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    DIY Inflatable geometry with HH-66 Vinyl Cement (Part 2)
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    DIY Inflatable geometry with HH-66 Vinyl Cement (Part 2)

    September 21, 2019

    Hello, I’m Becky And I am prototyping for an inflatable floating architecture project. You may have seen me in my video making these little plastic pillows. These are made out of vinyl sheet, just this clear plastic stuff that you might see like on the inside of a wallet where you would put your ID to be visible, or even a shower curtain liner. So sheet vinyl. And I’m using vinyl cement– this stuff called HH-66– to bond it together in two different kinds of forms: these little pillows or dumplings. (laughter) Yesterday, I was able to achieve a solid seam on the outside, so this isn’t leaking. I would put it under water and See if bubbles would come out from the inside. And I was able to achieve a good seal on this prototype and Then I moved on trying to make a more complex geometric form that would fold up in an interesting way when it was inflated. Now, I did achieve that, except that, some of the glue came undone. I was very frustrated about that because I really need this to work I don’t have access to an ultrasonic welder Which is how, like, industrial processes would make inflatable forms like this. Even used, those things cost like $1500! (Conspiratorially) If anybody’s in Chicago, and you have access to an ultrasonic welder, please, DM me (Normal) Today what I’m gonna try, is a bit bigger pillow, if you will, and I’m going to use instead of a little paintbrush, which I have used yesterday, I am going to try a… piping bag… like a pastry bag for icing? I’m gonna take a ziploc bag, not unlike this, And I’m going to fill it with this vinyl cement, which is going to be a total mess, and I’m gonna cut the tip off and hopefully achieve some of the detail work and precision that I was lacking in this prototype. If it works today I’ll buy more HH-66 and I will continue prototyping forms with this glue. I’m going to cut my form. You know when you buy a sheet set, or a comforter? It comes in those big clear plastic bags That’s what this is. This works best when everything is precisely lined up. Ta da! Notice that I didn’t measure anything… I think that’s okay. I think it’s gonna be fine. Can’t forget to cut out the hole for the little inflatable valve. I’m going to glue a diamond in the middle, and then glue a seam all around on the edges, to make it a folding shape. All that’s left is to make the piping bag! This is actually what I got the colorful beach balls in that I cut all these valves out of. I also don’t know if the vinyl cement will degrade this plastic… But I guess we’ll see. Quick talk about safety equipment. I’m wearing an apron, so I don’t mess up my clothes. I’m wearing latex gloves, and I have my half mask respirator. Like I said in the last video, HH-66 does some scary stuff. The back of it says… “Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child.” So, that’s what this is for. All right, let’s create our pastry bag. This is going to be a complete mess. So Let me tell you what happened. These gloves work a lot better than the nitrile blue gloves. Here’s my prototype, I’m letting it sit before I inflate it. This was my piping bag… This worked out pretty great! It was not so useful for the outer edges. It applies too much cement. It’s good to have a lot of cement when you’re doing this, but this really just oozed too much So I think I must have cut the tip too large. In the future I would cut it smaller– the other thing that’s really great about this piping bag is that I can dump it all back into the HH-66 container at the end of the day, so it doesn’t have to get dry. But I’m actually gonna leave this with a little bit of glue in it overnight, to see if this might be a sustainable way to just store the glue. I’m gonna give it a few minutes, and we will inflate the prototype! Alright, we’ve got this prototype. I’m a little nervous about it, parts of it look weird, I see a rivulet here, but I hope I pressed it enough when I was building. It. Well. It’s been like 30 45 minutes. I wanted to make sure that the cement had time to really bond before I inflated it in case that was one of the variables that was causing them to fail. Here we go. (off camera) Here we go! (Becky) I’m cutting that out. (off camera) No! (to companion) that was cool, right? (singing) Moment of truth! (singing)It did exactly what I wanted it to do! check it out! Look at that! (screams) (off camera) It’s a dumpling! (Becky) It’s a double dumpling! it’s a double-dump! (off camera) It’s a double-dump. (Becky) Whoooaa…. Wow! All right, well, (exhales) This is sick. This is dope. This means… that I should buy some more glue! Awesome! If you want to recreate this, it would be useful to have a more specific tutorial. So I’m gonna have some diagrams from Fritzing and I’m gonna link to my github in this video Thank you for prototyping with me today, and I will see you later– (off camera) See you later! (Becky) –and… Uh, ya know, no pressure, but like, feel free to like and subscribe! (off camera) Like! Subscribe! Do both! (Becky) Do both! (singing) Like! Subscribe! (off camera) OK! Misty!

    Full Time Liveaboard Sailboat, Sailing with a Baby
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    Full Time Liveaboard Sailboat, Sailing with a Baby

    September 21, 2019

    We are Alessandro, Arianna, and Sophie. We are living in a boat from when this little monkey was born. This is Vela Bianca, the name of the boat. My father used to take all the family
    with him in this boat sailing for three months every year. We went with all
    the family. My father’s family and my uncle’s family. We were nine inside this space so you can imagine a lot of children, a lot of noise. So I started as a deckhand
    in this boat. The first time trying to understand everything. When I was fifteen
    sixteen I was able to to move the boat alone, to open the sails, to navigate. I
    worked three years as a fisherman. I’m making two years like twenty thousand
    euro. I was able to buy an old boat, a Comet 11 1975 made for crossing the
    ocean, the Atlantic. But when I bring Sophie with me the first year when she
    was 15 days old we take a very hard thunderstorm with that boat and we had so
    many problems, but we are all okay and I decide to make an exchan ge with my, with my
    father. “I give you my old boat and you give your boat”. So we made this
    exchange. We’re here right now. We are in Zadar in
    Dalmatia in Croatia. Really nice place to be.
    It’s the paradise for the sailing. This is the boat. It’s the Nova 41 feet. It’s from 2000. It’s a cutter, you can see this is the Genoa and this is the Jib. Self tacking,
    you see you have only one “scota” in Italian, rope. You can go up the wind
    without touching anything, just with this, with the jib, and the mainsail. My
    father designed it. So this is another important part of the boat. Got the
    hammock here and is very comfortable for two persons and the baby it works, it’s
    okay. If you are 130 kilos it’s not good, but if you are normal, it’s okay. This is the stroller, the dinghy, got two solar panels. They charge 8 amp
    in one hour if you got a great sun and we have it in the sea and you know that. This is another good point of this boat is the space here in the “poteto”. You can
    see 41 feet is a very good space. You can have lunch and dinner. So when you
    have the jib on the right side, on the starboard side, you have to tie this one
    because you have to come to save the strength. Also this, the only thing you
    have to do when you’re tacking, with the self tacking, is to tie this one and
    release that one and, you know, the contrary if you go on the starboard side
    or the port side. This platform, this is one meter more. For peeing overboard in
    navigation, you know, you got three points *laughter*, you can not fall. We have the Belgium flags. The Italian flag you have to spend 2,000
    euro for one year so this is 50 so it’s better. You see the mainsail is rolling
    inside the mast, it looked like it’s comfortable but if you have problem with
    the mainsail you can see that you cannot drop down and you remain with half the
    sail outside and half the sail inside. It’s a, it’s a big mess, so you have to
    know how to utilize it. Automatic pilot. The instruments: navigation, you have the speed, and the depth. I don’t have an external GPS. I like to navigate using the
    charts. You can check what you have around. You can see thunderstorms, the sky, the waters, everything, the ships. And here in the GPS, I use it to understand if the anchor is well or not, is good or not, because I have the track here so I can record the movement of the boat. This is my place. The inside engine is a Volvo Penta 60 horsepower. It’s an old
    one, but it’s a good one. It’s immortal. Tank 130 litres diesel. Yeah you can navigate for 40 hours. So, welcome home. This is basically our home. Coming in
    there are two twin cabins where we usually keep our guests in here. We
    prepare the dinner and breakfast for this little baby and we have everything
    inside this fridge and the drink the drinking things are inside here. Less
    practical and difficult to use, but it’s okay. We have more room in here. This
    table inside when outside is cold and it’s raining so we can eat while Sophie
    is running on the sofa. Keeping the water inside here you can see the level of the
    water tank. Practically, they are four like this one here, the second is there,
    the third is there, and the fourth is there and for a total of 600 liters. Alex’s
    instruments. You can put this on the top and here’s the last mat. We made this bed for Sophie. By this way, she’s safe. We fix the net, it’s actually a fishing net.
    She can stay even when we’re moving. She sleeps well. Maybe now she won’t enter because she’s too tired. *laughter* She’s too tired. I know, I know. All this stuff isn’t dangerous for Sophie so like her clothes are in plastic bags so they don’t get wet, don’t suffer from
    humidity. We keep our food inside there. All we need for cooking, more
    storage, some more room and usually we keep the bottles and the water. And also this, this is the biggest one. Going on, we have the toilet. A big, big bed. And, you don’t want to stay alone. Okay, okay. Life is dangerous *laughter*, you know? She’s really enjoying the boat life and I like the fact that she’s starting to walk on the boat. Life is dangerous. Even if you stay at home, even if you stay everywhere, you have to watch out. The world is dangerous. You have to, to think what you
    wanna do. “Oh I can’t do this, oh I can’t do that”, “I can do this”. You want to do this, you want to, you can. Do you think it’s dangerous? Yes it’s dangerous. Also staying home or walking on the street or driving the car or go inside the bus or in traffic, everywhere. The danger is trying to be happy and when you’re happy, think about it, don’t
    let it go like this, think about it. You want to play, baby?

