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    Sailing the Lagoon 380 on Lake Izabal (Guatemala)

    September 23, 2019

    Welcome aboard Atlantis and I continue
    to sail and this time as crew I have my son Frederick who visited me and so we
    sailed on the lake Izabal in Guatemala and what started as a very smooth sail
    well ended with 25 knots of winds when we were approximately in the middle of
    of the lake. I wanted to anchor and find some shelter in a little bay but, well it
    was not deep enough I didn’t want to take the risk, so we came back we decided
    to come back the same day and we were heading straight into the wind tacking
    We were running out of time fishermen here they put the nets at
    around 5:00 p.m. and it’s quite dangerous to sail at night, so I decided to motor back and we arrived well just before sunset
    back in the Rio Dulce River so nice sail we tested the boat under quite nice
    conditions a little bit heavier weather and you will see this in the video, so
    enjoy and thanks again for watching but

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    September 20, 2019

    Catamaran JOY Entrando na Agua A Aventura comeca hoje ! Vamos na primeira fase de nossa viagem de LES SABLES para Barcelona, parando na Espanha, Portugal e ilhas Baleares ! Nos acompanhe assinando nosso canal e clicando o sininho no youtube Saindo de Miami alugamos um carro em Paris para seguir para les sables para conhecer nosso novo barco achamos a JOY momentos que ela vai para a agua pela primeira vez Saindo pelo canal de Les Sables, o mesmo que saem os barcos do Vandee Globe. Muita emocao e nervosismo ao mesmo tempo para falar a verdade um pouco perdido aqui assim comeca nossa aventura. Cruzando a baia de biscaya rumo a Espanha Lua cheia nos acompanha otimas condicoes para ajudar o marinheiro de primeira viagem esses eletronicos deram trabalho para aprender usar. Parabens Howlie! Agora vai ter que me ensinar a limpar esse monstro ! obrigado a todos que nos ajudaram a realizar esse sonho. Sem voces seria dificil.

    SailAway 72 | Making a Liveaboard Sailboat Liveable – The Projects Begin | Sailing Around The World
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    SailAway 72 | Making a Liveaboard Sailboat Liveable – The Projects Begin | Sailing Around The World

    September 14, 2019

    this week on sale away the projects
    begin just got installed one mass trader to shower some boxes and hopefully we
    will once again be waste management sound again we experienced the blessing
    of the fleet in historic downtown Brunswick and our first big expense
    arrives do you wanna say I wanna do you wanna say with me last week we made landfall after
    our first big transit on our new sailboats after a brief rest it was time
    to get down to business and the business was dirty business today we’ve got a
    couple of kind of gross disgusting boat projects to take care of kinda I hope to
    get them done before we left water Dale but everything was just so crazy and
    they were kind of non-critical so first one is bad macerator pump for the
    forward head and I see holy when I already pulled it out
    it was just leaking all over the place down there you know what it was leaking
    well cycling links and also wasn’t palpable and the previous owner had
    proceeded to fill that head beyond capacity so it was overflowing out the
    vents and it was also squeezing GU out of the master inner pumping in the bilge
    so I went ahead and bought a new macerator pump and that’s about to go in
    right there the white hose is the outflow from the tank
    Darko’s there’s one is overboard then to electrical connections the pump itself
    match threat to the whole so pretty easy all in all then right next to it is the
    next job that is the shower sump it’s just gross it’s just clogged up with all
    manner of disgusting human stuff pear and you know it’s not running either I
    think it’s probably just cause it’s so clogged up with everything I basically
    what that does is when you take a shower up here before the water runs out of the
    shower into the pump it’s got a little float switch and a pump in there and so
    it kicks that pump on it’s got a little screen and supposed to keep out hair and
    all that a couple hoses to disconnect for that one electrical connections and
    again it’s just automatic so there’s another one down in this
    just before the aft head is also not working so just got to install one
    master ater to shower some foxes and hopefully once again the waste
    management sound success there’s the both new items
    installed macerate around somewhat bug for you because there’s nothing to run
    in it but it works and then that’s the brand new shower some sea water flown in
    nothing gets to a certain height takes in the flow switch that’s it success to item down one to go stop pump number two jump up in a box
    basically oh this one’s way down in there pokey conduction big fan that was a
    bitch that just didn’t want I didn’t want to fit right she’s different make
    different shape it was in there but I was able to get rid of some weird pinkie
    extensions I put on the outflow hose I just plug it straight in which is good
    that works the key that’s what we used see flying showers on the boat now
    yeah we’ll let y’all know how this hold up so cheap play Tetris to get all this back in the
    dirty work taken care of we decided we deserved a little fun and it just so
    happened that the blessing of the fleet was taking place in downtown Brunswick
    the tradition was originally started by the Catholic Portuguese fishing
    community as a way to ask for God’s favor for a bountiful harvest in the
    upcoming season it involves boats lining up in a parade
    to go by a priest who then gives a blessing and flings holy water on the
    boats and while it’s mostly commercial boats
    dressed up nicely for the crowds literally any boat is welcome we
    certainly wouldn’t turn down the blessing but we weren’t quite ready to
    get out of the slip later really does Dana Gators on taters and just like that it was back to the
    boat list there we yeah good job trying to get this to line up I don’t
    know how I got the way it is but with the rudder in line the the wheel is like
    really cockeyed so you can’t fold it up that way ah so I’m trying to get it as
    close to center as possible so that you can sit in the dock and the rudders not
    like ah be careful dude it doesn’t want to get back together this rivers rivers
    I would like it if you didn’t jump around like that okay I’m gonna go back
    to pull out so that I don’t see huh okay we’ve got our first big delivery down at
    the marina office and we’re gonna have a bunch of stuff coming in we were finally
    kind of getting settled in here on the boat about some general stuff sitting
    around that we’ve been using daily but kind of gotten dug out down here for the
    most part and this right here is my recording setup just temporarily while I
    catch up on some work and then once I have a little break in that then I
    convert this back here into my studio but things are looking pretty good we’re
    gonna get rid of that big honking ice machine it’s kind of ridiculous and uh
    we are gonna get a smaller one because we like ice so we get that ordered we
    have brand new a/c unit for the foreword there’s two units on the boat one is in
    the main cabin was aft and so the one of the main cabin has gone bad and we had
    it serviced when we were in Fort Lauderdale two days after we got here it
    was blowing hot again so I ordered a whole new unit and we’ll see
    how that goes now we’ve ordered the icemaker I just
    ordered an arch to the stern from Atlantic Towers and I assume that will
    be here in a couple days so let’s go see what our first big
    surprise is Thank You Zeke is uh kind of digging this boat line every time we
    leave to go do anything he’s getting to walk hopefully whatever it is fitting
    our top card all right item number one hopefully car handling
    so far so good well that came insanely fast stored that thing maybe three days
    ago came so fast I don’t have time to put it in I’ve got
    two books to get done before Monday and so I pretty much have to do that nothing
    else from the next few days but then I got a week off to do boat jobs there’s
    gonna be a lot of Aqua air 16,000 BTU I think they called micro something
    they’re out of Florida this one of smaller companies not one of the big
    ones like Dometic or marine air they basically blew this packing foam in to
    fit the actual unit and then these pieces were all like molded in all
    around the sides it’s pretty cool I’ve never really seen anything packed like
    that before you know I gotta say my initial impression is a positive one
    thumbs up for how they shipped it at least these things are supposed to be
    more efficient and a lighter than similar units and quieter and I’m pretty
    sure our thickest our marine air pretty sure it’s the original unit and it’s
    kind of loud and it’s definitely bigger than that so I’m not gonna jump into it
    just yet but I’m gonna show you that packing job pretty cool next week on
    sail away not yet I install our new a/c unit and
    we join a bunch of new friends for the full moon dinghy drift thanks as always
    for watching please subscribe ring the bell for notifications of new videos
    every Friday and give us a like until next week Cheers in you wonder how we made it this far

