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    How to Add an LED Navigation Light to the Bow of Your Boat | BoatUS
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    How to Add an LED Navigation Light to the Bow of Your Boat | BoatUS

    August 18, 2019

    Do any boating at night or in poor visibility,
    you’ve really got to have good navigation lights This boat is somewhat old, and we’ve got cracked
    and crazed lenses on this, and this light really isn’t up to snuff, so we’re going to replace it. Things have moved on a bit since this light
    was fitted. I’m going to fit a modern LED light. If you look in here you can see there’s an
    LED array. There’s no bulb to blow. It’s almost a fit and forget item. Some people might think that you can just
    replace the existing bulb in this light with an LED light, but that you can’t do because
    it’s unlikely to comply with the U.S. Coast Guard regulations. A navigation light has to have 2-mile visibility. Just replacing the bulb isn’t going to work. You’ve really got to replace the whole fitting. So before I actually start doing any electrical
    work, I’m going to make sure that the battery is switched off. I’ve previously turned that off, so now I
    can go ahead and remove the old light. So, I’ve removed the old light, I’ve cut the
    cables. Here’s the new light. I’m just going to connect it up now. I’ve made one connection for the negative. I’m going to make up the positive connection
    now. So, with the two connections made, now what
    I’m going to do is feed them back down below the deck and then mount the lamp in position. Place the new light on the boat. I’ve drilled the holes for the screws, and
    now I’m going to put in the first screw. The first screw goes through the center of
    the light so that I can screw that down onto the boat, and then we can make sure the light
    is directly fore and aft so that we’re not showing the wrong sectors. I’ve lined it up and I’m just putting in the
    final screw now. I want it to be tight but not too tight. We don’t want to crack the casing. And then with that, we can snap the cover
    on. So there you have it. The project took me about half an hour, I
    got rid of the old junky light, replaced it with a new LED light. I never have to worry about replacing the
    bulbs ever again. Looks good, looks classy. Looking forward to using the boat. We’ll see you on the water.

    How to do an options trading in India.
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    How to do an options trading in India.

    August 18, 2019

    markets are unpredictable and wonder
    died by their very nature represent what inherent risks as well as the
    possibility of making records benefit of instruments such as futures
    and options allow us to madonna’s white investing hope i’m bored of and i will take you
    through the process of legal options trade what icy icy i predict or call if you want your book since trading
    lettuce post-game a quick understanding ought to be six the terminology in options can be a bit
    confusing so let’s go step by step and options product essentially comes in
    the form awful contract the contract has an underlying acid and
    the contract has a strike price simply put the price of the options options are from types autopsy
    applicable to the and we can take a bite out of
    circulation in the database here are the rules of the game the bio football has the right but not
    the obligation to buy the underlying asset at the specified striped bass whereas the center of the corn as the
    obligation offsetting the underlying asset at the specified strike price in contrast of this the bottle for port
    has the right but not the obligation to send the underlying asset at the specified straight face whereas the sale of support has the obligation of buying the
    underlying asset at the specified strike price let me explain to you the mechanics of
    not it is quite simple let’s say they wish to take a by
    position on the poor option in that case you don’t have the right foot problem
    obligation to buy the underlying assets the price of the contract moves against
    us begins some gay people or refuse to buy it that’s what the lord options comes from this option comes at a price which is
    for the premium premium is awesome on fractions of the
    price will be on the plane typing speed of leaked out of the
    goddess another vote speaking in options by being a premium in shows us against a
    catastrophic loss let’s look at a quick examples let’s go to the defeat to fifty five
    hundred call options which has a lot size of fifty two led to the premium is a b_-seventeen if
    they want to buy the sport option people need to be a p seventy multiplied by
    fifty that is of the thirty five hundred as the payment but now if the price moves up it will stay for
    us do you need not be i think that loss i’m lost is limited to be thirty five
    hundred sold about size is limited and upside as
    uncommitted it looks similar delighted buying absorption if a slightly different accused of
    beating a set of optional and even thoughtful option in the senate lucien there’s an all big issue for you to buy
    or sell therefore the premium is not involved however in this case homogeneous and
    board and the metabolism is quite like it
    margin trading when options trade hands on and you will
    understand if they deviate easy on the sums complex poignantly day-to-day that’s what this
    we do is on the boat they can begin to an options freedom i
    see a said today it got bought by two p but with the login but that i see a said
    that it gives the name and password v will be taken to the retreating rage pick what happened what and the articles c making anything when treating with the
    margin reports that is to select the product a pre-dawn i see a said that it can be able to
    selective contracts and the reviews underlines for treating the options
    segment weed those contracts which meet the
    criteria on liquidity and what you mean are considered for options trading you can take or the anybody contract by
    clicking stopped four hundred ethanol accusing options part of the products
    broke down let’s also make a operate with regards mum’s the word that the north and pick
    he’s ordered interpersonal will host and if you do
    what was talked for today for the starkness uptight the postage absolutes
    and choose from the drop-down menu select options under the product dropout then you need to select the option site
    which is viewed warned passport as explained earlier the decision what would assume emphasis
    and what the by upon option selected empty a list of contracts for emphasises
    different state places and explain what that decision what to buy necklaces on
    option the strike price of four thousand eight hundred and fifty antiques by t_v_
    of prepared and ready to positive but you can see the lot size of one twenty
    five forty p and the last greeted place these forty one point five
    zero but the stock options not be by from people to the latest abide or disagreement with the
    uniqueness of some insulated wanted a picture of the candy multiple lot size
    off the options lexi you want to play one twenty five
    forty now individuals unlimited auto market
    order rituals exactly lekin shared reading let’s look at the scene of market order
    for this exam before placing a market order you should
    take the best bid or off work for the contract big or all for for this contract can be
    checked by clicking on best fight bid or offer link for white
    dude on the right side of the order form best bid is thirty nine point five and the best all for this forty two
    point t if you want the single market order that
    they need to be secured at the best offer price bid to boost at market isn’t
    this what people point pc just now i’d look at funds for the
    street options trading have a margin
    requirements is delivery of actual acid is not beacon then you take a by
    position you will pay a premium so the margin is limited to the people however in the case of a simple version there is no premium pencil icy icy
    idyllic specifies the margins was impeached let’s say you want to know the margin
    reflective says instead call options now vehicle on margin calculate the and
    diet inspect forestalled citicorp since under the product of dumb
    and click on select one packed baby need to take the quantity and the understand or deployment what is this fight contract he’ll get that we’ve been corporate gift
    jet two thousand eight hundred and fifty
    strike call option for one twenty five or did he at the price of forty five and then six months of the department
    just delighted at the bottom of the contact list mod to require the use of
    these forty six thousand one hundred and eighty four point two five what this example let’s take a by
    position for the market order on the inferences on auction discussed earlier the best offer price will be a bullet
    was what he can point gate and the law psyches was one twenty five do you need to allocate one twenty-five
    multiplies by forty two point eight that is these five thousand three
    hundred and fifty multiple would that have been worked out makes too big to keep that and keep
    modify and featured dick actor futures and options and into the amount of thank you attending the among stick something the money for transfer from the
    native-born violence for the future that options segment placing the order is quite simply select the product what do they live in two days and will deal with it you will be taken to the or department
    screening for treatment for the auto these by you the execution price can be checked industry as usual up to three singular there you
    can check the status of your order in the order book you can also modify the contents of the
    orders which have not been executed him cedillo we have selected the product the bio said position allocated funds place the order and finally the order is executed d’estaing bc hulking squared off my
    position lekin margin treating you do not speak
    activity appeal to security options feeding tubes one other worlds includes uh… we position by simply
    facing the squared off order has all you do that you get business go ahead of order
    either through the moment by says beach or to a hyperlink squared off on the
    open position peaches it is advisable to please cover order
    from one position speech for the squared off link the quantity of readable is possible for
    me too and you won’t talk about the quantity
    original obvious in the squared off also looked at pendleton export the
    positions city option from the book gotshall let’s say you want to spread this
    position of expect we fight scenes fourteen seized at least forty six now we can meet viewpoints plan twelfth
    blvd and well each where you can be difficult to do you want we think the
    tools wanting by celtic unlimited and end up in the
    mcveigh’s as forty-six anti on something repeatedly the auto companies compete deadly need to pick on proceed as usual you can view this order can be audible including i’d suggest you must keep a
    close watch on your portfolio as frequently as you can what would you be in speech provides you
    the snapshot author profitability indefinite segment to speech track still underlies profit or lost on open positions as well as
    bayliss proffered on the loss what positions which of course all squared
    off multiple different or complete were dvds in options abide appears that the new
    incidences that people physical buying an option then it would affect the negative cash
    flow under dialyzed c_n_n_ because you are being paid the amount invested in auctions and
    reflect under open position value and that any point of time but i’m glad you
    asked for last traded price and reflect on the profit loss underlies the difference of these two amongst is
    the underlies proper close combat position kidney failure with an example let’s say you have what one twenty-five
    want to be off opt in fake with highs in the june at least thirty-five and you
    are holding disposition you alter or would-be rupees four
    thousand three hundred and seventy-five as you have devised a hopeful for peace
    four thousand three hundred and seventy-five this very beautifully acted improper
    closely ella’s under options the open pollution value with what sort
    of picked this amount of for peace four thousand three hundred and seventy-five so the price of this contract was often
    restricted dispositions to four point the garment
    value alter position which is roughly six thousand two hundred and fifty will be reflected on the property loss
    underlies let’s say you have squared off throws
    the pollution at fifty then there will be out of control for p six thousand two
    hundred and fifty property lost and realized one of the
    district property off six thousand two hundred
    and fifty minus four thousand three hundred and
    seventy-five riches equipment these one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five before we leave you i’d wish to make a
    quick suggestions these users search tools and make
    informed decisions you can use the talks markets fingertips and other such peachtree got the biggest
    in the back and in the market mostly ethanol empty exploit if they do
    at fingertips if it’ll help being that this is
    designed for or put it in integrated platform consisting of or weeds
    information inputs needed by intact that day to be just read it at present your contract most active cancers property strikes nobody nifty strikes
    active stock options height was stocks apart from these you can also tracks talks which have
    wind gap up and how creating about p_b_s_ these high stocks which i will point gap down penetrating brutal peters diesel stocks
    at fifty two weeks high and low and spokesman wouldn’t be
    like big butts big sector you could also go i think that we did
    this first recommendation to similarly calculate index and no real margins are
    cool to help you end up needing a margin requirements and also the index and stop price
    movements i hope you have fallen options trading
    quite like any other three it is simple and easy writing to us at
    gmail i did mention of your screen that your feedback and suggestions we look
    forward to hearing from you at

