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    Whirlpool Dishwasher Repair – How to Replace the Tine Clip (Whirlpool # WPW10077844)
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    Whirlpool Dishwasher Repair – How to Replace the Tine Clip (Whirlpool # WPW10077844)

    December 8, 2019

    Hi, it’s Steve. Today we’d like to show you how to change
    the top rack retainer clip on your dishwasher. It’s a really easy repair, let me show you
    how we do it. To do this repair, we simply open up the dishwasher,
    extend that upper rack. Now if you’re replacing a broken clip, you
    will need to remove the old one. If you’re just adding a new one to it, pick
    the vertical tine that you’re going to install it on. Slide the gap in that clip over that tine. Clip the upper snap into place, then seat
    it on that horizontal tine at the bottom and snap it down into position. Your repair is complete.

    Buy a fishing rod licence on GOV.UK
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    Buy a fishing rod licence on GOV.UK

    December 8, 2019

    We are now looking at developing a much simpler
    service to encourage anglers to take up the service online. I wanted to look at the service
    from scratch and see how we can build it for our customers. I’m just speaking for the
    customers themselves, it’s what they want. It’s their service. Most people that go fishing want to buy a
    licence because they understand where the money goes, and they understand that the money
    goes back into the sport to enhance it and improve their sport for them and the future
    generations. Our overall objective is to get more people
    buying licenses online. We’ve just been through Alpha, so we’ve just being trying to prove the concept. We’ve been building prototypes and taking them out to our customers, those that are not so tech savvy, what kind of help and assistance do they need. Do they need telephone support? Do they need that assisted digital in the Post Office or wherever the counter service may be? Things like “Would you like a digital licence?” – some of
    that terminology of the word ‘digital’ hasn’t sat comfortably with people, they’re not sure
    what we mean by that, so looking at our content and making sure that’s simple enough for
    the customers to understand is what we’re working on As an enforcement officer I want a system
    where I can check details and people that have got a licence, when we check them
    on the bank, I want to know instantly. It can help our side of it as enforcement officers
    no end if they can really make the job slicker and quicker. Ideally we would like to move to a
    paperless licence, but that’s some way off yet. Or moving to text messaging or emails where
    they can just show the officers on the bankside when challenged; it’s just more handy if
    it can be stored on their smartphone. One particular person said it was that simple,
    his granddaughter who’s six could use it, which is really positive feedback that we’re
    actually on the right track and making the service really simple and easy for them.

    Shipping Container House: How much does it cost?  Living Tiny Project Ep. 022
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    Shipping Container House: How much does it cost? Living Tiny Project Ep. 022

    December 8, 2019

    Hello. Hello. Well, this week we’re gonna
    talk about something that a lot of people are asking. Yeah. We’re gonna talk about: how much does it cost to build a shipping container house? So, let’s get started. Well, in order to make it easier to understand we’re gonna divide all the costs we had until now into step. So, step number 1. Footings. Well. Footings is really specific on our case. We have two footings in one. If you didn’t watch yet the episode is here. So… We have a underground footing… on the top of that we have a precast concrete footing, that we just put on place to make the house higher. But that we got it as a donation. That means the only money we need to pay for that was a transport to bring all the pieces here. And that costs us an extra 138 dollars. So that means in our case we didn’t pay for the entire footing, but that’s what we paid. So, let’s go to step number 2 now. The shipping container itself. Which shipping container did you buy? A 40-foot shipping container high cube (HC). Yeah. So, basically we have one shipping container and this shipping container could not get to the land, Because it was too long and the road was like you know like do turns and we couldn’t bring
    like the whole shipping container. So, when we bought we asked the company to cut it in half and when they cut in half they need to do like a reinforcement around. So, that means we have 3 amounts involved on the shipping container. The shipping container itself, that’s the price. The cut and reinforcement, that’s
    the price. And the transport, that’s the price. With the total of 3230 dollars. That’s the full amount for shipping container, modification and transport. Yeah. The third step is the cut and welding. Yeah. Once we had the shipping container on the land… you know because it was a long shipping container we cut in half and did and L. When we did that one of the internal walls was closed and one of the outside walls was opened. So, we needed to cut this wall and transferred this wall… I don’t need to explain it… you can watch
    the episode. So after that we did all the openings. We cut the shipping container in 11 parts, I guess. Like 11 openings. And we weld the metal around. And we also did a junction, the connection between both containers, the 2 parts of the container. We also spent some money doing reinforcements of the junction between both sides of the house. So for that it was… We can put it here. So basically… The mos… Less one mosquito. Oh, baby. It’s all good. It’s here. So, to cut the shipping container that’s the amount of angle grinder discs we used. So, that’s the cutting disc, the grinding disc, flap disc and the metal brush disc. So, that’s the total amount with discs that’s cutting. With welding, as you guys know we use MIG welding, that there is gas and wire. So, we spent 25 kilos of wire, plus… I think it was like 4 bottles of gas or
    5. 5. 5 bottles of gas. And that’s the total for gas. And we needed to buy extra steel, the tubings to do the frame, you know to build the frames around the windows and to do the reinforcement of the junction. And that’s the amount we spent
    on steel. We still have some of these left, you’re gonna use in the future. and we also used the steel to do the support of the roof in the wooden deck. So that’s the total amount. We are not including here all the painting because that’s gonna be
    an extra section of the total. So let’s go to number 4. Doors and windows. Doors and windows. So we divided into entry door and…. Hunting? I’m hunting mosquitos today. And… the wooden door we included the door frame, the hinges, the handle and the wooden finishing. Of the outside. The inside we didn’t do yet. So basically yeah. So… No painting. So, that’s what includes and that’s the amount we paid for the wooden part of… for the door. Aluminum windows and doors. Aluminum windows and doors. The total is this total, I’m not.. I don’t remember, but I think it’s 10. And the total cost is this. So. The installation. Because this price we’ve just said before is just for the windows and doors. That’s it. But to install it, we still needed to buy polyurethane and expendable foam and other stuff. Screws. And that’s the price we paid for all the installation part. And we used 7 cans of expandable foam and 6 bottles of polyurethane and a few screws. And the total is this. That’s the total for all the doors all the windows and all the installation. That’s the price. Not counting painting again. Now we can talk about painting. Painting. Painting we are counting all the paintings we had until now. So basically we divided in categories of paint, of all sorts: metal, wood, everything together. Yeah. Plastic. So primer, that was the amount. Rust converter. That’s the amount. Thinner. We used 7 liters of thinner so far. And thinner is not just to mix with the paint but also to clean… all sort of things. That’s the thinner. Synthetic enamel. Synthetic enamel includes the gray
    one, that we painted the metal. Not this one, but the windows and it’s going to be the color of the shipping container in the future. And the white one and we painted the door. Black matte vinyl. Black matte vinyl we used for the roof and we used for the supports of the roof. Asphalt paint. It’s basically for the roof. We
    used 6.3 liters of asphalt paint total in the roof. And that’s the total of painting, it’s up to 295. That’s… The other thing is… We spent more than we should in painting because we didn’t use every single can we bought. Like primer, we still have like you know half of one bottle half of another
    one half… Because we changed the kind of primers we used. But we still are gonna use it in the future you know. So it’s not that we used the whole thing but we we still have leftovers to use in the future. Now we are gonna talk about the deck. The deck, roof and gutter. That’s what we’ve been working on for like… I don’t know almost two months now. So, that’s I don’t know it was almost the price of the shipping container itself. Yeah. So, we have the roof itself, the aluminum, aluzinc. Yeah. The roof, the main roof is made out of aluzinc and there’s like four small corners that we did on aluminum. And the total of a aluzinc and aluminum plus EPS and glue. All together was a total of $550. More the pressure-treated pine that we used to support the roof. Yeah, we had some stripes of wood to support the roof that cost $71 (not 72). Metallic asphalt tape. That’s basically to seal the connection between the wood in the and the roof. That was 45 meters by 10 centimeters, and that costs us U$46. Yeah. The beams and the joists. Yeah. That was the structural part of the roof, that’s all Angelim and that costs us U$677. The pressure treated pine for decking. Yeah. That’s just only the decking, just the top part of the wooden deck. That costs us U$615. Plus 18 liters of stain. Yeah. We thought we were gonna use a lot less stain. But the first coat of stain the wood just you know… Absorves a lot. Absorves sooo much. It’s like a drunken wood. But it drinks only stain. That was U$221 just for stain. And we still didn’t finish it. We still have some stain to buy. Yeah. Happens. Metal brackets. The brackets that connect the beams to the joists we decide… That we made it. We made it, yeah. And that the cost was basically the metal and the painting was added to the painting already. So, that’s basically the metals for the L, like the L-shaped metal. And that was U$32. Screws. Oh! Screws. So far on the roof and the deck we used… Guava. We used around 2,600 screws and that costs us U$96. The wooden filler for the wood. Oh, yeah. The filler is $5. The gutter system. Yeah. The gutter system only the pipes, you know, the plastic parts. That was U$116. The painting is include on a painting already. So, the deck, the roof and the gutter we spent. All together, U$2,430. Yeah. 2,430 dollars. That’s the total amount for the wooden deck, the gutter and the roof. But, we did include the finishing around the joist and underneath the joist. We’re gonna still have some more wood. That I think we’re gonna spend like some maybe U$200. Something like that. And then we’re going to finish the whole thing. Maybe in the end it’s gonna be like U$2,600 the whole roof and deck. Hopefully. Now, miscellaneous. Yeah. The thing is… that’s all we spent, but we have a lot of miscellaneous stuff, like gloves… Masks. Drills and sandpapers and all sorts of small things that doesn’t go anywhere else. So that we spent like U$523 (actually U$677) on this extra stuff. So, the whole house. That, so… yeah. We can put the whole thing here. So, that’s how much the house cost. And the total price is this one U$9,927. So, we can put like U$10,000. You know, give and take it’s just around U$10,000. And about the equipments. Oh, yeah. We bought all our equipments. It’s not fair to add this price of equipment on the house. But just so you guys know… we spent U$4,185 in equipment. But that’s all things that we can sell later when we finish the house. So, that means… The total amount was like something
    between $14,000 and $15,000 so far. And that includes the shipping container on the location with all the windows and doors installed, with the roof in the wooden deck. And painted. And painted. Not the shipping container, the roof, the wooden deck. So, there is no furniture yet, there is no pluming yet. The inside is… Yeah, there’s no plumbing, there is no electric part. The inside is empty. So, we need to do all the inside parts. Yeah. How much is the total gonna cost? We don’t really know yet. It could be cheaper? It could be. Oh, yeah. What we spent now could be cheaper. Yeah, for sure. I don’t know. Let us know on the comment section below if you think we spent too much money or if it’s still cheap. What you think. If it’s good, you think it’s
    bad. Oh! For Brazilians, because you know a lot of Brazilians watch the video, the dollar we use… Because we are in Brazil, so we spent everything in our money, that’s Real. Reais. So, basically we spent the money not in dollars, we converted to dollars the price. So, in Brazil you just multiply it by 3.25 and that’s the amount you get. So basically just get U$14,000 times 3.25 and you get the real Brazilian price. People always ask how much it’s gonna cost in the end. We don’t really know yet. We have an expectation to get the total price between $15,000 and $20,000, not counting equipment. But who knows. It might be cheaper, it might be a little bit expensiver. We, I don’t know. It’s just like a guess. And… For next week. For next week we’re gonna finish the wooden deck, hopefully. The reason why we didn’t show you guys the roof, the wooden deck today is because we don’t want to show you two weeks in a row the same thing. You know like… We’re still painting it. We’re still painting it and right now what you’re going to do is the same thing we did on the other side. But we are trying to get it better. We have some things to improve. Yeah, we didn’t like the idea of you know doing an episode about half of the wooden deck. But that actually that was good, because we use you used some of the comments from last week’s video and we are fixing some stuff for the
    second part of the… We are improving the second part. It’s always like that… the first half of the house is not as good as the second half, because we learn there and we fix on, you know. Happens. But for next week hopefully we’re gonna have more progress on the wooden deck. Hopefully. If it doesn’t rain, because this week it is just raining a lot. But, we’ll get there. And, I guess…. See you guys Next week. Join the crew

