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    Godfrey Pontoon Boats | Sanpan 2500 UL | Rough & Salt Water Pontoon
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    Godfrey Pontoon Boats | Sanpan 2500 UL | Rough & Salt Water Pontoon

    August 21, 2019

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    Tooley’s Historic Boat Yard on the Oxford Canal | Through The Hedge #5
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    Tooley’s Historic Boat Yard on the Oxford Canal | Through The Hedge #5

    August 21, 2019

    hi welcome to today’s episode we have
    Matt hello Or Matthew he said I could call him Matt absolutely he’s our best
    friend now and sorry about that to our other best friends we are going through
    the hedge today to see Tooley’s boat yard so come with us one of the reasons
    the boat yards really famous is obviously the Tooleys that you know are
    very famous on their own but one of the reasons why everybody knows about the
    boat yard is because there’s a chap called Tom Rolt he had he was basically
    a mechanic and he was an engineer and he specialized and had built built cars and
    he had a garage but he didn’t like the way cars being mass-produced so he sold
    his share the garage and he bought a boat which used to belong to his
    uncle called cressie and he knew the Tooley’s and he bought his boat here to
    have it restored he wants to become a writer so he wrote he came here started
    writing about the toolies and what they were doing to his boat and restoring it
    and the boat is thought was a bit odd to see he was pitting a bow he was first of
    all converting a a narrow boat into a livaboard and which is an odd thing to
    do anyway but then to to to make it even worse he put a boat a bath on it as well
    for his wife which the boaters thought was absolutely you know completely
    extravagant thing to do is like have a pool or something you know they thought
    was completely extravagant then he wrote all the characters and all the work they
    did in the dry dock and the plesters in the Forge and his journey when the
    waterways and the state of the canals and this became
    catalyst for setting up the Inland waterways Association which obviously
    campaigned for saving the canals and reopening them so the reason why we’ve
    got a network now to cruise on is because of Tom Rolt and his book and it
    all started here with them bringing their boat to the Tooley’s so that all
    happened in the dry dock here that’s where it started if that something
    interests you there is so much more here and there’s so much in you know
    interested in the boatyard and there’s so much history and we’ve got lots of
    really interesting facts and information and my personal story of running this
    yard I’ve put into a book called forging ahead the history of Tooley’s
    boatyard and that covers the complete history from the the canal arriving at Banbury through to modern times here and it talks about the characters and the Tooley’s, Rolt and the personal stories as well now this workshop here it’s
    dated in 1930s and it’s all made out boat hulls you look in there that’s all
    budworm from the bottom of the boats where they were sitting in the water the
    toolies took over the yard in 1900 they were farmers. Basically Emmanuel Tooley took
    over the bought some boats and he became what was called a number one which is a
    sole trader which owned their own boats and they got paid per load they
    delivered and they delivered coal and oh no they didn’t they delivered pig iron between Coventry
    and Sammerson’s foundries So they would delivery pig iron to Coventry and they’d bring sand back to the foundry and then George Tooley took over the yard around 1900 this is the paint state from basically the nineteen well
    the workshops of the 1930s but basically it’s paint really from 1950s all the
    white leads and red leads and all the good stuff you can’t use these days but one
    of the interesting things is this door this door was made of planks of a boat
    called a fair trader and came into the dry dock to have the back cabin replaced
    and they recently reused the wood to make this door one of the interesting
    things is is that if you look at the door itself this is where they’ve been cleaning
    the brushes and there’s a layer of paint on the door there which is about two and
    a half inches thick so that was a Tooleys door for cleaning their brushes and this
    is belt of machinery shop and this is where they used to make all the metal
    parts of the boat so the machinery dates from about 1890 so it was secondhand to
    the Tooleys. we’ve got a lot of volunteers who’ve been helping us and it’s actually
    the Banbury model engineering society who actually stripped all these machines
    down and restored them all so they’ll worn and working order working slowly
    but we’ve just fitting motors to them so we’re gonna be running full speed and
    using them as well the way this works is over in the corner it takes a belt up to the ceiling and then from the ceiling it
    turns this wheel and then the wheel comes turns across your head this
    bearings at the top and holds the top it turns that wheel at the top and that
    comes down to this rather there’s bench and there’s a rather impressive circular
    saw which is on this bench which is least used for actually cutting the
    planks This is the dry dock it dates to 1788 well actually no
    doesn’t because we changed our mind we said it was 1788 but we changed our mind
    to 1778 and again you have to find out from the book if you interested in that
    one basically it’s a dry dock and it’s very
    unusual for dry docks to be dry and if you look at the floor it is actually
    bone dry docks or works extreme very very well the way it works is that at
    northern end there are three heavy wooden planks might hold back the water
