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    Last To Sink Wins $10,000 – Challenge
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    Last To Sink Wins $10,000 – Challenge

    September 11, 2019

    abcdefgkjdwhder, 1dasssssssss kccsaacsacscs I’ll fortnite dance on ur grave yeet yeet i am a clickbaiter unsubscribe to morgz hes so friggin ugly so y can see my ads In today’s challenge, each contestant will be building their own raft these guys are epicly ugly and when they win, after the they just give the money back to me , let’s start click baiting My name is Bald Martin and I am contestant number 1 I think I’ve got a good chance at winning this challeng Because I’m not heavy, unlike contestant number 2 wHaT? I may be a little heavy because I am, a 1000 lbs all that means though is I’ll just make a stronger wrath And finally That leaves me Contestant number three, I’m smart. I’m creative and I want to stay out of that freezing cold water So I know for sure I’m gonna win this challenge Each contestant will have one hour to build their raft and then will enter the pool with one we will sink click away oh, uh and one last thing. I forgot to mention time Starts now Im off! Okay, guys I’ve just arrived at B&Q in case you don’t know B&Q is a DIY shop And it’s filled with loads of supplies that I know will help me with today’s challenge now I’m not sure where Mum and Martin are but hopefully they won’t have came here because I don’t want them stealing my supplies Team morgz, let’s get in there and let’s start crafting our raft Okay, guys, I’m inside being to you right now. I’m just looking around trying to find some supplies for my raft Hey, excuse me lady stop right there (Gasp) Morgan?! What are you doin’ ‘ere? What am I doing here more like what are you doing here? Are you copying my items again? I am sick of it SERIOUSLY?!? Again? Hey! You! Stop right there! (Gasp) Morgan, Jill what are you doin’ ‘ere? What we doing here what are you doing here? Are you trying to copy us? Wait a sec, you’re copying me? No, Morgan You’re copying me. I think you two are copying me. I’m not copying you or Jill Morgan You’re definitely copying Martin. No Jo, I think Morgan’s copying you Martin Jill. I’m not copying either of you So does that mean that I’m copying Martin? No, Jill I think that means am copying you but does that mean that we’re both copying Morgan? .Both of you just shut up I don’t care who’s copying you I’m off to get my supplies. Yeah, Morgan me too. Martin. Stop copying me No Jill you’re copying me remember? wait, so does that mean that if Martin’s copying Morgan then does that mean that I’m copying Morgan? I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! Okay, guys, I’ve been thinking for a few minutes and I think I’ve come up with a plan I found a sheet of wood and I’m gonna craft this into a raft let me explain my sheet of wood has a big surface area so it can be hard to sink and And everyone knows boats are square However, the sheet of wood will not be no I need to get creative and think well, it’s gonna attach to this to make it even harder to sink And also I need to be quick Hi guys. I’ve been looking around this shop and I’ve just come up with that great idea I found these extra large black tools and check this out guys. I can fix inside it. This is really really comfortable So since it’s tub, it’s so big and Hollow inside. I think this is gonna stay a float However, I just use this tube as it is it will tip over and I could fall into the water So I’m gonna keep looking around and see if I can find anything else to add to this tool team bald. I’m feeling confident Okay, guys, I’m just around the entire shop and to be completely honest I haven’t got any ideas of what to build. I need something that I can sit on. There’s gonna keep me a float That’s gonna keep me comfortable and I just can’t think of anything. I literally just need something to sit on like a chair If I get chair and then find something to attach on to it to help keep it afloat Not only will I not sink, but I’ll be comfortable at the same time.Morgz, you’re a genius Now let’s go get a chair Okay, guys, I’ve been looking around and I think I found a perfect thing to add to my board. Check this out guys It’s polystyrene.Polystyrene is very light and it definitely floats So if I cover my board with polystyrene? It’s gonna take me one step closer to building the Unsinkable raft. Oh guys check this out I have just found the perfect thing to add to my top. These massive rolls are over think about it If you attach one of these to each side of the top then it’s going to stop it from tipping over and keep it a float oh ho guys I’m a genius ladies and gentlemen I have just came up with the best idea as you can see over here There’s loads of water tanks. These are used to keep water in But today I’m going to be using them to keep water out If I attach one of these to each side of the chair, then I don’t think I’ll ever sing team morgz I think this challenge is mine right guys I’ve just arrived home with all my items My watch is telling me that I only have 30 minutes left to get my wrap ready So I need to get a move on so guys step number one is attach the polystyrene to the board. I’ve got a glue.I’ve got rope And I’ve got tape.So let’s waste no time and let’s begin crafting the raft Okay, guys, I’ve just arrived with all my supplies now it’s time to get crafty as you can see I’ve got lots and lots of duct tape and I’m going to use this duct tape to attach this bubble wrap To each side of this box, but remember guys the times ticking away so it’s time to get a move on This is going to take a while Okay guys, as you can see I’m back home and I’ve got all of my supplies at the ready Now I only just arrived by and I think I can hear Martin and Mom So that means I need to get a move on. I only have 25 more minutes to build my device So there’s no time to waste. So guys the step number one. We need to add extra Protection to the water tanks as you see this right here is just a lid So I’m gonna add loads of duct tape to make sure it stays sealed Guys my safety raft is complete, but I’ve just got another great idea I’m gonna coat the raft in duct tape to make you that extra bit strong Let’s do this ladies and gentlemen Step one completed as you can see, my floats are now complete. All afternoon now is attach the, To my tub and then I’ll have the ultimate raft However, I’m gonna need some more duct tape. I’ve already used a row Okay, guys the tanks are successfully sealed with duct tape, but now it’s time for the hard part I need to find a way to attach both of these tanks onto each side of the chair and I think There’s only one way to do. It duct tape duct tape an even more duct tape So what are we waiting for guys? Let’s get started Ladies and gentlemen, the raft is Complete and the heart of the raft We have a solid piece of oak wood and therefore the middle layer. We have some extra fleuti Polystyrene and to top it off and to hold it all together. We have extra strong duct tape And looking at my watch, I have 10 minuets to spare, so I’m gonna have some fun and play on my Peppa Pig Space Hopper Wait a minute guys, that gives me an idea These peppa pig space hoppers are really floating and i’ve got battle three of these So why don’t I attach these onto my raft to make it even more flimsy but before we do that one last thing we Right guys with five minutes to spare I’m happy to say that I have completed my wrap and I think there’s only one thing left to do roll the cinematics Guys as you can see My rap is complete. It feels solid Sturdy and I’m confident it will not sink and if you don’t believe me just sit back and watch ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am happy to say that my build is officially complete And now I think you guys all know was coming roll the cinematics Guys with one minute to spare. I’m proud to say that my rap is ready And I think that means there’s only one thing left to do roll the cinematic Okay, guys The one-hour preparation time is over and all three of us are here in our completed rats We’ve got Jill in her Whatever you call this thing Morgan it’s called the Peppa Pig Mobile! Of course we’ve got me in my floatie Chair Mobile and then we’ve got Martin in his box It’s not just a box. It’s a floating box. And of course as well as the rafts, we have the pool now before we all enter the pool and see who can survive the longest I Say we go in one by one and see if our devices actually float Morgan. Sounds good to me. Yeah, Morgan I’m so confident. I haven’t even got my bikini. Yeah. Sure. That’s the reason you didn’t wear your bikini. Ah What you mean? Okay guys mom’s device is in the pool and it’s floating But will it be floating once mom gets onto it free? to Go oh My gosh, there’s also put it on suet. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my gosh Oh Martin what do you think does this count? I mean technically she’s staying afloat. She isn’t sinking her head is still out of the water you know what Morgan I ellefuc:!?8/( eoncepjxoajxapxj mum suckszxxxxxx Think it counts. However, I don’t think she’d be able to stop him there too long. My legs are getting really really cold You’re right (?) Its freezing! Okay guys it is time for Martin to enter the pool his device is floating, but will it keep floating once he gets in it? Let’s find out. Oh my gosh, where we goes? Goes, oh my gosh. This is it Wait, wait, wait a sec. Oh My gosh Martin you go get inside a little bit It’s working. However, I’ve got to hope that no water gets inside the box. I also I’m going down like the Titanic Well looks like Martin has Officially passed and now I guess that only leaves one more person Morgz it’s your turn. Okay guys as you can tell the device is Floating but now it’s time for the big moment. Will it still be floating when my 200-pound body is sitting on that chair. Let’s find out haaawa hawwa hawwwaaaaaa wawwa hawwwa hawwwaa It’s a little bit slow people, I think it’s like check it out guys. It actually feels pretty solid guys I got a little bit nervous when the last water times started to crack, but I guess it’s holding up pretty well Yeah, Morgan, I guess it;s a pass Don’t think the left water tanks gonna last for much longer So I think Morgan’s gonna be going out first But now everybody is in the pool and it’s time to begin though asked to sing a challenge Guys, I’m not sure how long this is gonna last but hopefully not too long because my feet are already so sexy So he’s my boom Okay, guys we’ve been in the pool now for about an hour and so far my raft is holding up pretty good so far Absolutely, no water’s got inside the tube and I’m staying afloat. Just fine. Honestly, I’m having fun I think I could do this for hours as for Morgan and Joan. Let’s see how they are guys Guys, I am bloomin’ freezining! I can’t feel my legs any more. And as for my bum! I don’t even know if I’ve got ’em anymore! And these stupid Peppa Pig balls have nothing for me I’m staying afloat pretty well, but I don’t how much longer I can last in this freezing cold water guys Mum’s right about the water it is Absolutely freezing Jill said she can’t feel a bum well I can’t feel my feet. Just like mom I’m staying afloat pretty well, but I don’t know how much longer I can last in this freezing cold water Guys it’s been about one and a half hours since we entered the pool and as well has been really really cold I’m starting to get hungry. I just don’t know why I always forget to bring food with me to these challenges I could really use some sweets right now or a chocolate bar chocolate bar Chocolate bar did someone say chocolate bar Morgan? It was me. I’m so hungry Oh, well Jill, it’s your lucky day. Because what I remember to bring with me A chocolate bar! Oh Morgan Thank you so much. I really need it Yeah Mom it’s chocolate crunch. I’m sure you will love it. Oh, thank you so much Morgan. I’m so hungry I really need it. Well Actually thinking about it. I’m pretty hungry as well wait What it’d be a shame if I ate it all myself Morgan, no remember sharing is caring mom. You’re right sharing is caring but not when you’re in a challenge No! nO! Morgan I thought we were friends but not anymore THIS IS WAR okay now that the scene is over Okay, guys I’ve lost track of how long we’ve been in the pool, I’m just so cold I can’t feel any of my bottom half I feel like I’m floating torso So I don’t think my legs are gonna work again after this video they’re frozen the guys I have come up with an idea to warm me up. I don’t think Morgan and Martin are gonna like it. Oh, no guys What the hell is he talking about guys? This does not sound good guys. I need to do something to warm me Oh, I don’t think I’ve got any other choice. If I do nothing. I’m gonna have to forfeit. This is my only hope Im gonna have to wee in the pool! What you better be joking Jill if you wee this pool, I will never go near you again. That is disgusting. And anyway, this is my pool I spent $1000 on it. You can’t just wee in it Too late Oh No, I think I can smell it Oh nOo, Your buying me a new pool after this challenge. That is Unacceptable. Come on guys. It’s only a bit of wee, I do it all the time on holiday Oh, no, not acceptable behavior for 55 year old lady You know what Morgan we need to get back for that Joe Martin. I think that is a great idea GuYS WhAt YoU dOiNg?!? NO! You don’t have to do this! It was an accident! It just slipped out! I dInDn’T mEaN iT I’m your girlfriend! I’m your mom! I’m out of here Guys I’m so cold I’ve been in the pool now for what feels like an eternity and it’s just getting harder and harder as they always go by the Temperature drops more and more and that just makes it even colder for me. Guys. I really wanna forfeit and leave the pool Oh, I can’t do this anymore. Wait No, I’m not gonna forfeit. I’m Morgz! I’m the challenge King There is no way I am giving up even if that means becoming a human Iceblock. Morgan I know you’ve got a heart of steel and you never give up this time you have to there’s no way that you can last longer than me, especially with my masterpiece Morgan I came here for days weeks months Years, you might as well give up bro before you end up pissing yourself even more You know what Martin? You’re I I caught last as long as you but if you’re really so confident that your raft is Unsinkable and it really is a masterpiece and why don’t we settle this like real men? let us have a battleship 1v1 I’m the last man standing wins the $10,000. HmMmm. You know what Morgan? You’re on if you wanna battle you’ve got a battle and there’s no way you are sinking my ship Morgan are you ready? I’m ready Martin are you ready? I’m ready Well guys is time for the final battle Three two one go Morgans trying to fill Martin’s boat with water. He’s trying to sink ‘im! Martin is retaliating These guys are really going for it! OOOH Morgans going with the back of the boat. He’s tryin’ to sink Martin by pushing into his boat ThIS IS CraZy. I have never seen anything like this in my life! Martin is stuck in the corner! OoH OoH! He’s grabbing Martin’s boat He’s trying to sink him! ThIS iS cRaZy ThIs Is LiKe NoThInG iV’e SeEn BeFoRe Martin’s boat is full! NO! Morgan’s done it! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH Ladies and gentlemen, your winner is Morgz YESSSSSSSSS Guys make sure you subscribe to the channel. We are on the road to 10 million Subscribers and make sure you cop the brand new Spray-paint morgz merch is gonna be available below this video right now in the merch shell Thanks for watching. Peace out

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    August 31, 2019

    So Lizzy Sharer are you ready to do the 24 hour box fort challenge
    tonight? we’re challenged you don’t know huh you didn’t tell her no we don’t
    you’re doing the Haunted box fort challenge again it’s gonna be even more
    scary this time yeah yeah because not only be doing at 3:00 a.m. in the
    morning it’s super dark and late at night we’re gonna spend the whole night
    in it 24 hours in the box fort ya honey box fort is huge
    oh it’s floating on its own inside I think we come all the way down here next
    to the creek in the woods oh there’s already like a weird fog in the air what
    is that what is this this is crazy ah did you turn a light on inside the
    box fort it well it looks even creepier now are there’s fog are you not going in
    oh my gosh Carter no what is going on sheriff’s welcome to the vlog welcome to
    another awesome ahh Sun setting day we are getting ready to do a crazy crazy
    24-hour box fort challenge shares we’re going to put our haunted box fort it in
    to those woods right there we’re gonna go into those woods and put our box fort
    in there and we’re gonna spend the night in the woods shares this is gonna get
    absolutely crazy I’m like starting to freak out already okay let’s go see
    recording lizard cuz they’re gonna do this haunted box fort a challenge with
    that oh there’s Carter on the dirt bike oh yeah Carter got some air oh by the
    way shares if you haven’t seen last vlog check it out
    we totally pain and live this Jeep it used to be white now it’s this epic blue
    color and it goes along so well with our green Jeep too so we now have a blue and
    a green Jeep check that out it’s so cool oh here comes Carter again okay oh cars
    did a wheelie end to jump at the same time that was awesome what is up shares welcome to the vlog I
    was out here riding a little dirt bike and a thing it’s fast Carter are you
    ready for what we’re gonna do tonight the challenge that we’re gonna do oh you
    mean that’s spooky 24-hour challenge yeah barks for a
    challenge Carter I’m gonna be so scared yeah this time we’re stepping up a notch
    not only are we gonna do that 3m but we’re giving you 24 hours overnight in
    the box fort throw it outside in the woods it’s gonna be absolutely crazy the Sun
    is starting to set once that Sun Goes Down we’ll be in the woods back their
    shares we’ll be bringing our boxfort out and we gotta spend the night Carter
    let’s do it that’s gonna be crazy hey where’s Liz I think she’s inside
    let’s go find her liz is probably bacon she’s always baking Carter’s always
    snacking list is always bacon we got to go find her definitely bacon Oh Liz
    where are you hey I knew you were cooking up something it’s like a
    starburst candy smoothie oh yeah it could be a starburst smoothie like we
    did last time it’s strawberry mango and orange juice
    it’s like starburst candy and soda mixed together or what okay let’s try ready well it’s really good it’s a good fruit
    smoothie yeah good so Lizzy ready do the challenge tonight what challenge you
