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    BOX FORT High School – ESCAPE Detention & CONFRONTING The PRINCIPAL (Challenge)

    August 22, 2019

    Wow this place is cool Wow no Justin stated by our brand-new
    principal principal Pete and it looks like he’s coming right about now looks
    like you’re going to detention bro maximum-security detention all right now
    I need to do is make a makeshift harness and I should be able to drop down there
    once down there spray the security camera with our silly string we’ll grab
    the key and get out of here we’ll be back home playing for tonight in no time
    huh miss McGillicuddy won’t even know I’m gone
    I was able to make a makeshift sureness I wrapped it around the bars to Willie’s
    cell and I attached it to me down here now I should be able to lower myself
    down into here slow enough that I don’t hurt myself on impact got my silly
    string it’s time to go down that’s so bad all right guys I’m gonna start
    lowering myself down into this room here there’s a lot of vines and looks like it
    could be spiders hi I’ve got my harness though shouldn’t be too bad it’s gonna
    slowly easily lower my son Oh Oh Willie Willie what are you doing Willie Willie what was that for all
    right oops like I’ve fallen into some sort of guys that’s spices blowing smoke
    wait look on the wall this place is overgrown
    this place must not have been used for years for sixty years and even make sure
    I don’t trip any of these lasers kind of hard to see but you definitely follow
    their trail okay all right there’s one literally right
    here okay just gonna get down on the ground and call oh that’s uh that’s
    pretty close to me but looks like I made it under that one without any issues all
    right guys now that I made it through the laser field
    I should be able to get through this next door here note with Willie’s right
    he said there’s some sort of confiscated toy box I might be able to use some of
    the supplies in there to get myself out of detention because I don’t know about
    you guys but I don’t want to be here for the next 60 years and I need to get back
    to Logan fast all right guys here goes nothing see what’s behind this door alright looks like it’s another room
    no guys keep it on the wall there’s a security camera principal P might be
    monitoring these no no this is good this is a good principal Piedmont seen us
    principal peace all the way out of our cell and he’ll come and he’ll lock us up
    again and will become Willie will be in a Cell for sixty years
    no no but you guys thought I don’t want to become Willie I need to take out the
    security camera if I’m gonna get into the next room and find this confiscated
    toys bin luckily for me I’ve got Willie’s silly string I might be able to
    use this to block out the camera it’s not much but it should be able to buy
    some time I’m just gonna aim this and get a shot on the camera here we go perfect
    cameras completely sealed off there’s no way he’s seeing us okay speaker away in
    this room shutting the door behind me it’s probably gonna wonder why his
    cameras blocked off but but in the meantime we might be able to use this to
    escape and look guys hey skeet Whitman pickles who brings pickles to school
    literally a jar of pickles in here Pringles okay and a 3d portable printer
    all right this actually might come in handy I thought there might be some
    better supplies in here to use but pickles I mean if I get hungry we got a
    snack and 3d portable printer well I can definitely use this to escape I mean all
    this escaping has worked up an appetite why would they confiscate Pringles and
    you know pop okay they’re prank Pringles oh I know why they were confiscated
    looks like there’s another door Stig won’t budge look guys if Willie’s
    correct there should be an old storage locker
    through this hallway and in that storage locker we might be able to find the key
    to get us out of herself once I’m out of my cell I can sneak back into class and
    then we’ll be back home in no time okay this is starting to creep me out a
    little bit okay meat move that’s your name how do I get through this door what yummy for some hungry it looks like
    someone squished the face and put it on a wall Boop I need to get through this
    door okay I’m trying to escape detention do you have a way for me to get it up
    here can you unlock the door me Moo this isn’t funny
    I need to get out of detention okay I need to get home to play fort night you
    don’t understand if I don’t complete my weekly challenges this could be very bad
    okay it looks like me Boop’s knocking open the door for us he’s asking for
    some yum yum yum Eason hello be you guys but I have no idea what that could be
    look if Willy’s already known this much about this place maybe he knows
    something about me Mook maybe he knows how we can get meat moved to open the
    door for us I’m gonna head back to Willy and ask him if he knows anything Willy
    Willy Willy can you hear me look I made it through the confiscated
    toward the end like you said it was there but I ran into something on a wall
    it’s not letting me go through the door he’s called them a meat Moop do you know
    anything about this you know how to get him to let me through the door oh you’re
    about didn’t think I’d be seeing you again okay okay Willie that that’s great
    but look I need to figure out how to get past meat Moop he’s asking to be fed do
    you know anything about this gotta give them a meat going if you want to get
    through okay Willie look I don’t have time for this just how do I get meat
    move I can’t believe I’m saying this how do I get the talking wall thing to let
    me through the door oh you gonna have to go to meet look corn and only I got one
    can I have it oh good these yeah these are these are
    pickles I found them in the confiscated toy band they look like hundreds of
    years old I would love me some pickles okay I
    didn’t really I didn’t know you were so into pickles
    Willie would do anything for some pickles what Willie would you give up a
    meat move coin for this juicy jar of pickles okay you what I’ll give you a
    meat mood coin and I’ll promise to be your best friend Willie will be your
    best friend for the end just the meat lube coin will be finally that that’s
    that’s all I really need here you go and I’ll take the meat move coin here
    you go Willie okay perfect all right guys we got ourselves a meet moot point
    all right we’ll figure that all out later all I know right now is we got to
    get through that door because behind that is where we can find the key to get
    out of here Jay yes principal P how’s it going uh it’s going great just learning
    my lessons you know I’m really learning from detention I just wanted to check in
    make sure you’re doing all right uh yep nope just uh just doing you know
    some stuff in here why why are you standing like that
    I know just doing just doing special yoga to learn about why I should not go
    to the ten just don’t let its don’t look behind me look yoga don’t look behind me guys that was close
    if you saw this hole we’d be in a lot more trouble than this let’s get back
    down there okay look I brought you your coin here if I feed you this please let
    me in to the store I really need to get out of here oh and just eat faster perfect I think it worked all right here
    goes nothing guys this is her robot drone just trying to shoot us no no no
    this isn’t good guys if we’re gonna get the key to get out of here we gotta go
    through some sort of robot drone that’s shooting us okay hi definitely no sneaking around it
    there’s gotta be some other way to get through there maybe there’s something in
    the confiscated toy box I can use what’s that sound I know that sound
    I wouldn’t expect to see you here what are you doing in my school’s detention
    districts Trader Joe’s always here to sell you the best wears and tears of
    business and all I do is exchange relax okay well I I do have a little bit of an
    issue there is a robot trying to destroy me in the other room and if I’m gonna
    get out of here I need something to take down that robot do you have anything I
    can use that would be perfect I could use that to seek out the robot hi I need
    how many likes you want nobody likes you likes ya ya know we have like we don’t
    have them any like so what if we get 30,000 likes on this video what will you
    give it to me okay perfect no no I trust the viewers I’m sure they can get it
    guys look the only way we’re gonna be able to stop this thing and get out of
    here we need likes on this video if trader
    Joe doesn’t get his likes well I don’t know what he’ll do but knowing trader
    Joe it can’t be good okay look I’m getting you the likes can
    I have it now you owe yourself a brandy thanks for
    shopping at Trader Joe’s perfect now little weird but I think I can use this
    become Iron Man all right I don’t actually know how to activate this thing
    whoa perfect oh ho now this thing sounds
    powerful minou you’re gonna want to watch this
    hey mr. robot try this on for size I think we got it cut and I guess you
    would circuit in it now it’s got to figure out where we are this is this
    school honestly goes on for miles underground there’s a lot of weird
    places in the squad no idea existed this door up ahead oh no no no no no it’s
    blocked off looks like it’s sealed off with some metal taping if we can’t get
    through there guys we can’t get the key to get up detention it’s gonna be
    another way guys check this out it’s the ventilation shaft by the looks of it
    this ventilation shaft should lead into the storage locker
    wait the 3d printer I can 3d print a knife when you use a 3d printed knife to
    cut through the ventilation shaft and get the key inside the storage locker
    and get out of here once and for all all right here we go guys I’ve got the 3d
    printer and it looks like that’s a little bit of battery left in it should
    be able to use this to put myself a 3d knife alright guys there we go we’ve got
    ourselves a 3d printed knife and we should be able to use this to cut
    through this venting right now let’s do is cut through here still hardening a
    little bit as we just printed it but it’s actually extremely tough up here
    and is pretty sharp so I’m gonna use this to start cutting perfect now just
    push through here there we go looks like we’re able to cut ourselves a pretty
    nice square venting is off and I think we found the storage locker this should
    come in handy looks a little empty but if you see
    something on the wall there looks like a note it doesn’t look like I’ll be able
    to make it all the way through but I can make it close enough to read this note
    it says hit the selkie boss looks like this was a note from maybe one of the
    janitors the principal Pete he hid the cell key in here and it looks like well
    it’s not very hidden it’s right there got ourselves our cell key now it’s time
    to get out of here question now is did we take Willy with
    us and risk getting caught or do we sneak out by ourselves guys leave a
    comment down below if you think we should take Willy with us so far he was
    able to help us and I mean he did help us break out of this place
    I’ve got the key time to get out of here Willy Willy are you there hey you don’t
    suit yourself we’re getting out my lesson yeah I have
    learned my lesson and what’s the lesson not to cook eggs in class all right come
    with me you’re just letting me out like this I thought I was gonna be in here
    for 60 years what you have fully locked up for 60 years
    who’s Whaley Willie’s the guy in the detention cell next to me Willie Willie
    principal Pete’s letting me go what’s going on yeah my name is not Willie it’s
    will grow the pickle pea wait what your name’s not even Willie
    we’ll draw the people what I don’t know what you’re talking about but it’s time
    to go back to class what principal Pete sighs it’s time to go back to class
    come on and the pickle people strike again in another puppet video okay I
    guess Willie was a pickle thief who got pickles all right I guess it’s time to
    go back to class