    we lift the top plank the water comes into the dry dock and it fills up in
    about five minutes we’re going to replace the rest of the
    planks take this planks out and we then bring a boat in and we put it into the
    dock and tie it off with ropes we then replace the planks and we pull
    the plug and the plug is a drainage sloose in the corner of the drydock which
    takes the water off to about two and a half three hundred meters away
    once it’s outs we wash the floor we wash the boat and we generally do hull
    blackings in the last 15 years we’ve done one and a half thousand boats for the
    dry docks that’s around a hundred a year so on average about one every three days
    this boat here is in for a complete paint job it’s in for six weeks and
    that’s a stripped back to bare metal and a full repaint of the boat the other thing I wanted to ask about is
    the old wooden boat that we’ve been moored up next to Yes we can talk about that Do you want to go inside it this boat here was
    called Hardy and it’s a boat built in 1940 by nurses so it was probably built
    for the war we don’t have things like moorings which bring income in like the
    other larger yards as a commercial yard is very very small and we’ve also got
    the element of the general public as well so that has also adds pressure to
    us which isn’t very profitable as it was so but we still want to do all that side
    of it and it’s really important to show everybody the boatyard so one things we
    want to do is to hark back to the days of the Tooleys and they were they ran a boat
    yard which was famous for wooden boats and restoring wooden boats so we would
    like Tooleys to go back and start looking at wooden boats and working on them more
    and we are actually have plans to actually build the outside of Tooleys
    will be building brand-new wooden hulls on the site there are boats around like
    this like Hardy around the system now we wanted to get a an old boat to restore
    and we wanted to boat with some ties to Tooley’s but we couldn’t really find one
    in the time frame we had and we found about this boat Hardy up
    at Braunson it was sunk and had been there for 4 years and it was in danger of being
    broken up so we went up and we raised it we’ve we got off the canal bed floated it, patched up all the holes and decided we’re going to have the boats and we we
    salvaged it pretty much and we brought it back to Tooleys where we’re actually
    restoring it in the meantime we just so happened find out that actually Hardy is
    a local boat and they used to deliver coal to banbury and actually which is
    absolutely amazing and I’ve got photographs of a moored outside the dry
    dock and it’s rather bizzare so it’s really really crazy one of the reasons
    for lifting this boat up was to actually say to everybody look there’s these
    historic boats all the way around the country which are sinking or sunk they
    are falling apart and they’re being broken up and this is our history and we
    should not that this happened so we should do something about it and so by
    raising Hardy we would like to bring some publicity and some attention to the
    fact that this is happening and we’d like the future of Tooleys to actually
    address this and to try and rescue some of these boats which are being destroyed Due to the interest in the boat yard we get a lot of people asking questions actually part of our remit is that
    we show this to the general public so recently we’ve actually come up with the
    idea of actually doing an open day in fact that we are actually opened mornings from
    10 o’clock until 12:30 and that’s on every Saturday and it’s free and you can
    come along and you can come into the boatyard see areas of the boatyard you
    wouldn’t see normally you can go to the dry dock and you can have a look at the
    boat in there you can go into the forge you can see a blacksmith and some of the
    volunteer blacksmiths as well doing demonstrations and we also have a guided
    tour and we’re for guided tours we do that for donations as well and then you
    can be shown around the boatyard and be told the history of the site but if you
    don’t want to have a guided tour you can just wander around and chat to many of the
    volunteers which are here and he will tell you all about the site anyway and
    you go to the belt room and the carpenter store and we also have boat
    trips as well as well so that we’ve got to be charged for those ones as well all
    the money we make on the day of the working museum is actually goes back
    into the working museum itself so if that all happens and hopefully shortly
    we’ll also have our tea room set up here as well we don’t actually get any funding on the
    site at all and I never had received any money actually working with a lot of
    volunteers and we’ve got a great supporter of volunteers but about twenty
    volunteers now who are learning to be blacksmiths who are learning how to
    handle boats and also doing guided tours as well We also are all looking for
    volunteers so if anybody would like to come along and help out then that would
    be fantastic we could really do in fact where we were a network of friends of
    Tooley’s where you can come along and and sign up to be a friend of Tooleys so that
    that would be a really good thing to do okay literally
    here is the gate that Matthews gonna close on us
    Thanks for everything Thank you for rescuing us and
    for looking at our boat and for showing us around the yard and also for being an
    awesome historian that’s kind of what you are isn’t it yeah so and we’re gonna
    put those links to the book below we’re gonna put the links to or everything in
    the description below so watch that don’t forget give us a like subscribe
    and come back next time for more episodes

