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    Stinky Fish Challenge – Merrell Twins
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    Stinky Fish Challenge – Merrell Twins

    November 18, 2019

    I Don’t want to throw up but Hey guys I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa and today We are doing the world’s stinkiest fish challenge Thank You Brooklyn and Bailey for tagging us in this challenge no really, thank you I’m so thankful. You know I watched their video, and they’re all like throwing up What do you what even is this okay? Well before we get into it make sure to subscribe to our channel and click the bell Notification to get notified when we do stuff yes, also, we have some exciting news for the entire month of October We are doing a Halloween series on our channel, so you guys can look forward to that We don’t know what it’s called yet, but you can look forward to it. Oh my god right so nervous. Let’s get to it I want to Tranquil translate this though. I mean because I’m nervous my stomach has butterflies in it right now I don’t want to do this when was the last time we did a gross food challenge a long time ago You know why that’s that I think oh my gosh my stomach says Ingestion approximately five to seven st. Hella humming ring 400 grant. Oh, it’s it’s ingredients fat salt Oscar straw me a tiny. I don’t know what is this mean okay? Wait, so we don’t know what it Don’t know what it says um I don’t think even like house like air in it because it’s like the food Okay, we’re gonna open it Wait, what is the challenge just to eat it. Oh? Yeah? We just have to take a bite of it I Have to breathe through my mouth Can’t do it I can’t smell it through my toes This smell is horrible weird guy exact Way through you’re about just don’t breathe through your nose you that just looks like raw I Don’t know it’s so friggin disgusting I can Move that is what shooting out liquid why? Yeah, but not this much What’s wrong with our kid? What did you buy? you you Have such a weak freaking stomach come on teamwork you Know that looks like food what is it like refried beans? We have to take a bite of this my nose is running so bad right now Could your freaking there I did, but just Let’s Just Like I think there’s like a but like a bone in there or something do either We just do a little bit, I’m not doing a lot Daddy dad we just got an even get it on our plate no, no, I don’t even want to eat a lot I read In the comments of Brooklyn and Bailey’s video that you’re not supposed to eat it like this You’re supposed to put it on bread and it tastes a lot better than that way or something like that That’s the way you’re supposed to eat it because some people do like this That’s it. We’re statue it. I can’t breathe if I breathe I throw-up. Let’s just let’s do this Let’s do a little did they do big pieces or did they do in why they made their little pieces -? Why do I get the gross bucket who was first Oh No rock paper scissors Oh Oh Cathy rock paper scissors, Oh No rock paper scissors oh Don’t what to throw up just kind of taste it do I have to eat the whole thing just Try to get it down huh, just told me to go go no go What happened What the heck wait wait why wasn’t it in that bad, it’s really really salty Weight is good I’m shook It’s just the smell of it, but it doesn’t taste awful, I taste just like really salty and It’s bubbling this smells nasty. All right you guys. I like I even like swish that stuff in my mouth. I was like Yeah, my mother wasn’t bad, I don’t get it I don’t get it either. This is confusing It smells like poo tastes like salt. My nose is forever damaged all right Okay, I think we conquered this child I think so too. I think we did good job EPSA Don’t you dare comment down in the comments below that we should have taken a bigger bite kiss you wouldn’t either wouldn’t either You would not either are you okay? Yeah? I’m fine. I know. I just want to smell it anymore That’s why I’m not breathing through my nose. Thank you once again, Brooklyn and Beaufort Thanks baby for tagging us We’re not tagging anybody because we don’t want people to suffer I don’t want to put anyone through this this is awful Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let us know the comments below. What challenges you want to see us do death and Thanks for watching If you like this video give it a thumbs up Make sure to subscribe to our channel all of some all of our social medias We do live broadcasts every week, and we will see you guys next time bye You

    Fishing Planet – обзор игры. Гайд для новичков
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    Fishing Planet – обзор игры. Гайд для новичков

    November 18, 2019

    First of all, I suggest you
    get acquainted with the interface of this game. In order to understand what is where,
    where to click and what it all means. Let’s start. Top menu, here which
    it is always in its place. The inner content is changing,
    the top menu always remains. We start with the first item – the map. A map is a map of the world in front of you,
    here is this location – Lake Lone Star It will be the only one at the beginning of your game
    which will be available to you. This is the rest of the reservoirs
    to which you can get later level up your character. Map of the world, you can manage with the mouse. Here developers tell us –
    holding the left key, you can twist the globe. Holding the wheel down
    you can zoom out. The world map is made in the form of a globe. And from the back of the globe –
    we still have ponds. European entered here recently
    and Willow’s land is level 50. Well, before carp fishing to us, even as they say
    in the old Russian proverb – cancer to peking, In the meantime, back to our beloved Lake Lone Old,
    let’s look in detail at what we have here. Left menu refers all
    to the chosen, we pond. Now, if we, for example, choose Lake Rocky,
    here the weather and the types of fish will change, and licenses, and the cost of the trip. That is, the left menu changes completely,
    from our chosen reservoir. Choosing the first – Lake Lone Star
    and see what is there. The very first tab here – the name of the location. This is the state in which this lake is located. This is your character’s level
    which is necessary for a trip to this body of water By clicking on this icon
    we have a drop down menu. Here is a general view of this lake,
    here is the number of players and the number of friends who
    are on this reservoir. Here is a short description from the developers, with tips – where, how and whom you can catch. Read more here. And here are the competitions and tournaments,
    which pass on this reservoir. Since this is the starting location –
    Competitions and tournaments do not pass here. Tournaments are held at higher levels. See the next tab – the weather forecast. The tab tells us about the weather,
    for the next 7 days, on this reservoir. What is important to know … It depends on the weather – what we are
    We will fish and where – today. For example in this weather – when the bite is evening, we will catch in the evening and in the first hours of the night. For example – channel catfish. Developers write little tips,
    so we can navigate and better understand who and where we catch. In this weather, we will catch from 5 to 9 then rewind to 17 and we will catch to 21. At night we shake till 3 at night. And a couple of hours to half soms in the morning or crappie. In the afternoon, we will immediately shake the time, until 11 and we will catch from 11 to 17,
    and if the cage is not clogged, then rewind time to 3 nights
    and half a couple more hours – from 3 to 5. These bite peaks are the best times.
    for fishing. In all other times – it is not worth catching. In vain just waste time. It’s better to rewind the day right away and start the next one. And from the next peak, in the morning, continue to cheerfully catch quickly filling the cage, Faster earning experience and money. But what kind of fish are found on this
    pond – we tell the tab – the types of fish. When pressed, the menu list pops up. Which lists all the fish
    which are found on this reservoir. Name, size of this fish. Here is a short description from the developers. To what size, what is the mass, on average, what are these fish. Here are recommendations from developers,
    what better way to catch these fish here again – recommendations for use
    baits for spinning. What is worth catching these fish. The next tab of the license is necessary for us,
    for fishing, on this reservoir. Here on this lake,
    We have baseline unlimited. Because this is the first body of water
    and we can catch as much as you want. But with only a basic license,
    we will be obliged to let go of the most expensive fish, which is on this location. This is a spotted bass, trophy red-eared
    and trophy bluegill sunflower. Therefore, I recommend – always,
    purchase an extended license. So that we can – let go of anyone we want,
    pick anyone we want we could catch at night In the base license, night fishing is forbidden to us. Here are the small rules
    which we have to perform – let go, pick up, and that’s what a penalty
    You will receive if we do not have a license. The last tab is –
    the cost of the trip in one day. It consists of – the cost of the trip itself,
    the cost of one day of fishing, and here is the total total cost. With the keys – and + we can choose
    how many days to go to this reservoir and the button went, sends us to this reservoir. Since this is the first, starting, reservoir – the ride is free here. Every day fishing also costs us nothing. Therefore, in this reservoir, we can
    catch for free, as much as we want. The next tab is inventory. Quickly go over what we have here. This little man figure is you. This is all that is what you are wearing. This is a fishing rod case, toolboxes, tank,
    stand for feeder, Here is located prikormka, and this is your boat that will let you swim and catch the best places. Under tsiferki 1 2 and 3 –
    these are slots for fishing rods already assembled. Red slots mean –
    that some components are missing. fishing rod not fully assembled. Last this green thing –
    This is a slot for bait. All you have in inventory
    is either in a backpack either in your home. Rods, fishing line, jig-heads, wobblers, All this is duplicated here. Here is additional equipment,
    which is – only at home. You don’t have it in your backpack. This is the transport that I have here,
    I don’t have one at home. And this is all sorts of underwater objects
    which so far, it is not known how to use. The special tab is special items that we don’t have. Template is a template for gear. For example – I once collected a fishing rod pattern,
    in order to catch sunflowers. Here I wrote it down and quickly one
    hand movement – it is going. All Licenses tab — shows licenses,
    which you have in this game. The next tab is a store. This is our aliexpress fishing world. In the store we buy,
    all we need for fishing. Everything is conveniently divided into tabs. In this rods, which will be all the fishing rods. Here are all the coils, here are all the lines, here
    all the equipment we need to play. Your cages, boxes, covers, vests, stands. Snap-in is all that relates.
    to float rods, Well, feeder feeders. In the bait tab – there are baits, that we need
    for spinning and casting. In the bait section there are baits, which we put on the hook,
    in float and in feeder fishing. Here are all prikormki, here are all boats,
    here licenses for any body of water. You can buy everything at once. Here are all kinds of services, which we will talk about in more detail later. Well, the premium store tab. Next tab of the mission. The developers promise to introduce, many missions,
    including training, in the next updates. Premium tab – but perfectly implemented. Premium account gives a 50% increase in experience
    and money received for catching fish. Rent kayaks with 50% discount,
    to register for free in competitions And 2 times more often, use time rewind. You can also buy cash sets. Bust a little bit of a real bubble Permits for ponds that
    cancel you, the limit on the levels for admission – to the desired reservoir. In the tab sport – collected competitions. For those who have already pumped their level. For those who have learned to play well, or for those who simply want,
    try something new and not just sit with a pivasik – catch Karasikov. In the calendar tab –
    show us the next competition which will start in an hour. It is – in three hours, the next in five. Here in ascending order
    we are shown competitions that will happen soon. Information, ratings, description here
    competition details. In general, to see all the competitions,
    which pass on locations There is a tab – this one here. Here we go and look, Which reservoir, what, when,
    competitions are held. And it is only today. Tomorrow there will be other competitions
    on other bodies of water. After tomorrow, already some,
    few other competitions. That is, every day, the developers give us
    a lot, all sorts of different competitions in which we can participate, win. Receive unique rewards like x-series
    frog – and it is not for sale in the store. Such awards can be obtained
    just winning the competition. Tournaments tab – tournaments are located, which developers sometimes arrange,
    in honor of any holidays. The last tournament was crappie fishing,
    There was a tournament in honor of St. Valentine’s Day. In general – there will be a holiday next tournament. Statistics tab: Here we have your level, your nickname, your rank. Ranks give us, after
    as you reach the ceiling in levels. Presently –
    The maximum level in the game is 50. After you gain experience on 51
    you will have a higher rank. That is, level 50 remains
    but there will be 1 rank, then 2, 3, 4 and so on. These are bitcoins – who win the game.
    or plant for real money. Or we win some
    certain competitions. For example: if I catch 576 more fish here,
    then they’ll give me 3 bitcoins, for what I caught is 1000 fish
    using float accessories. All these tests
    you have described here in the sidebar. This silver is
    main game currency. The next tab rating is here I would highlight
    only one interesting thing is the fish. Why fish – now I will explain. Choosing a reservoir Lake Lone Star. Choose a fish – for example bass and
    see – that on the lake Lone Star, the largest bass weighs 1 kilogram. This gives us an idea of ​​what
    we need fishing rods for this reservoir. If we choose – all the fish – then we will see that on Lake Lone Star – the largest fish,
    is small-buffalo 1kg 650g, which means that any fishing pole that
    will withstand a weight of 2 kilograms, we will completely get off, for fishing on this reservoir. Others before the trip
    on any body of water we can go in here and see
    what are the most fatty fish are found. in order for us to
    at least approximately, decide what gear we need to take on this body of water. Our next tab is friends. Here are your friends down there, there are those people
    which are in your ignore. Tab tutorials – I recommend to familiarize. Especially newcomers to the game. It is written here as what, where. Here the developers have collected
    such very important tips to you. Just read and it will be easier
    navigate, in this game. The next tab is settings. This is where the most important thing is audio. The loudness of this music is crazy. I put it on 1% – this is normal. The first time I started the game and heard this
    mad music, I almost fell off the chair, seriously. Who, too, almost fell – go in, turn it down. So well, that’s all. We looked
    today is completely the entire interface of the game. Considered the side menu. In the next lesson, we will deal with you specifically on the store. Fishing rods, reels, fishing lines and everything else. We will understand what gear you need to collect.
    Than spinning fishing rods are different from telescopic. Matching from casting and so on. Subscribe to the channel. If someone liked –
    you can put a little like)) Bye everyone!