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    August 22, 2019

    see what are you waiting for let’s go
    inside let’s do it is it unlocked oh it’s a long whoa check this thing out
    oh this thing really squishes down all my goodness
    whoa Carter check this thing out but Carter the real question is what is this
    this is a red button uh uh what that’s like I’m a mystery red button yeah what
    does this mean I don’t think I can live with myself if I don’t push this button
    today I gotta find out what its gonna do okay this is the button should I push it
    okay sure smash it like but at the same time I push this button in three what is
    going on Cher’s we are back at Shawn’s Autobahn design car dealership and we
    are in search of the most epic truck we have ever seen oh yeah
    major shout-out to my hands whoa for sending me these awesome box of cookies
    party want some snacks oh yeah what’s upstairs
    Stephen yeah you know I love snacks that I love my aunt Ann’s cookies they are
    the best oh yeah oh yeah you gotta make sure you share the cookie oh my gosh
    look at this truck order oh this thing is big like a big the wheel is oh my gosh you can see so much from up
    here this thing is massive look how big this thing is yeah this wheel is huge
    up to my hip whoa Steve I think the hood is like taller than your a head – oh my
    gosh you can see so much just from standing right here oh oh I’m just
    looking at this thing from the front even has two wheels in the back oh it’s
    got dually Steve this is like my xmax this is crazy this is like a semi-truck
    there is easier Dooley’s on a real truck I also put Dooley’s on my xmax and then
    drove it on water this thing is absolutely huge like my
    head just barely goes over the hood and I’m 6 feet tall I wonder what other kind
    of trucks he has here Oh Carter check it out we got a Hummer
    oh yeah last night we were here Sean gave us the keys to a yellow spongebob
    Hummer he’s gonna give us the keys to today
    let’s go inside let’s go let’s go yeah let’s go inside and try to find the
    coolest car he’s got here and see if we can get the keys and go for a test drive
    these cookies are so good thanks so much nn for what do you think’s inside what
    do you think I would say there’s probably at least one Lambo and one
    Ferrari in there this place it’s got the coolest cars oh wow there’s something
    really cool in here well there’s the Lambo I told you about whoa we got the
    white Lambo back the yellow way I’ve even got a yellow Ferrari oh I was right
    here that’s at least what Lambo and one Ferrari and there are actually two
    Lambos a white one a yellow one in a Ferrari you got a comment which one do
    you like better the yellow one or the white one or the yellow Ferrari so
    that’s three to choose from yellow one my cool is three supercars to choose
    probably got the yellow Ferrari the yellow Lambo with the black stripes and
    then the white Lambo it’s hard to say which one’s the best I don’t know I’ll
    give you guys a quick look this is a Ferrari 355 it’s convertible it’s really
    cool look that’s cool so in the summer you can take the top down that’s awesome yeah it’s got racing stripes that makes
    it go a little bit faster and then over here we’ve got the white Lambo this one
    is nice this one’s really fresh and then inside we have black and red interior
    check this out that’s pretty cool wow that is really nice and there he’s got
    some red stitching on the black leather seats this is really cool and you can
    see the engine right back here yeah that’s got to be the best part as you
    can see the engine that’s amazing say leave it off this is
    actually the same engine that’s in the cherry Guinea but we just can’t see it
    in ours or look at that engine that is awesome Lamborghini oh and check this
    out oh this is awesome yeah this is so cool look at this
    because that’s actually really sharp whoa wow that’s actually so sure oh my
    gosh whoa Steven is this thing even a truck I don’t even know what you call
    this thing this is insane I don’t know but we got this switch check this out
    share is here we go let’s turn this thing on in three two one whoa check this thing out what is this
    thing I don’t even know what you call it look at this it’s got white tires with
    red rims yeah this thing is an awesome on the turntable careful this is like
    compared to the other truck this is way shorter yeah you can probably drive this
    one underneath the other truck that’s how little yeah and then look at this
    the door locks have like a skull on it what what is going on inside here whoa
    look at it it’s got like a ready ject button whoa this is crazy and then look
    at this this is like metal it’s like metal oh wow this is crazy I’m hopping
    off this turntable whoo Oh a I said Chevrolet on the back of it what is this
    car shares if you know what kind of car this is common right now this is crazy
    oh is that the where the exhaust comes out whoa this thing is probably so loud
    yeah wonder resuce ever even give it a test drive
    oh yeah we got it was the headlights go did a skull on this thing there’s no
    where’s the headlights you probably can’t even see it when it drives on the
    road this is crazy see what are you waiting for the go inside let’s see what
    it is it unlocked oh it’s on long whoa check this thing out
    well it’s like rustic and like wow this think there’s one speaker two speakers
    using their heels in a mere whatever gear there whoa look at this thing oh this thing really squishes down all my
    goodness whoa Carter check this thing out well
    look at the steering wheel Steve oh my gosh wow this is so crazy what about
    another skull oh another skull this is whoa oh there’s two more bears
    everywhere shares how many skulls you think are on this car coming right now
    look at the Grim Reaper like slash your type thing but Carter the real question
    is what is this this is our red button uh uh what that’s a mystery red button
    yeah what does this mean I feel like it might make the passenger seat like eject
    out of the roof yeah I don’t know I’m not gonna touch that I am too scared to
    touch that button we got to find out what that button does though oh look at that
    it’s another skull plus one whoa Steve well I think this is your car why
    because it says SS Steven share yeah for Steven sure okay this truck is so cool
    car it’s gonna be so awesome we got to see pan get the keys from Sean yeah I
    bet driving this truck is going to be absolutely awesome it’s so low it’s so
    crazy and I’m probably so well I bet we turned the single it’s going to be a
    super level there’s no one way to find out let’s get the keys we’re gonna have
    them started up inside because apparently it’s super loud I don’t want
    to start in here ready I think the exhaust comes out this guide
    right here okay so we’re gonna take the car out we’ve got to use the turntable
    again turn it on there you go there it goes Cera’s we’re gonna get the key to this
    truck we’re gonna take it out on the road and go exploring this is gonna be
    crazy yeah we’re gonna go for a test drive in this haunted looking truck this
    is gonna be awesome what if it’s actually haunted I don’t
    know how many skulls to be count on it so far I think we’re at like five or six
    right now like a skull on it let’s do the skull on this thing
    Oh everywhere skull plus one so I don’t know it’s a pretty good chance that it
    might be haunted yeah let’s start it up let’s get going secondly this thing is gonna be crazy oh my
    goodness yeah that is crazy awesome this thing’s got a mind of its own yeah this
    thing is creepy so they’ve had this car for sale ever since they’ve had this car
    some creepy things that are happening in the car shop so I don’t know I’m getting
    a little bit nervous about driving this car theme okay we got the keys where Ranger I this
    that you don’t really think it’s classy car do you want to know what car can be
    haunted but now that I think about it it is like one of the most scary cars I
    have ever seen yeah you check this out but we found out where the headlights
    are check this out oh yeah the headlights of this car
    they’re like hidden so it’s kind of scary look at that they’re down in there
    that’s crazy let’s do it the door squeaks every time okay see I’m coming in this is gonna be
    awesome oh yeah oh there you go
    this is so creepy just looking in here so you look at all these all this metal
    and it is great that why is there so much metal oh whoa the ceiling is so low
    in this car okay close the door oh I found another skull check it out is one
    more right here okay Steve this car is totally crazy
    I’ve never been in a car like this but the dashboard
    what does that mean the sled the sled with fire on it I see you what does that
    mean I have no idea how do I even dry this thing I don’t know what this does I
    don’t know if I want to press this yeah I think that probably connects to this
    or something I’m afraid if you push that button I’m gonna get launched out of the
    seat like a James Bond okay so I think to drive it you got to
    pull down the Grim Reaper what no way yeah I give it a good yank crazy pull
    the Grim Reaper Oh what was that pull it more okay what oh my god I think we’re
    moving we’re moving okay oh my goodness we’re moving your head is rubbing the
    ceiling Wow whoa okay whoa oh I think so okay oh my
    gosh car this time here it’s not even oh this is a scary car I don’t know what is
    a Grim Reaper thing in here this is crazy sure isn’t
    I gotta buckle up before we get out to the road and Rostov whoa this is insane
    this truck is crazy is this your review Mir right here I
    guess but I don’t know what it points to oh gosh she was long kinds of noises
    careful we gotta go slow on the speed bumps yeah look it over here Steve
    there’s two skulls one and two right there one hand up in the big one right
    there I don’t even know what this will do yeah
    why there’s so many schools at this car and I definitely do not know why is a
    grim reaper thing here and i don’t know what that button is either or this maybe
    this is a fire extinguisher I don’t know and the other crazy thing is that our
    heads are touching the ceiling all right we made it have a parking lot if there’s
    that giant truck see there’s the big ol we saw at the beginning of the vlog and
    now we’re in one that’s really small and like really creepy it oh my god see what’s going on with that game I
    don’t know this cars getting really bumpy though something’s happening whoa
    whoa Oh siga so to get me kind of scoot down
    a little bit – well that didn’t sound good I’m gonna turn down this road you
    can check it out oh that sounded bad throw the elbow up
    and scoot down share it’s a lot creepier than I thought
    oh yeah check that we’ve got awesome quarter ready take the picture yeah this
    car is gonna call so this would be a great thumbnail three two one
    yeah there it is whoa Steve what is that what is that oh my gosh what is that in
    the photo Steve’s quarter quick let’s get out of
    here come on let’s go Steve I don’t know what that is there’s something I don’t
    know okay this quarry is getting creepy look at this we have like no fuel left
    it’s below e-card we gotta get back yeah this gauge is wailing this is our to get
    creepy in the Sun is setting and I haven’t feel like that it has something
    to do with it yeah pull the dream Reaper let’s get out of here Steve
    ready oh oh I think this is the Grim Reaper’s car Steve I think the Grim
    Reaper drives this car sure if you don’t know who the Grim Reaper is then you’re
    really lucky because this guy is really scary maybe that’s why there’s so many
    skulls on this car Steve yeah I don’t know what is going on
    Steve is just another red button right here oh my gosh what’s that other red
    button there’s a button there and there’s a button here yeah sure as
    colleagues you know what that buttons gonna do if I press I’m scared
    oppressive but if it’s like a heart attack button I have no idea I’m not
    pressing that car you’re gonna press it should I push it
    so I think I might push it should we try it
    I think we should try and see what it does if I don’t think I can live with
    myself if I don’t push this button today I gotta find out what its gonna do
    prison okay so this is the button should I push it
    scared okay sure smash that like button the
    same time I push this button in three what was that the light came on soon I’m
    not sure what the button does Steve but the light turns on I’m thinking maybe we
    had to hold the button down for a little bit longer so it’s trying one more time
    I mean with this fire extinguisher thing yeah okay ready I’m gonna try holding it
    down a little bit longer in three two one the lights on Oh leave what love that what just
    happened I don’t know we got to get out of here yeah let’s get this go whoa okay
    I’m not pushing that button to get yours I don’t know one of us people’s get out
    of here to make it back I don’t want to run out of gas at this point let’s go gotta get the car back before the Sun
    sets I have a feeling things are gonna go really really bad just when it
    doesn’t like we’ll do a 3 a.m. challenge in this car whew I’m scared a lot if I
    decide ok we are back let’s get this car back to auto by design Steve whoo yeah
    let’s get out of here oh my gosh come on see what we get acclimated crank the
    door all the way up which way twist it no one more the other way the other way
    stay which one okay well I’m not waiting around I’m getting out of this thing
    this thing is crazy Steve come on get out of there what are
    you doing okay I’m out whoa that car is haunted you think this car is haunted
    yeah yeah Oh Steve how’s that car rolling all by
    itself quarter I’m getting out here okay that car’s got a mind of its own I think
    it really is haunted let’s get out of here if we should do three I’m
    challenged I don’t just get smash the like button this is gonna be crazy I
    don’t want to do it it’s gonna be scary

