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    Aquarius Boat tour – AMEL Super Maramu 2000 / Sailing Aquarius #21
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    Aquarius Boat tour – AMEL Super Maramu 2000 / Sailing Aquarius #21

    January 19, 2020

    Hello! I’m captain Ken and I’ll be your
    tour guide today Aquarius is an AMEL Super Maramu 2000 She is 53 foot long with a 15 foot beam Her main mast stands 60 feet and she draws about 6.5 feet She’s a ketch rig sailing vessel built in La Rochelle, France in 1999 About 490 Super Maramu’s were built between 1989 and 2005 And the hulls remain virtually identical
    throughout the production Aquarius is hull number 262. The millennium edition or Super Maramu 2000 was first built in 1998 Though there were some minor upgrades and features all Super Maramu’s most look almost identical In 2000 the Super Maramu 2000 was voted best boat of the Year by Cruising World AMEL has produced some of the finest sailing vessels and each year a high number of
    AMEL’s complete a circumnavigation In 1999 Aquarius then “Aquarius 4” completed her first circumnavigation with the original owners Jemp and Lony Their journey is well documented in a book written by Jean Pierre Frederick (Jemp) The book has detailed history about all destinations and hundreds of fabulous photos So if you speak German you should pick up a copy One of the coolest things about owning an Amel Super Maramu is you’re part of the community Some people call it the AMEL cult and maybe it is to a degree That said, if you have a problem
    with an AMEL you have a fairly large community to back you up in your time of need So come on aboard Zivile and I would
    like to show you around and show you some of the unique features aboard
    Aquarius You are on your own now! Let’s first take a look at the cockpit or the terrace as Jemp used to call it It’s time to get ready for lunch So I will set up a table and cushions The terrace is where we have most meals aboard Aquarius Our new cushions, bimini top and all of our covers aboard Aquarius were made by Shawn in Trinidad Shawn is the owner of Superb Sails and Canvas Works He’s located in the Power Boats facility in Trinidad, where we were hauled out Superb Sails and Canvas Works did an amazing job on our cushions, bimini top and all the covers aboard Aquarius We’ve also met a few other AMEL owners that’s had work done by Shawn and they were also very
    impressed with Shawn’s work So if you get to Trinidad and you have any canvas requirements – Shaun is your guy your Zivile said I went overboard but I love my
    padded winch covers So here we have our forward looking
    sonar And what it shows is what’s in front of us to about 45 feet and the depth And you can see that the depth is about 3.3 meters and fairly steady all the way out Next I would like to show you the bow thruster which is one of the really cool features on the Amel Super Maramu Without a bow thruster I wouldn’t be able to park in a marina But with a bow thruster I can make parking look easy Here we are just leaving Trinidad we at Cruise In And you can see that the boat turns on a dime. This cannot be done without a bow
    thruster To operate the bow thruster turn the bow thruster ON To drop the bow thruster you drop the bow thruster with this switch Make sure it’s unlocked and ON in the forward cabin before dropping it This is the bow thruster on the AMEL Super Maramu So I’m gonna unlock the bow thruster turn the bow thruster ON Bow thruster is now ready to operate You can test it by using the joystick Bring it up by pushing out the UP button
    till the red light comes on. Turn it off and then off Let’s take a close look at what moves Aquarius when there’s no wind or in tight places At our cockpit we have the engine start So if you want to start the engine just start the engine
    up just like any other motor rev up in neutral by pulling and if you want to go forward you just push it forward In the engine room the first thing you see is a TMD 22 Volvo Penta engine The hearth transmission which is hooked to her and then the top of the C drive The auto prop re-positions the blades for forward; reverse and when sailing their lowest drag With no wind and calm seas Aquarius will move forward at about 6.5 knots at 1,800 rpms and while doing this burned 3.6 liters per hour of diesel Sailing around the world you think more
    about longevity and less about speed A skeg hung rudder is less maneuverable
    and a bit slower than blades but I haven’t heard of any AMEL’s loosing a rudder Just ask SV Delos about the strength of AMEL rudder We have a Furuno chart plotter; 2 completely separate auto pilots We’ve got all of our wind instruments and our chain counter and we have a little garden here going Zivile is trying to garden The cockpit control panel houses the anchor wash switch; the windlass
    control switch also the main and Genoa control switches Will talk about sail control later now let’s look at the ground tackle aboard Aquarius We have 70 meters of stainless steel chain connected to a roll bar anchor weighing 30 kilograms Aquarius was fitted with a 1200 watt tigress windlass which can be operated from the bow or can also be operated from the cockpit I thought you might like to see what it looks like as the anchor is lifted from the bottom and brought back aboard Aquarius The anchor chain is housed in a
    watertight compartment in the bow you have access through the forward cabin Our secondary anchor is located in the
    port bow locker It’s identical to the first anchor except it’s 28 kilograms
    there’s also engraved with Aquarius Our third anchor is a 9 kilogram Fortress So now let’s take a look at the salon the salon is the main living quarters downstairs from the cockpit and again you’re gonna see a lot of the work that Shawn did on the cushions He did an amazing job and again if you’re in
    Trinidad look him up because he’ll do the same for you The guy is meticulous That is a washing machine this is actually a small
    one, but it can you can load a lot It has 4 kilos we got it when we bought the
    boat in January in Martinique and it works well All Super Maramu’s hold 1000 litres of water and you can check your water level using a mechanical float in the salon I love the way the door closes on Aquarius and what amazes me is that more boat manufacturers don’t steal some of those great innovations that Amell
    thought up Next up the 24 volt panel: 3 switches for the interior lights; The next 3: instruments and winches the batteries are very important on an AMEL and the battery monitor is something you look at every single day to see the battery level and whether it’s charging or
    discharging right now we’re looking good These are for the 2 refrigerators one is
    empty top left is the anchor light and to deck lights the knob is to illuminate the cockpit compass and the next 3 buttons are for the navigation lights this is the remote switch for the gas bottles next is the bilge pump there’s
    also a float switch in the bilge that’ll turn it on as well and last the fresh water pump that’s always on Next up to 220 panel so there’s the battery charger; the hot water heater the dishwasher; 3 air conditioning
    systems; the washing machine the compressor which is not hooked up and what else we got here? oh we got the plugs so you can plug things in. We’ve got the microwave oven We also have a 1600 watt inverter which makes 220 volt
    AC from our 24 volt house batteries We have a Dessalator water maker it makes about 50 liters per hour The water maker runs up 24 volts it burns about 14 amps while making water During a nice sunny day we can make water without even pulling from the batteries but during the night it’s best to start the generator so let’s start the generator. So let’s start the generator and we will show you how to start up the water making Generator started, looks great let’s start up the compressor You need to wait a few minutes at low pressure before you start to pressurize your membranes We will pressurize it for a few minutes. so after you pressurize