    24 HOURS IN OUR SWIMMING POOL | We Are The Davises
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    24 HOURS IN OUR SWIMMING POOL | We Are The Davises

    August 21, 2019

    (upbeat music) – I see some remnants of
    something bad happening. – [Connie] Oh yeah. – What’s it? Oh man. (rock and roll music) – Hey guys it’s We’re the Davises’! – Hello!
    – Hey, what’s up everybody? – It is a beautiful weekend, we are celebrating the good weather, having fun inside of this ginormous, what is it? I wanna say unicorn.
    – Floaty! It’s a giant unicorn floaty. It’s meant for like a party
    but party of four, so… (laughter) – It’s a winged unicorn
    floaty, it’s got wings. – Pegasus!
    – Pegasus unicorn. (upbeat electronic music) – Our challenge is to
    spend 24 hours in the pool, so…
    – 24 hours! – With it being such a
    beautiful weekend we thought this should be no big deal, right? – Yeah, no problem. – Let’s do this! – [Connie] We even got the pets
    with us, but they can escape at any point in time, they
    just gotta let us know. Hey Harley! – I just woke up. – [Connie] I know, everybody’s
    just waking up, so we’re just kinda chillin’ in the sun. So we put all kinds of
    cool toys along the edge, we’ve got ice chests over there, we’ve got more stuff up there, we got towels ’cause I
    think at night it might get a little chilly. The place is totally dialed in with fun. – Tyler’s already leaving us. – [Shawn] He’s like I’m going in. – Are you going in the spa?
    – Yup. – So to pass some time I’m gonna give Hershey and Harley some swim lessons ’cause they’re still not
    completely used to water. – [Connie] They look
    like they’re chilling. – They love this thing. They’re okay with being in floaties, it’s just like being in actual
    water that they don’t like. Yay! And they can chill on the deck. Eh, eh, eh, eh. (laughing) (upbeat electronic music) – [Connie] It is our lunch time. – Got me and sandwich. And because we’re in the
    pool it is a little soggy but that’s okay, it’s just pool water. – So we have this cooler built into our wonderful unicorn and these sandwiches came from Whole Foods,
    they are really good. They’re pretzel buns with
    turkey and cheese and bacon, which is what everybody knows
    it Tyler’s favorite food of all time, bacon, gotta love bacon. She gets one too but I
    think she’s starting off with her chips, since this
    is a party you can kinda eat whatever you want, when you want. We’re just gonna relax and have some lunch and then maybe, oh look at Harley. Do you see him back there? – [Shawn] He’s like food, what? – [Connie] He totally
    managed to get over here when he saw food. – Look at that, yum! – [Connie] Yeah it even has spinach in it. So good, pretzel buns are the best. Even Harley agrees, look at him. He’s totally focused on your sandwich. Hi Hershey! – [Shawn] You can do it! Hershey come on. – [Connie] Come on, you can do it. Yay! He’s like hmm, just a little
    bit closer I can get it. – [Shawn] He’s like ready
    to bit Tyler’s food. – He’s gonna get that out of your hand. Okay it’s getting later in the afternoon and everybody’s had lunch,
    the kids are still swimming and playing as you can see and we brought diving sticks. So we’re gonna have a contest
    to see how many diving sticks you guys can get. Kay, I’m gonna throw in 10 sticks and then we’re gonna say ready, set, go and see who gets the most diving sticks. – [Kayla] I vote for Tyler. – I think Kayla. – No. – She can swim faster than me and she always beats me
    before I can find some. – [Connie] On your mark, get set, go. (water splashing) – [Kayla] I don’t see any. Ah I see one. – [Connie] You can’t steal it if Kayla’s already touching it. (water splashing) I think Kayla’s trying to
    grab them with her feet. – [Kayla] I got one. – [Connie] I see some way down here. I think Tyler might have
    won by a landslide actually. – Yeah, I didn’t win. – [Connie] Kayla’s all yeah,
    I got one, I’m a winner. I did it! – Good job team. – [Connie] And the
    unicorn has broken free. I am sailing towards the kids
    getting ready to crush them. So Tyler won by a landslide. – [Kayla] I had a feeling
    that would happen. (upbeat electronic music) – Hi. – [Connie] What’s up? – Dead. – [Connie] Dead? The water is actually warmer
    than outside right now. – It is, I’m like kind of tempted to like, she’s like using it as
    like a blanket right now. (laughing) – [Connie] She’s keeping warm. – I learned how to make water donuts. – [Connie] Water donuts? – Which is like… – [Shawn] That sounds delicious. – No like when you blow and
    it makes like a big circle. – [Shawn] Uh huh, cool. – Nice.
    – Awesome man. – [Connie] Is that warm? Nice, is that where the
    warm water’s coming from? – [Kayla] Yes. – Warm from there, warm from there. – [Connie] Ah, she fits. Kayla’s so small, look at her. She fits right inside of our waterfall. – It’s nice. Oh hi Harley! Hi. – The sun is almost set
    behind the house over there. Just floating back and
    forth in the pool right now. – Wondering if we’re
    ever going to be found. Like I feel like we’re stranded
    in the middle of the ocean. Kayla, why don’t you
    push us over that way. – Yeah, we wanna go see the food. – Yeah I wanna go get some food. – [Connie] It’s working. – It is working. – [Connie] Now she’s just
    gotta move us over that way. – Oh I got it, I got it. – [Kayla] You good? – Yup we’re good, thank you. – [Connie] Oh look it, Hershey’s on to us. He knows there’s something good in here. – No that’s my muffin,
    you can’t have that. – [Connie] Hmm! – Wait what, that was
    supposed to be my breakfast. You’re eating it. – [Connie] I’m eating that whole muffin if you’re gonna eat all my chips. – Oh sorry. – [Connie] ‘Cause that’s
    the only chips I have. Whoopie pies! Yum. – [Shawn] Well where’s dinner? – [Connie] It’s in the other ice chest. So in here we have cookies and brownies. Oh that’s probably dinner. Shawn loves those coconuts. Yummy. – Yummy, try some. – [Connie] So Shawn’s got
    his tater tots and quiche. Yes? – [Shawn] Yummy. – [Connie] I’ve got salad. And the kids I think also have tater tots but they’re just not
    coming over to eat dinner. They’re playing. – I want to play. I’m standing on the bucket. Look at how tall I am. I could never stand here before. Oh no, I lost the bucket. – [Connie] Oh no! And look at the dogs. They’re peeking, they’re
    like me, me, mine, mine? They wanna be where the food is. – We’re making a whirlpool. – It’s so warm in here. – If you remember doing
    whirlpools, comment below. Have you ever done one in a pool or a spa? It’s nighttime! There’s the moon. This is like super warm. Our whole pool feels like a spa right now. – [Shawn] It’s like, yeah,
