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    Catching and eating WILD FISH right off RANDOM Beach!
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    Catching and eating WILD FISH right off RANDOM Beach!

    October 18, 2019

    Alright, I’m just gonna do a high-low rig Here’s our famous Squidy Bits this is perfect for porgy, black sea bass, striped bass, flounder, stuff like that really, I’ll just need a couple of pieces for this whole fishing adventure [Singing:] I’m so excited to catch a porgy it’s been a long time since I’ve caught a frickin’ porgy oh, super high tide here, huh? [Uncle Bill says something] [Brendon:] huh? [Uncle Bill says something] [Brendon:] bite already? [Uncle Bill:] yea, yea see? [Brendon:] There you go They love that bait, right? I’m on! It’s a nice one! It’s a nice ‘un! Oh yeah! Here we go There we go This is called a scup porgy. Oh, and I gut hooked it Darn That’s it I’m on! Look at that rod bend oh my gosh These are feisty fighters! Just for a little fish like that! Ok, th- they’re swallowing my bait They’re just engulfing it I gotta change out my hooks now Erin, I’m catching porgy nonstop I’m gonna catch a porgy and let’s fry him up! [Erin:] Alright! [Brendon:] I need a lighter sinker, first of all. So maybe I’ll do like a… [Erin:] One ounce? [Brendon:] Yeah! That was too heavy, O.D. That bacon smells really good! [Erin:] Do you want a piece? [Brendon:] Oh, thank you MMMMMM [Erin:] Too crunchy? [Brendon:] MMM, no! I love it like that! Dream come true Catching fish, eatin’ bacon [Erin:] Catching fish and eating bacon? [Brendon:] Yea! It’s all I wanna do with the- for the rest of my days. Ok, here’s the rig I’m using It’s just a single hooked rig with the, with the hook in the middle, sinker on the bottom And this is the easiest kind of beach fishing I know of The kind where you just go out and cast it out and you catch fish pretty much instantly Alright, fire up the grill! I’m comin’ back with a fish. I changed it to half an ounce now Where have you casted? In the middle? I wanna try over here I’ve taken my deeper here before and my fish finder And, and marked that this is like 20 some feet right out by the boat right there This is more like 18 feet right here Ok, they’re not biting it like this I think I’m gonna switch hook size oh yeah! That’s too small We need a little bit bigger than that Oh! That one’s better That’s still small though Throw this one away I got a little piece of bait like this off A little piece of the Squidy Bits And there’s been like three or four fish already I have smaller hooks, you want one? They’re in here Let me see No, those aren’t too small. But, circle hook, I don’t know You know, I never caught ’em on circle hook Circle hooks are for fish that run with it I’m on a fish! [Uncle Bill says something] [Brendon:] Yea, it got off As soon as I downsized that hook, man As soon as I did that and downsized my bait, I’m getting bites again. They wouldn’t even touch it before! Ok, I’m gonna go eat real quick As soon as I say I’m bringing a fish up to eat, They’re gone What’d you make? *gasp* oh my goodness! Oh my god, that looks so good! This is the fresh french bread, right? [Erin:] Mhm [Brendon:] cheers MMM Oh that’s really good Oh yea I had a fish the whole time! Wow! Swallowed it again I can’t help it that my bait’s so tasty There we go! They’re a little higher up in the water. The other one, I had the hooks pretty low This is a nice one Hopefully a better eating-size one I mean this, it’s a fun fight. Look at that My rod’s going all over the place oh, this is a nice one This is a nice one! That’s better eating *laughs* oh my god, that was funny ok, somehow I just lost my hook…and I caught a shell But, this is good bait So, I will use some of this as bait right here Look at that That’s perfect, I’m gonna use that There we go Oh my gosh, I got another one! I got this on the clam I just caught I caught a clam Or one of these barnacle things put it out for a tiny porgy [Erin:] Nice [Brendon:] That’s tiny That is teeny tiny [Erin:] It’s so cute! [Brendon:] Give it a kiss Alright, two fish! ‘Kay, so it’s scaled. Just need to gut it and then we’re good to eat it [Erin:] Awesome oh, it eats lots of shells and stuff It eats all sorts of shells yea, in its stomach, lots of shells ok, these are ready to fry up! Gotta rinse them off one more time with water ‘kay, I’m gonna cut some slits into it just so it fries easier just like that this way it’ll fry easier, it’ll get crispier Mmm I haven’t had porgy in a while How are these still moving!? They’re al- I just filleted them just now! [Erin:] What are you doing? [Brendon:] They’re alive! [Erin:] Stop it *laughs* what are you talking about? [Brendon:] They’re still moving! Look! [Brendon:] Come on [Erin:] Come on, Brendon [Brendon:] Breakfast! [Stranger:] Oh, that looks good! [Brendon:] Ooohh that looks good [Erin:] Careful [Brendon:] Fresh catch! [Erin:] Smells frickin’ good
    [Brendon:] oh my goodness, that looks good [Brendon:] If this is good, I’m gonna have to go catch more Ok, should we do soy sauce or Old Bay? [Erin:] Soy sauce! [Brendon:] Soy sauce? [Erin:] Soy sauce! [Brendon:] What would you guys do? Comment below! Soy sauce, Old Bay? Erin, you vote soy sauce? [Erin:] That’s my vote [Brendon:] Oh yea, they’re done. Oh my gosh, this looks yum! oh yeah! done And then we’re just gonna drizzle some soy sauce VOILA! [Erin:] MMM [Brendon:] Soy sauce porgy [Erin:] smells good [Brendon:] All very fresh, right here at the beach [Brendon:] oh yeah!
    [Erin:] oh yeah! [Brendon:] This is the life! This is the life. I love living out the back of my truck! [Erin:] Yea? [Brendon:] Yea, I do! I’d rather live out the back of my truck than in a house. For a week at a time [Erin:] Or in an RV? [Brendon:] No, no RV. I like the truck. Alright let’s take this to the beach and eat it and I wanna catch more Ooooohh that looks good. It’s crispy – the skin is really crispy Alright, tell me what you think [Erin:] Mm [Brendon:] good? [Erin:] It’s very good [Brendon:] What does it taste like? [Erin:] Fish! [Brendon:] Compared to the bluefish? compared to black sea bass, stuff like that Is it fishy? [Erin:] Mhm [Brendon:] It’s fishy, huh? [Erin:] Mhm What do you think? [Brendon:] It’s buttery [Erin:] It’s delicious [Brendon:] It’s delicious, it’s a little more fishy But it’s buttery, flaky [Erin:] Yes, definitely [Brendon:] Mmmm ‘kay, so now we are taking some of this meat off our leftovers We can make it into the fishcakes again by mixing it with mayo and um, Ritz crackers, relish, uh and an egg and mix it up and pan fry it So, we’re gonna save this for later [Erin:] That was fun [Brendon:] Yeah! [Erin:] I’m glad we did that [Brendon:] If you haven’t seen already, we have brand new Hey Skipper hats! and, man, these are some good quality hats Not like those old “dad hats” that I… I mean I, I’ve tried making some “dad hats” with the Hey Skipper on it and it just didn’t seem like very good quality These are some good ones And they’re available on our website Check it out in the link in the description below It’s a great way to help support us! We’ve also got squidy bits in our store as well. This is great bait for lots of different things If you wanna try it for yourself, check it out! Alright, Emma, if you’re watching this look away! [Erin:] What!? [Brendon:]She’s, she’s vegan! She doesn’t wanna see me gut this fish! [Erin:] How can she edit it AND look away!? [Brendon:] Oh, edit this with your eyes closed!

