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    What happened to the other 2 Titanics?
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    What happened to the other 2 Titanics?

    November 29, 2019

    The Titanic. Even more than 100 years after its sinking
    everybody still knows her story. With over 1500 deaths it was the biggest civil
    maritime disaster to that date and the sad reason why the Titanic remains the most famous
    ship in the world to this day. Far less well known today, however, is the
    fact that the Titanic had two almost identical sister ships – The Olympic and the Britannic. And although their stories ended not nearly
    as catastrophic their careers were hardly less dramatic as all of them seemed to be
    followed by bad luck. In the end, despite them being the biggest
    ships of their time only one of them stayed in service for more than a year. Here is their story. The first and eponymous ship of the three
    Olympic class ocean liners was the RMS Olympic. Her construction started in December 1908
    roughly 3 months prior to the Titanic in Belfast – where later the other two ships would be
    built as well. During this time the White Star Line shipping
    company was in fierce competition for the title of fastest and biggest ocean liner in
    the world. The latter was already held by 7 of their
    ships before the Olympic would reclaim the title an 8th time from the RMS Mauretania
    of the Cunard line. However, despite popular belief, the Olympic
    class liners were with 23kn never the fastest ships – they weren’t even designed to be as
    the main goals were size, luxury and travel comfort. As a result, the blue ribbon for fastest crossing
    on the transatlantic run stayed with the Mauretania till 1929. The ambition to not only build the first ship
    over 40000 GRT but to build multiple ones was even for an established shipping company
    like the White star line a financial risk. The necessary funds for this mammoth project
    came in part from American financial tycoon JP Morgan, one of the richest and most influential
    bankers of his time, who had indirectly bought the White Star Line in 1902. Still, almost nothing could be allowed to
    go wrong. Olympic launched on October 20th 1910. As was the custom with the White Star Line
    no christening ceremony was performed beforehand. Over the next few months, thousands of workers
    transformed the empty hull into a working ship. Following completion, The Olympic completed
    her maiden voyage from Southhampton to new york on 21 June 1911 successfully
    Her maiden voyage attracted considerable attention both from the press around the world and also
    the public. In New york alone, tens of thousands of people
    came to see the biggest ship in the world first hand. Things seemed to be going according to plan. but it wasn’t long till disaster struck. Only 3 months into her service on Sept 20
    1911 the Olympic under the command of Captain Edward Smith was involved in a collision with
    cruiser HMS Hawke. as they passed each other in the Osborne Bay the Hawke was sucked into
    the side of the Olympic near the stern. This was likely caused by a suction generated
    by the much bigger Olympic after she had started to turn. the Hawke’s bow, which had been designed to
    sink ships by ramming them, tore a huge hole into the Olympic and flooded 2 of the watertight
    compartments. Despite this, she didn’t sink which only reinforced
    the “unsinkable” reputation of the Olympic class liners. Still, After returning to Belfast she had
    to be costly repaired for over 3 months. During the repair, the Titanic was still under
    final construction, which also delayed her completion by weeks. who was at fault was never definitely proven. But because the Royal Navy blaming Olympic
    for the incident, gained a court verdict in its favour, the White Star Line had to cover
    the cost of repairing the ship themselves. This cost the company over 25000$ which was
    the equivalent of the forecasted profits of the first two years in service. An internal investigation, however, found
    no fault with captain Smiths actions, so as a gesture of trust he was again appointed
    to command the newest ship the Titanic on her maiden voyage. according to some rumours, this was to be
    his last trip before his retirement, and in a sense, this is what happened. He died during the sinking of the ship on
    the 15. april. 1912 together with the other roughly 1500
    victims – 70% of everyone on board. With a cost of 1.5 million pounds, roughly
    150 million dollars in today’s money the sinking of the Titanic was the second financial disaster
    for the White Star in only half a year. During the collision, the Olympic was around
    930 km southwest on her way back to England. after receiving the distress calls, they immediately
    set course to help but by the time all survivors were rescued they were still 190km away. The offer to take on the survivors was refused
    as Captain Rostron who was on the scene feared it would cause panic amongst the survivors
    seeing a mirror-image of Titanic appear and telling them to board. After the Titanic disaster, Olympic underwent
    various safety improvements, such as the installation of a double hull, reinforced bulkheads and
    44 additional lifeboats. Similar changes were made RMS Brittanic, the
    third ship of the Olympic class, which was still under construction in Belfast. Despite these improvements, the loss of the
    companies’ reputation resulted in passenger numbers falling short of expectations in the
    following years. as in addition to that in 1914 with the outbreak
    of world war I submarine attacks became a real danger, bookings plummeted to a minimum. by the End of the year, the White Star Line
    had no choice but to withdraw Olympic from commercial service. In May 1915, because of ship shortages, the
    Olympic was requisitioned by the Royal Navy to be used for moving troops. for that, the ship was armed with 12-pounders
    and 4.7-inch guns. carrying up to 6000 troops respectively the
    Olympic then made several trooping journeys to Greece Turkey and other eastern Mediterranean
    countries. One notable event During this time was when
    she picked up 34 survivors from the French ship Provincia, which was sunk by a german
    uboat, On October 1, 1915. Because the Olympics best defence against
    U-boat attacks was her speed Captain Hayes was heavily criticized by the Admiralty for
    stopping and risking the ship for only 34 souls. the French however later awarded him the medal
    of honour After the Gallipoli Campaign was ended in
    1916t Olympic was chartered by Canada to transport troops from Halifax nova scotia to Britain. For that, she received a dazzle camouflage
    to make it harder for the enemy to judge her size and speed. Her many save crossings in the following year
    made her a favourite symbol in Halifax where even today places like Olympic Gardens or
    the Olympic Hall Community Centre are named in her honour. But the Olympic isn’t the only thing that
    links Halifax and the Titanic. Halifax is only 1,100 kilometres west of the
    spot where the Titanic sank. And many of the dead bodies later found were
    brought there for the families to identify and bury them. That’s why Halifax is the final resting place
    of more victims of the Titanic than any other place. 150 of the Titanic’s dead are buried here. among them is a man named J. Dawson. Sound familiar? J Dawson was the man played by Leonardo DiCaprio
    in 1997s titanic. Of course, Jack Dawson was an entirely fictional