    Carnival Miracle Tour – Full Ship 2 0
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    Carnival Miracle Tour – Full Ship 2 0

    November 18, 2019

    Hi Cruisers, it’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV.
    In this video we are back on board the Carnival Miracle with a deck-by-deck tour to check
    out the 2015 upgrades. Let’s start with Frankenstein’s Lab. This
    is a super fun place to get in a little dancing. The entrance is actually on Deck 2, but the
    dancing action happens below on deck 1. Don’t worry; no monsters were harmed during this
    filming. Next up is the Mad Hatter’s ball. This is
    the alternate show lounge beneath the Phantom. The detail here is amazing. From the roses
    on the ceiling to the hearts on the tables, not to mention the larger than life Wonderland
    characters. We didn’t notice any changes in the Bacchus
    dining room, but this is another area that is truly stunning. With décor that includes
    beautiful statues, glowing grape lights and dramatic murals, we think Bacchus, the Greek
    of God wine, would approve. There are a lot of table choices here. Large rounds, long
    ocean view tables, and plenty of cozy booths and intimate tables for two. Now let’s take a look at one of the new
    areas from the upgrade. This is the Miracle’s vintage themed cocktail pharmacy, Alchemy
    Bar. It’s a trendy new addition with comfy seating, glowing menus and custom elixirs
    to remedy anything that ails you. The Metropolis Lobby is kind of the hub of
    the ship. The lobby bar is a perfect place to chill.
    It’s just steps away from Guest Services and the Shore Excursions desk, and includes
    a view of the dazzling elevators on one side, and a gorgeous mural on the other. Miracle’s Internet café is now the Fun
    Hub, and has moved from the Raven library, to just outside of Mr. Lucky’s Casino. And,
    speaking of Mr. Lucky’s, here it is in all it’s flashing and buzzing glory. There are
    a number of tables to choose from, and there’s even this convenient bar. If you’re in the mood for tapas style teasers,
    drop by the Taste bar. Open on sea days and select port days, it’s always a fun treat. Like cruising, but don’t want to miss the
    big game … or any game? Miracle’s got you covered with the Sky Box Sports Bar – one
    of the best sports bars we’ve seen at sea. This is another new area from the 2015 upgrade,
    and we think it’s pretty awesome. While we are at it, let’s hop over to the
    Red Frog Pub, another new addition. This Key West inspired bar features live music, private
    label signature brews, and fun pub style games. Just outside of the Red Frog Pub is the Fountainhead
    Lower Promenade, and this convenient coffee shop. Card players will enjoy hanging out
    in The Joker Card Room. The Phantom Main Show Lounge is another area
    with truly stunning and unique décor. With all the great shows and activities here, it
    might be easy to overlook the motif, but it’s really worth an extra look around. White enamel
    masks, candelabras, and stone figures really sell the Phantom of the Opera feel. While there’ a piano at the Gotham Lounge,
    you’ll likely just hang out here waiting for dinner or friends near the Bacchus dining
    room. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, or a kid, you’ll
    love Cherry on Top. This new upgrade is chalked full of sweet stuff. Our son was like … well,
    a kid in a candy shop. If you’re ready for a little entertainment
    piano style, you’ll want to check out Sam’s piano bar. There’s plenty of seating here,
    and it’s a perfect place to relax with friends and music. Want to tie the knot at sea? Yep, here’s
    the place to do it. Lovely. The Raven Library feels kind of sad without
    the Internet café, but it’s a nice place for a good book and a little quiet time. If you want some quiet time in a little brighter
    location, check out the white trellised Gatsby’s Garden. It’s quite a unique area, but because
    we have a youngling, it’s simply the path to The Wizard’s Video arcade. You’ll find
    Wizard’s at the end of Gatsby’s Garden just up the stairs. As cruise ship arcades
    go, this is a pretty good one. The machines were all clean and in working order during
    our sailing. Games are paid for with your cruise card, so no need to worry about pockets
    full of change or tokens. This is Circle C. Carnival says the C stands
    for “chill,” “connect” and “cool”. It’s where young teens ages 12 to 14 go
    to hang out. So, yeah, it’s a chill place. And at the total opposite end of the chill
    spectrum we have the laundry room. We’ve had a few requests to include these facilities.
    For us, it’s a necessary evil. There are a number of laundry rooms on various decks.
    Check the posted ship maps for the closest to your room. We’ve seen where the teens chill, now here’s
    where the grown ups chill. Ah yes, the appropriately name Serenity. With its terrific bar, comfy
    lounger’s, pool and tub, this really is a good spot to chill. This is Horatio’s, Miracle’s buffet. They’ve
    done a good job with the layout here, and we rarely had trouble finding a nice booth
    or table. Including the aft Serenity pool, There are
    four pools on the Miracle, The Ulysses and Siren’s pools, are located midship on deck
    9. Sitting conveniently between the two pools is the Odyssey Bar. And finally the very tiny
    Kid’s pool located high atop the ship close to the Twister waterslide. Now let’s take a look at the spa and salon.
    There’s a lovely waiting room, a dry sauna and a steam room. The Fitness Center on the Miracle is quite
    good. Starting with the large aerobic room, continuing on with a double deck full of pain
    inducing workout equipment, and finishing with a relaxing hot tub. Last time we were aboard the Twister was a
    bit of a let down. We had trouble slowing down or stopping halfway through, but that
    was not the case this time. The whole family had a fun this time around. Here’s a tip
    though, it does help to give yourself a big push at the start of the slide. These memorizing glass stairs lead to the
    spectacular Nick & Nora’s steak house. We love the view here, and the food has been
    consistently awesome. Here’s a look at Club O2. This is the Hang
    out for high schoolers aged 15 to 17. They can do stuff like watch movies, listen to
    music, play sports and video games, or join karaoke jam sessions. Mmmm, karaoke jam. And finally we have the sports deck. It has
    a mini golf course, a small jogging track, and a basketball court. That’s it for this episode. Be sure to subscribe,
    and hey, did you know we’re on Facebook? Search “cruise tips tv” and we’ll keep
    you up to date on our latest adventures. Until next time, we’ll see you on the high
    seas. Hey, click me to subscribe

