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    Full Time Liveaboard Boat Life: Shredding a Sail while Sailing in France
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    Full Time Liveaboard Boat Life: Shredding a Sail while Sailing in France

    November 14, 2019

    When did we get here? Two days ago? The sail over here two and a half days ago we were sailing along, all the things were
    great, life was good, and then we saw some dolphins and we thought, “Hey, that’s great. Good omen, dolphins” and then literally as soon as the Sun set and the Dolphins
    said goodbye our davits broke. What just happened? And then within 20 minutes we had a dinghy that was upside down in the water
    and no outboard motor. Um, yeah. All of our plans were now halted. Priority number one was to find an outboard engine. We arrived on a S unday so we had a picnic and we went to see a flick at the world’s oldest cinema. Also, while we were in La Ciotat we need to find a welder to reattach and reinforce the davits to the transom. Being in our first time in
    France and except for pleasantries none of us speak French, Lise & Eric from Bon Fond, we’re very gracious and helped us find a welder so we met up with Julien and we attempted to communicate some sort of solution. We visited a few different places looking for an outboard motor and there was none to be found. One guy even told us that there are no outboard motors within the area that
    were being sold and that instead we would have to buy a new one and that it would
    take two weeks, but right next door we found a store that was selling a
    refurbished 9.9 Yamaha outboard motor and that was actually the only one being
    sold within a 20-mile radius. Wow, that sounds so much better. Way quieter. And there they go. What happened? It stopped running. But it was going so well! Going over there to talk to the guy. Apparently in France gazole is not
    petrol. It’s diesel. SP 95 is petrol. I put diesel in a petrol engine. Understandably we had some miscommunications with Julien and after a week of trying to
    dissolve a solution and us needing to be on our way we just straight-up bolted
    the davits to the transom. Only having 14 days left to exit the EU without violating the Schengen Agreement we had almost 1,000 nautical miles to Albania.
    1000 miles is near 10 days on the water. We had a smooth sail to Corsica where we stopped for a day to film with Thibault and Jelena. We sailed in the Gulf di Talabo and then sailed down around Le Bocche and across all the way,
    there’s Roma, that’s where we are now. We beat windward to exit the bay and headed south. As we rounded the island beginning to
    pass through the Strait of Bonifacio we read both pages with pretty much a
    straight shot to Rome. The plan was that I was gonna man the
    helm until around 2 a.m. Just as the forecast had suggested, as the Sun was
    beginning to set, off to the north east about 15 miles I could see rain clouds
    developing, but I thought if those rain clouds develop into a storm the wind is
    coming out of the due west so the storm should stay to the north of us. But just
    around midnight as I was watching the storm grow and it began to move south right in our path the decision was made that we were to turn around and head back for
    Sardinia. We don’t actually have any footage of this because it was all hands on deck, midnight and hectic so this will stand in as Arianrhod. With the wind blowing a 6 on the Buford
    wind scale we had to remove sail so we could head back to Sardinia. We were able to furl in the jib with ease. Though Sardinia lay off to our
    starboard quarter, we turned on the engine and turned to port to spill the wind from
    the Genoa so that we can disconnect the whisker pole and furl it in. It took
    all my effort to disconnect the whisker pole and in the process the Genoa was
    luffing aggressively. Beating against the pole the Genoa tore like it was
    confetti. With the whisker pole finally stored, I crawled to the bow and furled
    in the Genoa by hand. The bow was heaving at the crest and crashing into the
    troughs and I bear hugged the sail to stay on the boat as I made incremental
    progress. After three hours of motoring and a total of 15 hours on the water, we
    finally dropped anchor and rested for a few hours. Midday we decided to head for open water and finish our sail to Rome. Upon arrival in Italy we tried to lower
    the obliterated sail, but it was just too windy so we secured it the best that we could because we only had a single day to visit Rome. Decimated head sail. The boat looks fantastic right now. Subscribe.

    S2E8 Not the best day on the sailboat… stormy 29 knot wind The Boat Life sailing travel vlog
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    S2E8 Not the best day on the sailboat… stormy 29 knot wind The Boat Life sailing travel vlog

    November 13, 2019

    Quick boat life recap. We were on a buddy sail from Venice to Cayo Costa We’re not making good progress, wind was against us. We decided to turn back ended up back in Venice still having issues Think we may have picked up a crab trap, but also still had our overheating problem so we decided to leave Venice and head back for Long Boat Key Figure out what was still the problem with our motors? This is The Boat Life. We bought our very first sailboat just over a year ago. Now we’re full-time liveaboards making our way to the Caribbean We have learned a lot but have so much more to learn Because basically we started with no sailing skills and very little boating experience. Did I mention this is our first boat? Subscribe now so you don’t miss out on our adventure. I guarantee you’ll be entertained. I can tell you that much for sure Leave a comment below tell us what you think about our videos. That’s The Boat Life. Thanks for watching! Alright, you want to use the Navionics and see what the… -Yeah He’s getting pushed around by the wind, I think. -Pretty boat. -Which one? -This one. -Oh yeah. Hey nice job on the timing of the bridges. Yeah! Nailed it. No spinning around in circles for 25 minutes like going South. -Which was not fun, but we did it. Wooo. -Rolling over. *Bridge siren* Stickney Point bridge, thanks very much for the opening. We just missed the bridge we’re going to have to hang out for 20 minutes. We were only supposed to get there at 2, so we got there quick. Right? No. -Yeah. It was gonna take us an hour to get from bridge to bridge. Yeah. We’re not there yet. We’re 37 minutes away. OH, ok. That’s what it’s saying. Ok. Well it’s not looking to good back here. The weather continued to get worse and worse, so we decided to anchor and a friend of ours came out on his fishing boat So we could hang out in the marina since we were only about a mile away, but we were making no progress babying the engine. Jeffrey! What? Do you want a line? Made it. -What a way to meet Rolf. After waiting a couple hours and hanging out. It was total glassy conditions. Really easy to motor back. Melissa was done boating for the day. So our friend Rolf helped me bring the boat back into our slip. That’s The Boat Life. Thank you for watching. See you next time. Don’t forget to subscribe and tell your friends. The Boat Life. Next time on The Boat Life we diagnose engine problems in our lovely marina, on Longboat Key.

