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    Community Redevelopment Agency Regular Meeting 3/10/2020 5:30 PM
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    Community Redevelopment Agency Regular Meeting 3/10/2020 5:30 PM

    March 13, 2020

    The Meeting for the Community Redevelopment Agency for March 10th will come to order. Please Silence your Cell Phones City clerk. If you’d call the roll, please MAYOR OWEN>here. Vice MAYOR KOLODY>HERE Commissioner HARTMAN>HERE Commissioner McGurk>HERE Commissioner SACHS>HERE. Thank you Alright, First Item Up: Public Participation. Any Member of the public wish to comment on this item? Not Parking, Please. All right, seeing no public participation. I think we have a presentation by KHALID This is a very interesting item the Housing Authority. They’re trying to build A Duplex, just north of the one we just built However,There was a survey back in 1906 They Did a new survey that’s about 9 feet .52 inches that it’s sits on the north side of the property and it’s like it’s a public right-of-way however The residents who owned the Lots on the north side and the easement which sits on his south side They encroached on the public right away Now they have two options really to clear the issue They could go back and they could make this guy move the fence, but there takes some time So the way they figure it out they said we will dedicate from the Housing Authority property Some portion of it to make it 15-foot so they could have the driveway on that side The staff is supporting it in order for them to continue to build this affordable housing for the senior. But normally and Mr. KOLODY will attest to that that if you want to really clear it the way is supposed to You would move the fence and just keep it the way it is so they could go back Afterwards if they want to and push that guy to move their fence Okay comments questions from the Commission I have discussed this with a manager. I’ve looked at the plans. I know what the root cause of the problem is This is the most expeditious way to move our project forward So I would I would support it. There’s other ways that are very involved in probably more Proper, from a surveying standpoint, but this Doesn’t violate any laws and it’ll get us what we want quickly. How long do you know has the fence been there? Looks like I would say Between 20 to 30 years. Yeah, it’s not new fence It’s been there for a long time fence actually doesn’t even interfere with our project Yeah, so if we doesn’t have to come down doesn’t have to be fixed. It’s just The problem is in Florida and other places too people would subdivide Properties and they would often come up with six or seven Lots when there was really only five they just put bigger numbers on the map and Eventually that comes to be a problem when you’re the last piece in that block so we don’t have to solve that problem We just have to get us access so I would go forward with this If it wouldn’t do in a driveway on that side, it probably wouldn’t be an issue Okay, no the discussions. Do I have a motion on this Item? Move to Aprove. Second City Clerk please call roll. Commissioner McGurk>yes Commissioner Sachs>yes Vice mayor Kolody>Yes Commissioner Hartman>Yes Mayor Owen>yes. Thank you Vice Mayor Kolody I appreciate your perspective. It’s nice to have expertise in this All right. Any other on today’s agenda on the side? Attached to that agenda. There is a proposed CR a capital budget revisions I’m sure that you it was in your package. I hope Yes, it was. I think we talked about this briefly. I think Tony talked to you at some meeting We revised some of the numbers that were previously approved We have an explanation in each one. I’ll be more than happy to go over each item and tell you why it was increased Or if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer the questions there is Probably 10 items on the list that we provided to the county they the difference between what was approved at the time is 3.4 million, and it was increased to 5.1 million some of the items would increase because like for example Actually, there were a reduction on the intersection for us 1 and canal initially the estimate was at 250,000 when they bid it out It was almost a hundred thousand and change So that was a reduction in that item, but couple of the items that will increase for example converting Septic tank to sewers that was increased from 50,000 to I think 250 Another item that was reduced on the brownfields because they don’t pay for any property that it’s private, so Therefore it was reduced from Five hundred thousand to a hundred thousand, okay? Why don’t we just see if the Commission has any any specific questions or any any items for the manager? Vice mayor. I do recall the previous discussions we had Last year and these changes both in the descriptions and the reason behind them actually follow those guidelines we gave to us, so I can’t see why we wouldn’t Support these changes. I think they’re very well done And you don’t we need to make a motion to accept either This is just I think be motion to Because eventually we have to submit to the county and also just on the side notes. We are meeting with the county manager and there the county attorney on March the 25th and that is to discuss the proposed revisions to the CRA resolution Concerning us 1 so ok. Any other questions comments on this item? Mr. Sachs? Yeah, mr. Mayor Thank you comment for my colleagues and a question for staff So will be appearing before volusia county to revise the delegation of authority to request private property grants for businesses Well, the changes is not clearly private the grants It’s more of a I don’t know if you recall the issue that happened with the property on US1 US1 and Washington But mostly it’s it’s really to help them by for example if they wanted to do any improvement on the property itself that it might be going to it facade or something but not to give him a grant like what they’ve done before so so it’s a minor revision to To promote some of these businesses and try to help the blight area Toughts on whether the county would Give us the authority to change Well, that’s why we’re meeting with them Commissioner. I mean, I honestly at this point sits it still we meeting with the staff and Eventually, it would go to the County Council for their review and approval This is the only thing I did oppose I I do believe our our whole budget And the items that were funding looking to fund are very good That was the one item I had heartburn with you know I thought the best that we use these monies for public Assets and the improvement of those but I’m not going to oppose the vote today because of that But that does give me heartburn again. You have to provide property. Yeah private property Yeah, I remembers commissioner. Kolody said I’m sure I know we Like we debated this at the time so I don’t know if its we need to relitigated because I think staff is following the direction of the majority the commission that time and certainly share some of your concerns, but You know won’t rehash all that any other comments or questions on the side of its not do have a motion. I Good I make motion to accept any proposed changes as they’ve been written and authorized the City manager to forward them to the county. ok. Second. City clerk call the roll, please Commissioner McGurk, yes. commissioner Sachs, Yes. Vice mayor Kolody, Yes. Commissioner Hartman, Yes. Mayor Own,. Yes. Any other items for this board? Alright, if no other business this meeting is adjourned

    ‘The Politician’ Star Zoey Deutch & Stylist Elizabeth Stewart Play ‘Fishing for Answers’ | THR
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    ‘The Politician’ Star Zoey Deutch & Stylist Elizabeth Stewart Play ‘Fishing for Answers’ | THR

    March 13, 2020

    – I get it fishing for answers, because it’s like a fish bowl. (both laugh) This is my second time doing this. (upbeat music) We’re playing Fishing for Answers. – Yay! – Okay, (sings) what clothing look did you once think was cute that now makes you cringe? – I’m a lot older than you! Girbaud jeans, go ahead, you. – My God, I would like cut
    denim pants into like skirts ’cause I wanted to match
    Mary-Kate and Ashley, and then I’d wear like lace thigh-highs, and it, urgh, yeah not good. – Lesson, denim is dangerous. Okay, go on. – [Zoey] You go. – The ’90s are back in full swing. Elizabeth, what’s your
    stance on wearing trends the second time they come around? Why not? Everything comes around and it’s fun to rewear it and rediscover things in your closet that you thought were done and are now back. – Gosh. (upbeat music) What was your style like in
    middle school or high school? I loved thrift shopping
    and making my own stuff and I was much more out there with it. – You’re very creative now. – No, I’m like Amish prairie girl or like lawyer. – Grandma sheek, grandma
    sheek is what we bond over. (upbeat music) – [Elizabeth] What look of
    Zoey’s from the past year is your favorite? – What is it, Elizabeth? – I would say I’m between two. One would be– – The Fendi yellow from the Globes. – Fendi yellow jump suit for the globes and between that and the Valentino, that yellow jump suit, that yellow jump suit, the blue necklace, the yellow jump suit, jump suit the Globes. – [Zoey] We were deciding
    between red or orange or yellow and I went with the yellow. – [Elizabeth] The yellow
    was to me the magic touch. – She had to convince
    me about the necklace ’cause it was very expensive. They let me keep it. I got to keep it, not the necklace.
    – The jumpsuit. I was like what? That necklace was worth
    over a million dollars. – $3.6 million.
    – $3.6, yes. – [Zoey] Which era of fashion
    do you hope comes back next? – The ’50s for me. Everybody always looked good and wastes were always
    cinched, I love that. – Me too, fave. Did we just – [Both] Agree on something? (laughing) – I’m so glad that that was recorded. – It’s on tape, people. – I almost want to change my answer. That feels so wrong to agree. What fictional character
    is your style icon? Spongebob, no, although
    I do like square pants. I don’t know, what about you? – [Elizabeth] The Great Gatsby. – [Zoey] Spongebob and the Great Gatsby? – I love Spongebob. In fact, Spongebob was the inspiration for the yellow Fendi jumpsuit. Who’s Instagram do you
    follow for style inspiration? Zoey Deutsch’s. – Elizabeth Stewart’s, come on. – [Both] Is there any other answer? (laughing) – See, I’m really trying
    to do this twinning thing. It’s fun, we know, she’s got her thing with Julia Roberts but I could try.

    Carp fishing with your mates – Danny Fairbrass | North Bank Fishery, Whittlesey
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    Carp fishing with your mates – Danny Fairbrass | North Bank Fishery, Whittlesey

