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    Bushcraft Survival Raft Part 2 – Day 28 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies
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    Bushcraft Survival Raft Part 2 – Day 28 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

    January 21, 2020

    I’m Zachary Fowler and I’m Greg ovens
    and this is the 30 day survival challenge Canadian Rocky there’s only
    one rule if you want to eat you got a catch and cook in the 30-day survival
    challenge season two Canadian Rockies has been brought to you in part by dr.
    Squatch soap hidden woodsmen gear go prepared survival outdoor vitals wazoo
    survival gear simple shot shooting sports and rim workshop check out the
    link in the description below for the gear video of the 30 days of bottle
    challenge good morning is day 28 almost there lots to do do it you know I had a
    hard time sleeping I don’t know if it was the food eating was so late and the
    color is hitting me and giving me all kinds of energy or if it was the Tyrell
    cup of coffee maybe but just cuz I don’t want to get that mean I’m not going to
    nobody ever had an adventure by staying in bed and I got Iraq to finish
    Metapod you what’s the first thing you want to do
    when we get back to town cook dinner Oh have a shower
    yeah have a shower go to the store and collect some food and cook a dinner have
    a solid and a nice dinner yeah that sounds nice it won’t be fish cakes yeah cars the further you pour it trying to
    yeah it starts splashing so I didn’t think about that I was like maybe one of
    these days we’ll try and pour it from the upper deck here to the lower deck
    and catch it and then it’s cooling up you could drink it right off the bat
    yeah but it’s like you need a taller taller cup so it doesn’t splash out and I did it I took oh it’s cooked
    beautiful yeah that’s good job this is the way to do it
    there’s no hot rocks is the way to go yeah I mean that’s what I always use so
    much to start yes like for everything steaks everything yeah although that one
    that we did with the green grill and we had the pile on top and then it caught
    on fire a little bit that like that had a really good flavor to us spruce yeah
    the smoke of the sprues you’re not a piney the Spruce II easier to say piney
    flavor yeah rosy flavor yeah lord thank you for this fish help us to get our
    raft done and help with the float just name amen what helped it to float all
    right this is why I like chopsticks my tongs as they dry they they twist and
    they kind of close up they work great but I almost have to make a new pair
    every couple days there we go super good it’s the tongs because they
    stuck closed so I just put it into my mouth it was in my mouth it was in my
    mouth there’s something done five-second rule for that one that one
    just rolled right in the dirt and just rolled up a ball of dirt right around it
    why it’s just gross I’m not going after that the other half is yours Bon Appetit
    maybe slacking just a teeny s bit by not by not having the pot going with uh all
    that in it and stuff and having some broth but we’re just well maybe we’re
    getting lazy because it’s been so long yeah it’s just it’s a lot to keep up
    with because it’s so warm right now that you got a boil your fish head soup like
    you know twice a day and you got to be really on top of it otherwise it gets
    really nasty and these pots stink so they have holes in the top for letting
    flies in and so a couple of times we’ve found it ruined because there’s flat
    it’s just gross still want that one gopher of my fling
    shot and I’d like to eat something besides fish tonight and as I yeah thanks bachelors water yeah what hold there’s some wood Sorrell tell by the
    seeds and I’ve got lemony taste to the leaves yeah like some alright so that
    means but it’s so good like that’s good that’s like one of the sweetest things
    we’ve had mmm and even the stems are good on it he isn’t that tasty yeah it
    is so I want to click some of that I’ve been going on to the last couple days
    yes that’s nice so now that I found some for collects them it tastes like rhubarb
    that’s what that’s what I feel like it tastes like the lemon eNOS is it’s like
    half lemon half rhubarb I did all right over here
    raft building time whoo can’t wait to take this baby out
    see how she sails yeah to get see if we get her up on one pontoon across the
    lake a bit of lashing to do before anything dramatic is kiting here across
    the lake she’s almost there hopefully we can move it I think it’ll work whether it’ll work
    for two people or not I don’t know leave in the comments below what do you think
    is it gonna fit two people without sinking or just one all right got a couple wedges and my
    paddle stick that Gregg cut me and I got a split so that’s what the wedges are
    for like I did with the table I gotta get this to split I think you start a
    line you can either take a saw and make a
    soft curve which is gonna be really hard with this kind of saw and it’s gonna be
    really hard with my Japanese tooth saw they don’t like to cut down the green
    they’re crosscut saws goodnight oh it’s still bad but taunting your
    knife it seemed to work solid nice for this kind of thing that’s
    cool all right in the middle that’ll give us two paddles if I can get split
    cleanly with smaller stuff the neatest thing is splitting stuff it’s I love
    splitting making things with smaller stuff if it starts to split too far in
    one direction you can bend the thicker one and then the split will follow back
    to the center and you just keep doing it you bend the thicker one you can split
    stuff right down the center and make all kinds of neat stuff split whole kit whole kit or not
    it’s not working there we go there we go we did it wow that was definitely the
    wrong piece of wood oh it’s definitely the wrong piece of wood look at it
    starts here just to here it’s halfway around our quarter of the way around it
    twists all the way back around a little stir cage
    it’ll work for our paddles though it’ll work because we got this whole long flat
    section here we could dip in the water I want to shave them down a little bit
    more I’m gonna see how long that takes real quick that see if I can’t shave
    down the handle the area so say the blade is two feet well let’s make the
    blade as long as the axe is kind of like an Aleutian kayak paddle since they’re
    narrower illusion kayak paddle is a like two inches by three inches and it’s
    about two feet long or something a blade at each end so I still have a wide wide
    blade you make it a long narrow blade feel the burn feeling some serious burn worked out pretty good it’s shaped down
    nice blade at this end a little bit of a handle a bit at that end and they’re
    just let’s see if she actually floats right yeah jamming on the stick stuff
    might not be my just food we’re not tried in her enough we’re not strong
    enough just sit right back in your hero – all right here we go it’ll work for
    two feet fuller work for one but definitely the world’s heaviest travel
    board ever made alright push me out loading that well yeah it’s definitely
    one man how sturdy is it steers like a pig if you can even call it steering I
    feel kind of precarious like the way the whole thing is underwater except for
    where I’m standing it probably needed another six logs just to be comfortable
    for or one person well I mean it works I could stand here pretty easily and fly
    fish from it my feet are dry yeah everything is dry it’s actually fairly sturdy that I think
    you’d you know it’s so heavy even if it would tip over if you went too far one
    way let me see it doesn’t know there’s enough resistance like you’d have to
    you’d have to really haul on it to flip it yeah you know it takes a while for it
    to start to scoop in one direction versus the other so right it’s actually
    really sturdy my initial well why don’t you try it for fly fishing tomorrow yeah I’m happy that you’re happy no I don’t
    like the cold water knowing me I just end up falling in right I mean just the
    way things go for me yeah parallel park go to the back I can drive to the beach disembark the SS fortitude but now I
    need to get a line on it though before she sails off yeah yeah and we don’t
    want somebody to hijack it no pirates comer you know just as a dock you like bring
    it into a spot yeah and you walk over here and you just well yeah that would
    increase our casting ability too yah huh well we know what floats but
    it’s not a two-man no I mean we could try it you don’t wanna look like you
    want to I want to see you catch a fly or a fish fly fishing off it but I know I
    don’t really have a need to go on the raft yeah all right
    I guess it’s just my boat it’s your boat I should be enough to hold there there
    yeah it won’t take much no I mean she’s kind of beached a little bit anyway
    mm-hmm all right boat aside you tomorrow SS fortitude I’ll see you tomorrow well I was busy building the raft and
    not catching fish Gregg was catching the biggest one we’ve caught here it’s I
    mean that’s if it was a horse it would be two and a half hand that’s that’s big
    she’s a beautiful Big Easy whatever fish Wow job manner that’s a big one that’s a
    big dinner some dessert yeah sir oh yeah we got all kinds of
    stuff well you eat well tonight a little bit more balanced even with the nettles
    and and I have to pick up my game
    hopefully this boat pays off there’s no way I can crack up catch up with Greg
    I’m fish I’m still went ahead on chess so take your wins way and get him now
    I’m fun we’re having fun I think he’s at 40 for fish so he wants one more to have
    45 I’m at 32 but we only really need two more fish to make it to the end just
    fine I don’t know about rigging up a sail it’s pretty precarious I know I
    might give it a try real quick see if I can’t paddle out and kite back but
    that’s just asking for trouble I think it needs more logs to be more stable
    oh no the long slog back to camp long day again long day of course they
    all feel long wave towards the end here he just wanted to be over I want to be
    home with my girls eating regular food again I mean if I was to be out here for
    50 days and that’s what I knew I was doing I don’t think today I would feel
    like such a big deal would be like she’s another day so exciting can’t wait come
    back tomorrow fishing I’ll have like 20 more days of fishing from that boat but
    knowing that you got one more day to you guitar leave and reenter society it
    makes today go very very very very very very very slowly home sweet home
    for the next 40 24 hours 48 hours something like that you get some leaves
    on her yeah you know I could leave it there stay batteries and cut Ramon that
    goes along with filming water different fishing poles
    I brought way too much line at three or four spools of line I always bring too
    much I hate getting somewhere and finally I don’t have something that I
    need but I’ve been strong enough so far to carry it and had the energy to do so
    so how does it come back to bite me yeah oh wait I think I left a little coffee the elixir of life I think water
    probably would be more like the elixir life but there’s water and coffee let’s
    just eat it raw and Briggs just eat it raw yeah just take a bit just like why
    eat it like Gollum we likes it raw and wriggling either you
    got the Flies you got the mosquitos you get the rain I’m not complaining mind
    you explain just explaining cuz if I didn’t say something you wouldn’t know
    what we’re talking about yeah just watch the video you can see the you can see
    the Flies you can probably hear it over our talking it’s like us talking and
    then yeah right in for the night
    made a little net before I turned in I’m going to use that as to catch and what
    not to catch but to hold rocks for an anchor for my little boat so tomorrow I
    can attach that right down from where I stand so I can haul it up and then clean
    it off and then paddle around drop my anchor and then sit there even if it’s a
    little breezy and yeah so I don’t blow in and then just like fly fish catch a
    fish you know got my little fish catching net and it should be pretty
    cool should be fun so I’m gonna go to bed I’ll see you guys in the
    second-to-last day tomorrow thanks for watching see you next time
    Fowler out with my little visit to the trees you know and in the woods do as
    the Bears do I don’t even think they wipe do you think they will I don’t
    think they wipe dirty and also that commercial that shows the Bears and
    promoting that toilet paper that’s that’s barely believable it’s just
    unbearable that’s just ridiculous they don’t they don’t even wipe filthy bears
    see this one day no that’s a quit I’m trying just lose it just straight up oh
    yeah like I was throwing the log on fire like how you were getting grumpy at
    every stick that you kept although he was being attacked by sticks Oh a whole
    area where he built the raft always just a minefield
    it was a minefield of sticks tripping you mm-hmm that was a good one that
    seems good sounds good you hear that can you hear this