    SailAway 38 | Trading WINE for RUM and a SPARK PLUG | Sailboat Living Sailing VLog
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    SailAway 38 | Trading WINE for RUM and a SPARK PLUG | Sailboat Living Sailing VLog

    November 10, 2019

    this week on sale away we finally get
    our motor working yeah first try make her way to Marsh Harbor and complete
    race number two do you wanna say do you wanna say with me last week we competed in race
    number one and got a bullet and so far kick back in the cockpit for some drinks
    we’re just drinking wrong and collected the spoils of victory at the party at
    the Hope Town in after being plagued with outboard issues for several days we
    just happen to make friends with the motor boat moored next to us who just so
    happened to be a former owner of a Yanmar dealership and an expert on
    motors so they invited us over and took the entire carburetor apart and cleaned
    it finally diagnosing a bad sparkplug which they just happen to have on hand
    three hours late l yeah I feel bad we just didn’t have any
    open bottles of anything or not open bottles we gave them a $5 bottle of wine
    and they gave us what are you giving them something but
    everything that we have is open and and nobody wants my pink Moscato all right
    well you’re going to Marsh Harbour hopefully really soon because we gotta
    be out of here in one minute storm yeah you know people are like wait tonight
    I love it Seiler thing Bridgette thing
    you know that you’re gonna have trouble your life so you feel fun to try to help
    anybody that has any problem if you have anything
    healthy and hopefully everybody has just said
    well just you know please pay forward you can’t do it to the next person try to get the bottle of wine six o’clock which means it’s party time
    what are we doing instead just Little Hell editing mostly because that guy
    finally fell asleep at about 5:30 I’ve been sleeping well
    much just too much going on Ria’s feels really good though let’s see
    if we would make it there tonight we very possibly will not have a drink up
    here instead the bar was a little crowded for a
    two-year-old that hadn’t fully woken up yet so we decided to explore the island
    in search of food are we tonight for sure Oh colors by the sea come on colors bouncing we are taking
    over walk here and Zeke in search of groceries got off the dinghy dock over
    there it was one of the marinas mangos and went down to the little convenience
    store we have have anything other stuff it was real basic so he said about a
    mile down this way and there it is right there at Maxwell’s
    was a little more full-service store so we got back in the working dinghy with a
    working motor when we went on down to a different dock popped off and ask
    directions from this one and that’s what we’re going Maxwell’s the sweet well mission accomplished almost got
    some groceries second I pulled my phone out of my pocket
    I had somehow helped my thumb on the note with the list and deleted 3/4 of it
    and I’m in a hurry because we gotta get out of there by 10:00 drop our dinghy
    off at the dinghy rope-tow thing and get out to the start so couldn’t piss around
    too much but Maxwell’s place is really nice
    now let’s go walk the long road back to the dingy this is our current starting situation
    are you going f-fine a different song say nothing
    violet this paint once rain this face since the
    handicap ratings change every day they get hand-delivered right before the race
    starts with more storms rolling in at a crazy last-minute wind shift we got a
    horrible start which we unfortunately or fortunately didn’t capture so we found
    ourselves at the back of the fleet trying to play catch-up laughs so we’re still trying to catch up
    still got two legs to go occasionally rainy and blustery yeah so this is all
    part of the plan we do terrible in the second day we get our rating back we’ll
    see how that works out got one from you that’s all oh boy fella say ah saw but the ways but found tray Oh oh boy fellas she’ll never leave now I can it’s ringing boy fella said once out but the Sun you miss the cuddles buddy it’s how we
    retrieve our dinghy okay and then it was back to Guana grabbers
    for the awards ceremony and somehow after all the time corrections we
    actually ended up with a second-place finish trust me wait a minute now currently steward by manager we
    corrected to second by 29 seconds

    SailAway 13 | Gulf Streamin’ in a Sailboat | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog
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    SailAway 13 | Gulf Streamin’ in a Sailboat | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