    Let it Rain, La Vagabonde’s in Transit (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 148
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    Let it Rain, La Vagabonde’s in Transit (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 148

    September 13, 2019

    – We just left Antigo.
    ‘Cause we’re going fishing. – Are you excited? Me too. (claps) Come on! (upbeat music) (speargun shoots) Yeah! (all laughing) – He got it! Wooh! (upbeat music) (water flows) (upbeat music) ♪ Something is better than nothing ♪ ♪ Unless something is nothing, too. ♪ (upbeat music) What’s up everyone? Here’s a quick recap on what
    happened last week onboard. So we motored down the
    coast of Antigua to Falmouth where our new part for
    our boom was being sent. While we waited, we spent
    a decent amount of time under water and absorbing
    the sun with our mate Stephan from Germany, who
    we kind of just kidnapped. Our mail came and the
    part was the wrong size. Oh my God. – We’ve got the wrong part
    sent out the first time. – We had to accept the fact
    that it would be motoring upwind La Vagabond until
    the correct part got sent to a new location on another island. (foreign language) So, it’s still really close
    to this boat, but last night, they were like right here. So, that was very lucky. Riley and I are going to,
    head into town, go grab our passports from George and
    Crystal ’cause they’ve checked us out, hopefully. And we had a lot of rainfall last night. – Could’ve drank this. (wind blowing) – Before we left the island,
    we wanted to head into yacht services and say a huge thanks to Crystal and George who
    helped us with everything from run away gas bottles,
    mail and possible broken necks. But unfortunately, they
    were both out of the office. – Yeah, I’m not sure how
    quickly that’ll be maybe next time around the world, but
    yeah thank you so much for like, you’ve been amazing. Especially with my neck and all that stuff when we first came. Thanks a lot, Crystal. – And I left you a little
    present on your desk, okay, it’s nothing much but you can hang it up and be reminded of us. (laughing) (cranking) Dingy’s pulled up and we’re ready to go. I’m gonna get this washing
    up or it’s gonna fly off. (water splashes) (ladder clanks) Yes, we are finally leaving
    Antigua, so ready for a new place but yeah, Antigua
    was really nice to us. – Oh that was awesome like. – It really was, it’s the
    longest we’ve stayed in a place. I don’t know if I’ve told you, but… – Well, a lot happened. – A lot did happen. – You got pregnant, I broke my neck. (laughing) And I’ve been spear fishing
    for about a week straight. – Did some how-to videos, broke the boom. (laughing) – Yeah, God, we did a lot there. – Made some good friends,
    met Christian and Katia here. Got Stephen onboard. – Wow.
    – A lot. – We did heaps. – Found out your neck wasn’t broken. Man, it is hot today. – Turtle. Oh, no, beer can. – Beer can. (laughing) – Not as cool. – So I’m gonna explain
    to you what’s happening over the next 24 hours. So it’s 10 AM, we just left
    Antigua, (foreign language) we’re actually, we’re going
    to motor along the south side of Antigua, behind the
    reef ’cause we’re going fishing. There’s no wind today and
    there is actually like those heat wave things coming off everything. And I think Riley might
    want to go spear fishing from here until Nevis,
    which is north west of here about 50 nautical miles,
    so yeah, we’re ‘gonna do an over night sail, take
    it real slow and see what adventures unfold. (water splashing) – It’s extraordinarily
    calm at the moment, but if it starts picking up at
    all, we’ll secure that boom because it’s not secure, it’s
    just sitting at the mast. It’s fine how it is, but
    we’ve just gotta definitely be keeping an eye on the weather. I just don’t want it
    scraping around, like I’ve got a towel underneath and
    it’s sort of, it’s just kinda gently in place but it could. That’ll be our next drama,
    if we’re to have one. – There’s sargassum in the water. I’m feeling lucky. (boat engine rumbling) So the boys have got Sushimi for lunch. We just, yeah, ate some
    food and we’re heading towards Redonda. I don’t know if you guys
    remember the episode Speer Fishing on a Deserted Island, Redonda was that rock island
    that we anchored behind. (calming music) – So, this is the map that we were given. So, we’re parked about
    here where it says anchored but, as we were coming in, we
    were looking for a post office and a dock ruins and there’s
    nothing there, I don’t think I can see one brick over there. – I’m just about to jump in
    the water and go on a bit of a killing spree. I’m hunting lion fish today. – What’s for lunch? – Fish burger. – So, you wanna cut those
    off before you go ahead. – I’m still gonna be hungry after this. (laughs) ♪ Swimming around with curiosity ♪ – So we’re going back
    there three years later, which is pretty exciting. Yeah, it’ll be interesting
    to see if there’s many lion fish still there,
    I know there will be barracuda there, that’s where
    I got chased by the barracuda. Really scary time. – I just got sent some wide points by George’s mate, Charlie and
    a photo of one of the fish he got, so I’m just putting it
    in, I mean I’m pretty lucky. (laughs) – He finally says it. – Hello. – Hello. – We were up pretty early, weren’t we? – I don’t think I’m tired
    from that, though, I think I just feel a little bit sick. – It’s ’cause you’re pregnant. Now you can just complain
    about everything and I just have to go, oh no worries, can I fix it? – Yup. (laughing) Right you are, Harry. – Tell everyone that I gave
    you a foot massage last night. – You did, he’s been
    giving me foot massages. I don’t really need them yet,
    but I won’t tell Riley that. – I got my technique
    locked down, I don’t be tickling or nothing. (yawn) (water splashing) My points away, nautical miles away pants. You getting excited? Me too. (claps) Come on! – Well, it’s the end of
    wahoo season and Charlie, who sent us a bunch of
    coordinates here, he hasn’t even been able to get them
    lately so, it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll get
    one, but gonna be in it to win it pants. (upbeat music) (bubbles) (water splashes) (calming music) (water splashes) (calming music) – Well, that was a solid effort, Riles. – We did everything we could,
    didn’t see a bloody thing. How long do you think I’ve
    been in the water for? – Like all together,
    probably like three hours. – No, it wasn’t that long. – Yeah. We’ve been sitting out here forever. (chuckles) Two hours, alright. It feels like forever. – Yeah, one hour, yeah. – It’s forever! I’ve been sitting on the boat by myself. (laughing) – I was like, wow, if she
    said three, it must be at least two. (chuckles) I was thinking like 40 minutes. – I’ve been on the boat all alone. – I’ve gotta feed our family. (chuckles) – Oh yeah, I’m hungry. (laughing) (upbeat music) – So, Riley’s just jumping in the water. We’re in 12 metres here,
    but the floor is like mostly rocks, as I remember. We’re gonna drop the anchor
    and put out just the right amount of scopes, so if
    the wind does swing around to this way, which it
    probably won’t, in the middle of the night or even if
    there’s no wind, sometimes you would, you know, just
    go around in circles, so we really don’t wanna run into Redonda. (laughs) (water splashes) (calming music) Riley jumped in the water
    to check on the anchor and he’s still in the water (chuckles), I’m convinced he’s a fish. (bubbles) – There’s a
    (bell dings) big turtle here. (upbeat music) (bubbles) (waves crash) – [Elayna] It’s weird rice. I think it’s Greek. – It’s pasta. – It’s like full grain rice,
    but I don’t know, it’s weird. – That is pasta. – No, maybe it is. – If that’s not pasta, I’ll eat my boot. (laughs) – We have some neighbours
    today, we got two boats that are out. (pouring) (sprinkle) (pouring) (clanking) (pouring) (blender whirs) (pouring) Would you look at that? This morning, we’re all
    gonna jump in the dingy and motor up to the top end of the island and drift back towards La Vagabond. I think Riley’s gonna do some spearfishing and I’m hoping to find some
    turtles, maybe some little reef sharks and I might try
    and, I don’t know, climb up the island, not very
    high but (chuckles). ♪ I woke up early ♪ ♪ Oh you know, my legs hurt ♪ Yes! I made it. And there’s some like, bricks
    built into the rocks here. Don’t ask me what the hell
    people are doing on an island like this. (water bubbles) (calming music) ♪ I smoosh my socks too ♪ ♪ I’m a jester ♪ ♪ Who’s a jester ♪ – Yay, I love swimming when it’s raining. Ahh. ♪ For a long time ♪ – It is pitch black out here. The moon hasn’t come up yet
    and the only way you can tell which way the boat’s
    facing is by listening to the sounds of the waves
    crashing on the rocks. And now we’re all going to watch a movie. Riley, or do you want to watch South Park? – South Park. – Yeah, we’re gonna
    have a bit of a slumber. (cranking) See ya later, Redonda. It’s been a good morning. We’re all pretty dead now. About to have my first coffee
    for like weeks and weeks. (smacking) So, this is what Riley’s
    going for today, wahoo, and they can get to 183 pounds. (upbeat music) (water splashes) (upbeat music) (splash) (upbeat music) – [All] Yeah! – [Elayna] He got it! Whooo! Oh my God! You should be very proud
    of yourself, Riles. – Oh, I am. – First wahoo on the Vega. Wooh, okay so Riley’s
    got the fish on the boat. Absolutely stinks of fish. There is blood and scales
    and stuff everywhere. Riley’s like– – [Riley] At least you
    won’t be hungry, Elayna. – So, we are motoring to Nevis. Hopefully we make it before sunset. We’ve got another about ten
    nautical mile and we’re going five so another two hours
    we should get there. I seriously don’t know
    what we’re going to do with all this meat but, yeah,
    we’ll definitely give some away, I think, and the
    freezers will be packed so yeah, good day, good day. – We went spear fishing for
    turtle armour, basically, so we’re coming in quite light, it’s dark. I think we’ll be fine, but
    it’s never good arriving at night time. (boat motor rumbles) Five. Yeah, go in neutral there. Reverse up. – I’m reversing. (sprinkling) We’re gonna put them in oven
    bags with onion, garlic, all these veggies here,
    salt, rosemary and some oregano and olive oil. (bag crinkles) (ripping) Oh yeah. – Oh wow. – Can you say that again? (laughing) – I said, this is restaurant quality shit. – It’s so good. – Thanks for watching, please
    give the video a thumbs up if you liked it, we love you guys. And next week, we head
    up to St. Martin, get up to a bit of mischief, and
    witness more of the devastation caused by the hurricane. (calming music)