    March 13, 2020

    Well, it may seem
    like we have just turned up and had this beautiful
    17 and a half-pounder from a new Embryo lake at Whittlesey
    but it’s taken all day to get this bite. Me and Will turned up at first light,
    looked at either ends of the lake. No swims on here at the moment so
    Richard Holden who works for Embryo has been cutting out reeds for us
    just so we can fish. Obviously that will all
    get done properly before it opens. This is where Rich Holden
    saw them over the weekend. While he was clearing the reeds,
    they started to show and Will’s seen a few
    out long of my area literally in the last 10, 15 minutes. Even though these fish
    have only been stocked in here probably two months ago,
    something like that, this is a VS C5 and
    it’s about the right weight for that. This is
    one of the smallest ones in here. There’s 120 20s in here, up to 32lbs. And there’s 50 of these guys,
    these C5s which are 15 to nearly 20lbs. He’s darkened right up already. The water here is lovely and clear. A little bit weedy out there
    so we’re fishing pop-ups on every rod and this is a great start. As you can see, it’s getting dark,
    it’s going to be cold tonight. But a very, very good start. Another one of that same year class,
    one of Viv and Simon’s C5s. This one came in the middle of the
    night, proper led me a merry dance. Looks like a male to me
    so I think we’ll call him Mr Angry. Clearing the reeds out of the way
    meant I could put the rod tips down and I could back lead. So I’m putting little
    quarter of an ounce back leads on. I’ve got fluorocarbon on as well,
    the 15lb Kontour which sinks like a brick anyway. But these back leads just keep your line
    out of the way of the other fish when I’m playing them
    and this one was going left and right in front of the swim,
    over the top of the other lines and I never had any problems at all. So with it being
    low-lying weed out there, there’s no massive weed beds
    at the moment because it is January, keeping everything pinned
    to the deck. It also means
    I can fish really tight lines and I think tight lines
    with helicopter rigs are definitely better at hooking
    the fish than slack lines. So a nice little combination of tactics
    and it is certainly working. – That’s yours, isn’t it?
    – Lovely. Right, the good news is
    they aren’t up the other end. All the bait’s still there. Coots are diving on it. Been round the whole bit.
    You can see the bottom everywhere. I didn’t look on the spot
    that I baited for you against the reeds because there was no point because the spot that had been baited
    by Rich and me before that was clear has got all that corn,
    everything I put out yesterday is there and the close-in spot
    in the channel is worse. Every single drop of it’s there and what
    Rich put in on Saturday is still there. So that means
    they’ve got to be up here. Yeah, 100%. So I think, it’s quarter past two, I think the best would be donning
    the waders in about half an hour because I think it’s going to go… It’s going to be that time again, yeah. And it’s exactly like last night. The wind’s pushing over. – Yeah, it’s looking great on my side.
    – It’s great for you. First one from last night.
    It took quite a long time to get a bite. They started showing again,
    similar sort of time. Half past three, 4 o’clock we started
    to see them over by the reeds. But they were quite a bit behind
    where I was fishing and I think if I’d been up tighter
    to the reeds yesterday afternoon I might have got a bite earlier
    but this one came early evening. 15 and a half pound he goes.
    Another one of Simon Scott’s finest. Imagine this when it’s 30lbs
    and it won’t be long before it is. And this one was crapping
    out the bait. I’m using Mainline’s winterised
    boilie called Fyber which is going to be out next winter and I’ve been developing that with them
    for the last two or three winters and it is a fantastic bait. If you’re going to come here
    at this time of the year and you want to be
    using something like that. So the Cell, Essential Cell, any of them baits that really fly
    through the fish in the winter time, that’s what you want to have on. You don’t want to be fishing
    with fishmeals and high oil pellets. They just stodge the fish up,
    they go dormant and that makes them uncatchable. So what we feed them in the winter
    is absolutely key. Then later on in the night
    I got one of the 20s. So I’m going to slip this one back
    and finish off with an absolute beast. Look at that.
    27 and a half pound, this one. Absolute brute of a fish, came on the
    middle rod in the middle of the night. No more bait went out there at all. I just moved it out a rod length further
    and this is the result. Awesome, awesome creature. Really, really chuffed to get it. I’m sure this will be a 30-pounder
    prior to spawning or certainly this coming autumn and there’ll be loads in here
    this sort of size and bigger. That’s what we came here for. The other ones I’ve caught
    are the smallish ones that are in here and they’re very welcome. It’s been bitterly cold at times, the weather’s not been banging
    for winter at all but put them in the right spot, them
    little Isotonics are working hard for us and we are getting them. So, yeah, well chuffed with this one.
    We’ve got one afternoon left. I’m going to go out a little bit longer,
    closer to the reeds where I saw the fish showing. Will’s already gone out longer and put
    a couple of Naked Chods out there to see if he can snare one but the fish
    are really balled up at the moment it appears to be and
    we’re going to give it until dark, see what happens, you never know,
    we might get another one. I’m just going to put a fresh bait on. The first tip I can give is
    to get all this done before bite time. It’s the middle of the day now,
    nothing’s happened in the mornings and the fish start showing
    about half past three, 4 o’clock so I want to get all three rods
    back out there again basically well before that. So what I’m doing, I’ve just cut a little flat
    on the bottom of a 12mm pop-up. These are little IB pop ups
    I’ve had made special. You can actually get these up at Norton
    Disney, the Embryo day ticket complex. Mainline have been kind enough to make
    these for us to sell at Norton Disney. I use them in my fishing a lot. They’re just IB pop-ups,
    exactly the same as the standard IBs that you get in the shops
    but just made a little bit smaller, but they’re not quite buoyant enough
    over a long period of time to hold up this size 4 Kurv
    straight off the bottom. So I’ve just cut a little flat
    on the bottom, a little bit of yellow rig foam
    underneath it to neaten it up. Probably doesn’t matter
    what colour the foam is but that just gives it
    that extra little bit of buoyancy. Just burn the top of it. Down onto there.
    Just push that down. And the rig basically is something that
    I can cast on to that silkweed out there and know it’s still presenting
    and that is the most important thing. When it’s weedy, can the fish
    get the bait in their mouth? There’s no point putting out a bottom
    bait rig on a lead clip or something. It goes into six inches of silkweed,
    it’s all snarled up, the fish can’t get the bait in their
    mouth, you’re not going to catch them. The freebies I’ve been putting out,
    they are getting them. Even though
    they’re going on to the weed, we’ve seen there’s been Fyber
    in the sling in the morning where the fish are passing the bait. So I’m putting them out, they’re sitting
    in the top layer of the weed and the fish are managing
    to suck them out of the weed but attached to a hook, a bottom bait
    probably wouldn’t move. So I just want a little pop-up, just with the hook
    standing bolt upright off the bottom and then fished on a helicopter rig. I can use a short hooklink that casts out,
    it flies up, hits the top No-Trace Bead, the lead plummets in to the silkweed,
    the hooklink is sitting on top and it just finds its place
    on top of the weed. I’ve got about two foot of leadcore,
    I don’t use much leadcore at all. Just enough basically
    and that bead I can slide up and down depending on how deep the weed is. I’m fishing a Heli-Safe
    so I’m dumping the lead as well. The first couple of fish I caught didn’t
    really do a lot and the lead stayed on and I didn’t lose the fish
    so that was absolutely fine but if you are fishing for big ‘uns
    and it’s weedy, you really want to have a Heli-Safe on
    so you can dump the lead. And the hooklink is 25lb Boom, I guess
    that’s about four or five inches long. Just basically got a loop at one end which I’ve put on to a size 11
    Quick Change Ring Swivel and just covered that up
    with a 4mm bead so I can loop the hooklink off
    and put a different length on without having to cut
    the leadcore off. At the other end
    I’ve got another krimped loop. I’ve got my little bit
    of Dark Matter putty round that. And you can see
    that’s stripped right back, there’s not a lot going on there at all
    and I think that gets you more bites. The more balanced everything is, the
    less going on the more effective it is. And a size 4 Kurv, not sharpening them
    or anything else. The join between the Spinner Swivel
    and the hook is just covered up
    with a medium size Kicker, little tiny hook bead up the top there and I want that bait coming off roughly
    opposite where the barb would be. I’ve made this one barbless,
    just crimped it down flat. That’s absolutely fine on here but
    you do need to use barbless hooks. We’re going to have
    a big turnover of anglers here. We can’t legislate
    for people not fishing properly. So if you’ve got a barbless hook on
    it’s that little bit safer for the fish. So if one is lost in the weed
    and it’s trailing a load of line, there’s more chance of it getting off a
    barbless hook and not being tethered and that’s the reason that we have
    a barbless rule on these sort of places. We’re thinking about the fish. So if you’re going to fish over this
    sort of silkweed on any venue, that is what I recommend. Well, that just basically
    went in my hand. Just redid it
    and didn’t even get the bobbin on. Bosh. Got him. Another nice 20. Put it back out 17 rod lengths,
    there’s two fish in slings down there and it has just gone again literally within five minutes
    of being out there. Is that over your lines, Will? Yeah, but my lines
    are pinned down, mate. – It’s over the top of them, though?
    – Yeah, you’re past my swim. Right, okay, all right.
    I’ll net it the other side of you. I’ll dip the net. Yes, he’s in! What a palaver. Yeah, man, check that out. 27.12lbs,
    the biggest one of the session for me. And it’s mad how just going out
    that little bit further has changed the action completely. Loads of daytime bites and it’s almost
    going off in my hand each time but we’ve run out of time
    in this session. And this shows you what you can do
    at Whittlesey if you get it right. It’s the perfect place for coming
    on a social with your mates. We’ve had loads of giggles. We’ve drunk too much wine,
    we’ve ate too much food and that’s what it’s all about and catching a few of these guys
    at the same time. So if you’re interested in doing
    a social session with your mates for three, four or seven days, then get on the website,
    get all the details of how to book it and come down here
    and enjoy some of this action because you’ve got to remember
    it’s January. Some of these fish
    haven’t been caught before but it has been freezing cold at times,
    it is January and they are still having it.

    Carol Kaye over haar gitaarloopjes voor Beach Boys, Sam Cooke en meer | Top 2000 a gogo
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    Carol Kaye over haar gitaarloopjes voor Beach Boys, Sam Cooke en meer | Top 2000 a gogo

    March 12, 2020

    I was playing up from about 1949 on and I was about 14. I went to work playing music like This kind of stuff And and I was making a name for myself, you know and a fellow walked in the jazz club whereas playing in 1957 he said you want to do a record date and I didn’t want to because I knew That if I did record dates that would hurt my placement Yes, and I was getting pretty pretty well well-known in jazz and everything and I didn’t want to play rock row but I went and did the day cuz I needed the money and It was for Sam Cooke and I listened to him on the way there and I heard that Darlene yes, and me and I knew that he Sang real good. And so I did the summertime and and some other hits with him and then I did Ritchie balance. I Got on a date at Capitol Records in 1963 and The bass player didn’t show up so they gave me the bass to play and It was at a time that I was kind of tired of playing this kind of stuff like Kind of tired of that and then and then And the dinky rock-and-roll stuff and all that so I get kind of tired of that But as soon as I picked up the bass and started playing that Oh Sorry about that. Okay, then I could play like this That was more fun, I’m good vibrations. He had me up here like this Then I join the string bass Who’s like Phil Spector in the sense that he’d go one tune for three hours? take after take as like owns it then he changed the music then he do this or do that but Playing one tune for three hours, you know, it gets a little boring now We got to go to the song that that I actually came for really because we have to talk about that one before we forget That’s Hickey burro, of course and it was by Bill Cosby. I was in the double stop stance. So I just did this Quincy Jones he arranged it, but he left my part blank and I asked I said What do you want me to do? he said we’ll just invent anything but which is why they hired me in the first place because I could invent all kinds of lines on the base it Was easy and then the thing that follows that is the thing that we know in Holland It was fun until about 68 69 when some some of the rock groups You know started to feel like cardboard music us. It sees I can’t do this anymore I didn’t want to play rock and roll anymore and I clipped Hi I’m Carol Kaye that played on thousands of hit records and we cut here, you know bass player. Okay, I Mean Nancy Sinatra we did in the back room there We did Bobby Darin in here and we I mean we did Frank I mean Frank Sinatra in the main studio here Could I just get him to the door without going in ok? Ok that’s ok. I Made a lot of money for this studio, you know Sorry They’re I mean, they’re probably cutting something that will never sell anyway we’re the ones that made the studio You

    What Happens When You Eat The Most Poisonous Fish?
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    What Happens When You Eat The Most Poisonous Fish?