    November 10, 2019

    Our baby likes the jambalaya when its fed
    by grandpa with a spoon on the boat. Hey. After our final night in Florida at Adventure
    Yatch Harbor we made a short trip down the Ponce Inlet and out into the Atlantic. We angled out in to open water to catch the
    edge of the golf stream and settled in for a nice long down wind sail back to Charleston. We are leaving Adventure Yatch Harbor. We just got through the cut which is the one
    everyone talks about being shallow and tough to get through sometimes and it wasn’t too
    bad. The book says to hug the green side a little
    bit and just be careful where you exit and enter the cut, thats where the shollowing
    is. And it did get down to probably eight or nine
    feet on both ends and we’re almost at high tide so it would be about 5.5 feet at low
    so. Thats why we left at high. So we’re coming out of the Ponce Inlet, sometimes
    known as the New Smyrna Inlet, and right over here is, right there in the distance you’ll
    see the New Smyrna Lighthouse. Almost in the Ocean. Getting out our A sail. Just trying to figure it out. Despite the fact that we’d all flown numerous
    spinnakers, littlerly hundreds of times, this was only the second time for this one. It took a while to sort out the snakes wedding
    that came out of the bag. But soon we had her filled and flying pretty. Well, sometimes this is what a transit looks
    like. On the left is the line that goes straight
    to Charleston. Out there is the Gulf Stream. And our wind is real light right now, supposed
    to fill in later. So just kind of angling out into the Gulf
    Stream see if we can catch at least the edge of it. Give us some current and the wind should be
    better out there. Everybody’s just doing their chill thing. Baby’s napping in the V-berth. We put out a line just for fun and we think
    we caught something. Seems like its still on there. In case you haven’t figured this out, we don’t
    know how to fish. We don’t know how to fish at all. But we bought this fishing pole at Walmart
    and a few lures. Am I supposed to take it out of here? We don’t know what we’re doing. When we say we don’t know how to fish, we’re
    really not kidding so please by all mean any comments, any tips please put them below for
    us, we would really appreciate it. We’re not prepared. Oh it’s a fish, it jumped, it’s still alive. What are we gonna do with it though? It looks big. I feel bad. You feel bad? I think it’s a tuna. I’ve got needle nose pliers, we need a knife
    though to sever it’s spinal cord. We need the pointy knife, the filet knife. Thats a pretty good size, I think. Its a pretty fish. First fish I’ve ever seen caught. It looks a little bit like that, to me, Skip
    Jack Tuna? Yeah pretty much like that. It doesn’t have the lines down it though. Other names, Striped Tuna, Arctic Bonito,
    Oceanic Bonito. Not to most tastes. Better decide if we’re going to keep it or
    not. Unless we can figure out what it is really
    fast, which we’re not very good at we should just let it go. So let it go? yeah. See ya. Bye. We’ll have to do some research because we
    don’t know what we’re doing. Doing high 8’s sometimes 9 knots over ground. And it’s about 2 in the morning. Got good wind though. If only we could catch things. you’re just trying to get down my shirt. Whatever. Hopefully fish number two. We’ve got something on. So whatever it was, it was big. Judging by the bite pattern I’d say it was
    a great white. For sure. Fish on, breeze on, autopilot meh. Not doing so great. Is that it? We’re playing a game called don’t spill the
    jambalaya. Don’t spill the jambalaya. Smell delicious, gimbaling nicely. We’re in our home stretch here, got somewhere
    around 5 hours to go I would say. Humming along at about 6.5 knots with the
    wind behind us. And a lot of big waves coming in behind us
    and they sneak up on you in packs. Trying to turn the boat around. We had a great spinnaker run with them but
    then the wind got a little too strong for the spinnaker. Home soon. Our baby likes the jambalaya when its fed
    by grandpa with a spoon on the boat. Hey. Our baby likes the jambalaya when its fed
    by grandpa with a spoon on the boat. Hey. With the sun dropping lazily into the sea
    and the wind at our backs we knew we only had a few more hours until we reached our
    home port of Charleston but one thing we learned on this trip. Was that we want to be a whole lot closer
    to the sailing we like to do and we want to do a lot more of it. That lead to some pretty big decisions about
    our life in the coming months. Please take a moment to like and subscribe. And be sure to follow us on social media. Thanks for watching, Cheers!

    SailAway 63 |  Miami Boat Show Sailboat Tours!! | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog
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    SailAway 63 | Miami Boat Show Sailboat Tours!! | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

    November 10, 2019

    do you wanna say I wanna say Miami Boat
    Show yes the world-famous Miami International Boat Show and seeing as
    how we’d never been and we just visited a hunter 466 in Fort Lauderdale we
    couldn’t think of a better way to spend the rest of our day than looking at a
    bunch of boats we couldn’t possibly afford can we kick things off with what
    turned out to be some of our favorites would you know or lady rice is this while a lot of the
    newer boats seem to share a very similar style we just really particularly like
    the wood tones and overall design of the interiors of the Geno’s I’m pretty
    excited these pretty adequate pedram while she’s upstairs
    this oh where is my daughter no this is all the way across and it’s
    hydraulic for which is pretty tense go next was the Hylas 48 center cockpit
    for the tidy sum of eight hundred and forty five thousand dollars while the craftsmanship materials and
    build of the Hylas are undoubtedly top-notch understatement of the day we
    found that we just really weren’t into the layout of a centered cockpit boat
    works great for a ton of people just doesn’t use the space the way we would
    like it to oh yeah and it’s roughly $700,000
    outside our budget can you guys go through it again I
    complain he had different she’s this is a overwhelming boat show right
    here yeah that’s what a Marlo carpet looks like sadly the last we’d heard
    Marlo had put the hunter factory in Florida up for sale not sure what that
    means for hunter sailboats next up was the line of bennetto’s all beautiful one
    of which may have been the most expensive though we went on at the
    entire show $2,300 with that we were sitting on this Alexei’s has built-in mats up here
    already these steps it’s hard to find too many faults in a
    1.4 million dollar boat however with regard to their lesser votes that were
    priced within range of some mere mortals we kind of thought their sibling votes
    bide you know one of those points that’s huge
    that’s so cool you can just fold everything down covers over
    that’s just counters this man just like should I just look good
    follow my ass all right this is a pretty good-sized bedroom for me I think Lauren
    might have sleep someplace else but this Varitek and of course we did have to go
    check out a couple cats just to satisfy our curiosity we’ve actually sailed and
    visited quite a few really nice catamarans and have always just
    preferred monohull sailing traits that said they’re really comfy like with a
    home right okay there’s like a wing the west wing in the East Wing Bennett
    noise way let it get confusing are you in the East Wing I was last night we
    turn around 100 sure we’re allowed about we’re on the intranet category we just
    walked on a gangplank we just did it they’re sitting back there and they
    didn’t yell at us so this is a 51 the Vagabond I believe some 45 we did tour
    the inside as well but the owner was right there with us and we didn’t want
    to be those people phors I’ve been looking forward to
    seeing these as I was expecting the divorce were really sharp and pretty
    reasonably priced relatively speaking mostly how hot teak decks are flush draw
    a little it’s not like well the hottest and sure are pretty ugly I thought the new pores had a very racy
    sexy look about them on the outside and on the inside they were really
    comfortable and very sensibly laid out 56 for Cap’n that’s pretty rivers babe we’ll let him sleep inside
    take three let me a roll wait flattery like it froze up on that
    drum then like a single layer yeah we actually preferred the layout of the
    do 446 to the 56 sometimes it feels like designers just don’t know what to do
    with all the extra space in a bigger boat so they kind of try to get too cute
    with it 56 so we left the Miami Boat Show with our
    palates cleanse by all the glitz and glamour and feel and ready to start
    wrapping up our real search join us next week as we visit three more votes and
    make an offer on one as always thanks for watching and don’t forget to Like
    and subscribe Cheers see the common any wonder how he
    made it this far as he seizes that in you wonder how even made it this far

