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    More items found from sailboat of missing family
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    More items found from sailboat of missing family

    August 18, 2019


    Sailboat mast strikes bridge on Tarpon River in Fort Lauderdale
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    Sailboat mast strikes bridge on Tarpon River in Fort Lauderdale

    August 18, 2019

    now we have an opportunity to go back to our developing story in Fort Lauderdale where a sailboat hit a bridge Alex Denis joins us live with the very latest Alex all right well the Cole we know that 50 foot sailboat hit that railroad bridge over a new river this happened about an hour ago but we can tell you even though crippled traffic for quite some time that boat has since been moved going to some sky 10 video right now showing you that crews were able to get that boat moved here to the park by the Performing Arts Center but we know that traffic was at a complete standstill for some time it seems as though a man who was working on the mast actually hit that bridge he was rushed to the hospital and treated for serious but non-life-threatening injuries again everything is back up and moving here but of course we will continue to follow this and give you an update on that man’s condition but for now this very latest live in Fort Lauderdale tonight Alex Finney local 10 News

    Boating Safety – PSA – One Summer Day
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    Boating Safety – PSA – One Summer Day

    August 18, 2019

    ♪ [Pianist playing “One Summer Day”] ♪ [insects in background] [coffee dripping] Hey sleepyhead your gonna have to learn to greet the day You heard that story about the early bird gets the worm right you gotta have a worm to catch a fish.. huh I thought that was pretty funny … no okay you want some juice? So anyway I figure we are gonna go over to Forked Cove that’s where we saw that hawks nest last year you remember that? Darrel over at the boat dock says if you go about halfway
    up that creek there’s a big ledge drop right there they ought to be stacked up right there we’ll get a bunch of them juice doing the trick? yep so do I get to drive the boat now that I’ve gone to boating education class Oh your legal now aren’t cha. well maybe if it stays slick and there’s not a lot of traffic out there we’ll let you drive
    when we get a ways out I want to go get the camera so you can get a picture of me driving the boat we can do that I think it’s in the gear
    bag by the door over there what about the lifejackets you have those? ahh not yet but they should be in the
    storage closet we need a throwable too yeah throwable I-I think we got something like that down at the boat ehh its early I think the fish are still sleeping what you lookin for I’m checking on lifejackets Dad and I are taking two and I’m seeing if there is enough for you guys. We’ll be fine Where are you guys goin? we are gonna do a little ledge fishing over
    at Forked Creek. You got a plan ahh we are going to take the girls out
    on the boat and the jet ski later this morning but they
    won’t get up to nine or so-so I guess we’ll hit the water about ten or
    eleven and Will you need to get out there with the girls
    on that jet ski oh no no no no we just
    completed boater education i still gotta take a boat ride with this kid right here I don’t know
    that age twelve is big enough to handle a ride like that I put Karen on one when she was 12 that way she learned how to ride it and take care of herself on the water Well that may be true but I’m not ready to get Will out one of those yet not to mention the fact that it isn’t legal Ehh we’ll see about that that sound alright to you Will? heck with these lifejackets the real question is…is there enough beer oh yeah yeah there’s plenty beer. Aaa I just need couple for when we’re done later good more for me You are not gonna drink that beer at 6:30 in the morning No No that’s a little early even for me Hey I would be careful with beer out on the water they’re really cracking
    down on drinking and driving out there on the lake What are the going to do pull over every boat on the lake eh ah They’ll light you up if the catch you drinkin and operating a boat out there we’ll keep an eye out you got dibs on that ice chest no I got one out in the boat that’s yours if you want it great alright you guys tear them up out there We’ll run out to the cove and check on you later We’ll be there you got sunscreen yeah Alright lets go Will let your dad catch a few alright no worry he always wears me out I’m goin back to bed ♪ You heard it. You heard your Uncle Ben right, you gotta let me catch a couple. [chuckling] alright set er right there [inaudible] alright lets see we got sunscreen camera we are good on fishing licenses hey dad, your lifejackets on your seat. ok hey we got all our secret weapons [tapping lid] right in here. we’re gonna do real well. ♪ [warning horn] beep Will you untie us there Yeah alright give me one sec yeah I got it got it ♪ [buckle snaps closed] click…click ♪ okay I guess I can let you take it to
    Forked Creek now you probably know how to do all this stuff but here’s what I
    want to remember when I say shut it down you shut it down ok ok ♪ Should I put the lanyard on? the what the lanyard oh the safety thing yeah yeah you got your life vest on clip it on there we’ll do it right ♪ Ok give her some gas let’s see how she runs. ♪ [chuckling] okay Alright can you see ok Not really alright trim it down trim it down there you go there you go alright you see that boat right there yeah I see it ok if he comes at us what you gonna do Pass him on the right ok ♪ ♫ [alarm beeping] beep beep beep uh [door opens] Karen…Amy it’s time to get up [door closes] Listen were gonna go out on the boat this morning if you guys wanna go you better get up you sleep okay Amy good we’ve got juice and cereal when your ready thanks Mrs. Hampton Boat and jet ski are ready as soon as we get things squared away in here we can be on our way what are you two doin still in bed lets go go go go or the boats gonna leave without you girls I’ve got the towels and the sunscreen now listen the idea is to get on the lake this morning so hurry Adam and Will headed out early this morning did you hear em eh uh I got up surprised them saw em off bet you surprised yourself to huh Will was looking like quite the little
    fisherman very serious taken after his dad poor kid well I hate to be to serious but
    would you put some sodas in here for me and the girls some water to. okay I got it I got it
    girls were headed to the docks get your suits
    on let’s go quit worrying about your hair (male radio announcer) FM 104 KKYK with hot Scott Shannon gooood moorning what a day its gonna get up to ninety degrees and low humidity so…♪ (Amy) Hey did we get the lifejackets ♪ probably if not its no big deal but we have to have them don’t we? there’s always a couple in the boat It’s no big deal ok Karen ♪ you and Amy can race us out to the cove or you can go find Will and get him on that jet ski introduce him to the water Uncle Ben style Ben, Will likes to fish. Will likes to fish but someday that boy gonna feel the need for speed Aint that right Karen Karen you don’t need to feel that need honey Here put these on I’m with you Mrs. Hampton I don’t really feel that need too much Did we take the only lifejackets or are there more on the boat No were fine Amy. there’s some in here somewhere You’re gonna look goofy with that thing fastened all the way up. [buckle clicks closed] click hey what happens if I fall off thought you ridden one of these before I have but I don’t do it all the time like you (Amy) What happens (Karen) I’ll stop and you’ll climb back on as simple as that What if you fall off too [chuckles] I won’t All right girls hang on have fun [warning horn] beep [engine turns over] rrrrr Honey go get that rope upfront would ya [over radio] (Scott Shannon) we count down the top 40 hits of all time the 40 greatest records ever produced all on this station with hot Scott Shannon [birds signing in background] you know what this place is not doing it
    for us we get more bites at the other spot you need one too to keep up funny smart guy days not done yet still though I think we ought to make a move what do you say we go check out those
    boat docks close to home we can head-on in soon after that sound
    good sure alright we’ll wind them up then we are outta here up Tell you what after we fish the boat docks I might let you take it in from there we’ll just have to see what the traffic
    looks like okay all right up Hey Amy it’s your turn no thanks. Maybe in a bit I’m enjoying swimming for now you know for it gets to late I want to track down Adam and Will I want to give Will a turn What is your deal with that? Ain’t no deal I just don’t wanna leave him out Come on he’s over on the east side of the lake if he isn’t We’ll just hang out for a while over at that cove by the Anderson place you never can sit still Well I’ll bet Karen doesn’t have a problem with that plan. what do you say Karen go hang out by your boy Anderson’s place whatever I’m not against it Amy you can ride with me [pianist playing variation of “one summer day”] You know this is probably going to be our
    last weekend up here until next spring You got a big school year coming up I can’t believe your headed to High school you scared nah ahh, you’ll be fine ♪ Come on girls Lets see you pop a wheelie on that thing whoo come on lets see what ya got Ben stop that she doesn’t need to go that fast Ben Susan, she’s havin a little fun she can take care of herself what do you think? would you rather been out jet skiing? I like fishing dad ♪ Ben I think that’s enough Karen ♪ back off Oh I got a big one, a monster right there one time right off that point right there back off that’s enough [inaudible] (Ben) Dad is the winner Whoo ♪ [inaudible] ♪ [screaming] Dad [screaming] Ben [screaming] Hold on [engines rev as boats maneuver to avoid collision] [suspenseful music] ♪ [splashing] ♪ [coughing and gasping for breath] ♪ (Karen) [inaudible] grab on (Karen) I can’t climb on I think my leg is hurt ♪ here here [labored breathing] Su-Susan [high pitched prop noise] [grunt muffled by water] ♪ [warning horn continuous beep] beep beep beep beep ♪ Ben Ben Oh my God…Ben Ben Ben [Pianist playing variation of “One summer day”] ♪ Dad ♪ Dad ♪ [aquatic sound] ♪ Dad (Susan yelling in background) [inaudible] Dad ♪ Ben Ben where are you Oh my God Oh my God Somebody please Somebody help me Please Oh God Ben where are you Karen ♪ [siren approaching] ♪ [siren stops] ♪ [chatter over police radio] [inaudible] you ok [inaudible] [female officer] mam are you ok [Susan crying] (female officer) help is here (Susan) Oh God (female officer) We’ll be right there Oh my God I can’t I can’t find Ben anywhere I can’t find Ben he was on the boat with me God somebody please get in the water and find him please [chatter over police radio] ♪ [inaudible] Oh God we hit a boat (male EMT) you hit a boat, which boat (Susan) I don’t know (male EMT) focus on me (Susan) ok (male EMT) your husband hit a boat in the water (Susan) yes in the water We got one missing in the water [chatter over police radio] are you hurt anywhere [inaudible] No neck, your necks not hurtin dizzy ok lets sit up ok now are you dizzy How long ago did this happen do you remember (Susan) Uh no Oh no Gonna put this C-collar on you gonna be a little uncomfortable ok Dawn she’s coming at you [chatter over police radio] once your patients are secure you want to assist us with the lady in the boat [inaudible medical chatter] [chatter over police radio] Were going to throw this buoy out to you and bring you in ok I gotta find my Dad Ok we’ll find your Dad Gotta find my Dad We’ll get help out here for you ok grab ahold of that hang on Good job Will On three were gonna pull you up ok one two three one two three there you go lets get that back board over here (Susan) [moaning] Oh God what were going to do is put you on a backboard (Susan) crying then were gonna move you over to this other boat ok now the other boats coming to look for your daughter and your husband they’re gonna look for them were going to take good care of you there’s an ambulance waiting on shore and were going to get you into the ambulance ok. this is a C-collar (Susan) Please can I just I don’t want to leave the boat I know until we find Ben [Chatter over Police Radio] this is the latest confirmation we have three ambulances on its way and one helicopter they’ll be landing at the launching ramp at mountain harbor and then we’ll take all of our patients to the ambulance to the dock on the other side of [chatter over police radio] ♪ Once again we get to explain to the family members how that piece of equipment right there would have saved their families lives ♪ it’s always the same every time isn’t it If we had a dollar Always the same ease up and I will pick it up you got it yeah alright reverse ♪ now that’s it yeah, if they only had that on ♪ ♫