    24 HOUR BOX FORT SHIPWRECK BEACH SURVIVAL!! 📦😱 Primitive Technology, Fishing Challenge & More!
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    24 HOUR BOX FORT SHIPWRECK BEACH SURVIVAL!! 📦😱 Primitive Technology, Fishing Challenge & More!

    November 18, 2019

    where’s there a box full supplies with
    these waves and this wind there’s no way we’re getting out in the middle of the
    ocean tonight do be right set up here for the night get a campfire started and
    guys we have to find food because all of our supplies went completely missing hey
    what’s going on guys we just got shipwrecked this is almost nighttime and
    we barely just survived a pox board in the middle of the ocean but like we said
    in the last video guys this doesn’t end our challenge and tonight we’re gonna be
    sleeping I guess in a shipwreck yeah guys we have a lot to do okay the Sun is
    going down we need food we need water most importantly we need shelter all
    right we need to salvage what we can from this and build ourselves a shelter
    to survive it for 24 hours it’s also getting really cold and I’m soaking wet
    from being in that water even though we couldn’t get past these waves we now
    have to survive the 24 hour shipwreck challenge let’s pull her in see what we
    can salvage we’ll set up camp here on the beach for the night all right Logan
    what survival skills do you have I got lots of survival skills I know how to
    look it what survivors day first up they always say first things first make a
    shelter that make fire so as long as we have a shelter and fire we’re okay guys
    we lost all of our supplies in the ocean we have no idea where they are they
    might still be out there but I think the first thing we need to do is start
    making a shelter okay so how can we make this into some kind of shelter all right
    guys we’re gonna come right back to you when we figured something out wait look everything that had our Foolish oh man
    okay we got our food we’ve got our water and some survival gear plate Logan Sun
    setting and it’s getting cold all right dude we got stuff fill in the
    space and fast we got to survive through the night we need first a fire in the
    base but now we got our supplies guys how lucky is that I think we’re gonna go
    for like a lean-to tonight we don’t have a lot of supplies so we’re gonna have to
    use what we have but if we get this leaning this way and use the few pieces
    of Carver that we do have the patch enough I think we can get some warm
    shelter then we just need a fire and some water we should be okay should be
    able to hold up I’m already getting extremely cool dude my hands are like
    going numb we got your fire started the Sun is setting extremely quick so we
    got to build this I’ll see you guys when it’s done all right guys so the first
    stage of our fort is complete we’ve been digging out a little hole here guys to
    help cut down on the wind and we use the back of the shipwreck box for it as a
    base here to hold up everything else now we’re patching it all together and
    I’m gonna start assembling the lighting we have a front wall to protect us from
    all the win because it’s really windy and it’s getting cold so far this is
    looking like a nice little shelter well I went ahead and grabbed some twigs for
    the fire I mean I guess this is what happens when you try and do 24-hour box
    poured in the middle of the ocean you get shipwrecked you guys let me know
    down below do you think next time we should do I don’t know a billionaire box
    fort in the middle of a calm lake comment that down below unless let’s you
    guys like these survival videos which I don’t mind I don’t mind but I am
    freezing cold the Sun is going down Logan how’s the fire coming along
    Oh Liss so far we have a little hole and I think we’ll have a little fire to get
    our hands and feet warm then it’ll be time for dinner
    all right well keep digging all right guys our shelter is almost complete oh
    there we go dude it’s actually a lot warmer in here already you guys we got
    some lighting setup as well as well as the ground hold that up in a nice piece
    of dry cardboard a sit-in whole Sabine look is not too bad you check that out
    shipwrecked isn’t so bad after all but all right I think now what we need to do
    is gather some wood to start ourselves a fire to get warm because I’m still
    soaked and I need to dry off then we can make some dinner for tonight it is a
    really good thing we’ve found our supply bag we wouldn’t have this light I got
    ourselves some twigs there we go and I should have some flint and steel and a
    fire starter kit in the back so hopefully I can make a fire I mean most
    of stuff I found was a little bit wet but should be okay all right guys so
    Logan’s gonna get some more firewood but I thought we take the time to get
    started on this fire as you guys can see the Sun is going down it is a beautiful
    view from inside here but I think it’s so cold right now guys I can explain to
    you I got super wet with our boxwork flips in the middle of the ocean and now
    we gotta make this fire so luckily for us you should have a fire starting kit
    in here with some fluids and steel now some of this kind of got wet actually
    this dry bag didn’t do what it was supposed to so hopefully our fire
    starter isn’t soaked there we go all right let’s set this up in there alright guys we got our flint and steel
    oh okay alright Logan’s back in alright dude it’s time to try and light this
    thing almost there we need something to light here guys I’m getting really cold
    and it’s getting really dark everything is just super soaked from ice falling
    into the water hopefully one of these will catch fire come on Jake the Sun is
    going down alright there we go guys we’ve got the fire started that is some
    nice warmth to warm us up who is getting cold in here man and we got a beautiful
    view of the Sun still kind of set in there but once we get this started I
    think it’ll be almost time to start making dinner okay definitely needed
    that guys that water got me super cold well that’s some good warmth there I
    mean there’s not much to do other than other than make moves to survive and
    honestly I gotta hand it to us for two guys who don’t have a lot of survival
    skills we’ve built this shelter really fast and got a fire started in extremely
    fast with just putting snow high five man now I think it’s time to start
    cooking our dinner guys and getting our MREs out almost looks like we’re cooking
    your feet for dinner dude no no speaking of that what is for dinner on the menu
    these are meals ready to eat they are survival meals that can last over a
    hundred years and it looks like we got some cheese tortellini here so let’s
    let’s open this up and start making dinner all right guys we warmed up put
    out the fire and now we’ve got our MRE here we gots the crackers I think this
    is the ravioli beef ravioli so let’s add some water to this and if you guys
    haven’t seen this before once we add water to this little pouch here this is
    gonna get as hot as an oven and actually cook the food here so we can eat it just
    like a nice warm home-cooked meal this is the remnants from our shipwreck guys
    it is a looking pretty racked right now cook it outside so in the meantime gonna
    enjoy some crackers and cheese inside our shipwreck box four which is a kind
    of cool do what you think about this was at one point I mean a couple hours ago
    in the middle of the ocean now it’s upside down and giving us shelter it’s
    looking pretty awesome I just want to say I
    we could have done this had we not had so much box we’re building expertise I
    mean building this with the scraps that we had was kind of impressive and now I
    get to enjoy some crackers and cheese inside it very dry guys we’re just
    started hearing some really weird noises it sounds like a heartbeat Jake I’m
    really freaked out I think we need to go out I know there’s a hole right there wait that wasn’t like your heart beating
    it sounded just like a heartbeat though you’re really feature guys I’m not
    joking with you there is like a heartbeat sound outside okay
    do you want me to go home yeah I don’t know what that sound was though what
    animals live around the ocean I honestly don’t know what that was
    no bears sharks don’t come on water I don’t think there’s alligators if we
    just get back inside Jake oh yeah let’s go back inside shut that door man and
    that is cool all right well here we go got ourselves our beef ravioli oh yes
    I’m so hungry I got the utensils alright I get the first bite oh alright there
    you go dude that should be nice and warm – it’s actually steaming a little bit oh
    yeah here we go beef ravioli inside a box port shipwreck
    on a beach that’s pretty crazy alright here we go mmm oh man I’m starving after all that
    work trying to paddle up there being shipwrecked and be freezing guys really
    burns a lot of calories so this is in the spot
    hi guys gonna wash up after dinner here got ourselves some camping tabs which
    when applied with some water check this out into a fully usable
    washcloth oh yeah how cool is that guys now with just a little bit of water you
    have yourselves a washcloth which we can use to kind of wash up and I’m really
    sandy so I’m gonna heat this to kind of clean myself after a long day in the
    middle of the ocean the Sun is set it is completely dark actually guys because
    it’s been so windy causing such huge waves we’re kind of lucky there’s not a
    lot of mosquitoes compared to our last video yeah we don’t have sleeping bags
    but we have something a little bit better there emerges something better
    but there dad there definitely better than nothing let’s uh unravel our
    emergency blanket here and we’ll be able to get nice and cozy and warm inside
    this and be able to survive the night in their little overturned box for it I
    think it’s time to hit the hay for the night and call it it has been an
    extremely long day think I had the great turn off the lights and get to bed and
    we’ll see you guys in the morning all right yeah okay oh that’s that’s one
    way to wake up oh cool look guys yeah dig this this place is extremely racked
    yeah guys I think because we built this out of soggy cardboard it wasn’t exactly
    structurally made to withstand a night and well yeah it’s time to go out
    completely my eyes are kind of still just a toilet so that’s one way to wake
    up in a box for we’re back we did make it though we did survive the night I
    should say quite warm in there for most of the night and there it is the ocean
    look at all nice and beautiful during the day our blue wrap
    I guess it don’t wait it in the night or something called Mangal it’s a beautiful
    day the sun’s out I’m thinking dude why don’t we go swimming and maybe just
    maybe Logan Papa J could do a little bit of spearfishing for us
    imagine fresh fish for the morning breath yeah Jake I don’t think you’re
    really uh I’m a spear fishing with I don’t really think you’re an expert in
    spear fishing Jake I I will go spear fishing and we are gonna catch a fish
    and you know while I’m eating my fresh fish for breakfast you could eat some
    Sam since Jake wants to go spearfishing I’m gonna get this raft ready so we can
    head out on the water and I think Jake wanted to dig a hole or something
    so while Logan’s getting the raft ready to go out for some spear fishing I
    thought we’d get some fresh water here you know at least you used to wash
    yourselves and that’s why I made us a little well check this out guys so I
    actually went ahead the water is over there but I dug down over here and if
    you guys didn’t know this you can dig down and get to the water level and then
    you’ve got some nice clear water here I mean it’s a little bit standing here I
    wouldn’t exactly drink this water but it’s nice and fresh and if you leave it
    in here for a little bit it’ll actually like settle and then the top layer is
    water how cool is that how’s it going over there Logan this place is an
    absolute mess from our last box court we build but I’m gonna clean it up and then
    we’ll head out on the water all right guys so I’ve got myself here a makeshift
    spear which I can use for spear fishing when we head out onto the water which I
    think it’s time to do I couldn’t actually make a entire spear on its own
    because we need well the paddle so we can paddle out there Logan’s already
    gone out to scout out but I think it’s time to take our wrap and head out onto
    the ocean I won’t let sound – keep going guys I’m
    all stand to keep surviving you guys like these survival videos smack the
    like button down below and let us know we should do some more survival maybe
    get even more hardcore go out into the woods with just some cardboard you gotta chill out here for the day
    it’s almost too tall for me to actually even stand here so I’m gonna get on here
    we’re gonna start paddling up you ready it’s not time to paddle out all right
    guys we got out pretty far on the raft I think it’s time to jump in use my spear
    fishing and see if we can find ourselves some breakfast my rods broken guys look
    he’s getting really far we gotta get back to him and quick fish put you back
    on the raft now yeah dick wouldn’t catch any fish I am bringing a fishing rod
    check out some of our other awesome videos here and let us know what we
    should do next I think next time we’re gonna do a more chill kind of
    billionaire survival on the lake if you guys haven’t seen part one check it out
    right here and we’ll see you guys in the next video

