh, this feels right. But we crunched the numbers. – As part of the process
    to purchase our boat we developed a few financial tools to help us make decisions and streamline the boat-buying process. The first tool we created
    to help us determine what was the fair market value of the boat that we were looking at. It also served to help
    us take an inventory of everything that was on the boat so that we could figure out what else we might need to add
    to that boat after purchase. – ‘Cause the boat itself
    is only one part of it. especially if you’re going to be cruising, all the extra stuff on
    the boat is a big deal. – So this tool helped us estimate the cost of everything that we would
    need to add to the boat after purchase, and is a major reason why we were able to stay
    pretty close to our budget. The tool also helped us
    analyze sold boats data we got from the listing broker. We were able to look at
    all of the sales history for the past three years of every Tartan 37 sold through a broker, and analyze the average sales price, how long it sat on the market, the percent and dollar
    amount of the discount, and ultimately, generate
    a suggested offer price that we should make on the
    boat that we were buying. – [Lauren] So that we knew we weren’t gonna overpay on the boat. – The second tool we created, was a tool to help us decide
    between buying the boat in cash or financing the boat,
    and saving that cash and investing it in some other manner. Both of those tools we created were extremely important
    in helping us make all of the decisions throughout
    our boat-buying process. We’re really excited to be able to share those
    tools with our patrons. You’ll have full access to
    all current financial tools, as well as any future
    updates that we make to them along the way. – But if you’re not a patron and you’re still interested
    in using these tools, you can. – We’re making them available for purchase and they can be downloaded
    directly from our website. Put a link in the description below. – Below. – Thanks so much for watching. If you like what we had to share today even through it was a little bit different and at some times awkward. (whispers) Mostly her. – Yeah, definitely. – (laughs) Let us know. If there is somethin’ that
    we didn’t cover here today that you’d like to see, tell
    us in the compli, compliments? – Tell us in the compliments. – Tell us in the compliments, yo. – Compliments only (laughs). Anyway, thank you for watching,
    and we will see you soon.

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    September 20, 2019

    Catamaran JOY Entrando na Agua A Aventura comeca hoje ! Vamos na primeira fase de nossa viagem de LES SABLES para Barcelona, parando na Espanha, Portugal e ilhas Baleares ! Nos acompanhe assinando nosso canal e clicando o sininho no youtube Saindo de Miami alugamos um carro em Paris para seguir para les sables para conhecer nosso novo barco achamos a JOY momentos que ela vai para a agua pela primeira vez Saindo pelo canal de Les Sables, o mesmo que saem os barcos do Vandee Globe. Muita emocao e nervosismo ao mesmo tempo para falar a verdade um pouco perdido aqui assim comeca nossa aventura. Cruzando a baia de biscaya rumo a Espanha Lua cheia nos acompanha otimas condicoes para ajudar o marinheiro de primeira viagem esses eletronicos deram trabalho para aprender usar. Parabens Howlie! Agora vai ter que me ensinar a limpar esse monstro ! obrigado a todos que nos ajudaram a realizar esse sonho. Sem voces seria dificil.

    Un-Armed PIRATES & INTRUDERS – Self Defense on Sailboats against THEFT(Patrick Childress Sailing 42)
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    Un-Armed PIRATES & INTRUDERS – Self Defense on Sailboats against THEFT(Patrick Childress Sailing 42)

