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    Nosy City Employee Confronted While Magnet Fishing!!
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    Nosy City Employee Confronted While Magnet Fishing!!

    January 26, 2020

    guys we got something big all right guys
    the white vans is pulled up we might be in trouble welcome back to episode guys check it
    out right my two friends against treasure vixens they brought me out to
    this cool place check out this place you got a bandit house over there
    whole lot junk piled up over here is the old dumping ground they’re gonna do a
    little magnificient here for a little bit looks like it’s gonna be a good
    place so hopefully today’s video will find something pretty cool oh we got it
    oh she got guys big ol pipe too I just got something huge look at her go
    good job guys leave that bill pipe she’s a Scot again these are like old-school
    scissors – they are they don’t budge oh she’s killing it today guys well then
    another big ol pipe yeah you’re good – got something huge down here this drop
    this big Mary banner hook on – hey guys this thing is so huge we got use three
    magnets guys we got something big I think it’s huge oh is that connected
    again lost it that’s big alright guys the white vans is pulled up
    we might be in trouble how are you doing today magnificent
    magnet fishing magnet fishing yeah we drop magnets into the water having this thing be so big we can all
    ever hook one hey guys we’re gonna pack it up at this
    bridge we’re gonna go to another bridge so stick around we just got to our
    second bridge treasure vixens are a magnet fishing take a look what she got
    that big magnet oh wow all kinds of things all right guys I just wanted to
    eat the bridge let’s take a look under here look she just got something also
    big as I just something might be right there just take a look at that whole
    piece of rebar that guy’s old pair of vise grips
    look what she got guys take a look at that big ol pole right here nice so
    strong look at that guy’s excellent Oh guys I got something big oh that big
    old thing guys check that out what in the world is that anybody knows what
    this thing is definitely let me know down to comets thanks freakin cool all of that guys oh look at that
    I thought I was a weapon at first look at treasure vixens just found anybody
    knows this is let me know down in the comments what she does fastest not big
    ol pipe hey you’re like the pipe Queen you find
    them all sigh thank you so much for watching you guys enjoyed this episode
    please hit that subscribe button like

    Tiny House or Space Ship? Architect Builds Dream House & it’s so Cool!
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    Tiny House or Space Ship? Architect Builds Dream House & it’s so Cool!

    January 26, 2020

    Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. A couple of weeks ago I was searching the
    internet for unique architecture and I came across a man who’s typically a boat
    designer and decided to build a house like he would build a
    boat, but as you can see, the structure behind me is
    not a boat, but it is a house. It’s also a replica of a Lunar Lander. Needless to say, today’s
    tour is extremely unique. I can’t wait for you to see the
    inside and meet the builder. Without further ado, let’s get started. I’m Kurt Hughes and this
    is my Lunar Lander dwelling I began building strange things most
    of my life when I was in high school. I built a telescope in an observatory
    when I was 20 or 21 I built a dome up in the mountains
    of Wenatchee. When I was
    in architecture school, I started building my first boat and so
    when I was wondering what it would take to build a house just like a boat,
    I had to dive in and start doing it. I was always curious about
    the shape of the lunar Lander. Usually an architect can look at any
    form and understand what’s going on. I would look at the lunar Lander
    and I had no idea what was going on. I decided to build a lunar Lander
    as a getaway vacation home, kind of like a fishing shack but high
    tech and the idea was just to have a place to go away, be contemplative, and
    when I started doing that I thought, why not do it like a boat using a
    modern composites and vacuum bagging and modern materials. It’s suspended off the ground if you
    don’t have to dig a foundation and that both matches the lunar Lander, but
    also it’s very light on the land. It’s kind of cool. It’s just when you lie in the bed
    and them several feet off the ground. It’s taken me about seven years to
    build this on weekends and of course in the winter time you can’t
    really build anything here, but then seven years makes it seem like
    I’m done and I’m still puttering on stuff. I think one of my favorite things that
    happened to me when I was finishing it here was a family came up here and
    a little boy ran up and he said, what is it? One of the rules I realize I didn’t set
    out for this was I’ve got to be able to look at it and go, damn, that’s
    cool, and if I could do that. That’s the kind of things I’m
    looking for that keep me amused. So this is my lunar Lander dwelling.
    Here’s the inside, c’mon in, and this is the main floor here. Here’s captain Nemos window where the
    dining table is the window is again, I wanted to look like captain Nemos when
    doing 20,000 leagues under the sea and this is a table from my first boat
    that I launched in 1979 and decided to repurpose it here. Yeah, these are actually the old buttons on
    the sailboat and the button turns on the overhead light and then there’s the plywood epoxy seats. That I wanted to make look slightly
    aerospace and there’s the weather center and this is the bathroom here. so everything’s rounded and epoxied and
    because of that it can get wet and it won’t distort it or get soggy or anything, this light here and then
    that’s for Cove light underneath. And then inside here is the bathroom. There’s a Japanese toilet, the tank
    is intended to be installed in the wall and I thought it looks
    so technical and look, the tank is only a few inches thick. There’s a shower in there and that’s
    particularly fun because you can look out the window and see the river. There’s a opening vote window and the
    floor is all epoxy and it has glow powder in it so that during the
    day it’s absorbing sunlight
    or just light and a night when you walk up here
    and no lights are on, the whole floor is glowing like the Milky
    way. You built everything in here, the doors, the seats, yeah. Although
    the metal work, My brother did the dome
    He welded that together. Yeah, I really wanted to sit here and
    look up and see the stars at night. Okay, here’s one of the doors and unlike most
    doors it’s made of a piece of the wall so it has the same
    insulation value as the wall, which is about five times better
    installation than a regular door and that allowed me to do the airplane aerospace
    recessed handle like that and, and this is kind of fun, it’s a
    thumb print there. Now recognize I had too much fun with it. Kitchen has a
    carbon fiber, countertop, it’s electrical kitchens and everything’s
    wired for a 110 or 210 where it’s needed. And then the sink has colors indicating the temperature of the water. The water heater is electric and it’s
    an on demand water heater so that if I’m gone for a week or two weeks or a month, it’s not running up an electric bill
    and the place has a really good electric bills in the middle of winter, it’s been about 25 a month with the
    temperature staying at 60 degrees. This is actually a lunar Lander thing.
    If you look at any of the pictures of it, those two triangle windows are one of
    the signatures and the others are just kind of nautical looking. But I wanted to be able to see the
    river from here with everything. Extremely high quality plywood
    supporting a can lever out there. And that’s another sip
    panel for the floor. And it’s a great place to see it
    after sunset. Just look at the river. So it’s really a nice place. Okay, so that’s a can lever chips
    ladder and it doesn’t touch the floor. And originally my floor was on only going
    to be five feet down or something like that and it was just going
    to be like a lounging pit. But the building department said, no,
    you can’t do that. You need seven feet. So I extended the can lever and it’s
    the longest ship’s ladder I’ve ever seen. It’s a two feet smaller on each side and
    let it sit there. And besides the bed, they’re basically closets, I call them the bins work clothing or
    tools or things like that can be kept. Yeah, here’s some boat windows. And I originally bought two or three
    of them at about $10 total. I thought, I’ll just find two or three
    more and I’ll be good. But it turned out those were the only
    two or three I ever found. Again, at yard sales, so I bought the remaining three for about
    a hundred dollars each and these were um, airplane style, put stuff on, it has Cove
    lights all underneath. And these are kind of things that I
    learned being here that I would’ve never thought about when I was
    just laying out the plans. Steel stairs, steel legs, but the rest of it is a composite sip
    panels with a high grade plywood on both sides. And then the formula foam in the middle
    and all glued together with epoxy and fiberglass. One of the things that keeps me amused
    and also keeps you from stumbling around in the dark when I’m walking from the
    car is a glow in the dark pebbles here on the walkway. And at night they glow just enough so
    you could see where you’re walking and it looks kind of like a
    star field too. So again, these are steel. My neighbor next door,
    it turned out he had a plasma cutter, cute little
    details. I love that. It’s not touching the
    round. Yeah, suspended. And there’s no foundation which have
    blows my architect friends minds, but that’s because these pads, it just sits on the surface of the earth
    and you can adjust the turnbuckles to level it. And so it could be really on any kind
    of terrain or even changing terrain or even floats. It could be on the
    water with the float under each one, it’s about 2,500 pounds, which is a fifth to a 10th of
    what typical tiny houses way. This is the lower level hold down
    before the upper level was built. And then I have the
    upper level hold downs, which really do the heavy lifting
    and the winds off of them. Not often, but occasionally get over a
    hundred miles an hour here. And at least once we have pictures
    of, they blew a semi truck silver. And so I want to make sure this
    all stays here. I did calculations, it should do 88 miles per hour
    without hold downs, but, uh, uh, that wasn’t enough. This
    right here is the, uh, water coming in, so it’s very, very insulated. So the cold water can come in and this
    is a tool for the water shutoff in case the water has to be shut off. And then this sewer line runs
    down here out and into the, uh, to the fragile wetlands septic system. I started looking at, at the lunar Lander and just 3D modeled
    it myself just to see how it was and then change that around for
    things that could be useful. And pretty much everybody that looks at
    it as is impressed, they just, uh, go, wow. I never thought, I never
    saw one of these before. My neighbor across the street looked
    at my drawings for the stairs and he said, how are you going to
    get up there when you get old? And he looked at me and he said, uh,
    you’re not going to get old are you? I will probably keep building and
    strange, isn’t the idea, but, but interesting things that solve new
    problems. I’ll keep on doing that. And even on this one, I keep thinking of things to
    do it better or different ways. A lot of times I’m sitting
    in it and looking around, I will have this feeling
    like they let me stay here. It’s like the coolest
    place I’ve ever seen. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s
    video and that maybe it brought you some inspiration about what can actually
    be done with what we call home. I’ll see you in two weeks with a new
    video about tiny houses or travel, but in the meantime, make sure you subscribe and hit
    that bell so you get an alert. When I put up a new video

