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    Women Safety Awareness Ride | Self Defence techniques | VG Vlogs | Telugu vlogs
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    Women Safety Awareness Ride | Self Defence techniques | VG Vlogs | Telugu vlogs

    January 26, 2020

    Hi everyone this is venugopal welcome to VG Vlogs. So today we will be riding for a special cause. This ride will be related to women’s safety awareness. Me along with other bikes we all going to ride together for this cause. There will be sessions related to women’s safety This ride is conducted by crew motomotiv and TaT So ride update I will be giving forward. Riding in winters morning is not an easy task. Actually, till night I was doing editing due to which i don’t have sufficient sleep right now. Even I have to do editing as I need to go for a ride I slept forcefully. Hi guys good morning so we all are getting ready for the ride. Bittu and many other riders there. Even on the other side, there are few riders. So from here, we are going to masab tank Even on the other side, there are many riders. arround 10 are here and 20 on the other side. This ride will be about women’s safety. So we all riders going to ride togeather for awareness. there will be session and at the location there i will be sharing more information about this event. He is sashi. He leads the crew motomotiv. Briefing for the ride. So there are few other vloggers and there any many diffrent kinds of bikes are there. superbikes and normal bikes. so basically we won’t be crossing 30 to 40 speed. So we are lined up to get started. So we will be going from biodiversity to Hitech city and from there to masab tank The sound was amazing. Riders problem he can’t hears what other riders trying to say. we have seen many pics where it explains about problems faced by riders. Now the same situation is happening in real life. So guys we reached to the location. you would have already seen the line up of the bikes. bittu link in description. So as this ride is about women’s safety. Let’s ask them what all going to be happening here next. can you briefly explain about our today’s event? So basically teaching kids from there childhood. How to respect women. recently there are many incidents occurred like Disha or it can be nirbhaya. in Hyderabad and even other cities safety for women became very less. To create that awareness we all are collected here and conducting sessions. within 5 to 10 mins we will be going inside. If anyone attacks from the backside. How to protect yourself. lock the hand knock him down by using one leg If someone attacks from the front. who so ever going to attack you they will put his all power from his hand. so we have to block and knock him down. Thank Anish for conducting the session and for kids they arranged games and awareness sessions. If we plant the good thought in there mind then the future will be good. Anyone who are interested to join there hands can join these kinds of sessions. TAT is the organization link is in description. Tatofficial__ Link in description. Always be forward, be strong and ready to take step. A single step of your can save your life. If you are aware of the techniques. if you are aware of it it will help you to save your life. Thank you all do like share and subscribe.

    TRYING FUN THINGS: Haunted ship
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    TRYING FUN THINGS: Haunted ship

