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    January 19, 2020

    You might not think of sea
    stars as being very
    intelligent, and you’d be
    right, but you might be impressed by some
    of the amazing things they can
    do, especially considering they don’t have a brain! Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and
    welcome to my world! ( ♪ music ) Starfish, more correctly called
    sea stars, live just about
    everywhere in the ocean, from the tropics, to Antarctica and
    everywhere in between. They
    come in all shapes and sizes from fat and stubby… to long
    and skinny. This brittle star walks with a
    coordinated effort using its
    rays like legs. But most sea stars get around
    using hundreds or thousands of
    tiny tube feet on their
    underside. This is a Northern Sea star,
    living in the coastal waters of
    New England, and it’s a predator. It’s hunting a scallop. It’s a
    drama played out in slow motion
    as the sea star moves in for a grip on the scallop’s
    shell. But the scallop is not
    defenseless. With a mighty
    blast of water, the scallop
    jets away to safety. So the sea star wraps itself
    around a mussel. Mussels are
    attached to the bottom and can’t get away. The sea star uses it’s strong
    tube feet with suction cups to
    pull the mussel open a tiny bit, and digests its
    victim by injecting its stomach
    inside the mussel. Picking up the sea star, I can
    see that it has the mussel
    firmly in its grip. But not all sea stars feed on
    mussels and scallops. A Basket
    star feeds on plankton in the water. It has finely
    branched arms that act like a
    net, to catch the tiny bits of food floating by. It
    positions itself to be able to
    grab as much plankton as
    possible in the current. Some sea stars eat something
    even more surprising. Come take
    a look! Exploring a reef in the
    tropical Pacific, I find a
    Crown-of-thorns sea star dining
    on the coral. This thorny, armored sea star
    is one of only a few animals
    that can digest living coral. It wraps itself around a coral
    colony and eats the polyps,
    leaving a dead, bleached coral skeleton behind. Here’s a healthy colony of
    plate coral. And here’s one
    that has been eaten by a crown-of-thorns. Outbreaks of
    these sea stars have been known
    to kill entire reefs. Carefully picking one up to
    avoid the sharp and venomous
    spines, I can see the stomach, which the sea star inverts out
    of its mouth to digest the
    coral outside of its body. These sea stars are the second
    largest in the world, growing
    bigger than a dinner plate. But if you think these are big,
    wait until you see the largest
    sea star in the world! To find it, I’ve come all the
    way to British Columbia. I’m
    looking for the Giant Pacific Sun Star, and you won’t believe
    the size of this thing!
    In the cold, murky waters of
    the Canadian north Pacific, I
    swim through beautiful gardens of sponges, anemones and soft
    coral, searching for a Giant
    Sun star. And then, down on the bottom, I
    find what I’m looking for. It
    has up to twenty-four arms, more properly called rays
    and reaches three feet across.
    WOW! This is the world’s largest sea star! Compared to most sea stars, the
    Giant Sun Star is a speed
    demon, cruising along the bottom in search of its
    favorite food—other sea stars
    and the occasional sea cucumber! Here, a sea cucumber makes an
    emergency retreat to escape
    this hungry Sun Star on the
    move! A thousand miles south on a
    reef in the tropics, I find a
    blue Linckia sea star on the
    bottom. Like the vast majority of sea
    stars, this one has only five
    rays. With tiny tube feet on its
    underside, this sea star barely
    seems to move, but when I speed things up with time lapse
    photography, Linckia sea stars
    appear very active, moving about and grazing the bottom
    for food. But even more curiously,
    they’re polite, restraining
    from walking on top of each
    other. Like bumper cars, when one
    Linckia touches another, they
    each go the other direction. It’s all very civilized. In an hour, a Linckia on the
    move can travel several car
    lengths. Sea stars are amazing animals.
    They might look like they are
    just sitting there doing nothing, but they survive by
    hunting for food, and they do
    that in many ways from catching it as it floats by… to
    chasing it down. They’re such
    good predators that sometimes they can destroy entire reefs.
    It just goes to prove that just
    because something is slow, doesn’t mean it isn’t up to
    something. You never know where
    a sea star is going to turn up! ( ♪ music )