    Andy and Amy’s Haunted Ship Adventure
    Articles, Blog

    Andy and Amy’s Haunted Ship Adventure

    November 18, 2019

    ANDY! – IT’S FINE.
    NO! NO.
    IT’S FINE. – [screams] – IT’S FUNNY. HA-HA!
    GOT IT. – ANDY, GO, GO.
    – [screams] [all screaming] – AMY.
    – [screams] OH, MY GOD. – GO. [both scream] – HOW MUCH–
    – OKAY. – HI.
    – GO, GO, GO. – ONCE YOU SEE ‘EM,
    IT’S NOT BAD. IT’S THE– – [screams] – ARE WE– IS THIS THE RIGHT WAY? OKAY. – WHERE’D THAT CHICK GO? [screams] [all screaming] YOU GO! GO! ANDY! – I SEE YOU. I KNOW YOU’RE THERE. – [cackling] – HELLO? – STOP. – [screams] [both laugh] – THANK GOD WE MADE IT. [all scream] WE’RE GOOD.
    WE GOT IT. – ONCE THEY’RE OUT– – YEAH. – [screams] – STOP.
    GO. STOP. – [screams]
    – GET OUT. – STOP!
    – [growling] – OH, GOD.
    I SEE YOU. [whip cracks] WE’RE GOOD.
    I’M GOOD. [all scream] – OKAY. GOT IT.
    – [screams] ANDY!
    – JUST– – ANDY! – [screams] – ANDY.
    ANDY? [both scream] – THAT’S IT?
    ALL RIGHT, NOW. – I DID IT. [all scream] – ANDY.
    – THANK YOU. [cheers and applause] – OH, WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK WITH ALLISON SWEENEY. [cheers and applause]

    Fishing for a Bow – UHC FFA Highlights
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    Fishing for a Bow – UHC FFA Highlights

    November 18, 2019

    Ohh ohh Alright soo hey hi This is the first time I have played a FFA in Reddit I think Or at least in a very long time We’re just gonna see if we can catch something right off the bat real quick Just real quick [TWO HOURS LATER] Something bite Pleeeaassseee? [UHHH…] A saddle (Sarcastically enthusiastic) Hey team??? Team? Team? (Chuckles ) do-oo-oo do-do-do do do do do do-do do-do-do do do– *gasp* Annnnd…? Another saddle?!? What–? I Kinda just like fishing Its relaxing Kinda like a bob ross painting– Right over the top *brush noises* we don’t make mistakes We have happy accidents Huuh Oh my god! *gasp* nononononoo Three saddles What bow is that? A power 4? We’re making a power 5 Were making a power five right now We just made a power five huhh Another saddle OK OK What is it? Its a flame!!! Come on Duhh nuhh Duhh nuhh (Jaws theme) Yooooo Ope ok If i get one more saddle (Chuckles) This is are little hidey hole Feather falling Efficiency III Proj- I’ll take it Infinity That is… That is now the best bow i could of gotten What a god bow!!! I’ll give it 5 more catches then we need to go down ‘Cause were still full iron Huhh thats a person Good bye forever I hear water… I don’t think we need that oop heeellloo Owww? Huhh OHH my god that scared me OHHH Huhhh Okay… Ooooo OK HUhhh HUhhh (Panting a lot) Thank the lord I just Huhh What I just What I just ?!?
    (Laughs) (Laughs) Another bow ohh my god Hoooh Yes! All the yes’s All the yes’s All the yes’s (Chuckles) Alright were aproching danger zone That’s a person It’s pokememe He’s on six My bow rips I got ’em Sharp fou– ohhh He had a Sharp V Knockback II Looting II Im going to keep these Feather Falling Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh There is a person right there And he’s fighting It’s Orua He’s on two Oop he’s dead [Intense mineman bowing] Ooop He’s on 3.5 ♥ Ohh god This is ‘No Bueno’ Ohh I dont have blocks in my bar I need to put blocks in my bar Ohh Nice shot buddy OOH there’s another person Alright were Outie Ohh Ohh boi [Intense mineman bowing] He doesn’t have water? Is he just gonna chug Ohhh He has to be dead Ohhh I got him That shot though Can I get like a corner shot or something? There he is Ohh This guy has been fishing inside this little hut of his Alright lets do this Who ever this is [Intense mineman bowing] Does he have all Proj? He’s on 1.5 ♥ Ohh god Nice This guy is literally just running He’s on 3 ♥ What? What? What? What? What was that What?! He’s on 1.5 ♥ Think he’s out of arrows Good fight sir Ohh This is the guy That I saw in the begining Ohh my god *Flashback* Hey team? Team? Team? He’s on 3 ♥ He’s a one shot Goooodd Gammee Ohh That was awesome I love this I love fun game modes like this Good Game Thanks for hosting Hey you see those videos over there? Why not give them a click and subscribe!

