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    How to choose a cruise ship cabin
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    How to choose a cruise ship cabin

    December 18, 2019

    And then narrow it down to the .. Shoot Start over? Did I hit the mic? And work carefully with your travel agent to make sure That’s it for the, flub Whoopsie! That’s okay People like to be really close to the pool, spa, buffet, casino or hother Some people like to be re… Sorry Okay Okay, okay, okay Hey Cruisers! It’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV.
    One of my favorite things about cruising is the planning and research. In fact I usually
    start researching a new cruise on the way home from the last. It’s like a puzzle for
    me, and I want to make sure all the little pieces fit perfectly; from choosing the ship
    and itinerary, right down to picking the perfect cabin. If you’re new to cruising, selecting
    a cabin might seem a little overwhelming, so be sure to do your research and work carefully
    with your travel agent to make the right choice for you. Cruise lines offer many cabin choices
    – like 20-30 different categories. It sounds crazy, but, like doing a puzzle, you can sort
    through the obvious stuff and then narrow it down to the remaining options.
    In this case the obvious stuff can be broken down into essentially four basic types of
    cabins: Inside Cabins: which will have no window and
    are typically the smallest. Outside Cabins: which in many cases will be
    about the same size as an inside cabin but will have a window or porthole with some kind
    of view (we’ll come back to this later). Balcony Cabins: This is pretty obvious, but
    yeah, you’ll have a balcony. (Ah, fresh air without the crowds).
    And finally a Suite: There’s a ton of variety in this category, from mini suites, to owners
    suites, but basically, A suite is a larger cabin, sometimes with separate rooms and upgraded
    services and amenities…mmm…amenities. Okay, first step is to choose from these four
    basic categories. If money’s not a concern, it’s a no-brainer. Go for a suite. Money’s
    always a concern though, isn’t it? So, pick the best one you can afford.
    And there are other things to consider as well. Maybe you can afford a balcony, but
    you’re more of an “out and about” type of person, and see your cabin as just a place
    to sleep and shower. Or maybe it’s a short cruise. Why spend the extra cash? You could
    Use the money you save on a fun excursion instead, and get an inside cabin. On the other
    hand, if you like hanging out in your room, or it’s a longer cruise, or perhaps you
    have kids and need more space, then we strongly recommend a balcony. There have been a few
    occasions where we chose an inside cabin to save money, and later regretted the decision.
    You should also consider a balcony on cruises like Alaska when there may be beautiful vistas.
    It will cost you more, because balcony cabins are popular on scenic cruises, but it may
    be worth the splurge. All right… on to the next piece of the puzzle.
    Let’s talk about location. There are many factors to consider when selecting where you
    want your cabin. For us, noise level is the first consideration. We try to pick a cabin
    far away from nightclubs, elevators, buffets, and other high traffic areas. Typically we
    are looking for something at the end of a hall. That’s usually going to mean we’ll
    have to walk a lot farther to the main areas of the ship, but we don’t mind.
    Now, if you’re prone to seasickness, then that may be your primary concern when picking
    a cabin. You may want to choose a cabin on the lowest deck around mid-ship. You’ll
    avoid the rocking and rolling at the forward and aft areas of the ship. That extra movement
    tends to aggravate seasickness. You may also want to make your decision based
    on proximity to areas important to you. Some people like to be really close to the pool,
    spa, buffet, casino or other hotspot to cut down on walking. And along those lines, if
    you have difficulty getting around you’ll want to look for a cabin as close to the elevators
    as possible. There’s a lot more we could cover in this
    area, and perhaps we’ll come back to this topic in in another episode. But before we
    close this one out we have two tips for you. First, if you decide on a cabin with “a
    view” make sure you know what that view is. Some cabins have obstructed views – like
    lifeboats, poles etc’. And some have deck views. While these cabins may be less expensive,
    if you’re expecting a full ocean view, you may be disappointed.
    Second, if you’ll be cruising along a coastline, you could consider choosing your cabin based
    on the side of the ship with the best view And then narrow it down to the .. Shoot Start over? Did I hit the mic? And work carefully with your travel agent to make sure

    Seungjae drops his daddy’s USB into a fish tank!…”I’ll rescue you!” [TROS/2017.08.20]
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    Seungjae drops his daddy’s USB into a fish tank!…”I’ll rescue you!” [TROS/2017.08.20]