    Best Rigs For Scuplin Fishing
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    Best Rigs For Scuplin Fishing

    January 18, 2020

    This week on the Tackle Box
    we’re gonna talk to you guys a little bit about
    what we’re doing today. We’re fishing for
    sculpin basically on this twilight trip. And a really easy rig
    to use for sculpin is the double dropper loop rig. And all that is is
    taking two buck tails, space them far enough apart
    in case you catch a big fish, and that way if you
    get one big fish it doesn’t cover
    both buck tails. So you wanna spread
    them far enough apart so you catch two big fish on
    the two separate buck tails. On the bottom you’re gonna
    be using a large sinker, anywhere from 10 ounces,
    maybe even 12 ounces, depending on the current. I’d make sure you have
    everything with you from 6 to 12 ounces
    just in case, because like I said, you
    never know in the depth you guys are fishing
    and the current. Now if you wanna
    target one big fish or one big sculpin,
    then go up to six ounce or four ounce B52 buck tail. Just put some dead
    squid on the back of it right on the bottom, and
    that’ll work out good too. As far as rod and reels,
    something like this works out nice,
    something kinda light. I have 65-pound spectra, and on top of that I
    have 25 to 30-pound mono. Don’t use fluorocarbon
    because you’re gonna fish right on the bottom,
    especially at night. So save the money
    on the fluorocarbon, just use straight mono. But something light like
    this will work out fine. This is all you need
    for sculpin fishing or twilight fishing. Let’s get back on the water and show you more
    exciting action right here on Sport Fishing.

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    January 14, 2020

    Hello friends, I hope you are well. I welcome you on the Myvacation YouTube channel! Today, we are going to make you a short video to introduce you the cruise ship MSC Fantasia. The boat is right here. We’ll finish boarding and I’ll meet you on the boat afterwards. We’re on the fifteenth floor, there is a jacuzzi on either side of the central pool. A jacuzzi on the left, the central swimming pool in the middle, and a jacuzzi on the right. So there at level 15 So, here’s the central swimming pool, with jacuzzis on each side: on the left, and right. We have a screen, in fact, right in front
    with music and information, concerning the boat, excursions so also here, right here a bar and it’s the same on the other side, mirror effect, a bar on the right, a bar on the left we have little spaces for children, right here, on each side of the pool a bit like wading pools. So there are also lifeguards on the boat. Showers on each side: here, and over there. So, we are at level 15 as I said earlier. There is a section in fact, dedicated to
    children I don’t know if it’s open, A playground for children. a ball park, there are even parks for toddlers. We arrive here at the back of the boat So we have a bar on the left side, tables on the right. A swimming pool at the back of the boat with showers two jacuzzis on the right and on the left. We are completely at the back of the boat. So here we go up one level. We arrive at level 16. So here we have a playground with the
    possibility of playing football, handball. So all the equipment is available, you just have to ask for it. and what to do a basketball game A slide also for children And here we come to the Yacht club So it’s a bit of a VIP space Shower spaces So, we’re on top of the boat there is also a jacuzzi the toboggan. Virtual world it’s a dedicated space for children, There are a lot of video games It must be the 4D cinema that is there There is a bar here. There is a Jean-Louis David hair salon. We have the bar. On the other side it’s the same. This one is closed for the moment. On the same level there is the buffet, it is the Zanzibar Café. And that actually you will see on another video Here we are on the fifth floor. On the left, we have the Red Velvet restaurant You will see it on the dedicated video. Here we are at the Reception level. We have a central bar. The lifts. Here we are in the sixth. I believe they are not allowed to sell when the boat is actually stopped. They don’t have the right like the casino. Here we arrive at the level of the galleries. So there are shops, it’s
    piazza san giorgio There is a bar, So here we come to the casino. We at the performance hall,
    the Avanguardia theater Here we return to the casino. There is a bar of course at the Casino level. We’re going to go up one floor. We arrive at another bar. So the second part is the performance hall. We arrive at the Manhattan Café. A cafe on the right and
    perfume shops right across the street. A store of MSC products, to bring back memories. So we are two floors above the reception. at the seventh level. La Cantina Toscana. This is a paying restaurant It’s an art gallery everywhere. Another wine bar here. Then we have a corner which is reserved for photos; people who want to buy the photos will find them here. You can even buy devices. The Butcher’s cut is a restaurant grill steakhouse, in fact, this is a
    restaurant on which you have to pay. I am surprised at the number of bars. Here we arrive at the Insolito Lounge. We have a huge bar, and a dance floor. There are couches; it’s pretty cozy with velvet. here
    here we are at the back; completely aft of the boat. So there is an exterior too. Here we go back to the reception. There is also the Cigar Lounge: a corner dedicated to smokers for cigar lovers. There are refined spirits, there are good bottles too. Here, friends, this little visit ends I hope you liked it Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the channel to put a comment in the space below; and then activate the notification bell to be notified as soon as we post new videos. Come on, I’ll tell you very quickly on the channel: Myvacation Ciaociao😜👍.