    the membranes takes about three or four minutes then the indicator light will
    show you have good clean water and then you turn the valve so that all the water
    goes into your holding tank Aquarius is making water and yes we – have a working
    dishwasher Here’s our chart table we’ve got a SSB with a proctor modem; our radar system; all of our wind instruments radio; the VHF Then we’ve got our GPS and a computer with all the charts for the world clocks; barometer; another clock so now we’ll look at the operation of our Furuno radar Take a look and see if we can what we see now we’re on 0.25 nautical miles and what we’re seeing here is we’re seeing the boat next door
    and we’re seeing 2 cats (catamarans) and then all the other boats and then the shore along here let’s show you what that looks like on the outside Moving aft from the chart table we enter the companion way Companion way: extra bedroom it’s not very isolated It’s a walk thru, but it makes sleeping still good. and actually this is a good place to sleep, because when the boat rocks this is the least one where you can feel the rocking Under the bed in the companion way you find the house batteries One of the cool features when you sleeping in this bed you can look up through the window
    and see the helm You also have to shut off valve for your diesel; your fuel gauge and your 24 volt shut down for your house batteries As we move aft from the companion way we enter the master suite OK master bedroom; our bathroom our bed; our desk and our closets. This is our closet so they are pretty big, we don’t even use them all it’s just as always
    half empty, but we have enough of everything I told to myself that I can have as many sunglasses as I want; and as many swimsuits as I want That’s my hidden stash 7. That’s it! I think I need a few pair of sunglasses Next up the forward suite This bed we can get much wider I think as wide as this there is a
    little table, we never use it so anyways and here also we have a very
    important thing for this boat is a bow thruster And it’s hiding here Let’s go up top now take a look on deck our first major modification was to add davits with 600 watts of solar we also put a wind generator on the mizzen mast our AB dinghy looks pretty good parked in it’s little parking spot along with a 9.8 Tahatsu motor the life raft is located on the rails near the stern on
    the port side. It’s easily deployed We walk around the back of the boat you see
    our swim ladder the dinghy motor crane 600 watts of solar on our davits a throw tool for a man overboard that’s that yellow horseshoe there and what we hope to never use is the life raft Oh, that’s the antenna for the Iridium GO we have a yoga mat and we even have a yoga master omm… And the last room that we’re going to
    take a look at is the engine room and that is under the terrace We’ve already looked at the engine but let’s look at the rest of the stuff in the engine compartment our bilge and our bilge pump is down in here and on an original Super Maramu there was only one seawater intake and that would be this one right
    here that one is currently supplying both: the engine and the Onan (generator) exhaust coolant it supplies both heads and it supplies the chain wash One more seawater intake added by Jemp and this one here supplies the
    air-conditioning with the seawater cooling We also have 2 Racor fuel filters We’ve got our water heater; we’ve got the
    7 kilowatt Onan GenSet the 100 amp 24 volt charger we have a 1600 watt
    24 volt to 220 AC converter We have our accumulate right over here. We have our
    chain wash pump right here This is our desalinator pump, high-pressure pump these 2 pumps here are for both toilets: front and aft we have the filters for the desalinator here our membranes for our desalinator This is a 24 volt pump, which supplies
    all the fresh water on the boat These 2 pumps here are saltwater pumps. One
    of them supplies the air conditioning and this pump here will supply the
    coolant for the exhaust on the Onan Because Jemp decided it was too difficult
    to change the impeller on the Onan now if that pump goes bad we just change it and I have extra onboard 600 liters stainless steel fuel tank OK now it’s time to put Aquarius in the water and see how she sails Ok now let’s do a little bit of
    downwind sailing right now we have our Genoa out on port it’s poled out we also have a pole for the ballooner We pulling up the balloon now it’s going to
    lock in up top Now I want to show you another cool feature of AMEL’s the ballooner locks to the top with this little mouse note that there’s two
    tracks right next to each other right there now the mouse goes up the track
    and then it locks at the top with that little indent once it’s locked to the top and pull the halyard out so that you don’t have an extra halyard at the top of your mast so remember there were two tracks right next to each other one is for the ballooner and the other is for the other mouse but this mouse is a little
    different: this mouse doesn’t have the little indent this mouse goes up the track to free the other mouse bringing down the ballooner after we get the ballooner in place and lock it up, we drop the halyard Downwind sailing is fairly simple: you put your ballooner up and if the wind starts picking up you can actually furl your ballooner right over your Genoa So you can have as much or as little sail area out as you would like And you don’t need to leave the cockpit to furl your sails in, so everything is done inside the cockpit if you look close right now you can actually see that we’re letting out more sail Here is an AMEL flying a mizzen ballooner, which is similar to a Genoa on the mizzen. OK finally we let the cat out of the bag! Jemp had an asymmetrical spinnaker made for Aquarius. It’s the Luxembourg flag and we’ve got the chance to fly it when Jemp was there. He loved it! Now we got everything going! Yeah, we had some light air so I threw up all the sails to see what you could do Let’s look at how to operate the mizzen.
    That’s the outhaul, that’s the mizzen sheet and this is the furler And at the back you see the mizzen traveler Here I’m gonna show you how to take the mizzen
    out Pull it back in. Everything is done inside the cockpit, so you’re safe throughout the process Our sails are all made by Q sails and Q sails was the company I picked because Q sails only needed my hull number and they could make sales that fit perfectly Because I wanted just stock AMEL sails. I didn’t want anything special I’ve been so happy I picked Q sails to make our sails Now let’s talk about the main. The main sheet is on the mizzen mast, inside the cockpit You can tighten or loosen the main from the cockpit and it’s on electric winch Now let’s head out to the main mast. You can see the electric motor for the outhaul This is for the furler and here you can see the traveler sheet And you adjust the traveler from inside
    the cockpit. Yep, that is the main halyard right there Here’s the main outhaul. And here’s the main furler To take out the main first you have to be headed directly in to the wind. So with 2 buttons and inside the cockpit pull out the main So we’re taking out the main and Zivile looks very proud Now let’s look at the Genoa controls: the furler; the port winch and the starboard winch All right, you guys ready? Yep. All right,
    coming out O, oh! Stuck! OK, I’m gonna lock it in move over to my hand Just outside the cockpit you have the
    adjustment for the Genoa leads you can move them forward for downwind sailing or you move them back if you’re going up wind Aquarius has a very long track Long track longer track…. Hey where are you going? That’s it!