    January 20, 2020

    You have no idea how happy I am
    to be back here in Los Angeles. The last time I came here was
    six years ago, in 2012. I then returned to the U.S. in 2013
    for TomorrowWorld, next to Atlanta. And this is the first time I come
    back to Los Angeles for six years and I’m really excited to redo Halloween events here,
    to go back to Universal Studios. Yes: I’m going back to Universal Studios Hollywood,
    for two days. We will have so much fun! I’m so excited to share
    everything with you. Destination Fun is back in force in this
    beautiful month of October 2018. I hope you will love it.
    A maximum of blue thumbs! The adventure is just beginning! I take you on the road of my
    adventures around the world Subscribe to join the adventure and welcome ON THE ROAD OF DESTINATION FUN. I arrived in Los Angeles and
    I came here to Long Beach for my very first Halloween event of the year.
    Do you recognize the ship there? This boat is the Queen Mary. Yes, I’m back on the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. I came here six years ago and I’m back.
    I have a great memory of that Halloween event. And I really wanted to come back here. Right now in Los Angeles it’s
    the equivalent of 3am in London. I woke up at 7am in London
    and have not slept since. So it’s like I’m up until 3am.
    Do I look tired? I am so excited that in fact I am in good shape. But
    that’s the secret when you travel: when you arrive in a place, you really
    have to fight to sleep at the local time like that you are adapting to
    jet lag and that’s the goal. In any case, I’m so excited that
    I’m not ready to go to bed tonight. The Queen Mary has the reputation of being among the
    10 most haunted places in the world. And you know what? Tonight and tomorrow night
    I’ll sleep on board. And tomorrow night I’ll go to the famous Queen Mary’s
    Halloween event, which is there behind: The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. When I arrived at the airport the customs
    asked me what I was going to do here and I told him I was coming to
    Los Angeles for Halloween events. I told him I was going
    on the Queen Mary. He said, “Do you know the Queen Mary is haunted?” and
    I said, “Yeah, I know, and I’ll even sleep on board.” And he said “be careful dude,
    watch out for yourself” and there was a thrill of fear or excitement
    – I don’t know – that ran through my spine. So it’s time to get on board to see if this
    Queen Mary is as haunted as it sounds. This year Halloween is going to be epic
    and Halloween is just beginning. I got my keys for my cabin and I just saw a guy who was taking a tour of
    the haunted places of the boat with tourists and he told them that there is someone who is often
    bent next to the piano, which is very reassuring. I have just arrived and I am already
    immersed in a paranormal atmosphere. We are going to discover my room together. I have the stateroom A161. It is… It’s weird in fact,
    it’s a long corridor. At night when there is no noise,
    it must be really disturbing. I come back on my feet because I missed my room,
    it is in a very small hallway here. And concretely that’s the one: stateroom 161. The bed is here. What’s in there? A closet. I don’t know what you think about it, but
    I think it’s moderately reassuring as a room. What I don’t like is
    the little corner there, the little corner where you can hide. There is just a mirror. I thought that I had a view on the
    Dark Harbor but I have a view on… What are these noisy sounds,
    I just arrived and… In fact I have a view on the other side,
    so it’s even nicer. Wow, the flames of the Dark Harbor!
    That’s for tomorrow night. Anyway tonight I’m going
    around the promenade deck and there is a great view as you can see.
    It really is a nice place. A nice place if it wasn’t haunted. I would like to find the stateroom B340 which is
    considered to be the most haunted on the ship. There are many ghost hunters on all sides
    who come to do paranormal experiments in there. And apparently that stateroom is rented
    with an ouija board, a crystal ball to really push the experience to the limit. What is certain is that it’s not
    the stateroom in which I stay. And what is also sure: don’t count on me
    to call anyone here on this ship like the French ghost hunter GussDx does “Is there
    anyone tonight here with me?”. I call nobody. I’m walking around, I’m going to do my Dark Harbor
    experience. I call nobody that’s for sure. I’m sure she’s from
    Annabelle’s family. The pressure is rising. The ship is really big
    and I have just done multi-level tours. But I have finally found the
    direction to the stateroom B340. The one where there is a maximum
    of paranormal phenomena. It’s in the little hallway there. It’s quite disturbing and
    it’s a little quieter here. I hope I won’t cross the ghost of the little girl
    because it’s the most popular on the ship. I don’t know why these ghost girl stories
    are always particularly terrifying. It’s funny because in this corner
    of the ship, there is no noise and there is nobody in fact. Where are the room numbers? B326, B328…
    I must not be very far. This is disturbing because we hear
    screams actually. It’s that one. I was confirmed
    that it’s that stateroom there. There is no indication but
    this is the stateroom B340. The stateroom where there is a
    maximum of paranormal phenomena. I think all the screams we hear must come
    from the Dark Harbor, the Halloween event but it’s quite disturbing that it happens when approaching
    this stateroom. The screams come from there. They come from under the stairs. Yeah, that’s it. There is a
    haunted house on the boat. The mazes of Dark Harbor are
    on the dock, on the harbor. But there is one maze on board the boat and
    you can hear screams from under the steps. I will discover it tomorrow but that
    maze is on the theme of stateroom B340. Well, in the meantime, I’m going back to my stateroom
    hoping not to meet someone because it seems that we often cross the ghost of the
    little girl at the corner of a corridor. to be continued… Limited edition Destination Fun T-shirt has arrived. You can get yours right now on We meet again very soon for the rest of
    my Halloween adventures in Los Angeles. In the meantime follow me on Instagram
    to see the pictures of my adventures there and in the fun destinations of the world.