    March 12, 2020

    This video was sponsored by NordVPN. Get 70% off and a chance of up to 3 years
    for free by using the link in the description. The Puffer fish, also called Blow Fish or
    Fugu: In terms of the potency of its toxin it is the most poisonous vertebrate in the
    ocean and the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world after the poison dart frog. It is estimated that only a mere 1-2 mg of
    pure puffer fish toxin could kill a grown man. To showcase just how little this is, a single
    drop of water equals about 50 mg. This minute amount is enough to kill you or
    around 10,000 mice. So let’s talk a little bit about this toxin. It is called Tetrodotoxin or TTX. It is named after the first group of animals
    it was discovered in – the Tetraodontidae or the Puffer fish. Of all the neurotoxins it is probably one
    of the most famous ones, frequently being featured in Movies and TV shows. It is also one of the most powerful neurotoxins
    know and is about 10-100 more potent than black widow venom and 1000-10000 times more
    toxic than cyanide when injected. Eating it is a lot safer but it is still deadly
    nonetheless. If you had the choice between swallowing TTX
    or the same amount of Plutonium you would have a better chance of survival going with
    plutonium. But how does it actually kill you? Tetrodotoxin is one of a few neurotoxins that
    binds to the so called voltage-gated sodium channels. In nerve cells these channels play an essential
    role in the process that allows the electrical nerve impulses our body uses to send information
    to be transmitted from one neuron to the other. By binding to and disabling these sodium channels
    TTX prevents the conduction of these nerve impulses which ultimately shuts down the communication
    between nerve cells and therefore the brain and the body. Puffer fish themselves are immune to the poison
    due to a mutation in the protein sequence of the sodium channel. But for most other organisms it is lethal. When consumed, a low dose of Tetrodotoxin
    typically produces tingling sensations and numbness around the mouth, fingers, and toes
    as well as a feeling of euphoria. These Symptoms usually start to occur between
    15 minutes to 4 hours after eating. Higher doses produce nausea, vomiting, and
    diarrhea, breathing difficulties and irregular heart beat as well as loss of motor skills
    and extensive paralysis. The paralysis will worsen to the point where
    the sufferer will become unable to even move a finger all while being fully conscious. Death usually occurs after 4-6 hours but in
    extreme cases after as little as 20m either due to paralysis of the heart or the respiratory
    system. There is no approved medication or antidote
    for it. In Puffer fish the toxin is concentrated mainly
    in the ovaries, liver, intestines, and to less extent in the skin. Originally it was thought that they synthesize
    the toxin themselves, however we now know that the toxin is instead produced by bacteria
    that they likely obtain from their prey and that form a symbiotic relationship with the
    animals. This is supported by the fact that puffer
    fish born in aquaculture and fed on a TTX-free diet have no toxin in their body can however
    become toxic once released into the wild. These bacteria can also be found in a variety
    of other marine and terrestrial species that utilize Tetrodotoxin such as the blue ringed
    octopus, parrotfish, sunfish, moon snails, several species of crabs and starfish as well
    as some toads and newts, and these tiny marine flatworms that are one proposed food source
    of TTX in Puffer fish. The levels of toxicity depend on the species,
    the habitat and the time of year and seem to be at least in some form correlated to
    the reproductive cycle as they are typically significantly increased during spawning season
    – This might be to supply the eggs with the necessary TTX doses to keep them save
    from predators but the toxin might also function as a sort of sexual pheromone for puffer fish. Experiments have shown that they are able
    to smell TTX in the water, so the increased levels could mean that Puffer Fish are specifically
    attracted to the most toxic partners. Large individuals have enough toxins in their
    bodies to kill around 30 humans. That is enough to kill a fully grown great
    white shark. With these levels of toxicity there aren’t
    really any large predators that can realistically use them as prey at least not the most poisonous
    species. Even an adult Killer whale with its 2-4 tons
    of weight would probably feel very sick for a day or two after eating such a puffer fish. You would need to be a large baleen whale
    to be heavy enough to not be severely impacted by its toxin and even they might enter a trance-like
    state for a while. Dolphins have been filmed seeking out puffer
    fish for exactly this reason. They don’t eat them but catch them in their
    mouth and use them for a sort of chew toy for a while. The small amount of toxin released through
    the skin is not enough to kill the dolphins but it seems to make them incredibly high. Is plausible that for a blue whale more than
    300 times larger swallowing a puffer fish whole could have a very similar effect, but
    such a scenario is of course unlikely at best given that baleen whales don’t typically
    feed in the tropical coastal waters puffer fish are most commonly found in. This sensation of euphoria and the tingling
    of the lips and tongue is also why puffer fish is considered a delicacy in many Asian
    countries particularly Japan – That and the thrill of eating something that could theoretically
    kill everyone in the restaurant. It is a bit like the food equivalent of Russian
    roulette, at least that’s how it feels. Because of this, Tetrodotoxin poisoning is
    and was historically by far the most common lethal marine poisoning. Archaeological evidence suggests that the
    people of Japan have eaten Fugu possibly for more than 2000 years. Because of the inherent danger its consumption
    was banned many times throughout Japans history and even today Fugu is the only food the Emperor
    of Japan is forbidden to eat. Between 1886 and 1963 there were 6400 cases
    of Fugu poisoning reported in Japan of which 3800 ended in death. That’s an average of over 80 cases per year
    and a mortality rate of 60%. Most of the deaths however came from eating
    the liver which was and still is considered the tastiest part of the fish even though
    it holds most of its toxin. Since the serving of liver was outlawed in
    1984 the number of cases but especially the mortality rate has dropped significantly – down
    to 3% in recent years. In Tokyo only a single person has died as
    a result of Fugu poisoning in a restaurant in the last 30 years. So despite its reputation is actually pretty
    safe to eat when prepared by a licences chef. Almost all of the roughly 40 yearly cases
    of and puffer fish poisoning in Japan occur when inexperienced people try to prepare the
    fish themselves which is needless to say extremely dangerous. But despite its deadliness this little fish
    might actually safe lives in the future. Tetrodotoxin has been found to be about 3000
    times more potent than morphine which makes it a very attractive candidate for pain medication
    if we can find a way to release the toxin in a controlled and targeted way. Furthermore, because it doesn’t cross the
    brain blood barrier like morphine does is doesn’t have the negative side effects of
    opioids most notably their addictiveness, which has become a mature problem in the US
    and other countries. And because the effects of TTX cause no lasting
    tissue damage and are completely reversible with time it could become a long lasting very
    effective alternative to morphine that could be safely administered for week’s maybe
    months and therefore could be used to relieve chronic and neuropathic pain such as chemotherapy-induced
    pain which is one of the most common reasons that cancer patients stop their treatment
    early. With each Puffer Fish containing enough toxin
    to treat dozens of people this tiny but deadly fish could therefore become one of our most
    important allies in our continuous fight against cancer.

    Fishing with the Pros – Part 5 “The Fish”
    Articles, Blog

    Fishing with the Pros – Part 5 “The Fish”

    March 12, 2020

    >>That smell is probably one of my favorite
    of all, the smell of the largemouth bass.>>King: I got him.
    That’s a smallmouth, pretty little smallmouth. >>Webb: There he is.>>King: Got that one.>>Snowden: See that is a nice, healthy Kentucky bass.>>Webb: Here he comes.
    Taking some drag; isn’t he?>>King: Another nice smallmouth.>>Webb: That’s a nice spotted bass right there.>>Clunn: We’ve fished it for about an hour and a
    this morning and we’ve caught several spotted bass, several largemouth,
    and now the trifecta here, the smallmouth. Those are such incredible fish.>>King: Oh, there’s one. Got that one, he’s not too big but I’ve got him. Oh, he come off. That was a spotted bass there. >>Snowden: Came right out of that little stickup. >>What you got there?
    >>Snowden: That’s a Kentucky. The easiest way to tell this is a Kentucky
    is he
    has a rough patch on his tongue. You can rub your index finger over his tongue
    feel it’s a little rough. Another way to tell is his lower jaw
    does not extend past his eye. A largemouth, the lower jaw when closed
    would extend past the eye. And then they also have a little different coloration
    than the largemouth. >>Webb: There he is. Whoa! Holy Moly! Come here.
    Come here. Good fish. Pretty fish. This is a pretty average spotted bass here.
    He’s probably 14 inches. On most Missouri lakes this would be a keeper. Table Rock, however, has a 15 inch limit on all bass. Bull Shoals on Kentuckies and spotted bass I think it’s 12. And the way these Kentucky’s school up
    you can go
    three or four hours without a bite and then catch five or six in 30 minutes. There he is. Little one. That’s a small one there, but he’s fun. (chuckles) Come here. I’ll let you go.
    I’ll put you right back in there. That right there is a good sign
    for the few years down the road, going to have more fish to catch. Look how healthy that fish looks.>>King: Another nice smallmouth. Caught that one in the same tree
    I caught that
    other one a little while ago. Be still. Be still. Going to release her back.
    Pretty smallmouth. There are jillions of them in here that size. That means we’re going to have
    a great fishery here for years to come. Smallmouths are such wonderful fighters
    and just such beautiful fish. I love to catch smallmouths. I love to catch largemouth and Kentuckies too,
    but the smallmouth is probably my favorite.>>Sainato: We moved here in 1969
    to Missouri right here on Table Rock and I’ve been fishing it ever since. And I love this area here, it’s just,
    I’ve fished here for this long, and this lake just keeps getting better. There’s a lot of fishing pressure here,
    but I catch a lot of fish here. And it’s a great lake, it really is. Bull Shoals is another lake that has really come on
    for smallmouth fishing in Missouri. Every year it just keeps getting better
    and better down there, and bigger fish.


