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    Theory Crafting & Terrible Impressions「Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 🍄🎒 Ep1」
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    Theory Crafting & Terrible Impressions「Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 🍄🎒 Ep1」

    September 11, 2019

    back it’s time I’ve never played this game before I saw I was on the with you but it came back it came back for this for the Nintendo switch welcome everybody to captain to treasure oh sorry I forgot about the ad so for everyone watching of watching this in video form I actually put an ad to my live audience just right now the ad tracker oh it seems like is that the new adblock thing is what is that what YouTube is putting out to fight against adblock oh that sounds amazing alright now what now that that stupid opening is done where I could here’s the opening well good morning good night I get afternoon viewers to paying any time zone and this is Phil votes YouTube what’s what’s going on everybody uh I I did just play an ad as a joke that’s correct we’re playing captain toad treasure tracker I’ve never played it before um but let’s go let’s have a fun time thing for the $2 little woo me oh look at you well Twitter oh oh hey what’s up toad okay oh I see you oh my god get ready for my worst possible – oh gee uh ah oh oh it’s a cursor game am i playing league it’s like pointing click it’s going out here whoa do what’s this vantika Victo do it look this looks like like like a steel life version of me attempting to run to the bathroom except he didn’t making any progress his backpack is just too heavy oh whatever I give up you know this music though you know this music tho this musically reminds me of like that Yoshi game that just used kazoos except this just a little whistle so let me let me turn it up turn it up for you guys hey yeah oh yeah oh we got hello there just like real girls the instant I approach them they begin to run away alright cool cool nice 200 very cinematic dynamic camera shots is toad attempts to fall out of the world where are we by the way how do we get here you might want to turn up the volume I hate you chat up real tight how did we get here we’re we just stationed here did you just like randomly appear out of nowhere prepared for the use our stick to talk to look around I’ve already a look I’ve already accomplished this task unless there’s a secret I look like immediately secrets are out the bat where’s this can we do this oh all dude honey come down here I found a well of mushrooms and gold I promise you I’m not insane given that we are mushroom people dude date ideals right there top 10 date ideals wow are those daggers Oh God okay why why are you taking that stuff in the bird why can’t the bird get a star also why did you take my waifu why did you take toads waifu well you why you gonna be like that man my dates been snatched away by a giant bird date ideals captain to add treasure tracker meat to players don’t you’re overconfident in me you think I have a friend nearby to play this with do you think I have a friend that I could I could convince to play this changes no I don’t want to change also give up to $5 and I’ll cat I appreciate it let’s go to add plucky past beginnings haha I know that word from Jojo this game is online wait a minute I’m kidding it’s not I hate you jelly cuz I didn’t think it was and now I can’t go back how do I go back it’s not letting me it’s not letting me know yeah that’s okay that’s perfectly fine I’m still using a one player it’s okay thank you don’t have to explain it to me I’m about to switch you back I hate you guys hate all of you please let me progress in this coop again okay every yeah cool let’s go man plucky past beginnings Wow why is the world cheese right I just did this what okay is he gonna do like every level why does this diamond have eyes if I collect this diamond will it the skill it I don’t know man if I want to be doing that look if I if I close this diamond does it die where does this diamond go when I pick it up I killed it toad you’re a murderer the diamond had eyes had sentience in it feeling it’s dissolved toad toad what toad do you feel anything [Music] do you feel anything for what you’ve done of course you don’t of course you don’t you stand there a menace to society in the world around you keep this stupid let’s play going till art Allah great yes I thank you game for telling me to use the r-state to look around for the fifth time so far I don’t like that much toad toad look I like to operate under a nice family-friendly live stream don’t appreciate what you just did alright what we got here okay can do that hidden coins work out pretty well alright buff oh yeah every Bob oh we got no more coins okay nice freedom freedom well we got you know I understand that you’re up there please I would like to be up there with you too I would like to be up there too how do I do this Oh God first I must raise the entire world who built that who put something like that into the world up do you give me a diamond – congratulations I made it to my friend’s house by the way here’s some cubic zirconium not actually sure if that’s a real stoner or not [Music] thoth – why are you plotting them