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    Tuna Fish and a Peanut Butter & Jelly Burritos
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    Tuna Fish and a Peanut Butter & Jelly Burritos

    January 19, 2020

    so this time I scale down and brought
    this 550 cookset that’s a 650 lixada it’s got gradation marks in
    there I’ve never use this I’ve got this Loksak supposed to be oder proof
    but I brought enough for supper tonight breakfast tomorrow and a little snack
    for lunch before we hike out these are known as fossils FOZZILS I’ll put a
    link in the description they fairly cheap this three of them a cup of bowl
    and a tray I guess but tonight we’re gonna have tuna fish burritos
    at least one last week when we went up to brown dog campsite just before we went
    up the hill the brown dog campsite we filled this three liter we filled this three
    liter I don’t know that adds five pounds to your backpack Lord I’m not gonna do
    that again it was terrible didn’t know five pounds made that big a difference and that’s why I decided to try to lighten my load there’s something I bring this SOTO torch
    can’t stand the sauna burning my thumb trying to use a BIC
    lighter I guess you can buy these stoves with
    piezo lighters and I might my next fine my next acquisition might be a stove that
    has a piezo lighter that’s just my hot chocolate instead of
    bringing all the silverware I like to bring I was gifted with this UCO yeah did if you have mountain house
    meals just have a mountain house meal spoon and a fork but we’re gonna do that
    tuna fish that other burrito tonight that taco shell and now I brought this jiff to go peanut butter and I don’t know I got this from one of the
    fast food place I didn’t eat it strawberry preserves grape preserves I’m
    gonna make a peanut butter and jelly burrito and that’s gonna be supper last week when I open up this mint
    chocolate Kevin from Atypical hiker he was hiking with us and that’s the first
    thing he smelled was this mint chocolate that is it clean up my trash, hang abbear bag get in the tent look at some videos

    Suutariongella | Tench Fishing
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    Suutariongella | Tench Fishing

    January 19, 2020

    approximately 100 years ago, a new delicious fish was found in marketplaces To keep mysterious fish fresh as possible, markets sold it alive And that made transplantation possible in southern Finland Soon this fish started to spread successfully in eutrophicated waters This mysterious fish was named “Suutari” (Tench) Tench isn’t very respected fish on the menu anymore But the respect among anglers, is rising every day For years, we have been fishing tench, without great results Still, we found ourselves on the fishing bank once again this year This year we really wanted to succeed That means lots of work before fishing Pre baiting, feeding and raking the botto – those are the keys for success Soon we saw first bubbles on the spot That gave us more hope, and we tried even harder It didn’t take too long to see wide smiles on our faces Next, we wanted to test our skills with a new lake.. Here we are! Looking good Let’s think about the tactic. There’s a good looking spot Water lilys are creating “holes” which can be good fishing spots Maybe there’s one more spot, or is it too shallow? There’s at least 2 good spots, and maybe that third. Im pretty sure there are some tench here In my opinion we target one spot, and do it well Pre baiting wasn’t that huge, so I think we shouldn’t spread out too much New place has the unique feeling The plan is fishing with “method feeders” And what’s the great thing about method feeders Is that with feeders you can put ground bait with your main bait And that’s even more attractive for the fish, when there’s ground bait, and on top of that a corn So you get more “runs” with this method Another good reason to use method feeders is that Your bait is always visible In Finland, most of the lakes are very “dirty”, lots of stuff on the bottom So you easily misplace your bait with traditional methods. You cannot be sure if that bait is fishing for you or not YEA! That was a good run! Surprise Pauli the tench king got the first one Got stuck? – Yea. Not anymore! This is so cool. It could be a big one. Run was so powerful strong head shakes It’s a calm dude WOOOOH! That was a nice fight First tench for me About 2kg fish So damn nice fish! And so aggressive fight Weather wasn’t that good for tench, we thought this could be a hard day But this didn’t take that long, and right after this one Jani got a run, but unfortunately it got away But now they are active for sure Right after that release! This is so crazy. Always Pauli get all the fishes I love this fishing Got stuck again What you do when you get stuck? Then I just wait. Strong fish again! It almost got me wet it looks like a big fish again Teo: Should I wait for the third one with this net? This is so crazy.. another run! Last tench is still in the net This one got stuck as well! What should I do Can you see the fish? – yea there it is Im not sure do I have it anymore.. Is it only that water lily left? Teo can check it Here it is! Check! There is it Water lily is moving when I lift this Now we know it’s still there, no need to hurry It doesn’t move.. How big it is? So much lines here Noo.. It did break How did that happen? No can do.. Second fish of the day Little bit smaller than the first one but still a big dude And right after this I almost got the third tench, but unfortunately it got away after long fight.. It seems like there’s lots of fish on the spot. Now I have all the luck and I get all the fishes That’s fishing. So beautiful I’m pretty sure this night is gonna be even better Lets release this fellow and keep fishing Lines are moving. That means fishes are on the spot Bubbles also.. Oh! Olavi yours! That was a good run This is basic thing for Pauli, but a new thing for me This is an aggressive fish.. What’s your game plan Pauli? When it got stuck Pauli: – Just chill 5 runs in 30 minutes? – Easily 30 minutes. This is so crazy This is like my daily job Get well prepared and you shall succeed This is so exciting. Big fish, maybe my record It’s 50/50 a new record i’d say But it’s not in the net yet.. That’s the problem Olavi, good luck Should I take the net? Teo: If there’s over 1 meter deep, you’ll need a diving mask Throw the net! You got it? – Yea! This was one of the oldest records I had Nice fish! My old record is gone now. It was from 2005 or something Now my new personal best is over 2kg Had to fight and net it in the water Super feeling What happened after that release? I opened a beer, and Pauli got another run Pauli is hungry today I said it won’t take long.. So much bubbles on my spot That was a fast fight Third fish for me. 4th of the night 1,96kg So crazy fishing at the moment One spot gives so much fish You cast your feeder, few minutes and you net a big fish This is unbelievable tench fishing It cannot be better! So nice fishes And BIG! If someone says tench fishing can’t be fun, he is a liar There it goes! And my turn! Got stuck right away Funny how hectic this is today I was right here, but still it got stuck after run Should I go swim? Teo hold this for me please Pauli: You just wanted to go swim This is tench fishing come on! YESYES!! I love this fishes so much.. Pauli: Jani, Jani!! Again! And here we go again! I didn’t had time to weight that one Got stuck? – Yea Good place and big fish, but hard because there are so much weed and water lilys High five! Good job Jani! Now net Pauli’s fish too! This is so “Urpoerämies” style of fishing. Everyone is holding rods or cameras or nets.. fishing is crazy! Net that dude Jani! Jani: Here’s no dude, just the water lily Epic triple photo was so close Triple would have been so cool! 2,91.. 2,81.. 2,81kg with net My first over 2kg tench EVER! Im so happy! You still have that another fish there 2,24kg! Oh my.. This is so crazy Now I really wish from my heart that Teo gets tench as well Then this would be sickest trip ever This is a night to remember.. We were talking about we camp here all weekend Then the weather did change, and it’s gonna be storm this weekend That’s impossible to fish and film in conditions like that So we decided to make short trip only.. And the weather wasn’t promising at all We were pretty sure this cannot be a good day for tench What happened next? I’m afraid that soon I wake up from my dream And this was only a dream.. No big tenches.. Now I gave my rod to Teo. Lets hope he manage to get one tench at least! Then 3 of us would break records in one night! Now thumbs up guys! I dont wanna lose this I was gonna say that let’s go home, and then I hear my alarm! I’ve got 2 little roaches so far.. Others got huge tenches all the time, but i’m the roach king Got stuck.. Should we throw something? Like with Olavi’s fish we did throw that net and released it from weeds I can still feel it’s hooked HAHA NOOOO Let’s give it few more minutes How they got stuck always Olavi: I’d say swim Now its free! YEAH!! Ooh Wait a second, no words yet I just lost one fish, and im the only one with out tench this night And few minutes after Jani’s alarm is yelling, and he said that I can take that. Then the battle started again 2,3kg. very nice! 2,3kg tench. Clock is around 10:30pm So beautiful