    The Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill – Smarter Every Day 192 (VR Series)
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    The Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill – Smarter Every Day 192 (VR Series)

    November 18, 2019

    Hey, it’s me, Destin. Welcome back to Smarter Every Day. A treadmill is a pretty simple device, right? You set the speed you want; you get on, you start moving. But you don’t actually go anywhere. This technology people have realized for a really long time is perfect for virtual reality Because you could walk somewhere and actually use your body but not leave the confines of your own home Okay here we are in California. We are at a company called Infinadeck. This is a small engineering outfit These guys make a 360 degree treadmill the one that’s in the movie ready player one so the interesting thing is they’re really small company But they’ve got a really cool idea, so let’s go check out how this thing works. All right, so this is George, and he owns Infinadeck right? Yeah All right And basically Infinadeck is a 360 degree treadmill technique. That is Is it safe to say that we’ve got treadmills on top of treadmills here? It’s a treadmill made of treadmills Okay. Treadmill made of treadmills So you can think of it as you’ve got one axis of rotation here and each individual Treadmill can move in this direction as well, right? Yeah So how do you ? So it’s a combination right obviously if you want to go X. This is our X direction. This is our Y X is nothing, but a treadmill you know like any other treadmill the Y it’s nothing, but the smaller treadmills right now we’re using the Vive tracker on you Right, so where is the, there they are right there. So your tracker’s on your rear We kind of artificially take you about seven or eight inches in front of that to get the middle of your CG And this tries to keep that middle of the CG in the middle of the treadmill right there. Oh I got you. So the, so the feedb- that was one of my main questions is what is the feedback loop? It’s a positional feedback loop. Yeah, it’s fairly simple right now. We’re making it better this that’s the part We’re gonna just keep improving for ever, years and years and years really? so the goal so you have an object and then Oh, I get it. It’s this is, this is called They’re very visual This is a semi autonomous command position sensor. That’s the best Specific way to say that, right? Now what we’re also doing on this one is You put foot trackers on when you combine the foot trackers the headset and your and your hand controllers You now have six different Points that is tracked on you, and that’s enough for us to give you an avatar George Jr told me if I screwed this little VR tracker into the bottom of the camera We can insert that camera into the virtual world Which of course we had to do So we’re ready? Yeah So I just I just get in? Yeah go ahead, so Alright Let me help you a little Okay? So first let’s do your feet Alright This is the CG you’re gonna put that on. Make the tracker meet like directly behind your back Okay So go on, put your headset This feels like I’m actually getting in the Oasis here Oh wow I can see the camera, in the virtual world If you look towards me you should see the two controllers? What the heck man! So we’re gonna have you do now Okay, okay. I’m trying to. This is just normal VR. So I can actually see the ring now That’s something I didn’t expect, so I can, it’s there Yeah Alright so now that’s I see my body too – what’s up with my body So we’re gonna sync that with you. So if I can have you stand with your legs straight down, and your arms straight out to your sides, like a T-pose? Three two one Did it work? Oh I can see my body! Wow Alright Okay, that’s rad. That’s really rad. Okay, gotcha so So right now you’re tracking the position of my hands and my feet Dude that is messed up! This – I’d like him – Alright So I can see the camera, the tic-tac there, but what’s more important is I can also see this ring And Griffin why did you say you have this ring in here? So this is there to kind of lock you down in the real world without being too much of a burden to say So this is like you know when you do an integral you get the plus C at the end So this is a boundary condition for me to kind of lock my brain into both worlds so this is like this tells me where I’m at virtually and Like actual my body, right? Absolutely Okay so, are you ready to start walking? I’m ready to start walking We’re gonna recommend you have your hands on the range when you first try this just so you get used to That’s okay, so when you start. Yeah. I thought it would make sense for you for it to put me in the center, okay So now right? What is trying to do is this trying to keep the CG of my back in the center of the ring, right? So I’m gonna touch this and as I walk Okay, it takes just okay. I’m there. Okay. I don’t want to hit that tree So I’m gonna turn this way Okay So I can’t really tell if I’m walking 90 degrees or not Okay, so there’s inertia in the rollers, okay? I thought there might be. So if I move backwards It’s gonna keep me there I move forwards So it takes just a second Just a couple seconds on the Infinadeck, and I instantly understood the problems that these guys have to overcome It’s pretty interesting It seems pretty simple: whatever direction a person walks, the Infinadeck moves in the opposite direction, whether it be X or Y, at the exact same velocity and acceleration. Think about a normal treadmill: your brain is doing all the processing. Your brain is constantly Solving the equation a treadmill velocity plus body velocity equals zero if at any point You don’t solve that equation correctly you start moving relative to the treadmill. This is a very similar problem, but it’s much harder It’s harder because there’s two dimensions That’s the obvious one But it’s also harder because the processing isn’t happening in your brain. That processing is offloaded to the Infinadeck which, oh by the way, can’t read your mind. There’s a delay time for the Infinadeck to figure out where your position is and try to change that… Yeah. Yes. …and if it tries to do it too quickly you know you can have an overdamped and under damped system is that correct? Yeah. Is that the right terminology? So, yeah So at the moment what we’re currently doing we’re trying to make it so that the acceleration on the user in any way that they’re not really tried experience is never more than 0.1 Gs got it Oh that seems to be about a good amount to not really be, you know disturbing for the user. Okay. We’re trying to figure out where exactly that isn’t how to do that if I walk forward I’m gonna feel an acceleration in one direction on my body because I’m pushing against the floor, right but then the floor is gonna move, and it’s gonna move my body in the opposite direction, so I’m going to feel an acceleration that’s negative, which is strange for, you know, a normal walking around human. Then, once I hit a steady state velocity, I’m gonna level out that acceleration in my mouth. My body’s gonna be cool with it right, but the moment I stop That’s a change in velocity and the Infinadeck has to accommodate for that. It has to move you back to the center gracefully and one thing that happens is if it tries to move you back too fast It’ll overshoot, and then it has to correct. So this is a really interesting engineering problem because it doesn’t have perfect knowledge of intent. Like, that that’s the difference with your brain you have intent and so when you’re walking in a normal treadmill you get to choose everything, right? but you have to understand over the last few years we had to, you know, build and modify the Infinadeck too along with the control system, and there’s only a few of us, so. Well. It’s been challenging all around. This is why the problem is interesting because when you’re walking in the world Right now my acceleration is zero And then when I stop I’m used to imparting acceleration to my body But that doesn’t happen till later Yes, it’s a work in progress how far you go back. It’s That’s clever. That’s it’s a challenge. That’s a that’s a hard math problem one thing I thought was really cool is you can use this to be a different size in the virtual world just by changing a Constant right you can scale How many steps it takes to get around in the earth? Just by a scale factor, but literally a scaler, that’s often. Oh, there’s the same boat look at that It’s a dude. It’s like I want to jump I’m just Too small to get it Too small to go to my boat and *laughs* That’s fun. That’s really fun that the model… There’s my bench. Look behind you, there’s my bench before In engineering we have these assignments called technology readiness levels There’s nine of them, and I would say this is somewhere between a six and a seven Which means there’s a working prototype that works, and they’re just refining the subsystems they’re about to go to production So it’s really cool to be able to walk on This Infinadeck before it goes out into mainstream production and see the behind the scenes engineering things they’re having to solve. It’s really interesting. So, it’s clear George knows all this I mean he instantly understands all the variables I asked him about That how tall the person was like if you think about it your center of mass is at a different length and so that moment arm is different you have to deal with inertia differently like from the bottom of it. It’s really interesting anyway This is me talking to George and you can tell he totally gets it. I I can imagine that the the inertia Overcoming that inertia is different for each person because if I’m 175 pounds and I move here It takes a certain amount of torque I’ll cut the deck off now. It takes a certain amount of torque for these motors to move me and That’s going to change based on the size of the person, is that correct? That’s correct that. It’s more about your acceleration than the inertia. The the deck is capable of moving a lot faster than you can move. So so we could pull your feet out from under you if we ever, you know, had it set to do so. So all the algorithms stuff will will have more to do with other variables, like your CG, CG imbalance. And there’s a moment arm between the distance from my feet to where my CG is, right? So, so the acceleration that you put there, there’s gonna be this lag time in my brain where I try to counteract that, is that correct? Very much. All right, this is the part of video where I tell you about the sponsor and, you know, a lot of people fast-forward through this part, but you know this is the important part because we wouldn’t be doing this if I hadn’t have listened to Ready Player One on Audible. I’m not gonna tell you about ready player one. You know that’s old news at this point, I’m gonna tell you about the new book that I’m listening to. The sponsor is Audible you can get a free book by going to or texting the word “smarter” to 500-500 The new book that I’m listening to is called “Twelve Rules for Life” by Jordan Peterson, “an Antidote for Chaos.” Now, I’m listening to this book because I heard some podcast with the author. There’s a lot of people talking about this book I wanted to check it out because he doesn’t believe things that I believe in fact he takes a third party-like perspective look at some of the things I believe and so that helps me get outside myself and grow a little bit So I really enjoy it. If you’re not listening to audiobooks, you really should be. You’re smart people; you know this part is a big deal for me, and I know this part can be a big deal for you, because audiobooks literally have changed my life. So,, that’s how you can support Smarter Every Day, or text the word “smarter” to 500-500. Thank you for considering that. Last thing. I wanna say thanks to the guys at Infinadeck. A treadmill made of treadmills, that is insane. You’re there man, this is just a control systems problem at this point, isn’t it? We just need some control engineers. We ought to hire a couple. That’s what this is at this point. At this point, it’s just computer stuff and math so this is doable I hope you enjoyed this video enough to subscribe. If you do there’s a little bell beside the subscription button. If you haven’t enjoyed it enough to hit the bell to get a notification on your phone every time I upload, then don’t. That’s completely okay. Anyway, I’m Destin. You’re getting Smarter Every Day. Have a good one. Thanks for learning with me You’re gonna fall. You fell. You jumped. Whatever. What are you doin’? Why you makin’ noise?

