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    Airboat fishing trip in Steinhatchee Florida!
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    Airboat fishing trip in Steinhatchee Florida!

    January 18, 2020

    hey we’re here today in Steinhatchee Florida
    and you’re getting ready to go on an airboat fishing ride this is my buddy
    Chris town with Kimley-Horn y’all stay tuned it’s not a real nice day a little
    breezy but the tides low and when you when you have a low tide like this you
    sort of get the ability to trap the fish in those shallows they go back up in the
    wintertime it’s it’s mid-january right now they go up in the shallows and
    creeks and an airboat you can get up in there and cast down them sometime it’s
    kind of like the old saying fishing in a barrel it’s sometimes it’s kind of like
    that so stay tuned we’ll see if we can drum them up I’m Sure you can probably hear the wind blowing. It’s gotta be blowing what 20 25 miles an hour We’re not catching anything but Chris and I have decided that no matter how dumb it is to be out here, I don’t know if you can see that right there but that is guy in a kayak and he’s trying to row uphill if you know what I’m sayin…and it is not working at all So I’m sure the wind in this video is ridiculous but we’re fishing, nothing yet Oh that’s true he did catch a puffer fish, I forgot to get that on video We’ll keep you up to date. Stay tuned Allright, so we got one in the boat If he would ever stop spinning, the wind is so bad Little redfish Pretty little guy, not legal just so everybody knows what we’re
    fishing we’re fishing a gulp what color is this nuclear chicken on a something
    ounce redhead Eighth ounce maybe quarter ounce like that Eighth ounce jig on a gulp not that it’s very successful but that’s what we’re fishing so take note Alright people, I think we have a fish. I think we have a keeper redfish 18 inches Here you go everybody, 18 inch redfish We are just south of the Steinhatchee river maybe I don’t know what a quarter mile, half mile Their she is look at her One spot 18 incher, first cast On that Gulp I was showing you Gonna have blackened redfish tonight for dinner We’ll show you how to clean em, and we might even show you how to cook em. Alright here is the catch Two redfish both redfish are about 18 inches over 18 18.1 inches
    now we’re gonna do the cleaning portion of this video all right we’re gonna have
    mr. towne is gonna be our special guest cleaner so I love getting comments where
    I did things wrong so I’m looking forward to that yeah well don’t listen to them all right red fish
    are pretty hard to clean because they’ve got a very thick outer skin unlike mr.
    towne who obviously doesn’t have a thick outer
    layer and he worries about what people say about him I stay awake what is the key to
    cleaning fish sharp knife sharp knife exactly and they’re not all slimy
    they not all slimy but I can’t really know how to take off fish slime doing a
    good job gonna take it right down the backbone take that top half. so we caught these on the Gulp
    nuclear chicken nuclear chicken here in Steinhatchee just to the south of the
    Steinhatchee River fresh red fish tonight we’re gonna fry
    up some red fish sometimes we blacken it just do it on a grill I think we’re
    going to fry it very nice and he goes tail end back from the tail end back so he’s
    gonna just pull the skin the nice part about redfish skin as it is so thick
    that it’s pretty easy to just go right down that backbone and peal the meat off
    without throw it down the hole trim it up get all the bones out of there throw it right on the ice there you go
    all right so we had a really successful day today and we caught two redfish and
    we have cleaned them here they are and we have dusted them with some Zattarains fish fry crispy southern formula Zattarains
    Duran’s whatever we’ve dusted it and we’ve put some extravirgin olive, no we didn’t what
    we do with this that’s for the rice this is for the rice we’ve put some vegetable
    oil 100 percent pure in this pan and we’re warming that up and we will take
    the fresh freshly caught fish put that in the oil and cook it up so stay tuned
    okay here we have the red fish frying simmering in the pan of 100% pure
    vegetable oil with the here I’ll remind you what kind of seasoning because it’s
    important Zatarain’s fish fry this is a Zatarain’s fish fry crispy southern oh yeah
    I can taste it already all right the fish has been cooked and now we’re
    gonna eat it see I catch my fish
    me and my buddy we catch our fish and I’m pretty good in insurance I’m pretty
    good at golf but I’m not very good at catching fish so we’re this is like a
    special occasion some people have stone crabs that they
    buy from the store me but I have to go catch my fish so let’s try it out did
    you cook fish medium high alright let’s try it out mmm
    mmm awesome hey thanks for watching make sure you remember to subscribe like
    video hit the little bell so you get notified every time we go fishing and
    drop one of these awesome videos take care

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – MTV Heartbreakers Beach Party (1983)
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    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – MTV Heartbreakers Beach Party (1983)