    Cheapest D.i.Y BOUNDARY LINE BEACH VOLLEYBALL | Garisan Bola Tampar Pantai | Low Cost!
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    Cheapest D.i.Y BOUNDARY LINE BEACH VOLLEYBALL | Garisan Bola Tampar Pantai | Low Cost!

    January 18, 2020

    Hi!! Thanks for watching BroCoach TV keep watching this sharing, don’t forget to subscribe Today I’m going to share with you how to make Beach Volleyball Line DiY before that Subscribe my Channel I’m Anwar Anhar, your BroCoach TV for anyone who doesn’t know what beach volleyball line is? it is a boundary line differentiates the game area and the outside of the game area if the ball falls inside the play area it is in! and if the ball falls outside the play area it will be out if indoor volleyball you can use paint for this beach volleyball, we will use a rope as well as marker powder or can use flour or we can make this beach volleyball line ourselves at a cheaper price, standard as the FiVB Tour I want to share with you how cheap the difference is the line we bought ready made with we do it ourselves the capital is only RM190 what you need the first is webbing tape the second Stretch Code Or Round Ring Angle iron Velcro 5cm Dunlop glue and also sewing kit that’s all, RM190 only instead of paying and buy ready made, you can even do it yourself prices are cheaper than that what you need to do now is you need to order onilne the webbing tape this webbing tape we usually use for bag straps this is webbing tape, If want to get this webbing tape simply, you need to order at Lazada this is a link and its name can be checked at Lazada prices are very cheap only RM18 for 10 meters but you need 60 meters don’t forget to order ORound RIng this is to connect between the first set and the second set our first set is 16 meters while our second set is 8 meters so it’s connected to Oring the price is just RM7 only for 2 but you have to buy four so you bought 2 sets get 4, for only RM14 there is one more you need to buy whether you can buy it online or go to any Mr. DiY shop at Mr. DIY Shop you find The Stretch Code or the rubber we used to get rid of the stuff, usually the first one with the RXZ motorcycle he usually has the rubber at the back at the back seat a helmet and all that so it is precious at MR. DiY costs RM1.98 for two, what you need just for two to make it four so you cut into two and u will get four there is another, this thing you can get in Dechatlon, it name might be a angle iron tent regular iron in this kind of spindle, tied to a rope and the pegs on the ground cost RM25 but we only need four, for RM25 you can get 8, so when all the stuff you get how you need to measure two sets for 16 meters you have two webbing lines 10 meters and 10 meters to get 16 meters you measure 8 meters and 8 meters, or even 10 meters you continue to add 6 meters or so an easier way to get the size within 8 meters you need to cut 8 meters but, at the end you need to increase by 6 inches, 8 meters by 6 inches left and 8 meters plus 6 inches to the right that is for you to paste velcro later for us to make the connection between set 1 and set 2 what is velcro? for example, say your child goes to school there is a shoe that pops open when it’s called velcro This velcro you can get at nationwide sewing shop, very easy to find no need to order online or anything To find out, you just go to the tailor shop or even a curtain shop or NAGOYA you can buy velcro ready-made stickers is on the market right now or you can use velcro with no stickers so you have your own glue near the webbing line using shoe glue sneakers such as dunlop glue or soldier glue and then once the glue is ready, you can sew it a bit on the velcro a reason to reinforce it so that it doesn’t get out of hand let’s say you have no direct talent to sew, you can send it to the tailor shop they only cost RM16 to RM20 only I’ll show you how to assemble this line Today I’m going to show you how to assemble this line beach volleyball is back This is a webbing line of 8 meters by 16 meters this is angle iron as well as rope (rubber) fasteners I got it at Mr. DIY orange and blue how easy it is to just throw it away we just throw it, this is 16 meters half of it is 8 meters this one end we pull up to get here we leave it here first, we take another one ok, same we throw we bring it to the end another one we bring ok, we got it 8 meters and now we take another 8 meters to the other end the special thing is this one made using velcro so you can enter only and make sure it’s on the bottom and we can lock it up if we want to change it if it’s too long or too short we can adjust it so I use the O Round Ring Ring Stainless Steel 5 cm, or so if you don’t have an O round ring there is another way just enter it cross between the two cross it like this one here and another here that this end we pull using stretch code or whether it’s inside like this and lock it like this can close up again like this and put it in the sand liken it? let’s fix it first because we’re going to adjust it soon OK Very easy and very cheap what are you waiting for order your stuff and do it When it’s ready you can put it anywhere you like, it’s easy to play beach volleyball right? is it fun right? So far my sharing has been this time, so what is it? I’ll share with you how to make a pole pole for beach volleyball see you soon, thanks for watching Remember to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE for better sharing in the future again, I’m Anwar Anhar, your BroCoach TV Thank you