    Mystery Evidence FOUND at Abandoned Beach Scavenger Hunt (Island Adventure Treasure Chest Searching)
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    Mystery Evidence FOUND at Abandoned Beach Scavenger Hunt (Island Adventure Treasure Chest Searching)

    November 17, 2019

    – Hey Sharers, what’s going on? I am still in Hawaii and check out all this crazy stuff we have in the backyard. We’ve been up to some crazy, crazy stuff. But in the Rebecca Zamolo’s last vlog, I ended up with this mystery iPhone. And on this iPhone is
    a four digit passcode that we asked you guys
    to comment down below if you know a four digit passcode and a lot of you guys have been commenting that on Stephen’s vlog, you saw a coconut over
    there fall out of the sky that had a four digit
    passcode number on it. So let’s go see if that’s the right code. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Okay, so here’s the coconut you guys were talking about. Yes, there are numbers on it and there are four numbers on it. Could it be the right passcode
    to this mystery iPhone? So let’s start with two, six, nine, three. Let’s see if that’s the right number. Two, six, nine, three. Oh, oh no, that must have
    been the wrong order. Let me try it the other way. Three, nine, six, two. Okay, let’s see if this order works. Three, nine, six, two. It’s unlocked! Guys, guys, it unlocked! Guys, the iPhone unlocked,
    I got it unlocked! – What’s on it? – The iPhone’s unlocked? – Yeah! – No way. – It’s this map thing. – What map? A map of what? – Look, look, look! – Wait, that’s the house right there. – That’s our location. – Look, there’s an X right there. – And a yellow path and a red path. – There’s two paths? – One’s in the water which means that we might have to take like a raft or something to get there, but maybe if we take the red, we can get there on foot. – Yeah, I don’t think there’s anyway we can go out there on the water. We don’t, one, have a raft. I couldn’t find a way to get to the dock. – Wait a second. The only
    people that have a raft are the people outside right
    now working on the dock. This map, they’ve been using to get back and forth to this house. – That’s how they’ve been getting here without going through our house because the only way
    you can get to the dock is through our house. – They must have. – Or the water. – Yeah, they must have a raft and they’re getting back
    and forth to this point. Since we don’t have a boat, we can take the land path and go this way. – And then they won’t know that we’re going to that location. – Right. – It’s almost like we’re
    sneaking up on them. – We need to open this, Grace. – Yes, Grace, Grace, it’s your turn to open the envelope inside
    the detector briefcase. Are you ready? – Yeah, yeah, let’s open
    the detector briefcase. Oh wait, before that, I won Rebecca Zamolo’s last
    to drop iPhone challenge so I get to put a sticker up. Right here, oh yeah, so now
    me and Stephen are tied. Whoa, okay. Which one should I pick? No one has picked a non-color before. Okay, I need to sit down because things are getting serious. Okay, let’s see what it could be. The map on your iPhone is not a trap. Explore the abandoned beach, find the treasure map. – It’s like they knew that you were gonna be the winner of that iPhone. – Yeah, and look. The note is ripped. This is the first note
    that has been ripped. – Grace, remember the overall winner of the leaderboard is going to win the treasure chest. Maybe, maybe the treasure map will lead us to the treasure chest. – Grace, maybe you’re the chosen one and we can find the treasure chest at this location. – Oh, the treasure chest
    could be at the end. Guys, we need to get there! – Yeah, let’s pack up, let’s go, let’s go. – Let’s find it! – Let’s get our spy
    gadgets too, just in case. – My backpack. – Sharers, there’s people down there working on this deck thing. I don’t know if they’re
    detectives or anything, but they’ve been taking
    that abandoned boat to and from the beach and I think that’s the beach that we need to get to. Wait Matt, what do you see? – They’re looking at me. I
    think I just got spotted. – Do you think they look
    they look suspicious or do you think they’re
    doing something normal? – I know two days ago we saw three people, yesterday we saw four, and
    now there’s five down there. I don’t know why they keep on multiplying. – Five, maybe their mission is getting bigger and bigger each day so they need more crew members. We need to get onto that map, get to that path, and let’s go. Stephen, Rebecca, we gotta go. We need to find what’s at
    that mystery map thing. – We got our spy gadgets. – [Grace] You have spy gadgets? – Yeah, we even got the
    compass just in case. – Perfect, and if we
    need to go in the water, we’ve got goggles. – [Grace] Perfect.
    – I got my spy glasses on. – And I have walkie talkies in case we need to communicate
    if we have to split up. – Okay, let’s get going. – Let’s keep an eye out, okay? – Let’s go. – [Grace] Let’s go guys. – Come on. – [Grace] Let’s go, let’s go.
    Okay, let’s stay on this path and see what’s at the
    end of this treasure map. – Oh, gates opening. – Oh, the gates opening. – Let’s go, let’s get
    out before it closes. – [Rebecca] Where do we go Stephen? – Uh, straight up here. – [Grace] Straight? – And then it looks like. – Look, there’s like a little path. Maybe that leads it. – Yeah, maybe that little
    path leads to something. Whoa, whoa, whoa, get back, get back. Those dogs, those dogs are crazy, get back Rebecca! – It must be this way. It’s down the hill. The beach
    is always down the hill, not up the mountain. – [Grace] Oh yeah. – Never on the top of the mountain. – Let’s go.
    – I get lost all the time, so. – Um, it’s, hold on, let
    me orient this thing. – [Grace] Right or left? – Configurate it. – Oh, I have the compass. – [Grace] Oh yeah, yeah! – Boom. Looks like south is that way. – South is that way? Okay, let’s go.
    – Okay, let’s go this way. We need to hurry though because we don’t know why no
    one takes the red path and only takes the yellow. – We made it, check it out. – [Grace] What? – Beach is right ahead. – [Grace] There’s the beach. – Okay, let’s go, we gotta figure out where this map thing is. – What do you guys think
    the treasure map leads to? – I don’t know, but look! There’s a boat. That’s like the boat that they were using by the dock. – [Grace] Oh my gosh. – Let’s go check it out, come on. – Could the treasure
    chest be under the boat? – I don’t know Grace, let’s find out. Wait, there’s writing on it. Take a look at the writing. – It says like P star S. – [Stephen] What does that mean? – I have no idea. – I think we should flip the
    boat. Let’s all flip the boat. – Yeah. – And see if there’s something underneath. – Yeah, let’s flip it. – Three, two, one, flip. – Oh, it’s heavy, it’s heavy. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. – There is something, there is something, there is something. – There’s something, what
    is that, what is that? – [Rebecca] Is that the treasure map? – Trash. – Okay, watch out, watch out. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh. – Scratch that, that wasn’t it. – Look it, there was another
    boat that was right there. – It looks like there was another boat sitting right here and they
    took it out onto the water. – Yeah, well Grace think about it. There’s a boat right by