    Episode #27  Used Sailboats for Sale (Deck Stepped Mast or Keel Stepped Mast – which is better?)
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    Episode #27 Used Sailboats for Sale (Deck Stepped Mast or Keel Stepped Mast – which is better?)

    December 8, 2019

    the thing about that is people are religious about that issue
    and there really is no one right answer the argument for keel stepped masts go back in
    history to the idea that if you had a mast that was stepped on the keel (especially with
    wooden boats) but with any boats it adds one extra panel to the mast, one extra structural
    section to the mast and therefore allow the mast to be stronger, stiffer, and smaller in
    size. When we went to the CCA Racing Rule the emphasis changed on how rigs were designed
    because the rule pushed us to masthead rigs and masthead rigs are pretty easy to step
    on deck. Frankly the structure between the deck and the bottom of the boat between the
    deck and the keel became something that was a simple structural compression post and therefore
    for boat builders that gave them quite a few advantages. People at that time, recreational
    sailors, were pulling their boats out of the water for the winter made it easy to take
    the mast off the boat so maintenance got to be less and these masts were so stiff when
    they went t aluminum masts compared to the wooden masts that preceeded them that extra
    panel wasnt necessary but as we learned about sail shape and sail design and rig design
    those stiff masts were just not a great thing the risk with the the deck stepped mast was that
    if you lost the mast it was over the side and there was no way to recover it out in
    the ocean there was a feeling that all you could do was cut the rig away and hope that
    it didnt put a hole in the boat before you got it loose so for cruising boats there was
    a sense that you had to have a keel stepped mast. The reality with that though was that
    keel stepped masts take water down below the decks are always the keel is always there
    always water in the bilge there often water across the deck if you turn around youll see
    there water that came down the mast during the storm and ran across the deck and into
    the bilge so its a nuisance to have a keel stepped mast if you dont need one now in my
    mind the best solution is actually a deck stepped mast that has a moment a structural
    connection at the deck so that the load gets transferred through the deck to a structural
    post thats in bending you gain the extra panel you gain the ability that the mast is still
    attached to the deck because the other issue with a keel stepped mast is if you lose the
    mast theres this piece of mast thats beating you to death its folded over and the waves
    are pushing it against the boat and you end up having to try to cut this tree trunk down
    to keep from sinking your boat if its really in the most extreme conditions and so to be
    able to unbolt it at the deck and send it over the side in my mind is the best mix

    How We Spent over $16,000 in the Boat Yard
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    How We Spent over $16,000 in the Boat Yard

    December 8, 2019

    Recently we encountered a problem that
    was initially to take two to three weeks and around 2000 euros to fix. In
    reality it cost around four and a half months and over 16 thousand euros. This is
    the story of our nightmare haul out. This is a situation that I don’t
    completely understand and I’m not sure how much of it is my own ignorance, lost
    in translation, laziness, happenstance or actual malice,
    but to quote to Napoleon Bonaparte “I want to never ascribe to malice that
    which is adequately explained by incompetence”, and Tim Ferriss added, “or
    busyness”, and I would like to add or laziness. Never ascribe to malice that
    which is adequately explained by incompetence, busyness or laziness. That
    being said I’d like to lay out this situation as objectively as I possibly
    can in the hopes that we might all learn something. To set the stage the three of
    us set out from Spain close to 10 months ago. As to be expected from life as we
    were moving forward we encountered many obstacles that together we overcame.
    Mistakes were made and lessons were learned but entering into Croatia we see
    the first signs of real trouble. The other day we lost reverse gear. Went to
    put it in gear and it wasn’t there. Scavenger Jack signing out. Jackson had to
    catch his flight to North America to finish his degree in filmmaking
    while Tara and I head north towards Pula Croatia where we are scheduled to film with Made On The Road UK and have a Balkan campervan scheduled for rental to
    explore Croatia. We made a stop on the island of Mali Losinj where friends of
    Alessandro came and diagnosed the problem with the gearbox.
    These are lamella. They allow you to shift into forward, into neutral, and into
    reverse by gripping and not gripping the gears. The ones in this gearbox…It’s like a polish you know and that’s enough that under the pressure he don’t have a grip to make good connection
    for the reverse. We were told we should prepare for a rebuild of the
    transmission. Not having reverse is a big problem, but it’s not the end of
    the world because we could still move forward so we continued north to our
    obligations in Pula. This is where it starts to get weird.
    We contacted Ad Maris in Marina Veruda in Pula, Croatia. Patrick came to the boat
    and told us that it would greatly reduce the cost of time, labor, and headache to
    have the whole engine removed rather than struggle in the cramped engine bay
    with a big heavy gearbox for hours BUT this would necessitate a haul out.
    Initially we thought this idea was absurd but then we came to the
    conclusion that if we could spend a few weeks on land we could make some needed
    repairs and upgrades to Arianrhod now instead of the original plan was at some
    point in the distant future to have a haul out in Tunisia Africa, which is
    where Martin recommended. We also had a van for a week so this meant that we
    could leave Arianrhod on land in a safe secure location while we explored
    Croatia. The idea was beginning to look all right. The next morning, as we were
    making breakfast, Patrick called and 45 minutes later he and this boat
    arrived and they were ready to take us to the crane for a haul out. The pressure
    of this sales tactic is intense. We agreed to the haul out. This is
    turning out to be an eventful day. Within two hours Arianrhod was out
    of the water and the engine was completely detached and she was prepped
    for open engine surgery. The following day Adis, Patrick’s boss, and his crew
    arrived and we commenced the engine removal. Before noon her old battered, but still
    solid heart was removed and the gearbox was on its way for inspection. It was
    also determined that we needed a new clutch and that the parts would be
    difficult to find. We’ll send the gearbox to Rijeka. We will check if we can find the new part because we don’t have new parts this old. Returning to the gutted vessel slightly
    dazed we cleaned out the engine bay as best as we could. This is where the
    situation becomes really muddled. Adis. Comes and tells us that they don’t think
    that they can repair the gearbox because it’s an old engine and it’s impossible
    to find the parts and if they can find the parts it will cost around 8,000 euro
    to rebuild the gearbox and fix everything. His solution was instead of
    repairing it, it might be wiser to just shell out another five thousand euro to
    purchase a brand new Yanmar engine from him, of course, with a warranty for
    security for the years to come. We would be back on the water in three weeks and
    it would cost just over thirteen thousand euros. Now he made some good
    points. The engine is old and the parts for it can be difficult to find and
    it’s arguable whether or not a new engine is more reliable. The question
    really becomes if you plan on crossing the Atlantic and beyond, do you want an
    old repaired engine or do you want a brand new one? This was very difficult to
    hear and I turned to Reddit and I found a complete Kanzaki KH 18 gearbox in the
    USA to replace ours. It could be purchased for $1000, but
    shipping, importing, installation, all said and done it would cost near eight to
    nine thousand dollars. We also looked seriously into converting to electric as
    the dream is to one day be completely off of fossil fuels. We’re going to a
    factory to look at electric motors. But it seemed for us it was going to cost, at a minimum, of 12,000 euros. Meanwhile we asked Adis if we
    could have our gearbox returned because I wanted to see if we could find
    somebody else to fix it. We were returned a box of gears, not a gearbox. I’m still
    not sure how I feel about that. We ended up going with the Beta Marine 38 horsepower
    engine over our other seemingly less ideal options. With the decision this
    costly I was definitely not gonna let somebody pressure me into purchasing an
    engine that I was not completely on board with. We ended up flying to Morocco for two weeks because we needed a change of atmosphere. We returned and we continued on repairs
    while we waited for the new engine. We got a new Genoa. A new sail, a Genoa.
    We shredded the other one. And all the sail makers said that, “well, you could repair it, but it’ll definitely break again really soon.” Because it’s been repaired multiple times. So this one made by a professional sail maker here in Pula, Elvis. Genoa with the Sunbrella. It’s got this here to tension the foot. We removed and reinforced the davit
    plates. We extended the davits aft 30 centimeters as well as added cross
    supports all completed by Robert. I stripped roughly 20 kilograms of unused
    electrical wire and hose from Arianrhod. We saved maybe five kilograms as supplies
    and cleaned up the distribution panel. It took me two and a half days to buff Arianrhod And we completed many other smaller projects. It ended up taking
    around seven weeks for the Beta Marine engine to arrive and once we knew it was
    coming we were moved into position so the crane could access Arianrhod. This is our new engine. Wow. It’s really pretty. A quick aside we
    were never able to sell our wounded but functioning Yanmar 3qm 38 engine because
    we didn’t have papers for it. To me it seems like if you live in Western
    society specifically the European Union then you live in a society that values
    documentation over form and function and this hinders creativity and I do not
    believe that a socio-economic system that squashes individual creativity will
    endure, but I digress. Because the engine was delayed by two weeks it arrived
    three days after the workers at the marina took off for holiday. Because in
    Europe it is common for many people to take a couple months off of work in the
    winter. Adis told us that he would not help us and instead we should try to
    find somebody else to help us because he would be on holiday, but all the
    mechanics were on holiday, and so the only help that Adis actually provided was
    a number for a contact in Split. A man named Igor who we bought our Beta Marine
    engine from and then after that we never saw or heard from Adis again. I had resolved to install the engine.
    I removed the old coupling and I found that the propeller shaft was 32
    millimeters in diameter and our new coupling is made for a 30 millimeter
    propeller shaft. We need to remove the propeller shaft and turn it on a lathe
    to reduce the diameter by 2 millimeters. I do not have access to a metal shop and
    I do not have the tools to pull a propeller. Finally I contacted Robert who
    had made adjustments to our davits. He agreed to reduce the shaft, replace the
    Cutlass bearing stuffing box, seacock strainer basket, and install and align the
    engine all for 2000 euro plus materials. We thought this was a bit steep but we
    agreed as we had finally found someone to help us. So then, does this corrode? No.
    Because you have the zinc on it? Bronze doesn’t corrode. Doesn’t corrode.
    Agh, I did not know that. It’s been four months and three days and
    today we are installing a new engine. It’s like a hundred and thirty eight
    kilos which is around 60 kilos lighter than previously. Slowly down. Little bit more. Little bit. Good. Stop. Going back. Okay. Slow. Little bit down. Stop. Okay, we can proceed. Go, go, go. Stop? No, go down. Down. Down. Stop. Little bit up. Up just a little bit. Stop. Stop. So far, so good. Pull it out and cut the tube a little bit
    maybe five centimeters and cut the shaft. So, here’s the problem. This is too close. We
    have an adapter, a rubber adapter, it’s about five centimeters has to fit in
    there and there’s no space between here and this is the coupling, the
    transmission, the stuffing box. This pipe right here this through-hole we need to
    cut that and then move this stuffing box aft maybe five centimeters and then we
    have to cut the propeller shaft so that it’s the correct length and then we can
    have this space in between here the two couplings so that we will be able to
    attach on, but the alignment looks good. We need five extra centimeters here. We’re good up front. Now the back. Yes, but put away the…take them out? Yes. Okay and then now I’m going inside and you must stay up here then we pull out the motor. Forward. Yes, a little bit. Okay, stop. This we must cut. Yep. Eight
    centimeter. Eight centimeters. You’re hot. They say maybe it’s hot and it’s
    going…yeah, expanded? Yes. Without hammer, nothing. I’ll be fluent in Croatian in no time. Doran? Is that what you said? Down? No, down is dolje. See. Told you. Fluent in Croatian, no problem. Dolje. What’s up? I mean that everything will be perfect. Perfect. Yes, everything will be fine. Engine installed. Now just to do proper alignment, secure it down, and then hook it up. Should be ready to start up tomorrow.
    I think we’ll give it a test start. We installed the raw water
    cooling system and the fuel lines. Then we realized the exhaust system
    needs to be adjusted with a high-rise. That right there that’s the problem.
    Otherwise it would run the risk of water entering back into the engine and
    blowing a cylinder from the rapid expansion of the water vapor. The next
    day we added oil and coolant and we hooked up a new battery and tried to
    start the engine for the first time. Robert created a custom high-rise for
    around 200 euro. The other option was to wait four weeks and spend over 300 euro
    to get one from Igor. We installed the high-rise and tested the engine while
    supplementing fresh water for the raw water cooling system. We used a temporary
    transparent exhaust tube to be certain that all the water was straining into
    the water log. Woo! Woo-hoo! I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing
    the old Yanmar out and instead gave it to Robert. We determined it was time to
    launch Arianrhod. After four and a half months of
    bleeding money and suffering stagnation we watched in amazement as Arianrhod
    was put back in the water. As soon as we were in the water we
    started the engine and checked for leaks. Alright, starting the motor for the first water test. Ready? Ready. Stop. Give it just a little bit of throttle, Tara. What? No, no, they asked if they can put away the…crane? The crane. And then, we’re good? Yes. Water don’t come in. We were then promptly shoo’ed off the dock before we
    were settled in. We were literally being pushed off the dock and told to go find
    a slip as it was raining and the wind was blowing around ten knots. They told us
    they needed the space immediately to lift another boat, which they lifted an
    hour and a half later. Once safely in our slip Robert helped us install our
    long-awaited Cubic Mini Wood Stove. We thanked Robert for his honesty, his hard
    work, and his flexibility and then we prepared to set sail. The period from September 2018 to January 2019 was one of the most
    stressful and by far the most expensive period of my life but that’s good
    because I learned a slew of invaluable lessons. Here are three of the
    many lessons learned from our nightmare haul out. Number 1: never let anybody
    hurry you especially if you have to pay them. Slow down. Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. That comes from the US Special Forces. Lesson Number 2: regular rest prevents
    downward spirals. Rest regularly or you will exhaust yourself and when you’re
    exhausted you will make a series of poor decisions that will begin momentum in a
    downward spiral. First, you have to halt that downward momentum before you can
    turn it around and create upward momentum. To prevent a downward spiral
    from happening in the first place regularly rest.
    Working yourself to death is not helpful for anyone. And lesson Number 3: always
    expect things to be more difficult and to take more time than you anticipate. In
    the Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu wrote something like this in Chapter 63: the sage
    expects everything to be difficult and therefore never encounters difficulty. This concludes Season One of SV Arianrhod. Season One was 13 episodes and took about
    ten months to create. It produced around a thousand dollars in revenue and costed
    over 50,000 dollars to create and that’s without me on payroll. If you enjoy these videos and would like to see more and would like to
    enable us to create more share the series with your friends. The best way to
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    support one dollar per episode all of it helps us be able to create
    more for you. Let’s Explore Life Together. And check out this crazy Floating Orb
    that we all live on and share and call home. Big Love. See you soon.