    Trevally & Cod on Surface Lures. Land-Based Australian Island Fishing – FISHING THE WILD (Flashback)
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    Trevally & Cod on Surface Lures. Land-Based Australian Island Fishing – FISHING THE WILD (Flashback)

    January 7, 2020

    Alright so this is another great example of
    another great fishing location. The sand-spit comes out and as the tide is
    rushing out, its going out the tide? Nah it’s coming in. As the tide rushes in, it’s bringing all the
    bait past this point and there is a rock bar at the front of this which makes it even more
    impressive so a lot of predators are just going to be hanging around here waiting for
    that bait to be pushed around and then its just a matter of coming up and stealing lollies
    from a baby as far as they’re concerned. Oh there we go! Woah! Absolute monster Holy dooley Thats a biggie. Oh there’s, one there’s one. Woah he’s got me. Woah. My goodness me. Woah My thing isn’t playing kids games. Alrighty. That is what you call a trevally,
    and my cup of coffee is still warm, that was our very first cast – double hook-up. And these are the bad boys that have been
    hunting all the bait thats been splashed around everywhere this morning. That is a monster Morgs, that is a genuine
    monster. Simmo’s is a decent fish but this one in particular
    has got a bit of size and a lot of girth too if you look down the barrel there thats where
    his muscle is. Oh he’s heavy. There must be another hundred of these out
    there just hanging on the edge of that reef just waiting for the bait to get washed over
    the top and absolutely slamming it. Look at those eyes it’s about those eyes too,
    they have just got such good vision, such incredibly efficient movers under water they
    can get so much speed. Impossible if you are a bait fish and these
    guys are locked on to you. It’s all over. I’m going to get mine in the water. We better get them back in the water because
    we want them to live. Alright that’ll do us. We are literally 150 metres away from camp
    and to be able to do that is just very very special. Anyway that’s North east Arnhem Land. Let’s put some proper gear on and walk across
    the other side. Yeah alright. Look at that. There she is. Wow
    What are we calling that? “Cod Alley”? Cod Alley. Look at that that is superb. It’s completely protected by that rock wall. If that doesn’t say cod and trout then I don’t
    know what does. That looks like prime real estate for big
    Flowery Cods. Look at all those rock holes. These’s going to be some fish in that shallow
    water. Come on. This is the Rubik’s Cube bit. Simmo and I have fished a lot of the north,
    we have come across pretty similar situations like this, and this says to us big Flowery
    Cod. There are a lot of advantages for the fish
    in this situation. Real shallow water they live under all the
    bombies so they’re going to fight dirty and take us and wrap us around a piece of rock
    and cut us off. But to our advantage we are going to stay
    nice and high so we can better angle on our rod. Yeah so these cod are under the rocks, they’ll
    see these surface lures that will go on top of them, they’ll rush out bang them and try
    to take us straight under. Its a bar fight in here, sports-fishing at
    its best. Come on big boy. Yep yep yep there’s one… Wait here he is. Look at them look at them, here they come. Theres two, three there! Jesus you scared the hell out of me Simpson. Here we go here we go can you see them in
    the corner there? There’s three of them just right there. Wow here we go. Simmo. They’re a bit suspicious now. Nah I think you yelled out too loud. Uh Oh. Yep yep. Go Simmo. Go Simmo. There he is, head up, get his head up, get
    his head up. Yeah oh geez, he nearly pulled me off the
    rock. Get him up mate. You’ve won this one. Wait. Simmo. Don’t let him get in those rocks. I’m trying. Simmo. You got him? He’s on the rocks. Oh I got him. He’s hand-lining him out. Ah beauty! That’s half mine. Thats not yours. That’s half my catch. Yes. That is exactly what we thought we was going
    to find here. Look at that. Flowery Cod. Look at that for a tail. That’s like a flipper. Look how well camouflaged he is on these little
    bombies here and look how shallow that is. That is a metre of water so as the tide rushes
    out all these mullet have to go that way. Its like a conveyer belt of food and these
    blokes just hide behind rocks and do what they just did to Simmo’s lure. The analogy would be….they’d be a 100m sprinter,
    they sit under a rock all day and rest and don’y do anything and as soon as a bit of
    bait goes past they ambush with all this power in their flanks this massive tail. But as you can see now after the race he is
    absolutely gone, he is spent. Another thing is his teeth are basically mechanisms
    to grab prey and then drag them back to the hole, they don’t swallow the fish then and
    there its a matter of gripping them and ripping them back to their cave where they came from. There’s teeth the whole way down. All the way down into his throat down to his
    oesophagus all backward pointing pincer teeth. So once you’re in there the only way your
    going is that way. He’s got coral in his mouth there. Possible vegetarian. He didn’t want his girlfriend to find out
    that he just hit a popper though. Oh get him high Simmo get him high. I’m going in. Now I’m stuck. that was amazing the lure was in the water
    for no longer than 2 metres and the fish jumped on top of it. These guys are so active. I’ve got him! It’s a two-man job this. Two in two casts. This is, I’m enjoying this more than catching
    them. I’m like a sheep station dog. Like a sheep dog. Goorrn get back! Get around! Get around Go back! Oh no that’s dangerous. That’s crazy. Oh. Oh! I’m on. I’m on straight away there. No. I’ve got him. I’ve got him. Get up high get up high. Uh oh. Oh! Uh oh, it’s best I turn away here. Its best I turn away and not smile at his
    face. It’s like never looking into directly into
    a lion’s eyes at this stage. Walk away. Alright Simmo what about that? That’ll do hey? That whitewash is just where obviously bait
    have been pushed around unwillingly, kept in a sort of a washing machine environment
    and they are just plucking them off. Absolutely brutal fighters though. Alright I’m stuffed. Let’s do it. Alright. Let’s go walk back.

    Cooking BLACK BEAR in the FOREST | WILD Fresh Smoked Fish | ASMR (Silent)
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    Cooking BLACK BEAR in the FOREST | WILD Fresh Smoked Fish | ASMR (Silent)

    January 6, 2020

    Black bear is very common in Northern Ontario, Canada. Harvesting black bear is important to keep the heard balanced. Black bears will pray on moose calves. We are preparing a gambrel to help hold the bear up for processing. The stick is being inserted just under the Achilles tendon. Now the animal can be made into meat. A smoke house for meat and fish. A fire is prepared, ready to preserve the flesh. Fish is a staple item. This is a rainbow trout. We were also fortunate to have collected wild beaver. This will be preserved in smoke over the fire. The meat needs to be spun to keep from spoiling. Meat is deboned to make a stew ready to eat. The bear is quartered and brought to the fire. It is now vulnerable to spoiling, so requires constant attention. Scales are removed, and the fish smoked whole over alder. Two common loons, fishing. This dry-rub is available for sale, it is called Woodobo. A stick is added to start a new fire under the smoker. This will smoke overnight. The quest for food never ends. Green leaves from alders impart a fantastic taste to the fish. The fish will be ready to eat by morning. Bear stew! The bear meat is very much like beef. Beautiful pink meat! Time to move camp.

    ESCAPING ON JET SKI! 🚔 Adventure To Abandoned Tree House (24 Hour Challenge)
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    ESCAPING ON JET SKI! 🚔 Adventure To Abandoned Tree House (24 Hour Challenge)