    SailAway 12 | Beach Baby and Sailboat Bums | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog
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    SailAway 12 | Beach Baby and Sailboat Bums | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

    November 10, 2019

    So we left st. Augustine and headed out
    on a long cold all-day motor down toward Daytona Beach on the Intracoastal
    Waterway. Into strong wind and strong current once again. This is our tropical wear We’re motoring into 20 knot wind this whole freaking way. And it was so cold this morning I wound up changing into jeans, socks, all
    this, two layers, a freaking hat and I’m still hypothermic. Even a bloody mary didn’t help. I mean it helped. and the matter what we do, know
    matter how we try to time it. We’re always fighting a knot and a half current.
    I was reading where the wind from a certain direction and
    velocity can really affect how the tide acts, and current. That has to be what’s going on our tide should have changed an hour and a half ago we should be riding with it by now And we’re still fighting it. I kind of give up, I’m gonna have a beer. So we’re at dock again Because the engine still over heats. And they are going to do something. Hopefully fix it this time fingers crossed. You wanna put your harness on? Today was just a long day of motoring
    from St. Augustine and again crazy wind this morning the wind was so cold you
    didn’t get a lot of video today because I’m in a really bad mood because I got
    frozen I was shivering and couldn’t get my hands to warm up because I refused to put
    on long clothes until the last second Other then that it was a good day. The motor worked pretty well, we stopped at one point to clean out the raw water filter because
    we kind of forgot to check it before we left and it was one to overheat and
    about under 2500 which obviously is not what we were going for when we went
    through all that effort. But as soon as we cleaned it out it wasn’t even very dirty I don’t think it overheated but once maybe right just once and we made good time even though we are
    terrible at figuring out how to time these tides. I think the wind is part of
    the problem because it’s changing the patterns a little bit. Its the only thing I can figure because we’re looking up the tides to try and get on the right side
    of them you know fight it for we thought an hour or two and then be riding it for
    the rest of the day and just can’t make it happen but we had good motor power
    today so it wasn’t too big a deal so anyway we made it to Daytona and we are
    anchored here just under the twin bridges The winds kind of laid down a little
    bit and it’s pretty pleasant I was kind of crabby earlier. I’m in a much better
    mood now the whiskey helps. We’ve got Layla docked here at the loggerhead marina We were right over there anchored with those boats last night. after kicking around the pool at
    loggerhead marina for a couple days and also exploring the strip at Daytona
    Beach we decided to hop down to the last marina on our stay before heading back
    out into the Atlantic. Thats a pelican call right? See told you. we just pulled into the adventure yacht
    harbor. Adventure Land. And they have this thing called a gator trout and it’s
    just like big gator skull and like one hand that they turned into you’re like a
    flipper and then like the fish body of a fish Totally legit. It took me a minute
    to be like is there really that really it can’t be such a thing but its with all these other legit fish. Another Hunter legend 35.5
    there but minus a mast and boom. Its Layla’s sister. Could be a sister doesn’t have a mast No big pole What are you eating? Sand? Don’t eat the sand. Here wash it down with some gatoraid. all right so we’re still at Daytona
    we are docked at adventure yacht harbor. we found a lovely beach With an awesome tidal pool. which this guy likes a lot Adventure yacht harbor is just straight
    that way about three blocks The mackeral fish ungulates through the water searching for a mate he sees her just a note we don’t typically wear
    snorkle masks to the beach But we just bought these. And we kind of want to see how they work I was just about to comment how amazingly perfect it was except that there’s nothing to see. Life is awesome. Life is fantastic, we’re
    sitting here in a beautiful marina. This is our life right now it’s fantastic
    that’s good this is a cool little place this is adventure yacht harbor and their rates are incredibly reasonable. It’s not in a hotel district
    of Daytona where I think we’re technically in New Smyrna right here. so our plan now is tomorrow morning we’re gonna get rolling a little
    bit before high tide just shortly we can’t go too far before high tide or we
    can’t get out here and pretty much head out of the Ponce Inlet which is roughly
    that way and so yeah we’re taking off in the morning first thing we should be
    back to Charleston by about 48 hours and we’ve got south and southwest and west
    winds for the next few days and we’ll probably catch the edge of the Gulf
    Stream so we should be able to do that pretty well You know weird things happen but i think we’re going to have a nice ride back. please take a moment to like and
    subscribe and be sure to follow us on social media thanks for watching