    December 6, 2019

    Children are running at this elementary school. Which family is visiting here? It’s Jiyong and Seungjae. (He knows how to salute.) Long time ago, this used to be dirt. This is the school I used to attend. I have memories of when I was his age. I wanted to share my memories with him. Hello. I’d like to look at a student record. One moment, please. May I look at these graduation albums? This is my graduation album. – Graduation album. / – When you graduate, the daycare will give you one, too. All these children must be old now. (He’s reminiscing the past.) (Grinning) We were in the same class. I was close with him even in middle school. (Who is Jiyong’s close friend?) (Wait, who is this?) (god, the representative idols of the 1990s.) The leading idol members, Hoyoung and Jiyong were from the same class. That’s amazing. (Son Hoyoung, the smile prince) He’s just as cute as he was back then. My picture… I had just woken up from sleep. I wasn’t very happy. Even when he was young, he kept a straight face. (He always has a straight face.) Find me. (Young Jiyong) Let’s see. (He picked someone with confidence.) (Your dad is right here.) Try again. Guess where I am. Look from the start. Where’s Dad? (He scans carefully.) – Is that me? / – This. – Is that me? / – Yes. You got it right. You got it right in just two tries. I was young enough to be your brother here. Is he handsome? Let’s close it now. Let’s close it now. Let’s close it now? Did you study well? Me? I was pretty smart during elementary school. – How well did you do? / – I did very well. Good. (Dad, you’re so boring.) (It’s time to check his student record.) (Serious) Seungjae, come look. I’m surprised, too. This is what the teacher wrote. “He’s brave and very high-spirited.” “He’s confident about everything.” (That sounds familiar.) (He’s cheerful and enthusiastic.) This is what my sixth-grade teacher said. “He’s cheerful with leadership skills.” “He likes to spearhead projects.” It’s similar to what your teacher said. Look at what it says here. “School president for the first semester”. (School president) (Mr. Perfect) Not only is he handsome, he was school president. That’s worth boasting about. Is it that surprising? When I was in elementary, I was very different from how I am now. I realized it again. Let’s go. Wow, it’s hot. – I want to sit here. / – Do you want to sit? – Yes. / – Isn’t it super hot? What are you doing? It’s called hopscotch. They’re leaving. Do you want to try? I’ll show you. You can copy me. (Cameraman Seungjae is at work.) (His jumps are clean.) – Shoot me, okay? / – Okay. (He answered okay, but he’s shooting others.) Seungjae. (He’s having fun playing an old game.) Then you have to pick up the rock, okay? (Jiyong is excited.) Watch me. (Ripping) – What do we do? / – Seungjae. – Gosh. Did his pants rip? / – Can you still see? – Yes. / – Wow, it’s Superman! (It’s The Return of Superman!) (Right now, he’s down-to-earth.) I want to go. Seungjae. (He’s torn up just like his pants.) I didn’t know what to do. My pants… There were so many crew members. (A complete mess) There were a lot of kids, too. I caught an ant. Seungjae, my pants ripped so we should go home. Let’s go play at the playground. Seungjae, let’s go. – Your dad wants to go. / – Come on, let’s go. I have to change. Seungjae, come on. I don’t like you. Bye, guys. My dad’s pants ripped! – Seungjae. / – What’s that? My dad’s pants ripped! He’s driving me crazy. No, we have to go. Come on. Let’s go. Come on. Come on. What’s wrong? I want to play… You should go with your dad. – Seungjae, go with him. / – Let’s go. – Let’s follow him. / – No, no. – Let’s go. See you. / – Bye. Bye, Seungjae. – Come visit again. / – Let’s go. (Will we ever be able to come back?) We have to run to the car, okay? – Okay? / – This… This… (It’s a stationary store.) I have so many hurdles. Seungjae. If you walk to the car, I buy you three. Not three. Why not? I’ll buy you one if you go to the car. (This is my chance!) Are you buying that? Fine. Here. My dad’s pants ripped. (He makes sure everyone knows the news.) Where did it rip? – Back here. / – Back here? You have to run now, okay? – You promised. / – Okay. (Even if he tries hard to hide it,) (it’s pretty obvious.) (Even if a veil covers it) Run. Okay. (I twinkle, it’s obvious) – I’m tired. / – Are you? We’re almost there. (I want to play some more.) (Sorry, Dad.) Hey. Hey. (All he can do is laugh.) Seungjae. (He wants to cover everyone’s eyes today.) Run. Seungjae. (Teasing) (I caught you.) – Let’s hurry. / – Why? – To the car. / – Why? (They’re finally at their car.) – Okay. / – Are we going home? Yes, we’re going home. (We’re sorry we couldn’t protect you.) (He gave up in order to seat his son.) (Poor Jiyong) It’s so hot. Dad, did your pants rip? Yes, they ripped. Why did you run away with my bag? My dad’s pants ripped! (Jiyong had no idea then…) Hey! You punk. (Giggling) Seungjae… – Let’s stay up all night. / – Okay. I can’t sleep because of you. Did something happen to them? What are you doing, Dad? I’m making something. I see. I’ll come back after I pee. – Can you go by yourself? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. – I’ll help you. / – It’s okay. Then I’ll come watch. (He gets ready to pee by himself.) Be careful. (Seungjae wants to do things by himself.) Wow, Seungjae. You’re a big boy now. (He’s giving a lot of compliments.) – Aren’t you proud? / – Yes. You must be so proud. (It’s Seungjae’s crawling performance.) (I’m like a turtle) (Here I crawl!) (He’s a big boy now.) Is it night now? Yes, it’s nighttime. (Jiyong is in his working mode.) (Climbing) Watch me. (Dad, watch me.) (He can’t hear Seungjae.) (He’s closing the laptop.) Let go. No, no. (Play with me.) Seungjae. (I’m so upset.) Your nose. What? What’s wrong? What made you sad? (Teary) Go play with your animals. I’ll come play after I finish this. Just this? Yes. Just after this. (Sneaking) Dad, here’s alcohol. That’s garbage. (Have some of your favorite drink.) That’s garbage. Put it back. I can change the color of this. How? I’ll show you magic. Look! I changed the color. What is that? This one looks like alcohol. – Does it look like it? / – Yes. Drink it. No, this is empty. Put it back. Put it back, please. (Crashing) Seungjae. (This is full of things Dad likes.) Dad, drink this. (This won’t do.) I’ll take out the garbage. You shouldn’t play with garbage. (Mad) Where are you going? You’re always angry. Am I always angry? That’s not true. You keep bringing out the garbage. You’re making me throw it out again. – I’ll take these out. / – Okay. (Jiyong goes to take out the trash.) Seungjae, where are you going? You wouldn’t, would you? (He promised to play after he’s done.) (Jiyong’s document is open.) (Let’s see…) (He’s reading the numbers.) (Shall I start working?) (I look just like Dad.) (After a minor hesitation, he’s on a roll.) (Slamming) (The document is being edited.) (There’s a lot to do.) (At that point…) (Jiyong gets a call.) (No way…) – Hello? Hello? / – Yes. Hold on. Isn’t this Mr. Ko’s phone? Yes. Hold on. Is this Seungjae? Hold on. Hello. Hello, Seungjae. Where is your dad? He’s upstairs. Then I’ll call back later. Hold on. – I’ll call back later. / – Hold on. Come visit with yummy food. – Is your dad not back yet? / – No. Tell your dad I’ll call back later, okay? – Okay. Hang up. / – Bye. (What are you doing this time?) (It looks like he wants to put it in his pocket.) (He gives up and returns to work.) (Jiyong has no idea.) (He’s recycling.) (He’s getting rid of the drink bottles.) (He drank a lot of alcohol.) I hope you don’t think of me as a drunk. There are so many. (Here’s another reason to drink.) (Did he finish?) What’s this? (He found a USB.) (You should remove the portable disc safely.) (He removed it unsafely.) I’ll save you. (Where is he going with the USB?) (The fishbowl?) Goodness! No, Seungjae! Are you okay? I’ll save you. Did you think it was a fish? You have to go in the water now. Swim. You have to swim. (You better hurry back.) Hey, Micky. Jiyong, you have to hurry back. – Hello. / – There he is. Where are you going for vacation? I think we’ll have to take different dates this time. (Your vacation just went out the window.) Seungjae. I put the fish in the tank. The fish was always in the tank. I put in a dead fish. What dead fish? Come look. (He’s approaching the horrible scene.) Hey! Did you put this in here? Hey… (He can’t talk from the shock.) Why did you put this in there? – Is this a fish? / – Yes. Is it a fish? What do I do if it doesn’t work? Hold on. (I’ll revive it.) Give it to me. (Please, please, please…) What do I do if it’s broken? I’ll be in trouble. (He shakes it.) (He taps it.) (He looks troubled.) (He can’t believe it.) (Why are you drying the fish?) (The fish is dry now.) What’s this? – Did you touch this? / – Yes. (Oh my gosh!) (Oh my gosh!) (It’s gone.) (He connects the USB with very little hope.) (Nervous) Hold on. Hold on. Let go. (Why is he laughing?) It works. Seungjae, it works. (Korea’s technology is excellent.) The technology is great. Seungjae. (Happy) I answered your phone. Did you answer my phone? What did you say? I told her to bring ice cream. Did you tell her to bring ice cream? – Seungjae. / – Yes? If the people I work with call me, should you answer the phone? – I won’t do it again. / – Good. Seungjae. Let’s say you were working on a puzzle, then I threw the pieces and ran away. – How would you feel? / – Bad. – You would feel bad. / – Yes. This is the same thing. – Don’t do it again. / – Okay. Give me a kiss. I was upset because you scolded me. You were upset because I scolded you? I see. Don’t do that, okay? Gosh, I am exhausted. – I’m going. / – Where are you going? (He escapes.) (Why does the day seem so long today?) (Moving stealthily) (Seungjae found something.) (This is) (what Dad used to clean the house.) (Carefully) My goodness. Seungjae, not again. What are you doing? (Surprised) (I am cleaning your legs.) (You have hair on your legs.) (A hair removal service for the tired dad) Hey! (He punishes Seungjae right away.) Seungjae. (Running away) Should I do the same to you, too? Should I stick it on your eyebrows? Don’t stick it on my eyebrows. I will stick it on your hair. I will stick it on your hair. You won’t stick it on my hair, right? I will. Don’t do that. That won’t do. You should go to bed earlier than me. I will put you to sleep first. Okay? – No. / – Okay? No. Let’s go to sleep, Seungjae. (They play around even when they lie down.) Let’s go to sleep. (Jiyong and Seungjae have a peaceful night.) (Jiyong and Seungjae have a sleepless night.) (Seungjae goes outside.) Seungjae, where are you going? (He picks something up from the living room.) (Approaching) (His shoulders shake from laughing.) (Laughing) I… (Even he finds it hilarious.) I came to stick it on your hair. (Sticking) (Laughing) (My stomach hurts from laughing.) Was it that funny? I will pull out your hair. – Seungjae. / – Yes? Let’s stay up all night today, okay? I’m too apprehensive to go to bed. Let’s stay up all night today, okay?