    character and not based on the Joseph Dawson, who was buried here, who was a coal shipper
    on broad the ship. But because his grave simply reads J. Dawson
    many people thought it was the movie characters grave. This misunderstanding made his grave the most
    visited of all the Titanic’s victims. After the film’s release, countless fathers
    reportedly brought their mourning daughters here, who would often leave flowers and love
    notes. After in 1917 the United States entered the
    war the Olympic also transported many American troops to Europe. on one of these runs in May 1918 Captain Hayes
    spotted a surfaced German u-boat that prepared to torpedo them But seemed to have technical
    difficulties. He quickly ordered to ram the submarine which
    successfully sank it before it could fire. An action for which he was later awarded the
    DSO, a military decoration of the United Kingdom. Throughout the war, the Olympic reportedly
    carried up to 200,000 troops and other personnel, which restored her image and earned her the
    nickname Old Reliable After the war had ended in 1918 she returned
    to Belfast for restoration where she was modernised before returning to civilian service. Her youngest sister the RMS Britannic, on
    the other hand, didn’t make it through the war. Before her final completion the war had already
    broken out and she was requisitioned by the Royal Navy and made into a hospital ship. For that, she was repainted white with large
    red crosses. After completing five successful voyages to
    the Mediterranean Sea and back to the United Kingdom transporting the sick and wounded,
    Britannic struck a mine on November 21 1916 in the Kea Channel in Greece. Despite her having the same improved safety
    features that were installed on the Olympic, the Britannic began to sink and even faster
    than the Titanic. In less than 1 hour she had disappeared completely
    sharing the fate of her older sister and making her the largest ship lost in the First World
    war. However, due to the higher water temperatures,
    more lifeboats available and faster help 1006 of the 1036 people on board could be saved. most of the 30 deaths came from two lifeboats,
    that launched without permission and were sucked into the emerged propellers that were
    still running in an attempt to beach the ship. One of the few occupants of those lifeboats
    that survived was the nurse Violet Jessop, who managed to jump out of her boat just in
    time. What makes this story even more amazing is
    that she was also onboard the Olympic during the collision with the HMS Hawke and on top
    of that was one of the few survivors of the Titanic disaster. As a requisitioned ship that was in the service
    of Crown as it sank, the wreck of the Britannic belonged to the British Government for the
    next 80 years. till In 1996 it was sold to renowned British
    maritime historian Simon Mills for 15 000 pounds. Olympic, on the other hand, became a popular
    and fashionable ship after the war carrying thousands of passengers a year on the transatlantic
    route, including the rich and famous like Charlie Chaplin and Prince Edward. This, however, didn’t change the fact that
    the Olympic class was a financial disaster for the white star line of which it never
    recovered. The Shipping Company and their ships were
    subsequently sold multiple times and during the great depression, the white star line
    eventually agreed to fuse with the Cunard line, their main competitor, so both companies
    could receive much-needed subsidies from the British government. As a result of that merger and with a new
    flagship the RMS Queen Mary near completion the fleet of older liners was gradually retired. But not before Olympics back luck returned
    for a last time. on 15th May 1934 one year before she was withdrawn
    from transatlantic service Olympic inbound in heavy fog rammed the Nantucket lightship,
    one of the ships that marked the path into the new york harbour, which it broke it apart
    and sank it. The collision cost 7 of the 11 crewmembers
    of the lightship their lives. One year later on 5th April 1935 Olympic left
    New York to return to Britain for the last time. Her final demolition was in 1937 – 26 years
    after her maiden voyage – alongside the Mauretania, her biggest rival during her early career. On all her commercial voyages the Olympic
    transported around 430,000 passengers on 257 round trips across the Atlantic travelling
    a total of over 2.8 million kilometres.

    Unsinkable Ship | Building Demolition | BlowDown | S02 E02 | Free Documentary
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    Unsinkable Ship | Building Demolition | BlowDown | S02 E02 | Free Documentary

    November 28, 2019

    off the coast of Florida a retired spy ship awaits burial at sea I’d be disappointed if it didn’t put up a fight a sink team steps up to take her down this one that we have a problem – Straub and torch this rusty mate then bring her belly with high-power explosives can a demo team give this dead ship new life as a marine habitat or will the sink plan lead them to disaster [Music] Key West Florida America’s aquatic playground sanctuary for tourists marine life and this the general hoi test Vandenberg she served the US military for almost four decades now this former missile tracking ship has reported her final Duty freed from the rusty grip of the scrapyard this ghost vessel has a new assignment reef makers selected her to become the second largest artificial reef in the world Joe Weatherbys been with the project since day one we can make her into a world-class underwater classroom research laboratory and recreational destination or she can go to the way of her sister ship and she can go over to Japan and we’ll make Toyotas out of her but scuttling more than 15,000 tons of ship will be a huge challenge the Navy designed her to be unsinkable 160 metres long with a steel hull nine watertight bulkheads and a complex ballasting system keep the ship afloat – sinker crews plan to cut almost 500 holes above and below the waterline their purpose to replace air with water as quickly as possible so she goes down level reef makers has come up with an ambitious plan and they can’t do it alone for some reason we don’t execute this this project properly we’ll never get another one this is the this is our community’s one shot to get this right reef makers recruits Tim Ferriss project manager for associated marine salvage incorporated he knows ships inside out the assignment to cut the outlet holes above the waterline and level the ship [Music] while hostile cyclone gate decks hi she was stripped and pillaged before reaching Key West the team is dealing with a dead ship none of the systems are functional so lighting ventilating firefighting those have all been torn out a long time ago so we’re having to bring in temporary lighting temporary ventilating temporary fighter firefighting into each unit this means a lot of work for the crew and the sync date is not negotiable hurricane season is just five weeks away violent storms and a ship full of holes would spell disaster especially when the ship’s loaded with explosives unsynched a 74 kilos of explosives will be used to cut 42 entry holes in the hull below the waterline controlled demolition steps up to design an explosive system powerful enough to scuttle the Vandenburg yet intricate enough to keep her level this family business from Phoenix Maryland are experts in structural implosions but when it comes to sinking ships CBI is a fish out of water this is the first ship we’ve ever scuttled so this is taking everything we know about demolition