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    Properly Waxing Your Boat

    September 15, 2019

    Shurhold, clean and simple. Hi, Barry Berhoff,
    Shurhold Industries. And welcome back to another
    episode of Shurhold’s Clean and Simple Tips. We’re down here at our
    project boat again today and I’m joined by Captain Sam
    McGinley, our demo captain. And today, Sam and I are
    going to share with you the proper way to
    wax and maintain your boat using Shurhold’s
    Dual Action Polisher Pro and our Pro Polish. Now, the single
    most effective way to prevent your boat from
    oxidation and sun exposure is by waxing it. Your wax will serve as
    a sacrificial barrier between your boat’s gel coat or
    paint in this world around it, keeping it shiny
    for years to come. Now as Sam heads
    off to the dock box to get the demo set
    up for us today, I’m going to talk to you
    about the differences between a traditional wax
    and a polymer based wax like our Shurhold Pro
    Polish and what else we’re going to need for
    today’s project. Now, there’s a difference
    between the traditional wax and a polymer based wax. A traditional wax
    has a surface layer that goes on top of
    your finish and that helps protect it in that
    way by creating a shell. A polymer based wax, like
    the Shurhold Pro Polish, actually has no
    traditional wax in it so there’s nothing there
    to yellow or gum up and it is going to make a
    chemical bond with the boat, filling in all the little
    pores and giving you much harder, longer lasting shine. Now what Sam’s collecting
    down to get ready for us for the demo , a Shurhold
    Dual Action Polisher Pro, a bottle of Shurhold Pro
    Polish, a set of buffing pads for the Pro Polish,
    some microfiber towels, and some microfiber bonnets. Sam should be all set
    for us now, so let’s head on to the front the
    boat and see what he’s got. I can see Sam’s finishing
    up getting all set here and he’s got the Dual
    Action Polisher Pro with the red Pro Polish pad. Why don’t you explain to
    us why you chose this pad and about how many we’re going
    to need for this size boat? Sure. This is our softest pad we
    make, designed exclusively for Pro Polish. You’re going to want
    to use this with a wax because it won’t
    affect the surface. You need about two for every
    25-foot section of boat that you’re going
    to be working on. OK, sounds good. Now Sam is going
    to get started here and he’s going to show us the
    process of getting started and the pattern he’s
    going to use for putting the wax on the boat. So what do we got here? You’re going to start
    by putting three dobs on the outside of the pad. That’s going ensure you
    have complete coverage when you’re waxing, it will
    stay on the outside. Go ahead and rest
    it on the surface and move it around
    a little bit, make sure your speed setting
    is around two and go ahead and get started. Now you can see here, he started
    with the machine touching the boat, and he mentioned
    that it’s very, very important. With all that
    product on the pad, if you started it
    up in the air, it’s going to sling that
    product everywhere. It’s going to get
    it on you, it’s going to get it on parts of
    the boat you don’t want to use, and it’s going to make a
    mess when we’re really trying to make it beautiful and clean. Now he’s working
    in a pattern here. Explain to us the
    pattern and why. I am overlapping
    in a grid pattern. That is going to ensure
    a complete coverage. You notice I work my way all the
    way down, move up a little bit, and work all the way down again. And then I’m going to go back
    over it by going up and down. And how long do we do this? We’re going to go until this
    product kind of hazes, kind of fades away. You won’t see too much
    of a shine to it anymore and you’re going to be ready
    to buff off the excess product. OK. Now, when it comes to
    buffing off the excess wax, unlike a traditional wax, you
    don’t need a big beach towel. There’s no fillers or talcum
    powders in the Pro Polish so you can use just a clean
    small microfiber towel and get most the
    boat done with that. But Shurhold also makes,
    right here, the Bright Bonnet. And this will make it
    even easier, a little less elbow grease. You can put it on
    the machine and Sam’s going to show us how
    he buffs out the wax and brings it to a final shine. One thing you want to make sure
    you’re doing with this machine is making sure it’s centered
    on the backing plate because it’s a little
    bit of a heavier pad, you don’t want to
    get out of balance. And really important,
    make sure it’s on the speed setting of one. Again, you don’t want
    to get it out of whack. Rest it on the surface, like
    you would with a regular pad. Start working that same pattern
    that you were working before. You’re going to be going down
    and back and then up and down. Again, you’re going to
    make sure you buff up all the extra wax you left
    on the outside of the boat. Now he’s going to do this until
    the product is totally gone. It only takes a second or two to
    get that last little bit of it out and it comes back
    to a beautiful shine. Now Sam, when
    you’re all set here, how do you check that
    you’ve got the shine? What I like to do is
    actually put my head really close to the surface and
    look down and see if there’s any smudges or marks. But one of the fun
    ways to do it is take your bottle of Pro
    Polish, put it up to the side and check the
    reflection and you’re going to see if you have a
    mirror finish out of that. Once you see it, you
    know you’re there. OK. Now once you’ve done
    that, how do you go about starting
    your next section? How far down are
    you going to move? Typically you want to move
    about six inches down and then into the next two foot section. That ensures that you
    have good coverage, you’re not missing any areas. OK. Sam is going to continue to
    do overlapping areas by about six inches and
    finish up the boat and we’re going to talk about
    how many coats you need to do and how often. First off, multiple coats. Think of it more like
    sunscreen for your boat. You only need to put on one
    now and one down the road. Multiple coats are something
    that a lot of manufacturers do to help you use more product
    when you really don’t need it. As long as you’re doing
    those overlapping sections and not missing
    anywhere, multiple coats are not necessary. Now depending on whether
    you’re in a northern climate or a southern
    climate will depend how often you should do it. Now, down here in
    Florida, we like to do it about three
    to four times a year. If you’re in a northern
    season like the Great Lakes, you probably only need to
    do it about at the beginning and at the end. Think about where
    you’re at and make sure you pick the
    appropriate amount of time to apply that
    sunblock to your boat. Now after you figured
    out how many times you’re going to do it, let’s talk
    about a couple of tips to make it easier. First and foremost,
    make sure you have everything you
    need before you get started, that makes every
    job go a little bit smoother. Next, when you’re using the
    Pro Polish, don’t use too much, a lot goes a long way. It’s a very highly concentrated
    product and if you use too much it’s going to be very messy
    and it’s not necessary. And that leads into making sure
    that your machine is always touching the surface when
    you turn it on and off. Again, we don’t want
    to sling that product and make a mess everywhere. And last but not
    least, make sure you remove any belts or jewelry
    because those are items that when you’re leaning or
    reaching across the boat, that you could scratch up the
    boat and work against yourself. OK. Now that we’ve covered that,
    let’s take a look at the boat and see how Sam did
    on the whole project. Sam, the boat looks beautiful,
    you did another great job. And I want to thank
    you and the people at home from myself,
    Barry Berhoff at Shurhold and Captain Sam McGinley. Remember Shurhold is always
    here to help you keep your boat clean and simple.

