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    PHILOSOPHY – Metaphysics: Ship of Theseus [HD]
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    PHILOSOPHY – Metaphysics: Ship of Theseus [HD]

    December 9, 2019

    (intro music) I’m Jennifer Wang. I’m a professor of philosophy
    at the University of Georgia. Today, I’m going to talk about
    the Ship of Theseus puzzle. This puzzle was recorded by Plutarch, an Ancient Greek historian,
    though it’s come up in many different forms over the ages. It goes like this. Theseus was this great
    mythical hero of Athens, who sailed off to Crete
    and slew the Minotaur, a creature with the head of
    a bull and the body of a man. After Theseus came back, his ship was left in the Athenian harbor as a memorial. Over centuries, the
    planks of the ship decayed and were gradually replaced. Now, it doesn’t really matter
    that the planks decayed, or that the ship still had masts and sails and other ship stuff too. We can simplify the story. Let’s pretend that the Ship of
    Theseus is a very simple ship, made of one thousand
    planks and nothing more. Let’s also say that the planks
    are made of invincible wood, super wood, so that they never decay. In what I’ll call “scenario
    one”, the Ship of Theseus has its one thousand
    planks replaced very slowly, over the course of one thousand years. That’s one plank a year. So here’s the puzzle. Surely a ship can survive the replacement of one of its planks. In year one, when the
    first plank is replaced, it’s still the Ship of Theseus. In year two, when the
    second plank is replaced, it’s still the Ship of Theseus, and
    so on, through year one thousand. But the ship at year zero,
    the original Ship of Theseus, doesn’t share any of the same parts with the ship at year one
    thousand, which we can call “A.” So how can A be the real Ship of Theseus? Thomas Hobbes, a seventeenth-
    century English philosopher, added a twist to the story. In scenario two, a ship
    repairman keeps all of the old planks of the Ship
    of Theseus and uses them to build an exact replica of
    the original ship, with all of the planks in the same arrangement. So in this scenario, at year one thousand, there are two exactly similar ships: the one whose planks
    were gradually replaced, which we called “A” in scenario one, and the one built from the old
    planks, which we can call “B.” Now, A has the same claim to
    being the real Ship of Theseus as it did in scenario one. But B also has a good claim to being the real Ship of Theseus. After all, it’s made of the
    same parts as the original Ship of Theseus, in the same arrangement. But they can’t both be
    the Ship of Theseus. Let’s look more carefully at
    the underlying assumptions that generate the puzzle. One assumption is that ordinary objects survive gradual change. This is very plausible. You can’t destroy a coat just by removing one of its buttons. Maybe you then ruin the
    aesthetic of the coat, but that’s not what’s at issue here. It’s still the same coat. It’s just changed a bit. The principle that ordinary
    objects survive gradual change motivates the conclusion that
    A is the real Ship of Theseus. Another assumption is that an
    object goes where its parts go, so to speak, at least in
    cases where the parts are in the same arrangements. Let’s modify our scenario so
    that the planks of the ship are gradually removed, but
    aren’t replaced with new planks. Again, the old planks are used
    to build an exact replica of the ship so that, at the
    end of the new scenario, there’s only one ship,
    the ship we called “B.” Call this modified scenario
    “scenario three.” The principle that an object
    goes where its parts go motivates the conclusion that
    B is the real Ship of Theseus in scenario three. But it motivates this conclusion in scenario two as well, where
    there are two ships at the end. It doesn’t look like
    both principles can stay. Which should go? Let’s go through some possible solutions to the puzzle of the Ship of Theseus, some of which involve rejecting
    one principle or the other. They all come with disadvantages. Solution one is to deny
    the parts principle. This solution involves saying
    that in scenario three, the ship at the end is
    not the Ship of Theseus, even though it has all the same parts arranged in all the same ways. Solution two involves denying
    the change principle: ordinary objects survive some
    gradual change but not all. That is, sometime between the year
    zero and the year one thousand, removing a plank destroys
    the Ship of Theseus. The problem is that this
    solution seems arbitrary. Why would removing, say,
    plank number 543 destroy the Ship of Theseus, but not number 542? And at that moment, does
    the ship being built out of the old planks in scenario two suddenly become the Ship of Theseus? On solution three, the
    plank which destroys the Ship of Theseus is not
    some middling plank. Rather, as soon as plank number one
    is removed, the ship is destroyed. This solution involves denying
    the change principle as well, but it offers a stronger
    thesis in its place: ordinary objects never survive any change. This view was advocated
    by Roderick Chisholm, a twentieth-century American
    philosopher, who was inspired by Bishop Joseph Butler,
    an eighteenth-century English theologian and philosopher. Butler’s thesis was that
    ordinary objects like ships persist only in a loose and popular sense. Whether A or B is regarded
    as the Ship of Theseus ends up being something
    of a practical matter. According to Butler’s thesis, no
    ship really ever survives any change. However, not only
    is this view implausible, it implies that there
    are one thousand ships where we thought there was only one, as the destruction of
    each ship is followed by the creation of a new one. On solution four, neither
    the change principle nor the parts principle
    needs to be rejected. Rather the solution here is to say that A and B are each the Ship of Theseus. This involves rejecting
    the following principle, called the “transitivity of identity”: if X is identical to Y,
    and Y is identical to Z, then X is identical to Z. On solution four, A is identical
    to the Ship of Theseus, and the Ship of Theseus is identical to B, but A is not identical to B. According to solution five,
    the Worm Theory solution, we need to change the way we’re thinking about ordinary objects. Here’s the idea. I introduce scenario two like this: there is a ship at year zero and
    two ships at year one thousand, and the challenge is to figure
    out which of the two ships at year one thousand is identical
    to the ship at year zero. The implicit assumption
    that worm theory rejects is that ordinary objects like ships are three dimensional objects,
    where the three dimensions are spatial dimensions. According to worm theory,
    ordinary objects really have four dimensions: three
    spatial and one temporal. So there are no ships wholly present at year zero or at year one thousand. Rather, there is one worm-like
    ship which has a part at year zero at one end, and has
    A as a part at the other end. And there is another worm-like ship which has a part at year zero at one end, and B as a part at the other. The two worm-like
    entities have overlapping parts at year zero. This solution doesn’t require
    rejecting transitivity, the parts principle, or
    the change principle. After all, it’s no longer
    clear what claim we’re making when we assert “A is identical
    to the Ship of Theseus” or “the Ship of Theseus
    is identical to B.” A and B are not identical
    to each other, but nor are either of them identical
    to the Ship of Theseus. They both have the object
    at year zero as a part. That is all. As you can see, accepting
    any of these five solutions comes with disadvantages,
    but to resolve the puzzle, it looks like we have to accept
    some disadvantage or other. Subtitles by the community