    September 18, 2019

    hello we are Patrick and Rebecca
    Childress on the sailboat Brick House. Rebecca and I both know five
    people who have been captured and held hostage for ransom in the southeastern
    Philippines on the island of Jolo. two of those people did not make it out
    alive of course this happens elsewhere in the
    world like off of Somalia and other places but in this video we aren’t
    talking about these heavily armed pirates that when they approach your
    boat you’re shit out of luck you don’t have a chance the world of escaping them
    and if you think you want to pop off a few rounds from your 308 or ar-15 go
    right ahead because it’ll be the last thing that you do before you become
    Obliberated so in this video we aren’t talking about heavily armed pirates we
    are talking about the guys who come on your boat with machetes or intruders in
    the middle of the night that are there to steal your outboard we are talking
    about non-lethal defense to send a very clear message to these guys that they
    made the wrong decision to come upon your boat and we know other
    people that have been out on the ocean in the middle of the night two o’clock
    in the morning accosted by a fishing boat trying to pull up alongside and our
    friends are calling Mayday Mayday on channel 16 and nobody’s responding if
    they had some pepper spray or something to lob onto that fishing boat they
    would have been in great shape but they were able to pull ahead motor wise and
    then throw a big wad of polypropylene line over the side and then that caught
    the property of these approaching fishermen and that stopped them in the
    water but you know the last thing I want to do is if a fisherman is approaching
    the boat or somebody’s approaching the boat we’re not quite sure what their
    intentions are but it doesn’t seem so it doesn’t seem so good the last thing I
    want to do is you know shoot off a gun and kill one of them I mean that’s just
    gonna land me in a rotten prison wherever I am but since it’s at a distance I’d
    like to be able to lob something at him too so that they definitely know that
    we’re not the boat to pick so that’s the idea we were in a mall in Richards Bay
    South Africa we saw all these arms in the window we
    could not believe what they had but it turns out they weren’t real
    they were co2 powered so there’s a lot of good ideas in there but what the most
    amazing thing was a simple paintball gun a lot of people in the world play
    paintball and where they shoot each other with die marked balls but now you
    change the projectile in those guns they become very impressive and so let’s go
    to the mall we’ll take a look at a lot of these things and then you decide what
    you think might work best yeah and let us know in the comments down below which
    ones you think you’d have on your boat if some other ideas that you have for
    the same kind of thing we’re always looking for more ideas nice simple ideas
    things that don’t cost a lot of money but what would you have on your boat let
    us know in the comments down below of course you have to be careful where you
    bring these things they’re perfectly legal in South Africa but in Australia
    I wonder if even a slingshot is legal there you can get a lot of trouble for
    bringing even these toys into foreign countries so you have to research the
    customs and other laws in these foreign countries before you go cruising in with
    them yeah a good place to do that just go on new and they’ll they’ll have
    it pretty much in the description what you can and can’t bring you gets not the
    gospel but it’s a pretty good place to start yeah there’s another technical
    problem in a mall you know all the incredible reverb in the sound in the
    air in the mall and we had that same problem in this store so the sound is
    not that great to start with yeah we had the manager was able to close one door
    entry door he couldn’t close both of them and look like these shut up but the
    one door did help quite a bit then I put the video through audio scrubbing
    cleaning and that helped quite a bit so it gets better the audio gets better as
    we go along and also his accent there’s so many different accents in South
    Africa and his is Durban accent well Durban Indian Afrikaans a little bit of
    everything He is a good representation of accents in South
    Africa so effect I went through a lot of trouble to put in the closed captions
    and making sure that that’s accurate so just click on the CC button down there
    on the bottom if maybe you’re having trouble understanding or hearing any
    of the spoken words, and there are lots of languages too – okay let’s go to the mall… okay Security Hyper Store…kay holy moly look at these guys
    submachine gun? yeah it looks pretty serious look on the box
    the co2 air power. Let’s go in and get a picture… okay well hello there Chevron how are you
    doing this morning this is Chevron we’ve talked to her I
    don’t know 20 times I’m sure she’s been educating us along with Zain, and all the
    defense’s yeah this is amazing because we were just walking down the mall one
    day and saw all of these guns wow that’s pretty serious stuff but as
    it turns out none of it shoots gunpowder, none of them whatsoever. and we actually try to concentrate on
    anything that does not require a license and yet be able to defend
    yourself okay so all of these toys the co2 powered paintball guns all of that
    in South Africa is there an age limit for buying any of these? Our company
    actually doesn’t allow us to sell it to under 18. They would have to be
    older than 18 and present your ID as well for safety purposes. So for somebody living
    on a sailboat like us that’s nothing but one big headache to have some kind of a gun powdered firearm onboard, but yeah we saw the co2 pistols and rifles so what I
    actually wanted to start off with one of these ones.. actually one of our
    customers favorites. It’s a BB gun so shooting these metal balls here
    operating with co2 gas which is a non-lethal gas it won’t be able to affect you whatsoever as well and can you buy these all over the world
    um most places that do actually have it like we said in America and stuff, they do
    actually have different sizes. in South Africa we are standard
    size which is a 12 gram gas canister that’s 12 grams 12 grams. So our
    customers favorite because of the realistic feature of this gun itself. As you can see it’s just like a real gun. So it’s very simple. Very easy, very simple…With this gun you can have the options of semi-automatic and fully automatic so
    Let’s just say you need to shoot just one bullet. And then you can always switch it to full automatic mode…Holey Tamoley! That can shoot 19 bullets in 5 seconds!
    bullets in five seconds that’s That’s Impressive! That IS impressive! Now that’s pellets? BBs..BBs. Our
    customers really do love this gun, the reason being it’s an excellent deterrent. if
    you pull this out you just have to Cock it, and you are gonna think that I do have
    a real gun in my hand. It’s very realistic, the cock feature. So guys, its actually It’s actually an excellent deterrent, to actually deter your guys away.. our number one baby for our customers. Now, and it operates off if this…CO2 cartridge… and where does the CO2 cartridge go? Slip the CO2 canister here. So you take your Allen key, and open up a notch. This part comes out. Your gas canister, you just drop it inside, you tighten it up, and you are ready for use. And how long can you use that cartridge for. It will give you approximately 35 shots. 35 shots. Oh. So you went through almost a complete. almost through a complete canister. With automatic mode, it’s very easy to finish up your gas because of the rapid fire. Wow! okay now with the BB like that say like
    12 meters away what is it going to feel like. Well with BBs, we give you up
    to 10 meters we can be looking at a piercing so it will be into your skin. at
    10 meter up to 10 meters , where you just have to kinda pop them out. Most of the time, our guys know they don’t even shoot
    the gun you just put it out, (cock it) and they go away
    and it goes away…it works like a charm! yeah okay and once you put the cartridge
    in there can you pull it out six months later and expect it to work? No you can not. How long? Because it’s a gas, at
    the end of the day we give it to you to keep your gun secure at the same time
    you’ll say within 5 days you should use up your gas when you’re not using your
    gun over a longer duration, do not leave an open gas inside it’s just wastes and wears out the seals of your gun. So look
    after the gun so your gun can last a long time. Okay next thing I’d like to show the hand pistols would actually be the
    paintball gun specifically this one
    it’s our latest range for self-defense especially. It’s a six-shot you just load
    your… this here is actually going to be loaded with solids and peppers. so the solids
    whatever you hit you literally just break. I will get you a sample to show
    you the solids and the peppers. Okay, but starting with though, this is just a regular paint ball gun that a lot of people use when they play paintball yes
    and hit each other with the ball that explodes with ink. I will show
    you the paintball as well so that you do have a good idea of what we actually are looking at here. At the end of the day, remember, it is just a toy. But a toy that can actually defend you at the same time so that’s regular paint ball if you
    just want to mess around, take a few shots have some fun that’s your normal
    paint…and they really don’t hurt when you get hit. No…its a small sting nothing too bad. Thats why those guys
    wear the masks when they play? Yeah have to protect their face…don’t want it in the eye! it ’s very important to have your mask in to protect your eyes and protect your face. Yeah safety equipment… Ok, so our defense range…these are solid balls. solid balls. solid balls, how they work is… whatever you hit…you practically – straight through these ones here. BONES…you are looking at damage wise with these guys where you can break a bone or two. It’s a
    non-lethal item so it will not pierce the skin it’s meant to just defend yourself
    to put the person down so it gives you the upper hand in the situation for you to
    actually move away from the surrounding areas. Pepper balls are my very favorite
    reason being, one or two pepper balls are excellent. The guy cannot actually see
    you. Also if there are multiple guys, one two pepper balls are effective on all
    of them. The moment it passes in the air they all breathing at the end they can not
    attack you They are just trying to breathe themselves. I mean if I wore a lot of shirts or a
    jacket will it still explode? If it’s hits on a surface…you see it’s gonna
    pop so even next to them if you can fire It because the moment it goes in the
    air they also taking it in, if you find they are wearing too much clothing yeah so you don’t have to hit
    the person just hit next to them and you can hard-surfaced next to them. yeah hit a hard
    surface next to them. I do, personally prefer the chest reason being the moment
    it hits , they breathe it in, and are out on the ground. They cannot attack you and what percentage
    pepper is this? That’s a seven percent so you also do have ten percent peppers it’s ten percent that’s our bigger
    paintball guns which is more stronger as well. this specific one does pack a punch
    though so what I like about this gun is you load your bullets you load your gas
    inside the moment you load your gas it does NOT activate so you can keep this
    for a year for example in your gun.. There is no issue. The time comes when you need to use your gas, you press down here Here only it activates the gas and there
    after you can.. Thats good. Thats good…reason being it’s always going to be ready for
    self-defense you don’t have to think is there gas in my gun…do I have to worry. In
    a self-defense situation you don’t have time to be worrying about is there gas in my pocket?
    You want to be able to defend yourself and that works like a charm… And it uses still that
    same cartridge co2? Yes, co2 cartridge. which are sold nationwide.
    and you still get about 25 shots out of it…or 20 if glass because it takes more power. That should be enough, hah? More than enough… 1 mag is 6 shots, and you get 3. Pretty decent… you get 3 magazines CDs and so you now okay that
    uses the smaller caliber but can you get 10% pepper spray in the smaller caliber
    the smaller ones this is our latest Ninja King gun
    because most of our paintball guns, and if you do see the size of it pretty big guns, so our
    guys required actually required something more compact to keep on them and also non
    Lethal at the same time which are smaller ones are here, as for the
    bigger rifles is a variety you can pick from there as well we shoot the bigger pellets, and in the range on on this for hitting a something an
    exploding uh bear in mind, wind really makes a big difference because these Pellets are light as well so indoors, you are gonna get a