everything we know about the explosives products and reworking the application figuring out how to make it do what we needed to do here it’s it’s an interesting learning curve it’s time for their first test the explosives arrive at a nearby bunker gym you can put that right there what we’re doing today is we’re manufacturing our explosive cutting assemblies what we’re calling our EC aids these are the frames that go on the vessel to create the holes below the waterline tom dowd CBI’s project manager uses brackets to lock metal cutting explosives together at 90-degree angles the result an explosive frame custom designed to cut a perfect square in the ship’s hall back at the dock crews are scouring what remains of PCBs asbestos and lead on the ship [Music] an additional 16 tons of toxic material are removed [Music] now it’s time for a msi to torch the crew will cut 450 outlet holes in the walls and floors on five decks the ship’s fire suppression systems don’t work anymore so it takes more than one guy to torch as the burner cuts through more than three centimeters of Steel another worker stands armed with a hose these rooms are like sweltering blast furnaces they heat up fast and in the presence of paint and other combustibles an unchecked flame can spread like wildfire a single form can take two hours to burn across the ship that’s thousands of man hours of hard labor here the hulls really putting up a fight the team’s finished this con but the metal plate won’t budge they investigate and discover a pipe welded to the outside of the hull it’s beyond the flames reach they come up with a solution for the courts had to go through slice it [Music] it works the plate finally gives way but it’s clear they’ll have to battle for every hole and that’s not the only challenge on this dead ship this is the engine room normally a msi would use these controls to ballast the vessel it’s a crucial job the amount of water in each of these ballasting tanks determines how the ship is balanced and the Vandenberg’s not stable she’s heavy on the starboard side the team has to move water key in and out of the tanks until she’s lovely so they’ll have a better chance at sinking her upright but a previous crew chopped and torched these pipes the once sophisticated ballasting Network can’t be fixed weren’t manually trying to do across the 520 foot long ship what we could have done from this little booth so it takes a lot more effort and a lot more kind of just shooting in the dark shooting from the hip it’s like pumping almost 2 million liters of water between 38 tiny swimming pools one hose at a time until this bull hits tim center market gives you a good gauge rather than just going by feel of where you’re at so when this thing comes back over to here the ship will be level but it means pushing the Vandenburg to the brick [Music] there’s less than four weeks until sink day cruise rush to prep this former spy ship to become one of the largest artificial reefs in the world today the Vandenberg’s a dead ship but during the Cold War this old girl was among the technological elite in 1960 fear of nuclear annihilation pushed military tension to new heights the United States had built sophisticated missile tracking stations at nine different sites to monitor the 14,000 kilometre Atlantic missile range but it wasn’t enough these landlocked sites couldn’t protect the huge amount of airspace the Vandenberg and her sister ship were the military’s mobile tracking solutions armed with 12 meter high radar dishes and state-of-the-art computer equipment these ships could detect the slightest trace of foreign missile activity and transmit an alert in seconds in the late 90s her distinctive superstructure landed her a role as a Russian spy ship in the tech thriller virus today she still carries her Cyrillic namesake inside the crew works to ballast the ship their goal correct a list that makes the vessels starboard side heavy one area they pump water out of was the engine room Tim goes to inspect the job and finds a huge problem significant amount of water in it again he can’t believe it the waters back the 150,000 liter tag they’ve pumped water into has ruptured and the lower deck is flooded 95 litres a minute tim has to act fast to redirect the water he kills the pump that’s feeding the damaged tank then attacks a ballasting pipe to drain the tank into a watertight compartment it works the water is contained but they still need to repair the tank this means tackling a rusty hole on a normal ship they would call it a welder on the Vandenburg the crew must come up with an unconventional solution it’s dirty but 22 bags of concrete later the tank is sealed deep inside the ship CDI prepares the hull for explosives placement the explosive cutting assemblies or ECAs they’ve designed measure more than a metre across so ribs and other structural elements at each explosive site make positioning impossible it’s Victor’s Anita’s job to remove these obstacles so the team can mount their ECAs CDI expert burner uses a scarfing tip to perform this task this customized attachment allows him to torch sideways so he doesn’t breach the hull it’s almost 2 centimeters of solid steel but on this job the ocean is just too close for comfort pinging on me it’s too much heat wonder beneath the water level so that started to water outside bubbling – that means the heats getting outside so I have to pull off of that let it cool down a little bit and finish my cut and there’s another problem here the hull is so corroded that Victor can’t tell how much steel remains solid metal doesn’t sound like this he can’t risk a breach the explosive frame can’t be mounted here [Music] back at the bunker CDI is almost finished building their explosive frames on sink day linear shaped charges will give this custom-designed system it’s explosive backbone when detonated shaped charges form a powerful jet of energy that cuts through most metals the fiery force RDX’s one of the most powerful explosives in the world seedy eyes used this high-explosive before but never to scuttle a ship and Victor has reported a problem with the Vandenberg’s haul it’s exceptionally soft it absorbs the energy and thus decreases the efficiency of the explosives who is very hard very brittle material we get more of a shattering effect it would make the explosives the explosive more efficient their biggest concern the four corners where the shaped charges meet here’s what could happen when the explosive crane goes up the ship’s hull could absorb the energy and fail to sever it will take a more powerful Arsenal to attack the Vandenberg CBI will have to up their explosive force brief makers has carefully selected an offshore location for the scuttling here the vessel has to land upright in a narrow target zone on the ocean floor it’s only 222 meters wide if the ship lands too deep she’ll be off-limits to most divers if she settles too shallow she’ll be a nautical hazard as part of this plan AMS I was supposed to burn several holes along the exterior of the third deck less than two meters above the waterline [Music] but it’s too risky we can’t leave the harbor for the tow to the sinc site with the holes completely cut because the potential for it to take on water and sink is too great and we wouldn’t be able to insurance underwriters wouldn’t let us do it they just can’t take the chance on a ship this mighty things can get out of control fast Key Largo 2002 as another team prepares to scuttle her the USS Spiegel Grove takes on water the former military vessel rolls costly efforts to right the ship fail and she hits the ocean floor on her side only nature can pick up where man left off storm surge from Hurricane Dennis forces the