    Maithon Dam Dhanbad || A boating adventure || মাইঠান ড্যাম
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    Maithon Dam Dhanbad || A boating adventure || মাইঠান ড্যাম

    August 18, 2019

    Hi ! friends today I am in Maithon Dam come with me and enjoy the beauty of this dam. I am sure that you will enjoy the scenic beauty and peace of one of the most visited place in Dhanbad. Maithon is located in the border of Jharkhand & West Bengal Maithon Dam was designed by W.L.Voord a civil engineer of USA and was founded by first prime minister of India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. When you arrive at the dam you will be cherished by the natural scenic beauty of the area Green hills and colourful views of the area will attract you. I was amazed to see the blue waters at the backwaters of the Dam. Now come and enjoy with me the boat sailing over the flow of stream. Here one can enjoy the thrills of Speed Boating you will be amazed with that. We will go to that island. That is called ‘Spoon Island’. ha, ha, ha…… So, friends I hope you liked the video So, subscribe the channel and share with your friends and family members Thank you for watching…

    The Mystery of the Barreleye Fish
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    The Mystery of the Barreleye Fish

    August 18, 2019

    Just off the west coast of the United States,
    deep down in the Pacific Ocean, there lives a fish. And not just any fish. With its long, bulging eyes and transparent
    head, the Pacific barreleye fish is a little… different. Biologists don’t actually know much about
    it, because like many deep-sea animals, the barreleye is hard to catch, and even harder
    to observe in its natural habitat, 600 to 800 meters below the surface of the ocean. But over the years, researchers have managed
    to learn a little more, both from specimens that are hauled up to the surface in nets,
    and — once — from catching the thing on camera. And it turns out that, unsurprisingly, the
    fish’s adaptations are exactly what it needs to survive. First, there are its eyes. And no, I’m not
    talking about those little black circles above its tiny mouth, where you’d normally expect
    to find eyes. Because those are not eyes at all; they’re nares, which are basically
    just nostrils. The fish’s eyes are actually those green
    barrel-shaped things behind the nares, which give this fish its name… and look straight
    out of the top of its transparent head The barreleye fish has what are known as tubular
    eyes, because they’re shaped like tubes. And the fish uses them in a very particular
    way. Eyes are often compared to camera lenses,
    in the sense that they collect and focus light. The larger the lens, the more light it can
    gather, which is important when you hang out in the dark depths of the ocean but still
    need to be able to spot your prey. But for the barreleye, just gathering light
    isn’t enough. Its tube-shaped eyes allow it to see farther away, like binoculars in
    your head. They give the fish a fairly narrow range of
    vision, but that’s okay, because most of the time, it only needs to look in one direction:
    up. That’s because the barreleye fish lives
    just below its prey. So in their natural resting state, the barreleye fish’s eyes are looking
    straight up, scanning for food. In 2007, researchers from the Monterey Bay
    Aquarium Research Institute managed to get a good look at a live Pacific barreleye fish,
    and they discovered that its eyes have even more specific adaptations. For one thing, they’re green, which the
    biologists think helps them better see their prey. We don’t know all that much about what these
    guys eat, but scientists think they prey mostly on jellies and small fish. And jellyfish are often bioluminescent, meaning
    that the barreleye is looking for their telltale glow. But as the fish stares upward looking for
    food, even at those great depths, there’s still a lot of interference from sunlight,
    which can be bright enough to outshine the bioluminescence. The green pigment in their eyes might act
    as a kind of filter, taking the sunlight out of the picture and leaving only the glow of
    tasty food. But once the fish has spotted its next meal,
    it can still have trouble chasing it down. Researchers think that barreleye fish steal
    their food from siphonophores, which often have tentacles with a powerful sting. A sting to a giant, sensitive, light-collecting
    eye would not be a fun time for the barreleye fish, which is probably why it has that see-through
    head. The head is filled with fluid, forming a shield
    that protects the eyes from any stinging tentacles. Something else had been puzzling scientists
    for a while, though: once it got its food, how did the fish actually eat it? Many animals with tubular eyes don’t really
    move them around. But with its eyes always facing upward, the barreleye’s mouth would
    never be in its field of vision. For a fish, that would make it tough to actually, like,
    get the mouth on the food thing. The Monterey Bay researchers discovered something
    that we’d never known before: the fish’s eyes can actually turn to look forward, which
    they usually do if the barreleye’s body goes vertical. Meaning that as it swims upward toward its
    food, the fish can actually rotate its eyes inside of its head to see in front of its
    face. That makes it much easier for the barreleye to chomp down on its food. We still have a lot to learn about the Pacific
    barreleye fish. But aside from the possibility of getting stung in the face at every meal,
    life with a transparent head doesn’t sound half bad. Thank you for watching this SciShow Dose,
    brought to you by our patrons on Patreon who help make SciShow possible. If you want to
    help us keep making videos like this and get some pretty cool stuff, you can go to!

    The Year of the Golden Fish. Russian Movie. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles
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    The Year of the Golden Fish. Russian Movie. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