    January 5, 2020

    I don’t know mascot whoops no he’s
    looking he’s coming this way hold on all right what’s going on guys Papa Jake
    here we are back I think it’s safe to uh to open up the windows now we’ve been in
    a box for surviving on the lakes since last night last night semana or maybe
    just a man came to the shore and they’ve been following us for the past few days
    we’ve been thinking there were cops but now we’re more and more certain that
    they are some sort of organization or something we don’t know what they are
    yet but we have to solve this mystery this morning time I think we’re good but
    we got to make our next moves oh I can’t tonight it’s beautiful though sleeping
    in a box for it on a lake at home it’s morning it’s time to smell the birds
    guys where we left off things are getting they’re getting intense last
    night if you guys saw our last episode we evaded what we believe is no longer
    the real cops we think that people have been sent out after us after creating
    this hideout and heading out into the middle of the lake in the middle of
    nowhere we were tracked down here by a man who we heard on the radio so as you
    guys could see someone was literally on the shoreline last night trying to find
    us luckily we’re in here they couldn’t find us we turned off all of the lights
    and went to bed but I just think that means Logan we can’t stay here man it
    has been an exhausting night there have been so many bugs like now it’s morning
    they’ve kind of all gone but guys the bugs were horrible last night not to
    mention the fact that someone is quite literally hunting us down Jake our
    anchor held up it was pretty good during the night so guys I think it’s extremely
    apparent that we cannot stay here all right this mystery is getting intense I
    mean we’ve talked to more Jase too and he’s starting to piece together things
    that that could explain that the people chasing us are linked to Chad wild clay
    is hacker there is just so much going on right now and now that we know that it’s
    quite possibly not the real police I think we need to turn it around
    I think Papa Jake needs to go full investigation mode and solve this
    mystery because we cannot just stay on the run Logan Jake I I just noticed a
    really big problem one of our rafts is deflated
    you know what Logan you’re right I seemed a little shorter this morning
    that is equally a reason why we can’t stay on here and I found out that you
    can’t order pizza to know the lake that was that was very disappointing I think
    I know a place where we can hide out Logan I’m talking about the tree
    house now I know what you’re thinking I know you’re thinking it is in the
    haunted forest but we’re not too far from it we could get there could we
    paddle in this thing honestly in the state that it’s in right now I don’t
    think we can paddle I think we’re gonna need to go back to land and hike on foot
    plus we need to get back there anyway to see if we can find any information on
    this guy Logan one thing though before we go
    Papaji has to go fishing you don’t even know how to fish folk and I know how to
    fish and if we only have four MREs left we don’t know how long we’re gonna be on
    the run for we have to become hunters Logan Papa Jake has to become a hunter
    hunting is the last thing you’re good at can I know how to hunt I once went apple
    picking with my grandma mom now help me with this Jake’s on some fishing mission
    which honestly he’s not gonna catch a fish Logan I got this alright I’m gonna
    catch the biggest fish hashtag Papa Jake’s fish looks like
    there’s a lot of seaweed in there Jake alright guys you all thought Papa Jake
    couldn’t catch a fish you thought Papa Jake could not become the hunter well if
    we’re surviving on the land Papa Jake is gonna catch some fish if you believe me
    put a comment down below but I believe in myself now the key to catching a fish
    guys stupid slow guys we really need to get to shore and get a move on this day
    but of course jake has to hold us back and go fishing we are gonna be eating
    like kings what oh yeah that’s a rare form of sea fish you can eat you know
    it’s not a fish but you can still eat this loken people eat this it’s a
    delicacy we got we got to get to shore Jake no you’re right you’re right you’re
    right we need to get to shore we need to figure out this mystery we need to get
    some clues the anchor is really heavy Jake all right anchor is up we are good
    to start paddling the shore how do we know that guys still not at the shore
    well in the radio we’ve heard a few important things first thing that we
    heard guys was he was referring to someone named captain mana GU or mana Q
    I can’t really make it out too well other than that he also referred himself
    not as an officer but as a tracker I’ve never heard a
    police officer refer to themselves as a tracker which makes us believe even more
    that he is not a police officer and is hired other than that we did hear say
    he’s heading back to base so our hope is that he’s not there but like I said guys
    we need to start our journey towards that treehouse because we are sitting
    ducks out here were able to make it back to the dock oh
    it has been a while since I’ve been on land all right let’s get out of here and
    start looking around we started walking through the woods a little bit and
    they’re going down the shoreline we’re looking for any clues that we can find
    us who was here last night as you know we made it to shore we’ve been kind of
    walking along the woods here trying to see if we can find anything Logan’s been
    up ahead looking for clues it actually just started raining cloud covering kind
    of came in I guess this rain is really starting to pick up and we were getting
    deep in these woods Marines really come down dude we got
    them start making her way to the abandoned house and fast guys if we
    don’t find anything in the next a little bit I think we’re just gonna have to
    start traveling there if we get caught in this rain and get soaked we’ll have
    absolutely no shelter we got to make her way to the tree house so we can set up
    camp for the night he followed us to where we came we built a raft just near
    here maybe he wasn’t even on this side of the lake he was tracking us he would
    have come to where we started he had to have been here Logan I’m new to this all
    right I’m not used to someone some sort of police officer chasing us down it
    could have been anything sent they could have used dogs and satellite imaging I
    don’t know what the capability is that these people are Jase do thinks it’s
    lead to Chad well clays hacker I mean that’s Logan
    what where’s your phone it’s in my pocket well give me your phone right now
    this is how they hacked us Logan they used our phones how can we have been so
    stupid look if this is all your fault this is
    why they got here you use your phone to trace us Jake I didn’t even want to be
    here in the first place Logan no phones I told you that what there now we can go
    to the tree house No okay you don’t need your phone well where’s your phone okay
    that’s right here what why do you get to keep your phone cuz Logan you know I
    like to play fort night at night plus I know how to turn on airplane mode so I’m
    gonna go get my phone you know what fine have them have them find us maybe it’s
    not even our phones G wait Logan Logan what it’s like a rain poncho some sort
    you don’t think this could have been the guys do leave G there’s a clock I think
    this could’ve been the guys I don’t know looks like a map I think this might have
    belonged to who is tracing us I think they’d left this year cheek what
    is this see looks like a data card of some sort
    hey any clues on the timepiece Jake this clock says that at 6:40 6:40 what time
    is it right now it’s 9:40 why would some I have a clock that’s three hours behind
    guys I don’t know who this is but whoever it is he has a clock that’s
    three hours behind looking what time zone is three hours behind us you know I
    guess it would be someone on the west coast but we’re not on the west coast on
    the east coast all right we’re gonna hold onto this
    let’s check this map out looks like the rains picking up we did get a map here
    let’s check this out and see looks like it’s a simple map of the area looking
    what are you doing it’s raining I might as well wear the poncho Logan that’s
    evidence you can’t just wear the evidence we got a bag down and put it
    somewhere hey you know what let’s just check the map here it looks like it’s
    simple whoa look what am I looking at no looks like instructions just locate Papa
    Jake capture Papa Jake locked Alba Jacob this is a note on the back of the map
    what are those codes target 2 7 9 wait my name’s here my name’s here target 2 7
    9 papa Jake target 2 4 3 Chad wild clay target 2 8 3 Steven share with Logan
    there are other names on here other youtubers they’re targeting looking we
    have to warn these youtubers what’s going on this is somehow all lengths
    wait Logan look there’s an attack drone here Jake what’s this bus purchase
    confirmation for sweet wait bus purchase your member Chad wild clay as last video
    don’t you yeah why Logan in his last video with his hacker on the SD card
    there was a picture of a bus this has a bus confirmation order number what do
    you think that means I don’t know but it could mean that that bus is linked to
    whoever wrote these notes look we need a warm chat the rain is picking up we got
    to go somewhere fast all right we need to find that treehouse let’s start
    moving and fast we got quite a hike to go we’re currently making our way
    towards the abandoned treehouse to set up camp for the night Jake I think
    there’s a dock over there yeah looks like there’s a canoe there we just
    paddled over to the haunted forest and go to the abandoned treehouse I mean
    they’ll still take ours but it’s better than walking Jake it looks like we’re going into some
    kind of swamp yeah man you really know you’re getting
    close to the haunted forest when you go through stuff like this looks like this
    bridge is falling apart this is creepy keep an eye out guys
    okay guys I’m making it closer to the abandoned force to try to keep our voice
    down though we don’t want to draw any attention to us as of right now we still
    don’t know who these people are they’re tracing us but we are getting some more
    information and clues are coming together don’t forget guys we need your
    help to solve this mystery if you see anything suspicious or know anything
    about the clues we’re finding comment it below I like it I think we’re in a good
    spot good spot for what was we’re in a remote enough location I thought I could
    turn my phone back on and call chat Jake you’re gonna risk turning on your phone
    to call Chad what can I have two I mean yeah there’s a chance they could trace
    my phone but so what by the time they get here we’ll be miles away maybe you
    can get the word out to other youtubers and guys maybe you can get it out as
    well tell anyone on the list that Papa Jake found out they’re being targeted
    Texas guys it’s Papa Jake calling me he hardly ever calls me this must be
    important check chess that you can’t hear me look it’s Papa Jake what’s up
    Papa Jake I needed to warn you about what’s going on as you can see I’m I’m
    in the middle of nowhere I’m actually in a canoe right now in your last video I
    noticed in the drone footage there was a bottle weight yeah you saw the picture
    of that bus in my last video yeah wasn’t that picture the bus was on the drone
    wasn’t that weird I think I know what that bus is it’s related to the hacker
    on the list of paper he had your name lifted at the target not only that he
    had a bunch of other youtubers wait seriously at the bottom of that we found
    a confirmation number for a bus order I’m actually at a bus right now so that
    you’re saying this might be a stolen bus Chad I think that bus might be the one
    that you’re about to go into I needed to call you and warn you well I’m really
    glad you call because I was just about to try to get into this bus I’m gonna be
    extra careful now getting in here now that I know this might be a feeling
    with the hackers thanks Papa Jake all right talk to you soon all right guys
    well at least Chad knows now there’s still a lot of other youtubers on the
    list that we have to warn and be honest I think we’re gonna need your help to do
    it how’s it right now though we got to keep
    going we got to keep up with our time it’s only midday but we have a lot of
    traveling to do and we need to get to the tree house before the Sun sets
    or worse before it starts raining again okay yeah see you on the dock do you
    think we could use it I don’t know let’s just left here that’s getting closer
    dude if you get that seed working this we’re cut down our travel time by hours
    we could be there in like 30 minutes this is literally gonna cut down our
    travel time to buy so much all right let’s see we can get it working I don’t
    know if has any gas your goblin chief you know how to drive one of these
    welcome papa Jake knows how to drive everything okay you know what they say
    you can ride a bicycle you can drive a seadoo Jake literally no one says that I
    look what we got to move we got to get to the tree oh so fast there we go it
    started awesome all right let’s get it off of here come on perfect all right
    looks like we’re in business guys got ourselves to see do
    finally no more paddling right now if I know the map correctly it shouldn’t be
    too far from here we hit down the lake a couple miles and there should be the
    abandoned forest for the abandoned tree houses alright let’s do this thing you
    do you ready Logan let’s do this crazy adventure I gotta be locum the fun
    right now now if I’m correct the lake should be
    following along the trail here which means the haunted forest should be down
    that way yeah we definitely got to start heading this way honestly we’ve been
    making such good time guys we’re practically here looking he’s coming
    this way hold on ingenious I don’t know

    My Thoughts On The Ark Genesis FISHING NET Reveal Trailer
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    My Thoughts On The Ark Genesis FISHING NET Reveal Trailer

    January 5, 2020

    what’s up everybody welcome back to my
    channel today I wanted to take a look at one of the new arcs Genesis reveal
    trailers that wildcard has released on their YouTube channel so in this video
    we are gonna take a look at the fishing net teaser trailer I’m gonna play the
    entire reveal trailer right now just in case you have not seen it so here it is now honestly there’s nothing really that
    special about this trailer it shows off a little bit of a new biome which looks
    like an underground cave area that has some small bodies of water but the main
    focus of this trailer was showing off the new fishing net now I don’t know
    about you but I really don’t do a lot of fishing in arc usually I’m focused on
    harvesting building or PvP and I don’t really have much spare time to sit down
    and fish to maybe have the chance of getting something worth it don’t get me
    wrong I have fished in art before but not enough to justify needing a fishing
    net to make it easier it’s kind of like they didn’t have anything cooler to show
    off at the moment but they still wanted to build up some Genesis hype so they
    were like oh let’s fucking show them that sick fucking fishing net but
    honestly I could see this being a little bit easier to use than the fishing rod
    for those of you who don’t know the fishing rod uses a little minigame that
    requires you to button mash to catch a fish and that fish will have a handful
    of random items in it but it’s not like it’s a very hard minigame to start with
    so I don’t know why they would want to create something to compete with that or
    change the mechanic itself like I don’t get that there could be something we
    don’t know about fishing in Genesis like maybe it has been reworked or there’s
    new fishing specific rewards that we will need for some blueprints but more
    than likely this is just going to be an alternative to the fishing rod and the
    fishing that probably won’t have that fishing minigame and I don’t understand
    why out of all the new stuff in Genesis they chose to make a trailer for this
    fishing net like that kind of seems weird so after looking at the
    description of this video it looks like the fishing net does not require you to
    be seated to use it it’s also a single use item and it will allow you to catch
    multiple fish at once and earn bonus rewards so if those bonus rewards are
    really useful then I could see people using this item but if the items aren’t
    worth it I don’t see a lot of people using this fishing net and that’s pretty
    much it there’s not much else to say about this thing I hope you enjoyed this
    video and thank you for watching

    RAFT Gameplay – Chapter 1 – Animal Update & Ship Wreck (Yacht)
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    RAFT Gameplay – Chapter 1 – Animal Update & Ship Wreck (Yacht)