    National Fish & Chip Awards 2016 – The Top 10
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    National Fish & Chip Awards 2016 – The Top 10

    January 14, 2020

    [Music plays]>>I got into fish and chips all by accident.
    I was at an Irish wake!>>I was born into it!>>Fish was always in our blood.>>I happened to be visiting my dad.>>Saw a gap in the market really and I thought I wanted
    to do a fish and chip shop that was slightly different.>>I had friends of mine who had
    been in the trade 40 years.>>So I started doing a Tuesday and Thursday night for
    my father. At that time I was living on a pig farm.>>I just got a full time job as a fryer, I started seeing
    Linda, and then it just went on from there. [Music plays]>>Right across these islands fish and chips is
    very important and you’ll always know the best fish and chip shop wherever you live, I think.>>It’s an iconic British delicacy.
    Who doesn’t love it?>>Love the staff here.
    Absolutely love working here.>>I just love the daily challenges.
    No two days are the same.>>I’m just really excited to be here.>>I just absolutely love fish and chips to be honest with
    you. I eat them every day – if Linda’s not listening! [Music plays]>>We have to have a bar where everyone
    is going to aim for, and I think the Fish and Chip Shop of the Year
    competitions are that bar.>>The awards have raised the profile of fish
    and chips over the last few years. Anybody that enters soon gets to know that
    this is good for our business.>>So when we got the call to say that we were
    in the Top 10 we were all absolutely, really overwhelmed – really happy.>>It was my goal since I started doing fish
    and chips for the last 6 years is really one to do in Wales. So when I had the phone call –
    that was the best feeling. I’ve had 4 kids and it’s almost as good as that. [Music plays]>>The industry’s changed massively since I
    started in 1984. There was no VAT on fish and chips back then, which was great! [Music plays]>>It’s a highly skilled job. It takes a long
    time to be able to do it properly, and it’s one of those products that, if
    it’s not done properly, you can really tell. [Music plays]>>People don’t understand the amount of work
    that goes into it. We have customers coming in in an evening, saying
    “Crikey, I saw you – you’ve had a long day! “I saw you coming in at 8 o’clock this
    morning!” [Music plays]>>Getting involved with Seafish and with the
    National Fish and Chip Awards has just given me – you know, new life for the industry. [Music plays]>>I think it’s fantastic for the young people
    to be joining the industry. You can get apprenticeships now for fish and chip shops and people
    are looking at it in a different way now.>>You know, the image of it several years
    ago is completely different to as it is now. [Music plays]>>Pride, care and passion about what you’re
    doing is utmost, you know. We won’t serve anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.
    We’ve got a slogan: “If it don’t make you proud,
    don’t serve it to the crowd” [Music plays]>>When customers come in and they see that
    we really take an interest in the traceability of where we’re getting our fish from,
    and they saw that we’ve been to Norway this year; they saw that I
    went to the Faroe Islands; customers are really impressed with that. [Music plays]>>The quality’s got to be there in the ingredients.
    The freshness of the fish, the right variety of the fish and the
    right variety of potatoes, and that’s in essence fish and chips. But there’s a lot more to
    it than just simple cod and chips. [Music plays]>>We care about sustainable food because we