    ⛵️How we bought our DREAM SAILBOAT!! (CRAZY PLAN) #123

    March 11, 2020

    We are back on the boatyard. Yeah. Check it out. We’ve been away from the boat for 3 weeks and it feels like a year, seems like such a long time. Yeah. But as we just arrived and we need to work a little bit before we can have some videos for you, guys, we decided that today we are gonna show you one more thing from the trip that we didn’t show you yet. We did a presentation at UK sailsmakers. Duca did a presentation. Yeah, she was really sick so don’t get
    mad at me saying that I didn’t let her talk, it’s because actually she asked me before the presentation: take over for me, I cannot talk today. So I did a long… this
    is gonna be a really really long episode. But if you’re patient enough to go all
    the way to the end I think it’s a really cool episode because we talked about things that we’ve never talked on the channel and it’s a really special one. It was
    really really cool. That was our first ever presentation about our project. So we’re learning and it’s tough to put everything in a short video. It’s gonna be like probably over an hour. But if you’re a patient enough let us know what you think: if you like it or not. If you didn’t like it let us know also. It’s a… we… he talked the history behind our channel, so it’s a good thing. Yeah. Basically I tried to tell you how we got to where we are right now. How did we plan all this project and how
    we ended up being able to follow our dreams. Basically it’s all about dreams. But, less talking because you’re gonna already have a lot of talking. So, let’s get started. Enjoy it. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we’ve been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So, we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But, guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! Florida New York UK sailmakers – Port Chester/NY I’m glad to have you all and I will let Roberta and Duca to take it over. Thank you. So, everyone knows who we are? So, I’m Duca. I’m Roberta. And we’ve been refitting a sailboat for over 8 months full-time now. It was abandoned for
    almost 23 years now. Neglected. Neglected, yeah. People say it’s neglected. I…. for me it’s abandoned, but… Well. We want to talk a little bit more than what you guys watch on the videos. So, we want to start from where did the dream started actually. How did we get to sailing. So… you start it. Side note: before anyone complains that Duca didn’t let me talk, I want to let you know that this day I was feeling sick so I asked Duca to take over the presentation. So, basically my family was always into
    sailing. We live in an island on the south of Brazil, so my summer house when
    I was a kid was a sailboat. Not that big, it was 35 foot sailboat. But, you know how teenagers are… Once you get to 15 you stop hanging out
    with your family. So, when I was 15 I stopped sailing with my dad and I went to something else (gymnastics, climbing, surfing, in line skate, skate drums, etc.) And my dad sold the boat because no one wanted to sail anymore. And years later somehow I decided to go to university again. And when I was 27, don’t ask me why, I might know I might not, I went back to university to become an engineer. And when I started the university I was in one campus and then the second semester changed the campus to a really far away campus. That means in order to not get the traffic jam at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, I would go 2 hours earlier to University and wait there, because was more comfortable to wait there. And during one year… that’s just a few of them. I read maybe 15 to 20 books of circumnavigation. Me too. Every book I would read I’ll just make her read. So, I started reading way too many books and at that point I was on second semester out of 5 years course (I speeded up and did in 4 years). And I was like: I don’t want to be an engineer anymore, I just want quit it again. But I was like: I don’t cannot go back to University when I’m 27 and quit on the second semester, now that I started I will go to the end. But at least I’m starting a profession that I can actually make money out of it. So, I’m gonna… I created a plan and started trying to convince her of my plan. She didn’t really believe back then but… I worked really hard on trying to convince her that: if I finish the degree, I work for 5 to 10 years as an engineer I could make money enough to quit, build a sailboat and go sailing full time. So, there was the plan, it was what we need to do, right? And then I convinced her that in order to learn so we can do that in the future we should buy a smaller boat now. And then we bought our first boat. Terrible boat. Weekends boat. This boat was… it wouldn’t sail well at all. It was terrible. At least we got to learn on the hard way, you know. My intention was to buy a hobie cat. But she said hobie cat I don’t want because
    I would just get wet every time we go out. That’s not a house, I want a small
    house. It’s a sport. So that became our small house for the weekends. Not that long weekends because it was too small. And then we decided to buy a better boat. And we bought… That was a boat. That was for real. So, this boat for the first 6 months we bought the boat we spend every single weekend as a summer house. We would go as soon as I finish University
    until we need to go back to work on Monday. Every single weekend and that was our school. That’s where we actually start
    likely sailing more and more. But, when I got close to graduate from Civil
    engineering degree I realized that I wasn’t gonna make money enough to buy
    the boat I dreamed on. I was… because I was not enjoying engineering, but I was like: let’s try one more try. I’m gonna go to a master degree. Because if I go to a master degree I will make more money. Because right now I don’t have knowledge
    enough to make money. I will go to the master degree I’ll have enough knowledge and I’ll make more money, right? So then… I applied for a few master degrees and we ended up moving to Sydney Australia. The plan was to stay at least 2 years in
    Sydney, if possible to stay longer, just to get citizenship and… it’s a place
    that for Brazilians to emigrate is easier than the US. So, that’s why we went
    there and not here. And we moved to Sydney. And there is one short video that we want to show you today. I don’t know how many of you watched this before. That’s the first episode of our entire channel. That was the first video we ever made for our YouTube channel. The audio is not the
    best. The audio is gonna be here… The audio is not the best, the quality of
    the voice-over is not the best. But I think the script, the story that tells, means a lot. This is a long… you don’t need to watch this part. We needed to teach Brazilians how to turn on subtitles. So it took us… to do that took us one week of work, full time. 7 days full time just to teach this. This is all hand drawn. So, it’s like a stop motion. Sorry for the audio. We were learning how to shoot voiceover. Inside your dad’s closet. Yeah, that was inside my dad’s closet. You know transition point in life? We went to Australia with one dream: with one… we want to get a job as engineers, we want to make a living with that, so in the future we can find a boat and we can travel. That was… as you can tell there’s a lot of sailboats in that video. Already from them. But… I think more and more I started to realize that doing what I don’t want
    dreaming with what I want wasn’t working. Until we gave up. One day I was sitting in the park in Sydney with a friend from Turkey. I used to deliver food like you know… Uber eats. In between all the delivery guys I was
    the promise. And that’s true. The engineer. He is a master degree engineer. And then one day I’m sitting… It was just me and and a guy from Turkey, and I look at my cell phone and I see a photo from Instagram from a friend in Brazil showing: getting in Bali to surf. I’m like. [email protected]!% I’m here working my ass off and
    he’s going to surf, he’s being surfing for only a year. And then the next photo he
    is like: I’m becoming the photographer for an expedition, sailboat expedition from Bali all the way to Brazil for 6 months. He’s never sailed a boat before, he’s never thought about sailing. And the family he was in the expedition with was the first book of those that I read. That’s a family from Brazil that did a circumnavigation… they did now 3 already. But the first circumnavigation they left Brazil when I was born in 1984 and took them 10 years with 3 kids to come back and I watched them coming back from my window. I look to my friend and I say: Done. He is: no, you’re not gonna quit. I’ve just quit. And I call her and I say: Moving to Indonesia. That was the happiest day since I don’t know. He was like a child, walking around and jumping. So happy! The guys from the delivery team didn’t believe but a month later we were in Indonesia. And a lot of people in Brazil our friends would see pictures of us… we went to Indonesia. went to Thailand, we went to New Zealand and they think: they’re rich. They’re just traveling around for 4 months while everyone works they are there for 4 months. But the truth is we were not traveling, we had a mission, there was: what are we going to do from now on. We had savings, but every day of the trip the savings would go down and we would not make any money. So, instead of paying like one day in a hotel we would stay at the same hotel in Indonesia for almost 2 months. Because if you pay monthly it’s cheaper. We would only eat on the cheapest
    restaurants because we had a mission, to find out what are we going to do from
    now on. And we would do the same thing every day: I would wake up, I would go to surf and then in the afternoon we walk on beach, as far as we could go until she
    make me come back because she would the never cross the rivers and there is like some dirty rivers. You know like… waste rivers. And she is like: no, this one I won’t cross. And then we’d come back. Always the same. And then every day we talk about the same thing: what are we gonna do? Some days it was good, we’d come happy, excited with new plans. Some days she’d come crying saying she will go to her mother’s house. “I’m gonna go back.
    No, that’s it”. And then… At one point we’re like: we need to decide. Time is flying and at one point we need to decide it. When I talk about… talking about a future I’m not… it’s sometimes seems like it’s fake, right? Saying that: oh, it was a
    sabbatical trip, we were just open to anything. We were. First time life… no parents
    no family, just us. If you would ask us to go to Japan and you have a job Japan we might go to Japan. We were 100% open. And I’m serious. Give me an opportunity we will go. We had nothing to go back to Brazil too. We had no reason. And then we put in a piece of paper pros and cons of all the ideas. Like 4 ideas. If we go back to Brazil I can go back to work to my dad and that’s good because I’ll make money,
    and that’s terrible because I’m gonna be stuck there. That’s good because this, but it’s terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible… And if we do this and that. One thing that’s being always in between us, that’s something that a lot of people don’t know, it’s a
    camera. The day I met her I already had a camera in my hands. Nowadays YouTube is something that a lot of people are starting to do because they like something and they get the cel phone and shoot. My dream of doing documentaries comes
    before the dream of sailing actually. 15 years ago I went to Morocco to the Moroccan Film Festival and I came back to Brazil wanting to study cinema. It never happened. The family has never agree with. At one point I said: if I’m not gonna
    study film I’m gonna do a documentary. That was 2006. So I quit University my
    first degree for one year to go and travel with a friend to shoot a
    documentary for one year. And that’s when I met her. So when I met her I was right on the way to take a year, a gap year to shoot a documentary. And she spent with me and my friend 6 months. So, that means shooting video and photo was always in between us. And in Indonesia we realized that one
    of the ways of us doing everything we like, not just one, because it’s hard to choose. If you like too many things it’s hard to choose one thing. But, if we choose documentary we can do all we like, not one thing. So, we tried to put in a piece of
    paper, actually a Moleskine, a small book, the dream job. That would be to combine all our dreams and passions in one thing, and that one thing is Odd Life Crafting. But… how can we do that? I mean like.. A lot of people keep asking: so, do you have a job? Are you a millionaire or whatever,
    whatever, whatever? We know that YouTube became something that for who watches is just someone upload a video but it’s not true. The truth is most of the channels
    are companies, are people that actually make their livings are working with video. And in order to make this to work we needed to have a plan otherwise it wouldn’t work. I strongly believe that without a plan we won’t get anywhere. So, we tried to design a 5 years plan for the channel. What can we do? What do we like?
    How do we want to have a channel? What’s the channel gonna look like? So, basically… we discussed the end goal. Where do we want the channel to get? We wanna travel the world by a sailboat. That’s the final goal of the channel. But we don’t have money to do that. If we do that today we just can’t. We cannot afford to buy a boat, we cannot afford to fix a boat. We can afford to start building the boat
    but we don’t have the money to finish the boat. If we start the boat and the channel doesn’t go well we need to sell the boat for cheap because it’s just… we
    cannot finish the boat. So, let’s create a few other seasons of videos that we can afford with the money we have. And with that we grow the channel and if that works we might be able to build a boat with the money from the channel. I mean… Our friends didn’t believe of course. So, then, the plan. So, the way we
    designed was… We back then had exactly 25 thousand US dollars. That was our savings. That’s the money I saved to pay for the master degree. As I quit the master degree I had twenty five thousand dollares. With that money to start anything other than in the home country we wouldn’t last for 6 months. Because we didn’t had time to work somewhere else, everything we do we just keep spending money. So, we decided: let’s go back to Brazil, we can live at my mom’s house, she lives by herself. She would love to have us at her house. We eat at our parent’s house and the money is gonna last for
    longer until we can figure how to make this out. What’s something that we like that could help in order to achieve a metal boat in the future? I always liked metal boats. Don’t ask me why. I just like metal boats. If we buy a shipping container we can build a house for us to live while we build a boat and also learn the trades of building a boat. And a house we have enough money to build the house. So, it would be
    win win. We build a house, we have no place to live so we build a house for us to live, we learn with that, and then we go to a boat. If we don’t get to grow the channel, if the channel doesn’t go well in a year or 2 years, we just live in the
    house and we find a job. So, that means… if everything went wrong we had a house and we look for a job. I mean, it’s not the perfect plan but it’s… I mean, it could work. So, we went back to Brazil and we bought that shipping container. That became this house. That’s… The first day of work ever. I mean, after the footings. Yeah. You can tell it by the safety gears, right? Sandals, shorts and… The truth is I had no idea what… we did like 3 times that. I had no idea what we were doing. We’ve never touch any tools before… this is just like… it was tricky but we were really excited about it. This is something that took my sleep for 3 months. We waited for the shipping container to arrive for 3 months and I would not sleep because I was scared of: how am I gonna cut the shipping container? I was scared to… and that’s the first cut I did on the shipping container. I was scared that if the disc brakes I’m gonna get hurt or… And actually I almost got hurt. I exploded a few discs, but… I got shot by one. I mean, after a while you get used to it and you learn. And that’s how it was. The frames. That’s her learning how to weld. Yeah, that’s her birthday gift 2 years ago was to learn how to weld. That was the gift for her birthday. Welding classes. So, that room that was like that before became this, that became this that became that. And that. That was a dream when you… you
    know, just sketch on the computer. And it becomes reality after. For many people that’s just a room, right? That is just a bedroom. I mean like… kind of a bedroom, not finish yet. For us it was actually the prove that we could do much more. Because if we could do that…
    Baby steps, don’t think too far ahead. Do one thing, one step at a time and if we
    could do that we could fix a boat. We just need money but if we had the
    money for it… Back then we didn’t have the money for it but I mean that if we had the money for we could do it. That was you know like… It was like another turning point. Like you know… the university was one turning point, this was another turning point. And then… And then that happened. Yeah, that’s not our boat. It’s another one. I don’t know if you
    guys heard about this boat. But while I read books… So this was like 7 years after… Like close… like 6 years maybe
    after I started reading the books. And for all those years I spent a lot of hours online looking for designs of boats to buy, or old boats to buy or anything that was
    related to boats. And I came up with the perfect design that I wanted, that was called Polar 43. This one. That was designed by Brazilian designer and there was just one made until today. This one. That is not finished, it’s just the hull. And before we moved to Australia I found my dream boat online to sell. This one. That someone started building and lost his
    company and had no money to finish it. And then when I got back from Australia, we got back from Australia, it was still for sale and I said: we’re gonna finish the house and we’re gonna make money with that and we’re gonna buy that boat. That I have been looking for like 2 years already. And then someone bought the boat. And then I found out that the guy that bought the boat was a friend of a friend of ours. Because this boat was where we are refitting our boat right now, 700 kilometers north. And the guy that bought the boat was from our hometown. And when we moved to Australia the way I paid for the master degree for the first semester we sold half of that boat we had to a friend. So, half of the boat pay for the