    The Midsize Cruise Ships with “Big” Features
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    The Midsize Cruise Ships with “Big” Features

    January 26, 2020

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a more successful class of ships than Carnival’s Fantasy Class. Carnival Elation was the second-last Fantasy Class ship to set sail back in 1998, and Carnival has recently given it a major makeover … … that even includes the addition of new balcony staterooms. One of the best things about these Fantasy Class ships is that they are big, but easy to navigate. Frequent cruisers will appreciate the lengths that Carnival went to on Elation’s recent refit. Staterooms were completely refreshed with a newer, more modern look … … while public rooms still (for the most part) display their Joe Farcus-designed whimsy. The Cole Porter Club Lounge aft on Deck 9 serves as the venue for Carnival’s popular Punchliner Comedy Club… … while the Jekyll and Hyde Dance Club farther forward is the place to be in the wee hours of the morning. There are a lot of gracious spaces on these early Fun Ships, like Gatsby’s Great Bar, which has a staircase leading into the aft dining room … … making it a convenient place for that pre-dinner cocktail. Passenger corridors were completely-redone … … along with both of the ship’s main dining rooms, the Imagination and Inspiration. Located on Deck 8, these two rooms now have a much more modern look and feel that cruisers will no doubt love. Also worth loving is the vast amount of open deck space on Carnival Elation’s upper decks. Pool decks are fun and comfortably busy throughout the day … … and it is never too hard to find a quiet place to take in the ocean views. With plenty of interesting bars and lounges … … and a recent refit that has left it sparkling like new … … Carnival Elation is a great, midsize cruise ship that won’t break the bank. Another venerable mid-1990s favorite is Holland America Line’s Veendam. Like all Holland America ships, Veendam is perfect for those who like plenty of little nice touches … … and a classic onboard ambiance. Updated since its launch back in 1996, Veendam holds under 1,500 passengers … … meaning there are very few times that you won’t find your favorite seat at the Ocean Bar. The Crow’s Nest is hopping well after midnight … … and the midships Lido Pool is always a hub of activity during the day. Veendam and its sister Maasdam (along with near-sisters Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Volendam and Zaandam) … … have a fantastic amount of open deck space. You can even walk right out onto Veendam’s bow when conditions permit. Inside, Veendam is all class. The ship boasts some new Holland America Line features like the popular America’s Test Kitchen … … which transformed the old theater into a cooking class studio. Veendam still boasts plenty of cool classic cruising staples, like the Crow’s Nest Lounge … … and Holland America’s signature dual-level Rotterdam Dining Room. The main show lounge has a dinner theater quality to it… … while the Pinnacle Grill specialty restaurant has one of the brightest and most commanding locations in the fleet. Veendam is that rare mix of a ship, one that offers great personal space with no shortage of fun things to do. Also in that category is Princess Cruises’ beautiful Coral Princess. Carrying just 2,000 guests, its staterooms and suites are standard Princess … … but its spacious and unique interiors set her apart. At the heart of the ship is a glittering multi-story atrium … … that gives way to inviting and spacious public rooms. It’s no wonder that Coral Princess frequently makes its home in beautiful destinations like Alaska, what with its window-lined public rooms. Crooner’s Bar, right of the atrium, is a popular spot for people-watching … … while the Explorer’s Lounge is a true Princess hallmark of entertainment. The International Café was added a few years back to provide caffeinated delights … … while the Princess Theater puts on Broadway-style revues. The solarium-style Lotus Pool, however, might be among the prettiest in the Princess fleet. Another Princess staple is the Wheelhouse Bar … … perfect for a nightcap. Also refitted a few years ago is the Horizon Court buffet, which on Coral Princess and its sister Island Princess is located all the way forward on Deck 14. Coral Princess, like the other midsized ships shown here, is a great choice for folks who like to have lots and lots of open deck space. It even features Movies Under the Stars … … and has plenty of spots for scenic cruising. Sometimes, the ship has to take a backseat to the scenery outside … … which is why Coral Princess has a full 360-degree wraparound promenade deck. Sadly, Island Princess no longer offers this after a refit removed the aft portion of the deck. This wide, open promenade deck is the perfect place to relax while cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage. Even on a foggy day … … Coral Princess is a ship that doesn’t fail to impress. Our final ship is a veritable “blast from the past,” a ship that was once the largest in the world and is now delightfully midsized. Celestyal Olympia started life in 1982 as Royal Caribbean’s Song of America … … and today it sails happily in the Eastern Mediterranean and Greek Islands. While you won’t find many balconies aboard Celestyal Olympia, it offers a great classic cruise experience on a ship that is still as charming as ever. Celestyal Olympia operates port-intensive itineraries in the Mediterranean … … but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the amenities department. Out on deck you’ll find the Thalassa Bar, located just aft of the ship’s radar mast. Another almost open-air space is the Leda buffet on Deck 9 aft, which offers casual breakfast, lunch and dinner. Celestyal Olympia has an unusually large pool deck, which is great for the on-deck buffets that Celestyal frequently hosts. It also has one very distinct feature: when Royal Caribbean sold the ship, they left the original Viking Crown Lounge intact. Today it serves as an observation lounge and remains as popular as ever. Another wonderful holdout from the ship’s Royal Caribbean days is the Argo Bar … … which you might remember as the Schooner Bar. This space was originally part of the Casino when Song of America was built … … and an indoor cinema took the space that is now occupied by the ship’s casino. This room, originally created by Royal Caribbean in the 1990s, still has a sort of whimsical 1980s feel to it that, with the advent of shows like “Stranger Things,” almost seems like an appropriate throwback. Other spaces onboard have a newer, more contemporary look, like the Eclipse Lounge and Bar on Deck 6. The former Oklahoma Lounge is now … … the Selene Lounge and Bar. While Celestyal offers a full menu of drinks, be sure to try out the local Greek specialties that go far beyond ouzo. Another bonus: Some of Celestyal’s cruises even include tiered drink packages. Late night feasts … … accompany earnest performances in the Muses Lounge and Bar. Staterooms are on the basic but comfortable side … … and are actually quite cozy. Throughout the ship, Celestyal’s crew do their best to make everything sparkle … … both inside and out. Celestyal Olympia is a comfortable, excellent midsize ship for those who like their cruises with plenty of character. In fact, the entire Celestyal fleet is composed of older ships that are a great choice for those who don’t feel like sailing with 6,000 other people. Celestyal Olympia is proof that some of the best aspects of cruising really are timeless.

    Must-Know Tips For Bass Fishing On Riprap Banks | Bass Fishing
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    Must-Know Tips For Bass Fishing On Riprap Banks | Bass Fishing