    Last To Sink Wins $10,000 – Challenge
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    Last To Sink Wins $10,000 – Challenge

    September 11, 2019

    abcdefgkjdwhder, 1dasssssssss kccsaacsacscs I’ll fortnite dance on ur grave yeet yeet i am a clickbaiter unsubscribe to morgz hes so friggin ugly so y can see my ads In today’s challenge, each contestant will be building their own raft these guys are epicly ugly and when they win, after the they just give the money back to me , let’s start click baiting My name is Bald Martin and I am contestant number 1 I think I’ve got a good chance at winning this challeng Because I’m not heavy, unlike contestant number 2 wHaT? I may be a little heavy because I am, a 1000 lbs all that means though is I’ll just make a stronger wrath And finally That leaves me Contestant number three, I’m smart. I’m creative and I want to stay out of that freezing cold water So I know for sure I’m gonna win this challenge Each contestant will have one hour to build their raft and then will enter the pool with one we will sink click away oh, uh and one last thing. I forgot to mention time Starts now Im off! Okay, guys I’ve just arrived at B&Q in case you don’t know B&Q is a DIY shop And it’s filled with loads of supplies that I know will help me with today’s challenge now I’m not sure where Mum and Martin are but hopefully they won’t have came here because I don’t want them stealing my supplies Team morgz, let’s get in there and let’s start crafting our raft Okay, guys, I’m inside being to you right now. I’m just looking around trying to find some supplies for my raft Hey, excuse me lady stop right there (Gasp) Morgan?! What are you doin’ ‘ere? What am I doing here more like what are you doing here? Are you copying my items again? I am sick of it SERIOUSLY?!? Again? Hey! You! Stop right there! (Gasp) Morgan, Jill what are you doin’ ‘ere? What we doing here what are you doing here? Are you trying to copy us? Wait a sec, you’re copying me? No, Morgan You’re copying me. I think you two are copying me. I’m not copying you or Jill Morgan You’re definitely copying Martin. No Jo, I think Morgan’s copying you Martin Jill. I’m not copying either of you So does that mean that I’m copying Martin? No, Jill I think that means am copying you but does that mean that we’re both copying Morgan? .Both of you just shut up I don’t care who’s copying you I’m off to get my supplies. Yeah, Morgan me too. Martin. Stop copying me No Jill you’re copying me remember? wait, so does that mean that if Martin’s copying Morgan then does that mean that I’m copying Morgan? I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! Okay, guys, I’ve been thinking for a few minutes and I think I’ve come up with a plan I found a sheet of wood and I’m gonna craft this into a raft let me explain my sheet of wood has a big surface area so it can be hard to sink and And everyone knows boats are square However, the sheet of wood will not be no I need to get creative and think well, it’s gonna attach to this to make it even harder to sink And also I need to be quick Hi guys. I’ve been looking around this shop and I’ve just come up with that great idea I found these extra large black tools and check this out guys. I can fix inside it. This is really really comfortable So since it’s tub, it’s so big and Hollow inside. I think this is gonna stay a float However, I just use this tube as it is it will tip over and I could fall into the water So I’m gonna keep looking around and see if I can find anything else to add to this tool team bald. I’m feeling confident Okay, guys, I’m just around the entire shop and to be completely honest I haven’t got any ideas of what to build. I need something that I can sit on. There’s gonna keep me a float That’s gonna keep me comfortable and I just can’t think of anything. I literally just need something to sit on like a chair If I get chair and then find something to attach on to it to help keep it afloat Not only will I not sink, but I’ll be comfortable at the same time.Morgz, you’re a genius Now let’s go get a chair Okay, guys, I’ve been looking around and I think I found a perfect thing to add to my board. Check this out guys It’s polystyrene.Polystyrene is very light and it definitely floats So if I cover my board with polystyrene? It’s gonna take me one step closer to building the Unsinkable raft. Oh guys check this out I have just found the perfect thing to add to my top. These massive rolls are over think about it If you attach one of these to each side of the top then it’s going to stop it from tipping over and keep it a float oh ho guys I’m a genius ladies and gentlemen I have just came up with the best idea as you can see over here There’s loads of water tanks. These are used to keep water in But today I’m going to be using them to keep water out If I attach one of these to each side of the chair, then I don’t think I’ll ever sing team morgz I think this challenge is mine right guys I’ve just arrived home with all my items My watch is telling me that I only have 30 minutes left to get my wrap ready So I need to get a move on so guys step number one is attach the polystyrene to the board. I’ve got a glue.I’ve got rope And I’ve got tape.So let’s waste no time and let’s begin crafting the raft Okay, guys, I’ve just arrived with all my supplies now it’s time to get crafty as you can see I’ve got lots and lots of duct tape and I’m going to use this duct tape to attach this bubble wrap To each side of this box, but remember guys the times ticking away so it’s time to get a move on This is going to take a while Okay guys, as you can see I’m back home and I’ve got all of my supplies at the ready Now I only just arrived by and I think I can hear Martin and Mom So that means I need to get a move on. I only have 25 more minutes to build my device So there’s no time to waste. So guys the step number one. We need to add extra Protection to the water tanks as you see this right here is just a lid So I’m gonna add loads of duct tape to make sure it stays sealed Guys my safety raft is complete, but I’ve just got another great idea I’m gonna coat the raft in duct tape to make you that extra bit strong Let’s do this ladies and gentlemen Step one completed as you can see, my floats are now complete. All afternoon now is attach the, To my tub and then I’ll have the ultimate raft However, I’m gonna need some more duct tape. I’ve already used a row Okay, guys the tanks are successfully sealed with duct tape, but now it’s time for the hard part I need to find a way to attach both of these tanks onto each side of the chair and I think There’s only one way to do. It duct tape duct tape an even more duct tape So what are we waiting for guys? Let’s get started Ladies and gentlemen, the raft is Complete and the heart of the raft We have a solid piece of oak wood and therefore the middle layer. We have some extra fleuti Polystyrene and to top it off and to hold it all together. We have extra strong duct tape And looking at my watch, I have 10 minuets to spare, so I’m gonna have some fun and play on my Peppa Pig Space Hopper Wait a minute guys, that gives me an idea These peppa pig space hoppers are really floating and i’ve got battle three of these So why don’t I attach these onto my raft to make it even more flimsy but before we do that one last thing we Right guys with five minutes to spare I’m happy to say that I have completed my wrap and I think there’s only one thing left to do roll the cinematics Guys as you can see My rap is complete. It feels solid Sturdy and I’m confident it will not sink and if you don’t believe me just sit back and watch ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am happy to say that my build is officially complete And now I think you guys all know was coming roll the cinematics Guys with one minute to spare. I’m proud to say that my rap is ready And I think that means there’s only one thing left to do roll the cinematic Okay, guys The one-hour preparation time is over and all three of us are here in our completed rats We’ve got Jill in her Whatever you call this thing Morgan it’s called the Peppa Pig Mobile! Of course we’ve got me in my floatie Chair Mobile and then we’ve got Martin in his box It’s not just a box. It’s a floating box. And of course as well as the rafts, we have the pool now before we all enter the pool and see who can survive the longest I Say we go in one by one and see if our devices actually float Morgan. Sounds good to me. Yeah, Morgan I’m so confident. I haven’t even got my bikini. Yeah. Sure. That’s the reason you didn’t wear your bikini. Ah What you mean? Okay guys mom’s device is in the pool and it’s floating But will it be floating once mom gets onto it free? to Go oh My gosh, there’s also put it on suet. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my gosh Oh Martin what do you think does this count? I mean technically she’s staying afloat. She isn’t sinking her head is still out of the water you know what Morgan I ellefuc:!?8/( eoncepjxoajxapxj mum suckszxxxxxx Think it counts. However, I don’t think she’d be able to stop him there too long. My legs are getting really really cold You’re right (?) Its freezing! Okay guys it is time for Martin to enter the pool his device is floating, but will it keep floating once he gets in it? Let’s find out. Oh my gosh, where we goes? Goes, oh my gosh. This is it Wait, wait, wait a sec. Oh My gosh Martin you go get inside a little bit It’s working. However, I’ve got to hope that no water gets inside the box. I also I’m going down like the Titanic Well looks like Martin has Officially passed and now I guess that only leaves one more person Morgz it’s your turn. Okay guys as you can tell the device is Floating but now it’s time for the big moment. Will it still be floating when my 200-pound body is sitting on that chair. Let’s find out haaawa hawwa hawwwaaaaaa wawwa hawwwa hawwwaa It’s a little bit slow people, I think it’s like check it out guys. It actually feels pretty solid guys I got a little bit nervous when the last water times started to crack, but I guess it’s holding up pretty well Yeah, Morgan, I guess it;s a pass Don’t think the left water tanks gonna last for much longer So I think Morgan’s gonna be going out first But now everybody is in the pool and it’s time to begin though asked to sing a challenge Guys, I’m not sure how long this is gonna last but hopefully not too long because my feet are already so sexy So he’s my boom Okay, guys we’ve been in the pool now for about an hour and so far my raft is holding up pretty good so far Absolutely, no water’s got inside the tube and I’m staying afloat. Just fine. Honestly, I’m having fun I think I could do this for hours as for Morgan and Joan. Let’s see how they are guys Guys, I am bloomin’ freezining! I can’t feel my legs any more. And as for my bum! I don’t even know if I’ve got ’em anymore! And these stupid Peppa Pig balls have nothing for me I’m staying afloat pretty well, but I don’t how much longer I can last in this freezing cold water guys Mum’s right about the water it is Absolutely freezing Jill said she can’t feel a bum well I can’t feel my feet. Just like mom I’m staying afloat pretty well, but I don’t know how much longer I can last in this freezing cold water Guys it’s been about one and a half hours since we entered the pool and as well has been really really cold I’m starting to get hungry. I just don’t know why I always forget to bring food with me to these challenges I could really use some sweets right now or a chocolate bar chocolate bar Chocolate bar did someone say chocolate bar Morgan? It was me. I’m so hungry Oh, well Jill, it’s your lucky day. Because what I remember to bring with me A chocolate bar! Oh Morgan Thank you so much. I really need it Yeah Mom it’s chocolate crunch. I’m sure you will love it. Oh, thank you so much Morgan. I’m so hungry I really need it. Well Actually thinking about it. I’m pretty hungry as well wait What it’d be a shame if I ate it all myself Morgan, no remember sharing is caring mom. You’re right sharing is caring but not when you’re in a challenge No! nO! Morgan I thought we were friends but not anymore THIS IS WAR okay now that the scene is over Okay, guys I’ve lost track of how long we’ve been in the pool, I’m just so cold I can’t feel any of my bottom half I feel like I’m floating torso So I don’t think my legs are gonna work again after this video they’re frozen the guys I have come up with an idea to warm me up. I don’t think Morgan and Martin are gonna like it. Oh, no guys What the hell is he talking about guys? This does not sound good guys. I need to do something to warm me Oh, I don’t think I’ve got any other choice. If I do nothing. I’m gonna have to forfeit. This is my only hope Im gonna have to wee in the pool! What you better be joking Jill if you wee this pool, I will never go near you again. That is disgusting. And anyway, this is my pool I spent $1000 on it. You can’t just wee in it Too late Oh No, I think I can smell it Oh nOo, Your buying me a new pool after this challenge. That is Unacceptable. Come on guys. It’s only a bit of wee, I do it all the time on holiday Oh, no, not acceptable behavior for 55 year old lady You know what Morgan we need to get back for that Joe Martin. I think that is a great idea GuYS WhAt YoU dOiNg?!? NO! You don’t have to do this! It was an accident! It just slipped out! I dInDn’T mEaN iT I’m your girlfriend! I’m your mom! I’m out of here Guys I’m so cold I’ve been in the pool now for what feels like an eternity and it’s just getting harder and harder as they always go by the Temperature drops more and more and that just makes it even colder for me. Guys. I really wanna forfeit and leave the pool Oh, I can’t do this anymore. Wait No, I’m not gonna forfeit. I’m Morgz! I’m the challenge King There is no way I am giving up even if that means becoming a human Iceblock. Morgan I know you’ve got a heart of steel and you never give up this time you have to there’s no way that you can last longer than me, especially with my masterpiece Morgan I came here for days weeks months Years, you might as well give up bro before you end up pissing yourself even more You know what Martin? You’re I I caught last as long as you but if you’re really so confident that your raft is Unsinkable and it really is a masterpiece and why don’t we settle this like real men? let us have a battleship 1v1 I’m the last man standing wins the $10,000. HmMmm. You know what Morgan? You’re on if you wanna battle you’ve got a battle and there’s no way you are sinking my ship Morgan are you ready? I’m ready Martin are you ready? I’m ready Well guys is time for the final battle Three two one go Morgans trying to fill Martin’s boat with water. He’s trying to sink ‘im! Martin is retaliating These guys are really going for it! OOOH Morgans going with the back of the boat. He’s tryin’ to sink Martin by pushing into his boat ThIS IS CraZy. I have never seen anything like this in my life! Martin is stuck in the corner! OoH OoH! He’s grabbing Martin’s boat He’s trying to sink him! ThIS iS cRaZy ThIs Is LiKe NoThInG iV’e SeEn BeFoRe Martin’s boat is full! NO! Morgan’s done it! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH Ladies and gentlemen, your winner is Morgz YESSSSSSSSS Guys make sure you subscribe to the channel. We are on the road to 10 million Subscribers and make sure you cop the brand new Spray-paint morgz merch is gonna be available below this video right now in the merch shell Thanks for watching. Peace out

