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    December 24, 2019

    this RC car has been through a lot
    already it’s climbs clever it’s gone up jumps, it’s gone across water what else is
    gonna do well it’s gonna go over top of this big jump ready ready oh I’m ready I
    can’t wait let’s do it what is going on Sharer’s whoa welcome to the vlog welcome
    to another awesome day we’re out here on the beach if you’re new here I’m Stephen
    Sharer we’re gonna do some pretty big stuff so if you’re not already
    subscribed hit that subscribe button we’re about to do some RC cars so I’m
    insane jumps we got this whole Beach and we also have my brother Carter Sharer, what’s up
    Sharers welcome to the vlog I’m Carter Sharer and this Beach is awesome we got the
    ocean over there yeah we got this crazy ledge right here look at this it’s so
    big then it’s like rock solid I can probably climb this thing ooh
    Carter you know I won’t be getting up on that yeah let me try that again ready 1
    2 3 I got it whoa oh yeah there we go okay I’m coming down ready let’s do it
    hit three two and shares check out this awesome xmx car it’s absolutely huge
    let’s drive this thing Oh No see what happened whoa the wheel
    you broke it oh okay how did you break it we have even shot anything cool with
    it yeah my car’s broken okay guys I’m running fair hey you get
    that I brought it with me in my luggage all the way no Hawaii whoa yeah sure
    myself Carlin & Jinger here today wait where’s Jinger where’s Jinger yeah we
    are this one is awesome well before Carter’s X-maxx broke we did do a couple
    cool things we even drove it off this cliff and now we’re down to one X-maxx so let’s
    build some jumps let’s build some ramps for this and let’s see what it can do
    gonna do a little competition shares jump vs. Carl&Jingers jump we’re each
    gonna build our own jump out of sand and we’re gonna test the RC car gets it and
    see how far the RC car can fly you’re gonna bring it Stephen because we know
    our ramps and our jobs we’re pretty awesome jump so I’m gonna tell you right
    now and for a bonus I’m gonna make an awesome job – lets get to work we have
    the entire Beach out here let’s do it I’m gonna step up titling as much sand
    as possible I’m gonna build a huge huge huge jump I just want the car to fly out
    fit so what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna steal a bunch of stephen sand but
    we’re gonna pile it up taller than his so we go even higher and farther than he
    does and for my bonus jump i’m gonna do mine over here and it’s gonna be so epic
    so watch to the end because my jump is gonna use some of that cliff right there
    it’s gonna be so epic we got our little helper child’s toys and games over here
    are you gonna help us build our ramp yeah all right oh yeah I got the help of
    Jackson over here stairs check out this job that’s getting here
    in this is the bonus jump over here check it out and dig like a dog oh yeah sure that’s getting even bigger
    we got loot joining us this is going to be the biggest jump coming right now
    now shake share oh yes shares heart jump is done check
    it now it looks like a normal jump from the side but it gets huge and it is
    steep shares it is gonna work like crazy it even has something special in the
    back check this out Oh what do we have here that’s how you know it’s a share made
    jump oh yeah oh and then over here we have coral and Jin Joos jump we are
    going for a really good angle and approach for maximum distance and we
    even have an arrow so you know which way to go off the jump oh this does look
    good it’s got a long running the ramp it doesn’t go as high as ours but it might
    go farther we’ll see won’t wait we’ll have to find out and then shares over
    here we got quarters jump it is uh it’s a little crazy to say the least I don’t
    want to show you too much of Carter’s jump but we now have everybody helping
    to build it it looks crazy that’s huge okay I think my jump is done let’s test
    all these three jumps out yeah we’re gonna save cars jump for the last try
    because the jump is so big the car might just break after it okay share so we
    have three options for the car to go farthest we have Carl and Ginger’s jump
    then we have my jump and then we have carter’s jump come right now which jump
    you think it’s going to be the best hashtag Carla Jinger hashtag Steven or
    hashtag Carter for his the rules are there are no rules whoever’s car gets
    the farthest wins Carl you’re up first of you the honors of driving I get to
    drive off my own jump oh yeah awesome even better Carl jr. are you ready to
    test out your jump we’re ready let’s do this well that was awesome meeting all the
    way to here it looks like the car veered off a little bit but it still made it
    pretty far sure so it looks like the car hit the joke but it went off the side a
    little bit and it went weird in there and flipped around in Atlanta so we’re
    gonna give them a read oh let’s do it here you guys ready trying to eat let’s
    try this again hit me
    whoo okay that was crazy that was much better it looks like it landed right
    here whoa that was awesome because the ramps are really narrow so we’re gonna
    have to see how everybody else does Karla jr. did their job Steven it looks
    like you’re up next Oh Cher’s I didn’t think about how
    narrow the jump is mine is pretty narrow check this yeah yours is a little bit
    bigger yeah sure as my jump might be bigger in terms of height but it’s
    pretty narrow I thought she’d never driven one of these before so let’s hope
    I don’t break it you’re gonna do that you’re gonna do good let’s do it all
    right expects are you ready okay everybody Steve are you ready I’m
    ready okay Karl ginger are you ready to see it as we give you a countdown
    yeah give it down three to go come on Steve get new countdown ready
    three Teva looks like it landed right here
    that went farther than the core on ginger uh no I don’t think so no I think
    there’s a bit further it looks like yeah we went a little bit further about this
    far so this is where there’s planted this is
    where Stevens landed it’s about this far away so close okay shares well there’s
    one jump left and that’s Carter’s you’ve got to check it out oh yeah let’s do this this is gonna be
    awesome share and shares this is the last in final jump
    you saw this jump over Carl and Ginger’s jump whoa is it me then you saw the RC
    car go over top of my jump now it’s time for the absolute ultimate
    jump the RC car has got a jump off this giant ramp here and lands all the way on
    this cliff you saw earlier when the car tried to drive up this cliff it was
    pretty hard so we’ll even make it I have no idea what’s gonna happen will the car
    even survive it could break just like Carter’s last RC car let’s find out
    what’s gonna happen is everybody ready whoo okay let’s do it Steve get into
    position RC car versus mega beach ramp let’s do
    it I heard a crack I heard a crack okay I don’t know okay car are you okay we’re gonna have to try that again one
    more time corner this thing we gotta get a little more speed yeah I’m gonna go
    faster sure smash the like button with your notes we got to get this done let’s
    do it let’s make this car jump move try number two you ready all right come on good one more tempered you’ve gotta go
    mrs. gotta be last with shirts if you haven’t spent that like button you got
    to smash it right now full throttle we gotta go full throttle he can do it yeah okay let’s do it set
    up what works out here we go oh that was awesome
    yeah work yes finally your car survived I can’t believe that it totally flew
    over the cap I think it could have gone all the way over my head and it totally
    landed up here that was awesome we tried to get a job Carl you know what
    let’s stick Carl underneath it why not all right
    shares if the car makes it over top of Carl you got to go to his channel and
    you guys subscribe because this is gonna be crazy and if it nails me then you got
    to turn on notifications – how’s that for a deal deal shares let’s see will
    this actually go over Carl’s head I don’t know he’s pretty tall he’s way
    taller than the job dad definitely don’t try this at home
    Oh Carl’s underneath the ramp oh my gosh you guys here comes he’s making practice
    runs right now this is really intimidating Carter let’s give it a go oh yeah awesome I don’t think I even
    haven’t duck but I just got scared but that was so crazy
    oh that was awesome oh yeah that was awesome
    I was so cool alright shares well there you have it that was an RC car epic jump
    first it’s the beach with coral and GG you got to go check out their channel
    hey whenever Carl said you’ve got to hit subscribe on their channel they drove
    the xmaxx across the water did it work I don’t know you gotta find
    out go to their Channel and check it out Sharers and Carter drove his RC car
    across the pool there’s been some crazy videos that we’ve done with it.

