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    A Simple Trick to Help You Moor Your Boat | ⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵

    September 20, 2019

    hi guys today’s sailing tips video we’re
    going to share something with you that we use to make mooring our boat a lot
    easier this is relevant if you have a setup like ours here where you have all
    the boats along the pontoon in a row and they’re secured at the bow by lines
    which go down to the seabed and then at the stern from your Stern lines the
    way that we used to moor on this pontoon and the way that everybody else
    still does it is actually quite difficult as you can imagine a day like
    today you come in with your boat you reverse to get into the correct position
    now if you’ve got boats on either side it makes it a lot easier so we were very
    happy when we’re going back into our slot and we saw there was a vote on each
    side but if you’ve got a boat or two missing this becomes really difficult
    what people do is they’re coming with their boats you have to stop the boat
    before you hit the dock pick up this line which is always tied
    to the dock and then you have to make the way all the way forward carrying the
    line not getting caught up in anything take it all the way to the bow, and it’s
    only when you pull up on that line and you take all the slack out then you get
    to the tight section of rope which goes down to a concrete block on the seabed
    and it’s only then that you’ve got control of your bow so in the
    intervening time when you’ve got wind from the bow like this you get blown off
    sideways it’s a complete nightmare and we’ve seen lots of boats get into
    trouble and crash into other boats because of this this is our really
    simple solution to that problem we’ve got a section of line here which is tied
    to the rope which will eventually go on to the bow of the boat and on the top of
    this we’ve got some floats and a loop basically when you come back in with the
    boat this float is obviously floating at the surface and the line that’s that’s
    eventually going to end up on your bow it’s shaped like this so if your boats
    up here you’ve got the line coming from the seabed it comes up into a kind of
    big lazy loop and then drop straight back down again so you’ve got a section
    of line going down from the floats to the top of the rope for the bow and the
    rope for the bow is down about two and a half meters away from the surface plus
    as you come in with the boat if you accidentally get too close to the floats
    the floats push away from your boat and basically it’s impossible to get your
    propeller caught in the line here so that’s one thing that you don’t need to
    be concerned about so all you need to do when you’re coming in with your boat is
    pick up the float and then this loop can go straight on to the cleat and then
    you’ve done your boat’s under control you’ll be headed into the wind and now
    you can sort out the stern lines and you can get on with the rest of your day
    with relative calm afterwards of course you use the proper large diameter
    lines coming from the concrete block on the seabed and this then becomes
    redundant and you can just tie it off out of the water and you just throw it
    back in again before you leave next time if you wasn’t for taste we wouldn’t be
    able to moor our boat on our own because I’m pregnant and I’m due next
    month and obviously can’t lift heavy weights and like this it is very very easy
    so hopefully it’s gonna help you as well if you’ve tried this trick, or if you have
    any other suggestions please comment below and if you like videos like these
    please leave a thumbs up see you next video ciao Ciao!


    How to Fit a Hammock (or two) on a Small Sailboat | ⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵

    September 11, 2019

    Hello! In today’s sailing tips video we’re going to show you how you can fit a hammock onto a small sailboat. To stop the hammock from sliding down the shroud we’ve got this small diameter line attached to it which acts as a stop. Then you tie a knot with your hammock line. At the other end of your hammock attach the line like this… and now this can be put around the forestay, and the job’s done! Now it’s time to get on: Rossella is going to do that for us! First of all, put a leg on each side of the hammock, now from behind you stretch it out as wide as you can, while you gently sit down. Once it’s got your weight, you can lie back and enjoy some hammock time! This is a 30-foot boat and we can get two hammocks side by side so that Rossella and I can lie down and just chill out next to each other – it’s fantastic. Nothing beats lying in a hammock and looking at a view like this… [sunset viewed from bow of boat] Thanks for watching, subscribe for more sailing tips, and our other videos, and we’ll see you next time. Ciao [Ciao] you