    How to Sail a Boat : The Parts of a Sailboat: Free Online Sailing Lessons for Beginners
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    How to Sail a Boat : The Parts of a Sailboat: Free Online Sailing Lessons for Beginners

    September 3, 2019

    To start out with, what we want to do is introduce
    ourselves to the boat, the boat we’re going to be sailing on today is a Colgate 26, it’s
    26 feet long, it weighs about 2600 pounds. 1000 pounds of that is in the keel, the keel
    is made out of lead and it sticks out of the bottom of the boat and that’s what keeps
    us from tipping over. Many new sailors when they first get on a sail boat are surprised
    that when the wind blows, the boat leans over a little bit and these boats will do that,
    however that keel that weighs a 1000 pounds will keep it from tipping all the way over.
    The Colgate 26 was designed for us, we conceived of it and designed it specifically for introducing
    new sailors to the sport of sailing because of that we got some extra safety features
    and some performance features on it that are not found on many boats. The first and most
    important safety feature of course is the idea that this boat can’t tip over, no matter
    how hard the wind blows. We also have positive flotation that means that if something did
    go wrong, this boat can’t sink. There’s solid metal rails around the boat which give
    new sailors a sense of security and are also handy for holding onto when the boat leans

    My Cardboard Boat Racing Experience
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    My Cardboard Boat Racing Experience