    January 18, 2020

    room service can we clean the room please can we please clean the room
    please please can we please keep clean your room excuse me sir can I go for a while
    better big secret or the same to know you chairman Greek ABG RH face little bit to
    the right I thought we’re gonna a deal that say
    like I’m the norm Crosby what do you mean what am i doing my name is Cameron
    Crowe I’ve been writing about music for the last 10 years and I’ve had a chance
    to interview a lot of the legendary figures in rock and roll first time can
    you please take a message I’m busy okay for the first time I can take you with
    me for a video profile and we’re going to be taking a rare behind-the-scenes
    look at one of the most important bands around stances to cut the center out no
    one wants to see this kind of thing I gotta go well Tom when we first decided
    to do this interview you said you wanted to go cruising around the streets of Los
    Angeles in a limo limo well I like limos because I can be in
    any state I want I have to worry about driving it’s a pretty you know obnoxious
    way to travel around oh no I don’t have to ride in it in an old Ford to convince
    myself that I’m of the street you know I know I love the street our guest has
    been described as an authentic all-american rock and roll hero which
    I’m sure I’m sure nobody here would argue with he
    he does not normally do things like this or interviews because he doesn’t like
    them which is one of the reasons why we’re especially pleased he agreed to be
    our guest today please welcome mr. Tom Petty why
    what am I gonna do go get a lecture at college like that was the ultimate who
    as far as and he said no I think you’d be great nice to know I don’t want to do
    it how’s it going Tom can’t come funny stuff here I just want to say that I
    hope you keep pumping out that good kick-ass rock and roll it helps a lot by
    myself and involved with the band right now and we spent about two and a half
    hours one night trying to figure out on American Girl your lyrics and the second
    verse there we had a heart song but what you do is you just don’t worry
    about it any kind of you get a fork full of food and just sing and sad sing
    what’s about you want to know you want to know the lyrics I yeah it’s just been
    you know I didn’t lose and sleep over it a little bit all right what part you
    want to know well when you start off well it was kind of cold that night she
    stood alone on her balcony oh she could hear the waves Rover now she can hear
    the cars rolled by out on 441 like waves crashing on a beach by any chance with
    441 would that be a highway somewhere yeah runs right through Florida Betty
    was born in Gainesville Florida and brought up in a typical working-class
    family but Gainesville was known more for alligators than its music scene and
    petty left early to find a success in LA he returned home in 1981 a hero
    unfortunate in this case that Polly is Tom Petty
    Gainesville boy good fall character happy today to
    present him with the city of genes yeah it’s funny that you know when you’re
    they’re going to juvenile court and all the things that happened to third and
    you and then you come back and get the key to the city you have to take it with
    a pinch of salt and I mean I thought they were very nice to us
    Petty’s life changed when he met Elvis Presley at the Florida location of
    Elvis’s movie follow that dream the next day petit traded his favorite
    slingshot for a stack of Elvis 45s he would never be the same
    it was just like once the music got into my my body right I have a friend says
    once the ghost gets in you I mean once the ghost got in me it never came out I
    mean I never could think of doing anything else it wouldn’t have mattered
    if I had gone to school or off to be a monk or it wouldn’t have mattered you
    know I would have done the same thing it’s just there’s no control there was
    no way to quit no way to walk away from it just to hope for the best from it you
    know like hope that it takes care of me the Heartbreakers formed in 1975 when
    Teddy ran into old friends from Florida guitarist Mike Campbell drummer Stan
    Lynch and bassist ron blair all at a los angeles solo session for keyboard player
    Benmont Tench within the first few minutes of playing together they knew
    they had a band The Heartbreakers were soon in LA club favor and thanks to
    early songs like American girl inspiration for America goal is not
    roger McGuinn it was Bo Diddley maybe that is gonna change yeah we didn’t have any idea what we
    were doing was like the first album first couple hours the first couple
    tours we didn’t have any idea what we were doing we didn’t know any better
    which was great that was a real cool time for us plus
    there was nothing but disco happening so we knew we were cool yeah there probably
    was some you know jockeying for position in the first two albums as there always
    is you know but I think even if it was called the Heartbreakers it would still
    be Tom because he is ultimately his vision as a singer and songwriter in
    their seven years together the Heartbreakers have had only one
    personnel change in 1982 they added how a Epstein on-base it was great while I
    was a fan of the Bands anyway so it was just sort of neat playing with them how
    did the decision to replace ron Blair come about it’s just like somebody in
    your family you know that you’re not working with anymore so you know but he
    told me he didn’t really want to go on the road anymore that he just couldn’t
    get on the bus again and we’re on the road we are a team you know it’s like
    we’re a family for I had to say family but that’s what it is for like married
    we depend on each other and we feed off each other you know and then it’s so
    it’s like it’s almost essential that we be really close like last tour last
    couple of tours we bust instead of flu which kept us like in really close
    quarters like 24 hours a day which got to be a bit Boy Scouts after about three
    months of it but just because
    II brick and just pick Oh
    in front of cars this big
    put food on my head and people think
    I’m not smart but I’m stupid I’ve been stupid since the day I was
    born I’m stupid right on we’ll just because go around with Mike
    just because I don’t sleep it name people think I’m not right I’m stupid baby I’m stupid what about the Heartbreakers on the road
    now that’s all about four years ago he used to always see the bad character I
    think this is road you know Bandidos they come into your
    town stan has then total conquest has it changed much the last few years there’s
    still four new Heartbreakers beach party after well we hadn’t got it like a year
    it’s pretty good saying yeah no I don’t think it will ever change too much it seems like it just gets worse
    year-to-year yeah it cinnamon it’s got to come out it’s hard though it takes me
    after you do that show I mean going to sleep it’s just a laugh I mean like yeah
    okay sure you could you could even go get in bed what’s the difference
    you’re so charged up you’re so revved that you know it takes a lot to knock it
    down by morning so there’s a point in every failure I
    could feel where I just feel relaxed and like you know we look through you know
    maybe even like sex but not quite like that let me but like well you know I’m
    got it now we’re really rolling now you know nothing’s gonna go wrong and you
    hit that where nothing can go wrong except maybe one night a few years back
    in winter land when you got pulled into the audience to play part of the song I
    just got to happy I leaned out over and somebody just got me right around the
    legs you know and we go that was pretty scary was one of the first times we really
    registered to me that you know the crowd is dangerous crowd crowd you know out of
    control is dangerous because that was dangerous and I was pretty good there it
    doesn’t seem on the tape like it takes very long at all to get me out but I
    mean it was a lifetime I don’t know I think they really thought that they
    could just take a finger home and I’m gonna take this that I don’t know great
    show and I don’t hold anything against the audience cuz I mean I’m the one that
    stirred it all up in the first place yeah I just should know better than to
    get too close very early on we used to do those tours that would just go eight
    nine gigs in a row before there’s a day off and month I feel nothing them up and
    then you writ you know we learned hey you just can’t do it and now I got a key
    for some kind of moderate watch on it and still have a good time I don’t want
    it too good so safe there’s no fun you’re gonna stick with us with the
    wrong room let’s go back up and get the room but today’s court day right this is the
    wrong direction I just come off stage next alright I plead insane in 1979 the fund stopped and the legal
    hassles began the heartbreakers record company was sold to MCA and petty felt
    like a pawn in a huge corporate game in his well-publicized battle to retain
    creative freedom petty was sued from three different directions his most
    important album damn the torpedoes was almost never released all I ready to get into the lawsuit was
    become popular enough that everyone thought they were gonna make a fortune
    it was really scary goes down to the point if we’re gonna come get your tapes
    we’re gonna send a marshal down to the studio I was gonna confiscate the tapes
    we were putting the wrong names you know fictitious names on the tapes and there
    was no way I mean to this day with all the records we sold everything I still
    wouldn’t be in the black there was no way to get ahead nothing I’m publishing
    every single thing and we just gotten you know sophisticated enough
    business-wise to realize that and I said you know how I’ll light the whole thing
    on fire I’ll burn this tape before I’m gonna give it to you anyway you just
    exploit me finally after 10 months the whole mess
    was resolved and it’s roundup with us going to a new label called backstreet
    wicked will be distributed by MCA this is great you know from being nearly
    washed out from being bankrupt all the way around and we’ve just done it on
    this record and the fans are done it you know those active I get the risk of
    sounding corny you know you really have to thank the fans would be I’m still
    very reverent about that you know I will stop and sign the thing because it’s
    that important you know I mean I think that if you lose that if you get where
    they’re just them then it’s all gone I always feel sorry for those groups that
    get so big and shut it all and get you know too cool to be happy after selling
    three million copies of damn the torpedoes the next album would be more
    anticipated than ever the mood of hard promise has changed many times as the
    band felt the pressure of a follow up you know you have a big record all the
    sooner what expects a bigger one next time you know and that’s a hard promise
    to live up to that’s half the time you don’t even know how you did it you just
    want it and a half and you made a great record then next time you got to go out
    you gotta go higher you gotta do that but we got to do it better yeah they’re
    just going for our blind so hard promises we had torpedoes did really
    well you know in hard promises we were kind of we knew everybody but would
    really be listening to this one so we didn’t want to do the same album
    again you know I said we took some chances support thank you don’t try to fight it
    don’t try to save me with the release of hard promises penny
    would make yet another stand this one over higher record prices you had a lot
    of publicity about a struggle with your record company about the lowest prices
    on any of your albums what would be one of the things that probably peeve you
    off most about the industry in the u.s. at this time it’s like the only times we
    bought has this when they want to do something like take advantage of me you
    know like I felt like charging 998 was taking advantage of me and if you notice
    records are still at 898 for the most part you know which makes me feel good
    about that because they didn’t have to do it now that was I’m thinking how am I
    gonna eat tonight or even get to that Ted Nugent show oh well there’s one down
    now nice shot good waiting for a camera to get his dark together this is the the
    first cover of the album okay that’s a cover of cashbox that I found very
    strange so did you just put all this stuff in the box as you got it and just
    stashed all right yeah me or somebody did it is there a story behind this
    picture ladies only first I ever asked for an autograph was the James Brown
    Godfather so this is the first night I ever met Campbell those got banned from
    Germany for a while this you had to be there so how old are you here 2019 well
    I would never really want to sit down and see this much of me you know what’s
    in there I think that’s up in Santa Cruz along
    this is the first letter I ever got back from a record company yeah that really
    pissed me off that cover cuz I didn’t see that girls or anything like that
    oh that’s the season so they’re one of my favorites what was the most bizarre
    version of one of your songs that you thought the weirdest thing I ever heard
    was a Swedish version of I need to know it is kind of a cute little right here we’re just now the parties want to see
    some of these videotapes to just just did random all of hard promises is on
    videotape this is an old movie wait pretty good like here I just show them this this is the first time anybody’s here in
    this but we made this record that night you
    know well Stevie Nicks get-together she was a
    fan of the band and she just had been for a long time and wanted to come and
    hang out and sinks I’m so she was asking me why not a dinner for a song there was
    you write a song she’d ask me a couple times one night she got real adamant
    about I really want a song so I said okay you know write some and I went I
    went home and the next afternoon I wrote this insider that’s where I got the whole hard
    promises and the whole thing just hit me in the head all at once you’ll become a machine thank you said you know I can’t take
    this from me because I know I can see how bad you want it and you just keep it
    and write me another song and we’re even okay I knew it
    this really helps through the symphony and I said – I I see I said – yeah well
    – what am I supposed to you know it works creative writing right here we
    take that just right and then gift that you go you make dashes and exclamation
    points so you when you read English we did start dry you know
    I think it took us a few hours we went down and learned it and sang it and the
    rest is history what am I supposed to do and it’s still a big thrill any time you
    create a piece of music to me it’s just a real kick it’s like it’s fun it’s
    blunted but for four people to play and tape rolls and then you can play a back
    I’m still fascinated by that if I say so tried to do it as long as I could
    oh yeah the vocalist vocal mic is so sorry
    blow your head off that was had okay one turn this thing down
    not in my queue one no no no you turn it up in my queue one one we want it down
    hey that’s good right now in this queue okay why is it so loud in my queue now
    well I think I like the studio a little too much you know because yeah yeah I
    could stay there endless thing just make sounds make noises you know where
    everyone out well nobody wants to stay they always want to go before I did you I hold music is based around influence
    this is you know it’s just like a real American group and it’s like we just
    take everything in it all feeds in you know I think the key word to the
    eighties music uses synthesis as a synthesizer like that guy’s not the
    instrument the dislike what the instrument does you sure they’re just
    combined sounds takes everything in that’s all that’s going on in rock
    really because I’ve heard that’s good news it’s a whole lot of shakin thank you more no bull shoes what do you think about when you’re
    playing the drum stand you want an honest and honest and I think about like
    pussy and money I wondered about your particular process
    of writing songs you carry a notebook with you and jot down ideas and they
    come to you yeah the hardest part of writing a song ever is is the title and
    what you’re gonna write about and that’s always the hardest part to me because
    once I know what I want to do I can do it in an hour how about the wait how did
    that start out well the way I had the 12 string guitar and I just hit that that
    little I wanted something that you know that had a little lick from the
    beginning and I just hit that that’s all I have I did that for a week yeah I get to that and then a cologne
    out why you know and they like all week eat dinner you come back sit down
    together guitar people start banging on the wall don’t
    play that anymore it’s a finite yeah and hit that part all the way into this
    part and then you know just everyday I just come down like a puzzle you know
    and say well I know that this will connect this woman’s more horns then I
    had to sit down in the final stages of the sound was sitting in and trying to
    tie it up lyrically we’re at all you know got across the thing and when it
    did you know I got real excited went to the phone called Irene I ready okay I want to ask you about
    long after dark it seems to be more of a band album a little bit of a harder
    album and I wonder if that was the intention going into it no how does long
    after dark sound on the radio these days what do you think oh I think it sounds
    great how he loves it to there’s been a change is finished what’s next I’m not playing in it I
    volunteer I definitely wanted to ask about the concept that you got lucky
    film and how did it come about well the concept for that film I always
    pictured that song in the production of the Sun on the song itself but in the
    actual production I wanted it to have this Ennio Morricone kind of Clint
    Eastwood Western feel we’re through teary still so when we went to write you
    know the movie I really just wanted an excuse to go play around in the desert
    and stuff you know but so I didn’t try to adhere to the song just thought we’d
    go for like that with long after dark the band’s fifth
    album The Heartbreakers had reached a new stage in their career chosen from 19
    recorded tracks the album show them in fine musical form still progressing
    still taking their audience with them and the road went on yeah I don’t know
    man every tour is pretty crushing this one that’s coming up is gonna be just
    piece of cake this is now sorry about that disturbs town front I
    don’t know who that was but well it’s just you know let me apologize for those
    inconsiderate Americans they make it hard on all of the other Americans are
    trying to at least you know get over yeah I wouldn’t hang that on you guys
    know but it’s just real hard to play and let’s get into the songs and stuff for
    these guys pipes in our town they’re really you know they’d be better off
    doing that outside or gonna base or in a war or something you know it’s like yeah
    but you know I just I just get real worried that you know I see these little
    kids down I’m trying to get real worried that you know somebody’s gonna swing and
    you know if he wants to kick this guy’s they’re spying you know if he wants to
    be knocking down with it if it’s gonna hit the girl standing next to the guy
    you have can i how can I sing the song you know you just live your life you don’t worry
    you don’t change when you go through the door or out onto the stage I mean my
    experience has seen things go down here that they’ll never see on stage so now I
    don’t I don’t ever feel like I’m I hate those rock stars or whatever that I hate
    any artist while I serve the well there’s me and there’s the character
    there’s me you know there’s me that’s usually my real name and him that now
    him you know it’s the Jerry Lewis syndrome of the idiot and and Jerry had
    wait oh what a load I miss you man it ain’t him and me you know and I don’t
    think I could I would go nuts doing that I can’t pretend to be TP and then come
    home and not be now I’m the same guy people get up in front of the stage
    trying to hundreds of thousand people it always go
    this is an amazing sight I’m here to ask you is it really an amazing side well
    candy yeah I mean that night it was an amazing sight one of the best new songs that you have
    definitely is straight into darkness and a lot of people have been paying
    attention to the lyrics particularly the last first where you say I don’t believe
    in good times are over I believe the thrill is all gone I wondered when you
    wrote that if you thought that people might pick up on that there’s nothing
    wrong with the optimism it’s it’s still invoked to have a little you know faith
    and people and that sort of thing and just you know some people can keep
    that some people can make a leap of faith business there or they can and
    that’s that’s really what that was about that’s really what that song was about
    but I’m really glad your people have come up to me and they all the quote
    that line and if that inspires them and I list them up and that’s really the
    highest compliment that we can be paid you know because you know all we can
    hope to do is inspire No Changez Oh good always great it was great yes oh boy I’m tired okay another modern
    classic I’m confused about this number