    first semester of the civil engineering degree, and then when I came back… we came
    back we had a partner on the boat. And his friend bought our boat. And then I got so sad that I told all my friends that: someone bought my boat. It’s impossible, they bought our boat. And then… We needed to go back to the house… you know like… It was hard… one thing that was
    hard during the period we built the house is that no one that watch our channel
    knew we were thinking about a boat. And we had double lives. So worked at the house… we love the house, don’t take me wrong, we still love the house. It’s still a dream of ours to have a tiny house when we can go back to something when we go to our hometown. But we’d always keep thinking and searching about boats. And then when we find a good boat we were like… things started getting slow on the house. And people… I don’t know how much they notice that. And sometimes the building gets slow because half of the heart is somewhere else. And when we found that that was a big problem. But then as he sold it to someone else we
    went back to the house. That is photo of that boat. That’s a… You can talk about it. I don’t know what to say about this. That is just a bathtub, right? You can buy it anywhere, it’s just a bathtub. We had a lot of spare parts of plywood laying around and we were like: we are gonna build a bathtub. That was a month of a lot of work. We got just a lot… I think the next picture shows it better. Not that one. Yeah. That was a lot of just… we had storage shelves. We took out the storage shelves and we built the bathtub with the storage shelves. This because we wanted to put our heads out of the boat. It was just like… to put your minds just away, you just created a big project. So you don’t have time
    to think about the boat. And the we started building this bathtub and that was a huge project. It took us 2 months and then… We found another boat. That is actually our boat. But to be honest… When we found this boat… on the same day, around the same day… The other boat that the guy bought I found online for sale again. And I’m like… and I call my friend and I say:
    I told you he was gonna sell this boat. I was sure he wasn’t gonna finish the
    boat. And then I just keep looking the boat online. And knowing that: he’s not gonna sell, it’s hard to sell a boat. That was like 75 thousand US dollars for a boat that is not even finished. No one’s gonna buy this boat. I guarantee no one is gonna buy it. So I’m just gonna keep looking it every week to guarantee it’s there. And we’re gonna build the house. Once we finish the house gonna buy that boat. And suddenly one day that boat disappeared from the internet again. Another one month sad. It’s true. And then I decided I needed to call the guy. I needed at least to know how much he sold the boat for, how was the deal and I called the guy. “Hey, Mauricio, this is Duca, I’m friend of Andre I heard you sold your boat…” And he is like: no. And I was like: Yeah, but the ad is not there anymore. “No, it’s just expired. I didn’t sell the boat”. [email protected]%3 You know when there is a run and in the beginning of the run you need to cross a line right on the start? I’d just start crossed the line before the start. Because it wasn’t the right time to buy the boat, but I’ve just told him I wanna buy his boat. So, what do I do now? Right on the same time that happened someone showed up wanting to buy our old boat. The half of our old boat that we had. And also I was expecting to get money from a last will off of my dad’s friend (Odd) that died… So. I got enough money to buy the boat. Suddenly. I wasn’t expecting that. In one week I sold the boat, I got some extra money, the guy decided he wants to sell the boat. And we had a meeting,
    business meeting. And I’m like: I think it’s time to do it. “Yeah, but we didn’t finish the house”. I’m like: we find a way. We can buy the boat and then we finish it after the house. We just buy now, leave the boat there, put it in a piece of land, put a cover on it and we finish the house and we finish the boat. And then I talked to the guy and say” I wanna go visit the boat. Because I’m interested in buying your boat.” So he was like: okay. So, we went there and I felt even more in love with the boat. And she is… she knew the boat was like this size we wanted, it was like a small house, but a big house at the same time. It was like a small house, a big boat. The boat is pretty big. It’s 43 probably like 30,000 pounds. We talk in tons, but it’s like maybe 12 tons, 13 tons. And we went to the boat and I
    told the guy: I’m not joking, we really want to buy your boat and
    that’s why we’re taking time to make you an offer. Because I’m not joking, it’s not
    like you know… speculation. I’m not just curious I really want to
    buy your boat. And I told him that: tomorrow I’m gonna go to your house and I’m gonna
    say the price I’m gonna pay. That’s the… in the afternoon I was supposed to meet him and in the morning he’d call us: “Can I go to your shipping container house?” You know… you have a meeting 4 o’clock p.m. and a guy calls you 10 a.m.. Something went wrong. That doesn’t sound right, but you can come. And then he showed up and he say: “I’m sorry, but I can’t sell the boat. I went home yesterday and I told my wife and she said we are not selling our dream. We have no money to finish it, but we can’t. You’re gonna be depressed…”. And then he’s like “I had a daughter that just died 3 years ago when she was 15 and we found her diaries and she wanted to sail the world with the family. We can’t sell it”. I called all my friends again… “I just lost the boat again”. And then I was so sad for like a month, and it’s true. And we went out with… actually
    he is one of our Patrons now, our good friend (João). And we went me, her, him and his
    wife and I was like that was: man, I lost my boat again and I don’t have a boat. And he is like: Do you remember the boat I showed you a month ago? This picture. Because he tried to show me this picture before and I said: I don’t want to see it. I’m in love. Don’t show the other one. I already have my love, that’s not the one. And he’s like: yeah but I have that old boat that I showed you. Can I see a picture? And then he comes up with this picture. I’m like… It might be the one. You never know. Don’t give me his phone number though. I’m gonna go to São Paulo because
    this is in São Paulo. I’m gonna go to São Paulo in 3 months from now if you give me his phone number I’m gonna call him too soon. I know myselft. I’m gonna try to wait and I’m not wait and… Suddenly I’m gonna call him out of nowhere. So, before I go to São Paulo you give me the number. And one day… 3 months later… During these 3 months was when we built the bathtub and the whole thing. Because we needed to put our minds somewhere else. So we created a big project so we don’t think about the boat too much. And a day before we go to São Paulo I send him a message on What’sApp. Hello, Julio. I’m Duca, me and my
    wife have the project… we have a YouTube channel, and we are doing this, our plan is
    to do that. We want to find a sailboat to do ourselves the fixing bla bla bla bla bla… All of that… I used the knowledge that my friend gave me. What I mean by that is
    that he tried to buy the boat before… But he is a doctor, he has no time, he
    asked the guy if he knew someone to fix the boat for him and he’s like: are you saying that you want to buy my boat and you want to hire someone from a distance to fix the boat for you? No, the boat is not for you. No, I won’t sell it. So, the guy didn’t want to sell him because he didn’t want to put his hand on the boat. So, I used all the informations against him and I said everything he wanted to listen to. It’s true. So then he’s like: okay, we can talk. Come to São Paulo and we can talk. So, we went to São Paulo, that was Mother’s Day last year. We drove 10 hours. That was Sunday
    for Mother’s Day lunch with her family, that was there, her sister was there at
    same town as the boat. And we were late for lunch, there was 3:30 p.m, and I said: Just tell her that we are still on the road, you’re late, because we’re gonna… I’m like… no, I’m not gonna home without seeing at least the outside of the boat. Because all we had seen was
    this picture we didn’t know then… But this was taken in 1997. So, my friend said first like… no, it’s like 7 years ago, then it became 10 and then became 15. And we had no idea. The truth is we didn’t know how long it was really sitting there the boat. And we felt in love. Because even though it looks terrible you would touch the black parts and it’s just dust. There was nothing bad underneath. Of course we found some rust later. But this day we didn’t find one
    point of rust. Because it’s so good. I mean… that was after the first day. We
    didn’t go inside the first day. We were not allowed to go inside because the security guard in the marina didn’t even know we were supposed to go there. So I just stopped like: I just want to take a look at that boat, can I just go quick? I will just go there and check it and I will come back. I won’t go inside. And he let us go. And this was actually the second day. We spent… just to try to make it short… You know I talk too much. She talks too little, I talk too much. We spent in São Paulo to buy this boat one full week waiting to buy the boat. We received on the past 8 months a lot of email saying: how did you buy this boat? The guy didn’t even let me go inside of the boat. He never wanted to sell the boat. And truth is no one really tried to buy the
    boat. No one put the necessary work. So we went to lunch with her family. Next Monday we were supposed… next day we were supposed to see the boat with the guy. And I called him: are you coming to show the boat? He is like: yeah, I can’t today, maybe tomorrow. One entire day sitting on the couch without internet, just like… And then… He lives 4 hours away. And then I called Tuesday: so, are you coming today? He is like: yeah, actually the storm last night just drop the mountain next to my
    house, it just fall and we cannot drive to the ferry. Because he lives in an island. Maybe
    tomorrow. So, we waited another day. And we got to a point that we keep pushing and pushing and pushing. And during this time I realized that one of my favourite books came back years ago was a book from another family that circumnavigated for 5 years in the end of the 80’s. And I realized that the boat that they used was actually the same boat as this one, with 2 differences: it was a ketch, 2 masts, and not lifting keel. But the design is a 100% the same. So then I got the book back and start reading again the book. And I opened the first page of the book and I actually gave to her that 7 years ago maybe more 8 years ago as a gift, when we did
    like 8 years together maybe 7 years together. And on the cover said: one day we are going to travel the world with a boat called Odd. We didn’t even know we were gonna have a channel called Odd Life. I didn’t remember I wrote that. And the boat is the same. I’m like… this boat is meant to be. And we were like… We are not leaving here before we see the boat. If it takes a month we’re gonna sit a month here. We’ll find videos… we have no idea. We are going to find a video to shoot or wherever. In the middle of this to find… because the channel we take really serious. You guys know… we never fail Monday, Monday is important for us. Back then no one knew about us looking for a boat. The audience had no no idea, so we needed to have a video about a tiny shipping container house. So we find another channel in São Paulo that also has a house. We drove 3 hours away, shot an
    interview with this guy. So we could have content for the week and then we shot a video about another guy that do woodwork to learn how to do drawers for
    the house. And then, suddenly…. I think it was you that had the idea of picking him up, wasn’t? No. It was me? Because the problem is he was stuck on his Island. And I’m like… I have an idea to pick him up. I asked him if he had a friend with a boat to take him to the continent with his small boat. So, he get a dinghy, his friend takes him
    to the beach of the continent, we drive 3 hours north, pick him up, drive 3 hours south with him, spend 3 hours looking the boat at night with him with flashlights from the cell phone, 3 hours driving him back and 3
    hours coming back. That means 15 hours to see the boat. And maybe that’s why we bought the boat, because we had 3 hours on the car with this guy before we even saw the boat inside. And by the time we got to the boatyard the boat was ours. It was just a matter of saying yes. I mean like… there was nothing more
    to say. Oh, that’s the picture… During this week that we were just
    waiting and waiting and waiting…. the guy… Some people ask to talk more about this guy. This guy’s a real special… it’s a… He is a different guy, tough guy to talk to. He had accomplished a lot of things. He has been to Antartica with other boats 13 times. He attempt to walk from the coast of Antarctica to the center of Antarctica that is 1,200 kilometres 3 times by himself. So he is… a guy that knows a lot of things. But I was like… I need to see the boat inside. Can you please at least send me a picture from the inside? And he sent this picture.
    That was 22 years ago too. His wife on the boat that looks just like now. And when I saw this picture I’m like: the boat is nice inside. Because I had no idea how was the layout
    of the boat. But, it’s like how it looks today. I had no idea because that’s a long time ago. How do I know that it’s still good? And then… When we arrived in the boat he was like really methodical, he’s like… Let’s start from the stern all the way to the bow. So I show you everything. Because he wanted to show every single detail. People think that he abandoned the boat and he didn’t like the boat, it’s the opposite. He loves the boat so much. So, he went to the stern of the boat and he opened the bed and there is the steering wheel
    quadrant. And when he opens it…. This picture won’t be… how do you call it in English? It’s… It won’t make justice. It’s just a picture. But when he opened the quadrant… I’m like… What? Did you install this yesterday? The stainless steel cable was just
    perfect. It was just like… it seems like somebody installed it a week ago. And in that minute I was like: I just want to kick him out. So we can get excited that we just
    bought a boat. It’s true. If he didn’t want to just show us anything more about the boat we would buy it anyways. If he quit and he is like: no I don’t have time… I would buy without seeing anything inside. And from there we moved to do the saloon and that’s how the boat was, even though it was abandoned. The boat was actually much better than we’ve imagined inside. Yeah, this is cool. One of our subscribers from France last week did this 3D model of the boat. The sails are not correct. Yeah. He doesn’t sail. They sails are just… in the wrong way around, but… So, I don’t know… Basically it’s a French design, designed by Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt from Meta boatyard in France. It was built in Brazil by a company called Dinieper. I say a company and not a boatyard because it was actually a company that make machines, not boats. And somehow, in the middle of the
    eighties, they decide to get their employees when they were not busy and
    started building boats on a spare time. And that’s I think is the reason why it’s so well built, it’s because they had so much good labor and the precision they had was
    really good. It’s galvanized steel inside and outside. 44 feet, 13 feet beam, 3.3 feet… It’s a centerboard, so it’s really low draft. It’s like 3.33 feet when it’s up and 8.8 feet when it’s down. So it’s like a really long centerboard, really really long. That’s really cool. That’s from the same guy that did the drawings for us. And that’s a little bit of the refit. That’s how it used to look like and that’s how it looks a few months ago. It’s what we found. Yeah, the process is started by first cleaning the boat outside and then by discovering what we bought.
    Because we actually bought much more than we knew. We found what we bought after we bought it already. Because we were so in love with the boat that we were like: just buy it. Then we found out. It’s fine. Oh. I forgot one thing. Am I confusing you, guys? Is that too confusing? Because I go back and forward and… You are doing good. You are the first test, we’ve never did any
    presentation about the project ever before. You’re doing great. Thank you. So, basically before we bought the boat… I forgot one history that is a funny one. Remember the old boat that the guy gave up on selling? During this week that we were in São Paulo
    waiting for the guy to show up the other guy called me: Duca, we just get a meeting, me and my wife and we’re gonna sell the boat. [email protected]%7 What’s wrong with you? I’m like… yeah, but now you wait. I’m like: sorry, but now I’m são Paulo I told you I was going to São Paulo to see another boat and I’m waiting, tomorrow I’m gonna see the inside of the boat. So, if you want to hold it you hold it, but if you wanna sell just sell it. But I’m gonna give you an answer in a week. I cannot do it now. And funny thing… the boat is still for sale. No one bought it yet. So, then we started by washing the boat. And this, even though it looks… just washing a boat… That’s what made possible for us to be here and that was what made possible for us to actually build the boat the way we want. That’s when the channel grew. A lot of people ask: how can we afford to do
    what we are doing? People don’t believe but 100% of the refit is paid by videos. It’s paid by Patreons, paid by adsense, paid by sponsors. And that’s the reason why I believe the channel actually did turning point. It was when we washed the boat. Because people were just curious to see what there was underneath that dirt. I think it all the time I see the dirty boat when it comes on. By the way, if you guys have any questions while I talk a lot and she doesn’t talk, nothing. You can ask us, it’s all good. Anytime. People think she doesn’t work, she do the
    dirty job a lot actually. This is the bilge for the shaft. For the engine shaft. So, the first step after washing the boat… I believe the boat is in a good condition this day after 22 years on the dry, on sun and rain is because it was well built and because it was galvanized. So, one thing we didn’t want was to lose