    September 1, 2019

    What’s in the box? ◉_◉ I said what’s in the box? ◉_◉ I said WHAT’S IN THE BOOOOOX!?!
    *SCREAMS* *GUNSHOTS* I can make a great boat out of this. So this one time when I was in the third grade, for some reason our teacher thought it would be a good idea to get his entire class to participate in a… cardboard boat race! 😀 Cardboard boat racing is this event where teams of people build their own boats out of cardboard, and then race against other people’s cardboard boats. Now, you might be thinking that cardboard really isn’t the best material to make a boat out of. And you’re right. – But cardboard is cheap – But cardboard is cheap
    – You can get big pieces of it – But cardboard is cheap
    – You can get big pieces of it
    – And they float in the water for a little bit Perfect for making boats out of! It’s good short-lived entertainment. It’s yachts of fun! Apparently, a lot of other schools got their students to do cardboard boat racing I thought it was just a strange thing my teacher made us do, but if other teachers did it, I guess he wasn’t the only weirdo… I don’t know what cardboard boat racing is supposed to teach you Maybe teamwork skills and shipbuilding? I mean it would come in handy if I was stranded on an island with cardboard and duct tape and I could tell everyone: “Don’t worry guys, I learned how to make boats out of these things in the third grade!” But no one else in my school did cardboard boat racing It was just my class! And I think part of the reason we did this was because the class I was in was an honors class. So… We were better than everyone else. Guys,I need to tell you about how friggin smart I am! So in the second grade everyone took this test to see if you would get put into the honors class, which, I’m going to be honest, I don’t remember taking it I just remember my mom sitting me my twin sister down and telling us that we weren’t going to be in the same class anymore because I made it into the honors classes and my sister didn’t… HA HA! Loser! The honors program was called DOGS which stood for… Daaaaaaaaaang! Original gangsta students! Okay, that’s not actually the name. I made that up. If you got accepted into DOGS you stayed in the DOGS program for the rest of Elementary school! So I basically had the same kids in my class for five school years And our class became known as the Dogs Kids. I think since I was in the dogs program,
    I wasn’t bullied nearly as much as I should have been Because everyone in my class was a huge nerd! So I never really learned how to interact with people socially because I already knew everyone in my class So all the DOGS were cool with each other, But all the non-DOGS hated us. They thought that us DOGS thought that we were SOOOO much better than them… And we were. Now call me old-fashioned, but I think the third grade is a little too soon to tell if you’re smart or not. I would say that the DOGS program… did NOT make me a smarter person. I don’t speak for everyone This was just my experience But in high school my twin sister was a WAY better student! High school didn’t have the DOGS program So me and my sister were in the same classes again. And she was a straight-A student while I was about a straight B and C student. So all the math I’ve learned is telling me that something’s not adding up. It probably had nothing to do with being in the honors program in Elementary School I probably just procrastinated a lot in high school Okay now let’s get back to the actual topic of the video. Leading up to the event the teacher wanted us to stay after school to help make the boats. And I being the loyal DOG that I was stayed after school exactly zero times Sorry dudes, I take the bus home! and last time I missed the bus my mom got mad at me and I cried And she had to pick me up So actually if I was deserted on an island I wouldn’t be much help I would have to get my mom to pick me up. This event was at a medium-sized, man-made lake in Arizona because We don’t, have real lakes.
    They’re all man-made. And it was right next to a college and a lot of college kids like to get drunk there We ended up making two boats: One was white, and one was blue with a dragon head at the front and the tail in the back They both could hold 10 people. There wasn’t enough room for everyone in the class to get a spot on the boat, and the kids who actually helped build it got a reserved seat But since I was a scrawny white boy that didn’t take up much space, I got to sit in the very front!! Because they were the coolest and smallest seats The person who I sat next to was this girl named Priscilla I still keep in contact with her and I asked if I could say her name in this video and she said yes. Later in life, she was the first girl to ever… Later in life, she was the first girl to ever… slap me I didn’t ask permission to tell that story. While we were waiting for our turn to race, my dad got me a snow cone, and that snow cone was the very first time I remember getting a brain freeze. “It hurts to eat this.” “Yeah, they do that.”(james way of relating to people) When it was our turn, we rode the boat out and we actually stayed afloat. I mean it was only a couple inches away from sinking… But it worked!! My mom told me beforehand that if the boat sunk, I should kick off my shoes because that would weigh me down And I would drown. Thanks for the vote of confidence Mom(!) And I remember being so afraid of the boat sinking. Not because I could drown, but because I didn’t want to lose my shoes! 🙁 So there were a bunch of eight-year-olds in a glorified Cardboard box on a lake with three other boxes filled with drunk college students. The course we had to take was pretty simple it only Had two left turns should have been a piece of cake and we were doing pretty good… … until we had to make the first left turn. We messed up on that part… We practiced turning on land all the time! But for SOME reason when we were in the water our turning maneuver wasn’t working we kind of just… drifted forward. We were pretty much all stranded we didn’t know how to drive this thing and we were running out of time since the Cardboard doesn’t last that long when it’s wet… But there were these Lifeguards slash helper people going around in canoes and one person came up to our boat And he just kind of pushed it with his paddle *pushy pushy* and he turned the boat and we were back in the race!! Well actually by this point everyone else had already completed the course but We’re still floating. We were still going to finish this! When it came time for the second turn… The same thing happened. We didn’t learn anything; they never taught us this in honors classes. By this point, the next four people racing just went, they got tired of waiting. And while the canoe boat guy was trying to teach us how to turn, the other boats just passed us. Eventually we did get the turning thing down and we made it back to shore! The boat stayed up the entire time. Out of the four people we raced against we came in eighth… I kind of wish something bad did happen Like the boat flipped over or a shark ate one of the kids! That would have been a better YouTube video… But that also would have been LYING! And then afterwards the president came down and high-fived all of us. And to prove I’m not lying Here’s some pictures of me in front of the boat… … we had to take the dragon head off because it didn’t fit with all of us. But we kept the tail and you’ll also notice how cramped the seats are and the girl who later on slaps me? Here’s a boat with a roof! Here’s the picture of the snowcone that gave me my first brainfreeze. Here’s us in the water next to a pretty big boat and look our other white boat is getting blocked off by the bigger boat! Notice how our boat is going in the wrong direction and how close we are to being submerged… And here’s a picture of the grown-ups Carrying the boat out of the water after a long day, and I’m not in this picture I wanted to get to land as soon as possible! Here’s a picture of me during Halloween I dressed up as a ninja I think it was the halloween after the bunny, and there’s a plushie of an neopet in the background, Do you guys remember neopets? All my neopets are probably dead now. Here’s a picture of me with a giant pencil It’s actually a model rocket, but it looks like a pencil! Isn’t that adorable? Remember my science fair video where I launched Rockets? Yeah, this wasn’t that time… This is a completely different model rocket and here’s me in a tub of animal plushies! And this bird plushie right here was actually my favorite I got them from someone else’s birthday was in the goodie bag. It was a pirate themed birthday. It was like You know a little tiny parrot I really liked that bird his name was birdie, and now he’s gone… and here’s me dressed up as Galileo. Yaaaaay a new video is done! Sorry. It’s been like a month since my last video I’ve been busy with three conventions all back-to-back But it’s good now those are all done! Videos should be coming back on a normal schedule and by normal schedule I mean twice a month… It’s so weird seeing these old pictures because in my head I Remember the exact moment when I sat down in the boat and being super Cramped and having to row with my kneecaps pressed against my chest. And I remember that snow cone too and just not knowing Why it hurt to eat it.. And now I’m looking back at these old pictures and being like… *strange sound that I can’t comprehend* I was a different person back then! I can’t end this video without mentioning the person who helped make this video come out on time. And that person this week is GingerPale again. Thanks, man He helped color and also FootofaFerret helps get some of the sound effects for the intro of the video Thanks writer. So everyone give them a big old hug and wear your seatbelt!

    Clash of Clans New Update – What is the Boat?
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    Clash of Clans New Update – What is the Boat?

    August 29, 2019

    What is going on guys Judo Sloth here checking in with you because we have a Boat in Clash of Clans. You may have seen this in your village over the last day or so, it’s broken at the moment but pretty soon as part of the new update you will be able to fix it. So what does this do? Let me tell you that the update, massive is an understatement, it is phenomenal, it’s absolutely brilliant. Where did this boat come from? If you click the find out button it will take you to the Update Teaser, How Do We Get Over There? What mysteries lie across those shores. Hopefully we’ll be able to share some more information with you pretty soon. Make sure to hit the subscribe button below this video to stay up to date because I will bring you all of the information as soon as we’re allowed to in terms of them sneak peeks. Now I haven’t done any videos talking about the update up until this point but now that the boat is within your village, it must be pretty soon guys. What are you hoping for? We have seen a few leaks if you will over the Internet and I’ll show you them in a second. Also leak my war base here whilst we’re at it, don’t worry I’m changing that in the near future, but the boat is also on your war map – what does this mean? Maybe it’s some kind of secret flying pirate boat, just messing with you guys, but if you do want to take a look it is there just for a bit of fun. Now let me just say that I can’t vouch for Galadon and Ash and Powerbang, everyone that’s been hyping up the update, because it is real, it is massive, far exceeded my expectations and the wait it is definitely worth it guys. More information to come soon but just throwing out there, make sure to leave me a comment in terms of what are you hoping for of this update and what do you think it’s going to be. Let’s quickly look at them two images that we’ve seen the leaks in terms of giving us a few clues. So here’s the first one. So you may have seen this a few weeks ago before the boat was in your village and you can see right at the top there, that the ship is an ornament here with the barbarian and hog rider almost playing chess. The other thing which people have been discussing in terms of these images is that it’s dark, it’s night time. Here’s the second image we found where again it’s night time, we see the ship on this one and we see all of them troops charging forward. So what do you guys think, what would you like to see, what do you think from these images? I certainly can’t wait for the new update, I can also confirm that there’s no Town Hall 12 and no level 13 walls. I’ve been your host Judo Sloth, make sure to subscribe for more Clash of Clans and until next time, peace out guys. Stay tuned for more CoC.

