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    Fudpucker’s, Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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    Fudpucker’s, Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

    October 19, 2019

    Yo Dad! Dad I’m bored. Let’s go do something! Yo! What you want to do man? Maybe go to Fudpuckers! Ahhh…. its fourth of July… Fudpuckers is on the island it’s going to be a super packed. It’s gonna take us forever to get over there Then why don’t we just go on the jet skis? Jet skis! Let’s do it! Hey Bub! Hey! Hey so… First of all I want to wish everybody happy fourth of July I know it’s probably not 4th of July where you’re at right now, but for us today right now making this video it’s fourth of July. So anyways you want to tell everybody happy 4th of July! So we’re heading over to Fudpuckers. Fudpuckers is on the water… So we decided to take the jet skis and come from the water side as opposed to the side on 98, either way same restaurant You can get there either way so anyway… we put it over at Poquito Bayou overthere and ahhh right there, I think is a Fudpuckers so its about 5, 4 or 5 miles from where we went and ahhh…. We’re almost there. stopped to take a quick break, some dolphins while ago pretty cool. What do you think Coleton? Hopefully the rain stays away looks pretty good so far. We’ll find out Hey Bub. Sir? Look to the right I know! haha No idea what he is saying here??? How do you like this place so far brother? Its cool! Iike I like the… how it feels… atmosphere yea so tell us a little bit about it because there’s a lot more to this building then we know Well, I learned that they have an arcade up front They have Gators like baby alligators that you can hold and feed really!? and that you can park boats and stuff and walk in here and eat they got a gift shop and they also have water sports where you can rent pontoons and go snorkling, paddle boarding, jet skies really!? Bub, what did yall get man? The pulled pork sandwich with a fried pickel your gonna eat all that? no mom is Moms gonna eat all that!? Yes Look what i got! Oh my gosh! That looks good! I got the a… what is that? The fruit and nut salad. Fruit and nut salad I don’t know mama burger that’s pulled pork or a fruit and nut salad Hey Coleton! They got a video arcade here dude I know! Sick! Lets play something! HAHA That’s a real alligator Man all of a sudden there’s a lot of people out on the water mama. What happened? Bubs out there playing in the water. I want to go out there and play in the water That’s Fudpuckers behind me right there and also right there All the way down. Pretty cool! Whoo okay, we just got done eating at ahhh Fudpuckers the jet skis are right there and right… ahhh lets see its backwards There and there is the jet skis Anyway, Coleton is down there, and we just got done eating. It was really good We had a really cool Bartender/Waitress and ahh decided to come out here hang out a little bit before we get back on the jet ski one of the really cool things about… Fudpuckers is not only do they have a restaurant. They also have an arcade they have alligators and they have ahh…. Water sports right here you can rent, and I think there’s also a little ice cream/snow cone hut right there so if you Coming off the water a little hot and wanna get a snow cone. They got it

    Trip to Puuveneen Vuoksi 2019, Lake Saimaa Wooden Boat Meet pt. 1 – Tyrsky Ep. 41
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    Trip to Puuveneen Vuoksi 2019, Lake Saimaa Wooden Boat Meet pt. 1 – Tyrsky Ep. 41