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    November 28, 2019

    oh yeah what is going on Sharers welcome
    to the vlog welcome to another awesome summer day that’s right we finally made
    it to the beach well kind of it’s just over that hill there but uh Grace and I
    are actually gonna do something pretty crazy
    oh yeah grace what are we up to whoa duct tape and a lantern does it work oh yeah Sharers we’re ready for the
    overnight challenge on the beach grace plum we gotta get to the beach let’s go
    grab the boxes you grab the duct tape let’s go Liz what looks like the beach
    is just over this hill Sharer last one in the water loses come on
    grace wait it’s the water gonna be warmer it’s gonna be cold I have no idea
    but we’re about to find out let’s go let’s go let’s go come on grace pick it
    up here we go oh not bad perfect it’s perfect
    oh yeah this is gonna be the perfect setup oh there’s a seagull
    hi mr. seagull you ready see us build our box fort it
    grace now we just got to scout out a perfect location for the box board
    yeah I think we’re right here yeah right here looks like a perfect spot for it
    build it right here you get an oceanfront view and we got a lot of sand
    to work with this looks like a good spot yeah and a lot of shelves to look at
    step one we’ll get the boxes put them right there great step two we gotta get
    the duct tape duct tape coming up got the duct tape step three
    time to get building oh yeah check it out our beach boxfort
    it’s looking pretty good grace yeah this is wool so it’s got like a nice sized
    space on the inside and of course we hook up the back you can see the ocean
    oh we were a little limited on supply so all we have with scissors we didn’t
    really have a knife to cut this but it looks pretty good the doors like looks
    like it’s all fringe like the beach it’s like the ocean it’s like a take a Surf
    Shack it looks totally cool oh my gosh it’s like a beach ooh
    box fort Surf Shack oh that’s so grace we got a UH now figure some supplies
    like where are we gonna stay we got to get cozy we got to get ready to stay
    overnight in this thing yeah to the water let’s move it down to the beach
    shack oh yeah let’s we can let’s move it you grab that side I’ll grab this side
    we got to carefully move this thing sure is this is a beach shack so it might not
    be very stable okay it looks pretty good I mean we got a lot of duct tape holding
    it on it’s just it’s really just meant to give you a little protection at the
    beach there’s not much weather here so as long as it’s not like high winds and
    stuff you should be good you know fishing right here there we go that’s
    better look at that now we’re really close to the water you
    can hop out the front door and then walk into the beach go for a swim have some
    fun and then you can chill in there let’s applies it oh yeah we can’t forget
    we got our lantern this works for a night time grace where’s all the snacks
    and stuff what snacks the snacks that you were
    snacking on yesterday in the car oh that was for tonight
    yeah grace that was for tonight I okay no worries we’ll figure something out
    maybe there’s like a ice cream shack on the beach or something maybe we can
    catch some fish in the ocean yeah grace I think we’re gonna have to
    do that it looks like the lifeguards have gone in for the day so the beach is
    actually closed right now oh wait I know go on those rocks and catch some clams
    Oh perfect yeah we’ll go try to catch some clams real quick oh speaking of
    clams Sharers check this out if you dig into the sand look at all the stuff you
    can find no clam shows look at that this is so cool look at all evolved oh
    there’s so many isn’t that so cool yeah but sharers those ones they’re a little
    bit too small to snack on grace you gotta head to the rock to get bigger
    clam so you can eat oh yeah we need to get big clams cuz won’t be here
    overnight and I’m gonna be snacking all night long what’d you find
    Oh grace oh no we’re not gonna eat that mermaid vegetable oh you know what’s so
    cool about these chairs don’t they popping they’re supposed to pop hmm
    maybe not I don’t know what these things are grace I don’t know what that is oh
    no I think mermaids eat it okay I don’t think mermaids eat backwards I’m not
    sure if there are such thing as mermaids yeah
    sheriff’s have you ever seen a mermaid comment below if you ever stood up for
    me I don’t think that’s such a thing mermaids are real well if they’re real
    we’re at the ocean so maybe we’ll see one Oh sharers I found even more of a
    gold mine check this out look at all the air bubbles in this sand ready
    guess what we’re gonna find oh my goodness look how many clams there are
    grace whoa look at all those whoa this is so many there’s just millions of
    these little clams whoa are they clams are the oysters what are they I have no
    idea there’s so many oh look at that you can hear them like cracking back
    into the sand look at all them there’s so many whoa
    I wish we could eat these we can’t eat these but we gotta hurry the Sun is
    setting Rock let’s go let’s go let’s go come on babe oh it’s a crossover this
    weird this kind of oh I’m gonna jump in ready jump in the pipe in 3 2 1 go here
    catch okay ready jump the pipe three two one
    go don’t hit it so good that pipe is all
    slimy yes good news is though we made it to the rocks now grace we just got a
    search arthur gnarly clams on the rocks I thought so we just got like dig deep I don’t see plans all I see is more and
    more and more and more and more of these little things there’s so many here those
    can’t be the biggest clams that this Beach has well there’s so many okay so
    we got to find bigger ones sharers I don’t see any food on these rocks
    I see like a shell slammed in there oh there’s flies all over there yeah grace
    I’m not seeing anything back in care there’s so many but we need a single one
    of those are too small no they live in the ocean you got to put them back we
    can make a good environment for them okay she’s got to put him back in the
    ocean we gotta find real food for tonight
    and sharers I’m really not seeing any food here there’s literally nothing in
    these rocks normally there’s like clams that live in rocks I don’t see any food
    yeah grace I don’t think this has any food on it I think we’re gonna have to
    go back to the box for it and figure something else out grace we got to look
    in the box where maybe we left food in the box fort something come on let’s go
    back we’re gonna go the box for I know me too
    let’s go check the box but I’m really hoping that there’s food in the box fort
    it hopefully didn’t get washed away oh let’s go back to the boxfort it Oh check
    this out a kind of sand dollar or half of one maybe we could buy something with
    it yeah hopefully there’s like a store open whoa okay
    I’m gonna check the box room for food Oh publisher’s I haven’t even given you a
    tour the beach box but check this out here we go so here we’ll open it up you
    come inside here yeah it’s really nice you get a nice ocean breeze literally
    it’s like free air-conditioning if you come up here then I’m just gonna sit in
    this corner tonight hey grace come on in yeah it’s so awesome in here oh yeah
    this is so awesome it looks so good I don’t even have a sunset view look at
    that if we wanted to we can open the door get even more of a sunset view look
    how awesome this is grace yeah we’re a beach shack we can sell like snacks and
    ice cream and stuff yeah except the one problem is we don’t have any snacks
    the good news is that we are prepared for night just turn this Lantern along
    oh you have late so at night we can go exploring a little bit if we need to ohm
    should we do a 3m challenge yeah let’s do what happens at the beach at 3 a.m. I
    have no idea I don’t know if anyone’s ever tried monsters all sorts of
    monsters come at night crabs I don’t know if that’s a good idea but there
    could be a lot of stuff that comes out at 3:00 a.m. yeah sharers smash the like
    button this video gets over 25,000 likes we’ll do a 3 a.m. challenge on the beach but for now we got to go find something
    food great I think what I’m gonna do that I’m gonna go explore in the ocean
    for some food ok I’ll stay here and make it nice and pretty
    ok Grayson’s gonna stay here oh you know decorate the outside like let people
    know whose box where this is oh good idea yeah this is our own Islands we got
    to establish whose box fort it this is yeah make it the most epic beach shock
    ever I’m gonna make a cool patio this will be our driveway ok now make a
    garden like a flower garden flower petals yeah this is a flower here
    are the petals here’s the stem oh that looks awesome
    it’s so good we got our walkway we’ve got our flower garden grace now we just
    need a share the love logo Oh perfect idea one share the love logo coming
    right up oh yeah share the love right oh yeah that looks so good okay so we’ve
    got the decorations going Grace’s got the night Lantern – grace turn that on
    because I’m gonna go in the ocean and in case I get back late I’ll be able to
    find it they’ll be like our lighthouse yeah good idea
    Steve doing those don’t be bright enough oh yeah that’s gonna look good sharers
    I’m gonna go into the sea I’m gonna catch something because we got to eat
    sometime so hungry hopefully I find something good Sunday stay here Bo keep
    an eye out for you I got the lantern hey Steve good luck all right let me see
    what I can find a few moments later see did you catch anything great I
    didn’t get anything nothing you couldn’t find any fish or
    anything like that sharers honey we’re out of luck grace we have no food we
    just have light and shelter grace I don’t know if you have any ideas what
    I’m gonna do hmm we could get some snacks or something I don’t know well well what’s that thing
    no way maybe that’s the maybe that’s the fish that we need there’s some type of –
    oh we need that fish sheriff’s comment if you still see it what is that thing or what that was but we need to find it
    I don’t see that could have been something we needed grace Oh No keep
    your eyes peeled I don’t see anything but keep your eyes peeled really big and
    colorful I don’t know Sherry’s calm Oh No so I don’t know Sharers coming if you
    know what that thing was I don’t even see it anymore
    oh where did it go okay shows we’re gonna keep a lookout for this come what
    you think it is don’t know what that was but uh what I do know is we get to spend
    the night in the box purchase yeah in our Shack in our Beach foxsports Shack
    so show us even a awesome idea if we shall wake up at 3 a.m. and see what’s
    going on at the beach smash that like button this video gets over 25,000
    lights will wake up at 3 a.m. and check it out yeah who knows what we’ll find
    that 3 a.m. on the beach but for now we got a pretty nice beach box fort setup
    oh yeah we’re gonna spend the night overnight in this thing so we’ll see you
    tomorrow morning so until then you know what to do
    stay awesome and share the love peace!