    January 26, 2020

    Hey folks! Glenn May here at and today
    I’m out here fishing riprap! Why would you think I want to fish a bunch
    of rocks? Well, let me tell you what. Rocks, riprap, can be productive year-round. It’s a simple fact. The rocks…algae collects on the rocks and
    organic material will fall down in between the cracks and crevices of the rocks. This in turn attracts crawdads, insects, bait
    fish. It’s a buffet for the bass. And it’ll happen year-round, even in the winter
    time. You get a few warm, sunny days, it’ll warm
    up these rocks and that’ll get the whole ecosystem going even if the water temp is in the 40s. Okay, so riprap, if you have it in your lake,
    you gotta fish it. As a matter fact, you can find them anywhere. You can find them in dams like this, or you
    can find them along roadbeds. You can find them…homeowners will use riprap
    to prevent erosion of their property. Even marinas and other areas, you’ll find
    riprap pretty much everywhere. So if you find them, stop and fish them. Definitely. The different ways to fish them, I want to
    get in to that. I’m gonna talk about how to fish them effectively
    and how to find the hot spots within riprap. Before I put my boat into the riprap…a little
    bit of waves here coming in. First of all, how are we gonna fish it? The most effective way, or the most common
    way to fish riprap is with crankbaits, deep diving crank baits. What you want is the crankbait to bounce off
    that riprap. You want it to hit it and ricochet off of
    it. What happens is that when that crankbait hits
    it it, stops momentarily, and then fires off in an odd direction before it slows down back
    to its normal speed. That odd behavior, that erratic behavior,
    that’s often what triggers a bite. See bass, they’re pre-programmed by nature
    to attack injured and disoriented bait fish. And that’s exactly what it mimics when you’re
    bouncing it off the rocks. That’s the primary way of fishing riprap. There’s a couple other baits that work really
    well though. Spinnerbaits, for example. Love fishing spinnerbaits on riprap. And here’s the thing, see I’m…like I said,
    I’m standing in 12 feet of water, sure, throw a spinnerbait in 12 feet of water, that works
    fine, but don’t be swayed by that. Look at this, you can see this riprap here
    has sort of a gradual slope to it. Makes total sense if I’m standing in 12 feet
    of water to fish a spinner bait, but don’t be swayed by that. A lot of riprap that I fish also is just straight
    up and down, almost straight up and down. I’ll be standing this far away from the shoreline,
    but I’ll be standing say in 20 or 30 feet of water. Spinnerbaits still work really well for that
    situation. Here’s why. First of all, I throw the spinnerbait right
    up near the rocks as close as I can. You want to though a short underhand cast,
    nice soft presentation. The reason being is bass, so they’re ambush. They like to ambush bait fish and if you can
    get bait fish near the surface of the water, then they can’t escape. So that’s a place where the bass will want
    to go. Well, if the water, where the water meets
    the shoreline, now you’ve got the surface and a physical barrier, now the bait fish
    are trapped. So even if I’m standing in 20, 30 feet of
    water, if I can get that spinnerbait right up to that intersection, often times the bass
    are there, they’re in 6, 8 feet of water, 6, 8 inches of water, excuse me. I’ll cast up there and I’ll get whacked within
    2 to 3 turns of the handle even though I’m standing in deep water. So don’t be afraid to throw spinnerbaits,
    but you got to get them right up near the rocks. Don’t throw overhand casts, because if you
    hit the rocks you’ll be liable to bust up you’re spinnerbait. Nice, soft underhand cast, that’s the presentation
    you want. Now, line. Let’s talk about line for a second. I like to use Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon line
    for those types of baits because it’s abrasion resistant. This bait that…the lines gonna be draped
    over the rocks. It’s gonna get nicked and frayed, but with
    fluorocarbon it’s much more apt to withstand all of that abuse. Even in, you know, monofilament, copolymor
    doesn’t stand up as well. Braid on the other hand, sounds like a great
    choice. I wouldn’t use it. Braid is funny. It’s really strong when you’re throwing it
    in vegetation, throwing it around wood and pilings, that sort of thing. But riprap is braid’s kryptonite. Braid tends to get tore up and shredded by
    the riprap, so it’s not a good choice to use. That’s why I’m using fluorocarbon. It’s strong, sensitive, it’s gonna handle
    the abuse. Other baits that are really good to use on
    riprap, top water. Definitely you want to throw top water, especially
    in the warmer months in the low light conditions. Buzz baits, poppers, you know, anything like
    that. Those are the baits you wanna be throwing
    that can be a heck of a lot of fun. You can have a hay day catching fish off top
    water during those times of the year. Let’s talk a little bit about baits that fall. We’ve talked about horizontal baits. They work really well. The vertical baits, that’s a little bit different. Sometimes the bass, they don’t want those
    horizontal baits, but to fish vertical takes a little bit more patience and work in riprap. The easiest one to throw is like a Senko type
    bait or a Savage Gear Armor tube. Those work really well. They’re weightless, they glide across the
    top of the rocks, they’re not going to get hung up in there. But if you’re fishing something with a weight
    on it, say a jig…Texas rig baits is a good example, with that bullet head sinker. I’m telling you what, man, that’s like Velcro
    to rocks. That bullet head, as soon as it touches the
    rocks, it gets wedged in between those crack and crevices and it’s not coming out. You’re going to get really, really frustrated
    fishing those, you know, darter heads, anything with that kind of cone shaped weight to it. Don’t even bother using those in riprap. Even shaky heads can get stuck in the rocks. But football head jigs, those are a little
    bit better. They don’t get hung up as much, but it depends
    on the type of riprap. They get hung up on more types of riprap than
    the other. I find that in the smaller chunk riprap they
    get hung up a lot more than in the bigger boulders like this. You’re just going to have to experiment. But what works really well? There’s a couple of rigs that work really
    well, with weights on them, that I find that don’t get hung up as much. First off is a split shot rig. Split shot rig, by it’s nature, you’re not
    lifting and dropping it down like the other rigs. So it’s not going to settle down into the
    rocks as much. You actually are gliding that along. You’re moving that bait along the top of the
    rocks. And this weight, you see the shape of it? The weight is cylindrical. and it’s between
    you and the bait. So as you’re bringing it across the rocks,
    it’s actually gliding horizontally across the tops of the rocks. That’s what you want. It’s not going to get hung up as much. It will get hung up, but not as much as some
    of the other rigs. Also, another bait that works really well
    is the tube jig, but specifically if you have the tube rigged like this with the jig inside
    the tube. That’s what you want. That doesn’t get hung up as much. I don’t know exactly why. I really can’t tell you why, I don’t know
    for sure but I’ve fished it a lot in the rocks. It gets hung up every now and then but not
    as much as some of those other rigs. Alright, we’ve talked about some of the baits
    to use, some of the rigs to use, now let’s talk about how to find those hot spots in
    riprap. Look at this! Look at how long this is. This is a long, long stretch of riprap. This is only a piece of it! I’m actually fishing on of the largest man-made
    dams in the U.S. It goes for over 3 1/2 miles long. So how do you find the hot spots in a long
    stretch like that? Well, if you take a look, look see, we’re
    not looking 3 1/2 miles down this stretch. It actually turns at some point. Well, that’s the first thing you wanna look
    for. Look for any sort of anomalies where it bends,
    it turns, little points come out, little curves. Those little stretches, those can be hot spots. Also, you know, this isn’t completely even
    all the way across. They bring in these big dump trucks and drop
    all of these rocks into place. So it’s uneven. There are little small points and pockets
    along the way. Those can be hot spots as well. There will also sometimes be big chunk rocks
    intermixed with little ones. So the big rocks, the bass like to sit up
    on those rocks and ambush the prey that I told you about. So if you find anything like that with big
    rocks in there, definitely you want to fish them. Other spots. Sometimes on riprap, not on this one that
    I’m fishing but in other places that I’ve fished, water is on each side, each side of
    the road. Well, the engineers will put culverts in between. Well those culverts, they act just like little
    highways. The bass will sit up on those and they’ll
    ambush the bait fish coming in and out of those culverts. Think about the bottom, too. The bottom contour, it’s not even. Along riprap, this one gets really deep in
    some spots, up to 100 feet deep, but on other areas it’s shallower where actually, where
    the rocks meet where the bottom is. Watch that. Sometimes you’ll see the different shift from,
    say 8 feet to 6 feet or 9 feet to 4 feet. Those bottom shifts, those can be hot spots
    as well. And on the shallower ones, sometimes weeds
    will grow up right up to to the rocks. Now you’ve got an edge. You’ve got a place where the rock meets the
    bottom where the weeds are at. Nice. Okay, you want to fish that. Especially if you’ve got a contour change
    right in with that. Definitely can be a real hot spot. So, how do you find these things? Well, like for example, the culverts like
    I mentioned. You’re not going to see that under water. But sometimes bank fisherman, what they’ll
    do is they’ll take a can of spray paint and they’ll mark the rocks with spray paint, or
    here there’s a road on the top and sometimes what they’ll do is they’ll mark the inside
    of the guard rail with some spray paint or they’ll stick a stick in the ground with maybe
    a coke bottle of top of it, something to mark it. Look for those things, they’re there for a
    reason. If you’ve never fished a stretch before and
    you see that type of thing, well someone marked it there for a reason, so fish that area. But also you’re just going to have to look
    at your depth finder too. And watch for those changes. What I like to do is this. I’ll go fish a stretch of bank like this,
    and when I see anything like I just mentioned, I’ll mark it on my GPS. Also, whenever I catch a fish, I’ll mark that,
    too. The more I keep fishing that stretch over
    and over, I’ll keep hitting way points, and pretty soon what you’ll see on your GPS is
    these little clusters of way points along long stretches of riprap. Those are gonna be your hot spots. Now I know if I wanna go fishing again I just
    hit those hot spots, and I skip all the unproductive water. That way I know that my bait is always gonna
    be in the productive zone, and that’s especially useful when I’m fishing tournaments. I’m going to be very efficient during that
    day. Anyway, that’s how I approach riprap. That’s the way I find all those hot spots. I hope that helps you. For more tips and tricks
    like this, visit

    Free Plus Shipping Concept | Bring Traffic To Your Online Store!
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    Free Plus Shipping Concept | Bring Traffic To Your Online Store!