    BIG FISH from the Beach on Popper ! (Corsica part 2)
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    BIG FISH from the Beach on Popper ! (Corsica part 2)

    October 13, 2019

    Here I am, second day of fishing. I’m on a new beach now. As you can see, it’s very beautiful out here. I’m alone, well I came with a fishing patner. Other than that, there’s nobody. Except for the piles of seaweeds, but that shouldn’t be a problem. There are tons of seaweed in the water, So It should be good for fishes. I will start with a 40g jig, we will see. Then I will try using a popper or a jerkbait. Aie ! my feet will die here. I use a jig coz it’s very shallow and I need to cast pretty far. Is the water cold ?… oh yes oh YES ! Standing in the water, that’s the real thing !! I saw some mulets, mulets means leerfish. I saw something follow. Yes ! Oh no… Yes ! oh sh** ! Oh common they won’t get hooked !! Common, common ! I can’t believe this. I can’t catch them.. Unbelievable. Oh yes ! It’s not big, a tiny leerfish?! No, what is this ? It’s a weever ! It’s huge ! I don’t like this at all. A big weever, I never saw such a big one. I thought it was a small leerfish, but no. Well, a weever on popper. It’s paradise here ! I need to reach the tip of the… The problem is to cross this. It’s so beautiful ! What kind of rocks is that ?! The sharpest rocks on earth ! I’m in a hollow. I will use my good old jerkbait It’s all broken but it takes some fish ! I kind of lost hope for the topwater. The water is very clear and calm, I had 3 hits before, maybe small leerfish. They couln’t catch it, And now I think I had a follow on popper, but I didn’t see well. But nothing, So I’m going to change lure and we will see if, when the conditions are calm like this with a clear water, It’s better to play the card of realism. Well, change of beach, ther’s a man on surfcasting. Here at least ther’s no wind and no waves for now. And that is really what I am looking for. We’ll see how it goes, I’ll start with a jerkbait. You really have to fish the edges Very often there are big fishes just near the bank. This one is nice ! It ate my popper just right here ! YES Finally I caught my leerfish, at least I think it’s one. It’s hooked on the back, it happens often when they attack lure. My camera was off, I saw it and … These fish are so strong. Come here ! It still has some strengh Come here with me darling 🙂 I’d like to catch it. Common common ! I can’t catch it my rod is too long. All good ! It’s a nice fish ! A nice leerfish Calm down ! Well, nice leerfish ! I think it’s my biggest so far.. I approximately measured it, it’s not huge but it fought well. We’ll see if she’s fine. Yes ! Well, that’s it for this morning I finally caught my leerfish ! I can’t really tell how big it was I’d say around 2 kg Maybe more, maybe less I don’t know but she gave a good fight. It got hooked really… I saw it follow but my camera was off and I just turned it on before she took the lure, I hope we’ll see it ! She took like like 50cm from the beach and then ran of . A nice fight and I could release it so… I’m quite happy, I hope I can catch more. Maybe tonight, or another afternoon. That’s it, see you soon !