    want to keep our business running for more generations, yeah.>>We’d like to pass it on to our children,
    wouldn’t we? And I think that’s one of the things that you want to be able to –
    not only feed your children – but give them a job as well! [Music plays]>>There’s always room to improve. Always.
    From the staff, from the food…>>The shops have now wised up to what we’re
    looking for and the shop standard this year (2016) is very, very high.>>It started as soon as it ended last year basically>>So in June you send off your paperwork>>And then we were Mystery Shopped a couple
    of times and then you get through to the top 60>>After that you get put into regions and
    you go down into the top 20>>We has an audit by Seafish; they came through;
    had a look at the kitchens; had a look at what we do and how we it.
    And that was tough.>>So everybody’s a bit on edge from June until
    the awards in January.>>You are! You don’t actually sleep!>>Yes, I’m on edge, OK; I’m on edge! [laughs]>>You wake up in the middle of the night sweating!>>Cut that! [laughs]>>Any different type of PR about fish and
    chips is good for our business, but the awards in particular are amazing.
    It’s the Oscars of fish and chips!>>To win the awards would just be the pinnacle
    of our career.>>The journey has been fantastic and I have
    to say it, thanks to Seafish for providing that platform. And now it’s up to us.>>We’re all very good operators and we all
    serve cracking fish and chips. I guess any one of the 10 could win.>>Yes we’re competing against each other,
    but if you look at the bigger picture, it’s all fantastic for the industry.>>And we’re all in it for the same reasons;
    we’re all in it for fish and chips.>>Oh it’d be a dream to come in the top 3.
    That would be, to me, like being knighted.>>To me, winning that is something out of
    this world for us.>>I’ve done this for 31 years; never won it,
    so it would be special, yeah.>>We’re all winners. We’ve got this far. But
    if we were to actually get the number one spot, wow, I think you wouldn’t need any media;
    I’d be shouting it from the rooftops!>>I had planned to get out of it in year 25
    and guess what’s happened? I keep saying “Next year, next year, next year”.
    I’ll probably be carried out of here in a box. With a twist of lemon
    and some tartar sauce.

    🎮 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone Part 3/3🐟Finding Fish |Spearfishing Life 🇬🇷 [4Κ]✅
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    🎮 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone Part 3/3🐟Finding Fish |Spearfishing Life 🇬🇷 [4Κ]✅

    January 8, 2020

    Good it’s connected Put it in and push it of the rocks Are you giving it cable? Can you drive it? yes im just trying to… Can you see it? The wind keeps pulling the drone backwards You want me to do something? nah.. Let me turn the other way Wait let’s see if we can find more fish There Mullets? Are they mullets? yes Ok we ve watched them enough Let’s find something else… a Sargus a Seabream No it’s a mormyrus yeah i can see it Good We also saw a little mormyrus Let’s see what else we can find Is the drone pulling the cable? No let it lose because you re pulling it backwards The wind is puling it Yes keep it lose because all that cable it’s dragged by the wind-waves and it cant swim freely I don;t see any other fish It keeps pulling the cable yeah Let’s see how the lights work The lights are On now now it’s off ok good Bring it back No it didn’t film us Come on Oh there are waves coming Waves are coming that’s not good Can you get it? Can you get it? Bring it here Get it get it get it Pull it out Just in time! The waves could have broken it All good! Manolis congrats you did a great job!