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    September 21, 2019

    So we’ve decided to leave the
    fabulously astonishingly beautiful area around Pedjaul, and we’ve chosen a day
    where it’s pretty windy-ish… Very wet. Typical tropical weather. You know, one
    perfect day and in the next it’s at all grey and like this. Anyway we’ve got wind
    on the nose, there’s 15 knots of it, and it’s only about a 12-15 mile passage. But the
    end bits gonna be very interesting… We’ve got shoals, we’ve got reefs either side,
    and we’re gonna have to weave our way through using some waypoints before we
    can set anchor… At waterfall Bay. So we’ll keep you posted So we’re here, but where’s the waterfall? Aha.
    The reason the waterfall isn’t here is because we didn’t go to Waterfall Bay in
    the end! As you may have seen earlier, it’s a pretty crappy day, overcast, rain,
    quite a bit of wind, waves all that stuff that you get when you’re in a boat. So as
    we were going along we kept seeing some rather interesting bits of land and
    islands with little nooks and crannies. So we had another look at the charts, and
    we chose to come here instead. It’s a village, it’s obviously a fishing village
    because there are fish traps and fish farms all along here. Doesn’t have a name,
    we’re not quite sure where it is. We’re go and investigate tomorrow, but at the
    moment… it’s lovely here, it’s really very, very pretty. Surrounded by mountains,
    high mountains, loads of jungle and pretty houses. We’ve had two atrocious days of weather.
    Very heavy rain, thick dark clouds… so it’s not been great for videoing,
    photography, or even jumping in the dinghy exploring. But today we’ve had a
    break, and it’s a little bit overcast still but we’ve got blue patches. And
    we’ve just hopped in the dinghy and we’re going to go ashore to this
    little village here which we’re anchored up by. It’s a kind of v-shaped bay, with
    coral reefs all around it. And along one side of the reefs are these fishing,
    stilted… I suppose they’re fish traps really, fish
    farms maybe, with little sheds on top of some of them. And it is set in among
    the… – I forgot the name, I found the name yesterday because it was in one
    of the charts we were using – but this has a name, this bay, it’s a strait. Very
    sort of fjord-like. And this village, certainly from the boat, looks quite
    pretty. So we thought we’d go ashore and have a look. It’s very shallow around here. The village is
    almost divided in two halves, a couple of houses up to the north, and then a few
    more down to the south of the mosque. But then in the middle they’ve got this huge,
    great big area, which is extremely shallow. So shallow in fact that we had
    to park the dinghy up in the water, tied to a little mangrove growth there. And so
    we’re just going to go for a wander behind me. And there is a road, there is
    actually a road, even though a lot of these islands are very independent, they do seem to
    be linked somewhat by tracks and pathways. One thing I think quite a few
    of you may ask of these villages, seemingly stuck in the middle of nowhere,
    is where they get their water from? Well, in this village as we walk past the
    little clearing heading up into the hills, we can see on the floor a number
    of plastic pipes, and they meet the main pathway where I’m standing now. And they
    shoot off in that direction, that direction, and a few more to feed the
    houses in front of us. So there’s obviously some kind of natural spring up
    in the hill, which they’re feeding from. Well this is a first, we’ve never seen
    this before… I don’t think in the Anambas yet. We see
    these, we call them “longtails” – of course that’s the Thai name for the
    fishing boats here – But they’re all wood, and hand-made. This is the first time
    that we’ve actually seen them being made. We’ve got two guys behind me here,
    who are just currently… they’re actually caulking and putting in the
    waterproofing between each wooden slat. They’re using some kind of gum
    resin… don’t know what is, no idea. They’re literally using their hands to
    bead the caulking into each slat. You can see behind me on this side,
    the pile of hardwood that they’re using. It’s a red hardwood. Not sure what it
    is, probably indigenous to the islands. But it’s beautiful, it really is a
    beautiful work of art. So you can see already, Liz has managed
    to pick up three children, one of whom is our guide, “Wayne Rooney” I think his name
    is. And he’s very sweetly given Liz an hibiscus, a very big pink hibiscus, as
    a welcoming present. Unusually for these islands, we’re actually over a hill. You can see Esper in the distance over there And I say unusually because most
    of these islands, most of these villages, are like this. All the buildings are on
    sea level. They seem to have some kind of walkway along here which isn’t
    finished. Either that or it is some kind of breakwater. But instead, we have
    ascended a short hill you can hear… how unfit I am by me being out of breath. And
    we’ve climbed up the hill to get a lovely perspective of our anchorage. The boys seem to be taking us somewhere in particular, we’ve no idea where. So Wayne Rooney here,
    has been showing me the mango trees, which I think they planted,
    because they seem very, very proud of them, in amongst all the coconuts. School? Sekolah? Yeah!…OK. Yeah, that’s what they say: “Pom-pom”… Which is
    the name of course of these boats I forgot the name of them. Of course! They’re
    called this because they make a noise, the single-cylinder (I think they’re
    single-cylinder engines) When you hear them motor past,
    going pom-pom-pom-om-pom… Hence the name! We were just saying it smells nice! Fresh-cut wood. Love it. Love it. And a slight hint of epoxy or something…probably not epoxy… I don’t know what it is… So it’s called pom-pom! These kids are great!
    We’re just following them around, and they’re taking us to all the sights.