    August 18, 2019

    So you think these are better? Let me see… What do you think, which are better —
    these ones… You should try them on. I like it! Oh, don’t look, turn away! No, no, I’m not looking! – You’ll see everything tomorrow!
    – I’m not looking! Tomorrow is tomorrow. That’s that! Turn away! Ok, I have turned away. Did they call you
    Are you having a shoot? Yes, I’m having a shoot today. And what are you doing in the evening? And in the evening
    I’m having a hen-party. What are you having tonight? I’m seeing my girls. I see. Will you pick me up then
    I want them to look at you. – I want them to see how handsome you are!
    – Of course, I will! Don’t look at me, Vadik! I’m not looking! I can see that you’re looking! No, no, I’m not! – Oh, please, stop looking at me!
    – OK, OK, I won’t! Goldfish Year Here you are. Can you please check over if
    there are those guys with cameras? Oh, don’t emote —there is no one there!
    Moreover, we are blacked out here. – Really?
    – Of course, don’t worry! Still, could you leave in a
    couple of minutes after me… Why? I don’t want them to know
    everything before the time comes. After all, there are my fans… But you’re getting
    married to me, not to them. But still… Well, OK. OK? OK, OK, OK… Look, let’s go somewhere! To some kind of the island.
    A deserted island. We could spend there at least a week.
    There would be no fans, no one. Of course, I’ll drop everything now
    and will go to a deserted island! After the concert, OK’? Thank you! Excuse me! Yes, I excuse you. I just wanted to say that
    I also sing in this show… And I wanted to tell you
    that I admire you so much! You’ve always been for me… Please, just tell me
    what you want from me! You see, everybody says
    that I need a good composer. Someone like your composer. And I thought that you
    could give me an advice… What is your name? Zina. But in the show I’m Aelita. It was the producer’s idea.
    And I hoped that you could… I have a very expensive composer, Zina. And if your producer is unable
    to buy you a knobby song, change your lover and that’s all. But I don’t mean that… And I mean that. If you don’t
    understand that you’re just stupid. Hurry, hurry! Come on! What’s up Lada, honey, it’s
    high time for you to be here! What’s happened? Why, is it my turn? No, it’s what’s his name lsidor.
    And you’re after him. Everybody, cameras are
    on, hands up! Hands up! Don’t shirk, work, please! Come on, come on! Oh, my girls! Good girls! – Vlad!
    – Oh, Lada… Can I go onstage now instead of lsidor? – What’s up with you Of course you can’t!
    – Why not? What do you mean? The dancers are onstage,
    lsidor’s track is loaded… But it is very important for me!
    I implore you! Nothing will happen. Let
    him work, and then you will. – Please, tell them that I will go first!
    – Me? Please, please, tell
    them that I will sing now! No, I won’t.
    If you want, tell them yourself. Ok, I will!! Lada, what’s wrong with you? Look, lsidor, hi! May I go first?
    And you’ll sing after me, Ok? Are you nuts? No, not at all. I just won’t tell you wife
    who I saw you in the make-up room with. OK’? Deal. You’re such a bitch! All right! I love you, my dear! Let’s go, girls… I will be the next. Ok… Look, these are nice as for me…
    Will they do? Yes, thank you. – Will you take them?
    – Yes. Look at that! It’s Goldfish! What fish? Goldfish, the singer! Look at her! Here she goes! Hi, Girls! – Hi!
    – Hello! You’re so beautiful! Why are you wearing sun-glasses? Oh my God! Look at this! What is it there? I’ll show you now! Wow, very spicy Here you are. Lada, how did you manage
    to take him to the marriage office? The main thing is to prove the man
    that he is serious in his intentions. Other things are simple to accomplish. Yeah, your fans will bewail your wedding. Oh, girls, if you could
    only imagine how tired I am! – Don’t change your last name!
    – Of course, I won’t! Goldfish is one thing,
    Ivan ova is an other. Right… – Is he lvanov?
    – Yes, he is. Is he handsome? He is tall. Oh, girls, I missed you so much!
    How are you? Not that perfect! Asia, do you have any problems? No, I don’t. Why
    Masha’s life is harder. Asia! Why? What about me? I mean, it’s hard when
    you’re an single mother. I’m fine. I have my son and my job… Your problem, Asia,
    lies in your laziness. You don’t want at least to
    try and leave your teaching! What for I can leave
    teaching and then what? You have changed you job and now what? You’re rich, you have all those
    massages and swimming pools. Does it make you happier? Jealousy is the worst feeling. It has harmed the most
    of the world’s population. I don’t mean that! Girls, don’t quarrel! It’s senseless. I’m fine
    and I don’t need anybody! I’m quite independent.
    I entered the university myself. And I helped the workers
    at the building yard to carry bricks. And the fact that I own the company,
    Asia, means that I created it myself! – And you’re complaining.
    – I’m not complaining! – You do, my dear.
    – Who told you that I’m complaining? I have dozens of admirers! You see, they are all
    handsome, tall and married. Here she goes again… I would marry even an elderly man! A foreigner. And I would go abroad.
    But for my mother… I have only one dream —
    I want to marry! Like her! You just have to know
    exactly what you want. And then you will certainly get it. If it is meant for you, you
    will have it sooner or later. So, what is there? I couldn’t see anything!
    There are curtains on the windows. Girls! Each of you will write about her
    ideal man on a piece of paper. Wait a second, I don’t get
    it! You mean, point by point? What he is supposed to be like… Exactly! I will take
    these notes with me. And I promise that in a year
    you’ll have your dreams come true. I bring luck. Why in a year Why not straightaway? Because you can’t have
    everything straightaway! Do you have a piece of paper? I don’t. Are you serious? Come on.
    It’s clear that it is not serious… It IS serious! And I will write. Give
    me a piece of paper. – What? Masha!
    – Give me the paper! – Have you grudged the paper?
    – Give me the paper! – I won’t stint a piece of paper!
    – What’s the odds She wants to write! I can donate a page from
    my appointments book. Here you are!
    Do you need a pen, too Write! OK. I want to marry an artist. Masha! Look, what is his name This one? Oh my God… What is his name? lsidor. lsidor. Is he adequate? Yes, he is… he’s just… Well, I want to marry lsidor. Here, I have written that — you saw it! Where will I find him I don’t
    visit those bohemian parties! It’s not your concern!
    Asia! Write down your wish! – I will write!
    – Come on! I will! Asia. I want to meet an intelligent
    foreigner, who’s about 45. That’s a raving! Yes, it is! Here you are! What is it? Nina doesn’t write — she’s afraid
    that we’ll see that she dreams of a prince. No, a prince would be too
    young for me. I need a king. None the worse.
    I want him to be my equal. Rich! Why rich, Asia It’s all apple sauce! I want to be happy. I want to