    Alien Orbs crashing on earth?
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    Alien Orbs crashing on earth?

    August 18, 2019

    Metallic spheres I have looked at the many claimed extraterrestrial
    objects that have been found here on planet Earth. We have seen objects like the dropa stone
    discs and the claimed extraterrestrial remains found in Peru and Russia. Recently there has been an increase in the
    number of strange objects falling from the sky. Particularly Metallic spheres. These Mysterious Metallic Spheres are tumbling
    from Space and landing all over the planet. So what could they be? Are they some sort of probe or maybe a seed
    of some as yet to be understood alien lifeform? Let’s take a look. Welcome to if. Cryptozoology, ufology, and the paranormal. hit that subscribe button and ring that bell
    so you never miss a new video Many locations around the world have been
    reporting metal spheres crashing into the ground, spotted streaking from the sky in
    a fiery flash, they then smash into the earth creating large craters and scorching the ground. They then are said to roll away from the area
    of impact, some travelling as far as a mile and a half away from the original impact location. Australia, China, Brazil, Spain and Central
    America have all seen these spheres landing but none have found a definitive answer to
    what or where they are coming from. One recent location of a metallic sphere impact
    was Vietnam. Three of the metal orbs fell to earth in the
    north of country bordering China and they have left the military scratching their heads
    as to what they are. Tuyen Quang province was the site of a large
    military investigation which was reported by local media agencies, the military were
    spread over a wide area of the province as the three metal balls were spread some distance
    apart. These objects were of different sizes and
    different weights the heaviest was reported as being 45 kilograms. Locals claimed they could hear ‘thunder’ in
    the moments before the mysterious items crashed into the surrounding the field. One of the orbs, which weighed 6kg, narrowly
    missed a house, landing in the garden of a house in the Yen Bai region, while the smallest,
    weighing only 250 grams, landed on a roof before rolling onto the ground. The officials have yet to issue an official
    determination as to what the spheres are, but some have claimed that they are the fuel
    tanks or compressed air tanks from orbiting Russian satellites. The similarities in the Vietnamese metallic
    balls and the others found around the world can easily be seen, as in a Spanish a orb
    crash reported by the Residents of a small village. These residents of the Spanish village have
    been left with many questions after theses metal orbs landed in their fields. The farmers found many objects spread all
    over the area and the local media issued reports of objects that were around one meter (3.2
    feet) in diameter and weighed in around about 20 kilograms (44 pounds). The Spanish authorities took the incident
    very seriously and went ahead with deploying their civil guard. The soldiers were equipped with hazmat suits
    that are capable of protecting them against threats from chemical, biological, radiological,
    and nuclear agents. This team inspected the metallic orbs and
    found that they weren’t explosive and that they didn’t contain any dangerous materials. The mayor of the region in which these things
    fell spoke of his concerns saying “I think it is a more serious issue than
    it seems. Citizens have real concerns about what is
    happening and deserve an explanation, where are these objects coming from? Why are they falling here precisely? Will more fall? “And what would happen if any of these balls
    fall into a highly populated area?” He raises some valid points of concern, is
    just coincidence that these balls are falling in unpopulated areas, could this show some
    planning to the locations in which they fell or is it just a matter of time until someone
    is struck by one of these metal marbles. Crossing continents to India and an incident
    that happened on that most unfortunate of days, Friday the 13th. More metallic orbs fell to earth in What authorities
    of the Indian region said they considered to be space debris
    A spokesman from the police said: “It looks like a piece from an aerospace vehicle, but
    not a commercial plane. It could be a piece of satellite or something
    similar.” There has been those that say the object which
    fell was not from outer space, they base this idea on the lack of an impact-crater. Space debris tends to fall to the ground at
    terminal velocity. For a sphere roughly one meter in diameter,
    IFL Science estimated that the terminal velocity would be 9.4 meters per second, or 21 miles
    per hour. This would be enough to hurt a person, but
    not leave a crater. The next location of metallic sphere impact
    is Peru a land often associated with ancient
    aliens saw 3 strange metallic spheres crashing into the ground this event leaving scientist
    baffled. In total three spheres fell from the sky and
    were caught on video by many people living in the Peruvian villages. Streaking through the sky like comets these
    objects are often spotted thanks to the glowing tails that flows behind them. The numerous sightings has had people asking
    questions about who could have done this and where the spheres came from initially. It would certainly seem odd that if this phenomena
    is attributed to manmade craft that so many parts should be fall off and tumbling to earth
    on such a regular basis! This is when the extraterrestrial element
    to the story can be found with many speculating that these metallic orbs are some precursor
    an alien invasion. Maybe some of the past incidents can provide
    us with more of an answer? Going back to the year 2011, a year when one
    of these cosmic spheres crashed or landed in Namibia. This orb had a 14 inch diameter and its impact
    left a crater more than a foot deep and 12.5 feet in width. Local authorities were quick to quarantine
    the impact site but quickly came to the conclusion that the object posed no threat. Maybe we can find some answers in a more detailed
    description. Those that have found a metallic sphere report
    that they are hollow, when tapping on the outer shell an echo can be heard, and when
    they land they are strong enough to remain intact and even though they burn furiously
    as they enter the atmosphere they survive reentry relatively unscathed. It is noted that The orbs seem to be constructed
    of separate closed hemispheric pieces, welded together in a shape that is clearly manufactured. The authorities often claim that these objects
    are from manmade orbiting vehicles as example the explanation for the Namibian Sphere was
    said to be hydrazine tank(s) from unmanned spacecraft, the propulsion storage cells for
    satellites. They explain the accompanying booms as being
    a sonic sound blasts due to the tremendous speeds the balls are travelling when they
    enter our atmosphere. They move so fast that they break the sound
    barrier in the same way as jet. The Namibian sphere was featured in A handout
    photo provided by the National Forensic Science Institute which showed the giant metallic
    ball, 1 meter in diameter weighing some 6 kilograms. Space scientists suggested that the source
    of the sphere was most likely a failed satellite that may have exploded scattering pieces over
    a wide area. To me these objects do not sound like debris