    it’s like 90 degrees. We’ve had the heater on for like two days. – [Connie] ‘Cause it’s cold
    out now, it’s nighttime. – Right. – [Connie] Actually it’s
    not even that bad, you guys. It’s like 65 out. It’s like freezing for California. – In like Montana, New York, you know, that’s like tropical weather. – [Connie] Actually New
    York gets really hot. – That’s true, in the summertime. – [Connie] Is it working? – Yes. – [Connie] Can you float? Have you stopped to try and float? It’s almost midnight. We’ve gotta like try and wrap it up and go night-night. – I’m being carried by
    the current, I can’t. – [Connie] Do we have all our blankies? – [Shawn] Yup, we’ve got all our blankies. I just dropped them off shore right there. Here’s your blankie. We can share one if you want.
    – Blankies! – [Connie] If you guys are wondering why this is full of water there’s
    like a netting down there. – [Kayla] Yeah so everything
    passes right through it. – [Connie] So if we pulled
    this up out of the water it would just drain right out. Oh my camera’s fogging up. Look at all that steam. Whoa, that’s how hot our pool is. The steam is coming up
    from the pool water. They can go in the house,
    we left the house door open. So they have their bed in there. Night night Ty. – Night. – Good night. – [Connie] Are you going night night? – Yes. – [Shawn] Goodnight baby boo-boos. – Good night. – Tyler’s almost out there. Night night. Night night guys, we’ll
    see you in the morning. – We’ll see you in the morning. – Bye. – Good bye. (water running) – Oh gosh. Hey you guys. It’s morning. Oh, oh my gosh. We need some sunglasses. – Oh man, it’s so bright out. – [Connie] It’s so bright. Kayla. Isn’t that sun waking you up? Ty Ty. He’ll sleep through anything. – [Shawn] I can wake him up. (water splashing) (laughing) Wake up, Tyler. He’s like unfazed by the
    water dripping on his face. – [Connie] Well we can
    have breakfast and then. (laughing) – [Shawn] Water in the face, nope. Breakfast, what? Guard dogs been protecting us all night. – It’s way hotter today than
    it was yesterday I think. Oh maybe that because we’ve
    been in the beating sun and I have a black coat
    on still from last night. – I’m pretty sure it’s warmer right now than it was yesterday. – So we gotta swim over to the side and try to get to our breakfast. It’s back there. Hi Hershey, Harley. – Save me dogs. Okay I got it, thank
    you Hershey and Harley. Oh look it, Hershey’s
    ready to jump on board. – [Kayla] Yay! – [Connie] He’s like oh,
    I want to see you guys. Hello. Hello. They gotta get to momma. – Hershey, Harley, hi bubs. – [Connie] We haven’t seen you, all night. They’re afraid to get in the boat. – Oh no, I see some remnants
    of something bad happening. (alarming music) What’s this? Oh man. Critters. We had some visitors last night. – [Connie] The scoundrels come along and try to rip open our trash. And kinda scattered it everywhere. – [Shawn] Something got into it for sure. Oh well. – [Connie] At least everybody’s safe. – [Shawn] Well at least
    we had Hershey and Harley to protect us. – [Connie] Yeah you probably
    scared them off, huh? – [Kayla] Maybe it was them. – [Connie] It was them? They vandalized the trash. – [Shawn] Who wants a croissant? Cookies and brownies? – [Connie] That’s so not breakfast. That’s what Kayla wants? – [Kayla] I want that. (laughing) – More croissants. – [Connie] Oh my. What are they called, whoopie cushions? – [Shawn] Yeah we got
    some whoopie cushions? – [Connie] Whoppie cushions there? – I want one of these things right here. What are these? They look like they might be good. – [Connie] This is really good. Have I even ever had a croissant? (laughing) It’s been so long I don’t remember. – [Shawn] I’m sure you had a croissant at least once in your life. – Yup, this stuff’s good. The dogs are just looking at us. Luckily you have dog food. Yes. Dog food by the door. You have to go there, Harley. Are you guys gonna go swimming? – After I finish my croissant. – [Connie] I feel like I
    wanna jump in the water. – [Shawn] Who wants a whoopie cushion? – [Tyler] Me. – [Connie] It tastes like a
    Twinkie, just so you know. – [Shawn] Nobody else? – [Kayla] I don’t like Twinkies. – [Shawn] Nobody else wants it? – [Connie] No you can have it. – Thank you. Well now that we’ve had
    the breakfast of champions, what’s next? – Kay, I think this is my chance to finally jump in the water. It is hot, I wanna wake up
    and I need to take a bath. – [Shawn] Yeah you do. (water splashing) – Yay! The water is super warm. Swimming. – [Kayla] He’s chilling. – [Connie] He’s licking his paws. He’s chilling. – I have to hold his butt
    up or he’ll fall though. – [Connie] He’s totally trusting. He’s like da da da. Hello. – Hershey’s jealous. – [Connie] Where is Hershey? – [Tyler] He’s on the boat. – [Connie] Wait your turn. (laughing) (upbeat electronic music) (water splashing) (laughing) (water splashing) – [Shawn] Nice. (upbeat electronic music) (laughing) – It’s too hard. – [Shawn] Maybe I can help. (upbeat electronic music) – I can do this. I did it. – [Connie] Dad will never do it. (laughing) Watch. (laughing) (water splashing) (upbeat electronic music) – Tutorial. – [Shawn] On what? – [Kayla] On how to get in the raft. (water splashing) (upbeat electronic music) (water splashing) – [Connie] Oh good job! – [Shawn] Way to go, Kayla. (upbeat electronic music) – [Connie] Hi. Hello. How are you? Ahh! – He fell in. – [Connie] Did Hershey push him in? – [Kayla] I think so. (laughing) (upbeat electronic music) – Well we did it. – Yay! – We survived 24 hours in the
    pool and it was so much fun. – Oh my, I think we’re gonna
    have to keep going though because it is still really nice out and we’re having so much fun. – We’re gonna call it
    26 hours in the pool? 28 hours in the pool? – Let’s do 48 hours. – 48 hours? Oh my gosh. – I don’t think I brought
    enough food though. (laughing) We’ll just have a barbecue
    and have some fun. This is the perfect day for that. I hope a lot of you guys are
    out enjoying your weekend. It’s been gloomy here for like a month and it’s just finally sunny again so we’re excited about that. – Yay! Probably that means summer’s coming. – Yes, summer! I know and some of you guys
    are already on summer break and we’re still not yet. Ah! What kind of questions can we ask them? – I got one. What color was Kayla’s towel when we went to bed last night? – They can just go back in the video. – Yeah, now you guys are gonna
    have to do some research. – Yup there you go, there you go. – Okay, well anyways, hope
    you guys enjoyed this video. Until next time… – [All Together] Bye! (playful music)