    be love, and to love myself. Where can you find such a man? What do you mean? Where can you find him? I don’t know. You have found your Vadim! Oh, girls, Vadim is the only one! – Write, please, don’t be afraid!
    – What should I write? What if it comes true
    After all, she owes you. Who introduced Vadim
    to her Come on, write! – What would I write?
    – Write: I need a king… Write the way you said
    it yourself — a king. But it’s a raving! All right, let it be.
    A king. Is that all And write your name — Nina. Oh, yes, Nina. What a nocturnal! Here, get your paper! What a nonsense! Well, girls, I’ve got to go! I’m waiting for you tomorrow at my wedding. Don’t forget your passports, OK’? Why ls everything that serious? Yes, it’s because I’m afraid
    of paparazzi and strangers. Ok, girls, I love you! Bye! Bye-bye! See you tomorrow! Oh! – You’d better wear your glasses.
    – No, my eyes have got tired. I should have written “at the age of 40″… Lada Vladimirovna,
    wait a second, I’ll get the car! What car Vadim is waiting for me! Why are you sitting here Go outside! Mother… But you’re… No! No! It can’t be true…it can’t be true… Calm down, Lada, calm down… Mother… It’s not fair! Why me? Oh, my girl… Tell me, why me, mother? Calm down, Lada, my girl, calm down! I haven’t done it, mother! What could you do? I wanted to manage so much… What did you want to manage? I wanted to do so much,
    I wanted to manage so much, Mother! Mommy! What are you holding? And I will write!… …I will!… …I want to marry… an artiste… …In a year everything
    will come true… …What should I write?… …Write…a king… Nina, do you still work
    with Lada’s fiance, Vadim Yeas, we do. How is he? He seems to keep up but nobody
    knows how he really feels. It was so absurd… I can’t believe that
    it happened a year ago. A year Can it be true? Yeah… OK, thanks for a lift. – Oh, come on!
    – Bye! Bye-bye! – Hi!
    – Here you are! Hi! How are you here? Everything is fine. He’s sleeping. I put him in bed at
    8.30 PM. He’s sleeping. Great! What did you have to eat? Sasha didn’t want to eat borsch
    so I made some porridge for him. Great! What would I do without you! It’s OK! Sweet dreams, my baby. Sleep. Did you have supper? Sure! Borsch and sandwiches. Thank you! Go home now. Ok. Get enough sleep today! Oh, it’s not a problem! We’ve learned the tale
    “The Buzzy Bee” by heart. What do you mean All the lines? No, until the place when
    the mosquito comes to her. Good boys! Let me help you. Sorry for keeping you so long here! Oh, it’s OK! Well, thank you! I shall go. Bye! Bye. good night! – See you!
    – See you tomorrow! Bye! – Bye-bye!
    – Good bye! Misha is a good guy. I see. He’s not a good match. You need lsidor. Yeah, nobody knows what it is.
    Go and ask her. Maybe. Maybe.
    Look what a cat dragged in! Do you know what time it is? – I’m telling her about the time…
    – Oh my God! It’s five o’clock in the morning. Yes, I’m telling her what time it is. Albina Mikhailovna is the same.
    Why don’t you say anything? I’m 35, mother! Already. Did you hear that She’s a big girl now. When you get married, you can…
    But now… I don’t know. Yeah, how can I get
    married with your control? I don’t even have any
    place to date anyone! And I don’t have anyone to date… It seems hopeless. – It’s a nightmare.
    – It’s a dread. Who did you want to meet
    a year ago Did you forget it? Well, who was that A foreigner. 45 years old. Intelligent. Have you changed your mind? Oh, God! If I could only escape
    from you I’d even go abroad! Oh, don’t cry! I’ll take care about it! The New Year is coming… Oh, mom, the New Year is coming! I know… The New Year is coming. A Christmas Tree Artificial, of course. And we’ll invite Father Frost! Lady! Oh,thank you! My pleasure, lady! Lady! Maybe the lady could tell
    where this address is? Can you hold it? It’s so far from here!
    What are you doing here? But I was told that
    Pshorkin street is here… Yes, Pshorkin street is here.
    And you need Proshkin street. The phone number is also
    strange. It’s not our district. Major Proshkin street
    is a suburb. It’s far! Oh, it’s a pity! My teacher lives there! I’m a teacher, too! I compassionate you. OK, I’ll try to get a taxi. Good luck! Happy New Year! Happy New Happiness! Asia! Asia, are you nuts? Lady! Lady! Come on, hurry up! Asia! This is my mother. Mother, this is Valdek.
    He saved me and the cake. My pleasure. Where are your wineglasses? I’ll do it myself! Happy New Year! Happy New Happiness! Valdek Have I said it right? Asia! Here you are! Our beautiful girl! We are lucky to have managed it! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Oh, good, good! Valdek, take off your coat! Take it off! Valdek! They made it! He’s not Valdis, he’s Valdek!
    Is he from Poland? Poland. People’s friendship! Pour the champagne! Where exactly do you live in Poland? Where do you live? In Warsaw. And I’ll have vodka… I heard that Krakov is
    a very beautiful city! Would you like to sit next
    to my mother! Over here! OK, I will! Oops! Oh, don’t worry, it’s for luck! Everything is fine! Wonderful! It’s nothing! It could be worse! Shall we eat or drink now? Ladies, why are you so shy today? Would you like some mineral water? Oh, Valdek, what is the life like there? Do you still have collective farms? Are you crazy? Why? And what is his name? We farms here now! What about you? It’s Asia’s piano. She has been
    doing music since she was four. She’s got an absolute hearing! Oh, mother! I see. Asia, don’t be so shy! I can’t, what are you… She also writes poems! Right! She’s such a smart girl! And so beautiful! Yes, a little! I’m very sorry for my
    intrusion. But I’m ready to… Always prepared? …to rehabilitate! Lady, will you allow me? Of course, of course! Valdek, it’s Asia’s piano! Mother, everybody has heard about it! Would you like to have another
    drink? Who will join me? Sit down. Here is a chair. Can you pour me more champagne? Sure! With pleasure!
    Give me your wineglasses! Where did she get him? I don’t know! It’s interesting! He’s quite bold but he’s
    intelligent and he’s a foreigner. Who is he? I don’t know! He plays well! Where did you get him? I found him in the street!
    Does it serve your turn? She found him in the street! Hi, guys! Let me kiss you! Oh. my girls! Oops! Oh, I’m sorry! Maybe it’s enough? Why did you get loaded again? You’re a freak. Nobody will need you. And where is your voice? Where is it? My voice is within me Got it? I must have missed something! Look, Varvara, what are you striving for? Do you want me to leave now? Who will you stay with? How old are you if not
    to think of your uplifts? And who did this ble… -blefaroplastica-
    mblefaroplastica surgery? You said you uplifted your eyelids only. You can tell this to your
    housemaids You got it? You have uplifted all
    your face a hundred times! How rude… How rude… You can’t even shut your mouth! Why are you smiling?
    Why are you grinning? Do you think I’m a child?
    Do you think I’m your puppy? I’ll stand up and leave now. Got it? Someone will be there for me. So? So, what are you waiting for? Go away! Come on! Come on, stand up! OK, I will! – And…