    Best Wireless Gaming Headset! Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Review
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    Best Wireless Gaming Headset! Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Review

    January 18, 2020

    Hey wasup everyone! Check out this review about Turtle’s Beach newest wireless gaming headset called the Elite Atlas Aero. Featuring Powerful 50mm Nanoclear™ speakers and a rechargeable, long lasting 30-hour battery, this new model is the wireless version of the Elite Atlas headset, which was released late in 2018 and are both focused on PC gaming. So lets see what does this new wireless headset brings to the table in the already crowded headset space. As you can see this gaming headset comes in a nice looking premium box and upon opening it, you are welcomed by this cool headset. The headset itself is folded up in order to be as compact as possible. Basically either earcup can fold inside and press against the underside of the headband, with the other earcup nestling on top to make for a much smaller device with a much better portability that other headsets on the market. Also inside the box you will find the following accessories, Theres a removable microphone,the wireless USB Transmitter, a 3.5mm mobile cable with Inline Microphone and the USB charging cable. When it comes to dimensions this headset is quite bigger compared to other wireless gaming headsets. So even gamers with a larger head would find this perfect for them. And as you’d expect with any headphones on the higher end of the scale, it may start to feel weighty after a while, but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable to wear. And you will not need to worry about the strains on your ears because this headset had some very thick ear pads, featuring high quality cooling gel infused memory foam. So not only it feels great wearing this gaming headset even during longer gaming session, but it also keeps your ears cooled. An interesting feature that this gaming headset has is the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System. Which is an adjustment so that you can ease the pressure on your ears, if you wear glasses. Once you remove the ear pads, you can find a nice little slot to store the USB transmitter. All of the switches are located on the underside of the left earcup. This makes it simple to use once you learn what button is what. It’s worth noting that while the microphone quality is good, it’s far from the best. But still it does the job alright. I am using this headset microphone for the entire review, just so you know. In order to use this headset on PC, you need to install the Turtle Beach Control Studio, which is a Windows 10-only application. Turtle Beach Control Studio gives you the ability to enable and tune to your preferences quite alot of options. Which ranges from bass levels, treble boost, mic and chat volume and many more. One of the most appealing features is the ‘Superhuman Hearing’ button that is ideal for those who play games where sound is very important, like footsteps in shooters. You can pick between legacy footsteps boost and gunshots boost. My favorite here is definitely the footsteps boost. It kind of lowers the overall sound fidelity, but it’s worth it considering how well this feature works. To give you an idea of how Superhuman hearing sounds, i recorded some gameplay clips with this option ON and i edited the audio to resemble these features as close as possible. Ghetto Toz 1, Geared Player 0. *footsteps* So you can always set the intensity of Superhuman hearing, if you want a good mix between good audio quality and the ability to hear footsteps better. The Elite Atlas Aero is truly for the dedicated player who incorporates audio as a vital part of their game You can even set specific key binds to toggle various functions like a bass boost or noise gate and once you finish configuring any of these options You can save your own specific Game and Global presets. Some might not need so many options, but I’m sure many gamers will find this very useful. You can basically tweak the audio to be perfect for your specific game. Especially in games such as BF5, Escape from Tarkov, R6 Siege or CoD Modern Warfare, just to name a few. I did also test this gaming headset with a variety of music and movies and I can say it sounded great. So even though this is aimed at PC gamers, it doesn’t drop any marks regarding music or movies. That’s for sure! Especially if you enable the bass boost preset. So now if you want to use this with your PlayStation 4, Xbox one or Nintendo Switch, You will need to utilize the standard 3.5mm audio cable. As wireless mode does not work. And it may sound worse without the Control Studio options. So is this gaming headset worth the money? I say definitely yes, it feels solid, thanks to the quality materials and it sounds very good. Not only in games but also music and movies. Installing the TB Control Studio is flawless, not to mention the various features and options available for you to tweak. This provides a level of depth few will have experienced before with any gaming headset. And thanks to the memory foam, It’s very comfortable to wear. This is truly the best wireless gaming headset I’ve used in a long time You will gain an instant advantage when playing anything competitive that utilizes footsteps or gun sounds. Over all it’s well worth a look if you’re a competitive online PC gamer. So thank you for watching this review and see you next time!