    from an explosion, they do after all remain largely undamaged and we mustn’t forget
    they somehow always land in unpopulated areas!! The scientist say that this because the tanks
    are constructed from Titanium and are often wrapped in protective materials, they say
    these materials burn off on reentry leaving the metal ball to crash into the ground. If this is true then where are the other pieces
    of the satellites or even small chunks of debris which would have to be found near the
    metallic spheres and what about the owners of these satellites surely they would be able
    to tell us if they had a lost a satellite. It just doesn’t sound that clear cut, too
    many questions remain. These objects remind me of the Klerksdorp
    spheres, small objects, often spherical to disc-shaped, that have been collected by miners
    and rockhounds from 3-billion-year-old pyrophyllite deposits mined by Wonderstone Ltd., near Ottosdal,
    South Africa. I looked into them in the video linked above. Could this new round of orbs discoveries be
    of the same origin, could that origin be extraterrestrial? These Space balls, are of various sizes and
    are most often metallic most are distinctly extraterrestrial in nature, others have been
    identified to be space debris from man-made satellite parts. The as yet to be identified examples of cosmic
    spheres remain mysterious, what do you think they are where did they come from or who sent
    them? Let me know in the comments below.

    Security on Sailboats – Sailboat Burglar Alarms DIY (Theft Defense) Patrick Childress Sailing #10
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    Security on Sailboats – Sailboat Burglar Alarms DIY (Theft Defense) Patrick Childress Sailing #10

    August 18, 2019

    years ago we had just dropped anchor in
    the capital of a coral atoll we were there to leave our sailboat Brickhouse
    for two months while we came back to the US the problem is we had just heard that
    eight other boats cruising boats had recently been broken into so what to do
    we had to set up deterrence one thing that we do on a daily basis anyway is to
    leave sandals on the side deck that always makes it look like somebody’s at
    home and if something decided to take these sandals they can have them that’s
    a donation the other thing is to hang laundry up as though it’s drying the
    third thing that we did was to leave a bright LED light burning inside the
    cabin as though somebody’s home it would be burning all 24 hours a day but those
    lights use as much energy is probably the ship’s cat Lily right Lily hey hey
    wake up the fourth thing that we did the fourth thing that we did was turn let’s
    turn on the stereo oh hey quick bite my foot we turned it on to the local
    station and turn the volume way up so you could hear it well off of the boat I
    mean doesn’t everybody turn their stereo off and they leave the boat so at least
    it made it sound like somebody was at home on the stern arch we have a
    360-degree anchor light and when we left to return to the US we had removed the
    cockpit awning so that this light not only spread across the boat but also
    into the cockpit along with this photosensitive light actually
    unfortunately these aren’t available anymore the company went out of business
    light underneath the shines down into the cockpit so at night the boat was
    well illuminated we left this anchor light on and the one at the top of the
    mast they use such little energy that the
    solar panels had no problem at all keeping up with the energy demands of
    these anchor lights and the stereo running 24 hours a day so when we went
    away we took off our heavy locks and put on these little luggage locks other
    boats that were broken into were pry bar depart they destroyed the forward
    hatches lifting them up so that the dogs were broken and so we figured if
    somebody’s gonna break into this boat I want to slow them down but I don’t want
    them tearing the boat apart so we’ve just put on these little luggage locks
    not only on the main hatch but on the two cockpit lockers fortunately we never
    had a problem they never got that far to start breaking in they figured that they
    were going to just lift up the dinging these people were experienced they’d
    broken into at least eight boats they could lift up the dinghy and they knew
    the hatch underneath would be open for ventilation and that’s what stopped them that even hurts my ears
    but I’m just finishing up the installation of this alarm I’ll mount it
    up here somehow and put an awning over it to help keep the water off this is
    replacing this alarm which was mounted higher up just below the radar dome and
    that alarm saved us they kept burglars off of our boat scared the heck out of
    me but this is the material just some Sunbrella that I just draped over it I
    think you know it doesn’t look factory finished and that’s for the better it’s
    nice and camouflaged it’ll help to shed the water away from the horn even though
    that horn is supposed to be waterproof they never last that long so we’re good
    to go on that one this is the mousetrap that protected
    brick house from the biggest rats the thieves that were trying to break into
    our boat you can see here there is an electric line attached to the wood part
    of the trap and another connecting line which is soldered to the wire frame when
    that trap is tripped it closes makes the connection and sounds off the alarm we
    had three of these one was in the Ford peak and the trip line right here was
    attached to the hatch in case that was opened we had another one set in the
    main saloon and the trip line would go up through the main hatch and attach to
    the handle of the dinghy which was turned upside down and stowed there then
    we had this one in the aft just sitting on the companionway steps and this line
    went up and attached to a screw in the upper slat so somebody pulled it would
    set off the trap me alarm would go off the alarm was so loud and woke up the
    whole Anchorage the waterfront and another a mooring area about a mile
    north all of those boats heard it 20 of the thieves jumped in the water our
    cruising friends jumped in their dinghy at 2:30 in the morning and the guys
    disappeared but in any case our boat was saved this is our latest burglar alarm
    this is a hundred and ten decibel alarm it’s powered by a 9-volt battery that
    sits in this case here it’s very effective very loud this is the trip
    mechanism pull that makes the contact of those two screws and it’ll scare the
    heck out of any thief I’ll set this up in the top of the Coach roof hook this
    in somewhere put a rag over it this stretches across to the lifeline or any
    place else that a thief might go when he passes through it sounds such a big
    alarm it’ll scare the sandals off of them too often when you go to a store to
    buy some kind of burglar alarm those things aren’t any louder than a
    frightened canary these are effective one problem is soldering these wires
    onto the top of that screw it’s very difficult I end up melting half the time
    the whole clothes pin assembly and I have to start all over again a better
    way is to just go ahead and put your screws in make them adjust long enough
    so you can put a nut on the top put ring terminals on the end of your wires and
    you’re done except for of course all of the hot gluing of the rest of the parts
    well hopefully some of these idea will help to protect your own boat while
    you’re out cruising if so please give us a thumbs up and a subscribe and we hope
    to see you soon