    FFXIV 4.58 1324 Fish In A Barrel (Beast Tribes)
    Articles, Blog

    FFXIV 4.58 1324 Fish In A Barrel (Beast Tribes)

    January 19, 2020

    and we’re back for another episode in
    this episode we’re going to be continuing to wrap up the storm blood
    beast drives and as always a lot of my free so we are carrying on in is sorry
    and the next quest is called fish in a barrel so Joel hem seems
    uncertain of how to proceed we can say we have some certainty that NAHASDA has
    made for IV yancha or the Azim step where he can only be up to no good but
    it’s also likely the Alpha has been imprisoned somewhere between here and
    Coogan II so which should we seek I would be happy to ask other members of
    the Divine Circle to search for your friend there are no finer seekers of
    treasure on the Ruby Sea and it was free us to continue tailing the thief hmm
    well I would prefer to see to our per se T myself I can’t deny that I am at a
    distinct disadvantage in these lands it probably would be better to leave the
    search to those more familiar with the area while P pursue Naza he’s after what
    was it now Philosopher’s Finn correct and if our assumptions awry that’s the
    only one left and we know he’s not too particular as to whether he lays hand on
    the real thing Miffy do you have any idea what could
    pass for the Philosopher’s Finn a glance the fin of a from sorry
    so get sue the enlightened he talks enough a fin from guy okay he seems an
    easy to kidnap saw analysis Peaks and articulately
    at that yes he does sound like a prime candidate what say what you say is true
    but one could easily call all of the damn asou who have mastered the common
    tongue finned philosophers we cannot count on our
    villain to be so selective nor do we know if he makes for you Zuka mana or
    raava dora alloy so we see Obregon tiana are we going to same step
    well if potential thin philosophers can be found in either location I suppose
    we’ll have to split up and cover both I’ll take use you come on earth mazurkin
    come with me if only so that I can keep him from
    accidentally injuring anyone himself included anyway I’m sure the locals will
    be able to point us in the right direction okay so I guess that means
    we’re going to Azim step then we’ll hasten to doha aloy I only hope that we
    arrive in time okay so thankfully we can teleport straight there so we don’t have
    to travel and insane distance well let’s go okay let’s talk to him so I heard heard word of the festivities
    taking place here but I wasn’t aware that they would be so extraordinary so by the big one our comrade in fins you
    are here to assist with our new project yes yes
    our latest greatest event I interpret that as I haven’t the foggiest idea of
    what you speak so allow me to explain for Allah we are currently planning our
    most ambitious event today an exceedingly cultured performance based
    on the beloved Carol of elds Grey kings of Orient we have spread word of our
    upcoming masterpiece far and wide from Coogan eighty on Tia
    so doubtless a great many will be in attendance by the by sir is rare to see
    one such as yourself here on the steppe am I correct in assuming that you are an
    ambassador of the Kotian tribe and how might I address you
    my name is Kabuto I am indeed a cogent of the blue and the
    leader of the divine circle we typically pursue treasure but our quarry today is
    a villain whom we suspect is searching for the Philosopher’s Finn we have
    traveled here to stop him before anyone comes to harm oh oh are you perchance
    speaking of the philosopher’s thin as detailed in new records of ancient Mars
    one of the three wonders fascinating but why seek it on the Azim step a quite
    certain I’m quite certain records make no mention of location so ah so naturally having spoken to me
    free you concluded that I would most readily be identified as a source of the
    requisite Finn esteemed as I am indeed there could hardly be a more obvious
    choice for thinned philosopher wait wait I seem to recall from our many many
    discussions that the philosopher will not be played by you Gaea Fuu Sogetsu
    the enlightened we decided on a guy array for that role remember and if we
    already made that costume to fit her the role of philosopher perhaps we should
    hear more of this new event of yours oh very well in our upcoming performance
    we reenact the journey to the west made by free kings in days of yore Gaia
    Ray has been chosen to dress as the philosopher king one would think that
    the namazu best suited for said role would be I forget sue the a Mayan most
    erudite and learned amongst us renowned author of a meditation on the
    metaphysics of merrymaking but Gaia shin continuingly insists that’s it
    neither must have heard about the performance and learned that it would
    include a philosopher that is why he made for the Azim step he also knows
    that she would have been selected for the role of philosopher king a gaya will
    be in grave danger where is she now if I recall correctly
    she spoke of traveling to the dawn throne to retrieve ritual offerings from
    the arena’s stock we’ve been running low as someone keeps partaking without
    authorization and we must make for the dawn thrown at once with me I was not really following that no no
    but I am most confident that guy Ray’s fins should remain attached to guy ray
    she needs those it’s all well and good for Gaussian to sprint off to big one
    knows where but it’s hardly advisable for me to leave the festivities
    unsupervised I’ll remain here an informed guy array of the situation
    should she return okay so let’s teleport now to the dawn throne okay so we shouldn’t have too far to
    travel yep so I left so goodness how kind of the Orang are to
    share so much food with us it will take more than a few nano zooty through all
    of this thankfully so oh hello can I help you with something yes yes I’m
    supposed to believe that’s the face of a philosopher by suppose the Finns offend
    and the client won’t know any better and so in you go he’s mean what was the meaning of this
    let me out no stop he really was after guy who raised
    Finn’s and now he has both of them okay let’s talk to guy efficient so he
    put her in a barrel the horror the indignity what do we do we should speak
    with our comrades are you Zuka manner they need to hear this and may have an
    idea where the house’ would take his ill-gotten treasures can you contact
    them Miffy so nothing to report here have you had any luck he’s kidnapped a
    namazu named guy array that’s no good he’s got all three of the wonders in
    hand then but if we are to assume this it sorry his son in quest for the free
    wonders and the young lady’s wedding dowry are connected and there’s a good
    chance that he will revisit who Ghani at some point whoever to present the items
    to her or to her would-be sua he would have to retrieve Alfa beforehand of
    course meaning that we finally have a chance to get ahead of him we can return
    to Ghana first and be ready to snare him when he arrives
    lesson 1 de vous in Kagame I say by colas in I’ll see you there what did joel him suggest later – Gugu
    nay it could work but we will need to return posthaste
    we should tell a guy who say get sue the enlightened first I am sure that he will
    have many many force in the situation maybe even a helpful one very well we
    will speak to him before we depart he is doubtless worried – by gar a had it
    would be unkind to leave him wondering ok so I’ll assume we have to teleport
    straight back yes we do so let’s go awesome okay so here’s guy ocean so I
    will find a zoo get sue the enlightened and be right back so gaijin has surprised me of the ill
    news and you intend to apprehend the culprit Kagame yes if we travel fast
    enough we should succeed in reaching the city before NASA job does I’ve always I
    always had my travel hammer travel all travel spinning wheel and travel and
    Ville pack too just in case I am prepared ready to go yes yes the sack
    will be a tight squeeze were both of us but if you put so getsu in headfirst and
    me in tail first stop right that guy Chen exactly what are an artisan and a
    member of the literary meant to do against an opponent who has foiled even
    me free for us to blunder in without a stratagem would be the height of folly
    no you ought to journey ahead to Kagame lest the hazards arrive sooner than
    expected meanwhile I shall devise an in flail
    abour plan based on principles laid forth in the smart of war we shall join
    you anon I do not know what those principles are not even a little bit no
    no but I will join you if you think it will help get a guy array back Oh what
    could he be playing okay so that’s complete okay next quest is called a wonderful
    world we’ll get the gratis sorry gratuity emo
    so Kabuto is more than ready to depart for kugali so it might serve us to have
    a clear idea of who gets ooh the enlightens plan but we can’t sorry we
    can wait no longer to the park um we should hasten to put Cairo in okay so
    let’s go okay so we made it so let’s arrive so you to make good time we left fuku
    Ghani just after I spoke with you and only arrived a short while ago ourselves
    have you been able to learn anything of nas’s we were successful in returning to
    Pagani ahead of time though not by much he’s already made port we saw dock
    workers hauling a large barrel and screwing sack from his skiff under the
    his clothes watch unfortunately so whatever his plans are they’re likely
    already in motion the prisoners where has he sent them
    there is a large vessel docked in Pier one it seems alpha and guy array have
    been taken aboard I have Mazhar keeping an eye on the situation I saw that ship
    when we arrived it’s unmistakably the core of Bora Maru if I recall correctly
    the merchan Kageyama purchased it for a hefty sum some time ago Kageyama you say
    and who might that be among easily as vile as Naza job himself
    he once conspired to take Haqqani Castle holding the Baguio hostage as he made
    lew distress or just let’s say ridiculous demands though forted he used
    his wealth and influence to escape justice he has taken to using this
    tactic recently he said in pursuit of a bribe spending more Gil than most will
    ever see in his attempt to snare the perfect woman a Brydon well I think we
    found NASA jobs esteemed employer so how long me free it is I you know
    your favorite my coat a dashing good looks ladies man future