    Mississippi River Boating FUN ♥ BRILLANT Orange Sunset Skies (WOW!)
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    Mississippi River Boating FUN ♥ BRILLANT Orange Sunset Skies (WOW!)

    August 21, 2019

    It’s a gorgeous day to be out on the
    Mississippi River. We’ve been spending most of our weekend’s out camping so we
    haven’t used our boat much this summer so I’m looking forward to an adventure
    out boating. Hi I’m Randi and this is my channel
    Randi’s adventures I am so thrilled you’re here and if you haven’t already
    done so please hit the subscribe button so we can adventure together! and we are off we’ve got some people
    fishing off the pier this is a Mississippi River oh my gosh it’s beautiful we’ve got a barge downriver there’s a big log out in the water
    yep there’s something the water right here is 28 feet deep
    explain that one we’re gonna do go down here a little bit and find a
    place to launch a boat and we did it here Tom take princey not a bad place to spend some time on
    the Mississippi River Tom’s getting their handy-dandy ladder
    out oh good girl can see look at all the wildflowers here so we think that over
    here is poison ivy look at it it’s got three leaves on one branch we think this
    is Poison Ivy’s so I think we’re gonna leave this spot all right we’re off the course the importance Minnesota here we go yeehaw look at will be landed and that’s how you anchor a boat and
    this is called Sand Point we’re gonna go for a walk along the
    shoreline pretty gorgeous huh look at this tree root system that’s a mayfly here’s what’s kind of
    special about Sand Point is the fact that it goes on and on into the river oh my gosh there’s a snake ah come on guys
    let’s go oh it let’s see how far we can walk and no more snakes please company let’s go we are now leaving Sand Point such a gorgeous night on the Mississippi
    River that’s sunsetting Wow oh my gosh just look at those skies we’re heading back there’s Lake City marina and that’s
    where we’re gonna pull in you

    Help Me Hank: Boating safety
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    Help Me Hank: Boating safety

    August 21, 2019

    thousands of boats will be out on the lakes across Michigan this summer of course but more people on the water means more hazards we just told you about the 11 people who had to be rescued after their boat capsized it is very serious and it’s more important than ever to keep boat safety rules in mind Hank Winchester is out by the water right now and Hank last weekend the US Coast Guard assisted more than 90 people on the Great Lakes they did Karen it was a big problem you know the Coast Guard officials are out there right now this is the busy time of year for rescues because so many people have time off because of the holiday as you mentioned 90 people are rescued this last weekend all over the state of Michigan dealing mainly with capsized and disabled boats which is what played out on Pine Lake boats that were taking on water and people in the water right now some information to keep you and your family safe cruising lake st. clair with the Macomb County Sheriff Marine Division deputies on patrol on the lookout for trouble people operating recklessly and they’re endangering themselves or endangering other people out there we have speed laws out here specifically called the no wake laws that we enforce when people are going too fast sergeant frank bernard says the focus isn’t handing out tickets it’s on Public Safety through education we can’t do nothing to really stop at accidents once it’s happening but we can educate people to know what’s important we’ll keep them safe and you have what do you say to class did you excellent and when they do stop a boat they’ll make sure boaters have enough life jackets and floatation devices on board in case something goes horribly wrong for every 10 contact stops we have we probably give one ticket two tickets Todd Brinkman from Rochester brings his family out in Lake and like seeing the deputies out there too I feel like I’m doing nothing wrong so I don’t have anything to worry about but I see other people that you know one time I was towing my daughter and another boat came you know cut right in behind me that kind of thing is what the US Coast Guard warns about not paying attention improper lookout and inexperience for the top factors for boat crashes here in Metro Detroit excessive speed and alcohol also making that list these mistakes are most often seen crowded Lakes the traffic picks up you know there’s people going to speak brother whether they start making their plans for the weekend to come out on their boat and the outcome can be downright devastating last year there are 116 boating accidents in Michigan of those 19 were deadly get the registration you get your life jackets get fire extinguishers on board deputies just want you to follow the rules keep an eye out for the no wake zone slowdown in those areas when you come to a crossing with another boat follow the rules on who has the right-of-way to avoid a collision if for some reason two boats are going head-on both boats must slow down and go to the right of each other and keep your cell phone on you and also have a GPS and call police if you run into any trouble back out here live I know that was a lot of information so what we’ve done is we’ve condensed it all and we put together a video that you can share and take a look at with friends and family it is on the help me Hank page our Facebook page you’ll also find more information at we’re live here tonight on Belle Isle Hank Winchester back to you very busy time for the US Coast Guard that is for sure Hank obviously they’re talking boating safety but they’re also warning people about drinking while boating as well yeah Karen you know the same rules apply I think people need to remember same rules apply on a boat as they do to behind the wheel so drinking not allowed while you are behind the wheel of that boat same rule as 0.08 you can be ticketed you can be cited for drunk driving and while operating a boat on the water in Michigan back to you port and reminder all right Thank You Hank

    Mirage Sportfishing – California Halibut Fishing 55lb and 36lb  08.17.2011 Channel Islands
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    Mirage Sportfishing – California Halibut Fishing 55lb and 36lb 08.17.2011 Channel Islands

    August 21, 2019

    Did you set the hook this time or just wind it in slo..
    just wind it up..aah set the hook Bring em in slow and stedy (inaudible) wind wind wind wind wind wind wind wind wind…….wind wind wind wind wind it looks like it unless its an upside down halibut grab a gaff..HALIBUT and a half I told you oh its a nice one sea bass..its a halibut…big halibut wow wow….WOW ohhh WOOOOWWWW…oh thats the winner right there..oh yeah…watch out quite a bit nice fish guy…oooHHWHOO you guys you guys can have the jackpot several years link between no here elmer criminalist such intense acl misc that looks at this point michael bubble bubble nice this order nabanita right goals press one on one africa consumption contract playbook freshman there extracted enough equipment okay to return to the north atlantic tama
    team offbeat space station dick cutting cancer okay case manana monster how the record of all mobile yet always wanted over it c c expecting loan yeah if needed synthesizers and said realtors singers you so things freeman real punitive visit was good yuki statement food shipments also book with details of the week went begins it residents human road present carolina but was it hectic geopolitical entao unique
    faulkner packing i we’ll talk about it because the okay treatment out repaired argue policy consequence different harp but with all your one that but more importantly forward gettysburg do you character elvira but well i’m pretty good quickly why why why
    would you want to be sirisha or not