    How to Sail : How to Stop a Sailboat : Fundamental Sailing Lessons Online
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    How to Sail : How to Stop a Sailboat : Fundamental Sailing Lessons Online

    August 25, 2019

    The key to stopping your sailboat is to know
    where the wind is and turn the boat into the wind. If you can make just an aggressive turn
    by this one at 90 degrees then you’re going to help slow the boat. As the wind and wave
    resistance hits the bow the boat will come to a stop. Once we’re to stop though we
    need to get going again, the way to do that is to get the boat full off the wind by backing
    it. Here we back the jib to pull the boats full and off the wind and we can now work
    the jib and sail off. This is Kevin Winsley at Offshore Sailing School for Expert Village
    sailing into the sunset.

    SOAP CARVING | Sailboat | EASY | Free Template | How to make | Satisfying |
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    SOAP CARVING | Sailboat | EASY | Free Template | How to make | Satisfying |

    August 23, 2019

    SOAP CARVING SAILBOAT In this video, I will show you how to carve a sailboat out of soap. It’s easy to carve ! You’ll beed a bar soap to make a sailboat. What You Will Need: Soap ,Carving knife, Paring knife, Sculpting tool(or small spoon ,spatula etc) toothpicks Free Sailboat template. Click the link in the description box STEP 1:Carve the boat Cut out the templates. soap About 3cm thickness Cut your soap in two layers. Move your paring knife little by little. Boat template Smooth the top and bottom of your soap with the carving knife. About 1.5cm(5/8″) thickness Trace the boat shape. Cut out the boat shape with the carving knife
    and paring knife. Trim the bottom of the soap to create
    the bottom of the boat. Cut off the tip of the boat. Then, carve two lines in the tip. Carve a horizontal line in the side,then
    cut three horizontal lines. Repeat these steps on the back and opposite side. Cut a square in the top of the boat. Then,remove the soap inside the square with the carving knife and the sculpting tool. Your boat is done. STEP 2: Carve the Sails Use the other piece of soap. Smooth the top and bottom of the soap. About 1.2cm(1/2″) thickness Cut the shape of sails out of the soap Draw a line in the middle of the side. Thin the top of the soap. Other side Side edge of the soap. Don’t thin
    the blue part. Thin the opposite edge. Bottom Carve the mast. Cut the soap between the sail and the mast. Carve the mast in the other side of the soap. Optional: Lightly cut some straight lines in the sail. Make a small hole in the bottom of the soap. Cut a toothpick into 2 cm(7/8″) piece. Make a small hole in the top of the boat. Place the piece of the toothpick in the boat. Attach the sails. Done! Using the rest of soap, I made swim rings. You can make this wave pattern soap too. Click the link in the description box. Please check out my You tube community posts or social medias. Link in the description box. Thank you for watching! Please subscribe here! This book is available at Amazon!

    Sailing a Superboat Across the Atlantic in Record Time
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    Sailing a Superboat Across the Atlantic in Record Time

