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    Burning Ghost Ship of The Northumberland Strait | Maritime Mysteries #2
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    Burning Ghost Ship of The Northumberland Strait | Maritime Mysteries #2

    December 9, 2019

    Throughout the ages, since ships have been
    lost at sea, there have been tales of ghost ships from around the world, and the Maritimes
    is home to one of the most famous. For over 200 years there have been numerous
    group sightings of a burning ghost ship in the Northumberland Strait. The details are generally consistent, with
    sightings year round, though most often in the month of October, particularly just before
    one of the regions Nor’easter storms blows in. Booming sounds, like cannons, are heard first,
    followed by a large ball of flame visible from both shores, that resolves itself into
    a three masted schooner sailing fast and engulfed in flames, with men running about the deck
    in a panic. So realistic is the phantom, that many have
    rushed out after her to rescue survivors in their fishing boats, row boats, and even the
    inter-provincial car ferry, but the ship and her crew disappear as they draw close. No one knows the origin of the phantom, though
    some suggest it’s a pirate ship hunted and sunk by the British Navy in the early 1800’s,
    or it may be the ghost of several vessels which have been lost to these treacherous
    waters and storms. Skeptics have a variety of theories as well,
    such as an atmospheric mirage, or undersea gases igniting as they bubble to the surface.
    However even a study by the United States Geological Survey was inconclusive, and the
    mystery of the burning ship of the Northumberland Strait remains.

    Top 10 Scary Ghost Ship Urban Legends
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    Top 10 Scary Ghost Ship Urban Legends

    December 7, 2019

    Whats up everyone what is gucci. Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back
    to most amazing top 10. Back with another urban legends video. Okay automatically the first thing i thought
    of when i came to this video was the movie Ghost Ship. It came out in 2002, Emily Browning is the
    dead scary child aboard this ship. I watched it when i was way too young and
    i was scared as hell. The beginning where the wire cuts through
    everyone roitjgoisg i still remember it no. ok Ayman. Anyway i imagine this video is going to be
    like the movie but a lot less graphic hopefully so yeah lets get into it. This is the top 10 Scary Ghost Ship Urban
    Legends. Starting us off with number 10 is the SS Ourang
    Medan. This ones a good one so back in 1947 a cargo
    ship near the coast of Indonesia sent out a distress call with the words “All officers
    including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.” but before help even arrived a second message
    was sent in with two words ‘i die’. Which is spooky as hell. I wouldnt even know how to help if i was on
    the receiving end of that. When the rescue workers finally boarded the
    ship they found all crewmembers dead with their arms outstretched and their bodies contorted
    as if they froze fighting something off. But there was no sign of death. None of the bodies had any trauma or injuries
    on them they were just dead. While the rescue workers were aboard the engine
    room caught fire so they had to abandon the ship and let it sink along with the possibility
    of an autopsy investigation. However even that version of the story was
    debated because a year later a newspaper article came out stating a survivor said the crew
    died because the cargo which was sulphuric acid had leaked. Which makes this even shadier is that the
    SS Ourang Medan couldnt be found in any registry. So did this even happen at all? Or was it all just pure fabrication? Let me know your thoughts. Coming in at number 9 is the Lady Lovibond. I feel like this one could be the premise
    of a spanish medieval telenovela its a mixture of hate jealousy rage and most importantly
    love. In 1748 the day before Valentines Day naturally,
    a captain set assail to celebrate his wedding. His friend was also on board the ship to celebrate
    but he was far from enjoying. He too was in love with the captains wife
    and out of hatred he steered the ship into the Goodwin Sands and thus sinking the ship
    and killing everyone aboard. Ever since the incident the ship is seen every
    50 years sailing near the Kent area. Its been seen in 1798, 1848, 1898 and 1948,
    a lot of boats even sent out rescuers thinking it was a real ship but they just couldnt find
    the ship they closer they got. Now this is an interesting story but the only
    thing that makes me skeptical is how did it sink if it just hit a sandbank. How can a sandbank damage a ship that much? Would it not just be stuck atop of the sand? Could the crew not just exit the ship and
    get on the sand? Theres just some loose ends that dont add
    up for me here but im also no nautical expert so all my questions could easily be answered
    and just be nonsense. So theres that At number 8 we have the High Aim No. 6. Ah the irony, aim high they did but succeed
    they did not. This fishing boat left Taiwan on Halloween
    day 2002 so this is most recent legend we’ve had so far. The boat was found a whopping 3 months after
    its departure by the Australian Navy. when they found it the engine was on full
    throttle even though the main gas tank was empty. The auxiliary tanks were full but untouched. They found at least 10 tons of bonito tuna
    kept cold but no crewmembers. Eventually 1 crew member was found months
    later and he was arrested after confessing that the the crew had worked with pirates
    and killed the ship’s captain and main engineer. But he never said why they did what they did. And its not like they ran off with the loot
    which in this case were the 10 tons of tuna so the motive is still a mystery. Filling our number 7 slot is the Mary Celeste. People have such official names for their
    boats and ships i swear i would name mine something short and sweet like The Oyster
    or The Pearl. Or is that lame? Anyway on the morning of the 7th of November
    1872 Captain Briggs, his wife and daughter as well as a 7 member crew set out on a journey
    from New York to Italy on the Mary Celeste. The journey was meant to take 1 month but
    the ship never reached its destination. A british ship called the Del Gratia saw the
    Mary Celeste drifting in the Atlantic near Portugal so the crew decided to investigate. 6 months worth of food was found as well as
    all the crews belongings but the lifeboat had been used and deployed. The floorboards were under 3 feet of water
    but the state of the ship was fine it wasnt flooded and it definitely wasnt beyond repair. The captain of the Del Gratia actually knew
    Captain Briggs and knew he was a very capable sailor so the scene made no sense. It went on to become one of the worlds most
    famous ghost ships to the point Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used it as inspiration for his
    story J. Habakuk Jephson’s Statement. Till this day no one knows what happened to
    everyone aboard. Its speculated that they abandoned the ship
    thinking the damage was worse than it was but then didnt survive after that. Now at number 6 are the Ghost Boats. Back in 2015 Japanese authorities had found
    an array of ghost boats near their coastline, in the last 3 months of the year they found
    12 wooden boats all carrying the decaying bodies of 22 people. A lot of them were partially skeletonized. Two had no heads and one boat just contained
    6 skulls. While trying to guess and figure out where
    all these ghost boats and bodies were coming from, they theorised that they must be coming
    from North Korea. One of the ships said Korean People’s Army
    on it and another one had a tattered bit of cloth on it probably from their national flag. So they think either maybe they were just
    fishing vessels that strayed off course or they were filled with defectors trying to
    escape. Coming in at number 5 is is The Joyita. Back in 1955 a fishing and charter boat was
    lost at sea, missing its intended destination by 5 weeks. The air search mission couldnt find the boat
    anywhere but a merchant ship managed to find it drifting 600 miles away from its origin
    with no crew or cargo aboard. All they found was a doctors bag and a ton
    of bloody bandages with the radio tuned to the universal distress signal. Other than those clues they left behind no
    one knows what happened and the crew was never seen again. At number 4 is the Sajo. Now Sajo wasnt a ship it was just a yacht
    belonging to a German sailor called Manfred Fritz Bajorat who had been sailing around
    the world for over 20 years. So yknow he had a bit of experience. In early 2016 however, two fisherman found
    the yacht floating near the coast of the Philippines. It was in really poor condition when it was
    found the main sail was broken and most of the cabin was underwater. Aboard the ship they found Manfreds dead body
    mummified sitting at a desk in the radio room slumped over his right arm. Autopsy reports show he had only been dead
    7 or 8 days but the hot temperatures, salty sea air and ocean winds caused his body to
    mummify rapidly. He was last seen back in 2009 but a friend
    did say she had heard from him on his birthday in 2015. Its believed he died from a heart attack and
    the mast on his yacht broke after that since as an experienced sailor he woudnt have gone
    into a storm while he was still alive. Imagine no one had seen the yacht it wouldve
    still been floating around somewhere in the world and his daughter wouldve had no idea
    what happened to her father. The sea is such a vast and unpredictable place
    my mind would run wild. Filling our number 3 slot is The Caleuche
    (ca-lay-oochay). This one is a legend hailing from Chilota
    mythology. The ghost ship can be seen near the island
    of Chiloe (chil-oh-aye) every night. The ship itself is said to be a conscious
    and sentient being. Despite it carrying the spirits of all the
    people who have drowned at sea the ship is meant to be stunning, bright and always filled
    with party music and laughter if you do ever manage to get a glimpse of it. But that in and of itself is near impossible
    since it can be seen only for a few moments before immediately disappearing or submerging
    itself underwater and continuing its journey. The ship is run by a crew of drowned spirits
    who are brought to the ship by two Chilote mythological figures, sirena chilota which
    are two mermaid sisters and Pincoya their brother. Once theyre aboard the ship they can continue
    living just as they were before. Which honestly seems like a pretty good afterlife
    deal. On the other hand other stories about the
    ship say it draws in sailors with its hypnotising music and then enslaves them to be part of
    its crew forever. And all these hypnotised sailors have one
    leg folded over their back. And those arent even the only stories about
    the ship there are many more but these two were my favourites. Now at number 2 is the Carroll A. Deering. In August of 1920 the schooner aboard with
    10 crewmen set sail from Norfolk Virginia to Rio de Janeiro with their cargo of coal. The original captain of the ship got sick
    a few days before departure so he was quickly replaced and off the ship went and they reached
    their destination safely. A lightship keeper said he saw the ship on
    its way home and was hailed by an unidentifiable crewman who claimed the ship had lost its
    anchors. The keeper tried to report it but his radio
    wasnt working so he couldnt but what struck him was that the crew seemed to be ‘milling
    around’ suspiciously for no reason. The next day another ship saw the Deering
    near Outer Banks which was weird because that wouldve been a strange course for them to
    take if the ship was on its way to Virginia. A day later it was found aground and on the
    Diamond Shoals. Its sails were still set but all the lifeboats
    were missing. Due to bad weather it took surf boats 5 days
    to reach the ship and as expected it was completely abandoned. All the crews personal belongings were gone,
    papers, the anchors, even key navigational equipment all gone. Despite an extensive search no logs were found. The most viable explanation people have come
    up with that is that a mutiny must have occurred due to the crews apparent dissatisfaction
    with the new captain who already had an uneasy relationship with the crew. Is that not dramatic? I feel like they were on their way home they
    didnt have to endure him for much longer did they really have to go through all the trouble
    of crashing the ship and then deserting it. I feel like waiting it out wouldve been easier
    but honestly to each their own. And finally at number 1 is The Flying Dutchman. I think this is the most well known ghost
    ship urban legend around. I didnt know any of the ones on this list
    before but the flying dutchman ive heard of from the Simpsons and of course from Pirates
    of the Caribbean. And the legends surrounding the ship are plentiful. Most people have seen it around the Cape of
    Good Hope during terrible weather conditions. The ship always looks like its caught in the
    storm and on the verge of crashing into the rocks before disappearing completely. For ships that happen to see it while at sea
    its called the harbinger of death and destruction. The story goes that Captain Van Der Decken
    wanted to establish a settlement near the Cape of Good Hope for a break from the rough
    weather they were experiencing. When the ship rounded the cape, a horrible
    storm commenced and the ship was in danger of capsizing. But even still against the wishes of his crew
    the captain forced them to go ahead even if it meant theyd sail ‘until doomsday’. Another story claims a fight ensued between
    the Captain and the rebel group amongst the crew who wanted to turn back. That eventually led the to the rebel leader
    being murdered and as his body hit the water the ship itself spoke to the captain about
    him deciding to go on and the captain again said hell try to reach it till the day of
    judgement. Regardless of which story you believe, his
    last words in both are the reason behind why the vessel is cursed to roam the seas forever,
    ghostly crew of dead men aboard, without ever making ground in any port. And thats all for todays video guys! Personally im just irrationally afraid of
    sharks to the point i really dont ever want to be on a cruise or really be out at sea
    for any reason. Im good with water sports close to shore but
    anything further than that is just a hard no. let me know in the comments below whether
    you guys had heard of any of these before and whether you have any theories as to what
    happened to these ships. As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill
    see you next time. Byeee.