    don’t know you didn’t tell her no the challenge you’re doing the Haunted
    Box fort challenge again this is gonna be even more scary this time more scary pal
    yeah because not only we do get 3 a.m. in the morning it’s super dark and late
    at night we’re gonna spend the whole night in it 24 hours in the box fort it
    oh yeah all that ilk and we’re doing it outside of the woods oh my god we’re
    gonna put it in the woods the woods back there we’re gonna be in those woods yeah
    they’re haunted too right you didn’t hear that huh shares maybe we
    didn’t tell you but there’s legends at these woods are haunted yes sure it’s
    the woods are so haunted there’s actually a tombstone back there well it
    used to be houses in this neighborhood used to be farmland and the farmer was
    buried back those woods right there and if you look for it at night you can find
    his tombstone let’s go find this thing oh sure let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s
    go Steven gey find the farmers great honor come on you love the woods let’s
    go oh we’re going in the woods we just got to get out of here before it gets
    dark sniff it out see if you can smell it
    I think he’s got to go down this way through the wood is there a trail
    anymore I heard something I heard something there’s like broken glass
    bottles there whoa that’s crazy what else is back here oh boy this is a steep
    drop right here I don’t you can tell but I gotta jump down
    well okay I made it down let’s see if you guys come on daughter Wow deep that
    is but linseed yeah careful this is a really steep hill so careful down this
    one if I remember correctly I think it’s over this way somewhere so let’s keep
    looking at it we can go find it oh we can cross up here I think there’s a
    crossing paths up this way whoo what’s that light what is that those things a
    building back here scary what do you think that is what is that light I think
    that’s weird let’s go check it out I think otter knows where to go let’s
    follow him get across the river oh he’s getting all wet otter you’re getting wet
    we’re going this way come on okay and otter made it but he’s always okay let’s
    just find this grave and let’s get out of here it should be around here
    somewhere oh there it is what is that this is the
    tomb of the farmer I’m telling you oh my gosh
    woah look someone broke into it it used to be closed but look at crack down the
    top right here he used to be inside right where the leaves are maybe he went
    woke up and opened it himself you think he climbed out I think so wait
    Carta is actually writing on it look what is that right there
    there’s writing no no lower lower lower look sheriff there’s actually writing
    right here there’s writing do you see that I don’t
    know it’s so old I came and read it I don’t know what this is McCarty you’re
    sitting right in the grave there’s card let’s get out of here it’s cold it’s
    getting dark let’s get here otter come on let’s go come on come on let’s get
    out here come on let’s go let’s get out of here yes you’re getting scary Wow
    let’s go the top of the steep hill oh boy that’s a steep hill come on the
    quicker we get out of here the better go come on come on come on we made it
    we’re out of lives now – boo this is great back there for our challenge yeah
    I told you those woods are haunted Liz are you seriously gonna bring the
    haunted box fort out now yeah oh my gosh this is gonna be so scary shares but
    it’s getting dark out – it’s really dark out and we’re gonna go outside with the
    hunter box fort it okay that’s so scary let’s go this is crazy
    oh it’s so big oh haunted boxfort is huge inside oh that’s a good way to carry to
    make me come all the way down here next to the creek in the woods oh there’s
    already like a weird fog in the air what is that whoa what is this this is crazy
    I must be coming off the creek or something
    no let’s put it all the way by the edge of the woods right by the creek and stop
    the water right there put it down from the grass do you see that
    that’s crazy fog is coming out of the grass whoa did you turn a light on
    inside the box fort it well it looks even creepier now there’s
    fog car you’re not going in oh my gosh Carter no shares look how crazy this
    looks Liz there’s fog everywhere where is this fog coming frog cart are you in
    there I’m inside I’m not gonna know goes what are you gonna stay in there all
    night good luck I can’t even see you anymore
    sharer’s this box fort borders so hot so right now there’s fog in the air and Carter
    still named Carter you got to get out of there that’s getting scary I don’t know
    I feel pretty good in here it’s more scary out there than inside here okay
    you know what then I’m gonna come in too please good luck out there by yourself
    okay Carter I’m coming in what Carter this is kind of scary in here yes look
    how scary it is out there whoa oh my gosh there’s so much fog I think it’s
    getting in the Box fort were a little bit it’s crazy
    oh I can feel it like just burned out Steve how many like somehow employed it
    or something I eventually do burn out oh my gosh Paris is definitely pretty scary
    near car can’t even see you where are you oh there we go I came prepared to
    see if a guy glow stick oh just in case that light was gonna go out I got some
    glow sticks for backup lighting this is perfect hey it makes it kind of like
    cooler in here it’s like cool colors no more scary coat that looks good this one
    works really good hey I can see everything I can even look out the
    moonlight window there whoa that looks so cool yeah it looks pretty creepy
    outside there yeah good thing we’re inside here Liz are you still out there it’s super dark and I keep hearing this
    like weird like cracking noise what I don’t hear anything here yeah we’re
    gonna get you a glow stick oh okay we’re all in the haunted box fort right now
    because it’s super scary out the light turned off on us well we have our backup
    glow stick for power yeah I guess we just gotta tough it out till morning or
    do you not even here in here for a long time it’s gotta be pretty late yeah I
    don’t know let me just do my see what time it is Liz what was it like out in
    the woods by yourself it was so scary I couldn’t move
    little because I was so scared I think for now we’ll be okay in here we have
    the door closed we can look out the window we can even look out the
    moonlight window and in case you see anything Oh Steve it’s really late check
    it out it’s 248 really that means it’s almost
    3:00 o’clock okay you remember what happened last time at 3:00 a.m. yeah
    3:00 a.m. was super scary last time wasn’t even believe it was you got
    scared last time huh I know was so scary I don’t want to stay in rental 3am yeah
    but we gotta stay out here until morning okay I might I might leave but I don’t
    know like will I make it back to the house in time if I leave now I don’t
    know Steve it’s we only have a few minutes left
    look it’s almost 3 o’clock and you don’t want to be outside at 3 o’clock that’s
    for sure okay I guess I’m just gonna wait in here
    until morning stick your head out the window Sharra’s we gotta find baby otter
    you can’t sleep outside by himself I mean hurt him I don’t think that was
    otter was it I don’t know okay I have to go find him my gosh let’s hurry it’s
    almost 3:00 a.m. go go go quickly only have a few minutes to make
    it back before it’s 3:00 a.m. it’s kind of dark in here I’m to crack a few more
    glow sticks and I’m gonna put them all up in the house like this so we can see
    that I have so much light this is awesome behind you too Liz are you out
    there I can’t see anything anything out there I’m just listening for her Liz are
    you out there cherries it’s super dark these glow
    sticks don’t really add too much like they’re not very bright and I don’t know
    where liz is and I we don’t know where baby otter is either just keep the door
    closed and hopefully we’ll hear her soon oh it’s almost 3:00 a.m. let’s got a
    very bad liz where are you quarter where is she okay – be careful hurry back ami go quick doors lock I’m locking the door
    hurry Carter her eager to find this quick hurry
    Liz I’m coming for you where are you Liz Liz baby otter Jerez I can’t see
    anything out here it’s like super foggy this is crazy
    sure is look at it look how cold it is you can see my breath where’s baby otter
    where are you Oh Cheers Liz let’s look this glow stick oh that
    means she must be around here somewhere Liz I’m coming for you where are you oh
    boy it’s getting really dark out here shares I can’t really see anything
    Liz baby otter it’s so dark sure that kid what was that Oh
    those trees are shaking sure is it so scary I gotta get out of here
    Corner corner what was that corny you out there Liz
    otter oh my gosh okay Cher’s I’m going out there
    I’m coming out I’m gonna look for you come on let’s go oh my gosh it’s so
    foggy whoa Carter Carter Linds oh oh wrench
    oh my gosh guys were you what is it what is that
    where am I where am I whoa Carter Liz where are you?