    We’ve just seen a pom-pom, as we know what they’re called now, they’re “longtail
    boats” on one side. And we’re now going to go to the school, which even without
    Google Translate we worked out that sekolah (or a esekolah) I’ll check it later,
    is very clearly “school”. So this I know is new because I’ve checked Google Earth
    on satellite images and on satellite images: this is just a great big space. So
    they’ve raised the trees here to make way for the school, so I think this
    is relatively new. And they’re obviously very proud of it ,because they’ve been
    racing around this pathway to get us here, so we can find… go and have a look
    at their new school! What is this, Wayne Rooney? What is this?
    Strawberry? Strawberry! I was told this is “books-books”.
    We’ve got a little case here, with some books and magazines and
    pamphlets and things over here. And another one over there in the corner.
    Other than that, it’s completely just plain white floor. It all looks
    quite new. So I think this is great. They’re obviously investing quite a bit of
    money in education here, which is marvellous. And you said in the other building they
    had a big atlas. Yeah, in the other building here, which is also quite new
    compared to there, was a big, big picture taking up the whole of one wall of the
    world! And then on the other, opposite corner, there was one just
    of Asia, almost the same size. This is old, it’s falling apart, there’s holes in the roof. Generator, by the looks of things. We found the football pitch, which is
    behind me. It’s a little bit overgrown, though. It’s probably a bit too hot to
    play football, so why not dry your hide out, instead? As we’ve been walking through the
    village with our entourage, I’ve been trying the few words that I
    know in Bahasa, but mainly using my phone, to find out if they had fish? No. If
    they had anything else? No. If there was a shop? No. And if we could get a coffee? No.
    Anyway… this is the shop. And apparently, they’re gonna do us a coffee,
    which is brilliant. Inside the shop! This is the grocery store, which sell basics.
    And Sen and Ha, who are sitting over here, Sen is by the window, and he is a
    teacher at the nursery school and the primary school that we went to visit. And
    this is Ha, and Ha is the proprietor of the shop. He is very kindly, rather
    than just selling us the sachet of coffee and a tea, he’s actually made us tea and
    coffee because we were a little bit dehydrated. And, of course, we have the
    usual entourage of the boys as well, who are watching our every move. So we say
    “terima kasih!” Thank you very much, thank you. Did you get that? Yeah. His name is Bajar
    not Wayne Rooney, no not Wayne Rooney. You have Rooney on your back, on here
    Rooney. Yes. [Laughter] There’s a cengkeh tree, here.
    Can you explain what that is? What a cengkeh tree? Yeah. A cengkeh tree is a clove tree. And
    there are a few of them around here, and some of the guys farm them and
    they’re very, very intense because you have to pick tiny tiny buds, and then you
    have to wait six months for them to dry them into the things that we see as
    cloves in the supermarket. That’s a tree there! So we’re making our way back now. It’s been a very
    interesting afternoon, walking around with the boys, getting a little guided
    tour, and meeting some of the local people, and stopping off for a coffee as
    well. And in fact Sen, who was the teacher, explained to us that we’re the first
    boat that they have seen in the village! So that’s quite exciting! And quite
    possibly the first time that these boys have ever seen a drone, and some big, fat
    English tourist walking along talking to himself in front of the camera. So, that’s the end of this week’s episode,
    which was set in the rather beautiful little village of… Air Putih, it’s called,
    which is “white water” in Indonesian. Now we’ve been waxing lyrical about the
    last few places we’ve visited, haven’t we? But I know that Liz just wanted to add
    a little something at the end of this video. Yes, I did, I just wanted to say
    that those children completely stole my heart. And in fact the whole village did.
    They were so welcoming, and so fresh and innocent, and just delightful. Sen, the school teacher, is Bajar’s father, and he told us quite a lot of
    stories which we weren’t able to cover. Anyway, the children… they don’t have any
    phones, not any any kind of electronic gadgets to play with, they spend all
    their time outside running around among the trees, helping parents, helping the workers there.
    And they were just full of joy. And full of
    knowledge as well. They really knew their stuff when it came to plants, machinery,
    the environment in which they live. They were so switched on.
    They educated us, they really did. They taught me the names of the
    trees and the fruits in their language, and they got me to identify trees, they’d
    point at them and say, “what’s that?” So by the end of the day I felt quite
    knowledgeable! Hmm, and tearful. Yes I did. I did have a little tear when I got back
    to the boat, because I had enjoyed that day more than any other, I have to say.
    Yeah, quite special. Well, anyway, that’s the end of the episode. Don’t forget
    if you enjoy watching our channel then please hit that like button, and also if
    you enjoyed this episode then please do share it because it really helps us if
    you can share it across your own social media. So we appreciate that, thank you
    very much! Now, this week this week we are going to be putting that big question to
    our Patrons, which is… where are we going to go sailing next season? By the
    time this goes live we will have asked them. So if you want to get
    involved in that, then please do check out our Patreon page, and be one of the
    couple of hundred or so that will be voting on where we go next.
    It’s a big decision. In the meantime, Peace and fair winds!