    Will A Soda Tab Catch Fish IRL?
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    Will A Soda Tab Catch Fish IRL?

    August 30, 2019

    Hey chicos ver esto. Estoy en el centro de la cultura polinesia en la isla de Tahití Y estamos aquí pescando y tienen pequeños anzuelos de pesca que hacen de los clips Pero se les acabaron los clips, por lo que [estaban] tratando de Jury-Rig nuestro propio con un soda Tab ahora No se si esto va sebrier Pero creo que podríamos usar un poco de masa de pan Y ponemos la masa de pan en este pequeño gancho que Hice que pudiéramos ser capaces de atrapar a nosotros mismos un pez vamos a ver si funciona Yo sólo uso algunos recortes para cortar un punto muy agudo y tomar algunos de esta masa de pan Vamos a repetir eso Haz que se parezca a un poco de forma de gusano y luego ató un poco de pesca [línea] en allí Lo vamos a sumergir en el agua y ella bleep cualquier cosa. Oh Dios mío en la primera. [Oh] que casi tenía en el primer intento. Rompí mi soda Tab Yo estaba tratando de doblar el gancho, y lo rompí Y he estado en todo el parque buscando todas las latas de basura aquí Ellos no venden latas de refresco de todo el mundo tiene botellas de agua y botellas de soda Sólo encontré esta ficha de una taza de fruta, así que creo que vamos a ser capaces de hacer un trabajo Es un poco más amplio, así como va a cortar esta cosa y ver que podemos ver Ahora envuelvo esto en mi muñeca sólo para Evitar que se enreden y Lo amarré a mis dedos ahora. Tengo que hacer es tomar nuestro pequeño gancho hobo y tirar en el agua como que Whoa comprobar hacia fuera [su] trabajo para trabajar para trabajar? No es un pez muy grande. Sin embargo, tenemos un pez. Mira eso. Sí. Sí, hiciste [aquí] vamos Solo saca esta pequeña cosa. Eso tiene un pequeño gancho. [Uh] allí. Vamos a mirar Aquí vamos a sostener en espera en espera en espera en mirar a ese tipo que tienes un pez Wow, he’s fast Eso es genial Mi hijo pequeño en realidad cogimos un pez muy grande con un [clip] y sólo un poco de masa de pan para que te va a trabajar Sosténgalo desde abajo Eso es asombroso que es amigo hermoso. Correcto, devolverlos Ahora honestamente en nuestra experiencia utilizando paperclip parecía trabajar mucho mejor Somos mucho más consistentemente atrapados mucho más peces usando clips Pero las lengüetas de la soda trabajarán en una pizca [allí] usted va allí usted va sí que aparentemente se puede usar una lengüeta de soda y un poco de masa de pan y coger el pescado Es mucho más fácil de lo que esperaba que iba a ser truco realmente genial Aprendí aquí en la isla de tahiti [en] el centro cultural polinesio. Muchas gracias por unirse a este video chicos Te veré la próxima que te hable entonces Oh, eso no es delicioso. Oye, deberíamos ir a buscar la tapa y abrir esta huh sí Tu/usted