    The ROT, RUST, & REWARD of BOAT Ownership
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    The ROT, RUST, & REWARD of BOAT Ownership

    November 9, 2019

    It’s soaking it’s sopping wet. We’re gonna do this on our own. Yep so what were going to do is dig it all out. All of the rotting wood. You feel successful I can see it in your face. I don’t even know how many
    hours I’ve worked on this So this is Stuart in the nighttime Shel also received a new toy or tool as he calls it Previously on searching for C-Shels we
    start some important projects while docked in Stuart Florida. We visit some
    injured Turtles at the loggerhead Marine Center and we prep the boat for possible
    hurricanes. When we said projects at Stuart, we weren’t kidding. Look at this.
    All Tollycrafts have this piece of mahogany that is a spacer between the flybridge and the hull sides.
    Notoriously they rot out, it’s not a big deal, it’s not structural. But mine is definitely rotted out. On this side, the other side was replaced so on the
    advice of a friend, who did it without taking the fly bridge off. We’re going to do this one our own. We’re going to attempt it. What we’re going to do is dig it all out, all of the rotting wood. Then I’m going to get something to template it and push it up. Buy another piece of mahogany, epoxy that mahogany and will saturate it. stick it up and drill it all in again Wow It’s soaking it’s sopping wet. Yes so projects, I’ve already got the inside this won’t happen again because I got the inside
    sealed up you know we did that that was project number one I gotta say it was biggest project yet. This is a big job. A lot of clean up has to happen. This is saturated. Gotta say, it was perfectly calm before we started this and of course now that I got this plastic
    taped up and doing this, the wind has picked up. We’ll probably get a Thunderstorm. And the wind has taken all of the little bits and have put them all over the
    boat so we’ll have to be cleaning up. This is how we get around. On their bikes This is the bus here at Sunset Bay Marina and every
    Tuesday They will take you to West Marine Walmart, Publix for groceries and it’s a
    great feature not going on in the summer but great for people here in the winter Project Day, I’ll show you what we’re doing
    on the side of the flybridge There is a big gap. I’ve got to get this adhesive off. So I’ve removed this the way back to the back of the
    flybridge has been removed it is it was all rotten from that far. Now I only
    have about six feet from here that I’ve hit some good wood and chisel some
    away make a square and get a piece measure all this out, get a piece to fit
    up in here and then get some smaller pieces to be able to fit up in here I’ll
    glue it up with 4200 screw it in and hopefully it will be good as new take a look – can’t fit you up there time to chisel this away Alright here’s my dilemma. I’ve got one
    and three-quarter inch of space in there at the bottom and it narrows up at the
    top the original way that they’re Tollycraft had put in there was they had
    a 1 inch piece and then a 3/4 inch piece of plywood stuck up at this last bit so
    what they did was put the 1 inch piece of board on screwed up before the
    flybridge went on and then when they put the flybridge down on they slid a piece of
    3/4 inch plywood up in there to screw into and then you know fasteners on the
    inside to the side cabin walls and then the flybridge was right through both
    pieces of wood. I have a problem because if I put a 1 inch piece up inside I won’t
    have enough room to put any screws on the inside wood to fasten to the cabin
    side Let me go measure this all up this screw goes in through the
    flybridge and through the piece of wood And just comes close to the flybridge cabin
    in some cases it goes in just slightly I take a drill bit and go right in here
    just drill in maybe a 1/4 of an inch into the flybridge into the cabin wall
    side get a quarter of an inch longer screw I can go right through the whole
    wood and into the cabin side at least in some spots so that I get a bond with
    screw and through whole piece. So now I get one piece of wood and get a bigger screw. Costco, going to get more stuff. We’re getting ready. Yes I ordered
    some dry goods They have a great place to get mail here Does he not do anything that you have to take a movie of him when he does it. I take movies all the
    time. Take a picture of the two of us. Okay what do you love about Sunset Bay Marina Him. Yup and he’s a character. You
    keep everybody laughing around here. The two of us, we have hair. Look at the hair we got.
    That’s you only thing we got going for ourselves. Awe, no personality We rent a car here at Sunset Bay Marine
    from Richard on Turo and he’s great he comes and he picks us up and drops us
    off here at the marina which has been great for us Richard’s coming that’s all we did I think all week I