    Who Can Catch the BIGGEST FISH in 30 Mins?!
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    Who Can Catch the BIGGEST FISH in 30 Mins?!

    September 24, 2019

    (upbeat music) – So we are going to have
    a fishing competition between Ty and my dad. – I’m the best fisherman. – Oh yeah, that fisherman
    hat looks amazing. So all three of us are
    going to have fishing rods and we’re going to throw our
    bait in at the exact same time. In 30 minutes, whoever can
    catch the biggest fish, I mean, if you can even
    catch a fish in 30 minutes. – Yeah, so basically, you
    can only catch one fish. That’s it. So if you catch one fish, you’re done. We measure it, we see whose is bigger. After 30 minutes, if
    you don’t catch a fish, well, obviously, you lose. – Yeah, but the one rule is, is you have to take the
    fish off with your hands after you catch it. – With your hands! I don’t know about that rule. – Ty hates touching fish. – [Dan] He’s so scared of fish. – So scared of fish. – [Dan] That’s not really a rule. – [Lincoln] No, it’s not. – [Dan] I’ll help you take it off, because I know how terrified you guys are. – [Dan] Okay, Ty’s
    going to be right there, Lincoln’s going to be right there. I’ll throw mine out, but
    I’m going to give you guys a little bit of a head start.
    Three, two, one, start! (whistle blowing) You’re just dropping it
    straight down under the boat. Okay, there’s one strategy. Lincoln, did you just drop yours? – Uh, no, it’s over there. – [Girl] I’ll fish, too! – [Dan] You threw it out, okay! – [Girl] I’m fishing, too! – [Dan] All right, I’d
    better get mine out. – [Ty] I got one, I got one! – [Lincoln] A fish? What? – [Ty] Aw, he had it in his mouth. Look, he’s going for it! – [Dan] What the heck! Stay there, I’m coming. – [Ty] Look at this one! I barely have had to
    put this in the water, look at this fish, comes right up. – [Dan] Oh my gosh, is
    that the one you want? – [Ty] Right up, no. – [Dan] Oh my gosh! – [Ty] There he is. (Dan laughs) – I don’t want that one though. – [Dan] Pick a new spot, then. – Dang it, I saw a big fish right here! – [Dan] Dang, man. – He’s right there, ugh! – [Dan] That guy’s gonna eat it, unless you move somewhere else. – [Ty] Lincoln, be careful! – [Dan] Where’s yours at? – [Ty] There’s a small
    one coming over there. – Coming over here? – [Dan] That fish was
    attacking it, Lincoln. He was just jumping up out
    of the water to get it. – [Lincoln] That poor fish. You’re going to head out on the ski boat? – [Dan] Okay, Ty is changing positions. He’s moving over to this side of the boat. Good luck, Ty. But not that good of luck, though. Oh, it’s the same fish! – Got him. I got him, dang it!
    No, no, he spit it out! – [Dan] Oh my gosh. – Hallelujah! (Dan laughs) – [Dan] It’s too easy! – [Ty] I need to be out back here. – [Dan] Oh jeez, what? – I’m the best fisherman ever. (Dan laughs) – Woo! – [Dan] Lincoln’s got it! I hope it’s small! – [Ty] I hope it’s tiny! – [Dan] It’s bending that rod, though! – What is it? (suspenseful music) – [Man In Blue Tank Top]
    Kissed the house boat. – I don’t think this reeler works. – Yeah, it does. Wait, let me see. You go like this, look, push it like that. – [Dan] Ty is teaching
    Lincoln which way to reel. – Push it this way? – Yeah.
    – [Dan] That’s it, that’s it! Oh, it’s bending it a lot, Lincoln. That might be a big one! – [Ty] Do you have any image? – [Dan] Smart fish. – [Ty] That pole, jeez! – [Dan] Why can’t you reel it in? – I don’t know. – [Dan] Does it have a
    ton of slack on that? That’s bending it a lot. – [Ty] Oh, there it is, there, keep going. We’re on, just pull up, pull up. There you go, see it? – [Dan] Oh, that’s a catfish! – [Lincoln] Oh boy! – [Dan] Oh boy, catfish. – [Ty] Pull it up, pull it up, pull it up! Get it up here, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] Where is it? – [Ty] Pull, reel, reel! No, other way, other way! – [Lincoln] Other way, dang it! – [Dan] Lincoln, stop reeling
    the wrong way, it breaks it! – [Ty] Slow down, slow down! – [Dan] Oh, Lincoln. You get so excited, you break the pole. – Yeah go for it, there
    you go, keep reeling, keep reeling, keep reeling! – [Lincoln] Where is it? – [Ty] It’s coming! I see it down there. – This thing is huge! – [Ty] Keep going!
    – [Dan] That’s a big boy. – [Lincoln] I see it, oh my! – That’s a big fish. – [Dan] That’s a big one. – [Ty] Do you want to get
    the net and I’ll do this? – [Lincoln] Yeah.
    – [Ty] So you can get it. – [Lincoln] Yeah, yeah, yeah, thanks. – [Ty] Oh my gosh! – [Dan] There’s too much
    slack on that reel, I think. It needs to be tightened
    up, it’s just pulling it. Oh man, he is strong. Get it, Lincoln, dip it! – [Ty] Pull up! – [Dan] Scoop it! – [Lincoln] Yes! – [Dan] Oh, it’s a big boy! Look at that cat!
    – [Ty] Here, let me see. – [Dan] Oh that is so big. All right, we’ve got to measure him. – [Lincoln] That thing is massive! Come on buddy, breathe, breathe! – [Dan] How do we measure this guy? We need something to measure it with. – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Are
    we going on length or weight? – [Dan] Probably length