    SailAway 46 | Live-Aboard Sailboat Tour – Hunter Legend 35.5 | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog
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    SailAway 46 | Live-Aboard Sailboat Tour – Hunter Legend 35.5 | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

    September 8, 2019

    do you wanna sail away I wanna say where
    do you wanna sail with me hey y’all so today we beard we would do
    a just a little boat tour showed me the outside of the boat a lot because we
    have done a lot of upgrades Eric spent a lot of work on it what we haven’t
    shouldnt do the inside of the boat very much figure today I’ve got a little bit
    of downtime the child is with Nonna and Grandpa and Eric is out working so it’s
    just me on the boat and it’s pretty quiet my Noctis but I do have a list of
    things that Eric would like me to tell you about on the boat we’ll see if we
    get to all of them we have gotten a lot of questions about what kind of boats
    oil is and she is a hundred ninety five legend 35 five we believe she is the
    last one ever built we don’t know for sure we can’t get any information about
    it apparently all the records are destroyed but we know that she was built
    in December of 1995 and 1995 was the last
    year that they built them so there’s a very good chance that she is if not the
    last one pretty close she’s got an open transom and Stern
    seats which we’re only on the newer ones she’s got a gray marine a 95 touchscreen
    with a quantum Wi-Fi Raider radar not Rader excuse me and currently there’s
    just a wind generator for charging okay it’s really bright out here so I’m going
    to go down below oh that’s so much better and actually see all right so
    you’ve probably seen a lot of this and our videos but all votes are different
    so we figured if we would show you kind of the cool little things that are going
    on with Leila obviously she is 35 and a half feet and right now I am standing in
    our galley kitchen she does have nice big refrigerator we
    obviously are not stocked up since we just got back there’s lots of room for
    fun things have a stove I’m gonna here let me show you that I’m gonna two
    burner stove in an oven which is pretty regularly let me show you where the
    trash bin is in case you ever would entail it’s right here underneath the
    sink and all their cleaning stuff I don’t really have a designated pantry we
    just kind of use whatever space we got so in our floors here we have all of our canned goods all the way here – and all of our pots
    and pans located underneath the oven which is very convenient that’s like a li pretty much everything
    you’ve seen everything it works show you the baby’s room so this used to
    be where Eric and I slept because it’s like a queen-size birth I believe it was
    really nice now we have it as the baby’s room and then we just use the other half
    as storage all the baby’s toys we didn’t have the baby in the Bieber but he fell
    out of it one time so we moved him here where it’s only a foot drop instead of
    the three feet there’s his clothes storage and he’s got
    some nice cool fancy light better there we got some access hold on you can feed
    two hands so got Indian access on this side which if you saw that’s where we
    had to start the motor won’t yet jumpstart it we fix that problem thank
    goodness and then speaking of motor access we also have it right here you’ve seen us do a lot of work on that
    fit we have replaced our toilet go to the bathroom yeah with an electric
    toilet so let’s do if you ever are on our boat toilet paper is in this first
    one here is our shower just so math here’s our diaper pail
    luckily we’re potty training so hopefully we won’t need that very much
    longer then on this side we have our nav station and underneath we’ve just kind
    of got a nice little catch-all where most of our equipment goes flares very
    important other safety equipment locating signals we’ve got air horns
    back there whatever this is personal water purification we also have a bunch
    of books um you know case shit hits the fan it’s Bible skills some celestial
    navigation mama-mama wakey-wakey okay the Abacos
    passages Eric swears by this one we’re gonna start fishing more and
    hopefully catch things that we can’t eat hats of course I mean a lot of hats on a
    boat here’s our lovely dining room that also converts into a bed vacuum cleaner
    has dogs on boats shed a lot just broke it apparently that was not the button to
    turn it on don’t hit that button alright let me fix that all right we do have a little TV it’s
    actually just a computer monitor that we have def we’ve got a Apple TV we aren’t
    in anywhere with Wi-Fi at the moment so we don’t use that very much at all
    usually we don’t have the doors on our bedroom but we put them back on so we do have our own little space my
    full room our closets
    everything’s getting washed at the moment the way up to and a wind scoop
    what’s this awesome I never use them they’re really cool we also have a bunch
    of net to go over all the hatches or when we have everything open so you
    don’t get the bun from you because everybody knows that the bugs are what
    can kill ya I mean not really you just make your life miserable so we have
    reflectors that we have actually cut so we just took one of the car reflectors
    for the windshield and cut them to fit so they are in all of our patches
    they’re also in the skylights we have them for like literally everything and
    it was probably what like five bucks really helps keep the boat nice and cool
    other than that I think I’ve showed you everything at
    least down here so now you know Thanks well hello all Christmas just
    passed we hope y’all had a great one and of course we hope you have a excellent
    new year and mostly we want to thank everybody for watching thanks for all
    likes all the comments being there being there and of course to our patreon they
    appreciate you guys more than you know yeah right here here is to see you for
    you thanks for making our 2018 awesome and here’s a awesome 2019
    cheers Cheers and now we bring you I mean maybe not
    exactly the sunset because there’s a vote directly in the way of it but all
    the rest