    Girl Fits Into Fish Tank ft. Sofie Dossi
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    Girl Fits Into Fish Tank ft. Sofie Dossi

    August 18, 2019

    Oh, stop me! He’s in, right? – You’re crazy!
    – He did it.( music playing )If you’ve ever watched
    unboxing videos on YouTube, you know how fun it is
    to watch people open boxes. But what you don’t see
    is people inboxing. This is YouTuber and
    contortionist Sofie Dossi. – Link: Oh.
    – Oh, gosh. Now, I’m told
    that you can get in stuff. – Yes.
    – Can you get in that? – Yep.
    – Okay, let’s see it. Ooh, that way? – What?
    – ( laughing ) No! What? – Oh, my goodness.
    – Okay, that’s better. Are you hurting? Sofie, muffled:
    Nope, not at all. Golly. Well do you
    wanna come out? Because– – Sofie: Sure, why not?
    – Okay, yeah. Wha– What? Gosh. Oh, wow. Feel like I should
    be in sweats or something. I am having sweats. Can you get in this? Oh, she’s backing over again. You know, you could’ve
    just squatted. All right, get the hose
    and the Betta fish. We have a pretty simple process and can you get out of that? She’s alway–
    she always– she always does that. Just boop? Doesn’t feel like
    the most efficient way, but… Your toes are still out. I’m not trying to be picky. Oh, gosh, look at what– – Link: Yep.
    – ( Rhett groans ) There you go.
    She’s still smiling. – I don’t understand.
    – That’s part of it, man. Okay. This is actually the drum case for the drummer
    for Whitesnake. You wanna travel
    with Whitesnake? – They’re great.
    – She just can’t hear you. – Oh, oh.
    – I can’t really hear that– – Have you heard of…
    – ( together ) Whitesnake? No. ♪ Here I’ve been again
    on my own ♪ Oh, goodness, okay. Can you get in that? It’s a nice–
    It’s a nice shopping bag. We can zip this one closed. ( Link groaning ) There it happened. That one over there
    and then put it together. You wanna go to IKEA? ( muffled )
    Yeah. Wonder if we returned her
    to IKEA, how much money we cold get. We could take her
    to LL Bean, but they just did away
    with their whole
    return policy. Right. Oh, she’s doing something new. – Oh, gosh.
    – Her foot is… She’s still alive. Oh, wow, she did it again. I mean,
    I’m just being real. I think I could’ve done that. Now put your arms back. – You can do it, Link.
    – And lean back. You’re like–
    You’re 17% of the way there. ( screams ) Ow, stop me! He’s in, right? – You’re crazy!
    – Yeah, he’s in. There’s an easier way. ( groaning ) ( Rhett grunting ) Link:
    No! No! ( screams ) – Mm.
    – Mm. All right, here we go. We put a yoga mat in there ’cause we wanted this
    to be comfortable. Yeah, so it’s a nice flight. Yeah, because we are– yeah. We are sending you somewhere. Oh, gosh,
    she’s going sideways. Oh, yeah. – Okay?
    – Yep. Here we go. Better to be much easier to… You got any special requests? Any place
    you’ve been dying to go? Uh, Costa Rica. Be sure to follow Sofie
    on Instagram and Twitter @Sofie Dossi. She’s going to Costa Rica now. ( Link grunts ) Sofie: Okay, bye! – Bye, Sofie.
    – Sofie: Bye. Keep watching because we’re
    gonna help a young man check off a bucket list item.This black GMM mug
    is sleek and smooth
    like a flirty hairdo.Get yours at

    3 proofs that debunk flat-Earth theory | NASA’s Michelle Thaller
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    3 proofs that debunk flat-Earth theory | NASA’s Michelle Thaller