    Top 10 Scary Ghost Ship Stories
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    Top 10 Scary Ghost Ship Stories

    December 2, 2019

    Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
    Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I
    am talking all about the Top 10 Scary Ghost Ships! Ghost ships are ships that have washed ashore
    empty or with no living crew aboard. Throughout history, they have cropped up in
    increasingly mysterious circumstances. Now, I do consider myself a bit of a sea farer! I Love me a good vessel! However these stories have kind of made me
    want to stay on dry land a little bit! Like and share 10 – The
    Mystery of the Mannequin Boat Following the category 5 Hurricane Irma in
    2017, a ghost ship washed ashore on Melbourne Beach. Mysteriously, the ship was intact – surviving
    the intense storm. Named Cucki, the 45 foot sailboat seemed to
    have travelled hundreds of miles before being washed up on the beach. No living soul was found aboard, but two mannequins
    were found below deck having survived the ordeal unscathed. What they were doing on the ship and what
    happened to the captain, we don’t know. 9 – The Anonymous Jian Seng
    In March 2006 a slightly rusty Ghost Tanker Ship was found off the coast of Queensland
    in Australia. She had a broken tow rope, which suggested
    that she was being towed by another boat at some point, before she broke loose. There was nobody on board when the Jian Seng
    was discovered, but no signs of damage or piracy. At first sea officers though the boat had
    simply got loose and were waiting for someone to claim it. When nobody did, they ran extensive searches
    of registered ships, but the boat had never been registered. When they checked the ship’s engine, it
    was inoperable. Other than being identified as Jian Seng,
    nobody knows where it came from. An Australian Customs Service Spokesman said:
    It really is a bit of a mystery. I’ll say. 8 – The Mystery of High Aim 6
    On January 8th 2003, a Taiwanese vessel, the High Aim 6, was found drifting in Australian
    Waters. When the ship was broached, there were no
    souls aboard yet weirdly no signs of distress. The boat was tugged to sure in Broome, Western
    Australia where a forensic investigation took place, although no sign of the crew was found
    – all that was discovered were seven toothbrushes and a cargo of rotting fish. The boat’s owner was contacted and he said
    he last spoke with the Captain in December of 2002. One crew member – an Indonesian man – was
    later tracked down. He didn’t provide many details on his survival
    – but he did say that both the Captain, Chen Tai Cheng and the ship’s engineer,
    Lin Chung Li, had been murdered. Perhaps there was mutiny on board or a hidden
    motive – but nobody has ever been able to fully explain it. Australian smuggler specialist, Craig Kennedy
    said: I’ve been working with boats all my life and I’ve never seen anything like this,
    It’s a bloody mystery. Sadly for the boat, it was sunk off the coast
    of Broome. 7 – The SV Resolven
    The Resolven was a Welsh Merchant Brig that was found abandoned between islands in Newfoundland
    by crew of the HMS Mallard in August 1884. The drifting ship was in a fine condition
    and initially the Mallard signalled to see if the crew were okay. When they didn’t get a response, they boarded
    the ship to find the gallery fire was lit and food had been laid on the tables… the
    only thing was that there was no one there to eat it – the ship had been completely
    abandoned. The ships lifeboat was gone, as was the captains
    stash of gold, lending some clues as to what may have happened. The most agreed narrative is that the crew
    mutinied, however that doesn’t explain why the stove was lit and food was laid out. The seven crew and four passengers were never
    found, nor was any trace of the missing lifeboat. The Resolven case lay un-resolven to this
    day! 6 SV Carroll A. Deering
    After passing Cape Lookout in North Carolina in January 1921, the five mast cargo boat
    became wrecked and round aground in mysterious circumstances with her crew and log book missing,
    nowhere to be found. The mystery of the boats final voyage is one
    of the most discussed and written about maritime mysteries of all time. Weirdly, when the North Carolina Cape Lookout
    Lightship spotted the boat a few days before she was found abandoned , the captain reported
    a thin man with reddish hair and a foreign accent acting strangely, along with oddly
    placed crew members. What happened to these people over the next
    few days remains a mystery. It is suspected that the ship may have been
    a victim of Mutiny as it had been reported the crew didn’t very well like the captain,
    with one worker previously arrested for threatening to get him. Others claim she was the victim of the Bermuda
    triangle. Five US departments of government ran investigations
    as the Carrol Deering was one of a number of ships to be wrecked or missing in a short
    period of time. No information was discovered to explain the
    wreck and the missing crew. A nice little urban legend for you to pepper
    the middle of this list! The Ghostly Galleon of Chapel Cove comes in
    to number 5. I’m a sucker for a good ghost story – especially
    when it involves pirates and treasure. In 1895, an abandoned ship, dubbed the Ghost
    Galleon, was reported off the coast of Chapel Cove in Newfoundland; a place I have categorically
    always wanted to visit. Well, this Spanish Galleon was said to have
    been blown of course in the early 1700s and taken over by pirates. The pirates were said to have dispensed with
    the crew and took the treasure the Spanish Ship was hoarding for themselves, burying
    some of it in Chapel Cove. Newfies, don’t be tempted to go and look
    for it, though. It is said those that go in search of the
    gold will see a vision of the ghostly galleon and will be visited by its dead pirates who
    aim to kill. Yikes. 4 – The SS Valencia
    In January 1906, the SS Valencia was found wrecked off Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. The ship struck a reef in bad weather. Reversed, the crew noticed a large gash in
    the hull so order her run aground to prevent her sinking. She was stranded on the rocks in horrible
    weather – separated from the shore by 50 metres of choppy waves. Six out of seven lifeboats were immediately
    deployed against the captain’s orders. Three flipped while being lowered, two capsized
    when in the water and one disappeared. Two groups of survivors made it off the boat,
    one in the final life boat, and one by facing the tides and swimming. Of the 56 crew and 108 passengers, 136 people
    died as rescue teams struggled to get to the wreck. The survivors awful tales of the ships floundering. Strangely, as the ship slowly sank, crew of
    the rescue ship, the City of Topeka reported seeing the shape of the Valencia in the black
    exhaust. Reports of 8 skeletons dead in a lifeboat
    stuck in a cave were reported, with some people saying they saw lifeboats being manned by
    skeletons rowing in the water. A phantom ship was later spotted by sailors
    some time after the sinking, with reports of human figures holding on to the ships rigging. 27 years after the disaster, one of the lifeboats
    from the Valencia was found adrift in a food condition 3 – Mary Celeste
    The Mary Celeste is one of the most discussed abandoned ships of all time and is a key player
    in maritime folklore. The real life story goes that in November
    1872, the merchant ship set sail frim New York. A month later, the boat was found near the
    Azores Islands, completely abandoned but in a sea worthy condition – ruling out bad
    weather playing a role in the mystery. The ship was filled with a cargo of alcohol
    and had food and water for six months, which seems to rule out pirates. Inside the boat, there were no signs of struggle
    or affray. The lifeboat was missing and the crew were
    never seen again, including the revered Captain Briggs and his family. Mutiny was considered as a possibility, but
    seemed unlikely given the ships condition. Other theories included foul play by a giant
    squid, the Bermuda triangle curse of paranormal intervention. The case of the Mary Celeste was so intriguing
    at the time that it has frequently been mentioned in literature and pop culture. 2 – The Sayo
    In February 2016 the private yacht of Manfred Fritz Bajorat was found floating adrift in
    the Philipppine sea. Sadly, the vessels captain and owner, Mr Bajorat,
    was found slumped dead at his desk in the boat….but here are where things get very
    strange indeed. Bajorat’s body was found mummified. People presumed this mummification happened
    as a result of sea conditions – dry salty air and hot temperatures – which is creepy
    but explainable. This kind of coincided with the rumour that
    the German national had been missing since 2009. In the cabin, a letter to his wife who died
    in 2010 was found. His mummified body was found near the boats
    telephone system, suggesting he was perhaps trying to make a desperate Mayday call. The plot thickened still when coroners who
    performed his autopsy said he had only been dead for little over a week. How can we explain his lengthy absence and
    the fact his body was mummified? There is almost no way that could happen in
    a week. There are photographs of the state his body
    was found in, but we can’t show you them in this video. If you do want to know, all you need to do
    is google this story… but of course, be warned…It isn’t pretty. 1 – North Korean Death Boats
    Each year it seems that scores of derelict ghost boats wash ashore in Japan. A number of these are thought to be as a result
    of poor equipment leading to North Korean fishman getting lost at sea and succumbing
    to the elements. The rest are usually the broken boats of deflectors
    who died in their attempts to flea the dictator led nation. However since 2015 more and more ghost ships
    with gruesome cargo began washing up in Japan. The grizzly flotilla of 50 or so ships have
    washed up in the past few years containing dozens upon dozens of bodies in varying states
    of decomposition – some arrived skeletal, suggesting they had been dead at sea for a
    good number of years. On one occasion, the corpses were headless. The boats markings and the clothing of those
    on board identified the vessels as coming from North Korea. Why they are dead, any more frighteningly,
    why some of them were mutilated, we just don’t know. So that was the top 10 scary ghost ship stories…what
    happened to these abandoned boats – we may never know! Which of these did you find the scariest and
    what do you think happened to the boats? Comments part 2 of the Top 10 scary haunted
    train urban legends Macho Nacho wrote: could you guys do top 10
    scary campfire stories?? Yes! We just did it! Check it out if you haven’t already! Adrian Witherspoon Wrote: I road an amtrak
    from charlotte NC to Baltimore Maryland it was pretty amazing?. I would lovveeee to do that! I love me a good train! Golden tips for Goldfish wrote: Keep up the
    good work I’m loving the videos and you are slayyyin your style
    Thank you! I love your user name! People really underestimate a good goldfish! Am I right? Thanks for all your comments about my hair
    and outfit, guys, I appreciate the interest!