    October 18, 2019

    hello and welcome to another episode of Tyrsky
    on this episode I’m gonna travel into the wooden boat meeting as I
    did last year Puuveneen Vuoksi, it is now Wednesday evening it’s quite late well relatively late but after
    10:00 in the evening and I mean I’m at Liittokivenselkä, that’s Liittokivi over there I left my home home Harbor something
    like two and a half hours ago and I am going into Värrätsaari island which
    is over there and I’m gonna spend the night over there
    so uh welcome welcome welcome to follow my trip into town of Joutseno, Puuvenen Vuoksi
    event is over there this year and before I head to Joutseno we’re gonna
    meet with some of the boaters in Satamosaari Island quite near Joutseno it’s quite pretty over here. Or
    it’s very pretty over here it’s a nice evening it’s the lake is calm and it’s
    relatively warm and seems like it gets warmer through the weekend so it’s good
    to be here right now but yeah that’s it I’m gonna show you
    – evening shots and then I’m gonna hit the sack and see you tomorrow say hello to Värrätsaari island I can’t make up my mind where i want to park I choose that one I don’t have to take
    my socks off if it’s not too warm anymore so here I am you still take the rowboat
    over there but otherwise I’m pretty much done for the day it’s quiet not a single sound why don’t
    ii I’m gonna turn off the stabilizer and the autofocus so no no you can hear it
    too absolutely nothing so a very good morning I just woke up
    here in Värrätsaari had some breakfast and the weather is really nice there
    haven’t been many of this sunny and warm days this summer but now it seems like
    like it’s gonna be a bit warmer for the next week or so so um yeah I just had my
    breakfast and uh as much as I would like to stay in here in Värrätsaari it’s nice and calm here and nobody else around but I need to I need to go
    I’m heading to Satamosaari Island next is some 40 50 kilometres that way and
    it’s a good weather for driving it’s not too windy so it’s nice and calm to do go
    there we will stay like this also so yeah
    that’s it I’m gonna I’m gonna go on I will probably waster one better precious
    battery of mine to create a time-lapse out of them driving they’re so into the
    time so we are here in Satamosaari is nearby
    Joutseno that we are going tomorrow there’s already 10 wooden boats over
    here starting from there into the end of this peer over here quite a lot of boats here
    and uh there was some light rain showers during the trip here you might notice
    them by small moments in the in in the time-lapse before where I took the
    camera inside but yeah nothing major it was quite nice trip here so no it’s just
    hanging around with wooden boat people for this evening and maybe some sound on
    good food yeah that’s it and I’m gonna give you a small tour here
    in Satamosaari also but I’m gonna eat first so a little draw around the island this isn’t that great
    Big Island at all that’s that little they behind me where we are moored place
    it for something like 20 25 30 boats there’s a sauna real for us all that
    stuff it’s quite near near to the Lappeenranta and Imatra and your
    Joutseno so this what a lot of boats also over here so exactly one of my favorite
    places of course this is the first time around here but yeah I like
    I like my privacy more but it looks like a quite nice place so uh I’m gonna walk
    around the island and uh I’m gonna hook you up if I see anything interesting so in the daytime I came from somewhere
    over there I believe Puumala parrish
    some 50 kilometers that way and Värrät- saari where are left is some 50
    kilometres that way Lappeenranta somewhere over there
    behind me and obviously we’re in in the East and parts of the greater Saimaa of
    this not too long way to the border Finnish Russian border maybe 10 15
    kilometers maybe 20 yeah well yeah it’s a pretty place over here
    I believe that sunset today is going to be pretty awesome because the clouds are
    clouds going away hopefully and we’re gonna get them like later in the yep
    it’s pretty and this also this small one bigger
    reaches or way over there I’m uh I believe that this is also part of the
    well I don’t believe well it is part of the Salpausselkä bar ridge is it could it be the
    second Salpausselkä that has formed ha after or during the
    ice ages which separates the sea from the lake Saimaa and also the lake Saimaa
    from the lake Päijänne so they they are quite big ridges across Finland yeah
    this is part of that the area also that’s a stove for a soda just needs
    tent so we are no only I believe this is the southern tip of the island I believe that’s Imatra over there
    smoke out of the factory pipes over there I believe thats Kaukopää over there Joutseno and Lappeenranta you probably cant see but yeah it’s a nice
    beach not a “beach” beach got this small pebble all the way
    but its pretty so there’s our boats
    that’s one pier there’s another one there
    you’re swimming or a dock and there’s more spots for boats quite a lot
    of them in here that’s the entrance to the bay and again
    our boats are over there and the other pier is over there and I’m not sure but
    is there to saunas in here one over there one over there I’m not sure that sure
    looks like a sauna I’m gonna have to go there and check it out there’s a map for
    the island so our boats over there right now over
    here by these these boats over here and yes indeed this one sauna out there and
    one sauna over there hmm and on a larger scale map Satamosaari island
    is over there and that’s the distance I traveled today I started from there
    from there to there and tomorrow we are heading over there so
    that’s not too big of a distance over there yep like that and of course
    firewood and it’s not cats this is ona quite heavy used so there’s
    lots of those over there and toilets of course so that was a
    small tour of the Satamosaari Island over and no it is quite
    well-equipped if you can say so Island there’s lots of spots for boats and of
    course there’s lots of barbecue places Saunas toilets everything everything this
    this seems like a p lace for a lots of people are at the same time so if you
    like that dude I necessarily don’t like it I just don’t but uh it’s a nice place
    it’s a nice place you


    Beginning Kayak Fishing: The Bite is Back

    October 3, 2019

    Hey folks. Back out on another morning. The wind is calm. Mostly calm this morning. Much better than last week. I’m gonna make hay while I can. See how it goes. There we go. What the heck? Hook on there man! Oh yeah, get on there brother. What? Broke it right off. That stinks. There we go. 14 inches. Alright, thank you sir. Away you go. There is a fish on there. There’s a nice one. 14 1/2 inches. 14 1/2 nice one. There you go, right back in. Get on there fish. There we go. 15 1/2, not bad. Healthy looking fish there. Better make sure my camera is on. It is, awesome. 15 1/2. Alright, you’re going back in sir. Thank you, enjoy the rest of your day. Well, caught three fish today. Two others didn’t quite make it to the boat. One broke my line off which is the first time I’ve ever had a line broken off. Still working on catching a fish on this guy on the casting reel. Everything I caught today was on the spinning reel. But I’ll get one here soon. I think I’m about to call it a day, it’s nice but I need to head home. As always, thanks for watching.