vessel into an upright position three years later today the Vandenberg crew work in the wake of past failure these last-minute decisions for this sink plan to work CD eyes explosive assemblies must cut through the ship’s hull or all their efforts will count for nothing they need to do a test shot the team sets up at a remote location they’ve cut two metal plates from the vessels Hall the plan test them with live explosives now I went this side up so I can see that I’m through those two this experiment will be CBI’s first chance to see how the Vandenberg soft metal reacts to their ECA configuration you know with with demolition and especially here when you’re gonna sink the vessel you don’t get a second chance the shaped charges alone could be no match for the unpredictable hull they’ll add a half stick of dynamite to both metal plates but place more explosives at the corners of the ECA frame on the second plate when the test shot goes off Tom hopes this will be enough to completely sever the steel and not the centerpiece of the cut out cleanly it’s time to test CBI’s explosive theory the team runs firing line to a safe spot more than 300 meters away from the test site hey Bobby I’m ready when you are all right I’m warming up three two one fire Tom anxiously walks back to the site I think we got a misfire the sound of the explosions revealed nothing he checks the plates the explosives knocked out both Center portions in here but the extra explosives on the second plate appear to make this system more effective the radically displeased it flipped this plate over again this was the side that we shot this is the boosters this is the booster you can see the indent from those two from the cap wells mmm these two here you’ve just got the round of the powder right adding boosters will mean extra work and complicates CBI’s explosive assembly but the Vandenberg’s a one-shot deal and for a team that’s never sunk a ship before this extra insurance is priceless we know that the linear shaped charge has sufficient energy to completely sever the steel and no matter what we put in the corners we know that we can both O’s in so that we get a smaller piece than we have opening so we’re pretty sure that this piece is going to get sucked back inside the vessel completely open leaving the really good equal flooding back at the ship a team of technical divers descends into the lower decks yes they prepare for a worst-case scenario they’ll risk their lives if all of the explosives don’t detonate on sink day because they’ll have to recover them if we have to come in here and do this it’s going to be a nightmare it’s a terrifying thought penetrating this ship navigating more than 40 metres below the surface and try to locate the explosive frames in these very rooms now comes the training they practice dismantling a mock-up of the explosive charge system here the waters clear but inside the ship it will be pitch black and any damaged explosives could be deadly we’re hoping we don’t have to do it obviously but we do we do after two weeks of pumping the team has finally leveled the Bandon berth but personally Tim’s concerned most of the engineering naval architecture work that’s been done the boat’s been done a thousand miles away it’s been done in a laboratory in a perfect world in a vacuum and we don’t have those conditions here we’ve got a lot of factors that are very easily overlooked this is what he worries about these two ballasting tanks it’s a catch-22 the plan calls for these compartments to be filled with water before sink day but if the team fills them at the dock the bow of the ship will drop more than a meter a loss of stability it can’t afford the team needs an explosive solution [Music] but can they adapt the sink plan [Music] after four weeks of work the Vandenburg scrubbed torched and level full of holes she’s barely seaworthy but she’s fit to become one of the world’s largest artificial reefs explosives will initiate the ship’s scuttling on sink day [Music] CDI hasn’t even brought the charges on board and it’s already clear that the sinc plan needs to be revised to ballasting tanks at the front of the ship that were supposed to be filled our dry compartments are full in their Vandenberg Air Force debility and the solution CDI will mount to explosive frames in these problematic tanks on sink day the charges will cut holes through the hall so water rushes into the tanks while air escapes this updated plan should keep the ship from rolling the explosives plan is finally set now crews can get to work this team knows how to move around demo sites but they have to get used to a ship fast and this is all pipe walking we and check everything don’t assume anything is in good shape I got lost from the group I wouldn’t know where to go first stay in here stay together the Vandenburg must reach the sinc site before hurricane season starts they’ve got less than 10 days a crane lowers the explosive cutting assemblies or ECAs to the belly of the ship now there all stop pretty nasty on it’s like carrying an expensive piece of art through a dark jagged hostile forest from bow to stern they face two decks more than 4,000 square meters of obstacles [Music] as cd-i struggles with the explosive frames a msi gets ready to haul more anchors out of the Vandenberg’s deck until today a single anchor was enough but for her final mission he will take five anchors and Morgan 685 metres of chain to lock her over the target zone every day the wind and the currents shift throughout the day and so if you know your anchor goes down in the morning the ship’s sitting this way by the afternoon it’s in a different position so you’ve got this big arc the combined weight of this five point system is staggering almost ninety three tonnes below deck CDI finishes placing most of their ECAs now it’s time to mount them it’s a precise explosive system designed to operate 19 millimeters from the hull if the explosive force doesn’t strike the ship at the perfect distance the shaped charges will fail to sever the metal CDI has only three millimeters of leeway in either direction and the hull is hopelessly uneven it’s the vessels have curves everywhere they have to be hydrodynamic they have to flow through the water right here look at the spider pattern in the paint there was a direct hit right here the crew bends each frame to compensate for this unevenness you know I don’t think you’ll make it when Tom and Ray finish adjusting the ECAs boosters can be attached to the frames corners and a dynamite kicker to the center it’s less than a week until shot day and the team still worries about the two empty ballasting tanks in the back they’ve changed the explosives plan to flood the compartments on sync day but there’s a price if we shoot them right away it’s gonna end up flooding that area so fast they can’t take the chance if all of the explosives detonated once water rushing into the bow would cause the vessel to torpedo if the Vandenburg propels more than thirty two meters forward it will miss the target zone so they must delay the flooding of these tanks to solve this problem the team comes up with another explosive solution a series of delays we have a nine point six we have upwards of that capability and then of course you know we can daisy-chain beyond that if we wanted to go to fourteen fifteen what time would you like we can give you almost 15 seconds with the products that are here today we would like to better than yes do you want to go what you want to go 20 no they agree on 15 seconds Tom will rig the delays after almost five weeks on the Vandenburg Tom feels confident most of the vessel is wired and ready to go think this is the dirtiest I’ve ever been his final dockside