    none of the em tribe yes well I’m afraid that we have a problem one that requires
    our immediate attention that’s why I contacted you it’s vital that you hear
    this as soon as possible I’ve been due to Li a keeping watch by
    the kuru borough Maru and Alper and the namazu have just been brought out on the
    deck we don’t have much longer until our mermaid becomes mermaids flesh I would
    love to continue this little chat we’re having but I rather think you should
    come to the harbour right away was I was at this is our last chance and we must
    stop Naza once and for all okay let’s go okay here we are so there you are we
    must hurry Alper is a dear friend and I won’t have
    turned into mince by some scheming and rather unattractive I must say villain so my flesh the philosophers Finn and the jewel of
    their souls with this she can no longer deny me and what a pretty thing she will
    be beside me at Sawle matrimonial feast I can taste it now I couldn’t possibly
    care less about what you intend to do with the goods so long as I am fairly
    compensated i speaking of payment i think it’s time that we finish off here
    I need only carve the meat nice not a chance find a co-op of you but I doubt you have
    much more to offer this time around so Joel him that was dirty what afraid
    you couldn’t defeat her in a fair fight I merely preferred to spend my time on
    foes are actually worthy or at least suitably entertaining but if any of you
    believe you will present a greater challenge than by all means very well I
    will defeat you myself and have you returned to school mo here and now I see
    them they are most visible so ramming speed yes yes aha fail nailed it that whistle it’s the Sousa goomy then
    the gods of Kagome pity I was just beginning to feel a
    twinge of excitement but I see I must take my leave so farewell Eastern beastmen the civil
    chase has been most amusing perhaps you may entertain me again someday but this time as a future nun and a
    friend of Joe him and Alper both I cannot let these crimes go unanswered so trust me sometimes you have to learn
    the hard way seven hells oh well oh now we find one
    that has with no powder huh as if explosives would save the
    adventurers gaggle of misfits yeah again they’re gonna be in a life nice it’s
    calmer isn’t it there is what you already got that face
    mask Oh God in a ROM reborn I doing the quest friends forever
    I wrapped up all the beast right quest for the wrong reborn so now we only need to ensure the car
    yama meets with justice at the hands of the Tsugumi that may pose a problem
    where has a keel slipped off to so he makes four coog on a dowry me free with
    me we can meet at the pakoras in afterwards I will carry the wounded
    there we’re counting on you nice so let’s go okay here we are so you need not push yourself alpha you
    have only just been freed from what must have been a very trying ordeal I’ll be
    fine as captain of the valid daeun gatekeepers I can’t let evil go
    unpunished so there so what how did you well no matter you
    have followed me this far but no further purpose of Kagame behold my loose change
    Oh free money so part of me saw that if you could move a bit to the left ma’am
    it is imperative that we capture this villain they’re not listening
    aha ah just look at them scrounging up my feet it pays to be wealthy please
    leave this to me you’re wasting your time Little Mermaid
    I am a master of monetary manipulation and if no one is easier to control than
    coin starved commoners so what is the meaning of this Oh cruel
    fate why do you mock me well done but why a fish I saw one on the Namas UN’s
    strange contraption earlier it was so cute I just couldn’t stop thinking about
    it I don’t even like fish whatever man I’m out of here
    subscribe to PewDiePie so I believe it is time that you accepted your fate yes
    I think that’s quite enough escape attempts one day you’ve made it
    perfectly clear who the villain here is right my cert guy Tsugumi friends so you
    can’t do this to me I have a woman to coerce a matrimonial banquet to consume the swords bigger than me free it seems
    that the matter is resolved at last we shall go and inform the others okay let’s go okay here we are so the innkeep was kind enough to call a
    doctor but it seems that no one has more than minor injuries and apparently
    there’s no better treatment for scrapes and bruises than the bokor sends hot
    springs I guess we’ll just have to visit them again no less let’s get changed
    again shall we I only switch the blue mage because it’s
    wearing the least gear ôhe icon I need to be on the same class
    I started with rip okay fine I see how it is so the innkeep was kind
    enough to call it okay I read that read that okay yes yes because my blue majors
    at level 70 so let’s continue where we left off
    before we were rudely interrupted shall we
    I’m so sorry alpha well you have absolutely nothing to apologize for not
    now not ever it’s my duty to protect you and I failed
    utterly then it took so long to free you and I couldn’t even manage that without
    help maybe not but the rescue wouldn’t have succeeded without our leadership
    not to mention how you saved me from being sliced in two you may not be able
    to do everything yourself but I couldn’t ask for a better second-in-command Alper
    thank you I’m grateful to everyone else – of course me free Kabuto Gaia Shin
    moszer hold on where’s mozzie maybe he’s still
    changing nope ah never fear it is i’ma zet I discovered this
    floating in the sea after naisu disappeared how do I look
    rakish I’m throwing that back in the sea and you along with it nice like that just one you think he’s learned
    something if I may ask I ocean how did you know to find us on the Kura burro
    Maru it was easy to spot you from above I knew that stuffing that the mikoshi
    with all of the clouds breath in your stores was the right choice yes yes Maya
    how convenient and I’m glad that you made it out safely – got your e thanks
    to all of you being trapped in a barrel was harrowing and fraught with splintery
    peril ESS but it was worth it for a chance to enjoy these Hot Springs
    together if you say so what is that gem in your helmet it is
    most unusual quite unique this is the sole of my dear friend to school mo more
    valuable than any treasure in the whole world
    the whole of the Ruby see he is war Naza stole from me and I am truly grateful to
    you for helping me retrieve him as kayo he said despite our tribulations I feel
    fortunate to have met you all I hope that we can continue to strengthen our
    friendship now that we’re all safe and sound then please come to our festival
    yes yes we can strengthen our friendship and all our assorted limbs by carrying a
    mikoshi together and if you’re ever in yours Europe – come – al amigo the
    villain sorry the Velo Dean are gatekeepers we’ll give you the Grand
    Tour and you can stay at the castle cool so that’s complete let’s get the
    grotto at sea emo reputation up your reputation is Greece
    to alloyed your teeth are like reputation with the cogent the Veera and
    the Nama soo so furthermore you know how axis y ver the selection of wares from
    si si te kotahi Mathura and Gayo show you have learned the emo gratuity
    through your efforts the most prominent B strives of Allah we go on the far east
    our forged bonds of friendship that promise to remain strong through the
    years you are a hero of basement across many realms nice so we got the
    achievement West meets East so let’s see what this email is about so where is it well you would have four I would know by
    now which menu is K emos grad – let’s see where is it
    is it special hmm expressions maybe Wow
    of course it’s just because I want to find it for the video I’m like blind to
    it maybe they should add like a search there is they should add like a search
    function nice there is so this is the email I see people spamming all the time
    so this is where you get it from that’s good to know
    it’s good to know let’s put it there okay cool
    wrong button right so let’s go see what the other rewards are from the other B
    stripes so first we’ll start with the Cochin but the Tama mizu we go okay so
    here we are in time amis ooh obviously the home of the Cochin so let’s talk to
    him exchange go to the other tab now we scroll down to the bottom we could see
    new ones have become available so a new minion so let’s take that another minion
    let’s take that you get sort of permits and so on now the other stuff I’ve
    already bought beforehand to know if you’ve already bought something you just
    click it again and it will just not let you buy it so let’s take a look so we
    got that one we got this one right let’s quickly take a look at those minions so
    let’s see okay I was like minion farming the other
    day to be honest with the expansion being so close I thought that I would
    try and gather as many minions as possible nice so you can see that these
    were from the other beast tribes but now have this one this is obviously new it
    literally is just like a couch or I can pillow to sit on on the floor that’s
    interesting and then what else piggy yeah so I’ll have to look for the
    other ones now the next step we’re gonna go to the
    anatta okay so we’re now here with the anatta so let’s see what we can get so
    thankfully I do have some spare thingies Tom’s
    okay wind-up car Jana I think I’ve already got all the rest yeah I’ve
    already got quite all the rest and then you get some furniture I’ll probably
    take this just to see what it what it looks like I’ll just throw in my house I
    guess okay so let’s take that I’m sorry that’s C okay so let’s see what the windup car
    Jana looks like oh it’s so cute okay so last step we’re gonna go visit the Nama
    zoo in azim step okay so we are here so let’s see what they have available so
    other let’s see I’m gonna have only got fifteen so I have to be careful we have
    already got that got that got that okay so it doesn’t seem like there’s any new
    minions but it does seem like there is some I see an effigy by two outdoor
    furnitures so I won’t get them just yet because I don’t think there’s literally
    any space in my house but yeah so anyway guys that’s it for this episode so if
    you liked that episode it was nice to wrap up the bee stripes for some blood
    so be sure to give it a thumbs up you can watch around the video over there
    you can watch latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe
    thank you guys bye bye

    Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago
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    Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

    January 19, 2020

    Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago Pigeon Point is also known as Pigeon Point Heritage Park (PPHP) and is often considered Tobagoís most beautiful beach and is home to the world famous thatch-roofed jetty which has become an internationally recognised signature of Tobago. The resort includes a long stretch of white sand beach with warm aquamarine waters. There are excellent beach facilities such as bathrooms, showers and beach-chair rentals as well as bars and a restaurant. Tourist amenities include souvenir and water-sports shops. On the northwestern coast of the little island of Tobago lies Pigeon Point’s sweeping beach. The beach is a favorite among the islanders for spending a day lounging on the shore under the coconut palms, and can often get crowded. Situated on the western edge of the island of Tobago, near Crown Point, You should consider stopping by even if you aren’t staying particularly close by. Pigeon Point stands out because it’s the ideal location for escaping the typical tourist haunts. Most other beaches you’ll come across on Trinidad and Tobago may be just as beautiful, but tend to be more crowded since they’re right in the thick of tourists’ favorite hangouts. Amenities and Ambiance The long coral beach and crystal clear waters are perfect for picking out marine life in the water and snorkeling is very popular, especially to the nearby Buccoo Reef. Glass bottom boats are available for hire and will take you out on the waves and still keep you dry. The boats take off from the Pigeon Point Jetty which features a thatched roof that has become somewhat of an icon. Of course, there is also a restaurant located right on-site. Every location around the world has its own unique cuisine, and Trinidad and Tobago is no different. One of the most enjoyable places to enjoy delicious local specialties is right on the water. Did you know that some hotels are happy to pack picnic lunches for their guests? Or, it would be easy to grab some hot food from a street vendor or casual cafe along the way. The snack bar located at this spot is perfect for quick lunches and cold drinks, too. You might also have the option to buy food from one of the local vendors who are generally found here. This beach does have its own picnic facilities, making dining here even less of a hassle. There are public restrooms at this beachóósomething you’ll appreciate if you bring the kids along. You’ll appreciate that showers are available, so you don’t have to spend the rest of the afternoon covered in sand. The water here is clear enough for snorkeling, so bring your equipment if you want to see what lies beneath the surface. Pigeon Point is the most popular beach for locals and tourists to spend the day at; thus, it is often littered with people especially during the weekends. Like us and Join us at Xtreme Collections for more fun and knowledge.