    August 18, 2019

    So, Oscar, you asked the question, “What
    are some of the easiest ways that you can prove that the Earth is round?” Because apparently, this is something that
    we’re debating—I have no idea why. That’s a hard thing for me to even start
    talking about because there are so many proofs that the Earth is round, it’s difficult
    to know where to start. And it’s not okay to think that the Earth
    is flat. This is not a viable argument. I have friends who have been on the International
    Space Station, they have orbited the Earth once every 90 minutes; I’ve had personal experience
    with people who have been up in space and can see with their own eyes that the Earth
    is round. And of course, we‘ve taken all of these
    amazing pictures from space; they’re so beautiful, all those pictures of the Earth. So I don’t really know what’s going on
    right now with this ‘Earth is flat’ thing, but I will tell you that this is one of the
    things I really enjoyed teaching my own astronomy class about because there are proofs all around
    you. It is not difficult to know that the Earth
    is round. In fact, people have known of this for way
    more than 2,000 years. The ancient Greeks actually had a number of
    really elegant, wonderful proofs that the earth was a sphere. So let’s start from the simple to the slightly
    more complicated. One of the things you can see yourself, with
    a pair of binoculars, is if you actually go out to a lake and there are boats on that
    lake, the farther away a boat is the more the bottom of the boat will disappear, and
    you’ll basically just see the mast of the boat. And as a boat goes farther and farther away
    the last thing you will see is the very top of the mast of that boat, and that’s because
    the boat is actually going over the horizon that’s curved—and that means that as it
    goes farther and farther away you see less and less of the bottom of it, and more of
    the top of that. You can see that with binoculars by an ocean,
    by a lake, it’s really easy. That wouldn’t happen if the Earth were flat—you
    would simply see the boat getting smaller and smaller and smaller as it went farther
    away, but you’d be able to see the whole thing with the same proportions. Now, another way that you can tell that we’re
    on a sphere is to think about how there’s something called the tropics on the Earth,
    and the tropics are places near the equator of the earth were sometimes the sun is overhead
    in the sky. This was actually something that the Greeks
    used, not only to prove that the Earth was round about 2000 years ago, but they actually
    measured the circumference of the Earth, accurate to within just a couple percent. 2,000 years ago we’ve known that the Earth
    was round. There was a really brilliant Greek scientist
    called Eratosthenes, and Eratosthenes noticed that there was a town called Syene, and on
    a certain date the sun would actually shine straight down to the bottom of a well. That meant the sun was directly overhead;
    you could look down a well and see the sun shining back at you. And on the very same date, farther away in
    the city of Alexandria, that didn’t happen. The sun was not directly overhead, it was
    a slight angle, and all that Eratosthenes did was he measured the difference in the
    angle of the sun. It was straight overhead in Syene; in Alexandria
    it was a little bit less than overhead, and he rationed that that change in angle from
    one city to another was probably indicative of us being on a curved surface, and you could
    make all kinds of measurements even between those two cities and see that the angles were
    different—the sun was at a different place in the sky. Using this, he actually measured the circumference
    of the Earth, and he got it right 2,000 years ago. So another really simple proof is that on
    any given date, at different cities and different places around the world, the sun is at different
    angles in the sky. That wouldn’t happen if the Earth wasn’t
    round. Then there are some other proofs that are
    a little more obscure, but they’re actually really lovely. One is to observe what happens during a lunar
    eclipse. Now, a lunar eclipse happens when the Earth
    casts a shadow on the moon. The moon actually goes dark, in fact, if you’ve
    seen one you can actually see the Earth’s shadow go across the moon, and when the moon
    is entirely in the Earth’s shadow the moon looks kind of dark and even kind of red-colored;
    it’s really, really beautiful. What’s happening, in that case, is that
    the sun is on one side of the Earth—the Earth is in the middle—and the Earth is
    casting a shadow on the moon, and as the shadow moves across the moon you’ll notice that
    the shadow is curved, it’s round. And so something like the sun that’s bigger
    than the Earth and is able to cast a shadow of the Earth on the moon can actually show
    you the shape of the Earth. “Ah-ha!” you might say, “but could the
    Earth to be a disk? Could it be flat but it’s actually still
    shaped like a disk, not like a sphere?” There was a Greek scientist called Aristarchus
    and what he noticed was that you can get a lunar eclipse at many different angles where
    the sun is; sometimes the shadow goes straight across the moon, sometimes it just kind of
    glances the moon—just a little bit is in shadow just on the top or on the bottom. From every different vantage point, every
    different angle the sun is casting a shadow, you always get a perfectly curved shadow. The only shape that can cast a shadow that’s
    curved from any direction you put the light is a sphere. So people have known that the Earth is spherical
    for thousands of years. It’s not okay to say that the Earth is flat. This is some sort of strange denial, I don’t
    know where it comes from, and it’s something where I keep getting this question. We really need to put this question to bed
    because we’ve known the Earth is a sphere for a long time. There’s even some well-meaning people who
    say, “I don’t really believe the Earth is flat, but I’m not really sure what to
    think about it.” And they’ve asked me some interesting questions,
    like they’ve heard that space is a very hot, that when you go up above the atmosphere
    the temperature of space is millions of degrees, which is true. The problem is there’s basically no air
    at all. So the gas right around the Earth is actually
    millions of degrees hot. That’s actually true, but there’s almost
    none of it, there’s almost nothing. Like one single proton whizzes by you at a
    temperature of a million degrees, it’s not the same as temperature in the air, it’s
    not the same thing at all. So that’s one that I get sometimes. And the other one is—I actually said this
    to somebody, and I couldn’t believe they had never thought of it—that with binoculars
    you can see planets, you can see Saturn and Jupiter, you can see Mars with a telescope,
    the sun and the moon, everything else you see in the solar system is a sphere. So we’re the one thing that is different? And that actually made somebody who was more
    interested in actually hearing information, that actually got them to think. They were like, “You’re right… everything
    else we take a picture of is a sphere!”

    Mutant Fish Taking Over Waters Around the World
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    Mutant Fish Taking Over Waters Around the World