    Kuta Beach, Bike taxi, Mobile sim – BYE BALI
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    Kuta Beach, Bike taxi, Mobile sim – BYE BALI

    August 22, 2019

    My return flight is scheduled at 4 pm its 11:15 am Almost everyone from my team has left as they had a different flight I am travelling by Thai Airways which is at 4 pm So I am passing the time and exploring this place No one is insisting to buy. How good is that! No one is bothering This costs 40,000 IDR But she is saying that its ok to bargain in this market Use your bargaining skills We Indians are expert in bargaining I asked her to go ahead because I think she was creating noise behind me This is a typical market in such tourist place Girlfriend!!
    Oh! he made me emotional Now, please don’t start teasing me on this matter They were intentionally creating noise after seeing the camera This is Art Market in Kuta Thats the beach Kuta is a happening place in Bali If you love shopping, don’t forget to give a visit to the Art market You will find a lot of tourists from all over the world at this place You will get a Telkomsel sim for 200,000 IDR and get 7 GB of internet data He was asking for 300,000 iDR But he offered me a discount of 100,000 IDR So the final cost is 200,000 IDR approx 1000 INR, which is very expensive You must have got an idea of a sim cost. Its better ask 2-3 shopkeepers to get the best deal This is Kuta beach You’ll see many tourist relaxing, getting a massage… Some are doing water activities I am not going ahead You can use this paid shower facility after the beach activities Bali traffic is pathetic During our trip a lot of time got wasted in traffic jams Thats why, this is one-way zone That gentleman is trying to cross the road he is on the zebra crossing, still no one is stopping for him This is a difference between Russia, European countries and South-east, South Asian countries You must have seen in my videos that traffic stops for the pedestrians using the zebra crossings They respect the right of pedestrians Did you see how he reacted when I refused to go with him! Imitating Deepika Padukone (Tamasha movie) I am going to visit this departmental store wow! its airconditioned! what a relief!! Milk is known as Susu… like Malaysia Thats gabah restaurant it means, I am on the right way I am now going to visit Discovery mall probably he was selling drugs I have reached Discovery mall Mr Dewa said, that this is probably the largest mall in Bali So lets go in its very hot and humid outside open from 10 am to 10 pm its 12:30 pm now I am going back to the hotel wow!! the weather is so cool..
    fantastic.. fantastic.. ‘pun intended’ I am sweating again he seems to be a big fan of bollywood music Many people have asked me this question how to select a place to stay in a tourist destination? we receive such queries on the facebook group of TouristHelpline Let me share the answer to it Check the ratings and feedback provided by the guests on famous websites like…, yatra, makemytrip, agoda, etc. check the reviews of the hotels check guest’s ratings, not the agency’s ratings now we are going back but I got an important information how can a budget traveller travel in Bali? there are lot of hostels to stay for a budget traveller but how to travel ! there are bike taxis, called Ojek by the way, she is Brinda from Kolkata She is a journalist from the Telegraph newspaper She was the only one in our group who could understand the Balinese language She has spent her childhood in Indonesia That is how she knows a lot of things about this place That is a Grab bike taxi Can ojeks be booked online? Yes, sure But if you don’t have an app, you can approach anyone of them on the road they will take you anywhere This concept is quite old in Bali its like using a taxi or autos in India You can find these Ojeks easily on the road They are also quite cheap he is saying… their prices are fixed they have a fixed rate for kilometers You can also get a bill on your mobile phone if you use their mobile app its like Uber and Ola (in India) We have reached the airport I’ll meet you soon after completing the airport formalities That airplane will take me to Bangkok after a layover of 3-4 hours Thai Airways will take me to Kolkata So the trip is completed now I will reach Kolkata at 1 am I experienced Malaysia airlines while coming to Bali Now return flight is with Thai AIrways Thanks to the organisers of this trip Thanks to Indonesian tourism authority for inviting us in Bali They invited journalists to show their country.. beautiful Bali and then we can inform you about those places using our platforms like newspapers, youtube channels, etc. so that you can get inspired and come to visit this wonderful place Now I am going to board the plane This is November 2017. The year is going to end now Now, lets meet in 2018

