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    (Very Scary) Buying and Opening a Real Dark Web Mystery Box! **Cursed**
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    (Very Scary) Buying and Opening a Real Dark Web Mystery Box! **Cursed**

    September 10, 2019

    Guys, I made a huge mistake! I went on the DARK WEB (dark web, dark web, dark web, dark web, dark web) But it’s not my fault! I was roped into it by another YouTuber. He put (Very Scary) in the title. I was curious. What can I say? I wanted to know more. I ended up buying a package from the dark web. And I will unbox it…. At the end of this video. *Intro music wubs* But first! Let’s go through what inspired me to do this. *More intro music wubbing* GUY: Okay, guys we just got it o– *Pewds laughs* Sorry, I’m already nitpicking but– *laughs more* I just noticed this. It’s open. You don’t need to cut it again. It’s open. It’s 100% open. Look at that! He’s cutting nothing! *Wheeze* Oh man…. PEWDS: Anyway, let’s watch the video.
    GUY: Okay guys, we just got it open. PEWDS: Damn, he actually got it open. That must have been really tricky. ‘Cause whoever sent it to him through the dark web did a great job packaging it. With regular home tape. GUY: Yo, what’s going on guys and welcome back to the channel. PEWDS: What’s going on guys! Is every YouTuber in 2018 the same person, just… slightly different? I mean, yeah, obviously. It’s always been like that. GUY: Well, if you guys have been keeping up with the previous videos you guys know about this whole entire Angela situation guys. PEWDS: Of course, who doesn’t know about the Angela situation? Everyone’s talking about it, it’s like the Shane Dawson series. Every YouTuber is discussing this thing. GUY: The Angela doll has still not shown up guys. I have no idea where the hell it went since we played that one-man hide-and-seek, guys. I’m sure it’s gonna turn up eventually, but guys, it’s been like three days now and I still have not seen it. So, I guess until it shows up guys, we cannot make any more videos about it. PEWDS: GUYS! The Angelina situation is totally out of control, and I know you guys really want to see what’s going on with this Angelina thing and guys like I’m trying to not drag out this video at all for you guys. All I want is to entertain you guys, and make sure I get the best possible content for you guys. GUY: You’re gonna want to go watch the previous four videos on this channel guys. PEWDS: I’m gonna go uhh… take my chances on that one. *Laughs* I think I’ll just watch this one. GUY: Three weeks ago, I ordered this dark web mystery box guys for about a thousand dollars. PEWDS: OH, A THOUSAND DOLLARS? SURE!! I like how he just proudly puts some prize on it, like, $1000! I ordered it! GUY: Here’s a picture of what it looks like. It looks absolutely crazy, even crazier when I saw it in real life. But, basically inside of it– PEWDS: Jesus Christ, just get on with it. Alright, so basically this guy bought a package from the dark web. You’ve probably seen these videos in your recommended tab, if not, don’t click on them. They’re never anything interesting. I saw one where it said I bought a hard drive from the dark web and guess what? It was just a hard drive! *Laughs* Buying a hard drive from the dark web, ooh. Oh, wow, it was an actual hard drive. Oh, spooky…. It’s a cursed hard drive because it’s from the dark web, ooh, spooky…. GUY: Basically the dark web guys is this website that can only be accessible from a special type of browser guys. If you want to know more about it, then just go search it up on Google. It literally tells you how to do it all but I definitely– I like how this guy tells me how to Google things. *Laughs* If you guys want to know how this work, there’s this website called Google and you can just look it up yourself. So if you want to know about that, just Google it. *Laughs* WHAT!! GUY: The dark web is not to be played around with. This is where all the negative evil s*** happens, guys. It’s basically run– All the negative, evil stuff is from the dark web. I can’t believe the dark web is coming over… ah! Look, ENERGY! Did you see the chair move?! GUY: –run by this evil cult, and it’s where all illegal–
    PEWDS: *Laughs* It’s run by an evil—
    GUY: –things happen. GUY: But on the–
    PEWDS: It’s where all evil things happen! GUY: Prices range from anywhere from ten dollars to like, ten thousand dollars, guys. Three weeks ago I ordered one that was worth like a thousand dollars, so I’m not gonna be able to afford to do that again for this video. I know you guys– PEWDS: So in this video, he did the budget version of the dark web box. I can’t wait to see what’s inside. What could the dark web send us. Just a bunch of cursed items. It says it in the title, it’s cursed! GUY: Check it out it literally, like, “DW”, I don’t even know–
    PEWDS: Oh my God…. GUY: Ohh, you know what? That stands for the dark web. PEWDS: This guy literally took a moving box, it’s not even a shipping box, it’s one of those uh… moving boxes, and he wrote dark web on it so he could go on camera. Ooh, I think, you know what? I think that means dark web. I’m running through this a bunch of people and we all come up with the idea that it probably stands for dark web. GUY: It’s so freaking crazy. Check it out, guys. Can you even, can you see anything in there? I don’t think you can. I am so nervous to get this open guys. You know what happened the last time I opened one of these things, it did not end good. Just before we get into actually unboxing this dark web mystery box, make sure you go down below and drop a like on this– PEWDS: Of course, of course, you can’t watch a video without it. GUY: –and I say it every video but go down below and hit that subscribe button for– PEWDS: Oh my God, okay, alright, okay. Just, open the box, please. GUY: –you turn on the post notifications.
    PEWDS: Oh, we gotta turn on the post notifications. *Laughs* I’m trying to skip past it and it just gets more. GUY: Holy crap guys, we’re gonna actually do this right now. This is pretty freaking crazy. I got my knife, ready to cut the tape open. PEWDS: Wait, is that knife from the dark web? GUY: There’s definitely something in there, like– PEWDS: I’m glad he bought a package online and it had something in it, that’s always nice. That would have been an epic troll if it was just a box. GUY: Oh, my, God. Alright guys, I just managed to get the dark web box open, and I forgot to mention in the intro that when I ordered this on the Deep Web it said something in the description about it being like from Egypt, or it was like some Egyptian, ancient– PEWDS: I like that he, he had to throw some extra lore in there. GUY: Okay, guys, I’m just gonna have the camera set up like this while we actually unbox this video, uhh, holy crap, guys. Based on the first look inside this, the stuff in here is looking like it’s worth a lot of money guys, like– PEWDS: Okay, so he’s– he’s peeked in the box and he’s had a quick evaluation, and he’s come up with the consensus that it’s worth a lot of money in there. Okay, I’m curious to see what he got, maybe like a bunch of gold or something. GUY: –crap, there is a lot–
    PEWDS: *Laughs* WOW!! That looks like it’s worth a lot of money! He was not kidding, huh? What have we got. Damn. You know what? I- I don’t wanna spoil it. GUY: We got a lot of stuff to go through, guys.
    PEWDS: Yes, let’s go through it. GUY: Okay, we’re just gonna jump into this guys, I’m just gonna reach my hand in there,
    PEWDS: Let’s just jump into it! GUY: and we’re gonna grab the first thing we feel. PEWDS: I like that he saw, that it was a knife in there, and then he decides, “You know what? I’m not even gonna look!” *Laughs* GUY: Kay, what the hell is this, guys? Holy crap, it looks like–
    PEWDS: What the frick, woah…. holy moly shmoly…. PEWDS: That looks like something you could just buy from CVS in the Halloween section. And it’s October right now. My God, the Egypts, the Ancient Egypts must have copied us. What are the odds? GUY: –some sort of like, it looks like one of those cups like where you freaking pour– PEWDS: It looks like one of those cups, where he… is he trolling? He has to be trolling! I know he’s pandering to children, but the words he use are just so moronic that I can’t tell if he’s deliberately putting them in there, as a joke, or if he just doesn’t know how to ar- articulate himself. GUY: –this, guys. Holy crap. It looks like some sort of like, it looks like one of those cups like where you freaking pour the blood in and the people like, a evil cult drinks out of it guys. It’s got like a creepy freaking skull face on the front. Oh my God, I wonder who has touched that. PEWDS: You have. You touched it. GUY: More importantly, I wonder what it’s worth. I’m trying to get my money back from buying this, guys. Ho– PEWDS: I wonder what it’s worth. Well, this is a crazy coincidence, but you can also buy them for three pounds. Guys, this is frickin crazy. They’re also selling them in China, but he said they got them from Egypt. This is very scary. GUY: Oh my god. I wonder who has touched that.
    PEWDS: Some Chinese worker, that’s who’s touched it. *Laughs* GUY: Guys, I feel like there’s secretly like a freaking old rat living in this box and it’s gonna like bite my finger off Okay. Whoa, what the hell is this? PEWDS: It’s a Gucci…cat.
    GUY: Oh my God…. Guys, this looks like, ohhh! ‘Cause the, you guys, remember I was saying the box had some like sort of Egyptian thing in the description? I don’t know about you guys, but this looks like some sort of Egyptian thing, guys, look– PEWDS: This guy, he needs to be a detective, I mean. *Laughs* First of all he uncovered the secret of the text, where “DV” stands for dark web, and then he connected that the Egypt object had something to do with the fact that he ordered it from an Egyptian curse thing. Oh my god if anyone’s Egyptian in the comments and can tell me what this says, that would be greatly appreciated. That is freaking— PEWDS: Even Stromedy himself recognize that that’s beyond his level, you know. Hey guys. If you’re an Egyptian, leave a comment down below what you think these hieroglyphics mean? Hey guys, if you’re Swedish, just let me know what these Nordic runes means. I would greatly appreciate it. As you all know ancient languages. One of my favorite objects is of course the knife that he just added in there for extra effective spookiness. I guess he looked at the box that he– with all the stuff that he bought from a Halloween store and thought, “well, not spooky enough. We need to add a knife in there.” But the best part about it is his comment about that there’s a knife in there. GUY: Oh my god. There’s something sharp. I think I just cut myself What the hell…. Guys the freaking knife. Guys, I literally have a knife exactly like this. That’s so weird. PEWDS: WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!! *Laughs* I like how he does this just in case some cynical ten-year-old is watching this be like, “Wait a minute! He has that knife, I’ve seen it in the background of one of his videos!” He can just go, “whoa, it looks just like it, whoa, it looks just like the kitchen knife I have.” “I just got THE CHILLS!!” This is another genius observation coming up by the way. GUY: What is this… PEWDS: What is this.
    GUY: Oh– PEWDS: Guess in the comments what he’s going to guess what that is.
    GUY: –my gosh, guys. It looks like a freaking rope. PEWDS: This guy’s, this guy’s the next Sherlock Holmes. It looks like a frickin rope guys. GUY: Okay, I don’t even want to say what I think this might have been used for guys. But that’s pretty weird a frickin rope and it’s like one of those old ropes guys, like, holy crap. PEWDS: Ever heard of those old ropes? *Laughs* This goes on for ten more minutes?! PEWDS: Whoa, is that a real skull guys?
    GUY: Oh, my, God, guys. Okay, for those of you that are freaked out, this– PEWDS: Oh! Okay. What is it?
    GUY: –does not look like a real skull. PEWDS: AH! Oh, thank God! Ah, thank God!! Oof! GUY: –but I wonder what the hell this was used for guys and why it’s in the box. This is pretty frickin creepy guys. PEWDS: Yeah, I wonder what that was used for, but most importantly, I wonder how much it’s worth. I want to make sure he makes his money back on this. GUY: Look at that, look at that. That is so creepy. PEWDS: He’s got a ball. GUY: What is this? GUY: We found some, like, weird looking… ball?
    PEWDS: It’s a ball… it’s a ball… ball, you found a ball. PEWDS: *Laughs* This is too good, what else do we got? GUY: What is this? Oh my God, okay. I don’t even want to touch that. I think you guys can already assume what the hell that was. PEWDS: Your mom’s tampon? *WUBWUB WEEEEEEW WUWUWUB WUWUWUB* GUY: What is this? Oh my god it goes forever.
    PEWDS: It goes forever. *Laughs* GUY: Holy crap. All right, guys, we found some like weird dark chain? PEWDS: Wait a minute. That’s the chain from the other
    GUY: –and if you guys are thinking “oh that’s the chain from the other mystery box” it’s literally not, guys, like, you can go compare the colors. This one is like a dark–
    PEWDS: Oh, damn it. He got me. You’re right. That one is darker. That chain is darker from the other one. He also has some letter.
    GUY: –dark web box, and the paper looks pretty new guys, like it’s not an old paper. It looks like it was literally just printed. Right as it was being shipped. PEWDS: You mean right as you just put it in the box. It also has the exact same font as he used in another stupid video. I don’t know why I’m even trying to prove him or whatever! Okay? I don’t need to do this. But the most important part of this is: I ordered a box from the darkest web. I paid not just a thousand. I paid ten thousand. So I hope I get my monies back. We’re gonna unbox it right now. So I got this. This is the box that I got from– So this is the box that I got from the Deep Web guys. It arrived just this morning and it says, …wait a minute…. It says… Death Pantry. What the frick guys. What does that stand for? What does that even mean? That must mean something death, like… dying? Guys, am I gonna die from opening this? Okay, guys, we’re gonna have to freakin unbox this right now, but if I die, you have to smash like on this video right now. Whoa. Holy crap, guys, it’s got this… Whoa. Oh, my God it goes forever. It’s got this wrapping plastic in it. It must be some cursed wrapping plastic, filled with demons or something, maybe there’s like a ghost *Pop* Whoa. Oh my gosh, guys. Oh… oh…. It’s got a doll in it. This must be some kind of cursed frog. Oh my gosh, no way. No way! A kitchen… whisker… machine… thing. GUYS! This is just like the one I have in my house. This must be some… ancient demon trapped in a box. Oh my god guys. It’s trying– the demon is trying to kill me. It’s time for random shout-out time! Random shout-out time! This time, it’s actually not so random. I found this video, thanks to Critikal, he does great videos, I really enjoy his channel. He’s always finding new interesting things for me to steal from. I was also part of one of his podcasts that he does, it’s really great as well, so if you want to check that out, I’ll leave that in the description. but overall just a nice, great dude that I don’t really know, I’m just assuming. *Laughs* And also to… Stromedy, if you’re watching, I hope you enjoyed this little video. I’m sure you did. Just a fun little meme! I can’t wait to see what happens with the doll. So, good luck with that. Bai!!!