    August 18, 2019

    – [Narrator] Behind
    running, fishing is the most popular outdoor activity
    for adults aged 25 and up. It’s largely a totally innocent,
    wacky-event-free venture, even being described as relaxing or fun. But all around the world, bizarre creatures are being reeled in, and it’s doubtful that their captors would describe their catches
    as normal or relaxing. Here are 10 mutant fish taking
    over waters around the world. Number 10, cyclops shark. A bizarre discovery was
    made in La Paz, Mexico, in the Sea of Cortez. A pregnant bull shark was
    caught, and its fetuses removed. One of them was an albino with one eye. Pictures of the cyclops
    shark were posted online, and some experts thought it was a hoax. Filipe Galvan, a well-respected
    Mexican scientist, inspected the shark and
    wrote a paper about it, which is under review. Lending further merit to the
    authenticity of the incident, Tracy Ehrenberg, the general
    manager of Pisces Sportfishing, conducted an interview with the fisherman who made the discovery. The man said that the pregnant shark was dead when they pulled it up, and that during the process
    of filleting the shark they found ten fetuses. The other nine fetuses were fairly normal, both in color and the amount of eyes. And, although it’s sad to think that someone still fishes for sharks, even though many species are endangered, and that they caught a pregnant one, this little albino cyclops
    shark is almost cute enough to star in his own Disney adventures. Number nine, mutated two-headed dolphin. A two-headed, mutant dolphin washed up on the shore of Ismire on
    the west coast of Turkey. It’s believed to have only been around a year old when it died, as it was only a meter long. It was discovered by a schoolteacher, who watched in horror
    as the mutant dolphin washed up on the shore. He then called the police, who took the dolphin’s
    body away for testing. Preliminary eyewitness reports said that the eyes and blow hole of one of the heads weren’t open, which may mean that there were further deformations in the creature, other than the glaringly obvious one, which could have contributed to its death. No one knows whether this is a
    rare case of conjoined twins, a natural type of deformation, or deformation caused by contaminants. Another incident of a
    two-headed dolphin-like creature was reported in the Netherlands. They reported the first ever case of conjoined harbor porpoises. It was thrown back into the ocean because the fishermen
    thought it might be illegal to have it in their possession and generally thought it was
    a good idea not to risk it. They did take pictures before
    throwing it back, however. There are a lot of things that indicate that the creature died
    shortly after birth. It’s tail had not stiffened, which is something that
    porpoises need in order to swim, its dorsal fin had not
    become vertical yet, and it still had hairs on its upper lip, which porpoises shed after birth. Conjoined twins are rare, even in humans. But they’re even more rare in cetaceans, a group of animals that include porpoises, dolphins, whales, and
    other similar creatures. In fact, the porpoise was only the 10th conjoined cetacean case at
    the time of this writing. Many people have a soft spot
    for dolphins and porpoises, so the thought of having two times the fun of a dolphin-like creature
    in one animal is exciting. It’s very unfortunate that this story turned out the way it did, instead of resulting in one
    of the coolest animals ever. Number eight, pug nose striped bass. This mutation is fairly
    common in striped bass. They’re called pug-nosed
    because the mutation causes them to have a large, lumpy head. One recent incident involves
    one being caught in Maryland. The mutation doesn’t affect
    whether you can eat it or not, and doesn’t have any
    harmful effects on the fish, other than making it look really weird. Number seven, fish with horns. A fisherman in Siberia was stunned when he reeled in two pike that had horns on the tops of their heads. He referred to them as underwater dragons because of their appearance. The fish, which were identified as pike, had been pulled from the
    River Irtysh in Russia. Locals blamed nuclear debris from Russian missile launch
    experiments for the mutations. The fisherman dried and preserved the fish’s heads and keeps them in his garage, which is probably a good thing because the last thing we need is horned, nuclear dragon fish swimming about. Number six, mutant fish in Russia. A gigantic fish had been
    terrorizing locals in Siberia for months before it was finally caught. It had been attacking and trying to bite anyone who came near it. With a giant head, piranha-like teeth and a broad tail that resembled an oar, it’s not surprising that
    the locals were freaked out. However, It didn’t turn
    out to be a mutant. Experts say it was a wolffish, a type of endangered
    bottom-feeding predator. But, with the amount of attacks, its appearance and just
    the fact that a giant, massively aggressive fish was attacking anything that came near the water, it’s really no surprise
    that locals thought this was either some sort of
    mutant or monster fish. Before I reveal the next example, you should subscribe if
    you’re enjoying the video. We upload amazing fact
    filled list videos daily. Also, make sure to click that
    bell icon to stay updated, or you’ll regret missing out
    on some amazing knowledge that could have filled your brain. Now let’s get back to it. Number five, giant fluorescent blue fish. Residents in Gaston
    County, North Carolina, are trying to figure out
    what this huge fish is and where the video was taken. It was uploaded on Disclose
    Screen’s YouTube channel and simply said that the fish was from a lake in Gaston County,
    but not which one. The fish appears to be
    around four feet long and Disclose says it’s around 30 lbs. Many are speculating that
    it’s some sort of carp, but they have no explanation for its fluorescent blue coloration. About one in a million
    times a rainbow trout will be blue to due to
    a rare genetic variant, but that occurs in approximately
    one in a million cases. If this is what the fishermen saw here, they stumbled across an
    extremely rare creature. Still, its a pretty large fish, and although its coloration
    makes it appear to be some sort of wild Pokémon
    that’s appeared in the lake, it’s most likely not. So, don’t go wasting balls on it. Number four, Russian fish with two mouths. This fish is simply terrifying! It has one mouth on its face, one on its neck, and a bizarre tail. It has a weirdly round body
    that shouldn’t belong to a fish. But even more creepy is the
    fact that it has an odd, bulbous protrusion that appears to be filled with some sort of liquid. The fisherman who caught it speculated that the liquid could be eggs, meaning that there was the possibility of more of these creatures. This isn’t the first fish of
    its kind to be caught though. A Reddit user posted a video that appeared to show a two-headed fish. For a bit, speculation
    was all over the internet about what it was and
    how it had come to be. It wasn’t a conjoined twin, and it hadn’t grown up
    near a nuclear plant, as neat as that would be. Experts said it was a grass
    carp that had been deformed. The second mouth was
    actually a large hole formed because the gill arches
    weren’t connected to its mouth. There was also a fish caught in Australia that had two mouths. Garry Warwick, the fisherman
    who landed this bizarre catch, caught the fish in Lake
    Bonney, South Australia. He told ABC “Both mouths are
    actually joined together. “The top one opens and closes, “but the bottom one
    looks permanently open.” Although he’s been a commercial
    fisherman for over 30 years, he says he’s never seen
    anything like this. Facial deformities in which
    the creature or person has more than one of a
    particular facial feature, in this case two mouths,
    is called diprosopus. It’s commonly associated
    with conjoined twins, although it’s not the result
    of two embryos fusing together, nor is it the result of
    them not fully separating. It’s caused when facial
    patterning acts abnormally. Unfortunately, creatures
    with two faces don’t usually survive because they
    usually have some degree of deformation in their
    internal organs as well. Number three, fish with human teeth. An emperor fish was
    caught by a schoolteacher in the West Papu region of Indonesia. The teacher was astounded
    to find that the fish had flat, molar-like
    teeth that looked human. He gave the fish to a student, who took it home to his family. They were all equally shocked when they discovered its teeth. Rather than eat the fish, they decided to freeze and preserve it. That’s probably a good thing because whatever unholy alliance
    that was forged in order to create this fish is probably
    not safe for ingestion. Number two, the monsterous
    fish from Thailand. A Thai fisherman was out fishing and hoping to catch
    something worthy of a meal. Instead, he pulled in something
    that is pure nightmare fuel. This fish has a long body
    that looks a bit like an oar, a giant mouth filled
    with sharp-looking teeth, and, probably most notably,
    it doesn’t seem to have eyes. No one knows quite what it is. But, the bigger mystery here is where are its eyes and how does it see? Number one, bird fish. This bizarre fish was recently
    caught in a river in Guizhou. It looks like a completely
    normal fish on the bottom half, but the head is where things get mad. Some people say that it looks a bit like the face of a pigeon. Others say it looks like
    the face of a dolphin. What it definitely does not look like is the ordinary head of a
    carp that matches its body. Some people blame its apparent deformation on water contaminants. Others think that this is
    some sort of hybrid creature, but those in favor of the hybrid theory are not in agreement with what animals parented this bizarre creature. Unfortunately, testing cannot be done to shed light on its parentage, either, as the fish was released back
    into its natural habitat. What exactly is a bird fish’s
    natural habitat anyway? Did it fly away or swim? Most of the entries on this list died, either before or after discovery, which makes for an alarming mystery. What entry did you think
    was the most interesting? Let me know in the comments down below, and thanks for watching.

    Eric Bellion, diplômé, skipper et fondateur de COMMEUNSEULHOMME
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    Eric Bellion, diplômé, skipper et fondateur de COMMEUNSEULHOMME