    – What? Get champagne. Can I have it Keep your hair on! Excuse me. Happy New Year, Varvara! Happy holiday, mister officer! Take it! Happy holiday. Why did you let him in? Let him celebrate the
    holiday in a warm place! You’re Mother Theresa! But it’s a holiday! Right, it’s a holiday! And as it’s a New Year holiday… – What is wrong with you?
    – What? What is wrong Has my mascara spread? No… What is it then? – I don’t know.
    – The hairdo is new. Right? No, I have noticed the hairdo. Misha! Oh, I have got my ears pierced. You see? Oh, and I thought you
    had plucked your eyebrows! Are you a fool? Ok, let’s have a drink yo New Year. And I wish you that all your
    wishes in the New Year… Get your hands off me… Move on. Oh my God! Come on, slowly! Very well! Happy New Year! Get your present! Couldn’t you take him to the
    nearest sobering-up station? It’s too far! We’d have to walk 15 minutes! And we also want to stay in
    a warm place with some champagne! So let this prince sleep here. Register him quickly and
    put him into the lockup. Where did you find him? We didn’t. Traffic police officers did. He was fighting and cursing.
    And he doesn’t have any documents. Let’s go, stranger! OK! Let him sleep sober, we’ll
    take care of him tomorrow! I’ve warmed and refreshed myself.
    Thanks, I’ll go and help him! I don’t understand you, my dear! I did my best! Don’t you see whom I have brought to you? Open your eyes! Don’t back off as Asia does. You don’t know who I am!
    You just don’t know me! All of you are the common ruck. You’ve not deserved to
    wipe dust from my boots! …and shoes! Look, it’s him… Who? My wife adores him… I don’t know him. You don’t even realize who I am! Maybe I should ask for an autograph? Where should we put
    him Into the lockup? Let him sleep sober! OK, get him here. To the couch. This is me! Well, let’s go to the couch. Shut up, Popov! Shut your mouth! Yes, over there. Carefully. It’s yours. Thanks! You’re welcome! This is our family business. My father established it.
    We work globally. Through Moscow and Belgrad offices. Mister Vilyanovich, we
    certainly will co-operate! I don’t even doubt that! Family is the symbol of
    traditions and decency. We are a vivid example of family business. By the way, my older brother
    is in charge of Belgrad office. And I run the Moscow one. I think that is exactly who you need. He is the one you wanted! Equal to you, and the most
    important is that he likes you! It’s a wonderful evening, isn’t it’? Yeah… You look great today! Thank you! – Where were you?
    – She’s coming! – Here she is! Happy New Year!
    – I’ve been waiting for you here! Happy New Year! – Hi!
    – Hi! I heard you have problems
    with the Security Service. I can help you if you want. Oh no, it doesn’t matter! I’ll solve my problems
    myself! Thank you! Whatever. Look, I have an original offer to you —
    would you like to dance? I haven’t danced for ages. I see. Maybe you’d like to go to a restaurant? We are in the restaurant. Right. Then maybe… To the Zoo? To the Zoo. It’s funny. So, I will go. Go. Bye. Bye-bye. Nina, Happy New Year. Happy New Year. I’m such a fool! No, you’re not a fool. Yes, this is police…
    Hello, lady, I can’t hear you. Popov, will you stop singing? Shut up now otherwise you’ll
    be free in a second! Got it’? And who will wash the floors Pushkin? Yes, Pushkin. Bring the case before the
    court. You will get the divorce. What does he overwhelm you with? He overwhelms you with flowers? Oh God, who would ever
    overwhelm me with flowers? And what flowers do you like the most? What? What… What flowers do you like? Orchids! Orchids… Wow, give me a pinch! Hello! And where is… Oh, good afternoon, Maria! I’m here to thank you
    that you haven’t left me for the mercy of fate
    on the New Year day. And helped me… It wasn’t me, our guys helped you. But you didn’t let me plank
    dishonorably in such an evening. Her eyes, her kindness are
    the brightest memories I have. And I decided to…
    How can I give them to you? Can I come in there? Can I? You see, you can’t go in there. It’s not allowed. It’s prohibited. Can I have your autograph? Of course, you can! Can you hold it? And an autograph for me? Thanks a lot! Can I talk to the lady, please? Give me the bouquet. I have brought for you. Yeah… Wait a second! Open the gate! I have opened it. This is for you. Thank you! I’ve come to talk to you. I thought that you’re a police officer and you know about the
    accommodation market. What do you mean? You see, I have some circumstances.
    I have nowhere to live. I need an apartment and I
    thought you could rent it to me. But I don’t have a spare flat. I’ll be satisfied with
    a room or a corner. I live not alone. Oh, is that man your husband, right? What husband? Well… Oh, Misha! No! He’s not my husband! So, he’s not your husband? I don’t have a husband. And maybe we’ll marry in that case? – Masha!
    – What? Masha! What is it? Did you say “Yes”? Not yet. I said that I had to think it over. I just don’t understand! She’s going to marry nobody knows who! What does it mean “nobody knows who”? What do you mean? Everyone in our country knows him! Bohemian. Masha, and have you had? Well Oh, no. Oh, come on! Look, girls, wait a minute! He must be married! Isn’t he? Oh no, not anymore. He left his wife. Left her Are you sure? Of course! Do you think he’s lying? And what is that to you? Oh, Masha! Doesn’t
    your artist juggle you? Lada! What? Do you remember our wishes
    we wrote on a piece of paper? What did we write? We all made our wishes —
    you and I… and Asia. Oh, come on, girls! Asia! Lenya, bring us some vodka, please! I made a wish to meet a foreigner! Who? Valdek! His name is Valdek. He is a composer from Poland. Hallo. Hi, Vadim. Look, I’ll call you later, OK’? Thanks, bye. Who is this Vadim? Just Vadim! This is it that Vadim? Yes, this is that Vadim! Asia, tell her! – Oh, Nina!
    – Leave me alone! Here you are. But there are three of us… Hi! Your punctuality, Mrs… U Miss! Oh,thank you! Not at all! You can make
    fun of me as much as you can! Why, have you been waiting for long? Have you been waiting for long? I’ve almost become an iceberg! Poor thing! But it’s not my fault! What time is it at your watch? And mine shows this! Asia, this is like a kinder orchard! Kindergarten! Right! You behave like a little girl! Why do I have to apologize all the time? Oh, Valdek, don’t be offended, please! I had an extra class with my children,
    and after that a prosody coterie. What coterie? We write poems! What poems? Good ones! About nature,
    about weather, about love! Something like this: “I will weave the pattern of my road, Oh God, I can feel no distance any more,
    My towns disappear, My desire is a shadow of silk, I can rent the sky and say good bye to all, Only the winds whisper endlessly.” Who wrote that? A little girl. We have to go to you home. Now. What do you mean, Valdek? Hurry, hurry! Wait a bit, I can’t, it’s too fast! You will have to learn. What for? You will have to fit me. Why do I have to fit you? Oh, God, what is it? Because because we’re getting married! And you’re leaving! With me. How did you say? What exactly? The poem about love! “I will weave the pattern of my road” “I will weave the pattern of