    because we broke the scale. – [Lincoln] Breathe! – [Man In Background] Okay. (Lincoln yelling drowns out speaker) – Oh, oh, yep, he’s good. – [Ty] Want me to hold the camera? – [Dan] Yes, don’t drop it.
    – [Lincoln] He is alive. – [Woman] Grace, do you want to come look? – [Lincoln] It’s caught
    on the net I think. That thing is huge! (girl yelling is drowned
    out by other speakers) – [Dan] Stop spinning, buddy. – [Woman] Do you see it? – [Lincoln] All right, yeah,
    I’ll take that as my catch. – [Dan] Where is the hook? There it is! – [Woman] Look at it! – [Lincoln] London, stop. – [Dan] London, stop spraying us! Don’t spray us! – [Lincoln] Here, put it
    in the water for a minute. – [Dan] Okay. – [Lincoln] Oh my gosh! Look at that thing! – [Ty] Yeah, Lincoln! – That thing is huge! – [Dan] Dang, man, that’s a big fish. – Pick it up, Ty. You gotta get it out of there.
    – Nah, I’m good. – You gotta get it out. – [Ty] No, just put it in the water! – [Lincoln] Here, I’ll touch you. – [Dan] Okay, Taylor, you are the judge– – [Lincoln] Yo, you’re slimy! – [Taylor] All right all right. – [Dan] You girls are the
    judge, so see how big that is? That’s Lincoln’s fish. – [Taylor] Wait, hold it
    down, put it down here. Put it up against the– – [Woman] Want to cut a
    piece as long as it is? – [Dan] Nah, let’s just let him out. – [Taylor] Dan, you know we
    could just do this with the net! (woman laughs) (cheering) – [Dan] Okay that’s how big it is. – [Woman] All right, that’s pretty big. – [Ty] That’s probably about a foot. – [Dan] Okay, we’re letting him free. See you, buddy! – [Lincoln] Don’t get
    caught on another line! – [Dan] See ya! Oh, he’s going straight down. Straight down. Lincoln, that is impressive. – I got that so deep. I got that, it was– – [Dan] Okay, we’ve still
    got about 20 minutes, Ty We’ve got to catch up here. – It’s hard to catch up! – [Dan] Yeah, we gotta catch it. – [Woman] It’s so big! I’m just going to catch the same fish, then I know I won’t lose. Okay,
    Ty’s got one, Ty’s got one! How is it, does it feel big or small? Come over this way, come on the back deck. Oh, that looks big! – [Ty] It’s big. – [Dan] Oh boy, oh boy, it’s
    pulling your, you got, oh jeez! I think that’s– – [Lincoln] Pull! – [Dan] Ooh, that’s a big boy! There’s another fish following it! – [Ty] I got, I feel like I’m bigger! – [Dan] That looks like a bigger catfish. – [Ty] Look at that, look at that! – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Oh, I think that one might be bigger. – [Taylor] Oh, that one’s big. That one’s way bigger. – [Man In Blue Tank Top]
    That’s a bigger fish. That’s a trout, though. – [Taylor] According to the judges– – [Lincoln] No, that’s a cat. – [Man In Blue Tank Top] That’s a catfish. – [Dan] Wow, that’s a beast! – [Lincoln] Honestly, I
    thought there was no way anyone’s going to get a
    bigger fish than mine. – [Dan] Here we go! That’s a fat one! – [Man In Blue Tank
    Top] What do you think? – [Taylor] Bigger, bigger.
    – [Dan] Look at this guy. – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Same fish? – [Taylor] No, bigger. – [Dan] Ty’s is bigger? – [Girl In Purple Shirt]
    It’s bigger, yeah, it is. – [Ty] It looks fatter. – [Taylor] Sorry, Lincoln. – [Dan] Oh, there it goes.
    – [Ty] Oh yeah, that’s bigger. – [Dan] He’s a goner. – [Ty] Woo! – [Dan] Ty has now taken the lead. – [Girl In Purple Shirt] I really thought you had that, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] I know, I was so obviously– – [Dan] I only have about
    ten minutes to catch one. Time is running out! – [Lincoln] I was just
    thinking, there’s no way anyone’s going to get
    a bigger fish than me! – [Dan] And then, bam! Ty does something epic. – [Ty] Dan just– – Ah! – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Can you see it? You can totally see it! – It’s so big! – [Man In Blue Tank Top] He’s so huge! – Check it out, Ty! – [Ty] Dan got a big one. (yelling) – [Ty] That’s definitely a– (speaker is drowned out by yelling) – [Lincoln] It’s so big! (laughing) – I got the smallest one. Sorry, I didn’t know. I was trying to trick the boys. – [Man In Blue Tank Top]
    But it’s not a catfish. – [Man In Background]
    But it’s not a catfish. – I caught the biggest non-catfish. – [Woman] Grace, do you
    want to touch this one? – [Dan] Taylor, is this the biggest? – [Taylor] I think it might, actually. – [Woman] Do you want to touch it? – [Taylor] It’s pretty close. – [Ty] Good job, Dan. – I did it, I caught one. – [Dan] I caught a bass, what kind of fish is that, just a bass? – [Man In Background] A bass.
    There he goes. Sorry, buddy. ♪ We are the champions. ♪ – [Dan] Let’s hear it! Where’s Lincoln? There you are. Okay, Taylor, give him the trophy. – Here you go, Ty. (cheering) – [Dan] Ty’s the champion,
    there’s the trophy. Lincoln, better luck next time. Ty, for the second time
    at Lake Powell, again is the king of giant fish at Lake Powell. The kid catches giant fish. If you haven’t seen that
    video, we’ll link it right here and you can watch it, but let us know what you
    guys thought about that. Have you ever caught a
    fish bigger than that? I don’t think so.