    REJSE TIL SYDNEY – 4. Del – Bridgeclimb, Bondi Beach, Watsons Bay & Sydney Tower
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    REJSE TIL SYDNEY – 4. Del – Bridgeclimb, Bondi Beach, Watsons Bay & Sydney Tower

    January 19, 2020

    Time for another heritage-listed structure – It’s Sydney Harbour Bridge It opened in 1932 after 9 years of building Besides the operahouse Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most iconic structures in Australia The bridge connects Sydney CBD with Northshore, and is the Worlds 6th biggest arch bridge But nr. 1 regarding height, which is exactly 134 meters Today we’re going on a bridge climb Going all the way to the top – 134 meters from the water The tour will take approximately 3,5 hours And that sounds just so exiting Right mom? Yes really exiting I’m completely sure the view will be of all of Sydney On this tour I won’t be taking anything with me. It is not permitted with the risk of it falling down from the bridge But there will be some pictures taken on the tour, which you are going to see We reached the top of Sydney Harbour 134 meters from the water and this tour has been fantastic. We highly recommend it. Fantastic! That was bridgeclimb here in Sydney. Fantastic experience One of the best experiences in Sydney if you’re taking this tour. We can highly recommed it. It’s worth all the money, and it’s not just a walk up the bridge It’s with historic tells about the building of the bridge and and funny anecdotes from the building proces and then there is a huge security system and procedures going through First we sign a lot of terms and conditions and your health status We got a suit handed out. All loose objects are not permitted such as phones, hats jewelry or videocamera We had to lock it in a closet Of course we got safety equipment. That came as no surprise But walking through an airport scanner, that surprised me probably to make sure we didn’t bring any devices with us The service was exellent It was really good Yes it was really good I didn’t expect all that security I thought we could just go up there with our own clothes But no… the security level is high They even had a simulator in here of the stairs, so you could pratise the walk wearing the safety equipment It’s very professional Safety is top notch And… At last we recieved Certificate Climber Certificate – Mark Joergensen has succesfully climbed the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Certificate proving that I mangaged to climb all the way to the top of the bridge As you might see on the cap we went bridgeclimbing yesterday And what are the plans for today? What are the plans? Was it the beach? You want to go to the beach today? Good idea. What about ‘Bondi Beach’ Australias… no Sydneys largest beach Oh… our breakfast is here That’s me… wow! What is that, Anders? Yogurt? Granola and yogurt With berries That looks delicious How much is that, Mark? 14-15 dollars Tomorrow I will order that – That looks very healthy Today we’re going to ‘Bondi Beach’ And there is a bus line from Sydney CBD directly to Bondi That’s very easy The bus is decorated for Christmas Haha! Very nice Here they celebrate Christmas for a long time Far into January The weather could be much better today I think the tempeture is about 24-25 degrees But very cloudy That’s how it is – ‘Bondi Beach’ is a must before we travel home again We have now arrived to ‘Bondi Beach’ It’s sunny, even though it doesn’t look like it That’s because all of the smoke from the bush fires are pulling over Sydney blocking the sun We actually have 25 degrees, but the blue sky is gone When taking into account the chill factor we probably end up with 15 degrees, haha! It certainly looks beautiful. Big beach, lots of space and wonderful waves We will have to try it The water should be about tweeenty degrees. Still better than in Denmark Now I made it into the water It’s just as cold as the water in Denmark during the summer Not as warm as we hoped for, but now we have tried it. ‘Bondi Beach’ one of the most popular beaches in Sydney But the waves are very good I can officially say that I’ve tried winter swimming in the beginning of January It’s cold! Even for Australian standards I don’t know about Anders, I don’t think he will swim anymore today No I was out to my knees, and it was so damm cold It is of course… the open sea out there Yes it’s The Pacific Ocean And in that direction you’ll find Antarctica Maybe that’s were the cold comes from Oh there’s an iceberg ahead We are missing the warmth. You should think an iceberg is floating out there with a little exaggeration But it is cold right here. The wind is of course strong and the sun doesn’t come through the smoke. We do have 24 degrees, but the chill factor makes it feel a lot colder At the positive side the wind makes your hair fit perfectly We are having a relaxing time at ‘The Bucket List’ at ‘Bondi Beach’ having some refreshments I chose Gin & Tonic this time, and Anders chose this time an Australian beer I just saw ‘Heineken’ on the tap, and I didn’t know the other ones So I said I would like a Heineken No No… We can’t have that. He therefore poured 4 glasses of samples After finishing the different samples, I found the beer I liked, and he filled up a new glass for me. Haha! That’s what I call ‘Service’ We are sitting here. Unfortunately the weather has been plagued by smoke from the bush fires outside Sydney The UV radiation managed to strike me, but the tempeture didn’t go higher than 25 degrees And the water is prabably about 20 degrees A little cold experience But it was nice visiting ‘Bondi’. Everybody speaks about it, and you can’t travel to Australia without going here Even though the weather is like this It was a good experience You managed to take a dive Yes of course. After all, I’m a viking Yes I’m sure you are Cheers! I believe Anders is over the moon They serve Pizza. Anders hasn’t eaten Pizza for a couple of days He must be starving But here you can build your own There are… different steps Of course I chose the big size Then you build it up You can choose many different elements behind the glas Step 3 – What kind of cheese What kind of seasoning Chosing your meat Chosen your topping Step 7 is probably extra topping Many things behind the glass I have finished building mine It’s right over there It’s about to be grilled Yeah! It will be good That’s the way Anders likes to have his Pizza done At open fire Everything is over My inside is empty and shattered In my head, I have to stop. But my heart won’t give up on you Aw aw aw aw aw This is the last day in Sydney Probably the next-to-last time at ‘Cellinis’. I think we can make it tomorrow It’s the last day of making memories in Sydney But now we’re going to have breakfast together with Gemma Tomorrow she’s is leaving early in the morning We fly about 2 pm. We have to be in the airport 12 pm So we might make it for breakfast one last time That’s the way it is The coffee is here Yai! the coffee is coming NO! it’s TEA AWW! We still have a whole day to enjoy and see things So far, it is suggested that we take a trip to Watsons Bay It should be a beautiful place with beaches, cliffs and view of Sydney and The Pacific Ocean Hopefully not as much sun as yesterday even though it was blocked by smoke Again! It was totally cloudy at ‘Bondi Beach’ and yet the UV radiation managed to penetrate the smoke Then this happent We hope for cloudy weather today It should be the coldest day this week If I can just check it Today they promise rain and thunder And 25 degrees That’s the way it is “Good day” to go out in nature and wandering around in the rain We’ll have to see how it goes. The weather forecast here is usally wrong The tempeture usally gets higher Rain is rare here I believe we have had rain 2 times And primarily at night Tonight we are doing something very exiting. We are going to have dinner at Sydney Tower The higest structure in Sydney I hope for a view of whole Sydney without smoke like yesterday when it was difficult to see The special thing about this restaurant is that it should rotate It will be a 360 degree view of Sydney – Very fantastic. We are looking very much forward to it We have said goodbye to ‘Kelly’ the boss of ‘Cellinis’ Because tomorrow we won’t be able to see her. We arrive very early for breakfast, and she meets late so we said goodbye today Oh no So sad But now we are here at ‘Watsons Bay’ with a cosy little beach at the wharf and it should be very nice farther up There is a walking route with cliffs and view of Sydney and The Pacific Ocean There should be a well known lighthouse as well They have canons here This is something telling the history of ‘Watsons Bay’ I would imagine ‘Watsons Bay’ being the port of Sydney It’s the first piece of land when coming at sea towards Sydney It is therefore ideal to use this as a defence This lighthouse is the second oldest in New South Wales, Australia Finally in 1948 electricity was installed here So far they have used gas burners to light up the lens making the light towards the sea But in 1948 electricity was installed and as said, the second oldest lighthouse in NSW and still in use This has definitely been part of the defence of Sydney This can probably rotate It’s a strategic location here at the port of Sydney Harbour So probably… this was a great spot for shooting with cannons against the enemy When looking here you’ll see the trenches into the rocks That was for the soldiers to get around without being hit by the enemy Lovely place we’ve found here at Camp Cove Kiosk getting some nice refreshments Who do we have here? Anders and mom You have got a blueberry/mango smoothie Ahh mango I have got a mango/banana smoothie Anders is going the traditional way with Cola and breakfast from 1886 You are being cultural I didn’t know I have become a dad Oh yes! You can be a dad in many ways As they say This building with the clock as you might see it used to be the highest building in Sydney But the city has grown a little since The building has almost disappeared today This is the last evening in Sydney Therefore we are doing something completely extraordinary Sydney Tower This is the highest place in Sydney for dinning and the highest point in general With spire 309 meters high Try looking at this view That’s the harbour, and it’s right down there we went for celebrating New Year I’ll try pointing it out There There it was… oops That’s because the tower is rotating…there Maybe we should mention that this is a 360 degree restaurant The floor is moving round the tower The view is constantly changing the whole evening It was difficult holding the camera duo to the floor moving, but not the windows We thought we had to try it. And this is how it looks like. As you might see the restaurant is round otherwise it couldn’t rotate We will spent our last evening here with the view of whole Sydney We will go round a couple of times This is a buffet restaurant Here you’ll find the desserts The dishes are placed in the inner circle – Here are some other dishes Going a little further you’ll find some more dishes And one more All these dishes are changing location to us Because they are placed in the stagnant part of the tower This is not moving, but if I step out here at the seatings It’s rotating I’ll get to all the dishes again you just saw before, if I keep standing here But I won’t, because we only got 1,5 hour to eat before going down again I will continue my dinning We have finished our dinner at the top of the tower 360 degree view 309 meters high That was the last planned thing on our vacation in Australia The last attraction to experience We’ll spend the rest of the evening in the hotel It’s still 26 degrees But we must pack our luggage for tomorrow Ohh long flight 27 hours of flying home But it’s has been nice of you to comment or follow the videos we have made Maybe it has been an inspiration for your next vacation We will definitely come back again Be well – Goodbye see you in Denmark