    the galvanization, because that’s what we bought, we bought the galvanization. So, in order to not lose the galvanization we did a lot of… there was a lot of hand sanding involved. We could sandblast it. But if we sandblast we would lose the galvanization. Some companies said: I can sandblast, I can control the machine, so you won’t lose the galvanization. I won’t trust. So that’s what took so long to paint, because was like 4 months of working of painting. Because we needed to find out what there was before the white. There was the red paint and then a green
    paint and then we just keep finding layers. Until we got to… So. I don’t know what galvanization means. Galvanization they call also
    metalization, that is a bath, a hot bath of a different metal, of zinc. So, it won’t rust. So, basically it’s like… They call it sparkling galvanization. So, it’s like a… let’s put like pressure washer but with a liquid metal really hot and it attaches and it creates a layer of this other metal. So that means it even if you have a failing point, and we had some failing points, and you have rust it won’t spread. Because the rest is protected. So it spreads with much more… much slower than if there wasn’t galvanization. There is a way that actually take that thing off not damaging the galvanization. It’s a media blasting using plastic, they use in Corvettes. Yeah, but then comes the other problem: we live in Brazil. It’s true. I’m sorry to say bad things about my
    country but like… it’s tough because A lot of ideas come from the outside… you
    should do this, we don’t have we this. You should buy this. We cannot. It’s tough to buy things from outside of the country. The government protects a lot
    the local market… So, a lot of suggestions like yours we couldn’t find. There is anyway you can like have a third party get a box and ship it to you? I will just skip the presentation one second and tell you a story. I’m gonna tell one story that will explain the whole thing. 2 weeks ago someone from Seattle sent us a painting. Just a painting, no frame just the
    paper. I asked him: please, put the price on the tag low because… He painted the painting and he told the shipping company that it costs one dollar. Right? They charged him to send that one hundred and ten dollars around, the shipping cost. When it arrived they charged us $120 of taxes. And it cost… it was a piece of paper. So, if I cannot get a piece of paper how can I get a machine or… it’s just tough. We were lucky that the guy wanted us to have the painting so he sent us through PayPal the money for the
    tax. In the end of course we paid some of the taxes also. But, it’s hard. So, during this period… During the tiny house we were… Some people ask: so which project are you guys proud more? The tiny house or the boat? The boat is a much bigger project. But the tiny house we did ourselves. That was our school, that was our laboratory. Anything we wanted to try, we tried. We feel like doing fiberglass we did fiberglass. If we feel like working
    with wood or with metal… It was basically an excuse for us to try new things and that was awesome. On the boat, on the other hand… of course we love what we’re doing, but it’s such a huge project that we need to hire some people, some help, professional help in between. Because a house won’t sink. A boat will sink. So, it’s more like a serious game. But, at the same time, even though we have a welder working with us it’s an excuse for me to learn with him. So, that’s the first time I tried TIG welding. With his machine. Because he was working and I’m like.. I need to try some. And that was really cool. I got burnt actually that day. I burnt my arm with TIG welding for like a week. It was like really burnt. So, that’s the process, we took all the paint that we could off. We left the paint that was already in a good shape. Primer the boat. Some more welding. Some more rust. Primer. And we went into the painting cabin. That was the big moment… like the big
    transformation. We went to the painting cabin looking like this. And we came out like this. A lot of people ask why did we choose orange, right? Yeah. There is 2 answers. One: if you are in an anchorage at night with 50 boats you know exactly where is your boat. The second one is that we want to travel. And we want to meet you, guys. And if we go let’s say to his island, he might find out that we’ve been there a month later and we didn’t meet him because he didn’t know we were there. If we arrive in his island if an orange boat he is gonna look… that’s… Why orange? Oh! Orange. We have a… you know pelican case?
    The equipment case? We have an orange pelican case. We really like the orange. And the boat next to us in the marina had a really orange keel. We are gonna steal that orange. So, we copy this orange from the keel. The first choice was red but I didn’t want this one. True, yeah. It was red, but she didn’t allow me. So, I went half way. So, if we cannot go red we can go orange. What is on the copper bottom that you painted there? That is not copper bottom, that is just the primer. It’s gonna be gray, dark gray. It’s a metal boat, so they say that is not good to have copper there. By the way, one explanation. She is being sick for 3 days. So, even though of course I speak more than her… but today it’s even worse because She is actually a little bit better, but… Yesterday she was really really bad. So, we’re trying to… That’s the non-skid. An easy job but at the same time a hard job. Because even though it’s really easy to
    draw the squares, that took a long time to find the right drawing. We were like… that’s right. No, let’s take it off again, again, again. That was another big project. Hatches. A boat that leaks is not a good boat. You can sail well but if it’s
    always wet inside it doesn’t work. We decided to do the long way. You guys maybe watched the videos, but… All the videos. That was like maybe the trickiest job so far, I think, the hatches. Took time to do it, but… That was a tough one, that was the rudder post, the rudder shaft. The former owner said: don’t touch the rudder, it’s fine, you can use it. I’m like… I’m not gonna trust that. He didn’t want us to touch it and I was like… Let’s do it. So, we redone. That’s the new shaft. That’s the project that we didn’t finish
    yet. I mean we kind of did. That’s the diesel tank by the way, if you don’t know. The entire boat… the way this boat was built, the structural part of the
    boat is the diesel tank and the water tank. And from there you have the bulkheads and the plates. No stringer, so that means that the tanks are part of the structure of the boat. And they are huge to treat. Even though it’s good to have a lot of diesel it’s bad to fix a lot of diesel tanks. So now it’s all painted. That was the problem, we had no idea why it was like that. Because it was full of diesel, it was not supposed to be rusted. And it was the entire tank like that. And we transformed into that. Much better. But we still din’t finish it, we need to… It’s there, sitting there. We wanted to leave at least 2 weeks before closing to see if any rust come back, so we can treat it. And as we decided to come here I was like… No, just leave it as it is. And also because the gasket it in Brazil we ordered a month ago and it didn’t arrive yet. Yeah, we ordered it one month ago and we didn’t get gasket yet. That’s the employer washing the mast to sell. It’s funny in the marina no one believed
    that we could ever sell a mast. When we said: we’re gonna sell the mast and buy a new one. They would be like: no one sells old mast. I mean, a mast is something that you build for a boat, it’s not something that you go to the store and say like: give me a mast, an used mast. And I said: I think we can do it. We can sell the mast. And we put in a video and we sold it in 3 days. That was a good job. And we sold for one third of the price of the new mast. What is really good thing. And the new one has arrived. The new one… oh!! The problem is that when you edit you think everyone have watched it already. Tomorrow’s video is about the mast. So, I’m talking thinking that you already know that the mast is there. But, I think we can show them. Basically, what’s next? It’s that we are really excited to go back to the boatyard to put the mast up. Oh! That’s gonna be in 3
    days? Not necessarily. We’re gonna be in Brazil in 3 days but it takes a while to put the mast together. And one of the reasons why we are here is because we had some stuff for the mast that we wanted to buy and that’s the reason why
    we came to the States. And also to come to UK sailmarkers because we are designed our new sails because new mast, new rigging deserves new sails, right? So we’re starting to talk about the new sail plan and this is gonna change a little bit compared to the old one. And that’s what we’re excited about the
    future. Duca. I have a question about your antifouling paint. Did you use any kind? Not yet, we will. But you are going? Yeah. Now it’s just the primer. Because we need to paint right before
    going to the water. Right. So, it’s not the right time to do it.
    So we’re waiting to get closer to the water. So, this is just a list. Because people see the boat painted and see that mast arrived and would be like… Oh! So you are going to the water? It’s not necessarily like that. We still have diesel tanks and water tanks to close and to fill. We’re gonna exchange all the hoses for the
    water and diesel systems, all the valves of the boat. We need to install batteries, charger/inverter… All the equipments. Electronics. Maintenance to the boiler, hardware on the deck, we have a lot of things to do. What kind of batteries you are gonna use? I’m glad you are asking. Because we actually installed regular batteries… how do you call it? Lead acid. Because in Brazil you won’t find lithium. It’s just… if you find it, it would cost half of the price of the boat. And I’m seriuos. We paid 210 thousand of our money and it would cost close to a 100 thousand just the batteries. And people keep complaining that:
    you’re wrong you should out lithium. I’m like: sorry, we can’t, we don’t have the money for it. But, last week on Miami Boat Show we just got sponsored by Battle Born. So, they say they are gonna ship batteries for us in Brazil, so we’re gonna go lithium. We hope they can. I mean… I still don’t believe. I only believe when it arrives there. They say they have their way of putting the
    baterries in Brazil. So, for now we’re gonna have lithium batteries. And…. Sorry for talking too much. But you guys can ask anything you guys… Ah, no… Do you wanna talk about this? Yeah. Okay. Before… we’re gonna answer a few questions that everyone asks. Because you’re gonna ask it anyways and then you can ask whatever you wanna ask. So, first question that everyone asks: how much did it cost? That’s like… we get emails every week. So, how much did it cost? The reason why we didn’t tell how much it costs until now is because we want to finish before we give you the numbers. We want to give the full detail of how much we spent. Just a random number so far we spent 50,000 US dollars on the purchase of the boat and we spent another 50 thousand US dollars on the refit. Before you think that’s too expensive the reason why it’s expensive is because Brazilian law… we are not allowed to buy used boats outside of the country. That means the market is so small that the availability of boats… they are expensive. For example, it was today? Yesterday I think. I went online to search for metal boats in Brazil right now. There are 3 available. So, that means… 2 are the same as ours. Yeah. There are 3 available, 2 are the same as our boat. The same design. So basically there is no
    choice. You either buy a boat outside and you never can bring your boat home or you pay the price. So, our boat if it was here it might be half the price. But, as we are in Brazil that’s… there’s nothing we can do. On the other hand, a refit cost
    much less. For example… People complain: so, we pay for a guy to help you with the diesel tank for a month. How much it would cost for someone to take rust off of a diesel tank here? Per hour. How much? $20 one hour? A bit more. More. 50 dollars an hour? They guy that helped us to keep to clean the diesel tank charges $25 a day. So, that means… in one hand it’s more expensive to be there, but it’s cheaper to be there. But, our money is worthing a little. Yeah, our money right now is just… Dollar is 4.5 by 1 right now. The boat is 46 feet long? 44. 44? Yeah. And you spent total so far about 120? Yeah, 130. Yeah. Let me tell you my friend: you got a bargain. You got one of the finest sailboats on the water. It will be on the water. And I mean… with that I included the price of buying a brand new mast, rigging, dinghy, brand new dinghy, brand new dinghy engine that we bought already, 100% of the electronics, 12 inches chart plotter. Plus, what you told about the wind vane. Yeah, and we have a wind vane that came with the boat. You got a boat that will take you anywhere you wanna go in the world. Yeah, we do believe. Kudos for you guys, because you work your butts off and we watch that happen. And I’m proud of you both. Thank you so much. I appreciate. So, do you have a job? Oh! We have some other questions. Yeah, people keep asking: So, how can you afford it?
    Do you have a job? That’s our full-time job. I mean like… that’s 2 full-time jobs. In the boatyard we work as hard as anyone else. But they go home and they rest, we
    go home and we edit videos. Or answer messages… For example… we post video 10
    o’clock in the morning Mondays. That means Monday morning is hard to work on the boat because we need to get ready to post the video at 10. Once we post the video she
    answer messages for one full day. And when I mean full day it”s like… all day long, 500 to 1,000 messages in one day. You got 24 time zones, so… Yeah. So, that means we don’t have a job, that’s our job, basically. We opened up a company now. Yeah, we actually have a company. Odd Life Crafting is a company now. Since last week. And how can we afford it? That’s how we can afford it. But people say: So, it’s easy to say you pay with videos. But how? Because some people are just curious. How do you make money with videos? Anytime you watch a video on YouTube and there is an ad this ad is placed by YouTube, by Google. But, it shares revenues
    from the ad with you. That means we are a Channel Partner of YouTube. And 55% of all the revenue from the ad comes to us. So, if you watch a video and there is an ad you are giving money to the person that actually created the video. And that’s like 50% of
    what we make. Of course he talked too much and we ran out of battery. It happens… I mean like that was a long one hour talk. But it was really fun and by the time we
    realized we didn’t record the last questions. But, just so we can conclude so
    we can finish it. We at least want to finish this question that’s how we afford to do what we’re doing. So half of the money comes from Adsense. How about the rest? The rest comes from merchandising. We have an online store so you can buy t-shirts, mugs, bags and phone cases. Really nice gifts. I like it. I like
    the mug. The mug is pretty cool. There is the link on the description below for the store. And also we have some… Sometimes we make some sponsored videos. Only if we like the companies. If we have done a sponsored video we like what the company does. We like what the company sells, otherwise we don’t do it. Like… we have many times companies contacting us to do sponsored videos for example Games. Like cell phone games. We don’t play games. So we don’t do cell phones games. I mean like if they pay like 20,000 dollars maybe it would help the boat. We would do one. No. No, we don’t wanna do sponsored videos that we don’t really use their service or their product. So, that’s why we don’t it do that often. Another to afford our way of living… video production…. is donations through PayPal. Yeah. That’s helps a lot.You guys that donates through PayPal, that’s a really huge support. That’s pretty cool. And half (40%) of the money that we have comes from Patreons. Yeah. Patreons are just
    amazing. Patreons… I don’t know if you know what’s that. But Patreons are people that really like what they are watching and they know that in order to keep
    doing that we have costs. So, they just want to support us to keep doing what we love and in exchange we give some small perks. Like… they watch the video a
    few days before or sometimes we have some extra video for… We are gonna start making some… How can I say it? Sorteio. Draw names. Yeah, we plan to draw names from our Patreons in the future to come to the boat spend a few days with us. But, that’s just in the future… And we have some things to give to them as well. Yeah, we will do some giveaways next month also for Patreons. But, that’s not
    the point. The point is like… I think people that are Patreons they are more because they want to support us than because they want to get extra things. I mean like… extra things are just a way of showing them how much we
    appreciate. But, I don’t believe that’s the main purpose of anyone that donates to the project. I think who donates is because they do believe on what we do. And that’s why we always end the video thanking our new Patreons, it’s because they’re just awesome. Like now. Yeah, like now. Of course. Before we do that we do have someone else we need to thank. Yeah, we want to thank everyone from UK Sailmakers. We had an amazing
    time there. Thanks a lot for… disponibilizar (Portuguese). Just for make it possible for us to use the space and to invite everyone that wanted to show up to talk to us and hang out with us. It was amazing. We had an amazing time. For like 5 days it was a really
    good experience. We saw them making sails, we got to try their sewing machine, that’s is a huge one by the way. That was really cool. We really appreciate it and we are really thankful for that. Emmett, thanks for sending me an email
    4 months ago. That was really good and now… I think we need to welcome on board our new Patreons, because this video is over one hour already. We are getting longer and longer. So, welcome on board, Jeff, Rick, Robert, Bart, Henry, Anthony, Brian. Also welcome on board, Marcelo, Brazilian. Welcome on board! And we also want to
    thank the donation though our PayPal. Thanks a lot, Allan. Guys, thanks so much. We
    really appreciate your support. And of course… we see you guys next week. We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