    September 10, 2019

    whoa guys Chiqui that’s it is guys I think we just found the ghost ship that’s that’s definitely the pirate ship if I’ve ever seen one from Tiffany and we are back with a brand new video and today guys as you can see well I’m my home guys we are back home we finally managed to escape the prison I am no longer wearing our orange jumpsuits which is nice because I was getting extremely tired of being locked up in prison but guys if you are just joining us you probably don’t know that the last few weeks have been the craziest weeks of my entire life I mean they have been insane we have been locked up we have been chased and we have been caught up in the middle of a crazy mystery involving a YouTube hacker and possibly someone known as The Game Master because we were able to escape from the prison and head back home with some extremely important clues if you guys don’t know there’s been a YouTube hacker slash game master on YouTube and he has been trying to capture youtubers but you guys know your boy Papa Jay cannot be locked up for too long I think it’s cuz all of my box for prison escape so I’m like really good escape from prison and stuff but I was able to escape with Logan and we did find out some extremely important information and today we are gonna try and put this to rest we’re gonna try and figure out who this Game Master is why he’s trying to capture youtubers and how we can stop him but first we need love look Logan what’s going on G hi it’s good thing you’re here Logan as you know after we were able to break into the safe in the prison we found some important information we found out that he was in a ship and whatever happened in that ship changed him it made him who he is today and we need to figure out exactly where the ship is and what we can find on it how are we gonna find out where the ship is I’m glad you asked Logan I’ve been up all night using something called Google there wasn’t a whole lot on it but I did find a few important facts you see this game master and the ship that he was on is not just the regular ship this isn’t a cruise ship looking it’s a pirate ship there is one picture of it from the 1800s but it’s hard to make out exactly where it is but there is something about it there is a symbol check this out you see on the back of the pirate ship here there’s this symbol and now this symbol is reference not only in this photo but also the only known map of the ship’s course now if we’re gonna find the ship there is an exactly Google Maps there’s no five-star rating where the ship is this was an old pirate map that was actually uncovered from a treasure chest but it has information about the ship here now you can see here the ships sail along here but ended up here the symbol corresponds with what we found on the ship where this game master in hacker is was on a pirate ship that crashed 200 years ago which doesn’t make sense to me and – we have to go to a creepy haunted pirate ship that’s that’s not that’s not fun at all that means that in order for us to solve this mystery we need to find this pirate ship and find out what’s on it Papa Jake is rarely scared of things but haunted pirate ships and while pumpkins those are those are the two things I’m scared of and we’re going to one of them now not only that guys but also considering the fact that we have to paddle out into the middle of water to get to the ship means we need to gear up with a ton of safety gear ok there is a lot that could go wrong here guys this isn’t just a regular vlog this is a mission we’re going on a mission together and this might be the most dangerous mission we have ever been on and possibly the scariest so we need to get our gear in order and plan this out accordingly ok so we know a rough idea as to where the pirate ship is but in order to get to it we’re gonna need all this gear now I went ahead and organized all of the items that we have we have knee pads for safety gloves for handling anything on the ship because if there’s any rusty metal or anything like that we do not want to touch that which an old pirate ship probably has a ton of rust exactly and not only that guys but this thing is 200 years old which means walking around on the deck is extremely dangerous so I’m bringing elements for us in case we fall or something like that we want to be safe we have a first-aid kit as well to back us up walkie-talkies to stay in communication not exactly the best ship to get across in Logan this is week that’s how we’re getting there yeah yeah I spent the budget on this we had a little bit left and I had to go to the clearance section doesn’t matter how we get there as long as we do get there and plus I’d rather be more safe on the pirate ship itself we’re gonna need your guy’s help in this video though so anything you see any clues that you know about make sure to comment them down below and smack that like button cuz we’re solving this mystery today okay guys so we’ve been walking for a little while now and we’ve been looking for this abandoned pirate ship we’re also being extremely cautious guys cuz we don’t know we could be being followed we’ve been chased by the creepers before and if they’re following us that is not a good thing and they could be well quite honestly anywhere in these woods you guys look over here there’s the water but we can’t exactly see the shoreline I mean the ship should be sticking out of the water so it shouldn’t be too hard to find but I think if we keep going we might be able to find it so let’s keep on let’s keep walking and keep making moves look and keep it out if you see anything guys this must have been old like pirate trails that they use back in the day it seems like they’re overgrown a little bit but we should be able to still use them well guys check this out we just came across a bunch of huge rocks be careful yeah careful man this is gonna be hard to get across it’s a good thing I brought a bunch of protective gear with us guys this was the first aid kit do not want something bad happening on these rocks oh dude guys check this out looks like we can see the ocean from over there so we just came along here and we actually have a view of the ocean itself dude look at that well we’re looking for a shipwreck not seeing it Logan maybe we can find some more clues as to where it is guys yeah guys I’m not seeing a shipwreck maybe if we keep heading down the shore we’ll find it yes look at this you see that another lighthouse it’s a lighthouse guys in the map that we found that showed where the ship crashed there was a lighthouse right around its last known position we have to be getting close only problem is Logan that lighthouse is a little bit of a ways away and unless we’re swimming we got to go around so think we got some hiking to do guys also guys don’t forget be on the lookout for creepers if you see anything in the woods let us know I have this weird feeling that we’re being watched and the fact that we’re going to a pirate ghost ship really has me not feeling great come on guys these rocks are massive whoa guys I don’t know about you but this looks like it might be a key of some sort that is weird I don’t know much about pirate lore but I’m gonna hold on to this this is might come in handy in the future let me know what you guys think this could be alright guys we’re almost at the lighthouse it’s just over there another thing that’s a little unusual guys if there wasn’t another sign that we’re heading towards a ghost ship look at this those do not look like regular spider nests to me I’m really not liking this I’m also getting that weird feeling that someone’s watching me so we need to keep pushing through these woods here and get to the other side and hopefully we’ll find yourselves a ghost ship okay hello again I think I see something dude past those trees take a big object in the water guys he’s cheeky that’s how it is guys I think we just found the ghostship that’s that’s definitely the pirate ship if I’ve ever seen one well guys the only way we get answers and put a stop to this mystery is by going on this Jake that thing looks extremely scary and a bit dangerous look and I know it’s scary but you got it rise up Pappa Jake’s gonna put a stop to the gamemaster doing so lies on that ship now we brought our supplies and we have enough to get there but before we do that I think we need to do a scouting mission I want to see how we can get on it cuz as of right now well I don’t really see how we’re gonna get on the ship without like a grappling hook so let’s find a place to set up the drone and see if we can scan it and see what we can find guys we’re gonna see if we can get a little bit closer to the ship before launching the drone guys that is crazy that what’s been there for hundreds of years this thing looks crazy I’m gonna look up there guys just hold the birds yo that is freaky guys this is our ghost pirate ship and I think we need to get on it so let’s start planning the mission what do you hear this it’s about walks like you start going off do you hear that is that dude that is that is not normal one second hello guys guys I don’t know what that is that that is that’s not a person that that can’t be a person Jake turn that thing off is it a for Harrison what is this the walkie-talkie just died Logan don’t ghosts have some sort of electromagnetic field attached to them do you think that could have been messing with our walkie-talkies no no that was really freaky guys if you can replay that and tell us what you heard let me know down in the comments tell me what you think you heard I don’t know that was a ghost trying to talk to us or just interference but this is freaking me out hopefully this doesn’t happen to the drone it’s good to drone out though okay guys we got the drone setup and we’re now ready to go on a reconnaissance mission we’ve got our little spark here that we’re gonna use to fly over to the ghost ship and see if we can find a way to get inside of it of course guys we’ve already had a weird interference with our walkie talkie so hopefully nothing happens and hopefully we don’t see any ghosts but let me know in comments if you do see anything on this footage you’re gonna be my eye on the sky guys so let’s get this UAV up there see what we can find alright here we go guys all right let’s get close to this thing guys I want to see inside it see if I can find a way into it dude this ship is crazy look at it look it looks like the leaves have literally come back and over take in the middle of the ship look at it dude there’s like literally there’s literally trees in here that is so cool let me check around the other side all right so the front of the ship is here whoa you can see the top part there’s grass growing up there all right still not seeing an entrance though let me try flying around whoa dude that’s a full-on shot of the ship that is insane oh look and look look I think I see a spot when you get on it really yeah look great down there okay all right well the the main point is we did find a way to get in so let’s uh let’s bring the drone back now wait Logan what look you something’s going on what’s going on with the drone what do you mean what you wanna be here anymore Logan I can barely control the drone Oh No photo photo I gotta get back now I gotta get back now hold on an emergency landing emergency landing okay let’s see every gain control what was that dude I did I don’t know whatever that was thank that can’t be good alright guys well we found a way onto the ship we brought supplies here to do it and I know we said we would do it Papa Jake doesn’t back away from something like this and if it means putting an end to whoever the game master is it means we need to get on that pirate ship and discover what happened here we already got the Intel from the drone so I think it’s time we’re twelve-hour dinghies and head out onto the ship but guys we need your help if we can get over 100,000 this video then we will go onto that pirate ship you guys don’t think we should go if you guys think it’s too dangerous then just don’t like the video if you guys think I can handle it and you think we can get on there and solve this mystery then smack that like button down below let’s try and crush a hundred thousand likes and we’ll be heading on to the haunted pirate kosher