    PIKE TACTICS: How to fish a Deep Weedline (Float Tube Fishing)
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    PIKE TACTICS: How to fish a Deep Weedline (Float Tube Fishing)

    September 21, 2019

    fish on so that the casting parallel to the weed line trick works Fisher oh man another stunning Baltic Sea fight I’m gonna give away three of these nothing locking knob on hey guys welcome back today we’re gonna go on a short pike fishing trip here so without any further ado let’s jump in the flat form and see if we can find any fish out there if you’ve seen any of my previous videos from this platform you know that we have the wars we have my fins and even have the possibility to mount the trolling motor on this one it simply floats you inflatable but now it’s rock solid it can be standing on this you have this oars and it’s simply one hell of a flow tube I’d like to also seen before when using this one and out other flow tubes and small bolts whatever can use this one deeper so mark it with roads in the water that’s it’s attached in this lanyard okay that’s been hanging in water like that and you just open up the deeper app like this so now we can see the depth the temperature and also where we can see the depth map and I’ve been here before a few times with a fill tube so I have this you know what I mean only paddling along the shore here but we can see that it’s quite a deep weed line we do have some weed and this is usually a good place for like fishing because they can hide down in this stuff I’m actually gonna start with this one let’s lock in with a 7 gram you get and a gator stinging perfect color for you know these dark conditions and now and that’s gonna work my way along this weed line that’s gonna make short casts and we’re gonna see if we can find any nice fish today so I’m gonna work my way backwards and that’s gonna make sure two casts like this toward the weed line I know from experience that most of the fish are standing the first few meters from the weed line under space we have a few meters so that’s so there’s not much use of you know place to throw 250 meters after making really long casts we’ve been covering quite a long stretch now with all this weed line haven’t felt anything yet Tim seen follower or nothing but we are fetching this place because we know there are big fish in here we’re fishing on four meters at the moment so you know if I want to go for numbers there are other places for that for sure but we are winding this place because of the big fish possibilities win over here might end up with nothing it might also end up with a super nice fish shape in this kind of cold water [Music] – all yes oh yeah nice pipes nice pipes right by this huge boat haha first Pike of the day took a while I’ve been grinding and grinding and grinding and just slowly methodically been casting this weed line and now outside of this huge ugly boat this night Pike decided to go for the kill we’re on four metres of water and there’s nothing okay we’re descending around me again did the trick look at this beautiful beautiful pike in this clear water ready for landing cold water certainly not that feisty so cool to catch pike like these from a flow tube what big fish you don’t really want to get them in here so I found this this way to land fish is to be standing from my knees like this I’ll take it on the side oh man this is nice quite yes oh look at that that’s a nice nice pike not really metre I would say but not that far away Wow look at this beautiful beautiful pike Wow small head level nice chunky long heavy awesome Pike to start off this short floated trip I’ve fished for like half an hour and we already have a fish like this in the boats or you know in the float tube her head is not that much smaller than mine so we’re gonna unhook this lady we’re gonna get her back perfect perfect fish to catch from a flow tube can’t believe it so we’re gonna unhook her and then keep casting try to catch some more of these girls thank you big girl yeah dudes job done this is why I came to this this spot you know not that many fish but usually some nice ones like that I was just winding and grinding and grinding this weed line didn’t feel anything didn’t see a single follower until that one slammed my lair right outside this ugly box awesome freaking freaking awesome so let’s keep on hammering great start few more hours to go just to kind of celebrate that knife fight I’m gonna give away three of these in net the Lockean lob on that I caught this Python it’s one of the lures that we produce down in our Factory in Sri Lanka that can be found both in our own web shop as well as a whole bunch of other shops around Europe and if you want to sell these alerts and at the same time support this channel and make all these videos possible feel free to send us an email down here and you guys if you want to help us feel free to tell your local tackle shop about these nurse and the stuff we do and maybe show them some of our videos that’s where you can also help us grow help us be able to make all these videos and produce all these coolers means the world for us means everything for us because without these nurse we would not exist back to the giveaway yes leave a comment why you need one of those and I will pick three of you guys within a week from the release of this video actually I feel like using something else now maybe this one holding a roach in the real ropes collar has a quite dark belly so she’s making good silhouettes and this ler always makes a lot of vibrations and noise in the water so on this 3/4 meter wide line should be perfect so now I’ve been casting this part of the weed line like this hundred meters from the boats fishing outside casting inwards like this haven’t had any more contacts so what I’d like to do then is to actually go really close to the shore paddle in there and make a few casts along the shore traveling like this could actually use these oars as well that’s because we have them makes it much faster and so now I’m gonna make you few casts along the shore like this if some days it seems like the pike you’re standing inside the weed you’re looking for prey to pass by and then sometimes when you fish it from the outside it’s easy to miss those fish because you’re not covering you know even if you make your casts every second meter when fishing from outside you might still miss some of those fish so I like to go in and make a few cast along the shore like this that’s to be sure we did didn’t miss anything and I caught many fish like this that I would have missed if I would have only fished it from the outside and then when going in like this I have managed to catch some some more nice fish because like this you can present earlier in that strike zone hundred percent of the time of your casts fish on oh yes good take that’s who begin oh yes when casting along the shore oh yeah it’s another decent pike awesome we have three meters right here by the weed line oh man so it’s kind of deep deep edge we got some weed and we have some pipes [Music] [Music] oh yes beautiful pike air flows through the weed line look at those leeches on the back indicates that they’re standing quite still close to the bottom man ok this beautiful Baltic Sea archipelago pike on that hooligan ROK’s we’re gonna unhook this lady and we’re gonna keep fishing of course because they are biting haven’t had any careful takes haven’t had any followers so it seems like these nice ones are feeding so yeah we’re gonna release this baby and keep fishing this is not a place where we want to put our hands so hook out as always so go back to the weed line where it came from felt that the casting parallel to the weed line trick works but now we’re gonna keep drifting and then I want to move out again have some distance to the shores I can keep making these kind of short casts into these pockets and then every fifty or hundred metres or so I’ll go in again and make a few more of these casts of course this technique takes some time to fish all the spots twice but like today we have quite a it’s quite a limited area it’s a few hundred meters of weed line that I know Holmes fish we have this perfect wind so there’s no need to rush anything hey Shawn oh yes yes yes I forgot to adjust the drag on the reel so took line in the hook set oh man it’s another nice fish [Music] oh yes again on that hooligan roach what an amazing take once again this is why you want land big fish on the sides usually from this one this works to it just careful oh man another stunning bite this real roach now I have the third Pike of the day well fished for a bit more than hour we do have like two more hours to fish I believe so this stays turning out to be really really great look at that look at this feisty nice beautiful pike let’s put it back I always use 300 hooks when fishing the holding ropes because it has such wide profile and the wider profile of your lair the bigger you need your travels to be just to make sure the hook is wider than the lair because otherwise the lure will cover the hooks kind of time for this lady to swim back oh she slapped my rod in the water good thing I had to learn up here and obviously the gator big baked explorer rod is floating together with this instinct real well this reel probably doesn’t really like that so I’m gonna rinse it with some fresh water just rinse it like this with some fresh water when I get home today I’m gonna do it way more thoroughly and careful the most of it is probably gun freaking freaking awesome not really surprised that this collar is working if I would pick one color to fish with in all waters all around you know every condition something like this will always work so and when it first like this when you know look you’re not gonna get as many bites even though well Noah had a good action but when fishing for big fish like we’re doing now we know that we’re not gonna get that many bites you know we’re not going to catch huge numbers then I like to use these you know comfort layers these layers that you are highly confident in you don’t want to be thinking like yeah I wonder if this one is gonna work so no it’s not the time to start experimenting with layers that you haven’t tried before stuff like that because that will just make you lose your confidence and stop believing what you’re doing and you won’t be fishing as efficient as you could do so one fishing big fish like this useless that you are highly confident in [Music] fish all yes another nice one and they’re not a good take four takes and four fish on the hook they are killing it today the general is holding a roach yeah dude really feistel dude hello there [Music] oh yeah nice bites holy shit guys we are crushing it today look at that another beautiful Baltic Sea pike super chunky looks like it’s a brand new from the pike Factory no damages or nothing whatsoever again drifting is 3/4 meter we’d like that’s making short precision cast like this into the pockets and this Pike kill this one if you mean results must have been like 2 or 3 meters but this one was hiding and yeah awesome cake we’ve had four cakes today and I haven’t missed a single one of them they’re killing them so hard so I measure real quickly as your most 90 centimeters so 9072 pike going back Wow so that Pike was standing close to this kind of deep hole here with the five six meters I’m signing on the edge here and now we’re entering a more shallow part of this weed line ends up in the corner down here with the only like 1 meter of water I think I’m gonna change us actually to this one when it comes to shadow fishing especially in cold water dragon is definitely one of my favourites to use come on now big Pike this is a great place it’s like a shallow plateau along out here with some weed so this place you should hold some nice fish also even inside the we like this Fisher Wow ok muff damn I like the second cast with a dragon don’t know what happened there but it was the first mr. fish of the day this one was brand new oh shit smoked ahead look at that holy holy shit it’s all inside a weed aha on the dragon Oh came off crap crap crap crap would have been so fun to have landed that one guess there’s a high probability that that’s what’s the last fish all today like you can see his life is going down really fast now hmm well I’m gonna keep casting few more guests so that was it for today we’re back at the shore after a short paddling trip I had a few awesome hours on the lake and the fish we caught I think I think we’ve got four fish right yeah puzzling four fish they’re all nice lost a few nice ones in the end this one was really killing it the real roach color of hooligan rocks also this not the Lockean but we are also running a giveaway on so if you want one of these leave a comment why you need one of those net the Lockean Loeb um so yeah that was basically it thank you so much for watching if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe up there as always and all the gear and lures used in this episode including the flatform dislodged rods reels everything you can found it on this link down there so yeah thank you so much for watching see you guys next time