    [Mukbang] The Most Ugly fish Pacific spiny lumpsucker 도치수육+도치매운탕🐟 Eatingsound Seafood Ssoyoung
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    [Mukbang] The Most Ugly fish Pacific spiny lumpsucker 도치수육+도치매운탕🐟 Eatingsound Seafood Ssoyoung

    January 18, 2020

    Hi everyone. It’s incredible. Why does it have so much eggs? Isn’t it cute? Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I will be trying a lumpfish. This is the lumpfish. I feel safe since it’s not alive. Why is it so slippery? This is male lumpfish. It looks really cute. Hello~ Female lumpfish is a bit bigger. Touching this fish feels like… A water balloon. It has suckers here. It’s very slippery so I’m keep dropping it. Sucker. Circle like this. Male lumpfish has a bigger sucker. Right? This one opens the mouth like this. This lumpfish has a bigger mouth. It looks like a big version of tadpole. Slippery. Let me dress the fish. I will make a soup out of left over eggs from female lumpfish. And I will make steamed lumpfish with the rest. Oh my god. I’m surprised because it just moved. I will start dressing it. It has no hole. Where does it go for the restroom? What is it? It has so much eggs inside. Let me show you guys. Let me take the eggs out. Incredible.. So much eggs. Why does it have so much eggs? The eggs are keep coming out. Is it done? I will make the egg soup out of this. Let me start cooking. Everything is ready now. This is the steamed lumpfish. This the spicy lumpfish soup. It looks very weird. Doesn’t it look cute? How come~ It’s my first time trying this fish. What most surprises me is that it has very slippery texture. Let me start eating. Its surface feels like rubber. Red chilli sauce. Its texture is similar to skin from the pig feet, like collagen. It tastes like buckwheat jelly. It has a very funny texture. Let me dip it with some soy sauce. It does not taste like a fish. This time I will try some egg soup. It’s all eggs. Should I try the fish meat on spicy soup? It has a very special texture. I guess even kids can eat it. The eggs are everywhere. It tastes so good since there are lots of eggs. This time, Let me have a bite on this one. I feel sorry. You are very delicious but I feel sorry. Today I tried a lumpfish first time since I was born. It tastes very chewy and nutty. No fishy smell at all. I recommend you guys to try it. It has so much eggs. Thank you guys for the meal! Please click “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons~

    Paradise Found – Bangkok To Hua Hin Thailand (Luxury Hua Hin Hotel Beach Resort)
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    Paradise Found – Bangkok To Hua Hin Thailand (Luxury Hua Hin Hotel Beach Resort)

    January 18, 2020

    so we just arrived at the campus and
    hotel in Hawaii we’re going to the reception on a today we are in Boykin which is around a
    four-hour drive from Bangkok and we took a minivan ticket here which cost us
    around a hundred and eighty but from more cheap station and we’re just about
    to check in so let’s go check this place out you’re the worst guide ever cream you can eat your dinner here malfunction so we just arrived to Alba
    room and sighs gonna take us through with her let’s go here’s the head
    this is huge and this is mine and now yours that’s not a bed that’s where
    you’ll be sleeping okay let’s taste it from here oh my god
    that’s a big run up all right good how is it
    oh that’s to keep you know we’ve just come on to the beach the hotel’s
    beachfront so we’ve just walked out from the hotel
    and we’re gonna go get some food probably just some Street food just as a
    snack because gonna have a bigger dinner and yeah we’re gonna get some food and
    just bring it back to the beach it’s raining a little bit but that
    doesn’t really bother me it’s still warm and check out this beach there’s
    actually no sand this part of the beach which is pretty strange we’re gonna grab
    a snack let’s have a look what they got first fried chicken you know Chinese chilling but when you
    had a taste a little bit and then taste this taste like your tongue tsunami
    there’s a little bit though different from time which one this one other
    things that mixes with Japan on vegetable mushroom okay that’s what’s up like coca-cola shrimp oh this one is
    that what is that what you want ah it’s not ready yet that’s what you want right oh yeah what is these things what is that our
    squid seafood and that she can be Bob chicken 5 baht
    like 20 cents each sometime sausages so they’re about 30 40 cents
    each a pie a salad which is very popular dish
    in Thailand coffee fruit fresh juice and smoothies and more sausages I love their sausages
    oh this is oh it’s bananas they’re grilled bananas that sounds good I want
    to try that so that one you see like when the banana is like a little bit of
    green and yellow this one more sweet I want a sweeter one definitely but okay
    you get what you want I’ll have a sweet one because you got me and I’m sweetie okay
    this is what we end up got so what do we get and this was also fried chicken but
    like a chicken I’m looking forward to the banana what’s the sauce they put on
    the banana Coco coconut sugar sorry okay that’s
    gonna be nice okay let’s see I love these tree stumps go up to the
    second floor it beams so cool ready for the pool that’s where you’re
    going and infinity pool on to the beach that’s heaven if I fall in yeah you can dive in there how’s the water how’s the water can I have one beer please my god
    the service is so bad that’s good this looks like a very good restaurant let’s
    go in and see so this is just along the beachfront in Boheme here is my date for
    the night just one night yeah yeah what did you order and you always order alone Mayo you making yourself look good now okay so
    psy has ordered half the restaurant look at this what have we got what’s that called fish coconut suit something we like that we got a big mission on your hand moving
    because it’s his vote he does what he wants
    all these green lights are fishing boats all along the coast pretty cool okay so that wraps up our first day in
    boy him we had a great day did you like it yeah yeah okay until next time dream
    bigger my Sunnah peace

    Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 | Highlights
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    Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 | Highlights