    SailAway 64 | We Made an Offer on a Liveaboard Sailboat! | Sailing Around the World
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    SailAway 64 | We Made an Offer on a Liveaboard Sailboat! | Sailing Around the World

    September 7, 2019

    do you wanna say away with me integral
    part of the boat line process is going to look at boats we are in Richmond
    Virginia we are going to get a look at three different folks this weekend first
    one we’re going to like right now just got here and it is a hunter for sixty
    two thousand one in Delta bill so we got about an hour drive and then tomorrow
    two more so it’s full weekend help me find a good well we are on our way to book number
    one for the weekend where this is what we actually technically flew up here for
    it’s lower on the price range super low hours all these boats are very similar
    in the fact that there this one is 104 60 one of them is 104 66 which is just a
    couple years newer version of the 460 with a very minor differences the other
    is a hundred thousand four seventy which is was supposed to be sort of a luxury
    version of these made by a boat builder in Florida who partnered up with honnor
    to do these things and the only way look make it to but anyway they’re all
    related they’re very similar type books and so this one here is what we actually
    came to see and we’re like you know it’s a three-hour drive or something like
    that three and a half down to North Carolina where the other two boats are
    so why not fly six hours so that we can then drive six hour round trip we have
    to fly all the way up here and not going to see more boats
    doesn’t make any sense so yeah we’re almost to the first boat hopefully it’s
    as nice as it looks in the pics meantime look at this great scenery it’s lovely
    up here this time of year all right well here we are this is
    Gaston 460 hopefully my hands aren’t shaking too bad from cold
    I’m very nice and can haul especially for a 2001 well this one you know
    doesn’t have a ton of amenities but the price is good it’s got the basic stuff
    that we want the really important things generator an AC got some definite dirty
    top sides but yeah everything else just looks like it’s just dirt they got the
    adjustable cockpit adjustable jib leads yeah below yeah there’s definitely some crazy to
    these video baby no it’s very inconsistent and
    I’m not sure why that is a wonder if try itself they decided like start sanding
    and then seal it with but that side looks like wider in color the overall
    tone of the wood I don’t mind at all it’s nicer you know in the newer ones
    more varnish a little bit better continuity language so it’s got
    whitefish I’d rather have an ice maker that’s cool it’s good spot for it may be
    a good spot for it we use more ice than we do or I would
    say wine I drink a lot you don’t really need it B to be nice right generally speaking add shape in here for
    the price for sure day to you and you learn three and a half hour drive south
    yeah we’re going to see a hundred Houston for 70s to 2001 only two ever
    made that’s good or bad I think they were kind of overpriced
    first base straight yeah just didn’t catch on obviously because I only sold
    two of them yeah what I think was this I only saw one of them
    all right so this is available market for a long time and I think it’s
    probably just because it’s unusually got kind of unusual colors on the side and
    stuff like that I mean it’s loaded yeah completely loaded so anyway I’m going to
    take a look at it the destination is on your left
    on the line hundred middle street oh all right that’s various terms cool pretty well
    done I mean not that it wouldn’t be on to vote number three – first a day
    but three all together this is a hunter 466 2004 yeah Morehead City just left
    where we knew Bern Bern to see the hell’s m2400 466 we’ve seen a couple of
    these already so super low hours it sounds like it’s pretty nice it looks
    like it was we shall see that is off left recovers sure got it set up nice
    station nice yeah not like a big thing but it is that this is whiter than the
    actual yep don’t know why I do like I like the counter yeah it’s a
    cage me where do you want me to go so here we are you know our sweet sweet
    luxury accommodations and at the end of our whirlwind boat tour of the northern
    south we got made fun of for calling this a trip to the north where it’s
    really cold but it is really cold and to us this is now the north because we’re
    so far south so it’s the northern south come sit yeah tell the people about the
    boats oh so we saw three votes today that’s vacant this is on an all hunter
    weekend because in our searches as we’ve shown you a bunch of those we’ve looked
    at kind of circled around to the hotter for 60s for 66 and 49 s just because the
    interior volume and layout is just it’s too good to pass up
    plus when I got to looking into them a little heavier I mean their construction
    is really kick-ass um you know people have differing opinions on the hunters
    out there obviously we like because we had one but they’re they’re very very
    solid boats being our trig is something that people just have to get used to
    sailing it the right way yeah you’ll get to see whether we learn how to do that
    or not hopefully yeah about yet not about yet but we kind of honed in on the
    hunters for that reason just the amount of cabin space we needed the amount of
    just overall space we needed overall features they just they come pretty much
    packed with that stuff so the first but was 100 for
    60 and talked a little bit about it I was really dirty which is fine it’s not
    a knock on the boat itself we could see past the dirt but it just wasn’t set up
    the way we needed it to be yeah this was a 2001 and the cheapest of any boats
    that we’ve looked at so we were expecting a little dirt yes that thing
    do you have to do a little bit and add some things to it but to get a you know
    primo price that it would be worth worthwhile but yeah there was just a lot
    of pieces and parts that just had that aged look you know some of the plastics
    had yellowed in different places and the wood was very uneven just probably
    hadn’t been particularly cared for over the years so places that got more white
    or faded just kind of had a lot of that going on so we came out of that kind of
    disappointed and then once all the second boat second foot we saw was the
    hunter house some 470 now this is an unusual boat in that it’s based off 104
    60 but it was a joint effort between hunter and Johan Johan Helsing jumpy
    Nelson just a few it kind of just has all the bells and whistles in it has a
    lot of the finishes and colors that you would expect a more of a like Island
    Packet style every type but they did not catch on her
    there was only to whoever made and you know it was like $200,000 more expensive
    than the standard hunter hh4 60s back then so we like hunters but they’re not
    intended to be the Cadillacs of you know but it’s a really cool boat so we
    wouldn’t we went and saw it and I think because it’s such an unusual boat and
    there were only two out there at all I think it’s just been overlooked because
    people didn’t really know what they were looking at and it’s kind of it does have
    a couple of unusual color choices inside that we kind of decided we we think we
    like and can work with them that like is I think we can embrace them and make
    them I think I like it more than you do yeah but the outside of the is bu before
    so we were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was and it is loaded with
    everything practically everything we could want to go cruise and and detach
    ourselves from you know land for months at a time if we wanted to so and the
    price is crazy lows not as low as that first boat but it’s you know
    Furcal host of it has on it it’s it’s surprising and so this is a boat that
    supposedly had $200,000 worth of upgrades that is now basically just
    duking it out on the market with all the other hundreds before 60s and for 66 and
    so it’s depreciate yeah and it just wasn’t a concept that caught on so
    nobody and nobody out there cares that it’s a wholesome right but it’s it’s
    cool though but number three is a 2400 466 it was really really really nice the
    owners have taken amazing care of it super low hours it’s like 600 hours on
    the motor and really um couldn’t find any fault
    with the boat it was it was super clean and polished and just not mark on it
    anywhere just really really nice but I feel bad that we uh we already kind of
    be very confused this one we wanted before we got there
    2004 so it’s a newer boat that’s good and they did make some upgrades in the
    hall and a few other things but it’s the highest priced of all these we’ve seen
    down here and and it just doesn’t have the gear and the additions such as you
    know it doesn’t have a thing he doesn’t have an arch or solar or wind you know
    water maker these are all things that the Houston does have electronics are
    dated their original electronics it just doesn’t make sense for us because the
    price is just too good on the hunter helps them to not go that direction with
    everything that it has included so we had a little interior design work to do
    but that is like the only concession if you want to come with that so that is
    the rundown of the boats we’ve seen this weekend’s and we have gone ahead made an
    offer that’s not official yet I emailed him that to write up an offer for the
    hunter Houston and we put that offer in at 150 K flat and
    see what they come back at alright so that is it for this trip we’re gonna go
    get some breakfast I don’t know what else we’re gonna do for the rest of
    today now flight doesn’t leave for 4:45 and then we get into Palm Beach it like
    9:00 so whirlwind trip as you look through season 5 and you wonder how we made it this far as you look through ceases that coming in you wonder how he made it