    Trout Stream Restoration in Southeastern Minnesota
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    Trout Stream Restoration in Southeastern Minnesota

    March 10, 2020

    The Driftless Initiative is multi-state,
    includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. This stretch of stream is approximately
    two miles long that we’re working on. The reason we’re doing in-stream habitat
    enhancements is to provide better trout habitat for brown trout. They need cover.
    They need adequate food sources, and they need ripples, like when they’re spawning
    in the spring. It takes willing landowners in order to make projects
    like this work. The two landowners we’re working with right now on this property,
    and the next property up, are excellent. I mean they’re cooperative and
    working well with us. When I originally bought the property back in 2002, 2003,
    the stream side you see here was densely inhabited by a variety of trees, and
    access to the stream was extremely difficult. I would say the average stream
    side was about 4 to 5 feet high. The banks were widening. The trees were
    falling into the stream. Beavers were relocating here. It was damming up. It was
    very hard to fish. There are fish, mainly brown trout in this stream. They’ve
    removed about 300 to 400 trees along the bank. They’ve cut it down. They’ve added
    rock riffles. They’ve preserved some of the springs that have entered Trout Run.
    If you look at it from what it was to what it is today, it’s truly night
    and day, and it’s a fantastic project. The reason that these projects are so
    important, for one thing is, we’re in such a unique area. Nowhere else in the
    United States do you have such a high concentration of spring-fed streams like
    we do here in the Driftless. What a unique gem we have here. We have
    over five thousand miles of cold-water spring-fed streams. The Natural Resources
    Conservation Service is really kind of the foundation for almost all of our
    projects we’ve been doing. Farm Bill projects like this, for over 30 years.
    One of the primary funding sources for this project is a Farm Bill program
    called EQIP, an Environmental Quality Incentives Program, and that’s the
    foundation we use for a lot of our stream restoration projects here in the
    Driftless. Partners are big parts of our stream restoration projects. If it were
    just bank stabilization, you might think of this as a just a Natural Resources
    Conservation Service project, but since we’re including fish habitat, and now we
    include a lot of non-game habitat, and then even pollinator plants. So
    partners are a big part of our projects. In my area we have over a thousand miles
    of trout streams, and we have every kind of trout stream, from big rivers to
    little tiny trickles, to brook trout streams, to brown trout streams. Trout run
    is one of our best streams. All naturally reproduction. I mean they were stocked
    years and years ago, but they’re reproducing great populations, good size
    structure, and good habitat, and there was a real opportunity to actually bring it
    back up to speed. It’s a very very popular trout stream. The stars aligned
    to make it a good candidate. Well, NRCS is an excellent partner. They
    know agriculture and engineering better than I do.
    And then when they want to know what the populations of the stream are, what kind
    of fish live here, how do we build the best habitats. That’s the stuff that I
    can do. We always get questions about shade on trout streams. And in many parts
    of the Midwest, that’s very important to have shade on trout streams because the
    water that comes into the trout streams is from surface water runoff, and so they
    need to have shade to try to keep the water cool.
    In the Driftless area in Southeastern Minnesota our water comes from
    groundwater. It’s 56 degrees coming out, year-round.
    So our streams are actually warmer in the winter and colder in the summer, so
    our trout grow year-round. And so if we take the trees down, and get good grass
    and forbs, we get a lot of in-stream aquatic vegetation, and our productivity
    in the stream increases, and that allows the bugs and invertebrates to grow on
    all that stuff. That actually get us more trout biomass than we do with the fleet
    of box elders and buckthorn. If it’s all invasive saturated floodplain, And the
    other thing is that when you have a lot of trees and their sallow-routed, like
    the box elders, they often shade out the grasses, so you just have the broad-leaf
    plants. And so we see some of the highest erosion rates is where we have
    wooded corridors. The stream had gotten to a point where it was starting to
    erode ,get very shallow, and it was starting to have some high banks, which
    then accelerated the velocity of the water, and during rain events could
    really cause dramatic erosion. Once the NRCS and the DNR and Trout Unlimited
    identified the fact that it could really help with shedding water from rain
    events, they came in and started engineering the project, which was
    reducing the the banks, the height of the banks, and leveling out the sides so that
    the water could get wider and slowed down. A lot of the work that’s been done
    here started with removing a lot of the invasive species. We had a lot of
    box elder. There was a tremendous amount of shading on the creek which
    unfortunately reduces the amount of oxygen from photosynthesis and the
    vegetation, and trout need a lot of oxygen. So one of the first things they
    did was come in and remove the trees, the clumps ,the debris, the dead trees. And
    then they started removing the excess bank, which was that sometimes six to
    eight feet high above the water. So what you’ll see here is they’ve opened it up and
    allowed more sun to hit the water, which then increases a lot of that aquatic
    vegetation to be more prolific. And then they removed the dirt and started to seed
    over the top of boulders that they brought in to create hiding spots for
    the fish. So when we used to come down here before, we had a small trail, and then the grasses would grow up on the way and
    had poisoned parsnip and things, many trees, and it was very difficult to kind
    of navigate around. But now, when we come down, it’s all cleared away and it’s just
    it’s open up to this, just absolutely picturesque beautiful landscape. Well
    I’ve been fly-fishing for, you know, 30 years or more. Since I was in high school
    I guess, you know. I’d say how you approach a stream is about 90 percent of
    it. You want to be, in these clear streams, you want to be fishing upstream, unless
    the water is really discolored, because you’ll spook the fish, and they’re
    usually not interested in eating, if they’re spooked, other than maybe the
    really little trout. So that’s probably the most important thing down here. Tiny little
    one. Hey one of the juveniles, little guy. It’s a brown trout. In it’s second year,
    maybe, two year old. What
    we do with habitat improvement is we put rock and other materials, so when the
    river is flowing at normal flow, we can actually engineer and place the habitat
    that’s best for trout. We do with the wood. We do rocks. We do Weirs to
    actually enhance the structure of holes, and we try to develop the habitats for
    all the life-stages of trout, spawning, rearing, juvenile habitat, habitat for
    large adult trout, all those kind of things, to try to address those issues
    using the way they’ll stay long-term. And then we slope the banks so that when the
    water goes up, it spreads that energy across the floodplain and doesn’t overly
    scour our stream, and you can see some of the aquatic plants beginning to grow
    here. That’s going to basically provide the food for caddiesflies and other
    invertebrates for the trout to eat. These are probably the most heavily engineered
    projects that we have because of the dynamic and the the wide variety of
    things that can happen. Streams and rivers our living dynamic systems, and
    it’s hard to get that prescription exactly right. You try to design these to
    a certain storm event that when the storm event is exceeded, that excess water in excess of the design storm has a place to go, and that’s
    floodplain. And here you can see that we have a lot of floodplain available. So in
    a two-year storm this stream will bounce up, probably and get to the top of the
    bank. Anything more, water starts to distribute over the floodplain. This does
    a couple of things. It’ll take pressure off the stream
    bottom, will remove some sediment out in the floodplain. So when that water starts
    moving a little bit slower, if a heavy sediment load is there, it’ll drop and
    dissipate on the floodplain, verses in channel.
    The natural streams that are in very good health have access to a floodplain.
    They will continue to carry their bedlam. They don’t want to chew away at the
    banks. They will keep the channel bottom clean. As you start to get a gradation on
    the bottom sediment coming in this stream would maybe want to get wider, and
    as it gets wider, then it gets shallower, and then we get more sentiment. We don’t
    have more of that heavily gravelly bottom that most of the streams would
    have. When you take a look at the banks, if we don’t naturally have a riffle pool,
    riffle pool, kind of a setting, more than likely you’ll have down cutting. Again
    they are dynamic systems. They do want to move. We can’t stop that. The thing that
    we do want to stop is the excess of erosion, bank erosion. Predominantly the
    sediment that is choking out streams, and the big problem is flood sediment, and
    most of that comes from stream banks. It is not the overland sediment delivery
    from ag fields. Most of it is coming from bank erosion. You know we often use the
    Natural Resources Conservation Service designs as a part of our projects
    because those are true-tried practices. And when it comes to bank stability and
    things like that, they’ve got that figured out. Our role in the project was
    to conduct a geomorphic assessment pre- project, and we’re also involved with the
    project design incorporating different design inputs, and then involved with
    wetland delineation, permitting, and construction oversight. Our goal was to
    take the draft preliminary plan and incorporate additional habitat features.
    come up with the appropriate pattern and profile for the channel, and to design
    the different inputs that were installed. The main habitat improvements involved
    large woody materials, the large root wads, tree trunks, and large boulders, are
    the primary habitat features. In general it’s probably gonna be 2 to 4 years
    before the riparian vegetation really becomes established and that’s when we
    would expect a long-term stability to occur. I really
    like this setting because there’s a couple of bluff areas that are right
    adjacent to the stream so it really adds to the complexity in the floodplain and
    the diversity of the different species you’d see. The green or bluish hue that
    you see over the soil is a hydraulic soil stabilizer or a hydro-mulch that’s
    applied. And typically we install our native seed and a cover crop first and
    then spray it with this hydro-mulch. And that promotes germination and kind of
    holds a soil moisture and promotes that germination of the seed. The cover crop
    is really important for allowing soil become stabilized with the plant
    that’s quickly to germinate. It’s generally germinates within a few days,
    maybe five days, and it’s allowing some rooting to occur before the natives,
    which typically can take, you know, one to three years before they really become
    established. One of the main benefits overall doing a project like this is by
    lowering these stream banks we really capture a lot of sediment that’s coming
    from upstream, but also reducing potential erosion that would occur in
    flow downstream. Our biggest problem in streams like this is bank erosion and we
    were losing literally tons of soil, and with that tons of soil also is
    phosphorus, and that phosphorous fills other habitats, and then also runs
    downstream to the Root, and down to the Mississippi, and down to the Gulf of
    Mexico. By making these streams better we’re actually preventing some of the
    damages downstream. This is spectacular, been hoping for this to be done for
    about the last ten years. Watching the flooding knock down the stream banks, and
    all the erosion, and trees falling in the water and such. This has been wonderful.
    I’m extremely pleased with how everyone has worked together and I think this is
    one way that we can keep the natural resources the way they’re supposed to be.
    Why do we do this? This is what we get a chance to leave. Maybe we have the opportunity
    to get some young folks out, and get them involved in fishing, conservation, what it
    takes to maintain something like this. Overall I think the project’s been a
    great success thus far. A lot of people have come out and seen this, and then the
    landowners been very positive about it. This is an area where we knew if we did
    a project we’d get a great response from the fisheries. It was highly
    erosive, and we had willing landowners, and a field office to work with. This
    particular project, we worked with a Winona field office, Sue Glende, the District
    Conservationist.She was very helpful. She helped us in getting access to the
    property. She helped us work with the landowners, we had permits involved
    here, contracts that needed to develop. There’s quite a bit of involvement with
    a local field office to get this project pulled off. Landowners that are
    around here are already asking questions of how they can get in line to get
    stream bank work done. The landowners are interested in doing this type of work
    because it protects their property and actually increases the value of it. And
    they’re concerned about the wildlife, and they’re concerned about the trout stream,
    to maintain it and make sure it’s productive for the next generations, and
    we look forward to working with anybody that’s wanting to do this type of
    project. I don’t know how many times I went to the Winona County
    NRCS , but Sue Glende made it happen, and all it took was a little bit of my time,
    a lot of her time. This whole project is my attempt our attempt friends attempt
    to preserve protect and improve the wonderful nature that we have. Earlier
    today we saw an eagle flying around, deer running through. We have our turkey
    population, coyotes, fox, you name it. And just last week I’ll tell you I saw a
    nice-sized a brownie downstream, but I won’t tell you exactly where or how big.