    know what you mean we got the car we’re going to Fort
    Pierce to a boat store I think I’m gonna replace, I think you’re gonna
    replace my anchor chain. They’ve got a good deal there 200 feet is a dollar
    seventy-five dollars $3.75 foot for something that’s really good
    first off though I feel naked because I’ve been two weeks without my Maui Jims
    so I’ve sent him away to Maui Jim and now I’m going to go get them back brand new. They gave me a brand new pair. Maui
    Jim. Ahh I can see again. Optical World the team in there have been awesome they’ve
    helped us out a lot and they’ve got Sheldon back with new glasses
    we highly recommend them they’ve been very accommodating because they didn’t have make
    any money. I didn’t buy my glasses there and I didn’t get my prescription done there I didn’t yeah
    I just had a problem with the prescription now I got a new pair
    of Maui Jims. Optical World in Stuwart at the Treasure Coast mall The A1A Sheldon. Yup it will take us right up to Fort
    Pierce. The National Connection Liquidators Wish I had my buddy Barry around now, he’d love going in here. Yes you guys would have too much fun. chain, chain, chain… Thank-you! So we took the old stuff out.Iit’s thrown away, Oh No
    look at this and then this flies around and this is an actual rust that will
    stain your decks. Anyways I’m glad we got new chain, expensive but now I see well
    worth it hi guys I’ve got the wood put into
    the side, it fits perfect. I think I’m gonna be finished this week I’ve got holes
    drilled in some places all the way through to the cabin side so it’s gonna
    be held firm in place so I have to epoxy this down and put all back together 4200, screw it in and I’m done Epoxy is done also replaced the engine
    room floor with plywood the same type of wood that is for strapping for those
    supports and all epoxied and bilge painted. I was gonna put starboard down but it was
    a bit expensive so I went with the cheaper route, the other stuff lasted 20
    something years so this will last as long or more with this covered in epoxy. How is your day going? Good. Just went and got a shower. Did you do as much as I did today? Yes I did some
    organization. Did you leave a mess like this? No. What about a mess like that here. No definitely not. You’ll clean it up. You feel successful I
    can see it in your face. Yes I’m very pleased. I’ve got some very technical tools just
    put the 42 up 4200 up inside baking spatulas at the dollar store
    look just be able to put the 4200 on that and put it all the way through
    otherwise I don’t know how I would have done I was thinking about doing it with
    a pair of latex gloves but I think I would have made a disastrous mess it looks good fits perfect solid so now
    I just have to screw the hardware back on on tracks from the underneath fibreglass
    piece I am very pleased this is a job complete
    and I don’t even know how many hours I’ve worked on this. A good 25-30 hours
    planning and everything else is well everything’s back together and all the
    trim pieces are back up Good as new. This is Stuart in the nighttime. They
    have a lot of restaurants we just left the Marina over here, Sailor’s Return
    which will get happening soon. And you just walk the boardwalk and you go down… going to find somewhere to eat. we’ve eaten out a
    lot here. It’s just a good place to eat out. Just a lot of restaurants that are
    close by and a lot of them are good we’re deciding between like a sushi
    noodle curry place or one of our favorites is the Spritz City.
    We’ll see where we end up. Let’s go. We need more food How was that? Fantastic. I would have to say. Again we’ve been here
    five times but we love it here and this may be our last we are soon heading out of Stuart we managed to pull off some other
    projects before our time and Stuart came to an end Shel ran acid through the
    cooling system in the engines to clear out marine growth and mineral build-up
    to help cool the engine better we also replaced our Rocna vulcan anchor the
    original one was showing some signs of rust and Rocna via west marine were
    kind enough to replace it with a brand new anchor drop us a comment below if
    you have any questions on any of these projects Shel also received a new toy
    or tool as he calls it. A new DJI Mavic 2 pro drone. We really did need a new drone,
    the splash drone we had before was much better at floating than it ever was at
    flying now it’s time to head out back to remote secluded Anchorages in
    crystal-clear waters and soft sandy beaches in the Bahamas but first it’s
    off to Fort Lauderdale to see the extravagance of the Fort Lauderdale
    International Boat Show make sure you subscribe and click the bell to be
    notified when that video drops and of course if you enjoy this video please
    give it a like. We will see you in the next episode and long may your big jib