one guy is sleeping in one guy he’s reading told you to overly impressed so it’s like wow man good job of that snoozing [Music] toad is like oddly too wholesome I didn’t really expect this boy to be so like chill no I have a dog you’re now play play hide-and-seek with pixel toad play touch the pixel toad on there press Z are all right I press CR oh my god yeah there’s a little toad down there oh we don’t oh jeez okay fine picture so when you supply sign a place tap him to catch him okay before the three dollars odd cat I’m going to bite you hey okay are we doing playing pixel toad what is this I am I am touching him what what is the cursor to toad [Music] what part of toad is the cursor well I mean that one was actually fairly obvious given how like it literally showed me where it was okay pull up okay guy yeah some interesting game toad toad toad work with me work with me buddy why you putting your hands in the air it’s on your head toad toad I I hate to inform you you’re not carrying it you are in your head but your hands are I shouldn’t tell what he’s doing I shouldn’t always been you know what he does him he does him you do you toad [Music] you do you apparently that was not enough though all right what’s up shy guy why is the shy guy ready towards me this seems incorrect with his general naming structure he’s not a shy guy he actually wishes for me to die he’s a die guy alright wait hold on a minute be one it will just become like an actual powerup mushroom toe just became a powerup mushroom so is our toads just grown up powerup mushrooms [Music] did is it like are there like a bunch of toad bodies running around without a head and like the slowpoke evolution they just have to wait until they find each other and put the head on the body Kantos exchanged heads what if a toe takes his head off it puts it on another toad is it the same toad if Mario grabs toads head does it decapitate him CIA open up you’ll never take me alive okay interesting so I don’t believe I can kill these guys oh you have to sneak in got you oh oh yes never mind you could totally kill them I’ll leave that one there just to mess with everyone in chat who likes perfection requires I am tapping you I am tapping [Music] is not working how do I activate him tap him tap him when you do am i pressing a button would you do to zoom in it seems like he’ll have some good comedic effect later on cl-cl did not do the job ZL just resent use the camera Zr is done the job Thank You chat Thank You Chet hey let’s go that isn’t gonna help my headache while I talk why it does everything have wall I this doesn’t look like wall I warehouse it’s all I’m saying I won’t whoa I’ve been jebaited like okay like zoom in a little bit more this camera goes too far out oh yes oh yes there we go iodized close-up of toad holding his breath underwater toe you don’t have to hold your breath all the time you can actually just stick your head out of that water you realize that what does toad drowning sound like hold on I have a bottle of water next to me one second let me just um another thing work worst livestream I’ve ever done yes your I did just say what does toe drowning sound like I realized a little bit more messed up than I expected I intended apologies total so cannot jump you will never be able to find his way out let’s see wait so I understand toad toad toad isn’t too smart is he toad is like your dog that like you put him in the bath and then you starts like slowly lift him from the bath and he keeps on like pedaling like he’s so swimming toad it’s okay you you it’s total fish we already on the level of his tota mushroom but it’s sort of fish toad your foot is in the water wait does toad breathe with his legs oh my god no this just furthers this actually just furthers the separated head and body theory that I had also apparently have lost the controllers I don’t know why this literally just furthers the separated head and body theory his body breathes independently of his of his mouth that’s why he has to hold his breath thank you play the game no why would I it seems productive about you stop it stop it bad well I understand okay hang with that stop come with that stop oh yeah I forgot so yeah you so you can’t jump in this game the main selling point so I actually made a really good um version of someone made like a uh how would captain toad working Smash Brothers and it was like a really cool thing cuz interesting there’s a good read all right OSU just beat a run understood toad toad toad you just collected a mushroom for money for money you just collected one of your unfinished brethren and cashed it in I don’t understand the Mario universe frankly at this point nor do I want to is his cannibalism we already know that Inklings occasionally oh my god look at him go oh my god look at this man go I’m gonna tear it up Todai guaranteed to you that’s actually not making you swim faster that’s just your general determination I’ve never seen toad angry before look at him Holly I gotta get that walking I’ve never seen a toad get angry past there we go okay good good good good good all right all right talk to me talk to me Oh speed runs he’s selling back loss heads in pure mission to help oh do is that is that it is that is that how toads find each