    Fishing the Florida Flats
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    Fishing the Florida Flats

    September 1, 2019

    Oh yeah, I see him don’t go in the motor is it a red???…Yes it’s a redfish how about that I caught a redfish! go on back buddy first fish of the morning power run he’s running again yeah! bring him around you can grab him in the mouth just like a bass YEAH there you go oh yeah check him out bring that little redfish up here he’s good oops stop that,I’ll let you go get the hook out another redfish there he is come here nice little snook right there good one whoops back in the water cast right there where the one busted the top of the water every time bait hits the water the fish go crazy, GOT ONE there you go Well Captain Matt were catching snook and redfish today, but your specialty is tarpon isn’t it? Yeah thats my favorite thing to do May June and July are the best three months, we can get them this time of year too around bay area structure but this other fishing is so good it’s hard to target them until it’s prime this time of year you can hook three or four fish a day,on a super good day on a good day maybe seven,during prime tarpon season, when that gets here we’ll have days when we hook twenty five, thirty fish wow, I might have to come back and try that… while we were talking over here we got another snook in the boat it’s a nice little guy put this one back you guys want to stay here or try another spot lets try someplace else the Captains been spot on so far Chris??? I think I agree with that definitely try somewhere else lets hit it This is a really nice one he’s tearing it up!!! OH Lord I can’t tell what he is he’s got some girth to him might be a trout he’s fighting like a trout Oh look at that trout!!! Thats a big trout we had a great morning fishing for snook then we decided to go try something a little different and try for some speckled sea trout we pulled up on the spot, hadn’t been here five minutes,I caught my first speckled sea trout ever, and he’s a dandy that trout’s not going back yeah I think he’s on there yes it’s another trout nice trout they seem to be off shore a little more yes the do seem to don’t they nice keeper trout there turns out leaving it out deeper worked out yeah that worked I’ve got no control of this fish he’s going where he wants to go he’s just running he’ll be a minute wearing down there he goes again!!! and again Holy Smokes he’s got some fight in him he might go one more time I think nope, here he comes nice redfish what a great fight every now and then, they’re just too big to keep well Captain thanks for a great day on the water…Good fishing with you we’ll be back if we get a chance you gotta come down for Tarpon season I’ve got to… Yep, that’s my favorite thing to do