    ESCAPING ON JET SKI! 🚔 Adventure To Abandoned Tree House (24 Hour Challenge)

    September 8, 2019

    I don’t know mascot whoops no he’s
    looking he’s coming this way hold on all right what’s going on guys Papa Jake
    here we are back I think it’s safe to uh to open up the windows now we’ve been in
    a box for surviving on the lakes since last night last night semana or maybe
    just a man came to the shore and they’ve been following us for the past few days
    we’ve been thinking there were cops but now we’re more and more certain that
    they are some sort of organization or something we don’t know what they are
    yet but we have to solve this mystery this morning time I think we’re good but
    we got to make our next moves oh I can’t tonight it’s beautiful though sleeping
    in a box for it on a lake at home it’s morning it’s time to smell the birds
    guys where we left off things are getting they’re getting intense last
    night if you guys saw our last episode we evaded what we believe is no longer
    the real cops we think that people have been sent out after us after creating
    this hideout and heading out into the middle of the lake in the middle of
    nowhere we were tracked down here by a man who we heard on the radio so as you
    guys could see someone was literally on the shoreline last night trying to find
    us luckily we’re in here they couldn’t find us we turned off all of the lights
    and went to bed but I just think that means Logan we can’t stay here man it
    has been an exhausting night there have been so many bugs like now it’s morning
    they’ve kind of all gone but guys the bugs were horrible last night not to
    mention the fact that someone is quite literally hunting us down Jake our
    anchor held up it was pretty good during the night so guys I think it’s extremely
    apparent that we cannot stay here all right this mystery is getting intense I
    mean we’ve talked to more Jase too and he’s starting to piece together things
    that that could explain that the people chasing us are linked to Chad wild clay
    is hacker there is just so much going on right now and now that we know that it’s
    quite possibly not the real police I think we need to turn it around
    I think Papa Jake needs to go full investigation mode and solve this
    mystery because we cannot just stay on the run Logan Jake I I just noticed a
    really big problem one of our rafts is deflated
    you know what Logan you’re right I seemed a little shorter this morning
    that is equally a reason why we can’t stay on here and I found out that you
    can’t order pizza to know the lake that was that was very disappointing I think
    I know a place where we can hide out Logan I’m talking about the tree
    house now I know what you’re thinking I know you’re thinking it is in the
    haunted forest but we’re not too far from it we could get there could we
    paddle in this thing honestly in the state that it’s in right now I don’t
    think we can paddle I think we’re gonna need to go back to land and hike on foot
    plus we need to get back there anyway to see if we can find any information on
    this guy Logan one thing though before we go
    Papaji has to go fishing you don’t even know how to fish folk and I know how to
    fish and if we only have four MREs left we don’t know how long we’re gonna be on
    the run for we have to become hunters Logan Papa Jake has to become a hunter
    hunting is the last thing you’re good at can I know how to hunt I once went apple
    picking with my grandma mom now help me with this Jake’s on some fishing mission
    which honestly he’s not gonna catch a fish Logan I got this alright I’m gonna
    catch the biggest fish hashtag Papa Jake’s fish looks like
    there’s a lot of seaweed in there Jake alright guys you all thought Papa Jake
    couldn’t catch a fish you thought Papa Jake could not become the hunter well if
    we’re surviving on the land Papa Jake is gonna catch some fish if you believe me
    put a comment down below but I believe in myself now the key to catching a fish
    guys stupid slow guys we really need to get to shore and get a move on this day
    but of course jake has to hold us back and go fishing we are gonna be eating
    like kings what oh yeah that’s a rare form of sea fish you can eat you know
    it’s not a fish but you can still eat this loken people eat this it’s a
    delicacy we got we got to get to shore Jake no you’re right you’re right you’re
    right we need to get to shore we need to figure out this mystery we need to get
    some clues the anchor is really heavy Jake all right anchor is up we are good
    to start paddling the shore how do we know that guys still not at the shore
    well in the radio we’ve heard a few important things first thing that we
    heard guys was he was referring to someone named captain mana GU or mana Q
    I can’t really make it out too well other than that he also referred himself
    not as an officer but as a tracker I’ve never heard a
    police officer refer to themselves as a tracker which makes us believe even more
    that he is not a police officer and is hired other than that we did hear say
    he’s heading back to base so our hope is that he’s not there but like I said guys
    we need to start our journey towards that treehouse because we are sitting
    ducks out here were able to make it back to the dock oh
    it has been a while since I’ve been on land all right let’s get out of here and
    start looking around we started walking through the woods a little bit and
    they’re going down the shoreline we’re looking for any clues that we can find
    us who was here last night as you know we made it to shore we’ve been kind of
    walking along the woods here trying to see if we can find anything Logan’s been
    up ahead looking for clues it actually just started raining cloud covering kind
    of came in I guess this rain is really starting to pick up and we were getting
    deep in these woods Marines really come down dude we got
    them start making her way to the abandoned house and fast guys if we
    don’t find anything in the next a little bit I think we’re just gonna have to
    start traveling there if we get caught in this rain and get soaked we’ll have
    absolutely no shelter we got to make her way to the tree house so we can set up
    camp for the night he followed us to where we came we built a raft just near
    here maybe he wasn’t even on this side of the lake he was tracking us he would
    have come to where we started he had to have been here Logan I’m new to this all
    right I’m not used to someone some sort of police officer chasing us down it
    could have been anything sent they could have used dogs and satellite imaging I
    don’t know what the capability is that these people are Jase do thinks it’s
    lead to Chad well clays hacker I mean that’s Logan
    what where’s your phone it’s in my pocket well give me your phone right now
    this is how they hacked us Logan they used our phones how can we have been so
    stupid look if this is all your fault this is
    why they got here you use your phone to trace us Jake I didn’t even want to be
    here in the first place Logan no phones I told you that what there now we can go
    to the tree house No okay you don’t need your phone well where’s your phone okay
    that’s right here what why do you get to keep your phone cuz Logan you know I
    like to play fort night at night plus I know how to turn on airplane mode so I’m
    gonna go get my phone you know what fine have them have them find us maybe it’s
    not even our phones G wait Logan Logan what it’s like a rain poncho some sort
    you don’t think this could have been the guys do leave G there’s a clock I think
    this could’ve been the guys I don’t know looks like a map I think this might have
    belonged to who is tracing us I think they’d left this year cheek what
    is this see looks like a data card of some sort
    hey any clues on the timepiece Jake this clock says that at 6:40 6:40 what time
    is it right now it’s 9:40 why would some I have a clock that’s three hours behind
    guys I don’t know who this is but whoever it is he has a clock that’s
    three hours behind looking what time zone is three hours behind us you know I
    guess it would be someone on the west coast but we’re not on the west coast on
    the east coast all right we’re gonna hold onto this
    let’s check this map out looks like the rains picking up we did get a map here
    let’s check this out and see looks like it’s a simple map of the area looking
    what are you doing it’s raining I might as well wear the poncho Logan that’s
    evidence you can’t just wear the evidence we got a bag down and put it
    somewhere hey you know what let’s just check the map here it looks like it’s
    simple whoa look what am I looking at no looks like instructions just locate Papa
    Jake capture Papa Jake locked Alba Jacob this is a note on the back of the map
    what are those codes target 2 7 9 wait my name’s here my name’s here target 2 7
    9 papa Jake target 2 4 3 Chad wild clay target 2 8 3 Steven share with Logan
    there are other names on here other youtubers they’re targeting looking we
    have to warn these youtubers what’s going on this is somehow all lengths
    wait Logan look there’s an attack drone here Jake what’s this bus purchase
    confirmation for sweet wait bus purchase your member Chad wild clay as last video
    don’t you yeah why Logan in his last video with his hacker on the SD card
    there was a picture of a bus this has a bus confirmation order number what do
    you think that means I don’t know but it could mean that that bus is linked to
    whoever wrote these notes look we need a warm chat the rain is picking up we got
    to go somewhere fast all right we need to find that treehouse let’s start
    moving and fast we got quite a hike to go we’re currently making our way
    towards the abandoned treehouse to set up camp for the night Jake I think
    there’s a dock over there yeah looks like there’s a canoe there we just
    paddled over to the haunted forest and go to the abandoned treehouse I mean
    they’ll still take ours but it’s better than walking Jake it looks like we’re going into some
    kind of swamp yeah man you really know you’re getting
    close to the haunted forest when you go through stuff like this looks like this
    bridge is falling apart this is creepy keep an eye out guys
    okay guys I’m making it closer to the abandoned force to try to keep our voice
    down though we don’t want to draw any attention to us as of right now we still
    don’t know who these people are they’re tracing us but we are getting some more
    information and clues are coming together don’t forget guys we need your
    help to solve this mystery if you see anything suspicious or know anything
    about the clues we’re finding comment it below I like it I think we’re in a good
    spot good spot for what was we’re in a remote enough location I thought I could
    turn my phone back on and call chat Jake you’re gonna risk turning on your phone
    to call Chad what can I have two I mean yeah there’s a chance they could trace
    my phone but so what by the time they get here we’ll be miles away maybe you
    can get the word out to other youtubers and guys maybe you can get it out as
    well tell anyone on the list that Papa Jake found out they’re being targeted
    Texas guys it’s Papa Jake calling me he hardly ever calls me this must be
    important check chess that you can’t hear me look it’s Papa Jake what’s up
    Papa Jake I needed to warn you about what’s going on as you can see I’m I’m
    in the middle of nowhere I’m actually in a canoe right now in your last video I
    noticed in the drone footage there was a bottle weight yeah you saw the picture
    of that bus in my last video yeah wasn’t that picture the bus was on the drone
    wasn’t that weird I think I know what that bus is it’s related to the hacker
    on the list of paper he had your name lifted at the target not only that he
    had a bunch of other youtubers wait seriously at the bottom of that we found
    a confirmation number for a bus order I’m actually at a bus right now so that
    you’re saying this might be a stolen bus Chad I think that bus might be the one
    that you’re about to go into I needed to call you and warn you well I’m really
    glad you call because I was just about to try to get into this bus I’m gonna be
    extra careful now getting in here now that I know this might be a feeling
    with the hackers thanks Papa Jake all right talk to you soon all right guys
    well at least Chad knows now there’s still a lot of other youtubers on the
    list that we have to warn and be honest I think we’re gonna need your help to do
    it how’s it right now though we got to keep
    going we got to keep up with our time it’s only midday but we have a lot of
    traveling to do and we need to get to the tree house before the Sun sets
    or worse before it starts raining again okay yeah see you on the dock do you
    think we could use it I don’t know let’s just left here that’s getting closer
    dude if you get that seed working this we’re cut down our travel time by hours
    we could be there in like 30 minutes this is literally gonna cut down our
    travel time to buy so much all right let’s see we can get it working I don’t
    know if has any gas your goblin chief you know how to drive one of these
    welcome papa Jake knows how to drive everything okay you know what they say
    you can ride a bicycle you can drive a seadoo Jake literally no one says that I
    look what we got to move we got to get to the tree oh so fast there we go it
    started awesome all right let’s get it off of here come on perfect all right
    looks like we’re in business guys got ourselves to see do
    finally no more paddling right now if I know the map correctly it shouldn’t be
    too far from here we hit down the lake a couple miles and there should be the
    abandoned forest for the abandoned tree houses alright let’s do this thing you
    do you ready Logan let’s do this crazy adventure I gotta be locum the fun
    right now now if I’m correct the lake should be
    following along the trail here which means the haunted forest should be down
    that way yeah we definitely got to start heading this way honestly we’ve been
    making such good time guys we’re practically here looking he’s coming
    this way hold on ingenious I don’t know


    Bizarre Air Breathing Fish!