    You Are A Fish
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    You Are A Fish

    August 21, 2019

    Hi, welcome to MinuteEarth. I’m Jasper and you are a fish. Well… sort of. Of course, you don’t live in water. Nor do you have gills or fins. But there is certainly something fishy about
    you… and it has less do with physical appearance, and more to do with evolutionary history and
    how we classify species. So what makes a fish a fish? Well, traditionally, animals were grouped
    together based on shared physical characteristics, but this traditional strategy of grouping
    animals came long before we knew about evolution. Evolution revealed that all animals are related
    by ancestry, and the more recently they share a common ancestor, the more closely related
    they are. Sometimes animals that look very similar are
    actually very distantly related. So today, scientists name groups of species
    using “clades” which take evolutionary relatedness into account. A clade is a group that includes a single
    most recent common ancestor and every one of that ancestor’s descendants. An easy way to identify a clade is to cut
    one – and only one – branch off the tree of life. All of the species that fall off will form
    a clade. And all species within that clade are more
    closely related to each other than they are to any species outside the clade. For example, let’s look at the Great Ape
    section of the Tree of Life. We could cut here and have a clade for Humans
    and Chimpanzees. This shows us that we’re more closely related
    to Chimpanzees than Gorillas because Gorillas are left out. But we could also go up a bit and make a cut
    that includes Gorillas too. This is a larger clade and it shows us that
    we’re more closely related to both Chimpanzees and Gorillas than Orangutans. So the whole evolutionary tree is actually
    a Clade of Clades of Clades… all the way down to the tips. To figure out how we relate to fish, let’s
    pick two animals we currently call fish – say, a goldfish and a shark – and first look at
    how they’re related to each other. Now let’s use our Cladistic strategy and see
    if we can cut out a “fish” clade. To include both of these species, we’d need
    to cut the tree here, at the Gnathostomata branch. Now let’s add Humans to the tree and see
    where we are. That’s right!… We’re actually in the same Clade as goldfish
    and sharks because there’s no way to separate Humans from all fish without making more than
    one cut. So if we wanted to group all the animals we
    currently call “fish” together under a Cladistic naming scheme, humans – and in fact
    all mammals – would also need to be part of that group. So is there something wrong with saying that
    Goldfish and Sharks are both fish, but Humans aren’t? No, it just means that category isn’t a
    clade and in some circumstances that may be more useful. But if you think about it, that traditional
    association of the word “fish” with “ gilled, finned, water-dwelling animal” does blind
    us to this interesting truth: although goldfish are related to sharks, they’re actually
    more closely related to us. So maybe you should go around telling everyone
    that you’re a fish. And when people give you confused looks, just
    tell them you swim with the cladistic school of thought. You might have noticed some of the evolutionary
    trees in this video were created by an app. Well, we actually built that app so you should
    definitely check it out! You can use it to explore the Tree of Life
    and build your own trees! Just visit and look for the
    Tree of Life Explorer. You can also keep up to date with our latest
    creations by subscribing to MinuteLabs on YouTube or supporting us on Patreon.

    How Much Money Can You Make Investing in the Stock Market?
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    How Much Money Can You Make Investing in the Stock Market?

    August 21, 2019

    How Much Money Can You Make Investing in the
    Stock Market? By If you are looking to make money in the stock
    market you need to prepare. You need to develop a plan and you need to pay attention. Assuming
    that you learn the ropes and apply yourself how much money can you make investing in the
    stock market? Here are a few examples. A Million Dollars Trading One Stock Our sister site,
    published an article 5 years ago, How to Make a Million Dollars Trading One Stock. How to make a million dollars trading one
    stock! This is a great idea if you can do it. Evaluating how this could be done is a
    good exercise in various methods of trading. How to make a million dollars trading one
    stock could be relatively easy if one had one hundred million to invest and only needed
    to make a little over one percent return on investment with your trade in order to keep
    the million dollars after fees and commissions. For most of us in the real world how to make
    a million dollars trading one stock will have to start with a substantially smaller investment
    pool, stocks with significant room for appreciation, and finding ways to leverage our investment.
    Many learn how to trade penny stocks with this sort of goal in mind.
    For most investors in the real world making a million dollars on a single stock requires
    huge growth for the buy and hold investor or huge and repeated volatile price swings
    for the short term swing trader/investor. A single stock that comes to mind is Microsoft.
    If you had purchased 100 shares of Microsoft at $21 a share when the company went public
    you would have 28,000 shares today worth just under $1,500,000 today. And you would be collecting
    more than $40,000 in dividends every quarter. You can make a huge amount of money by picking
    the next Microsoft. Smart Investing Over Time in Many Stocks Although the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates,
    is the richest man in the world the third richest is Warren Buffett. Buffet turned a
    textile business into a stock holding company in the 1960’s and turned it into an investing
    powerhouse. If you had purchased B shares in 1996 you would have seen a seven fold increase
    in your investment but if you had purchased A shares for $1,000 in 1964 your investment
    would be worth about $10 million today. Buffet practices buy and hold investing using intrinsic
    stock value as a guide. He has had many more winners than losers and is considered the
    most successful investor in the world. Is There a Short Route to Profits? Peter Lynch, the legendary manager of Magellan
    Fund, tells a story about a delivery man who noticed that one of the companies he delivered
    to was adding on to their plant. He asked why and was told that they had received a
    new set of orders and were hugely expanding their business. The delivery man bought the
    company’s stock for a few dollars a share and was pleased when it went up a thousand
    fold once Wall Street caught on. The Common Thread Buffet has said that he never invests in a
    company unless he understands what they do to make money and how that approach will continue
    to make money into the future. And he never buys at inflated prices. This is basic value
    investing. Whether it is picking the next Microsoft, riding along with a Warren Buffett
    or spotting a clear opportunity and taking advantage you can make money investing in
    the stock market. How much depends on your paying attention, spotting opportunities and
    taking advantage in a timely fashion. For more insights and useful information about
    investments and investing, visit