    longer distance easy on them will be on 40 meters, 30 meters. 40 meters. 40.
    I’ll give you about forty now without wind. Indoors. Damage-wise even twenty meters you are breaking a bone…so you are doing some good damage with those as well. Bear in mind you do upgrade your gun though. We know people who have been harassed
    people on foreign boats and if they And if they could have launched something like this
    onto their boat gas it would have been a great deterrent more powerful bigger
    thing would be the rifle you think there’s larger diameter paint then we
    just take this one for example so the advantage on these ones here is you got
    a hopper feed this hopper feed can hold up to 200 bullets we have a choice
    between 45 or 200 so it gives you a lot of shots you know that even if you’re
    not the best person to shoot you will still be able to Hit your target in the end.With this here, it takes the bigger canisters this is easier you will be getting more
    shots as well approximately 150 or so it depends on your pressure gauge at the
    end of today the extendable stop to make it more
    comfortable to hold. You do racks on the end of your gun as well to add a laser sight or
    torch so at night as well you will be secured you will be able to
    use it. Very simple you just cock, and…you fire…Very easy to use.. ladies at home, so very easy to use
    as you can see there’s just a safety catch so the kids can’t play wit it…and it uses quite a
    different canister of gas canister with the advantage of being able to get it in
    multiple sizes: 4 all the way up to 24 ounces so it depends on the size if you
    go the more shots again yeah approximately on a 20 ounce you get
    about 1400 shots but then again this is just a standard paintball gun canister
    of gas which you can buy wherever they play paintball with a living and you can
    fill it up with it as well okay so these are all toys really but ichange
    the projectile and it becomes quite a different piece of machinery.
    exactly. Now the the diameter of the projectile…is it the smaller or the bigger? No more smaller these are the glass
    breakers. These are the proper ones for self-defense whatever these hit, it breaks
    for example, glass, like I said, RIBS, LEGS, You can do some major damage with these here.
    Rubber balls they actually use in riot control they give a hell of a
    sting the guys kind of use this actually to turn the person to go away. And your next combo the best thing you will be getting is Pepperballs. Pepper balls are my very
    favorite, reason being, these ones are ten percent when you do hit this it’s
    very effective in the store, we have to pop it we have to evacuate the store
    And won’t be able to open. Even next Sore we would have to evacuate because it’s gonna go
    through the AIr con vents. Its quite powerful. now there is there are there
    any guns that really don’t look so militaristic like a gun more like a toy
    you know a real toy Something that doesn’t look so offensive
    yeah the coloration is more benign no pink ones yeah I think what it would be
    much better. On our BBs, we did have a pink one no lie. yeah you also
    have this like double-barrel shotgun another unit that just came in recently
    on the self defense range so the best thing about this is they actually
    concentrated on having a proper shotgun feature on this way it’s a double
    shot so how you gonna load this again you use a solid and a pepper you can
    eitherchoose between left right or twin shot with this gun here as
    well you can add a laser sight so at night You won’t have issues trying to
    find your target look at your laser light and attack with this gun here as well, you also have the same features that it has a laser light on it too so that the people
    can see the laser. All these guns whichever Gun has a bracket, it does allow
    you to see. Thats the mounting bracket for the laser. Now with this here, it also has a safety feature of keeping your gas and keeping
    your bullets in then laying your gun idle. …a scary situation comes through you press down here, and it’s ready to activate and then you ready to fire okay okay so
    you need to have your you know some in your pocket ready yeah with this gun you
    you do have to have ammo on you cuz it’s a proper shotgun feature so the only
    concentration I’m actually having two shots inside yes they wanted to keep the
    original feature of the shotgun and the gas can just drop it down here so with
    the allen key you just put it inside of ear twist it down yeah he’s gonna do check this moron as I
    see because okay so that cartridge, the co2
    cartridge goes right in there oh crap it in on the stock and then when you do
    need it yeah then exactly then you’re just gonna put our ties amid put your
    gun down have it loaded leave it down time call you need to use it you know
    it’s there yes stop activates and you need to find okay good you’re not
    letting gas leak out from you yes because you’re not gonna have that in
    the back of your mind thank you is there gas in my gun
    because the last thing you need is to use your gun there’s no gas over there
    and then you pull the chicken mechanics internet yeah and then of course these
    this takes a little more time to arm because it’s a it’s a larger your
    canister you have to screw it on the advantages of this is we do sell things
    like a valve, so how a valve works it actually sits on to your gas, on to your
    bottle and it’s an on and off tap. so you can have your bottle
    attached to your gun always if you close the tap which means there’s no gas leak,
    so the moment you need to use it, all you gotta do is turn your tap and you ready to
    fire so we can make it easy on you. This comes as well like we say time is very
    important assault fair situation you need to be able to act very fast without
    panicking without warning. emotion yeah I understand that these are used say like
    on the farms the guys use it on farms also you know open areas our guys use
    this a lot recently first of all guys don’t want to use they
    can is the first line of defense sadly you cannot just use your gun
    openly because there are also consequences to you you would be able to defend yourself without having the consequences of using
    A real gun. not to break a bone like these are it’s just it’s just a sting
    yes to get the message across like I have seen some YouTube videos where
    some people wanted themselves to be shot with the gas and they do it at like only
    about three meters and with no shirt on it’s my Hoy jeez and so what
    happens is they get a terrible big bloody hickey yeah it doesn’t really
    look like a hickey that constantly changes color. the pressure on these
    guns if you feel them on your bare skin it
    does but because the pressure is so high remember co2 is compressed air – it really
    does push up with a lot of pressure coming you can tear a piece of plastic
    easy to you with gas, yeah so even without without the bullet in it…. without a bullet inside of it…good for dusting around the house okay sadly I do not
    have the laser that I really would like to show you… it’s what’s used in the
    states a lot it’s the taser gun which is the only
    taser they can attack a person at 4 Meters away. it sends out to wires that hook on to you and every time you press the button in that thing sends a pulse out
    there so yeah so how it is you get the device itself and you get cartridges
    that you put inside now that cartridge shoots out 2 wires at a 4 meter distance it hooks onto you
    if you time you press the buttons the person gets zapped. In our country it’s legal because it’s not attacking it’s not killing the person who just puts a
    person down for you to have the advantage in the situation for you even move away or call the police. Now, bear spray actually do you call a bear spray well I know in the
    states that use it for bears but we call it Pepper Gel. Pepper gel is actually one of our newer things On the market. it’s much more effective
    than pepper spray. also in a windy
    situation I personally prefer the Pepper gel because it will not come back
    and hit you in the face… oh that’s the most remember something guys even if you’re
    Out on the ocean and stuff, you all have lots of wind constantly… if you spray
    that pepper spray it can’t hit you back in your face and the last thing you need
    is to spray yourself when you try to Defend yourself.. with a gel, you know
    it’s making direct contact anywhere on their face whatever it touches it’s
    gonna burn okay so it’ll stick to the person. Aim
    for the face – I suggest you aim for the face because that’s where you
    doing the damage yeah this is what the gel sticks to the person, so it’s more concentrated on the person. that’s why all guys don’t like sprays
    anymore because there’s too many people get affected in the situation of trying
    to defend yourself you cannot control Wind at the end of the day so with that wind it will come back. With the gel It will not come back at you. yeah it even says
    on the front safe to use indoors does not affect bystanders reduces wind blow
    back exactly on the pepper spray whether you’re using the paintball gun or even
    the in the canister up here that you actually pull a trigger on what would be
    an antidote to that if somebody got it in their eyes or you or I got it in our
    eyes how do we get rid of it quickly MILK. Water is a no no cuz it’s
    a base that actually sticks on to your skin so water actually makes it
    worse… it so the best thing you should actually use is milk. that’ll neutralize it yeah you know say like somebody leaving South Africa
    or it’s they want to play paintball in another country how difficult is it to
    carry a paintball gun in their check legged luggage depending
    on the customer the country you’re going to attend today for example if you go to
    Australia they don’t care what kind it is they will not allow it him because
    thier policies do not allow it there at the end of the day you’re not looking at
    our South African within South Africa there’s no issues with all guns
    whatsoever moving it you can see it’s a paintball Gun,l you push it through
    declared as a paintball gun the guys don’t have a problem with it. the
    countries it depends on the customs also the guys will not even allow it in most
    of the guys it looks so realistic for example our
    and customs the guys will never allow that in them because of how do you stick
    it is you got that Patrick that’s important
    look at the tip okay this indicates that it’s a toy or a regular paintball toy
    gun yeah it’s to show that that’s not a Real gun because the thing about airsoft
    is the look and the way it’s identical to the real one yeah something she’s
    actually sure that it is even something like this I mean this is small it it
    looks kind of like a toy in a way certainly not so intimidating like
    imitation this shoots the same ammunition same ammunition you can put a
    hopper here and dump a lot of idents any kind of ammunition you want
    exactly and the big tank comes off the back so it depends on you and your
    choice of Guns, you actually get up what I see or what you really want you
    can choose video thank you see this here does not look like a real firearm so by
    looking at this you can say it’s not a real fire okay then crossbows I mean
    this is a hundred and twenty pound bull crossbow I mean that’s powerful that’s
    really powerful when we were kids we had 45 pound and that was powerful enough
    with my target we actually stopped about 50 we got between 50 80 120 going all
    the way up to 140 so with the hundred 2150 the guys actually use it for
    hunting the rocks yeah damage it will definitely you looking at around
    plus/minus around four hundred fifty nine four pack of six now the good thing
    is as you can feel it is three point eight yeah what the top can be changed
    yes so if you want it to be a bit much area
    for example in the guys are using it for hunting etc we do use raise the head
    plates so this is that cuts right through
    anything okay and what is the cost of one arrow oh you said let me pack off
    six is fifty four hundred and fifty was about thirty dollars a chevron we’ve got
    to get you in here too but thank you you covered it pretty well all of our
    questions and more they will take you Chevron for helping us out thanks a lot
    and Rebecca wants to go play paintball now see you guys later there’s some very
    impressive non-lethal self defenses here I especially like the paintball gun
    would be pepper spray and glass breaker balls all to let those bad guys know if
    they should come aboard they should go find a safer career thanks a lot for
    watching I hope this video has been worthwhile for you if it has please give
    it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already click on the subscribe button
    also in the video description there’s a link to the tip jar if you don’t mind
    helping out to perpetuate these videos thanks a lot and we’ll see you next time trying to scare us away yeah backup