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    August 22, 2019

    see what are you waiting for let’s go
    inside let’s do it is it unlocked oh it’s a long whoa check this thing out
    oh this thing really squishes down all my goodness
    whoa Carter check this thing out but Carter the real question is what is this
    this is a red button uh uh what that’s like I’m a mystery red button yeah what
    does this mean I don’t think I can live with myself if I don’t push this button
    today I gotta find out what its gonna do okay this is the button should I push it
    okay sure smash it like but at the same time I push this button in three what is
    going on Cher’s we are back at Shawn’s Autobahn design car dealership and we
    are in search of the most epic truck we have ever seen oh yeah
    major shout-out to my hands whoa for sending me these awesome box of cookies
    party want some snacks oh yeah what’s upstairs
    Stephen yeah you know I love snacks that I love my aunt Ann’s cookies they are
    the best oh yeah oh yeah you gotta make sure you share the cookie oh my gosh
    look at this truck order oh this thing is big like a big the wheel is oh my gosh you can see so much from up
    here this thing is massive look how big this thing is yeah this wheel is huge
    up to my hip whoa Steve I think the hood is like taller than your a head – oh my
    gosh you can see so much just from standing right here oh oh I’m just
    looking at this thing from the front even has two wheels in the back oh it’s
    got dually Steve this is like my xmax this is crazy this is like a semi-truck
    there is easier Dooley’s on a real truck I also put Dooley’s on my xmax and then
    drove it on water this thing is absolutely huge like my
    head just barely goes over the hood and I’m 6 feet tall I wonder what other kind
    of trucks he has here Oh Carter check it out we got a Hummer
    oh yeah last night we were here Sean gave us the keys to a yellow spongebob
    Hummer he’s gonna give us the keys to today
    let’s go inside let’s go let’s go yeah let’s go inside and try to find the
    coolest car he’s got here and see if we can get the keys and go for a test drive
    these cookies are so good thanks so much nn for what do you think’s inside what
    do you think I would say there’s probably at least one Lambo and one
    Ferrari in there this place it’s got the coolest cars oh wow there’s something
    really cool in here well there’s the Lambo I told you about whoa we got the
    white Lambo back the yellow way I’ve even got a yellow Ferrari oh I was right
    here that’s at least what Lambo and one Ferrari and there are actually two
    Lambos a white one a yellow one in a Ferrari you got a comment which one do
    you like better the yellow one or the white one or the yellow Ferrari so
    that’s three to choose from yellow one my cool is three supercars to choose
    probably got the yellow Ferrari the yellow Lambo with the black stripes and
    then the white Lambo it’s hard to say which one’s the best I don’t know I’ll
    give you guys a quick look this is a Ferrari 355 it’s convertible it’s really
    cool look that’s cool so in the summer you can take the top down that’s awesome yeah it’s got racing stripes that makes
    it go a little bit faster and then over here we’ve got the white Lambo this one
    is nice this one’s really fresh and then inside we have black and red interior
    check this out that’s pretty cool wow that is really nice and there he’s got
    some red stitching on the black leather seats this is really cool and you can
    see the engine right back here yeah that’s got to be the best part as you
    can see the engine that’s amazing say leave it off this is
    actually the same engine that’s in the cherry Guinea but we just can’t see it
    in ours or look at that engine that is awesome Lamborghini oh and check this
    out oh this is awesome yeah this is so cool look at this
    because that’s actually really sharp whoa wow that’s actually so sure oh my
    gosh whoa Steven is this thing even a truck I don’t even know what you call
    this thing this is insane I don’t know but we got this switch check this out
    share is here we go let’s turn this thing on in three two one whoa check this thing out what is this
    thing I don’t even know what you call it look at this it’s got white tires with
    red rims yeah this thing is an awesome on the turntable careful this is like
    compared to the other truck this is way shorter yeah you can probably drive this
    one underneath the other truck that’s how little yeah and then look at this
    the door locks have like a skull on it what what is going on inside here whoa
    look at it it’s got like a ready ject button whoa this is crazy and then look
    at this this is like metal it’s like metal oh wow this is crazy I’m hopping
    off this turntable whoo Oh a I said Chevrolet on the back of it what is this
    car shares if you know what kind of car this is common right now this is crazy
    oh is that the where the exhaust comes out whoa this thing is probably so loud
    yeah wonder resuce ever even give it a test drive
    oh yeah we got it was the headlights go did a skull on this thing there’s no
    where’s the headlights you probably can’t even see it when it drives on the
    road this is crazy see what are you waiting for the go inside let’s see what
    it is it unlocked oh it’s on long whoa check this thing out
    well it’s like rustic and like wow this think there’s one speaker two speakers
    using their heels in a mere whatever gear there whoa look at this thing oh this thing really squishes down all my
    goodness whoa Carter check this thing out well
    look at the steering wheel Steve oh my gosh wow this is so crazy what about
    another skull oh another skull this is whoa oh there’s two more bears
    everywhere shares how many skulls you think are on this car coming right now
    look at the Grim Reaper like slash your type thing but Carter the real question
    is what is this this is our red button uh uh what that’s a mystery red button
    yeah what does this mean I feel like it might make the passenger seat like eject
    out of the roof yeah I don’t know I’m not gonna touch that I am too scared to
    touch that button we got to find out what that button does though oh look at that
    it’s another skull plus one whoa Steve well I think this is your car why
    because it says SS Steven share yeah for Steven sure okay this truck is so cool
    car it’s gonna be so awesome we got to see pan get the keys from Sean yeah I
    bet driving this truck is going to be absolutely awesome it’s so low it’s so
    crazy and I’m probably so well I bet we turned the single it’s going to be a
    super level there’s no one way to find out let’s get the keys we’re gonna have
    them started up inside because apparently it’s super loud I don’t want
    to start in here ready I think the exhaust comes out this guide
    right here okay so we’re gonna take the car out we’ve got to use the turntable
    again turn it on there you go there it goes Cera’s we’re gonna get the key to this
    truck we’re gonna take it out on the road and go exploring this is gonna be
    crazy yeah we’re gonna go for a test drive in this haunted looking truck this
    is gonna be awesome what if it’s actually haunted I don’t
    know how many skulls to be count on it so far I think we’re at like five or six
    right now like a skull on it let’s do the skull on this thing
    Oh everywhere skull plus one so I don’t know it’s a pretty good chance that it
    might be haunted yeah let’s start it up let’s get going secondly this thing is gonna be crazy oh my
    goodness yeah that is crazy awesome this thing’s got a mind of its own yeah this
    thing is creepy so they’ve had this car for sale ever since they’ve had this car
    some creepy things that are happening in the car shop so I don’t know I’m getting
    a little bit nervous about driving this car theme okay we got the keys where Ranger I this
    that you don’t really think it’s classy car do you want to know what car can be
    haunted but now that I think about it it is like one of the most scary cars I
    have ever seen yeah you check this out but we found out where the headlights
    are check this out oh yeah the headlights of this car
    they’re like hidden so it’s kind of scary look at that they’re down in there
    that’s crazy let’s do it the door squeaks every time okay see I’m coming in this is gonna be
    awesome oh yeah oh there you go
    this is so creepy just looking in here so you look at all these all this metal
    and it is great that why is there so much metal oh whoa the ceiling is so low
    in this car okay close the door oh I found another skull check it out is one
    more right here okay Steve this car is totally crazy
    I’ve never been in a car like this but the dashboard
    what does that mean the sled the sled with fire on it I see you what does that
    mean I have no idea how do I even dry this thing I don’t know what this does I
    don’t know if I want to press this yeah I think that probably connects to this
    or something I’m afraid if you push that button I’m gonna get launched out of the
    seat like a James Bond okay so I think to drive it you got to
    pull down the Grim Reaper what no way yeah I give it a good yank crazy pull
    the Grim Reaper Oh what was that pull it more okay what oh my god I think we’re
    moving we’re moving okay oh my goodness we’re moving your head is rubbing the
    ceiling Wow whoa okay whoa oh I think so okay oh my
    gosh car this time here it’s not even oh this is a scary car I don’t know what is
    a Grim Reaper thing in here this is crazy sure isn’t
    I gotta buckle up before we get out to the road and Rostov whoa this is insane
    this truck is crazy is this your review Mir right here I
    guess but I don’t know what it points to oh gosh she was long kinds of noises
    careful we gotta go slow on the speed bumps yeah look it over here Steve