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    August 21, 2019

    Hey what’s up guys it’s MJ Clashing here and welcome back to another video and today we’re doing clash of clans and it seems that we’re going to be having a massive update this month in clash of clans and I cannot wait for it. There’s been some leaks for this update and I’ve got a couple of images to show you guys and with that being said let’s get right into the video and let’s not waste any time and uh yeah so we’ve got a couple of image for this update and they’re not confirmed but they are pretty good and the art is amazing so let’s just go ahead and take a look at the first image I’m going to put it on the screen right now and here’s the first image so you can see that it’s a little bit different everything is dark and first thing you see in this image is there is no Sun there is a moon in this village which means that there is going to be night mode in clash of clans it’s all dark and you can see that the troops are holding a torch in their hand so what does that mean? Does that mean that clash of clans is going to have night mode people have been asking for night mode since the beginning of the game so it might come to the game you never know so yeah it’s all dark and stuff and you can see this barbarian right here has a jellyfish on its head so what does that mean that mean that jellyfish is going to come to clash of clans? I don’t know it might be just a sea creature or something like that and the third thing you see in this image is at the bottom right hand side of the image and you can see the hog rider and next to the hog rider is a goblin and what is that goblin standing on it looks it looks like a golem to me it has pink eyes and it looks like a golem to me from clash Royale and what does that mean does that mean that the Golem is going to have another level I don’t know but that’s what it means in my opinion so yeah and last thing you can see in this image right here is the ship now the ship has been leaked a couple of times in clash of clans but it’s never come to the game but you can see the ship here is in the sea and everything the troops are in there and they’re approaching a village so what I’m thinking is the ship is going to come to your village and the troops are going to get in the in the boat or the ship and the ship is going to travel across the sea and go to another village that is going to have night mode in it and it looks like they’re approaching the next village here you can see the rocks and the grass and everything and that’s what it is in my opinion so yeah it’s a Chinese image or whatever it’s a Chinese text right here and I’ve got translated that to English so let’s read that the first few lines here in silver are second village night world of extreme speed that’s what the first two lines are and then this second or the third line here which is in blue says unprecedented huge update that’s what it says and this is the first image so I’ve got three more images for you guys so let’s get the second image on the screen right now and here it is so it looks like hog rider and giant are playing clash of clans chess and there’s everything there’s the Town Hall there’s everything in the game but there is a torch next to this giant’s hand there and it’s all dark so what does that mean again night mode or what and at the top of the screen you can actually see a boat next to the giant’s hand as well you can see that there’s a boat over there so again boat, night mode candles, torches everything’s there and yeah that’s the second image so lets scroll up the third image right now and here it is so looks like barbarian is on a seesaw and at the top left corner if you look closely you can see that there’s a ship in the sea now again ship but there is no moon here there’s the Sun there it’s daytime here and yeah but you can see the ship in the top left hand side corner of the screen and again ships might be coming to clash of clans and this is a Chinese text as well here it says balancing update and yeah that’s what it says that’s the third image right there and I’m going to pull up the last which is the fourth image right now here it is there is the Giants and every Pekka barbarians and hog riders and wall breakers everybody but looks like it is night in this village here you can see the moon at the top left corner of the screen and there you can see the sky there are stars in the sky and everything and It’s night time in the village and everybody seems to be having a party in the village so what does that mean night mode coming to clash of clans again? I dont know and let me you know your opinions in the comment section down below I would love to hear what you guys are what you guys’s opinions are on these leaks of the new updates and apparently this update is going to be coming this month which is exciting and I’m really excited for it I left clash of clans a long time ago like three months ago and this update leaks are are like getting me excited and I’m back into the game again let me know in the comments down below if you play clash of clans and I’m really excited for this new update and if these are trolls or fake images then it it’s like weird but here because this this should took this should take like a long time to make these images they took like a very long time and some skill because look at these images aren’t they like crazy the art is fantastic it’s crazy and if they’re fake then that’s just a big troll right there I don’t think they’re fake so let me know in the comments down below what do you guys think of this update I think it’s going to be real and yeah that’s going to wrap it up for today’s video and get ready you guys a lot of clash of clans updates or actually a lot of clash of clans videos are going to be coming to this channel and yeah that’s going to be it for today’s video hopefully you guys enjoyed it like comment subscribe and all that good stuff and I’ll see you guys next time peace out

    Boating Safety – An Almost Perfect Day
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    Boating Safety – An Almost Perfect Day