    How Do I Get Drop Ship Suppliers?  (7/10)
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    How Do I Get Drop Ship Suppliers? (7/10)

    January 18, 2020

    Hello everyone, welcome to
    module 7 of the Drop Shipping mini course. This is Anton here again, and today I’m going to answer
    the question I get all the time which is how do I get suppliers? Over the previous 6 modules, I’ve been talking about
    what suppliers you don’t want to get, what type of suppliers
    you want to stay away from. But let’s talk about which
    ones you actually do want in this video. So the first question,
    the first thing I’ll speak about is how can you find them? What’s the best way
    to find these suppliers? So the first thing you want
    to do is find your competitors. So you want to find out what
    niche it is that you’ll be selling in, and you want to find other sites in that
    niche whom you will be competing with. If you remember,
    as I mentioned earlier, there are no niches
    out there without competition yet. At least not any good ones. There’s competition
    everywhere. That’s fine. There’s competition because people
    are making money selling in these niches. So we want to find the websites that we’ll be competing with. To do that, we simply use Google and we search for our niche. We then go through the top results and we look through their stores and we try to find out
    who they’re selling for. So who are their suppliers? Because we want our
    suppliers to be their supplies. Because again, we’re going
    to be competing with them. So there’s a few
    different ways you could do this. Once you’re on their websites, sometimes you’ll actually see
    a section that says brands or manufacturers or suppliers. And if you want to actually see me
    go out there and do this research, I do offer that in Drop Ship
    Lifestyle in my coaching program. You could actually see me via screen share to go out to different
    websites and different niches and find lists of hundreds
    and hundreds of suppliers. Basically, to sum it up, you want
    to search for your future competitors. You want to find their websites and then you want to look for a page or section on their websites that’s called either brands, suppliers, manufacturers or anything like that. That’s be the list of suppliers that they use. Now these suppliers
    are going to be your suppliers. So you want to go ahead
    and add them to a list. I call this list,
    “My Master List of Suppliers.” Now let’s talk about
    a few ways again just to recap for how you don’t want to get suppliers, things to stay away from. And unfortunately, this is the trap that most people that are
    new to drop shipping fall into. The first thing I want
    to mention is do not use directories. So when you search for drop shipping, you’re going to find a lot of websites that come up, that say
    they have millions of products. You pay them for access and you get access
    to their drop shipped products. Do not use these. I don’t
    know anyone who makes money this way. I know a lot of people
    that make money with e-commerce. I know a lot of people that
    make money with drop shipping, and none of them are doing
    by using these directory sites. They’re set up to make money
    by their fees, so don’t pay for access. Don’t use these directories. The next thing I want to mention. Again, I’ve said it in a previous module but it’s very important. Do not buy a turn key store, no matter how tempting it is. If you researched drop shipping, you will find these what are called
    turn key drop ship stores for sale. They’re full of products that are overpriced that you can never get sales for. Traffic sources that everyone
    else uses won’t work for you, because your prices will be too high. Don’t do it. Don’t buy one
    no matter how tempting it looks, no matter how good the deal is, whether it be $500 or $1000 or $2000 None of these sites are going
    to make you money. Do not buy them. Okay. So now I hope you understand
    how to actually find these suppliers by going to your future competitors. Now let’s talk about
    what’s really most important which is how to get approved with them. So it’s one thing to make this list and to see who
    the suppliers are in these niches But how do you get approved? Here are some quick tips
    that I highly recommend. So obviously, first, you do a research. The next thing you want to do is actually
    to go out and build your online store. So a little opposite
    of what you may be thinking. But you actually want to go ahead and signup for Shopify and build an e-commerce store before you’re
    approved with any suppliers and the reason you do this is because no good
    supplier is going to approve you before they see your e-commerce store. You can’t just reach out to these suppliers and say, hey,
    I want to sell your products, and then they say, okay,
    can we see your website? and you say, oh, I don’t have one. They’ll (unintelligible) the phone.
    They won’t give you the time of the day. So you want
    to build your online store. It will be what
    I consider a demo store. So people can go to it,
    they can click around, they can look at it. But nothing will actually be for sale yet. It’s more to show
    the suppliers that you’re serious and that you’ve a platform
    to actually sell through if and when they approve you. So very important:
    You build that online store first. The next thing that’s so important for when you actually
    reach out to these suppliers is that you know how
    to explain your marketing techniques and also to explain how
    good your customer service is. So this is something,
    again I know I keep mentioning it but it’s something
    I go into a lot of detail with in my Drop Ship
    Lifestyle coaching program. But you really need to know
    at least a few marketing tricks before you reach
    out to these suppliers. Because again, it’s not
    their job just to approve everyone. It’s their job to build their brands and they want to work
    with retailers and we’re retailers. They want to work
    with retailers who at least sound like they know what they’re doing. So I recommend going through
    an online course or at least going through YouTube videos and reading up
    on e-commerce marketing so that when you’re talking to these suppliers and they ask you how
    you’re going to market their products, you could at least
    have a conversation with them. It doesn’t have to be… You don’t have to be
    the biggest expert in the world, but you should understand
    how e-commerce marketing works. You can learn that
    again just by googling it. by going to YouTube or by working
    with me in my coaching program. You also need to really be able
    to hit home with customer service and explain how important it is to you when you’re talking to the suppliers. This is something that’s
    often overlooked by retailers. But it’s something that
    means everything to suppliers. So once they approve you
    and you’re selling for them, you’re an authorized retailer and you’re basically part of their brand. It’s like almost an ambassador for their brand. So they only want to work with people who are going to
    treat their customers right. Because it reflects on their brand. It reflects on your suppliers. So make sure whenever
    you’re having this conversation, with your future suppliers that you explain how important
    customer service is to you and your business and how you treat your customers right and how it’s only going to be their customers really having a pleasant experience and wanting to do business
    with their brands again. So you’re all working together here. The goal is for
    everyone to make money, and for that to happen their
    customers have to be treated right. And your company has to treat your
    customers right, so that you can make money. The next thing that I’ll mention for how you’ll get
    approved with these suppliers is you have to follow up regularly. So whether you
    reach out via phone call or via an email,
    to these good suppliers a lot of them aren’t going
    to just approve you right away. Because remember,
    unlike the directories, these suppliers-
    it’s not their main business to approve as many people as possible. It doesn’t mean you won’t get approved. But they’re not waiting for the phone
    to ring so that they could sell you a package to get
    included in their directory. That’s not their business.
    They’re building brands here. So it is important
    for yourself to sell yourself and sell your business to them, like I mentioned with explaining
    marketing and customer service. But it’s also important
    to follow up regularly. So even someone like me who’s been
    in this business for a long time, it doesn’t mean when I call supplier, they approve me right away. They maybe tell me
    to follow up in a month or they tell me they’re busy or they’ll tell me they’ll get back to me and they don’t get back to me
    and then I’ll have to follow up. So it’s just very important
    during this approval phase to keep excellent notes
    with everyone you speak to. If they say to call back,
    know when you’re supposed to call back. If they say, they’re going
    to send you something, ask them when they’ll send it by and if they don’t,
    make sure you follow up. Because it’s your responsibility
    to make these approvals happen. This is going to have a huge impact on your overall sales
    and how well your business does. It’s huge part of the business.
    So follow these steps and make sure you get it right. Make sure you follow up and
    make sure you have an online store to show the suppliers
    before you even apply. So that is going to do it
    for this video module 7. And I hope you understand now how you could not only find suppliers, but also get approved. It’s really important
    to know what they want to hear but also know this
    information for yourself because it is important for your business. So know the marketing,
    know the customer service, and be confident whether
    it be email or phone call when you reach out to these suppliers. Now tomorrow, in module 8, check your inbox,
    I will send t over to you I’m going to talk about
    how you could actually sell a product that you’ve never seen or used. you know, what that’s like.
    I know it’s strange. You’ve heard me already mention
    that we sell very expensive products and these are products that
    we’ve never seen or touched or tested. So I want to talk about
    what that experience like and how it’s actually done and how things work with inventory, how it’s all managed,
    how it all come together. So that will be in module 8. Check your inbox tomorrow
    and I’ll send it over same time and any questions,
    as always respond to that email, and I’m happy to help. Thank you.