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    September 21, 2019

    What is up skye squad its Nicole Skyes welcome back to my channel if you are brand new be sure to hit that subscribe Button down below and become a member of the sky squad if you are already subscribed be sure to turn on those Notifications by clicking that little bell. Today we are going to be making an Aquarium but with slime like full of slime like instead of water the aquarium is going to be slime It’s gonna be super cool. I’m super excited. Let’s just jump right in to the video Excuse me that was that was a very miniature burp Oh, and hey if you want to see me feed miniature food to my quails go check out my vlog channel We recently changed the name to Skye’s family, so yeah, I will leave that link in the description But don’t leave yet watch the video first, and then you can leave alright, so I made three Batches of clear slime that’s coloured as you can see this one is more like aqua And I think this one’s so pretty. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited to touch it look. It is so look at that color That’s my favorite color in the world oh my gosh I just want to be a mermaid and jump in this and live there forever okay bye Then we have some ocean blue, so this is like ocean. This is like Blue, Lagoon, and then this is also ocean I’m curious to see Hopefully this fills my fish tank but by itself umm I have some stuff down here that we’ll get to later So I do have a large fish tank that we’re going to be filling up We’re actually gonna be making SpongeBob’s house, but before that oh my God look what I found This is like it couldn’t be more perfect. This was literally the most perfect thing I found for this video. It’s a miniature Aquarium and it has all the fish in there And it has a net and a sand castle and plants and it has an aquarium with a background So yeah, we’re gonna be filling this one up first So I’m gonna snap my fingers and all of this will be unpackaged so let’s go Whoa oh my god, so as I was unboxing this on the back There’s this really creepy doll this looks like Annabelle or something ring ring Frank I would not want to be this girl’s fish. Girl you need to get your eyebrows micro bladed because what are those? So it looks like there’s little notches in this and I think that that’s how like the fish are supposed to stay in there cuz I was curious about that so As you can see this has a little notch. I’m just going to put that in the back. Oh my gosh This is gonna be so awesome and over here. We’ll put our green one Aww I love it Hmmm the Sandcastle doesn’t have any notches Oh and then we got our shell we’ll put the shell oh my gosh my hands are too big for this, so here’s our shell and Now we have a starfish Oh my god I love this. Alright now. I’m gonna add my fish now we have a clownfish And then I don’t know what this fish is called Leave in the comments down below. I think this is a yellow a yellow tang yeah. I’m not for sure though Let me know in the comments down below And then finally I don’t even know is this based off Is this a blue tang supposed to be oh my gosh that looks super cool? I like this then we have a treasure box over here a sand castle. I think I put the sand castle in there It’s going to ruin the fish the fish like the view from the fish We have some fish food because you know these fish gotta eat, okay? And we also have a net Alright, so I’m going to put my tank on the stand and Let’s poke some slime and then add some slime inside our aquarium alright, so here is my slime. I haven’t poked it yet Oh, my gosh. Is it gonna stick to me. I don’t know I made this like two weeks ago. Oh I made that one. Oh, yeah, you did make that one good job J. It doesn’t stick Awesome. Oh my god its super cool Okay, I’m just gonna grab a big blob and put it in the aquarium. So are you ready? I’m just gonna blob it in there. Oh That looks so cool. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh, I’m getting slime on the front I’m trying to get as least bubbles as I can but I think that’s not gonna work, so we’ll just pretend that this aquarium Oh my gosh, okay, so here is my fish tank currently now I’m going to let this sit for however long it takes to clear these bubbles so I might come back tonight. I might come back tomorrow I’m eating them My Swedish fish right now true, which is why my mouth sounds full Alright, so as you can see here. I bought a fish tank so Let’s open it up. Here’s a lid here’s the container and honestly guys I Personally do not think that a 1.5. Gallon aquarium is big enough to keep any fish So that’s just my opinion So yeah, I probably wouldn’t buy this first fish just for fun if you want to make a sublime aquarium alright So here is my aquarium. I think this looks pretty nifty it also came with a filter an LED light, which I thought it looked so cool, oh my gosh the light goes up there that’s pretty cool And then what’s in this I think this is for the light Yeah, this is the adapter for the light The whisper bio bag so that must mean this filter is super quiet doesn’t make a lot of sound Also, you guys I made my betta fish his dream home I wouldn’t put my betta fish in this if you want to go watch that you can check it out I will leave the link in the description. It’s on my vlog channel Alright, so I’m just going to take off the lid and put my aquarium gravel in there. Oh my gosh, those look like nerds its making me hungry Oh my gosh before we add the plants let’s add spongebob are you ready 3 2 1? Wow there’s Spongebob Looking all grainy This is not a very high quality spongebob, but spongebob needs a house, so let’s give him a house pineapple house Apear Whoa oh my gosh wait that was not the right pineapple that I was trying to get let’s try that again pineapple house boom that perfect Perfect baby there. It is so we have spongebob in his house, so we’re gonna be making a SpongeBob’s lair let me just add the little sponge in there the SquarePants and his pineapple house Oh my gosh that looks so good now. I’ll add some plants Hmm, which one should we use here we go, where should we put it? Behind his house I think All right, so SpongeBob’s house actually moved to like a kelp farm, and we just have a lot of plants in there All right, so here is my beautiful aqua teal slime You are so beautiful to me Why are you sticking? All right, so here is my beautiful slime. Oh my gosh. It’s so pretty That is little imperfection. I got from the frickin. Saran wrap it’s poking time. Oh Oh my gosh this feels so nice Awesome all right. We are going to basically just pour it in to spongebob Are you ready? I am so excited for this give this video a big thumbs up if you are super excited to see this – OH oh My gosh that’s so oh my god. Yes boy Yes Do get up here get up here get this view look at it covering so cool. Oh my gosh What’s happening to the plants But I’m not gonna have enough slime to fill up the top I’m gonna have to use my darker slime so far that looks so cool. Oh my gosh I’m so excited about this all right, so now. I’m going to have to pour some of my darker slime in there We’re gonna make like an ombre reverse ombre look Oh my gosh why are you so satisfying and beautiful I can’t Ooh shiny That’s so pretty can you see me through it? To be like vertical with it Looks cool Another one coming out of the rocks oh my gosh the bubbles the bubble race Gosh who’s gonna win Whoa? Get inside. That’s that bubble. Oh, my gosh look. It’s gonna go up. The bubbles rising oh my gosh Whoa That’s so cool dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun oh Whoa All right skye squad now It’s the challenge part of this video Screen cap your favorite part of my video and tag me in it on Instagram, and I will be liking your picture. I want you to comment down below. Oh my god, Nicole I can’t believe you bought a real jellyfish, that’s gonna confuse people and they’re gonna go what when did Nicole buy a real jellyfish So I have some assorted fish that I will be adding to SpongeBob’s aquarium now if you can see the darker blue did make it a little dark You know it looks like spongebob has a storm coming over his house, so you can barely see the pineapple But if it was all that aqua blue color, it would have looked amazing alright So I’m just going to stick a fish on here, and I’m gonna squish it down I have no idea if this is gonna work, or how this is gonna look but woah Alright, I want the fish right there. It looks like a shark. He’s gonna. Be really low by spongebob I Can’t really see him you have to use your imagination Now you have some trolli octopuses, we’ll pretend these are the jellyfish spongebob likes to catch He’s a net put his bed in there. Oh my gosh. Yeah, let’s put the net in there He’s catching jellyfish by his house. Are you guys ready? I’m going to try and put this net by spongebob All right, there’s SpongeBob’s net it’s a little bit bigger than him and here’s a jelly looks like a spider That looks cool. It looks like the shark is going to attack him. Oh my gosh it does That’s super cool. All right. We’re gonna put one more jelly in here all the way down I like when I push it down all his arms are up, but then when I go like this. I push all his arms down Oh my gosh I’m so happy with how this turned out okay guys so I added my top light on off on, and now let’s see what it looks like that’s with it off And that’s with it on You can kind of see the pineapple a little bit better. Oh my gosh my squid fell all the way to the bottom So yeah, so you can see the pineapple now, it’s starting to look like bikini bottom Super cool Alright Skye squad, so I’m super excited about how this turned out But I’m not going to be taking it out mixing it today I’m gonna let it sit and clear up and then in my next sline smoothie video I’m going to be taking it out and adding it to a slime smoothie, so that’s gonna be super fun And we’ll be mixing this one in the slime smoothie as well So you guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a big fat thumbs up go check out My Skye’s family blog channel posting daily over there, so if you want to see more content from me and my Skye’s family The link will be in the description down below. I love you guys, and I will see you guys in my next video. Bye

    I Defended A Village From A RAID In Minecraft – Part 9
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    I Defended A Village From A RAID In Minecraft – Part 9

    September 21, 2019

    Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to crafting mines! I have some goals that I want to accomplish here today last episode. I didn’t do enough. I didn’t get my castle finished -_- now I’m just left with this big gammy looking wall It doesn’t do anything I still need green dye. Aw Sam :3 You’ve been a bad boy. You’re looking at the corner. We need to change your collar back. I didn’t want it to be blue. What color should I do it? Should we just change it back to red? I don’t have anything to make the green dye. That’s something that I’m gonna change here today. Why do I even have this here cabin? I took out my iron sword my diamond pickaxe for. The enchanted ones, because I don’t want to actually ruin them. I don’t want to use them and accidentally break them and or anything like that. so wait, let me take out another one of these… I have a freaking iron shovel! And i’m not using it like a freaking derper? Do I have any iron ingots on me. No, I want to make another iron sword Hi, Sam