    January 25, 2020

    Hello and welcome to the Passive Income with
    Content live session and channel and Facebook group here. All we do is talk about content and passive
    income, so you’re in the right place. And today, we’re going to be talking about
    the concept of free plus shipping. Okay, so if you don’t really understand this
    concept, then you want to stay tuned. If you’re on live, you’re awesome. If you’re on Facebook watching the replay,
    please go ahead and subscribe, like, and comment. And you’re awesome too. Thank you so much for visiting my channel. So we’re going to talk about what is free
    plus shipping. We’re going to talk about why do it, and how
    you can use it in your business. The concept is pretty simple. You give something away for free. The way that this works the best is when the
    item that you’re giving away, where you don’t have to explain the value. It works so well because people love free
    stuff. My friend Adam said yesterday on our live
    workshop, is that free always works the best in marketing, right? So that’s what gets people getting intrigued
    to whatever it is that you’re doing or selling or offering. Because it’s like, “Okay, I’ll take this up
    for nothing.” And then they get their feet wet with you. They see what you’re doing, what you’re up
    to, they don’t have to spend anything, and then perhaps they buy stuff later on. Let me explain something. You know in traditional marketing, right,
    when you give something away for free. Let’s say you give away a free report or free
    video or something like that. Normally with those types of things, and that
    is categorized under an information product. Normally with those things, they’re a little
    bit more complicated and complex. That’s why not everybody is going to take
    you up on your offer, because you need to do a good job at selling the value of what
    you’re giving away for free. Free doesn’t always mean yes, let’s do it. Because obviously we know that see things
    for free almost every single day and we’re not always opting in. When the value doesn’t have to be explained,
    that’s when the magic happens. If I were to say, “I’m going to give this
    pug necklace away for free.” What do you think is the perceived value of
    this necklace? Okay, some people are saying $5. Some people are saying $10. Some people are saying $7. Some people are saying $20, $12.95. Yeah, and also, I just used this as an example,
    a pug necklace. Obviously it would only be marketed to pug
    fanatics, right? And which they do exist. I know because one of my friends is obsessed
    with pugs. The perceived value could be very, very high
    with the level of interest. Or very, very low with somebody who, let’s
    say they hate pugs, which I don’t, that’s probably impossible. But you don’t have to go on for pages and
    pages and pages of copy to explain the value of a necklace. For a crazy pug fan, you say, “Hey, I’m going
    to give you this necklace for free, and all you need to do is pay $5 for the shipping.” If you’re valuing that necklace at $19.95,
    then it’s a no brainer. So that is how and why this works so well. Why do it? So number one, you can grow. The main reason why marketers do this though,
    is that they make money on the back end. Maybe when the person signs up for this free
    pug necklace, maybe they’re also getting an offer that says, “Hey, get the second one
    for only $19.95.” Okay, so now they’re making some more money
    on that necklace in that same transaction. Maybe they’re offering something that is compatible
    or in the same genre, like maybe a ring. Okay, get this ring for only $10, right? So now they’re getting, making more money
    by offering another product; get this pillowcase, get these leggings, get this mug, whatever
    it is, they’re now making more with that one transaction. They’re doing that with a one click upsell. They’re putting their credit card in for the
    shipping that they’re paying already. Then they’re getting presented an offer that
    is also hard to say no to, because they’re already in the buying mode. Let’s say, okay, plant based diets. They’re the new fad, right? Everyone’s doing plant based diets. There was just a documentary that came out
    on Netflix called, Game Changers. If you haven’t seen it, I would highly advise
    you to check that out. It’s got nothing to do with slaughtering animals
    or anything like that. It’s just science behind what happens to your
    body when you eat meat, and what type of things you could accomplish and even do, if you don’t
    eat meat in your diet. Okay, now everyone’s like, “Oh, I need recipes.” So you’re presented with maybe, I don’t know,
    somethings like a tool to use in your kitchen to cut vegetables, right? That’s the free item. And then on the upsell, they maybe will say,
    here’s this ebook, or here’s a course that you can take, or here’s 500 plant based recipes
    that you can have. That’s an example that you can do if you’re
    in the information business. You have to find something of value that you
    can give away that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and copy explaining that free
    thing. That’s where people make this a little bit
    too complicated. The value already has to be perceived almost
    instantaneously for this to work. So how to implement this in your own business. Think of something of value that your customers
    would like to get for free. This could be a physical product. Like I showed the necklace or even a book. Okay, so it might’ve seen marketers doing
    this free plus shipping concept with a book, and that works really, really well. And then you build a funnel. And if you want to know the details on how
    to do this, where to source your product, get ideas for products, these go ahead and
    watch the training that we did this week And my friend Adam Nolan, he gave a wonderful
    presentation this week and he’s actually been doing this subscription type business for
    over 10 years now. And this has been working real. This is the only thing that he teaches. And what I really love about it too is that
    finds a physical product for almost anything that people are doing online, which is great. He knows the places to source the products
    that are very, very inexpensive, and he makes it so that it’s a hands-off process, which
    obviously, you don’t want to be packing, shipping things all day long, right? You want to be living life or doing other
    things in your business or growing your funnel, whatever it is. It’s just remarkable what he’s accomplished,
    how many people he’s helped. And he’s also an expert at marketing. One of my favorite things about this, the
    offer that he presents is that he gives away his template. So what do I say in the ad? Or what do I say in the copy? What do I say to people who have abandoned
    the shopping cart? It’s all given to you all in there, which
    is really, really great. And Adam is one of the best in this business. There’s a lot of books that work this way
    for sure. And sometimes what I’ll do is I will buy that
    book when it’s free plus shipping, when I see an offer like that. Number one, to see the book because I’m in
    the publishing space, so I like to see what people are doing on that. But also, then I want to look at the funnel
    too. So I want to see what’s on the next page,
    what’s on the next page, because it’s really, really interesting to see what people’s funnels
    look like. And we’ve talked about this before, but a
    really good indication of a funnel that is working, especially with the free plus shipping
    model, is if somebody’s paying for advertising behind that, right? And let’s say you go to their page and then
    you see ads, ads, ads, ads, you get a little hint that, that’s probably doing well, especially
    if you see the ads over and over and over and over again, right? It’s probably working for that marketer so
    that concept could work for many people. Even if you don’t really want to get into
    shipping free stuff, even just getting that marketing experience and knowledge, and even
    just watching the webinars, understanding what’s going on from the marketing aspect
    is really, really cool to experience, in my opinion. And that’s why we always have Adam back because
    he’s really great at presenting and marketing and he knows what he is doing. Hopefully you have a better understanding
    of what the free plus shipping model does and how it can help your business, and how
    you can implement this even if you have an information business like I do. All right, I will see you on the next live
    session. Bye bye.

    Analysis :China’s Aircraft Carrier: Just an Old Russian Ship That Can’t Fight?
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    Analysis :China’s Aircraft Carrier: Just an Old Russian Ship That Can’t Fight?