    Ponda, Goa SpiceFarm visit | Fish Thali & Ras omelette at Panjim
    Articles, Blog

    Ponda, Goa SpiceFarm visit | Fish Thali & Ras omelette at Panjim

    August 22, 2019

    Hello friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. So, far, we’ve explored lots of food & beaches in South & North Goa. We enjoyed a lot! We also spent a one full day in Panjim. In which we ate local food and saw around whole of Panjim. Today is a bit different. First of all, we are going to eat something. After that we are going to go from Calangute to Ponda, which is 60kms away. The primary objective of going to Ponda is to visit a spice farm. The route to Ponda will pass via Panjim. Right now, we have travelled 8kms from Calangute and we’re at Chef Peter’s Kitchen. I have with me Chef Peter’s wife. So, it’s like a hidden food joint. Now I’m going inside the kitchen with her to see what we are eating today and how it is cooked. I have with me Chef Peter here. The first dish he is going to prepare today is cheese-stuffed mushroom. To make this, grated cheese is stuffed into a mushroom. Mushrooms are dipped in a batter, basically made of refined flour. It is further rolled in breadcrumbs. And then fried. Now he is cooking Bhindi (okra) Reachado. People who love Reachado masala but are vegetarians, can enjoy this dish. I find this very interesting – bhindi is washed and split in the middle…. …Reachado masala is applied to it inside… It is then dipped in batter, rolled in breadcrumbs & deep fried. This process is very tempting to look at. For the third dish, vindaloo masala is added to a tempering of onions & tomatoes. This masala is cooked for 3-5 minutes. To that, chopped mushrooms and eggplant are added. And the dish is ready in another 5-7 minutes. The 3 dishes look so beautiful served like this. We will start with Bhindi Recheado. Ma’am please take some! This is my first experience eating mushrooms with cheese stuffing. Host: “It is very tasty!” Just think about the recipe. Reachado masala stuffed inside the bhindi and fried like this! This recipe is also interesting. Cheese in mushroom is a first-time experience for me. It is delicious! I was telling Chef that people must be enjoying this kind of preparation with drinks. Its taste is such that I am enjoying it. A lot of people told me that I would get to eat good Recheado dishes at a lot of places. But to prepare a dish with Vindaloo masala is an art in itself. I will be eating this with Unde, a local Goan bread. First & foremost, the Vindaloor gravy is quite spicy. It has spice! So, if you like your food spicy, you will find it delicious. To cook a good Vindaloo preparation, you need a good quality vinegar. I am feeling a slight tanginess while eating it, as well as lot of spice. And both gravy and bread form a great combination of taste. Host: “Sir, tell me one thing, Recheado and Vindaloo have more or less same ingredients.” Host: “So, what is the basic difference between the two?” Chef: “Recheado is used for fish and veg stuffing & it can be cooked on the spot & served… ….whereas vindaloo you have to cook and keep for maturing for a day or two.” Host: “Like you mature a pickle.” Chef: “Yeah!” I seriously wanted to learn the difference between these two spice mixes. Host: “Good that you summarized the difference perfectly.” Host: “Sir, what your restaurant timings?” Chef: “11 am to 3 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm.” To come here and experience this kind of food was a pleasant experience for us. Host: “Thanks sir.” We undertook maximum journey in North Goa on a scooty. Now our next destination is to reach Ponda. And to visit a spice farm there. Right now, I am thinking of parking my scooty in Panjim & book a cab from there. Because the road to Ponda is a highway. We parked our bike in Panjim and booked this taxi from there. It cost us Rs. 1800/- for 80kms. Right now, we’ve reached Ponda. We are in Ponda for two things. The first objective is to visit the spice farm ‘Sahakari.” After that we will take lunch in Ponda & then we’ll go back to Panjim The per person ticket is Rs. 400/-. It includes a guided tour and lunch too. (Staff welcome) Very good! Thank You! Thanks, thanks, thanks! Since it is a guided tour, I have a guide with me! So, he has just explained to me that this is a supari (betel nut) tree. The green colored supari that you can see there turns orange on ripening. This is the first time I am seeing a vanilla creeper. We get the vanilla bean after a flower grows on this stem and turns into a fruit. That fruit is dried and we get a vanilla bean like this. My guide brought me this bean separately. Thank you! In our Coorg coffee episode, we had given a detailed description about a pepper plant like this. Let us move on. This is lemongrass. You can use it in your tea too. Cinnamon tree! After the tree matures, its branches are chopped, dried and the bark removed to make cinnamon. Let me smell a leaf! There is cinnamon smell in its leaf. It is raining heavily. We have been waiting for the last 30 minutes. We will continue our farm visit once the rain stops. This is green cardamom plant. These are fully grown green chilies. It is called Portuguese chili. My guide told me that it is very spicy. Goan vegetarian food with Kokum drink. This drink has heeng (asafoetida) and green chili in it alongwith coriander. In this vegetable gravy, potatoes and lobia (black-eyed peas) are visible. I am enjoying eating this Goan food. Its taste is completely different. Since I am here, my experiences are growing, changing, enhancing on a daily basis. Quite simple preparation of Toor dal! The only thing is chili is on a higher side. But good! Very delicious! In any case, I love sweet rice dishes. This thing is lending a delicious taste to rice. We received learning as well as knowledge here. You would need at least 3-4 hours to spend if you want to explore the spice farm thoroughly. Today, it rained heavily for at least an hour and a half. Thus, we enjoyed rains along with our spice farm visit. Now we are leaving for a place 6kms away from here to explore more food. I’ve already ordered a thali for myself. You can see the King fish fillet right in the middle. What you see here is called Kokum. I’ve requested them to show me kokum in its raw form too for your benefit. Kokum is readily available in Goa, Maharashtra. This is because Kokum trees are aplenty here. It is sour, I’ve tasted it in Mumbai. Usually people drink it at the end as it aids digestion but I’m going to start with it. It is very delicious. This drink has other things too apart from Kokum. Green chili, coriander, garlic… Rawa (semolina) fried King fish. What texture! And how inviting it seems to eat this fish in this thali. Very delicious! Bangra fish is popular here. And King fish too. You will get to eat these 2 fishes in thalis everywhere, rawa-fried like this. Simple marination, no complicated masala! Absolutely fresh & delicious! Prawn curry! Quite decent taste of prawn curry! And to eat it with rice like this makes for a perfect meal! Prawn curry has coconut in it, as usual. And… it has haldi (turmeric powder) and spices like coriander and cumin seeds. Prawn curry is very delicious! Host: “How old is this restaurant?” Waiter: “25 years sir!” Host: “25 years!” Perfect! Thank you! What you are seeing here is the shrimp in the prawn curry. Now I got it in my second helping. Prawn curry with rice like this, what an outstanding taste! What you are seeing here is Kismur. This is dried prawn, of which this dish is made. And all this white color ingredient is coconut. Very different! The taste of prawn curry, which I was eating before this, is not leaving my tongue. Since this is completely dry, first I should have that, then I’ll come to this. It was good coming here. It was a good experience and today was a success. I’ve reached the Panjim Municipal Vegetable Market. To check out fruits & vegetables. It is quite a huge market. I found this fruit quite different here. I found out from them, it is called Rambutan. I have never seen it before. See it is somewhat like a litchi. A little sweet… ..juicy… ..tasty. This is how the shell looks from inside after the inner kernel is removed. There is also a seed inside the fruit kernel, which you can throw away. Host: “What is the rate of this fruit?” Shopkeeper: “Rs. 350 per kg.” Host: “Rs. 350 per kg.” So please pack half a kg of this for me. Right now, we’ve come for Ras Omelette (gravy omelette) near Don Boscoe School, Panjim. All these food carts that you see, they used to be near Church Square earlier These days, these carts open here between 6 pm and 11 pm to 11.30 pm. Pav was pressed and cooked like this. The concept of Ras Omelette is quite interesting. Basically it is omelette only. They have topped it with chicken curry and a small chicken piece, here. Interesting taste! Right now, I’m just enjoying it. It is quite a good and tasty combination. Chicken gravy poured over a simple omelette. On top of that garnished with onion and fresh coriander. If you want to make it extra tangy, add some lemon like this. Light snack! And if you eat some more of it, then light dinner! Ras omelette was on my checklist. I didn’t want to miss it before leaving Goa. So, finally I am happy that I came here to eat it. It is good that you get more chicken gravy, if you need an additional helping. Goodnight for now! We will go back to our hotel after we finish this. Our Ponda and Panjim visit of today was good. Please tell us what you liked the most about today’s episode. As always, I shall wait for your comments. We will meet soon with a new and exciting journey. Till then, goodbye! See you soon!