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    November 26, 2019

    oh yeah what’s going on Sharers welcome
    to the vlog welcome to another awesome summer day it’s kind of rainy right now
    but the good news is we’re almost at the beach
    that’s right Sharers we’re getting so close we made it to the on the base side
    of the beach we just got across the bridge over there and we’ll be at the
    beach we’re gonna do some really awesome epic stuff but it started storming like
    crazy it’s raining we just saw a lightning strike in the distance this is
    a lot going on so graceful better get back in the car so we can finally make
    it to the beach let’s go let’s go let’s go whoo world was there and Grace is Snacking always got to get across this oh wow
    this is a long long bridge that we have to cross Wow Sharer we’re actually
    farther away than we thought look how far away that bridges we had to cross
    that giant bridge and there’s nothing but water on each side of us right now
    this is crazy yes thing up we need to get there quick
    and fast yeah get there grace look at all the rain coming down it’s coming so
    are you we are on a drawbridge right now whoa Grace this is very very narrow hi
    someone’s working in there whew oh my goodness wow it’s so narrow
    grace you’re just snacking you’re not crazy if you’re gonna keep snacking and
    least help me with directions where do I go – I turn left or go right where am I
    going um I think straight are you sure that
    does not but this does not look like this is the right way to the beach you
    sure I should to go straight yeah just look at your phone real quick yeah yeah
    one second oh great so looks like an abandoned Motel there I don’t know I
    don’t have any service anymore Oh grace hold on I’ll just pull off here just
    like this car hang on I just walk let’s see we get service Steve why’d you pull
    down here oh my goodness Oh grace this is a scary where oh I should
    not have pulled off here sharers where are we oh my goodness grace this is so
    scary this is really scary I guess we’re at the hillside Motel
    hotel still works great it looks like it’s been closed for a
    long time I don’t know let’s just get out of here I don’t know Sharer’s I’m kind
    of thinking grace we’re here anyways we should take a look at it no this is so
    scary I don’t know it’s actually kind of cool like there’s just like random stuff
    like a door hanging on the end like that like that’s kind of cool why is there no
    roof there’s got to be some type of history behind here
    yeah haunted history I mean there’s like a rundown swing set over there grace I
    think we should just like check it out real quick just real quick I don’t know
    come on sharers smash like button let’s check this thing out this is pretty cool
    it’s storming anyways we can’t go in the water right now so we might as well do
    something far away from the thunderstorm okay fine see let’s go grace you can
    open umbrella inside that’s bad luck oh boy okay let’s just go let’s get out
    let’s go let’s go let’s go come on let’s go let’s go explore this thing this
    looks crazy it’s absolutely pouring outside but
    we’ve got to check this thing out you ready for this grace no what oh my
    goodness what is all this stuff whoa okay just watch your step
    this is so cool this needs to be like little motel rooms whoa
    do we go in one of these or what do we do grace this is so cool
    whoa is that Thunder yeah whoa yeah there’s like stormy clouds Wow
    there’s an old broom whoa Wow look at this there’s outlets in everything
    what’s over there oh my goodness whoa this is so crazy grace Wow
    oh there used to be a window there too grace we could find some like hidden
    treasure here yeah maybe oh my gosh look there’s an old basket oh
    wow look at that room grace there’s like actual stuff this must have been like oh
    this looks like a different room from all the other ones oh wow there’s a lot
    of wires in this room there’s like an emergency switch I’m gonna yeah I’m
    gonna peek in real quick just be very careful there’s a lot of wires and I
    think there’s thunder around I’m just going to take down yeah you think it
    burnt down oh no way oh my goodness grace wait put
    a hole a hole whoo look at that shelf do you see that
    no no on the shelf by the window that is so scary there’s a book with pages open
    hole in that windowsill grace that is actually really scary great I think we
    have to go in I think we have to read what that says I think it’s a ghost
    holding a book right there and the ghost is reading it if those pages flip and
    they turn I’m gonna like really be scared
    whoa great look just sitting there I don’t know oh why is it open to those
    select pages I really want to see great I really want to read look these pages
    are Sharers did we go in or not smash like button if we go in quickly
    I don’t know I kind of want to see what’s on that book don’t you want to
    see what’s on that book yeah that’s also creepy as anything I think we got to see
    what’s on that book I’m grace I’m gonna go in I’m gonna look a little broke
    quick I’m gonna go oh my goodness please don’t be oh my gosh grace there’s a
    phone right there – oh my goodness there’s the phone sure is I don’t know
    what kind of motel this is oh my gonna spit the weirdest thing is there’s no
    roof do I pick up the phone or do I check what’s on the book I don’t know oh
    my goodness I’m gonna take a step in here
    hang on oh my goodness grace this is so scary I’m afraid to go towards that book
    someone might be on the other side someone could be right around that
    corner I don’t know and there’s a phone there a
    light switch there’s like chains there this is getting scary grace do I go
    towards that book what do I do oh no I’m gonna stay out here just to be
    on the lookout oh you are yeah oh okay I’m gonna go look at the book
    here we go oh my gosh oh my goodness that switch says gas burner okay Sharer’s
    there’s the book I don’t know oh there could be someone on the other side right
    here there could be someone on the other side what is this book okay so Sharer’s
    I’m not gonna look at this book very long I’m gonna put the camera over top
    pause it when I put the camera over the top and try to read as much as you can
    oh whatever it says and comment down below if you can like make word of what
    it says the pages are a little bit wet ink maybe a little smeared but let’s try
    to the sake of this book okay here we go what I know here we go ready three two
    one more the top of the book sure is try to comment anything you see any
    sentences oh my gosh there’s a key Oh grace you scared me I was there running
    out hold on hold on hold on Wow sure is this is getting good okay
    I couldn’t read the book a little bit here did it say it I don’t know Cera’s
    just pause pausing the video whatever that book says or whatever you can make
    word of whatever it says in that book but grace that key is actually something
    that’s actually really scary yeah is that key once the keys are kind of
    broken look at this oh my goodness burnt I don’t know did
    this hotel burn down what does stay on that key it says
    master I don’t know what’s going on with that grace this is getting scary yeah
    this is really scary oh we’re so close to the beach yet this hotel is like
    really scaring me and me okay I’m gonna quickly walk down
    here see if there’s any more clues about what this place is I’m like really
    scared of looking these are the rooms oh my gosh oh my gosh
    there’s like a door half open grace I don’t know if we can stay here much
    longer oh my goodness this is like really scary oh my goodness great I’m
    afraid in every room there’s some type of clue oh and the storm is really
    picking off dude what’s down there I don’t know I’m afraid to keep going
    this way good that I don’t know I hope you should go down that way great I
    don’t know either but I feel like there’s a ton of hidden mysteries here I
    know but the storm the storms getting worse this place is getting creepier we
    already found a key a book I don’t know what’s going on this is a weird place a
    book that was open to that specific page I know this shows I don’t know week
    grades I wish you would have kept your phone on you and weren’t snacking the
    whole car ride I know me too it’s kind of cool we found this place
    but also what is this place this is so weird what else we’re gonna find licious
    okay let’s just keep it be our eyes open and like look for other stuff I really
    hope no one else is here that grace that one room was so weird I think we got to
    look at it one more time I want it I want to look at the cover of the book
    see what the cover of that book said this is the room yeah it is I really
    want to see what the cover of that book said yeah saying this is the weirdest
    room of all I have a certain emergency put right next to that book I’m gonna
    flip the book over so we can see the cover hang on I’m going back in Sharers
    here we go going in going in going in going in okay
    here we go I’m gonna touch the cover of the book three two one oh hang on oh my
    goodness Sharers what is that I can’t really make
    out what it says it’s all like blurt out and lose that lightening grace yeah I
    can’t read what this says it says something there but it’s like all water
    locked it Sharers if you can read what this is saying comment down below
    oh wow that storms picking up Wow Chris we got a uh we got to find some service
    and get out of here whoa look there’s like a canister of like propane or
    something there’s a lot going on here Wow oh look door number one why was that
    door left of all the other doors why was drawer number one last yeah this
    is really weird this is really odd place I don’t know what it’s doing in this
    town I don’t know if we were meant to come here enough oh my goodness I don’t
    know if we’re the only ones here grace yeah that was definitely not here on our
    way I don’t think that was here we definitely would have noticed that yeah
    we definitely would have noticed that the Sharers are you ready to see this
    take a look three two one what is that grace I don’t think we should be
    touching that that’s like something’s weird with that
    yeah those not foreign scissors no I don’t know
    what those are I think we got it sir getting out of here yeah that’s good
    let’s find our way back Wow wait there’s like some chemicals in
    there oh I don’t know what was that squishy thing hold on oh my gosh okay
    grace we need to get out of here really get ahead there’s a fire
    extinguisher okay let’s just I don’t know which way the beach is we got to
    find service let’s get back Oh lightning storms
    picking up let’s go grace that Thunder is really loud I think it’s like right
    over ahead let’s get out of here this was like the wrong time and place to
    visit this thing Wow it was the wrong time and place to explore an abandoned