    January 18, 2020

    The fair feels great this year. We’ve come through the end of a multi-year renovation
    of this building. The show’s really vibrant,
    there’s a lot of color and texture and materiality
    coming through the works. A lot of larger-scale
    sculptures, painting, interesting photography, a wide-ranging
    generation of artists. And it’s a very
    internationally diverse show. Christina uses oil paints, so there’s a real plasticity
    to the texture. It’s kind of
    about borders and boundaries and things that aren’t binary, that are fluid and meshing
    somehow together. I think it’s kind of beings
    finding themselves. How do boundaries get crossed? What is the boundary of a body? What is the boundary
    of a gender? What is the boundary of race? I think she’s one of
    the strongest painters I’ve seen come up
    in a very long time. It’s a presentation of a
    cocktail party as he sees it. It’s a bit of a
    caricature, cartoon, elements are exaggerated and none of the figures are actually
    interacting with one another. Today we are obsessed
    with observing people, and this is an opportunity
    to really stand back and observe a kind of
    frozen moment in time. We’re deeply supportive
    of our younger galleries, both within
    the project-specific sectors, like Positions or Nova. But also in helping
    support galleries come up through the ranks
    in the main sectors of the fair. This year at Art Basel we’re presenting
    a solo booth of Tau Lewis. And it’s an ongoing narrative
    of works that she’s doing that relates to the ideas
    of ancestry through the cosmos. I think the fact
    that she is self-taught creates an interesting
    lens for her. I think she takes risks
    that maybe artists who have maybe a more formal
    approach to their practice wouldn’t take. If you spend time
    with these pieces, you can really see the
    personalities coming through. They’re very special. I’m happy
    to say they’re all my friends.Hand Circle,from 1996,
    is phosphorus-based bronze, which has copper in it, which gives it this
    high level of naturalism. It almost seems like the hands are covered
    in mascara or makeup. These are his hands
    that are repeated, and in this kind of
    circular configuration he’s exploring various gestures. The finger in the hole – very suggestive of a kind of
    human sexual experience, but it could also be
    a sleight of hand or abstract sign language. Someone once said that experiencing
    Bruce Nauman’s work is like getting
    hit over the head with a baseball bat from behind. And yet this piece has this
    more contemplative, more mysterious quality,
    more abstract quality. ‘Force comes from motion. It serves three purposes: to
    pull, to push, to immobilize.’ The aim of Juan Carlos Romero
    withViolenciawas to shove the spectators
    into realizing that violence was the only way to fight the
    oppressor’s violence. This is what he called
    ‘emancipatory violence.’ The work started about a little
    over three years ago, where Julie
    had just traveled to China and observed these beautiful
    cave paintings. This one isLuminous Appearance,andTransmigration,
    Transmutation,andLast Breath.One of the things
    we’re most proud of that happens in parallel
    with the shows is our Conversations program which this year bring together
    over 50 different speakers, whether curators, artists,
    museum directors, collectors, activists, writers
    from all over the world. All of these talks
    are available online. I remember growing up and
    hearing about Lorenzato’s work, and it was sort of
    a hidden secret. He developed his own technique
    because he had these tools. So he would kind of
    comb the paintings. I love this from 1994. It feels
    to me like a New Year’s Eve, where you can see the sky
    lit by these flowers of fire. She cuts and manipulates
    and embellishes and really uses beauty as a tool
    to seduce you in to what looks like this very
    glorious and beautiful image, but it’s really about serious
    disenfranchisement of underprivileged
    and minorities and violence against black
    and brown bodies. One thing that we’re incredibly
    proud of at Art Basel is the extent to which artists
    themselves are engaged with what happens here. The notion that art fairs are
    an isolated, commercial sphere, separated somehow from the
    studio and from artist practice, is no longer
    really the case whatsoever.

    Beach House Tour! 🏖️ MTV Floribama Shore
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    Beach House Tour! 🏖️ MTV Floribama Shore

    January 17, 2020

    (upbeat music) Hey y’all, welcome to Florida, or better yet, Flori-bama. – Beach house! – One of our favorite rooms
    in the house is right here. This is where we confess
    everything we did, and all our crazy nights out.
    – All of our sins. – I’ll do a confessional right now. – Yeah, do a confessional.
    – We’re stumbling down, we’re falling down, we’re acting crazy.
    – You’re doing great Codi! – [Codi] Oh, wait.
    Wait for me, y’all. This is where we check
    ourselves out before we go (singing) ♪thought and plot, – [Everyone] (singing) ♪ take shots, ♪ don’t stop, make money a lot, ♪ ♪ right features still
    see us at the top. ♪ (claps) – [Candace] Most times
    we just way too drunk to appreciate artwork. – It’s okay, some of
    these crooked as (beep). I mean, crooked as (beep).
    (laughs) I mean, they just crooked
    – (beep) Codi! (beep) It’s Gus, you guys want to bust in? – Yeah, let’s bust in on this (beep). This is where we do interviews, and talk (beep) about everybody. – So, this is our stove. – I think we got a visitor. – [Candace] Is that Kirk?
    – [Nilsa] Saint Kirk. – [Codi] Oh.
    – [Candice] Look at Kirk. Oh my God, lookin like a pastor. So, I’ma take y’all to the closet. – [Nilsa] You see this
    necklace Codi’s wearing? This is his microphone.
    – Yes. – This is where we can hear
    everything he says about us. – And, sometimes I feel like they can hear everything I’m thinking. – They have therapy for that, buddy. – Yeah, I know. – You guys have found your way outside. Sometimes, the plants attack. – Yeah, we don’t know why the plants are always
    knocked over, production. – (yells) And, this is our balcony, where we talk really loud, and kind of frustrate our neighbors! – And, we scream at each other, and watch the propane tank blow up! (explosion)
    – And, we try to yell to see if our voice can
    carry across the water! – (yells) Hey y’all! – (water rumbles) – This is also where Codi (beep). – Yes it is. This is where Jeremiah (beep) and (beep) (beep) – Yeah, so (beep) down there
    and Jeremiah was up here. (beep) (beep) (elevator music) – This is where I love to
    go skinny dipping with Codi. – That’s right, we’ve
    come a long way in life. I know I have, cause this is the pool I used to swim in.
    – [Candace] Yeah. – Now, I swim in this. (elegant music) – This is the lair. Sometimes, you hear
    noises coming out of here, like (roars). – We sit here in our thought swings, and Codi just pleases us. – Yes, Codi’s a wonderful gentleman. – I am the epitome of
    southern charm, right here. – This is the bar we were
    gonna use to make drinks. – Oh, wow.
    – wow, look who it is. – Look at this.
    – Bartender Jeremiah. – You guys giving them a
    tour of this wonderful house? – We are.
    – Yes, and you made us not one drink this summer. (laughs)
    – Yeah. – Neither did Codi. – Codi made me a couple drinks. – Yeah, I made a lot of drinks. – Oops. (upbeat music) – All right, what’s left to show them? – The bedrooms. – The bedrooms. – Oh yeah.
    – Where the magic happens, or lack thereof. (upbeat music) – Where’d Codi go? Codi?
    – I’m waiting. – [Nilsa] Oh, boy! I’m just surprised your not snoring. (record scratches) Well, I think we’ve showed them
    everything there is to show. – Yeah. – So, y’all make sure you stay tuned, for a lot of laughing, crying. – Fights, arrests. – People get hurt. – [Everyone] It ain’t
    true, but it could be. – So, look, y’all gotta
    go to y’all’s home. – Ya ain’t gotta go home. – [Everyone] But ya gotta get outta here! – Bye y’all, bye! – [Candace] (sings) Love ya.