    Dangers for Sailboats Sailing Africa-Preparing for Passage when DANGER LURKS! –Patrick Childress#34
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    Dangers for Sailboats Sailing Africa-Preparing for Passage when DANGER LURKS! –Patrick Childress#34

    September 3, 2019

    hello I’m Patrick Childress along with
    my wife Rebecca on the sailboat Brick House we are in Tanga Tanzania on the
    east coast of Africa and tomorrow morning we pick up anchor here we are in
    Tanga Tanzania on the east coast of Africa and we have one two three four
    five the blue one is the fifth international sailboat here were
    anchored just off the Yacht Club you see that sailboat doesn’t have a mast
    I’ll get back to him in a minute but we are getting ready to leave here to go to
    Zanzibar which is to the South right now that is pointing north and that’s where
    the wind’s coming from so once we get out of this Harbor we’ll have a real
    nice sail so I’m getting this boat ready so we can leave tomorrow morning it’s
    about a 45 mile trip so just a day trip but up here in the bow you can see it’s
    quite a mess up here over the last three days I’ve been pulling up the chain and
    setting it on a plastic tarp down to here on the deck and letting it dry out
    in the Sun getting all of the muck and growth off of it we’ve been here for
    almost two months so there’s a lot of growth on the chain that had to dry out
    then I’d put it back in the water and wash it off pull more chain up so we
    have a pretty clean chain so now when we put it down into the hawse pipe and in to the anchor locker the whole boat isn’t gonna smell like that an old dead fish and back here I’ll
    be tying down all of these empty fuel jugs there on the port side we certainly
    expect all the wind to be coming from the north and northeast so I want all
    these fuel jokes to be on the high side we’re running low on everything which is
    just fine I want to keep this boat as light as possible since we’re just
    coastal we don’t need to stock up with tons of gasoline and diesel extra diesel
    on the deck so right now I’m gonna get ready to put the jib sheet blocks back
    on to the track. We take those off when we’re in port for any length of
    time just to get them out of the way so we
    don’t fall and trip over them stub our toes we also get the jib sheets out of
    the way but also here in such a poor country the people are very nice the
    fishermen are nice but they are so incredibly poor a lot of simple things
    like line will disappear from the deck off the boat if you’re not careful Ok, we will go into the engine room and
    check the engine oil and a few other things and since I’m not going to do a
    proper sailboat engine room tour I don’t think there is just enough there to make it
    worthwhile I’ll just show a couple things here while we’re down in my
    favorite room in the boat there’s a nice seat over here to sit on we have the
    refrigerator and the freezer up here I have them shut off right now so they
    don’t make noise in the background for us so this is a 56 horse Yanmar engine
    Lily you’re in the way! She loves to help me in the sailboat engine room and
    so it’s been very reliable you can see that it’s in here backwards. this is the
    flywheel so it’s facing aft and that goes… the driveshaft is on the other side
    it goes to the, of course the transmission and then the V drive as in
    Victor that reverses the output and the driveshaft comes underneath the engine
    and out the boat we have dual Racor filters with a very important suction
    guage so the needle goes counterclockwise to the left as we’re
    looking at it and that will tell me if these filters are getting plugged and so
    I’m always checking that while we’re motoring. in the back here there used to
    be one big fuel tank 80 gallons but that ruptured long ago and another owner had
    put in these 2 40 gallon tanks they’re actually probably about 38 gallons each
    there’s one to port and one starboard the dividing line is right here so that
    helps us to distribute weight on the boat a little better so the galley the
    head a lot of weight is on the port side of this boat so it just has a natural
    port list so we always try to use the port fuel first also the water in the
    port water tank underneath this settee We’ll always use that first and try to get
    more weight back to the starboard. up here is a remote oil
    filter makes changing oil extremely easy I just put a little plastic cup under
    here take the filter off and it makes it very fast and easy for changing oil up
    here is the oil pump for changing the oil and there’s a hose is here that
    comes down and I can just put that into an empty container. so I check the
    tension on the fan belt half-inch depression mid span which is good. make
    sure we have enough coolant in the reservoir that’s good and we’ll check
    this engine oil hey Lily she loves to come back here and help me check engine
    oil don’t you kitten? I can do that pretty much by feel. wipe this off you
    know you pulled these dip sticks out and they never have anything on them but you
    put it back in and then the oil will show so we’re right up there to the
    proper line we’re looking good and I changed this oil not too long ago I
    change the oil every 100 hours the manual says 150 hours
    but I always go 100 hours even one thing – I wanted to show you you
    know you always hear about boats catching fire and sinking and it always
    seems to start in the engine room and so why is that what I think might happen in
    some of those cases is that a positive battery wire would be chafing on a hard
    spot like right here chafe through shorts out overheats and sets everything
    on fire so what I have done in some of these cases where it does lay on top of some
    metal just take a piece of strong water hose, cut it lengthwise and use some wire
    ties to hold it on so you have some good safeguard. this is the engine room blower
    that goes back out to the cubbyhole anytime our engine is running this is
    running there’s a manual switch that we turn on I want to get as much
    cool fresh air into this engine room as possible and get the heat out this is our new mainsail when we get
    down to South Africa and we haul out our old mainsail will become a drop cloth
    and then we can finally get this one out of our way so reach down in here to the
    V drive area and check the oil on the V Drive and the transmission and the sea
    strainer has been sitting a long time I’m gonna have to shut off the water valve
    and clean that out If we didn’t have this V drive reversing
    the output from the drive shaft this engine we have to be sitting up there in
    the galley somewhere so we checked the levels in the transmission and V drive
    and we are good to go so in the morning right at sunup around
    6 o’clock we want to leave Tanga for Zanzibar so I want to check the tide
    tables and see what the situation is going to be if we’re gonna be fighting a
    current or going out with the current so although you’re getting a flicker in the
    screen because of the difference in shorter speeds of the camera you still
    won’t be able to see this but what I’ll do is hold my finger on the screen and
    the menu comes up and cursor place Waypoint chart objects and’ find nearest’
    I want to hold my finger on ‘find nearest’ let it go and we have a whole menu
    here I’m going to go down the menu for waypoints. ports. tide stations. current
    stations. obstructions. wrecks and go back to’ tide stations’ touch that one and now
    we’ve get all of our tide stations along the coast and I want Tanga Bay
    push the enter button up here and it comes up so I don’t want today’s I want
    to push ‘tomorrow’ and in the morning low tide is
    at 4:45 so if we leave at 6 o’clock it’s just changed and it’s going to be coming
    back in and just starting to rise so we won’t have too much of a current to be
    fighting on our way out here high tide is going to be at 10:30
    a.m. with departure festivities we got delayed we are putting the dinghy up on
    deck that night in the dark that’s no problem we’ve done it plenty of times
    but we cannot be delayed in the morning we don’t want to wait until then to put
    the dinghy up on deck we have to leave just before sunup so that we don’t have
    to fight the current that will be shifting against us but also we can’t
    really be traveling in the dark because there’s dangers out there which I’ll be
    able to show you I’m certain on the way out of the harbor and also I’ll be able
    to show you what happened to that blue sailboat and how it got totally
    demolished Ok, and this is the first danger for
    sailing at night these little fishing boats are out all night many of them
    have no lights at all or they rely on just a little flashlight or a little