    How to Make a Simple Pop Pop Boat
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    How to Make a Simple Pop Pop Boat

    August 14, 2019

    Today I’m going to show you how to make a really
    cool candle powered pop pop boat using household items. To make it we’re going to need an empty drinks can,
    some Blu-Tack, 2 straws and an empty juice carton. First we’re going to make the boiler, and
    we’ll start by taking the Coke can cutting off the top and bottom with a pair of
    scissors, and turning it into a flat sheet. Then we’ll cut a straight line down one edge, and from
    that mark out a rectangle 6cm wide by 18cm long. Be very careful not to cut yourself. Once we’ve cut that out we need to gently fold it in half, but don’t
    push down hard on the fold as we don’t want it to tear. Next we need to mark out a 1cm
    line around one half of the boiler and cut it out with our scissors, so we
    should now have something which looks like this. Next we’re going to take out Bu-Tack, warm it up in our hands
    and roll it out into a long worm about 0.5cm fat. Then we’re going to open up our boiler pattern and stick the
    Blu-Tack onto the 2 outside edges of the smaller half. Next we’re going to fold it in half, remembering
    not to push down hard on the fold and stick the two halves together. Then we’re going to take a bit more
    Blu-Tack and put it on the edges. It should look like this. Next we’re going to fold over the tabs on both sides, and gently crimp
    it all the way up with some pliers to form a seal. Then we need to take our scissors and cut off the
    excess tab to leave one long tab along the bottom. Next we’re going to take our Blu-Tack and push
    it into a flat strip about 1cm wide. Then we’re going to wrap it around the end of
    one of the straws, followed by the second. Add a bit more until the straws are well
    sealed in a good plug of Blu-Tack. Next we’re going to open up the end of the
    boiler, be very careful not to cut your fingers and push in the straws and Blu-Tack plug. Add a bit more Blu-Tack to form a good
    tight seal. It should look like this. Then we’re going to take our scissors and cut the
    bottom tab along each side of the straws. Next fold the tabs over and give them a squeeze with some
    pliers, but be careful not to rip the metal. Our boiler is not complete. Next we need to test it’s air tight by dipping it into
    a bowl of water and gently blowing through the straws. If you see any air leaking, give that area a
    gentle squeeze with the pliers and try again. To make the boat we’re going to take our empty juice carton, mark out and
    draw a line down the middle of it, and cut it in half. To make the cabin for the inside of the boat, cut
    the bottom off the half with the plastic lid. or if you have another empty juice carton, you can cut
    the bottom off that to make a slightly bigger cabin. I’ve also cut out some windows and we’ll be fixing that in place later. Next we need to cut a small hole in the bottom
    of the boat for the 2 straws to go through. This should be roughly half way up the carton an in the middle. Then we need to put a thin ring of
    Blu-Tack around the hole on both sides. Next we’re going to take our boiler and
    poke the 2 straws through the hole. Then we’re going to fix the straws firmly in place to the
    bottom of the boat with a strip of tape, Making sure the straws run to the back
    of the boat and are central. Then cut the straws off flush with the back of the boat. Next using a stapler we’re going to fix the cabin in place. And finally we need to make sure the Blu-Tack rings around
    the straws are pushed together to form a good seal. Our boat is now water tight and complete, but to use
    it we first need to prime the boiler with water. To do this we’re going to take one of
    our straw off cuts and snip the end. Then we’re going to poke it into one of
    the straws at the back of the boat and with a mouth full of clean water, blow water through
    the system until it comes out of the other straw. The boiler is now primed and ready to use. All we need to do now is drop a candle under the middle of the
    boiler, put it into the bath, and wait for it to warm up. It shouldn’t take long for the boiler to start popping, and off she goes. After a while you might find that the boiler leaks and doesn’t work properly,
    in which case you might need to seal it with some more Blu-Tack. Or if you have any you could make a
    boiler using epoxy glue rather then Blu-Tack. This is far more durable and should last a lot longer. You can paint your boat using a waterproof acrylic paint if you like, you
    can also spray it with a waterproofing lacquer to help protect it. But make sure it’s completely dry before you use it. If it’s taking a while to get going, try dropping a second
    candle underneath the boiler. This should help speed things up. If you like this project, maybe you’d like to take a look at some of
    my other videos by clicking on the links on the right hand side. Or take a look at my youtube channel page. Have fun and happy boating!