    January 4, 2020

    Uh-oh Spaghetti a Bird just tried to drop a rock on me. I’m gonna stay here. Sure. Hello. Hello Have you have you ever been to an island like this before? It this is insane and a bird just tried to drop a boulder on our heads just to let you know Okay, well do you have like any like I like weapons and stuff Okay Wait, uh, let’s get a headlamp because I need more plastic This is so cool, there’s also a bone arrow if you want to use that in the storage Yeah No, there’s a big bird dropping boulders on my head, oh it’s coming back Oh my god, oh it’s still Really No God that doesn’t help Oh God Oh you need to make ammo for this. Oh, I didn’t know that crap. Oh crap. Oh Okay, god dammit, how are we supposed to do this with a bird trying to kill us, uh Uh, there’s an antenna up here and a boar oh, yes Yeah, oh it’s nighttime – god damn it Oh Careful does a crazy before oh, yes. Oh Oh you did it nice I think you might get leather leather Yeah, see, oh the birds after me. I Get to the top of the hill Trying to see if there’s like a cave or something here Let’s go I’m ready again 1v1 me bro. Yeah Yeah, you did again stuck I’m stuck Oh boomba no boom up. Oh I got him Yeah, wait, I’m gonna place this Oh There is ooh okay, you know, I’m gonna go back and make a trouble then cuz it might be dirt or it might be gunpowder Just running seems tiny – oh it is dirt. Okay wonder what dirts for Oh you have dirt – no Oh, okay go to this another Island Where does it give you anything? Good? Oh, no, it’s Name tag really? Yeah. Oh man, nothing on this either Island. I Know where this bird is Come on land do it Actually like these board almonds Yeah, I like how it doesn’t take up any of the screen If you go in the third person it looks nice It works sometimes and then in just stop oh by the way Really Yeah, cuz see how it’s like arms and pet is missing Yeah, I just thought he was like he was hiding and he’s gonna come at the place soon or something. I don’t know I Honestly didn’t know I just thought he would be like tada. I’m scare Union so Okay, so we’ll do that side I have no idea if it is that’d be cool but I don’t even know how to like decipher he The one thing that I wish they would add into this game. I don’t know how they would do It is something like some way to rotate the raft Where It’s over in this direction. There’s an abandoned. Oh, let’s go there then and then there’s a tiny maybe big So we’ll go left and then we’ll go straight right? Yeah, I mean if we find another island we can find a bunch more than Don’t you not to do it I Know blueprint Milk oh Maybe but how do you keep them still in? Hmm? How would you like keep them stolen stuff? I mean it just says So maybe you just have to be close and like click thumb or something I’m assuming you constantly like run around them right there Big Island. Oh, oh, yeah god the fog It’s like if they look down in order to you really do That’s a ship look at this look at it’s a boat it’s like a it’s like a yacht Oh my god Getting super upgraded dude next we’re gonna be swimming that but Okay, let’s prepare ourselves to go aboard that because I don’t know what we’re gonna face All right, you ready? Okay, look over here Right Oh mechanical art. Wait, where are you? I’m buddy where the thing is Okay, I’m gonna put on that I don’t like this Oh God, look how dark it is Oh Oh Crow barks, you see this note said So this is the basic act best basa get tan I’m smart Oh, there’s another note. Yeah, so they were using this ship and they crashed when they got here Whoever you are, please find us I drew a map. Hope it helps. Oh That’s the Saline okay. Oh Yeah, it’s not broken or anything Oh Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god I don’t know. We said a big rat I picked it up. I don’t know if I want to pick up all this stuff Yeah, I’m gonna pick up this. Yeah this grab the plastic we don’t need. Oh You know, oh, it’s it it was like an audio one. It’s cuz That’s all something bad always happens Thank you No, but there’s Someone’s been drinking I’m actually saved. Oh, wait. What is this gas? Tank? Oh I found uh the thing Okay No never right? I found a gas canister like I found a note. Oh Oh the music it just I know Looks like a whole puzzle in this place Jesus Lilith fish So wait, do we find them all here then cuz we won’t be able to come back. Hold on one bullet Wait, what? For those electrical wires lighter gas, do we have the gas tank? Wait, what’s the fifth one? It only has four of them here. No, I mean well maybe there isn’t I’m just talking about this because this is Oh, okay, okay You gotta look everywhere do this fancy up in here Oh, wow Oh God look at the hall though. Oh Thank God we made these headlamps, yeah, actually, oh, they’re almost used up. You know what it did look like it looked like a Tire jack or whatever you or a car jack and well, I mean, you know, this is ocean No Oh there was a whole way to go down here Jesus oh hey to metal ingots from that period oh It was a rat. Oh my god Yeah, it’s just you staring at me. So we got upstairs in the long hallway, though. I think the long hallway is the mechanical part No, this is all the new stuff Our Jack. Yeah, you were right. All right, wait so we can still build this thing So we have the bullet we have the gas tank. We need the lighter and electrical wires Okay, so yeah, we still have stuff to search And we still need to find that reporter You’re okay. Um food and water, right? Yeah, okay Wait, is there oh Jesus Christ Oh green key. Okay. Yeah, let’s go down. Oh it is. Yeah. Oh my God Look how dark it is a Bomb What are we doing? Yo, hold on. Why are we gonna block something? No, I was right really Yep, wait, maybe we should stand back Oh my god, dude, whoa, look at all this crap. Oh Wait, oh steering wheel wait wait her searing wheel On the engine. Oh my god, we can build the engine in all that now. We got the history and achievement Tang 735 fun let’s go. Oh It’s it’s nighttime, dude Probably look I made this video

    Wild Camping in the Arctic North of Norway! Fishing for Trout and Arctic Char! Catch and cook
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    Wild Camping in the Arctic North of Norway! Fishing for Trout and Arctic Char! Catch and cook

    December 29, 2019

    I live in the south of Norway, but I grew
    up in the far north. There is nothing better than going back home. Let me show you why! Happy? oh yes! How much does it weigh? about half a kilo! Lets not wait any longer. ok. oh, it got away. Well it was small anyway. Where is it? Yes another one! Nice one, maybe half a kilo. Does it look good? Really good! Its a big fish! I think its a salmon My phone is ringing (ruining the moment) Its a small salmon lets get the net ready That was easy! A lot of water in the river now Come on! We just made it! It was quite deep in the last part!

    Beach Massacre At Kill Devil Hills – Full Movie
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    Beach Massacre At Kill Devil Hills – Full Movie