    Provisioning a Sailboat for 6 Months- Sailing SV Delos- Ep. 64
    Articles, Blog

    Provisioning a Sailboat for 6 Months- Sailing SV Delos- Ep. 64

    September 17, 2019

    Previously on Delos! Not knowing anything about rigging the boys give Delos a new rig while at the dock. What are you guys up to? We’re writing a shopping list. A massive shopping list. For like 6 months! And we’re putting it in categories. Really? It’s that big. What categories do you have so far? We’ve got dry goods, other stuff, cleaning products, toiletries… And snacks! You gotta have snack one. Spices and sauces, that’s a very important one. Peanut butter! Hey Hey everybody! While half of the crew was changing the rig the rest of us went provisioning. We already bought heaps of stuff in Malaysia but it was now time for a final massive provisioning. Our goal was to leave Thailand with enough food to last us for 6 months. Let’s do this people! Do we have any more white flour left? Yeah. I think we have like 8 packs or something. So we could just get like 100, or another big pack of earl grey. And then like a big pack of green tea. Well how many bottles of alcohol we drink per month so we can figure out how much sugar we need. Because that’s mainly what we use sugar for. And then we have to include some baking. How many bottles of alcohol will we go through a month? 10 we think so far… If not more! I would say like 15. So if we do 10 bottles a month…. So yeah. 6 kilos. 40 KG’s of sugar for 6 months. Just for the alcohol. So we’re off to do our first provisioning run! Oh man, it’s fricking hot. We’re sweating A LOT. And we’re going to go to Makro which is like a bulk food store. Big provisioning! So we’re gonna see our cruiser car now. And because when you rent a car you can either get like a regular car or a cruiser car. And a cruiser car is WAY BETTER. No power steering, no AC. Yeah. It’s usually a piece of shit from what I’ve heard but it’s cheap. And it’s exactly what we need. It’s a nice car. It’s the upgrade. F*uck yeah look at that thing. I haven’t driven a manual in a while! Let’s do this! Ummm. So we’re at our first stop. This is Makro which like a bulk foods store. Yes! You can see the trolley’s ahead. Like they’re massive. So we’re gonna try to find heaps of stuff. This is our first stop But like 4 or 5 stops to go to. So this is the start. But we have a list. Let’s do this! So we’re gonna go and get some canned foods first. We’re gonna come back here a few times. We don’t have a lot of space in the car so we’re gonna start with that and then check out if they have any good snacks here too. Snacks!!! That’s our mission! See you in a bit! Okay. Babs and I. We’re on the dry goods. Oh shit it’s backwards No it’s not! Dry goods. Okay so we’re gonna go this way. Perfect! Ah to the left, here. This is what we need mate! Big packs of rice. So here we are at Makro in Phucket and we’re actually meant to be filming in here so we’re trying to be real hush-hush about it. So we need 30 KG’s of rice. That’s like 15 bucks. Ha ha, for 30 kilos of rice. And that’s feeding 7 people for 6 months. And we’ve got 10 of these! Tea for Brady’s Kombucha. Yeesss! This store is f**cking awesome! Yeah so we can’t pay with credit card apparently so we’re trying to find an ATM to get 32,000 baht to pay with. And yeah, let’s go! We tried to withdraw enough cash but our daily limit didn’t allow us not our day today! So you’re not allowed to film in there unfortunately. We’re been for about 3 hours now F**ck tired. And apparently or unfortunately they didn’t take card either. So we had to like scramble together all our cash. I don’t know. We got it paid and we’re outta here! Let’s get the f**ck out of here! It felt insane to buy so much food. Funny thing is though when we made our shopping list we kind of half guessed the quantity we needed for everything. But at the store we followed the list religiously. Round 1 check! Put your feet in here I think we can fit you. Hi Karin! That was a f**cking shit show mate! Yeah. She’s pointing something. What? I think our car is too low or something is falling out. Open up the door. What? Are we too low? I don’t know. Oh flat tire! F**ck! Oh my god! You’re kidding me. Mate! It’s not flat. It’s defenitely not flat. I think we just need air. Nothing is working for us today. So we just pretty much all of the heavy shit out. of the car, all the cans and stuff. And um. We’re gonna go to the gas station and get some air in the tire and then come back, put everything in and see if it’s okay. Thank you! It works I think. We rented this today. F*cking cruiser car. That’s a cruiser car! Sweet, yeah perfect. Yeah thumbs up. So now we’re gonna go. Oh thank god! So now we’re go and eat something cause we’re f**cking starving. The car is full of stuff. And it’s now night time. We are tired! So we just putting everything into the boat. And I’m sweating ’cause it’s like 8,000 degrees in here. And yeah, it’s a hot one! The next morning we spent hours trying to organize our shopping. Even though Delos has a lot of storage space this was pushing it. It was only the beginning. And we were a bit scared everything wasn’t going to fit. Especially since we bought over a thousand beers in Langkawi. Yep, that’s how we roll. Beers first, survival later. Hello there! Hi! I’m making pancakes for breakfast. So we have pancakes, Swedish style. And I got some strawberries as well. We’re just putting all the cans away. We bought like 400 cans. F**cking mission! Yeah so we also managed to get, um, to use the freezer for the restaurant so we chucked all of the rice in there today which is good so we’re gonna go back today and buy some more flour and stuff which we also need to freeze. Which is awesome, ’cause we don’t really have much space in our freezer. And why do you freeze them? Because the eggs from the bugs are already in the package. So they will hatch and then you have like instead of rice you have a full bag of black bugs. We want to avoid that happening. So many tourists! The highlight of the day going provisioning is getting in the car with AC We’re gonna get um toiletries like 150 rolls of toilet paper. 100 boxes of milk. And all the other random crap that we didn’t get last time. That was our 3rd provisioning round and we still need more. Yeah we’re stil not ready yet. So we have a lot of stuff. So now we’re just going back so the boys can help us unpack and everything. In the V-Berth we put all cereal stuff. Sugar and flour some snacks and a lot of nuts. And as you can see all cubbards were full. Brady and Josje even had to clear out some of their things to fit it all. Ready to go to the store. Um, yes, yes very ready! None of us slept good for the whole good for the whole week. It was sooo hot in the marina with no wind. And of course when we could have used the AC it stopped working. My favorite time of the day was showering at the marina restrooms ’cause it had both AC and awesome showers. It saved me that week! (Music- Summer of ’69) We tried to buy toilet paper for the whole trip, but it takes up a lot of space. We decided that we were only allowed to use 1 square per time. You gotta plan ahead! So I think we did pretty good! I mean I don’t think we need to get much else apart from So I think we did pretty good! I mean I don’t think we need to get much else apart from…. And we still need like some dried fruit and that kind of stuff. Yup. And chick peas. We were so lucky to be anchored in the marina when doing our last provisioning. Imagine this load of stuff on dinghy rides back and forth. It saved us sooo much time! By the way, here’s the complete shopping list unedited! We’re here to pick up some stuff. Okay. Yeah I have to go a lot of times though back and forth. Cause it’s like a large pack. Is he there? Yeah. Okay, would it be better if we come back tomorrow? Shall we come back tomorrow is that better for you? Morning time. Morning yep. We’ll come back tomorrow morning. Okay. Let’s go to the other place that’s where we have most of it anyway. We have some stuff in your freezer. Pasta and rice. Rice? Yes. So we just are coming to get it. 4 days ago we put it in your freezer. Oh there he is! Hi, hello! Thank you so much! Come on Karin let’s go! Come on Karin let’s go! Hey hey hey! Pick up the pace ladies! Pick it up! Pick it up! What are you doing Max? Taping. Taping what? Chips! To the wall, or under my bed. This is my bed and this is my secret stash. Nice! We made it! Man, that was a lot of hard work. You guys helped us through it though. You had been buying us beer so Brian had a surprise for the last night. Japanese Sushi all you can eat buffet with drinks! We got so excited! 7 hungry sailors and two hours to eat as much as we could. I could not believe we were done shopping. The boat was defenitely lower leaving the marina then when we had arrived. We counted that we had bought 25 trolleys of food this week. Where did we put it all? I had never bought that much food in my life. What a unique experience though. Now Max had learned yet another new part of the sailing lifestyle. And preperation and teamwork is super important. Next up on Delos! We meet a local expat that owns a mexican restaurant. We go to a Ping-Pong show. And get ready to sail to India!