ja mount explosives in the bow tanks these narrow compartments are designed to hold water they’re virtually impervious to light air and all things human including the eca frames but tom has a plan he’ll lower all the parts and assemble the explosive system in the tanks [Music] but there’s a problem the frame does not fit no this thing snaps off of it punch someone yeah more space in there ray tries to reposition the ball Oh like do I dare and pry it and give it a look oh I was just thinking little Jimmy jacket if he knocks it off a welder will have to come down and reattach it it works they mount the Vandenberg’s last eca gorgeous then why are the 15 second delay now that the explosives are secured Tom looks forward to sink day I’m not a marine architect you know we’ve been contracted to put in the holes they thought their best practice would be to put in the 15 seconds they asked us if we could we said we have a method that we could do it so we’re gonna do it I hope it works one work at the dock is finally done crews have worked relentlessly for more than a month straight now it’s Toho time [Music] three hours later they reached the sinc site more than 11 kilometers offshore the blowdown is less than a day away AMS I must move quickly to anchor the Vandenberg above the target zone that’s valve stern we were over the target point right now let’s get that Pelican off it’s a crucial job drop two of the heaviest anchors to counter the wind then deploy the remaining three anchors finally a tug will adjust the anchors to lock in the ship’s position 42 metres above the target zone parallel to the slope the team offloads the first of five Penan buoys they support cables crews will use to reposition the anchors it’s not a msi releases the first anchor from the ship’s chain Locker [Music] they go to drop the next one this anchor weighs more than 7,000 kilos and it won’t budge the endless jacking is getting them nowhere getting butterfingers we’re looking pretty good actually you’re covered you go the team finally gets the anchor down but they’ll have to drop the others faster to keep the ship above the target zone the Elsbeth 2 comes to the rescue with her 6000 horsepower engine she pulls the other three anchors off the dip that is just awesome that’s fantastic oh man like all day long every day we could do that the anchors are positioned and the Vandenberg is locked in now CD I can wire their final connections the initiation line must stretch from the Vandenberg to the firing boat if it snaps the explosives won’t go off the team considered a wireless option but with Florida’s numerous marine radio frequencies and potential for flash lightning storms the explosives could be set off prematurely this system removes all of those worries so there’s nothing electric it’s all hard-lined and we have total control over the button tom secures the last of the detonation line the Vandenberg’s ready so is the team it’s go time ready tired of the ship sink the Vandenberg please crews leave the Vandenberg for the last time this phase of the reef makers operation is complete [Music] it’s sink day the crews that prepped the vandenberg to become one of the world’s largest artificial reefs now anxiously wait to see how this epic will end [Music] on the firing boat more than 76 metres away Tom secures his detonator Tim throttles the vessel to make sure the ignition line doesn’t snap here’s what they’ll watch for when Tom pushes the button CDI loaded explosive cutting assemblies or ECAs into the ship do all 44 go off or detect divers and thoughts on a deadly mission to retrieve them Tom installed a 15-second delay in the ballasting tanks can this keep the heavy front hand from torpedoing a MSI anchored the ship to hit the target zone will she seek too deep for divers or too shallow to be safe for passing ships Tim’s team also caught falls so air could flow out of the vessel are these enough to prevent the ship from rolling [Music] it all comes down to this [Music] really [Laughter] the Vandenberg’s gone down here’s how it happened Tom’s ignition line holds the charge travels along the deadlock ECAs on the bottom decks go off water rushes in ECAs and the bow tax detonate 15 seconds later but it’s not enough to keep the vessel level as water flows into the palace next the bow becomes heavier [Music] water replaces air escaping out of a MSI’s outlet holes and the ship does not roll the stern sinks in a matter of seconds [Music] the scuttling is so quick that the two radar dishes would violently snap off and linger on the surface in this unprecedented footage we get a chance to ride the Vandenburg all the way to the ocean floor [Music] moments later the radar dish enjoys but despite the team’s 15-second delay she still went down by the bow and no one knows yet how she landed divers enter the water to get a closer look they need to confirm the Vandenberg sits upright in the target zone [Music] success she sits majestically on the ocean floor but did all of Sidi eyes explosives detonate they circle the exterior in this footage we see the shaped charges cut entry holes cleaning through the ship’s Hall and the additional explosives knocked out the center plate before water pressure pushed it into the ship divers count the blast holes all of the ECAs detonate the Tek divers will not have to recover any explosives they confirm the site is safe the artificial reef will open to the public after a cruise reattach the radar dishes reef makers plaque has been executed perfectly the teams take a moment to bask in the Florida sunshine and their success [Applause] below them lies a mighty ship finally at rest on the ocean floor a peaceful testament to the power of persistence and ingenuity [Music] you

    Sinking Ship Simulator: The Royal Navy’s Damage Repair Instructional Unit
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    Sinking Ship Simulator: The Royal Navy’s Damage Repair Instructional Unit

    November 24, 2019

    STEVE RAY: Behind me is the DRIU,
    Damage Repair Instructional Unit basically a big metal box
    which we flood It’s a mockup ship, so the
    internal layout resembles pretty much what you’d see on the majority
    of Royal Navy ships that are in the fleet today. Primarily used for practical
    damage control training. TOM SCOTT: “This is serious kit.
    I am… I am really… “We’re going to have to go in,
    repair some holes in the side… “and I’m a little bit terrified.” MATT GRAY:
    “It’s just normal temperature water. “We’re going to freeze
    when we get in there.” STEVE RAY: We’ve got four sections
    of the ship, split over three decks. We’ve got complete control over
    water levels, smoke and lighting levels, We can control pipe damage,
    deck and bulkhead splits, We can roll the unit up to 15°
    either side of upright. at a variety of different speeds
    to simulate different sea states. So today the beginners are going
    to be getting just 5° of roll which will seem like a lot to them. Instructional staff will be getting
    the full 15°, to make it harder. [SHOUTING] MATT: Bloody hell! [INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT] TOM: The very first thing,
    the 120psi breach. and it’s pointed at us, and the
    very first thing we have to do… MATT: You could feel the pressure
    from two metres away, just from the air it was chucking at you,
    never mind the water. MELINDA SECKINGTON:
    I didn’t quite realise how much you’d feel it when I went to grab the
    wedge bag. [WATER SPRAYING] STEVE RAY: First hit, Zulu One,
    will consist of a small deck split, and a large multi-split
    in the ship’s side. First stage leak-stopping on both of those
    will be softwood wedges. – Ready?