    January 25, 2020

    Welcome to World Action and Reaction News,
    todays Artical taken from National Interest which was published with the title China’s
    Aircraft Carrier: Just an Old Russian Ship That Can’t Fight? in this artical National
    Interest has raised some points, let’s discuss China’s Aircraft Carrier: Just an Old Russian
    Ship That Can’t Fight? The Liaoning, Beijing�s first aircraft carrier,
    is a refurbished second-hand vessel. But, despite its inauguration in 2012, it appears
    the vessel�s genuine war-readiness is still in doubt.
    Party mouthpieces have all refrained from using the carrier�s former name, Varyag
    � no surprise, given that the Liaoning was a rusty, semi-scrap hull from Ukraine before
    it was given a new lease of life (and renamed after the northeastern province where the
    ship underwent a seven-year refit). The carrier has already become a new tool
    for Beijing to whip up patriotic fervour among the masses, as seen by the vessel�s visit
    to Hong Kong in July, which was part of the military fanfare to mark the 20th anniversary
    of the territory�s handover. But that same visit also enabled observers
    to have a rare up-close look at the Chinese carrier. The first thing that famed military affairs
    commentator Andrei Chang, aka Pinkov, noticed was that the Liaoning may be much lighter
    in weight than the Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov � a vessel of the same class � having
    analysed thousands of photos he took during the carrier�s open day.
    Liaoning has a displacement of 67,500 tonnes. But it appeared that technicians of the People�s
    Liberation Army Navy have done away with many ship-to-ship and ship-to-air missiles, as
    well as their launching pads and catapults. Liaoning�s 15,500 square-meter flight deck
    was jam-packed with jet fighters like J15s and airborne early-warning aircraft. But there
    was a conspicuous absence of advanced anti-submarine helicopters, like the much-touted Z-18F with
    surface radar, plus dipping sonar against torpedoes and missiles, as Chang found.
    This meant the Liaoning could be susceptible to attacks by submarines even if it had just
    concluded a high-profile war-game in the East China Sea prior to its Hong Kong port call. Even Japan�s 27,000 tonne quasi-carrier
    JS Izumo has a fleet of seven anti-submarine helicopters.
    After a tour inside the carrier�s hangar and other maintenance areas, Chang has become
    skeptical about the Liaoning�s genuine combat-readiness. �These places are mostly empty, and it�s
    likely that fighters and other carrier-based aircraft are maintained and repaired somewhere
    onshore. This is unimaginable in a real war scenario when a seagoing airbase cannot even
    provide basic maintenance for its planes� US carriers, on the contrary, are all capable
    [of that],� said Chang. Belching black smoke at Victoria Harbor The steam-propelled Liaoning also received
    much mockery when photos showing it belching black fumes while docking at Victoria Harbour
    went viral on social media. Indeed, the pictures triggered some protests against the Chinese
    carrier polluting Hong Kong�s air. Chang said the black smoke it emitted was
    probably due to incomplete combustion of heavy fuel with high sulphur content and the issue
    was not just a matter of image or air pollution. �The temperature of its smoke vents must
    be very high, making the carrier vulnerable to infrared detection.� It is an open secret that Beijing dangled
    bailouts and generous cheap loans to get a stack of Varyag�s design and construction
    drawings from Ukraine, which reportedly weighed some 20 tonnes and enabled the comprehensive
    rebuilding of the carrier after it changed hands via a middleman to the Chinese military.
    China-made steel, flight-deck structures and weapons systems were subsequently welded to
    the decades-old Soviet hulk to make a complete carrier. Yet it remains to be seen if new steel parts
    in different configurations installed � almost like a whole set of organ transplants � might
    lead to any complications that may compromise the Liaoning�s structural integrity and
    its combat capabilities. Chang�s initial assessment is that the Liaoning
    is more like a training and research �mock� carrier than a real, war-ready airbase on
    the sea. Ma Ding-sheng, host of a well-known military
    TV talkshow, said in a separate interview that China�s �grade-skipping� � building
    and operating full-scale carriers from scratch � meant it lacked experience in building
    such vessels, and there really are no shortcuts. Its �1980s technology is already obsolete� �You have to gain experience in steps, from
    running small to medium-sized vertical/short takeoff and landing airbases all the way to
    big carriers,� said Ma. And the Liaoning is already becoming obsolete,
    given it�s a mix of 1980s technologies, which that are dated by today�s standards. In this regard, as Ma stressed, the vessel�s
    propulsion system is a key weakness. Nuclear-powered US carriers� have an obvious upper hand
    over Beijing�s slower, steam-driven ships. �A slow-moving carrier can be a drag during
    when fighters take-off. So, their combat capacity and responsiveness, like conventionally powered
    ships, need far more frequent refueling during wartime.� My View: most of the things correct, but we
    have to consider that this is china’s first attempt and world knows, no one can create
    state of the are equipment in first attempt like HAL Tejas is our first attempt and it
    is capable to fight but it require more teeth to compete with world best fighter jets, same
    rules apply on China’s Aircraft Carrier too

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    January 25, 2020

    hi guys welcome back to the episode
    today we are in st. Louis Missouri in a shallow Creek I’m here again with
    treasure fictions we’re gonna walk down a shallow creek drop the magnets so we
    can’t find anything today oh I got something big all that love shallow
    Creek magnificient I don’t know no I don’t think so
    Oh check that out guys got a shovel look at that guy’s shovel Oh got something
    Oh what is that guys check that thing I’ve never seen one of these before
    frost King still-frame anybody knows something like this is definitely let me
    know down in the comments that’s pretty cool-looking look at that look at that
    old piece guys definitely I’m sure what that thing is good we old window
    regulator baby freakin sweet guys look at that Matt’s
    got a fork his mouth pork dinner tonight on me okay guys you just found something
    huge she’s reached an Arab it Oh check it hell what the heck is that I think
    it’s freaking crazy guys yeah thanks freakin huge that’s crazy-looking it’s
    got like a old wheel right there and like some blades or something who knows
    what that thing could be definitely old it’s been on it for a while definitely let us know down in the
    comments everybody knows what this thing is
    ooh got something guys keeps falling off what is that Oh another big piece of old
    pipe little cast-iron pipe right here Oh Oh check it out little walkie-talkie –
    like a police scanner radio or something check that out I really got it – oh is
    that oh look at that Oh check them out guys another garden
    tool today we’re gonna shovel and a rake look at that pretty cool stuff here
    I got something Oh check it out Oh lock Oh combination lock pretty cool
    I like that check it out guys got me old soul with that now the pipe guys not too
    bad hi guys see this hook on something big
    right here well yeah let’s say old sign probably that is definitely old sign I
    got something again oh it came off look at that guy’s another piece of wire old
    piece of rebar probably oh oh that bill peace guys another day
    old piece a lot of rebar out here oh holy lads just dropped it right there
    found that my guys found another piece another piece of rebar I guess I know
    where you see that big old piece don’t let me find a lot pipe down there I’ll do that a whole bunch more stuff
    that guy’s old flat metal some weird piece of metal and another one he’s ring
    things pretty cool Oh what is that another piece of rebar
    what was a big piece of metal definitely not for sure what that is I
    think that might be like an old motor or something

    Wanna catch big fish? You gotta use big bait! ► All 4 Adventure TV
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    Wanna catch big fish? You gotta use big bait! ► All 4 Adventure TV

    January 25, 2020

    You’ve got the big gear out, mate? You want to catch big fish, mate, you’ve gotta
    get the big gear. Where’s your bait? In here. I’ve got to catch it first. There’s
    my bait. There’s my bait. That’s your bait?
    That’s my bait. I was gonna put it on my bait caster, but
    I thought ‘bad idea’. Jeepers, mate. That’s some serious hooks.
    Want me to get on the sounder, and I’ll take you to some ground. That’s hard work, I know, yes. This is the out-takes. I’m looking for a big enough hook. Oh that
    looks pretty good. Are you producing a hook?
    Yes, I’m producing. Producing some bait. They need to make sure they use the right hooks.
    Harry’s been catching the bait. I have been catching the bait until the bait
    got totally eaten. These things are good for bait. That’s about it. I’m all about work. Give that a whirl, mate. Then Simon chucked out the biggest bait you’ve
    ever seen. And caught jaws. And dragged the boat under for a while. Oh it’s hittin’ the line. It’s long whatever
    it is. It’ll be a shark for sure. Is it big?
    Oh, I lost it. Lost it. It wasn’t a shark. Look. It wasn’t
    a shark. It wasn’t a shark. Oh, the hook didn’t come out. I should have
    left a hook out. That was a good fish. That wasn’t a shark. That was a trevally. That was a good fish. Oh wouldn’t that just
    give it to ya. That was a good fish. No. That was something big, mate. Should have left a hook out. I know when I
    did it, I thought, ‘will I or won’t I?’ That’s a big fish that takes a bait that big. Oh that’s a good feeling on big gear when
    something starts yanking on it like that. So good. Come on, take it. Stop muckin’ around.
    Oh yeah. Go on, take it, take it. I pulled it out. No I haven’t. Yes, I’ve got him. Oh,
    I’ve got him. I got him. Oh, he’s got some weight. Oh he’s … like a bastard. He’s on?
    Yeah. Solid?
    I think so. Don’t tell me I’ve lost him again. I’ve still
    got him. I’ve still got him. Yeah, he’s coming with me. Yeah. I’ve still got him. It’s a
    funny thing… How big we talking?
    Oh, big, man. Look at it go. That’s gold. Oh look at him
    hittin’ the line. Oh, he’s gone. He’s dunny. Dunny, dunny. Shark?
    Must be. Shark. That was a beautiful bait too. I know, that was golden bait. I could cry. No way. Oh, I’m on. You on?
    Yeah, I think so. You’re on.
    I’m on. … or they just really, really came to life. He’s been playing with me for a while. I’ve
    just been giving him a bit of line. A bit of line. We’re gonna get this one up?
    Might do. It’s gettin’ dark. You can just feel it smashin’ the line. Shark. Damn sharks. Not again. Let’s go and get some oysters, mate. Everything down there’s got teeth.