    Carnival Cruise Lines Building It’s Largest Ship For 2020 LNG Powered Ship
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    Carnival Cruise Lines Building It’s Largest Ship For 2020 LNG Powered Ship

    December 8, 2019

    heyy everybody it’s Bruce here with
    traveling with Bruce I’ve got a story for you today on November 15th 2018
    Carnival Cruises has just announced that this ship that you see here is being
    built in Finland right now by Meyer Turku shipbuilders it is going to be
    carnivals largest-ever cruise ship LNG powered based in Port Canaveral for her
    home port a second ship just like her is also going to be built for 2022 the ship
    eleven hundred and thirty feet long a hundred eighty thousand gross tons and
    the talk is that passenger counts would be over sixty-five hundred people may be
    as high as seven thousand that would make her the largest passenger capacity
    ship at sea surpassing this ship right here Royal Caribbean Symphony of the
    Seas she’s expected to be done in late 2020 we’re gonna get her name on the
    next month or two and then her itineraries will come out you will see a
    ton of press on this ship I’ll keep you posted as the press news keeps coming
    out but they’ve started construction of this ship as of today
    carnivals largest-ever cruise ship join me Monday to Friday five o’clock Eastern
    for cruise ship news Saturdays at do subscribe today we’ll talk to you soon
    bye everybody

    Silversea Silver Muse Cruise Ship Tour and Review :  Best Cruise Ship In The World?
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    Silversea Silver Muse Cruise Ship Tour and Review : Best Cruise Ship In The World?