    August 21, 2019

    [Inaudible] Ok Honey There you go You got him? You hooked him yeah alright lift the tip up atta girl atta girl reel em up aw he’s a big one I’ll help get the net for you [engine getting closer] Grandpa, look what I caught. (Grandpa yelling) hey, hey (Grandpa yelling) Hey Michael [sound of boats colliding] (girl in boat) screams [Gavel pounding] (Prosecutor) State your name for the record Michael Raymond Trescott (Prosecutor) Mr. Trescott Would you agree that as the driver of the vessel your responsible for the safe operation? Yes (Prosecutor) So would you please explain to the court how on a perfectly clear day you managed to run down a small fishing vessel with two people aboard? [echoing] I can’t explain it (Danny) Mikey Ahoy Now that is a manly man boat [inaudible] (Danny) man overboard Boat fuel How many of these have you had already? (Danny) [Imitating Captain Ahab) Where be the white whale [Inaudible] Water Food (Danny) Man Food and towels [inaudible] (male narrator) It was a perfect day. and what seemed like a perfect plan (Danny) [roars] for Jen, Danny, and Michael (Michael) lifejackets (narrator) the plan was to just have fun (Danny) it says it takes a jerk to inflate Well I got to pull it [all laughing] (narrator) some sight seeing a little fishing maybe a swim Here we go. (narrator) You can say they they didn’t plan on anything out of the ordinary. It’s gorgeous. (narrator) but sometimes ordinary behaviors and every day circumstances combine in unexpected even tragic ways. (Prosecutor) Mr. Trescott you testified that you left the dock around 9 am the police report has the collision occuring just before 6 pm that’s 9 hours on the water Have you ever heard of the environmental stressors? No No I haven’t [water lapping on shore] [inaudible] (narrator) Spending the day outside in bright light and fresh air feels great. It stimulates your senses for a while. In limited amounts that glorious sunshine is good for you. It supplies the energy to produce Vitamin D essential for strong bones but too much exposure around the water you get a double dose directly from above and bounced off the water too much exposure and the body starts fighting off the suns damaging radiation over time this takes a toll on your energy level you know, that run down feeling you get after a long day in the sun what’s more that same sun reflects off the water making it difficult to see details contrast and color polarized glasses help but its still hard to see objects in the glare and it tires you out trying When you are around water fatigue can creep up on you in a suprising number of ways (Prosecutor) So, much of the day you were traveling at what 20 25 miles an hour? About that I was not going too fast I didn’t say that you were but the boat was bouncing through the water as boats do. Right? Yeah, I guess (Michael) Alright (Jen) Woo (narrator) A boat on water is in constant motion just ask anyone whose ever been seasick whether you are aware of it or not You’re exercising your muscles continuously just to maintain balance All that exercise burns up energy The greater the motion and the longer you’re out there the more tired you get Mr. Trescott was it noisy on the boat when you were underway? Not particularly Were you able to speak to each other in normal tone of voice? [engine noise] rrrrr (Danny) Alright captain I think she’s had enough. I think she’s learned her lesson. [yelling] Alright Jen [inaudible] (narrator) Noise causes fatigue too the engine, the pounding of waves even the wind over time can make you tired (Jen) Michael [inaudible] Yo Michael you want some water? What? You want some water? (Prosecutor) So how much water did you drink while you were boating? remember Mr. Trescott you are under oath did you drink any water? Maybe not. Could in fact have been dehydrated? I don’t know I felt fine. (Michael) Danny you are never gonna catch anything (Jen) Aw come on Danny Its so hot (narrator) When its hot its easy to become dehydrated. that’s because in order to stay cool your body sweats. that’s a good thing the moisture evaporating off your skin carries away heat but it also carries away fluids Its not uncommon for your body to lose several quarts of water over the course of a hot day. If you lose more fluid than you replace you get dehydrated Dehydration is another cause of fatigue. (Prosecutor) Let’s see Mr. Trescott for much of the day you were subjected to the hot sun the glare off the water the motion and the noise from the boat and its likely that you were dehydrated that’s a big strain on your body wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes, boating is like that there’s nothing wrong with being out in the sunshine and fresh air It’s not a crime to get tired (narrator) Michaels right A hot sun glare motion wind and noise and dehydration are part of the boating experience these are the environmental stressors. Individually they are like a stress or tax on the body but in combination over the course of a hot day on the water they produce fatigue and when you are tired you’re not as alert now there’s not much you can do about the wind or the heat or the motion but Michael chose to do something that made things much much worse. (Michael) Jen will get me another drink [chuckling] no what Jen Jen Jen, the man has been working hard, huh amen [giggling] I’ve only had one If I give you this I have to drive the boat [chuckling] No baby this is a precision machine that requires a master to control. yeah yeah ok but I’m watching [can clicks open] you ok Did you have alcoholic beverages onboard? Just a six pack of beer Just one? Yeah we’re not big drinkers we just like to be in a boat on the water How many beers did you drink? 2 maybe 3 I’m not even sure I finished the last one The Officer on the scene measured your blood alcohol level in the eyes of the law Mr. Trescott you were impaired I don’t see how that’s possible I only had 2 beers (Prosecutor) Are you aware that the effects of alcohol can dramatically increase when the drinker is dehydrated? [echoing] when the drinker is dehydrated? (narrator) If your tired and dehydrated just a couple of beers can have the same effect on you as if you had several more That’s because your liver which cleanses the blood of toxins like alcohol needs energy and water to work efficiently Fatigue robs you of that energy and dehydration reduces the available water what’s worse alcohol is a diuretic so you retain less of the fluids you do drink producing even more dehydration. The result of all of this can be a downward spiral that intensifies the dangerous effects of alcohol in your body [inaudible] (narrator) and these are particularly dangerous effects for boaters. To begin with alcohol affects balance. (Jen) We might have to cut him off. (narrator) You could also experience serious impairment of vision including losing some of your peripheral vision having difficulty focusing and following multiple objects trouble distinguishing low contrast objects and a compromised ability to tell red from green. On top of all of this your reaction time slows when danger appears it will take you longer to respond and finally judgment your ability to make the correct decision and to take the correct action is impaired and when a passenger drinks that’s one less set of alert eyes one less person to relieve the driver and one less person to look out for their own safety (Todd) hey Jen (Jen) hey Todd how are you (Todd) A beautiful day out (Jen) yeah man awesome Where you headed Cool you want to meet at Joes later? Yeah Alright man see you later. [ominous music] [Grandpa yelling] (Jen) [yelling] Michael (Prosecutor) Mr. Trescott [echo’s] you’ve been driving in the sun the wind the glare and the noise for much of the day certainly you were tired most likely you were dehydrated and on top that you drank several beers the effects of which combined with these same environmental stressors to impair your ability to operate that boat do you really think you should have been driving that boat (Prosecutor) Answer the question Mr. Trescott Do you really think you should have been driving that boat [New Age Jazzy Music to end]