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    August 30, 2019

    What’s going on Liz? Hey, Milli got a haircut today. Oh Milli, it looks so good. She still smells though. Oh. Oh hey, Carter, what’s going on? Baby Otter’s so stinky. – Oh Otter you’re so stinky.
    – They’re both stinky, I think it’s contagious. – They need bathes.
    – Hey check out my hair today. Sharers, I got, uhm, I took a nap today. – What happened?
    – So my hair, it’s just like crazy but comment
    if you guys get like bed head like this and you just go to school like this,
    and just have crazy hair. Yeah Sharers, my hair’s
    looking good today for once. Um, okay so the last time
    I went down to the pond, the monster wasn’t there, but we remember how, as we saw on
    the security footage, that the monster look like it crawled over the pond. Well it was hard to see in that – It was kind of hard to see.
    – security footage. It was super dark and
    it was stormy that night. But Sharers, we’re gonna head back
    to the spot where I found eggs. Look at this thing. Look at that. What is that? Look at this. And I’m wondering if the
    eggs hatched, if they’re still there. I don’t know if I want to go
    to the like, the nest. I know but I have to, have to show
    Carter and Liz because it’s actually crazy. But where is it? Uhm, it’s just across the street. Okay, let’s go. – Alright. Let’s get going.
    – Let’s check it out. This is crazy. Again Sharers, this is another vlog where
    we don’t know what’s gonna happen because this monster,
    I don’t think it’s in the p– – Actually, it could be in the pond.
    – Look. Look. Look. Look. Look. Look. I think I see it. Look at that, look at that.
    It actually could be in the pond. Oh my gosh. There’s motion in the pond. Okay, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. I know this camera doesn’t
    zoom very far but Sharers, if you’re new here,
    I’m Stephen Sharer. This is my brother Carter. Hi guys! That is Lizzy Liz. That’s baby Otter. That’s Milli. There goes Otter. He’s growling. I think Otter knows
    there’s a monster down there. I think Otter knows there’s a monster. And Sharers, if you want to be a part
    of the best family on YouTube, hit that subscribe button
    and join the Sharer fam. Okay, but let’s go. We got to kind of go quiet but quick
    to the pond because we gotta see if that’s the monster back there, or not. And Otter and Millie, don’t get too
    close to the edge, okay? Milli’s so little. Milli is little. Did you see that? Oh, they’re playing.
    They’re playing. Look in the water. – Oh my god!
    – Okay, do you see it? Do you see something? Yeah, I see stuff. Look. Oh there is. – Something like right under the water mat.
    – Oh you’re right, – there is something under the water mat.
    – Something went right under there! Oh my gosh. You’re right. It’s underneath. Look, you can see the ripples. Oh my gosh. You can see the ripples.
    Alright, is it in the pond today? Or you think it’s back in its habitat thing? It looks like, it looks like it might be
    around here scaring the fish. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Who’s gonna lift up the water mat? Oh, shot not! Uh, what? What? If you do shot not,
    that means that you don’t have to do it. What are you saying? And you tap your nose. Shot not? Shot not. That means no not me. – I never heard that.
    – It’s definitely not… I never heard that. It’s a thing. Comment #LIZ if you know what that is? Shot not? I’ve never heard of that. It’s called not it. Yeah, it’s called not it. No. What do you mean shot not? Alright, alright doggy
    stay away from the edge. Stay away from the edge. Be careful. They don’t seem too scared of the monster. I don’t think they know. Otter, watch out. Oh, he’s not even scared. Otter’s not scared. Alright Liz, you’re the closest so I
    think you’re gonna have to– Wait, but I did this. You’re just gonna lift it.
    Just real quick. I don’t think it’s in the pond today. I’m pretty sure it’s not in the pond today. What is that? Oh, I thought that was it. What is that? It’s a hula hoop. It’s a hula hoop. – Why is that–
    – How did that get in here? I don’t know. I don’t think the monsters in the pond today. Do you want to go to the
    place where it is Carter? Where I think it is? I hope it’s not over there. Like, the nest. – Let’s go to the nest.
    – I think it’s in the pond, cause I thought I saw it. I want to see the eggs you found. Yeah we gotta go check out the eggs. See if any of the eggs, you
    think any of the eggs hatched? – I don’t know. I’m an egg specialist.
    – One was, one was cracking open. I don’t know if it was because it was broken
    or something actually hatched out of it it. Maybe it’s gonna be a
    little baby monster. Okay. Let’s go. We just have to go over this way through
    the woods, and down that river. There was some movement by the drain
    and the drain is where everything– That pole right there was wiggling. That was definitely moving. Alright. Milli get back here. Milli’s going down into the nest. That’s the nest. That’s the nest. Milli! Come back. Come back. Get out of there, Milli. That is not good. We gotta, we gotta watch the dog. Okay. I don’t, It’s not moving anymore. You think it’s in the pond today? I don’t know. There’s a lot of movement in the pond. We came down here the other day
    and there was like no movement at all so, but now, I see all kinds of stuff moving. Okay let’s check clarity You ready? Yeah. So the, I don’t think the pond
    is very clear today either. I’m gonna put this in. It’s a little more clear, it looks like. Basically once it gets to here, so you can only see this far down. Yeah, half a foot. Half a foot. That’s not very good so that means
    the thing could probably see us. Wait, Stephen we have to