    December 8, 2019

    Hi I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers and I am going to take you on a tour of probably the most beautiful, most luxurious ship that I’ve ever been on! It’s Silversea Silver Muse. I’m going to show you all the features of the ship, the facilities, the dining options, and of course the suites as well. So let me talk about the different types of accommodation on board. It’s all suites and the Owner’s Suite is the grandest of all. It’s a one-bedroom suite, it’s very palatial and there’s an adjoining veranda suite so it can become a two-bedroom suite. The Grand Suite again is another magnificent suite, it had a real wow factor. It’s a one bedroom suite that can be made into two. The Silver Suite is also one bedroom suite. I really liked it. It’s avery comfortable suite and it’s pretty magnificent! And then you have three classes of Verandah Suites. You have a Deluxe Veranda Suite, Superior and Classic – and the real difference between the Veranda Suites is their location. So the Deluxe suite is mid-ship and in the quietest part of the ship. So let’s talk about places to eat now. There is no main dining room on board the Silver Muse. Instead there are eight dining venues, six of which are included within your fare – plus of course there is 24-hour room service. The first of the restaurants is a Silversea classic, La Terrazza. This is an Italian restaurant and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the day it has serving stations it’s self service, and at night it’s an a la carte restaurant. Atlantide is a restaurant that I loved. It’s a fish and steak restaurant serving incredible cuisine with beautiful fish and great steaks. It’s a great venue. Indochine is another great restaurant, and this serves Asian food – fusion food. It has Thai food and Indian food. An innovative restaurant is a place called Silver Note. This combines music and food, serving Tapas style food and there is music there in the evening. It’s a really fun and great concept. If you’re looking for more informal dining, there’s two places that are very popular. One is Hot Rocks. Hot Rocks in the evening does Silverseas famous hot lava stone cooking, where you cook your own food outside. It’s a great venue and during the day it has much more casual food like burgers and that kind of stuff. Spaccanapoli is a famous road in Naples and this is the name of the pizza restaurant, which is an outdoor restaurant serving incredible pizza. The pizza here is absolutely magnificent! Now there are two restaurants which you have to pay a cover charge, which at the time of making this video is around sixty dollars per person. The first is a French cuisine restaurant which is called La Dame which is a partnership with Relais and Chateaux, which is across most of the Silversea ships. The other one you have to pay a service charge for is Kaiser, this is a Japanese restaurant it serves sushi and in the evenings it also does teppanyaki. So let’s talk about bars and lounges. Well the most popular lounge / bar on the ship is the Panorama Lounge. It’s a quiet place during the day but at night it’s really where everyone heads to after the show and after dinner for drinks and music. An innovative and new thing to Silversea is the Art’s Cafe. This particular venue showcases lots of eclectic art, has lots of art books and will actually have art lectures. It serves food morning, lunchtime and into the evening when has little chocolate treats. It’s a beautiful bright venue. Right next door to the Art’s Cafe is a Silversea classic which is the Connoisseur’s lounge where you can go and smoke. So quite unusually for cruise ships these days, there is a place inside where you can actually go and smoke. But at night it’s really for cognac and cigars. Right up on the top of the ship overlooking the bow is Tor’s Observation Lounge. This is a great venue and there’s a library there so you can take books out and have a read up there. It’s beautiful during the day because can just sit there with great views over the bow of the ship and the ocean. They also have a cheese and wine up there around about nine o’clock at night if you’re feeling a little bit peckish! Another place to go and hang out is actually in the atrium reception area. So in the area where you’ve got the reception and the excursion desk is a great big lounge area with a bar. It’s a bit of a hub and is great again in the evenings for meeting people and having drinks. So what else is there to do on board the ship terms of entertainment? There’s the Venetian lounge. This is the main show lounge where the Silversea singers perform shows, but also things like enrichment lectures are also held. In terms of outdoor activities there’s a fantastic pool deck up on deck nine with a great size pool, lots of very comfortable chairs and loungers and there’s a running track. There’s also a spa and fitness center which has barber, hairdressers, nail treatments as well. If you’re looking for other things to do in evening then there is a casino. It’s a small casino. There are shops selling things like branded goods, watches and that kind of stuff. There’s also a card room. Another thing that’s quite unique for Silversea on Silver Muse is that there is actually an activity room designed for children. So at peak periods when there are a lot of children on board there will be facilities and activities for kids. So hopefully as we’ve gone around the ship you agree with me that this is a magnificent ship. It feels very luxurious. It feels very plush. It’s a beautiful beautiful ship and I absolutely loved it. Hopefully this video tour has given you a good sense of what it is and helps you to help you decide if this is a ship for you. If you like the video I’d love it if you left a like for the video, and of course I’d love to your comments. What do you think about the ship? But very importantly please subscribe to the Tips For Travellers YouTube channel