    What if a sailboat HITS A WHALE or a Whale Strikes a boat? (PC Sailing #53/ Tips from the Pros #3)
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    What if a sailboat HITS A WHALE or a Whale Strikes a boat? (PC Sailing #53/ Tips from the Pros #3)

    December 8, 2019

    hello I’m Patrick Childress this is
    third in the series tips from the pros and in just a minute we’ll get with Hank
    Schmitt from offshore passage opportunities and see how he dealt with
    his whale strike the whale strike that you saw at the beginning of this video
    happened to my wife Rebecca and I while we’re sailing on our sailboat Brickhouse
    off the coast of Madagascar fortunately it was a small whale and it was a
    glancing blow so I’m sure he went away and very well unharmed
    there have been sea survival stories though about whales sinking sailboats and
    two of those books happened in the Pacific west of Panama and those people
    had to take to the life raft and spent months drifting around on the ocean
    until they were rescued in one book definitely the whale was out to sink the
    boat the other situation it’s questionable so it’s rare it seems like
    but it does happen and whale strikes can be a problem the second time I’ve had a
    Whale strike was when I was delivering a swan 48 from Bermuda to Rhode Island and
    we were well out of the ocean deep water and into about 200 feet of water coming
    up on the banks off the coast of Rhode Island and that’s when on this pleasant
    day full main sail full jib were sailing along and all of a sudden the boat just
    sort of lurched forward as though the keel was digging into a mud Bank and we
    came to a stop sails were full you look over the side no water is moving past
    the boat that was the strangest thing and then all of a sudden the boat
    lurched again and the bow picked up and we started sailing and getting speed on
    one croute happened to be watching behind the boat and did see a whale come
    up and then disappear so these things do happen fortunately it isn’t always a
    catastrophe like that sea survival stories but it is something to be
    concerned about there is a possibility of maybe operating the stereo or running
    some kind of acoustics to let whales know that you’re coming you think that
    they have great senses but somehow sailboats do sneak up on them
    so let’s get with Hank and see how he dealt with his whale encounter hello I’m
    Hank Smith captain of the Swan 48 avocation we’re here in beautiful
    Huntington Long Island but six weeks ago coming back from Bermuda we were in
    between Bermuda closer to New Jersey and we actually had our first whale strike
    at night we knew it was a whale because when we did hit we did fall forward but
    it wasn’t like hitting a container or a log where you just stopped instantly and
    after we got up took a look at by the time we said what was that I just looked
    over my shoulder and there we saw the whale so of course whale strike first
    thing you want to do is check and make sure you’re not taking any water on
    checking keel vaults and through holes for your transducers so that’s something
    we’ll do in a few minutes another thing that you might want to do is also check
    underneath to see what the bottom looks like because as you’ll see we didn’t
    have any damage down below but you still want to go down below and check and see
    if there’s any damage to the keel or the forward part of the boat we were not
    worried we knew we weren’t sinking we also want to go in the water and take a
    look and while we’re doing that we’re also going to take a look at the bottom
    of the boat but first we’ll go below and take a look where the keel boats are and
    the transducers that you would want to take a look at first and we get on our
    trusty tool to get our access we want to check our keel pulse transducers to get
    anything out of the way on Salons we have the suction cup to open up the
    floorboards to our through bolts right here or bilge pump we would see any
    water that might be coming in from another compartment but as we can see of
    course it’s dry here so that’s very good keel is nice and secure so your bilge
    and your kill bolts right here you have access to the center of the boat your
    kill bolts of course is what you attach your keel to so if you did have any
    damage from hitting something you would see some cracking or some
    looseness hopefully not any water ingress but everything certainly super
    tight here no issues at all other places where you would look for ingress would
    be the transducers for both your depth sounder and your speedo because they
    protrude a little bit and certainly hitting a whale or any
    object could open up a place for water to come in and then after that it might
    be thruhulls that you check it well but the big thing is just to see if you
    have any water coming back from any part of the boat so then you can get an idea
    if water is coming in which direction after 250,000 miles we had our first
    whale strike eventually things catch up to you so it was very still so very cold
    up in New York so we waited till we returned to Bermuda to go ahead and
    check of course we were very wondering what things look like below so we’re
    gonna jump in the water and take a look and see see you at the bottom looks like Thank You Hank for all that great
    information the two books that I referred to at the beginning of this
    video are survive the savage sea which was published in 1973 about the
    Robertson family spending 38 days in a dinghy after their boat was sunk by a
    whale the other book is 117 days adrift about the ordeal of Maurice and Marilyn
    Bailey after their boat was sunk and that book was published in 1974 of
    course we have all seen whales that breach and accidentally come down on a
    sailboat but can that really be intentional but even a simple collision
    between a sailboat and a whale can certainly leave a boat very damaged
    especially if it knocks out the rudder it does seem though that there’s an
    increase of collisions between sailboats and whales and there’s two good possible
    reasons for this one is whale conservation and the increased numbers
    of whales but then too there is a big increase of cruising sailboats passing
    through whale territory so why don’t whales just get out of the way whether a
    ship or sailboat there is speculation that whales being the biggest thing in
    the ocean they grow up never having to change course for anything they just
    don’t know to move our collision with the young humpback whale at the
    beginning of this video is a very good example of that that whale could have
    easily avoided us but it chose not to that might have been a very good
    learning experience for that young whale that not all large rounded things in the
    ocean are as soft and friendly as mother that learning experience just might save
    its life one day one would think that a whale should hear the approach of a
    sailboat apparently it is a very noisy ocean down there and becoming more noisy
    with the increase of ships fishing boats and all sorts of surface craft but also
    military submarines maybe in some extremely noisy areas close to
    civilization the whale might not hear the vessel coming however it could be well
    worthwhile for a sail boat in whalel territory to create noise by playing the
    stereo which can be heard through the hull
    turn on the depth sounder especially one of the new Raymarine depth Sounders that
    uses a sweep of frequencies not just the standard 50 or 200 kilohertz or even
    turn on the engine a diesel engine is very noisy underwater when in whale
    territory it would be good to slow down in some whale feeding areas ships are
    restricted to a speed of no more than 10 knots many sail boats would be fortunate
    to go that fast but the slower the better to give whales and the sailboat
    more opportunity to avoid each other know before your sail if your boat will
    be in a whale traffic area subscribe to Whale alerts for your particular area
    unfortunately these are concentrated in the USA but ask Google for something like
    whale tracking in South Africa should give you some information to be aware of
    try to travel during the day so you can see whales on the surface better some
    whale species spend a lot of time at night resting on the surface finally as
    if that wasn’t bad enough in their migrations and search for food
    many whales spend much of their lives and precisely those waters that are the
    most dangerous for them often frequenting both commercial shipping
    lanes and recreational hotspots taking the same route that migrating cruisers
    follow so keep a good lookout make a lot of noise and try not to hit any whales
    if this video is worthwhile for you please give it a thumbs up and if you
    haven’t already click on the subscribe button that will be a big help and in
    the video description there is a link to the tip jar if you don’t mind helping
    out in that direction so thanks a lot for watching and we’ll see you soon you