    SailAway 82 | 1000-Watt DIY Solar Install on a Liveaboard Sailboat | Sailing Around The World
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    SailAway 82 | 1000-Watt DIY Solar Install on a Liveaboard Sailboat | Sailing Around The World

    November 9, 2019

    this week on sale away our 960 watts of
    solar panels have arrived and we mount all three on our self installed Stern
    arch plus I’ll and a short-term regular gig in downtown Brunswick do you wanna
    say I wanna do you wanna say with me dude what’s up folks good morning morning for
    us anyway kind of a gloomy day out which is kind of ironic because we’re about to
    install solar I’ve gotten a little bit of a start I’ve already done all my
    shopping I just spent about 250 bucks on aluminum
    and Hardware all stainless steel of course but I’ll take you through it and
    you can see how we’re going about it first off this is the controller that
    we’ve going with is the Victor on smart solar 150 70 MPPT when this thing is
    capable of handling about a thousand watts and I’ve got a really cool place
    to mount this thing and as you can see a nice spot right there on the outer wall
    I’ll show you the panels next these are the panels right here
    they’re big suckers but these are 96 cells each as opposed to 60 which is the
    norm but these are 60 volts plus each and about 5.5 amps then of course if
    you’ve been watching any of our recent videos you know where they’re going
    right up here on the top of the arch all in a row
    I do hangover on each side so that makes mounting a little bit interesting and
    for that reason I’ve got a bunch of aluminum tubing and some reinforcements
    you know the only way to get it done is to jump in and start doing it sure
    there’s gonna be some issues and we’ll just figure them out as we go I mean that’d be the cleanest cuts in
    the world but it’s a whole lot faster than hacksaw once I got the hang of the
    angle grinder and dodged a few raindrops I went ahead and made all my cuts and I
    believe I have everything ready to go so we’ve got a one long piece here and it’s
    riveted together with a decent angle just to give it a little structure as we
    put it up there once everything’s hooked together it’ll be very very solid that’s
    going across the back ends of our Navis yeah for 24 inch box tubing it’s going
    to extend out from there both sides I think that’s this I think my next step
    is mountain items up on top of the arch be ready for some panels three-stop fact
    is of those frames on the panels are just their beasts seriously stop
    so if you can get them anchored down even just in that little middle area the
    frames themselves will keep it rigid equal under winds they’re rated for a
    one-inch hail stone at 50 or 60 miles now I forget which so yeah no I just
    gotta get these tool arms out on either side that’ll be all the rest of the pieces are just gonna go
    on the inside lips of the panel’s themselves just beefed up the area that
    the you butcher attaches it’s springtime I have all the supports now mounted on
    the arch itself so now the next thing I’ve got to do is put those owl channels
    in the edges of the solar panels those she’s just gonna get riveted in which is
    pretty easy and then it’ll be time to start picking these things up and
    slapping them down problem won’t be out today tomorrow it’s been like crazy here so alright you ready you just ran into a pole because he was okay here Oh Oh Oh Oh so these are obviously reinforcements so
    I was talking about just riveting these in I almost want without these because
    the the frames just keep surprising me when I like actually get another look at
    him like okay pretty stout to here but there’s not a lot of space in here for
    the u-bolt to go through just have it would wind up being pretty close to this
    edge especially when we’re trying to get around the folks that are already in
    that cross piece so I figured this little aluminum channel wouldn’t give us
    another extra port so through all that you put into yes that one’s screwed down
    all that along the back edge all three out in the back edge first and
    then drill the u-bolts once the back end is secure for all of them just make sure
    they all line up right before going too crazy pop goes the rib it’s not that dedicated it’s just
    like a random gossiping but I want to make sure that corner is now yeah tired but yeah
    plus four events oh yeah I just drill the holes for the back to you thanks for
    these two this is my adult put a drill bit through the solar panel protection
    plate actually scratch the white stuff freaked me out how you feeling I think
    Lauren was over-served I don’t think I was over-served so much as I literally
    only ate grapes and cheese yesterday she’s taking that into account
    alright solar panels are poppers they’re done so we got u-bolts all the inside edges
    outside that bolted through to the L reinforcement channel but for halo
    antenna still fits all the way across the back
    I think we can’t forget to mention to the reason that we are trying so hard to
    get these done in the rain and all this stuff is because the first three panels
    showed up with one of them completely smashed just obliterated so we had to
    send them back and then these showed up blow less than a week ago and tomorrow
    we are leaving to take the boat down to the st. Mary’s boat yard to get her
    bottled um I got my head that I was gonna get this install done before we
    took off tomorrow morning to say it is finished pretty happy with my structure
    worked out better than I would have hoped so
    we’ll probably wait to hook everything up until after we get the bottom done I
    wouldn’t like to have them hooked up before then but that’s that’s a real big
    job too because we’re gonna bring all these wires together in parallel and
    then fish them inside the arch leg do the same with the red port cable
    while we’re at it run them in right there got a system in across to where we
    have the MPPT mounted and I still have to get battery cable to go from the MPPT
    to the battery and a fuse yeah so I guess we’ll save that until after we
    come back we have a bunch of stuff going on up north so we got another road trip
    a couple of weddings and the Annapolis Boat Show and she’s gonna be getting her
    bottom done while we are on the road doing all that stuff we’d like to do it
    ourselves but time just is not permitting and we got a good deal from
    these guys to do the labor so I’m I’m not too sad about that we’ll get back
    she’ll have a nice fresh bottom bring your back get all the wiring put
    together and then most of our big jobs will be done before we take off to the
    cribbage so this feels good there you go that’s how you put solar on a stern arch
    on the sailboat thanks very much for watching please subscribe bring the
    little dinghy belt so that you get a notification whenever we make a video
    which is every Friday give us a like and if you like what we do and want to
    support us a little bit more please consider being a patron on patreon to
    see our link below and I’ll tell you how you can become part of our crew it early
    releases extra videos swag all kinds of good stuff but if that’s not your thing
    we love that you just watch the videos subscribe and like you have no idea how
    much it means so cheers to you guys change to a good sunset we’ll see you
    next week that relish as you look through season
    five coming and you wonder how we made it this far as you look through ceases that comic
    girl and you wonder how

    WE BUY A TARTAN 37 SAILBOAT | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 6
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    WE BUY A TARTAN 37 SAILBOAT | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 6