    The Largest Arctic Expedition Ever Is Freezing Itself in the Ice, Here’s Why
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    The Largest Arctic Expedition Ever Is Freezing Itself in the Ice, Here’s Why

    December 7, 2019

    Last month, hundreds of researchers from all
    over the world started the largest-ever Arctic expedition aboard a ship just over 500 kilometers
    from the North Pole. What makes this project even more unique is that the entire ship will
    be frozen, embedded in sea ice for an entire year. So it begs the question, why are they
    even doing this? For starters, it’s the most ambitious climate
    change expedition ever attempted of the Arctic. The Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory
    for the Study of Arctic Climate, or MOSAiC, will be studying the effects of a warming
    climate on the central Arctic’s atmosphere, ice, ocean, and ecosystems. By drifting with
    the ice for a year, the team will be able to collect the necessary information to create
    better climate models to help inform what the Arctic will look like as it continues
    to warm. “For us, there are a number of knowns and
    unknowns. The knowns are that we are going out to the Arctic with all kinds of instrumentation,
    more than there’s ever been on a ship before out in the Arctic. We know we’re going to
    get a lot of first measurements of many types of data. It’s our first look at things like winter time aerosol properties, first look at like scanning cloud radar measurements. Then there’s a lot of unknowns, and those are really related to the conditions that we’re going to encounter there.
    So the sea ice, we’re really at the mercy of the sea ice.”
    When they arrived at their destination, the German icebreaker, called Polarstern, chose
    the perfect ice floe to attach itself to, a crucial part of this mission since the ice
    needs to withstand the weight of heavy instruments. This ice floe will serve as the so-called
    ‘ice camp’ for the expedition’s experiments and a landing strip for research planes. Once
    frozen in place, the scientists will have to set up camp quickly, as winter is coming
    for roughly 150 days, and come November, they’ll be operating in complete darkness.
    And that is when nature takes over. Drifting at about 7 km per day, the frozen ship hopes
    to follow the path taken by ice floes along a phenomenon called the transpolar drift.
    This path will allow the ship to drift from the pole and move south towards the Fram Strait,
    located east of Greenland, where the expedition will come to a close.
    The ship will have about 100 people aboard at a time. It will be frozen in place, in complete darkness, while research continues. And the Polarstern will be at the
    center of most of MOSAiC’s research, containing laboratories and technical equipment onboard
    to take measurements and observe the environment. At the base camp, experiments will be divided
    into different hubs like ROV City, which will use remotely operated vehicles to observe
    marine organisms and collect water samples from beneath the ice. Or MET city which will
    measure the composition of the atmosphere using tethered balloons, which will continuously
    float 2 km above the camp. On top of all the research, the Polarstern will have a distributed
    network of observational sites operating within a 50 km radius of the ship, which will be
    equipped with remote and autonomous sensors to collect additional oceanic, ice, and atmospheric
    data. “At the end of our year in the Arctic, we’re going to learn a lot about the new Arctic system. With thinner sea ice, with the interactions that are
    adapting themselves to the change, we’re going to learn a lot about how the Arctic is manifesting.”
    And in the spirit of collaboration, the researchers will upload their information to a database,
    making it accessible to their hundreds of MOSAiC colleagues worldwide. So we’ll just
    have to wait and see the anticipated results of this expedition that could help us better
    map the future of our planet. Are there any other scientific expeditions
    that you’d like to see us cover, let us know down in the comments. Make sure to subscribe
    to Seeker and thanks for watching.