    show you something. What? Remember that thing
    that Milli picked up, it was like a reptile or something? Oh yeah. I don’t know where it is. I think this might have been like,
    it’s like a dead baby monster we found it on the livestream Sharers on my channel. We found this crazy thing. So you gotta check this out. Where? Where? Where? Is it here? Yeah, it’s over here. It had like webbed– It had feet. It’s like a skeleton. Maybe Millie can find it again. Millie, where is it? Look, she’s like looking for it. Well, maybe it’s over this way. Oh she might have found it.
    Looks like she’s eating it. What is it Mill? Milli, where is it? I thought I saw it. Oh come on, where is it? Did it move? Was it alive? – No, it’s like a fossil.
    – It’s was a dead fossil. No way. Well it was on my livestream,
    maybe if we can’t find it, we’ll flashback to the
    footage of my live stream. Yeah. ‘Cause that was really weird. Yeah this thing was super crazy. We came down here doing a live stream to
    show you the pond, and there was like no movement at all. I don’t know if it was in there
    or not but then we came over here, and Milli found this like dead creature. It was like squashed and it
    had like a leg sticking out, and it had like a webbed foot,
    it looked like a little monster. I couldn’t tell what it was because
    it was so like squashed, but it was like a corpse of something. So we don’t know if the monsters
    in the pond today or not, but we still, regardless, we gotta show Carter and Liz
    this monster’s nest. Yeah, let’s go to the nest. This thing is gonna be crazy. There’s well I saw two eggs there last time. This is crazy and actually someone
    pointed out that there was a third egg. I didn’t even see it so there’s
    at least three eggs there. What do we do with the eggs? What if they’re hatching? Let’s go find them, come on. Are the eggs gonna be hatched? But if that dry pond has no water in it, I don’t think the monsters can get over here. The way they get over here is
    through this creek here. They slither up and down this stream
    and if there’s no water in these streams, I don’t think they can make it to the pond. Well there’s water in there now. There’s a lot of water in there. Okay. Let’s go. It’s just down here. We just gotta cross this
    little creek river thing. Oh my goodness, this is a far drop. Okay, jump Steve go, jump. That was crazy. Okay Liz. Otter’s trying it. Uh oh. No Otter, don’t do it. Here, come here. Wait. Otter come here. I’m gonna go this way. Come on baby. – Come on baby. I got him, I got him.
    – There he is. Yeah bring Milli. Come here Milli. Milli come here. Milli come on. Steve catch! Whoa, Liz get that foot out of there. Liz. My heart is like racing so fast. Alright. Come on we gotta go,
    we gotta find these eggs. Okay Steve ready, catch. I’m throwing the Sharer family. Go Sharers. Oh, I got you. Alright. Millie, Carter come on. We gotta go. We gotta go. Oh no. Carter. Here, give me Milli. And here she goes. Oh good girl. And I’m coming in like a flying
    squirrel ready to do a tail grab, ready? You ready? Go. Okay. Almost there. This is the part where there
    can be like fossils. So keep an eye out for
    footprints, fossils, anything. Last time, I saw — Oh look. Look at this look. Our first thing. That is something, look at that. It’s a footprint. So there’s one there. It looks like there’s another one there
    so something came in and out through here, and clearly because there’s
    no plants or anything, so we’re definitely on the right track. No way, Oh, Sharers it’s comment on if
    you saw those deer. Oh that was crazy. There’s a lot of stuff back — Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff — Woah, what happened to this log? I don’t know. That log just got wrecked. – wrecked that log.
    – Steven isn’t this where you got lost? No, those woods are a little bit down
    there but this is actually, last time I was here there was a fox, and Sharers, a lot of your commented
    that you did see the Fox. I think the Fox might eat some
    of the these monsters eggs. I think that’s why some of the, I think that’s
    why the Fox was back here in the first place. Something’s in the bamboo, Steve. Hang on Sharers, we’re close to the habitat. There’s definitely something back there. Okay hold on. There’s something back there,
    I hear like an animal. You hear something? I hear something. – Oh my gosh.
    – What is that? – I told there was something.
    – Something just fell! What? Where? Into the creek from the top. Where? Okay. So Sharers, the monsters home is
    right in that shrubbery right there. What is that noise? What is that noise? Whatever it is, it’s moving back. Alright, let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. Let’s find out. Oh, Milli’s sniffing around. Otter and Milli are trying to look,
    find any clues for us. See if they could find anything. Uh, this creek looks so creepy. Oh my gosh Sharers, there’s definitely
    something living in these creeks because there are fish in here. So if there is fish and there’s sign
    of any kind of aquatic life. There’s definitely predators. Check it out. Comment right now if you could see them. They’re right over there. There are so many fish. Do you guys see them? Comment #fish if you guys see them. Did you guys see them? Oh my gosh. There are actually so many of them,
    and they’re all under this big tree. So let me try to scare them out again. Comment if you see them
    ’cause there are so many. Look at them. Steve so I think I see the,
    the pond, the swamp over here. Yeah so we’re getting close. This is where the swamp is,
    and then that’s the bamboo habitat. We’re on the other side now. So keep an eye out because this is