    August 18, 2019

    Eric Bellion Eric Bellion
    Graduate of the Grande Ecole Programme 2001
    Skipper and founder of Commeunseulhomme Founded in 2014, COMMEUNSEULHOMME promotes the conviction that difference is a great resource As well as the main source of innovation, collective enrichment and personal well-being It’s a natural fruition following 15 years of dedication from skipper. Eric Bellion I chose to do the Vendée Globe because it was really the most mediatised thing I could do To fulfil a conviction that I’d been carrying for 15 years And I really wanted to share it with the widest possible audience So I really said to myself What’s the craziest thing I can do which will allow me to engage with as many people as possible? And it was the Vendée Globe… And from the moment I took that decision, I was in a tunnel of preparation and work To get to the departure point And when the departure arrived, I found myself surrounded by 300,000 people all shouting my name And it was extremely difficult for me because I thought to myself : If I have 300,000 people who are shouting my name in this channel in Sables d’Olonne That means that I’m about to do something that’s really hard During a race like the Vendée Globe, you have a problem every day If not two, or three, or a hundred problems every day That need to be solved and there’s always two options: Either you react like it’s a major drama that will prevent you from succeeding And then you become resentful of the boat and the whole world Or you say to yourself, that’s part of the race And actually this problem will allow me to create something, to innovate and do better And find resources within myself that I don’t usually use The realisation came when I was passing the Kerguelen islands, so in the Indian ocean, I came across a huge storm and I had a problem with the motor that I had to deal with all night And so I wasn’t paying attention to the boat And actually I saw, I felt, that the boat could go much further than I thought And I too could go much further than I thought And in that storm, all my bolts came loose And that’s when I accepted that I was on an adventure To let the boat express itself and to do things my way And instead of running away from a storm and hiding to the south I chose to head north at full speed to go towards the storm that was coming And to surf it as far as possible And that was really a strong decision for me because I was no longer just submitting, I really became the master of my own destiny At the start of the race I was always doing what I’d been taught I kind of copied those who had inspired me and navigated with me on board I copied their way of doing things But then I accepted that I needed to forget everything I’d learnt in a way And to re-learn everything my way with the experiences I was living I had never done a solo race before So for me it was two huge steps into the unknown because I had no reference points So the whole race was really an adventure into the unknown every day I don’t know about you, but I see it as a message What do you think about it? A beautiful rainbow In everyday life, when you tend to be guided along There are very few situations where you really have to get out of your comfort zone and discover extraordinary things I am convinced that we all have infinite resources within ourselves You just have to find situations that allow those resources to come to light And on the Vendée Globe that was the case every day The biggest difficulty on the Vendée Globe is being alone Not being alone in the sense of drinking your coffee alone or eating alone Not that kind of solitude, but solitude in decision-making When you set a course or decide whether to go through a storm There’s no one to tell you oh, yes, Eric, that’s the right decision And so I was afraid all the time, but at the same time It was never a paralysing fear that stopped me from doing what I had to do It’s both an extreme vigilance and extreme carefree attitude I would say to anyone that the VG is an amazing adventure But I think that within a company You can very well create situations where you go and find your resources And the only way is to agree to take a step into the unknown, to go towards difference And the best way to take those steps is to go and talk with others Work, try and live a bit of life with someone who is not like you at all What I take away from this adventure is the fact that I returned much stronger And less afraid because I saw what I was capable of I really saw that I had resources within myself and they’re infinite, I just had to go and find them And I also freed myself from a lot of pressure of the opinions of others I don’t need to please people as much And I have this crazy energy, I’m really tired, my body is tired But my mind is overflowing with energy