    Our House Got Blown Up! Suspenseful Escape From Danger! / The Beach House
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    Our House Got Blown Up! Suspenseful Escape From Danger! / The Beach House

    December 1, 2019

    Previously on The Beach House Michael: Pull. Pull. Michael: Oh no. Michael: I don’t want anybody to get hurt Michael: Come on in. James: Upsetting. We need to get out! Hacker: That will not help them again. This time, I’ll win, James: What do we have to do this time?! Corbin: How do we escape?! Ellie: Give us a chance! Hacker: Oh perhaps. But you know with all the treasures you’ve collected, you’ve made yourself quite target. Hacker: It wasn’t hard to enlist the help of a few friends Hacker: Now to make things more fun, remember these guys? Hacker: Or how about this one? Hacker: Of course my personal favourite. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WE GOT IT’ BY O/B/A) ♫ ♫ Michael: Guys, we’ve completely lost all control of our entire house. The hacker has taken over all of our electronics. We’re locked in. Becca: I don’t know how we’ll get out of here. The rest of the family is gone. Thank goodness. But we can’t even call them to get…like to let them know what’s going on. Michael: Because our phones are fried James: There is one way out but we would have to break a window. Becca: I don’t want to break anything. Michael: Maybe that’ll be our last resort James: Yeah, we can’t do anything to get out, we’ll just have to break a window. Corbin: Last time we got in contact with the hacker, Corbin: He was being easy on us. Michael: Yeah, maybe he’ll give us some easy tasks. Michael: So maybe we’ll get out easy, but the bandits are coming, the time pirates been released by the hacker and Michael: We’ve got the gingerbread man coming. So they’re all coming right now, and we just need to get out here Michael: So I hope that we can get out Becca: It probably would be better if we whispered while we’re making plans Becca: Because our security camera he’s hacked into. Michael: The entire house has been… Becca: We don’t want him to know exactly what we’re trying. Michael: Oh wait. Michael: Do you guys hear that? Michael: He’s coming back. He’s on the TV again Hacker: Well, I’ve decided I’ll give you a chance to escape. Only one chance though. Hacker: And if any of you fail, you’ll be my slaves in this house forever. Hacker: Each of you will be given a question. If you answer correctly, all of you will be free. Michael: Do you guys hear that? Michael: Hopefully we can answer the questions right. Corbin: At least we get a one chance. Becca: And I don’t think we can help each other either. He’s going to ask us individually a question. Michael: Okay. Get your thinking caps on guys. Becca: And if you know the answer, don’t say it out loud. Because he might consider that cheating. Michael: Okay. Michael: Let’s hear what is the first question. We’re ready, Michael: Mr. Hacker. Hacker: This first question is for Michael. Hacker: What is the state capital of Vermont? Becca: Do you even know that?! Michael: The state capital of Vermont. Michael: Oh! Michael: I remember a commercial on TV when I was a kid. Becca: What? Michael: It’s Montpelier Hacker: Good job. Hacker: You got that one right. Hacker: This one is for Rebecca. Hacker: How many planets are in our solar system? Michael: Becca Becca: There used to be nine. Not official answer, I think there’s eight. Michael: Is that your answer? Becca: Cause Pluto used to be Becca: a planet but now I guess it’s not. Becca: Eight. Hacker: That was an easy one. Good job. Hacker: Got it right. Hacker: But, it will get harder from here. Hacker: And the next one is for James. Hacker: How many weeks are in a year? Michael: James, Michael: you know that? Michael: How many weeks are in a year. Michael: James we talked about this yesterday! Don’t you remember?! Michael: Maybe the hacker was listening to us when we were in the car driving. James: Fifty two! James: Is that right? Hacker: You got it right. I was listening to you. Good job. Hacker: The next question is for Corbin. Hacker: Are you ready? Hacker: It is. What is ten times nine? Corbin: It’s ninety. Isn’t it? Hacker: Good job Corbin. Hacker: You are very good at math. You got it right. Hacker: The next question is for Ellie Hacker: What are the ABC’s in order? Ellie: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Ellie: Q R S Ellie: T U V Ellie: W X Y and Z Ellie: Now I know my ABC’s Ellie: Next time won’t you sing with me. Hacker: No. I will not sing with you but you got it right. Hacker: The last question is for Charlie. Hacker: And this one will be the hardest of them all. Hacker: What is the cube root of twenty seven? Charlie: Sixty seven. Hacker: That is incorrect. Hacker: You failed my tests! Hacker: And now, you are my prisoners forever! Hacker: And not only that, Hacker: but your enemies are nearly at your door. Michael: Oh what are we gonna do? Corbin: We have to face the enemies that we already defeated?! Michael: How are we gonna get out of this one you guys? Michael: This is the most difficult we’ve ever dealt one. Michael: And we failed the hacker. We’re his prisoners Michael: Becca, Michael: what are we gonna do? Michael: We have to save our family. Becca: I don’t know. But I just…I can’t handle this right now. Becca: Like I cannot Becca: I’m pregnant. And honestly, Becca: I can’t have any more struggles and I think that I just I’m not willing to put up with this Becca: I don’t care what we have to do. We just have to make sure Becca: That the hacker’s not in control of us. Michael: Do we have to break a window maybe? To get out. Michael: I don’t know what else to do. Becca: Huh! Michael: What? Becca: Let’s turn off the power to the house. Michael: Huh! The breaker box Becca: Yeah Michael: Let’s go right now. The hacker is gonna see us. But he can’t make us not go downstairs. Michael: Let’s go Becca: Or at least he won’t know. Becca: What we’re doing because he won’t be able to see us. Michael: Right. Becca: And hack into all of our electronics because the power is out. Michael: Let’s go Michael: The breaker box is downstairs. If we go quick, Michael: He’s not gonna have any control cause we can just turn off the breaker and he’ll have no idea Michael: I don’t know if you heard what Rebecca had said Michael: But she said we could just turn off the breakers. Here. Michael: Oh. That’s bright. Michael: You okay babe? Michael: Okay, let’s wait for Mom. We’re gonna stay together whatever we do. I’m not gonna leave you Michael: So it’s your idea. Do you want to do the honors? Michael: Okay. Open it. Michael: What the… Michael: There’s a letter in there Michael: What does it say? James: It says Mr. E Becca: Read me. Mr. E Michael: In the breaker box? Becca: Okay. Everybody, let’s make sure we’re in a spot where there’s no cameras Michael: There’s no camera, yeah. There shouldn’t be any cameras down here. I think we’re safe. Becca: Read me. Mr. E Michael: Oh, wow. That’s a long letter. Becca: He doesn’t usually send us a letter. Becca: He usually sens us like a chip with information or video on it. Michael: He sent us letters before. Michael: What does it say? Becca: “You figured it out. The open door when all other doors are shut.” Becca: Yeah, the breaker box. Michael: All the doors are shut to the house and locked Becca: And we couldn’t get out Michael: With the breakers open okay. Becca: “I knew the hacker was trying to bypass my security and would take control eventually. So I cannot send this message electronically.” Becca: Yeah. He doesn’t normally do this. Michael: The hacker can’t hack a paper Becca: Yup. Becca: “Follow my every instruction ‘perfectly or your family will not survive.” Michael: Wait, this is why he was so cryptic in that message that he sent to us. Was because he knew the Hector was trying to get to us. Becca: Even at that time Michael: We have to listen. Okay, what does he say to do? Becca: He said the family will not survive if we don’t follow his every instruction perfectly. Becca: “Do not turn off the breakers yet.” Oh. Becca: That’s good to know. We could have done that right then and not even realized. Becca: “You’ll only have a 10-second window.” Becca: “To escape before the battery backup kicks on and the hacker regains control of your home.” Corbin: One second window? Michael: We only have ten seconds once we turn off the breakers Becca: “Right now, you have five minutes.” Becca: “Something bad is coming and you need to gather all your most valuable possessions. What could never be replaced?” Becca: “Get it all now, then get out!” Becca: Mr. E Michael: Five minutes. Becca: So he’s saying…wait wait. Wait. Okay everybody. Becca: He said gather all of our most valuable possessions what could never be replaced get it now. James: We need to hurry! James: We have five minutes! Becca: But then he says turn off the breaker box and we have ten seconds to get out of the house. Michael: Because something bad is coming Becca: I think if we turn off the breaker box it’s gonna make it so that all of the electronics in the house are all off Becca: Including the locks on the doors that he’s placed on the doors from outside. Michael: Does it say anything else? Becca: Get it all now then get out. Mr. E Michael: Okay. Let’s go. Michael: Run run run run! Everybody grab something that’s the most valuable that can’t be replaced Michael: Go go go go go! Michael: Okay Michael: Becca, I think we should grab our journals. Charlie: And I need a pillow. Michael: James, we can replace that! Go put it back! Michael: Okay Michael: Let’s go Ellie: And a pillow for you Dad! Michael: We can replace that. What we need is our like valuables. What’s the most valuable things that we have? You. Corbin: I’m going to get the Nintendo Switches and put it in this. Michael: But those we can replace Corbin. What we need is like, journals. Michael: What’s the most important like…like a sentimental things? Michael: We only have five minutes Michael: Okay, okay, where are our journals? Michael: Lipstick. Lipsense, that can stay here. Michael: Toiletries, Pokemon cards Michael: There’s all of our papers. Okay, I’m gonna grab all these papers. I got to put them in this backpack right here Michael: And have to do this without the camera cause that’s… Michael: Too hard to carry both at the same time Michael: So… Michael: Once I grab everything I’ll let you guys know Michael: Did you grab your most valuable things Ellie? Ellie: Yes! Michael: Okay. Let’s go. Michael: Okay, good job. You guys! We’re not gonna be able to carry all this stuff! Michael: Just choose the most valuable things! Michael: Did you get all your stuff? Corbin: Money can be replaced. James: And Corbin got my Nintendo Switch. Michael: Okay. Did you guys grab all of your money? Michael: Okay, I’ll go get mine did you get yours? Michael: Okay good. Michael: Okay. Go grab your money quick from your bedroom go get it! Michael: Okay. Michael: I got this all loaded up Michael: Wow. That’s heavy. Michael: Oh that’s really heavy! Michael: Okay Michael: Here we go James: I got my journals. Michael: Okay, perfect let’s go. I think it’s been almost five minutes you guys, we got a run run! Michael: I got my bag here. Oh it’s heavy. Michael: Where did Mom go? Hacker: Wait. What do you think you’re doing? Hacker: There’s no escaping your house. I have you trapped and you’re mine forever remember? Michael: Is everybody ready? Michael: Okay. Michael: Yeah, cover the camera James: Did any of you bring a fire kit? Because I did. Michael: Good. Becca: I think I’m gonna stay right by the front door and I will open it as soon as you guys turn off the breaker. Michael: Keep it covered. Becca: But you have to go downstairs and turn off the breaker. Dad’s gonna be with you. Becca: The second it’s done, I’ve got all the important papers in here. You guys have the stuff that you think is most important Becca: Honestly, the only things I really care about our journals most important papers and the kids. Michael: Okay. We’ve got the kids and those are irreplaceable. Michael: Okay, run! We’re gonna go downstairs. You ready? Michael: Let’s go Michael: Come on Charlie Michael: Stay with me. Stay with me bud. Michael: I forgot Michael: If we’re leaving the house. I gotta get the keys to the van Michael: I almost forgot if we’re leaving the house. We got to be ready Becca: And we only have ten seconds. Michael: I know. Michael: Okay Becca: Actually, you might want to have all the kids back up by me. Michael: Okay, I’ll send them up as soon as I start turning this stuff off Michael: Hey, are you guys all ready? Corbin: Yeah. Michael: Okay. This is it. Michael: Are you guys ready? Michael: Go! Go go go! Michael: Okay, they’re all off! Michael: Go go go go! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Go go go! Go outside! Michael: Go go go! Michael: Run run run! (Explosions) Hacker: No! No! Nooooo!!! ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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    December 1, 2019