    10 big life changes on a sailboat – Family boat life unplugged (Ep. #3)
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    10 big life changes on a sailboat – Family boat life unplugged (Ep. #3)

    January 18, 2020

    there is no path of happiness, the path is happiness hello, how are you? hello dear friends and family back home in switzerland can u listen it? the wind outside? quite a storm outside, yesterday we had 45 Knots of wind glad we came two days ago in the little harbor here and found perfect shelter we are her well protected in the Island of Ikaria proximately 2 hours from Samos on of the most famous islands of Greece it’s one of the island where the people get very old that means lot of the people here will live more than 100 years yesterday I understood at night, in a coffee bar full of old people, coquettish I say coquettish because they talked to each other stories I was very fascinated of the way they talked and told their stories and also the way how they live together It’s an Island with lot’s of history in the second world war they Island of Ikaria was a prison for political incorrect people a very interesting Island could be a video just over this Island today we have a video like the title said things that have changed in our lives this is the way we wash our clothes (talking Swiss) we will wash on the boat we do not have a washing machine so we wash with our hands put the things in it – soaking, exactly can I help? yes, for me, for us it’s ok if you help… he can help dad the underwear fall into the water… All don’t throw don’t throw them, one by one my shirt… cooking on the boat today is friday the most interesting part is, now it’s not a big thing, but the truth is I could film it now we are at anchor the oven is small like you can see when we sail the oven is moving like this he’s moving all the time and me like this… so this is how i cook the fridge you will love it because the fridge is like this have a look, you open and the thing at the bottom the good thing is that the kids can’t get things on their own easy so this is the fridge and the second part here for my vegetables my pots, everything down here, a secrete spot down here the condiments I have here here the plates my swinging cups and here, Il won’t show you, the trash this is the knife for bred, oh my god… how is it possible that she ll use the knife for bred to cut the onions obviously not, haven’t seen, relax… ah look, how sharp I’ll show you guys fast how it looks outside, where we are, no? while Lyz will finish cooking have a look, what a beautiful place it’s a bay because the Meltmi this wind here was very strong today for this reason we came here into this bay it’s the second bay, the first bay we went there was not enough protection for this reason we changed everywhere nudists around at the beach but I don’t mind, no? there is another boat in front let’s have a look, what Lyz is doing is she cooking? we don’t have candles, nothing… (talking Swiss) we need to produce our own electricity with this 4 solar panels per day we produce proximately 200 Amp hours of electricity Electricity from the panels goes her into this six batteries. here you just see two of them but there are other four on the boat we have 12 V if I like to charge my switch I need to start on the inverter – here he is the inverter get’s 12 V here changes 12 V to 220 V here it goes into the cable and I can charge my switch showering – here are Lou and Atl ah this is privacy, ok something that is very different on a boat is the water all the water we use we need to bring to the boat for this reason we have a 1000L tank with our habits we need to fill it up every 2-3 weeks I’ll show you how we fill it up the tank in this place we don’t pay anything here in Greece it’s for free sometimes we pay for example in Turkey we had to pay 5 $ for fill up our tank with 1000 liters Atl do you have internet? No, it sucks so where we have internet? ah… we have Internet when we go to a restaurant we always bring our iPads we ask the wireless lan code to get internet and then we have internet, but here on the boat not come in what would you like to see? my room I’ll explain you, my bed, imagine we sleep good ok we have cushions, iPad and we have two speakers on the front deck we have mattresses and there we’ll go to make our cinema come with my, so I can show you everything it was my idea, so I’m here better me in the middle, so no fighting I hope you liked it write us what would you like to see? what would you like to know more about us? and maybe we’ll make it you guys know, write us. I’ll send a kiss to the latin community big kiss to the Swiss people and for sure to the Mexican as well I love you friends

    FORAGE Making the Most of What We Have (Spearfishing and Fish Head Soup) – Free Range Sailing Ep 115
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    FORAGE Making the Most of What We Have (Spearfishing and Fish Head Soup) – Free Range Sailing Ep 115