    August 23, 2019

    (wake thundering and hissing) – [Narrator] A few years ago, entrepreneur Jim Clark envisioned a boat built purely for speed. A boat so light, so fast, that it would shatter
    every record it attempted. In 2014… That dream became a reality, with 100-foot monohull, Comanche. – [Ken] It’s by almost any measure the fastest monohull in the world. – [Narrator] With her
    revolutionary design, she has since been dominating the world of professional sailing, blowing competitors out of the water. Now, skipper Ken Read is on a mission to break one of sailing’s
    most prestigious benchmarks, the transatlantic record. – It’s one of the holy grails
    of ocean-going records. – [Narrator] A grueling
    journey of 2,880 nautical miles from New York to the
    southern tip of England. The crew’s success depends largely on how elite navigator, Stan Honey, can predict, harness, and adapt to the Atlantic’s
    fickle weather patterns. If broken, this record will
    secure Comanche’s place among the most successful
    racing boats in sailing history. (slow mysterious chiming) – Overview of Comanche is really simple. It’s, uh, Jim and Kristy Clark’s dream to have the ultimate race boat, the
    ultimate monohull race boat. – [Narrator] Clark’s team
    analyzed every aspect of the modern monohull,
    then set out to build the next iteration of racing boats, principally designed to
    break open ocean records. – [Ken] The build team that we assembled are the best of the best. – There was no expense spared
    in creating this thing. It’s either carbon or titanium. – With the engineering structure, with the use of carbon fiber, with this canting keel mechanism, this boat is literally half the weight of a boat like this,
    even 10, 15 years ago. – Ken Read, the skipper,
    and Jim Clark, the owner, gave the designer a
    very, very clear mission, which was to design and build
    the fastest possible boat that was legal to enter into the major ocean races around the world, and to, ideally, set the course
    records for these events. That sort of clarity of
    objective was, I think, critical to the boat coming out the way it did. – You know, it’s meant to make a statement in the sailing world,
    and you can just tell by its outward appearance, it
    makes a statement. (laughs) – The level of detail that they
    take in building these boats then filters down throughout
    the whole sailing team. – Ken is among the best
    sailors in the world. He’s a commentator for the America’s Cup, he’s extremely
    knowledgeable, you know, about sailing, and he’s a great skipper. – Ultimately, what I’m
    pretty good at doin’ is getting a compatible group of all-stars from all around the globe, that can actually handle a boat like this. It’s like a Formula One car: You let it get away from
    you, it’ll get away from you. – It is a very dangerous boat. Everybody who is onboard this boat either has America’s
    Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, Grand Prix high-end racing background. It’s their career; it’s their job. – My job, specifically,
    is really quite easy: I get to sail the coolest
    boat in the world. I guess, as the skipper of the boat, I’m ultimately responsible
    for the safety of the crew, the big decisions, you know? I work very closely with
    Stan Honey, the navigator, on where we position
    ourselves in the ocean. It’s critical, because the
    navigator and the skipper work together very closely. And then where we overlap
    and work together, is in the tactic area. – The boat’s a 100-foot screamin’ machine, that has been built to break
    every record in the world that we can, and she’s
    on her way to doing that. – [Stan] Once in the water, Comanche went straight
    for her competitors. – Wild Oats is the boat to knock off, and we’re here for a
    reason, but there’s also three or four other really
    good boats in this event, that could do the same exact thing, so we’ve just gotta go out and sail well, and let the chips fall. – [Chris] The sheer size
    of it, it looks different to any other boat out there at the moment. (crowd cheering) – I think it’s fair to say, we’ve got the fastest
    100-footer in the world. You saw what it did off the starting line and what it did down that first run, and we were 30 miles ahead when we broke. We love this boat. – [Jim] We’ve had good
    luck, racing in those races and setting the records. – This boat’s unique, because it’s the fastest
    in the world. (laughs) – [Narrator] With wind in
    their sails, the Comanche team set their sights on sailing’s
    most prestigious prize, the transatlantic record. – Stan Honey is a legend in our sport. When you think of all
    the great navigators, Stan is one of those guys right at the top of the list who comes to mind. The amount of work that he puts into it, to make these attempts happen, without him, it wouldn’t happen. – So, uh, the transatlantic monohull record is probably the most prestigious
    sailing record of any. – [Narrator] In 1905,
    the transatlantic record was first set by the schooner, Atlantic. It took her 12 days and
    four hours to cross, a benchmark that stood for 100 years. Since then, only four boats
    have improved on her record. – [Ken] The current project
    we’re setting out to do is to try to set the monohull record for the fastest transatlantic passage. That record is currently set at six days, 17 hours, by Mari-Cha. – Mari-Cha did as well
    as any boat could do in that tactic, where you’re
    gonna have to use two systems to get across the ocean. So what we were trying to do was to take an entirely
    different approach, which nobody had ever
    done before in a monohull, but take a single system
    all the way across. – You know, he watches the weather,
    just religiously, looking for all these small little things that might happen. – I had access to 11 years
    of historical weather data, so I routed Comanche every six hours for each of the last 11 years,
    from June through November, and what I discovered was that there was only two
    possibilities per year, on average, where Comanche could stay
    ahead of a southwesterly storm the whole way across. – You can’t take the ocean for granted. This is man against ocean, this
    is man against the elements. If I’ve learned anything,
    you start to just get a little cocky in the
    ocean and it’ll bite you, hard. – [Narrator] July, 2016. Stan Honey spots a moving
    low in the westerlies, potentially favorable
    for an Atlantic crossing. Within a day, the
    international Comanche team is assembled in New York City,
    waiting for a green light. – It was kind of a cruel turn of fate that it turned out that the
    perfect weather had evolved at a time when Kenny couldn’t join us. – For Ken, it just came at a period where he had a prior commitment
    with the America’s Cup, but that’s the nature of weather. – [Narrator] If Comanche launches, Captain Casey Smith will
    take the helm as skipper. – I’ll (expletive) my pants to start with. (laughs) – But at that point, Kenny
    knew just how hard it is to find these opportunities, and said, “Okay, well, I can’t make
    it, but you guys gotta go.” – To be able to be told that, “Hey, you’re gonna be the guy in charge,” and I was really, really
    happy to be in that position and trusted like that. – Casey is an enormously
    experienced sailor, and he was the boat
    captain, so he’s the guy in charge of moving the
    boat around between events, so nobody knows the
    boat better than Casey. – Casey in the pit, Nick Dana at the rig. – The transatlantic was a
    very interesting one for us, because we had three false starts. You’re waiting for that exact window and you have to be ready at any moment, so your life’s pretty much on hold. At this point, we’re not that confident that this was actually, the one. – We are getting constant
    information from Stan. – We wanna start as close
    as we can to the front, but ahead of the thunderstorms, because if the thunderstorms catch us, you guys know what happens. – [Nick] It felt like a bit
    like launch day for NASA, where you’re waitin’
    for that exact window, and you have to be ready at any moment. – [Stan] This is the… put yourself in harm’s
    way to try to do something that nobody else has ever done before. – [Casey] And then when
    we pushed off the dock and started motoring out,
    that’s when it really was like, “Wow, we’re doin’ it, we’re gonna go!” Amazing. (tense music) – It’s real, it’s happening. We positioned ourselves about a mile away from the Ambrose Light,
    which gives us enough runway to hit the start line at full speed. We had the sail combination
    that we wanted to use, we had the perfect wind,
    it was time to let it rip. – [Nick] The acceleration,
    doing 25 knots to 30 knots, – Honey! Oh, this is perfect, guys. – [Nick] Doing that jump in
    such a short amount of time can often put you on your butt. – Copy, 16:58.16. – And we came past the
    Ambrose Light fully lit up. Everyone gave a huge hoot and holler as we went past the start
    line, and off we went. (wake hissing) (dramatic drum-heavy music) And, it’s pretty radical. You’ve got all the sail area up, you’ve got all the power
    in the world you need, so, you know, for a start,
    you don’t want to mess it up. (wake hissing)