    I found a DOG in Minecraft!!! – Part 7

    August 22, 2019

    Gaming Week Supreme is back with Minecraft. Minecraft. How many episodes until I become an official Minecraft channel… NOW, Some new things has happened. Do you remember that vendor that I was like, “Should I kill him?” And everyone said “Yes”, but I didn’t do it? Well, I killed him. *laughs* And now his llamas, oh, they finally stop spitting at me! Oh thank God, they kept spitting at me. Oh, we’re friends now, that’s awesome. So I have their leashes, wish I could use on Jørgen. What up boat cow? oH, I’m riding llama!! Oh, oh, yeah! Miiinecraft! ( subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom) *laughs* This is aWEsoMe! *breathes in* Okay… OH There’s another thing I want to do. Okay. So look at this, gamers. I was like… I was like, “Oh yeah my storage. It’s getting a little cramped.” So I make EPIC storage. That’s right, gamers. Now, I have plenty of space to store all my dirt. *laughs* I also have lava dispenser which I can just toss bad things into, this is very respectable. It just takes me a while to find What I is I need to find? All right. Don’t worry about it. Ah, here it is. Name tag. So a lot of you been saying that I can put a name tag on Joergen and I’m like, “That’s epic.” Joergan… How I put name tag on you? Take it, it’s a friend! Joergan, don’t make me hur- NOOO! AHHH! I’M SO AAA! SORRY! Quick… Joergen, he must heal, he must heal! Eat it! You need to eat something, you’re gonna die! 🙁 Stop spitting! Oh, I need an anvil… Anvil. Can- I can’t make an anvil. How I make anvil? Iron ingot… Block of iron *gasp* NANI? One, two… Woah. These are so pretty… Okay. So it’s like this. Alright. Look at this gamer. Anvil, baby! Smash like if you’re a gamer and you knew how to make an anvil from head. What… BAM! It’s nametag time bros. Okay, uh… this Alright, he should be called… “Joergan”. Enchantment cost? WhAt? How do I get a- jEr- wha- What? What? I did it! Joergan, you’re gonna have a name! This is historical moment. Oh wait It was supposed to be Joergan II! God damnit What is enchantment cost? What am I paying my soul? Here you go Joergan, Joergan #2! yeEAh!! Eat some whEAt! Alright so surely- Oh, wow. Llamas are… EW. Yo, you’re so close Go away. Did we not love each other? I think this situation is getting a little out of hand. Guys, please… One at a time, one at a time. I’m so generous. Look at this. Jesus Christ dude! Joergan! Stop it>:( Now… I know for a fact that Joergen isn’t gonna run anywhere. That’s amazing. And Joergen look, you have frieNd! …You say another word to me… and it’s the axe. *dramatic sounds* Okay, cool. So today we’re gonna do EPIC adventure, we’re gonna go through nether portal! Okay, gamers. It’s portal time! *epic portal sounds* wooWahwoOwuh **PANIC** mmMMMhH mmHHHH mmmhHMM *attack on titan plays* aCK GODDAMNIT! What are you doing here?? I didn’t know you could be here! Oh god, I almost choke on G FueL. That was crazy. Okay, let’s go gamers. Jesus Christ dude, whoever said Minecraft wasn’t scary told a lie. Aight I gotta be careful here… because the ghost-lady-thing blew up mY BRIDGE! My poor bridge… ;( Didn’t do anything… Look at that. Look at this, dude Very epic. Let’s go through gamers. Wait… Pigman went through. Pigman! Go back home! Pigman, you have to go back home. You’re lost and confused. Don’t worry, I’ll help you. …What if I kill him in this world? Then I can get his epic diamond sword. Pigman, Pigman stop! Pigman stop! Stop! Stop! You’re gonna get yourself killed Pigman, please, please pigman… PIGMAN! PIGMAN! Okay… DAMNIT! How??? Oh yeah, we’re going to the city because I need to trade wheat. Because if I trade wheat, I get the pearls and I like pearls. *laughs* …I don’t know what to do with them. That bunny just die? Oh my god. It’s being invaded! AAAAAAAAHH- WHAT IS THIS?? Kill the small ones! Kill younglings! Guys, this is not epic. There’s a zombie invasion! What the hell is this?? This is not my battle, this is not my fight! BUT FOR SWEDEN AND JOERGAN! Oh gOd WoAh …. WoW *bird sounds* Oh god …. ah No! Ah! It’s getting dangerous, eat! What is that, a wizard? This is too epic, gamers! I don’t wanna die! Not like this! AAAAAAH Blow them up, creeper-san! YeEeAaA That’s gamer intuition, what to do with the right- eehhhm Don’t worry I saved your city, now trade me wheat What’re you guys doing? (yeah)*2 eW, What are you doing with that? Ew! Ew, wizard it’s time to- goddamn it, I lost the wizard! Where’d the Wizard go? I kill wizard He still be here. I look away one second. He’s still here. I swear. I swear I can’t play two minutes of this game without getting distracted. What was I doing? Look there enchanted arrows. I Knew it was wizardry. Is he the one that attacked the village? wOaH woah, woah, woah, woah, woah wuawuawuawuawuawua Trade me wheat, sir No nOt paper- there it is. There’s only one emerald? fine That’s pretty more Thank you. Thank you for your business Look we got that bling! We got that emerald. He trade me for wheat. What a wheat. You know, I sit- oh we can trade these for bricks wOW That’s amazing, I don’t understand what’s happening here. That’s just all I’m saying No discrimination like they can be what- you look like such a pimp! You just sell me paper you- do I look like I need paper? You look like you’re stone out of your goddamn mind! Oh, I get it oH i GeT iT You think they give you a thanks for saving this city but nO, minecraft heroes Do exist Never take one for granted. All right, there’s a new area. I want to explore let’s get it gamers. WhOa! There’s… oh god There’s mountains up in the distance Okay, this could be a good place to set up camp One two, okay, we set up a new camp gamers This is epic Very good second house Be quiet But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to explore new adventures and lands while you were out Meeting new people I was mining fluxing minecraft discovering new worlds looking at new places WhAt is that a boat? It’s Titanic. We found it. What is all this? It’s icebergs, it’s freakin icebergs in Minecraft wHaT What can I mine these ? Do they explode *gasps* AaAaA It’s ice. What if we found Titanic what would you do? WhAt, what is that? What is that that is? Awesome. I’m being like ironic about it But it looks so cOoL This is so awesome There is so many places to GoOoo *laughs* WhAt there’s bears, how can there be bears? Hello bear Konichiwa *confusion noises* No kumi san Do you want, you-ga I give you, you want this? You want some bone? Alright Fine leave then see if I care There’s Titanic. I freaking found tita-*wheezing sounds* gamers Gamers. Oh My god, we gotta find it an airlock or else this is not gonna last very long Oh god , i’m crazy. Why did I do this? aAaAaA *breathes in* *breathes out* *gasp* I’M UNDER THE ICE…..AAAAAAAAA NoO, no no no no no oohoohoo *exaggerated gasping* I Really- some people said I can make a potion to breathe under water go down god, damn it Where’s the chest *gasps* found it Oops I read them bitches don’t need them Yeah, what’s in the books? separate books huh. chest number two? Okay, oh Oo , ow Okay, we’re okay, we’re okay let’s not be greedy now. We got another treasure map bros. We’re actually not that far. Should we? *happiness noises* Maybe later maybe later Got plenty of places to go Like this, is this, is this just like a mountain? Is this not special at all? Just looks like an eagle castle, doesn’t it? That’s another boat. Are you kidding me? Now I can’t find too many things 🙁 WoW Minecraft….MiNeCrAfT The greatest game I have ever played There’s so many things to explore again. look at that! look at that! It’s all coming out of the mountain. Fucker get awa- what I- Godamn. I hate them. Alright, so let’s build a tower here, so that we can find our way back to Joergen later. Cause if we can’t make it back to Joergen, then what’s the point? And also, Okay, dare me to jump. Jesus Christ, I’m scared. Oh God weeeeeeeeee Oh ho Did I just unironically say, “wee?”