    Sailing the West Coast of South Africa (Part 2 – Ep6)

    September 17, 2019

    you know it’s just it’s just so beautiful you can form and record and everything you see you like I say form that did I capture that in and everything is just so beautiful like I feel like forming every little thing I possibly can and this wall is huge it’s gonna be a while because I started Moses [Music] [Music] so we are yeah it’s Chris mama the USA hey there and I’ve got the Sun rightfully behind us you can’t see anything my Chris how is the way as I was the first experience for you I’m glad I’m holding at it’s at one hand for the boat one hand for myself I think I want both hands for the boat the SWOT is a four point five meter say that’s quite a kick into it we are soon wrapping around dungeons and Bob are the ways that yeah now the beep do kind of like really you know interesting to go through the waves and I’m loving it you know [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so we are really one way one hour on our way and just relaxing it out with some nice comfortable cheap shoes and it’s a bit over but over kick in the water but we’re all just relaxing it and skipper mark is taking care of the yard that we come where we supposed to be and we are just Yellin relaxing with a beautiful view and taking it easy so it’s a it’s really nice I guess what do you say it’s great this is mine [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] good [Music] my god here we are crossing close to Table Mountain very well-known but not from any scene the left side it is lions head followed by signal so the weather looks a bit grey she considers fog and the water is turning gray yeah but we are still enjoying the ride and enjoying the adventure discovering all beautiful view dr. Nature has to offer on the Seas much common are really great [Music] boom if you wanna support us join our adventure family on patreon check out our link below in the video description for a more personal experience and extra rewards but for now let’s continue the adventure [Music] [Music] all the men are relaxing a bit more you know what I mean while relaxing while I’m absorbing the spectacular year we are sailing around from Haute Bay heading to waterfront to escape the big 4.5 meters well that made the men relax a bit too much [Music] [Music] [Music] whoa whoa whoa waters shaking up in at 4.5 meters well no we have entered on the side of the coast and soon to enter into the V a waterfront oh my it was a wonderful sail beautiful scenery but most of me and the boys were relaxing on our sides trying to shake off that first motion sickness but please tell nobody because we want to be pirates so this is now top secret remember it’s the secret between us and don’t share it abroad we are sleeping over at the VA waterfront tonight and then entering tomorrow morning early at five o’clock we are launching off on our way to the next destination [Music] this is one of those that is where you can see the four seasons in one at the beautiful by the city of Cape Town getting some air footage from the B and a waterfront just a spectacular sight where you can see the Atlantic Ocean coming together with the landscape scene signal yo lion’s head and Table Mountain and on the total left in stable speak [Music] hi guys we just want to say thank you so much for your support we are really happy that you are enjoying our videos and those who are new to our channel if you want to see more and just follow us then you can subscribe below and even turn on your notification bell to be notified every time when you upload a new video and what it’s near you can see below we’ve linked our website to patreon there you can get benefits and even surprises and extra videos so yeah if you want to support us more then there is the perfect place yes we are just so thankful to everyone and we are excited to continue this journey with you and to share all our new experiences new places we visit near adventures we take with your everyone much love and here on the next adventure bye [Music] [Music]

    SailAway 39 | All Who Wander Are Not Free From Laundry | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog
    Articles, Blog

    SailAway 39 | All Who Wander Are Not Free From Laundry | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