    Political Ships of Theseus | The Party Switch
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    Political Ships of Theseus | The Party Switch

    December 7, 2019

    Everyone knows that the parties flipped during
    the Civil Rights movement. It’s common knowledge, I mean how did the
    country go from looking like this to looking like this? And until recently, it was common knowledge. But there’s been a push to dispel the “party
    switch myth” for… reasons. The myth of the Southern Strategy is just
    the Democrats’ excuse for losing the South and yet another way to smear Republicans with
    the label ‘racist’ – don’t buy it. This video is brought to you by Skillshare. So this is the situation we’re starting
    with, Democrats in blue, Republicans in red (1908-1920). This is what the country looked like at the
    end of Reconstruction, Republicans were dominant in the north and west and Democrats in the
    South. Lincoln was a Republican and the states which
    formed the Confederacy were mostly Democrats. So yes, it is true that when the KKK was formed,
    they supported the Democratic party. But to say that the Democrats started the
    KKK is a bit of a stretch, that’s like saying Republicans started Unite the Right… wasn’t
    the KKK part of that? During the era of Reconstruction, federal
    troops stationed in the South, helped secure rights for the newly freed slaves. Hundreds of black men were elected to southern
    state legislatures as Republicans. And 22 black Republicans served in the US
    Congress by 1900. It’s interesting that she stops the count
    in 1900, when Jim Crow was firmly in place, because from 1900 to 2018, there’ve only
    been eight, three of which are serving right now. There’s been 117 black Democrats, 47 right
    now. But during these elections, there were zero
    black congressmen – so what happened here, why is this one yellow? That was Teddy Roosevelt who was the first
    Republican to really break with the party. Lincoln and the other previous Republicans
    were very pro-business, railroad tycoons were a thing because of them. Roosevelt was not, he was very progressive. He passed anti-trust laws to break up monopolies,
    wanted to stop corporations from donating to political campaigns, and was very environmentally
    friendly. The Republican party wasn’t and in 1912
    Roosevelt said… My feeling is that the Democrats will probably
    win if they nominate a progressive. So when he lost the Republican nomination,
    he split off to form the Progressive Bull Moose party. Wilson won that election because of the Republican
    split. Both parties, then and now, subscribe to the
    economic philosophy of Liberalism – capital L – and more recently Neoliberalism, but
    the struggle between and within the two parties was over the government’s level of involvement
    in the economy. And that was really decided during the New
    Deal. FDR is president, the Great Depression has
    crashed the world economy, and the government decided to do something about it. FDR’s New Deal started several federal programs
    and borderline socialist economic policies. Many of his ideas were implemented in France,
    Germany, and Japan after the war, but he died before he could fully put them in place here. The New Deal caused a major political realignment,
    which is just the fancy term for party switch. Before this, there were fiscal conservatives
    and liberals in both parties, they were all over the spectrum. But now, if you believed in a conservative
    economic policy, you were Republican, and if you were more liberal, you were Democrat. Jim Crow was still very much in place, so
    very few black people who were allowed to vote, switched to the Democratic party because
    those economic policies benefitted them the most. But when it came to social issues, the parties
    were still very mixed. In 1948, Truman, a Democrat, desegregated
    the military and Hubert Humphrey gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention. The time is now arrived in America for the
    Democratic Party to get out of the shadow of states’ rights and walk forthrightly
    into the bright sunshine of human rights. The time is now arrived in America for the
    Democratic Party to get out of the shadow of states’ rights and walk forthrightly
    into the bright sunshine of human rights. This made southern Democrats so mad that they
    split off to form the States’ Rights Democratic party, more commonly known as the Dixiecrats,
    nominating Strom Thurmond for president. Keep an eye on him I think he becomes important
    later. The Dixiecrats later rejoined the rest of
    the Democrats, but still lost to Eisenhower in 1952. Won the states of Tennessee, Florida, and
    Virginia. And in 1956, he picked up Louisiana, Kentucky,
    and West Virginia too. You know, when she has it listed like that
    it sure looks compelling, but when you look at the maps, it tells a different story. This is the Solid South, the idea that they
    almost always vote together. Eisenhower, despite being a huge war hero
    was very much anti-big military, fearing what he called the Military Industrial Complex
    – corporations profiting from a perpetual state of war. The Founding Fathers were also against the
    idea, there are two amendments in the Bill of Rights addressing it. The Second Amendment created state militias,
    because they wanted that to be the country’s primary defense rather than a standing federal
    army. And then there’s the Third Amendment, the
    one everyone forgets, regarding quartering troops. Eisenhower was a Republican who was against
    having a big military, which was kind of the norm at the time, but he was also the general
    who defeated Hitler, so he was incredibly popular. These are the maps I want you to remember,
    because this is the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Technically, it started in 1954 when Brown
    v. Board of Education decided that separate was inherently not equal and ordered all public
    schools to be desegregated. Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
    happened a year later. In 1956, the Dixiecrats, headed by Strom Thurmond
    and Richard Russell wrote the Declaration of Constitutional Principles, more commonly
    known as the Southern Manifesto, declaring that Brown v. Board of Education was a clear
    abuse of judicial power, and that defending states’ rights should be the official platform
    of the Democratic party. Three southern Democrats refused to sign it,
    including LBJ and Al Gore’s dad. The Dixiecrats were part of the Democratic
    party, but if it helps, you can think of them like the Tea Party being part of the Republicans. Part of it, but an extreme wing of it. And while the parties were pretty solid in
    their economic ideas after the New Deal, they were still split on social issues – more
    often than not, the Dixiecrats teamed up with socially conservative Republicans and defeated
    over a hundred civil rights bills. In 1957, Eisenhower signed the Civil Rights
    Act of… 1957. There’s going to be a lot of these and they’re
    all named the same so, get used to it. This was the first major dismantling of Jim
    Crow, prior to this you could only serve on a jury if you were registered to vote and
    almost everyone registered to vote was white. So white perpetrators of lynchings tended
    to not get convicted while black people were almost always convicted of whatever they were
    accused. The new law made it so that federal jury selection
    was no longer tied to state voter rolls and set up several commissions on civil rights
    to investigate what future legislation might be necessary to ensure equal rights. Including voting. The Civil Rights Act of 1960, which outlawed
    poll taxes and other racist measures meant to keep blacks from voting-
    What?! No it didn’t! The 24th Amendment did that, it’s literally
    the only thing that amendment is about. Look, I don’t expect all of you to know
    what every civil rights law did, nor do I expect you to know all twenty-seven amendments. But you’re not a professor of Political
    Science attempting to teach people the “truth” about the civil rights movement. *Breath* The Civil Rights Act of 1960 made
    it a federal crime to not follow court orders, specifically in response to southern governors
    refusing to integrate schools. The 24th Amendment was proposed in 1962 and
    enacted in 1964. It abolished poll taxes, which meant you had
    to pay a dollar or two, which was big money back then, every time you wanted to vote. Every state in the South and about a dozen
    states in the north and west had some form of poll tax. No state in the Solid South ratified the amendment
    until after it was already in place. Even then, the amendment only applied to elections
    for federal office and it took yet another Supreme Court decision for it to apply to
    state and local elections as well. But let’s take a step back to 1960 when
    Kennedy was elected, what’s going on there in the south? JFK was socially liberal, he picked Lyndon
    Baines Johnson, a southern Democrat, as his running mate to try and secure the Solid South. But LBJ was socially liberal too. So when the election came, many southern electors
    protest-voted for Harry Byrd, a Dixiecrat who wasn’t even running. In 1963, two major events occurred, Martin
    Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and the assassination of JFK. He had been working on a landmark civil rights
    bill that LBJ continued to push for when he assumed the office. No memorial oration or eulogy could more eloquently
    honor President Kennedy’s memory than the earliest possible passage of the civil rights
    bill for which he fought so long. That bill became the Civil Rights Act of 1964,
    which outlawed racial discrimination in employment, businesses, public housing, state and municipal
    facilities, schools, and any program which received federal funding. This is also the event that most people mark
    as the moment the parties flipped, so let’s take a closer look. The only serious congressional opposition
    to the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 came from Democrats. 80% of Republicans in congress supported the
    bill, less than 70% of Democrats did. Democratic senators filibustered the bill
    for 75 days until Republicans mustered the few extra votes needed to break the logjam. Most of everything she said there is true
    or at least based in truth, but it doesn’t tell the entire story. This debate wasn’t between Democrats and
    Republicans, it was between the social conservatives and social liberals. Which for the most part meant the South versus
    everyone else. Most of the serious opposition to the bill
    came from Democrats, because most southern congressmen were Democrats. Southern Republicans who were part of the
    Conservative Coalition also opposed the bill and participated in the filibuster. Nobody ever seems to agree on how long the
    filibuster lasted, it really boils down to whether or not you count weekends when the
    Senate wasn’t in session. It was the longest filibuster in US history
    and lasted from March 30th to June 10th, which is 72 total days. The bill was finally voted on on June 19th,
    making it 81 days. So whether you count the weekends or the time
    after the filibuster was broken, you can end up with answers ranging from 60 to 80 days. Republicans didn’t break the filibuster…
    at least not alone. It was a combined effort from LBJ, Hubert
    Humphrey, and Republican Everett Dirkson, an event dramatized by the HBO movie All the
    Way, which I highly recommend. So how did the votes break down? If you do it by party, she is correct. 80% of Republicans in Congress voted for the
    final version of the bill, and only 64% of Democrats. But, when you divide the votes by region instead,
    you see a completely different story. We’re going to consider the South to be
    any state was part of the Confederacy. Northern and western states voted 90% in favor
    of the bill, while southern states only voted 7% in favor. But we can break this down even further. Democrats in the north and west voted in favor
    by 95%, while Republicans voted in favor 85%. And here’s where it gets interesting, if
    you were a Dixiecrat, that is, a Democrat from the South, there was only an 8% chance
    you voted in favor, and if you were a southern Republican? There was a 0% chance you voted in favor. This bill was not decided by Democrats versus
    Republicans, it was the South versus everyone else. So, here we are at the beginning of the civil
    rights movement and here we are in 1964. LBJ won the election but lost the south to
    Barry Goldwater, a Republican who voted against the Civil Rights Act. How did everything flip around? PragerU likes to paint the flip that didn’t
    happen as black people deciding to vote Democrat. The Democrats came up with a new strategy,
    if black people are going to vote, they might as well vote for Democrats. As President Lyndon Johnson was reported to
    have said about the Civil Rights Act, “I’ll have them n*****s voting Democrat for 200
    years. Forgetting for a moment that even Dinesh D’Souza
    says that black people switched to the Democrats during the New Deal, that is a pretty inflammatory
    statement. And do you know where it comes from? It’s not on tape, he didn’t say it in
    public. It’s comes from a 1993 interview with a
    flight attendant on Air Force One, who says he overheard LBJ say it 30 years earlier. That’s an ironclad, bulletproof source. So was the black vote really able to change
    the map this much? No, of course not. While 96% of them voted for LBJ, only 5.5
    million African Americans were able to vote in that election, which is a huge improvement
    over previous elections for sure, but not enough to sway the results. LBJ won by 15.6 million votes, while still