    December 26, 2019

    (birds chirping) – Lizzie honey, you
    almost ready to go? You know how your mama
    gets angry if we’re late. – I can’t believe
    they’re letting him out. You know, whatever happened to the justice system
    in this country? He serves six months
    of a one-year sentence. He’s a sociopath. I told her on the day of her
    wedding not to marry him, because he’s bad news! – Bob, we’re all moving
    on, that’s the positive. (scoffs)
    – Moving on. Only after the crazy bastard
    put her in the hospital, then she finally got
    some goddamn sense. – Stop it Bob, stop
    harping on the past. – It just makes my blood boil every time I think of
    that son of a bitch. – Well you know she is
    doing everything she can. She has a restraining order, he’s not allowed to come
    within 100 feet of her. – Oh god, you know, it
    never stopped him before. If she wants to be safe,
    you take her this bat and tell her that if that punk just shows his face, she
    swings for the fence. Teach him a lesson
    he won’t forget. – Uh-huh, I’ll tell you
    what, you keep that slugger. Stacy’s had enough
    violence for one lifetime. She just wants to go
    to the beach house with her girlfriends
    and not think. (sighs) Bob, she’s doing
    everything she can. She knows what she needs, more than we do.
    – You know, did I ever tell you
    where I got this? I, I uh, I was in college and
    I had 100 home runs, it was a damn record, so they gave
    me this bat to commemorate it. 100 dingers, nobody’s
    ever come close. – Oh jeez, not that story again. – Well it’s true! – Lizzie honey, you ready to go? – Yes, Grandma.
    – Hello honey. – You take care of
    yourself, kiddo, okay? – I love you too,
    Grandma and Papa. – [Jessie] Oh we love
    you too, cupcake. – Well, you know, you
    should be driving soon, so uh, do you think
    you should be drinking? – You ready to go honey? Get the cellphones.
    – Oh yeah. And remember the
    cellphone towers, there is no cellphone
    towers down there, so make sure that
    she knows that, okay? – Bob, Bob!
    – There’s no reception! – Honey, come on.
    – I’m just saying. (suspenseful music) (“My Resignation”
    by Bear With Me) ♪ Your face showed no emotion ♪ Fill your head of disbelief ♪ As words of rebellion flowed
    in motion from your teeth ♪ One solitary notion,
    we’ll go and make our mark ♪ On the world, no way to
    portray our work as art ♪ Plots thicken ♪ And shadows disappear ♪ Inside we hold emotion,
    outside we show no fear ♪ Plots thicken,
    inside we show no fear ♪ Outside we hold emotion,
    inside we show no fear ♪ Oh I applaud you ♪ Congratulations, I
    give my resignation ♪ I applaud you, congratulations ♪ Your name’s the inspiration ♪ Light a match
    and watch it burn ♪ Light a fire in my blood ♪ Talk about the future and
    the other things we love ♪ Oh mother, please forgive me ♪ I think that I’ve lost track ♪ While everyone’s in danger ♪ I’m never going back ♪ Oh I applaud you,
    congratulations ♪ I give my resignation ♪ Oh I applaud you ♪ Congratulations, your
    name’s the inspiration ♪ No oh no whoa ♪ Oh oh go whoa ♪ Oh oh go whoa ♪ Oh ♪ Oh I applaud you ♪ Congratulations I
    give my resignation ♪ Oh I applaud you ♪ Congratulations your
    name’s the inspiration ♪ Oh I applaud you ♪ Congratulations I
    give my resignation ♪ Oh I applaud you ♪ Congratulations your
    name’s the inspiration ♪ – Can’t tell you guys
    how much it means to me for you to come
    down this weekend. – We love you, you know that. We’ll always be here for you. – Yeah, we got your back. – I know, it’s just a really, really hard time
    for me right now. I couldn’t get through it
    without your guys’ support, and I appreciate you
    letting me bring Lizzie. I mean I know this is supposed
    to be like a girls weekend, but I just couldn’t
    leave her behind. – Hey it’s okay, she’s
    like our daughter, and I know I speak
    for the rest of us, we’d protect her with our life. – Plus you know, she’s going to keep all these skanks in check. – I do admit, she’s gonna
    put a crimp in my style. I was hoping to meet my next
    ex-boyfriend this weekend for a little sex-a-palooza. – Palooza, what does even mean? (laughs)
    – I don’t know, I just made it up. – No, I made it up.
    – You guys so need help. – Me, sex keeps it simple,
    hit it and quit it. – That still make you a perv. (scoffs)
    – What about you and that doctor guy
    you were dating? I seem to remember
    something about someone doing it in
    the morgue one night? (snickers)
    – Shh, Lizzie’s in the car. – She’s not listening,
    she has her headphones on. – Or maybe she want us to
    think that she’s not listening. – Well then, don’t talk
    about what Charlee did on her last photo shoot
    with those two guys. – We are adults and that
    was completely consensual. – Mm.
    (chuckling) – Uh-huh, and I’m the perv.
    (chuckles) Looks like I’m riding in the
    right company this weekend. Ho’s before bros.
    (giggling) – Oh my god you guys, how
    are you even my friends? Like, you make me sick. – God, I have missed this. (suspenseful music) (screams) (groans) – Oh shit, are you okay? – Oh no, fuck I hurt my knee. – Samantha, are you okay? – Yeah, I, I tripped
    on a root back there and I busted my knee. – Alright listen, this
    goes for both of you. Did you hear me yell cut, because I know I told you both you’re not supposed to stop
    unless you hear me yell cut. You have to let
    the action unfold. If you’re ever gonna be actors, you have to commit to the role. – Yeah, but I’m
    not a real actor. You found me at
    the gym, remember? If you wanted real actors,
    you should’ve gotten them. Didn’t you say all
    the best old directors didn’t use real actors? – Yeah okay, fair enough. But Jake listen, this
    weekend you’re my lead actor and you have to trust me. If I thought Samantha
    was seriously injured, I woulda yelled cut, but those
    are the moments you want, the non-scripted, that
    just happen organically. That’s when the magic happens. Now we could shoot that scene
    again and again and again, but that moment’s gone. Samantha, do you
    seriously feel like your character
    would have stopped? – Well when you put it that way, no probably not, she
    woulda kept running. – Yeah, and I’d
    have pressed forward and gutted her pretty little ass like a pig.
    – Exactly. (chuckles)
    – Aw, you’re sweet. – Alright let’s focus, we
    gotta get this whole short in the can this weekend, we’re
    on a tight shooting schedule. – Oh did you, did
    you hear that before? Did you hear that crow caw? It was like caw, caw,
    right when I was running. It was so spooky, I’m super
    bummed we won’t have that now. – Yeah, well you know,
    I can put in post when I do the Foley
    stuff, we good to go? – I think we’re good to go, then I think it’s
    beer and hot tub time. – I could definitely go for
    some beer and hot tub time. So anymore notes, Cap? – Yeah, Samantha, this
    time I want you to move a little slower, as if
    you’re walking on glass. Then pause for a few
    beats on the beach before you look over
    to see Jake, got it? – [Samantha] Got it. – Alright Jake, this time
    when you reveal the knife, I want you to bring
    it up to your neck in a slicing motion
    like that, got it? – [Jake] Got it. – Alright, let’s go, places.
    – Okay cool, okay. (gentle instrumental music) (waves crashing) – Mmm. – So did you get all the shots? – Yeah I think so, I mean I think everything went
    really, really well. Got some amazing stuff, I think it’s gonna blow
    my instructors away. – Nice, how did I
    do, did I do okay? – Yeah, you were amazing, everything seemed real
    grounded, and that scream, Jamie Lee Curtis ain’t
    got nothing on you, girl. – That’s so awesome, you know
    I was really, really scared when the killer was chasing
    me, like I was terrified. How did my tits look? – I think they
    looked spectacular. (chuckles)
    – I mean on camera, like, how’d they look on camera? – Jake’s right, they
    looked spectacular. – Nice, awesome, you know I know you’re the expert on this,
    but I’ve been thinking, maybe the film would be better
    if there some more boobs. – Yeah, every horror
    movie’s always boobs, blood, and blades. – Not this one, I’m going for
    an edgier, art house vibe. Natural lighting, real
    knife sounds, real people. To stand out, how
    anybody can make a flick with hot naked
    chicks running around, but we want to make a
    piece that stands apart and showcases our talent. We only got eight minutes
    on screen to do that, and I’m not wasting
    one precious second on gratuitous nudity.
    – Use real boobs, then. – Yeah, those are real. – Yeah they are
    real, real perky. – Ooh, you know what I think
    this movie really needs is a good sex scene,
    it’ll really sell. – Yeah I agree, how
    about instead of the killer trying to stab me,
    he tries to fuck me to death? – That’s what I’m talking about. – Oh we could do a
    three-way, you know? We can prop the
    camera right there. – A little girl on
    girl is always good. – Both of you need to quit it, what was I just saying? We are making a
    groundbreaking horror movie, not a whore movie, we’re
    not shooting a porno. – Or–
    – There won’t be any sex scene no three-ways,
    not even any tits. We’re not taking the
    easy way out here. I want to win this thing by scaring the living shit
    out of them with this. – Too bad, it was
    about to be epic. – You’re so bad, you’re
    gonna give this poor stud a heart attack if
    you’re not careful, but can you please
    keep it in your panties until I’m done
    with him on Monday? – Who me, I’d never.
    – Enough movie talk. Let’s just chill out
    and get a beer or 12. – I like that idea,
    grab me one too, stud. – Alright guys, I’ll lighten up. Let’s just enjoy the night. (suspenseful music) – [Charlee] Joey’s car? I thought we have the house
    for ourself this weekend. – We’re supposed to, Joey is supposed to be in
    Wilmington at film school. – Then what the hell
    is she doing here? – Shit, I don’t know,
    let’s go find out. (orchestral music) (laughs)
    – Come on guys. (gasps)
    Ooo, meow! (Joey laughs)
    – Aunt Joey, I didn’t know you
    were gonna be here. – Hey wildcat, I didn’t know
    you were gonna be here, either. What are you all doing here? – The question is, what
    are you doing here? – I got this rush
    film project to do, the winner gets a
    summer internship in LA with Guillermo del Toro. – What or who is Gilligan Todo? – [Joey] Guillermo
    del Toro, come on. Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim, Troll Hunters,
    the Hobbit movies. – They sound dumb. – Puss in Boots.
    – I love Puss in Boots, it’s so funny.
    (laughs) – See?
    – I like me a little Puss in Boots sometimes
    too, you know what I mean? – Yeah, 24/7, you’re addicted. – Okay, so I still
    don’t understand, what are you doing here? – Okay, so like I said, I have a rush film project
    to do this weekend, but I only have this
    weekend to shoot it, edit it, score it,
    special effects, title card, everything
    by midnight Monday. – Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. (chuckles)
    – So, I came up with this idea and this place is perfect,
    isolated and rustic, and it’s so beautiful
    at the same time, it’s practically a third
    member of the cast. So what are you doing on my set? You really are in your own
    world, aren’t you? Jason gets out tomorrow, I
    thought it might be a good idea for us to be out of
    town for a few days. – No, I just… I’m sorry, I thought
    it was next weekend. I’m really wrapped up in school. That’s why you brought
    the little wildcat and your whole crew. – If you kept in better
    touch with your sister, then you will know. – I’m really sorry, look
    the idea just hit me and we rolled, I didn’t think– – Yeah, that’s the problem Joey, you never think, you just do. – Listen, I’m really sorry, just look, first thing tomorrow
    we’re outta here. It’s more important for you
    to be here than me I mean, I’ll find somewhere
    else to shoot. – Wait, I thought you said the
    place was the key to winning. – It could work just as
    well someplace else, it’s, just have to tweak it a little. It’s a indie production I
    just, I’ll make it work. – No, it’s okay, you can stay, and it’ll give us a
    chance to catch up. – [Joey] Are you sure? – I’m sure.
    – Well, I promise we won’t get
    in your way at all. – Well I mean, it will
    make me feel a lot better to have more people down
    here, and the big kid too, I guess, I mean.
    (chuckles) And plus, Lizzie
    loves seeing you. – Great, well let’s get
    everyone introduced, then. This is Jake here,
    he plays the killer, but he’s more of a big puppy