    the dock of our house. – Yeah, it was probably
    right here to start and then now it’s at our house. Okay, I think I should pull up the map and see how close we are to the dock because the treasure chest
    is right around here. – I don’t want to alarm you. Don’t turn around. – Don’t turn around? There’s something behind me? – Wait, what? – There’s a guy in a van with
    a beard right behind you. – Oh no, you’re right, you’re right. – Here, just look like
    we’re talking to the camera. – Hey, we’re having so much fun in Hawaii! Who is it, who is it? – Sharer family. – Comment down below if
    you know who’s in that van and why are they stalking us. – All I know is that
    when we got down here, nobody was here. Now that van just showed up. – If that person in the van is after the same thing that we’re looking for, we need to find it before them, so let’s get going! – Well Grace, where are we gonna look? Where do we look? – Okay, I’m pulling up the map. – Quick, quick, pull up the map. – We’re right next to the X. We need to keep walking,
    it’s somewhere around here. – Where though Grace? – Grace, look over there. It looks like a hidden
    tunnel in those bushes. Do you see that? – Guys, a footstep! Someone’s foot! That means someone was
    coming right from that tunnel because it’s facing this way. – Onto the boat, the boat that goes to our
    dock at our safe house. – We need to get to
    that hidden tunnel now. – Come on Sharer fam, let’s do this. – Look. – What is that? – It’s a rope. – [Stephen] What does it go to? – [Grace] Whoa. – [Stephen] Ew.
    – [Grace] What does it go to? – [Rebecca] What is that? – [Grace] What is that?] – [Stephen] It’s attached to something. – What, what is it? – [Matt] It’s attached to something. What is that? – It’s like fishing line. Wait, wait, wait, look, there’s this too. – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa, careful Grace, careful,
    whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Grace] Oh my God. – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Grace] It’s a wire. – [Stephen] It’s a wire. – It looks like it came
    from a. (screaming) – [Stephen] What was that?
    – [Matt] A coconut just fell! – Another coconut fell
    just like in your video! – The clue was on the coconut. – Alright, go get it Grace, go get it. Yesterday you guys saw on my video that a coconut fell out of the sky. Careful, Grace. It could have something on it, be careful. – Whoa, this one’s really big. – [Stephen] What does it have,
    does it have any clues on it? – I don’t know. – [Matt] We have to break it open. – [Stephen] It’s gotta have something. We gotta break it open, Matt. – I think we gotta break it open. – [Stephen] I think we gotta break it own. – Here, here, Matt, you’re
    strong. Try and open that. – Okay. – What if the treasure map is inside? – [Stephen] Is it working? – It’s not breaking. What if I
    throw it up against the wall? – Yeah, yeah, throw it
    up against the wall. – [Stephen] Ready, three, two, one, go. Anything Grace? – No, nothing. – Guys, there’s a wall right there. What if someone’s been spying on us and they don’t want us
    to find the treasure map and so they threw that coconut as a decoy to thwart us. – [Grace] Yeah, you’re right. – Is there anywhere to hide? – We need to hide. – We’re not. – [Stephen] Grace, drop the coconut, it’s a decoy, it’s a decoy.
    – Drop the coconut and run. I just saw someone peek over! I think someone is watching us. We need to hide in
    here, there’s a hideout. – [Stephen] In there? – That’s where I saw the tunnel, it was over here! – [Stephen] What tunnel? – Yeah, yeah, there’s a tunnel, come here. – Look. – [Stephen] Quick, quick, hurry, hurry. Someone’s looking over, let’s go, come on, in here, go, go, go. – I think we’re protected
    with the tree here. I don’t think they can see us. – It’s like a hidden
    jungle tunnel or something. But I think we’re safe
    from whoever’s out there trying to distract us from
    getting the treasure map. – Look Grace, the tunnel goes that way. – Okay, let’s go this way guys. – The tide is rising, you guys. We need to move fast, look at the water. – [Stephen] Look Grace, it
    says posted no trespassing. – You’re right, I think
    we’re in the right spot. Let’s keep going. – I don’t think we’re in the
    right spot. What is this place? – She might be right, though. Because it says no trespassing because they don’t want people coming here to find the treasure map. – Well, where would it be? This is like, really weird. – This is where the X showed on the phone and we’re near the water. – [Stephen] What? – Guys, there’s someone down there. – He’s coming, he’s coming. We need to look quick, look quick. Grace, look for something, anything. – Oh my God, guys! Check this out, Stephen! – [Stephen] What is it?
    – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – [Stephen] What is that? – It’s like a note in a bottle. – [Stephen] Open it, open it, open it. He’s coming, he’s coming! – Run. – [Stephen] Someone’s
    coming, someone’s coming. Go, go, go, go, go, go. Take the map and run Grace. Someone’s coming, hurry, hurry, hurry. – Run, Steve, run! It looks like that guy
    that was at the house. He was bald, just like that guy. – Faster on the grass, you guys, run! – [Stephen] Hurry, hurry. – Wait, guys, is that the Uber? – I don’t know. – Should we go in? It’s our only choice guys. Come on. – [Stephen] Are you sure? – We have no other choice. – [Stephen] Okay, let’s go. (intense music) – Let’s go. – Open it, quick. – Okay, open, open, what is this? – What is it? – It’s the treasure map! It’s like there’s a boat or
    something there with water. – Like a footprint step thing here. What is this thing? Sharers, comment down below if you know what this thing is. What does it mean? – I don’t know. Wait, part one. – Part one so then what’s part two? – I don’t know, there must
    be another side to the map, because look, this end is straight and this one is bent and like ripped. – Look, footprints. – Yeah, but what does that mean? – I don’t know, but look. There’s an arrow there and an X there. – Maybe this is the house? – Wait, wait a second. This is blueprints of the
    house we’re staying at. Look, that’s your bedroom. That’s my bedroom. That’s where we did the egg drop test. – That’s the balcony, you’re right. – This is the pool. – We need part two.
    – Where do we find part two? Did we not get everything? – Wait, maybe if we go home, we’ll be able to search here in the house and we can figure it
    out, we can find the X, it’s perfect because we’re going home now. – Perfect. – Yeah, yeah. – Okay, this is perfect,
    we need to get home. Mr. Uber, can you turn right up here? It’s quicker if we go this way. – Turn right. – Mr. Uber, turn right, turn right. – [Rebecca] Right. – [Stephen] Right, right. – [Grace] Right, not left. – [Rebecca] Where are we going? – Where are we going? – Where are we going? Steve, what’s going on. – I don’t know.
    – Why aren’t we going home? – Why did we go the wrong
    way, hello, Mr. Uber. – Where are you taking us? – Alright well Sharers
    I got the camera now. I’m gonna figure out why this Uber driver is taking us to a different location. Click the card right here
    to come over to my channel and help me along with the journey and figure out exactly
    what’s been going on. – And where we’re going. – Okay, good luck. What Rebecca, what is it,
    what is it, what is it? – Guys, we’re pulling up to something.