    – Ready! TOM: Getting pushed under…
    who got the breach underneath? PAUL CURRY: I got that.
    TOM: That was you? ‘Cos I tried that, and I just
    could not find the breach. PAUL: No. No. It was really tricky.
    And the first time I went down, I couldn’t find it either. I knew it was
    between your two shoes, could not for the life of me
    get the wedge in, and all the time I was trying to
    be buoyant as possible, which is not useful(!) STEVE RAY: Anyone in the Royal Navy
    that is going to serve on a ship will have to complete training
    here on the DRIU. Intent being, to be able to confidently
    enter a flooded compartment, carry out first-aid leak stopping, be familiar with the equipment
    that they’re going to be using, effect permanent repairs and
    remove water from the compartment. PAUL: The multi-split. TOM: You were up there for a long time, Matt.
    You got a lot in there. MATT: Lots of hammering,
    but as the water’s filling up, you can’t find where the holes are,
    because the water goes above where they are. TOM: You were up there for… as well? MEL: I was pushing.
    MATT: Yeah. TOM: You had to take all the weight
    of Matt pushing against you. MATT: Did you see the bit where my foot
    started flailing off to the side? I couldn’t bring it back
    under the pressure! STEVE RAY: The head of pressure
    is similar to what you would see a couple of decks
    below the waterline. So the water pressures, we believe
    to be realistic. Some of the pipe damage,
    we do pump the water in, to simulate a high-pressure seawater breach
    or fluid system pipe damage. TOM: Wedge! PAUL: Props to Tom for actually
    splitting a wedge in the heat of the moment. MATT: I completely forgot about that!
    “But it won’t fit!” PAUL: That was intense. TOM: “Oh yeah, we can do that!” [SIREN] STEVE RAY: Second hit, you’re going
    to see a 3-inch rocket hole. It’s going to be in a particularly
    awkward position behind a locker. So we’re looking to see
    somebody inside the locker, possibly with teammates
    backing them up, while they look to get
    wedges into that hole. ANNOUNCEMENT:
    Missile launch detected, brace, brace, brace. [SHOUTS AND RUSHING WATER] ANNONUCEMENT:
    Stand to, carry out blanket search. STEVE RAY: We’ve got a safety number
    on the gantry watching the exercise, and controlling the exercise.
    They’ve got complete control of the water level within the compartment,
    so they can make it higher if you’re doing well,
    to make it harder for you, or if they’re feeling kind,
    they can drop the water level. They can also remove all the water very quickly
    in the event of an emergency. They’ve got direct communications
    to the unit driver, who’s in the driver’s cab. The driver can turn on and off incidents, they have control of
    all lighting and smoke levels, how much the unit is rolling. It’s clean water similar to a swimming pool,
    so we chlorinate it, it’s stored in a sump
    directly below the unit. And then we pump it up to the header tank
    prior to an exercise starting. TOM: The cupboard! [SPUTTERS]
    We all tried it! I’ve still got water in my ear,
    ‘cos… just full force. MATT: I managed to get my head in,
    and sort of round so then the water’s
    all here and missing my face. But then you can’t see anything! TOM: The wedges kept diverting
    left and right. PAUL: I was inhaling water
    most of the time, so even though I had the wedges
    in the right place, I got exploded back out of the cupboard
    because I forgot to breathe. TOM: But then you got it! PAUL: Yeah! Eventually. TOM: What did you do to make it work? PAUL: Wedges on the left hand side
    of the incident and then push them towards the stream. TOM: And it was that kind of
    arrowhead formation, so you put two in,
    then one in the middle, hammer it in
    and it all widens out? PAUL: That’s it. And because the wedges
    were given to me in that formation and then a hammer followed…
    TOM: Well done Mel! PAUL: It worked! STEVE: We’re looking for a
    second-stage build on the deck split, which will just be a vertical shore, utilising a rubber, steel and timber
    sandwich pack on the deck. The importance of
    damage control training. Ultimately: flooded compartments
    will remove buoyancy and stability from the ship, too many flooded compartments,
    the ship could be lost. Of equal importance, there’s going to be
    equipment in each compartment, which directly affects the
    fighting effectiveness of the ship. Wartime, we need to recover real estate
    to allow us to fight the external battle. And peacetime, we’re looking to maintain
    enough buoyancy and stability to keep the ship afloat. TOM: Controlled conditions, in a simulator, it took four of us five attempts to close
    a breach at the back of a locker. The professionals are in there now, they’re going to do that and beyond
    in five minutes. It took us twenty! And that was on the easiest levels. [SHOUTING] TOM: I’ve seen Royal Navy trainees in there
    when I did the recce for this, and the trainees…
    it’s the working together. It’s knowing that there is going to be…
    ‘cos we were chaotic! There was teamwork in there… PAUL: We left an entire
    hammer behind at one point. TOM: Did we? [LAUGHTER] MATT: But we did manage to do it. PAUL: They trusted us with hammers…
    and we prevailed! [LAUGHTER] [Translating these subtitles? Add your name here!]