    there’s two skulls one and two right there one hand up in the big one right
    there I don’t even know what this will do yeah
    why there’s so many schools at this car and I definitely do not know why is a
    grim reaper thing here and i don’t know what that button is either or this maybe
    this is a fire extinguisher I don’t know and the other crazy thing is that our
    heads are touching the ceiling all right we made it have a parking lot if there’s
    that giant truck see there’s the big ol we saw at the beginning of the vlog and
    now we’re in one that’s really small and like really creepy it oh my god see what’s going on with that game I
    don’t know this cars getting really bumpy though something’s happening whoa
    whoa Oh siga so to get me kind of scoot down
    a little bit – well that didn’t sound good I’m gonna turn down this road you
    can check it out oh that sounded bad throw the elbow up
    and scoot down share it’s a lot creepier than I thought
    oh yeah check that we’ve got awesome quarter ready take the picture yeah this
    car is gonna call so this would be a great thumbnail three two one
    yeah there it is whoa Steve what is that what is that oh my gosh what is that in
    the photo Steve’s quarter quick let’s get out of
    here come on let’s go Steve I don’t know what that is there’s something I don’t
    know okay this quarry is getting creepy look at this we have like no fuel left
    it’s below e-card we gotta get back yeah this gauge is wailing this is our to get
    creepy in the Sun is setting and I haven’t feel like that it has something
    to do with it yeah pull the dream Reaper let’s get out of here Steve
    ready oh oh I think this is the Grim Reaper’s car Steve I think the Grim
    Reaper drives this car sure if you don’t know who the Grim Reaper is then you’re
    really lucky because this guy is really scary maybe that’s why there’s so many
    skulls on this car Steve yeah I don’t know what is going on
    Steve is just another red button right here oh my gosh what’s that other red
    button there’s a button there and there’s a button here yeah sure as
    colleagues you know what that buttons gonna do if I press I’m scared
    oppressive but if it’s like a heart attack button I have no idea I’m not
    pressing that car you’re gonna press it should I push it
    so I think I might push it should we try it
    I think we should try and see what it does if I don’t think I can live with
    myself if I don’t push this button today I gotta find out what its gonna do
    prison okay so this is the button should I push it
    scared okay sure smash that like button the
    same time I push this button in three what was that the light came on soon I’m
    not sure what the button does Steve but the light turns on I’m thinking maybe we
    had to hold the button down for a little bit longer so it’s trying one more time
    I mean with this fire extinguisher thing yeah okay ready I’m gonna try holding it
    down a little bit longer in three two one the lights on Oh leave what love that what just
    happened I don’t know we got to get out of here yeah let’s get this go whoa okay
    I’m not pushing that button to get yours I don’t know one of us people’s get out
    of here to make it back I don’t want to run out of gas at this point let’s go gotta get the car back before the Sun
    sets I have a feeling things are gonna go really really bad just when it
    doesn’t like we’ll do a 3 a.m. challenge in this car whew I’m scared a lot if I
    decide ok we are back let’s get this car back to auto by design Steve whoo yeah
    let’s get out of here oh my gosh come on see what we get acclimated crank the
    door all the way up which way twist it no one more the other way the other way
    stay which one okay well I’m not waiting around I’m getting out of this thing
    this thing is crazy Steve come on get out of there what are
    you doing okay I’m out whoa that car is haunted you think this car is haunted
    yeah yeah Oh Steve how’s that car rolling all by
    itself quarter I’m getting out here okay that car’s got a mind of its own I think
    it really is haunted let’s get out of here if we should do three I’m
    challenged I don’t just get smash the like button this is gonna be crazy I
    don’t want to do it it’s gonna be scary

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    August 20, 2019

    sharers this is our insane Nerf
    collection that you helped build by sending us awesome Nerf guns in the fan
    mail what is going on shares welcome to the vlog welcome to another awesome day
    oh it’s so gorgeous outside and best of all we have my brother
    Carter here Carter what’s going on what’s up shares welcome to the vlog I
    got the nerf Rocky low so that actually shoots real nerf rocket oh yeah shares
    this nerf gun rocket launcher is crazy Carter through organs are ready to go
    it’s almost working it just needs a little bit of fixing to make it shoot
    nerf rockets if you guys want to see this thing shoot don’t forget to
    subscribe to this channel if you have it already it will launch this thing up oh
    yeah make sure you subscribe hit that subscribe button right now so you don’t
    miss it when we fire this thing off oh speaking of nerf guns shares you gotta
    come down in the basement of us we have the most insane nerf collection now
    cardi ready so are you gonna try to off-road with that hoverboard okay I’ll
    go this to my car I’ll meet you in the basement whoo
    this nerf gun collection is awesome and the coolest thing is it’s almost all fan
    mail sent let’s see did I beat Carter hey Carter Oh Carter I beat you second
    play is not bad let’s go check out all the nerf guns uh Carter where’s the nerf
    guns oh that’s right well this closets the entire closet is filled with nerf
    gun it’s crazy because it doesn’t look like much it looks like one big box one
    big bin but then we have three boxes underneath they’re filled with nerf guns
    yes crazy start pulling about here’s box number one this has got some
    awesome awesome a homemade nerf gun that was came in the fan mail so cool oh when
    you remember this let’s see this is that double breach that way they totally
    bought it out and it like exploded Carter you’re bringing the nerf gun on
    fire Oh guns on fire it’s oh my gosh the nerf guns actually on fire oh oh
    stick it in water quick oh yeah shares so it looks like a working double breech
    but check out the tip here it is all completely melted yes
    it seems again still shoes but this thing is like exploded oh this is the
    cyclone try this thing is awesome we got the brain saw oh oh did it break
    oh there we go the frame saw oh and check out this hyper fire this one’s so
    cool because you push the button it charges up like this and then when
    you’re ready to go you pull the trigger in three two one whoa this is already a
    lot of guns right even through the first box let’s start laying the middle oh and
    look at this one it’s called it a dart tag this one’s cool whoa Oh zombie
    strike and the Recon nerf rivals are super powerful whoa
    well that’s box number one check it out and so many guns yeah all these guns are
    from this little box and we have how many boxes left quarter four I think we
    have like a few more boxes left yeah let’s go grab the next box chairs I told
    you we have a lot of nerf guns it does not look like a lot but there’s a lot
    let’s go grab this next box oh there’s some good guns in here come check these
    out oh yes the nerve trash strike is so cool
    we can do like endless mods on this gun it’s crazy
    oh oh sure is these next nerf guns are my all-time favorite they’re pump
    actions rapid 20s they’re so cool they shoot like 25 Nerf darts literally in
    one chinese go like what’s it like this that’s what I’m talking about shares 25
    nerve shots in one second let’s add these to the lineup the last nerve cut
    in the second box is the classic flip fury oh yeah oh look at all these nerf
    gun this is crazy and that’s only two boxes I think we
    have two more boxes to go at least two more yeah there’s a lot more left so
    let’s get to it oh this one right here oh there’s a lot
    in that one well this one is packed to the top I’ve
    even seen my team one this brand they were still in its original wrap it gotta
    check this out what is in here whoa just to start I have never even seen this gun
    this is so crazy look at this the nerf modulus oh it’s such an awesome gun they
    get green one and it’s got like a handle on top this is so cool I’ve never even
    seen this one yeah sure scars never seen that before that’s because this nerf
    modulus just came in the fan mail yesterday oh and I just realized look oh
    there’s batteries in it and everything it charges up like the last one let’s
    try it what’s good to see a test-fire in three two one oh that’s so cool but the
    coolest part about this is that it’s a modular so you can add in remove pieces
    check this out we’re gonna add a big mag well add a handle like this well and a
    barrel to the front and this piece on the end oh now look at this that gun is
    huge now you gotta try firing this now we gotta try it and firing in three two
    one yeah keep going that’s awesome oh this
    looks like it’s the biggest gun yeah look at that it’s so long it’s crazy
    it’s like twice the size of the double breech speaking of another gun that you
    can mod this is the retaliate err and you can mod this one – oh yeah shares
    this thing is super cool and then to the collection oh and here’s one that’s
    brand new Knight and open let’s open it up oh no wait isn’t this skwerkel this
    is so cool it’s technically not a nerf gun but hey all guns are welcome in our
    nerf collection Oh Steven check out these sweet this is a nerf rival blaster
    so it shoots the yellow balls this is a mega blaster so it shoots mega nerve