other is that how toad toads find new heads they wait until the elder toads acquire them and bring them back like the body clan I don’t know man the more I think about this lore though the warrior the weirder it gets and actually right here what’s the point of this is this like the head tribe before they find the bodies and look I’m not gonna try and even make sense of this guys one more time you know mushroom while you’re getting it if toad needs extra help can you remove his own head to power himself up a little bit more complicated I thought how long was I I have to navigate blind I probably don’t have to I’m probably just dumb there we go there we go close closed-toed oh of course it’s the rotation thing wait a minute did I walk too far uh hold on a minute it’s like eating your own leg for nutrients but we’ve already established that they’re separate entities I see we’ve already established that they’re like separate entities so like is it though hold one second here look at these points there you go what Toto writin adorable right that’s cute okay what happens here oh okay I see neat neat I’ll take one of these actually do I even need one of these I seem fine without it well finally we got to where we were initially going to oh here we go got him [Music] okay presses er on bad guys oh okay choice of it or press er to interact with the objects and stop enemies okay I understand Zr didn’t destroy the temples bridge oh so you can actually just go around it who so there’s actually challenges to every level oh okay all right well I’m gonna guess I think I already have an idea where where where our toting question is hidden who speedrun he’s probably somewhere over here I would imagine either on the walls of the interior or potential I feel like he’s gonna be in here somewhere over here I knew it don’t know why I knew it but there he was all right perfect now what we got touchstone trouble alright sounds good to me ooh zr o zr okay interesting I can work with that I can’t zoom which is strange oh I see no no no I got I get it so did you like ah okay I can see why this game is so good I didn’t get it at first but I get it now so in that case I believe where I’m going is actually over here and then it raised this guy up but I also want those diamonds all not I’m not gonna lie yeah oh good job toad also realtalk who’s putting keys in the ground who’s hiding was here feels it feels impractical frankly that’s okay I like this I do indeed like this by going through here alright so in order to get over there I need to break nor no hold on I can’t break those but that is the only way in they seem breakable toads light bobbing did not do the job though hmm alright thoth is a heavy boys all I’m saying oh I get it toad is a very heavy boy when this man lands might like my controllers quake in fear of this man’s birth all right so in order to get there all right done have a guy can raise this one hey that was satisfying Kyle it sounds like it says mail call all right cleared course in three touches ah you’re not gonna do every single challenge toad right now I’d rather experience more of what this book has to offer the book of toad all right there we go mushroom meza pam pam pam pam better than that better Oh God that bird just tried to sit on on captain toad so was it the design concept for captain toad well actually the design key I was gonna make a long-running joke about it but like the design content concept free captain Thoth was likely just um he was actually a captain because I believe his first appearance was in mario galaxy if i’m not mistaken i could be mistaken by believers yeah his first appearance was in mario galaxy so and then he was just straight-up eight you i’m good at this game and then he was just straight-up a captain hahaha mail call the best it would make sense for him to be a captain i all right why can I make this shy guy vibrate I have many becoming the bird oh why can I make them vibrate [Music] I there are many questions I have about this apparently I released him oh my god was that toad skull when you die you just straight up dead up see toad skull it’s okay to show she’s fairly messed up frankly there we go I feel like zoom mode maybe I’m the weird one here but that just doesn’t seem like something that like I don’t know I’m probably the wait what okay what do we got over here bring us up now bring this down bring this up hey got him dad mail call hey Mario hey elbow there we go the real toad voice sounds more soulless the chase of pyro puffs peak is that the new Jigglypuff patch okay double cherry palace okay [Music] whoa okay neat I totally missed a gem look you guys were criticizing me over Celeste oh god don’t do this thing hey hey hey this pac-man who’s just like pac-man all right what is that what is that what is ah why does it move told get it wait okay okay vibrate it I got it I got it I got it I got it trap kill him kill him he’s taking our kingdoms gems he must be purged from this earth I’ll do let’s go let’s go – totes perfect okay I believe I’ve made a bridge switch so now that we’ve created two toads is it like a bloody battle royale to determine which toad is the toad that moves on in life in which toe just ends their life there is this like one of those big