    September 3, 2019

    – Wow it is windy out here today so I’m gonna have to
    talk loud for the cameras but right now we’re
    exploring the mud flats here in Haines, Alaska. There is a water system
    pushing its way up through here it’s probably gonna draw in a bunch of really
    cool creatures. Lucky for me, I happened
    to bring this little net. Let’s head out in there
    and see what we can find. Got it, yes! Holy cow the net is
    absolutely full of them. Oh no they’re pricking me. (exclaims) (dramatic music) – [Narrator] It doesn’t matter
    where in the world you travel as long as you can find a place where the ocean
    meets the shoreline, there are tide
    pools to be explored and creatures
    waiting to be found. Even as far north
    as Haines, Alaska. – We’re on a mud flat
    right now, the tide is low. Maybe a good chance to
    find some creatures, there’s a bunch of little
    flies and bugs moving around. Maybe some crabs, could
    be some marooned fish let’s head up this way
    and see what we can find. I dunno what lives
    in these tide pools so I’m just gonna kinda
    feel around Raccoon style and see if I can
    scoop anything up. Oh look at that. – [Crew Member] Whoa.
    – Wow I dunno what those are, yeah they might be little
    sand fleas or something. Alright let’s check
    out this kelp bed. I would love to find some
    sorta little crab in here. Or maybe some fish,
    hopefully they don’t bite. – [Narrator] What we are
    looking at here are Kelp Isopods and yeah they do bite. – Oh it absolutely stinks, like somewhere between
    the ocean and sewage. Gross. Alright let’s keep going. Check this out, I just
    flipped over this rock, look at this huge green
    worm like creature. – [Crew Member] Is
    that a Nereid Worm? – Yeah it is a Nereid Worm, let me get it in some
    water and rinse it off. – [Crew Member]
    That’s a big one. – Wow, that is a big one, umm
    here, back up a little bit. Let me rinse it off. Whoa it’s all green and,
    look at that, look at that. – [Crew Member] It’s crazy.
    – Wow. Hold on I’m gonna pick
    it back up in my hand. Oh it’s slimy. Got it. Wow, that’s a Nereid
    Worm right there. It’s like the
    caterpillar of the ocean. I have never seen one of
    these up in this area, we flipped over many
    rocks and this is the first one that we’ve seen. That is wicked looking. – [Crew Member] And
    they can swim right? – They can swim,
    they can also bite. I’m not sure which
    species but look at how iridescent this creature is, emerald in coloration and it’s
    just reflecting the sunlight. That is so cool looking. It’s just kinda feeling
    around right now, you see his front
    pinchers out there. (exclaims) He tried to bite me. – [Crew Member] Did it hurt? – No, it didn’t actually bite but I saw it’s pichers come out. Alright I’m putting
    him back under his rock and let’s see what
    else we can find. – [Narrator] After a near
    bite from a Nereid Worm, it was time we move
    on to the next spot. You never know what you
    will find at low tide and these pools were alive
    with creepy crawlies. – This could be a good rock
    to flip, let’s check this out. Whoa, holy cow, look
    at this, look at this. Where’d it go, where’d it go. It’s a big Prickleback
    Eel, right there. Got it. – [Crew Member]
    That’s a good one. – Wow, look at that. – [Narrator] The
    rock Prickleback has a distinct eel like
    appearance, however, they’re not considered true eels but rather are a
    species of bony fish. They range up and
    down the Pacific coast and can reach nearly two feet
    in length when fully grown. – Yeah he’s just slinking along wanting to get back
    into the water. I think If we move in deeper, we’ll find some pockets of water that potentially have
    some larger fish. – [Narrator] When the tide
    recedes animals will do their best to stay hidden in
    the deeper pockets of water. I often find that these
    areas yield the best results when attempting to
    discover creatures. And whether you are
    using your hands, or in this case a small dip net, all it takes is a little
    patience and eventually your efforts will pay off. – Guys, guys, we got a
    pocket of water up here it’s like alive with fish,
    I can’t tell what kind it is but it’s a little bit deeper and I think we can definitely
    catch some, come on. Okay I can see ’em
    all moving up here in this pocket of water. I’m gonna just bring the net
    through, try to keep up with me I’m gonna scoop up
    as many as I can. Let’s see how many
    I can catch, ready? – [Crew Member] Yep go for it. – Oh yeah I got a tonne
    of ’em, check this out. Yes, holy cow man that is
    absolutely full of ’em. We get all these weeds out. Wow, and they look like some
    type of little Goby species. Oh no they’re pricking me. Look at that, my
    net is full of fish. Wow look at that, okay well I’ve caught six of them
    in the net and honestly I’m not sure exactly what
    species of fish this is. They look like Gobys and
    I’m saying that because their head kinda
    looks like a tadpole, the body looks like a fish. They also have these
    little spikes coming out of the side of their head
    that are rather sharp. I’m gonna actually
    have to look these up but they are absolutely filling
    up these little tide pools, they’re absolutely everywhere. And I could just see them
    skidding across the surface because the water is
    shallow I was able to just skim the net across and scoop
    up, what do I have there, one two three four five six
    of them, right now, Wow. – [Narrator] As it turns out, this is actually
    a species known as the Pacific Staghorn Sculpin, which gets its name from the
    spines on the side of its head which resemble the
    antlers of a stag. And while I was excited
    to come across this fish they’re incredibly common
    in coastal lagoons. – Let’s take a moment
    to take a look at just a single one of these fish because
    they’re so unique looking. Now if I was a predator
    and I were to come in and try to eat this fish,
    I imagine those hooks would get stuck in my throat, could potentially
    choke me and kill me. And their eyes are
    really beautiful, almost looks like a
    rainbow design in the pupil and he keeps
    puffing up his head. Now if this is a
    species of Goby, most Gobys are able to
    breathe air out of the water. – [Narrator] Believe
    it or not, like a Goby, the Sculpin is also
    capable of breathing air. – That’s one cool looking
    little ocean creature. And that’s one of the
    coolest things about exploring tide
    pools, you never know what it is that you’re
    gonna come across. I’m Coyote Peterson,
    be brave, stay wild, we’ll see on the next adventure. – [Narrator] If you thought
    this adventure at low tide was exciting, make sure
    to go back and watch as we found and got up close
    with a giant black Sea Hare. And don’t forget, subscribe so
    you can join me and the crew on our next big adventure. – I can feel him
    gripping onto my arm, I mean I can feel him actually,
    like, wrapping around me and I can feel his little
    tongue under there, can’t bite right? – [Guest Presenter] No,
    these guys are vegetarians they mostly eat algae and kelp. (animal noises)

    A Great White Shark Breached & Just Missed Us!
    Articles, Blog

    A Great White Shark Breached & Just Missed Us!

    September 1, 2019

    NARRATOR: is a crazy picture. That is a gigantic
    great white shark. And as we can clearly
    see, the picture was taken at really,
    really close range. Maybe too close. My question is,
    who took this photo and how much danger
    were they in? The person on the other end
    of the camera was this guy. JOE BUTLER: Hi, my
    name is Joe Butler and I’m a recent graduate
    of marine biology and coastal ecology at
    Plymouth University. Originally from
    Swindon, England, I’m currently situated on
    the west coast of Ireland studying marine mammals. This particular photo
    was taken off of hand by South Africa in the
    late September of 2012. We were in the area for
    a university field course looking at the
    local biodiversity and took the opportunity
    to experience some more charismatic sea
    life we rarely get to see. On the this particular day,
    me and two of my friends, Sam and Lizzie, went out
    on the cage diving boat into Shark Alley in hopes
    of seeing some great whites. NARRATOR: Great white sharks
    are the biggest predatory fish in the world. And despite their mass, they
    can travel at ridiculous speeds, over 35 miles an hour,
    to track their prey. And then there’s this trick. This is what happened the
    moment Joe took his photo. JOE BUTLER: In order to bring
    them in closer to give everyone a good look, the crew
    would employee a tuna head on the end of a long rope
    and drag it out of the way before the shark had
    the chance to grab it. The photo itself, taking
    from inside the cage, shows the shark, having managed
    to grab the bait before anyone had a chance to react. The end result is this powerful
    image of it leaping out of the water with it’s prize. If you look closely, you can
    see the eyes have actually rolled back into the
    head, as they tend to do when it exerts this behavior. The feeling at the time,
    you wouldn’t really describe it as being
    nervous because you were too busy being in awe
    of what was in front of you. It’s one thing to see them on
    say, like TV or photographs, but to actually be with them
    and see them in front of you is an entirely
    different experience. It was actually quite
    a sobering moment when you realize that
    proverbially, you’re the fish out of water here. This is their home and
    you’re not actually supposed to be there. I think a lot of people have
    this image in the heads of them being sort of
    idealistic predator, but in reality, these animals
    are still quite vulnerable. However, seeing them in
    their natural environment is something I recommend
    to anyone in a heart beat. NARRATOR: Hey everyone,
    Thanks for watching “This Happened Here”. If you liked this
    video, check out this one on what
    it’s like to dive into the middle of a
    humpback whale fight. SPEAKER 1: This is
    an image moments after this juvenile humpback
    whale took a sharp turn to avoid smashing into me. NARRATOR: And don’t
    forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching. [THEME MUSIC]