    losing the South. The Democratic party just lost the South for
    the rest of my lifetime… and maybe yours. That quote, often used by Democrats, is also
    very poorly sourced. Southern Democrats, angry with the Civil Rights
    Act of 1964, switched parties. Fact, of the 21 Democratic senators who opposed
    the Civil Rights Act, just one became a Republican. That one was Strom Thurmond, I told he’d
    be important. She leaves out the house, where two more switched,
    but that doesn’t matter. It wasn’t the politicians who changed, it
    was the people. While the South did overwhelmingly vote Republican
    for the first time in history, states like California and New York also switched. In 1965 the Voting Rights Act was put in place,
    which made it a federal crime to obstruct anyone’s ability to vote and also got rid
    of literacy tests, put in place by the Dixiecrats in order to stop black people from voting. You might be thinking that it makes sense
    that if you want to vote, you should know English… but that’s not what the literacy
    test was. Write down the Bill of Rights… all of them…
    from memory. In 1968, they passed the Ci… you know what,
    we’re going with the alternate name for this one – the Fair Housing Act. This made it so you couldn’t discriminate
    who you rented or sold houses to based on race. Just because these civil rights bills were
    passed, doesn’t mean we have racial equality everywhere, it’s not like all of the sudden,
    segregated cities became homogenous mixes. Just because the civil rights era is over,
    doesn’t mean we live in a meritocracy where everything is equal, we had, and still have,
    a long way to go. Myth #3, Since the implementation of the Southern
    Strategy, the Republicans have dominated the South. Fact, Richard Nixon, the man who is often
    credited with creating the Southern Strategy, lost the deep south in 1968. She makes a compelling argument, until you
    look at a map and realize he didn’t lose to the Democrats. The Dixiecrats, yet again, split off to form
    a third party. He was running against this guy in the South. And I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow,
    and segregation forever. Nixon still won that election and in 1972
    won the South. This is when the second political realignment
    occurred, when social conservatives shifted to the Republican party, and social liberals
    to the Democrats. Nixon employed the Southern Strategy to win
    over the social conservatives. And the thing is, PragerU and Dinesh D’Souza
    both say it happened. They just disagree with why it happened. Why does the South vote overwhelmingly Republican? Because the south itself has changed, it’s
    values have changed. The racism that once defined it doesn’t
    anymore. Hah! Ahem, sorry. In an article that might as well be titled
    “The Switch That Never Happened, Why the Switch Happened” Dinesh D’Souza writes… Nixon appealed to these Peripheral South voters
    not on the basis of race but rather on the basis of Republican policies of entrepreneurial
    capitalism and economic success. He just described the Southern Strategy. Not winning over white southerners by directly
    appealing to their racial hatred, but by using dogwhistle politics. According to Lee Atwater, a Republican strategist
    and later chairman of the Republican National Committee… Y’all don’t quote me on this. You start out in 1954 by saying, “N*****,
    n*****, n*****.” By 1968 you can’t say “n*****” — that hurts
    you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’
    rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re
    talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic
    things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites. You don’t say “Segregation now, segregation
    tomorrow” you say forced busing is an assault on our constitution and states’ rights. Most people will hear constitutional or economic
    argument and might even agree, but this guy just doesn’t want black kids in his school. Reagan was famous for using the term “welfare
    queens” – and despite the fact that plenty of white people are on welfare, we all picture
    the same thing. The Democrats did it too, the Clintons often
    used the term “urban violence” or “urban gangs” – they didn’t say it, but we’re
    all picturing it. The Southern Strategy is pretty well documented
    and even Dinesh D’Souza agrees that it happened, he just doesn’t agree that the policies
    were racial dogwhistles. And I’ve said this before, but that’s
    kind of the point of a dogwhistle, that you can deny that it’s a dogwhistle. We all agree that Nixon used “economic policies”
    to win over the South. In contrast, Democrat Jimmy Carter nearly
    swept the region in 1976, twelve years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Yet again, she’s leaving out pretty crucial
    facts. Nixon was the first president to resign in
    disgrace and left the Republican party in shambles, furthermore, Jimmy Carter was a
    southern Democrat. It’s extremely rare for someone to lose
    the region they’re from. But then Reagan was elected, a Democrat who
    switched to being a Republican in 1962. I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the
    Democratic party left me. He’s referring to the fact that the Democratic
    party moved left on social issues during the 60s, while the Republican party moved right. Which caused a major political realignment,
    or flip. In fact, almost everyone in Congress who ever
    switched parties, went from Democrat to Republican… there’s also a weird trend in where these
    people are from. But you also might notice that the majority
    of the politicians who did so, did so during the 80s and 90s. On average, those 20 seats didn’t go Republican
    for another two and a half decades. Republicans didn’t hold a majority of southern
    Congressional seats until 1994, 30 years after the Civil Rights Act. I like that she says on average there, because
    while some of them, like Al Gore’s dad were replaced immediately, others didn’t switch
    for 40 years or more, so when she averages them, she can make them all seem like they
    took decades. But there is a noticeable lag between how
    the South voted in presidential elections and how they voted congressionally and on
    the state and local level. And explaining that is something people devote
    their entire academic careers to. I guess that’s my cue– Hi everyone. My name’s Peter Licari. I’m a PhD student in Political Science,
    specializing in political behavior and psychology and the host of the Professor Politics YouTube
    channel. So after decades of research, Political Scientists
    have largely settled on a few different reasons for why this happened. These reasons include generational replacement
    and the Republican’s embrace of socially conservative positions. But they also include race. We know from decades of political science
    that the most stable and enduring political attribute people have, in the aggregate, is
    their Party ID– you know whether they identify more with Democrats or with Republicans. And their ID is also the most important predictor
    of how people are going to vote, largely for two reasons: First, people tend to vote for their in-group
    and will only rarely deviate from that when very pressing issues are on the table. And, Second, because people use it as a heuristic
    when voting for candidates that they otherwise know very little about. For White Southern Democrats in the 1960’s,
    race was absolutely one of those things. But, because Party ID is so stable, only a
    small percentage of them changed sides immediately, with those who did being younger and more
    politically active. They did, however, start voting Republican
    more frequently in national campaigns. State and local races, though, are low information
    environments. Think about it, do you know who your state
    rep is? Your agricultural commissioner? Who your mayor is? Do you even have a mayor as opposed to a city
    council? So these Democrats would use their party ID
    as a heuristic, giving the Democratic party a boost on the local level. At the same time Republicans were accelerating
    a push to the right, socially, as that they had been doing since the 1950’s. In the 1970s, a number of other polarizing
    social issues came to the fore including abortion. These joined race under the umbrella term
    of “states’ rights”– a platform championed by the GOP promising social conservatives
    a way to maintain the status quo on several social issues. Including, as mentioned earlier, racial segregation. At least at its inception. By the 1980’s the Republican party itself
    no longer considered segregation a legitimate states’ rights issue but they continued
    to use the label for other issues. This continuation meant that the term would
    appeal to ordinary social conservatives who found racism appalling while also appealing
    to those who remember the racial connotation originally attached to the term. Now while all this is happening, you have
    millions of people coming of age in the South growing up socially and religiously conservative. But unlike their parents and grandparents,
    they didn’t have an attachment to the Democratic party label. They started identifying with the party that
    was closer on their positions. Which was now unquestionably the Republicans. And when their conservative Democratic parents
    and grandparents started passing away, they became an increasingly powerful voting bloc
    in the south. And just as their parents would vote Democrat
    on low-valence races, they would start voting Republican. And local/state level politicians as well
    as party activists responded to the pressures of this shift, fielding the more conservative
    candidates under the GOP label. Now it’s important to note that scholars are
    still debating over the relative import of these and other mechanisms. But what is clear is that the South flipped
    Party IDs, at least on the social dimension, and that one of the primary catalysts was
    race — even if it took time for it to be felt in the electorate. Nobody, whether it’s me, Professor Politics,
    PragerU, or Dinesh D’Souza denies that the South went from voting like this to voting
    like this. And it’s pretty clear that something happened
    in the 60s and 70s to cause that. Did the Republicans and Democrats completely
    abandon their platforms and switch? No, but they did swap several planks both
    within their party and across parties during a few key realignments. The Ship of Theseus is a thought experiment
    where you take a boat and swap out planks until you have an entirely new boat, at what
    point did it cease to be the original boat? Now imagine you have two boats, swapping planks
    between them. Teddy Roosevelt wanted the government to be
    anti-big business and pro-environment, Nixon was the one who created the Environmental
    Protection Agency. But in the last presidential election, every
    major Republican candidate wanted to abolish the EPA. The Democrats adopted states’ rights as
    their platform with the Southern Manifesto, but Republicans are the states’ rights party
    today. Eisenhower was against a large standing federal
    army, while Trump is… I am the most military-based and the most
    militaristic person on your show. The KKK was founded to support Democrats and
    the Democrats put many Jim Crow laws in place that denied minorities the right to vote. But who does the KKK overwhelmingly support
    today? And which party is pushing for voting policies
    that disproportionately affect minorities? But you might thinking “all that’s in
    the past, what have Republicans done for women and blacks lately?” The answer you’d hear from professors, journalists,
    and celebrities is “not much” – and this time they’d be right. Prager University is not a real university,
    it’s a far-right conservative youtube channel that tells people what they want to hear. Like that climate change isn’t real or that
    if JFK were alive today, he’d be a Republican – but yeah, the switch didn’t happen. If you want to be told new things by a place
    that doesn’t falsely claim it’s a university, you should go to Skillshare is an online learning community
    with classes taught by experts in their field. Learn how to control people and build up your
    political base by brushing up on your Machiavelli. Maybe you can make up a new Southern Strategy. Learn how to make political cartoons to annoy
    conservatives or learn how to write persuasive articles to crush the libs. Or you can choose from 20,000 other classes
    to hone whatever skills you think will increase your viability in the free marketplace of
    ideas. So head over to and
    get 2 months of unlimited access to all of Skillshare’s courses for free, and you’ll
    be supporting the channel when you do. When people argue for or against the party
    switch, what they’re really arguing over is which party is the most racist. Neither of them are openly racist anymore. It’s the policies that either hurt or help
    minorities, like welfare, or immigration, or equal access to education and employment
    that are different. Nobody denies that the parties and people
    switched over certain issues, it’s why that’s up for debate. I’m not going tell you which party is more
    racist or whether their policies are dogwhistles, you have to decide that for yourself, because
    now, you know better. I’d like to thank ProfessorPolitics for
    helping me with this video, check out his channel in the card or down below. I’d also like to give a shout out to my
    newest legendary patron, Matt. If you’d like your name added to this ever
    growing list, head over to In the mean time don’t forget to realign
    that subscribe button, follow me on twitter and facebook, and join us on the subreddit.