    dog if you want the truth. – How’re you guys
    doing, I’m Jake. – Hey.
    – There’ll be a cougar fighting over him
    by tomorrow night. – Ha ha. – Well hey, I’m glad to see you. – Sorry, I am a bitch.
    – Yeah you are, but I deserved it. Hey.
    (giggles) – Alright, let’s figure out
    who’s sleeping in what beds. – You can sleep with
    me, but no spooning. – Alright, so there’s no
    spooning, what about forking? – Okay no, no, no, I
    walked right into that one. Get away from me.
    – My niece is here! (laughing) (waves lapping) – Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost. (gentle music) – Hey baby, I’m home. – You cannot be here. – What, a husband can’t come
    home to his wife and daughter? – We’re not married anymore,
    the divorce is final! – Oh come on, you think
    that’s gonna stop me? You really think that’s gonna
    stop me from seeing my girls? – It’s done, I have full custody and you cannot be
    here after last time! – Yeah well, I’m here. – I’ll call the cops, I swear.
    – Call them. – I have a restraining
    order, they’ll arrest you! – Fuck the police.
    – Jason. – Fuck you too, I want
    to see my daughter. Where’s my daughter,
    where the fuck is she? – No, you have to leave, please. – I want to see my daughter. – Lizzie’s in her room, she doesn’t want to
    see you, please leave. (heavy thudding)
    (gasps) – [Jason] This was your
    fault, you made me do that, you always made me do that. – I’m sorry, it,
    it was my fault. Please, just leave,
    Jason, just leave. – You caused this,
    you always cause this. – (crying) I’m sorry,
    it was my fault. I should’ve been a better wife. – [Jason] You’re damn right. – Just, just please, please go. – I love you, Stacy. – I love you too, I, just, we’ll figure it out, okay. But you have to go
    okay, please just leave. – You love me? You lying bitch. (heavy smack) You’re always a lying bitch,
    you’re trying to play me! – No, I never! – Don’t hurt my Mommy! – Oh, hey baby, no,
    no, Mommy just fell. – You hit her, I saw you!
    – Oh no, no, Mommy just fell, it’s
    okay, right Stacy? – Yeah, I’m okay
    baby, it’s okay. – I hate you, I hate
    you, I hate you! – You did this. You turned her against
    me, didn’t you? You turned my
    daughter against me! – Please, just leave her alone! – You did this! – No, just leave
    her alone, Jason! (thuds heavily) (screams)
    Jason, stop! (screams) – Now I gotta teach
    my daughter a lesson. She needs to be disciplined. Someone’s gotta do it. Lizzie, come here!
    (door slamming) (Lizzie crying)
    (repeated smacking) I love you! – [Lizzie] No, no, no! – Are you okay? Let’s sit down. – I think so.
    – Okay. (somber music) – Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost. – [Stacy] Yeah I’m
    fine, I must just be, I must just be really
    tired or something. We should head back,
    it’s a long drive. – [Harper] Yeah and uh, it’s
    getting late, I demand a tan. – [Samantha] And a drink. – [Selina] Maybe a little herb? – [Charlee] That’s
    just something love. Computer wizard by day,
    stoner baby by night. – [Selina] Oh, and let’s
    hit up the liquor store on the way back, I’m thinking margaritas
    by the water, huh? (waves lapping) – Well I mean, I guess Joey, you can ask her,
    it’s her decision. (laughing) – Would you come here
    a minute, please? – [Lizzie] What do
    you want, Aunt Joey? – How would you like
    to be in my movie? – Can I, Mommy?
    – If you want to. – That would be so
    cool, Aunt Joey. – That’s my little wildcat.
    (imitates cat) (laughs)
    I promise I will take such good care of her. – Okay listen Joey,
    no blood, no violence. I do not want Lizzie
    getting nightmares. – No, I’m not! Plus, Lizzie here
    is gonna be one of the big surprises
    in my movie. No one’s gonna have a kid! I mean, it could seriously
    make all the difference in winning this contest. – Listen sweetie, you be good for your Aunt Joey, okay?
    – I will. – And don’t be afraid,
    we’re only pretending. No one is really
    going to hurt you. I’m only joking, god. She knows that, right? – Duh, I know what a movie is. I’m not afraid, I got… – You got what? – I got you to protect me. – Aw, so sweet. – Listen baby, you
    go put some pants on before you go outside, okay? – Okay. – Jake, Samantha, we’re
    leaving in five minutes. – [Samantha] Okay. – Thank you. Cut! Lizzie, that was perfect. Jake, love the way you held
    that pose, very iconic. Alright, back to one. – [Dustin] Good to see you, kid. – [Jason] Good to be seen. – You do alright in there? – Place is full of
    punk ass bitches. I showed ’em I wasn’t
    gonna be no fuck buddy. They left me the hell alone. – Here. What now? – Got us packed? – Everything is set. I told you I’d take care of it. – Good. You ready to go? – Ready as I’ll ever be. I’m sick of North Carolina. Mexico sounds pretty sweet. – Wide beaches, gin-clear water, tequila, sexy ass girls just
    looking for a good time. Dick sucked 24/7. – Oh, it sounds like heaven. – It will be for us. This is our time. – Texas first? – Nah, first we pay a
    visit to my whore ex-wife. That bitch took
    nine months from me. – I know. That bitch is
    gonna pay for that. – It’s all her fault anyway. That slut knew exactly
    how to push my buttons. She wanted me to hit her
    so I’d get locked up. – So we’re gonna
    take care of her? – You better believe it. I’m gonna teach her a
    lesson she’ll never forget. And we better get
    my daughter back. – I hear you, brother. I hear you. – A little early in the day
    to be drinking, isn’t it? – Leave me alone. Aren’t you going to the club? – We don’t tee off until two. – Boys and their toys. – You seen my rain
    gear anywhere? They say there might be
    a late afternoon shower. – I put it over
    there in your bag. – Oh, thank you. – You’re welcome. – We should’ve
    gotten Stacy a gun. – We talked about that, Bob. Guns scare her.
    – Hell, everything scares her. She needs to be a
    little more like Joey. – That’s not fair,
    Bob, and you know it. Stacy’s just a tender heart. – She’s a victim! She jumps at her own shadow. A gun would fix that. She wouldn’t feel so
    afraid all the time. – We’re not getting
    her a gun, Bob. She doesn’t want one. And what if Lizzie found
    it and hurt herself? – What’s that old saying? God made man, but Samuel
    Colt made them all equal. A gun evens the odds
    pretty damn quick. – Bob, go play golf. – If she had put
    a couple of rounds in that silly son of a bitch, she wouldn’t still
    be afraid of him. Shoot straight, bury him deep. – (Laughs) Okay, Charles Bronson. Oh.
    – Enjoy your afternoon. Easy on that wine. – Says the man who
    likes to finish off the nineteenth hole
    after a round of golf. Did you remember your cigars? (gloomy piano music) – Hey, I didn’t see
    Joey in the house. – I think she’s out filming. She said something about,
    like, experimenting with the various forms
    of light on the, like, texture of her film
    or, I don’t know, some kind of bullshit like that. – Hey, I know she’s your
    sister and all, but man. She can really be
    a bitch sometimes. – No, that’s… I mean, she’s a good kid. She’s just really
    impulsive and fearless. And she sets her mind
    to something and bam, she just goes for it. Honestly, I wish I could
    be a little more like that. – Hey, speaking of going
    for it, you watch Charlee. She’s gonna be making a
    move on that boy by tonight. – Ew, that is so gross. I totally thought she
    was kidding about that. He’s just a big kid. – Hey, I thought
    she was kidding too, but I saw the way she
    was looking at him. She could already
    picture them fucking. – Oh my god! What kind of friends do I have? – Sluts, just like you. – I wonder who they are. – And what they want. – I don’t know, but
    we should find out. – Okay, but let’s go as a
    group so it’ll be safer. Lizzie, stay here with Ros. – Hi, what’s up? – Can we help you? – I’m Dina and the big
    guy over here is Rick. – Hi, I’m Stacy,
    this is my friend Harper, Selina, and Charlee. And that’s my friend
    Rosalinde back there with my daughter, Lizzie. – Oh my god, she is so cute. – Thanks. – We are so sorry to just come
    barging up on you like this, but believe it or
    not, we’re lost. Well, we think we’re lost. – Um, where are you headed? – We’re looking for
    the inland, inland… – Waterway. – The inland waterway,
    and this is not it, is it? – Um, sorry no. This is the Neuse
    River, so you missed it. – Sorry, ladies, it’s my fault. I thought we were going
    the right way, babe. – Do you know how we
    can get there from here? – Just head back that way, the
    town of Oriental is over there. If you bear left, I mean,
    there should be a big sign. It is pretty far. – Thank you so much,
    I appreciate it. If we get a move on right now, by nightfall we can get there. – Oh my god, baby,
    I am exhausted. There’s no way I can paddle another five or six
    hours right now. Would it be a really
    big imposition to ask to camp out
    here for the night? – Ignore her. Paddled farther before. – I don’t want to.
    – Baby, a lot father. She’s being lazy. – I mean, I guess
    it makes sense. You guys can just camp right
    over there near the point. – Oh my god, thank you so much! That is so nice of you. Heart sometimes forgets
    that I’m a woman and I cannot do all
    the things that these muscles are able to do. – It’s really not a problem. – We don’t want to
    be any trouble, um, but I think Dina’s right. Sometimes I tend to push her
    a little harder than I should. – Why are you kayaking
    up the inland waterway? – I’m a trauma nurse and for
    a few weeks out of the year, Rick and I like to
    get back to nature. – It really invigorates us. – Are you a doctor? – An orderly. Heavy lifting, mopping. – So, I mean, you like that? Paddling all day and
    sleeping in tents? – Well, actually, it also
    helps us to reconnect with something very important: each other. – That’s sweet. – That settles it. I’ll set up the camp over there, and thank you again so, so much. We’ll stay out of your way. – Thank you so much,
    you are so amazing. Come on. – They seem okay. Do you feel better? – I mean, you know I
    just like to be cautious. – Yeah, they could’ve
    been serial killers. – Wait, let’s go see if they
    have a mask and duct tape. That way we’ll know for sure. – It’s a well known fact
    that most serial killers travel with their girlfriends. – Who’s gonna mess with five
    tough ass bitches like us? – Okay, point taken. God, let’s just ignore them. Let’s have some fun, it’s
    been such a great day. Hey, what’s up? – I have a really
    big favor to ask you. – Um, what’s that? – We’ve been on the river
    for like two weeks now. – And? – And I feel nasty. Rick’s cool with
    bathing in the river, but I would kill
    for some hot water. Do you maybe have
    an outdoor shower or something I could use? – Oh, don’t be silly, of course. Um, let me show you where it is. – Thank you so much.
    – Don’t mention it. Us girls have to stick together. – [Dina] One time on a
    mission trip to Guatemala, it was like two whole weeks
    before you could take a shower. – Oh, god, how did
    you even do that? – It was horrible, but we did a lot to
    help the people there so it made it seem worthwhile. – Well, that’s pretty
    impressive that you’d go just to help out other people. – It’s no big deal. They have so little
    medical care over there that we just wanted to
    do what we could to help. – Well, I mean, hats
    off to you guys. I mean, I could never
    go to Guatemala. I’d be so afraid that I’d
    get kidnapped or something. – (Laughs) It’s not
    nearly as dangerous as people make it out to be. It’s all about perspective
    and keeping an open mind. The world seems so
    closed off right now, this fucking bush mentality
    of us versus them. – Oh my god, you and Selina
    could talk all night long. – Oh my god, is this your house? It’s so pretty. – No, it belongs to my parents. They come here pretty regularly
    just to get away. – That’s awesome. – So the shower’s right there, because you won’t have another
    one for a while, so thanks. – I think it’s gonna be
    better than an orgasm, and a heck of a lot
    longer than one. – Okay, well you have fun, okay? – You have no idea how
    much this means to me. (gentle orchestral music) (inaudible) – Hi, I’m Dina. – I’m Lizzie. – What are you
    playing over here? – House, this is the mommy
    and this is the daddy. – Does the daddy
    ever hurt the mommy? – Yes, sometimes when he is bad. – Does your daddy ever
    hurt you and your mommy? – Sometimes. – And that makes you
    really scared, doesn’t it? – Yeah, I don’t want him
    to hurt my mom anymore. – I understand. No man should ever
    hit a woman, not ever. Do you wanna know a secret? Do you wanna know