    September 15, 2019

    this week on sale away we spend our last
    night at Guana Cay wrap-up race three in a squall and spend some quality sunset
    beach time on treasure ki do you wanna say do you wanna say with me last week we finally got the
    dinghy running yeah first try checked out Marsh Harbor you got a
    second and race too we have a late day today and I’m finished with laundry
    we’re kind of doing an experiment to see how to do it see if we can do it and try
    and wash them in the bag and then link them in the baby pool and then just
    drive on the line but no no wishes look never done it before semi clean clothes it’s better than no
    clean clothes yeah agitate it agitate it real good don’t have enough water like except sit-ups and then who doesn’t
    get well that’s tough adding more water I’ve given uh France with hope so I know
    what else do other things aren’t even wet all the way in don’t pick your nose for the camera Oh
    crying out loud you see you Hey look here okay there is
    that you tonight’s special here is chicken in the
    back we have not tried that yet we’ve seen the review places and the night was
    finally doing I’m assuming it’s some sort of chicken
    in some kind of back oh we know that song rivers rivers you wanna come up rivers can’t be around the pool and not
    swim in it boys going to get a life jacket so he
    can do a little swimming while we wait for our chicken in the bag Wow Wow what is that
    no what is that let’s go see let’s go see are you going down let’s go look let’s
    go look still remember cannot forget flower in
    your hair looking forward listen to my heart this intention waiting for you Goodspeed occasionally m7 little boys Thank You Billy yurga Boise we spy so hard for me to do

    SailAway 72 | Making a Liveaboard Sailboat Liveable – The Projects Begin | Sailing Around The World
    Articles, Blog

    SailAway 72 | Making a Liveaboard Sailboat Liveable – The Projects Begin | Sailing Around The World

    September 14, 2019

    this week on sale away the projects
    begin just got installed one mass trader to shower some boxes and hopefully we
    will once again be waste management sound again we experienced the blessing
    of the fleet in historic downtown Brunswick and our first big expense
    arrives do you wanna say I wanna do you wanna say with me last week we made landfall after
    our first big transit on our new sailboats after a brief rest it was time
    to get down to business and the business was dirty business today we’ve got a
    couple of kind of gross disgusting boat projects to take care of kinda I hope to
    get them done before we left water Dale but everything was just so crazy and
    they were kind of non-critical so first one is bad macerator pump for the
    forward head and I see holy when I already pulled it out
    it was just leaking all over the place down there you know what it was leaking
    well cycling links and also wasn’t palpable and the previous owner had
    proceeded to fill that head beyond capacity so it was overflowing out the
    vents and it was also squeezing GU out of the master inner pumping in the bilge
    so I went ahead and bought a new macerator pump and that’s about to go in
    right there the white hose is the outflow from the tank
    Darko’s there’s one is overboard then to electrical connections the pump itself
    match threat to the whole so pretty easy all in all then right next to it is the
    next job that is the shower sump it’s just gross it’s just clogged up with all
    manner of disgusting human stuff pear and you know it’s not running either I
    think it’s probably just cause it’s so clogged up with everything I basically
    what that does is when you take a shower up here before the water runs out of the
    shower into the pump it’s got a little float switch and a pump in there and so
    it kicks that pump on it’s got a little screen and supposed to keep out hair and
    all that a couple hoses to disconnect for that one electrical connections and
    again it’s just automatic so there’s another one down in this
    just before the aft head is also not working so just got to install one
    master ater to shower some foxes and hopefully once again the waste
    management sound success there’s the both new items
    installed macerate around somewhat bug for you because there’s nothing to run
    in it but it works and then that’s the brand new shower some sea water flown in
    nothing gets to a certain height takes in the flow switch that’s it success to item down one to go stop pump number two jump up in a box
    basically oh this one’s way down in there pokey conduction big fan that was a
    bitch that just didn’t want I didn’t want to fit right she’s different make
    different shape it was in there but I was able to get rid of some weird pinkie
    extensions I put on the outflow hose I just plug it straight in which is good
    that works the key that’s what we used see flying showers on the boat now
    yeah we’ll let y’all know how this hold up so cheap play Tetris to get all this back in the
    dirty work taken care of we decided we deserved a little fun and it just so
    happened that the blessing of the fleet was taking place in downtown Brunswick
    the tradition was originally started by the Catholic Portuguese fishing
    community as a way to ask for God’s favor for a bountiful harvest in the
    upcoming season it involves boats lining up in a parade
    to go by a priest who then gives a blessing and flings holy water on the
    boats and while it’s mostly commercial boats
    dressed up nicely for the crowds literally any boat is welcome we
    certainly wouldn’t turn down the blessing but we weren’t quite ready to
    get out of the slip later really does Dana Gators on taters and just like that it was back to the
    boat list there we yeah good job trying to get this to line up I don’t
    know how I got the way it is but with the rudder in line the the wheel is like
    really cockeyed so you can’t fold it up that way ah so I’m trying to get it as
    close to center as possible so that you can sit in the dock and the rudders not
    like ah be careful dude it doesn’t want to get back together this rivers rivers
    I would like it if you didn’t jump around like that okay I’m gonna go back
    to pull out so that I don’t see huh okay we’ve got our first big delivery down at
    the marina office and we’re gonna have a bunch of stuff coming in we were finally
    kind of getting settled in here on the boat about some general stuff sitting
    around that we’ve been using daily but kind of gotten dug out down here for the
    most part and this right here is my recording setup just temporarily while I
    catch up on some work and then once I have a little break in that then I
    convert this back here into my studio but things are looking pretty good we’re
    gonna get rid of that big honking ice machine it’s kind of ridiculous and uh
    we are gonna get a smaller one because we like ice so we get that ordered we
    have brand new a/c unit for the foreword there’s two units on the boat one is in
    the main cabin was aft and so the one of the main cabin has gone bad and we had
    it serviced when we were in Fort Lauderdale two days after we got here it
    was blowing hot again so I ordered a whole new unit and we’ll see
    how that goes now we’ve ordered the icemaker I just
    ordered an arch to the stern from Atlantic Towers and I assume that will
    be here in a couple days so let’s go see what our first big
    surprise is Thank You Zeke is uh kind of digging this boat line every time we
    leave to go do anything he’s getting to walk hopefully whatever it is fitting
    our top card all right item number one hopefully car handling
    so far so good well that came insanely fast stored that thing maybe three days
    ago came so fast I don’t have time to put it in I’ve got
    two books to get done before Monday and so I pretty much have to do that nothing
    else from the next few days but then I got a week off to do boat jobs there’s
    gonna be a lot of Aqua air 16,000 BTU I think they called micro something
    they’re out of Florida this one of smaller companies not one of the big
    ones like Dometic or marine air they basically blew this packing foam in to
    fit the actual unit and then these pieces were all like molded in all
    around the sides it’s pretty cool I’ve never really seen anything packed like
    that before you know I gotta say my initial impression is a positive one
    thumbs up for how they shipped it at least these things are supposed to be
    more efficient and a lighter than similar units and quieter and I’m pretty
    sure our thickest our marine air pretty sure it’s the original unit and it’s
    kind of loud and it’s definitely bigger than that so I’m not gonna jump into it
    just yet but I’m gonna show you that packing job pretty cool next week on
    sail away not yet I install our new a/c unit and
    we join a bunch of new friends for the full moon dinghy drift thanks as always
    for watching please subscribe ring the bell for notifications of new videos
    every Friday and give us a like until next week Cheers in you wonder how we made it this far

    The Maiden Voyage of a Liveaboard Sailboat Sailing to Ibiza Spain
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    The Maiden Voyage of a Liveaboard Sailboat Sailing to Ibiza Spain