moral dilemmas like which toad is the one that is the one that that will live oh jeez like there’s a whole whole thing over here okay okay well I would say neither of them made it down there we go all right it’s not gonna work out as perfectly as I hoped nevermind it actually is alright but Phil what you forgot a strawberry all right Celeste people hold on one second since I was gonna need to go out and around I didn’t miss anything over here right we’re minute hold up what is this whole was a small hole in ground wait toad you’ve already fallen didn’t you I don’t know this does it does not seem to do anything well that’s a feels bad man right there one toad is left to die forever all right neat so again this is the if they touch each other if you if they touch each other does this cause like a time paradox apparently not all right tell our to look friend okay so is this like Naruto shadow clone jutsu because there is a whole episode dedicated to the sentence of those things so like brother if I grab this one of us will die okay well cool nice to know toads life is worth a grand total of ten coins that’s another being that’s another sentient living clone you’d think you’d be more than worth more than ten bucks is this toad talking right here hey here’s a quick tip you could look at an hour while exploring predict tails please they don’t look at the control information but pressing – will playing course Oh God yep I need some more ibuprofen in about a second here Oh Lord Oh God that didn’t help that really didn’t help my headache Oh God the Lions shyguy heights okay Forks and me they say bump when they turn who does toad I do not hear them I don’t hear them up I’m aware of the joke yoga thumb where of the buffing joke but I do not see it die by vegetables all right stop right there please vibrate in place for me thank you my desires are uncredentialed all right now yeah got him dude he’d be broken and smash could you imagine this is why captain toad isn’t in Smash Brothers you’re seeing it he could grab from the entire stage over his neutral special is just you died by um Zr whoa okay hey that’s pretty nifty wait well I want my in fame riches there we go there we go there we go oh why did you go you weren’t ready the other one was ready I understood that I consumed ahead and became more of a complete toad because of it once again what all right well either way this shouldn’t be too bad climb over here and make me I’ll make the next turn here we go grab woods er there we go well almost almost okay incomplete turns I probably just done this angle beforehand here we go stop thank you it’s a wild of Tokyo tumble a ten seconds have passed oh my wha Wilson did it beautiful that joke hasn’t been relevant in a long time I’m sorry the fail bow channel is not for outdated memes if I ever seen an outdated meme in chat you’ll be as dead as Harambee is let’s go to with his sniper shots wait honey there we go alright where we looking you where we going actually yeah where are we going stay there for a second right there stay right there thank you perfect he’s like wait a minute I think someone got by me while I was in vibrate mode they’re right there dealing with you now I’m gonna deal with you beautiful okay well the chat is just filling up with dead memes I’ve really created the worst possible time line oh you could totally climb this ladder once again your hands are not functioning as you think they are toad what you’re feeling is phantom limb syndrome I believe I feel like you can feel we can get do this together turn the arms that used to be on your head are long and gone till use actually have arms on his head every mushroom comes with a pair of arms right could we uh yep I was waiting for that one stay right there buddy just stay right there I’ve gotta admit the textures in this game are very nice but the texture is very good here we go yeah this game stands for a lot of things cannibalism selling all the roots for money like paralyzing small shy guys Frank ladies feel bad hey guys can we just talk about how I’m halfway through this game mm-hmm is that the case by the way are we halfway through this game right now or are there more levels because if this is all that this game has I’m gonna be a little bit this is 40 bucks come how much did this game cost hey this game is more content than star ellas okay there’s more levels Thank You Chad all right all right cool sorry again how about guys spin this thing dude what can we talk about how towed must have some very toned forearms and general toned shoulders in order to turn what is this giant contraption at the speeds that he is towed is ripped but no one talks about it is all I’m saying it’s messed up I start don’t appreciate that we’re just walking on knowledge like this that’s disrespectful to the authors imagine toad on a teacup ride at Six Flags you’re awake Ling’s do I like to stop reading something tells me I should be interacting with also this really hurts my brain I got like a puke just saying things randomly as toad just really completes me how’s this guy this like Mario Galaxy all over again except not good camera all good I can’t wait toads about to enter the chat Oh God now you guys all to go hey it’s what toad would do yeah wait hold on