    Articles, Blog


    August 31, 2019

    So Lizzy Sharer are you ready to do the 24 hour box fort challenge
    tonight? we’re challenged you don’t know huh you didn’t tell her no we don’t
    you’re doing the Haunted box fort challenge again it’s gonna be even more
    scary this time yeah yeah because not only be doing at 3:00 a.m. in the
    morning it’s super dark and late at night we’re gonna spend the whole night
    in it 24 hours in the box fort ya honey box fort is huge
    oh it’s floating on its own inside I think we come all the way down here next
    to the creek in the woods oh there’s already like a weird fog in the air what
    is that what is this this is crazy ah did you turn a light on inside the
    box fort it well it looks even creepier now are there’s fog are you not going in
    oh my gosh Carter no what is going on sheriff’s welcome to the vlog welcome to
    another awesome ahh Sun setting day we are getting ready to do a crazy crazy
    24-hour box fort challenge shares we’re going to put our haunted box fort it in
    to those woods right there we’re gonna go into those woods and put our box fort
    in there and we’re gonna spend the night in the woods shares this is gonna get
    absolutely crazy I’m like starting to freak out already okay let’s go see
    recording lizard cuz they’re gonna do this haunted box fort a challenge with
    that oh there’s Carter on the dirt bike oh yeah Carter got some air oh by the
    way shares if you haven’t seen last vlog check it out
    we totally pain and live this Jeep it used to be white now it’s this epic blue
    color and it goes along so well with our green Jeep too so we now have a blue and
    a green Jeep check that out it’s so cool oh here comes Carter again okay oh cars
    did a wheelie end to jump at the same time that was awesome what is up shares welcome to the vlog I
    was out here riding a little dirt bike and a thing it’s fast Carter are you
    ready for what we’re gonna do tonight the challenge that we’re gonna do oh you
    mean that’s spooky 24-hour challenge yeah barks for a
    challenge Carter I’m gonna be so scared yeah this time we’re stepping up a notch
    not only are we gonna do that 3m but we’re giving you 24 hours overnight in
    the box fort throw it outside in the woods it’s gonna be absolutely crazy the Sun
    is starting to set once that Sun Goes Down we’ll be in the woods back their
    shares we’ll be bringing our boxfort out and we gotta spend the night Carter
    let’s do it that’s gonna be crazy hey where’s Liz I think she’s inside
    let’s go find her liz is probably bacon she’s always baking Carter’s always
    snacking list is always bacon we got to go find her definitely bacon Oh Liz
    where are you hey I knew you were cooking up something it’s like a
    starburst candy smoothie oh yeah it could be a starburst smoothie like we
    did last time it’s strawberry mango and orange juice
    it’s like starburst candy and soda mixed together or what okay let’s try ready well it’s really good it’s a good fruit
    smoothie yeah good so Lizzy ready do the challenge tonight what challenge you
    don’t know you didn’t tell her no the challenge you’re doing the Haunted
    Box fort challenge again this is gonna be even more scary this time more scary pal
    yeah because not only we do get 3 a.m. in the morning it’s super dark and late
    at night we’re gonna spend the whole night in it 24 hours in the box fort it
    oh yeah all that ilk and we’re doing it outside of the woods oh my god we’re
    gonna put it in the woods the woods back there we’re gonna be in those woods yeah
    they’re haunted too right you didn’t hear that huh shares maybe we
    didn’t tell you but there’s legends at these woods are haunted yes sure it’s
    the woods are so haunted there’s actually a tombstone back there well it
    used to be houses in this neighborhood used to be farmland and the farmer was
    buried back those woods right there and if you look for it at night you can find
    his tombstone let’s go find this thing oh sure let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s
    go Steven gey find the farmers great honor come on you love the woods let’s
    go oh we’re going in the woods we just got to get out of here before it gets
    dark sniff it out see if you can smell it
    I think he’s got to go down this way through the wood is there a trail
    anymore I heard something I heard something there’s like broken glass
    bottles there whoa that’s crazy what else is back here oh boy this is a steep
    drop right here I don’t you can tell but I gotta jump down
    well okay I made it down let’s see if you guys come on daughter Wow deep that
    is but linseed yeah careful this is a really steep hill so careful down this
    one if I remember correctly I think it’s over this way somewhere so let’s keep
    looking at it we can go find it oh we can cross up here I think there’s a
    crossing paths up this way whoo what’s that light what is that those things a
    building back here scary what do you think that is what is that light I think
    that’s weird let’s go check it out I think otter knows where to go let’s
    follow him get across the river oh he’s getting all wet otter you’re getting wet
    we’re going this way come on okay and otter made it but he’s always okay let’s
    just find this grave and let’s get out of here it should be around here
    somewhere oh there it is what is that this is the
    tomb of the farmer I’m telling you oh my gosh
    woah look someone broke into it it used to be closed but look at crack down the
    top right here he used to be inside right where the leaves are maybe he went
    woke up and opened it himself you think he climbed out I think so wait
    Carta is actually writing on it look what is that right there
    there’s writing no no lower lower lower look sheriff there’s actually writing
    right here there’s writing do you see that I don’t
    know it’s so old I came and read it I don’t know what this is McCarty you’re
    sitting right in the grave there’s card let’s get out of here it’s cold it’s
    getting dark let’s get here otter come on let’s go come on come on let’s get
    out here come on let’s go let’s get out of here yes you’re getting scary Wow
    let’s go the top of the steep hill oh boy that’s a steep hill come on the
    quicker we get out of here the better go come on come on come on we made it
    we’re out of lives now – boo this is great back there for our challenge yeah
    I told you those woods are haunted Liz are you seriously gonna bring the
    haunted box fort out now yeah oh my gosh this is gonna be so scary shares but
    it’s getting dark out – it’s really dark out and we’re gonna go outside with the
    hunter box fort it okay that’s so scary let’s go this is crazy
    oh it’s so big oh haunted boxfort is huge inside oh that’s a good way to carry to
    make me come all the way down here next to the creek in the woods oh there’s
    already like a weird fog in the air what is that whoa what is this this is crazy
    I must be coming off the creek or something
    no let’s put it all the way by the edge of the woods right by the creek and stop
    the water right there put it down from the grass do you see that
    that’s crazy fog is coming out of the grass whoa did you turn a light on
    inside the box fort it well it looks even creepier now there’s
    fog car you’re not going in oh my gosh Carter no shares look how crazy this
    looks Liz there’s fog everywhere where is this fog coming frog cart are you in
    there I’m inside I’m not gonna know goes what are you gonna stay in there all
    night good luck I can’t even see you anymore
    sharer’s this box fort borders so hot so right now there’s fog in the air and Carter
    still named Carter you got to get out of there that’s getting scary I don’t know
    I feel pretty good in here it’s more scary out there than inside here okay
    you know what then I’m gonna come in too please good luck out there by yourself
    okay Carter I’m coming in what Carter this is kind of scary in here yes look
    how scary it is out there whoa oh my gosh there’s so much fog I think it’s
    getting in the Box fort were a little bit it’s crazy
    oh I can feel it like just burned out Steve how many like somehow employed it
    or something I eventually do burn out oh my gosh Paris is definitely pretty scary
    near car can’t even see you where are you oh there we go I came prepared to
    see if a guy glow stick oh just in case that light was gonna go out I got some
    glow sticks for backup lighting this is perfect hey it makes it kind of like
    cooler in here it’s like cool colors no more scary coat that looks good this one
    works really good hey I can see everything I can even look out the
    moonlight window there whoa that looks so cool yeah it looks pretty creepy
    outside there yeah good thing we’re inside here Liz are you still out there it’s super dark and I keep hearing this
    like weird like cracking noise what I don’t hear anything here yeah we’re
    gonna get you a glow stick oh okay we’re all in the haunted box fort right now
    because it’s super scary out the light turned off on us well we have our backup
    glow stick for power yeah I guess we just gotta tough it out till morning or
    do you not even here in here for a long time it’s gotta be pretty late yeah I
    don’t know let me just do my see what time it is Liz what was it like out in
    the woods by yourself it was so scary I couldn’t move
    little because I was so scared I think for now we’ll be okay in here we have
    the door closed we can look out the window we can even look out the
    moonlight window and in case you see anything Oh Steve it’s really late check
    it out it’s 248 really that means it’s almost
    3:00 o’clock okay you remember what happened last time at 3:00 a.m. yeah
    3:00 a.m. was super scary last time wasn’t even believe it was you got
    scared last time huh I know was so scary I don’t want to stay in rental 3am yeah
    but we gotta stay out here until morning okay I might I might leave but I don’t
    know like will I make it back to the house in time if I leave now I don’t
    know Steve it’s we only have a few minutes left
    look it’s almost 3 o’clock and you don’t want to be outside at 3 o’clock that’s
    for sure okay I guess I’m just gonna wait in here
    until morning stick your head out the window Sharra’s we gotta find baby otter
    you can’t sleep outside by himself I mean hurt him I don’t think that was
    otter was it I don’t know okay I have to go find him my gosh let’s hurry it’s
    almost 3:00 a.m. go go go quickly only have a few minutes to make
    it back before it’s 3:00 a.m. it’s kind of dark in here I’m to crack a few more
    glow sticks and I’m gonna put them all up in the house like this so we can see
    that I have so much light this is awesome behind you too Liz are you out
    there I can’t see anything anything out there I’m just listening for her Liz are
    you out there cherries it’s super dark these glow
    sticks don’t really add too much like they’re not very bright and I don’t know
    where liz is and I we don’t know where baby otter is either just keep the door
    closed and hopefully we’ll hear her soon oh it’s almost 3:00 a.m. let’s got a
    very bad liz where are you quarter where is she okay – be careful hurry back ami go quick doors lock I’m locking the door
    hurry Carter her eager to find this quick hurry
    Liz I’m coming for you where are you Liz Liz baby otter Jerez I can’t see
    anything out here it’s like super foggy this is crazy
    sure is look at it look how cold it is you can see my breath where’s baby otter
    where are you Oh Cheers Liz let’s look this glow stick oh that
    means she must be around here somewhere Liz I’m coming for you where are you oh
    boy it’s getting really dark out here shares I can’t really see anything
    Liz baby otter it’s so dark sure that kid what was that Oh
    those trees are shaking sure is it so scary I gotta get out of here
    Corner corner what was that corny you out there Liz
    otter oh my gosh okay Cher’s I’m going out there
    I’m coming out I’m gonna look for you come on let’s go oh my gosh it’s so
    foggy whoa Carter Carter Linds oh oh wrench
    oh my gosh guys were you what is it what is that
    where am I where am I whoa Carter Liz where are you?

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    August 26, 2019

    what are you doing papers up there down
    what’s going on guys are just tuning in are in the base of a scheme in this
    prison as you know we’ve been tracked down with the creepers and they’ve set
    us up in this prison guys i think jake has some sort of plan to get us out but
    right now we’re surrounded by four guards we have one over there one on top
    and we have one that stays around there yeah guys as of right now we’re not sure
    if they’re hackers or spies or what they are
    so we’re referring to them as creepers as you can tell they’re extremely creepy
    but in the last episode we found out some pretty valuable information there’s
    an abandoned golf cart that’s only missing a battery if we can get that
    thing up and running we’ll be able to get into it in escaping of you’re fast
    enough on top of that I was able to locate a battery in the interrogation
    room but he took me into there’s a small car battery that using the power of
    their devices as well as that we know to get out of these cuffs the one of the
    guards with the white mask has keys on it so this does with a fairly reflects
    plan here’s the map the prison we are currently here we need to get here to
    the golf cart while obtaining the keys from this garden we got to be extremely
    quiet we can’t let these creepers know what we’re up to
    okay the main issue on top of that besides obtaining the battery and the
    keys we need a huge distraction to get out of here I’ve got some ideas but I’m
    not sure if I can flush them out yet so before we get the battery I think the
    first thing we use the keys we can figure out the distractions later I’ve
    got an idea you can get close enough to the white mass
    guard distract him I should might be able to get up behind him and steal the
    keys I don’t know Gus is their only chance to get out of here
    that’s right now we’re not gonna last much longer and food they’re giving us
    is slow it’s not good guys it’s not okay thank you okay I’m so hungry but I
    don’t know this is it could be poison come on sink dog food
    think Oh me rather starve in this place than the abyss Jake this stuff looks
    really gross be careful we don’t know what they could have put in that guy’s
    comment below would you even eat this go flies in it Logan just gonna run the
    floss disgusting what eating around the fly they haven’t said we can’t come out
    of her cells so maybe if we just glide paths a pill to get around the other
    side I know the white mask bar isn’t only hanging out around there if we can
    get over there I should be able to guess looking you distract him so I can get in
    there cable what am I gonna do I just run out and yell or something
    you want me to just run out there and yell I don’t know what do you think Isis
    I think it’s the only thing we can do I’m just gonna go run out and pretend I
    really want to play basketball all right that might work hey ready no four three
    two one how’s the chance those are chance Rico where do we go let’s go to
    something in there wait wait he’s over here I might be able to reach and grab
    them okay I’ve got idea wait till he goes back all right when he walks back
    over here I can see if we can steal the keys off of him also guys check it out
    there’s some stuff in here we might be able to use these our escape Oh Oh my heart’s beating so fast right
    now I think the scariest thing I’ve ever done Watson okay gasps I’ve used the
    keys to free myself of the cuffs I’ve got to get them back to Logan to help
    them help but before we go I think I saw some stuff that we can use to grab it a
    head back now looks like there’s a soul attack drawn here we might be able to
    use this as a distraction I don’t look here listen rope hurry let’s head back
    and hit that fast we gotta get back for the nose I’m gone
    the battery that we need should be in the interrogation room should be able to
    grabbing you back to lockup then we can plan our escape gonna be able to get in
    there and grab it all right I’ll get back to logging out fuck okay Logan I got the keys I said
    looking to offload how did you do that a lot of sneaky dude boss like I said I’ve
    never been that scared in my life while I was in the room I found
    something else it’s a tack drop we can use this to
    distract them I really I was gonna use this to distract them as we escaped but
    there’s one in the interrogation room right now without that car battery
    there’s no way we’re getting the golf cart started I think we’re gonna need to
    use this to distract whoever’s in there to come out once I’m in there I can grab
    the battery and then we’re gonna need a different version as distraction
    distraction Plan B what’s plan B Jake all right I know it’s a little bit crazy
    but I found this rope look guys some of them have smoke grenades on the side of
    their belt if we can get one of them in here loping could strap this around the
    smoke grenade pin once they leave the room we could pull it igniting the smoke
    grenade causing a massive amount of smoke out in the courtyard Jake that
    seems really crazy I know but guys if we can do that everyone will run rushing
    over there don’t be such a commotion we’ll be able to slip up the back get
    into the cart and get out of here all right fine let’s do this what step
    one right step one is using this attacker do you even know how to fly
    that I’ve told you before I’ll tell you again if you know how to drive a bike
    you know how to fly an attack drop all right let’s get this thing set up that
    makes no sense all right when he runs over the room and
    run in there and grab the power in carriages
    all right here we go there goes nothing they’re gonna know it was us whatever
    you gonna do with the robe ready get the robe ready you guys hide right we’re
    doing this right now yeah Oh what what is that I’ve never seen that before in
    my life that was a hundred percent not mine
    I did not take that oh okay you can throw that at me that will that is fair
    I will not do anything bad ever again can’t got the battery all right three
    two one oh look it’s worked who’s working is working
    goodbye Joe Stratton Jocasta perfect chance dude pass about your purse back inside
    try to start it all right Logan super works here we go
    three two one it’s working G Oh perfect let’s get out of here we’re gonna go
    fast there could make you lookin for us any second now G careful there’s a guy
    up there oh no no no no no pool ball Logan this might get bumpy kukuku for to dry faster cheapy Lawson
    let’s go Jeter take us as far away from this place as you can we gotta figure
    out where we are and how we can get back home good fast before these guys –