    November 8, 2019

    Last time on Sailing Soulianis. How amazing is it going to be to have this thing in the water? Therer’s a heck of a lot to do
    before then. We thought we had found our boat… But things went south and the deal
    fell through… The purchase was contingent upon Jack. Without him being able to
    finish the woodworking there is absolutely no way that we’re gonna make it out of
    the Great Lakes this summer. lWe’re sort of eft with no options but now to look for another boat. Watcha doing? Ummm… Actually you caught me. I’m reading Katie and Jessie… on a boat? I finished my drink. Are you tipsy? Hmmmmm… No I don’t think so. But I haven’t stood up so I don’t really know. I am! [laughing] From that one drink? I told you anything but rum I get drunk. [laughing] After our deal to buy the Morgan fell apart we jumped on our computers and started the search all over again. We found three boats we liked, made a few calls and lined up to see them that week. It ended up being a little bit like Goldilocks and the three boat. The first boat a Pearson
    38 was in rough shape. This footage makes the boat look good actually the The second boat was a southerly 35. We had first heard about southerley’s from Paul and Cheryl Shard of distant shores. They have swing keels so you can Beach them, and every creature comfort you could possibly every want. But there was way
    more bells and whistles than we would ever need… …and the price is high too. The last boat was Tartan 37, the owners had just listed her that week and we’re still running the rigging as we arrived. People say when you find your boat
    you’ll know it we thought we had felt it before with Tokrimo with Nice Pair,
    as soon as we walked up to the dock that morning there was something different
    about this one. Ya, but how did we know? We just knew! [Laughing] The boat was in great condition so that was number one. The layout felt right. it felt… not like it was made for us but that we could live in it easily. There wasn’t anything super weird about it. Yeah it was clean, there wasn’t years and years and years of many different owners putting
    different systems into the boat. It smelled nice. it’s always been the boats
    where we’ve met the sellers that, it’s clear that you can see they love their
    boats and those are always the boats that have looked the best to us. So when we
    arrived that day, the first day that we saw the Tartan and Jeff and Linda were
    there they had just finished all of their spring upkeep on the boat and the
    boat looked absolutely amazing. There was something about it. Yeah maybe we’re
    a sucker for aesthetics… You could tell she was cared for. We went home that night and wrote an offer. That’s a really nice bimini, or dodger I mean. You know what’s cool? What’s cool? If we do decide to put a full bimini on here… we could completely connect it because our traveler i s up here. Whatcha looking at? It’s interesting look up in there. It’s the hull and deck joint. That black stuff is flexible. Really?! This boat was known for it’s unique hull and deck joint wasn’t it? The music never turns off in here. That’s funny. Why does it never turn off? Why? Because he’s got
    satellite radio and he turns it on it the beginning of the year and never
    turns it off. How do I feel? Yeah. Uhhhh… Nervous excitement I
    think. Yeah? Yeah I’ve got butterflies in my stomach and
    I’m not sure why. Yeah me too. Maybe because I’m realizing how ignorant
    I am? [Laughing] Ya, I didn’t feel this way with the last boat Yeah why is that? Is it because this boat’s like in the water and like ready to go? And if the surveyor says yeah good to go
    that means it’s in our hands now? [Nervous Laughter.] So the survey day started out great. it was beautiful! And then as soon as we were ready to
    take it out for a see trial… the cold front moved in and the wind started gusting. Boy he’s a go getter huh?! Once we got out there and got the sails up it was actually really cool to see how the boat handled in 15 -20 knot gusts. Can you see it? No… there it is! The survey came back in Bristol
    condition. She’s been well kept indoors for most of her life for six months of
    the year. I’m sure after we have her for a little while it might have slipped a
    little bit. Yeah… Bristol means what? Not lived in. Pristine? Excellent condition. We’re buying a boat in a half hour. Officialy, like signing the papers
    handing over a bunch of money. I’ve never spent this much money on
    anything other than a house. Technically I guess this is our house. It is our house yeah! So it’s the cheapest house we’ve ever bought! Ya that’s true. What are you pointing at? My Boobs apparently! [Lauging] Slow camera drift to boobs take one. We’ve been waiting 10 years to do this! Yeah you know I was actually thinking
    about that. it was 2006. It was 2005 when you were in Australia the first time, When I first totally fell for sailing after you gave me the Embarrassment of Mangoes book. Yeah! We went
    sailing in the Whitsundsays the first time. I suppose it’s been 12 years then. When did we do our week long trip? Our week-long trip was in 2010 when we bareboat chartered a catamaran. So that’s been seven years. Yeah and that’s what sealed deal for sure. We have been planning and
    scheming to get back out on a boat and relive what was the greatest week of our
    life. Yeah. Definitely. And we are now half-hour away from the
    start of getting back there. I think so. So where are we? We are just a few miles north of Waukegan it’s where we’re gonna close on the boat The boat is kept in Racine Wisconsin 20
    miles south of Milwaukee. Yeah on Lake Michigan. What kind of boat are we getting? We are getting a Tartan 37. She is a 37-foot sloop with a center board. With the board up she drafts only four feet and two inches. Which is going to be very awesome because this winter we hope to be cruising in the Bahamas. And also considering we need to get to the Gulf… and we decided to take the Mississippi… Because the river has quite a bit of current the shoals are
    constantly shifting and it’s just it’s good to have a much shallower draft if
    you can. Tartans have sailed all over the world. There are a few of them who have
    circumnavigated, In fact this is an interesting fact… the first solo circumnavigation by a deaf person was done in a Tartan 37. No kidding! He has a book, When was that last? Like last year? Or like fifty years ago? No, I don’t know. Probably ten
    years ago? My tartan facts only go so deep. What’s that? That is a blank check… [laughing.} With our boats name on it. Oh man! Thank you very much! Big smile! We just bought a F&^$#ing boat! Kirk you can’t say F&*K!! [Laughing.} We just bought a boat! [Sighs]We are boat owners. Oh my gosh. Wait. Let me show… Lookit how official can this get? Should we go see it? We should go see the boat! Can we see the boat from the bridge? We can see the mast from the bridge. There’s the mast. I can see the cover. You can see it right there…. That’s our new home! Ahhhhh! Kirk we’re going to OUR boat. Our boat…. not the boat, or their boat, or maybe the boat. We’re going to our boat. How cool is that?! That’s pretty d*@n cool. Here it is…. it’s the tallest mast around. We own that boat?!