    How do you dump trash on a sailboat? Sailing Q&A 18

    December 7, 2019

    Hello and welcome to your questions, in
    which we take one of your questions and we answer it for about five minutes or so.
    And I think this one is going to divide the audience. And I think having had a
    quick discussion with Liz about this it’s going to divide us as well! So
    the question is, and we get asked this quite a lot, is what do we do with our
    rubbish whilst we live on our boat? It’s a big question because of course it does
    open up lots of discussions about the environment and rubbish disposal and so
    on. I guess we should start with just describing what we do. Basically
    anything that you can eat, and anything that’s organic goes over, and it goes over whether we’re at anchor or in the middle of the
    ocean. So if it’s completely biodegradable basically if it’s biological, it goes over
    the side. A couple of months ago we did a video which we entitled “Living
    like Robinson Crusoe” and in that video we went on to show how we picked up rubbish.
    And it opened up a huge debate about what we should be doing with this
    rubbish. A lot of people suggested that we can burn the rubbish. I think the
    the point to make is that the rubbish we picked up was all
    plastic. It was plastic specifically that we picked up. Having said that, people
    are suggesting that you can burn plastic. Now when we came to Tioman, which is
    where we are now, we came via a little island called Tinggi and we had four or
    five bags of rubbish, and it wouldn’t have been fair to have taken
    that rubbish ashore there, because it has a population of about 1,500 people… so
    what would they do with it? They’d probably burn it. In Tioman we were happy to see
    that they have recycle bins with little signs that say “recycle your rubbish”, and
    you can divide up your tin cans and your plastic bottles. The only thing is
    that every night as we sit here in anchor we can smell burning plastic. It’s all
    burning ashore. And, of course, probably most of you know that burning plastic
    releases dioxins into the atmosphere. Carcinogens, toxins… yeah they can be
    extremely harmful to ourselves and to the environment and
    to the atmosphere. And I mean even the the professionals out there are divided
    about whether it is actually effective to incinerate. so the argument is that if
    you incinerate at high enough temperatures, and you filter the smoke
    that comes out of the incinerator, then you control those dioxins. But some
    people aren’t necessarily in agreement with that either. So you know, should we
    be burning plastic when we go ashore to help the Islanders not have to do it for
    us? Because that essentially seems to be what happens. We carefully package
    it all up give, it to them to be recycled and it gets burnt anyway! And that’s
    actually getting us nowhere at all. We know of a lot of yachties, and we’ll
    admit that we did it ourselves, a lot of yachties will throw tin cans over the
    side. Now aluminium beer cans, there’s a
    special way that if you rip it and you throw it in the water in such a way, it’s
    guaranteed to sink. So a lot of yachties do this. And I know we used to do it as
    well… then we got told off didn’t we? We got told off! There’s a couple of
    reasons for that. The first thing is that aluminium cans are actually lined with a
    plastic, to not only hold in the ink on the outside and the labeling, but also
    inside it actually acts as a kind of preservative. That obviously takes a
    while to break down. Do you know how long it takes it an aluminium can to break down? I
    don’t know, tell me Jamie! 200 years. For a… an aluminium can. A
    tin can is 50 years. Okay, so when we’re talking tin can we mean a tin can that
    you keep your peas and your baked beans in. Yes. All right, but the drinking
    cans for Coca Cola, Fanta and all that crap, they’ve got plastic in them?
    So what we were arguing about just now was… While I agree with you on the plastic
    coated soda cans: Yeah they should go. But the tin cans that we
    keep our vegetables in, I don’t have a problem with throwing those over when
    we’re quite a way out, when you’ve got a mile of sea beneath you. Hey, isn’t that
    just kind of again the whole out-of-sight out-of-mind thing? You know,
    it’s not my problem if I dump it over the side and it sinks to the bottom a
    mile in the ocean. If it was carcinogenic, if it had toxins, if someone would
    tell me that by doing that I’m actually releasing toxins into the water which
    are gonna hurt the animals, then I would rethink it. I haven’t found that
    information anywhere, but as far as I understand you’re just putting tin back
    into the earth. And my biggest, the BIGGEST thing that pisses me off
    generally about recycling and generally getting rid of rubbish, is that this
    earth is 7/10 ocean. Only 30% of the earth is covered in land, so why do we
    think that it’s OK to shove everything on the land in landfills, or
    whatever it is we do with it, and the other 70% is is so pristine we mustn’t
    put even one tin can in it. For me, a tin can in the middle of a very deep ocean
    if it’s not causing any harm is no worse than putting it in a landfill. OK, yeah I
    get your argument. I I think at this point I’m just going to put a little
    overlay over this discussion now, and show you some photographs of aluminium
    beer cans that have collected. Now I assume this is in shallow water, so these
    are in anchorages. So you can imagine an anchorage with a whole load of boats , they
    were all having a party and they chucked their tin cans over the side. And you
    shouldn’t do that. Definitely you shouldn’t put anything in the harbour or
    where you’re anchored, nothing except for foodstuffs. Nothing else goes in there
    because it will just rest there. When you’ve got a mile of ocean beneath you,
    okay well it will rest at the bottom but it will gradually disintegrate and it
    will eventually go to back to tin into its elements. As long as it
    doesn’t cause harm to the animals… and I do know that some environmentalists say
    that some things, for instance glass or things that are not not harmful, will act
    as little homes for some great sea creatures. So you know I think we’ve got
    to be very careful about what we do and we don’t throw over the side, and what we
    do and don’t put in the earth, it’s the same thing. Glass is an interesting one, because we attempted to smash the glass on the bow of the boat to break it up. It’s a
    bit dangerous though because you get glass splinters all over the deck. So do
    you then just fill up the glass from the tap, fill it up and throw it over the
    side for it to sink to the bottom? I haven’t got a problem with glass going into the ocean,
    again it needs to be a way out, because when I was little I used to collect the
    glass, the bits of glass that used to end up on the beach and have been rolled
    in the surf. They’ve got that gorgeous lovely texture, all rounded and pretty, and lots
    of different colors. We used to get them all over the beaches in the UK, you just
    don’t see little bits of glass anymore. And that’s because we’re all using…
    PLASTIC! Did you know, glass though, they can’t actually even decide how long
    it takes to break down when it’s smashed up. Of course it gets ground down, but a
    whole glass bottle if it were to sink to the bottom of the ocean takes so long
    to decompose they actually don’t know how long it takes. Some people reckon it
    takes a million years. But why is that a problem though?
    Look at a glass bottle that’s not producing any kind of dioxins, it’s
    perhaps giving a few sea creatures a home, perhaps it’s going in a little bit
    shallower and helping to form part of the coral…
    Isn’t glass made from sand in the first place? Here’s some other interesting
    facts, just on decomposition: so cigarette butts between one to five
    years; tin cans 50 years; aluminum cans 200 years; plastic beverage holders, now
    these things are evil, these things, you know they’re when you get a six-pack
    of beer, they take 400 years. 400 years to
    decompose! Now plastic does decompose in the water, let’s get
    our facts right, it will decompose, but if it takes 400 years to decompose that
    thing’s floating around in the ocean and we’ve all seen photographs of turtles
    and dolphins and marine animals that either swallow these things or they
    get caught up in them. It’s all coming back to plastic. Yeah, it all comes back
    to plastic. And the problem with this bloody planet, and the human beings on it,
    is that we seem to love plastic. And the manufacturers can’t stop making
    plastic CRAP. There’s too much plastic on it. Just stop making plastic now, just
    stop it. When I grew up, your milk came in a milk bottle, and it was delivered and
    then the next day the bloke would come back (the milkman), he’d take the bottle
    away, wash it out, and then bring it back again. Actually we do see that, we have
    seen that. In places like Turkey you could recycle your beer bottles, and in
    here they do a lot of that kind of recycling as well. You used to get a penny
    back didn’t you, when you took your bottles back to the shop. This
    is all very well, but this doesn’t help us. As yachties, what do we do? I
    think the only thing that we can do as yachties is to try and minimize the
    amount of plastic that we buy in the first place. Absolutely. And that’s
    from going to the supermarket and taking your hessian, recycled shopping bags – trying to avoid… and of course the other thing when you go
    into shop, and they immediately put all your gear in plastic bags. In the UK now
    I think they’re obliged to ask whether you want plastic bags, and they charge
    you for bags. They don’t do that in some of these countries, so it’s up to you as
    the person buying this gear to take… yeah, take your shopping
    bag with you. That is all we can do… We can do better, I mean only today I was
    desperately thirsty and I bought a plastic bottle full of water, so that
    will go into the rubbish, and it’ll go onto the island to possibly get burnt tonight.
    So really places like Lipe in Thailand, they provide you with a
    stainless steel container and they have little spots all around the island where
    you can just fill up with water. They’re trying to stop plastic bottles
    and it’s great. There are lots of initiatives around the world, there’s no
    point in getting too upset because there are loads of initiatives. We should just
    mention that Liz is talking about TRASH HEROES, and this is a nonprofit
    organization set up by both tourists and the local people on Koh Lipe. And they
    now have lots and lots of different factions around, not just Thailand, but in
    Malaysia and Indonesia as well, and these guys are doing a great job. The sad thing
    is is that it’s from the bottom, it’s done from the bottom up, you know. There’s
    no government incentive. It seems as if there is no government incentive from
    the top down to incentivize people to not buy plastic. So there we go.
    Interesting discussion. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Don’t
    forget to hit that subscribe button, and if you think this is an interesting
    discussion then please do share it across your social media. Yes, please do
    let’s generate a whole load of thinking on this subject, and let’s do it on
    Facebook and Instagram… We do all of those, so chuck it on there let’s get it out
    there. Let’s see what people have to say. In the meantime… Peace, and fair winds.