    turrets and this is another mega blaster that we monitor with silly
    string one of the solution mod still works I don’t know let’s give it a try
    sure is this mod can get a little crazy so we’re gonna take it outside silly
    string mod let’s see if it still works in three two one that’s awesome oh yeah it still works
    the less guns in this box is a tiny nerve jolt in a maverick oh these are
    all the nerf guns from three boxes and we have one more box left yeah and it’s
    the biggest box – so let’s go get it I actually don’t know what nerf guns are
    in this one I know there’s a lot of big ones but there’s also a lot more I think
    we haven’t seen yet so many in here that we have a bid through them all so
    excited to see what’s inside whoa this is really heavy ah careful don’t drop
    those all chopper woo alright is it good yeah I guess we
    should start from the top right oh we got the nervous bulk in this one is so
    cool cos got the chain link this is definitely the biggest gun we got right
    now check it out is huge biggest and most intense nerf gun ever Oh Carter
    wait a second this one is way bigger check this one we’re using it last of
    all it’s thing is so crazy this is insane
    oh you got to give it a test fire ready yeah give it a test fire Steve in three
    two what whoa do that one again three darts at once fire whoa Steve this thing
    is so big look at the front of the gun and then it goes around the side it’s
    this hugely not that heavy now let’s add this one to the collection and
    yeah Carter oh my god it’s not as long but it’s definitely fatter look at this
    thing whoa look at our nerve collection this is really starting to pick up and
    another big one I just found Oh the mega twin shock whoa that thing is huge
    super long and super wide now this might be the longest nerve got in our
    collection whoa check out all these nerf jokes sent to us in the family all this
    blue ones from Dillon and this orange ones from Joey who Steve you thought
    those a lot of fan mail Joe let’s check out the fan mail
    triads we got this awesome white one from Zephyr and that’s awesome blue one
    from Bella wait see there’s actually some more yeah we have two brand-new
    ones that are unopened and this was from Sam you gotta add it to the collection
    oh yeah this zombie collection I’ve never seen this type of nerf go oh those
    are so cool they look like you’ve got clamps on the end how cool is that
    yeah what are the other ones we’ve got to clamp downs and a side strike whoa
    it’s even check out this one you won’t believe this is a Newark gun but it
    doesn’t shoot nerf darts it shoots these like discs what I’ve never seen this gun
    before I’ve never seen it either but let’s give it a test fire what’s he even
    called it’s called the proton-proton let’s give it a test fire test fire in
    three two one whoa the thing is guides for the air yeah I think it’ll go all
    the way down the hill we shot it oh sure let’s shoot this thing outside let’s see
    how far it goes I feel like it’s kind of like a frisbee and it’s kind of windy
    out to snow car this might go pretty far yeah I think I could probably at that
    tree down there you think so I don’t know what do you think you think I can
    shoot it all the way down to that tree if you think it’ll make it to that tree
    coming right now hashtag nerf only one way to find out let’s do it here we go
    in three two one whoa whoa whoa whoa that is far it’s
    have you ever seen one of these before I have never seen one days before ever but
    they’re super cool I didn’t even know they existed yeah I had no idea these
    you’re awesome oh by the way major shots Ian and Cooper for sending us this mega
    big shock let’s add it to the collection another major shout out to kaolin from
    Pennsylvania for sending us this blow shock
    yeah shares this is awesome this nerf collection is growing so big it’s all
    thanks to you it’s all fan mail nerf guns yeah check
    out this one Frick is he in Florida what I’ve never seen one like this whoa check
    out these two this is from Lenny and Bianca and this one’s from Dominic these
    ones are sweet this awesome nerf gun is from Chi and Chi even sent us this
    awesome fan art check this out Oh Kirby can’t forget about our awesome
    modded play doh nerf guns oh those are so cool holding up so well – oh yeah the
    coolest part about these to play doh nerf muds they started out as regular
    fan mail nerf guns that you sent to us and then we added awesome plate under
    from on – it sure is they turned out great if you want to know how to do the
    play doh nerf mod just like these guns make sure to check out the vlog
    oh yeah sure is and I think that is all of our nerf guns right now Gracie knows
    almost in zigs is so small but check it out we got one more nerf gun whoa it’s
    like the world’s smallest nerf gun thing is so little this has got to be the
    world’s smallest nerf gun ever that doesn’t actually shoot anything you
    that’s it let’s open it up and let’s find out all right there we go we’re
    open it up there’s the gun here’s another piece I don’t know what that
    piece is and there’s not a piece there and then there’s even this piece – like
    a carrying case that’s a carrying case Carter I don’t know this gun does not
    look functional at all it looks like if this will fit right in here into the
    carrying case like that oh and then this I guess fits in here well that’s a stand
    and this fits into here like that and then it locks up all in one little box
    so this is definitely tiny everything fits in this little box so let’s see if
    this gun actually works or is it just like a keychain
    Jers what do you think do you think this world’s smallest nerf guns actually
    going to fire anything sure I don’t think it is but if you think it is come
    right now hashtag nerf Carter what do you think well Steve look at this the
    Nerf dart is bigger than the gun itself so I don’t know how this is gonna work
    but there’s more pieces so let’s put it together and see what this thing looks
    like I think this probably goes on it looks like this probably goes on right
    there Oh No
    way look at that and then it opens up as like a little stand and then there’s
    this piece here I don’t know what this is I would assume maybe those are the
    darks for us so I think this is the tiny little darts and you stick the little
    darts on the end of the gun like this okay and now I guess what do we do we
    maybe we pull this back to load it oh my you think this is actually gonna work I
    have no idea let’s just try this try shooting it ready yeah
    in three two one whoa something happen I missed it we got yet again sure is it
    that little tiny nerf gun really shoot a dart whoa see it’s all the way over here
    so a definitely shot you gotta try this again that is crazy that is so cool yeah
    so I think this actually is the world’s smallest nerf gun that actually works
    let’s do another test fire here we go in three two one whoa oh this is so cool I
    can’t believe it’s true these little mini darts I just wonder if we could
    like mod this so I can shoot a regular Nerf dart oh really no it’s like bigger
    than the whole guy no this is like bigger but what if we like stick it on
    the end like this oh now let’s give it a test fire you think this is gonna work
    this looks crazy oh my goodness shirts do you think this is gonna work smash
    the like button right now yeah oh boy okay let’s pull the plunger back the gun
    is cocked and loaded let’s see if this is gonna work you ready I’m ready in
    three two one woah no way no way that just shot a
    regular nerf store that’s bigger than the gun sure they’re already smashing
    like button smash right now because this is one awesome nerf gun Oh Cory you put
    that many tiny tiny tiny nerf start inside of this Nerf dart what if we did
    that same thing again but then we stuck this mega Nerf dart on top of everything
    Oh like this yep slide it in I don’t know this is gonna fight this might be
    too much weight that is crazy you think this is gonna work I have no idea but
    you know what let’s give it a try alright let’s give it a try ready ready
    let’s fire this thing in three two one whoa that’s awesome whoa with a little
    modification looks like the world’s smallest nerf gun can shoot any sized
    nerf dart yeah I can shoot the regular elites
    they can shoot the mega this is so crazy yeah it’s definitely an
    awesome gun Carter let’s add it to the collection now Carter this is the
    smallest nerf gun ever so the question is where are we gonna put it because we
    don’t want to lose it I’m gonna add it right here next to the biggest nerf gun
    that we have oh my gosh it’s so small chairs this is our insane nerf
    collection that you helped build by sending us awesome nerf guns in the fan
    mail check it out shares this is everything
    this is so cool we got all these ones over here we have this row over there we
    have these ginormous ones and it just keeps going on and on and on and on oh
    the world’s smallest nerf gun – we got everything here this is awesome yeah
    sure is covering out which nerf gun is your favorite Carter I think mine has to
    be the world’s smallest nerf gun yes Steve that one is super cool I’m
    thinking my favorite is the biggest one the judge look at this thing it’s so big
    but there’s also so many to pick from so shares which one is your favorite well
    sheriff’s this is our insane fan mail nerve collection oh yeah it’s absolutely
    huge and if you ever want to send us fan mail our fan mail address is in the
    description below you can set us nerf guns snacks anything you want yeah sure
    as we love fan mail and until next time you know what to do stay awesome and
    share the love bees

    DONT DROP the Watermelon from 45FT onto the Mystery Pond Monster!!