    hotel yeah that’s really scary I don’t know if the storm freaks us out or if
    the motel was freaked us out or what’s going on but I don’t think that book
    just naturally laid there like that grace no not with that one page half
    open something was lifting that up why did that page even say Sharers pause the
    camera on that and see if you can figure out what that says the good news is
    though I did get the key I don’t know what this Keys gonna go to and it’s I
    don’t know hopefully we can fix it it looks like it’s cracked in the middle
    but we did get a key there’s a master key Thomas his master on it somewhere
    where does the same master there it is and generally master music it’s like for
    some lockbox so we got some type of key I don’t know if the book can help us
    with some pages maybe there’s a map for something I don’t know why this place is
    run down but it’s called the hillside motel
    and put the abandoned there was some weird stuff going on there yeah
    insurance is also this entire like a bandit house to explore I’m not going in
    there sure if we should explore this more comment down below otherwise crazy
    I think we should head to the beach yeah let’s get out of here
    let’s get out of here let’s figure out our way out of here I’m just gonna take
    a road any direction is gonna be better than this yeah hurry oh well there’s a
    house down there oh you’re right oh there’s even more down there okay I’m
    putting the car in drive grace I’m just gonna go down here a little bit to turn
    around and then we’ll get out of here I hope there’s a way to place the turn
    around because I’m gonna pull up a little closer to the block oh my
    goodness oh the page grace just lets you see you back there oh there’s
    electricity Sharers there’s electricity back at that house they’re in grace
    there’s books more books that are open okay we got to get out of here this
    video can get over 25,000 likes we’ll come back but if not I definitely like
    I’m okay not coming back here no sure you gotta smash that like button we need
    to come back here there’s a lot of clues and there’s a huge mystery behind all
    this okay Sharers wallet this video gets twenty five thousand likes we’ll be back
    here grace there’s even a port-a-potty right there this is so weird
    okay sure so we’re gonna go try to find our way to the beach we’ll see you
    tomorrow hopefully so until then yeah you know what to do
    stay awesome and share the love peace!

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    November 25, 2019

    look at this thing what is going on
    Sharer’s welcome back to the vlog welcome back to another crazy adventure um for
    those of you who are just tuning in last vlog was crazy we found this a banded
    ship we started exploring it and little did we know that somebody was spying on
    us and we got rocked by a ton and I mean a ton of waves this jet skier was spying
    on us they must have been sitting over there in just like swampy water there’s
    nothing over there grace why would they be sitting there there was a fish that
    jumped right there but yeah other than that there’s nothing back here this is a
    banded ship graveyard over 200 ships are just sunk in here absolutely crazy
    someone was spying on us and they just took off I don’t know where they went I
    mean the river is completely completely empty that’s our boat right there we
    have to park it out there because the waters really shallow but what we’re
    gonna do is we’re gonna try to explore this ship some more and try to see if we
    can weasel our way into the ship we don’t really know what to expect we
    followed this treasure map that we found in a hidden abandoned safe and it led us
    to this this is called Mallos Bay it’s in the Potomac River and it’s a
    graveyard of over 200 ships this is like the main one that sunk and we’re just
    exploring it we don’t really know what we’re gonna find all we know is that the
    map led us here and let’s just say yeah this is scary I
    mean check this thing out grace come on we gotta go to the front keep coming be
    careful be careful metal is very sharp yeah so we couldn’t bring the boat as
    you can see the boats over there it’s anchored in we had to bring these paddle
    boards but we didn’t realize that these paddle boards well we did realize but we
    didn’t think that the ship would be made of metal and like super sharp but these
    paddle boards are boards so there’s just filled with air sharp metal plus air
    doesn’t really uh doesn’t really match too well so we gotta be what what what
    what happened grace you don’t touch the metal be careful we do not want to pop
    these things I’m like way too close to this ship if something falls off that’s
    gonna be bad wow this is so scary grace I do not like this at all the water is
    like murky and gross what are we gonna find here
    we gotta somehow make it to the upper level we brought all these tools snorkel
    masks all this stuff I’ll tell you one thing I’m not snorkeling here this is
    like nasty I would be scared to go on the water and it’s super super super
    shallow there’s 200 not even joking you can look this up a line 200 ghost ships
    sunk underneath here so there’s metal their ships the water is disgusting
    I’m not snorkeling in this water grace did you bring your circle mask no yes
    you did on the boat well you should go get in snorkel I don’t know it’s kind of
    like creepy out here but look at that there’s a gate in this boat oh my
    goodness grace this is oh so crazy so crazy let’s go explore I won’t I know
    grace I’m gonna go down here I’m going to the front of the ship oh wait don’t
    leave me back here yes it’s getting crazy
    oh there’s like more paint on it up here grace grace there’s a nasty big nest up
    here I think it’s a bird’s nest oh I think that bird that we saw last call
    that was like trying to attack me I think it must live up there grace we
    might not want to get too close actually maybe should probably keep your voices
    down probably should keep yeah that is
    definitely some type of trace there’s a I think there’s birds in there shows if
    you look closely at that you can see the birds sleeping grace there’s a massive
    birds nestled in here did you hear that Grace okay okay so sharers this is the
    front of the ghost ship check this thing out Wow
    grace this ship is absolutely huge and there’s nasty metal stuff on the other
    side wow wow wow wow woah there’s numbers let’s see if you
    can see it there’s numbers eight seven six five three two grace there’s
    definitely animals there there’s movement there is movement I’m kind of
    getting scared grace where are you I’m back here I’m staying safe back here
    okay what’s even scarier is that no Steve I think that’s a spine of an
    animal definitely look at the consistency maybe you’re right maybe
    it’s some massive animal that attacked the ship that caused it to sink and then
    the animal died this is oh my goodness this is crazy
    this is huge I think we need to rack up on some more supplies yeah I’m getting
    like all the safety equipment let’s head back to the boats let’s grab some more
    gear maybe we can see we brought a drone we can fly it up there see really what’s
    inside that ship something brought us here so there’s something in this ship
    graveyard that the person who made that map wanted to find out if it’s treasure
    if it’s jewels if it’s money is it is it another safe I don’t know but whoever
    had that map definitely marked this spot out come on get out of here
    yeah okay right down those numbers eight seven six five three and two chairs come
    with those numbers down below in the comments we don’t forget okay
    let’s see what kind of supplies do we have checking back on the treasure map
    came Mallos days right there that’s where we are that’s the ship that we
    found snorkle mask? no sir flashlight on this boat flashlights yes flashlights ok
    grace I got a flashlight these water shoes on because it’s really sharp out
    there I’m paddling back now that I got my shoes on I think I can get like a
    better look at everything because I can step on things and hurt my feet but it’s
    where are you start towing me start telling me I found something in the
    water I found something it’s like a cabinet
    next to the banded ship grace we got us I don’t know how I’m gonna get out it’s
    like sinking me quick quick quick help me just grab my hand
    pull me out of here get back to the boat when you get back to the boat grace it’s
    so heavy it’s so heavy it’s so heavy tie me up tie me up quick link up link up
    let me grab your leash and put your leash on here and start paddling out
    okay I’m so heavy I can’t lose this it’s mostly what we’re
    sent here for I’m not even joking what is that what is that no grace I just
    that thing that I’ve been kissed it’s so nasty there’s that weird animals – are
    you sure you try and pull a big is it it’s huge
    grace it’s like a cabinet look at this thing you just gotta tow me back to the
    boat I can I’ll try to hold it as much as I can okay turn around grab you over
    here give me that camera I will hold it but you’ve just got a pal Sharers we
    gotta get this thing back come on guys it’s really dark grace I don’t know you
    just kind of somehow pool here we go I hope this tow thing works grace just
    keep going focus on getting us back grace go this way go this way go through
    here yes is it gonna be shallow through there I don’t even know oh my gosh okay
    just you got to go fast fast fast I can’t help at all that’s the problem I’m
    literally holding this thing oh my gosh grace maybe oh I’m afraid it’s gonna
    break I’m holding on just barely maybe um maybe bring your kayak thing over
    here your paddleboard maybe we can lift it
    together or something this is Casey Oh Tommy I can’t lose this grace it’s
    literally sinking it’s sinking grace come on pull me pull me grab me grab me
    grab me wrap your or around there something here just pull me closer let
    me close this looks like a safe I see a lock I see chains I think it’s a
    treasure chest I know this is all we can see Sharer’s if we lose this what’s to
    come back and get another day I don’t know what we’re gonna do just hop on
    this thing and let’s just get out of here it’s getting so dark out
    my thing is hooked is it yeah grace it can’t be hooked I’m getting drugged this
    snake is too heavy got here
    wait there’s people there’s people oh my gosh that might be the jet shoe that was
    there earlier okay we got to get back to both go go go go he’s handle quick quick
    quick quick quick quick quick oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh quick grab everything let’s go let’s go let’s
    go let’s go okay start the boat turn the boat come on boat please don’t please
    don’t please start come on okay we got fire on the boat we’re good we’re good
    let’s go we’re just gonna head for the lights have for those lights up there
    head for those lights up ahead we can do it you, stay awesome and share the love, peace!