    (dramatic music) – New York’s there, England
    is there, 3,100 miles now. We’re gonna knock this bastard off. (thunder rumbles)
    (wake hisses) – [Narrator] But just as they’re off, things take a dangerous turn, as Comanche tangles with a
    formidable thunder storm. – The worst part of it, the most dangerous part, weather-wise, was actually the first
    night and that next morning. – We started ahead of a front, and the thunder storms preceding the front came out earlier than expected, and kinda gobbled us up,
    which was unexpected, and you know, we definitely
    had to change our plan, adapt on the go, sail a course that we
    weren’t expecting to sail, and the first thing in my mind is, “Is it over? “Are we done? “Are we sailing home and
    going on standby again?” – [Narrator] For hours, the team battles through the wind and waves of the unforeseen lightning squall. – You know, you can’t
    control the lightning. The lightning does what it wants to do, and so you basically just
    put that out of your mind and focus on the sailing. You focus on what you can control. – I thought it was over. When the thunderstorms came, I
    thought it was actually over. But luckily, we were able to find a little narrow bit of
    breeze, up close to land, and escaped. – And we managed to just
    wiggle our way out of it and, uh, keep on going. – Well, tough morning, day two. The thunder storms, which were brewed up over the Central America, came out and got us. Now we’ve popped out the other side, and we’re back in the forecast winds. – [Interviewer] Looking good? – So we’re heading east at pace. – It’s probably closer
    to a dive expedition. We spend a lot of time underwater. All of our gear is our
    only line of defense from becoming totally saturated, turning into a giant raisin. – You’ve got 18 guys onboard, and it’s for 5-1/2 days, so it’s pretty tight quarters, even though it is a 100-foot boat. You’re sharing bunks, sharing bowls, you’re sharing water bottles for drinking and everything. – This race we just did a
    simple four-on, four-off, you know, traditional watch system. – [Casey] That’s a challenge
    in itself, you know, waking up every four hours to come on deck and do your watch. – No, you’re off the lock! – [Casey] And then off you go again. You might sleep for
    three hours out of that when you’re down, when you’ve eaten. – [Nick] If you’re lucky, you
    get your four hours off watch, but you never miss your
    four hours on deck. – When you’re off watch, you
    gotta do everything else. That’s when you gotta do the cooking, do the tidying up, do the eating, and try to get some sleep. The four hours goes by pretty darn quick. – So, you have your helmsmen, who are… They’ll drive the boat for two hours. You’ve got your trimmers of the sails, who are basically the engine,
    making the boat go fast. – So I’m one of the bright individuals that is on the front of the boat, that’s basically taking on a lot of the dangerous situations. Up front, we deal with all
    the sails going up and down. – [Casey] And then you’ve
    got a lot of the guys who are required for the
    muscles and everything, to pull those sails in. – The more prestigious of the records are set by boats where
    all of the sail handling is done with human power. – We have six grinding pedestals, so we have to pull any
    sails up or trim them in. We have 12 guys just going at it, until, you know, the trimmer’s
    happy or, you know, the sail’s up. – [Casey] You’re working
    the sails, you’re grinding, you’re steering, you’re always sort of losing, losing, losing, losing against the, the sleep. – [Stan] There’s no place I’d rather be, even though, it’s a terrible
    place in a lot of respects. – Oh, I wish I had new boots. (laughs) (wake hissing)
    (crew chatting) – Being onboard Comanche in the
    middle of the Atlantic Ocean is something that, you realize
    how small you are out there. You realize that you’re a speck. Personally, I love the silence. You know, when you’re
    flying an airplane across and you look down, you’re
    never gonna see us. It’s huge. You know, if we were to lose all
    communications and everything, you’ll have a hard time finding us. – Another thing that you
    tend to notice early on is how big the ocean is. You know, if you’re sailing around the world, you can just sail for day,
    after day, after day, after day, even on a really fast boat. – You have a lot of time to
    think, when you’re out there. The day slows down a lot. You’re living every hour. (water splashing) – It’s kinda cool to just disconnect, and you’re out there, in the elements, the wind and the waves… It’s nothing like it, it’s crazy. – You have a lot of time to reflect on everything in your life, but as well, you have a lot of time to appreciate where you are in the world. All of us were definitely captivated by
    the sea at that point. – It’s amazing. – You get the clouds getting
    lower, and lower, and lower, and the sky turns more and more gray, and then you get this sort of
    drizzle, as it starts to rain, and that’s what we had, all
    the way across the ocean. Just kind of this gray drizzle. – Things move differently compared to other keeled
    boats I’ve sailed on. One minute you’re doing 10 miles an hour, and then you blink, and honestly, you’re up to 20 to 30 miles an hour. – The thing’s a weapon. It just goes forever, and it’s
    not a really short awesome, but things being awesome for days on end. (tense music) – Okay, guys, there’s ice
    contours we’re keeping track of. – [Narrator] Day three, Comanche faces its greatest obstacle, navigating through an area
    known to have icebergs. – There was a very small
    patch of south-westerly that we had to stay in,
    and that patch of wind took us right through an area where there was known to be ice. (tense throbbing music) – Couldn’t see more than 100-feet in front of the boat. Fully engulfed in fog. You know, doing 20 knots, 100-feet isn’t enough
    warning to avoid the ice. – And it sounds crazy, to have guys on deck keeping
    a careful watch for icebergs when you can’t even see the bow, but a funny thing happens when
    you get close to an iceberg. The icebergs are just unbelievably white that they appear to glow. You know, you’re sailing along and the pea soup fog suddenly gets a little bit clearer, and then a part of the
    horizon looks funny, ’cause it looks like it’s glowing. – The consequence of hitting icebergs is so severe and it’s like you just turn it out of your mind. We just can’t. You prepare for it, but
    if it happens, it happens. – On the leeward side of an iceberg, you can get these small
    bits of ice called growlers. They’re too small to see on radar. You know, they’re like the
    size of a pick-up truck. If it hit the boat exactly wrong, it’s potential, that it
    could punch a big enough hole into the boat, so that
    the boat could sink. – To be fair, it’s hard to sleep when you’re off watch and go down below, because you know the other
    watch is going through exactly the same thing, so
    it’s a little bit nervous. Not my favorite part of sailing. I don’t like it, yeah. – That’s why, when we sleep down below, we sleep with our feet forward, so if you stop suddenly,
    your feet’ll take the impact, not your head. – Hey guys, we’re out of the area that there are known to be icebergs, and we’ve got 20 minutes
    till we’re out of the area where there’s any
    possibility of an iceberg. – Yeah, right now, by the GPS we’re at 22 miles, a
    little over an hour to go. – We knew we were on the pace. We knew that the time was right. (winches ticking) – And a lot of transatlantic records fail right at the finish. Boats get within a hundred
    mile of the finish, and then they stop, due to the light air. And I knew, once we were
    2/3 of the way across, that that wasn’t gonna happen, that that low was powerful
    enough to push that ridge and we were gonna have
    good breeze all the way in. – [Interviewer] What are you looking for? – Land, yeah. We’re looking for the Lizard. Should be on the bow, about 10 miles, can’t quite see it yet. – And the finish is off
    the Lizard Lighthouse in southwest England. – Now!
    (cheering) – [Casey] Thank you very
    much, mate, good on ya! (speaking in foreign language) – Essentially, we had crushed the record. – The goal was to improve
    Mari-Cha’s record by a day. We were able to improve it
    by one day, three hours. We pioneered a completely new tactic, which is the tactic of
    doing it in a single system. And it was just barely possible to do that with a boat like Comanche,
    and I don’t think it would have been possible with a monohull that was any slower. – This boat was built to do that. It did it. We’re all very happy. – It’s such a special thing, to be able to break this
    transatlantic record. Huge thanks to the weather gods to allow us to do it, as well, ’cause that what it really took. – I’m happy, I’m tired! (laughs) – I think, for everyone in the crew it was something they’re real proud of, because these records live forever. – [All] Hooray! – A record like the transatlantic record is one of the most prestigious
    events in all of sailing. Even if somebody beats our record, it’ll always show that Comanche
    took one day, three hours off the previous one. (laid-back synthesized music) (fireworks whistling and cracking)