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    August 23, 2019

    look at that but here’s a little ramp to
    go in this is a box for loading in the middle of a lake oh what’s going on guys
    JQ from Jeep of me and we are back with a brand new video and today looking
    we’re not at home anymore dude we are not at home bro we are at a lake because
    you guys absolutely destroyed the last video we got over a hundred thousand
    likes in less than a day you guys have been absolutely killing it Papa Jake
    always keeps his promises we came out here now I know what you’re thinking
    what’s this this looks like a pun well this is actually where we’re gonna be
    building the box where we have this nice little area here we’ve got our boxes
    over here and this is kind of like a launching zone a marina whatever you
    want to call it and out there guys out there is the great lake normally we do
    these floating box sports it’s in our pool but here there’s all these looks
    sharks but there’s fish there’s mosquitoes there’s Paulino alligators
    but there’s definitely deadly stuff here we’re gonna start building this box for
    it again we don’t a lot of time so we want to make this thing as quick as
    possible so we can launch it on the lake and get out there and guys our challenge
    for today is to survive 24 hours in the middle of the lake we’ve brought a ton
    of supplies with us we’re gonna make this thing as cozy as possible we got
    lights we got food we got water we’ve got a shower so it’s time to get
    building this thing because we got to get it in the water but first we need
    our floaties let’s so we got our two floaties here and we’re actually gonna
    go for a design we’ve never used before it’s definitely a tall box for it but
    guys the reason why we’re making is so tall unlike my pool there are waves
    there are boats going by so if a big wave comes and hits the side of the box
    for it and we’re really close to the ground that’s gonna wet all the
    cardboard and ruin the whole thing so we want to make sure we’ll high off the
    ground high like a boat I mean like look Logan’s boat boat I don’t see a
    difference either gonna tape them together so they don’t move around at
    all and then we can start putting on the boxes let’s start building we use a ton of tape and they seem
    pretty solid seem like they’re not moving around too much so it should be
    good for us to start building with the boxes we just got the floor done and it
    is looking so nice it looks sweet dude we got the orange outline and everything
    going so we have all the walls done and it is looking it’s so awesome we still
    got to do the roof but check out the inside once we get the roof on we’re
    gonna make the door as well as windows and it’s really important guys that we
    have windows on this thing because when we’re out in the middle of the lake
    there’s boats there’s sea-doos there’s all this stuff that could come by and we
    want to make sure that we can see will definitely add some flash to the windows
    because at night I know there’ll be a lot of mosquitoes and bugs as long as we
    can look out and see a boat coming that’s what’s important we also to make
    sure we have a hole where we can use our paddles because we’ve got a paddle out
    into the middle of the lake also on a side note I brought my fishing rod and
    I’ve been looking in here and there are a lot of little fish so hopefully we can
    do some fishing off the side of the box for it and actually get it to work this
    time she is almost ready to go we definitely
    made this one extremely secure and this is probably one of the greatest floating
    box for builds you’ve ever done now this is ready guys we’re gonna go grab her
    gear when I can put her gear in until we’re out in the middle of the lake once
    around the middle of the lake then we’ll put the gear in so I’m a little bit
    worried about the waves but hopefully if we have the anchor and the oars set in
    place it should be okay to hold up against all that so we just finished up
    our lunch break and we came back the box is looking great so we’re gonna cut out
    the windows as well as the doors now and then we’re gonna get in it let’s make
    this door dude we also brought our extra tube over there which you’re gonna use
    to go on like maybe an expedition or something we don’t know yet but in case
    we want to like go out on the water we’ll have that little rowboat to get
    out on and like I said guys we’re also gonna need to make these windows so we
    can see other boats driving by or anything that might hit us check it out
    that’s looking pretty lit definitely want to be able to close them because at
    night there’s lots of mosquitoes lots of bugs and we don’t want those getting in so the windows are almost complete time
    to fill this up with all of our supplies oh we got a lot of stuff so it’s good
    thing we made this extra buoyant all right so we also brought along an anchor
    which is in here so we’re gonna actually pull out a rope and tie it to inside
    here but I think we’ll do that once we’re afloat in the box port obviously
    if you’re staying here during the night we don’t want the box to start moving or
    pick up with the current and fly off so that’ll keep us in place hopefully but
    we have one problem Logan this isn’t a big ank our lives are all depending on
    this tiny little anchor lifejackets are a must if this thing goes down we don’t
    want it to but in case it does we got our lifejackets so we’re ready to launch
    it we got our paddles here now it’s time to put it in the water we’re gonna
    attach the dinghy to it with our rope it’s all ready yet Jake it needs one
    thing she needs a name she doesn’t need any we will choose our favorite name
    from you guys leave it down below in the comments I’m not gonna lie to go in
    we’re ready to go we have a perfect docking system patches perfectly and now
    we’re hooked up to the Ducks the moment of truth we’ve got the Dean hooked up we
    got the rope there that’s gonna be keeping it to the box port house the
    floating box courthouse we’ve got our nice little stand here to get in it
    Rosie so sick it definitely needs some cleaning up in here because we just
    threw everything everywhere and then bringing some lighting in this so we
    brought our nice little survival pack here this is actually our shower
    sweatpants change of clothing all that kind of good stuff fuel for our dinner
    cuz we’re actually making a fire just because if we’re in the middle of a lake
    it’s gonna be kinda hard to put on fire so reason propane got a LED lights got
    the little lamps on here so those are some nice ambient light and we’re gonna
    put these up maybe up on the roof here so we get like two cool lights and I’ll
    put the control panel on the side BAM we got the lights on make them different
    colors let’s change them to blue we go check that out guys I’m not sure which
    colors the best I guess like maybe yellow is give us the brightest color
    but it is cool you can change it to whatever you want
    okay ready Oh God we’re setting sail now should you like cleanup yeah let’s let’s
    organize everything set up before we set sail God most first stuff organized
    we’re gonna organize the rest of it once we get out into the Melville Lake but
    the Sun is setting so we got to get out there ASAP I hung up our first-aid kit
    hopefully not gonna need that I also hung up our lights and I got some of our
    dinner cookware ready for tonight oh there we go guys I think we’re gonna try
    and get out there as soon as we can so we can anchor and do like a little
    expedition there’s this island pretty close to where we’re gonna be going we
    got a dinghy over there we’ve finally left the little marina we were in so
    we’re pretty far out now in the lake so once we got to a good spot we’re gonna
    set our anchor up we are now officially in the middle of a lake this is a box
    for loading in the middle of the lake we did it though now that we’re here guys
    we’re gonna set up our anchor once that’s done we’re gonna go straight into
    our expedition cuz we wanted to go to an expedition problem is if we go too late
    it’s gonna be pitch-black and there’s no way we’re gonna find our box for it so
    we got our anchor um this is more of like an anchor to catch on a rock then
    it is to hold down the boat 3 2 1 so now that we got that anchored it’s time to
    go on our expedition we’re gonna bring the dinghy around to the front we’re
    gonna gather a few supplies probably we’re gonna take our underwater
    flashlights it wasn’t until after we departed from the box fort and headed to
    the island that things started to get a little bit weird getting closer and
    closer to the island it was definitely creepy and we knew
    that being in an abandoned kind of Island place in the middle of a lake
    nonetheless once we entered into the island that’s when things started to go
    wrong at first we thought it was just normal
    stuff the camera kept shutting off but on top of that we had a massive glitch
    with all the sound from the entire island once we got back home after the
    entire trip we reviewed the footage and found out that no other part in the
    entire filming session did the audio cut out except for the island now it’s
    important to note that these were multiple clips on the island this wasn’t
    just us filming straight and the audio happened to glitch every piece of
    footage we had from this island glitched out we walked around for a bit and
    planned to head back and that’s when I saw some sort of like weird structure I
    thought we’d go check it out what we ended up finding was an abandoned
    treehouse now granted this is an island in the middle of a lake only accessible
    by boat after all the weird stuff that had been going down with the camera
    shutting off it was just starting to get really eerie I started to feel this
    weird feeling cat had hair sticking up on the back of my neck and just kind of
    like a scared feeling we got closer and closer to the treehouse and that’s when
    we decided to take a look inside and see if we couldn’t find any clues sooo if
    anyone was living there or had been there once we got up inside it we
    noticed it was overrun with tons of bugs spiders
    after spending a little bit of time in the treehouse and looking around we knew
    we had to head back to the floating box for quickly made our way back to the
    boat where we launched off and made our way to the box for it itself what I
    don’t think is a coincidence is that the next scene after we returned the box for