    guys check this out we’re underneath the ship now oh there’s a lot of spiders in there guys I do not want to be under there looks like this is the way I’m gonna be going in it is it’s looking freaky and I gotta make sure I do not pop this boat hey what’s gonna pop it Jake family Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand-new video and guys if you are following along in our series things are getting intense okay we escaped from prison in our previous videos and made it to well as you can see in the background this abandoned pirate ship that’s right guys we found out that the person who locked us up the gamemaster is evil because of something that happened on this ship and we need to put a stop to this mystery if you guys don’t know the gamemaster has been hunting down and capturing youtubers and we were at the cusp of solving this mystery all right Papa Jake is going full Sherlock Holmes on this and we asked you guys in our last video do you want us to board the ship because I mean Logan is it’s a freaky pirate ship it is really freaky guys it’s abandoned too which makes it even freakier because there could be pirate ghosts but you guys absolutely like button and that is exactly why today we are gonna be boarding the abandoned pirate ship and searching for clues to put an end to the gamemaster in our last video we did have some weird like electromagnetic stuff happen to the drone that we are flying over it as you can see I don’t know what caused that but it makes me even more believe that this ship could be haunted and whatever is linking it to the gamemaster might be evil this is gonna be one of the most dangerous missions we have ever gone on but we’re bringing you guys along alright guys so check this out we’ve got two of our inflatables here that we’re gonna use to get across and over to the ship now if you guys remember in our drone footage there’s actually an opening that we found on the way far side of the abandoned pirate ship which means well we got a paddle all the way around and then hopefully we can figure out a way to get in like I said guys we need to be extremely careful this thing is not only falling apart so we got to be careful using gloves and long pants but it might be haunted so we got to keep that in mind Logan this make our paddles alright guys so we have our rafts and we have our paddles and we’re ready to go out to the ship let’s set out and sail over there I’ve got everything ready in mine so stay close and hopefully we don’t run into any issues but like I said guys this is gonna be pretty scary looking these are gonna work for us right dude I really hope so yeah be careful and don’t tip okay I’ll try my best I think I’m good uh Jake that doesn’t look too sturdy we’re not going too far I think I’ll get us there all right guys we’re making our way over to the ghost ship got our little dinghy here it’s a little hard to control definitely not as inflated as I would have wanted it to be as you guys can see it’s kind of buckling but like I said the ship isn’t too far away look at all this flow cause with all the seaweed here it makes it so creepy this is definitely a go ship so we got to get around to the other side and that’s where we’ll actually be able to get in okay guys so far so good dude check that out this thing is massive and guys as we get close to the water is actually changing color it’s like a darkish blue now I know if you guys can see that on the camera but that is really freaky Logan how you doing oh man hi we’ve got to get up and inside this thing guys and from the looks of it work it’s up there we’re down here let’s hope the other side is a lot better I mean on the drone it definitely look like there’s a spot to get up but from here this is gonna be difficulty all right let’s keep moving around the ship that way I think that’s our best bet to get inside guys the thing is huge when you get up close yeah guys check it out and it’s so rusted we got to be careful we don’t get too close to it because we do not want to pop this guys check this out we’re underneath the ship now oh there’s a lot of spiders in there guys I do not want to be under there we’re making our way around though to the other side we’re getting close to the entrance or slash where we think we’ll be able to enter so once we get over there we’ll update you guys but as you can see this thing is just absolutely massive look at all the places we could search in here there’s got to be some clues in here hi guys looks like this is the way I’m gonna be going in it is it’s looking freaky and I got to make sure I do not pop this boat on this rusty metal or else we’re gonna have a really bad day / no way to get off this thing so whoo that was a trip hi Jake this looks really freaky yeah man it’s it’s uh this is interesting all right get up you’re dead all right guys Logan’s getting up here nice there we go guys so far the mission is well 20% successful we’ve made it onto the boat now it’s time to start exploring but already guys this place is creepy not only the fact that it is an abandoned pirate ship but it is a dangerous hazard being on here and I also don’t know exactly where we can walk because there are holes all throughout here and I mean it’s rusted metal so parts of this could break at any time guys I’ve never seen so many spiders in my life yeah there’s a lot of weird stuff on this so let’s uh let’s start exploring into we can find whoa guys this is uh this is really freaky you do not want to fall down there that is a that is a dangerous place to fall down guys you have to be so careful there is a ton of random holes here look at this not somewhere you want to fall down so we’ve made it onto the ship it’s been quite the journey to get on here guys I can say I’m a little spooked to be honest with you I move at nighttime it’s a over the middle of the day but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this was once like a pirate ship in a way pretty cool but it doesn’t take away from the freaky factor dude look at this this is crazy spider webs guys this is really creepy I don’t know if you can see what’s back here guys but tell me if you can see anything behind that corner it looks like this ground is like not stable enough to actually go over there cuz the grounds moving beneath me but let me know what you uh let me know what you see and look at this dude there’s like a machine here guys I don’t know what this used to be but check this out this might be they’re gonna look stairwell or something but there’s like a gauge over there and there is a ton of bird’s nest and other nasty here this freaky man that’s it right now nothing too spooky is happening but this place is definitely really freaky freaking me out to being on here there’s like a weird feeling being on here especially knowing this was an old pirate ship you see anything Logan this looks like it was a staircase that went to the basement and now it’s full of water guys by the look of it it looks like there may have been a fire yeah you’re right guys there’s a lot of markings here that indicate that this could have been a fire I mean obviously the ships sunk but if you look around there’s a lot of charred wood here like look at this was definitely on fire I didn’t notice that until Logan pointed it out but even when I was looking in here guys look at the wood all down there that looks like that was on fire at one point perhaps there was more to this shipwreck maybe it wasn’t an accident maybe someone looked this ship on fire you got to be very careful when walking though guys the ground here is definitely not stable I’m trying to vlog as best I can but I also need to be very careful looks like this at one point look up even here guys look at this there’s another hole here that is freaky it would be awesome to go and explore down there but it is just too dangerous this is one of the most dangerous things we’ve ever done and I cannot stress it enough guys do not try this at home if you have an abandoned ship or even an abandoned building near you do not try it at home because it is dangerous and you could get extremely hurt okay whoa okay what’d you find it’s kind of weird but I found a lens cap to a camera what’s what some kind of camera lens dude that is weird I mean considering that this game masters after youtubers and we know he’s been trying to make his own youtube videos that makes this thing even weirder so as of right now what we do know is that the game master was turned evil after this ship will crashed or had a shipwreck and whatever happened on this pirate ship happened over 200 years ago which means either the game master is well a ghost or there’s something else to this story and I think Logan might be uncovering it with that camera cover let me know the comments down below guys what you think that could be from I’m also noticing here guys look it looks like this might have been like a kitchen or a room or something on the old pirate ship this is like tile for the floor it’s like nice tile it almost looks like it hasn’t been here for 200 years like this wipe all the dirt off and it’s fine but obviously the rest of the ship is burned you guys can see down there the water is actually really clear you can kinda get a good view of what it looks like it looks like down there there’s some more machinery oh dude I don’t know if you guys can see or if we can zoom in but there’s an actual door down there look at you see that yeah it’s like an old door an old window that is crazy if you notice anything or recognize anything from this pirate ship you know maybe an old weapon or something in the video let us know in the comments down below let us know what you guys see ok guys I’m gonna check out the front of the ship guys it’s really freaky the ship keeps making these like all rusty ship noises it’s really weird what I think I just saw something move in there no yes in the room we just came from it was like a figure so he was black all black like I don’t know like something like that something’s going on I saw something move did you get on can she get the footage oh keep filming that way something’s moving in there I wants to want to go back over there I’m freaking out guys let’s kind of avoid that section for now there’s a box it’s like a chest or a box of some sort walk through the chain yo check that out does it have anything on it you could have been left by the pirates I have no idea yo that is crazy okay we should definitely bring this with us this could have a ton of really important clues in it there it is the sound Jake I think I saw what you’re talking about something moved back there guys something’s there I don’t know it’s like a pirate ghost or or or some creepers following us but there is something that keeps making a noise and moving back there we’re trying to get it on camera but dude I almost want to go back that way I’m really freaked out right now look maybe we should get back on our boats and go back to shore right okay well we documented everything we could with this camera so we can review the footage when we can get home and also have you guys help us review the footage but on top of that we found this and whatever information on the gamemaster we can find has to be on this all right come on let’s get back in her ships and get home chiku is that from inside room inside something’s in there come on we gotta go gotta go all right guys we’re getting out of here we guys take what we have back and try and open this and figure out where it came from guys make sure this act I couldn’t hit the subscribe button we’re putting a stop to this mystery the game master Thomas from Papaji

    Blackout! We Lost Power In Our Home! Big Storm Disaster! / The Beach House
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    Blackout! We Lost Power In Our Home! Big Storm Disaster! / The Beach House