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    January 14, 2020

    Hello friends, I hope you are well. I welcome you on the Myvacation YouTube channel! Today, we are going to make you a short video to introduce you the cruise ship MSC Fantasia. The boat is right here. We’ll finish boarding and I’ll meet you on the boat afterwards. We’re on the fifteenth floor, there is a jacuzzi on either side of the central pool. A jacuzzi on the left, the central swimming pool in the middle, and a jacuzzi on the right. So there at level 15 So, here’s the central swimming pool, with jacuzzis on each side: on the left, and right. We have a screen, in fact, right in front
    with music and information, concerning the boat, excursions so also here, right here a bar and it’s the same on the other side, mirror effect, a bar on the right, a bar on the left we have little spaces for children, right here, on each side of the pool a bit like wading pools. So there are also lifeguards on the boat. Showers on each side: here, and over there. So, we are at level 15 as I said earlier. There is a section in fact, dedicated to
    children I don’t know if it’s open, A playground for children. a ball park, there are even parks for toddlers. We arrive here at the back of the boat So we have a bar on the left side, tables on the right. A swimming pool at the back of the boat with showers two jacuzzis on the right and on the left. We are completely at the back of the boat. So here we go up one level. We arrive at level 16. So here we have a playground with the
    possibility of playing football, handball. So all the equipment is available, you just have to ask for it. and what to do a basketball game A slide also for children And here we come to the Yacht club So it’s a bit of a VIP space Shower spaces So, we’re on top of the boat there is also a jacuzzi the toboggan. Virtual world it’s a dedicated space for children, There are a lot of video games It must be the 4D cinema that is there There is a bar here. There is a Jean-Louis David hair salon. We have the bar. On the other side it’s the same. This one is closed for the moment. On the same level there is the buffet, it is the Zanzibar Café. And that actually you will see on another video Here we are on the fifth floor. On the left, we have the Red Velvet restaurant You will see it on the dedicated video. Here we are at the Reception level. We have a central bar. The lifts. Here we are in the sixth. I believe they are not allowed to sell when the boat is actually stopped. They don’t have the right like the casino. Here we arrive at the level of the galleries. So there are shops, it’s
    piazza san giorgio There is a bar, So here we come to the casino. We at the performance hall,
    the Avanguardia theater Here we return to the casino. There is a bar of course at the Casino level. We’re going to go up one floor. We arrive at another bar. So the second part is the performance hall. We arrive at the Manhattan Café. A cafe on the right and
    perfume shops right across the street. A store of MSC products, to bring back memories. So we are two floors above the reception. at the seventh level. La Cantina Toscana. This is a paying restaurant It’s an art gallery everywhere. Another wine bar here. Then we have a corner which is reserved for photos; people who want to buy the photos will find them here. You can even buy devices. The Butcher’s cut is a restaurant grill steakhouse, in fact, this is a
    restaurant on which you have to pay. I am surprised at the number of bars. Here we arrive at the Insolito Lounge. We have a huge bar, and a dance floor. There are couches; it’s pretty cozy with velvet. here
    here we are at the back; completely aft of the boat. So there is an exterior too. Here we go back to the reception. There is also the Cigar Lounge: a corner dedicated to smokers for cigar lovers. There are refined spirits, there are good bottles too. Here, friends, this little visit ends I hope you liked it Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the channel to put a comment in the space below; and then activate the notification bell to be notified as soon as we post new videos. Come on, I’ll tell you very quickly on the channel: Myvacation Ciaociao😜👍.

    Muscle Beach Monszun
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    Muscle Beach Monszun

    January 9, 2020

    Let’s go! Scitec Muscle Beach Oh no! Hi! Here are the d*ck brothers This is Lex Nemeth channel We came to the Muscle Beach Unadulterated summer weather That’s right We’re going to train soon Why not? Yes Come here There is Arthur Curry There he comes out Watch! The point is we got to the Muscle Beach The storm took everything Literally Kathi Béla, too But we do not care A little rain But we’re training a good one Go for it! Let’s do it! What we have here? Follow, @martinmarkhun Powerlifter, follow him From a lot of deadlift Here’s a big trench The Mariana trench Many were sinking in there This is a must watch! Who me? What we have here? We brought it from Pest, they give it there I will not stop Stand in line behind me Yeah, nobody This is today’s Muscle Beach We train in a storm The weak fell They are gone Where are you? Where are you Kathi Béla? Whaaaat? SUBSCRIBE!