    where I started seeing the fox. And we got to keep an eye out for
    Otter and Milli not to go near the fox. Okay, so Sharers, we are getting close. This, Carter, to your left, You, there, you see something? I see something out there. Oh my gosh, there actually is something out there. Is that it floating? Alright hang on, Otter. Otter, otter. Otter, otter. Stay back. Stay back. – There’s something in the water.
    – Yeah there is definitely something. Look there’s something out there. Look at that. It’s either a turtle or it’s like the head. I think it’s the head. Check it out. Okay, hold on. No, I don’t know. It’s not moving. It’s sitting really still but
    that’s what it did in our pond too. Hang on. Otter, come back. Otter. Otter, come here. Stay back. Stay back. Otter, stay back. I, all I see is that thing right there. Sharers, comment if you see that thing. Oh look something’s moving out there. Something’s moving out there. – Where? Where? Where? Where?
    – You see? Something was moving. Something out there yeah. – Something was moving.
    – There’s something in here, Steve. So that looks like a rock there, that– Milli’s, I think Milli’s senses something. – Milli! Stay back. Stay back. Stay back.
    – Milli, what did you see? Milli, stay back. Milli, come on. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Okay Sharers, I don’t think there’s
    anything in this dry pond right now. So let’s go check on the eggs,
    see if the eggs are still there. I think something’s in there. I don’t– Well, Otter and Milli, I feel like, I feel like they
    were like seeing something in there. I don’t know. Let’s just go
    see if the eggs are there. This is the bamboo section. Check this out. It’s crazy. This bamboo is so tall. Okay. So Liz right where Milli’s heading
    is where I saw the eggs, right back in here. Just be careful because we don’t
    know what is gonna happen. Yeah, right back there. Oh my gosh, I think Milli found something. – Oh, those are the eggs. Those are the eggs.
    – Steve I think she found the eggs. Check it out. Milli, stay back. Stay back. Wait, hold on. Those eggs moved from last time. Wait, one is broken. I think a bird got into it. Oh my gosh. One’s cracked. You’re right, one is cracked. Ew, there’s like spider webs. They moved from last time. Last time they were down there so something or someone moved these eggs. Otter, be careful. We don’t know what’s in that hole. Should I grab it? – Yeah, grab it. Grab it. Grab it.
    – Grab the broken one. This one? Yeah, is it in the — oh! Ew, it’s like oozing. What happened? Something must have pecked at it. Ew, that’s so gross. Ew. Leave it okay. I don’t know what happened. Oh, nasty. What kind of eggs are those? Yeah Sharers, comment what kind of eggs
    these things are. Otter, stay back. Otter, no, no, no. Don’t eat them. We don’t want
    to eat the egg. He can smell it. He can smell that there’s
    an animal in there. So Sharers, let’s just do a close-up
    of these eggs real quick. Check it out. That’s what the eggs look like. Comment if you know what kind of eggs
    these things are. That one already cracked or hatched. I don’t know what happened with that one. I hope the mom doesn’t like come after me
    because she, I have like all that – ooze on me so maybe it’ll smell.
    – Yeah, okay. She’s gonna have your scent on the egg. Liz, you touched the egg,
    she’s gonna have your scent. Oh shoot. Do you think she’s gonna come after me? Liz, what’s behind you? Here here here here here okay. – Okay, so. Okay.
    – I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. – It’s fine. I don’t think anything is back there.
    – I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. I think it might be in that… Let’s go, yeah, let’s go back to that pond because this is definitely a sure sign that
    there’s something laying those eggs and it commutes inside that
    River there out to this pond here. And this pond is normally dry like,
    I said last vlog, Sharers. The only reason it’s wet is because
    it’s been raining so much and that’s the only reason I think
    the monster ended up in our pond. Okay, so let’s check out over here. This is where it’s gotta be. Oh my gosh, what was that? Something moved. Carter, something moved. Something’s definitely in the water. I think something’s over there. Hang on. Stay back. Stay back. Stay back. Okay. Hang on. All dogs stay back. Something’s definitely in the water. That was definitely some huge splash. Look at that, the water’s still rippling from over there,
    so something splashed right there. I see it. Carter, look right, I don’t see it. Look, right, literally right there in the grass. I see it. I see it. Okay, step back. Otter come on,
    come on, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s get out of here. Let’s get out of here.
    Let’s go. Come on. Go go go go go. Okay, Sharers real quick. That’s a [inaudible] and it’s moving. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Okay. Carter, we now know where it is.
    Now it’s up to you. You got to figure out how
    we’re gonna catch this thing. Okay, yeah. Okay, we found it again.
    That’s another sighting of this thing. It was in the pond for a few days. Maybe it came back to its original like habitat. I don’t know. We got to figure out how we’re
    gonna catch this thing. Sharers, if you have any ideas,
    comment them down below. Yeah we gotta end, we gotta end this thing. We gotta catch it, and we gotta just — — make sure it doesn’t come back to the pond. Make sure it doesn’t come back to the pond
    because that thing is huge. Yeah and then we can’t go on the pond
    if it’s the monster’s in there. Yeah, definitely. So until next time Sharers,
    you know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love, peace. Whoa! [Music]