    it there was nothing wrong with the audio or footage itself alright guys so
    we just got back in after that expedition I never thought we would find
    in a bamboo tree for like it was like it was cool but as creepy man I don’t know
    that was probably someone’s hangout spot guys do you think that was cool or
    creepy let me know down below but it is getting dark out guys okay wait brace
    for wave Logan Logan that’s a big one you know here comes God guys we got a
    first Pope passing by quickly so we are gonna start getting ready for dinner but
    I just want to clean up a little bit more I found this cool flashlight it’s
    like really big to like really intense so this is the camping shower that we’re
    gonna use in our box for it pretty much you fill up your shower bag with water
    you put it on the roof and then the Sun heats up the bag and the water then it
    comes out hot just like a normal shower well so let’s fill it up and get out
    there now alright so I filled it up now I’m just gonna put it on the roof it’s
    on the roof gonna heat up there and we’re gonna have a nice shower tomorrow
    morning because this is actually starting to become such a nice home good
    chill out float here enjoy the nice waves I always say this guys I love our
    clothing box for 24 hour challenges because when you sleep in a floating box
    where it is like rocks you sleep slowly sometimes it can make you feel sick by
    the way dude I’m kinda hungry one week dinner making dinner is not easy we
    can’t call Pizza Pizza we can’t call uber eats you have nothing
    we only have the food we brought luckily we brought some rations guys know our
    MREs we use them all the time to keep themselves with just a little bit of
    water we ran out of that but luckily we actually brought a camping stove with a
    propane tank so we’re gonna boil some water pour it in our new ration pack and
    I think for dinner we got some pretty good stuff this is our dinner only way
    to activate and cook it is with boiling water so unfortunately we don’t have our
    MRE heaters but we’re gonna boil the water on our stove but it also comes
    with a kitchen and we’re in the middle of the lake pop the Jake’s the Box book
    got just letting you know we have our breakfast but this is what we’re gonna
    have for dinner we got a spicy sausage pasta and it’s southwestern style
    macaroni so looks pretty good do not forget we are box for build and
    professionals so anything we do do not try it at home and you’re doing this in
    the pool as dangerous enough but in the middle of the lake definitely dangerous
    is if you don’t like it you can go right out the box for door we have a tea
    kettle which not only is great to make coffee and stuff like that but it’s
    gonna be what we use to boil our water for dinner we’re gonna use one of our
    purified water bottles because you not gonna use lake water even if you’re
    boiling it I mean you can in a dangerous situation but we have got water so now
    we take our little propane tank and we put it in the propane tank holder that
    way it doesn’t tip cool girl especially I want this one we’re on a boat alright
    so that’s it just gonna test it real quick make sure it’s on and again guys
    if you do happen to have one of these do not try to use at home because they are
    extremely dangerous in any box for make sure you have parent supervision when
    you’re making your food it’s best to stay to dry foods there we go and now we
    got a gas soap in a box for it so now what we’re gonna do is take our skin box
    put it on top and wait for the water to boil so guys we’re just going to hold it
    steady now and wait for the water to boil it shouldn’t take too long
    to get the water boiling we’ll know when it starts to steam up here twelve
    seconds late Dale alright guys so it looks like the water has just come to a
    boil so we’re gonna turn off the stove there we go so we’re gonna carefully
    take this off here we’ve got this southwestern macaroni and cheese so
    let’s take our water then we’re gonna let that Sam for about ten minutes
    alright next up we got the spicy sausage passes so I think this one’s gonna be
    mine now we got about ten minutes for dinner to cook and we’re ready to eat so
    we’re gonna dismantle this put it away safely and then get ready for dinner by
    the way guys check this out we were kind of worrying that bugs might be an issue
    well they’re an issue look at all the bugs here dude they are swarming around
    the box port light it is insane luckily these aren’t mosquitos so like they’re
    not really gonna affect us we got some bug friends up there we started to hear
    some news we also heard some wolves earlier so that’s that’s nice I mean
    luckily none of those are an issue I mean the worst thing that could happen
    is a friendly loon comes Bob let’s change to some dinner lighting I’m
    feeling blue dinner lighting bro that looks nice
    all right so we got some blue dinner lighting going we got our friends the
    bugs up there they’re getting more and more up in that corner it smells
    delicious oh man that looks good does it look oh wow looks good man some beef
    macaroni and beef macaroni awesome man that was good man those
    dinners were great although they still don’t beat the MREs but they were some
    good meals it’s pitch black we’re both exhausted from a long day of
    building I think it might be time to hit the hay I think it’s time to sell our
    sleeping bags and get ready for bed I just got them a sleeping bag chilling
    out now I’m gonna turn off the lights and go to bed we got our anchor in place
    I think we’re snug for the night the anchor hasn’t moved at all so yeah we’re
    pretty good we also put a light on top of the box for we strapped one of our
    lanterns up there just to make sure that if there are any boats on the water at
    night they will see us and not run into us because that would be terrible but
    we’re gonna turn the rest of the lights off and get to bed you ready to go to
    bed Jake all right lantern it’s going off main lights going off and Logan if
    you would do the honors see you guys in the morning boats just went by right beside us man I really woke up and for a second forgot
    where I was like what is that I’ll be dying little gay apparently can sleep
    the rainy over there looking how did you sleep last night it got a little cold
    last night like at first I thought the box for was gonna be amazing
    we woke up during the night literally shivering and I was like bro so we had
    to change put on our sweaters for our sweatpants which was fine we brought all
    that stuff the anchor kept us perfectly positioned
    it just kept us in the middle of the lake I woke up like a few times when we
    woke up to fix this thing I took the high beam flashlight was like y’all it’s
    gonna check to make sure we haven’t floated downstream and we were
    completely fine we didn’t move at all the anchor seems to hold up the time anchor definitely highly secured back in
    there but it definitely got a little bit wet during the night by the way guys I
    don’t really got to show this off check out the beautiful morning view this is
    what we get to wake up to when you sleep in a falling box for it on the lake we
    have 360 degrees of a beautiful morning lake and it looks like the Sun is just
    coming up guys look at this view another kind of woken up a bit we are
    going bust your teeth because we’ve got toothbrushes we to set up the bathroom
    because we need a morning bathroom to get ready for a nice day on the box fort
    so we’re gonna set that up now and then after that maybe go fishing I look
    actually kind of bad the guys slept in the box for all night but the mirror
    looks awesome just because you’re living in a box for it does not mean you don’t
    have to keep up with hygiene all right looking good ready for a day
    in the box for it I think it’s now time to do some fishing I’m gonna see if we
    can catch some breakfast we did bring some breakfast rations but we also
    brought a fishing rod and I mean unlike my pool this is the floating Lake box
    for it so there’s fish down there and they need to be calm definitely catch
    didn’t release it but I do want to prove a concept I want to prove that we could
    survive here off the land if I catch a fish now watch me now oh thank god oh no
    both laugh I gotta freak down so we have the fishing rod ready I got our weights
    on it I’ve got our lure on it and now we are good to go out and do some fishing if everything goes as planned i’ma catch
    a fish Logan does not think I can catch a fish he does not believe that I’m the
    ultimate fisherman in a floating box seats at his lake Dale oh my god what oh
    you caught a fish yeah yeah guys be easy on Jake in the comments she was really
    upset he didn’t catch anything okay dude the fishing rod brochure this just all
    fell apart so it was all right you know it was a good test to see if we could I
    definitely could have if we had more time but we got to keep going here in
    this floating box for it before breakfast we’re gonna take a shower in
    our box for a shower at this point of the day the shower should have enough
    sunlight to heat up because shower guys I never thought I would be in a floaty
    box for it in the middle of a lake and having a shower that was really really
    refreshing so now I’m gonna dry off I get warm probably my sweater and
    clothes back on and look at all this seaweed a lot of very graceful docking
    but we don’t the wind really started to take us out which survived this
    challenge man well high five man we did it we did any for hours in the middle of
    a lake on a floating box for it barely made it home oh I’m exhausted man that
    was the longest pal back I did not think we’re gonna make it the current kept
    pushing us back well I think this wraps up our 24-hour floating box for Donner
    Lake challenge we did it it was absolutely insane and we pulled it off
    in style we had a shower we had a fishing rod we had a kitchen with
    everything in there even a bathroom it was so much fun also this was a really
    fun adventure as hard as it was it was really cool to be out in the middle of
    the lake the fresh air so guys if you enjoy this video and me wants to do more
    extreme challenges like this be sure to smack that like button down below let’s
    get a hundred thousand likes on this video share with your friends share it
    with the grandma I don’t care this is my Papa Jake from T Epiphany
    I’ll see you guys next time for another video