    Billy can’t stop staring at Gabo | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)
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    Billy can’t stop staring at Gabo | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)

    January 17, 2020

    This is the most
    popular beach here. Beautiful, isn’t it? Are you really a Filipino? Our beaches are much
    better than this! This is nothing
    compared to Boracay, Palawan, Cebu, Siargao– I’m not saying this is more
    beautiful than our beaches. I just meant this is
    the most popular one. Perfect for picigin . Beaches in Croatia
    are usually rocky, but here… the sand is fine, and no
    matter how far you go, the water is always knee-deep. That’s why it’s perfect
    for picigin . And this spot is perfect! Hey. Let’s go. Hey, wait! We came here to the beach
    and you’re not ready? I don’t have any swimwear. Then just strip down
    to your underwear! Hey! We’re not here to swim!
    I’ll teach you picigin . What? How do you play that? I’ll throw this ball towards you
    and you have to hit it back. Don’t let the ball touch
    the water no matter what. You have to throw
    the ball back at me. Let’s try it. Hey! That was far! That’s how you play picigin ! You have to go for the ball! Fly! Jump! Get the ball
    no matter what happens. You want to fly, huh? Do you want to join us? Let’s go! – Can he play?
    – Of course! Come on! Come here and join them! Okay. I’m just going to rest. – Hey, you’re not joining?
    – No. Yes! Whoo! Antonia. How is Gabo? Is he a fast learner? He’s good. Tell me more. He’s handsome. He’s very athletic. He has a beautiful body. And a beautiful smile. Wow. You can really
    make him do things. Can you also make him
    learn to dance? A Croatian dance? Yes. Sure.

    Italy’s Secret Paradise! Elba Island. Great Hikes, Amazing Food And Beautiful Beaches.
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    Italy’s Secret Paradise! Elba Island. Great Hikes, Amazing Food And Beautiful Beaches.

    January 16, 2020

    good morning from Elba Island I think I
    found one of my happy places I’m pretty excited I want to see these bunkers
    a hidden gem this is crazy history and beauty our AirBnB meh not so good I’m here a
    Cavoli Beach It’s called Capo D’Enfola We’re at Scaglieri Beach It’s called the ocean that’s why it’s salty I found I guess my happier spot if that’s possible don’t tell anyone though
    gotta keep it quiet it’s our place shhhh! Come on let’s go! [Music] when you think of Italy what comes to mind
    Florence Rome Venice and many other popular places my family who lives in
    Florence told us to visit those places but then they said Marco you have to go
    to Elba Island I’ve never heard of this place have you? man we’re sure glad we went and
    this is why good morning from Elba Island this is our view from our place
    we’re staying at and if didn’t have this view this place would be meh and I’m still kind
    of mad but this view is spectacular look at all the sailboats down there
    history is a big part of Elba Island Napoleon was exiled here it was also
    used as a German military base in World War two and today we’re gonna go see
    some of those ruins with the World War two bunkers we’re doing a hike today
    it’s called Capo D’Enfola it has old World War two German bunkers
    so we’re gonna see some of those I’m pretty excited I want to see these
    bunkers I’m a world war ii kind of buff so I know I’m like meh I just want to hike watch she’ll like them better than me [music] is this ever beautiful it’s not a hard hike but wow is it
    ever stunning you’re rewarded oh yeah not much effort no wonder they built a bunker up here there’s nice beautiful view Elba is such a hidden gem in Italy yeah not a lot of people go here it’s not
    that busy and there’s amazing things to do here and beautiful water yeah don’t
    tell anyone though got to keep it quiet it’s our place Jaden’s been asking me about tanks and world war two and if Germans had better tanks and they did
    they take about ten American tanks to kill one tiger tank because they were so
    well armored and well equipped and our tanks are just faster weaker Armour and
    weaker guns but don’t quote me on that but that’s my knowledge gotta
    check my facts you always get things wrong but I think that’s right right Jaden? get you’re face in there. there you go. [music] well we are at our first bunker or only bunker but we’re here this is crazy they hid in here look at this this is crazy
    you found the way out they would’ve had lights in here they would have power did they? how?
    running along the top there this is creepy and we’re out we found another bunker this is bunker bister busters let’s go in this is crazy you guys ever been in a bunker before oh my god look at this this is a maze this is probably where they kept the shells ok lets not get lost in here how can you get lost this the way out love this hike history and
    beauty I think the Germans just built a bunker up here so they could have this
    view [music] one thing Alba island isn’t short on
    is amazing beaches we basically got them all to ourselves check it out I think I found one of my happy places Cavoli beach oh my god
    it’s so beautiful here I never want to leave I think I’m just going to move here
    and it’s going to be my home there’s like this calm beautiful beach down below a
    beautiful hillside with lush green and then this aqua blue water is unreal we’re at scaglieri beach in ah biodola we got lucky we got chairs right up at
    the front beach and there’s not many people here is really awesome
    I’d recommend coming to this beach this is good this is ranked I think seventh out
    of ten but I’ve been to a Cavoli beach it’s really busy this one is big
    beautiful I picked this beach I’m at another Beach today I found I guess my happier spot if that’s possible I said I was in my happy place
    but I found an even more happy place for a beach
    this is Biodoli or ba doli beach and the sand is so fine it’s like
    it’s like flower or brown sugar and it’s even more beautiful which is actually
    hard to imagine I would say this is one of the most beautiful beaches that
    I’ve been to probably ever I’m stuck you’re stuck we’re just going to leave you here then a bye bye bye bye ciao this is amazing Elbe Island is one of the most beautiful
    places in the world you should go and oh yeah don’t forget to subscribe and hit
    that like button [music] how’s your pizza? really good! it’s a different style
    of Pizza isn’t it? it’s called puccini or something it’s made with chickpea flour it’s called square pizza what do you got there I got yogurt, nutella, smarties and chocolate he likes that ice cream oh my god
    let’s go good morning I’m working out well actually I’m not she is I still got my pajamas on
    I wont show you the rest because ah I’m all tanned

