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    Wanna catch big fish? You gotta use big bait! ► All 4 Adventure TV
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    Wanna catch big fish? You gotta use big bait! ► All 4 Adventure TV

    January 25, 2020

    You’ve got the big gear out, mate? You want to catch big fish, mate, you’ve gotta
    get the big gear. Where’s your bait? In here. I’ve got to catch it first. There’s
    my bait. There’s my bait. That’s your bait?
    That’s my bait. I was gonna put it on my bait caster, but
    I thought ‘bad idea’. Jeepers, mate. That’s some serious hooks.
    Want me to get on the sounder, and I’ll take you to some ground. That’s hard work, I know, yes. This is the out-takes. I’m looking for a big enough hook. Oh that
    looks pretty good. Are you producing a hook?
    Yes, I’m producing. Producing some bait. They need to make sure they use the right hooks.
    Harry’s been catching the bait. I have been catching the bait until the bait
    got totally eaten. These things are good for bait. That’s about it. I’m all about work. Give that a whirl, mate. Then Simon chucked out the biggest bait you’ve
    ever seen. And caught jaws. And dragged the boat under for a while. Oh it’s hittin’ the line. It’s long whatever
    it is. It’ll be a shark for sure. Is it big?
    Oh, I lost it. Lost it. It wasn’t a shark. Look. It wasn’t
    a shark. It wasn’t a shark. Oh, the hook didn’t come out. I should have
    left a hook out. That was a good fish. That wasn’t a shark. That was a trevally. That was a good fish. Oh wouldn’t that just
    give it to ya. That was a good fish. No. That was something big, mate. Should have left a hook out. I know when I
    did it, I thought, ‘will I or won’t I?’ That’s a big fish that takes a bait that big. Oh that’s a good feeling on big gear when
    something starts yanking on it like that. So good. Come on, take it. Stop muckin’ around.
    Oh yeah. Go on, take it, take it. I pulled it out. No I haven’t. Yes, I’ve got him. Oh,
    I’ve got him. I got him. Oh, he’s got some weight. Oh he’s … like a bastard. He’s on?
    Yeah. Solid?
    I think so. Don’t tell me I’ve lost him again. I’ve still
    got him. I’ve still got him. Yeah, he’s coming with me. Yeah. I’ve still got him. It’s a
    funny thing… How big we talking?
    Oh, big, man. Look at it go. That’s gold. Oh look at him
    hittin’ the line. Oh, he’s gone. He’s dunny. Dunny, dunny. Shark?
    Must be. Shark. That was a beautiful bait too. I know, that was golden bait. I could cry. No way. Oh, I’m on. You on?
    Yeah, I think so. You’re on.
    I’m on. … or they just really, really came to life. He’s been playing with me for a while. I’ve
    just been giving him a bit of line. A bit of line. We’re gonna get this one up?
    Might do. It’s gettin’ dark. You can just feel it smashin’ the line. Shark. Damn sharks. Not again. Let’s go and get some oysters, mate. Everything down there’s got teeth.

    FISH STOPS BITING?! Our go-to TRICK before changing bait/location. Work for salt water | fresh water
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    FISH STOPS BITING?! Our go-to TRICK before changing bait/location. Work for salt water | fresh water

    January 15, 2020

    It’s the 3rd day after a cold front. Let’s see what fish will bite. Anchovy got us the first mackerel, indicating active fish. A calico bass followed, still on anchovy. The shrimp bait got us the first wrasse. then a surprising California sheephead This fish tastes good, but be careful with its sharp teeth. The bites continued for a while, then suddenly stopped Before changing location, we tried to slightly shake the rod tip like this and it worked! The perch also tastes very good, we let it go as we’ve already got sheephead This is my worst release of the day and we missed the bite from a duck:) The same trick works for other species as well let’s take a closer look I hope I was able to share with you the
    joy of fishing! See you next time

    Pink Kahuna | Pink Panther and Pals
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    Pink Kahuna | Pink Panther and Pals

    January 6, 2020

    MM! (whistle blows) (whistle blows, dog barking) (dog whimpers) (barking) (baby crying) (child laughing) (whistle blows) (whistle blowing) (motor whirring) WHA– (whistle blowing) (laughing nervously) (barking) (whistle blows) HMM? (birds chirping) (whistle blowing) (barking) (alarm rings) (siren wailing) AAH! AAH! AAH! AAH! (whistle blows) (laughs) (door opens, closes) (barking) (whistles)

    Simple Strategies for Catfish Fishing
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    Simple Strategies for Catfish Fishing

    December 30, 2019

    a few subscribers asked about catfish
    fishing so let’s talk about three tricks today. number one I found this point with
    the drop off to its left BIG catfish loves hanging out there
    this photo shows this spot even better the water is deep nearby, so I use that
    Asian style fishing pole for its sensitivity number two I fished a rock pile on the point, as rocks are fish magnet the catfish weighted more than 14 pounds and it brought me a surprising award for the month I used a two hook setup, the dough bait
    on the bottom attracts fish better while the worm on top triggers more bites. this setup has been explained in detail in a previous video
    titled “simple fishing technique for bigger fish”

    Fishing Joy 3D – Catch the Golden Shark | Mobile Game Review
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    Fishing Joy 3D – Catch the Golden Shark | Mobile Game Review

    December 28, 2019

    Hello. Today I’ll play a game called Fishing Joy. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the game. It’s the game that you’ll see at every arcade inside a shopping centre in Vietnam, I’ll start now. It’s pretty simple. You can choose the level of your gun. And we don’t need to purchase with real money. to buy anything to enjoy the game The game is totally free. However, if you want, you can purchase to buy other equipments. This game don’t require powerful shots. I have to admit it’s a bit difficult. It’s just like this, pretty simple. You don’t have to go to the arcade to enjoy your favorite game, the mobile version is enough to entertain you. You can play the game on your smartphone. There are also tasks given to you. Here, I need to collect 150 coins within 3 minutes. I’m out of coins. When you’ve run out of coins. you can tap on the Free Coin button and watch a short, about 10 seconds ad and you’ll receive 50 coins You should spend your coins wisely. If you don’t want to watch the ad, you can purchase coins with real money. Thank you for watching. See you next time.Bye