. Okay there’s clearly something down here. All will be, *gasps* there’s something over there toOoOo *zombie noises* My boat, my boat *more zombie noises* *zombie noises* What is ha- that’s my bohoho . What are you doing? *laughs* Oh, they’re going together, that’s so cuuute. Okay you guys are cool. You guys can chill with me. I saw a light down here. This is just an airlock, oh it is. It’s evolved. Alright guys lowkey need the boat back. Can you please Can I make a new boat? I don’t have enough material Guys I need the boat. I need the freakin boat. Oh my god. Hey! We can be friends. We can ride boat together. Oh it is an underwater city. oH wOw Ok, so some of you told me that these magma blocks you can step on them to replenish… your air? Which is not working Oh it is working. This makes no sense… minecraft *gasps* chest! Golden Apple baby! Frick yeah! Dude we got brick over here. I’ll grab some brick another chest Can’t open it Ow , ow It’s just wheat gamers God damn it. That is so cool Such a giant waterfall dude. Look at that tree, dude We don’t get trees like that at home. Oh my god, the map is filling in Fine, we’ll do one more But this time, I’ll find the goddamn. All I’m saying is the loot better be EPIC Okay, here we go. Hopefully it’s not under water this time. Oh god it is Uh Alright x marks the spot. *gasps* Oh my god, I found it right away. Oh my go- *proceeds to laugh* What the hell? *continues to laugh* I can’t believe it. What. Why’d it take me so long last time? Oh god. I am way too slow. Dude we got diamonds. I don’t care if I’m choking *slowly dying* Oh! No! Oh god Huh…. no Joergen…what? uh No, I have to head back uHhHhHhh How long does the item stay? Oh god, where was it ? uhHh uHhH Where was it? Oh god, I don’t remember. Wait, I can review the footage. Oh my god, I am such an idiot. I’m retracing my steps. Oh god, the sun is setting Such a beautiful sunset Oh god, it’s- Okay, oh my god I found it! oh it’s all floating! Oh god, yes. *grunts then breathes out* *keeps breathing out exaggeratedly* Oh dude there’s a wizard And Enderman, oh god don’t look at its eyes. Look. We got heart of the sea. I think this is like an actual rare item There’s another floating treasure map. No big deal. I think I’m stuck Alright you guys told me I need to kill these guys. So I’m just gonna do it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. This is not personal I think you’re cool. If I had to pick, then we would chill and eat melon and be epic Oh, what if I blow him up? Alright see you in a bit , okay gamer *explosion* *happiness noise* Got em! Did he drop item? That was epic. Man this place is so much cooler I feel like I should immigrate here with Jeorgen. He would like the trees. And the ice mountains. Whoa. What is that? Whoa! He’s got a freaking trident dude. I’m under attack gamers. Oh my god! He dropped the gold? This guy’s a rich *dies* NO! Are you kidding me? Stop Felix. Stop. Stop what you’re doing, you idiot. Oh goddamn it, goddamn it. *intense breathing* I’m going to sleep and when I wake up, i’m gonna get my stuff back. *constipation noises* AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *shrieking* nOoOo AaAaAaAaAa Don’t panic, don’t panic. It’s FiNe Stop being so greedy Felix goddamn it why. here we go again. *sad laughing* Was it here it was here wasn’t it? Oh my god. There he is Oh God. Okay. OhHhHh yeah gamers. I’ll get him. If I wasn’t such a klutz. You know, at least he didn’t steal my stuff. I appreciate that. Where’s the gold? Where’s the diamond gold? Oh it begins. Dude he does so much damage. Alright, so the plan is to let him shoot his friend. There you go, and then we swim towards him. You can’t do this forever. *gasps* He, dropped it! *gasps* That’s a super rare drop! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! I got a trident. Yeah, yeah. I got a trident! Alright, I gotta trident. Can I shoot? *gasps* wHaT?? That’s awesome Just wait until Joergen sees this. Oh my god, he’s gonna flip out. Alright, I’m going home That’s enough, Felix. You’re going straight home to pancakes *gasps* pancakes? I’ve actually become a-infantilized by this game. Damn, it feels good to come back with this much epic loot Today all gamers gets bread Diamonds when I walk, diamonds when I talk. Yeah. Diamonds when I walk , ohh. I can make a conduit with heart of the sea? Aight, I’m going to sleep. Dude, I’m getting pro at minecraft, I’m finding so many stuffs! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whao! Hold on, hold on. I’m rich. That’s more money than I traded from wheat in a year supply. Did I just win the lottery? Thirteen, what? And then you get potatoes and paper. Aqua infinity… Does that mean I can breathe under water better? Let’s try it. Oh, it does seem like the bubbles are different. nO wAy There’s no difference, I’m an idiot. All right, let’s get the second treasure map because The loot was too good. I can’t ignore. Oh my god. There’s another one *Pewds laughing* uHhHhh haha This one is all blown up dude. Found it right away gamers. And it’s potato and carrot stew tonight gamers. What a poor shit! This is Ikea shit! Huh? Goddamn this one is far away. I’m gonna have to Dude look at that Minecraft was not this epic when I played it, okay? you would not see stuff like that. So sorry if I am super amazed. Dude there’s a dog thing. Oh my god. Hey dog. *gasps* I Love you, come back. I give more steak You want more steak? How about, you like potatoes. You want potato? carrot? Okay, it’s cool. Maybe bones. Oh another one. Want another one? Keeps looking at me. You’re so cute! Dude, I’ve given you everything I have. Don’t look at me like that. I’m cooking chicken for this dog *laughs* Is the chicken done? Give him the chicken! Hi doggy You want apple? No? what about chicken, you like chicken? *gasps* He likes chicken. Now go in. Now go in mate. Go on then. I don’t- that’s all I have. Don’t leave me I love you. I don’t have anything else, mate It’s not abuse, it’s not abuse. damn it! Just go in there, just go in there Just go in there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go in there. Yeah, yeah, yeah Daddy’s coming home.. very soon. Just need to- what am I doing? I’ll leave him with apple… And water, okay He’ll be fine Be right back, I’ll be right- AAAAAAAAAAAA!! No, no, not today mr. Creeper God, I need to start making maps. I just need to follow this. B O N E S I heard bones over here and I need them I’ve never been so glad to see these guys No bones? Doggy, hi doggy. *gasps* He’s sitting! He’s so cuuuuuute. Oh he’s got a collar, does that mean you’re my friend? What? Let’s go gamer. I need to bring you back home Joergen… is gonna see you Oh, he can sit?! *proceeds to laugh* That’s so cute, what other commands does he know? Good doggy. How do I command the dog, like go? Fetch. Will he just follow me? *gasps* Oh, more bones. Oh god. Oh my god, is he attacking? Go doggy!! Get him, he’s running away! *laughs* You’re not so tough now are ya? He likes the bones, here have a bone. He needs a name… Sven It’s… Sven. Sven is on the f-attack. Let’s go gamer. Did you hear that, Sven? I think we’re getting close to the treasure, but my god, we’re far away from home All right, just Cool, Sven can teleport that’s good to know. Oh, we’re filling in the map. Oh my god, diamonds and heart of the sea again! Goddamn we’re on a roll today. We got Sven. We got all these epic stuff click, click. click, click, click, click, click, click, click We got it, let’s bounce gamer Okay, now we just gotta find our way home *laughs* Oh god God with Sven swimming it might take a while. I think someone has earned a little snack, Sven That’s right. I love you, too. We’re gonna have to stay the night in here Sven. It’s okay. It’s cozy. I know you’re scared of dark. I lit up for you Look, he’s got his little spot. That’s so cute, sit. *laughs* I’m such a child. cUuUuUte *laughs* Who’s a good dog? Oohoo, that’s right, you Sven. I’ve been playing it for two hours? *laughs* And I still have so much to do! *laughs some more* All right, that’s enough. Let’s go gamer. Oh god, it’s a creeper. Let me take care of it Don’t hurt my dog Can I give a shield to Sven? Oh god what if we– What if we don’t make it back? Do I start a new home with Sven? But what about Joergen..? Well, there’s a house here *gasps* what? I was looking for my boat, let’s get real we’re never gonna make you back home. There’s too many distractions. What is this? Dude this looks so cool It’s more villagers. Good talk. Oh he take- he actually trades rotten flesh. I have so much of it. I saved it for no reason. It’s a cat wearing armor? *gasps* Does that mean you can wear armor? Sven? Hello? No He was here a secon- No, I can’t do this. I cannot have another pet that act like this Oh, where is he? Oh my god, there he is. I can’t do this. Sven, but you gotta swim dude.. My god, are you actually this slow? Look he teleports. Oh my god Is this how we’re gonna have to do it, Sven? There you go. *laughs* Oh my god, this is gonna take so long, but it will be worth it. Goddamn it. Oh my god, it’s a sea turtle. It has stranded itself Don’t worry sea turtle. I save your life. Wow I save your- There you go. You’re back with nature And your mom friend thing. Live, live goddammit. I have to sit through the night again because this guy can’t swim. What? We walk back to this house. So that’s where the compass said- Joergen..! Joergen!! There’s someone I want you to meet Joergen Sveeen Sveeen and Joergen and the boat cow and the llama guys my- and-and water sheep.. Okay, this is epic. Yay 🙂 Sit. *laughs* Ohhhh boy did we get some epic loot, Joergen. The adventures I can tell you about. All right, this definitely does it for this episode Damn What (x2,) you never played super simulator? PFFT! You know, it’s fun right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion, But give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not. Not convinced yet? Okay. I’ll cut you a deal.. The game is available for free and that’s a great price!