    Fishing for Shark Toys In the Bubbles! Surprise Sea Creatures in the Bubbles.
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    Fishing for Shark Toys In the Bubbles! Surprise Sea Creatures in the Bubbles.

    January 8, 2020

    Ok kids, today we are going to fish for sharks. In the bubbles. Watch out for that guy, don’t let him fall in, there are sharks in there. Should we send our submarine down there to check it out? Alright, look like you caught something there. What did you catch? A whale. A whale? Yea. I can’t see him. Wash him off. It is a whale! Yea. You ready? You got something? Yea. What do you got? A Hammerhead! A Hammerhead? Yea. Wash him off It is a Hammerhead! Yep Is he stuck? Yea. Watch your fingers. It will bite your fingers off. Alright, you get something else? Uh oh! Put your hook in there. There is something in there. What was it? OH! Alright, You catch anything else? Yep What did you catch? A Turtle! Lets wash him off It is a turtle! It is. Yea, lets get him out You got something? Yea, a dolphin! A dolphin? Wanna see him? He is big Whats in the bubbles Maybe a giant octopus Alright, got something else? Its a Hammerhead! Whoa, he is a cool hammerhead There he is He has got sharp teeth How do I get him out? I don’t know, he is trapped huh Got him! You got something? Uh OH It’s a Mako Shark A Mako Shark! Let me see Whats going on over there Is it that shark again? Yea Did you see him? I saw him, did you see him What is he hiding from? He wants some food. Do you have any food? Looks like you caught something big in there. Yep, I caught a giant octopus Let’s wash him off How do i let him free Watch out for his tenticles You get something else? Yep I got a Whale Shark! Watch out! Silly shark What is that thing in the bubbles What was it? A megalodon probobly Oh there he is Got something else? Yep I got a big shark Thats a cool shark Wash him off. What is it A shark. What kind? A Great White Alright, what did you catch this time A big shark What is that? A Lemon shark A lemon shark? yea Wash him off, let’s check him out There he is Uh oh, is it your friend? Do you have him Here sharky shark That’s your friend, I think Oh watch our! He is jumping into the other one Good thing boys and girls, there all friends No one is going to get eaten today Captain, reports of megalodon in the area Thanks for watching! Subscribe! AHHH, There’s a Shark!

    Magnet Fishing A Creepy Well (Surprising Finds)
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    Magnet Fishing A Creepy Well (Surprising Finds)

    December 12, 2019

    creepy thing about someone died right
    here smells like there’s a dead body in there Oh guys welcome back to episode
    guys we’re gonna do something a little bit different today I’ve never imagined
    to fish too well before this is my very first well check and this place out that
    guys old Pontiac hood it’s look how big this well is it’s not big right here but
    if you look under underneath there it’s really big all right guys it’s gonna drop it down
    there oh it’s pretty deep so far guys whoo we just touched bottom oh man do
    this something heavy down there with all the bubbles whoa guys check that out oh we got two
    things dude this thing is loaded check it out
    dude we just got an old butter knife oh heck yeah an old lock look at that oh
    wise I’m excited jump this thing back down there Oh what happened
    absolutely nothing looks like there’s a lot of pieces of
    metal down there absolutely nothing all right guys we’re
    guys stand up over this because it was hurting my knees and make sure you all
    let me know down in the comments what y’all think of those two finds I can’t
    believe I found those honestly thousands I call my hair gets gulped yeah there’s
    something big in there guys oh man you’ll see all the bubbles I’ll make a lot of bubbles guys whoo we
    get some other piece of metal some other metal flakes a whole lot here man-ho know what that is guys down there
    oh there’s something heavy down I cannot get to come up with the magnet that’s right pulling a tall man dry the
    whistle I found two things we’re off the bat then nothing well I brought my gloves today yeah
    apparently like I don’t know 60 70 years ago back in the thirties some little boy
    fell in as well and drowned so I don’t know what to think of that
    kind of creepy and creepy to think about someone died right here hi guys we’re
    gonna try to throw it under it a little bit because there’s a lot of space over
    there kind of hard to hmm the things just fell back there but
    look at that whole bunch of metal pieces Oh guys look at that look all that metal
    in there whoo the wire man is loaded full of
    chunks guys this well actually stinks pretty
    bad smells like there’s a dead body in there full whoo look at that guys just
    got like a spring of some sorts well keep throwing that guy’s I was about to
    give up then I found that spring another piece of metal I really like this new
    magnets pretty nice I’ll make sure I’ll post a link down in description now you guys there’s definitely
    something heavy in there oh man so drop the GoPro down there Oh would we get oh
    look at that guy’s holy cow just barely sitting on there oh another piece all
    right guys let’s take a look down real quick check out that that’s like some
    type of a spring or something I’ll walk not too bad
    look at that I’m not really sure what that is I think that’s too old monkey
    wrench or something and found a couple pieces of wire check out that guy’s found a freaking
    butter knife so I’m talking about well I hope you all
    enjoy today’s episode thank you for watching if you’re brand new to my show
    go hit that subscribe button and smash that like and thank you so much for