    The Paradox of Theseus’s Ship (90 Second Philosophy)

    December 7, 2019

    Welcome back to 90 Second Philosophy with! Today we’re going to be continuing our series of Philosophical Paradoxes with Part II – The Paradox of Theseus’s Ship! This is a paradox for the idea of Identity. Identity is basically what doing have –
    as far as criteria – for telling that something is the same over time. i.e. How can I tell if something is the same at one time, or a later time? So imagine Theseus has a ship, it’s made of some planks, a mast, and some sails. Along the course of his journey, one of the planks is rotten and Theseus has to replace it. Is it still the same ship? I think most people would say, “A single plank being replaced? It’s the same ship…” But what if we replace another one? Or Some more planks? At what point does this ship become no longer the same ship? When the last plank has been replaced? If you had the intuition that this IS still the same ship… what would happen if someone took all of those planks, the mast and the sail from that old ship… …and made another ship? Which one of these ships is now Theseus’s ship? Being a good sceptic, I’m not going to solve this problem for you. I’ll leave that up to you dogmatists that want to believe in concepts like “Identity.” That was the Paradox of Theseus’s Ship! Check out these videos and more at! And stay sceptical everybody!

    Bad Cruise Ports Where Cruise Passengers Won’t Get Off The Ship And Why
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    Bad Cruise Ports Where Cruise Passengers Won’t Get Off The Ship And Why

    December 6, 2019

    but it’s Bruce here with traveling with
    Bruce welcome to my channel today’s video is cruise ports where passengers
    would rather stay on the ship then go onto the port itself things are changing
    so much now in the cruise business with new ships coming out all the time even
    ports of call and people’s habits are changing first of all you gotta get to
    your cruise ship that’s part of the trouble right there long lines at
    airports security checks and everything else but once you get here you’ve kind
    of reached shangri-la no longer are the days where you get on a cruise ship and
    go to exotic ports of call now the exotic part of the trip is on the ship
    from formal dining like the dining room here or something casual like grabbing a
    hot dog or a pizza or enjoying you know a little bit of a fast food item near
    the pool or maybe something like a beautiful restaurant with a view I mean
    these cruise ships today are not like they used to be 20 years ago when they
    look like The Love Boat don’t forget of course you gotta have the Starbucks I
    mean you might be on vacation but chick gotta have home with you no matter where
    you’re going and this is a piece of home that cruisers insist on now here you go
    this is what we’re talking about this is a classic look at what a cruise ship has
    been about for decades you’ve got to pull in the middle with the lounging
    chairs all around it but look at this bumper cars in air-conditioned comfort
    ice skating rinks wall climbing walls you name it
    here’s one of the port’s where passengers are not getting off the ship
    the story now is upwards of 30 percent of cruise passengers are not getting off
    the ship in Nassau why well they’re just not happy with the hassle of getting off
    the ship and going into the downtown area there’s nothing to really see
    unless you’re on a tour you’re gonna run into street fairs like this you’re gonna
    be approached by people who want to sell you legal or illegal items and you may
    not really want to hang around this crowd and more and more passengers
    aren’t getting off the ship same thing in foul-mouth
    in Jamaica the same thing here unless your honor organized tour passengers are
    not getting off the ship here’s okhla rios another classic
    example you can take a tour but unless you’re doing that they’re just not
    leaving 20 30 40 percent of passengers are not getting off the ship those that
    do they end up at places like this but they become so crowded with a whole
    bunch of tourists especially if two or three ships are in town it’s not a fun
    experience here’s what awaits you just outside the walled gates that protect
    the cruise port area you’re just not wise to go here for a walk not hanging
    out with the locals just not a wise idea you’re gonna stand out like a sore thumb
    and they know you don’t belong here and some folks will be nice to you but some
    folks won’t Progresso in Mexico another port that has a few things going for it
    unless you’re gonna see the Mayan ruins on an organized tour there is really no
    need to get off the ship it is part way out here at the end of the pier a lot of
    folks have just decided you know what I’m just gonna enjoy the manatees on
    board the ship I’m not gonna bother seeing the old worn-out town here with
    some of the homes that look like ruins I just don’t want any part of it
    don’t feel safe especially if you have children just no point
    poor tyr to another port that sort of people love and people don’t love the
    the right across the street from the port is a shopping mall Kmart Walmart a
    lot of beggars here the old port has seen better days
    you’ve got soldiers with machine guns all around here so you’re safe in the
    port area but gosh step outside you don’t want to be doing it on your own on
    board the ship look at this you’ve got your pool sideshows this you
    just never used to have this twenty thirty years ago this didn’t exist you
    have private islands now in Labadie and Coco ki where you’ve got total security
    you have all the Western conveniences you have clean bathrooms here the Disney
    castaway key that children are just enthralled mom and dad can relax kids of
    course are gonna have a great time especially with these ship amenities
    right here I mean come on surfing on a cruise ship man
    you gotta love it anyway that is how things are changing in the cruise game
    they’re changing quickly dramatically there is no standing still these ships
    are becoming resorts unto themselves even more complex join me Monday to
    Friday five o’clock Eastern Saturdays at 2:00 Eastern we talked cruise ships six
    days a week live on my channel subscribe to my channel today hit that foul
    notification icon give me a thumbs up on this video if you liked it send me a
    comment let me know what you think about the changing world of cruise ships and
    ports because more and more ports are having a tougher time of it talk to you
    later everybody bye for now