    November 26, 2019

    ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: I just got a phone call. It’s been raining all day today. Michael: And kind of storming and thunder and lightning. And it’s getting close to the evening. Michael: I just got a phone call that said our waters been shut off Michael: Because there was a water…a break in the water line. Becca: Are you kidding me? Michael: No. Becca: I thought I’d heard that and I was like, I’m grabbing the camera. Ryan: Are you serious? Michael: Yeah. Michael: So they said you may experience low water pressure or no water at all. Michael: Wait wait wait. Don’t use only water in our water line. Michael: Just to mess around because if we only have a small amount of water in the pipes Michael: Well that once it runs through then that’s it, right? Or will it not even run through if there’s no water pressure. Ryan: If there’s not a lot of water pressure, I don’t think it will run thru. Becca: That means we need to go get water at the store too Becca: Because I have been not quite put on bed rest. Becca: But I am at high risk for having a baby early and so I need to have plenty of water to drink. Becca: That’s so crazy, so I think we might have to go get a couple of jugs of water me and Ryan. Michael: Yeah, I could stay here with the kids Michael: We’re not prepared for an emergency Becca: We really aren’t. Ryan: Although if that’s the case, a lot of people will be buying water really quick. Becca: I mean it depends on what…was it like a big water line? Or was it just like in our neighborhood? Michael: It said it was in this area of town. Like in this neighborhood. Michael: So it must be a big break. Becca: Did they say time wise like when they would get fixed or anything? Michael: Well they said they hope to have it fixed later tonight, maybe tomorrow. Becca: That is like a long time without water though Michael: I know. Michael: Maybe there isn’t any water. James: We can survive without water for three days. At least three days. Ryan: It seems to be working. James: It’s working. Ryan: And if it’s a water line break, Ryan: is it going to be contaminated? Michael: Well, that was unexpected. Michael: It seriously has been raining all day long Michael: this entire day non-stop Michael: Stormy raining even the kids like they’ve got these little toys cardboard houses in the yard that are like Michael: totally drenched from the storm that we’ve been having It’s been really stormy but Michael: Other than that, we just kind of been hanging out today kids played a lot of games watch Netflix stuff like that. Oh, Michael: Power just went out. Becca: It’s so quiet. Corbin: Shall we try to turn back on? Becca: Also, there’s a maintenance truck out in the front. Becca: On the front road there’s a maintenance truck Michael: Yeah Becca: All right, well… Michael: Powers out. You said there’s a maintenance truck in the front? James: Does the water on the fridge not work either? Michael: Not if the power is out. Michael: Let’s try these lights. These lights aren’t working either? Michael: Or these lights? Michael: Non of the lights are working. Michael: Great Michael: Well, it’s starting to get dark outside too because it’s starting to get late. If we don’t have the heater then it’ll start getting cold in here too. Becca: Don’t open the fridge. We have to keep the fridge shut. Michael: We’ve got to preserve what little…like that ice box. We got to keep it cold. Becca: Just like a cooler, if you leave it open, it will get all the ice melted. And there is some ice in the freezer. Charlie: Mom! I saw it. Charlie: And I didn’t open it. Michael: Yeah. Don’t open the fridge. James: Is the rain good to drink? Michael: We have a little bit of water a pitcher in the kitchen. We should be okay. Becca: Also downstairs grandpa has a wood-burning stove. Becca: If the power stays out for a long time. We can keep warm by that wood-burning stove and I know we have some wood outside Becca: So we will be okay warmth wise. But it could get very cold up here. Michael: Do we have any candles? Or flashlights? Corbin: We can’t use the fireplace because… James: The wood is like wet. Michael: Well let’s gather up some flashlights and candles so we can have light even because it’s starting to get dark out Corbin: I might have a flashlight. Michael: Okay, everybody go fined… Michael: Yeah, go get them all. Ellie: We could use your phone Dad. Michael: Okay, well I don’t want to waste my battery. Charlie: Mom, I could use your one. Michael: Was that thunder? Becca; I don’t know but it shivered me to my bones. Michael: Well, you can’t let your water break. Becca: My whole body jerked from that sound. Michael: I’ve been hearing thunder all day today. Becca: Oh it was the chair in the kitchen. He moved it. Becca: But seriously, my whole body went…(makes buzzing sound) Michael: Do you know of any candles Becca? Becca: We have a little bit of candles possibly on the garage some and some on this shelf. Michael: Do we have a lighter? Becca: There’s a lighter. Ryan: Bad news guys. Ryan: The cardboard house is getting wet. Michael: I know. I saw that. Michael: Ryan, do you know where the candles are? Michael: I got another emergency alert. Michael: Yep, I just got an emergency alert. There was a water main issue in your area Michael: The water has been shut off to repair the PRV. You may experience a little water pressure. Blah blah blah. Michael: We apologize for the inconvenience. So… Becca: Wow. These goes to show you never know when something could happen. Becca; It’s been raining so much. Maybe it like… Michael: Flooded or something. James: Turn those off. We don’t want to waste the batteries. Michael: We should save those till it gets dark here. But let’s get the candles ready to go. Becca: Okay, we’re actually super lucky in one way and that is Becca: Bedtime for the kids is just about when the Sun goes down. So like we’re not gonna need to be awake. Becca: There are some candles in the laundry room on the shelves. Ryan: Can you hear the rain? Michael: I can hear the rain. Michael: Can you hear that rain Michael: Yeah. Even the battery. The power is out on the microwave. Michael: It’s really stormy out there. Michael: I’m gonna go grab some candles so we can have some light. Michael: I almost tried to turn on the light. Michael: Light doesn’t work. Michael: You found of candle? Michael: Okay Michael: Yeah Michael: Is there candles up here? Michael: Here’s a couple candles. Here, can you take us to the kitchen? Michael: Here’s another candle. Michael: Okay, here’s another candle. I don’t see any more candles. That’s all I see. Michael: Can you go put it on the kitchen counter please. Michael: Do you hear thunder? Becca: You know like sometimes rain will come in like sheets? Michael: Yeah. Becca: Huge sheet of rain just went over at the top of that and on this window. Michael: Yeah. It’s a little bit scary. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a power outage. Michael: And it’s it’s seriously getting dark. It’s right. It’s good right now cause I’m right by the light of the windows Michael: Okay, let me find a lighter. Michael: Here’s the lighter Corbin: It’s not like a birthday candle. Michael: Yeah.This is not a toy, this is not a game. Corbin: This is not a birthday candle. Michael: Here we go. Michael: Just wherever is fine. Corbin: Yeah, that’s good. Michael: So this is going to be hard to get to. We might need like a stick or something. Michael: It’s kind of far. Okay. Michael: Do you know if Grandma and Grandpa have any lanterns or anything? Michael: Cause we need as much light as we can get. James: Kind of cool with no lights on right now because it’s really cool just listening to the music at this… Michael: Of the rain? Becca: Do you realize that we need to conserve our battery for your phone and my phone as much as possible. Becca: Like we can’t use them for lights we can’t use them for other stuff because the only way to get emergency alerts right now is on the phones. Michael: Right. Well, it’s a good thing. I’ve got like a three day supply of battery packs for myself cellphone. Becca: Yeah. And I could use that same too if we need to. Becca: But it’s important right now to make sure we conserve our phone batteries. Becca: Water lines don’t break that often. And then the power went out after that and if we can’t get updates that’s bad. Corbin: We will need more batteries because these might burn out. Michael: Yeah, they could burn out and I think we do have some spare batteries Michael: But it’s getting late guys, I think it’s time for you guys to finish your dinner and finish getting ready for bed too. James: What is the time right now? Michael: It’s a good thing we have cell phones. When I was a kid Michael: if the power went out and we had no way of knowing what time it was. Michael: I know right? I wanted to go to the bathroom Michael: Right. I took my phone or the candle to the bathroom because there was no power Michael: Okay, it’s seven o’clock right now. But with how stormy it is, it’s a lot darker outside. Michael: Hi Becca’s Mom: Hey, so I got some bottle water. Michael: Thank you. Michael: Oh yeah. We need more candles too. Do you guys have any candles? Becca’s Mom: I did have. I can go down and look and see what I have. Michael: Okay, go help Grandma carry em guys. Becca’s Mom: Oh out the garage I only got all of those lanterns. Michael: Oh that’s perfect. Ellie: Really scary. Michael: So we got a fancier lamp just to give us a little bit more light. James: And it’s gotten very dark. Michael: It is a little later. Ellie: Over there it’s really dark. Michael: But here’s the question you guys. Michael: Has anybody seen Charlie? Michael: Has anybody seen Charlie? Becca: I bet he’s all asleep. Becca: If it’s dark enough. James: Yeah, it’s raining super hard. Michael: It’s been a while Michael: Okay Michael: We’re all finishing getting dinner and getting the kids ready for bed Michael: Rebecca ran an errand you guys didn’t probably see her leave. She and Ryan kind of snuck away Michael: Sorry, we haven’t seen Charlie in a long time. So I’m worried a little bit worried about them. We’re gonna go upstairs and check. James: Sometimes he says I’m tired and then we say okay. And then he goes up to bed. Michael: He’s okay. Alright everybody let’s go. Charlie’s fine. Michael: He’s already in bed. Becca: Oh really? Michael: Yeah, so he’s fine. Becca: I figured he was. Becca: Did he have a light with him or anything? Michael: I think he had a headlamp before. Becca: But he probably went and laid down when it was getting dim. Michael: It says it has a little bit light outside still. Michael: Yeah. So Michael: I think it’s about time for these kids to go to bed too. Becca: Oh you really have no reason to stay up if the power’s out it’s like well get some good blankets. Michael: Once upon a time. Michael: It was a dark…it looks a lot better with a flashlight. It was a dark and stormy night. Michael: Do you want to tell the story? I’m trying to tell a story. Everybody keeps taking over my story. Michael: Fine. Maybe we’ll just put the kids to bed. It is after their bedtime anyway. Becca: Tell the story. Becca: Tell it. Tell it. Tell it. Becca: Okay, do it. Michael: You guys ruined the best part. Becca: Just trust me. Do it. Michael: Okay. Michael: You’re going to interrupt me again. Michael: I already know that. Michael: It was a dark and stormy night. Michael: It was very very stormy the thunder and lightning was crashing every five minutes. Corbin: All of a sudden, the power went out. Michael: It’s at all? Michael: You got anything else for me? Michael: The family was terrified because the power went out and they could hear creaking sounds in the wood Michael: As people were stepping but no one was stepping Michael: Then all of a sudden… Michael: A monster appeared Michael: That’s all I got. Michael: And with that it’s time for everyone to go to bed. Becca: So thoughtful of you. Michael: Yes. No one is allowed to have any bad dreams. Becca: Let’s have a family prayer then everybody is going to bed Michael: That’s a good idea. Michael: That’s a very good idea. There we go. Okay ready Michael: I’ll say it. Our dear father in heaven. We thank you so much for this beautiful day Michael: We’re thankful that we’ve been able to spend the day together with our family. We love each other very much Michael: We pray that we can all be safe tonight. And please bless our home and bless our family. Michael: And please be with us and help us to have a wonderful great day tomorrow. Michael: And please help us to always do what’s right. Michael: And we love each other and we love you so much. I only say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen Michael: Okay guys. Michael: Time for bed. Michael: Night Corbin. Michael: Hey guys, you guys can each take one flashlight to bed with you. But we’re leaving the candles down here. Becca: Okay, go ahead Ellie. Becca: I screamed cause you accidentally kissed me on the lips because we were both like not paying enough attention. Go ahead. Becca: Watch out for the flame. Michael: I’ll take the candle. That’s about to get knocked out Michael: We need this to be able to see tonight Michael: Okay guys, good night Michael: Good night Ellie. Ellie: I hope we get power in the morning. Michael: Me too. Michael: Good night, Corbin Corbin: Hopefully we have power in the morning. Michael: Yeah, hopefully Corbin: If we don’t then we might have to do the same thing today. Michael: We might. Michael: It’s been raining still a lot Michael: Good night James. James: Good night. Michael: Rebecca, It’s just the two of us. Becca: How romantic. Michael: Isn’t that so romantic? Becca: I actually was sitting here thinking you know what this reminds me of? Michael: What? Becca: It reminds me of when we were living in the RV for the summer. Michael: And everything was just very peaceful and quiet at night. Becca: Like there’s no electrical humming. Michael: Yeah. Becca: There’s nothing. Like it was running like the fridge ran off of gas and I don’t think it like hummed at all. Becca: And when we were in Kent, Washington Becca: It was raining every day and at night it would rain and I like the whole you could just hear the pitter patter. Becca: And I’m listening to the porch out here because it’s hitting on the window and on the porch and I can hear it just pitter pattering and that is one of the most… Becca: Calming things to me. Just sitting and listening to that. Michael: Well, good night you guys. Thanks for tuning in to The Beach House power outage Michael: Natural disasters scary storm special Michael: Hopefully we have power in the morning. Becca: Yeah. Well even if we don’t well at least be able to see. So that’s good. Michael: Okay. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye Michael: Pause the game. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

    Man of Medan (The Dark Pictures) Gameplay Part 2 Ghost Ship
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    Man of Medan (The Dark Pictures) Gameplay Part 2 Ghost Ship