    September 16, 2019

    Hello and welcome to Corsica First fishing session I will start with a small jig Next video will be in Corsica If I am talking now it means that I took some fish ! I hope that this fishing trip will be successfull @$# ! OH DAMN ! They attacked my lure 3 times It’s a nice fish You want to take a pic ? A baby amberjack ! Beautiful tiny fish Fishing session With a very bad weather Oh DAMN ! Oh DAMN ! It’s not over because he’s pulling hard Oh this one … He’s fighting It’s a leerfish, same as the other one 2 times ! Man take your rod and cast Cast at the same place Yes this one we keep We keep it but .. I don’t like to do this A nice fish Another Leerfish From the beach in Corsica A bit smaller than the previous one I think So now I take out the bif weapon ! A bigger lure I can cast far enough We will see how it goes I saw some fish passing by But I think they were big mullets They did not want to bite After I’ll go back on the beach It’s a small one A lizard ! A small comber ! The lure is as big as the fish It’s a nice looking fish I have a fish ! A garfish ! I almost didn’t feel it Biggest fish of the season ! A lizard Even in Corsica

    How to Cast a Multiplier Fishing Reel for Beginners.
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    How to Cast a Multiplier Fishing Reel for Beginners.

    September 7, 2019

    Hi guys so today im going to do my best to show you how to cast a multiplier its the perfect conditions today to use a multiplier when you need that little bit extra distance because you need to get passed the breakers so hopefully im going to explain how to use a multiplier reel today right guys so we are down at the beach ive got my multiplier all set up ready to go ive got my rig on with my bait and im ready to cast out the first thing you want to check is to make sure you’ve got your breaks on i would suggest putting these on full if your new to casting a multiplier the next thing you want to do is put your thumb pon your spool to stop it from moving disengage the spool by pushing your leaver down or pushing your button in what this will do is disengage your handle from your spool so you can spin that and as you can see its not moving there once your set up and ready to go if you let go with your thumb obviously your weight is going to hit the floor so you have to click that back on and take that back up if you have got a leaver on and you plan on doing a bit power casting make sure your leader know is either to the left or right to the right depending where you put your thumb on so because im not power casting today im not using a knot im not using a leader sorry so basically put your thumb on disengage your spool and then go and cast out when your casting use your thumb on the side of the spool there to slow it down before it hits the water make sure you stop your spool otherwise you’ll get a bit back lash once you’ve cast out re-engage your spool and you’re ready to reel in when youve got a bite right guys when it does come time to reel in if you’ve got a fish or something all you would do is strik as you normally would like that when your relling in with this try and get this as level as possible for your next cast if you end up bunched up on this side or this side its just going to make your cast over rund the next time so if you can try and get it as level as you can just use your thumb and guide the line from one side to the other depending how fast your reeling in just reel in guide the line from side to side after a little bit practice you will get quite good at it and you will not really have to look just on a ight time its a little bit more difficult but when youve got your head light on you should be ok if youve got a leader know make sure you end up with it to either that side or that side first thing you want to do when casting your multiplier out is set the drop of your rig everybodys different everybody likes a different drop after youve set your drop make sure youve got your breaks on if you are using your breaks i would suggest you put these on full and as you get better at casting justloosen then off one by one untill you no longer need to usae them so what we are going to do is.. we’ve set our drop put our thumb on use our other had to disengage the spool and now its ready to cast out we are going to put the rod behhind us cast out as the rod comes forward you let go with your thumb obviously thats going to let the line out if you keep hold with your thumb to much you are going to end up burning your thumb and if you dont move your leader knot to the side you will end up slicing your thumb ive done that quite a few times so basically onve your all set up and youve got your drop click it out of gear and then cast as your casting you can just use your thumb there on the side of the spool and that will stop it hopefully stop you getting any over run i would suggest stopping it just befor it hits the water aswell if you dont all this will just bubble up and backlash ill show you what a nest looks like on the other multiplier because i dont want to use this one because this is the one i use for fishing all the time right guys so on this rod here im going to show you what a nest looks like if you dont use your breaks and dont controll the cast properly you’ll end up with a nest so hopefully im going to wack this out and show you what a nest is