    a little secret? When I was a little girl, my dad used to hit
    my mommy and me. – Really? What did you do? – I made him stop. – How? I’m too little and
    I’m not strong enough. – I have something that
    can make you really strong. – My mommy won’t
    let me have a knife. – I know she won’t, but you
    wanna protect her, right? So you need to keep it a secret. There you go. So hide that there. If your dad ever
    gets mean again, take it out, stab it hard, turn your hand, and that way it’ll
    hurt him really bad. Understand? – Yeah, I’ll remember. I promise. – Pinky swear? – Pinky swear. (“The Death of James
    Adam” by Bear With Me) ♪ So hot she melts the sun ♪ ♪ A pure evil ♪ ♪ With the looks to kill ♪ – Hey! ♪ Like Dynamite ♪ What are you doing? – Thinking. – About what? – Do you really know what
    that sick and twisted mind is thinking
    about right now? ♪ So hot she melts the sun ♪ ♪ Mama said no♪ ♪ Daddy said yeah ♪
    – I was thinking it would
    be a neighborly thing to bring them down a
    couple of ice cold beers. – Bullshit, she’s
    been eye fucking him for the past hour, Stace. ♪ Before I go ♪ When the sun sets
    over the town ♪ – I have not. It’s hot out and
    the beer’s cold. – And? – And I felt like I came off
    a little rude earlier, so it’d be a nice gesture. ♪ I can feel it in my skin ♪ Deep down in my bones ♪ – Yeah, right. You’re such a bad liar. I wonder why you always
    lose at strip poker? – I lose at strip poker
    because a body this hot should be flaunted
    for the world to see. ♪ Deep down in my bones ♪ When he was around me ♪ I’m never alone ♪ – Harper, come in. Earth to Harper. – Sorry, I spaced out. – Oh my god, please don’t
    get crazy on me, girl. I am too old to get
    a new best friend. – Hey, no worries. For better or for
    worse, I’m your person. – And I’m your person, so why don’t you
    be a good hostess and take Rick and
    Dina some cold ones? – Will do. ♪ You want it ♪ You need it ♪ You want it ♪ My love ♪ – [Jason] Are you
    in there, baby? – [Dustin] Maybe she isn’t here. – She’s not here. – What are you talking about? – She’s not here. – We had a date. – I don’t know what to
    tell you, she’s gone. – Do you know where she went or when she’ll be back? – I’m sorry, she didn’t
    tell me where she went, but she told me she’d
    be back on Monday. – How do you know that? – Excuse my uncle. Stacy’s supposed to be
    setting him up on a blind date. She’s supposed to be going
    on a double date with us. How do you know
    when she’ll be back? – She asked me to pick up
    her newspapers and her mail. And she told me she’d
    be back on Monday. – Oh, well. Looks like we got
    our signals crossed. I appreciate your help, though. – I’m sorry, it looks
    like you’ve been stood up. – Looks that way. Thank you. – She gave me the
    hairy eyeball, dude. – Come on. – Hey man, stop cock
    blocking me, bro. – [Samantha] With someone
    as brilliant as you, but I get to work opposite this
    amazingly talented man here. – That screen was amazing. I’ll see you a little bit later,
    I gotta talk to my sister. – Okay, cool.
    – See ya. Hey, sister. – Hey, sweetie. – How’s it going?
    – Good. I saw you met our new
    neighbors down there. Yeah, thanks for inviting
    the hippie do-gooders. – Claws in, Catwoman. They seem nice enough. – No, Stacy, see,
    that’s your problem. We all know that you’re not a
    very good judge of character. They give off a
    really weird vibe. They’re too nice, it’s not real. I don’t like them. – You like everybody. – Well, maybe filming this
    horror thing’s put me in a mood. – Anyways, speaking
    of your movie, where are you filming? – Oh, over in those
    woods back near the pond. I don’t remember them
    being that creepy, though. – Joey, dad is gonna kill you. You are not supposed to
    be filming in the woods. There’s snakes, there’s water
    moccasin, there’s copperhead. I’m serious, you could get hurt. You need to stay in open areas. – Excuse me,
    Professor Worry Pants. Don’t lecture me. That’s why I paid
    to go to school. And besides, everybody knows snakes are more afraid of
    us than we are of them. – Yeah, if they have time
    to get out of your way, but if you’re just
    trouncing around out there and you step on one,
    you could get hurt. Dad’s even seen bears out there. – Well, I promise if we go
    trouncing around out there and if someone gets
    bit by a snake, Harper can suck out the poison because I hear she’s
    so good at that. And I’m not afraid of bears. – Joey, please, can
    you try to be nice? – Okay, fine. – Anyways, I mean,
    how’s the film going? – Oh, it’s going so good. If I can just twist the
    genre, just a little bit, I can really make it stand out. And it even has a few
    surprises tucked to the side. – With only two people? – What can I say? I’m a genius, everybody! – That you are, big sister. – Thank you. – Hey, girl. – Hey, Alfred Bitchcock, ’bout handing me one of
    those beers over there? – Hey, Ho bag, why don’t
    you go get it yourself? You bitches have fun, I’m
    going to go take a nap. And don’t wake up my talent. – [Harper] Drama queen. – Nice weed, you always
    get the best shit. – Thanks. – I love how it
    makes me feel pretty. – You’re already gorgeous. You should feel
    pretty all the time. Now I understand if you
    were going to say… Life’s too short to
    smoke some ditch weed. – Since you see me in any
    other light than hot. – Even the shit that we
    can’t do anything about, like she’s too
    short or too tall, or she has big hands or she has the wrong race. – Yeah, you guys are right. The shit we do to
    look pretty is crazy. I understand if you were
    doing some skank hag, like Charlee does. – Fuck you. We don’t feel pretty. Not all the time. – Charlee, are you
    wearing makeup? – Yes, of course. Little lipstick. Yeah, you girl
    want to look skanky (laughs) for a stupid dude
    who doesn’t even care how much the Brazilian hurts. My little bitch is
    so sore and bruised. – You got a Brazilian? – I need it for
    the photo shoots. – Me too. Some lipstick and eyeliner
    does not count as makeup. – Oh yeah, and a blowjob
    doesn’t count as sex. – It doesn’t, the
    president said so. – And she knows. – Who knows, another thing I’m doing more of
    is nasal waxing. – Nasal waxing? Okay, I get arm
    waxing, brow waxing, okay, and bikini waxing,
    but nasal waxing? (giggling) – The weirdest thing I have
    to do is anal bleaching. – Fuck off, there’s
    no such thing. – I hear about that. – It’s real. There’s at least two
    women who do it a month. – Who cares about that? – I don’t think
    guys care, do they? – No, apparently it
    makes them look younger. – Talking about fucking
    this young boy, Jake, he’s pretty hot. I don’t care to give him a ride. – That’s supposed
    to be Harper’s line. – Uh, isn’t he a little young? – I didn’t say fall in love, I just want some
    sex on the beach. Oh my god. Because nobody likes to
    eat from a dirty plate. – Dude, that’s gross. Really? – Yes, really. To fuck a young boy
    and sex on the beach are on my fuck it list. – Fuck it list? – You know, the things
    that you wanna do with sex before you die. Like a bucket list for sex. – Okay, I thought I was weird. You know what, go ahead. We won’t stand in your way. The whole thing blows my mind. He’d been abusing her for years. She hid it even from us. – She was afraid. – She was ashamed, too. (gentle music) – She seems so happy now. – Yeah, she’s awesome. – Do you think
    she’s gonna be okay after everything
    she’s been through? – Ah, she’ll be fine. Kids are resilient. – I know, it’s my fault. I’m such an idiot. I never should’ve married Jason. – You were 18, of
    course you’re an idiot. We’re all idiots at that age. He was a charmer. Shit, we all wanted
    a piece of him. – Remember what
    a bad boy he was? But god, he could kiss,
    he had the softest lips. Remember when you always
    used to joke with me that he was gonna
    melt my panties off? – Yeah, well your
    panties melting into a puddle’s what
    got you pregnant. – I didn’t have to marry him. – It was the normal thing to do. – I mean, it was
    really good at first. He didn’t even hit me until
    after Lizzie was born. – I really wish you
    would’ve told us. – I know. He was just so sorry afterwards. And he was under so much
    stress with a new job, and a wife and a baby. – Yeah, but it got worse.
    – And more often. Jeez, I just kept
    making excuses for him. I thought maybe it was my fault. I mean, maybe I could’ve
    been a better wife. Then I realized he actually
    enjoyed hitting me, and I was still
    too weak to leave. – But you did. – I know, I finally had to. I realized it wasn’t
    safe for Lizzie and me. I had to get out. – You filed for
    divorce, got custody, and put a restraining
    order on his ass. – Yeah, a lot of good that did. He came back and put
    us in the hospital. – Yeah, but you put him in jail. – Part of his sentence was
    taking anger management classes. I hope it worked. – I doubt it. Look, the takeaway is
    you got through it. You’re a lot stronger
    than people think. – I know. The only thing I realize
    now is that I am never, ever gonna let anything
    happen to Lizzie again. – Really, she’s going topless? Nice tits, though. You think they beat mine? – Hell, no! Hands down your tits are hotter. God, the sun must
    be getting to you. We should go inside. Ladies, Lizzie, let’s go! You’re so silly. – You gotta see
    what’s on the news. The whole damn Middle
    East is blowing up. – I wonder who that could
    be at this time of night. – I’ll go see.
    – Would you, honey? Hey, what the? – Bob! – You shut the fuck up! Where’s my wife and daughter? – She’s not your wife anymore. – Where is she? – Jason, get the
    hell out of my house. – Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. Get the fuck down. – Bob! – Where is she? – We don’t know. – You’re lying. Little miss perfect
    wouldn’t leave town without telling
    you where she went. Where’s my daughter? – Jason. Jason, please don’t hurt us. We don’t know. (loud thud) Bob! – [Jason] Where is she? – I don’t know. I swear it. – Maybe you don’t care if
    we fuck up your old man. Maybe you’ll remember if
    I start cutting you up. Where is she? – She’s at the beach
    house with her friends. – Ain’t that fucking like
    mother like daughter? – Yeah. (laughs) – They don’t tell you the truth until you beat it out of them. Then they behave. They act like good little pets. Where’s my daughter? – She’s there too. – Call Stacy. Tell her there’s an emergency and she has to get
    back here right away. Tell her Joey got in a car wreck and she’s in critical condition. – I can’t! There’s no service down
    there, I can’t call. – What’s the address? What’s the address? – (mumbles) Point. – Are you telling me the truth? Hey, you want any of this
    old puss before we roll? – Nah, I think we’d
    get a better chance at trim at the coast. Do it. Alright, Bob. Time to get in the
    batting cage, buddy. (repeated thudding) Yeah, you’re not talking
    now, you old fart! – Cut! Alright, let’s try
    something different. I wanna see what it
    looks like for the killer to run after the
    victim instead of walk. Alright, run through
    the woods towards me. Action! Cut! – How was that? – You did great, but it
    just looked weird on film. If the killer pursued like that, the movie would last
    like 30 seconds. – Got it, slow
    Frankenstein walk it is. – Lizzie, this time I wanna see what it looks like for
    you to pull on Samantha, like she is too scared to run and you have to pull
    her to safety, okay? – Like she was my mommy? – Yeah, just like
    she’s your mommy. Alright, places, back at one. (eerie music) – We really gonna do this? – Yeah, you got a
    problem with that? – Hell, no. Just wonder how
    long it’s gonna be before somebody
    finds the bodies. – Monday. He was a dentist, but
    he didn’t work Fridays. No one will worry
    until he doesn’t show up for work on Monday. By then we’ll be on
    a boat for Mexico. – Yeah, they’ll never catch us. – Not a chance. It’s been nine long months
    thinking about this. I was gonna do her parents
    before we left anyway. (“Face Your Fear or Die”
    by ViFolly plays on radio) – If she’s down there with
    some of her girlfriends, can I have my pick? I mean, I hate to see all
    that fine pussy go to waste. – Have at it, bro. I may even do
    Stacy one last time before I teach her a lesson. – You know, what if the mom’s wrong? What if there’s some fucking
    dude down there with her? – It makes no difference. Any guy who’s dumb
    enough to be with her deserves what he gets anyway. – I mean, it’s not like we’re gonna leave any
    witnesses anyhow, right? – Only one. I wanna leave Stacy alive so
    she knows what she made me do. I want her to know that her