    Articles, Blog

    DONT DROP the Watermelon from 45FT onto the Mystery Pond Monster!!

    August 15, 2019

    – Holy smokes, you guys
    are not gonna believe where we are right now, check this out! Whoa, Carter! What are you doing? – You better watch out, Carl. – [Carl] Oh my gosh,
    don’t run over the table! You’re gonna run over it right there! Oh, you’re gonna go right
    in the pond! Look out! Gage, look out! Get outta the way! Run away! Welcome home, you guys! You’re here on the Carl
    and Jinger family channel. We’re gonna do some awesome stuff today. We’re at the Sharer fam’s house and we’ve gotta giant crane, we’re gonna do giant Slip ‘N Slide stuff, and we’ve even, gonna be wakeboarding across their pond. Hopefully the pond monster doesn’t get us, we’re gonna have to be
    really careful guys. Because everyday’s a new day, let’s make it an awesome one. Carter, your Mom is out in the boat! – Yeah, what is she doin’? – I don’t know. Are you guys gonna be out there to try and catch the
    watermelon when we drop it? I’m like sweating so much right now. – It’s pretty scary up here, huh? (excited screaming) – Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) (watermelon hitting the water) – [Crowd] Oh! – [Carl] What are we doin’, Carter? – Alright, Carl come on on. You gotta hop through the gate. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, are we
    getting up on this giant crane? – [Child] I wanna go! – [Carl] This is like
    a giant dinosaur arm. There’s only two people at a time. – [Child] Oh okay, okay. – [Carl] So you’re gonna
    have to wait your turn. Alright, here we go, what are we doin’? – So hop on, that’s step number one. – [Carl] Oh my gosh! Am I too big for this, Carter? – I think we’ll be alright. – [Carl] ‘Cause I gotta put
    this harness and everything on? – That’s next set, the next step. – Oh my gosh, we’re gonna have to put this harness on, you guys. I don’t know if it’s gonna be big enough. And then are we gonna go up in the air? – Yeah, so then the next step after you buckle up with the harness. We’re gonna go really high. – Oh my gosh. This is
    gonna be crazy, you guys! Smash that like button
    and give us good luck! Jinger, Steven, what are
    you guys doing over there? – We have a wakeboard wench. – [Carl] What the heck? You guys have a wakeboard wench? – Literally wakeboarding right now. – [Carl] Oh my gosh. Across the pond, this is gonna be crazy. – [Carter] So. – [Carl] Look at these controls, you guys. It looks like a spaceship or something. This is really awesome. How does it work, Carter? – [Carter] So, this is
    the joystick for driving. – [Carl] Okay. – [Carter] This is the
    joystick for one of the booms. – [Carl] Uh-huh. – And then these are all the
    different options through here, every switch does a different piece of hydraulic on the arm. – [Carl] Uh-huh. – And this thing, if
    you operate it correctly it can so high, you can
    go 60 feet in the air. – Oh my gosh! And Gage just ran back up to the house and we are going to
    drop a giant watermelon off this thing into the pond. ‘Kay, so this thing supposedly buckles through here across the chest. We’re gonna be really safe today ’cause we’re gonna go up like, really high in the air
    to drop this watermelon. – Yeah, it can go. You can go really high. – This is gonna be awesome, you guys. Oh! They’re doin’ test runs right now! Oh my gosh, this is gonna be awesome! That looks like the perfect watermelon. – I accidentally dropped it though. – [Carl] Oh, it’s fine. – Oh and now it looks really sad. – [Carl] Oh look, it’s got
    like a big frowny face. – But if you do it like
    that, then he’s happy. – [Carl] Oh yeah, he’s
    happy. He’ll be happy. – There you go, now he’s happy. – [Carl] Until he drops from like, 60 feet up off this crane into the pond. – Carl’s just goin’ ahead
    and strappin’ in this thing. And my question is that, Carter, do you have a certificate to operate this machinery? – A certificate or a license?
    – Of course I do. And if you don’t, don’t try this at home. (Jinger laughs) – We printed one off of
    the Wikipedia or somethin’. – I’m a trained professional when it comes to heavy
    machinery just like this. (Jinger laughs) – Right? – [Jinger] Of course you are, you look very legitimate with your straps and such. – I got the, it’s a harness. – [Jinger] How’s the harness goin’, Carl? You’re a different size than Carter. – The size is too small. (Jinger laughs) I’m like Quasimoto over here. – I think Liz was wearing
    this one first, so. – Oh my gosh. – We’re gonna have to loosen this one up, I got you. – In the meantime, me and
    Grace, and Stephen Sharer Grace is actually Stephen’s sister that just joined the Sharer fam which is totally awesome. Are setting up a giant
    wakeboarding Slip ‘N Slide across the pond. It’s gonna be epic! Gage, what do you think’s gonna happen? – I, I think that she’s gonna
    make it all the way across but I really hope she actually wipes out. (Jinger laughs) I think that’s gonna be really funny. – [Jinger] Wipe outs are funny,
    but we won’t tell her that. – Yeah, shh. Don’t tell her. – [Jinger] Stephen, what’s goin’ on? – So we got this share the
    love wakeboard wench goin’ on. Check this out. It’s a 13 horsepower engine. – [Jinger] Wow! – [Stephen] Connected to this rope. – [Jinger] Yeah. – And when you floor it, you
    go flyin’ across the pond. – [Jinger] That is so epic. Are we about ready to try it out? – It’s so much fun, yeah. Grace, you ready? – [Grace] Ready. – [Jinger] Here we go, you guys! Go, Grace, go! Everybody give Grace a countown, in three, two, one go! (high energy music) – Woo! (crowd cheering) – Yeah! That was so awesome! – Whoa! – She made it all the way across the pond on her first try! That was amazing! Grace, was that so awesome? – It was awesome, you
    have to give it a try! – [Jinger] Oh my gosh,
    I totally wanna try it. – Cleanin’ out the pond. – [Jinger] Whoa, I thought that was part of pond
    monster for a second. – Maybe it’s what he eats. – [Jinger} Ew. Oh I don’t know if I
    can swim in your pond. – Come on, your turn, you’re up next. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, look at this. Carter, your Mom is out in the boat. – Yeah, what is she doin’? – [Carl] I don’t know. Are you guys gonna be out
    there to try and catch the watermelon when we drop it? (faint yelling) Oh they’re gonna–
    – Is that a boat, or is that a swimming pool? – [Carl] I don’t know, it’s like a giant, inflatable swimming pool. – [Carter} Yeah. – [Carl] On the pond. – That is definitely a swimming pool inside of a swimming pool pond. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, you
    guys keep your eyes out on the pond. And tell us if you spot the pond monster. Or if you guys have seen it because Carter and Stephen
    have had some crazy stuff goin’ on. – We’ve seen some crazy stuff in there. – We’re not messing around
    when we say that, you guys. Here are some highlights
    from their channel. – [Carter] Do you see it, Liz? – [Liz] Yeah, it’s moving towards us. – [Carter] It’s still coming,
    it’s still coming, look. So let’s just keep an eye out, and maybe, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Is that the pond monster? Oh, what is that Sharers? There it is, do you all, it’s goin’ under, it’s going under. Oh, where is it going? Get this Sharers, look at this, ready? Zooming in, I don’t wanna get too close. But can you see him? He’s sitting right there. That’s his nostril and he’s, that’s his head. And his body is back