    November 25, 2019

    Wow alright guys so welcome back to my
    channel off don’t forget my fly my name’s Joe so it’s pretty tight without
    your reader he write about that he write he write about that who was this ok yeah inna welcome back
    to my channel of Tulsa commercial sup so welcome back guys so welcome back so on
    my last gameplay what’s a chance Oh somebody died you see was it Wow hmm I see a female I can tell was it o-o check me get okay so there’s a way to brush off the
    other way oh you real nice Oh their gun the holy gun Wow that
    jump-scare weak-ass jump scare gotta be plane crash hi I’m Alyssa waste perish all right they check out
    Wow ooh easy how this that’s been down here
    a long time true try to move it oh ok ok alright let me go back yeah I try to get on gun five oh well
    okay they get out here easy follow me by saying there ha we only this way – oh no guys check around okay I don’t see nothing
    guys so what I’m looking for all right we did that one okay they got
    here so I don’t see nothing guys oh something happening you know Oh grab it grab it
    oh it’s a great week sharp not interested in us let’s go how about a
    good now what schools to call very close what
    are you doing why are you fidgeting I wanted to bring something up with you
    but it’s it’s not the best time okay your brain buddy nothing nothing just
    kind of shake it up by a little brush of intrusive and meaningless death it
    doesn’t matter let’s get back to the top okay hey seriously what’s going on nothing
    no but you’re freaking me out just get it died
    should I said anything come on we’ve really got to get up top okay so today dr. wall yeah something happened Julia we gotta
    decompress here no sale we we have to decompress I’m sorry I’m sorry my brothers up there
    Julia this is crazy you just gotta wait a few
    seconds tell her go Wow
    god it’s taking too long this is torture just a few more seconds okay now go go Hey what the hell happened it’s cool man
    everything’s all right now there was a little mishap with the
    barbecue Jesus looked like the whole boat was lit up Wow so why are you
    paying the ocean a group of fishermen came by and damaged their boat but they
    got caught on the dive line oh that’s what happened
    yeah so then ambassador Conrad figured the best move is to show him he’d rather
    throw away his money than give it to them you’re an asshole
    whatever who cares right what I want to know is what you guys find well we found
    the plate I need it’s huge full of cool stuff unfortunately we did not leave it
    as pristine as we could have what why the dive line actually how bad
    there’s no cockpit anymore for starters well that’s just fucking perfect
    Wow Abby they’re cheap is you’re getting to know these intrepid
    adventurers then Alex and his little brother Brad trying to swim with the big
    fish both seem out of their depth and Julia the love of Alex’s life and he the
    love of hers what about Conrad a bold fellow you
    might say well maybe you’d say arrogant and then there’s captain Flitz strong
    forthright stubborn she appears somewhat immune to Conrad’s charms so far at
    least let me reassure you you’ve helped them to make some decisions they’ll
    value later on you’re doing well oh thank you
    they’re right thing about the guys oh no oh no about it guys oh no how well-preserved was his plane pretty
    much what you’d expect Brad it was insane it was like traveling through
    time no shit well it was like traveling through time and accidentally ending up
    in a dimension where the past is underwater and like everything is
    covered in barnacles and sharks sharks it was a great reef hey I thought it was
    pretty intense wasn’t Conrad gonna get us some more beers after he helped Flis
    maybe he decided hey I’ll drink some and then he got drunk and since he was drunk
    he forgot to bring it to us and he just kept on drinking and he
    drank all of it sounds like you’ve had some experience with this kind of
    phenomenon yeah I’ve been studying it for you I’ll go look for him okay Alex
    you’re like an open book with a 50-point font
    I can read you from a mile away something’s up it’s nothing
    bullshit you’re like Monsignor moping 10 over here Julia are you happy whoa well
    yeah of course why would you ask me that I guess I’m just kind of anxious about
    like our future no what’s next follow-up horrible but be
    careful no II better be careful by that because
    you never know which or is going to die I don’t know which ones are gonna die
    could be Julie or Alice could be know what I think could be Julie going die
    first or our mess although guys that were thinking right
    now tough toys I can’t deal with this right now where’s that brother I’ll find
    him you just hang out here hey you seen my brother or Flitz no I
    got distracted let’s go get him sure so which one is
    you know where the magic happens okay on behalf of my family I’d like to
    apologize for my brother acting like a horny fifth grader it’s okay I can deal
    with children Conrad beers where are they
    oh yeah the beers oh just get him now seriously you’re the familiar all right now that everybody’s here
    let’s take a look at the navigators pad we found maybe we can figure out why the
    plane was out here where’d you put it it’s in your case okay I’ll go get it
    Hey okay so I go get it you all right you seem kind of okay so I go through here there we go in
    here no we can’t how about here oh let’s check in here I see oh there is that he also nervous you want to marry
    her almost time for barbecuing got the bad yet right here wait can we talk
    about what just happened later Alex okay right here damn I don’t know how to spent another
    guy’s all right everyone check it out men cheering gold who wants to find some
    sunken treasure so what do you think Adam coordinates those are coordinates
    all right maybe the planes destination you think
    we could get there by tomorrow it takes a couple hours if the weather stays
    steady Wow you find anything else well from the outside this thing was a bomber
    but on the inside it was filled with life rafts uh yeah
    after the war they refitted a lot of the long-range bombers to be risky planes
    what was it doing at the bottom of the ocean reckless all of you excuse me
    I told you to leave everything down there alone oh come on we’ve been
    through this already I’m not talking about the law no hey they were
    respectful you shouldn’t have taken anything from the wreck
    see right about that you’re right we should have been more careful That’s not
    me I’m sorry okay maybe I don’t know you should have never gone down to that
    claim in the first place it’s bad luck you think you can scavenge down there
    and it makes no difference but every single thing you bring back has an
    essence it’s like a ghost you invite to the surface here we go huh
    I never thought about it like that you never think about much of anything well
    maybe I never heard about such cool ghost stories they’re not cool ghost
    stories not like for fun people drown in these waters and you have to respect
    their resting place damn straight bread you got a fun ghost story right
    yeah I heard a story it happened right around here – let’s hear it we could all
    use a good show okay let’s hear it I bet you can spin a good yarn it’s kind of
    messed up actually scare away a little bro okay here goes this story is true it
    had happened – right near here in an old lighthouse classic setup wait
    true story where’d you hear this if you need to know it’s ripped right from the
    rotting pages of the terrifying ancient in-flight magazine I was perusing on our
    way here the lighthouse stood atop an atoll isolated from the rest of the
    world of lone beacon in the night a sailor’s respite the lighthouse keeper
    would hear the waves pounding the rocky shore one misty morning he comes upon a
    woman hovered in blood she’s stumbling down the beach he hurries to her aid and
    she falls into his arms sobbing as he hurries her back to the lighthouse he
    asks where she’s from he doesn’t waste any time let’s move whoa the woman answers I live here in the
    lighthouse my parents are upstairs right now twists
    of course the lighthouse keeper says that isn’t so of course he’s lived there
    alone for years and the woman becomes hysterical and it’s just her parents are
    upstairs so they go to the top of the lighthouse and they’re splayed out on
    the floor it’s a man and a woman brutally murdered with an axe
    always an axe I mean do people even use exes anymore I’m just reporting the
    facts cliches and all chopped up into little tiny giblets we have an axe cool so gross
    okay so who did it the woman says it was my husband and she
    turns to the closet says he’s in there I asked the husband and that’s why I’ve
    always been a little weary of marriage so the lighthouse keeper creeps over to
    the closet opens the door and sure enough there’s a man inside but he’s cut
    his own throat what a night he looks closer to see the
    dead man’s face in the dark closer closer and he sees it’s his own face and
    then its eyes bulge out and screams oh super twins nice nice one Squire whoa you have me goin pretty cool I think he
    told it better last time a good effort okay you’ve all had your fun
    we should all turn in there’s some weather hitting are we uh uh no no no
    cuz according to standard vessel regulation we’re all required one more
    beer before hitting that what regulations are these its standard-issue
    regulatory institutional protocol subdivision 1099 uh-huh where’d you read
    that the Internet oh so you found a website that tells you to drink beer
    under every circumstance I’m just following orders man I’m into this
    website oh crap Wow holy shit what the hell oh hello what the fuck
    ah sit Cal there wake up Oh area damn what’s going on and who these people so you know got the cafe nabela Parker okay until this on just in case if any arm
    went talk take some strategy okay now her where his brother
    I mean his brother okay I think so Hey damn almost free now I wish I could do that I can’t get
    any worse bad news is these are kind of maybe the fishermen I pissed off earlier
    home god damn it Conrad great just great the good news I recognized how was that
    good news I thought you were gonna ask the good news first there’s such an
    idiot Jesus hey are they gonna do to us thank you I don’t wanna find out teacher we gotta get untied like now hey working only thought all right okay I’ll be back for you
    later holy crap nobody knows they’re out there
    little lady you’re all alone with us now let’s make the Moose over you can go
    fuck yourself you piece of shit damn you’re the little lady damn Wow damn can’t mess a lie what do you fuckers watch I’ll sit you got a knife no damn slow down
    easy – Stockman finish read it later
    down whereas brother damn oh Jesus Conrad really dipstick shut the fuck up
    damn I don’t think they’re gonna hear they have an influence flush sure seems
    to be getting buddy-buddy with him she’s my brother yeah he’s hiding he’s
    okay all right era so we gonna fight with your hands once
    we get Julia back maybe one could take in my surprise okay they’re coming all
    right fuck what fuckers hey hey okay looky jewel you I’m fine
    they didn’t touch me they asked about our parents what how much money they
    have okay now we just have to wait and see what
    they want to do with us damn this guy good in seconds
    storms a miles away I came here on a boat maybe we can take it yeah yeah it’s
    a speed boat I mean guy he’s got a gun well at least one of us can get another
    boat get some help um these fuckers need to pay
    we gotta take him down they can try to fight back but if we had the gun they’d
    be forced to surrender seven seconds I can get out through the window we gotta
    break these off first you’re loud they’ll hear it we’re gonna
    break them during the thunder good call I climb out the window climb around the
    side and hit them from there we’ll take them from the other side don’t leave us
    here okay let’s do it remember they got a knife take a nice
    nap you do it after you okay I don’t know there’s a good idea try my
    best okay okay I don’t good grab a knife always yeah drop it buster it’s amateur hour over here bliss I got
    this let me handle it
    got a gun got I always say
    think about what you’re doing Roy oh just get to the boat
    this kids trying to kill me or sir take it
    oh shit remember downstairs deepness use a TV
    laughter now you go work try it ah hey tipo deco similar to stop firm la
    gusta me maracas down Olsen
    come here which one of you is gonna tell me about
    this Manchurian do we found it we don’t know Wow you fucking blew our best shot we could
    have gotten the boat back and you blew it
    yeah I get it all right shut the fuck up all right there is no harm in just
    talking you want to talk keep the volume down
    I’m just gonna say this has gotta be in on this
    she these guys they travel in the same waters she’s the captain they barely
    laid a hand on her I bet she told him about the Manchurian
    goal their coats well true I can’t believe what I’m hearing
    I just lost everything I have and this is what you think you’re all in this
    together this is a trap bye-bye guys since do polio you come with me by now the London storm is gonna last you try anything anything and they be
    consequences damn Duke of Milan requesting weather
    update over
    we read you everything okay hey just requesting any information
    about this storm you can give us a little bit hairy out here over
    storm coming in from the east and I hit you very hard it should pass through
    your corners with sound of stress do
    assistance not used to a little weather freaking you out nothing wrong thanks for the info we’ll
    see you for drinks back on shore in a couple of days yeah I try not to mess up okay Echols fall very close down good luck wait okay yeah just cut it all while there we are
    Hey move it
    now okay thanks I guess anyone know about Brad be
    hiding somewhere brad is under the bunk bed okay keep a lid on it it could be our
    ticket out Brad stays hidden better off down there
    than with these psychos oh yeah great you could get killed down
    there turns up there’s probably better for us if he stays put I’ll set now freakin ghost ship you know down everyone’s still alive things could have
    been quite different a guy very creepy kind-hearted creature
    I am I’d like to offer you some forewarning of what’s to come or attempt
    it where is it you’re going it alone independent admirable possibly foolish anyway now that you’ve reached a point
    of significant distress I presume you’re eager to get back to your story but
    here’s a thing everything may not be entirely as it seems what probably
    shouldn’t have said that what I don’t get it the ball Knepper picks up I’m not going there Jr I think that bar they go get kill okay sir Wow so rather go in there what fuck dad nope no dance Wow damn Brad to go got no choice yeah we had
    lost voices about the skies I don’t like this Oh whole place is a floating deathtrap is you know really
    i it’s a freaking scary so damn alright so right keep going the mask of madness
    Oh what is this other coughs Oh Oh what is this I Jesus Christ Kanaka kisses ass cuz you’re that I
    heard something oh man let’s get me a little bit scare me a
    little bit guys oh gosh damn very creepy D what hey it’s pitch black in here give us the
    light Thanks ah there what the hell is this fucking place oh
    no a battleship given our observations that this is some sort of ship and seems
    to be abandoned I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s some sort of abandoned
    ship no shit Sherlock you know write a book about it give him a break Flis he
    needs one okay well should we do sit around need a plan we’re not exactly in
    the best position to be making any moves second they let their guard down we’ve
    got to take advantage of it and get off the ship
    true true yeah man this whole rust buckets one tetanus shot from the bottom
    of the ocean we already tried to escape didn’t exactly work out we got to get
    back to the boat and find Brad they swiped our distributor cap gonna be
    difficult to get anywhere without it true so okay what exactly is a distributor
    cap now pretend you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know anything about
    boats yep makes the engine work no it gives me –
    did in the water without it while those guys are up Anning for manchurian gold
    or whatever they think they’re gonna find on this floating coffin we got to
    take advantage and look around for a way out of here
    plis I just wanted to say that I might have gotten the thing that’s kind of
    wrong back there excuse me I may have kind of prematurely
    come to the conclusion that maybe you know you’re working some kind of side
    deal with these guys or whatever but I I mean obviously that’s not true they’re
    being just as bad to you as they are to us oh yeah
    allow me to translate he’s saying that he’s sorry
    well I well your apology is kinda accepted
    cool all right then okay guys so go something
    right here so thank you for watching I’m Mike a play
    alright Boucher don’t forget put the light scry caught me share think four
    check out my channel just came off life all right