    my road”. Why do you need it? Valdek, Valdek!
    Why didn’t you come earlier? This is what I’ve been looking for. Asia. Who wrote it? I did. Me. I mean, I. Honestly. Will you marry me? Mother hasn’t changed. Good evening, Mrs. Albina! Hello! Mummy, Valdek proposed to me. It’s nice. Excuse me. Mummy! Mummy! It’s OK, they will make it out! Yeah… They will make it out. “I will weave the pattern of my road, Oh God, I can feel no distance any more, My towns disappear, My desire is a shadow of silk, I can rent the sky and
    say good bye to all, Only the winds whisper endlessly. I hear the voices singing, A crystal world, My heart is like ether. A crystal world, My heart is like ether. There are so many clouds, I can’t hear you coming, The sun is rising, A dove will fly away, We’ll never come back, never! A crystal world, My heart is like ether. A crystal world, My heart is like ether.” Hello! I have always admired your punctuality. Thank you! Please! Thanks! Do you like this place? It’s quite cozy. I’m glad to hear that. Your invitation was unexpected.
    Why did you invite me? We are partners, Nina Vitalyevna! Isn’t it possible for us to meet
    and spend some time together? Of course, it is but… I thought that… Yes. You understood everything correctly. I have an offer to you. I am all attention. Sorry. Did I understand you right? We are people of business, Miss Pavlova. Our marriage and the
    merger of our companies will leave no possibilities
    for our competitors. You will have everything. And what do you think, I don’t have? Power. We’ll have absolute power and priority at the real estate
    market in your country. This is a good speech for the press. Do you want me to make it simpler? I do. But why? I don’t love you. And you don’t love me. But it’s not a good reason
    to decline my offer. Unions of hearts are made in heaven, and marriages of convenience
    are made at the notary’s offices. This is the difference. Then I will be more specific. I’m in love. But not with you. Can it be the reason? I won’t give him to you, got it? I don’t know what I’ll do,
    but you won’t be with him! Well, I’m very sorry. Really. My heart is broken. I’m sure that you will be able to cure it soon. Keep it. It’s a present. But it’s a very expensive present. I’m not that meticulous.
    Let it be a little souvenir. And I beg you to keep
    it as we are partners. Well, only if this is a
    present from a business partner. Great. I have another offer to you. There is a plot available. And you may buy it. Why don’t you buy it yourself? I’m a foreigner. lsidor! Stop everyone! Police! Don’t move or I’ll
    shoot! Get into the car, quickly! You amaze me! They are my fans! Are you a fool? Pull over the car! Oh, wait, I didn’t mean to say that! Masha, you see, people don’t dangle a gun before my eyes every day! I was scared! I don’t have a gun! Really? I must have
    got the wrong impression. And these fans could tread
    you and your guards to pieces! Oh, come on! Or tear you apart! Tell me, please, why do you
    always go out the service entrance? And how should I go out? How In some other way. As all people do. They come and go through the front door! And wear something more decent! Is there any problem with my clothes? And use some make up, disguise
    yourself with false mustaches and a hat… I don’t know. Oh, come on.
    You wear a uniform all the time! I have just finished my work. Yeah, sure! I didn’t have anytime to change. Come off it! And it’s my birthday today! Really? Why didn’t you say anything? Happy birthday to
    You! Happy birthday Hey, drive us to my favorite! Happy birthday, Masha! Champagne! Look, Masha, I’ve got an idea! What do you think about working for me? Doing what Being a dresser? Why a dresser? Don’t offend me!
    You can be a security officer! Why, it’s funny — a chick is my bodyguard! Oops, sorry. A lady-guard. It sounds funny! Yes, right… And when
    will I bring up my son? Is that a big deal?
    There are plenty of nannies! Hi! Hello. Did I wake you up? Oh, no, don’t worry! I’m driving. Did you want anything? I just was thinking… What were you thinking? I was thinking that
    maybe I could come to you. Just for a little while. In ten minutes I will be at home. OK. Bye. Thanks. Sorry, I… I want to get drunk but I can’t. Maybe it’s time to recall
    that you’re still alive? What did you say about some plots? It doesn’t matter. Yes, there is a plot, a good plot. It belongs to some Mashkovich. I’m planning to build three houses there. Why doesn’t he build there himself? Who Oh, he’s getting married. To a model. And it looks as if he is going abroad. It’s a strange story.
    And it’s a strange gift. You should check him up.
    I can do it if you want. No, don’t. I’ll take care of it myself. Just don’t get offended,
    OK’? This is my business. What ever. Vadim! Let’s go home. What did you forget here? I’d rather go home. Did you forget anything? I don’t want to leave. Nobody asks you to. You may stay if you want. I’ll make a bed here for you. Why does it hurt so much, mummy? Why does it hurt that much’? You love him, my girl. I hate them. I hate my alive and happy girlfriends! I can’t do anything! Nothing depends on me!
    I can see it , nothing depends on me! Mother. Nothing! I want to leave. I want to leave. Sasha, hurry up! Hurry, hurry, operating group is coming! Come on! Masha, why are you so nervous? Everything will be fine! Hello. Hi. I’m waiting for in the yard. Hi, my baby, how are you? Misha, don’t wait for me. I’ll be at work soon.
    I’ll get there myself, OK’? Let me button up your coat. Show me your identity document. Misha, didn’t you get enough sleep? Who the hell are you’? Did you hear me Show me your ID! Misha! Your documents! – Misha…
    – Dream on! Misha, what are you talking about?
    Are you my mother or my father? Right! I’m nobody. But you have a son. The son who learned a poem
    for you for half a night. To wish you happy birthday. Oh God, he’s so mushy! He can bloody well
    congratulate her tomorrow! What are you doing? lsidor… Sasha… It was a great roundhouse punch! Do you think so? I think it was a knockdown. OK, let’s go or you’ll be
    late for the kindergarten. Get in! Take it! Got it! A knockdown is not a knockout. What’s up with you? Get off me! Where were you? I was here all the time! Come here! Open the door! Open the door! I would bump you! What plans do you have for today? Any suggestions?
    Cinema, theater, restaurant? Can you pass me my purse, please? I’m sorry. Don’t! I can do it myself. Wow! What is it? Give it to me! Give it back to me! – What is it?
    – Give it to me! It’s a souvenir. A souvenir
    from Vilyanovich. Give it up! Not a bad souvenir! He proposed to me and I refused. Satisfied? But you have pocketed the ring. Look, I’m not a girl. I’m a grown-up and independent woman. Can I make these decisions
    about taking presents myself? Can I? You must have confused
    me with someone else. No? Who have I confused you with? You called me Goldfish today.