    Samantha Davies: a boating adventure #TheFirstSecond
    Articles, Blog

    Samantha Davies: a boating adventure #TheFirstSecond

    August 25, 2019

    Sam Davies : A boating adventure I’m Sam Davies and this is my First Second. The first time
    I ever set foot on a boat was when I was two weeks old. I spent lot of my childhood
    weekends on holidays cruising with my parents. So sailing for me
    was fun and a hobby. These boats are some of the fastest
    monohulls on this planet. Nearly all the time it is a very very violent motion. Basically it is survival mode
    to live inside. It’s really important for me to prepare my race before I leave and prepare my absence from home. Sometimes I even feel guilty that I forget that I am a mom. I forget that
    I have got a life at home… Because I am
    full on concentrating on my race. Now with Initiatives Care there is definitely another reason
    why I am out there sailing. I am using maybe a bit of my luck to give something back
    and try and make a change. One of my grandfathers
    was a submarine commander who survived
    the second world war. He gave me
    his Saint Christopher. He told me,
    he did not ask me, he told me to wear it so that it would keep me safe
    for the rest of my life. When ever I start a big race there is always a question mark. We never know
    what is going to happen. Despite the fact
    I love the competition. I also love the adventure
    part of what I do.

    Waterworld (7/10) Movie CLIP – The Bargain (1995) HD
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    Waterworld (7/10) Movie CLIP – The Bargain (1995) HD

    August 23, 2019

    You been there, haven’t you? Dryland? You know where it is. Yeah, l know where it is. And, uh– And we’re going? You and l are. The kid we gotta pitch
    over the side. – What?
    – My boat’s tore up. l’m takin’ on water. l’d be lucky to get
    half a hydro ration out of that. You know–
    l said l won’t drink. For 12 days? No. lt’s better
    one of you dies now… than both of you die slow. Wait. Wait. We saved your life.
    We got you out. No, you got me out so you
    could get out. We’re even. She can cook.
    She can fish. – So can l.
    – Then take my necklace.
    Take my necklace. – l got better ones below.
    – No, look! 0h. After what you went through
    back there on the atoll, l can understand
    why you would want to. But she’s a child. –[ Enola Humming ] ls there something else then? Enola! Go below. Enola. Yeah. You said so yourself. Been out there a long time.

    How to use a swing mooring with Al McGlashan
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    How to use a swing mooring with Al McGlashan

    August 23, 2019

    Al McGlashan: When you’re coming to a mooring,
    you’ve got a few rules you’ve got to follow. First and foremost, assess the situation. Are there any other boats? Which way’s the wind going? Is there any current? And then, make sure your crew know what you’re
    doing. So, we’ve got Cooper up the front. He’s grabbed the gaff. Al McGlashan: So, as we’re coming in, we look
    at which way the wind’s going. Always drive into the wind or into the current. It’s no different from a plane. You have your window open so that you can
    communicate with your deck hand. Just come in nice and slowly, just in gear,
    edging straight in towards it. Coop is my second set of eyes up on the front,
    just in case the rope’s too long or there’s something there. Now, we look and, Coop, do you see the end
    of the rope there yet? Cooper: Yeah. Al McGlashan: I’m just going to pull it out
    of gear there now and he’s going to start leaning over the front of the boat there and
    pick it up, and what I want to do is, I want to hold it there. So, I don’t want to go past the mooring. I don’t want to come back off it because,
    if I come back off, he’s got to hold all that weight, and then, we’re going to hook it on,
    and Bob’s your uncle. Al McGlashan: These ropes, these mooring ropes,
    are huge, and even in the case of this, it really doesn’t fit too securely. So, instead of using this, which is too heavy
    for us, what we simply do is have a spare rope ready to go, undo that one, put our rope
    through like so, let that one out, and then, fit that loop there, which I’ve done before,
    and then I let this one out, and then we do a couple of half hitches. And there you go. Secure. So that’s one trick, and that way, you’re
    safely on the mooring and you can relax.

    Boating Ireland – Winter on the water
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    Boating Ireland – Winter on the water