    5 Mysterious Cruise Ship Disappearances
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    5 Mysterious Cruise Ship Disappearances

    November 18, 2019

    Cruise ship disappearances 1. james christopher scavone In the early morning hours of July 5, 1999,
    in international waters between Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico, 22-year-old James
    Scavone vanished from Carnival Cruise Lines Destiny ship. James was on the cruise ship with his best
    friend, Jeff, and 12 members of Jeffs family for a seven-day trip to the Caribbean. At around midnight, James and his friends
    had been at the ships disco enjoying a few drinks. At about 12.30am, James told the boys he was
    going to the men’s room. James was never seen again. When his friends returned to the cabin at
    3:00 a.m., they assumed James had met someone and would return in the morning. By 10:00 a.m., James still had not returned
    so the friends went to the ships authorities to have him paged. James never answered. By 10:00 p.m. and after a thorough cabin-to-cabin
    search by crew members, James was still missing. A few weeks later, James mother asked for
    the itemized bill from James sail card. Her son had not gone anywhere or purchased
    anything after he left the disco, and he never reentered his cabin. In 2006, after viewing James case on the television
    show, Primetime, a woman recognized James as the person who went missing from the Destiny
    cruise ship that she was also on July 5, 1999. The woman told James family that on the morning
    of July 5, 1999, her cabin phone rang and she heard a young man on the other end say,
    “Help me, I can’t get out of here. Then she heard a scream, what sounded like
    furniture being thrown around the room, and some scuffling. The phone went dead thereafter. The woman was interviewed by the ship authorities
    and the FBI. She said that later in the week she asked
    about James, and the ship told her that he had been engaged prior the trip, his fiancee
    had broken up with him, so he probably committed suicide. According to the woman, this is a complete
    lie. She contacted Carnival Cruise’s corporate
    offices after the trip, in the hopes of being able to contact James family. Carnival Cruise told her they had no record
    of anyone disappearing from the “Destiny” on July 5, 1999. James remains missing to this day and foul
    play is not suspected in his disappearance. There have been no recent updates on his case. 2.Merrian carver
    Merrian Lynn Carver, 40, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, was a former investment banker who loved to
    write poetry. She was sailing aboard Celebrity Cruises’
    Mercury when she disappeared on August 28, 2004. She had a 13-year-old daughter who was staying
    with her ex-husband in England. She took CDs of her poems with her, but no
    computer, they were left in her handbag, in her room. She didn’t tell the 13 year old non-custodial
    daughter she spoke with on the phone daily, that she was taking a cruise, nor did she
    tell her parents. Her parents found out she was missing when
    they were called by their grand-daughter, after her calls to her mother had gone unanswered. Her parents tried to reach her for several
    days without success, and then filed a missing persons report. A police investigation five weeks later determined
    she had taken a cruise, and then went missing. She purchased round trip air fare with her
    cruise, which is frequently cheaper than one way which suggests that she wasn’t planning
    on commiting suicide. On night two of the cruise, she was suddenly
    missing. She never slept in the bed from night two
    on. Her cabin steward, Domingo Monteiro reported
    her not using her cabin, numerous times, and was told to shut up and mind his business
    when he reported her missing to his superior, and he was told to keep putting fresh chocolates
    on her pillow. The report was never taken any higher in the
    chain of command. Her belongings had remained in her cabin when
    everybody else got off the ship. Her cabin steward told his superior this. He asked his boss, should we report this? The boss says, ” No. I’ll take care of it. Just put all of her belongings in a bag. Put them in my locker and I’ll take care of
    it.'” Her handbag had her wallet with her name,
    Social Security number and everything. They just put it in storage, did nothing. No missing persons report was filed with the
    police by the cruise line, nor did they attempt to reunite the handbag with money and identification
    with the owner. At some point during the five weeks, the cruise
    ship decided to give away her belongings that had been in storage, to charity. After the Carvers started complaining, Royal
    Caribbean had held an internal hearing and fired Monteiro’s boss. But for the three months that the Carvers
    had been asking questions, the cruise line had never shared that information with them. After her father, Kendall Carver began his
    own investigation, hiring one of the word’s largest private-detective agencies and was
    being serviced by Tim Schmolder private detective from San Francisco, who was on the case, Domingo’s
    superior was terminated, memos went out to 14 other employees onboard, wanting to know
    if Domingo had talked to anyone about this event. Kendall Carver said that Royal Caribbean’s
    own documents offer evidence of cover-up. One memo shows that months earlier, company
    officials knew Monteiro had reported suspicious circumstances to his supervisor. The carver’s demanded Royal Caribbean produce
    a list of other passengers from the Boston area, where their daughter had lived, in case
    there was a friend or someone who might know about Merrian. Kendall Carver said that the subpoenas produced
    a list of the ship’s 2,000 passengers, with no contact information. Merrian ordered two sandwiches through room
    service on night two, and was never seen after that. On night two she (or somebody) left the entire
    trip tip for the room steward, $108, instead of leaving the tip on the last day of the
    cruise as is common, on a table with his name card on top of it. She never used the return portion of the airline
    ticket. Her father has spent more than $75,000 to
    date to get answers to the question, “what happened to my daughter?” He has also founded the International Cruise
    Victim not-for-profit organization. Royal Caribbean’s lawyer Jeffrey Maltzman
    denied any kind of cover up and later said in a press release that she appeared to have
    committed suicide on the ship. Her family denies she committed suicide and
    believes their handling of the cases will prevent them from ever knowing what happened. 3.Tammy grogan
    In 2006, Tammy Grogan was onboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Imagination when she vanished
    somewhere between Mexico and Miami, into the waters of the Gulf. Traveling with her were her mother Bonnie,
    her 14-year-old son Jimmy, and an aunt Deb. The trip’s final stop before heading home
    was in Mexico, and family reported seeing Tammy on the ship after that time, at about
    1:30 a.m. The next day, Tammy was nowhere to be seen. At first, her family thought she was entertaining
    herself somewhere, but when the ship finally docked in Florida and she still hadn’t appeared,
    they became concerned. By the time they told the ship of her disappearance,
    a full 32 hours had passed. The information desk put out a page, but no
    one responded. Sadly, the Imagination had traveled more than
    400 miles since Tammy was last seen. That meant it was too late to send out a search
    party. Instead, the Coast Guard contacted the Mexican
    authorities who sent a message to vessels in the area. But Tammy was never found. Reports in the days after her disappearance
    stated foul play was not suspected. But here’s where it gets weird. About 18 months later, Bonnie gave an interview
    to local news claiming that the trip had been an elaborate ruse to dispose of Tammy. She accused Craig Morgan, the man who had
    purchased the cruise tickets for the family, of planning her death so that he might have
    unfettered access to Jimmy, the 14-year-old son. Morgan had reportedly showered the boy with
    gifts and attention, taking him on limo rides and lavishing him with jewelry – including
    no less than 23 watches. However, these lavish displays of affection
    were unsettling for Tammy. Tammy reportedly became uncomfortable enough
    with this that she eventually told her son he could no longer spend time with Morgan. Shortly thereafter, Morgan purchased the cruise
    tickets for Aunt Deb (who had once been his baby-sitter) as a reward for losing 100 pounds,
    and told her to invite Bonnie, Tammy, and Jimmy along. Once onboard the Imagination, Bonnie and Tammy
    realized that Morgan’s sister and her ex-boyfriend were also on the ship, and indeed were rooming
    right near them. On the night Tammy disappeared, Bonnie claims
    that, she had been in Tammy’s cabin. She claims she did not drink any alcohol,
    but when she drank a glass of water given to her by Jimmy, she blacked out. Bonnie alleges that she was secretly given
    Rohypnol, a powerful sedative said to be ten times stronger than valium. In 2010, WTOL News reported that forensic
    experts did find evidence of Rohypnol in Bonnie’s drink, but that claim has not been corroborated
    by other outlets. A more widely reported claim is that Morgan
    did some research on Rohypnol, evidenced by a handwritten note found by investigators. Morgan’s reasoning was that his sister Rebecca
    was having problems sleeping and he was trying to help her. Finally, when the family returned home four
    days later, without Tammy, they found that her apartment had been broken into and her
    computer hard drive and jewelry Morgan had given her was missing. Meanwhile, jimmy himself went missing in 2009. After living with his paternal grandfather
    for more than two years, he graduated from high school and fulfilled his life-long dream
    of enlisting in the military. But on September 29, he went AWOL from Fort
    Benning in Georgia and never finished his basic training. He is no longer in touch with Bonnie, or the
    grandfather. Bonnie believes he was involved. smith
    In 2005, George Smith and Jennifer Hagel were enjoying a wedding cruise in the Mediterranean. But on July 5 something went terribly wrong. George smith mysteriously disappeared never
    to be seen again. According to some of the 2,300 passengers
    onboard the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas, the honeymooning Smiths were heavy
    partiers who had drank and gambled well into the night and early morning on the day Smith
    disappeared. A police officer and his wife were in the
    cabin next door to the Smith’s and reported that noisy parties were the rule in the Smith’s
    cabin, usually into the wee hours of the morning. The officer was awakened at about 4:00 a.m.
    on July 5 by loud noises from the cabin next door; another party in the Smith’s room. This time, though, the officer and his wife
    heard yelling and arguing, the sound of heavy items being moved around the cabin next door,
    and then more noise from the balcony area next door to them. All of this was followed by a final loud noise,
    with other passengers reporting a scream, and then, for the first time in 30 minutes,
    nothing but silence from the Smith’s cabin. The daylight of July 5 found George Smith
    missing from his cabin with blood on the cabin floor, the bed, on the rail on the balcony,
    and a bloody handprint on the lifeboat just below the balcony of Smith’s room. Smith was nowhere to be found, and a missing
    person’s investigation took place. Jennifer was under suspicion for the disappearance
    of her husband, though she claimed to have no memory of the night before. She was found at 4:30 in the morning passed
    out in the hallway, a blackout that could explain her memory loss. George’s parents brought in Ivey Barnum
    & O’Mara, LLC’s Michael Jones to help them investigate the case and to see if he
    could provide more answers. He immediately got to work perusing the ship
    documents and interviewing the 4 men last seen with George. Two of them plead the 5th, one had a foggy
    memory of the events, and the last was serving prison time in Florida for trafficking. The man in prison, Greg Rozenberg, was the
    most forthcoming out of any of the suspects. All of the men claimed to have ordered room
    service at the time of George’s disappearance, but the timeline of the events is still suspicious. They were the ones who supposedly put him
    to bed before going back to one of their rooms and ordering room service. However, the ship made no record of a large
    room service order by the 4 suspects. 48 Hours reported later that Michael Jones,
    said a video involving three of the four men, could be key in cracking the case. “They pass a video camera around filming themselves
    commenting about George’s death in a very callous way,” Jones told 48 Hours. “But the really incriminating statement is
    one of them stands up at the end of the tape and sort of hunches his shoulders and flashes
    gang signs and says, ‘Told ya I was gangsta’ and in the context of the discussion about
    George’s death, almost as if he’s bragging about having done something to George.” None of the men in the video have been charged
    and all say they had nothing to do with George Smith’s death. This video was in the possession of the cruise
    line by the end of the cruise and, later, in the possession of the FBI which did not
    disclose it to any of the family members. It eventually became known to the Smith family
    only around 7 years after the incident. In 2015 FbI closed its investigation coming
    to the conclusion that there was insufficient evidence of murder. george’s parents still have no idea what happened
    to their son. 5.Annette Mizener
    Annette Mizener, 37, from Waukesha, Wisconsin, was traveling with her parents Wally and Heidi
    Knerler and teenage daughter Danielle aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Pride. She was in cabin #6169. She was part of a group of 200 passengers
    from the Las Vegas Hilton. On the last night of a West Coast cruise from
    Los Angeles, while off the coast of Mexico, Annette had left to go play bingo. She had won at bingo twice already on the
    cruise, and was supposed to meet her parents for the 10pm bingo. In fact, she said she wanted to arrive early
    to get a good seat. When she didn’t show up, her parents became
    concerned and her father began to look for her. He searched for her in the casino. A witness said she was in the casino at 9:30pm. As he continued to search he heard her name
    paged, and became very worried. The crew had found her handbag on deck, and
    had paged her to give it back. That page was around 10:10pm Her small black,
    beaded evening bag along with an overturned drink glass, and scattered papers was found
    alongside a railing on a lower deck of the cruise ship. A security camera was tampered with, actually
    covered with paper near that location. Yet, no cruise ship crew or security noticed
    the covered camera, or the image not on the monitor in security. Beads from her purse were found on deck, appearing
    to have been ripped from the purse in a struggle. That was the single most important clue to
    her parents, that a struggle had taken place. Spots of blood were found on the deck near
    the purse. Her daughter states there was a man harassing
    her mother aboard ship. Security had been notified of this many times,
    and refused to assist. The cruise lines says the ship’s crew launched
    a room-by-room search of the Pride after Mizener’s daughter Danielle and other passengers noticed
    she was missing. That search took three hours and during that
    time, the ship continued on their course. Then, they called the U.S. Coast Guard which
    told the ship to turn around and search the waters. The ship was turned around around 2:00am. The U.S. Coast Guard joined in the search
    with aircraft and a Navy ship, and searched the waters for 16 hours, searching 833 square
    miles, before the search was called off. At the time of her disappearance, Mizener
    and her husband had recently adopted two other children, and had launched a new business
    together selling dietary supplements. The business was a dream come true, and she
    was very excited about it and having the adopted children. She also had a pending case as plaintiff for
    child support for children of a past marriage, indicating she had plans to continue her life. Peter Knerler, Annette’s brother said she
    was in good spirits, and there is no way she committed suicide. Early on John Mizener claimed the FBI suspected
    foul play. Inconsistency’s in a crew responses to questioning
    of the disappearance, John Mizener, her husband, complained of communication failure between
    Carnival and the FBI. The agency told the family several months
    after she vanished, that there’s evidence in a crime lab preventing the probe’s completion. There was one unidentified suspect who was
    the first person that found annette’s purse and coincidentally at the very same time 2
    guards arrived and collected the handbag. He is known to have made atleast 6 trips back
    and forth to the scene of the crime. But he was eventually ruled out as a suspect
    after fingerprint and DNA test results turned out negative. Finally a judge declared Mizener offi cially
    dead, but the family – who rule out suicide and suspect foul play – still have no answers.