    Shipping Container Types LCL FCL Import Export Business Logistics Supply Chain International Trade
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    Shipping Container Types LCL FCL Import Export Business Logistics Supply Chain International Trade

    December 6, 2019

    When exporting goods overseas, there are many different
    shipping methods to consider. It mainly depends
    on the overall packing sizes, total cubic measurement or total weight
    of the goods to be shipped. The most popular shipping method
    all over the world is the 20-foot shipping container. There are three main methods
    to shipping goods overseas: by FCL cargo,
    Full Container Load, by LCL cargo,
    Less Than Container Load or by Breakbulk Shipping. Full Container Load shipping is used when exporting
    a full container of products. These are predominantly
    shipped in 20-foot and 40-foot long
    enclosed shipping containers. Our IncoDocs chart below displays
    the most popular shipping containers used and includes container measurements,
    weights and door sizes for each. Dry Cargo containers are made
    in 20-foot and 40-foot lengths. The standard is a 20-foot,
    General Purpose container, a 20-foot GP. These containers can also be made
    as a High Cube container which have an increased height
    to hold more cargo. Refrigerated containers
    or reefers are made in the same sizes
    as dry cargo containers. These refrigerated containers
    are designed for the transportation
    of temperature-sensitive cargo. They allow everything from meat, fruit,
    vegetables and dairy products to chemicals and pharmaceuticals
    to travel across the world. Open Top containers are also made
    in 20-foot and 40-foot lengths. They don’t include a roof
    which allows the transport of bulky or heavy cargo
    that either won’t fit through normal container doors
    or require a crane for efficient loading. Flat Rack containers
    are unique shipping containers that consists of only a flatbed
    and have either fixed or collapsible ends on the container
    or no ends at all. They are designed to ship products that won’t fit into a general purpose
    or open top container. These flat rack containers
    allow transport of oversized, out of gauge
    and odd-shaped cargo. LCL cargo is another form
    of shipping method used when shipping smaller
    amounts of cargo. It will be used when the overall size
    of the goods for export is not big enough to fill
    a 20-foot container. When LCL shipping is used, the goods are still loaded inside
    20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers and they are transported
    exactly the same way. However, the LCL cargo is loaded inside
    a shared shipping container along with other parties’ cargo
    to fill the container which is called a consolidated
    shipping container. The freight cost is charged out depending
    on the overall product size or weight. It will be charged out per cubic meter
    of cargo or per metric ton in weight, whichever is greater. Breakbulk Shipping
    is used to ship oversized cargo that will not fit
    inside shipping containers. Any cargo that exceeds length,
    width, height or weight restrictions can be shipped by breakbulk cargo. The cargo is loaded on top of the deck
    of the vessel by crane. Large machinery, boats and steel
    are examples of goods that are exported around the world
    by breakbulk cargo. When exporting your products overseas,
    you will need to provide your freight company
    with detailed shipping documentation that includes the shipment type
    and shipment details. You can use IncoDocs
    to quickly and easily create all of the shipping documentation required
    to export your goods overseas. Try it for yourself. Go to and start
    your free trial today.