    Boating responsibly this Labor Day
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    Boating responsibly this Labor Day

    August 22, 2019


    New Solar Time Tracker by Missouri Wind and Solar
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    New Solar Time Tracker by Missouri Wind and Solar

    August 21, 2019

    Hi everybody, I’m Jeff from Missouri Wind and Solar and I’m up here in Michigan. Dennis Pete will be in a minute, but I
    want to show you a new solar tracker that’s been designed and patented by
    Dennis. It’s called a solar time tracker, it doesn’t work by following the sun, it
    works on time. This is a patented device and Dennis just got this
    done. Okay, this is Dennis Pete and he is the designer of the solar time tracker and
    he holds the patent on it. So Dennis, why don’t you explain what the solar time
    tracker is. Well, a solar time tracker goes by the time of day. It’s just like a watch so it moves by the time It’ll go from 8 o’clock, and move into the 8 o’clock position. Normally what they do, but they will be at
    east and as the day goes on, when the sun rotates, moves, it will stop where the
    sun is at. So it will move every hour through the day until it gets to west and then at ten
    o’clock at night, the solar time tracker will say, “hey, time to go back home” so we’ll go back home which is east and wait for the sun to come up again. And
    what’s what’s good about the solar time tracker over the other trackers is that you don’t have all the… electronics on your poles sticking up into the eye especially if you live in a place where you got a lot of snow covering up the eye. So all we have in this is an actuator out here that turns it, the rest of it’s in a box that’s got two processors in it. One
    processor for one pole or two processors for two poles. Everything that’s in the box is in the building, you don’t have to worry about the weather and it’s always going to track the sun no matter what, you don’t have to worry about clouds or chasing a cloud or something, it just works by the time of day. Okay, so the solar tracker, or the solar time tracker, works by the time of day. It moves by time? Right. A solar tracker follows the sun? Right.
    Which, I think the time tracker makes a lot more sense, especially on cloudy and really
    hazy days, it’s not looking for the sun at all, it’s going to be pointing at
    the sun no matter what time of day it is. it always knows where the sun is at, it isn’t chasing something, like a white cloud, it always knows where that sun is at a certain time of day. So this
    is the actuator on the 12 panel mount. Dennis can explain about this actuator.
    This actuator is made in the United States, it’s a very heavy built actuator. This is a 36 volt motor on it, you also can run a 24 volt motor if you want. It was very well
    built. Is this one with steel gears? Yes, it also has steel gears in this one. A lot of them have plastic gears in them, but this one here is all metal made in the US. The good thing about this is this actuator is gonna hold up for a lot longer than a regular solar tracker because the solar
    tracker is constantly moving. This only has just four wires that hook into it. You’ve got two limit switches in here but when it extends all the way out, it hits a limit switch so
    you don’t overhit the stroke and when it comes in, it’s also got a limit switch you don’t damage anything in it. Just four wires, that’s all it takes to run this out here you don’t have electronics out here. This
    is the 12 panel mount, isn’t it? You can pan over all of this, if you want to Adam,
    and show the whole thing. …This is a grid tie solar with 235 watt panels and they’ve got micro inverters on them which changes the DC to AC to 240. So are these enphase grid tie inverters? Yeah, we’ve installed a bunch of those, which is really easy. You
    can tell when you’re making power they’ll start blinking up here, it tells you that your solar panels are making power. Wow, these are really well built and this is a six inch pipe, schedule
    40 six inch pipe, it’s also made so you could tilt solar panels because where I live here in
    Michigan, you got to, in the winter months, you want to tilt it to 40 degrees. Normally in October is where you want to start that and April is when you want to turn it back up to 30 degrees when the sun is higher.
    Alright, now you notice the base on this is all bolted down, the pipe isn’t buried
    in concrete like all of them I’ve seen. If you move, you can unbolt this and take this whole whole tracker with you. Also, what’s nice is that each one of these panels weighs about 40 pounds. So it’s a lot better when they’re on a pole, I can clean the snow off. I can take a brush and wipe the snow off. Where I’m at, if I had these on the roof I’d be up in two foot of snow trying to clean the snow off these panels. It’s a big advantage when you’re in a snow area with having a solar tracker over having them on your roof. I know that for myself where we live. It’s very easy to clean off our rack outdoors that’s on the ground and these would be very easy to clean off. Yeah, my wife when comes out and cleans them so I don’t even have to worry. If it was on the roof, I’d have to be up there cleaning them. (laughing) Excellent. Now, this 12 panel rack Dennis has all set up, these are enphase grid tie inverters. These things are so simple you can install them yourself, there’s nothing to it. If you’ll notice these trunk lines, each inverter just plugs into the trunk line and your solar panel plugs
    into the inverter. Pretty simple. All of these trunk lines just tie in to this
    cable and it comes down to a 30 amp breaker and from here it just goes into
    the house into the service panel, into another 30 amp breaker, Dennis? Right. That’s how easy it is with these enphase grid tie inverters. Just a 30 amp breaker in your fuse box and this just plugs right into it. Just wires right into that breaker. Now I’ll go show you the the
    eight panel battery job. This is the eight panel tracker and this has a four
    inch pipe to it. I’ll show you what this looks on the back side. Now, this one is for your
    battery charger? Right. This one is set up for a battery charging. We’re running them through a test right now, this is a test scan. He’s moving them east right now and then he’ll run it through a test scan. That moves really smooth. I’m going in here to the eight foot. Okay, it’s 11 o’clock in the morning and you can watch the meter turning backwards. And you’ve got electric heat in the house, Dennis? Yes. So you’ve got geothermal furnace, okay. That’s really spinning the meter backward
    pretty fast, and you’re doing it with those two trackers. [Dennis] My electric bill is like fifteen bucks. It went $140 to $15. [Jeff] So you’ve got a $15 monthly electric bill down from a hundred and forty bucks. [Jeff] Well it’s not going to take real long for it to pay for itself. [Dennis] and we’ve got central air, too, so it’s really helped us a lot. We’re in Dennis’s shop and this is the solar time tracker controller. This is for the dual. If you’re going to have two solar trackers
    and this is the single if you’re gonna have just a single tracker out
    there. It’s a pretty well-built little unit, two, and it’s pretty simple. Dennis can explain how this works. [Dennis] First thing we want to talk about are those actuators out there. I’ve got two solar panel poles out there, one’s an eight panel pole and one’s a 12 panel pole. So this one is my 12 panel, this is my eight panel pole. All it is is four wires that hook up to your actuator out there, you’ve got two of them over here. That’s for your motor and two here are for your limit switches. That’s all you have to do to is hook it up. Now this, like I said, is my 12 and my 8 panel. This is my 8 panel, there’s my motor and my limit switches. This is an option you can get, it’s a tilt. So if you can manually, by hitting these
    buttons here, you could tilt the actuator for winter and summer months. So like in April, you’d set it at summer so you want to set it at 30 degrees. In October, you want to go winter so you set it at 40 degrees. So by hitting this button you can adjust your solar panel tilt or you can do it manually, too, just go out there and loosen your bolts up and tilt your solar panels. Anyway, to operate this is very simple All you want to do is hold this button in ’til it says zero, the actuator will be extended all the way out. Then after it’s extended all the way out, I would hit this button, just my 12 panel. I’ll hold this button in for three seconds and it will say zero and then that’s it. I don’t have to do any more. It’s all done and running by itself. It knows exactly where to go when the hour comes up, say if it’s 8 o’clock in the morning or at ten o’clock in the morning or 1 o’clock in the afternoon and you set this thing up. You can leave it pointed east and this thing turns. One o’clock in the afternoon comes up, this thing will know where it’s supposed to be at. So it will move your solar panels. Very simple. Also, you have a test button after you’re aimed east. You’ve got your solar panels aiming east, you’ve got a test button, also. This also, if you hold it in for 7 seconds, and all of a sudden the panels will go through a test. So every hour, this thing will move and stop for thirty seconds, move and stop for thirty seconds until it gets east, excuse me, west and then it will go all the way back home. Okay, the way this works you have to have an outlet for the power supply. I’ll show the top. Now this is for the single tracker. That’s pretty easy, and that’s for the for the actuator motor, then the motor and that’s for the switch and the switch. This one here is for the tilt, that’s an option you can get with it if you want. So you don’t have to go out there and loosen any bolts up to tilt it, you can do it here. So it’s a
    single axis and then you can get a dual-axis, okay. We checked to see how much power they use and they use less than a dollar a year early just to operate these. Really? That’s really nothing, less than a dollar a year to
    operate this box. Now, the eight foot tracker requires three foot deep by three foot square base and the 12 panel tracker requires four foot deep by four
    foot square concrete base. I’m gonna be installing an eight panel solar time tracker at the store so I’ll be doing a video on that here pretty soon. So I’m Jeff from Missouri
    Wind and Solar and I’ll see you in the next video.