    Mancing di Rumpon Tengah Laut Penuh Ikan Kakap Besar
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    Mancing di Rumpon Tengah Laut Penuh Ikan Kakap Besar

    November 28, 2019

    Fish is figh back hello… hello.. hello right now I’m in muara jawa waters Handil area, east borneo we are fishing since yesterday and last night we got lots of fish But there is no recording because it’s dark we will still fish until later in the afternoon hopefully there are still fish to be got rigging that I use like this I use coping Using float fish fillets as bait that’s red fish on the back there are two people who strike too What is that rapu-rapu fish is fight back, my boss a lot of strikes. crowded.. crowded.. don’t go beibe lift it I strike too not an ordinary strike onceng releases the fish he strikes too The camera is highlighting here, sorry den my line, there is the fish on the hook facing the camera in this direction face here first The red fish the fish just stay quiet yup, that’s grouper Double it is now 12:45 p.m. We’ll go home This is a 220 liter coolbox just up to here, watch my other video, bye

    Abandon Ship: Announcement Trailer
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    Abandon Ship: Announcement Trailer

    November 20, 2019

    Let this message serve as a warning. I had a Ship… I sailed the known… …and the unknown seas I fought… …and conquered my enemies. But the World is a harsh place… …it takes its toll… (Brace for impact!) …and there are things… horrors from the deep. There is always someone out there stronger than you… (Take cover!) (Abandon Ship!) But the destruction of my Ship is not the end of my story… I am a Captain, and as long as I survive there is always hope. (Open fire!)

    The Great Beach Boat Launch ► All 4 Adventure TV
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    The Great Beach Boat Launch ► All 4 Adventure TV

    November 19, 2019

    A bit of maintenance. Come back a touch, Simon. There we go. She’s
    in. Just come back a touch anyway so I can get the hitch down. Whoa. That’s it. She’s
    down. Just hold her there. Goin’ fishin’. We’re finally goin’ fishin’.
    I like fishing. Hold her there for a second. That’s how it’s done, baby. That’s how you launch a boat.

    Fish Drowning in Water? RIF 10
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    Fish Drowning in Water? RIF 10

    November 18, 2019

    Hey Thoughty2 here.
    Yellowstone park experiences between 1,000 to 3,000 earthquakes every year. Welcome to
    RIF There is a basketball court on the top floor
    of the U.S. Supreme Court Building. It is known as “the highest court in the land.” During the first two years of a baby’s life,
    new parents will miss six months of sleep on average. A fish can drown in water. Just like humans,
    fish need oxygen to survive, so if there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, they will suffocate. Humans can survive longer without food than
    they can without sleep. In 2010 there there were more farm animals
    living in the U.S. than there were humans on earth. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in
    the world, after water. The word decimate doesn’t mean to completely
    destroy, it actually means to remove 1/10th of something. It comes from the Latin “Decimare”,
    which was the practice of killing every 10th Roman soldier if they tried to mutiny. Research shows that men know they’re falling
    in love after just three dates, but on average women don’t fall in love until date number
    14. And finally, there is a condition called Koro
    or “penis panic” it’s a type of mass hysteria in which men believe their penises are vanishing.