    January 18, 2020

    (oysters cracking) – Having a boom trial. – [Troy] There’s been no loud cracks yet? – [Pascale] No. The frames of those two red Morwong and we’re just gonna
    make a soup out of them. Mmm, that’s nice. (relaxing music) – [Pascale] Welcome to Free Range Sailing – [Troy] Join us as we
    sail around Australia visiting its wild places in our 30 foot 50 year old sailing boat, Mirrool. – [Pascale] Living off the land and sea while sailing yacht that
    costs less than a new car. – [Troy] We show that it’s
    possible to have big adventures with a sea worthy boat
    on a very modest budget. (relaxing music) – [Casey] It’s gonna be a wild day, I’ll have my whole wet weather gear on. See you guys. – [Troy] Catch. – [Pascale] Bye. That was pretty awesome, one of my little brother’s friends, Casey, he came and visited us. He’s coming up the east coast
    in his little Hobie Cat. That’s pretty minimal. I thought we were minimal
    but that is minimal. (boat engine roars) (relaxing music) (water splashing) – [Troy] Hey, what’s happening? – I just put a stinky mullet
    in the pot and chucked it. It’s up there. – [Troy] (laughing) – His meat is over there. It’s out of the nave channel – [Troy] Pasce the pro fisherman. (relaxing music) – Am I driving? – [Troy] Yup. (upbeat music) ♪ When I die, ♪ ♪ Don’t you cry ♪ ♪ I just have to fly up ♪ ♪ In the sky ♪ ♪ Don’t you worry a bit ♪ – [Troy] (laughing) – [Pascale Voiceover] With
    nothing in the crab pot, we went and got some fat
    looking oysters off the pier. ♪ Well, all my life I never walk with ♪ ♪ someone standing by my side. ♪ – [Pascale] I’m just shucking the oysters that we collected at
    Shoulder Point yesterday. And my hair is wet cause
    I went in for a swim. It actually motivated me to
    shuck these oysters though. I was feeling a bit moochy. Now I am feeling motivated
    after getting in the cold water. Pry it. Got it. I think I’m okay at this. ♪ Close my eyes and sleep for a while ♪ ♪ There is something that goes round ♪ ♪ And round in my mind. ♪ – [Pascale] I’m set, wine and oysters. [Pascale Voiceover] Last
    week we broke our boom and carried out a temporary repair so we could continue
    our travels southwards. With the fiberglass cured, it was time to reattach the main sail, say goodbye to Port Stephens and take our boat out for a trial run. (upbeat music) With the sail back on we rigged up the raking lines
    and we were ready to go. ♪ When I die ♪ ♪ Don’t you cry ♪ ♪ I just have to fly up ♪ ♪ in the sky ♪ – You just watched us
    head out of Port Stephens. And it was pretty spectacular coming out of that entrance there. The rocks are pretty amazing and we’re having a boom trial How’s she holding up skipper? – [Troy] There’s been no loud cracks yet. – [Pascale] (laughs) No. We’re heading out to Broughton Island which is about ten nautical
    miles from the entrance of Port Stephens. We’re gonna have a look there
    and maybe go for a dive. ♪ Well all my life ♪ ♪ I’ll never work with
    someone standing by my side ♪ – [Pascale] We’re here. – We’re not here yet. – [Pascale] So there’s quite a large swirl invading into the spot that
    we had all marked to anchor in so we’re gonna go look around
    the other side of the island. Fingers crossed we find somewhere to go. (relaxing music) – Yeah well, we might
    just go and have a look just where the waves are
    washing over those rocks and where they trickle down off the back. We’re going to have a look at that. It should be something
    completely different to what we normally look at. – [Pascale] Yeah, it’s gonna be cool. – So, I’m out of my element now that we’re out of the
    tropics but I don’t know. We’ll just, we’ll just
    start with water movement. How about that? – [Pascale] Yeap. – [Pascale Voiceover] Not
    being familiar with this area we just started by looking
    for areas with current and wave motion in order to find fish. ♪ You think that everything ♪ ♪ You don’t know is a lie ♪ ♪ You think that
    everything I say is wrong ♪ ♪ Is wrong ♪ ♪ You feel little ♪ ♪ I feel little ♪ ♪ Floating around ♪ – [Pascale Voiceover] Diving down to check on the dinghy’s anchor,
    we immediately discovered a little group of Port Jackson Sharks. ♪ No sound ♪ ♪ No sound ♪ ♪ You’re a non-believer ♪ ♪ But I’ve seen it with my own eyes ♪ ♪ You’re a non-believer ♪ ♪ But I’ve seen it with my own eyes ♪ ♪ And I’m never surprised and no ♪ ♪ Nothing phases me ♪ ♪ No I’m never surprised and no ♪ ♪ Nothing phases me ♪ ♪ No sound ♪ ♪ No sound ♪ ♪ No sound ♪ ♪ You’re a non-believer ♪ ♪ But I’ve seen it with my own eyes ♪ ♪ You’re a non-believer ♪ ♪ But I’ve seen it with my own eyes ♪ ♪ And I’m never surprised and no ♪ ♪ Nothing phases me ♪ ♪ No I’m never surprised and no ♪ ♪ Nothing phases me ♪ (relaxing music) – We’ve got the frames
    of those two red Morwong Moro– morons (laughing). We’ve got the frames of
    those two red Morwong that Troy shot this morning and we’re just gonna
    make a soup out of them. We do this a lot in our pressure cooker and it’s really easy. We just chuck the frames in
    that Troy has scrubbed down with a brush to get rid of all the slime and a bit of the scale. Um, so yeah we just got
    the fish head in there, gutted, and the frames. Cause we’ve already put
    the filets in the fridge. So, I’m just gonna make
    like a tai style one. I’m just gonna put a
    little bit of sea water in, bit of fresh water, some
    ginger and some fish sauce and some chili. And that’s it. And then we’re just gonna
    bring it to pressure and cook it for about ten minutes. (upbeat music) (seagull chirping) We’ve got some pesky seagulls out there. Alright, so that’s on. The soups on and we’ll just leave it until it comes to pressure and
    then leave it for ten minutes and then we’re just gonna
    leave it on the stove and later tonight I’ll make a soup with it and I’ll show you what I’m gonna make. (seagull chirping) (fan blowing) – [Pascale] I’ve put you to work. – (laugh) never stopped. There’s not a lot to recover. Like it wasn’t too bad a fileting job but in between the bones
    there’s still enough flesh to make it worthwhile. Just, just to recover and we’ll just get these clean bones off. – [Pascale] Just a quick job. We’ve got really beautiful stock. I think we’ll add another filet in. (inaudible) There’s the stock and
    Troy picked the meat out and we put the meat in and
    we’ve added like a little bit of Brussels sprouts. Mmm, that’s nice. Something about cream corn and fish stock. They go really well together. The last of the coriander, very last. That’s a big bowl of soup. It’s good. It’s boiling hot but it’s good. (upbeat music) – [Pascale] Come on, stear boat. – Where’s the wind coming from? – [Pascale] It’s fine, we
    just, we rode down a wave and the wind came behind us so its uh. – [Troy] We’re flying along here. We’re going on a beam reach. So what that means, for
    any of you non-sailors, is the wind is coming straight
    onto the side of the boat and actually as a wave
    hits us on the nose, we scoot down uh have a bit of a surf when wind comes from behind
    us before the autopilot takes us back. So you might think that when
    the wind, and everything else, is right on the side of the boat that would be the roughest
    time for you to sail but it’s not actually the case. When we’re reaching like this,
    when the winds on our beam, it’s actually not too bad because the sails set
    out from the boat, ah. And except for the roll of the waves, the winds not pushing you over. When you’re close on the
    wind, when your close hauled, so if the wind is quite close
    to the front of your bow, that’s when your actually leaned over more but like this, it’s not too bad. The only thing giving us a
    bit of trouble at the moment is that uh sloppy meter,
    meter and a half sea. So yeah, it’s sort of rolling us around cause it’s hitting us exactly sideways but other than that it feels
    quite sedate, you know. Cruising down, um probably got about 15, sometimes gusting up to
    20 knots at the moment. So that’s, ya know, pretty
    neither here nor there. Percy’s out there making
    funny whoop noises. So, sounds like she’s getting excited. She’s been watching whales, for
    sorts of thing been going on it’s been pretty eventful coming down the new South Wales coast. I didn’t know what to expect
    but its been pretty fun. – There’s so many whales. You can look out along the coastline and you can just see
    spurts, they’re spurts like, blowing in the wind but
    you see a puff of water. They all seem to hug the coast. ♪ I made it through the eye of grace ♪ – Whoo! (laugh) – [Pascale] (laugh) – Come here Pasce. – I had to um, save some of the things. The pepper shaker went flying. – Ah man, so we’ve
    jolliped, we’ve come down and through the wind
    so we’re heading down. We’re going pretty much
    straight down weather now. What do you think about this? – Pretty good. I think we’re going like
    seven and a half knots still. – But it feels sedate. – Does feel much better. – We’ve shut down the wind generator and we’ve gone a bit lower and
    it feels a lot more gentle. Once you’re up on deck it’s, and particularly with the
    wind generator howling it just seems a little bit crazy. – Yeah it does. – Hmm, alright well this is um, hopefully this is our line til– – [Pascale] Til Newcastle – [Troy] For the next three hours. – Whoopa! Are we gonna get there too early again? – Yeah. – (laughing) – But we’ll have wind
    to go into the harbor. – Yeah, so we might be
    pushing a little bit of tide. – Yeah but sometimes what can happen is you’ll have tide coming out
    and if there’s a bit of waves coming into the harbor and stand it up. Make it more exciting. So its cut to 17 meters for
    big ships so there’s no bar. – Yeah. – But it doesn’t mean it can’t still be just a little bit uncomfortable going in. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – So this is uh, this
    is a pretty sedate way. – Oh, you put the camera on. – So this is a pretty sedate way to do six or seven knots really. Ahh, Pasce’s just doing
    some comic relief there. – There isn’t it rock and roll. – She’s just showing that it
    is actually on a, sailing boat at the moment. There’s no crash, there’s no splash. It’s not very dramatic. We’re making great time. – Do you want um, what sort of Tabasco do you
    want with your salt eggs, Smoked Chipotle or normal? – Yes. – Smoked? – I think Smoked Chipotle
    would have to be the winner. – You get the big tin. – Yes. – Oh sh– ship. – (laugh) (techno music) – You would have seen us coming into Newcastle the other night and the reason why we came here is because we’re picking up a new fridge lid and a new fridge basket
    for the rusty old angle. – This fridge lids been through a bit. We even had to custom make
    out of some scrap wood a timber handle but
    then I have this new one so this ones been repaired
    and renovated a few times but it’s actually starting
    to crack and come apart so. On a boat, there’s so much to do. I can see people now, why
    don’t you just fix it up again? But you really have to pick your battles. – [Pascale] Yes. – So making another
    fridge lid is not a battle I wanted to take on. Because as Pasce brightly
    pointed out to me, when I was talking about making a new one, she’s like I think there’s
    more important things to take care of. She’s right. Look at that. Your gonna be chipping a nail on there. – [Pascale] You’ll have
    to put the new basket in. It’s too rusty that one. New rust free basket. Just show them that its
    made the new plastic. – It’s got good plastic coating but I guess I don’t know. After time it starts to flakes and crack – [Pascale] Bye, rusty basket. Do you need the sponge? Is there lots of water in there? – Sure is. – [Pascale] Oh, am I ever
    gonna be able to get in? – [Troy] Try pushing down on it. – [Pascale] Tada! This is like a new fridge. Are you happy? – Not as happy as you are. I’m happy cause you’re happy. – [Pascale Voiceover] Make
    sure you join us next week as we encounter our
    strongest winds yet up sail. – Turn off the wind gene–. We’re only sinking a little bit. – [Pascale Voiceover] Thanks
    for watching this week and if you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button. Also, when subscribing
    to Free Range Sailing, make sure you hit the bell button so that you stay notified of
    all our upcoming releases. (relaxing music)

    Bıçak Sırtı Sahil Kimdir? (Anuj Sachdeva)
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    Bıçak Sırtı Sahil Kimdir? (Anuj Sachdeva)

    January 18, 2020

    First name: Anuj Sachdeva
    Profession: Actor, Dancer, Model, Theater Artist,
    Length: 1.80 cm Weight: 75 kg
    First Film: Delhii Heights (2007) MTV Roads (2005)
    Date of Birth: October 5, 1984 Age: based on 2020
    Place of Birth: Delhi, India Horoscope: Libra
    Education: Jindal Public School, New Delhi University / Delhi College of Arts and
    Commerce • Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute,
    Religious: Hinduism Hobbies: Gardening, Dancing, Traveling, Biking
    Marital Status: Single Ex-lover: Urvashi Dholakia
    Favorite Foods: Dal-Makhani ve Paranthe, Tiramisu, Chocolate
    Favorite Drinks: Tea Favorite Actors: Shah Rukh Khan, Kamal Haasan
    Favorite Color: Black Place of destination: Egypt
    The player smokes. He was born and raised in Delhi. Anuj is also a shoe designer and helps his
    father’s shoe business. Anuj is a trained martial artist and Taekwondo
    has a black belt. He also entered the YMCA and won a gold medal
    for three years. He also studied professionally in the style
    of hip-hop dance. and can play bongo drums. Anuj Sachdeva loves animals and is actively
    involved in associations that work for the welfare of animals. Working to protect Indian wildlife and protect
    its habitat, the NGO is part of Wildlife SOS Anuj is also a member of the Elephant Rehabilitation
    Wing. In 2017, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi,
    the Elephant Care and Conservation Center established the Living Ganesha Initiative
    to raise awareness and raise funds for Mathura. The player is also a travel buff. In 2019, she made headlines when she appeared
    on the dance reality show “Nach Baliye 9 ile with her ex-girlfriend Urvashi Dholakia.