    HURRICANE TRACKER: Deadly Dorian churns north toward Carolina coast
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    HURRICANE TRACKER: Deadly Dorian churns north toward Carolina coast

    September 17, 2019


    ⛵️Refitting an abandoned sailboat is a lot of work!! 👫💪🏼#098
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    ⛵️Refitting an abandoned sailboat is a lot of work!! 👫💪🏼#098

    September 17, 2019

    The boat is still a mess. Yeah. Remember when we
    took all the ceiling panels off so we could fix the deck, so we could weld some little plates just to fix the rust problems on the deck? That was the easy part. Yeah, now somehow we need to figure out how to put all the panels and the EPS back in place and that’s a huge puzzle. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So can travel around knowing that we will
    always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back to finish the house. New video every Monday!! The idea is to organize the boat so we can work inside, because… Can you show it? Yeah. We have a lot of pieces around. It’s just pieces everywhere. So, basically this is gonna be a temporary
    fix. Let’s call it like this. Because in the future we want to take some of the panels off and fix some of the wood. But for now we need to organize
    it otherwise it is hard to move forward because we cannot move inside of the
    boat. So, let’s get started. So, this is gonna be like this right now. We’re gonna leave this without the finishings. That supposed to be here. Because we are gonna need to build some woods for here, like this one, and we are gonna do this
    in our town. So the first part is done. So, let’s go to the next one. What is this? Polyurethane. Expandable foam. Just a foam in spray. Because here we took off the EPS and is really hard to put it back in place. So, I think the best way is just use spray foam. Let’s see if it works. If we can manage to get inside there. Check this out. 15 minutes later… I guess the foam expanded a little bit too much. Let’s check these ones. Pretty good. Perfect. What are you doing? Check ou this puzzle. It’s pretty good. Let’s see. Working. Good. You are getting pro at this. Yeah, we just have to put that panel and then we can finally install the big
    piece, that’s always a big trouble back there, because it’s so big on the way. It’s always on the way. It’s hot today. And I’m sick. I caught a cold and he caught my cold. Unfortunately. It’s always like that: she gets first I get it second. It’s her fault. No, it’s not her fault. It’s about time to clean this mess. What is going on there? Ask Duca. Ask Duca. Do you recognise this guy? (our friend/patron João) He is still alive. I came back from the shadows. Yeah, I can to help for a weekend again. It’s a lot of… a lot to do, too much work, and the guys were not handing this. So, they just asked for a specialized help. That’s right. I caught a cold and… Is I caught? Yeah, I caught a cold, yeah. I caught a cold and
    I’m without voice today. And now I have a cold. By the way, we were not gonna this right now, the plan was to do these in the future, but if we install the hatches and we decide to change the frames later it’s gonna be a lot harder. So, we gave up and we’re gonna take all the wooden frames off before installing the hatches. Because then we don’t want to
    take the hatches off again. Yeah, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. It’s good to have someone to help
    because I can rest a little bit. All right, yeah. Just relax, relax. This is your relaxing weekend. So, people were asking if you were alive after drinking that booze. Yes. It was hard times afterwards, but I did survive. And I’m here after… 2 months of treatment. Yes, after 2 months of treatment and a bit of… a bit of dizzy, still dizzy, still… resting a little bit my body and then… This weekend and back to work. Back on the game. No, just joking, guys. It was really good the drinks. The drinks were perfect. And after 22 years just resting here the drinks are really good and they taste better than just stay there and drink what you would
    buy in the supermarket. Do you want to open that little thing? There are more drinks inside now? Wow! They are all there. Still there. That’s how we pay for labor, we pay with booze. This is the situation of the wood. That’s why we want to take it off. This hatch got a lot of water with time. Because 22 years the seal was not good. And as we’re gonna change the other ones that are actually worse, we want to change this one also, so they all look the same. This is not in the worse shape. But still, it can be better. Yeah. Actually, now that we are taking this off
    we can actually paint inside because if we try to do that once the hatch is installed it’s gonna be a really really tricky job. It’s gonna make easier like this. Hopefully. Intershild 300 1x catalyst + 2,5x paint So, where are we? In our hometown. Yeah, that right. This is the marina where the boat is gonna come after the refit. And we are gonna live here. By the way, just sorry for the noise because today is 7 of September. Independence Day. Yeah, Independence Day and all the police and the firefighters and everyone… it’s like a parade next to here. So, it’s really loud. But we want to show you the marina where we’re gonna live. That’s the marina. And the reason why we’re here is because we have a wedding tomorrow. A friend of mine from university is gonna get married tomorrow so we came all the way down to go to his
    wedding and as it was raining a lot this week we could not paint the boat. So we
    decided to take the weekend off. And to visit our family. But now we need to thank our patrons for the week. Welcome on board, Mike, Roger, Mike again, Tim, Dave, Nick, Gilles, and also some donations through our PayPal. Albert. Alberto, he is Brazilian. Oh, it’s Brazilian, Alberto. Sorry, Alberto. Desculpa (sorry in Portuguese), Alberto. Foi mal (my bad in Portuguese). Bart and Ginger. Guys, thanks so much. We really really
    appreciate the support. And we want to welcome you guys. Welcome on board. So, we see you guys next week. Hello, Duca and people from Odd Life Crafting. (Gabriel – Argentina) I’m here because of… the challenge of your friend’s name, as follow. Try not to laugh too much, please. João. Did I say it right? João. (Thom – USA) (Antonio – Spain) Hi, friends. This is Antonio from Spain. I think for Spanish it’s a bit easier to say João. This is how I would say it. Thank you for all your videos and keep showing us what are you doing with this ship. Great, great. Thank you. Bye bye. Thanks so much for the effort, guys!! You did awesome. Join the crew


    Amphibious Houseboat Hits The Road | RIDICULOUS RIDES

    September 17, 2019

    THEON PARSEGHIAN: Sure enough 500 people show up for this thing and I am there with a boat that may or may not float. So it’s a little
    nerve-wracking. COMM: 29-year-old mechanic, Theon, recently bought a houseboat. COMM: He combined it with a tractor to build this unusual creation, an amphibious houseboat. THEON PARSEGHIAN: So, the reason I built this thing was, obviously, I built some amphibious vehicles in the past, like the Volvo here.
    I basically just bought this houseboat because it was cool and I wanted to do something with it. I was just brainstorming with a friend and we came up with the idea to put wheels on it, to make it amphibious. THEON PARSEGHIAN: So the vehicle is made basically with a 1967 houseboat, which was, you know, steel construction. And then there’s a sprayer, which is almost, like, all the parts I used to donor basically for this, for this other
    build. Took them both apart, welded them together, spread some things out, whatever. That’s
    pretty much where we ended up. COMM: After finishing the build, which took 6 months and $10,000, he decided to test it out on the water. MAN: This is the only one in the world. THEON PARSEGHIAN: Basically put an announcement on our Facebook and some other social-media. You know, 500 people show up for this thing and I am there with a boat that may or may not float. So, that’s a little nerve-wracking. THEON PARSEGHIAN: There is probably more ambition than engineering in this. But I am pretty sure everything is going to go pretty good. Let’s do it! THEON PARSEGHIAN: Everything went really good.
    It was a perfect day. Absolutely perfect launch. THEON PARSEGHIAN: Top-speed wise we are, you know, we are running an old tractor. It’s, it’s, it’s only got 210 horsepower diesel
    engine, which is probably twice that much of a torque. So it goes down the road, probably, 20 miles an hour comfortably. You could go faster. But I don’t know, obviously, you
    should go with it. On the water, it’s, it’s about 5-8 miles per hour I think. But stability-wise,
    it’s really, really good. THEON PARSEGHIAN: It’s amazing how many people are, like totally enthusiastic about this project because I built the whole thing in the driveway and it’s right next to a busy road. So, a lot, a lot of people drive
    by it everyday and, you know, they have really built up an interest in seeing what… what
    becomes of the project. THEON PARSEGHIAN: So, I am definitely planning at least one more amphibious vehicle. I’ve already got most of the parts to build it.
    So, I will be doing that in the future.