    lantern to hang up when they eventually see you coming and about to run them
    down it’s not only the fishing boats also their fishing nets will foul a
    cruising sailboat’s propeller and these fishing boats also have traps that they
    marked with just little empty water bottles plastic water bottles that are
    tied with some monofilament line and those will certainly wrap up around a
    sailboats propeller as well so there’s a lot of dangers in close to shore. As we move
    offshore there’s tugboats and this tugboat was
    showing no AIS signal. we have two AIS Displays and neither one showed a signal
    coming from this tugboat and that would lead me to believe that also at night
    there’s no reason for them to be showing the proper lighting that is required of
    a tugboat so sailboats sailing along the coast of
    Africa in Southeast Asia and a lot of waters around the world they have to be
    extremely careful because International Maritime Organization regulations really
    mean little there’s very little enforcement in a lot of these other
    foreign countries and this is what happened to that wrecked sailboat at two
    o’clock in the morning. he was 10 miles off the coast of Africa when he saw a
    tugboat and he decided to go behind it right into the tow line and that
    demolished his mast. the tugboat finally saw what was happening and slowed down
    and the barge came along and then just wiped out the rest of his boat and just
    spun him around like a top and just beat him up on all four sides of his boat and
    the owner of the boat says oh he finally did see that there was a light on the
    tow but it was so extremely dim you had to be right on top of it to see it which
    is very common in these foreign countries if you see a tugboat at all in
    the distance give him a wide berth and plan on sailing behind him only at a
    very great distance I was told that the insurance company for the tugboat does
    not want to pay as both captains were equally responsible for the accident but
    of course that is debatable it could be very helpful
    to keep a quick reference guide like this close to the helm or the nav
    station just in case there is some questionable light combinations out
    there on the horizon on some other vessel when we left Tanga Harbor we motor
    sailed on a beam reach due east and then once we were passed all of the shoals
    and small islands and out very much into deep water then we turned due south for
    Zanzibar and in the afternoon as expected as it
    does every day the wind shifted so we had to take down the running pole roll
    up the jibs and move everything off to the port side and there of course I had
    to make sure that the forward guy the after guy all come off the bottom of the
    running pole cleanly so that they don’t tangle or get crossed and that the
    mainsheet goes through the jaws cleanly and it won’t get tangled and to make
    sure that the topping lift comes off cleanly from the top of the running pole this running pole is two feet shorter
    than the J dimension that is the dimension from the mast to the head
    stay/ it’s just too short I would really much prefer to have it at
    least equal to the distance to the head stay but even better than that two feet
    longer and that way I wouldn’t have to be rolling up the jib like this I can
    get a lot more sail area out with a longer running pole. in this Pleasant
    weather it give me a chance to remark the topping lift and the forward and
    after guys just where to cleat them off at. there’s different ways of setting up
    running poles with the forward and after guys I just clean off the forward one to
    a cleat near the windlass and then have the after guy come back to a turning
    block and then a winch in the cockpit and that suits me this is not a race
    boat I can set it up any way I want navigation is so easy these days there’s
    no figuring out drift correction angles or distance time speed equations it’s
    all just right here in front of you there’s very little to think about and
    the machine like this which has a screen of eleven and a half inches across makes
    it so easy to see and gives a very good spatial awareness gives the true wind
    speed, maximum true wind speed, apparent wind angle, waypoint
    time to go, distance to Waypoint , on and on and on, everything you could possibly
    want to know and certainly takes all the mystery out of navigation which that’s
    fine with me we are heading down now to a nice little
    cove on the north end of Zanzibar. we’re gonna arrive well before sundown. if we
    keep on going there’s a good chance we’ll have to enter the marina after it
    gets dark and we haven’t been there before and we’re not in any rush. so
    we’re just going to have a nice Pleasant sail for the day and anchor in this cove
    that we see on the chart that’s a change, we have our picture
    taken! so we set an anchor symbol where we drop
    the anchor and then settle back and now our track is swinging in an arc around
    the anchor so in the middle of the night if we have bad weather or any concerns
    at all we can check the chart plotter and we’ll see if we’re drifting if we’re
    dragging anchor or we’ll know exactly what’s happening. Rebecca and I have
    never heard of anybody being boarded on their yacht anywhere along the Tanzania
    coast and accosted but why take chances we just feel much better putting in the
    security bars closing the hatch and then inserting the bar into its proper
    position so the patch cannot be open from the outside but will also close the
    big forward hatch and dog that tight and just keep our security things…our
    knives or whatever we have close at hand just in case and we also left the bright
    cockpit light on but I didn’t go through the trouble of setting up our trip
    alarms Well are we back in Internet again? no…No internet? oh no. How many days has it been now? It feels like days, but 24 hours..that’s long enough! God In that amount of time the whole world could have just blown up and we
    just blown up and gone all the hell and all gone to heck, and we would never know it. Probably wouldn’t care! yeah really! we have enough food onboard and fishing line…Ah.. … a big ship out there huh? Yea. Its on AIS. Its at anchor. . Oh good, nice to see somebody has AIS out here that’s supposed to have it. So as we make our approach into the
    marina we always tie off the wind generator we don’t need that noise or
    having that thing spinning around and possibly getting in the way of anything.
    we roll up the Bimini and headsail and get that out of the way so we have better visibility
    over and around the Dodger plus we don’t need the extra windage. that thing can
    act like a sail and really blow us around and we don’t know what the wind,
    what the current is going to be inside the marina so we just want to streamline
    the boat as much as possible also on the way in I always have to think well what
    if the engine quits what do we do I mean we should be able to sail the boat to
    the dock but I’d prefer not to in a lot of cases I have to think well what would
    Kevin do? Kevin has a youtube channel called “how to sail oceans”. He sails
    everywhere on a 31-foot double ender gaff rig boat with no engine and so I
    watch his channel to refresh my memory on things that I have done only long ago
    and to learn new things so he’s got an excellent channel for those people who
    are out sailing now and you want to learn more and refine your skills Kevin
    on ‘how to sail oceans’. He wouldn’t ever turn on his engine he doesn’t have one
    to turn on and he would just sail into the dock here. and think nothing of it.
    After docking the boat one of the first things I did was go over the side and
    bagged the prop and the shaft with plastic bags it’d be far better to use a
    black bag or something that does not transmit any light at all to discourage
    marine growth but since this transparent bag is all that I had I went ahead and
    threw some laundry detergent powdered laundry detergent inside the bag and
    then installed it over the prop and that will help discourage any marine growth
    on the prop and on the shaft even though I had taken the time in Tanga it to wash
    off the chain it wasn’t enough it did start smelling so why not take advantage
    of the dock here all the fresh water and I pulled all the chain out of the locker
    and gave it a good rinsing and a little bit of a scrubbing and then let it dry
    out in the Sun so it’s nice to get all that mud and muck and old marine growth
    off and give it a good fresh water rinse before it gets stowed back in its chain
    Locker so now we’re in Zanzibar I’ve waited decades to get to this place
    and now we are here we get to explore this ancient incredibly historic Island!