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    November 20, 2019

    Steve, Steve, Steve what are you doing what
    are you doing you ready to go boating oh sure hey grace what’s going on yes so
    sharers today we’re gonna go boating we’re gonna look for that loft it’s
    sunken ship wherever it is I’m trying to chart it out this is the map that we
    found that was in that safe and this is where we’re going we’re going to here
    Mallos Bay so I’m currently just charting it out typing it into the
    computer getting our coordinates in all set and ready to go we got our paddle
    boards because we heard the water is pretty shallow there so we might have to
    park the boat a little farther out we don’t really know what to expect all we
    know is there’s the sunken ship there and there’s a lack sure there’s over
    what 200 sunken ships or something yeah it’s the biggest ship graveyard ever so
    grace you ready to help me push off let’s get going yeah let’s get going
    before it starts to get dark I don’t wanna hit that boat in front of us okay
    you guys you gotta give me a big push okay I don’t want to hit this button
    front of us we are so close to hitting this boat oh keep an eye out up there
    grace okay we’re good go now go now oh my gosh grace this is
    so scary bro why did they Park us so close to
    that boat oh well hey neighbors okay whoa made it
    past that boat okay we’re going where’s the map Oh cannot lose this map I’m
    gonna keep it up here well let’s look at that I don’t know that scared me is that
    got fish or something maps up here what is that in the water what is that is
    that an alligator what is it is it moving just the log ray oh yeah it’s
    just a log I thought I was like an alligator about the head into the main
    channel cut the map up here grace we can’t lose this map we got our compass
    we’re heading east right now okay guys see that’s me we’re coming to the
    channel we’re getting ready to do this share as we are about to go explore the
    biggest ship graveyard ever over 200 ships are sunken apparently ooh
    apparently this is where we’re supposed to go we’ve got led to it by that person
    who left that note on our door so only one way to find out what’s going to be
    there yeah nothing crazy okay sure I think we have all the slides
    that we need look at what we got got scissors scuba mask
    Sun screen we have some water shoes just in case if the bottoms really pointy and
    rockier sharp hopefully we get there and back
    before we turn into one of the 200 sunken go ships in the ship graveyard
    yeah Chris it’s raining a little bit great Grace let’s get out of here let’s
    get going full throttle here we go hang on tight Grace look look look I got there up
    there we can see it I think that’s the ship that’s the giant one that song
    you see it Oh
    pretty sure that’s in we’re kind of far I know pretty sure
    that’s it we got it I’m watching the depth gauge right here in Athens 15 feet
    but we got to be careful because I heard it’s really really shallow here that’s
    why all these ships stunk apparently there’s 200 ships somewhere
    underwater right now because I’m that’s definitely it Sharer’s we’re here whoa muggy and like
    Bob Lee sharers comment below if you see anything a while we’re here cuz we need
    an extra eye there’s so much here that we can’t see whoa is that a person right
    there behind the boat behind the back of the boat yes yeah I think we should stop
    here okay see the shower oh it’s shallow here it’s very shallow
    not too deep at all anchors in boats off we’re so close right now to the ship
    Gracie ready to go explore this thing I don’t know this looks scary the only
    thing to do now is it’s so shallow we got to go on these things let’s get
    these things in the water grace you’re up first oh no no you’re
    going first going first yeah you are the same time this is scary grace this ship
    is huge it’s way bigger than I thought yes there’s the giant ship that sunk and
    apparently underneath this water there’s over 200 sunken ships I don’t know I
    don’t know how this is possible but there’s somewhere under this water and
    I’m kind of scared over there on the shore you can see a bunch of stuff has
    washed up we might explore that later for clues oh there’s like I can see
    tires there some blue barrel over there this looks pretty interesting we might
    actually have to go over there equation might have to explore the shore –
    there’s probably a banded treasure there but first we’re gonna go explore this
    giant ghost ship it looks like there’s another piece there big boat there I
    think there’s something on the other side – I’m not really sure I don’t know
    what all those poles are doing there it’s kind of scary but there’s no one
    thing to do and that’s to explore so grace let’s suit up he’s got a life vest
    on yeah I’m ready GoPro on the head uh-huh we’re just
    gonna keep a constantly recording I don’t know if anything’s gonna jump up
    maybe you can stick your head under water and you can maybe see if the GoPro
    catches the ships that are underneath there yeah just because we see a lot on
    top of the water there’s even more under the water 200 over 200 ships all
    in this area I don’t know where they would be that one gots I think that must
    been the first one that sunk because they’re so shallow bothering that I
    don’t know let me grab my life that’s where’s my best okay life vest on for
    safety this is gonna be I don’t know okay so I’m kind of scared
    yeah I’m really scared this ship is absolutely huge look at that thing so
    it’s like scary let’s suit up get ready to go let’s see what should we make sure
    we bring a snorkeling master oh let me take a look real quick let me see what I
    see I don’t see that person you were talking about what sound like thunder
    oh wow what there is stuff on that ship for sure yeah what’s that on the top
    there’s a gap right back or something I don’t know whoa there’s ears up there
    there’s a lot up there grace we gotta get going I think the boats slowly
    moving toward our boats slowly moving towards that boat careful grace you’re
    connected to the boat you’re connected grace grace grace grace grace hey grace
    you’re first go ahead okay we get to the ship
    good luck I’m coming I’m coming just keep going yeah you got it
    okay don’t drop the camera Oh Oh what this thing is crazy
    stand up paddleboard is a little rocky okay whoa grace how did you do this this
    is sketchy okay grace you are really up there yeah uh-oh
    this ship is getting this scary the water around here is not too clean
    either Grace’s waters nasty yeah this is
    getting scary sunsets absolutely gorgeous but this ship is getting oh my
    gosh grace this ship is huge whoa grace this is crazy oh yeah what is
    that is that a rock moving Oh grace this ship is insane
    Wow their stuff sticking out of the water there good thing we didn’t bring
    the boat over this is scary I’m afraid to put my feet in the water
    guys I’m kind of scared I’m really oh my goodness
    Cher’s look at this a banded ship oh my goodness
    this is crazy grace there’s a ladder to go on it look at that whoa this is so
    big oh my gosh grace there’s I don’t know we’re gonna we’re literally one
    more paddle and we’re gonna be on top of the ship is that a shark Chris oh my
    gosh there’s metal underneath the water oh my goodness
    grace that’s not a stick this is metal from the ship I’m on top of the ship
    right now I’m literally on top of the ship it keeps going it just sunk
    underneath here this is metal oh my goodness
    grace this is so crazy oh my goodness I’m literally on top of the ship Gracie
    I really want to explore it more this is crazy I want to get closer I know me too
    I want to see what’s up there oh no I just hit the middle of the ship it’s
    gonna pop this paddleboard Oh No hold on turn this way sure as this is actually