    Texas Lake LBJ | Hill Country Fishing at its Best
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    Texas Lake LBJ | Hill Country Fishing at its Best

    January 18, 2020

    we’re at lake lyndon b johnson this is
    one of seven lakes that run from austin to about 85 miles northwest one of the many
    beautiful places to go in central Texas this particular lake
    about 6,500 acres and gets to about 90 feet deep it’s a really good fishing
    spot for largemouth bass crappie sunfish catfish vinegar with it I apparently
    don’t have a thing against vinegar Rich and Maxine served me a bottle of vinegar one time and I thought it was
    good grab a drink in my life all right we’re running down here to the lake
    we’re gonna check the line see if we’ve got any made a loop in the line looping
    this line I joined together double but you’re right we’re just hand-lining
    these guys on the end of a rope putting a good circle hook on there
    Mustad thank you we got five lines out we’re hanging out
    fishing lake LBJ and we are gunning for catfish right now hoping to be able to
    eat tomorrow or tonight if we’re any good at what we do throwing rocks
    the nylon cord in the lake there you go if we can get one on with that rod is
    going to be an absolute blast I don’t know if the drag could handle a 30 pound
    catfish all right the baits have been out a little bit so we’re gonna check
    them for round two here so if we don’t have some fish on oh and we got the
    light on in the lake yeah we’re gonna take a shot at that that light back
    there we’re looking forward to taking her throwing some lures over there hey
    hazel you want to get the catfish guts and bring them here to do it right
    the mission is to go get the fish guts bring that body down here the tail the whole
    all of its guts we want backbone guts and fins and there might be some whiskey by it yeah there’s whiskey in it for you when
    you’re done okay so we’ve had a couple of drinks
    down here to check the line and the neighbor has this awesome light right up
    to the dock but we’re not seeing anything on our lines but we are seeing
    some shadows on the neighbors light so we’re gonna take a shot and see if there
    aren’t any bass hanging around here at night my dad is absolutely armed to the
    teeth that’s the most insane fishing rod you’ve ever seen my wife bought it for me for $5 at a gas station which means he has to catch at least ten dollars worth of fish now about two o’clock in the morning checking the lines one more time all right no fish tonight we can go
    ahead and sleep off the whisky and we will… well good morning and welcome to lake
    lyndon b johnson up in central texas we have had lines out all night long
    looking for some catfish because we know they’re here
    woke up had a cup of coffee and we’re going to take a look at them see
    if we had any luck last oh it’s moving funny water just staying on there, nothing so far daddy
    you can have two yeah we’ll keep plugging away at it so
    we’re gonna get something out of this lake well we I have to go tonight or we got a
    nice bait I’ll edit this part out Peter but if we don’t catch anything
    we’ll go to the store and buy filets to put on the end of the line to make it look like we caught a fish so that we could keep an eye on our
    lines while we’re sitting at the house and enjoying coffee up on the porch and
    stuff we went ahead and put these sticks wedged into the pier and put our lines
    across them that way if we get something on the line they’ll end up breaking the
    twig we just see that from upstairs and then we know when we need to come down
    here and pull up some fish not having a whole lot of luck out here on
    the lake at the moment so while we got those baits hanging out and we’re gonna
    sneak out onto the golf course right over here and see if they don’t have
    some bass in some of their duck ponds tying on the lures now we have had just
    enough whiskey to sneak out onto that pond long enough to catch bass just enough
    whiskey to make it to San juan so we have finally managed to wipe off
    that freshwater skunk that has been haunting us for the last two years it got
    close it’s right here at the end of 2019 but we managed to get ourselves a nice
    largemouth bass complements of my dad now my dad grew up eating this stuff
    when he was younger he’d pull those things out of ponds all the time so we
    decided to go ahead and keep this guy I’m curious it has been about 15 years
    since I’ve eaten bass I don’t remember anything about it so I have master chef
    Peter cooking it up with a very special resin run we’re going to
    take a crack at largemouth bass see what Peter – Oh Peter can manage to
    do with the fillets we’ll show you what’s up here so dad congratulations on catching the
    catch of the trip very good I put it up there with
    catfish these guys are already here they just
    casted out I show up in about 10 minutes later we get what we estimate to
    be about a 57 pound catfish something like that
    he was about this long but really fat obviously we had just pulled up and that
    didn’t happen on camera so we did have catfish dinner last night but since it wasn’t on camera it didn’t happen that is not bad I can taste that little hint of pond but I don’t know why people have issues with eating bass it’s
    really good it’s a fish happy new year we will see you guys in the next video

    Fisherman’s Beach, Ocho Rios (Ochi), St Ann, Jamaica
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    Fisherman’s Beach, Ocho Rios (Ochi), St Ann, Jamaica

    January 18, 2020

    Fisherman’s Beach (also Fisherman Beach) is located in Ocho Rios (Ochi), St Ann, Jamaica (Caribbean). The beach sits west of the Ocho Rios Bay Beach and the Turtle Beach Towers behind the Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal/Port and also east of the Renold’s Pier.

    TOP 10 Things to do in DA NANG | Vietnam Beach City 2020
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    TOP 10 Things to do in DA NANG | Vietnam Beach City 2020