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    December 7, 2019

    Hey, what’s up guys nickatnyte here. Thanks for joining me [for] this turtle party on the beach We’ve got six turtles over there one stray one over there And now we’re going to attempt to jump a crab over the turtle ready ready. [oh] He touched his butt a little bit. Okay. He jumped up a little bit We can’t get it done right now But I’m about to go full boost and we’re gonna be taking on [gearheart] And then doing an epic oh don’t double boost and then doing an epic operation attack my team thinks were pretty confident about this Operation that we’re taking on right now So they want me to go wild with scorchers smoked to the core, and just burn it down, hey, camera We need some better lighting in here there we go um [today’s] our last day in La for the E3 trip big thanks to Romeo for bringing us on for that. I did a blizzard studio tour yesterday That was epic. [oh] my gosh, the turtles are multiplying now. There’s still seven this crab is still just wandering around, stop I’m gonna stop all the turtles real quick. Oop oop oop okay, so I? Think there’s going to be a reduction in turtles next update I don’t know if that was discussed on the boom Beach reddit But uh don’t [uh] if you’d if it wasn’t dude in here it for me, okay. Let’s go um. What was going on? Okay, cool If I’m just talking about the operation we’re taking out let’s get these warriors built and start attacking [gearheart], and now that we’re full boost. This is Gonna be pretty wild [so] I’m gonna start off this one pretty standard here I have 200 Gunboat energy, and I think all I have to do is get to the core with uh How much was that, I think it’s about 85 if I can get to the core with that. I will be good to uh Throw five shock bombs And that should get my warriors clear of everything let’s run from I guess just [this] side over [here] So I’ll drop three smoke on the beach The snowy Beach as it is is still a beach and now we’re going to move up towards the core I was actually not planning on going from this side, but then looking at it. It kind of makes more sense It seems like it’s more Shorter route, but it will take more flares the other way would have only taken one flare Let’s move from the shock launcher over to the HQ and flip to smoke don’t mess up and throw Critters nick here We go smoke is down Next we’re going to heal up the warriors that lost some health on the way there And I’ve got 112 which is a lot more than 85, so hopefully if we do this, right? We could shock everything that needs a shock, so I’m gonna throw right there [a] good amount of things and then a couple critters So I’ve got pretty much everything shocked right now warriors are going Ham on that HQ? I’m going to go ahead and throw an artillery shell right into the center of it all and let’s just watch this unfold here and See what happened. This [is] only one attack really ripping up [gearheart] at full boost, so I think we only need one more guys How can we do it? How about we try all right? I’ll get I’ll get cocky a little bit here I’m Gonna go to all scorchers And if that beats it, it beats it, if it doesn’t all flip back to [warriors] and we’ll have to clutch it with warriors But it’ll be pretty funny if we could use scorchers with this much gunboat energy and get the job done, and if we get it with done with scorchers then [I] have to call the video scorchers question mark We’ll see you’ll see all right. I’m attacking with all scorchers max boost against the gear hearts war base So the only thing I really am going to avoid is The shock launchers, how we going to get there though all right? Let’s bring them over here [and] drop them all real quick Then I’m Gonna throw some smoke I guess Smoke them up And let’s see what we can do here. [so] let’s see where they all park up So they’re walking over towards the shock launcher get in that smoke Jameson, okay, Jameson’s in there, and now I’m gonna Smoke them over to the HQ so crazy never done that before I’m just gonna save a shock bomb now for these shock launchers and let them just try to do their thing so shock the shock Launchers [the] [rest] can just go for it. There are some crazy doom cannons Will it be enough? I’m going to shock the doom cannon right and back and the shock launchers once again scorcher is exploding and oh Man, it’s going to be a close one here I’ve got a couple scorchers left the doom cannons – [Opie] can the scorcher blow it up with all Didn’t blow it up [ok] that’s [ok] that war base has zero health I Give my hats off or I tip my hat to the scorchers for that one that was awesome They left it with literally tens of health like maybe hundreds but I’m just gonna throw [some] hyper barrage and go absolutely nuts on that barrage button right there and Destroy Gear Hearts War base That is a sight to see right there and we are cruising along And now it’s time to have some fun on assembly with these scorchers since we have this boost going we don’t want to put it to waste All right, let’s go. Thank you [gearheart]. That was awesome That’s probably the only person in the world or I’m probably only person in the world who’s going to be beating [gearheart] with warriors then? Scorchers then hyper barrage today. I mean, I don’t know maybe somebody else well, so we’ve got the scorchers Bill We’re still max boost and let’s go to assembly They want me to have some fun here and now in this base here I can either throw a lot of smoke and go up this left side or I can go more flares less smoke let them take [some] hits and go up the right side if you look at this base, though There’s a shock launcher that can hit you up to here with his flamethrowers [there’s] [a] shock launcher here that can hit you up to where the [flamethrower] is so if I could park my guys right where these? [rockets] are they could have a free shot at the HQ and burn it down? It’s a real real tough one, but we’re [just] going to go for it Why not yellow this one out, and we’ll just see how it goes So I’ll throw the flare first then I’ll park them all up on the beach And there’s nothing that should be able to hit me until we get to this corner Hopefully they turn right a little bit and get out of those machine guns rage, [okay]? We’ve got [104] gun, but still Let’s go to that Corner over there perfect Try to avoid the machine gun as much as possible. We’re just going to have to take some rocket fire here and As we continue moving on up, we’ll see how this pans out Let’s just go straight over these defenses now And I’ll go ahead and throw two smokes to hopefully cover them from the can oh no one doesn’t take the right route One more smoke right here, and that should cover them from that [whole] [canon] okay now We’re at 88 and we’ve just got to get around the boom cannons Which is probably going to be impossible, but we’re gonna try it [anyway], so we’re going Around the boom cannons, and I’m gonna first throw a shock bomb look at there are placed on top of each other What I’ve never seen that before that’s crazy [so] the boom cans. Oh wait shock launchers my bad. I forgot about those Smoke them back smoke them back here we go smoke them around Smoke them up here. I Still have 58 so let’s get them really really all the way back there, and then we’ll see what we can do So I have not lost any and we’re still going. This is pretty insane this is very insane actually I want everybody on that rocket launcher go get in there ignore those flamethrowers and You guys are gonna. Have a lot of work to do here [so] all scorchers I can’t see the health on the flamethrower. So I have no idea but once that goes down. I want everybody over there and then I’m going to Let’s shock the shock launchers because they’re being annoying and I need enough for a flare know I should have flared to the rocket. They’re going crazy They’re going absolutely crazy right now They’re gonna walk into death so flaring them next to the rocket and not on the rocket was the death of this attack But they’re still gonna have some fun We took out two rockets already if we were able to take out Just one more I could have put them up where I wanted them But they’re doing some madness having a fiery blast of a good time over here, and I guess let’s just well They’re gonna run their course it was pretty good though. I can’t say I’m upset with that at all Scorchers are about to go down I’ll go ahead and throw my last artillery shell into the rocket launcher in the back And that was quite a fun attack right there zero seconds left Assembly is it’s showing some signs of weakness with two Force points gained, so a pretty fun attack I’m gonna go ahead and build those up and have some more fun with them after this video Hope you guys enjoyed the video on gear heart and operation attacks having fun with maxed-out scorchers with maxed out boost [I’ll] see you guys in the next one [and] as always everything boom beach You know what to do because you already do in a keep it tuned [right] here. I’m nikki [nine] I’ll talk to you guys in the next episode