    underneath right there, do you see that? He’s just sitting there. Very still, very quiet. Okay, I’m gonna go around Sharers. I’m gonna try to be quiet. I’m gonna try to get a
    closer looka t this thing. I wanna show you what
    this thing looks like. Okay, okay. Okay, I’m zoomin’ in, hang on. There it is, I can see it. There he’s just sittin’ there, oh whoa! He’s under, okay, it is under. – See, we weren’t joking around but as crazy as that is, this is about to get really awesome ’cause we’re gonna lift this
    boom crane up in the air, and we’re gonna drop this watermelon and see if it bursts open, or how big of a splash it makes. Alright, Carter, I think we’re ready to fire this thing up are you? – Alright, yup. So the first thing, yhou gotta
    pull the big red button up. – [Carl] Okay. – [Carter] And then let
    it beep for a second. Then we’re gonna hit the
    start button right here. – [Carl] Okay. Oh yeah, totally turned on. It’s workin’. – Alright, and now we are gonna start movin’ up a little bit. – [Carl] Oh! We’re goin’ higher and higher! Look at this! – Swing it out. (carl yelling excitedly) – Hang on, I hope you got a handle. – We’re goin’ over the pond right now. You guys, this is insane. Here we go, we’re above the water now. We not that high up, so
    not too scary so far. But it feels weird bein’
    in this crane like this. I have never done this before, Oh! – Alright, I’m gonna
    push button number two. This is the main, this ones’s
    for the main boom right here. And you can see. – [Carl] Oh my gosh – [Carter] We’re goin’ up. – [Carl] We’re goin’ up, guys. Look at this, we’re
    getting higher and higher. Oh my gosh. Guys, this is crazy. (crane beeping) (upbeat music) Carter, how high up are
    we gonna go in this thing? – I’m not sure. – Oh my gosh. – We’ll see how high we can make it. We got all kinds of trees up here. – Tell me down in the
    comments below, you guys. Are you guys afraid of heights? Yes or no, afraid of heights? Tell me down in the comments below. – [Carter] Yeah, we’re really about to. – We’re getting really high up here. Oh, we’re starting to extend the boom! Look, it’s getting taller and taller. Oh my gosh, what if this
    thing tips over into the pond? What would happen? – Well, I guess we’d
    be like the watermelon, I don’t know. – [Carl] I know, long ways down, guys. Look at this, oh my gosh. Oh! Every time you engage those hydraulics it’s like, gets crazier
    and crazier up here. Everything is moving around a lot. What if you jump up and down right now? – I wouldn’t do it. – [Carl} Not Safe? – I wouldn’t do that. – We’re not gonna jump up and down. – You wanna stay nice and still. You ready for the real height now? We just got unfolded,
    now we’re gonna go up. – What? Okay, hang on. Okay, I’m ready. – Alright, I hope you
    gotta hand on the railing. – I got a, I do. Okay, I’ve got my hand
    on the safety bar here. Oh my gosh! – And we are off, we’re goin’ up! Look at the tree, we’re above the tree. – [Carl] Oh! We’re like almost taller than your house! Look at this place. You guys! I don’t even know what to say. We’re way up here and this is so crazy. – We’re way up here, we’re
    way over the water too. – And you can see through, and it’s a little bit unnerving the fact that it’s like a
    grate underneath your feet so you can all the way down. And you feel like, at any moment, like this railing could give way and you’d just fall over the side. Oh, now we’re rotating the bucket around. I want you to look at this, guys. I’m like, sweating so much right now. – It’s pretty scary up here, huh? – I don’t know if it’s
    ’cause how hot it is up here, or how unnerving this is
    but we’re way high up. Good thing we’re harnessed in. – [Carter] Alright, Carl,
    you got the watermelon? – I know. – [Carter] You’re like at
    the height of the house, and we’re downhill. – It’s already got a split in it and I wonder if this landed on the bottom, like face down if it would
    just explode everywhere. That would be nuts, right? – [Carter] Yeah, I bet it would. – Alright guys, we’re all set. We are way up in the air on this crane. We have the watermelon ready to go. Kyle and Luke are down there in the raft to give perspective of how high up we are. (cheering) And we’re all ready to go, you guys ready? (cheering) Alright you guys. Links are gonna be down in the description to everybody else’s
    channels who are here today. Go and check ’em out. In the meantime, let’s get a countdown in three, two, one go! (drum beats) Oh! (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – [Carl] Where is it? – [Carter] I think it cracked open? – [Carl] Look, there’s water, oh! – [Carter] Wait. – [Carl] It totally busted up. – [Carter] There’s like so many pieces. – Oh my gosh, you guys that was crazy. Now I really don’t wanna
    fall off this thing. – [Carter] Yeah, I wonder
    if you would look like that. – I know, we should go back
    down and check out the damage. – [Jinger] Go and get
    some watermelon guys. – ‘Kay, guys, there’s
    the watermelon chunks. Kyle, you film it. – [Kyle] Okay! – [Carl] Are you guys
    recovering the watermelon? – [Kids] Yeah. – [Carl] Awesome, look at that. It’s totally busted up
    into a bunch of pieces. Oh gosh, we’re movin’ now. – Hang on, Carl, hang on. – [Carl] We’re hangin’ on tight. Oh, here we go. – [Luke] I got the watermelon. Guys, look at the watermelon. I got some. – [Kyle] Yeah, we got it. This is crazy. Let’s retrieve it and
    bring it back to shore. – You guys, don’t forget
    to turn on notifications so you can be part of
    our notification squad. You do that by ringing the bell, and make sure that you subscribe
    if you haven’t already. Thanks you guys, so much
    for hanging out with us. This has been so awesome. There’s plenty more to come. We’re gonna be here for a few
    days at the Sharer’s house. So you gotta check out
    everybody else’s channels, it’s gonna be amazing. Oh, wow, you can really
    see what happened now. We’re right down above the water. There is watermelon chunks everywhere. – [Kyle] Look, Dad. – [Carl] It totally burst open. – [Carter] Oh, look at that one. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, look at that. They’ve got a bunch of watermelon on the pontoon boat over there. Have you tried to taste it? – Uh uh, not now, let’s see. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, they’re
    gonna try a bite of it. Is it okay? – Yeah, it’s good. – [Carl] That’s so funny, these kids. Yeah, you better spit that out. Don’t eat that, that’s gross (laughs). Whoa, this whole thing drives? – Yeah it’s crazy. – [Carl] That is awesome. So we’re actually back
    above the ground now and completely safe. Oh my gosh, now Stephen Sharer
    and Jinger are over there and they’re making like mystery box, fort, slip-n-slides, is that
    what’s goin’ on over there? – I have no idea. – [Carl] I don’t know. And then we have this whole zipline thing across the pool with wakeboards. And they’re like crusing
    around in the pontoon boat. What a fun day. Guys that was so awesome. We just dropped a watermelon
    from like 60 feet up from a giant crane with Carter Sharer at the Sharer family house. There’s so much more cool stuff going on. We have giant Slip ‘N Slide. We’re gonna get towed across here. We’re gonna do all sorts
    of stuff and guess what, There’s other big youtuber coming too. We’ve got Papa Jake, we’ve Chad Wildclay, we got all sorts of cool people. We’re all coming here
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    that pond monster, Kyle. Swim, Luke, swim! – [Carter] Swim! – [Carl] Be careful! Wow, look at that. Awesome.