    And I’m not a Goldfish. Where is it? – Asia, Asia!
    – Wait a minute! Mister Valdek, here are some
    chicken cutlets, salad and bread. Mother, what is it for? Are you going to be hungry on the train? — And mister Valdek will want to eat!Right?
    — In that case there is a dining-car! Just listen what she is talking about! This is her feature —
    she likes spending money. Blowing them off,
    especially somebody else’s. She absolutely doesn’t value them. Can you, please, control her. Sure, Mrs. Albina. And eat hot meals three times a day! Sit down before you leave,
    Asia, it is necessary! – Asia!
    – Where is it? Oh, here it is! Mummy, let’s go or we’ll be
    late, the taxi is waiting! I’m not going to the
    station. Go yourself, ok? Why? The shorter the parting, the less tears. I’ll come to your wedding! Right? Mister Valdek, I beg you
    not to delay having a baby! – We’re not that young. You understand me!
    – Mother, please! What I’m telling the truth! Mister Valdek understands me,
    we are not that young! We’ll do our best. Mister Valdek, it’s great! Farewell! Everything is fine, go! Behave prettily! OK, hurry!
    Go, go! Haven’t you left anything behind?
    Passport and tickets? Mommy, my bag! Your bag Wait a second,
    don’t cross the door! – I’ll give it to you!
    – Go, go! OK. bye-bye! Bye! OK, this is all. Well, well.. Valdek, take care of her!
    She’s such a delicate girl! I’ll do my best! – Why are you crying?
    – I don’t know! Come on, you’re getting
    married! You must be happy! Asia, it’s time! See you, ladies! Oh God, I don’t know what to say! See you soon! BYE-bye, my dear, bye! Call us, will you? Go, go! Asia! Asia, call us! Asia! – Valdek!
    – Good bye! Everything is gonna be all right! Enough! Go, go! Let’s go! Now we’ll get your suitcase, And will ask for tea. Haven’t you forgotten the documents?
    You’re so absent-minded! You’re my beloved little girl! I’m not going anywhere, Valdek! What’s wrong? Did I offend you? No, I’m not offended, I just… – Does it have to do with your mom?
    – She has nothing to do with it! I just can’t. Forgive me. You’re very sweet, really. But I… How are you? I’m very well. I’ve done a new deal.
    I’ve bought a plot. I’ve got a loan from the bank. And I’m building two
    16-storeyed buildings there. I’m fine. You’re always fine. Maybe you’re right. I told you! I told you
    not to call me anymore! Vadim, this is ridiculous! Really, I just don’t
    want to listen about it! Vadim, Vilyanovich has
    nothing to do with it all. Look, we are grown-up people. This is all. Why are you staring at me? Everything is perfect! Get in the car! Just look at it! What? Asia! That is Asia! What has happened? Asia! Asia, what’s wrong? I’d never! Let’s go! Mister Vilyanovich? I’m listening. I hope that you have
    received a good commission for having set up your main competitor? What do you mean? Confess that it were
    you who persuaded Nina to buy a plot from some Mashkovich! So what? It was a square deal,
    I just introduced them. But you know it perfectly well
    that Mashkovich is a bankrupt. Two months ago all his
    property was arrested. The deal is inoperative. But I really didn’t know
    that it was invalid! Oh, come on! You must have forgotten that
    all telephone conversations in you company get recorded. “Hold back the information
    about the court decision at least for the couple of weeks. If you manage
    to prolong this period — I pay double.” This is a falsification and a blackmailing. You’ll tell the court about it. Have a good day. We have a little problem. Asia! I thought that you
    are the most sensible of us. And you… I’m as stupid as you are. Yes, Rita, I’m listening. Nina Vitalyevna, it’s a disaster. What is it? The court decision has arrived, The plot, you bought, had been arrested
    to pay the debts of the previous owner. – The building has been stopped.
    – How could it happen? – Can you hear me, Nina Vitalyevna?
    – Calm down, Rita. – What shall we do?
    – Rita, calm down! – What shall I do, Nina Vasilyevna?
    – No panic! – OK, I’m calm.
    – That’s a good girl. Now, listen to me. Go and tell the staff
    that today is a short-time. In honor of what? In honor…l don’t know! What is the date? I don’t know. Stockbreeder’s day Let them
    go to their country houses! OK! We’ll manage it, right? Yes, you’re right. Well, Rita, we’ll be in touch. OK. What’s happened? Nothing special. I just have a problem. A big one. What do you mean? I that I’m a bankrupt. And Vadim was right. My wonderful fiance Vilyanovich
    decided to play revenge. All right, I’ll go and get
    a towing rope from my boot? Oh my God! What for? To hang myself. That would be the last straw. Calm down. Damn it! What is it? Have you seen this? Hey, lady! Miss! I don’t get it… Where is she going? – We’ll sort it out!
    – Where is she going? I don’t understand! Independent fool! Will you answer the phone? Why do you need her? You’re mine. You’re mine! Do you hear me? Pick up the phone! Vadim… Can you hear me? Why is it so cold here? Yes, hello. Vadim? Yes, this is me. Who is this? I was asked to call you. Nina Vitalyevna met with an accident. What accident? Not very long ago. It’s very serious. Where is she? At the hospital. What hospital? You won’t go there! “I will weave the pattern of my road, Oh God, I can feel no distance any more, My towns disappear, My desire is a shadow of silk, I can rent the sky and
    say good bye to all, Only the winds whisper endlessly. I hear the voices singing, A crystal world, My heart is like ether. A crystal world, My heart is like ether. There are so many clouds, I can’t hear you coming, The sun is rising… A dove will fly away, We’ll never come back, never! A crystal world, My heart is like ether. A crystal world, My heart is like ether.” Hurry, Misha, he’ll escape! He won’t! Your lsidor will rather escape from you. What lsidor? There is no lsidor! – What shall I do What shall I do?
    – Hold her tight! – I’m holding!
    – Hold her well, don’t joggle! Vadim, she’s bleeding,
    Vadim, I’m afraid of blood! – Get off my way?
    – Just hold her hard! Drive to the right! Can I do it myself? Do it, if you can. Give me the hand! Oh, not yours, her hand! Don’t leave me now, I beg you! Don’t leave, I love you, such a fool! Vadim, she doesn’t breathe! Nina, Nina, breathe! Nina! Nina, don’t leave me
    now, I beg you! Nina! Nina, breathe!
    Nina, don’t leave me, Nina! My girl. It’s over. It’s over! Operating section. Doctor, what’s new? Oh, don’t worry, you have a girl! – Congratulations!
    – Thank you! Vadim! You did your best! – Congratulations!
    – A girl! Congratulations! A girl is
    not a boy, of course, but… Let me kiss you! – Vadim!
    – Thank you. I want to go there! No one can see! – Wait!
    – Asia! Where are you going to? Hey, Misha, where are you going? – There!
    – Why are you going there? They all are going! And what do you want there? But they went there! – And why are you going there?
    – I just wanted to see. There is nothing to look at? But why did they go there? – OK, go and see!
    – I won’t go anywhere now! Why should I go there? What did you want to see there?