    Cruise Ship Gets An Awesome New Kind Of Water Slide
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    Cruise Ship Gets An Awesome New Kind Of Water Slide

    November 18, 2019

    (Laughing) (Screams) I’m in Galveston Texas this morning
    and it is hotter than blazes! I’ll tell you what…
    a waterslide would feel really good right now and that is what has brought me to Galveston. One of these cruise ships behind me
    has a brand new type of water slide on it that no other cruise ship has. We’re going to take a look at it. It’s Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. (Woo Hoo!) The ride starts to get really crazy
    when you hit that first downhill section. It’s really steep
    and you get some serious speed going… and that takes you all the way up
    the uphill section right there. Just like that! You almost hit the wall at the top
    and then gravity takes over… and pulls you backwards to the end of the ride. It is SO much fun!
    We went four times in a row. It was so fun! (Woo hoo!) (Woo!) (Screams) (Huge screams) (Woo!) (Screams) (Screams) Now be aware that there are some very restrictive rules
    regarding riding the Tidal Wave slide. You have to weigh at least a hundred pounds
    and be at least 52 inches tall to ride… and you can’t weigh more than 280 pounds… and if it looks like you’re even close
    to not meeting those limits… there is a scale there
    and they will put you on it and weigh you before you’re allowed to get on the ride. The other thing is that
    you can’t take anything on the ride with you. No GoPro…
    so unfortunately I was not able to get
    any point of view video going down the slide. And you also can’t wear a watch
    or even a wedding ring. I had to take all that off to go on the ride. Just a swimsuit and that’s it.
    Just for safety reasons. Now, as a public service,
    here is a perfect example of
    how NOT to exit the raft! I would say it’s probably one of the
    three best water slides on cruise ships. Disney’s got the “Aqua Duck” slide. Carnival’s got the “Green Thunder” slide
    on a couple of their ships. And then here the “Tidal Wave” slide
    on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. Listen to what some of the passengers
    had to say about it: It’s probably the fastest, funnest ride. It doesn’t last very long…
    but if you scream it makes it like 10 times better! (Off Camera Voice)
    I think so!!! It feels like a 90-degree drop…
    straight down, straight up, straight back down! It is great!
    And this is from someone who hates roller coasters! The tidal wave is so much fun!
    You go so high. It’s awesome.
    It’s like a thrill… like excitement. I love it so much! Nice little jump at the beginning and it looks like you’re about to fly off the top
    once you go down before you’re swung around. It gives you a little rush! It’s interesting that a lot of the
    people that ride the Tidal Wave slide don’t know the history of the slide. Things got off to a rocky start after the slide
    was installed on the ship about five months ago. There was some kind of design problem. I took them a few months to re-engineer things
    and make it all safe and get it right. But it’s great now… no problem now…
    and it opened up about three weeks ago and people are really enjoying it. (Scream) (Woo!) (Scream) I’ll tell you what…
    between the Tidal Wave slide… The Flowrider… The twisty water slide… The ice skating rink… The rock climbing wall… There is a lot of fun to be had on
    Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. I’m Jim Zim.
    Thank you for watching. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel
    you’ll be notified any time I post new videos about water slides and model trains
    and all the things that interest me.

    Creepy Ghost Ship Sails The World’s Seas Unmanned For 38 Years
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    Creepy Ghost Ship Sails The World’s Seas Unmanned For 38 Years

    November 17, 2019

    Tales of ghost ships haunting the open seas have been a staple of spooky storytelling for centuries from the tales of The Mary Celeste to the Ourang Medan these aren’t always reserved for the newest pirates of the Caribbean film Enter The SS Baychimo a 1322 ton cargo ship launched in 1914 which eventually became one of the most infamous Supposed ghost ships in history. The tale of the SS Baychimo is simultaneously heartbreaking and utterly eerie. Initially launched in 1914 The SS Baychimo was a 1322 ton cargo ship built in Gothenburg Sweden and was originally named Angermann Alvin. Its main function was to shuttle goods between Hamburg and Sweden and back again. In 1921 as fart of Germany’s reparations for shipping losses stemming from World war one, the Angermann Alvin was transferred to the Hudson bay Company in Great Britain Soon after it was Renamed the SS Baychimo and shipped to and Drazen scotland for Good Once there the Baychimo shipped tea, weapons, sugar and tobacco between Scotland and Canada during the summer months. From 1924 to 1931 it shipped fur and pelts around the world, In one fateful trip however, the ship became trapped in an early season ice pack. The crew members, then stranded and alone, hiked half a mile to Barrow, Alaska, to wait for the ice to break apart. A few short days later, they attempted to sail home… …But became trapped again, this time they had to be rescued and airlifted to safety. Several men stayed behind however seeking shelter in a nearby town. Their intention was to keep an eye on the Baychimo through winter and sail it back the following summer. On November 24th, 1931, the temperature suddenly rose drastically, from negative 60 degrees fahrenheit to a flat zero degrees. During this time an intense blizzard swooped, in once the storm had passed, the men went outside, only to find That the ss baychimo was gone! Even though the crew members initially assumed the ship had sunk in An Inuit seal hunter explained to them, that the ship broke away from the ice and was last seen floating 45 Miles Away at sea Sydney Cornwell, captain of the Baychimo, found the ship a few days later, but after ruling it unworthy of sailing, he unpacked all of their goods and valuables and surrendered the ship to the whims of the sea. Soon after though, Sydney was proven wrong about the Baychimo, not only that but it was done in quite an
    embarrassing fashion. Just a couple months after he deemed it unfit for sailing, the ship was reportedly seen 250 miles from Where he’d originally abandoned it. Over the following year, reports of the SS Baychimo were reported by several sailors from all around the world. Later in 1932 the Hudson Bay Company geard it was still afloat but deemed it too far away to rescue Within a year, several different crews had attempted to board the ship, all to no avail Several years later in 1935 Captain Hugh Paulson attempted to board the ship but was unable due to icy conditions. Nevertheless, the ghostly ship sailed on. Similar reports and sightings of the SS Baychimo continued to pour in over the preceding 38 years, right up until 1962 Then in 1969 the ship was spotted for the last time, floating in Alaska’s, Chukchi Sea. While the Alaskan government launched a search for the ship either floating or sunk in 2007, it had yet to yield any results The SS baychimo might never be found but its legacy will live on forever. How wild is it that it sailed for so long seemingly, crewless?