    Introducing and fishing with the new 3D Needlefish by Savage Gear
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    Introducing and fishing with the new 3D Needlefish by Savage Gear

    August 24, 2019

    Δεν πιστεύω ότι υπάρχει άλλη πιο ρεαλιστική απομίμηση ζαργάνας Η 3D Needlefish όχι μόνο μοιάζει εκπληκτικά με ζαργάνα, αλλά συμπεριφέρεται και σαν μια Ας πάρουμε όμως τα πράγματα ένα ένα Για να φτιάξουμε αυτό το απίστευτα ρεαλιστικό σώμα, πραγματικά σκανάραμε πραγματική ζαργάνα και πήραμε το 100% του σώματός της Δουλέψαμε πάνω σε αυτό και να το αποτέλεσμα! Το να έχεις όμως την τέλεια απομίμηση ζαργάνας δεν είναι αρκετό Πρέπει να την κάνεις να συμπεριφέρεται και σαν ζαργάνα Το ξέρατε ότι οι ζαργάνες χρησιμοποιούν μόνο την άκρη της ουράς τους για να κινηθούν Στην πραγματικότητα αυτό γίνεται Οπότε το να δίναμε πολύ έντονη κίνηση σε μια τέλεια απομίμηση ζαργάνας θα ήταν μάταιο Χρησιμοποιήσαμε την νέα μας ουρά Pulse Tail και τα αποτελέσματα μας ενθουσίασαν Δώσαμε 100% πραγματική κίνηση ζαργάνας σε αυτό το τεχνητό και όχι μόνο Η ουρά Pulse Tail δεν σπρώχνει προς τα κάτω το τεχνητό μας όπως άλλες paddle ουρές και δεν επηρεάζει την βολή Έτσι έχετε μια παλμική ουρά και εξαιρετική βολή Ειδικά η βολή είναι κάτι αρκετά περιορισμένο στις περισσότερες σιλικόνες, όχι όμως και στην 3D Needlefish Τα χρώματα της ζαργάνας μας είναι μοναδικά και θα καλύψουν κάθε ανάγκη Η 3D Needlefish έρχεται με πανίσχυρο αγκίστρι θαλασσινής χρήσης που αντέχει τα πάντα Πως το χρησιμοποιούμε όμως αυτό το μωρό Η χρήση της ζαργάνας είναι ευχάριστη και εύκολη Αργή ανάκτηση, γρήγορη, με twitching, με jerks, με γρήγορο ή αργό Jigging από ακτή και βάρκα Ας δούμε ένα βασικό τρόπο. Μετά την βολή περιμένουμε τη ζαργάνα να κατέβει στο βυθό Η περιοχή έχει 30 μέτρα βάθος με ρέματα Μόλις φτάσουμε στο βυθό αρχίζουμε ανάκτηση Twitching μαζί με ανάκτηση είναι ιδανικά για αυτό το τεχνητό! Χάρη στο πολύ υδροδυναμικό σχήμα του κεφαλιού, αυτό το τεχνητό δεν προβάλει μεγάλη αντίσταση στο καλάμι, και αυτό το κάνει πολύ εύχρηστο και αποδοτικό σε πιο επιθετικό ψάρεμα. Η 3D Needlefish έρχεται με κρίκο στο λαιμό για να τοποθετήσετε assist hooks ή νήμα με σαλαγκιά, η οτιδήποτε άλλο για να την αρματώσετε αποτελεσματικά για ψάρια με μικρότερο στόμα. Η 3D Needlefish είναι φτιαγμένη από υψηλής ποιότητας PVC και έχει συμπαγές σώμα αλλά υπερεύκαμπτο Αυτό την κάνει να έχει τέλεια κίνηση αλλά και να αντέχει δαγκωνιές από ψάρια με δόντια όπως λούτσοι και παλαμίδες χωρίς να γίνεται κομμάτια, σαν άλλες σιλικόνες. Οπότε μπορείτε να περιμένετε περισσότερα ψάρια από ένα σε κάθε σώμα Θα βρείτε την 3D Needlefish στα 14cm – 12gr, 18cm – 26gr 23cm – 55gr και 30cm-105gr Με αυτή τη γκάμα χρωμάτων και βαρών μπορείτε να στοχεύσετε σε κάθε ψάρι Ακόμα και το μάτι είναι 3D Scan από πραγματική ζαργάνα! Ελπίζω να απολαύσατε αυτό το βίντεο, περισσότερα βίντεο με 3D Needlefish σύντομα! Μείνετε συντονισμένοι, ασφαλείς και Savage!