    really scary I didn’t know this Agra’s I didn’t know it’d be this scary me
    neither I’m touching something yeah that’s what symmetry grace I’m
    afraid to like paddle too deep and stick my or too deep in the water oh wow
    that’s another ship it has like trees growing on it look you can see part of
    the ship of then trees started growing on top yeah there oh that’s where all
    the ships must be oh is it echoing hello hello
    whoa that’s scary are you serious grace what was that that legit sound
    like a dog yeah or like a monster hello wait there’s weird bubbles there’s weird
    bubbles right there grace we are in no we are no shape or form able to get out
    of here quick this isn’t hello there’s a lot of birds in here grace
    Oh grace is going in yeah I like it I’m hearing weird noises I am hearing weird
    noises I’m hearing really weird noise grace grace first getting angry that
    we’re getting close this bird is like swarming around why they’re like oh oh
    that was your pedal oh that something’s gonna hit me whoa look at this
    grace this is massive look at this oh I do not this is gonna be sharp if you run
    into it oh my gosh I don’t want anything to come out and scare me that hole right
    there is really scaring me whoa oh my goodness
    over here hissing noise I legit hear a hissing noise look at this thing though
    look at that massive oh that is a big spider web grace this ship was massive
    whoa oh do not hit me grace and was fell in the water oh that would’ve been so
    bad you can see like the metal from the ship sticking out grace do not hit me
    that is a bad idea oh my gosh that scared me so bad I want
    to go sorry I did not mean to hit you grace I think I hear a noise oh wait
    grace grace grace what someone was spying on us that was weird
    wait you think that’s a mystery spy that was an R jet ski wasn’t it yellow where
    did that thing go where did that jet ski go that was so creepy
    grace oh my gosh ship is moving oh my goodness! Share The Love, Peace!

    Mystery Evidence FOUND at Abandoned Beach Scavenger Hunt (Island Adventure Treasure Chest Searching)
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    Mystery Evidence FOUND at Abandoned Beach Scavenger Hunt (Island Adventure Treasure Chest Searching)

    November 17, 2019

    – Hey Sharers, what’s going on? I am still in Hawaii and check out all this crazy stuff we have in the backyard. We’ve been up to some crazy, crazy stuff. But in the Rebecca Zamolo’s last vlog, I ended up with this mystery iPhone. And on this iPhone is
    a four digit passcode that we asked you guys
    to comment down below if you know a four digit passcode and a lot of you guys have been commenting that on Stephen’s vlog, you saw a coconut over
    there fall out of the sky that had a four digit
    passcode number on it. So let’s go see if that’s the right code. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Okay, so here’s the coconut you guys were talking about. Yes, there are numbers on it and there are four numbers on it. Could it be the right passcode
    to this mystery iPhone? So let’s start with two, six, nine, three. Let’s see if that’s the right number. Two, six, nine, three. Oh, oh no, that must have
    been the wrong order. Let me try it the other way. Three, nine, six, two. Okay, let’s see if this order works. Three, nine, six, two. It’s unlocked! Guys, guys, it unlocked! Guys, the iPhone unlocked,
    I got it unlocked! – What’s on it? – The iPhone’s unlocked? – Yeah! – No way. – It’s this map thing. – What map? A map of what? – Look, look, look! – Wait, that’s the house right there. – That’s our location. – Look, there’s an X right there. – And a yellow path and a red path. – There’s two paths? – One’s in the water which means that we might have to take like a raft or something to get there, but maybe if we take the red, we can get there on foot. – Yeah, I don’t think there’s anyway we can go out there on the water. We don’t, one, have a raft. I couldn’t find a way to get to the dock. – Wait a second. The only
    people that have a raft are the people outside right
    now working on the dock. This map, they’ve been using to get back and forth to this house. – That’s how they’ve been getting here without going through our house because the only way
    you can get to the dock is through our house. – They must have. – Or the water. – Yeah, they must have a raft and they’re getting back
    and forth to this point. Since we don’t have a boat, we can take the land path and go this way. – And then they won’t know that we’re going to that location. – Right. – It’s almost like we’re
    sneaking up on them. – We need to open this, Grace. – Yes, Grace, Grace, it’s your turn to open the envelope inside
    the detector briefcase. Are you ready? – Yeah, yeah, let’s open
    the detector briefcase. Oh wait, before that, I won Rebecca Zamolo’s last
    to drop iPhone challenge so I get to put a sticker up. Right here, oh yeah, so now
    me and Stephen are tied. Whoa, okay. Which one should I pick? No one has picked a non-color before. Okay, I need to sit down because things are getting serious. Okay, let’s see what it could be. The map on your iPhone is not a trap. Explore the abandoned beach, find the treasure map. – It’s like they knew that you were gonna be the winner of that iPhone. – Yeah, and look. The note is ripped. This is the first note
    that has been ripped. – Grace, remember the overall winner of the leaderboard is going to win the treasure chest. Maybe, maybe the treasure map will lead us to the treasure chest. – Grace, maybe you’re the chosen one and we can find the treasure chest at this location. – Oh, the treasure chest
    could be at the end. Guys, we need to get there! – Yeah, let’s pack up, let’s go, let’s go. – Let’s find it! – Let’s get our spy
    gadgets too, just in case. – My backpack. – Sharers, there’s people down there working on this deck thing. I don’t know if they’re
    detectives or anything, but they’ve been taking
    that abandoned boat to and from the beach and I think that’s the beach that we need to get to. Wait Matt, what do you see? – They’re looking at me. I
    think I just got spotted. – Do you think they look
    they look suspicious or do you think they’re
    doing something normal? – I know two days ago we saw three people, yesterday we saw four, and
    now there’s five down there. I don’t know why they keep on multiplying. – Five, maybe their mission is getting bigger and bigger each day so they need more crew members. We need to get onto that map, get to that path, and let’s go. Stephen, Rebecca, we gotta go. We need to find what’s at
    that mystery map thing. – We got our spy gadgets. – [Grace] You have spy gadgets? – Yeah, we even got the
    compass just in case. – Perfect, and if we
    need to go in the water, we’ve got goggles. – [Grace] Perfect.
    – I got my spy glasses on. – And I have walkie talkies in case we need to communicate
    if we have to split up. – Okay, let’s get going. – Let’s keep an eye out, okay? – Let’s go. – [Grace] Let’s go guys. – Come on. – [Grace] Let’s go, let’s go.
    Okay, let’s stay on this path and see what’s at the
    end of this treasure map. – Oh, gates opening. – Oh, the gates opening. – Let’s go, let’s get
    out before it closes. – [Rebecca] Where do we go Stephen? – Uh, straight up here. – [Grace] Straight? – And then it looks like. – Look, there’s like a little path. Maybe that leads it. – Yeah, maybe that little
    path leads to something. Whoa, whoa, whoa, get back, get back. Those dogs, those dogs are crazy, get back Rebecca! – It must be this way. It’s down the hill. The beach
    is always down the hill, not up the mountain. – [Grace] Oh yeah. – Never on the top of the mountain. – Let’s go.
    – I get lost all the time, so. – Um, it’s, hold on, let
    me orient this thing. – [Grace] Right or left? – Configurate it. – Oh, I have the compass. – [Grace] Oh yeah, yeah! – Boom. Looks like south is that way. – South is that way? Okay, let’s go.