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    January 16, 2020

    – What’s up fish tank people. Dustin’s fishtanks bringing it to you talking
    about the tale of two tanks. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about the
    B26, which is balanced as heck, versus the F35 Fluval tank that my daughter has, which
    is completely unbalanced and has all kinds of algae. I’m gonna break down both of these tanks. Why one’s working and looking great and why
    the other one is looking terrible. But first, I want to tell you all something,
    I want to tell you no. I, right now, am saying no to five things
    that I would really like to do in this fish tank hobby. Right now I’m sitting on my back porch staring
    in a camera lens yelling. I would love to be in front of actual people. There are five live fish tank events that
    I have to say no to. First, the Sacramento Aquarium Society asked
    me to come out this summer in June to go talk to their club. I’ve never been on the west coast. I’d love to go out to the west coast. I hear the Sacramento area has fantastic both
    stores, fish rooms, the whole nine yards. Guess what I’m not doing? This summer I’m not going out to Sacramento. Why? Because I have a vision and I have to complete
    this vision and get this stupid greenhouse built. I’ve never built a greenhouse before. Here is the plot plan for this greenhouse
    that I am constructing very soon. I’m not leaving town, I’m not taking a break,
    I’m not getting out of here, I’m getting this thing done. The fourth thing I’m saying no to: my friend
    Ted Judy, my man Mark, our friends at Custom Aquariums, they’re so kindly to sponsor a
    350 gallon aquarium that was supposed to be setup in a new greenhouse in January. That didn’t happen, it’s been sitting on the
    floor in my garage and I’ve been staring at it forever. Do you know what it’s like for a 37 year old
    boy who likes fish tanks to be staring at an empty 350 gallon aquarium on the bottom
    of his garage? It’s killing me, the longer I stare at it
    the better it’s gonna get. Yeah, Custom Aquariums want to have me up
    in Wisconsin. Guess what Wisconsin’s like in summer, it’s
    probably great. I’m in Kentucky right now, it’s hot as I’d
    love to go up to Wisconsin. I’d love to go fishing with Ted Judy, sitting
    on a boat in one of the Great Lakes, catching fish, talking fish, doing all that with Ted. I’d have had a riot doing that. Guess what I’m not doing? I’m not going up to Wisconsin this summer,
    I’m staying here, I’m getting this greenhouse done. The third thing I’m not doing: I’m friendly
    with our friends at Predatory Fins. A bunch of Youtubers are going down to Boca
    Raton, Florida. Guess where I used to live, Boca Raton, Florida. I know it like the back of my hand, I lived
    there for a year, probably still have some friends there. Guess where I’m not going this summer, I’m
    not going down to Boca Raton, Florida for the Youtubers event happening with Predatory
    Fins. Second event that I’m going to go to: there’s
    a new pet shop opening up in Akron, I’ve been invited to go to that. I hear Joey and his massive biceps are going
    to be there. I am not going to be there. I would love to be there. I’m from Ohio. I like the temperature of Ohio in the summer,
    it’s great, it feels good, it’s cold, I could go drink beers on the back of the boat with
    my dad, but I’m gonna go. Why am I not gonna go? It’s simple, I’ve got stuff to do here. I’m taking care of business here. And the last thing, the number one thing that
    I’m missing out on this summer, and it makes me sad to talk about, but I am missing out
    on it. And it’s for a good reason and that is this,
    the past three years I have been the Reef-A-Palooza’s show in New York. I love New York, I love New Yorkers, I love
    everything about this show. For two years I’ve had fresh water live aquascaping
    contests in the middle of the Reef-A-Palooza metal and saltwater show, where people walking
    by can’t believe in how great freshwater looks. I’d love to be smack dab in the middle of
    this show. I’m boys with Lou and Vic and quite frankly
    the stuff their doing at World Wide Corals gets me excited about greenhouse 2.0. Unfortunately, that event is this weekend
    and I hope you all go and have agood time. But I’m not going because the following week
    I have my final development plan for the greenhouse. All five of these events can wait, I’m sorry
    I’m not attending all five of these events. I think it’s important, don’t let your mouth
    overload your back as the great Jim Rohn says. So, I’m saying no to everything. You know what else I’m saying no to? Doing work on these two tanks I’m about to
    show you. Let’s check them out. I want to make another point about saying
    no to stuff. No one’s here right now, however my family,
    wife and two young daughters are home all summer. Money and blood don’t mix like two chicks
    and noshould get up in some, you know the verse Biggie fans. Yeah, I’m here, I’m trying-a shoot a video
    while my family isn’t around. I’m doing this and I’m trying to get that
    greenhouse built as soon as possible, to make if fair for my family to be here without worry
    about me running in and out, working, half-working, not working, Josh coming in, getting a cup
    of water, us running around. So, I just want to make that point it’s family
    first. That’s why I’m not doing it. That’s why I’m saying no to a number of things. There’s the tank we’re gonna talk about second. Let’s roll down here, talk about the B26. Dusty got a little rantastic talking about
    everything I’m saying no about but it’s all about balance for me. Going to all five of those events all over
    the country will throw me off balance and keep me away from my ultimate goal. I want to talk about balance in my life and
    stuff I’m stopping to get to one of my goals. Stuff that I’m postponing until later Reef-A-Palooza
    will be going on next year, all those events will be happening next year, I want to talk
    about balance in the aquariums. I’ve got an example of a balanced tank to
    show you and I got an example of a tank that is not balanced to show you. We’re gonna start here, with the Fluval B26,
    the bow-front. This is my most balanced and my most favorite
    tank. I’m gonna give you the good first then I’m
    gonna give you the bad upstairs in messy Maya’s room. Okay, so this tank from head to toe, this
    is 150 watt Coral Life metal halide. This is a little bit of air plant action that
    I use. And then this tank is decked out, it’s got