    More items found from sailboat of missing family
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    More items found from sailboat of missing family

    August 18, 2019


    Sailboat mast strikes bridge on Tarpon River in Fort Lauderdale
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    Sailboat mast strikes bridge on Tarpon River in Fort Lauderdale

    August 18, 2019

    now we have an opportunity to go back to our developing story in Fort Lauderdale where a sailboat hit a bridge Alex Denis joins us live with the very latest Alex all right well the Cole we know that 50 foot sailboat hit that railroad bridge over a new river this happened about an hour ago but we can tell you even though crippled traffic for quite some time that boat has since been moved going to some sky 10 video right now showing you that crews were able to get that boat moved here to the park by the Performing Arts Center but we know that traffic was at a complete standstill for some time it seems as though a man who was working on the mast actually hit that bridge he was rushed to the hospital and treated for serious but non-life-threatening injuries again everything is back up and moving here but of course we will continue to follow this and give you an update on that man’s condition but for now this very latest live in Fort Lauderdale tonight Alex Finney local 10 News

    How to Pick the Right Fishing Boat | Saltwater Fishing
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    How to Pick the Right Fishing Boat | Saltwater Fishing

    August 18, 2019

    “Hi, my name is Captain Layne Wagner of Hawk
    One Charters. I’ve been a captain for over 40 years. I’ve fished all over the world and now I’m
    up here in Long Island, New York. You can find me online at Hawk One Charters, I’ll be talking to you today about saltwater
    fishing. The saltwater fishing there are three basic
    boats that I’m gonna discuss right now. One is an inshore, bay flats boat, one is
    an offshore, near shore fishing boat and one is a deep sea fishing boat. Now these boats can be interchangeable, but
    they each have their specific use. The inshore bay flats boat goes in shore,
    shallow water fishing, back bays. Then there’s the near off shore which goes
    in deeper water, it’s a little larger, a little stouter a little sturdier, able to take rougher
    water. Then you have your deep sea boat, thirty or
    more feet, tuna, sail fish, sword fish, deep sea fish. So that’s the basic three types of boats there
    are. ”

    Gator boat attack
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    Gator boat attack

    August 18, 2019


    How to Sail – SH Pontoon Launch: Part 2 of 4: Launching Common Mistakes & Key Learning Points
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    How to Sail – SH Pontoon Launch: Part 2 of 4: Launching Common Mistakes & Key Learning Points

    August 18, 2019

    Tying the boat to the pontoon broadside to
    the wind, this will make it difficult to hoist the sails as the boat won’t be lying head
    to wind. Tying an unsuitable knot. The boat could either
    break free and float away, or the knot could be difficult to untie. Key learning points for launching Understand where the wind is blowing from,
    and how that affects where you need to position your boat on the pontoon. Only use the downwind or leeward side of the
    pontoon. Look out for slip or trip hazards on the slipway
    prior to launching. Secure the boat to the pontoon itself with
    a suitable knot. Try to be as close as possible to the end
    of the pontoon. When manoeuvring your boat be careful not
    to trap your fingers between the side of the boat and the pontoon. When stepping into the boat make sure you
    are as close as you can be to the centreline. Never step on the side tanks as the boat could
    tip over. Sail away from the pontoon on a close reach
    point of sailing.