    – Okay, let’s go this way. We need to hurry though because we don’t know why no
    one takes the red path and only takes the yellow. – We made it, check it out. – [Grace] What? – Beach is right ahead. – [Grace] There’s the beach. – Okay, let’s go, we gotta figure out where this map thing is. – What do you guys think
    the treasure map leads to? – I don’t know, but look! There’s a boat. That’s like the boat that they were using by the dock. – [Grace] Oh my gosh. – Let’s go check it out, come on. – Could the treasure
    chest be under the boat? – I don’t know Grace, let’s find out. Wait, there’s writing on it. Take a look at the writing. – It says like P star S. – [Stephen] What does that mean? – I have no idea. – I think we should flip the
    boat. Let’s all flip the boat. – Yeah. – And see if there’s something underneath. – Yeah, let’s flip it. – Three, two, one, flip. – Oh, it’s heavy, it’s heavy. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. – There is something, there is something, there is something. – There’s something, what
    is that, what is that? – [Rebecca] Is that the treasure map? – Trash. – Okay, watch out, watch out. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh. – Scratch that, that wasn’t it. – Look it, there was another
    boat that was right there. – It looks like there was another boat sitting right here and they
    took it out onto the water. – Yeah, well Grace think about it. There’s a boat right by
    the dock of our house. – Yeah, it was probably
    right here to start and then now it’s at our house. Okay, I think I should pull up the map and see how close we are to the dock because the treasure chest
    is right around here. – I don’t want to alarm you. Don’t turn around. – Don’t turn around? There’s something behind me? – Wait, what? – There’s a guy in a van with
    a beard right behind you. – Oh no, you’re right, you’re right. – Here, just look like
    we’re talking to the camera. – Hey, we’re having so much fun in Hawaii! Who is it, who is it? – Sharer family. – Comment down below if
    you know who’s in that van and why are they stalking us. – All I know is that
    when we got down here, nobody was here. Now that van just showed up. – If that person in the van is after the same thing that we’re looking for, we need to find it before them, so let’s get going! – Well Grace, where are we gonna look? Where do we look? – Okay, I’m pulling up the map. – Quick, quick, pull up the map. – We’re right next to the X. We need to keep walking,
    it’s somewhere around here. – Where though Grace? – Grace, look over there. It looks like a hidden
    tunnel in those bushes. Do you see that? – Guys, a footstep! Someone’s foot! That means someone was
    coming right from that tunnel because it’s facing this way. – Onto the boat, the boat that goes to our
    dock at our safe house. – We need to get to
    that hidden tunnel now. – Come on Sharer fam, let’s do this. – Look. – What is that? – It’s a rope. – [Stephen] What does it go to? – [Grace] Whoa. – [Stephen] Ew.
    – [Grace] What does it go to? – [Rebecca] What is that? – [Grace] What is that?] – [Stephen] It’s attached to something. – What, what is it? – [Matt] It’s attached to something. What is that? – It’s like fishing line. Wait, wait, wait, look, there’s this too. – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa, careful Grace, careful,
    whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Grace] Oh my God. – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Grace] It’s a wire. – [Stephen] It’s a wire. – It looks like it came
    from a. (screaming) – [Stephen] What was that?
    – [Matt] A coconut just fell! – Another coconut fell
    just like in your video! – The clue was on the coconut. – Alright, go get it Grace, go get it. Yesterday you guys saw on my video that a coconut fell out of the sky. Careful, Grace. It could have something on it, be careful. – Whoa, this one’s really big. – [Stephen] What does it have,
    does it have any clues on it? – I don’t know. – [Matt] We have to break it open. – [Stephen] It’s gotta have something. We gotta break it open, Matt. – I think we gotta break it open. – [Stephen] I think we gotta break it own. – Here, here, Matt, you’re
    strong. Try and open that. – Okay. – What if the treasure map is inside? – [Stephen] Is it working? – It’s not breaking. What if I
    throw it up against the wall? – Yeah, yeah, throw it
    up against the wall. – [Stephen] Ready, three, two, one, go. Anything Grace? – No, nothing. – Guys, there’s a wall right there. What if someone’s been spying on us and they don’t want us
    to find the treasure map and so they threw that coconut as a decoy to thwart us. – [Grace] Yeah, you’re right. – Is there anywhere to hide? – We need to hide. – We’re not. – [Stephen] Grace, drop the coconut, it’s a decoy, it’s a decoy.
    – Drop the coconut and run. I just saw someone peek over! I think someone is watching us. We need to hide in
    here, there’s a hideout. – [Stephen] In there? – That’s where I saw the tunnel, it was over here! – [Stephen] What tunnel? – Yeah, yeah, there’s a tunnel, come here. – Look. – [Stephen] Quick, quick, hurry, hurry. Someone’s looking over, let’s go, come on, in here, go, go, go. – I think we’re protected
    with the tree here. I don’t think they can see us. – It’s like a hidden
    jungle tunnel or something. But I think we’re safe
    from whoever’s out there trying to distract us from
    getting the treasure map. – Look Grace, the tunnel goes that way. – Okay, let’s go this way guys. – The tide is rising, you guys. We need to move fast, look at the water. – [Stephen] Look Grace, it
    says posted no trespassing. – You’re right, I think
    we’re in the right spot. Let’s keep going. – I don’t think we’re in the
    right spot. What is this place? – She might be right, though. Because it says no trespassing because they don’t want people coming here to find the treasure map. – Well, where would it be? This is like, really weird. – This is where the X showed on the phone and we’re near the water. – [Stephen] What? – Guys, there’s someone down there. – He’s coming, he’s coming. We need to look quick, look quick. Grace, look for something, anything. – Oh my God, guys! Check this out, Stephen! – [Stephen] What is it?
    – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – [Stephen] What is that? – It’s like a note in a bottle. – [Stephen] Open it, open it, open it. He’s coming, he’s coming! – Run. – [Stephen] Someone’s
    coming, someone’s coming. Go, go, go, go, go, go. Take the map and run Grace. Someone’s coming, hurry, hurry, hurry. – Run, Steve, run! It looks like that guy
    that was at the house. He was bald, just like that guy. – Faster on the grass, you guys, run! – [Stephen] Hurry, hurry. – Wait, guys, is that the Uber? – I don’t know. – Should we go in? It’s our only choice guys. Come on. – [Stephen] Are you sure? – We have no other choice. – [Stephen] Okay, let’s go. (intense music) – Let’s go. – Open it, quick. – Okay, open, open, what is this? – What is it? – It’s the treasure map! It’s like there’s a boat or
    something there with water. – Like a footprint step thing here. What is this thing? Sharers, comment down below if you know what this thing is. What does it mean? – I don’t know. Wait, part one. – Part one so then what’s part two? – I don’t know, there must
    be another side to the map, because look, this end is straight and this one is bent and like ripped. – Look, footprints. – Yeah, but what does that mean? – I don’t know, but look. There’s an arrow there and an X there. – Maybe this is the house? – Wait, wait a second. This is blueprints of the
    house we’re staying at. Look, that’s your bedroom. That’s my bedroom. That’s where we did the egg drop test. – That’s the balcony, you’re right. – This is the pool. – We need part two.
    – Where do we find part two? Did we not get everything? – Wait, maybe if we go home, we’ll be able to search here in the house and we can figure it
    out, we can find the X, it’s perfect because we’re going home now. – Perfect. – Yeah, yeah. – Okay, this is perfect,
    we need to get home. Mr. Uber, can you turn right up here? It’s quicker if we go this way. – Turn right. – Mr. Uber, turn right, turn right. – [Rebecca] Right. – [Stephen] Right, right. – [Grace] Right, not left. – [Rebecca] Where are we going? – Where are we going? – Where are we going? Steve, what’s going on. – I don’t know.
    – Why aren’t we going home? – Why did we go the wrong
    way, hello, Mr. Uber. – Where are you taking us? – Alright well Sharers
    I got the camera now. I’m gonna figure out why this Uber driver is taking us to a different location. Click the card right here
    to come over to my channel and help me along with the journey and figure out exactly
    what’s been going on. – And where we’re going. – Okay, good luck. What Rebecca, what is it,
    what is it, what is it? – Guys, we’re pulling up to something.