    the, what is this like a, Fluval 206 filter which is the bomb. Everybody knows Fluval makes the best filters
    around. 150 watt metal halide light on here. Compare that to the F35 tank that I have upstairs,
    which only has my LEDs with comparatively this tank has a ridiculous amount more light
    on it. That’s important cause I want to talk about
    the balance of this tank. You’ll notice this tank right here has no
    algae on the front of the glass hardly at all. There is a tiny, tiny, tiny, you know, speck
    here and there. But for the most part this tank has almost
    no algae in it. The cool part about this set up is that this
    tank, unlike your your boy Dusty, is balanced, okay? This tank is balanced, it’s been setup for
    a good long time. It is rolling almost perfectly in my humble
    opinion. Now why is it rolling so well? The goal is to get a balanced, planted tank. The goal is to get a balanced life. Not everything is balanced, I did kill this
    air plant by having it a little too close to, actually that’s still alive. You can see the green growth. That’s actually still alive a little bit. But it definitely was a little too close to
    the light. But generally speaking, this tank is my most
    balanced tank, is my favorite tank. Now, lets unpack this little bit. Even though we have 150 watt metal halide
    on here, we have a ridiculous plant load. People like numbers, even though it’s nature,
    I’m gonna give you some dumb numbers. I like to run my planted aquariums with one
    inch of fish, for every one inch of fish, I want to have like, a foot of plant matter
    if that makes sense. And I’m gonna show you this in my pond in
    a second. But I don’t think I have any fish in here. The beta fish that I had in here at one point,
    I think is no longer with us, I think I lost him, it is what it is. So, there is no fish in this. There are a couple of really wicked snails,
    you can see around here. But the plant load is super duper high. I want to point out, I think because of the
    lack of nitrogen that the fish would ultimately produce I am slightly nitrogen deprived up
    here. I’m not sure if this is discoloration because
    of the lack of any fish waste at all or if it’s because the water level got too low and
    I cooked it. The buce took a little bit of a beating there
    but you can look just down underneath it and, you know, see the more, I forget what type
    of bucephalandra that is, it’s not a skeleton king but it’s close to it. As you can see, that stuff is doing just fine. I also love the buce cause it has that iridescent
    look to it. But this tank, I gotta tell you, is extremely
    balanced. The lights are only on for six hours at a
    time, maybe seven, that’s it. So, even though I have a high intensity light
    on here, they’re only on for six hours. You can always go up, I like to run six as
    my base line. This plant mass right here is baby tears,
    It’s my number two carpeting plant as far as ease of keeping behind dwarf sag, both
    of which we sell a ton of. This actually needs hacked. But this is a really ridiculous, high nitrogen
    absorbing, excess nutrient absorbing, plant load right here. You take that in combination with, this is
    an aponogeton longiplumulosus in the background, it’s not an ulvaceus, it’s a longiplumulosus,
    it’s a little bit darker, a little bit more ruffled than the ulvaceus. That’s a fast growing easy plant. I’ve got the crinum calamistratum right here. I’ve got the junkrippons, that’s it’s name,
    don’t knock it in here as well as some java fern windelov. So, this tank hardly any work ever gets done
    on it. Like, I just topped it off the other day,
    with this bucket right here. But for the most part this tank gets hardly
    any work from me. It’s very rewarding. The limited amount of work I do spend with
    this aquarium, I do enjoy, I top it off. I actually took a tissue culture plug of moss
    and I just shoved it over here, like this. This is getting a little scorched, but look
    at this moss underneath it, this is actually tissue culture flame moss that I just stuck
    on top of here and it’s growing out on its own. So, you can see how it’s really taken off
    and I’m loving that. I’m gonna to have to get it under control
    but moss just grows like crazy. I could take this whole patch out if I wanted. But this tank, super duper balanced, good
    water flow, you can see the surface agitation on the top. There’s probably not any fish in here so I
    am getting a little bit of nutrient deficiency. You can see these really sweet snails. The species variation is, you know, every
    species of plant is different but generally speaking, one inch of fish, twelve inches
    of plants and you’re gonna be balanced. This tank is balanced, I’m loving it and to
    top it off I thought about adding rummy nose to this aquarium because the beta fish is
    gone. Speaking of beta fish, lets roll up to messy
    Maya’s room, where I can show you a tank that’s not balanced and the difference between this
    tank and that tank. Now we are in my daughter, Maya’s room. Parents, let this be a lesson to you, whatever
    you can do to get your children involved in the hobby, do it. One of the things I let Maya do is feed her
    own fish. I also let her, those of you fathers, that
    participated in the Father’s Day sale, these are Marygrove doll stickers. If she wants to put Marygrove doll stickers
    on an F35, so be it. This aquarium is clearly off balance. It’s not too far off balance but I want to
    break down some of the factors that can help you all with this aquarium and why we are
    at this situation with the algae. First things first, algae generally speaking
    is too much light, too much extra nutrients, often times, not enough water flow. Where is this aquarium sitting? It’s sitting in my daughter, maya’s room. This happens to be one of the hottest rooms
    in our house. It also happens to have a window right here. Window, too much light. I run my own standard double LEDs on here. Now, they’re only on for six hours, that’s
    two rows, one reds, one whites. And I’ve been selling a lot of them recently. But I run the standard double on here but
    I only run it six hours, but there’s extra light coming in from the window. There’s also extra nutrients a la mister fish
    right here. How fantastic is this beta fish? This fish is just absolutely fantastic. He’s like a waggly dog, I roll up to the tank
    he wants fed. Guess what happens every time we look at this
    tank. We feed this tank, in fact we over feed this
    tank. Over feeding the tank, too much light, gets