    August 22, 2019

    Hi guys hello and welcome, this is the Driftwood
    Boat Blog and I’m Harry & I,m Marion. This is Driftwood our boat and we are out on Lough
    Garadice in the middle of winter. So Haughton’s shore is back that direction
    there. I’ll just pan around here. That Island there is Cherry Island, I don’t think there’s
    any cherrys on it. There’s a right wind. That’s a headland there ahead of us, and that’s
    Church Island over there. Now you may remember the last time we came up we went onto the
    right hand side of Church Island. But what we’re doing at this stage is we’re going to
    just avoid the worst of the wind. So we’re going to go round the other side of Church
    Island. We’re going to try to keep into a bit of the lee. I don’t know if you can see the motion of
    the boat but it’s just a little bit rocky, because those waves are coming from that bay
    in there. So they have traveled quite a bit before they reached us. But if you see up
    ahead you see there’s calm water again. Where as if we had gone to this side of the lake
    over here the waves would have traveled an awful lot further and they would be quite
    large by the time they reach the far shore. So were kind of keeping into the lee of this
    headland, here now. Were going to go between Church Island which is here and that headland
    and again we’ll keep into the lee. It’s not that it’s excessively choppy or anything,
    it’s just an exercise in keeping it comfortable. That’s Swan Island over there now. Swan Island,
    years ago there was a restaurant there, we had a great evening there with some friends
    of ours, Fred & Dianne, Charlie & Deidre and Des &Ann. I think there was a bar there as
    well wasn’t there? Ye there was. It’s an awful pity that it’s gone. Cos it would be good,
    cos it’s choppy now, I know it’s only half ten in the morning, but yesterday evening
    I wouldn’t have minded going over there for a meal. Ye know, be nice. When we were coming down the lake the last
    time we noticed that there was a couple of fence posts floating in it and they weren’t
    floating flat, there was just one end of them poking up out of the water only be a few inches.
    And there quite hard to spot. So were just kind of keeping our eyes peeled for them because
    if one of those were to find a propeller it would do a queer bit of damage. Oh there’s a real cutting wind here. But it’s
    still lovely! Work on building this waterway commenced in
    1846 at the time of the great famine here in Ireland. And it took a total of 14 years
    to build and over 7,000 men actually dug this waterway. When it did open it remained open
    for 9 years and during those 9 years only 8 boats actually passed through it. By the
    time it had opened it had already been superseded by the railway network. Oh Boy. We tie up here for a minute? Ye can
    you tie that up… here I’ll give you down the blue one first of all. Well all my talk about how great it is to
    go boating in the winter, was bound to come back and bite me. And it did, with avengence.
    We just got a downpore it absolutely, torential rain. So luckely I was onboard, I was able
    to get in out of most of it, poor Marion was out side doing the lock so she got drenched.
    She’s inside getting changed now. So I’ve had a change of hat. This is my extreem sun
    and extream rain hat. And eh, it works well in both. Right… time to get moving again.
    Lets hope that rain stays off for another while. Make sure to join us in the next episode as
    the winter clouds give way to some lovely bright winter sunshine, we get so nice clear
    blue sky’s and we’ll continue our journey along the Shannon Erne Waterway, and in the
    next episode we’re going to head up to the beautiful Kilty Bardan Lough. And we’ll stay
    over night on a lovely island jetty up there. So looking forward to seeing you then. Thanks
    for watching guys.

    Seahorse Key Bioblitz
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    Seahorse Key Bioblitz

    August 22, 2019

    So nature is really diverse. I mean,
    if you go out to any part of the world there are hundreds or thousands of
    species around you, literally within a couple of square meters, and this really
    hampers our understanding of even what is out there. And what is limiting most
    is time to observe and collect potentially the organisms out there. And
    second, expertise to identify them. And one way to do this really effectively is
    to bring a lot of people together to do that. And these kinds of communal
    sort of expeditioners to look at a very small area and engage a lot of people to
    document the diversity out there are called bioblitz. So the reason we did
    this BioBlitz at Sea Horse Key is it’s a very rich and an intact area, it’s a
    National Wildlife Refuge so the nature is not very much disturbed, the animals
    are in good shape, there’s a lot of diversity. There is diversity both of
    terrestrial organisms, because it’s an island, and marine organisms around
    it on the mudflats and the mangroves in the salt marshes and so forth. For this
    trip, to get to Sea Horse Key, we have to take a fairly large boat and when we
    went out there, we had the ability to do some dredging, which is where you
    basically pull along a metal basket on the bottom which picks up whatever
    is on the bottom into it. And then you sort it on a big table, and you’ll see
    just lots and lots of crabs and shrimp and sea stars and sea urchins
    and fish and pieces of algae and so forth, all covering the table. Then you
    all gather around the table and you pick out the organisms that you’re interested
    in documenting, photographing, studying, what have you, and and put them into
    buckets to take back to the laboratory to study. So the reason we did
    this bioblitz at Sea Horse Key is because Sea Horse Key has a fairly long
    standing marine lab for the University of Florida, but this marine lab in the
    last couple of years has gone under new management and there’s a lot of activity
    out there. It’s a marine station in the sense that it has direct
    access to the ocean, it has a big dock and tanks and aquaria that can hold marine life, and and a pump that pumps seawater
    into those as needed. So one of the things we also did during this BioBlitz
    is to examine and go over the collections that already exist at Sea Horse
    Key, to clean those up a little bit, and also to record what is known from the
    area from past collections. Over time we can we can probably successfully
    document a large proportion of the organisms that live there, which will
    which will give a nice sense of completeness. And also it allows, then,
    a scientist in the future to compare what this place may change into as the
    world changes, with the global change, with human impacts and other random
    factors, and it’ll provide a very nice baseline for for observing changes
    against in the future.