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    November 17, 2019

    okay Sharers we are back at the abandoned
    haunted ghost ship check this thing out it’s huge if you didn’t see last vlog
    Grace and I found this on the map all was good we were exploring we didn’t
    know what we were exploring for but then as I started getting darker I found this
    thing in the water something because what was it like some sort of chest or
    something or something heavy now it was big it was heavy filled with stuff and
    we almost had it but it got so heavy that we lost it I’m getting drugged this
    is too heavy super super dark and the jet skier started coming back so great
    Hank got super freaked out we hopped back on the boat we started flooring at
    home but what we didn’t realize is it was so dark and jet screws aren’t
    allowed to be out past dark but if you look closely on this one frame you can
    actually see that there’s a jet skier right next to us did you see that clip
    yeah like it’s the weirdest thing ever so we’re here now we got some more
    supplies grace you’ve been walking through the supplies we got yeah check
    this out first things first we got this thing this nice bow got some new life
    jackets just in case if we fall off board we have a pink one and a green one
    here Steve cool one sure is it’s the coolest part check this out you can blow
    them up ready three two one whew locked and loaded ready to go let’s go explore
    the ship grace yeah let’s do it I’m a little nervous but let’s do it I wonder
    if we’ll find that chest again I hope so yeah there’s a lot of stuff and it’s
    also super low tide like it’s really really really low so more things might
    be showing in the water yeah Rand do a little exploring with the
    drone I don’t want to have any surprises last time as we got closer to some of
    the birds started attacking stuff let’s see I hope we can find some cool things
    yeah well we can at least scout out and see if that the chest thing is around
    take off in three two one there it goes okay just don’t drop it
    okay so far so good now let’s start recording on this thing
    and we’re recording we’re good take this thing higher grace we’re flying a drone
    we’re about to fly over time what are we gonna find I don’t know here we are
    we’re approaching well you can you’re approaching there’s so much detail
    pictures this is a prime time to comment if you see anything cuz we need your
    eyes to that whole is scary we need to go in imagine if I was a good drone
    operator we could get underneath there whoa what is in that hole I don’t even
    know there’s something white a little bit oh there’s definitely stuff in yeah
    there’s like a lot Wow okay we got a lot to explore with this top right corner
    this thing it’s like someone’s losing someone’s someone’s Shack or something
    someone’s house look at that oh my goodness look at this look at that
    monster grace grace that is a spine that is one spine no joke
    what could see my luge Chris look how big and long that spine goes grace you
    see about pipe suckers right there yeah that is where we got to go explore
    that’s where we got to goes before it’s the perfect time right now super super
    super low tide you can see how low it is the Sun is setting it’s getting dark
    well that’s bad it’s getting dark but we got to go quick
    we’re almost right Oh birds are coming back okay let’s get going let’s go
    Sharer’s we’re gonna find this chapter we’re not stopping until we do how we’re
    gonna get out of the water I don’t know but let’s get exploring ready Grayson’s
    good supplies a good spot oh my gosh they’re landing on the landing her
    landing a GoPros on let’s get go by this ship is getting scarier everytime you go
    towards it I don’t know what to expect what what oh my gosh grace what is that
    what what what is that that is so scary and what is that it’s huge and it’s
    coming for us what are you supposed to do
    should we leave oh I don’t know what to do I think we need to get out of here
    I see a really big big big boat what if that thing runs us over no we we
    got to get into the ship we got it we got to get that chest out of there yeah
    let’s go let’s go let’s go as quick as we can maybe we could beat that I’m
    afraid that weight is gonna push us in destroy us maybe can you hold onto my
    boat that bow is really scaring me Oh oh my gosh okay you’re good oh my gosh
    your boats like tipping back okay we are approaching the abandoned ship grace
    you’ve got to be careful where oh my gosh what is that oh my gosh that’s
    scary grace that can’t be a shark this is not salt water is it well grace you
    got to be careful cuz it’s super low tide you see the water line see where
    that ground like the light brown is that’s how low it is the water’s
    supposed to be above that it’s super low tide we got to be very very very very
    very careful you got to be very careful okay let’s start paddling even closer
    here we go super scary okay the currents actually a
    little strong up here hang tight hang tight hang tight we’re gonna hit grace
    I’m gonna hit this boat real quick oh yeah thanks okay careful oh my
    goodness grace this current is strong yeah okay
    you know what grace maybe you stay right here you like hang you know keep keep
    close tabs on the ship you can just stay right here and I’ll get a little bit
    closer and I’ll see if there’s anything going on
    yeah just basically anchor yourself just anchor yourself right there that that’s
    pretty good it’s very low tide right now it’s like super scary okay I’m backing
    into this backing in I’m just gonna let the current take me
    this is really really scary grace I do not like this ship at all it’s really
    scary no you’re good you’re good just stay there okay I got to go explore the
    Sun is setting there’s a giant pipe right there oh dear
    super super shallow let’s just see how shallow it is okay let’s see Oh
    oh my goodness I’m hitting something oh my gosh the
    boat is right underneath me my fins on this paddleboard are gonna hit the ship
    grace just be careful just stay right there
    stay right there worst comes to worst push off and paddle back to the boat oh
    there’s a big bug that flew by give it a little bit more paddling this is scary
    this is scary oh hi I remember this okay okay oh my gosh grace is there it’s
    there it’s there did the thing the chest that must have been it that’s immiscible
    one it’s low tide right now Grace’s boat odd we can get it we can get it do you
    see it grace where where don’t scare me okay hang on hang on hang on cheers this
    is really really really really really good news okay good news is that is it
    washed up grace be careful be careful okay good news is it washed up bad news
    is I have no idea how I’m gonna get it I was literally right right in this spot
    last time where it’s uncle me okay grace it’s stuck on the ship which is good
    news but the bad news is I don’t know how I’m gonna get it it’s like too heavy
    I think okay what what no I can’t I can’t what
    what’s behind me what’s behind me oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh
    great what is that what is that where is that person oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my
    gosh what is that great stop great oh my gosh we got to get this week okay
    oh my gosh oh my goodness that is scary that it’s scary and it’s coming closer
    to us okay great we got a grab grab this see we got to grab this safe just
    thinking whatever this thing is okay hang on hang on hang on hang on grace I
    don’t know how I’m gonna get this thing this is scary
    you keep an eye out for that book that’s really scary okay I’m good I’m coming in
    I’m coming in grace I actually don’t know how I’m gonna get this no grace
    it’s heavy this is the thing that was heavy last time I don’t know how I’m
    gonna get it up here grace uh-oh grace you’re gonna have to come grab
    this camera something I don’t know I don’t know here I’m gonna push back to
    you you’re gonna have to hold this camera and I’m gonna have to just use
    the GoPro my head this is so scary it’s getting closer it’s all black it’s
    super scary there’s no one even driving it and there’s only like a ghost figure
    on it it’s like a haunted ghost coming out of the graveyard this was a bad idea
    to come at the sunset yeah okay like we got to get it before the tide goes down
    I don’t know grace I don’t know no just stay there I don’t want you to pop I
    don’t want you to pop anything okay okay let’s see how am I gonna grab this grace
    I know I really have one shot at this I’m gonna like okay paddleboards stuck
    no grace you stay there oh my gosh I gotta I gotta I got it
    what kind of do not tip the pedalboard okay come on okay come on come on oh my
    gosh grace no I don’t have it I do not have it we’re not in the clear oh my
    gosh Chris I think I got it it’s like not fit it is grace oh my gosh
    grace I think I got it I think I got it I think I got it okay okay I think I got
    it okay just back up slowly slowly back up I
    think I got it though okay back up slowly no grace there’s a lot of stuff
    on this I don’t know let’s just get we gotta get back to the boat we got to get
    back to the boat okay grace good news is that boats leaving but we got to get
    back this awesome I can’t believe we found this great school just get out of
    here quick quick quick quick quick Sun setting the Sun is really really
    really really really setting great we got to get it out of here okay
    oh god that boats making noise that boat is back again grace we got to get back
    to the gang back to our boat we got to get out of here that boat is coming back
    full speed I thought it was gone it’s coming back it’s coming back
    grace if this thing dropped in the water we’re gonna be we’re gonna be bad luck
    dude we just got to get back to the boat quick grace place we got to get back
    grace come on come on come on grace come on come on come on
    come on quick quick quick something back there we got to get out of here get out
    here there’s something back there like a big monster I was pulling me under oh
    my gosh there’s someone back there oh my gosh guys I think I do see someone
    let’s go let’s go let’s go cheers we’re out of here you. Share the love, peace!