    Slimming World luxury fish pie recipe
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    Slimming World luxury fish pie recipe

    January 19, 2020

    A good fish pie is simple,
    satisfying and a firm family favourite. Our luxurious version uses salmon, cod and prawns and it’s topped with creamy mash. Start off by boiling the veggies until tender. Then mash with the egg and yogurt. Meanwhile gently poach the fish in a little milk until the flesh has gone from translucent to opaque. Mix the yogurt, quark and herbs, and add the cooked seafood
    and the rest of the ingredients. Put everything into an oven proof dish, spoon over the mash and bake in a hot oven for 20-25 minutes until the top is brown. Serve with lots of fresh veg. Free Foods are the master stroke
    that makes Slimming World so effective and so easy. We have hundreds of healthy, delicious, every-day Free Foods, and they’re yours to enjoy with absolutely no limit. You’ll discover hundreds of recipes and meal ideas each week in your friendly Slimming World group. To find one near you visit:

    Tuna Fish and a Peanut Butter & Jelly Burritos
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    Tuna Fish and a Peanut Butter & Jelly Burritos

    January 19, 2020

    so this time I scale down and brought
    this 550 cookset that’s a 650 lixada it’s got gradation marks in
    there I’ve never use this I’ve got this Loksak supposed to be oder proof
    but I brought enough for supper tonight breakfast tomorrow and a little snack
    for lunch before we hike out these are known as fossils FOZZILS I’ll put a
    link in the description they fairly cheap this three of them a cup of bowl
    and a tray I guess but tonight we’re gonna have tuna fish burritos
    at least one last week when we went up to brown dog campsite just before we went
    up the hill the brown dog campsite we filled this three liter we filled this three
    liter I don’t know that adds five pounds to your backpack Lord I’m not gonna do
    that again it was terrible didn’t know five pounds made that big a difference and that’s why I decided to try to lighten my load there’s something I bring this SOTO torch
    can’t stand the sauna burning my thumb trying to use a BIC
    lighter I guess you can buy these stoves with
    piezo lighters and I might my next fine my next acquisition might be a stove that
    has a piezo lighter that’s just my hot chocolate instead of
    bringing all the silverware I like to bring I was gifted with this UCO yeah did if you have mountain house
    meals just have a mountain house meal spoon and a fork but we’re gonna do that
    tuna fish that other burrito tonight that taco shell and now I brought this jiff to go peanut butter and I don’t know I got this from one of the
    fast food place I didn’t eat it strawberry preserves grape preserves I’m
    gonna make a peanut butter and jelly burrito and that’s gonna be supper last week when I open up this mint
    chocolate Kevin from Atypical hiker he was hiking with us and that’s the first
    thing he smelled was this mint chocolate that is it clean up my trash, hang abbear bag get in the tent look at some videos

    Most FAMOUS Beach in Greece – Family boat life unplugged  (Ep. #14)
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    Most FAMOUS Beach in Greece – Family boat life unplugged (Ep. #14)