    you this algae right here. I want to make a note on the filtering of
    this. This is filtered with either a 206, excuse
    me a 106 on here. I love these little filters, now this is actually
    plumbed up through the bottom of these. This tank by the way is a similar foot print
    to the new Fluval Flora. I love the rimless, but I like the way that
    they got this here. But back to the filter, though. The filter actually, the way this aquarium
    is sold out of the box, the filter, actually the output comes all the way up to the top. I wanted to get that lower because of this
    sick aquascape that my man Kevin Kelly at the Brooklyn Hardscapers. He’s one of the people I’m not gonna see this
    weekend at Reef-A-Palooza that I really wish I was seeing. But he did this sick dragon stone design. I am selling dragon stone nowadays, by the
    way. But he did this sick design. I didn’t want to have the output of the filter
    interfering with the scape. So, I added this little aquaclear on the back
    here to give me more water flow on the surface. So, water flow is actually an issue but it’s
    caused by myself not the design of the tank. Because if I had had this tank at the top
    I’d have more surface agitation, I’d have more water flow. Right now the output of the filter actually
    just runs into the hard scape. So, that’s why more than likely we have some
    of this algae on the front here. You’ll notice it’s here but it’s not here
    because this part of the tank has enough water flow. Does that make sense? So, and this side, just to hammer this point
    home, this underneath one of my pretty awesome lights. This part right here doesn’t have algae on
    the glass, this part does, it’s totally a water flow issue. So, if you have this kind of filament algae. Andrew get a shot of this down here. This type of algae, you can see it’s not flowing
    enough. That’s the algae from not enough water flow. Because it’s not present there. I want to point something else out that’s
    just pretty cool with this. I took plants from an import, I don’t know,
    a month ago in here. This is fully under water grown sword. There’s the above water leaves that we left
    on. There’s the below water coming up through. So, the plant is fully inverted. So, I just think that that’s fun to actually
    see the example of this is above water growth, that’s below water growth. So, not enough water flow, too much light
    coming in. And then obviously, our friend Mister Blue,
    I think is his name, got fed a little too much. So, what are we gonna do with this tank? Let’s clean it. Alright, this is how we’re gonna clean this
    bad boy. We’re gonna do a quick hit, wham bam thank
    you ma’am, 50 percent water change on this sucker. I’m not gonna unplug the filter but I am gonna
    lift this sucker up a little bit which cuts the flow off. It’s part of the reason I love these filters. If I wanted to remove this I could just flip
    this up and that will all pop off. But this actually breaks the flow right now. So, the filter is actually not. This canister ejection is actually not running
    right now. But take this light, set it over here. And I’m intentionally not having the filter
    on cause I want stuff to settle, and I’m gonna take the big tube from the ShamWow spoof to
    clean this sucker. We’ll wipe this stuff off, and then we’ll
    suck out all the big algae problems. The question is this though, folks, will my
    daughter even notice that I’ve cleaned her tank? Without being prompted, will she say oh thanks
    dad? I did fill this sucker up last night so I
    gotta be careful slanging my arms around in here. But the algae comes off fairly easily. So, we gotta clean behind the American Girls. Because that’s what she wants to have on her
    aquarium. It’s all about getting kids in the hobby,
    which is why I’m doing a kids aquascaping contest in Chicago in August. But we’ll get that all shake and stirred the
    whole bit. And then we’re gonna do a nice 50 percent
    water change on it. And clean this sucker up. I want people to check this hard scape out. It’s pretty legit. I need to get with Kevin and get a video of
    how he does it with the cement. Check out Brooklyn Hardscapes, doing a lot
    of great stuff. And that’s all the lower I’m gonna take it,
    cause I don’t want to go below the level of the canister filter. I am going to unplug the other one. And the beta fish can handle a 50 percent
    water change. Fill it back up. Hide the women, the children, water change. Don’t do water changes when your wife’s around. And then I’m actually just gonna fill this
    whole big tub up with water the same temp as the tank. Let me go test the temp, get some dechlor
    and then scoop it back into this tank. There, now I got my temp. My wife complained about the water pressure
    yesterday when Josh and I had, I was filling up the pond and doing a water change in the
    garage. She’s like, there’s hardly enough water pressure
    to flush the toilets. Sorry honey, I’m moving out soon. Oh, hey honey, want to pull your car in the
    garage? Oh sorry, you can’t because I got this fat
    Fluval F15 or F20, I think it’s F15 right here that I haven’t set up, that I’m dying
    to set up, and a place to set up. I’ve also got this big tank right here, which
    we’ll talk about in a second. I’ve got a empty leaking 40 breeder over here,
    a 20 over here. Oh, kids do you want to pull your bikes out? No chance in Piss your wife off, piss your
    life off. Alright, look at the bottom of this container. So, I gotta get this dirt out of the tub and
    make sure there’s no more on the floor. That’s a fail, that’s gonna piss the old lady
    off. I am gonna kick the filter back on. Now it’s flowing, it was only off for a couple
    of minutes. So, I’m not worried about bacteria dying,
    cause while I refill it I want to make sure that all the water and all the junk gets stirred
    up and is put back into that filter right there. Beta fish does not care. Click the links around here, check out why
    beta fish are so gangster, and have the best personalities. People say I look like the ShamWow dude, you
    click the links around here, got the ShamWow video as well. Stay tuned for the ShamWow guy, he’s coming
    back. Happy wife, happy life, get the water off
    the floor, get the water off the floor, get the water off the floor, ya fish tank punks. And there’s how we’re looking after we cleaned
    up the F35 in messy maya’s room. Do me a favor, drop me a comment if you learned
    a little something or how you stay balanced. Hit the like button, subscribe button, share
    button, and tank on everybody, later.