    World’s Largest Cruise Ship Tour! HARMONY OF THE SEAS!
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    World’s Largest Cruise Ship Tour! HARMONY OF THE SEAS!

    December 6, 2019

    welcome to the largest cruise ship in
    the world the Royal Caribbean harmony of the Seas let’s go on a tour of this
    close to a quarter mile long cruise ship this is the harmony of the Seas next to
    another cruise ship size does matter when it comes to cruising baby fun fact
    this coat burns close to 66 thousand gallons of diesel fuel everyday at $3 a
    gallon that’s over two hundred thousand dollars worth of gas running at full
    power every single day fun fact there when you first enter the Harmelin seas
    you walk into the promenade which is larger than most malls in America full
    of shops bars and restaurants 24 elevators service to 16 floors for the
    6,000 people on board you’ve got a theater that is larger than most
    theaters on land there’s an ice skating rink yes you can go ice skating on a
    cruise ship in the middle of the ocean the casino rivals most normal Vegas
    casinos there’s five pools and a kiddie area don’t forget about the to flow
    riders on the back of the boat as well miniature golf anyone ping-pong don’t
    worry about the food because there’s more food on this ship than most third
    world country the main dining rooms and I meant room because there’s three
    storeys of dining rooms bars plenty of bars even robotic ones and ones that
    raised up and down all rhythm had a balcony and plenty of space or two
    people on the back of the ship there’s a diving pool they have an insane aquatic
    show that will impress even the most well-traveled person private island sure
    laven Haiti is Royal Caribbean’s very own private area for people to explore
    and enjoy a day on land board on the ship and want to walk through the park
    don’t worry there’s an outdoor park area with trees and plenty of sunshine yes
    that’s a carousel on the ship Starbucks yep they got that more food no problem
    ate too much good well don’t worry there’s a gymnast ball it’ll blow away
    even the pickiest Jimbo I’m sure I’m forgetting half of the stuff on the ship
    from top to bottom the Harmonists EES the cruise ship in its own class I’ve
    been on different ships and this one blows the rest out of the water when
    cruising turns into small town city living on the open ocean you have the
    harmony of the sea from Royal Caribbean this cruise ship is amazing

    Gridiron Heights, Season 2, Ep. 11: All Aboard the Gridiron Heights Lose Cruise
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    Gridiron Heights, Season 2, Ep. 11: All Aboard the Gridiron Heights Lose Cruise

    December 6, 2019

    Jameis is this really the best time for a cruise? C’mon, Mike, it will be fun! We’ll just relax, eat some W’s… Welcome aboard. I’m Captain Men McAdoo Ben McAdoo, whatever Wait a second- I’M ELIIIIIIIIIIITE! KI-KO! KI-KO! Oh no, this isn’t a cruise ship… It’s a LOSE SHIP! Now that’s a boat! It’s not so bad. There’s free crab legs Ughh coach I think we’re headed for elimination Um… This is Eli’s fault Motherfu- Jack, draw me like one your zone blitzes Mr. Davis, I think we should abandon ship Oh, I love abandoning places! Kickers and Punters first! Kickers and Punters! Ha ha icing the kicker This is not your fault Coach Coughlin, I miss you so much!