    Once Around  Episodde 2: Caree Lesh and Randy Beach
    Articles, Blog

    Once Around Episodde 2: Caree Lesh and Randy Beach

    March 10, 2020

    [Music] all right here we go so very excited today because we have the co-coordinators of Jaguar pathways we’re not playing around on once around here they come now here they come now they’re not really good with cues here they come there they are how exciting it Oh introduce yourselves to the delightful people hi I’m Carrie I’m one of the well let’s have some coffee and then we’ll go for a ride around okay so the way this works is jump in my car and we take one lap around the perimeter road and that’s where you get once around one lap for you to tell our audience are hungry eager audience what’s going on with Jaguar pathways so about Jaguar pathways why are we calling a Jaguar pathways instead of guided pathways what’s up with that well I gotta tell you we did a big survey and let people weigh in on that and people wanted here on this campus to college Jaguar pathways and we are for the people Wow why would you do a survey for something like that well we surveyed quite a few people across campus students classified faculty to do a couple of things to see what they wanted to call the pathways project for one see how they wanted to group our majors in terms of fields of study how many fields of study we wanted to have and what we would call the fields of study Wow okay but why all that feedback why are you asking all these people these questions because guided pathways can’t just be about what every other college does guided pathways has to be our own we have to make it into what works for our students okay works for our employees and calling it guided pathways makes it just like any other College we’re not generic here we do it our way faculty to make sure that we’re doing our way so we’re putting the paws of the Jaguar down on to these pathways claws out all right I like it I like it so tell me what are some of this is the end of the semester what are some of the great stuff that’s happened this semester with the implementation teams well we do have five implementation teams I don’t know if you knew about that Oh everyone’s seeing them where where they’ll all be featured here on once around once around well each of those teams has a variety of projects they’re working on implementing they’re implementing different innovations and new designs around the way we do things carry anyone talked about the fields of study and CCC apply application yeah so after we surveyed everyone and got the fields of study nailed down we have 11 all the majors are sorted into the 11 fields of study and we were able to get it on our college application so now instead of students scrolling through 300 plus and or going away because they don’t know what to do okay they can click on business and from there they can find marketing or accounting or real estate or whatever their business major so that’s making the application process a little bit easier for students and if they keep going a little farther many of our programs now have program maps that are available on the website and this skill will give a student a four semester grid of course taking pattern that they can follow and if they follow it they may be able to graduate within the two years or pretty sure pretty soon after that oh that’s great okay so what is this what would you call it CCC apply CCC apply is the application that now has a fields of study and our maps are available on the website Kerry what is that are you so confused actually okay this is some real time excitement here lazy Java we have to let this person pass because they’re getting like a bunch of safety first yes we do we teach a driving safety course at Southwestern College because I think school I’d like to forcefully enroll three three cars full of people okay so what’s the big deal with CCC apply meaning it’s connected to the fields of study and then what yeah so it used to be when a student applied to the college they were given over 300 different degrees and certificates to select from I was also often very intimidating the number one major at Southwestern for many years was accounting solely because it begins with an A students are actually given options that are based on what area they are interested in pursuing whether it’s surra rather whether that be professional services whether that be Health Professions whether that STEM education journalism have you told Maria Martinez about this is where she’s aware she’s in favor of this as a matter of fact her program has been mapped into a two-year course sequenced Wow so we’re getting close to the end of our lap is there anything you’d like to say in conclusion about Jaguar pathways well you know we’re looking forward to a great spring 2020 there are many projects and plans that have in place that we’re implementing in a variety of areas lots of professional development for faculty encouraging and exploring how we can make our classrooms more equitable places for students a lot of great work being done in that area Student Services it carries working with counseling faculty to to look at different ways we can support the fields of study with different pilot approaches and new practices Terry yeah I think you’ll see some new orientation resources for students coming in for fall too so veterans may get a different orientation than incoming freshmen just something to be more relevant to the people were serving instead of clumping everybody into one group so some of the new ideas that come fall 2020 when we unveil our version of Jaguar pathways version 1.0 they’re going to be many new innovations many new exciting things that everyone will be able to rally behind and support in support of our students times up oK we’ve done what surrounds around know we’ve done once around an hour [Music] that was that that was a crazy lap there is so much information we got just in one lap here they come our are once again our co-leads Kari and Randy organized I’m exhausted yeah I just like to thank you both very much you and Rover being bullied and also for being part of once-around next time we’ll have another exciting implementation team late I’m very sorry aren’t you excited Congress yes there you go that’s the kind of enthusiasm we get from others thank you everyone [Music] you [Music]

    How I Package & Ship Online Orders | Etsy Orders & Shopify Orders
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    How I Package & Ship Online Orders | Etsy Orders & Shopify Orders

    March 10, 2020

    hi everyone I got a couple orders over
    the weekend for some of our keychains and I figured I would show you
    guys how I package and ship out my items so keep on watching we are based in
    Canada and for my fellow Canadians out there you probably know that Canada Post
    isn’t exactly the cheapest or the most reliable option out there which is why
    we use a company called stallion Express not sponsored
    but essentially stallion Express gives small businesses like us access to the
    USPS network how it works is at the end of each day stallion Express collects
    all of the packages that were dropped off at their office they load it into a
    truck and they drive over to Niagara Falls New York and from there it gets
    passed on to USPS I love the service because number one it provides tracking
    number two most of my customers are from the states so they are able to receive
    their packages much quicker using this method rather than if I were to
    ship using Canada Post there is a similar service for domestic Canadian
    orders as well I think they have a partnership with Canada Post and also
    Canpar courier so that they can also deliver across Canada at a cheaper rate
    as well and number three I’m able to pass on these savings to my customers
    there are similar services I think provided by chit chats and other
    companies as well so I would suggest you to do your research and see which one is
    the best fit for you okay so back to the orders Stallion Express does have
    integration with Shopify and Etsy and those are the two
    platforms that we sell on so I’m able to just plug and play and have all the
    shipping labels just readily created here I’m importing the customers mailing
    addresses so that I can print out the shipping labels at home this lets me
    pack everything in one go tonight so that I can simply drop everything off at
    the postal service the next day I haven’t invested in a shipping label
    printer yet because the number of orders I get is still relatively small and the
    extra work of printing them on a normal paper cutting it out and sticking onto
    the package isn’t too much for me to handle yet now that I have all the
    shipping labels cut out I’m going to lay them on the floor
    because I’m working from home today along with the envelope or box I’m going
    to stick it on and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go into Shopify
    and Etsy and try and match up what each customer ordered and put their items
    onto the package and I’ll show you what I mean now that I have all the orders set up I
    am going to go ahead and write some thank you notes so I will be right back I
    think it’s important to personally thank each and every one of my customers for
    their support for our business even during really busy times like Black
    Friday when we had a ton of orders I still make it a priority to ensure that
    everyone receives a thank you message it’s part of the customer experience of
    purchasing from a handmade seller that there’s a crafter on the other side
    doing a happy dance because of their choice to support our wonderful
    community all done well almost done all the
    contents are complete there is the keychains as well as a note for each
    person what’s left is bubble wrapping each of the keychains and also taping up
    the entire package together so now it’s time to package everything together so
    I’m gonna grab my first pile here what I like to do now is look at the
    customers name and find her back in whether it’s Etsy or shopify so I do
    recognize that this is an Etsy customer so I’m going to go back to that invoice
    just to double-check that I do have the right keychains for her so I do these
    particular boxes that we have on hand come with this shock proof foam thing so
    I’m just going to reuse it for mailing purposes I’m not a huge fan of
    excessively fancy packaging because it creates additional waste for the
    environment and adds more cost overall since I’m not selling anything super
    luxurious or high-end nor am i charging my customers a high price for our goods
    my only goal when it comes to packaging is to make sure that the items are
    safely wrapped it’s been a little over an hour and we’re finally done packing
    everything yay that took up an entire afternoon the Sun is down now and it’s
    completely dark outside but anyway thank you guys for supporting us and watching
    our video and I’ll see you guys later bye thank you for watching if you
    enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up for the YouTube algorithm
    subscribe to our Channel and I hope you have a wonderful day I’ll see you in the
    next one bye