    FISHING PIKE IN SMALL DITCH – Holland🇳🇱 | Team Galant
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    FISHING PIKE IN SMALL DITCH – Holland🇳🇱 | Team Galant

    August 20, 2019

    this is how your fingers should look like after a good days of fishing I’m curious to see how long it is it’s like over 90 I think Oh good morning everyone I’m with Daniel Ayres and we’re just about to start fishing and we’re gonna fish with Peter Pan yeah exactly his friend back there and we’re in a typical Dutch city where they make cheese they make cheese here good a cheese basically every city in Holland there’s water and if there’s water there’s biking so what we’re gonna show today is catching Pike in the city here Gowda sounds good so let’s start to pack up the gear let’s go I brought my Swedish lower bucks with me and here I have like some flour now some fat nose hooligan roach booster york somewhere and then I have Genet the lock and this might be too big for fishing these waters but I’m gonna start and try because this works really good in Sweden and hopefully it’s gonna work here I’m gonna start to fish with this lure this is the flat nose and this is like the smallest Laura howl with me so I’m gonna try this and if this doesn’t work I’m gonna fish with the same guard of my Dutch brands or you’ve seen since I’ve never been fishing here before I need to ask my Dutch friend what they are using to see if I’m fishing the correct way how like what loves are you guys talking right now I’m using a bright colored spinner right the water here is pretty murky so I’m changing to bright colors doesn’t skort the big look yeah it’s quite a big lure I mean Mike they they attack anything so I just want their attention I use a big lure a lot of noise in the water and I hope they’ll fall for it he’s using a smaller lure going for the old-fashioned way and a little wobbler and we’ll see what works then we can change and so let’s go yeah and what we’re gonna do we’re not gonna stand with like long place we’re very long and we’re gonna young for like one spot to the next one so we try to really find where they’re pike are at the moment [Music] got one the middle of the city yeah not the biggest one but it’s it’s a star the nice colors though really nice and a good thing about Holland it doesn’t even matter it’s small there will be big one day but there’s so many of these yeah that’s that’s a that’s the star food let’s just start really nice I’m happy with it alright let’s unhook it there we go perfect nice little fish city Pike off she goes you’re wrong nice let’s continue this [Music] look at that stupid war it’s there’s a fisherman living there yeah always fishes outside of his door yeah go outside when hey that’s tiring but there’s no fish here oh maybe here cause I think that he caught everything yeah probably you want to move on yes you want to eat cheese yes yes let’s do it all right let’s go have some good at he will have been fishing for like a couple of hours and we got so much Sun but we can’t miss it they say they go down without they’re visiting a good cheese store of course of course so we’ll have one behind us we have one behind us we’re gonna get some cheese and it’s gonna be nice yeah yeah ever had good a cheese no never the real one so we’re gonna go for it we’re gonna buy one okay let’s do it right yo thing with the cheese no I wasn’t joking and I were just gonna visit the store look at this you can even try it out we’ve got goat cheese we got coming cheese cumin Cuban got cavities but we’ve got our green pesto cheese which which I really like secret herbs so which one are we gonna buy we’re gonna buy the spicy one yeah let’s do it all right just one yep this one let’s take it [Music] Danielle here surf the city buying some breakfast for us and we’re here at the first spot but I’ve never fished here before work and you have never fished before so we need to see if we are allowed to fish here but first of all you need this fishing you pass in Netherlands that’s costs approximately 45 euros but then you have like you develop an app – yeah we develop this app so you need to fist pass and the best planner app to see where you can fish you just used the GPS location and you show it on the map we’re at the blue point and you see this dark blue channel dark blue means you’re allowed to fish here with the vistas so does this end if you’re not allowed to fish turrets would be would be red or light blue which is the background of Google Maps perfect and this water is called the scarf lots of art and you can read all about the rules and now we know that we can fish here and we have already do fishing licence but if you don’t have the fishing license you can actually go into fishing in halong docks and now and then you can guess it takes like five minutes I did it by myself it was not hard at all so we’ll have everything set let’s go and catch a big Pike in the search [Music] yep good one I’m gonna land it for you this is the ugly bait it’s not that fast but it’s quite long yeah I have it yes let’s lift it up turn you’re doing a great job singing along fish yeah it was actually quite long but I wouldn’t say it’s that fast no it doesn’t matter it’s pretty big yeah fish catching your place like this not bad not bad at all yeah got it let’s put it on the mission aboard yeah let’s measure it I’m curious to see how long it is it’s like over 90 I think the heads it’s it’s 90s it’s almost a meter I hope this fish will get a bit better during the winter but I’m happy with it and as you can see everywhere and all of their spike even in small ditches yeah he’s a small ditches like this it’s really nice to just go around like every every water and hauling this bike in it so that’s I think it’s time to put it back yeah I think you know we’re gonna carry on fishing yeah yeah [Music] yeah that’s the dinner battle for a pie it took five minutes too early he goes now I want to Castro I want to slimy hand why did I do [Laughter] [Music] [Music] no fuck it was a better one yeah it was a big one ah we just arrived to this new spot and I immediately had 150 now down your missed one what’s the least one for like yeah one minute go so there’s nothing to share we just need to catch them why does this always happen to me today of how to take some time east both of them this one was a small pike tobert things to steal but things are happening today that’s for sure Oh fish or fish this is a bit inside yes you’re doing good today yeah that’s great I’m just missing everyone and actually I think mine was a little bit bigger this as well that was like this is what your bike no no yeah so you got a job to do yeah okay can I keep on fishing put it back in and I think I’m gonna catch them all off [Music] business hey I don’t want to lose this one yeah it’s yeah it’s stuck in the weeds yeah I did it I just wanted such a decent it’s much better than yours thank you they got it yeah look at the pike it’s quite a day it’s much farther than your bike yeah nice video stuff long it’s not that long but it’s a beaut well it’s not short either no it’s 70 yes a very fun fish that’s catching the water like in between the plants yeah yeah good strike good fight yeah and it is research this time it is Miss Perfect that’s with you back you can sauce you’re happy yeah bye bye this morning was very productive have a lot of code takes on some really nice pike and now we like change spot and this but it looks a little bit different what is this place called it’s called polar and it’s you can only find it in Holland it’s below sea level it’s spread out on a really big area in Holland and there’s water everywhere everywhere as you said and you can just find bike just look around find some bait fish and you’re guaranteed on catching some pike so it’s really nice and it’s just easy you you mean you go on a holiday you bring your rod you can fish you anywhere but I think we’re gonna take our odds after this short break and we shut the customer okay let’s go yeah yeah [Music] Oh fish fish decent wrong [Music] oh there he comes you ever gonna see if we can grab it you have the whole bush on the line yeah but we were kind of distracted and then you walked a bit further on this one and you’re trying to land like three times yeah it came off when I grabbed it and then came out of my hand and I grabbed it again so but we caught it y’all have it there and it’s like I would say 70 yeah 65 7 yeah nice so it’s a good park really nice and being this small ditch yep yeah so let’s put the path the Polish work may provide this fish yeah it works [Music] this is how your fingers should look like after a good days of fishing or bloody now we really found the spot where there’s deliver fish daniel has wrong Park is going to put it in the water and Peter hooked one so I’m gonna land it for him and it’s a quite decent pike to be here for being here here good punch nice you’re quite long here we have your Pike and down interview now we have to play yeah so that’s good it’s and I know just released my recently so but like I said like five hundred times already it’s amazing how it can be like this magnified with these small waters and they’re like everywhere yeah yeah alright so let’s just put them back here there you go nice Oh what the tape look Oh Oh No Cole take but this is nice this is a nice bike Daniel it is a nice bike indeed but we’ll have a problem here what is we need to get it up yeah so you have to help me don’t drop it like you did the last time and then grab it again and then drop it and then grab it take it the first time yeah much better nice work give it five that’s actually one of the biggest on today yep really good colors Wow yeah nice bike you go thank you now let’s see it back and continue the fishing because there are clarify pike here bye bye your five other hands fun fishing fishing in Holland yeah in small canals like this it is more like a ditch it’s it’s more like a ditch yeah we have so many bike already only in the morning how he’s gonna turn out I don’t know goes I think I think [Music] we are back at the hotel laoda Resort where we slept this night but today we had really good fishing we had insane fishing it was really amazing a lot of fish and cool takes yeah really good takes a lost toy balls here a lot of guys asked me where to get more information if they wanted to visit Netherlands they you’re working with it so please tell them it’s super easy just visit our website fishing all of other now we also have information in German and in English nice accommodation is like this fishing guides all information you need to know about fishing in right here or in other places in Holland just visit our website and it’s really good fishing here so yeah I want to come back another time as well so yeah nice to meet you give me five and nice to make just one pizza and don’t forget to like this video if you want to see more videos from their device and subscribe also subscribe of course and like us on Facebook user gum in everything bye see you next time bye bye you