    Kevin Nash and Alan Blair Carp Fishing JURASSIC CARP in La Gomera – Nash 2014 Carp Fishing DVD Movie
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    Kevin Nash and Alan Blair Carp Fishing JURASSIC CARP in La Gomera – Nash 2014 Carp Fishing DVD Movie

    December 7, 2019

    Fishing La Gomera was an experience I will never forget It was like stepping back in time and the carp they looked prehistoric A couple of years ago I visited Gran Canaria for a holiday and met a guy called Dave Beecham I got on extremely well with Dave and his wife Alison and a year later Nashy visited them They talked carp and knew a lot of the same people One thing led to another and they both reminisced about a story of a lake they had once been told about Dave ended up hunting the lake down and with a couple of friends that lived on Tenerife Ian and John they began to fish it With results almost immediately and fish landed to over 60lb it wasn’t long before Kevin and I jumped on a plane With the Scopes in a tube and a bag full of bait and tackle we headed over to Tenerife We met the lads After a short ferry ride through the mist we ended up on an island called La Gomera Jurassic Carp Diverse isn’t it Alan? Different yeah The lake was situated at the top of a mountain with a remote village using the water as their source of survival We knew the lake contained these prehistoric carp certainly almost unfished for in a home that consisted of bottomless depths and an underwater village for snags An environment just perfect for carp to grow to very large proportions You can get down there there’s an area off to your right They will head right down to that end tonight on the far side Thats where I lost those two fish from over there There are your two palm trees They were about four feet underwater Just to the right of that you can see the marker in the water The first night saw us sleeping by the water’s edge just to try and get in tune with the place and although we were both tired we found it easy to sit up until the early hours listening chatting formulating a plan and occasionally hearing a thud through the silence as something out there leapt from the depths DAY 1 Morning came round quickly and we eagerly loaded the boat and set off in search of the best vantage point covering the maximum amount of water Well Kev’s gone for a shower we spent the night in here last night really just to get a good vantage point We’ve seen one fish this morning but we’ve decided to move a little bit further down here It looks lovely and is a much better vantage point You can see right round into that back bay I’m going to get this boat over there and go and have a shower then we have got the rest of the day to get our rods positioned nicely We pitched up on what we believe was once a small mechanics yard or a very basic garage and as we fumbled to get our brollies stable in the rocky substrate we pushed our banksticks into the ground realising it was safe to say no-one had ever fished here before DAY 2 As the day wore on Kev tactfully analysed the water in front of him and how his assault would follow I however began to get restless and needed to go and explore Carp are carp and I did what I knew best Went and found some Compadre Huge Not normal Do you want to come in for the picture? Say cheese Thats a good picture that The whole time we were at the water I never saw a soul until that moment I netted my first fish They were really happy to see that fish They had grown up on this island and reassured us that no-one other than Dave and Ian and John had ever even fished this place for carp The bass yes but the carp were almost mythical and like we used to believe uncatchable They explained that the fish I had though was nothing other than a baby What do you want me to do now? Just leave it mate its running There it is first fish I’ve just been up for a shower in the beautiful little apartment on the hillside and as I walked past I saw a few fish sitting in the weed I couldn’t resist just lowering a bait on their heads Real simple I grabbed a pop-up and a hook off Dave tied it on the line and lowered it on his head and he’s hungry he came straight up and nailed it Certainly a small one in comparison to the photos that Dave and Ian and John have shown me but we are off the mark There she goes Adios! So we are just approaching this secondary part of the dam now There is a very large bank of weed up here and I have found what is almost a tunnel going through it I have positioned baits at both the entrance and the exit I’m actually using some large floats to keep most of my line out of the water and I’m going to try and show you these now Basically they are keeping the line away from the snags There it is there so I have got my lead coming up to that and then the line runs all the way back to the bank A great way of fishing that prevents you from getting caught in all those obstacles down there Later that day I found another group of carp and after slowly drifting in and out of bays and along inaccessible margins I was actually skipping heartbeats when I finally began setting up a rod I began getting fish feeding with large chunks of bread What happened mate? Don’t Kev I’ve gone to check my spots Two up by the dam and further round by the birds Nothing has been touched same as yours they haven’t got down on the grub yet I’ve basically done a full lap of the lake and I’ve come down this long bank here and I’ve seen two fish I came back here saw you and grabbed a rod hook and some bread My take anywhere rig slow sinking bread I went back over there and they were still swimming around on this ledge What sort of size were these fish? I don’t want to talk about it Massive mate colossal Collosal I parked the boat up Safe to say they were doubles then? You know when you just want to cry? I parked the boat up…its inaccessible we can’t fish along there its covered in brambles Yeah parked the boat up and very gently waded down towards where they were I’ve made a long cast towards them with a bit of bread with the water clarity you can see everything First cast nothing and I’ve retrieved it Second cast the bigger fish of the two has taken it straight in without any thought I’ve hit it and its dropped off the ledge and just dived and dived and dived and dived I’ve got it on How long for? Probably 30 to 45 seconds Long enough Never got anything on it and its just cut me off Sorry mate I think there are some really big fish in here Kev So do I I’ll get the baby oil out and soothe you Don’t don’t You have got to lose some haven’t you I didn’t want to lose that one though Cheer up mate I’ll get you an ice cream Can I get a flake in it please? Kev and I had found a group of fish that seemed very content in one particular corner Kev was fishing his rods long over to another area full of submerged houses and this allowed me to reposition my rods in that corner Nothing other than my bed, rods and boat pointing in the direction of the fish In the middle of the night the carp started hunting the bass fry and all hell broke loose in front of where we were fishing Literally feet from where I lay there were carp smashing through the snags hunting their natural food larder For hours we sat listening to this watching in awe of this amazing spectacle It was a memory that will stay with us forever Needless to say we both blanked that night but it was a very special moment As weird as it sounds they never knew we were there but we were so close Day 3 Its the party bus Kev I don’t know if you can hear the music in the background I think its a car touring round Probably local elections or something Such a mad place What is it 10 in the morning on the third morning Second night with the rods out This time yesterday I was in my shorts and it was probably 27 or 28 degrees This morning quite frankly I’m not too warm As you can see I’m clothed in my hoody and my old Force 10 suit I’m not too happy either Yesterday evening Alan lost a big one stalked on floating crust He went to bed I think its true to say he was upset probably because he saw the size of the fish he lost I felt for him Then at 2 this morning there was an amazing sight as the fish moved into these snags on this point we are fishing I can only describe it like pods of whales There really are some seriously freaky big fish in this place Im beginning to think this lake is a freak of nature They were there for three or four hours crashing around I think they were herding up prey fish and pushing them into a group above my baits before smashing them and eating them But whatever four hours later I had a take That shot straight into a snag and cut me off as well So the fish are winning at the moment Am I peed off of course I am but with this sort of fishing you have to keep your spirits up and keep at it and hope that one is going to go right for you A few words about bait that might be of interest to you Back in the late 80’s when I first came to the Canaries with Dave Plummer We brought 20 kilos of the old faithful Scopex boilies and a few cans of sweetcorn It was apparent from the beginning that all the takes were coming to the sweetcorn In fact we bought the island out of sweetcorn and spent £180 searching every supermarket vainly for sweetcorn I absolutely believe it is the most instant carp bait We also now put pellet in there There is not a fish anywhere in the world that doesn’t love fishmeal pellet It breaks down nicely as well Kev and creates a groundbait and again the Scopex boilies are a yellowy orange colour so they are hitting on that visual approach For sure that is an ultimate visual mix oranges and yellows and the darkness of the Halibut pellet I’m sure other flavours would work as well its just that it is a good one All I will say to anglers if you are fishing unfished waters like this Forget your frozen baits forget your English baits Its all about leaking out the flavour and bright visual baits thats why readymades work better than frozen baits Its about massive attraction of both colour and flavour There we are thats base camp There is me through there in those snags As we move round a bit just there is where I hooked and lost the fish both the fish actually That is the start of the dam wall this is obviously the deepest part of the lake We come to a second concrete wall I’ve had baits over there that have been in the water for 36 to 48 hours This is Danny the duck Kev named him a couple of days ago and decided to start feeding him and now everywhere we go he follows us There are a lot of ducks on this lake but this is the only tame one Didn’t you Kev? Eh? Got him following us everywhere Yeah our tame duck Day 4 You haven’t weighed it yet then? Well I’ve finally managed to land a better fish Had a quiet night last night Kev and myself were getting up every hour and listening for fish but it was very quiet and then at about 8 this morning I have caught this prehistoric creature and it really is a special fish 37 and a half Thank you They go to twice that size in here mate Dave I’m not kidding when I was playing it in the boat I saw one twice as big Definitely no question I saw a fish yesterday with Kev that was easily twice as big as this That is a warrior That is a beauty mate There it is I am so chuffed An amazing fish from a truly amazing place Well I think its safe to say we are fishing a spot that no man has every fished before and its also safe to say this is a carp that has never been on the bank before Are you sure its a carp I think its some mutation look at the pecs on it It is so special Amazing creature Amazing Pan down its body Dave Look at those fins look at that tail What a carp! Day 5 Finally I’ve got my first La Gomera carp An absolutely prehistoric dinosaur and I’m humbled to be in its presence Its been in a sack so I don’t know how she’s going to be I’m struggling for those that don’t know I broke my arm in the winter but happily she is being a baby What a fish Oh my god like I said I am humbled to have caught it and be holding it On a greedy pig sweetcorn rig from the same spot that I lost the other one and then my other rod went off an hour later and I lost that one I’m a bit sad about that but like I said At least finally I’ve got one Ha ha yes! Well its our last night here Its been quite possibly one of my best carp fishing trips ever Yeah I’ve only had two fish and lost three but just being out here you can hear the frogs Spending a week away with Kev somewhere really special Special environment special fish a real special place What fishing is all about to me Day 6 The sun is just breaking over the mountain and how welcome is that Yesterday it was freezing with a sharp Easterly wind coming off the sea we had rain we had sea mist Sometimes we couldn’t see ten feet in front of us This place is bizarre it certainly gets all the weather thats for sure Last night was our final night and we were so full of expectation We have learnt a lot this week We put the baits on spots where we saw carp in the vicinity or caught from and I don’t think either of us slept last night waiting for one to rip off Unfortunately none of them ripped off I guess thats carp fishing Just when you think you have really got it right the carp gods decide that you haven’t I’m sad to say goodbye I really want to come back but then there are other lakes to explore where no man has been before Who knows