    [ENG] MERCURY Pro XS 115 hp – 4k Resolution – The Boat Show
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    [ENG] MERCURY Pro XS 115 hp – 4k Resolution – The Boat Show

    August 21, 2019

    – [Translator] Let’s suppose you have decided to have fun with a speedboat or an inflatable raft of about six meters. When you find the model right for you, you can focus on the engine choice. The manufacturer provides
    indications on the power. Here for example, let’s
    say that you can install a maximum of 150 horsepower, but this is only if you travel at full load. In normal use it takes only two 115. But not all engines are the same. For example, the U.S. manufacturer Mercury has units of 115
    horsepower, both brand new. Mercury is only concerned
    with marine engines, and of course the equipment
    and tools dedicated to them, and completely focused on the
    desires of those who use them. It is from this attitude
    that the idea of another 115 horsepower has sprung,
    a rather special engine. Why is it special? Do you want a practical demonstration? This engine is perfect for those who want to fly on water. It is ideal for Americans who compete in fishing tournaments
    with the best boats, or even for us Italians
    with a sporting heart. This model is the Mercury four stroke 115 Pro XS. Also, other Mercury marine engines have the initials Pro XS,
    and all are characterized by a certain aggressiveness. The roar itself shows
    that, even at low speeds, it has an engine made to fly on water, because just think, it
    weighs eight kilograms less than its two stroke predecessor, and about nine kilograms less
    than other four strokes with the same power. This engine has the highest displacement in its category, but it’s light because it has a very simple architecture, a single cam shaft in
    the head with two valves per cylinder, 165 kilograms. Before putting it to
    the test, I want to show an accessory of Mercury marine, the active trim that allows
    it to automatically correct the trim itself. It is a typical functionality
    that is usually found only in supercars or
    in certain sportsbikes. Changing the dynamic trim of a craft is rather complex. Basically, it means to modify
    the sailing characteristics as the speed slightly changes, and on a boat, this is paramount. If you follow our tests, you know that I stress the use of the trim. A bit higher, a bit lower,
    a bit up, a bit down. Because it’s important. It’s needed to optimize
    all the performances. From speed, to consumption, to comfort. Now though, on a boat,
    we don’t always need to be racing pilots, sometimes we use it to have a ride, to go
    swimming with friends or family, and to forget about everything, even the trim. And that’s why Mercury
    decided to implement this new system, the active trim, which also is pretty cheap. The price right now is about 600 euros. Now I slow down and focus on
    the functions of this tool. While sailing at minimum regime, with the hull completely
    flat on the water, to enjoy the landscape and
    have a low fuel consumption, the propeller has to give
    thrust in a direction parallel to the water surface. In this way, it’s possible
    to have a maximum efficiency. When instead we give gas to
    bring the hull into planing, and avoids that’s the bow raises too much, we have to reduce the trim, or trim in, which means to bring the
    propeller close to the transom. And in short, the trim
    in its lowest position. Then once the cruising
    speed has been reached, the trim is to be increased, or trim out, because in this way, we raise the hull, making it less adherent to the surface. Its resistance increases, and it allows us to go faster, and have
    a lower consumption. Well, all this is done
    automatically by the system. And it’s activated, just
    pressing here on the switch. If instead you want to do
    all the work by yourself, well, just turn it off. This tool in reality is
    smart, and beyond the speed of 50 knots, turns
    itself off automatically. Also, it turns off every time you set the manual control
    on the command lever. The active trim can be
    used on every kind of boat, because it’s compatible
    with all the Mercury engines equipped with smart craft,
    which means the output powers from 40 to 1,650 horsepower. Now though I would like
    to go back to the engine, that has some peculiar features. We have seen that its
    acceleration is impressive. Why? It all depends on the propeller. In fact, on this overboard engine, it’s possible to fit a
    short pitch propeller. That is like driving
    your car with a low gear. Naturally, with the first,
    second, or third gear, the acceleration is greater. The same thing happens when you have a short pitch propeller, giving us this lightning speed. Yes, but we know that when driving a car, say in third gear, it’s not possible to reach the maximum
    speed, and it’s necessary to clutch the fourth,
    fifth, and sixth gear. Well how do you go fast with
    a short pitch propeller? Yes, because this is a feature in contrast with the maximum performance. Simple, you just increase
    the RPM of the engine. That’s what Mercury did,
    bringing this maximum speed to 6,300 RPM, to go faster. Now you may wonder, if this engine has these excellent characteristics, why do you not always choose this? Because Mercury has two
    models to match to each boat with the perfect engine. This is suitable for light or fast boats, and other models for bigger sized boats. Even on small boats like
    this, the electronic has an increasingly important role. The console is full of features. Others may be added, other
    electrical services onboard. But how to feed them all? It takes a lot of power. Well this outboard engine is capable of delivering a large amount of power, even while idling, and
    then it can automatically detect if the battery is running low, and raises the charging current, slightly increasing the RPM. A couple of more features,
    this outboard engine is also available with a long stem, and a command thrust foot,
    which is what you need to push really heavy boats, and finally, they have improved the
    corrosion protection system, and the warranty is
    extended up to three years. Well you can relax, you
    can put your mind at rest, or just go crazy. This way. (rock music) I understand why they
    built this other version. Can you hear it? It’s really aggressive, really awesome. It recalls a lot the two strokes version. And it also goes perfectly
    with a sport boat like this, the Valiant 630. Then, the maximum cruising
    speed could be this, 4,800 revs a minute. We are around 30 knots, not bad. Now let’s bring it to the limit. Then I switch on the active trim. Let’s see where it takes us. Oh yes, the speed increases. Yes, but now I take over. I like it better, all the trim out. All the hull out of the water. Here we are, 38, 39, 39 knots. What a determination.

    First footage of deep-sea anglerfish pair
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    First footage of deep-sea anglerfish pair

    August 21, 2019

    This is a deep-sea anglerfish mating pair. These animals have rarely been observed in their natural habitat — hundreds to thousands of meters below the ocean’s surface. You’re watching one of the few known videos. And this one shows a sexually parasitic pair for the first time. That means during mating, the tiny male is attached to the female. He gets nutrients and she gets sperm. These specialized fish rarely survive the journey to the surface. Before now, most deep sea anglerfish studies used dead animals pulled up in nets and sometimes preserved in museums. In this case, the research team used a special submersible designed to capture images of creatures that live at these great depths. Like most other members of its order, this anglerfish is known for the bioluminescent, lure-like appendage that drifts in front of its mouth to attract prey. But this is the first time that what may be bioluminescence on the fish’s filaments has been documented. The swaying swarm of thin projections may act like a 3-d array of cat whiskers – sensing dangers and prey in the environment. There’s little to eat at this depth and it is very cold – leaving anglerfish with few calories to spare so it makes sense that as this video shows, the anglerfish female seems to use very little energy– slowly drifting and rolling through the water. But we don’t know much about their metabolism, the bacteria that supply their glow, or how the female’s body doesn’t reject the male’s. The special ship that took this video has been in operation since 2013 and there aren’t many like it in the world. So chances are, many anglerfish mysteries will stay that way for some time to come.