    U.S. Open Epics – Tiger Woods: Perfection at Pebble
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    U.S. Open Epics – Tiger Woods: Perfection at Pebble

    January 24, 2020

    it welcome you to Pebble Beach for this
    100 US Open it’s the most dominating performance in major championship
    history period I don’t think we’ve ever seen somebody compete like we saw at the
    hundred playing in the open it’s simply remarkable that in one
    individual was so much better than 155 other players the US Open it’s so hard
    and it’s so easy to make a mistake and so for Tiger to do what he did is
    without a doubt the girls perform as a golf history Wow it’s just not a fair
    fight no it really isn’t it’s as close to perfection as any performance and
    four rounds of golf because of where we were what the elements threw at him I
    think in terms of golf history it’s by the greatest championship that’s ever
    been played it all came together for one magical week so I gave him something
    good to watch when you’re a kid on the golf course by
    yourself and you have four balls out there one might be Arnie
    one might be Jack one might be Hogan or whoever and one as you and you’re
    playing for the US Open every afternoon the US Open is golf’s toughest test that
    was its moniker that’s what the guys knew going in and so when you are able
    to play in it that’s a huge accomplishment and then to win that’s as
    good as it gets the good US Open players will figure out a way it’s the ultimate
    in grinding it out never giving in and just hanging in there to win the open
    stamp to it there’s a player for the ages it’s the greatest honor you can
    have in golf blackbook has won it there at level big Pebble Beach is a national
    golf treasure the best in the world they want to win a
    championship at Pebble Beach you win at Pebble Beach you really accomplished
    something you win the US Open at Pebble Beach
    it’s like highlight forever the opening mm was much anticipated for
    a variety of reasons the hundreth US Open Pebble Beach
    it has a very very special ring to it and here we are it was my very first
    time in the tower in 18th tower in a US Open and so I was pretty nervous how
    many times that we see Jack Nicklaus save his best drama at the finishing
    hole that Jack was saying goodbye to the majors
    it was his 44th and last US Open a guy that was just synonymous for that
    championship this was the first US Open since Payne Stewart’s tragic death and
    of course he would have been the defending champion to open the event
    honor pain in his memory they had all the players hitting balls in to
    Stillwater Cove there was just a lot of emotions swirling around this tournament
    even before it began going in all of this glare was on tiger
    yet we didn’t really know what we were gonna see we’d seen a lot out of them
    already we’d seen him when US Amateur Championships history three in a row no
    one had ever done that we’d seen him win a Masters by 12 shots now what are we
    gonna see because this is the real deal on a tough tough track for all the
    firepower that Tiger had and all the grind a lot of long hitters have never
    been able to prosper at the US Open so we still weren’t sure what kind of US
    Open player he was gonna be or if his game would translate to a test like
    Pebble Beach I was looking forward to playing one of
    the golf courses I truly loved but more importantly that my game was really
    dialed in right and it was just a matter of pacing myself to where I was ready
    beautiful morning for golf very little wind of course very receptive a lot of
    good scores Tiger Woods and having a fine first round on this Thursday the
    first round of 2000 US Open of course played a lot easier than expected
    there’s a lot of moisture on the greens and the fairways and when the greens are
    softer even at the US Open the players can attack and that is what happened on
    that Thursday watch out could go in that was easy when you
    players in good form and he’s excited and ready for the situation you just
    can’t wait for the first friend to keep going and get it underway you can see he
    was in good form confident and it was going to be you
    know a good tournament it was a statement no question I mean
    Tiger came out and said I’m gonna play this golf course the way I can there was
    just an ease with which Tiger played the golf course what’s interesting about
    that first round is there’s no one shot you point to and said that was amazing
    it was just a lot of really really good shots and a lot of strong putty under
    the tree landed in the long rough and have it jump out coming there and
    playing practice rounds at Pebble Beach all two and a half three days with Tiger
    I haven’t really told this story very often but we were on the 16th tee and
    all of a sudden I felt this tug on my shirt and I turn around and it was
    Johnny Miller and Johnny’s like Mark how’s the kid hit that I said Johnny
    that kid right there he goes yeah the cycads greatest player I’ve ever seen
    he’s the greatest player in the world he never missed shot out during the
    practice rounds it was unbelievable and I said to Johnny I said you know to be
    fair if he doesn’t win this week I’ll be absolutely shocked let’s go to 15 I
    really do believe I get this hunch that Tigers gonna break every US Open record
    this week and win by maybe a big margin Wow Johnny that’s quite a statement
    right when he said it I looked over at him as if to say are you crazy going
    there right now this is we’re in the first round this is a little early I
    know he said it on the air later on but III think I gave Johnny a little bit of
    information not a particularly easy shot here he needs to negotiate the mound on
    the right side of the green he has left it below the hole another great play
    little did we know not only was he right he probably understated it what she’s
    crazy to think at this point it was hunting the whole well when he
    gets that one in Johnny it will be an incredible round of golf it was a
    picture-perfect round not one blemish on Tigers card today best round at his young US Open career
    65 for Tiger Woods the leader by one it was the easiest 65 will ever see a US
    Open just felt like he could do that again the other guys played out of their
    mind to shoot 66 or 67 Tiger it was no doubt he was gonna keep going Tiger
    Woods the first round 65 you were lowest round in competition at the US Open here
    at Pebble Beach the lowest round in competition ever does that mean anything
    to you to have a record like that no no if I could do it for two straight days
    and I think it’d be pretty good welcome to the second day of the
    hundredth u.s. open let’s go to 18 and what is probably the final u.s. open
    round played by the greatest ever Jack Nicklaus had an amazing US Open career
    2000 was his 44th consecutive in final US Open Championship a point in history
    here imagine watching Babe Ruth’s last World Series or Muhammad Ali’s final
    championship fight it’s hard to argue that Jack Nicklaus is not the greatest
    US Open player ever it’s almost ironic that when Jack Nicklaus winds up his
    final US Open round at Tiger Woods is just about ready to tee off I was
    blessed to be able to compete with Jack Nicklaus and he was clearly the best of
    his day but by this much Tiger was this much better than everybody else
    and we knew it and the players knew it we’re waiting there we hear this huge
    roar coming up and I thought Jack is due to finish any time now we have witnessed
    the end of an open era now passing to the torch the Tiger Woods it was nice to hear that I wish I could
    have been there but a little one more important things to can take care of Tiger had a 440 p.m. starting time on
    Friday because of the fog delay which is really late it was a long wait between
    when he finished on Thursday and when he started on Friday his rounds gonna take
    anywhere between four and a half and five hours so he’s probably not going to
    finish his second round it’s not something that happens frequently but
    when it does everybody knows the situation mean just all just to what you
    do 19 holes without a bogey in this open that is really impressive the course
    definitely started playing tougher in the second round greens are getting a
    little more raggedy the ruffs getting the longer by the second round is a
    little harder golf course that was when Tiger really kind of put the hammer down
    and the shot that everyone remembers of course is out of the rough on the sixth
    hole if you drove it in the right rough you had big problems there’s a large
    cliff that you have to loft the ball up and over every player that had been in
    the right rough had to pitch out left short underneath the hill
    he’s got 202 yards to the hole Tiger Wade’s in there and he grabs a 7-iron it
    man he’s gonna try to kid it up on top of this hill are you kidding me I mean
    this is big risk first of all he’s not thinking about laying up and second of
    all it’s a 7-iron is that enough to get there when you’re a caddie I think it’s
    like being an on course psychologist you need to try to read a guy’s mind and
    saying the right thing at the right time and not saying something at the right
    time when Tiger was quiet that always was a confident feeling I got from him
    and that was certainly was the case that hole you just knew that there’s any
    chance you can get the club on the ball he’s gonna do it that tree wasn’t gonna
    come and play I had a good enough lie where I felt like I could squeeze it up
    there and I could catch a hot one I came down a steep enough I just knew I could
    get a little flier out of it the swing he made at it was vicious look at this it’s just not a fair fight
    no it really is 202 yards out of the rough up the hill
    7-iron you’re right ROG it’s not a fair fight I
    couldn’t think of anything else to say but it’s just not a fair fight and it
    wasn’t other guys couldn’t do that it’s one of the great calls in golf history
    because it was one of the greatest shots in golf history look at the smile on his
    face look at the smile on Steve Williams face they know he’s the only man in the
    field that can do it when you see a guy hit a shot like that
    it’s very special to watch that’s just coming from a golfer side something
    that’s just an unbelievable shot a shot at six wasn’t as hard as people thought
    of us and just open up a 7-iron as hit as hard as I can
    fortune favors the brave sometimes and that’s an example we fortune favored the
    brave tiger for his tap-in birdie Woods back to 7-under par back to a
    2-shot lead walk over to the seventh tee this is
    going to be a very important hour for Tiger Woods the temperatures drop and
    it’s going to get dark he’s got some really hard holes what a
    shot what a shot is right it’s good the another birdie back at Heat
    so this is a tremendously difficult shot this one is very high and soft a shot
    that not many players can play what’s this is so tuned into his game
    right now at 11:00 you really can’t see where the tee shots are finishing up I
    would think maybe we have a couple more holes to play but not much more than
    that very difficult short putt here not much more than four feet fearless that