I can’t do anything Oh that of course is it it just it’s one of these gotcha can’t do that there we go chat toad has entered the chat he’s possessed you guys Hey hi so interested in my oppa ma i oh hey Maya well there we go get that it’s the only joke I will ever make when I when he gets that I will just streak into the microphone what an amazing let’s player I am amiibo um Bebo yeah what is this whole scam the tote amiibo to get any invincibility mushroom what about Mario if I scanned Mario is Mario toad I’ll do two gives me a one-up that’s incredible what if I scan a guardian does this kill toads village and generally dismantle his society with laser beams as it ravages the world and unleashes in Bolivian onto his kind no I just gives me another life okay um how about the inkling here we go well buy this one BAM oh let’s go where does realize is he’s eating more of his kind all these mushrooms stop it I don’t hold on one second guys I’m one up grinding luckily I have like 50 what now why did that one give me two it was it was it was my green inkling amiibo that was cozy I just get cozy that’s the amiibo I scanned to get cozy and in splatoon to Cousy right mind I’ll do well minecraft minecraft’ wants to play in segments for this it looks like we’re still gonna get it what did he just say when he starts to level hold on what does he see when he starts a little this game isn’t really aesthetically pleasing I got any min look at this rock texture that’s like a really pleasing rock texture okay let’s go oh oh is this pokemon snap oh I don’t like that all this doesn’t have motion controls oh it hurts my everything why does this not have motion controls oh I see now I’ve missed out on something ah dude even for tonight has motion controls come on in Tendo what are you doing ah doesn’t like I don’t like you know playing with separated joy Khan’s so it’s like I’m using splatoon controls ah dude VR and Mario games is so good dude hey move those snapshots yo I got them Snipes I got them Snipes goodbye dr. claw I do I have two claw grip this in order to make this the most effective thing possible anywhere like look around and also like move in also shoot oh never mind zr shoots never mind never mind everybody we’re gonna crash that with a okay Oh God we’re going to die alright gang now let’s go No [Music] I could be your mom look easy toad don’t put toad in front of color duty it’ll ruin his pure soul make sure I can call that soul pure BAE let’s go spinning wheel Bullet Bill base all right cool let’s go-o-o how we enter lava world how are ya over here how’s this llama not falling how’s this loving I like falling outside the world I have many questions all dude let’s go dude toad isn’t breaking a sweat toad is chill under these high-pressure situations let’s go the floor is lava quite literally this time we’ve made anything how long wait a minute wait a minute wait a skew I see I see they try and get me don’t try and give me with those I feel you I feel you oh let’s go stop thank you stop dude Tory’s stopped bullets tojust legitimately stopped bullets can we talk about that the matrix palmitate there we go there we go what happens if like another life wait can I like back up the cannon if I just keep on pausing bullet bills in time first the bullet bills must build up speed for 12 hours what I’m doing is actually a trick called bullet stacking I must prepare about 20 bullet bills on top of each other then I release them all at once and it actually lets me skip like a few levels alright let’s see what happens okay nothing eventful feels bad man there we go wait yeah there we go okay perfect and I probably can’t just jump down together okay sounds good close wait a minute so I don’t believe I can break that using conventional means stop this wait hold on a minute when I no no no I probably don’t rotate that as well I was gonna say if I were if I rotate what’s up there does this sort eat everything no he just rotates those two okay so I spin it over here doesn’t seem like there’s any secrets or this one all right nothing really over there I have to go over here that’s okay wait you’re like land on this block for me wait what I died I thought I didn’t take damage when I take damage I probably just dumb eleventh day oh no worries I’ve already gotten that strawberry but diamond up there never mind I have not gotten this part though okay that’s okay we can spin this real fast luckily this part is not tough I’m just towed don’t put it down toad toad walk away from it toad I’m just trying to – walk away from me it’s okay buddy do not mean to pause that I mean I did yep oh that’s right yeah I remember I remember that I’ve never get hit there okay now toad run over here rotate this guy wait till the bullets clear this jump down freeze those guys in place okay rotate you we what I’ll like what this is hold on do I have to aim it like this yo that’s actually pretty cool that’s actually pretty cool I like that new me listen Newt Newt please don’t no lights wanted all right okay stop why do I pause them both at once why are they one unit of thought where is where is where I’m I hate this I didn’t even see it I didn’t even see it I’m finished number Real Talk where am I supposed to go it’s always a star like over here