    Sailing through the Breath Taking Mountains to Explore Kotor, Montenegro
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    Sailing through the Breath Taking Mountains to Explore Kotor, Montenegro

    September 2, 2019

    Today we begin our journey entering the
    Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. It’s about 17 nautical miles to
    the ancient walled town. As we sail through the mountains we are dumbstruck by its magnificence. A bit difficult to see, but out there is a small man-made island with an old
    Catholic Church on it and then to this direction is Kotor. They passed us. We rest at anchor in a pristinely calm bay. Below deck we almost forget that we’re on the water. We look up to realize
    this fiercely gorgeous boat dropped anchor just beside us. I’m Martin. This is
    my boat. The name is Styrr. The boat is about 100 years old and I own her now for twelve years. Absolutely king captain that one. Kotor, Motenegro. An ancient city. Some of whom’s structure date back to the sixth century built by the Romans.
    Although, when Kotor was settled, no one knows, but it was before the Romans came
    around and fortified it. Once fortified and probably before, Kotor’s history
    began to oscillate between peace, siege plunder, and rebuild. Kotor, to me, is an
    example of how countries expand and collapse, shift power, and sometimes
    disappear completely, but a well-built city or community can outlast empires.
    With Kotor being the focal point of such an extraordinary landscape it’s no
    wonder it’s been fought over for centuries. Now it is a relatively quiet
    town that receives a lot of tourism especially from cruise ships. Oh and Kotor is full of cats. The cats are
    loved by the locals. Do either of you know how to get there? I
    think so yeah. Okay that’s good cuz I don’t. I think you have to go through the old fort
    and then just take the stairs up onto the wall. I think there’s an entrance to
    the top there that way or further along that way as well. Yeah I went to the bottom of it down here so if you just walk through. We began a short trek up the wall to see
    the vantage point from which Kotor was defended on many occasions. We were
    joined by Ralph. He’s a stray. After enjoying the exquisite location we
    began making way out of the bay. We sailed by Our Lady of the Rocks. This is
    a man-made island. It was built by the continual throwing of rocks into the bay
    and they also sank ships full of rocks so as to create a tribute to the Virgin
    Lady and Child. Beating our way through the channel allowed for a perfect
    opportunity for Jackson and Tara to execute their very first single-handed
    tacks. We made it to Tivat and we came ashore and found these two poor chaps bailing this boat. Thanks for watching. Subscribe for
    more videos and thank you most of all to the Patrons who support this channel. We
    appreciate you. Subscribe and share this video with a friend.

    Sailing the Secret Islands of Sardinia (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 109
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    Sailing the Secret Islands of Sardinia (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 109

    August 30, 2019

    Whoa I’m very sorry, but your anchor chain is right on our anchor Last time on Sailing La Vagabond you were caught in the rain with us as we headed south from Bonifacio to the north of Sardinia we were sailing to a tiny fishing port to pick up our patrons James and Destiny who had come to join us for a few days of sailing Once we got the crew together the idea was to continue on east to a bunch of secret islands called La Maddalena I’m nervous already beautiful Elayna, this is going to be so easy, couldn’t be better Well I’m really glad I didn’t stuff that one up we had a whole audience just then Of old dudes just chillin. It was great. I wish I could speak Italian with them. Got a few preggos from the old guys One old man just could not believe that I was driving the boat. He just kept staring like Preggo, preggo It was really funny Okay, so name date of birth. Where are you from? What brings you to La Vagabonde? Destiny I’m from Helena, Montana And we’ve always dreamt of sailing. I’m James Gardner from Montana. We were lucky enough to get invited aboard I Checked my mail on the way back to work, and I got my package. I think that time I just got a letter that was pretty cool and a couple of coasters and a sticker during the day I got an email saying there was a new episode and sat down at my favorite chair and watched the episode Got to the end, and I heard my name. So it was like the best patron day ever James i’d like to hear about the make of boat that you’ve put an offer in on Oh, it’s a I think it’s an 86 Vagabonde Yeah, yeah, and it looks like an old pirate ship Thats pretty interesting and I guess its never been in salt water We haven’t seen it yet. We’re gonna go look at it. Hopefully in about three weeks, or a month check it out Now that you’ve met these two lovely humans, let’s get back to the incident leading up to our departure We’d gotten one of the 20 odd mooring lines stuck around our prop Shouldn’t of put it in forward But I should have checked for ropes first No, that’s my fault. I might have to jump in or he might jump in Wont be the last time I do that Well a bit of a false start there Weren’t expecting that but yeah, we got tail winds today pretty strong winds, but it should be nice going down wind and the sun’s out for now. I’m pretty sure it’s going to rain, that is my weather report to you today As we were leaving the port the pilot dude, that’s like in charge of making sure the Ferry leaves properly came over he was like I Get out of here because we turned around we were going to hoist the main in the ferry dock We didn’t realize that the ferry had actually fired up its engines and was gonna gun us down so He got us out the way and we just hoisted the main outside but it looked like it was going to chase us down for a bit there Elayna was scared I want you to slowly let out on that and I’m gonna be pulling in on this one a little bit more The strait of Bonifacio this channel that we’re sailing in is notorious among sailors for its weather currents shoals and other obstacles The waves have just started to get a lot bigger We had one or one or two over the bow water came in through this hatch here on my laptop, but only a little bit it’s good fun It’s impossible to concentrate, Daniel and I are on camera duties this is awesome How’s it going guys? Great, pretty cool Pretty intense waves right? Awesome Because we were in quite shallow water it started to get a little rough and despite James’s awesome It was getting so rough that we actually needed to seek shelter for the night Somewhere nearby we would depart for La Maddalena on the morrow How much is one night? How much does it cost I’m so upset about this. Even the place that I’m thinking of going they’re saying that swell from the Northwest which is where it is or winds from the Northwest bring swell in so if we go, look at this one And it’s only five miles away, so let’s just motor there. Spend ten bucks of fuel and save ourselves a fortune yea lets do it Alright im heading back out Ok We are just not getting our pants pulled down like that. We’re not gonna pay a hundred sixty euro for one night I forgot how expensive Europe was, so yeah, we are going around the corner to an anchorage, hopefully its very protected I think it we think it will be but you never know Once again everyones asleep, falls to the captain To go and dive on the anchor, and it is cold and windy and miserable but Someones gotta do it Over the next few days we will be visiting an archipelago of islands just above Sardinia called La Maddalena It’s a national park so it’s quite protected and we got some serious wind today We’re beating into it right now, and then we’re going to go with it for the rest of the way, but yeah It’s pretty hectic. We just have to take a reeve Theres this beautiful beach here, which apparently we’re not allowed to visit anymore Called Pink Beach Pink beach, its got pink sand Ive seen that when I was googling where we’re going Its famous according to… but maybe we can visit it on foot, but maybe you’re not allowed to anchor there or something You definitely can’t anchor there it’s bouyed off, it says maybe in the book we can walk there, exactly Ive never heard of a bit of land thats banned, unless its a military zone or something And why would they want to not let you go there, it’s just a beach Yea As long as you dont And it would bring tourism. We’re going. We’re going to Pink Beach. Walk there Consisting of seven main islands and numerous other small islets we were excited to drop anchor in a place That was during the Napoleonic Wars the base for Lord Admiral Nelson’s fleet in his actions against the French now I might have just been reading too much Patrick O’Brien But you could tell straight away how perfect this archipelago would have been for that operation This is cool hey Hello We just asked the guy selling shells how to get to Pink Beach And he said it’s basically impossible it takes an hour and you have to walk through sticks because there’s no path no pathway, and im telling you that would hurt with… Seriously? gonna take the dinghy Yeah go for it guys ill.. So we just got here, and there’s a sign that says no swimming, do not walk on the sand, do not remove anything from the beach. So we cant swim And It’s not pink. it is beautiful though Can see a little bit of pink It ended up being quite the mission to find pink Beach That was in fact not very pink at all But after a tiny bit of research we found out that the slight tinge of pink we saw came from a pink micro organism that inhabits the ground by water and wind Over the years anchoring of boats and the disturbance of people bathing and walking the beach had agitated its growth so new Regulations were put into place Which will hopefully allow the little pink organisms to make a comeback and the beach to be colorful again a counseling session or hypnosis I’m sure, both Riley really loves teaching free diving every time we get a guest, he’s always out there, its great I’m just gonna go check on the anchor because another person came in and it looks like they’ve put their anchor right on top of ours, so im going to go suss it out I’m very sorry, but your anchor chain is right on our anchor You need to pick up your anchor and move 30 meters this way Because tonight the wind is picking up, and if your anchor moves. It’ll Anchor we’re gone If it’s a I’m sorry if it’s okay. You just move maybe 20 meters just closer to the catamaran Yeah, okay. I knew something was up They anchored five meters directly in front of our anchor if the wind had a swung around it would have probably pulled our anchor out Overnight, and we would end up on those rocks over there Like Cunningham the first It’s been a really good day Rileys outside doing a work out destiny and James are having a sleep they’re Pretty jet-lagged still um and Troyer is doing some work on the laptop, and I’m thinking about what we’re gonna have for dinner it’s pretty hard feeding five people because I Don’t know It’s just such a big event It’s not like we dont have the food It’s just that We eat so randomly usually just us around the boat and when there’s other people feel like we have to make a proper meal so but its fun, i enjoy cooking Thanks for watching next time we get upside down in a secluded Anchorage and mission it to the main town of La Maddalena Oh my gosh I cant even believe this, this is all candy we say goodbye to our friends and welcome onboard new ones