    3kg Bonito fishing from the rocks!
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    3kg Bonito fishing from the rocks!

    August 13, 2019

    So we just arrived on the spot, it’s very cold and there’s a terrible wind. We’ll see if we catch something My hands… Yes ! I don’t know if it’s a bonito. Ah yes, yes yes ! Argh I lost it… yep. My leader got cut, I can’t believe it How is this possible again ? Maybe my clips are the problem I don’t know I think so, but I’m not saying anything no more. It’s trempling a lot. I think it’s a bonito man It’s not an atlantic bonito.. It was really trembling It’s a little tunny ? It’s a nice fish ! Well, a little tunny and we’re back at it. I think my clip was the problem before, might have broken or something. Maybe it’s too big, and witht the friction it breaks the leader. I just changed to a small jig we’ll see. Wait, I’ve got something ! What is this ? maybe a squid… It’s really small. No no I hooked something. Yeah horse mackerel. I can cast it like this ! Must be another one. Hey not bad. Nice little fish. Noo I’ll release him. So, end of this morning session. I got broken again, on a bonito I think. Seeing the rush that he did. It’s the third time it happens, It’s true we have a tiny leader (25/100) But I think it’s breaking at the clip jonction. I just won’t use them anymore. I won’t take the risk anymore. So I lost a lure, put another one on and caught a little false albacore. It must be aroung 1 kg And after that 2 little horse mackerels. We’ll stop for today and we’ll come back before the weather is too cold. See you soon !! It’s 7 am, we just arrived. Sun is rising slowly. It’s about 3 or 4°c no more. We’re waiting for the sun and for the first hits to come. See you later. We had the wind from the side now it’s coming from our back so it’s better to cast. Oh tha’ts it !! I don’t know what it is, just jumped on the surface ! Maybe it’s a bluefish ? It’s very weird, it gives big head shakes. You’ve got one as well ? I’m sorry but he’s going sideways. Man he’s going towards you. He’s right here but I’m afraid to put too much pressure on the line. Coz we have a tiny leader. Man he’s running.. Look at that ! He’ss gonna empty my spool. I’m getting smoked. Look at that ! It’s no bluefish !! Yes, bonito ! At first I thought about a bluefish coz he jumped ! No he took it rpetty far but jumped right ahead. Finally ! Nice bonito. Amazing fish Look at this mouth full of teeth.