    NEW METAL SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish Christmas Update – Part 115 | Pungence
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    NEW METAL SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish Christmas Update – Part 115 | Pungence

    September 17, 2019

    – It’s a crab wearing a Santa hat. You don’t remind me of
    Santa Claus, you killed me! What? Dude, look at that! Please, we open it? Achievement! Guys, do you know what day it is today? That’s right, it’s the best day ever. Guys, it’s update day, we gotta brand new update
    in Feed and Grow Fish. I’m so excited. We gotta brand new present, we’re gonna be opening
    a new present today. I guess the Santa crabs
    brought us a present. There’s actually Santa crabs. I love these Christmas updates. If you’re excited too hit
    that like button and guys, I got an idea. I was thinking, since we got an update, what if we did two Feed and
    Grow Fish videos next week. If we can get over nine-thousand
    likes on this video, that’s right, over nine-thousand. We’ll two Feed and Grow
    Fish videos next week. So guys, it’s up to you. But hey, only hit the like
    button if you like the video, so maybe, we’ll see. With the new update it
    kinda erased all my mods. We got no mods, there’s no mods,
    I’m playing the game legit. And it’s been awhile, I think
    it’s been a couple months since we’ve just played
    the game straight up so, I might be a little rusty,
    I’m gonna warn you guys. I might be a little rusty,
    but I got some coins, I got sixty-one coins. And I’m thinking, yo we got
    this new barracuda skin. This was the old one but I
    don’t think we’ve played as this barracuda before so all we
    gotta do is open the present and see what’s inside,
    so let’s get in here. Also I wanna talk about the new stuff that’s been updated in this update. Look at this, this is all new. One of the new things in
    the update is they said some of the in the ocean map,
    which I guess is the ocean map have been updated or finished. They never had plankton
    before, is this edible? I don’t think that’s edible,
    I think that’s decoration. (chuckles) But all this stuff is new, I
    think all this stuff is new. Actually the map looks really nice too and last time I tried it
    actually, it was pretty foggy. I couldn’t see much. I’m liking it, I’m liking the
    alterations they did so far. What’re we waiting for let’s
    just open these presents. Guys we gotta see the Santa
    crabs, look at this guy! It’s a crab wearing a Santa hat, but it doesn’t have the white ball on top. Uh oh! Oh no! Guys, the controller, oh no! How dare you, how dare you? You don’t remind me of
    Santa Claus, you killed me! He killed me, that doesn’t
    remind me of Santa Claus. Okay, so I’m a little
    rusty, I’m a little rusty. Are you serious, a crab just took me out? How many bites does it
    take to get this thing? Oh right, with the barracuda
    we do more damage by sprinting. The faster we go, the more damage we do. I gotta remember that. (chuckles) Let’s test it on this. Dude, two point four. I went from half of a point
    of damage, to two point four. That’s pretty good, that’s
    really good actually. You know what, Santa crabs,
    you think you’re so great ’cause you’re wearing a Santa hat? Well watch this! That things got reindeer antlers. Let’s do speed, speed, that’s right! I got the speed, he almost killed me. I’m only at four health. No, I have the speed though. But I have speed, get ’em, yes! Is it just me or these crabs
    like super crabs or something. And he’s so fast, he’s got a red nose! It’s a Rudolph the red nose Santa crab. Okay guys, we’re about
    to get revenge on ’em. I can’t wait any longer, we
    gotta open this last present. Last year they did a Christmas event too. If you never opened
    the presents last year, now you got another
    chance to open presents. What else, lets read one
    of the things they changed. Presents are back. They reduced the prices
    on some of the fish, which is really nice. The experience required
    to level up as a big fish has been reduced. I’m not sure which of these
    presents is a new one, so let’s just start opening. Let’s open this one! It’s not opening. I think last year all we
    had to do was just touch it and it opened. Yes! Oh there’s the mecha bibos,
    which we got last year. There’s the alpha gray white shark. They’re not popping out like they used to. (chuckles) Can I bite ’em? Can’t really bite ’em. And then this should be the fossil bibos. Oh no, that’s the mecha
    bibos, wait a minute. That’s the mecha bibos. That’s the alpha gray white shark. What is this, is that something different? Oh no, we got a Santa crab. Those guys are mean even though
    they gave us these presents. Maybe this is the fossil bibos. That’s the fossil bibos. That’s the mecha bibos. There’s the alpha gray white shark. This must be the new thing we got. I didn’t get a notification or anything. I feel like last year gave
    us some kinda notification. I’ll deal with you in a
    minute, you crazy Santa crab. We opened the present, so
    I should have a new fish. Let’s just take a look. Fish select. Just keep looking. It looked like a shark or somethin’. What? Dude, look at that! Requires achievement: Mecha
    Shark: Merry Christmas. Locked, requires achievement:
    Mecha Shark: Merry Christmas. How do we get that achievement? It’s another version of
    the great white shark. Are you serious? Mecha shark? This is my new favorite! Requires achievement: Mecha
    Shark: Merry Christmas. Wait how do we get achievement: Mecha Shark: Merry Christmas? I bet it’s by opening the
    present, but I opened the present. Uh oh. I just restarted the game,
    I think I know what it is. I think I know what the problem is. I don’t have any mods installed but I did spawn in some coins. On the top right I
    think it said “cheated”. I did spawn in some coins just so we could play as the barracuda. I think that’s what it was. That was the fossil bibos. This is the mecha bibos. This was the alpha gray white shark. Please give me an achievement
    for this mecha shark, please! We open it, achievement! Two-thousand eighteen Christmas
    gift, achievement unlocked. Mecha Shark Merry Christmas. Did we just get a mecha shark? Here’s the thing, we need some coins. We need some coins to play as this guy. How many coins do we need? Oh boy, two-hundred coins. Oh my goodness, look at that thing. It’s a robot shark! All the stats are the same as
    the regular great white shark. Don’t hate me, but we gotta
    play at this thing so, I gotta do it. We need the coins, so I
    could play for an hour or so and get the coins or we could
    just play as him right now. Actually before we do that,
    we got a new tiger shark. They changed the model of the tiger shark, they said to make it more accurate. I like this, I like this new model. Let me know in the
    comments what you think. I think is the third tiger
    shark model we’ve gone through. Personally, I like it. Maybe we should try it in a future video. But today we’re doing this
    mecha great white shark. I can’t believe this. I gotta see this thing, I gotta see it. Another thing guys, I wanted to let you I
    tried to play a server- Oh! I spawned right next to that other guy, you’re not gonna hurt me are ‘ya. We’re friends. (chuckles) But I tried playing on a server
    which is what I used to do but for whatever reason
    all the hostile fish or the predator fish, they
    don’t spawn in so Old Blood, the creators of the game,
    if you’re watching this. If there’s any way to fix
    that, that’d be awesome ’cause I love playing on a
    server, plus we can play as anything when we’re on a server. Let’s take a look at this thing. I love it! Look at those eyes. Look at that body. Look at those details. This thing is crazy. Oh my goodness. In his throat it actually
    looks like a gun. Imagine if he could shoot lasers. Imagine if this things could shoot lasers. That would be so stinking cool. He already is really cool. Can I get a close up of this guy? Can we get a close up up
    against a rock or something? Let’s get close up of this guy. This thing is amazing. Definitely one of my favorite
    Christmas presents this year. The mecha bibos, I think
    that was my favorite before. The mecha bibos, might’ve
    been my favorite. This might be my new favorite. Imagine a baby version of this. I wonder if there’s a