    Sailing a Mirage – San Blas (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 33
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    Sailing a Mirage – San Blas (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 33

    August 30, 2019

    [oh] Last time on SLV. We met up with our Patreon [Jeff] who would be joining us for a week of sailing How’s it going mate. Thanks for coming down Thanks to being so flexible with all your plans and that. Oh, Yeah. I spent last weekend shoveling two feet of snow out of my driveway, so yeah, This is so easy yeah, oh oh, we’re expecting spinnaker weather for the trip to the San Blas so before we could leave I had to go up the mast and to install a block to hopefully prevent the rope chock that we’ve been having. We left that night for our overnight sail to the famed San Blas islands hey bud Hey, buddy [rough], lot. Hey, just [stop] by [to] say hello So how was your morning on watch? Oh, it was so peaceful! Uhh guys! I don’t know if anyone
    noticed but there’s a dead flying fish in the kitchen Yeah, seriously. How many other people wake up in their homes go to the kitchen, and there’s a dead fish on the floor I just don’t think I’ll ever get used to this Riley’s off for one of his famous swims Bloody Hell. That is hard to hold on [alright] slow than three knots here. No just depends because of the waves, like Real fast [you] get cut to it. Yeah, hi. Good luck Jeff I’m not gonna use a mask [just] doesn’t refer it’ll lose it like that Oh, that’s glorious Glorious I haven’t heard that word in a while There she goes! Beautiful! All good up there. Yep, all good. Just give it a bit of a tighten Good work guys! {Riley}We were expecting to make landfall around 2:00 to 3:00 that afternoon [so] he lounged around read our books and waited patiently for our arrival San Blas [Islands], and I wanted to go here my whole life, so I’m very excited. Where’s the San Blas dance? Jeff? Was that was it was? The san blas dance, yep. Come on. What do you got how excited are you I’m very excited Yeah, how does it go? {is a high pitched nasal voice} we’re in San Blas We’re in San Blas Hahah {Jeff tries to imitate high tone] We’re in San B [Riley] [laughing] The [San] [Blas] Islands are a part of [panama] and there are over 340 Islands so we certainly had a lot to choose from so Islands look so strange from a distance We’ve never seen islands like these with such vegetation growing on them {background music increases} Time to sail the seven seas {Elayna} So we’re a little nervous going into our first anchorage which was surrounded by Shallow reefs and a fair bit of Debris floating around {song fades to background}We anchored in 12 meters water in between three small islands [background song fades back in}Can’t tell you where I’m going… {Riley} Last time I saw one of these little vessels was in cape verde and the wind was blowing in about 30 knots The boys had a bit of a siesta before they went and checked out the surrounding islands But I was far too excited and couldn’t resist going by myself {music fades back in} little mermaid swimming in sea Her eyes [as] [bright] as crystal waters in the day swimming around with curiosity That must be more than laughs than what those eyes Gonna see On my way back. I noticed a few nets of lobster in front of a hut on the beach I nearly ate them there and then because they look [so] damn delicious But I held out until later that afternoon when we bought some lobster off the locals and they cooked it for us on the beach {music} He played a tune and he tapped his feet {Jeff} Do I have spinach in my teeth {Riley} So, can you tell everyone what your name is? My name is Jeff. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania What are you do there? I work.. He’s an axe murderer! {Elayna yells from background} Ha yes I’m an axe murderer. Recovering. First week on parole. Feeling good.Feeling strong. Uh, work for a little internet Bank, and I do marketing and product management I’m shoveling snow this time of year usually. How did you hear about styling Sailing La Vagabonde? Uhhh, I think I stumbled across it when I was looking for information about making Passages. Because me and a friend are going to go to bermuda next summer to go see the America’s cup and I wanted to watch people that were doing passage making it to kind of Learn some lessons about it because I’ve never made a passage before. Wrong place to come for that I’m afraid [laughs] Hmm learn from our mistakes maybe [All laugh] I, I,haven’t seen any mistakes . Um, fact I’ve seen a real easy way to Live aboard I didn’t imagine that it could be as easy. I mean how you handle the boat and are really careful and thoughtful Skipper and how well Elayna Manages the boat I mean, [and] it’s just like an easy [teamwork] that you have it’s really inspirational to see that something as daunting as crossing oceans could happen in a light-hearted and easygoing and harmonious way. It’s really delightful {Riley and Elayna} Wow! {Riley}Thanks, Jeff, obviously you stumbled across the our channel and You you’ve obviously Decided to donate some money on Patreon Mm-Hmm. What why would you do that? Yeah? I think there’s room and in Everybody’s life to give back to people Inspire them [I] find what you’re doing to be deeply stirring Sort of spiritually and emotionally and it’s a it’s a real inspiration to people that spend most their day sailing a desk, you [know], or a computer, and dream yeah of getting out and I’m delighting that, you know, that a couple of dreamers are making What is probably a dream for most people into a way of living and I want to support it. {Elayna}Thank you! How many days old was the video before you heard your name called out? Or did a friend call you? Uuhhabout a third of [a] day, and I look on my face was probably hysterical. Like, WHAT?! I was super excited. {Elayna} Oh I would have loved to see it. I think I did the San Blas dance in my house Aw yeah! [Spanish] Kie muchos Vargo Amarillo’s, I mucho somebody use [Grande] [Hob] [pequeños] [Riley translates} Yeah, no there was some fish like this [gestures] mustard, Cheers San Blas! What have you made here Elayna? Just a salad pretty Standard The loser of the card game last night had to cook Breakfast this morning for everyone and I managed to convince Elayna to do it in my stead [mouths words – no sound] Just cooking some breakfast. Yeah, Riley’s cooking some breakfast. {Jeff} Oh fantastic [jeff belly laughs] [riley joins in] {Jeff} That’s fantastic Riley can’t cooking and he was like can you cook for later? So this is how I’m gonna cook breakfast this morning. All right. What’s the funny joke that you’re gonna do this time? {jeff cackles off screen} {Jeff}I think she has you exact man haha Do a burp now I can’t {Riley}We picked up the anchor and prepared for a small sail to the next set of islands that were not so far away I was beginning to enjoy this fight Join us for part two of the san blas we check out a few more islands Introduce the drone to [the] locals and do a bit of free diving and spearfishing Thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed the episode, please give it a thumbs up that helps us out a little bit and yeah enjoy the rest of the day or not wherever in the world you may be Chacho