    Big Ship Foam Mining – Renovating a Proper Boat
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    Big Ship Foam Mining – Renovating a Proper Boat

    November 17, 2019

    this big ship behind me is full of foam
    they put expanding foam down there to stop it sinking years ago. This is a
    video about digging the foam out and seeing what’s down there and
    make some more space. Ben’s building a big Hoover bag machine. There’s gonna be
    six of these filters to filter the dust as it comes out. So this is a lighthouse ship it was used
    originally as a sort of mobile lighthouse that could be anchored off in
    various parts of the country. It was built in 1939. Back in the 80’s they
    started filling up the compartments with buoyancy foam. I guess it’s sort of 30
    year old phone that we’re digging out. It’s full of it. All the
    different bulkheads are filled with foam and slowly Ben’s been carving it out. The
    Hoover box is taking shape.The phone goes in here, gets munched and then goes
    down the pipe. The time for the first test. Here we go.
    Okay here’s the bag. Boy it’s high-pressure. This is a beautiful
    machine. It’s time to start excavating. The excavation begins. You’ve already said that. No I wasn’t recording. Basically its gonna be a lot of that for a long time.
    Yeah. The moment of truth. The nozzles is going to
    suck up this foam. There’s no dust at all. This is like excavating. It’s like archaeology. We’re digging into the boat. How big a hole you gonna cut? So this is
    gonna be the new hatch. So you’re cutting a new hole where. Hey look at all that foam.
    Wow that’s a really big kind of crazy bit. All right, foam ahoy. Oh its a lovely big of foam. Time for the Hoover. Unsheathed the
    Hoover. Tis time to unsheathed the Hoover. cutting out all the phone by hand is a
    very slow and painful process so we’ve been having to think about what we could
    do to speed things up and we were looking on the internet, there’s nothing really
    available but then we did find this, the 800 watt garden tiller. So this is an
    electric kind of plough for your garden. If you wanted to sow vegetables you could
    use this to rip up the soil. Hopefully this is gonna speed things along. It
    might just be a terrible failure. Anything where you can use an electric
    tool rather than doing it by hand is definitely a good idea. The electric tiller is just making
    mincemeat of the foam. It’s like a hot knife through foam. We burnt it out. Its died, but it did
    prove that this is a good solution as long as we don’t let it overheat. So we just need to get some more. Ben can we get some more? How much was that. It quite a lot actually. 69 pounds It’s a shame. First bag is full, full of foam. Hopefully it’s had a chance to cool down.
    Then it’s gonna work again. He’s happy. Happy face. Pretty spacious, it’s like silence of the Lambs. It does feel like being down a mine. We’ve let the machine cool down for a
    minute and it’s now working perfectly. Two bags of foam. This is the foam. It’s really
    lightweight. In chunks like this it feels very manageable but in large
    quantities it’s actually quite hard to budge. When the foam is poured in it was
    ported in two parts. It mixes together, expands and then sets and you can see
    here where it’s formed around the contours of the boat. You look like a sheep that’s got a load of
    turds congealed around its bum. Ben’s been shopping. Oh yeah, 550 watts. How much was that? 40 pounds. Fail. Fail. The electric hedge trimmers
    rubbish. Sawing is too big so it doesn’t go through the mulching machine so
    that’s Ben now cracking on with the electrics tiller so I’m gonna give him a hand. It’s a relentless and hideous task but I
    can’t stop myself just carrying on. Today is the big push, we’ve got
    another electric tiller and there’s backup coming. Hopefully
    we’re gonna clear a massive space. Ben sometimes seems a bit grumpy but I know he loves me really. Is that bag number six or biog
    number seven? That’s bag number seven. I’ve always wanted to go into a giant foam pit. Get back down the hole we’ll hit the back. Then what? Then we get a
    special treat? Yeah I’ll buy you a coffee and
    maybe a Snickers. Do you feel a bit let down? Hopefully I’l
    graduate to a big one in a minute. It’s sort of addictive. Yeah it’s strangely satisfying. That’s the second batch of bags. That’s eight.. nine.. ..that’s bag number ten. That’s seven bags of foam off
    to be recycled. I’ve been away for a few days and
    I’m looking forward to seeing what progress they’ve made downstairs. I know
    they’ve got different coluor suits, they’ve gone for white and they’ve also got
    different type of bag. Transparent foam sausages. That’s a lot of bags, another five bags. Thats a pretty big space now.
    I think we’re nearly there now are aren’t we. We’ve broken the back of it. It’s very dusty down there. I don’t
    recommend it, if you if you want to try this at home just don’t do it because
    it’s very dusty. We’re nearly hitting the floor either the next time all the time after that. Do you enjoy the mining process? No. I mean it’s satisfying though it’s bloody horrible. It is quite satisfying. Do you think we are slightly addicted to it? No. It’s the holy grail, we’ve reached the floor.
    It’s one big thick flat sheet of steel How’s it going? You’ve broken all of the tillers. I thought you ordered some more? I ordered more yesterday, the tillers have all
    died. God this is an exciting point in the YouTube video guys. This is tiller
    number 5 that’s died. This cog has been completely stripped. This ship is really big inside, it has
    two separate apartments, it’s got two offices and downstairs there’s a large
    recording studio. The boat is about 46 metres long, weighs about 550 tons. How many bags have we done today? I don’t know. I think maybe this was a bigger job than
    Ben anticipated. There’s still a bit more down there but it’s
    pretty much done. The sausages are going. It’s like a proper room. We’re gonna do ten bags and then we’re pretty much gonna be done right? Well ten bags I
    reckon we’ll get it done. Ben says not. It’s gonna look like a room in ten bags time. Today’s the new record for bag loading
    we’ve done 11. I think we’ve done something like 60 bags to actually get to the bottom. It’s like a proper room. It’s the final day isn’t it? Probably not…
    sorry yes! Let’s get down the hole, the big reveal.
    it’s not the big reveal stop saying THAT. This is the last bit you go. We finally got there, floors uncovered.
    There’s just a few bits more foam to be Hoovered. A lot of time has passed since we’ve
    started this mining project it’s now the winter. A lot of port holes.
    Okay the Foam is all gone and it’s really looking quite spacious. It’s gonna be bathed in light in here. Bathed it light. The original port holes hulls were there from when it was made. They were covered over in the 1980s and now Ben is cutting them open again. Looking really nice I mean it’s got a
    completely different feel to it down here now. Ben has done two windows on the
    other side the light is already streaming in. Suddenly you can feel the
    space. It’s not just a big dark box. It’s like a proper room now though it
    really is. This is how thick the hull is it’s
    pretty bloody heavy. So this is what you’d use to break into a safe or some
    other valuable storage area. This drill is magnetic. It sucks
    onto the wall and it’s like a pillar drill. You just set it going and
    it holds on to wall and drills straight through. That’s Ludo he started the big job of
    painting this place and it’s already looking much much whiter. Side wall will go straight back.
    So what another three months… who knows. Great well look forward to seeing it
    finished. Next up floor yeah? Floor is all done. It even has an echo in here now. It is going o be a lovely flat floor. The metal
    floor here slopes but it will be flat. How’s it going on there, finished it yet?
    We’ve been doing this for so long it’s now the middle of the winter and it’s
    snowing on board. Ben wants to make it into a passive house so it’s gonna be completely sealed with a heat exchanger unit. The air is going to be sucked out and the heats gonna be taken out the air and put back into the rooms. it’s going to be very eco. Insulation is going in and it’s
    already very nice and warm. The walls are going up. This is like a beautiful woodworking video. It’s looking good down here.
    Oh look. So the windows are boxed in. Ben has added a double
    glazed panel to keep the cold out. Wiring is going in. Built in shelves, very
    nice. It’s like a proper room. Rockwool is on, then this foil goes on then plywood on top. It’s going to be very well insulated. So most of the boarding out has happened. There’s a lot of light coming in. There’s a new skylight in. It’s gonna be a very nice office. Speakers are in, stereo.. Oh nice.
    Don’t touch it… don’t touch it. Workbench is going in over there.
    Kitchens going here, plumbing.. storage. This project has been going on for a hell of a long time it’s been over a year Ben’s been fiddling around down there
    he’s just doing the last little finishing touches before this becomes a
    proper room. This is the companionway.. It’s the main entance. Yep. Also there’s the stairs… oh yeah! It’s looking smart down here. Kitchens is pretty much there isn’t it. Basically Ben wants this to be done by
    Christmas… If you’ve ever watched those shows where
    people do up their own houses they never get in by Christmas but god I hope they
    do because I want to get this video finished and edited and on the Internet. Ben, hey open your door I think it’s probably more
    light than it was before actually because it’s reflecting around and these these
    two windows are covered up as well so. You’re gonna have an inner hatch here? An inner hatch with double glazing. Hhey it’s got everything but the kitchen sink.. Oh no no kitchen sink as well. It’s got lights down here, power, cupboards.
    Looks great. The proper room is now being properly painted. This is gonna be a professional finish. It’s gonna be a very nice office space. Ben’s gonna be able to sit down here and do big deals and be big businessman.
    Maybe I’ll be allowed down there too you know, now and then to use the
    photocopier. So how far away are we now. The lights
    are in. It feels really warm in here now. it’s 20
    degrees, so does this control.. oh. last night it lights up the heating is
    in its gonna hold that engine Casey yeah So basically all the portholes are gonna
    be double glazed like this. Sockets are in.. with USB. Sink is finally in. It’s like a
    proper room. It’s been two years… no it’s not. OK it’s been a year in 10 months
    but it’s been worth every minute. I’ve been here doing all the work Ben’s been
    just fiddling with stuff. look at this its like a proper room it’s looking pretty smart down here, Ben is still fiddling around, looking almost done. There’s still a bit to do. Floor is down. Ben’s doing the final just
    bits and bobs and finishing off. internet router is up on the wall over
    there. Ben’s still here fiddling around so it’s
    nearly done it’s been nearly two years but I think
    it’s finally there.. somewhere down in that ship there might just be a proper
    room. Lets go and have a look, follow me. There he is, the man himself.
    After you Ben please, let’s go check it out. well no I mean it’s definitely slicker
    than I thought. it’s very white isn’t it. New chairs, look at that
    brand spankers. The kitchen is all done. Very nice, fridge… obviously every office
    needs a big desk like this. this is no exception. We’ve got the lighting in, there are power sockets here there’s plenty of storage.. ah hold on it’s a very large… I believe A1… A3 printer. I mean
    they really have thought of everything. We’ve got more storage down here, great!
    Ink cartridges. Over here.. what will we find… oh it’s a printer, it’s a scanner.. yes! Well done Ben. Here we’ve got knickknacks. Who lives in an office like this… Vicki and Ben.. because this is their office. it’s great. look at this.. hey you got some good pencils.. yeah this feels very comfortable. who’d have thought this was once full of
    foam storage… great. storage. Ben sits there. Are you proud? Yes. You’ve done a very good job. thank you. Thanks. this is a proper room, it’s a proper office.
    it’s been nearly two years but what a transformation. Remember those days when
    it was full of foam? This has been a video about mining
    a lot of foam in creating an office. I’ve been Harry Dwyer. It’s like a proper room.

    [ASMR] Super Deep Sea Monster Fish Spicy Stew👾 삼세기 통 튀김+매운탕 먹방 Eatingsound Realsound Mukbang
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    [ASMR] Super Deep Sea Monster Fish Spicy Stew👾 삼세기 통 튀김+매운탕 먹방 Eatingsound Realsound Mukbang

    November 17, 2019

    Hi everyone, Today I will be trying a Scorpion Fish. If you guys feel uncomfortable watching an alive fish, please click go back button. I will take it out. This is a scorpion fish. This is the fish from the deep sea so it’s got a big mouth. It looks like a lizard. Similar to lizard. Maybe a mantis if you look close. This one is ugly so it’s named as Samsike in Korean. It has a very strong teeth. It lives in a deep sea. This fish comes to the shallow ocean when they spawn. The stomach is bulged. This fish has a sticky-outy stomach. It’s keep looking at me. You can’t eat this one raw. Usually cooked as soup, barbeque, or fried. It has a prickle on this part but it has no poison. You just need to watch out getting pricked when you touch it. It’s my first time seeing this fish this much close. I bet many of you guys are seeing this for the first time, right? I will try to be more brave to show you guys. Why do you open your mouth..? How come.. I will start cooking now guys! It’s ready. Fried Scorpion Fish. Spicy Scorpion Fish Soup. Check this out. I fried the whole fish. It still has its gill. Hello? I will first cut off the head. It’s now seperated. It has lots of meat. Let me put some sauce on. It has a very soft texture. It’s deboned easily like this. It has a very light flavor. It’s yummy even though it’s ugly. This time, I will try the spicy soup. It’s the best. It’s the fish meat with bean sprout. A fish intestine. This one might be the fat one I saw. It has lots of meat. It’s very delicious but it has too much fish bone. Lots of bones. Its texture is softer than mackerel and it tastes like hairtail. There is lots of meat in a spicy soup. I don’t think the head part is edible. Hello? It’s very stiff. Today I tried Scorpion Fish. It was delicious although it looks ugly. I recommend you guys to try it. Please click “Subscribe” and “Like”