    September 13, 2019

    Oh no… The crew consists of three humans.
    Dylan Magaster, seven-day sailing experience, Skipper.
    Jackson Peters, two months as a deckhand, Admiral. Tara Wear, five days sailing
    from Colombia to Panama, Treasurer. The Balearic Islands resting in the western
    part of the Mediterranean. The Plan. Sail from Barcelona Spain to Mallorca and
    onward to Ibiza. The vessel yet to be purchased. You can’t make yourself
    interested in something. Interest manifests itself and grips you. That’s a
    whole different thing. You’re compelled forward by your interest. Welcome to See++ the vessel that’ll take
    us all over the Mediterranean from Greece to Spain actually from Spain to Greece, hopefully to Israel, this is Sea++. The deal was done for $10,000 and we were committed to the
    artist formerly known as See++ and all of her beauty and all of her faults. As you can see, it’s not like perfect condition. Egh it’s ugh super thick. Just in case. The engine was taken out, disassembled completely. Tiny tiny oil leak, but it runs great. She was a little bit beaten down but the necessity, potential, and the vision were there. Now, it is time for action. Organize your local landscape. Schedule your time. Start taking control of yourself. See if you can stop saying things you know to be lies. Out here killing mold. This is a process of soul-searching. Bathroom time…you have to figure out what it is. What will work for you. Miscellaneous hardware, miscellaneous
    miscellaneous, miscellaneous plugs. First time out! We got a ship coming in here. You get one shot at this gig right here. LIFE. So you have to go into the unknown and that’s that’s God’s first command, go into the unknown. Gage doesn’t work. We are going to Mallorca! Well, it’s excitement at the moment. So yeah we’ll see, it’s an overnight sail…
    our first sail! We’re off! Woo! Raise the main. Raise the main sheet. Okay! We’re sailing! Sea++ Sea++. Come in.This is Sea++ furling out the head sail. 13 to 15 knots of wind. Go ahead and enjoy! And the most important thing to learn is that we have so much to learn. We all do. And we can learn from school
    and from people and from experience and we learn from life. It’s a pretty tumultuous sea. Stop the pressings! Captain Matthias the captain of the cruise ship we were on
    said that just a little bit alcohol helps settle the stomach, allegedly. In
    the sun able to look out it it’s not too bad. Trying to adjust just the out haul so that we don’t get so much weather helm. Oops. We sailed for like four hours with a ugh not fully tensioned luff. So again I guess it’s good we got it now. There was Braddock at a big table with a
    party called Francis Klein and Mrs. Braddock’s and several people I did not know. The sea at night is unlike anything I’ve
    known. The dark immense below the vast array of stars and planetary bodies
    overhead traversing the fragile line in between. With Mars as our heading, I began the first watch. Then ease the main sheet. What do you see, Cap? Land ho! Oh, where did that come from? Ouch. Some mysterious way we lost 60
    gallons of water. It was going perfectly according to plan until I gave it too
    much forward. Can you see that? That is a little ding on the bow. *screeching* So we’re gonna get hit with a
    nice little storm tonight so that’ll be fun because it’s our first night on anchor. Make sure there’s a couple wraps around the winch. Two head sails were coming unfurled. Our anchor is holding, that would totally blow if it wasn’t, but thank the Lord it’s totally working. Sailing Vessel Swift. This is Swift, copy. We just pickled the outboard engine. Ouch. Here we go. Here goes nothing. It’s chilly. We had it locked onto the dinghy and then the ferry came by and we got hit with a giant wave
    and the halyard was still attached to the engine and so the dinghy went down
    the halyard went up the engine went over and then down. You got it? Got it. I didn’t cinch it though. Many boaters would certainly agree that one of the most character building situations in recreational boating is
    dealing with an engine that has slipped it’s mount and needs recovery from the deep also known as pickling an engine. We need to go around the island down here to Ibiza which is this island down here and there’s a little town of Ibiza. It should
    be relatively quick but we’ll see how it goes. Finally filling up with gasoline. Although it is diesel. So we’re checking the wind here so we’ll be headed right into the wind. We’re gonna
    have to motor some of it, unfortunately. Goodbye Swift! Sea God’s may you look upon us with
    grace. Big love. It would appear that we have a problem. What you cooking down
    there? *alarm sounding* The engine is all wet. Is that where the waters gone? I would guess that was a coolant leak, but that leak is no idea and the engine is like 200 degrees. Oh, was it just this? Might have just been that popped off. That might be the culprit but not positive. It is quite rocky down here. Oh boy, oh Jesus. You feeling sick? Not yet… I think it’s fine. Engine’s spewing coolant all over the place and that changes all of our plans. Got issues. People call it Murphy’s Law anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Don’t necessarily believe
    in Murphy’s Law but maybe right now I am! Why am I using a flashlight? We’ve got…*turns lights on, laughter* That is not that funny but man… We’re still having motor problems. 17:30
    yesterday we left now it’s 14:35 and we’re back at the place we anchored last
    night. It’s literally an hour walk from where we anchored two nights ago. We’re walking. I’ve almost got this thermostat off. Engine block is in the way. This here is a thermostat. The way you test this is you put it in a container of water and boil it. It would
    appear that our thermostat is functioning. I don’t know what the issue
    is now. The wind looks good today and it should carry us the full way from a beam
    reach to a broad reach. You can see the wind right there you can see wind behind us
    but we’re in another calm. Reading both pages and we got two jibe preventers. Stay on this point of sail and at this bearing for another six point six nautical miles. In order to get any oil out of a diesel
    marine engine you have to siphon it out. It’s working! It’s totally working.

    We’re a Sailboat Again! | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 33
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    We’re a Sailboat Again! | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 33