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    August 22, 2019

    see what are you waiting for let’s go
    inside let’s do it is it unlocked oh it’s a long whoa check this thing out
    oh this thing really squishes down all my goodness
    whoa Carter check this thing out but Carter the real question is what is this
    this is a red button uh uh what that’s like I’m a mystery red button yeah what
    does this mean I don’t think I can live with myself if I don’t push this button
    today I gotta find out what its gonna do okay this is the button should I push it
    okay sure smash it like but at the same time I push this button in three what is
    going on Cher’s we are back at Shawn’s Autobahn design car dealership and we
    are in search of the most epic truck we have ever seen oh yeah
    major shout-out to my hands whoa for sending me these awesome box of cookies
    party want some snacks oh yeah what’s upstairs
    Stephen yeah you know I love snacks that I love my aunt Ann’s cookies they are
    the best oh yeah oh yeah you gotta make sure you share the cookie oh my gosh
    look at this truck order oh this thing is big like a big the wheel is oh my gosh you can see so much from up
    here this thing is massive look how big this thing is yeah this wheel is huge
    up to my hip whoa Steve I think the hood is like taller than your a head – oh my
    gosh you can see so much just from standing right here oh oh I’m just
    looking at this thing from the front even has two wheels in the back oh it’s
    got dually Steve this is like my xmax this is crazy this is like a semi-truck
    there is easier Dooley’s on a real truck I also put Dooley’s on my xmax and then
    drove it on water this thing is absolutely huge like my
    head just barely goes over the hood and I’m 6 feet tall I wonder what other kind
    of trucks he has here Oh Carter check it out we got a Hummer
    oh yeah last night we were here Sean gave us the keys to a yellow spongebob
    Hummer he’s gonna give us the keys to today
    let’s go inside let’s go let’s go yeah let’s go inside and try to find the
    coolest car he’s got here and see if we can get the keys and go for a test drive
    these cookies are so good thanks so much nn for what do you think’s inside what
    do you think I would say there’s probably at least one Lambo and one
    Ferrari in there this place it’s got the coolest cars oh wow there’s something
    really cool in here well there’s the Lambo I told you about whoa we got the
    white Lambo back the yellow way I’ve even got a yellow Ferrari oh I was right
    here that’s at least what Lambo and one Ferrari and there are actually two
    Lambos a white one a yellow one in a Ferrari you got a comment which one do
    you like better the yellow one or the white one or the yellow Ferrari so
    that’s three to choose from yellow one my cool is three supercars to choose
    probably got the yellow Ferrari the yellow Lambo with the black stripes and
    then the white Lambo it’s hard to say which one’s the best I don’t know I’ll
    give you guys a quick look this is a Ferrari 355 it’s convertible it’s really
    cool look that’s cool so in the summer you can take the top down that’s awesome yeah it’s got racing stripes that makes
    it go a little bit faster and then over here we’ve got the white Lambo this one
    is nice this one’s really fresh and then inside we have black and red interior
    check this out that’s pretty cool wow that is really nice and there he’s got
    some red stitching on the black leather seats this is really cool and you can
    see the engine right back here yeah that’s got to be the best part as you
    can see the engine that’s amazing say leave it off this is
    actually the same engine that’s in the cherry Guinea but we just can’t see it
    in ours or look at that engine that is awesome Lamborghini oh and check this
    out oh this is awesome yeah this is so cool look at this
    because that’s actually really sharp whoa wow that’s actually so sure oh my
    gosh whoa Steven is this thing even a truck I don’t even know what you call
    this thing this is insane I don’t know but we got this switch check this out
    share is here we go let’s turn this thing on in three two one whoa check this thing out what is this
    thing I don’t even know what you call it look at this it’s got white tires with
    red rims yeah this thing is an awesome on the turntable careful this is like
    compared to the other truck this is way shorter yeah you can probably drive this
    one underneath the other truck that’s how little yeah and then look at this
    the door locks have like a skull on it what what is going on inside here whoa
    look at it it’s got like a ready ject button whoa this is crazy and then look
    at this this is like metal it’s like metal oh wow this is crazy I’m hopping
    off this turntable whoo Oh a I said Chevrolet on the back of it what is this
    car shares if you know what kind of car this is common right now this is crazy
    oh is that the where the exhaust comes out whoa this thing is probably so loud
    yeah wonder resuce ever even give it a test drive
    oh yeah we got it was the headlights go did a skull on this thing there’s no
    where’s the headlights you probably can’t even see it when it drives on the
    road this is crazy see what are you waiting for the go inside let’s see what
    it is it unlocked oh it’s on long whoa check this thing out
    well it’s like rustic and like wow this think there’s one speaker two speakers
    using their heels in a mere whatever gear there whoa look at this thing oh this thing really squishes down all my
    goodness whoa Carter check this thing out well
    look at the steering wheel Steve oh my gosh wow this is so crazy what about
    another skull oh another skull this is whoa oh there’s two more bears
    everywhere shares how many skulls you think are on this car coming right now
    look at the Grim Reaper like slash your type thing but Carter the real question
    is what is this this is our red button uh uh what that’s a mystery red button
    yeah what does this mean I feel like it might make the passenger seat like eject
    out of the roof yeah I don’t know I’m not gonna touch that I am too scared to
    touch that button we got to find out what that button does though oh look at that
    it’s another skull plus one whoa Steve well I think this is your car why
    because it says SS Steven share yeah for Steven sure okay this truck is so cool
    car it’s gonna be so awesome we got to see pan get the keys from Sean yeah I
    bet driving this truck is going to be absolutely awesome it’s so low it’s so
    crazy and I’m probably so well I bet we turned the single it’s going to be a
    super level there’s no one way to find out let’s get the keys we’re gonna have
    them started up inside because apparently it’s super loud I don’t want
    to start in here ready I think the exhaust comes out this guide
    right here okay so we’re gonna take the car out we’ve got to use the turntable
    again turn it on there you go there it goes Cera’s we’re gonna get the key to this
    truck we’re gonna take it out on the road and go exploring this is gonna be
    crazy yeah we’re gonna go for a test drive in this haunted looking truck this
    is gonna be awesome what if it’s actually haunted I don’t
    know how many skulls to be count on it so far I think we’re at like five or six
    right now like a skull on it let’s do the skull on this thing
    Oh everywhere skull plus one so I don’t know it’s a pretty good chance that it
    might be haunted yeah let’s start it up let’s get going secondly this thing is gonna be crazy oh my
    goodness yeah that is crazy awesome this thing’s got a mind of its own yeah this
    thing is creepy so they’ve had this car for sale ever since they’ve had this car
    some creepy things that are happening in the car shop so I don’t know I’m getting
    a little bit nervous about driving this car theme okay we got the keys where Ranger I this
    that you don’t really think it’s classy car do you want to know what car can be
    haunted but now that I think about it it is like one of the most scary cars I
    have ever seen yeah you check this out but we found out where the headlights
    are check this out oh yeah the headlights of this car
    they’re like hidden so it’s kind of scary look at that they’re down in there
    that’s crazy let’s do it the door squeaks every time okay see I’m coming in this is gonna be
    awesome oh yeah oh there you go
    this is so creepy just looking in here so you look at all these all this metal
    and it is great that why is there so much metal oh whoa the ceiling is so low
    in this car okay close the door oh I found another skull check it out is one
    more right here okay Steve this car is totally crazy
    I’ve never been in a car like this but the dashboard
    what does that mean the sled the sled with fire on it I see you what does that
    mean I have no idea how do I even dry this thing I don’t know what this does I
    don’t know if I want to press this yeah I think that probably connects to this
    or something I’m afraid if you push that button I’m gonna get launched out of the
    seat like a James Bond okay so I think to drive it you got to
    pull down the Grim Reaper what no way yeah I give it a good yank crazy pull
    the Grim Reaper Oh what was that pull it more okay what oh my god I think we’re
    moving we’re moving okay oh my goodness we’re moving your head is rubbing the
    ceiling Wow whoa okay whoa oh I think so okay oh my
    gosh car this time here it’s not even oh this is a scary car I don’t know what is
    a Grim Reaper thing in here this is crazy sure isn’t
    I gotta buckle up before we get out to the road and Rostov whoa this is insane
    this truck is crazy is this your review Mir right here I
    guess but I don’t know what it points to oh gosh she was long kinds of noises
    careful we gotta go slow on the speed bumps yeah look it over here Steve
    there’s two skulls one and two right there one hand up in the big one right
    there I don’t even know what this will do yeah
    why there’s so many schools at this car and I definitely do not know why is a
    grim reaper thing here and i don’t know what that button is either or this maybe
    this is a fire extinguisher I don’t know and the other crazy thing is that our
    heads are touching the ceiling all right we made it have a parking lot if there’s
    that giant truck see there’s the big ol we saw at the beginning of the vlog and
    now we’re in one that’s really small and like really creepy it oh my god see what’s going on with that game I
    don’t know this cars getting really bumpy though something’s happening whoa
    whoa Oh siga so to get me kind of scoot down
    a little bit – well that didn’t sound good I’m gonna turn down this road you
    can check it out oh that sounded bad throw the elbow up
    and scoot down share it’s a lot creepier than I thought
    oh yeah check that we’ve got awesome quarter ready take the picture yeah this
    car is gonna call so this would be a great thumbnail three two one
    yeah there it is whoa Steve what is that what is that oh my gosh what is that in
    the photo Steve’s quarter quick let’s get out of
    here come on let’s go Steve I don’t know what that is there’s something I don’t
    know okay this quarry is getting creepy look at this we have like no fuel left
    it’s below e-card we gotta get back yeah this gauge is wailing this is our to get
    creepy in the Sun is setting and I haven’t feel like that it has something
    to do with it yeah pull the dream Reaper let’s get out of here Steve
    ready oh oh I think this is the Grim Reaper’s car Steve I think the Grim
    Reaper drives this car sure if you don’t know who the Grim Reaper is then you’re
    really lucky because this guy is really scary maybe that’s why there’s so many
    skulls on this car Steve yeah I don’t know what is going on
    Steve is just another red button right here oh my gosh what’s that other red
    button there’s a button there and there’s a button here yeah sure as
    colleagues you know what that buttons gonna do if I press I’m scared
    oppressive but if it’s like a heart attack button I have no idea I’m not
    pressing that car you’re gonna press it should I push it
    so I think I might push it should we try it
    I think we should try and see what it does if I don’t think I can live with
    myself if I don’t push this button today I gotta find out what its gonna do
    prison okay so this is the button should I push it
    scared okay sure smash that like button the
    same time I push this button in three what was that the light came on soon I’m
    not sure what the button does Steve but the light turns on I’m thinking maybe we
    had to hold the button down for a little bit longer so it’s trying one more time
    I mean with this fire extinguisher thing yeah okay ready I’m gonna try holding it
    down a little bit longer in three two one the lights on Oh leave what love that what just
    happened I don’t know we got to get out of here yeah let’s get this go whoa okay
    I’m not pushing that button to get yours I don’t know one of us people’s get out
    of here to make it back I don’t want to run out of gas at this point let’s go gotta get the car back before the Sun
    sets I have a feeling things are gonna go really really bad just when it
    doesn’t like we’ll do a 3 a.m. challenge in this car whew I’m scared a lot if I
    decide ok we are back let’s get this car back to auto by design Steve whoo yeah
    let’s get out of here oh my gosh come on see what we get acclimated crank the
    door all the way up which way twist it no one more the other way the other way
    stay which one okay well I’m not waiting around I’m getting out of this thing
    this thing is crazy Steve come on get out of there what are
    you doing okay I’m out whoa that car is haunted you think this car is haunted
    yeah yeah Oh Steve how’s that car rolling all by
    itself quarter I’m getting out here okay that car’s got a mind of its own I think
    it really is haunted let’s get out of here if we should do three I’m
    challenged I don’t just get smash the like button this is gonna be crazy I
    don’t want to do it it’s gonna be scary

    10 SCARY Fishing Videos Caught On Camera
    Articles, Blog

    10 SCARY Fishing Videos Caught On Camera

    August 21, 2019

    On this channel we often explore the weird
    creepy things that go bump in the night. But what about 100% real scary encounters caught on camera in the middle of a nice sunny day of fishing? There were actually so many scary fishing
    moments that I decided to do 10. So, here are the Top 10 Scary Fishing Videos Caught on Camera. Seafood
    Now you might be wondering if this is supposed to be a Top 10 list of scary fishing videos,
    then why is the first video about divers. Well these two men, who are diving off the
    coast of Central California, aren’t fishing. But something in the water is. The two men come just a little too close to being an accidental lunch for a couple of humpback whales chasing a school of fish. It’s Not a Petting Zoo
    When you’re out fishing and a group of sharks starts swarming around your boat. The first rule is- DON’T TRY TO PET THE SHARK. Don’t pet the shark. It’s not a puppy. Got Your Nose
    In this fishing video, a man is sticking his head underwater and yanking fish out of the mud bed with his bare hands. But something goes wrong. Now there’s some debate on whether this video is real, or whether the man actually just put the living snake on his nose himself. I say that if he let an actual water snake
    bite onto his nose that hard while his buddy yanked and pulled on it… then he wins. That’s real enough for me. We can even see the snake swim away at the end, so there’s no doubt it’s a real. It’s Not A Petting Zoo Part 2
    Because of Youtube’s new stricter content rules, I have to say before this video. This woman was NOT seriously hurt in any way. So, when you’re out fishing and a group of
    sharks start swarming around your boat. The second rule is – don’t hand-feed the sharks. Luckily, Melissa Browning only received a
    bad cut on her finger from this scary encounter with a nurse shark. And she seems to have learned her lesson. By the way, I just wanted to point out that
    in this video there’s a guy who might be the worst man EVER to have around in a crisis
    situation. And that’s THIS guy. This guy not only doesn’t drop his drink to
    help. But he doesn’t even spill a drop as he just
    sits there watching that poor woman flail around with sharks. Don’t Go In The Water
    This is a very quick and simple lesson as to why you don’t want to fish or go into the
    water in some areas of the Amazon. This is what a piranha feeding frenzy looks
    like. Piranha will eat other fish, they’ll eat red
    meat, and they’ll even eat each other. Piranha attacks on humans are rare, but do
    occur. The fish usually attack the hands or feet
    and a large piranha can actually bite off a finger or toe off with their sharp powerful
    teeth. Tag, You’re It
    Now this guy isn’t technically fishing, but again, something else in the water is. And in yet another shark lesson, we learn
    don’t ever chase a giant shark on your jet ski. The shark took a little nibble out of the
    jet ski, but the lucky rider was unharmed, and hopefully learned a lesson. If you chase a giant shark, it will chase
    you back. Unintentional Aggression
    Despite what you might see in movies, the anaconda snakes of South America will not usually attack a human being, unless they feel threatened. But sometimes that threat isn’t intentional. This fisherman is just taking his boat along
    the shore. Then there’s the polar opposite like these
    guys who are out fishing and decide to beat on brush in an area where they think a giant Anaconda is hiding. Apparently once the giant angry serpent decides to come out to meet them, their bravery seems to fade. The Worst Joke Ever
    Somewhere in China, a bunch of men are doing some ice-fishing on a frozen pond. But things soon go VERY wrong. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing in this
    video. The men falling through the ice into freezing water while they desperately cling to the edge to try to avoid death… or the reaction
    of the other fishermen, who just seem to giddily scream and laugh at them while they struggle for their lives. Revenge From The Sea
    Kevin Faver and Brad Deckard are fishing off the coast of Florida. While Kevin is trying to reel in his catch,
    they get an unexpected visitor. Now if you’re wondering why two very experienced fishermen are so afraid of a fish. This is a 40 pound Giant Barracuda, a species known for its powerful jaws, aggressive behavior and razor sharp teeth. And even if you get past all that, Barracuda
    can’t even be eaten because they are usually poisonous. It’s just all bad. Otter Rescue
    Now this next story isn’t exactly frightening to humans, but involves a very justifiably
    terrified otter. Dusty Harpole was out fishing in Alaska’s
    Tutka Bay when he came upon two Killer Whales swimming together. For some reason they seemed to be circling the area. He soon discovered what was going on. The two Killer Whales were stalking a mother Sea Otter and her pup. Unfortunately the hungry whales had already gotten her pup. Now the mama Otter was desperately trying to escape as the whales hunted her too. The quick-thinking Otter swims straight for
    Dusty’s boat and hops onboard to hide. The Killer whales swim right by, unaware that the mama Otter has made her escape to the boat above. Dusty cranks up his engine and speeds the mama Otter away to safety. After she was safe, in a truly heartbreaking piece of video, the mother Otter begins crying out for her lost pup who will never return.