    baby version of this. That would be amazing too. Look in his tail, there’s some kind of black
    thing connecting it all. I don’t know man. Let’s eat, let’s eat some fish. You know what I wanna eat first? I think you know. Let’s get those stupid
    Santa crabs, that’s right. Hey Santa crab, you think you’re strong? Well you’re pretty fast. Take this! Uh oh, I missed him. I can’t get one of this guys. Let’s get Rudolph the red
    nosed Santa crab, got him! One bite, one bite and he’s gone. Let’s get this guy, got him. (chuckles) I wonder if we can just swallow him whole. Can I swallow this Santa crab? They are really fast. I can’t catch this guy, he’s so fast. Got him. We can swallow ’em whole. It’s kinda crazy too,
    how the eyes come out. The eyes come out a little bit. The models in this game are so amazing. Wait a minute, look at this guy. Oh no, he was on his back! Got ’em. (chuckles) That guy was on his back. Let’s get this coccosteus. Let’s get something a
    little bigger like maybe a dunkleosteus or. What’re those? A buncha barracuda, get back
    here you crazy barracuda. Hammer head! One bite, everything is one bite. I’m very happy about that. This is such a great Christmas. Also it feels great to just be
    playing regular death match. We’ve been playing with mods
    for so long it feels good to just be playing the
    regular game in death match. Let’s eat some puffer fish. I think he poisoned me. It said negative four but it was green. I think that poisoned me. (chuckles) Did you see the ragdoll on that guy? Where’s the dunkleosteus,
    we need some competition. He usually hangs out
    around here, this is crazy. Actually I just remembered I
    need to talk about update stuff so they said the water
    rendering is improved. It looks better to me. The tiger shark new model, more accurate. Aigialosaurus behavior fixed. I guess they said the aigialosaurus would just ignore everything. Now it’ll actually fight stuff. More ocean map parts fixed. Whoa, that’s all glowy in
    there, that’s pretty cool. (chuckles) I love the ocean map
    improvements, it looks very nice. Hey get back here you crazy Santa crab. I can’t be too mad at the Santa crabs. Technically I think it was
    them who gave us the presents. What’re those particles coming off? That’s pretty cool. What else we got? Megaladon! The megalodon is now playable in the game. I know we can play with him, with mods. But now we can play with him legit. But we gotta take him out and when we do we get another achievement. Let’s take out this tiger shark. We get another achievement,
    so leave a like or let me know in the comments
    if we should try to take out the megalodon and get that
    achievement next video. Let me know what you think we should use. I wonder if we could use
    this thing because this is technically a shark, the
    megalodon is kind of like a type of shark so it might not let me fight him. I don’t know guys. This is crazy. This is absolutely crazy. Where’s the dunkle- oh! There’s a goliath fish. Where’s the dunkleosteus though? Did you see that, we just
    shake it back and fourth, look at that! That is so awesome. Out of all the fish we’ve
    eaten, I’m only level three. (chuckles) This is why I like playing on a server. ‘Cause you can increase the
    experience rate by three. Let’s get another goliath fish. I just love thrashing those things around. I let go, where’d he go? There he is. I just love thrashing ’em. We’re only level three. There’s not a lot of
    stuff in this ocean map. But that’s another thing on the servers. You can control how many
    things spawn, what spawns in. But for whatever reason, none
    of the predators are spawning, which is kinda crazy. Whoa, look at this! Look at those particles. Oh, I think that’s a glitch. At first it kinda looked like rocks, but I think that’s a
    little bit of a glitch. (chuckles) It looks kinda cool though,
    it almost looks like rocks. It’s still kinda fun examining this map. Was this always here? I don’t know. But look at the water surface,
    the surface of the water, that looks kinda different. Can I jump out of the water? Okay. It seems like even outside
    of the waters improved. That looks pretty nice, maybe we’ll go into
    spectate mode or something. I can’t eat octavius. What’s this great white doing? Aren’t ‘cha gonna eat anything? We should actually double
    check just to make sure we opened all of our presents. I know I asked in my Amazing
    Frog video, but let me know in the comments what you
    guys got for Christmas. Also if you guys wanna know
    what I got for Christmas, what was that poison thing? That was a hundred and
    seventy-five damage! It’s doing a hundred
    and seventy-five damage! We’re about to die! What’s happening? What was going on? Was that some kind of
    poisonous coral or something? What was that? We almost died there, that was crazy. If you wanna know what
    I got for Christmas, I was showing it all in
    my Amazing Frog video. We also got a Christmas
    update in Amazing Frog. If you haven’t checked it out, you gotta check it out those videos. I’ll put a link at the end of this video so you guys can check it out. Is there anything else new in this map? I kinda wanna figure out what
    was hurting me over here. We almost died! We almost died by just
    snooping around in here. There might be some kinda
    poisonous thing in here. Where was it, I think it was right here. Something was doing a
    hundred, what was that? What do you think it is? Something’s doing a hundred
    and something damage is poisoning me. In here. Is it this green stuff,
    it’s not the green stuff. Hundred seventy-five, we’re about to die. One more hit from that
    stuff, we’re about to die. That might be some kinda new stuff. That is crazy, I only
    have ninety-five health. Uh oh. That’s gonna help, eating
    those swordfish helps. That’s crazy. If you know what that is,
    definitely let me know. I think it’s some kind of
    poisonous coral or something. Oh there he is, this is
    gonna be our best battle. I have six-hundred health. We’re going up against a dunkleosteus. He can’t even catch that hammer-head. Let me cut in. (chuckles) Here we go, we’re going
    up against a dunkleosteus. I can’t let him get a hit
    in, it’s too dangerous. I can’t let him hit me. Whoa, I’m only doing six,
    seven and eight damage against that guy? He’s got a ton of protection on his face. That is crazy weird, I’m just
    shaking him around like crazy. That leveled me up pretty good. The dunkleosteus, definitely
    our best competition but at the same time, kinda no competition. Aww man, remember this spot guys? This was our spot! But they took out the
    dreu, so no more dreu spot. I hope they bring it
    back again soon though. Let’s see if I can get him from behind. We do so much more damage when
    we attack him from the back. That was crazy. Wait a minute. It looks like there’s some
    kind of design on his head, Do you see that? You can only see it in the light. Almost like a paint design or something. You can only see it when
    the light reflects on it a certain way, that’s kinda crazy. That was weird. I was just eating a goliath
    fish and then my game crashed. That was really weird. So I’m back to level one. I think all that time playing, I think I was only at
    level nine or something. I wanna see what this dunkleosteus has. He won’t even bite me. Oh! Okay, he is biting. Uh oh. He does some decent damage. And if we’re going head to
    head, he’s got a little bit of an advantage cause he’s
    got all the protection on him. But he’s dead. (chuckles) We got ’em and he respawned. He wants a rematch, it doesn’t matter how many times we fight, I’m gonna win. He can’t beat the mecha shark. I just love that thrashing animation. I still say laser beams. Imagine lasers coming out of his mouth or some kind of gun or something. We’re aiming for nine-thousand
    likes on this video. If you wanna two Feed and
    Grow Fish videos next week. We gotta take out that megalodon
    and get the achievement then we can play as him. If you haven’t been seeing
    my new amazing frog videos, the update has been really really fun. Thank you so much for watching
    and I’ll see you next time. (electronic music) Now’s the moment of truth, let’s see if this thing
    is gonna explode ooh! Oh my goodness it’s a Pungence gun! Oh! It’s turns everyone into Pungence! No! No, he got me, I’m popping
    ’em, I’m trying to get out. Crazy red shark, dude he’s going in!