    putt is fearless Roger it is getting very dark out here now if you were these
    guys what you want to hit the tee shot at 12:00 tomorrow morning or hit it
    tonight I’d want to hit it tomorrow morning I think the green is very very
    hard at this time of the evening and I might want to catch it earlier in the
    day it is very dark right now he’s no player left ever played the game that is
    the man in the moment like Tiger only 16% of the field has hit this green in
    regulation today that’s why I’d rather come back and try it tomorrow
    it hit a decent shot to get it on the green most players would want to mark
    the ball and come back the next day as he’s walking up horn blows to conclude
    play but pega can still finish the whole play was suspended a few moments ago
    because it’s not a dangerous situation the players have a chance to finish
    their hole I had the pace of the greens and so I didn’t want to come back with
    freshly cut greens with them rolled as well and have to relearn the pace Tiger
    has a chance to end the day at 9-under and leading by three are you kidding he makes that 35 foot
    putt it was like a walk-off Grand Slam bottom of the ninth the ultimate
    punctuation mark to a really hard fought round it was like guess what guys this
    is what I’m gonna keep doing it was really an electric moment that defined
    that whole day and the first two days the US Open what a way to finish this
    afternoon good night
    you we welcome you to Pebble Beach in the
    early morning hours this was the scene shortly after five o’clock local time
    this morning Tiger was out working with coach Butch Harmon in the pre-dawn hours
    as he continues his second round on this Saturday we were on Saturday morning at
    this ungodly hour of broadcasting golf its cartoon time back in the East Coast
    and you’re thinking I’m pretty tired but this guy’s you know having the
    championship of a lifetime and Tiger at the 18th tee completing his second round
    today Tigers lead now six driver off the tee Johnny this is a
    dangerous shot for Tiger I really believe he’s taking a gamble here
    oh well well no more commentary necessary when he hits it down into the
    ocean I’ve never been as nervous watching a
    shot that story about the 18th hole actually starts back on the on the 13th
    and the resumption of the second round on that morning he paddled in this room
    and he took three balls out of the bag and he forgot to put them back in the
    bag I’d put the clubs there last night you know and then it’s five o’clock on
    the moor and just picked it back up I didn’t even think I need to put some
    more balls in whatever it might be we’re on the 13th team and I put my hand
    in the bag there’s only three balls well just you know it’s three balls we’ve
    only got six holes to go it’s not a big deal back at the 13th the 13th hole
    there obviously hit the ball on the rough off the tee
    QuickLIFT had a sand wedge into the green and and scoff the ball with this
    graph on the ball he walked off the green check the ball to a young boy so
    now we’ve got two balls left over and 18 tiger a driver off the tee Johnny we get
    to 18 and of course my thought is you know maybe we just need to hit an iron
    down here because what if you know one goes a straight here and the ocean or
    out of bounds that ball didn’t even come close to
    finding the fairway do you have to reload right here if he hits this while
    in the ocean we’ve got no golf balls left of course I can’t explain from
    we’ve got no balls therefore I mean that’s exactly that that’s part of my
    job to make sure we’ve got all we need for the golf course I can’t say I toggle
    got no balls therefore I said that I’m there I think me I think you just say
    well you put the clubs down and you walk back home he has not changed clubs
    Johnny I mean I can’t believe that he is gonna try that again I suggested that he
    needed in an iron off the tee course you know why would I hit a time when I’m
    playing so well and you know he was not gonna hit it on he could be here for
    several shots if he doesn’t watch out I don’t think I’ve ever stood on the tee
    with my backside trembling and it was that’s a good one get a nice little
    friendly hop so that’s a gutsy shot obviously an amazing relief and I’ll
    have to say I’ve never been that nervous ever in my 40 years of caring that’s
    part of the Laura of that open I mean Tiger could be disqualified of course
    you can play ball out of a hazard you probably Steve Williams have been
    waiting out there in the Pacific trying to find it you in halfway to Tokyo when
    we heard the story afterward it was like are you kidding me
    hit one golf ball left this whole story got even better I could not believe what
    I was hearing you know I don’t know if you call that a fond memory but
    certainly a memory that I’ll never forget this we didn’t run out of golf
    balls the law wouldn’t be here sitting talking to you today so Tiger Woods now for bogey so he
    bottles up the 65 with a 69 Tigers halfway home what could turn out to be
    his first US Open Championship you pebble beaches for my tastes the
    greatest golf course in the United States it’s the prettiest place in the
    planet it’s very simple just breathe in this air you can smell it you can feel
    it it’s just one of golf’s in places but when you play there you can have four
    different seasons that a number of days one minute it can be sunny
    not much breeze then all of a sudden the fog can roll in the wind picks up it can
    be very very challenging well they have begun this third round here at Pebble
    Beach ladies and gentlemen Tiger Woods seven hour wait is just about over
    that’s how long it has been between finishing his second round of beginning
    his third my conditions getting more difficult by
    the moment see the Whitecaps surfacing out on the bay and it’s a much different
    golf course than Tiger Woods has seen so far in the third round it got windy and
    that’s one pebble becomes pebble it was blowing the Greens got dried out so it
    put a huge premium on hitting the golf ball correctly and keep in mind myself
    blow the hole as soon as the wind starts blowing all of a sudden those scores
    start to take up the wind is a big factor
    Tigers always said let it blow because you’re gonna eliminate people that are
    kind of faking their way around you want it to be painful you want the guys get
    their teeth kicked in that that’s what the US Open is all about and that’s what
    we got on that Saturday the third hole that’s really one of the windiest spots
    on the course and it goes right out towards the ocean when now has turned
    right into the players face this ball is up shooting and to the right that could be in that little bunker
    guarding the right side of the green it is it could be buried yeah that’s just a
    classic example as what a US Open can throw a pitcher not the best second shot
    just you know ballooned it a little bit under the window that didn’t go anywhere
    near as far as what we thought wow this is not good I did not hit that bad a
    shot I don’t know how am i balling it up it where it did I thought about taking
    on Playa Blanca just go ahead and play it he may bill get to the fairway or
    Mike getting a rough where he can go ahead and pitch on try and make a putt
    he will play the ball as it lies and he’s now just pitching out sideways he
    has nothing else and I just couldn’t get it out was just
    absolutely buried you couldn’t see the ball you know it’s one of those shots
    and like you know it’s difficult shot when he can’t move the ball because he
    can move a bimini one out of the rough it was just you know it’s one of those
    lawyers you just could not actually get the club on the ball I thought he kind
    of quick hit them I don’t know what he’s doing right here you’d think you would
    have tried that the first time played very quickly again oh boy
    still in the primary rough it’s looking at a possible triple bogey here if you
    better get it up and in guys this is really the first time the tiger has been
    tested like this in three rounds I got a bad break where it ended up but he
    didn’t have too good a shot off of the Tiger Woods has to hit three shots in a
    row very good shot there John I don’t know if he’s a little flustered or
    angered by what happened just when you think everything’s going your way at
    Pebble Beach he can turn in a hurry what was interesting was it all happened
    quickly Tiger looked a little flustered he
    looked a little out of his rhythm and his routine he tends to be a deliberate
    player Tiger Woods now with this putt for a
    double bogey will be a triple bogey seven I smile just because of the fact I
    didn’t hit that bad a shot and I ended up walking over seven interesting
    expression there all you could do at that point huh there was a time where he
    had so much faith in his ability and his talent that if he had a setback because
    we’ve seen moments where you know he wouldn’t handle it quite as well even
    though he had that setback he felt good enough that he didn’t need to worry he
    could just let that go let’s take a look at the sixth tee shot going to the right right rough setting up big time for the second day
    in a row tiger in a little bit of trouble huh number six out of position
    and 22 players go for the green in two and just one that’s for the putting
    surface you get over the sixth hole and it’s a pretty aggressive second shot
    there he’s trying to get this ball on top it’s
    headed a little loud oh what a lie that has found that very
    long grass around the bunker just as he did it number three talk about another
    bad break he’s got to hit it off his navel out of a hole this is really bad
    where is he gonna put his right foot just trying to picture how’s the scar
    gonna do this you know how is he gonna build them silver starts how is he gonna
    actually get the club on the ball you know how is he gonna hold the club even
    you could see very hard to get us foot in the bunker and just the way he get
    angle his knees and his legs and get himself a staff and down the shaft now I
    mean just another incredible example of how good of imagination that guy had I
    only had 64 yards of the front if I could carry 64 it might roll all the way
    there if not just leave it Shore the green to putt move on I think that’s
    just a great example of tigers incredible athletic ability to build a
    stance and have the imagination of how to hit that shot I’m telling you what this is absolutely
    brilliant Wow brilliant play there it’s almost like I
    dare you to give me a situation that I’m not able to handle anybody else wouldn’t
    even think about trying to get done you think about tiger in 2000 everything in
    his game was so strong but what separate him from most other players was just the
    creativity and the fearlessness to try a shot that no one else would even
    conceive of you can practice certain shots but the innate ability of Tiger
    Woods to create things on the fly that is amazing
    I only begin it to come out Johnny but to get it to come out straight and to
    get it to come out the right distance when I first came out looked pretty good
    and land it on the green and released up there to the hole and Stevie said you
    know this is an important putt you need to go ahead and bury this punt it only