    parents are dead because of her, that her friends are
    dead because of her, and that her daughter’s gone. Let her suffer with that. – Stacy’s mom always
    has the best wine. – Yeah, it’s true.
    – You guys, I brought over
    some horror movies, if you wanna watch one. – More horror movies? – Yeah, there’s nothing
    wrong with horror movies. – Dude, you’re such a nerd. – What do you bring? – You can pick one. I brought some old
    school Rob Zombie, some creepy Eli Roth, and that new movie
    called The Mangled. – Oh, The Mangled. This is supposed to be
    really sick and twisted. I heard it’s supposed
    to mess up your mind. – Oh, it’s epic. A whole family of killers. – Can’t we just
    watch anything else? – Oh, come on you pussy. (knocking on door) – Hi. I’m so sorry to come
    bother you guys like this, but we were just
    down there talking and we are so grateful
    that you let us camp out on your property. – This is Nicaraguan rum. It’s called flora de cana. It means flower
    of the sugar cane. When we lived there,
    we picked it up. We were saving it for something
    special, but I thought, what the hell beats great
    times with new friends? – Um, that’s awesome. You shouldn’t have. – You’re welcome. – Wait, you guys
    should at least stay and have a drink with us. – Are you sure? – Absolutely. – You should totally
    stay for a drink. – This looks really good. Rosalinde’s gonna love this. She’s so creepy. Ros, you’re gonna drink all
    of this all by yourself. I know, I’m a little drunk. Get over here, girls. Did you see? Our friends are here. Harper, bring those
    glasses over here. – [Everyone] Cheers. – You know what’d be
    really fun right now? – What, baby?
    – The game. – I dunno. – You have to make
    them play the game. – What game? – [Charlee] Drinking game? I love drinking games. – There’s drinking. – [Rick] Well, it’s
    kinda silly, really. But it definitely
    involves drinking. – Tell them, tell
    them the rules. – Okay, everybody
    get pen and paper. Name of the game
    is face your fear. Now, the trick for
    it to work is that you have to write down
    your greatest fear and then sign your name. – [Harper] Why? – [Rick] I can’t tell you yet, but it has to be a deep fear. Something primal. – Anything like I might
    get fat or I might get old, or some dude might
    break up with me, none of that silliness. Not even cancer, you know. I know you’re a survivor. I saw your pin. That’s not even what
    we’re going for. We’re going for
    something that is so terrifying to you personally that even writing it
    down on a piece of paper and owning that fear trembles you. And we all have that. We all have something in there, you just have to be
    willing to admit it. – [Selina] And you
    think this is fun? – It’s so fun. – [Harper] Fuck it, let’s do it. – Fantastic. Pass it to me. Everyone gather
    around the table. Write ’em down, fold ’em up. Yeah! Fold ’em up, pass ’em my way. – [Charlee] Now what? – Hold on, hold on. Just put them in. Last but not least,
    let’s bring it in. – [Charlee] So now what? – This better be as
    much fun as strip poker. – Classic. What a way to get started. Dina, get me a bed sheet. – Absolutely. Found this in the back, a newly made one.
    – Mmhmm. – Listen, this doesn’t seem
    like very much fun, maybe– – Shh.
    – We haven’t even started yet. Chill. – Charlee, is this your paper? – Yeah. – It says here that you
    have claustrophobia, that you’d rather die
    than be closed in. – Yeah, that’s true. So what? – Now you get your chance! – Yay. – Face your fear or die. – This is bullshit. – Fucking life is bullshit. She is playing a game. She can choose to face
    her fear or die right now. You can sit your fucking
    blonde Barbie ass back in the chair. Continue. – This is fucking sick bullshit. This is the game? Are you not fair? – It’s simple, face
    your fear or I kill you. – That’s enough! We’re done playing this
    stupid fucking game. (screams in pain) – Stop screaming! I’ll just break another one. Sit down. Now listen to me. We’re no longer in your little safe, protected bubble world. You’re in my world. And my world is fucking filled
    with pain and consequences. That was your warning! Now, you choose. Face your fear or die. – Okay, okay, okay, okay. I will do it. I will do it. Just don’t hurt anybody else. – See? If you just have the
    courage to face your fears, you might make it out
    of this night alive. Great job. Baby, we’re running out of rum. We have another bottle
    down at the tent. Why don’t you go get it?
    – Sure. Be right back. It’s gonna be so fun to
    play with these bitches. – See you in a bit. Alright, let’s
    just wait a spell. She’ll be right back. (repeated stabbing) – Samantha? – Oh my god, are you okay? – Did you start the
    game without me? – What are you doing here? – Yeah, about that. (laughs) You know there’s only one
    way to move up in the pack. – Excuse me, baby. Get up. – Hey! Long time no see. – Stand up, please. Come here. (somber instrumental music) – [Charlee] (screams and pleads) – In you go! – No, please, no! No, please, no,
    I will suffocate. – What’s next is
    up to you, baby. Face your fear and
    you might just live. – No. (whimpers) (cries) No, please, no. No, please, please! – Everything is
    gonna be alright. Don’t you worry about a thing. – No, please don’t! – Oh, it’s okay, June bug. Face your fear. You’ll make it out of this. Oh, you’re doing great. – No, please don’t, no. No! No, please, no! – Oh, you’re doing so good. – No! – So how’s it going? – Perfect. – Let’s keep rolling with them. Next one. Selina. How’s your hand? – Fuck you! – Let me see. Is it still throbbing?
    – (Shouts in pain) Fucking suck my
    dick, motherfucker! – (laughs) This one’s got fire. I like that. (laughs) – Your fear’s next, Selina. You’re afraid of drowning. You ready to choose? – Bring it on, motherfucker. – Oh. Nothing fancy this time. I saw a hot tub out back. You’re gonna get a
    chance or right quick. Let’s go. – You can do it, Selina. – Hold your breath. Over-oxygenate your lungs. – Hold you breath! – Pfft (laughs) whatever. So do you guys miss Dina? I miss her too. Now it’s my time to shine. – You’re a fucking psycho. – You know your sister,
    she’s a real cunt. – Where is my sister
    and where’s my daughter? – Wouldn’t you like to know? (chilling music) – Come on. You’ve been a brave
    girl, come on. Come on. You can make it. You’ve been a brave girl. Come on! You can make it! You’ve been a brave girl! You can do it. – (Coughs)
    – Oh. (Laughs) Good girl. Yeah, cough it out. Cough it out, cough it out. Next round. Come on, we’re all doing great. – Yeah, you’re doing great. – Let’s see. Rosalinde. – I can’t, I can’t. (“Pretty Girl” by Bear With Me) It says here that you’re
    afraid of being ugly. You’re more afraid of
    death than being ugly? – Please don’t hurt me. I’ll do whatever
    you want, please. – You know what you need to do. – Please don’t make me ugly. Please don’t make
    me ugly, please. – Hey. Not me, you. You cut your face. – I can’t, I can’t. – [Samantha] Sure you can.
    – I can’t! – It’s alright. Not everybody can do
    what they have to do. Fear’s very powerful. – (Screams in pain)
    – (Shouts) – (Crying in panic) – I love you. Where do you think
    you’re fucking going? Sit the fuck down! Selina, come join your
    little fucking friends. Move! (car horn honking) – Who the fuck are these guys? – [Jason] Stacy,
    you in there, baby? – No worries. I’ll take care of him. Can I help you gentlemen? – Who the fuck is this guy? Is this Stacy’s new boyfriend? – Is that right,
    are you her new man? – No. – You fucking her? – Not at the moment. But that could be
    arranged in the future. – Listen, asshole. Go get Stacy, I wanna
    fucking talk to her. Get my daughter. – That’s not gonna happen. – Well, what if we
    just come inside? – That’s not gonna
    happen either, bro. – Are you sure you
    wanna play it this way? There’s two of us. – It was always gonna
    go down like this. – Checkmate, bitch. (grunts in pain) (groans) (gloomy instrumental music) – Bowl of consequence. See the next name. – [Samantha] What’s it say? – The Oscar goes to Harper. – Yes, what’s it say? – Harper’s afraid
    of being raped. – Oh, that’s a good one. See, most women
    have a rape fetish. – No fucking way. – Oh, yes fucking way. It’s your pussy or your
    best friend’s face. – I got this, baby. – No.
    – It’s okay. – No, no! You’re an ass! – Just don’t hurt her, please. – Get her, baby. Get her. (sobbing) (bleak music) He’s good, isn’t he? (Laughs) So how’d it go, baby? – Did you release Dina
    in the proper manner? – Yeah, I stabbed her, why? – I want you to go wash
    her blood in the moonlight. – Okay, I can do that. – [Lizzie] That’s daddy’s car. – [Joey] Oh my god. This is grandpa’s bat. – Mommy’s up there. – We need to go find Jake. – It’s nice to finally
    get you alone, Jake. – I know, it’s about time. – I love working with
    you, you’re so cool. – I know. You’ve been doing
    awesome with me. – Yeah?
    – Yeah. – I’m sorry I was so
    standoffish at first. It’s just that I was
    kinda nervous, you know? It’s my first movie
    and everything. – Well, you certainly seem
    to have warmed up to me now. – Yeah, I have. I think you’re really sweet. – Oh, you’re a really
    sweet girl, too. – Yeah?
    – Mmhmm. – You know what we should do?
    – What’s that? – We should go skinny dipping. – Yeah? – Yeah, why not? It’s a beautiful night. – Okay. – (Howls like a wolf) (Laughs maniacally) How you doing in there? – [Charlee] (mumbles) – You holding up okay? See, the thing is nobody
    makes it out alive. – Hey listen, wild cat. I need you to be a big strong
    girl for me right now, okay? I need you to go
    back to the house and hide under the house
    where nobody can find you in the garage under the canoe,
    so I know where to find you. Don’t leave for
    anybody else, okay? Can you be strong for me, okay? I’ll never let anything
    happen to you, okay? Now go, hide. (heavy thud) Lizzie. Lizzie, Lizzie. Lizzie, where are you? I told you not to go anywhere. Lizzie? Lizzie! Lizzie. Lizzie, come here please. Fuck. – We’re gonna get the
    fuck out of here, asshole. Come on, girls, let’s go. Put the fucking knife
    down, we’re getting out. I’m gonna fucking shoot you! – Shoot him! – No, please don’t! We’re leaving, don’t touch her! No! Don’t do it, no, don’t! (screams) – I’m king of the world,
    king of the world. King of the world! King of the world.
    (crying) King of the world! King of the fucking world. Yeah! King of the world. Give me the gun. I said give me the gun. – Don’t hurt my mommy! – Oh! This just keeps getting better. – Please don’t hurt my baby! – Whoa! – Don’t touch my baby! – Ring around the rosy! Fa la la la. Ring around the rosy. – Don’t hurt my baby. Please, don’t hurt my baby. – Mommy!
    – Let her go, please! Please don’t hurt my baby! – Pocket full of posies!
    – Mommy! – Ashes, ashes.
    – No, please! Mommy, mommy! – The game is over. It’s over! (shouts in pain) – Fucking die! (grunting) – No one is ever gonna hurt my baby ever! No one (screams) is ever gonna hurt my baby, ever, ever again! You’re not gonna hurt my
    baby ever, ever again! – Lizzie, oh my god. What the fuck is going on? Stacy, Stacy. We have to get her
    to the hospital. Get the fuck out of
    here, get away from him! Come on, go. Stacy, get out of here. (“Face Your Fear
    Or Die” by ViFolly) ♪ The wrong path home ♪ We’re finally together ♪ No longer free ♪ You come in uninvited ♪ I will fight ♪ Fight like I never
    thought I could ♪ Daylight dies ♪ And I’m on my own now ♪ In the dead of night ♪ I hear a knock and I ♪ Look to what I find ♪ A stranger with a cold knife ♪ He came inside ♪ And said he’d love to
    play a little game he likes ♪ Face your fear or die ♪ I won’t sleep ♪ Until the grim has faded ♪ Am I alone? ♪ I think I hear a whisper ♪ I will fight ♪ Fight like I never
    thought I could ♪ Daylight dies ♪ And I’m on my own now ♪ In the dead of night ♪ I hear a knock and I ♪ Look to what I find ♪ A stranger with a cold knife ♪ He came inside ♪ And said he’d love to
    play a Little game he likes ♪ Face your fear or die ♪ So this is fate ♪ Should I let it take me under ♪ You found me ♪ Twist my bones
    until they’re powder ♪ In the dead of night ♪ I hear a knock and I ♪ Look to what I find ♪ A stranger with a cold knife ♪ He came inside ♪ And said he’d love to
    play little game he likes ♪ Face your fear or die ♪ Broke and dead inside ♪ I felt the fire when
    I looked into his eyes ♪ I hit him with all my might ♪ Then took the knife ♪ And said I’d love to
    play a little game I like ♪ Face your fear or die ♪ (“Output (Heroes)”
    by Bear With Me) ♪ Talk about kingdom come ♪ And I know why ♪ Because across the water ♪ You see the light ♪ Becoming something ♪ That might change lives ♪ Is it wrong ♪ Or is it right