    January 18, 2020

    Hi and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new here, my name is Megan, and I’ve lived and worked from dozens
    of countries all around the world, but Da Nang is the one place
    that I always find myself going back to. In today’s video, I’ll be sharing
    my top 10 favorite things to do in and around Da Nang, Vietnam. (Music) First up on the list is the Hoi An
    Full Moon Lantern Festival. The ancient city of Hoi An is located about
    a 30-minute drive outside of Da Nang, and every single month,
    they host a lantern festival. It’s quite touristy and quite busy, but it is totally worth it
    to go at least once. There’ll be vendors lined up
    all along the river in Hoi An and they’ll be selling paper boats
    with candles inside of them. They’ll light the candle for you, then you make a wish
    as you release it into the river. Even if you don’t have
    a candle lit and make a wish, it’s still absolutely beautiful
    to see the entire river lit up with these floating candles. A local bus runs from Da Nang to Hoi An
    several times an hour during the day, and that ride will take you about an hour. The bus fare is less than $1, and it’s a real experience
    because, well, it’s the local bus. While this bus runs
    frequently back and forth from Da Nang to Hoi An throughout the day, it stops running in the early evening. So, if you plan to go down
    for the lantern festival, definitely book some accommodation
    in advance and plan to stay the night or you can do what I usually do, which is book a Grab back to Da Nang. My second favorite thing to do in Da Nang
    is to have clothing tailor-made. Having clothing tailor-made is an absolute
    luxury in most Western countries, but it’s just a way of life in Vietnam. There are plenty
    of tailor shops in Da Nang, but again, this is something I would
    recommend that you go to Hoi An for. I swear every other shop
    in Hoi An is a tailor shop. The store fronts have mannequins
    that are displayed with gorgeous outfits, dresses and even tuxedos, but they also have
    books available on display that you can browse through literally
    hundreds of different outfits that you could have made for you. I also have girl friends
    that will go Lookbook or Pinterest, and they’ll just pick out any dress,
    any design that they want, bring that photo to the tailor,
    and have it made. It’s honestly amazing what they can do. Once you’ve decided
    on what you’d like to have made, you then go and you pick the fabric
    and the pattern that you’d like, the seamstress will take
    your measurements, and then they will ask
    for a 50% deposit up front. I’ve had two dresses made, but of the came to a total of USD 15, and they were both ready
    within a couple of hours. And for the guys out there,
    don’t dismiss this one. If you have any weddings or funerals,
    or other formal events where you’ll need a suit or a tuxedo, this is a great opportunity
    to have one custom-made for you at a fraction of the cost
    of what it would be in a Western country. Something else I love to do
    when I’m in Da Nang, which is almost the daily thing, is to enjoy My Khe beach. This beach is one
    of my favorite in the world. The Da Nang coastline
    is absolutely spotless. It’s a gorgeous, clean beach
    that stretches on for miles. The water is warm, the waves are gentle… and if you go to the more popular areas, there’s also coast guards
    that will be on duty. The beach is pretty empty during the day,
    but then fills up with Vietnamese families kind of around 4 o’clock, 5 o’clock,
    when they’re getting off work, and then on the weekends as well. It can get very busy, and if it does,
    just walk to the south of My Khe beach and it’s probably going to be pretty empty. My absolute favorite way to start
    the day when I’m living in Da Nang is to jump in the ocean for a quick swim and then take a nice, long walk along
    the beach to the south, where it’s empty, with a good podcast. Love it. My next suggestion
    also involves My Khe beach: It’s to go parasailing. Now, even if you’ve
    already been parasailing, I still recommend that you do it here; the views are going to be
    unlike anything you have ever seen. I went at dusk, so the city was lit up
    with all the lights of the night, but it was still light enough out
    where I could see the bridges, the city and the mountains. I kind of got the best
    of the day and the night. (Music) Another place that you definitely
    have to check out is Asia Park. Asia Park is this beautiful, clean,
    state-of-the-art amusement park. But every time I go there,
    I think it’s closed. You pay around USD 20 to get in and then you have access
    to the entire park and all of the rides. They have music, lights,
    entertainment on stage, rides running, and… no people. (Music) The place is empty, it’s almost a little bit spooky. But if you can get past that, you get
    to enjoy the entertainment, the music, and at least five big thrill rides with no wait times. Even if you don’t like rides,
    the park is just beautiful to walk around. Definitely stay into the evening
    and take the sundial ferris wheel. It’s massive and completely
    enclosed with big windows that give incredible views
    of the city all lit up at night. A couple other signature,
    popular touristy attractions in Da Nang would be Ba Na Hills
    and then Marble Mountains. I’m saying Asia Park over these two, and these two are
    actually not on my list at all… I’m not saying don’t go to them;
    some people like them. I just found them to be
    a little bit too touristy. For example, Ba Na Hills is known
    as the Disneyland of Da Nang. A lot of people,
    quite a bit more expensive, but it is the spot that has that golden
    bridge with the hands holding it up, so you may still want to check it out. Again, not on this list,
    but definitely something to consider. Another spot you should definitely
    check out is the Bac My An market. This is my favorite
    least touristy local market. You can literally find everything here, from suitcases to avocado ice cream,
    to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. I keep saying “least touristy”
    and I am a tourist, it’s such a… hypocrite. We’re all hypocrites. It’s a cool spot to check out
    and do some people watching, even if you aren’t intending
    on buying anything. However, if you do decide
    to buy something, try to see what the locals are paying, ’cause you’re probably going to be charged
    around three times the local price, which you can’t do much about, but also know that they are
    expecting you to negotiate. Also wear closed-toed shoes; the ground is usually wet
    with… various… substances. An absolute can’t-miss,
    must-see is the Dragon Bridge. So it’s also called the Son Tra Bridge and, almost all the time,
    it’s used as a regular bridge for pedestrians
    walking over or driving over. It’s one of the three
    main ones that connects the beach side to the city side. However, on Friday
    and Saturday nights, at 9 p.m., the bridge is closed down
    because the dragon’s head… breathes fire. Yes, you heard that correctly, the bridge breathes fire. I highly recommend you get as close
    to the head of the dragon as you can. It’s locate on the beach
    side of the bridge. There’s no tickets,
    no entrance fee, nothing like that. Just try to show up around 8:30 or earlier
    so you can get a good spot. It’s going to be very busy; a lot of locals will come out
    with their families for this, as well as tourists. I won’t tell you what happens
    after the dragon stops breathing fire because I didn’t know it was coming
    and it was a total surprise, and it made it so much better. Don’t look it up, just go. You’ll love it. Next on the list is to really take time
    to explore the food scene. Some people say
    that Vietnamese food is bland and they don’t enjoy it that much,
    but I feel the opposite. It’s one of my favorite cuisines
    around the world. Things are fresh, it’s a lot less heavy than, say, the thick
    curries that you’ll find around Thailand. And when I say fresh, I mean fresh. I once tried to order
    a bowl of chicken soup and I asked for it as a rushed order. The server came back, literally holding
    a live chicken in her hand, and said, “Not possible.” I guess I’m waiting for my chicken soup. If you have a quick look on TripAdvisor, you’ll see plenty
    of restaurant recommendations where you can try
    some of the local dishes. My personal favorite is Chicken Pho… Pha? So good. If you’re on the beach side of Da Nang,
    which is where I recommend you stay, there’s also massive seafood restaurants
    that are lining the coast, okay? You go and you pick live
    your fish, or your shellfish, and they will cook it right for you there. It’s quite an experience
    and it’s absolutely delicious, If you go to a local spot, you’ll find the locals sitting there
    around these tiny, little plastic tables, either on these little chairs
    or these tiny little stools. It’s quite funny to see
    because it’s grown men on little stools. It’s so random, and, as a foreigner,
    it just looks so funny to me. There are plenty of beautiful
    cafés that are set up, where you can go, curl up,
    read a book for a few hours, or work on your laptop. If you decide you like the local food, another thing to try
    is doing a cooking class. The ones that are in Da Nang
    will likely take you to a market first, so you’ll get to do shopping with a local
    and then go back to their kitchen and cook the food and, of course,
    eat it when you’re finished. This next one is an absolute must-do. If you do anything on this list – no, do all of them. But this one is amazing. Drive the Hai Van Pass by motorbike. The Hai Van Pass is a scenic mountain road
    that was featured on Top Gear as one of the most beautiful
    motorbike rides in the world. It’s located just outside of Da Nang,
    in the direction of Hue. There are many guides and maps online. If you do plan to drive it, just do
    a quick google and you’ll be all set. You can rent a motorbike
    and then self-drive the pass, but do know that it’s very hilly,
    very windy roads. So please, if you’re not licensed, or you’re not an experienced
    and confident driver, don’t try to drive it yourself. This is not the kind of drive
    you learn to drive a motorbike on. If you’re like me and not confident in
    driving a motorbike on the Hai Van Pass, but still want that experience, I highly recommend you check out
    a tour service, Easy Riders. A Vietnamese driver will take you on
    the pass on the back of their motorbike. The driver will pick you up
    at your hotel, give you a helmet, then you hop on the back, enjoy the pass
    as well as a few other stops, a quick break for lunch, and then they will take you back
    to your hotel at the end of the trip. The whole experience,
    from pick up to drop off, lasts about four hours. I’ve done this two different times,
    and it’s great to do with friends as well. You’ll all drive together, but each of you on the back
    of a separate motorbike, of course. Even if you have zero
    experience on a motorbike, I still recommend that
    you consider taking this trip. My parents came
    and visited me in Da Nang, and my dad was dead set
    on not taking this trip. He did not want to get on a motorbike. I ended up convincing him. Him and my mom went, and when he came back
    he was so excited, he loved it so much. The first thing he said to me was,
    “When we get back to Canada, I think I’m going to look
    into getting my motorbike license.” I love my dad. I’d say it’s a great trip
    for anyone that is 14 years or older that can hold on on the back of a bike. The driver is going to be very respectful,
    they will go slow for you, and it’s just a wonderful experience. Last, but not least, is number 10, which is the perfect end to any day, or the beginning of a day
    or the middle of a day, or any… time in any day. Massage. Go for a massage. I go for a massage probably three times
    a week when I’m living in Da Nang. I highly recommend
    you give four-hands a try, which is essentially a Swedish massage that you’d be used to
    back in a Western country, except they have two therapists
    working on you at the same time to the rhythm of music. I don’t even know how to explain it,
    but it’s a very cool experience. This massage will cost you
    a little bit more, but the four-hands is
    very famous and it’s so worth it. There are spas offering massage
    on every block in Da Nang, so you’ll have plenty to pick from. The problem is that the quality
    can kind of be a bit of a hit-and-miss. I did a whole video,
    which I’ll link below, on my favorite spots
    that were clean and well equipped with beautifully designed rooms,
    comfortable tables, and wonderful therapists. All of the therapists
    that I’ve had speak English and understand
    if you want stronger, softer… so you can have a massage
    exactly how you like it. It’s something I highly recommend, and one of the most
    relaxing things you can do for your brain and for your body. Those are my top 10
    favorite things to do in Da Nang, but, honestly, there is so much more. If you’re considering a trip, either for a short vacation
    or a long term stay, I highly recommend it. I’d love to know in the comments down
    below if you’ve ever been to Da Nang, or if you’re planning a trip there, also happy to answer
    any questions you may have. Don’t forget to give this video
    a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and then subscribe, because I would love
    to see you back here again for another video next week. I’ll see you then. Happy travels. Bye!