    January 19, 2020

    Yeah, we made it to an other paradise Hey Sailors, come with me and have a look. Look this beautiful color we are here in a very famous beach. Probably one of the most know beaches in Greece no worries, there are roads too to arrive there are cars, motorhomes but arriving by boat no other boats arround, look perfect for some foto shootings nord west of Kefalonia you can find the famous Myrtos Beach the beach has a reputation do be one of the best worldwide they promote this beach in several magazines to be one of the most spectacular ones, worldwide Myrtos got rated top for it’s cleanliness and it’s natural beauty it’s crystal clear water and it’s turquoise blue water it’s very impressive cliffs and it’s vegetation are the mark of this beautiful beach don’t be disappointed, you can arrive by car or motorhome too you can arrive by road from where you can also look the beauty of this beach that is prox. one kilometer long yes, here are turles you ll need to jump, if no one can give us a hand there will be people, otherwise you jump, Atl. I help you? ok, I’ll do it Captain I’ll do it, captain What we ll eat? Lot’s of salads… I don’t have cucumber, but it’s taste is good let’s see what we ll eat the tabule from here it’s kind of thick Lou, do you like it? Yes… I love the tabule. and salads… What? some naked couples there naked? yes… don’t look, cover your eyes what a place! here they did a part of pirates of the caribbean now we are the pirates fo the caribbean we arrived just stones, I help you? just stones, and I let him wow, just stones what a surprise all this stones never been on a beach with just stones you don’t get dirty, no sand… who makes the best stone cake? 3,4,5,6,7,8, 9!, Bravo! now 10, this will be the highest what did you learned? Never stop believing in yourself learn what skills you need to do it look dad, looks like a tree this place has something terapeutic. laying here on the stones stones, more gravel to feel the warm of them on your body, super relaxing. never been on a beach like this listen do music and relax you feel the waves on your feets you can move the toes over the gravel water is not so warm, 29 degrees, 30 degrees. ok, more like 29 degrees celsius I’m used to my mexican caribbean temperature. So everything below 33 degrees, feels cold but it’s ok it’s very very relaxing to be here on the gravel a complete natural spa treatment time to go, back to we will not we will move away for the night the anhorage in the bay was not very protected so we will finde a bay that offers more protection I can tell you. Sometimes when the boat is rolling a lot it’s very uncomfortable to sleep. very strong we are looking for a calm night, no?

    Articles, Blog


    January 19, 2020

    in this video you will see how I made a boat with a motor of foam we take a piece of foam and cut out of it the shape we need the base mark a place for a motor with a fan and make a hole for it take a small motor with a fan and put it in its place we will cut some strips of polyfoam for the ship with the help of glue fix the motor of a homemade boat take a compartment for two AAA batteries and solder the ship power button to it power button in place cut off the extra wires and connect the motor to the power supply take a soldering iron and solder wires well isolating contacts we put glue on the food case and fasten it on the boat glue the nose of the ship into place also glue the side parts, then reduce them a little glue the bottom of the ship self-made boat turned out beautiful, go to testing launch the ship with the engine running like the boat put like under the video, answer the questions in the comments

    (자막/ENG SUB) Meiko Nakahara(中原めいこ) – Private Beach
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    (자막/ENG SUB) Meiko Nakahara(中原めいこ) – Private Beach

    January 19, 2020

    A boat flows quietly
    / oki ni ukabu fune ga out on the open seas
    / shizuka ni nagareteku A wave of soda water
    / SOODA sui no nami ga Hurls my memories up into the sky
    / omoide wo sora he tobashite yuku no Now I come back to earth
    / ima chikyuu ni modoru wa A luscious resort
    / otona dake ga tanoshin deru Where only adults play
    / zeitaku na RIZOOTO dakedo At times when one is most careless
    / nageyari na toki ga ichiban I think maybe we become most beautiful then
    / kirei ni nareru kamo ne Come now open my eyes Wake up my heart
    / saa me wo samashite Wake up my heart I feel I want to live more for myself
    / jibun no tameni motto ikite mitai kibun yo No one comes to disturb this private beach
    / dare ni mo jama sarezu koko wa private beach This is the place I will be reborn
    / watashi ga umarekawaru basho I was always overreaching
    / zutto senobi o shite Trying to keep up with you
    / anata ni awaseteta At the moment I noticed that
    / sore ni kidzuita toki The color of the wind totally changed
    / kaze no iro ga kawatte shimattano Now I return to me
    / ima atashi ni modoru wa If you just relax your pace just a little
    / sukoshi PEESU wo otoshitara You begin to see many things
    / ironna mono ga miete kuru At times when one is wounded
    / kizutsuita toki ga ichiban That is when you can show bravery the most I think
    / yuuki wo daseru kamo ne Come now open my eyes Wake up my heart
    / saa me wo samashite Wake up my heart I feel I want to live more for myself
    / jibun no tameni motto ikite mitai kibun yo No one comes to disturb this private beach
    / dare ni mo jama sarezu koko wa private beach This is the place I will be reborn
    / watashi ga umarekawaru basho

    SHIP Interview Eloise Dennis
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    SHIP Interview Eloise Dennis

    January 19, 2020

    I had seen SHIP offering this service
    and I thought I think that’s the way to go so I called them and I was on board Being an octogenarian and not receptive to change We just stayed with the current carrier we had for our Medicare supplement and soon found out that after a year there were many differences in the premiums so I thought well this is worth
    a little comparative shopping I was not too adept at navigating the
    government website but I had seen SHIP
    offering this service and I thought I think that’s the way to go and there was
    an office right at the hospital so I called them and I was on board
    and I had my first appointment and oh what a neat experience to walk in and find that my counselor was going to be
    a former fourth-grade student but she soon was very efficient
    at making a comparison of the different premiums out there
    for the prescription insurance and it didn’t take long to decide that I could
    certainly be having a benefit to change the carrier One year a drug was $41 the next year it was $3 with another company This doesn’t seem right but it’s so and so it was to our benefit that the Medicare counselor was able to head us in the right direction but what was interesting was every year
    I went back and almost every year it was
    to our benefit to change carriers and I know there are a lot of people out there who say well I have to choose between
    food and my prescription and I think these
    past two years the other prescriptions are never more than $2 or $3 and had it not been for the counselor
    we would not been aware of that I think unfortunately there’s things out there
    that elderly do not understand and we often discuss how difficult
    it must be for some of the retirees to understand these programs
    and they never knew how much benefit they could have if they had used the
    Medicare counselor and found out that there was
    considerable savings there to be had State health insurance assistance programs Available in your area Local, unbiased, and trusted Medicare help visit
    for more information Depending on your area the SHIP program may also be known
    by one of these names