stars probably like over there okay stop toad please let go alright now we’re not going to die to random things not gonna get hit by random things anymore like we’re gonna speed around this entire area so in Chapter Oh play fortnight last time I played for night on my life on my YouTube livestream I have never received so much hate at once i streamed for tonight and everyone in chat collectively decided I no longer deserved the basic human rights I’m not there not there not there well I actually don’t need to do this I don’t think about it it’s already done this part uh right I understand move the staircase gotcha okay good run across that every gal and start yeah I mean this is probably gonna be seeping hot that was just in lava toads probably gonna burn his feet shoes whatever those off alright so real talk we already talked about how like is this a hat or a head or not cuz you know there’s a big discussion on if totes mushroom part is a hat or a head or his shoes feet are they look these little jelly bean things are these feet are they are they are they shoes because like how does he get his pants on when his feet are that big it’s these kinds of questions that I really want to investigate it when it you know with this with this live stream channel I have screams into the microphone let’s do one more level let’s do one more level that’s all I think I get my sanity can hold up on the king of oh my god it’s a dragon so whatever you do don’t make any loud noises or sudden motions to alert the dragon to our presence yeah sure told what have you done Oh God okay okay so can I just freeze him forever I apparently cannot if Ike toad is gonna die of like poison or something – whatever he’s – spin now all right sounds good I can dodge this I can dodge this I can dodge this Loras is one of my mods I don’t like that view I’ve done I’ve done to myself okay there we go so please climb out in a hurry you’re of a hurry you’d think further dragon he’d be shooting out something more I don’t know fiery I mean to each their own I can’t spit fire nor can I spit Geist if he’s like weird pink clouds I shouldn’t be wanting to talk quite frankly alright alright there goes to his life never mind we’re good we’re good for now presently we’re good if we’re losing our good we are losing our good the I left three coins behind it’s a tip for letting me beat this guy dragons collect coins I feel rude stealing ones that’s our air we go now we’re doing good nice clean walk up there was this what is this hello can I help you I see I see have to go over this way understood dad no guys what was that whoa how did that how did the mario underground song go again oh here we go oh here we go oh here we go The Great Escape toad style so get it go get it toad run oh god we’ve killed him we’ve killed the dragon he didn’t deserve that so that’s rude yes we have done it I love it or just randomly applauds yes we have killed him we have killed the great beast guardian McCabe slain is he all do kind of jump on his eye oh let’s go this went on I just pluck his eyeball out you need more rage Sasuke alright I’ll do it I like his eyeliner though I appreciate the work he does to a good to look fabulous I appreciate that eyeliner work is all I’m saying the king of pyro puffs peak what it would’ve been better if I was just a giant Jigglypuff modeled on to him is that Toru oh God and here we have the toad nature’s natural predator screaming to assert dominance he screams into the wild for none can hear him everyone has left him long ago to fend for himself anyway that’s all for the toad segment there’s no real and punchline outside of that wait hold on a minute hey mine don’t dump it dump it dump skin looks really good I’m just gonna say though like this looks really good what is this oh dude one token just chill [Music] never are we addy dude toad pouted for a second I don’t want to see toad ever pout like some anime girl I’m sorry look toad this is the images I don’t need in my head so there’s it was there like a okay there wasn’t a cutscene for that interesting you know oh cool the next episode opens up with a fail boat literally a fit a failed boat opens up this next episode look at that my brethren alright well that’ll be the end for captain toad my voice does not want to continue this episode right now thank you all for watching the chosen segment Kevin we’re gonna be back in three to five minutes with some splatoon 2 for the Nintendo switch yeah see you guys in three to five minutes oh my god what was this segment


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    up, shrink these down on the cables to make them watertight. We’ve made all the connections, and with those
    out of the way, I’m just going to reinstall the switch. Actually, as we’re reinstalling exactly the
    same type of switch that we had previously, I don’t even have to exchange the mount. I’m just using the old mount. All that’s left to do now is just to put some
    water in the bilge and see if it pumps. So that job took me all of 30 minutes, cost
    me less than $40, and now I can safely leave the boat knowing that if I get any rainwater
    in here, it will be safely pumped over the side. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you on the