    warrants being a great shot if you make the putt if you don’t make that putt
    well it’s not a great shot pretty good up and in there how many
    times can you say it how many different words can be used to describe it tiger
    at every moment that week when he had a chance to do something different and
    cool he did it and that shot was a great example cool that’s a great way I mean
    it was just yeah amazing I’m gonna finish up three rounds at a hundred US
    Open T at 11th largest 54-hole lead all-time at a US Open was back in 1921
    it was seven Tigers lead right now eight watch how hard it says he’s having fun
    about right now we go to 14 I’ve never seen anybody play golf like
    this before ever it’s remarkable the skills and things he can do he’s taking
    a big swing and this looks good he’s carrying it up on the green my goodness
    what a shot didn’t set for another birdie and they
    Shotley this 24 year-olds only gonna get better it’s amazing all of a sudden you
    just run out of adjectives tiger at 17 just been outstanding in his back
    the 18th largest 54-hole lead in the united states open oh this looks really
    good of 71 and it has just been 18 holes left
    his quest the US Open champion
    we even fly around 71 on a day like today to take even far won’t you come
    take even far and run especially starting out tough two conditions one
    his 71 was certainly some precipices 65 in the opening round because instead of
    retreating like most other players he ki kept going forward and that was really
    the crucial part of Saturday to shoot that sport and those conditions were the
    triple bogey has probably the round that just cemented the torment here we are to decide the championship
    in the 100 US Open and the man has arrived on the grounds Tiger Woods with
    a 10 shot lead the largest ever at this point in another Tiger 65 was the lowest
    score ever recorded to Pebble Beach in a US Open
    Tiger Woods came into this championship as the favorite he tied the record for
    the lowest score for the first two rounds of the US Open so he follows up
    the 65 with a 69 largest lead after 36 holes six strokes largest 54-hole lead
    10 strokes has just been outstanding it has been an awesome display of golf
    let’s go to the first tee solid as ever perfect shot didn’t really had a look of
    total blow away the rest the field type of event
    I think we knew pretty early on it was over we knew that I’m thinking are we
    gonna lose viewers the worst thing that can happen in a sporting event is that
    the outcome can be determined way before it’s done
    it became a situation where were kind of all out of historical perspective I
    really think that he’s got his eyes firmly set on the all-time records now
    it’s a quest for perfection the Rutgers then Tigers looking for
    going for the largest winning margin most strokes ever played under par after
    72 holes in the US Open they have to be an accountant account of
    all the records by the end of the day so you were compelled to watch what he was
    going to do next it’s a fascinating study to watch tiger
    in these tournaments when he has a big lead what motivates you to play a good
    last round when you’re so far ahead anything that you can find and back to
    six Tiger Woods second shot Roger – 11 – the whole tough line a Roger gotta hit
    it right over the edge of the cliff line shot this is a fighter fire fire this ball is hanging out to the right
    just a little bit trying to turn back no bounces right I don’t know if that
    stayed in the passing so I think it stayed in the grass Roger this is gonna
    be another one of those very awkward lies I wanted to have a day where I made
    no bogeys that was my goal from the beginning of the day no bogeys he plays
    the game within the game the game that Dave was taught to make a bogey dagger
    has drawn a horrible that’s more important to him at the moment than win
    the US Open trophy you know because that is the goal that he has set himself for
    that day Wow that came out very quickly much quicker than he anticipated and
    he’s really got some work left good shot get out 12 feet of green to work with nicely done okay six feet or so left for
    his farm no one hates bogies more than Tiger Woods we’ve been covering him
    since he was a teenager and I think he gets more out of saving a par than he
    does making a birdie or an eagle sometimes it just speaks to his doggedness of
    perfection back out to the 10 Tiger Woods for birdie the record for lowest
    overall score in a US Open is 12 under par this looks good you’re thinking maybe he could win by 13
    shots over to the 12 just a towering shot Johnny what a beautiful looking
    golf shot advantage tiger that was the genius of Tiger is he was always in the
    moment and he never ever let up double digits
    who wants to make every putt he wants to hit a great shot back over to 13 102 to
    the hole sand iron this ball going all right at
    the flagstick literally happening is this really
    happening placing gob young man I heard the 12
    shot beat in that birdie attempt in 14 history by Tiger Woods 12-under and an
    open what a back nine he’s Aven four birdies five holes on this back nine at
    Pebble Beach and a US Open just to watch him push forward it was a
    monument to who he is as a person as a player and the master he had that week
    the 16th Tiger Woods getting ready for his second
    shot interesting to see if he can control the distance
    every day cut why get down huh you know and that the torment was over I
    mean you can afford to drop a shot but that’s not the way things not a very
    good life all sitting down John the grass is kind of twisted one of the few times you really just
    kind of hit it in the spotty couldn’t do much with it well you got to know how
    badly he wants this play he’s grinding if if it’s the 72nd hole and he cannot
    help but admire how he is putting so much into that pockets he doesn’t want
    to make about you their day lowest score ever shot in the open to 72 his own pace
    to tie that right now if he would have har in so this a huge foot permits
    already over but I wanted to accomplish my own goal beginning of the day and so
    that meant a lot to me it wasn’t about Jack Nicholas’s career record it wasn’t
    about the US Open scoring record it was about making this putt this is not
    another 15 footer it’s a putt that means the world to him determination when that bar he makes this pot you get the fist-pump
    and while you think Tigers not into this and doesn’t want the records look at the
    reaction so after it’s all over they interview him he says well my only goal
    for the day wasn’t to make a bogey hello you know you think he wasn’t thinking
    different than the rest of us you know I mean we really were thinking that this
    was his chance to make the greatest statement made by a golfer maybe of all
    time and that would be forefront in his mind nope just didn’t want to make a
    bogey Tiger Woods he’s got the records in his sights and Tiger at the par-5 18th needs a
    birdie to set the all-time scoring record in a US Open
    esra greater setting for the 18th hole of Pebble Beach and having a guy walk up
    to that par-5 72nd hole with that kind of lead being my very first time in the
    tower I just remember sitting back in my chair and taking if I’m lucky enough to
    do a lot more US Opens that’s great but I’m never gonna see anything like this
    again he’s nominal pressure it sat on me sort
    of reflect a little bit on the great accomplishment you know that those
    moments are great al he’s selected an iron jet maybe once in the ocean a week
    is enough Rippa though anyway from a Kelly’s perspective to be kind of
    there and watch that close up and see 72 holes of unbelievably good golf you know
    it’s just special to be it Roger where we out 123 yards left to the hole John
    and this is no not a full pitching wedge for him just a nice as way to his third major championship
    Gallery which since the moment for quite some time Tiger never lost that poker face until
    after he and his third shot onto the green and finally he just let everybody
    in you could see the joy and the relief and of course he and Steve Williams had
    that the typically bad high-five that was vintage as well because call for
    some horrible high-fives it was just a great walk up that last ferry that the
    tiger earned and deserved it’s hard for someone who’s never been there to really
    understand the overwhelming feeling that you would get on the 18th hole and the
    setting is what helps make it I mean it is one of the most dramatic holes
    involved and then a US Open with a young Tiger Woods I mean it was amazing all
    that hard work as a kid college amateur golf hands bleeding from practice rain
    cold it’s all worth it now every every minute was worth it for that last 15 min
    walk Oh tell him Stevie walking up 18 I said you know I’ve had a sense of
    calmness that I haven’t had in a while I felt very tranquil very calm
    I felt very peaceful championship trophy awaits nearly
    question will it be a new US Open scoring record and total needs a birdie
    to set the all-time scoring record in a US Open is the one or record left his
    magic putter there was probably disappointed because
    he’d want to break the record and have it be there for a while but to win it by
    15 shots and win a major championship by 15 shots that’s just unheard of it’ll be
    a long time before that Records broken Tiger Woods
    hundred US Open champion in history the record margin of victory for any
    major championship before today it was 13 shot victory in the British Open back
    in 1862 by Old Tom Morris golf hadn’t even begun in this country back then
    when he signed the scorecard at the completion of the tournament the very
    first thing he said to me so tell me what was the deal on Saturday the 18th
    hole and I explained it and all your beauty you are please join me in
    welcoming the 2000 United States Open champion mr. Tiger Woods can you talk a little bit about the
    significance of winning the 100th US Open Championship at this beautiful
    venue you know come into this event that’s what I had had in mind and this
    is Wow I’m honest tiger it’s hide the record
    for lowest score and US Open 272 he tied for the most strokes under part any
    point a US Open 12 is this the best single golfing performance you’ve ever
    seen now maybe taking another step farther it might be the greatest and
    history of sports you have to change your thing about what’s even possible
    across force to compare to a tiger did this is Wilt Chamberlain scored 100
    points four games in a row in the NBA Finals you know I mean this is Bob
    Beamon jumping out of Stadium forget you know that’s the same thing
    Wow is this really happening how great do you think you are how great you think
    you are still to be as a golfer wow that’s not exactly easy to form you
    answer I put together from tee to green all aspects of my game
    it all came together for one magical week I have never played for days like I
    did at Pebble Beach Tiger Woods coronation begin officially
    he’s here and it’s now people were saying hail to the king
    zucchini we say a lot of things in the heat of the moment but 19 years later is
    by far the best 72 holes has ever been played in the history of the game