    September 12, 2019

    – Today’s the day we become a sailboat. – We are a sailboat again. – Not yet. Almost.
    – Almost. – [Lauren] Last time on Sailing Soulianis, we traveled our final
    100 miles on the river. We’re almost to the ocean. Before arriving in Mobile, Alabama. – All the way from fresh
    water to salt water, from Michigan to Gulf of Mexico. – [Lauren] After being
    reunited with our mast, we gave it a good bath
    and made a few upgrades before getting it ready
    to put back on the boat. – Aw why thank you. – [Kirk] What are we doing? – We’re running all the lines on the mast before it gets stepped this afternoon. When we become a sailboat again. – [Kirk] And why are we running
    all the lines on the mast? – We took them off because
    we had the mast shipped from Chicago to Mobile, Alabama, and we didn’t want any of
    our lines to get ruined while it was in transit; and now we are reattaching our real lines and running those back through. – [Kirk] So show me how this works. We’ve got down here is our…. What halyard is that? – I have the jib halyard. – [Kirk] You have the jib halyard. – Yep. Alrighty we have to tie this line to the end of the jib halyard, and feed it through that
    exit sheave right over there. – [Kirk] And do we have
    to tie a special knot? – Yes, we have to tie a bowline. – [Kirk] A what? – A bowline. – [Kirk] But that’s not
    a special knot and why? Because our lines are whipped, so that we don’t have to
    tie a special heaving knot or messenger line knot or anything else. – Thanks Linda. – [Kirk] Linda, the previous
    owner, beautifully spliced and whipped almost every
    single line on the boat. – I don’t have bowline
    skills, I forgot them. – [Kirk] Oh no. – Yeah. – [Kirk] You have Instagram photo proving you know how to tie a bowline. – I know that was a
    long time ago (laughs). – Alright. A simple bowline. Line over the top, twist underneath. Your line is now coming
    up out of the hole. Go around behind and back down below. Pull tight. Simple bowline. We’ve prepped everything on the mast. We just need to put on the turn buckles. We’ve installed a new internally
    run spinnaker halyard, so that we aren’t constantly annoyed by a slapping halyard on the mast. – Bought a new VHF antenna. Attached the rest of the wind instruments. – Cleaned the mast. Cleaned all of our rigging. – Checked the lights to
    make sure they worked. And yeah, that took us a
    better part of three days. – Yeah. We were also working, and we kinda didn’t
    know what we were doing. We did good. – I’m still nervous. – Yeah, I hope there– – I’ve been nervous for this day like since we took the mast off. It was like a relief having the mast off. – Yeah. – Because our deck was clear, and we were going down the river and everything was going to be hunky dory but then I just want it back on the boat. I don’t want anything to break. I want it all to– – Like our new VHF antenna. – Yeah. I’m hoping we can figure out how everything gets attached again. I mean are we going to have
    them tune the rig even? – I think so. – Okay. – Yeah, I don’t know. I mean I read how to do it but we learned a lot
    running this line internally from Wes the rigger here; and I feel like we could
    probably learn a lot from him which would be beneficial for the future; rather than just struggling
    through it ourselves. And it would probably
    cost an hour of his time, which would probably be well spent. To make sure one of the
    most important pieces of equipment on our
    boat is properly tuned. So we don’t die. Alright human tripods getting tired. Let’s do it. (electronic music) – [Lauren] Two inches. – (laughs) – [Lauren] What? Stop! – [Lauren] Stop. – I need the base to
    come to starboard more. – [Lauren] Base to starboard. – It’s In! (electronic music) – Alright make sure that
    this is pressed down as far as you can get it. – Yeah. – It’s crooked now. – Let’s get this, okay alright. – Good? – Yep. – What’s that behind us? That’s a mast. Hell yeah. – Yes. – [Kirk] Put that on the table there. Look at how blue it is. – [Lauren] This is a lovely gift from our boat neighbor
    from Wisconsin, Bruce. He said take this with you on your trip and you can pop it when
    your mast goes back up and it won’t be long, and guess what happened today? – [Kirk] Wait, am I supposed to guess? Because I know what happened. – (laughs) – That’s so blue, it’s crazy. – We put our mast back up today. Hell yeah. – [Kirk] Cheers. The next day we finished
    putting the mast back together. Connecting all of the wiring
    and tensioning the rig. – [Lauren] You on the line. – Yeah, I’m done. – [Lauren] Oh, shoot. – I told you it was only
    going to take five minutes. We got to test it now but. – [Lauren] It pays to
    have pictures doesn’t it? – [Kirk] Yes, very much so. Radio. Where’s our handheld? Go to what 78? It works (laughs). Here. Hold that. I’m going to go outside. (over speaker) Radio test, radio a test. – [Lauren] Oh, test is good. – [Kirk] I’m getting some weird feedback. I don’t know if it’s just
    cause I’m so close but– – [Lauren] Because you’re three feet away. – [Kirk] Yeah, let me go up on the deck. – ‘Kay. – [Kirk] Soulianis this is Kirk. – Kirk, this is Soulianis over. – [Kirk] Yeah we are
    getting some feedback. Does it sound clear transmission to you? – Sounds clear to me. – [Kirk] Yeah I don’t
    know what that noise is. Can you tell me a quick story? – The quick brown fox jumped
    over the lazy brown dog. – [Kirk] They were both brown huh? Since the rigger hadn’t
    been by to tune our rig, I decided to take a stab at it myself. This is all starting to
    make sense to me now. We’ve got our Loos tensioner here or tensioning gauge. So as soon as I started
    putting a little bit of tension into the lowers, it took tension off of the uppers and those went from 25
    they’re now down to 20; which is about where we want them. That’s 20 on the Loos scale, which includes a corresponding table of breaking strengths for
    the various diameter of wire it’s capable of measuring. But these aren’t still quite tight enough because these have almost
    no tension on them. Which is okay, I don’t need
    a ton of tension on them. But what we want to do now is we just want to make sure that our mast
    is staying straight up. So we are going to measure from the pin at our upper forestay, all the way up to the top of the mast using our topping lift
    because it’s in the center of the mast head. The rigger who actually was
    supposed to do this for us used our halyard which
    comes out of the starboard exit sheave at the top of the masthead. So we’re actually about a half
    to three quarters of an inch tighter on this side then
    we were on that side. So, always check your work. – [Lauren] Okay, teach. – Or other people’s work. If you want it done it
    right, do it yourself; or something like that. Alright so let’s measure this. So you’re going to hold this here. – [Lauren] Got it. – Alright so we are at
    66 and three eighths. So closer to what we were before. Now let’s go to the other side. Oh, and we are at 66 and– – [Lauren] It’s not super tight. – But was the other side all the way taut? – [Lauren] Yeah I think so. – Alright so we are going
    to go all the way taut. We are at 66 and a quarter. So let’s go back over to this side. Nice and tight. You were bang on. That’s 66 and a quarter. – [Lauren] Ooooh! – Alright. Cool. So now we just need to count the turns. – [Lauren] On the turn buckle? – Yeah. So the way this works is you put that guy in there. You pull this guy here. So we’re right at about 19 and a half, 20. Which is kind of exactly what we want. – [Lauren] Okay. – And then if we go check the other side it should be roughly the same, but it’s more important that
    we get the mast centered then the tension exactly the same. And see that ones a little higher. – [Lauren] What is it saying? – That one’s 22, but we’re keeping the mast centered. I’m going to slowly go around
    and add a few more cranks on these, and at least I’ll feel better if Wes doesn’t show up
    until after we leave that the mast is not like all wackadoodle. – [Lauren] Yeah because we
    had been seeing an S curve in the masthead. – [Kirk] Yeah so the S
    curve is gone I think. – [Lauren] We ended up reasonably happy with our rig tensioning. Then after getting the boom back on, Soulianis was looking more and
    more like her sailboat self, and we were ready for a
    break and some R and R. Alright, we are all packed and
    ready to go back to Michigan. We have turned the boat
    completely inside out and– – [Kirk] Wait for me. – [Lauren] (laughs) And
    Kirk’s playing hide and seek. Oh man. – [Kirk] Don’t mold. Please. – [Lauren] Please don’t mold. It’s only two weeks and five days. Both of us were really excited
    to spend a couple weeks hanging out with family and friends in warm houses and
    actually having some fun outside in the snow. Our plane ended up flying
    right over St. Louis and the stretch of the Mississippi River we had just traveled. – Ready to do some sledding? – [Lauren] (laughs) (screams) I haven’t done that in like ten years. – [Kirk] Coming for you. Oh god (yells). You’ve got to try this one. This one’s like riding a rocket ship. You ready for the speed? – I don’t know if I can handle the speed. – [Kirk] Don’t get scared now. – I don’t know man. – [Kirk] Uh oh. – (laughs) – Don’t hit the tree. Apparently she can’t handle the speed. This is my childhood sledding hill. Coming for you. (screams) (screams of excitement) – Last run. Oh man. – Oh sh– (laughs) (laughter) – That was fun can we do it again? – One more time? – Yeah. – Alright. – I used to live right there too. Can you imagine being half as tall? – [Lauren] A few days later we prepped for a weekend road trip to Montreal to surprise my friend
    Hadley for her 30th birthday and hit the slopes of Mont Tremblant. It was so good to see old friends again. – (laughs)