    Welding a SAILBOAT for the DESERT? – in California

    August 18, 2019

    When I was growing up, I
    really wanted a sailboat. But my parents
    were rock climbers and we spent a lot of family
    vacations out in the desert. So a couple of
    years ago, I decided to mix these two things
    from my childhood, and I built a land yacht. This is a sailboat with wheels. It goes like 45 miles an
    hour and it’s a total blast. But I’ve always wanted to
    bring friends out with me. And I figured, you
    know, if we came out with just my boat it
    wouldn’t be that much fun. One of us would be
    sitting around waiting while the other sailed. So I decided to
    build a second one. Right now I’m headed
    over to BayShore Metals to pick up the steel tubing
    I need to make the frame. They typically serve
    construction workers so they close real
    early, so I got to catch them before they
    leave for the weekend. Hi there, how’s it going? Good. How about you? Good. Two things I need here. 1 inch, 0.12 wall thickness– 8 feet of that. Is there any way I
    can get you to cut it? Yeah, we can cut it. OK. This is 20 feet metal mortar? Yeah. OK. I’ll take 20 feet of that then. I need a round tube, 2 and
    1/2 inch, 0.12-inch thick. Well, I think that’s about it. This stuff’s heavy,
    and big, and oily. Time to get it to Noisebridge. So, first things first, we
    need to build a chassis. And the main part of the
    chassis is the spine. It’s the big tube that runs
    underneath from the front wheel to the back wheels, and it’s
    what the mast connects into. And I’m using this
    really heavy, thick pipe. It’s because there are
    a lot twisting forces on the mast and the wheels. It’s probably more
    than I need, it will make it a
    little bit heavier, but at the end of the
    day, I’d rather just have to be super
    solid and not break. So, time to start
    cutting and welding here. It almost looks like
    I know what I’m doing. It is now time to build the
    front steering assembly. And honestly, this is the
    hardest part because the angles have to be perfect. So what I’ve been
    doing is drawing it here out on a piece
    cardboard to scale, so I can make sure
    that everything’s going to fit together properly. The boat’s going to be
    level and the wheels are going to fit and everything. So let me show you
    what I’ve done. So this right here, this line
    right here, is my ground. And I’m just fitting
    the wheel like that and then fitting all these other
    pieces where they need to go. This is another angle, here, on
    this 30-degree line, like that. So that’s going to sit there. This is the point
    in the chassis where that steering tube comes out. And then there’s going
    to be a piece here– not quite that long. And then another piece
    that goes up, there. So this will go here, and
    then that will go up there, and then there will
    be an axle that goes down through the wheel. It sounds easy. Now, it’s time to cut everything
    out and try and weld it according to these
    angles and specs. We’ll see how
    accurate I can get it. So, I think I screwed up. The front wheel isn’t straight. I think I know what I did wrong. This front bracket here is
    not straight to the spine. So, I think there’s
    only one thing to do, as much as I
    don’t want to do it, which is to cut it off and
    start over on that piece. Ugh. well, it’s not straight again. So, I don’t know. I give up. I think I’m just going
    to roll with it as is and we’ll hope for the best. It’s time to put
    together some wheels. Rims, go together like that. Inner tubes, sweet. And wheels. This hitch pin is what
    holds the wheel on. So I got to drill a hole
    for that in the axle. Just like that. Sweet. One down, two to go. Now to do the front end. This is going to
    be a little tricky, I’m not quite sure
    how to do this, how to get everything lined up. We’ll see here. Next, I need a place
    to put the mast. I need mast step,
    which is the tube the mast goes into that holds
    it to the spine of the boat. And you can either put
    this at 10 degrees– kind of canted backwards–
    or you can put it vertical. And on my previous
    boat I did 10 degrees, and it made the back
    end a little fishtail-y. So I’m going to try vertical
    and see how that goes. Time to weld on the mast step. I’ve got to get this pretty
    much exact so the mast doesn’t lean one side or the other,
    too far forward, too far back. So, going to have to
    be careful on this one. I screwed up. So, I used hot rolled steel
    for the steering column and for the axles. And hot rolled steel
    is a little bit bigger than what it’s supposed to be. It’s got a little bit
    of mill scale on it. So I turned it all
    on the lathe to get it to fit of the bearings on
    the wheels and the washers that I’m using for
    bearings for the steering, but I didn’t make the
    steering columns quite small enough for these
    bushings that I got to hold the steering in place. So, everything’s already welded
    together, it’s all ready to go, and these bushings don’t fit. Ugh. 11th hour and I think
    I’m going to have to redo the whole front
    steering assembly, because I can’t figure
    out how to take this apart enough that I can
    get it back on the lathe. So, not what I needed. We’re supposed to leave
    tomorrow to go try these out, and guess I’m going
    to start over. Dang. Actually, maybe there’s
    a way I can hack this. The square stock that
    the foot rest fits on, I might be able to just
    use that as a color and not worry about it. But I’ve got to get the
    drill hole just perfect. So this is going to
    be a little tricky. I think that might work. It’s worth a shot if
    for no other reason than if I screw it up I’m going
    to have to start over anyway. So, may as well give it a shot. Other than that it
    looks all right. Well, it’s 10:30
    at night, the day before we’re supposed to
    leave to go sail these. But I think I’m pretty much
    done with the metal work. Check this out. So, that’s the old one and
    that’s the shiny new one. They’re pretty much identical. They’re all the same plans. There’s a few minor
    tweaks here and there. Next, I’ve got to build a seat. I’ve got to build
    a seat, and I’ve got to rig all the mast
    and sails and stuff. So, I think I’m going to go make
    sure masts fit and that kind of thing, and then we’ll
    figure out a seat here. All right. Time to set up the masts now. The only place they fit in
    here is in the skylights. So the first time that
    I built a land yacht I scored a huge treasure
    trove of free sails off Craigslist– free
    windsurfing sails. I’ve got, let’s
    see, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6– I think I’ve got
    something like seven sails that I got for free. So I’m digging through them
    now to see what will work. Some of them are labeled,
    some of them aren’t. So, I don’t know
    how big this sail is but I’m going to compare
    it to the one I was using on the other boat and
    see if it’ll work, if it’s about the same size. These are pretty
    much the same size. I think this’ll work. I’ve got one big piece
    left before we hit the road and go sail this thing. I need to build a seat. And I think I’m just going
    to copy the seat that I have on my previous land
    yacht, because we just got to hit the road here. I’m running out of time. So this is just basically like a
    pan, it’s just a flat seat bed, there’s a seat that comes
    up the back, bolts together in two places, pretty simple. Not the right tool for the job. That’ll work. Hole. I got to find some screws now. Fortunately, there
    are a lot here. These actually
    might do the trick. Just need enough to hold
    the glue while it dries. That’s one side. Yup, it’s going to work. This project’s beating me up. I’m really sore. I forgot to do one thing
    before I glued everything up. The old boat here has
    these rounded corners on the back, which
    looks super nice. But I totally forgot to do
    that before I glued everything so I don’t think this
    is going to have those. I think we’ll just wing it. Now, it’s time to
    build the back. So this is what the
    old back looks like. It sits in there like
    that, sits down here, going to do the same thing. Pretty straight forward. Or My friend Blake is here. He is going to come
    sailing with me, and he’s agreed to
    modify the sail. So, say hi, Blake. Hey. I just realized it
    wraps around the mast. Yeah. That’s interesting. So, let me show you
    what we’re doing here. OK. So, I basically just
    drew a line here. I think we should just
    remove this back one. Somehow get this up here in a
    way that you feel comfortable [INAUDIBLE]. Basically, just
    stitch [INAUDIBLE].. That’s exactly what
    I was thinking. Yup. I love it. Cool. Thank you. I will finish that seat and
    get everything else rigged, and then we’ll hit the road. So, I chopped it and
    moved the bottom up. And I left enough space
    down here to wrap it over. Really enough space. Oh, sweet. And then the grommet’s– The grommet’s right inside here. Perfect. So, probably just going to
    punch it whenever I’m ready and do some more
    sewing around here. I’m going to then adjust
    the mast sheet thing and move it up. And touch it up on the edges. Sweet. OK. One lesson I learned is
    turn it off when you’re– When you’re sticking
    your fingers in there? Yeah. That’s how I got this guy. Cut away, cut away
    from yourself. Smart. Good Lord. What am I doing? Look at this. Oh, we got so much shit. I have no idea what we’re doing. We have a freight elevator
    filled with land yachts. And it’s like 7:00 at night. We’ve got seven hours
    of driving ahead of us. It’s going to go great. All packed up and ready to go. Blake’s picking up some
    tamales for the road and then we’re going
    to go get camping gear and get out of here. So we made it as far as
    Lancaster last night, as of what? 2:00 AM? Something like that? We finally decided
    to stop and get a hotel for the night,
    which was probably one of the shittier Motel
    6’s I’ve ever been in. Better than sleeping on
    the cold ground though. Yeah, it was really
    cold last night. It was like 30? So we opted to wimp
    out, and get a motel, and try again this morning. We’re getting a late start, it’s
    almost noon, but we’re close. Like, half hour out maybe? And it’s looking like
    there’s a little bit of wind. Just got to find the lake
    entrance and pay our permit and be off sailing. There’s a big, huge
    dust storm here that we’re about to
    head into, which bears good things about the wind. But maybe will not
    be super pleasant. I don’t know. We’ll see. All right. Here it is. That right there is the
    entrance to the dry lake bed. It’s super windy. This is going to be awesome. You ready? Yeah. So, what I’ve
    learned the hard way, is that when we get
    out on the lake bed, we should close all of
    the windows and doors. Because all of that dust
    out there will get in here. There are no speed limits
    out on the dry lake bed, so we can go pretty
    much as fast we want. There’s not a lot
    to hit out here. It’s just a question of
    how comfortable we feel. I wish we could get some wind
    like this out in the Bay. Right? All right. We’re here, and it’s windy, and
    I can’t wait to get sailing. Time to set up some boats. All right. Time to try out the new boat. I’m so excited. I’ve been working so hard for
    the past week or two on this. Didn’t know if we were
    going to make it down here. So, it’s really exciting
    to be out here, the wind, gorgeous day. I can’t wait to get out
    on the dry lake bed here. The wind is dying,
    and we’re just trying to make it back to
    camp before it dies entirely. It’s doing pretty well right
    now but there have been spots that have been pushing. Land sailing is
    all about momentum. You just got to keep your
    momentum up no matter what, and stay out of the ruts. Well, we just ran out of wind. So, now instead of land
    yachts, they’re skateboards. They’re not great
    skateboards, but it does work. I’m going to pick up Blake here. He’s walking back
    instead of pushing back. Hey there, sailor. You want a ride? Well, what about my boat? Wait– is something
    broken or are you good? I’m good. It’s just hard to steer it. I’m walking it. Yeah, you just sort of
    kick it as you go along. Yeah. That’s what I’m working on. Getting there. Yeah. Cool. Yeah, what did you think? First time land sailing, right? Pretty fun. I was surprised when
    there were no brakes. Yeah, you just got to like
    put your feet down or turn up into the wind and
    hope for the best. Sheet out. Yeah, sheet out. There’s lots of space out
    here, so not too much to hit. Yeah, man, thanks for
    coming down with me. I know it’s just like
    a crazy adventure we had done at the last minute. It’s been a long two two days. Yeah. It was a lot to try
    and make this happen. But, yeah. Land sailing is one of my
    favorite weird pastimes, and I’m really happy to be able
    to share it with someone else. Thanks for coming down. I’m Scotty, with Strange Parts. If you like this video, hit that
    subscribe button down below, and stay tuned for
    more adventures. I’ll see you next time.