    Last To Sink Wins $10,000 – Challenge
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    Last To Sink Wins $10,000 – Challenge

    September 11, 2019

    abcdefgkjdwhder, 1dasssssssss kccsaacsacscs I’ll fortnite dance on ur grave yeet yeet i am a clickbaiter unsubscribe to morgz hes so friggin ugly so y can see my ads In today’s challenge, each contestant will be building their own raft these guys are epicly ugly and when they win, after the they just give the money back to me , let’s start click baiting My name is Bald Martin and I am contestant number 1 I think I’ve got a good chance at winning this challeng Because I’m not heavy, unlike contestant number 2 wHaT? I may be a little heavy because I am, a 1000 lbs all that means though is I’ll just make a stronger wrath And finally That leaves me Contestant number three, I’m smart. I’m creative and I want to stay out of that freezing cold water So I know for sure I’m gonna win this challenge Each contestant will have one hour to build their raft and then will enter the pool with one we will sink click away oh, uh and one last thing. I forgot to mention time Starts now Im off! Okay, guys I’ve just arrived at B&Q in case you don’t know B&Q is a DIY shop And it’s filled with loads of supplies that I know will help me with today’s challenge now I’m not sure where Mum and Martin are but hopefully they won’t have came here because I don’t want them stealing my supplies Team morgz, let’s get in there and let’s start crafting our raft Okay, guys, I’m inside being to you right now. I’m just looking around trying to find some supplies for my raft Hey, excuse me lady stop right there (Gasp) Morgan?! What are you doin’ ‘ere? What am I doing here more like what are you doing here? Are you copying my items again? I am sick of it SERIOUSLY?!? Again? Hey! You! Stop right there! (Gasp) Morgan, Jill what are you doin’ ‘ere? What we doing here what are you doing here? Are you trying to copy us? Wait a sec, you’re copying me? No, Morgan You’re copying me. I think you two are copying me. I’m not copying you or Jill Morgan You’re definitely copying Martin. No Jo, I think Morgan’s copying you Martin Jill. I’m not copying either of you So does that mean that I’m copying Martin? No, Jill I think that means am copying you but does that mean that we’re both copying Morgan? .Both of you just shut up I don’t care who’s copying you I’m off to get my supplies. Yeah, Morgan me too. Martin. Stop copying me No Jill you’re copying me remember? wait, so does that mean that if Martin’s copying Morgan then does that mean that I’m copying Morgan? I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! Okay, guys, I’ve been thinking for a few minutes and I think I’ve come up with a plan I found a sheet of wood and I’m gonna craft this into a raft let me explain my sheet of wood has a big surface area so it can be hard to sink and And everyone knows boats are square However, the sheet of wood will not be no I need to get creative and think well, it’s gonna attach to this to make it even harder to sink And also I need to be quick Hi guys. I’ve been looking around this shop and I’ve just come up with that great idea I found these extra large black tools and check this out guys. I can fix inside it. This is really really comfortable So since it’s tub, it’s so big and Hollow inside. I think this is gonna stay a float However, I just use this tube as it is it will tip over and I could fall into the water So I’m gonna keep looking around and see if I can find anything else to add to this tool team bald. I’m feeling confident Okay, guys, I’m just around the entire shop and to be completely honest I haven’t got any ideas of what to build. I need something that I can sit on. There’s gonna keep me a float That’s gonna keep me comfortable and I just can’t think of anything. I literally just need something to sit on like a chair If I get chair and then find something to attach on to it to help keep it afloat Not only will I not sink, but I’ll be comfortable at the same time.Morgz, you’re a genius Now let’s go get a chair Okay, guys, I’ve been looking around and I think I found a perfect thing to add to my board. Check this out guys It’s polystyrene.Polystyrene is very light and it definitely floats So if I cover my board with polystyrene? It’s gonna take me one step closer to building the Unsinkable raft. Oh guys check this out I have just found the perfect thing to add to my top. These massive rolls are over think about it If you attach one of these to each side of the top then it’s going to stop it from tipping over and keep it a float oh ho guys I’m a genius ladies and gentlemen I have just came up with the best idea as you can see over here There’s loads of water tanks. These are used to keep water in But today I’m going to be using them to keep water out If I attach one of these to each side of the chair, then I don’t think I’ll ever sing team morgz I think this challenge is mine right guys I’ve just arrived home with all my items My watch is telling me that I only have 30 minutes left to get my wrap ready So I need to get a move on so guys step number one is attach the polystyrene to the board. I’ve got a glue.I’ve got rope And I’ve got tape.So let’s waste no time and let’s begin crafting the raft Okay, guys, I’ve just arrived with all my supplies now it’s time to get crafty as you can see I’ve got lots and lots of duct tape and I’m going to use this duct tape to attach this bubble wrap To each side of this box, but remember guys the times ticking away so it’s time to get a move on This is going to take a while Okay guys, as you can see I’m back home and I’ve got all of my supplies at the ready Now I only just arrived by and I think I can hear Martin and Mom So that means I need to get a move on. I only have 25 more minutes to build my device So there’s no time to waste. So guys the step number one. We need to add extra Protection to the water tanks as you see this right here is just a lid So I’m gonna add loads of duct tape to make sure it stays sealed Guys my safety raft is complete, but I’ve just got another great idea I’m gonna coat the raft in duct tape to make you that extra bit strong Let’s do this ladies and gentlemen Step one completed as you can see, my floats are now complete. All afternoon now is attach the, To my tub and then I’ll have the ultimate raft However, I’m gonna need some more duct tape. I’ve already used a row Okay, guys the tanks are successfully sealed with duct tape, but now it’s time for the hard part I need to find a way to attach both of these tanks onto each side of the chair and I think There’s only one way to do. It duct tape duct tape an even more duct tape So what are we waiting for guys? Let’s get started Ladies and gentlemen, the raft is Complete and the heart of the raft We have a solid piece of oak wood and therefore the middle layer. We have some extra fleuti Polystyrene and to top it off and to hold it all together. We have extra strong duct tape And looking at my watch, I have 10 minuets to spare, so I’m gonna have some fun and play on my Peppa Pig Space Hopper Wait a minute guys, that gives me an idea These peppa pig space hoppers are really floating and i’ve got battle three of these So why don’t I attach these onto my raft to make it even more flimsy but before we do that one last thing we Right guys with five minutes to spare I’m happy to say that I have completed my wrap and I think there’s only one thing left to do roll the cinematics Guys as you can see My rap is complete. It feels solid Sturdy and I’m confident it will not sink and if you don’t believe me just sit back and watch ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am happy to say that my build is officially complete And now I think you guys all know was coming roll the cinematics Guys with one minute to spare. I’m proud to say that my rap is ready And I think that means there’s only one thing left to do roll the cinematic Okay, guys The one-hour preparation time is over and all three of us are here in our completed rats We’ve got Jill in her Whatever you call this thing Morgan it’s called the Peppa Pig Mobile! Of course we’ve got me in my floatie Chair Mobile and then we’ve got Martin in his box It’s not just a box. It’s a floating box. And of course as well as the rafts, we have the pool now before we all enter the pool and see who can survive the longest I Say we go in one by one and see if our devices actually float Morgan. Sounds good to me. Yeah, Morgan I’m so confident. I haven’t even got my bikini. Yeah. Sure. That’s the reason you didn’t wear your bikini. Ah What you mean? Okay guys mom’s device is in the pool and it’s floating But will it be floating once mom gets onto it free? to Go oh My gosh, there’s also put it on suet. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my gosh Oh Martin what do you think does this count? I mean technically she’s staying afloat. She isn’t sinking her head is still out of the water you know what Morgan I ellefuc:!?8/( eoncepjxoajxapxj mum suckszxxxxxx Think it counts. However, I don’t think she’d be able to stop him there too long. My legs are getting really really cold You’re right (?) Its freezing! Okay guys it is time for Martin to enter the pool his device is floating, but will it keep floating once he gets in it? Let’s find out. Oh my gosh, where we goes? Goes, oh my gosh. This is it Wait, wait, wait a sec. Oh My gosh Martin you go get inside a little bit It’s working. However, I’ve got to hope that no water gets inside the box. I also I’m going down like the Titanic Well looks like Martin has Officially passed and now I guess that only leaves one more person Morgz it’s your turn. Okay guys as you can tell the device is Floating but now it’s time for the big moment. Will it still be floating when my 200-pound body is sitting on that chair. Let’s find out haaawa hawwa hawwwaaaaaa wawwa hawwwa hawwwaa It’s a little bit slow people, I think it’s like check it out guys. It actually feels pretty solid guys I got a little bit nervous when the last water times started to crack, but I guess it’s holding up pretty well Yeah, Morgan, I guess it;s a pass Don’t think the left water tanks gonna last for much longer So I think Morgan’s gonna be going out first But now everybody is in the pool and it’s time to begin though asked to sing a challenge Guys, I’m not sure how long this is gonna last but hopefully not too long because my feet are already so sexy So he’s my boom Okay, guys we’ve been in the pool now for about an hour and so far my raft is holding up pretty good so far Absolutely, no water’s got inside the tube and I’m staying afloat. Just fine. Honestly, I’m having fun I think I could do this for hours as for Morgan and Joan. Let’s see how they are guys Guys, I am bloomin’ freezining! I can’t feel my legs any more. And as for my bum! I don’t even know if I’ve got ’em anymore! And these stupid Peppa Pig balls have nothing for me I’m staying afloat pretty well, but I don’t how much longer I can last in this freezing cold water guys Mum’s right about the water it is Absolutely freezing Jill said she can’t feel a bum well I can’t feel my feet. Just like mom I’m staying afloat pretty well, but I don’t know how much longer I can last in this freezing cold water Guys it’s been about one and a half hours since we entered the pool and as well has been really really cold I’m starting to get hungry. I just don’t know why I always forget to bring food with me to these challenges I could really use some sweets right now or a chocolate bar chocolate bar Chocolate bar did someone say chocolate bar Morgan? It was me. I’m so hungry Oh, well Jill, it’s your lucky day. Because what I remember to bring with me A chocolate bar! Oh Morgan Thank you so much. I really need it Yeah Mom it’s chocolate crunch. I’m sure you will love it. Oh, thank you so much Morgan. I’m so hungry I really need it. Well Actually thinking about it. I’m pretty hungry as well wait What it’d be a shame if I ate it all myself Morgan, no remember sharing is caring mom. You’re right sharing is caring but not when you’re in a challenge No! nO! Morgan I thought we were friends but not anymore THIS IS WAR okay now that the scene is over Okay, guys I’ve lost track of how long we’ve been in the pool, I’m just so cold I can’t feel any of my bottom half I feel like I’m floating torso So I don’t think my legs are gonna work again after this video they’re frozen the guys I have come up with an idea to warm me up. I don’t think Morgan and Martin are gonna like it. Oh, no guys What the hell is he talking about guys? This does not sound good guys. I need to do something to warm me Oh, I don’t think I’ve got any other choice. If I do nothing. I’m gonna have to forfeit. This is my only hope Im gonna have to wee in the pool! What you better be joking Jill if you wee this pool, I will never go near you again. That is disgusting. And anyway, this is my pool I spent $1000 on it. You can’t just wee in it Too late Oh No, I think I can smell it Oh nOo, Your buying me a new pool after this challenge. That is Unacceptable. Come on guys. It’s only a bit of wee, I do it all the time on holiday Oh, no, not acceptable behavior for 55 year old lady You know what Morgan we need to get back for that Joe Martin. I think that is a great idea GuYS WhAt YoU dOiNg?!? NO! You don’t have to do this! It was an accident! It just slipped out! I dInDn’T mEaN iT I’m your girlfriend! I’m your mom! I’m out of here Guys I’m so cold I’ve been in the pool now for what feels like an eternity and it’s just getting harder and harder as they always go by the Temperature drops more and more and that just makes it even colder for me. Guys. I really wanna forfeit and leave the pool Oh, I can’t do this anymore. Wait No, I’m not gonna forfeit. I’m Morgz! I’m the challenge King There is no way I am giving up even if that means becoming a human Iceblock. Morgan I know you’ve got a heart of steel and you never give up this time you have to there’s no way that you can last longer than me, especially with my masterpiece Morgan I came here for days weeks months Years, you might as well give up bro before you end up pissing yourself even more You know what Martin? You’re I I caught last as long as you but if you’re really so confident that your raft is Unsinkable and it really is a masterpiece and why don’t we settle this like real men? let us have a battleship 1v1 I’m the last man standing wins the $10,000. HmMmm. You know what Morgan? You’re on if you wanna battle you’ve got a battle and there’s no way you are sinking my ship Morgan are you ready? I’m ready Martin are you ready? I’m ready Well guys is time for the final battle Three two one go Morgans trying to fill Martin’s boat with water. He’s trying to sink ‘im! Martin is retaliating These guys are really going for it! OOOH Morgans going with the back of the boat. He’s tryin’ to sink Martin by pushing into his boat ThIS IS CraZy. I have never seen anything like this in my life! Martin is stuck in the corner! OoH OoH! He’s grabbing Martin’s boat He’s trying to sink him! ThIS iS cRaZy ThIs Is LiKe NoThInG iV’e SeEn BeFoRe Martin’s boat is full! NO! Morgan’s done it! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH Ladies and gentlemen, your winner is Morgz YESSSSSSSSS Guys make sure you subscribe to the channel. We are on the road to 10 million Subscribers and make sure you cop the brand new Spray-paint morgz merch is gonna be available below this video right now in the merch shell Thanks for watching. Peace out