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    ⛵️Everything went REALLY WRONG with our Sailboat’s rudder!! 😱#117
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    ⛵️Everything went REALLY WRONG with our Sailboat’s rudder!! 😱#117

    January 28, 2020

    Can you guess what we’re gonna talk
    about this week? So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been
    building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But, guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! This is actually the second episode about our rudder. So, if you didn’t watch the first episode… you should, I guess. Click somewhere around here. Because we don’t want to give you the entire explanation on this episode about how our rudder works and how it goes down, why it goes down, because we don’t have a keel we have a centerboard. And bla bla bla… It’s easier to just watch that one and then you come back and watch this one. So now that you already watched that one, that you understand that we have a rudder that needs to go down and it needs to lift up when you lift the centreboard. Confusing. And you know already that our main problem with the rudder was that we had a lot of corrosion on the shaft. So let’s start by fixing the shaft. Yeah. That’s how bad the shaft was corroded. It was so bad that we decided to cut the flange off… and to build a new one. Remember this? Check it out. So basically we built a new piece (flange) of this part and we cut this with the lathe and now we just need to position it in place, twist it to the right position and then we’re gonna weld this whole side. And then we have a brand new piece for a long time now. I hope so. This is gonna last for a long time. Definitely. Let’s try this in place and see if this fits in place. Just a few adjustments and we’ll be fine!! So basically we first, I mean he
    first did one pass with the TIG with… Just a minute. Yeah, Just so you understand he first did one pass using TIG and the TIG was just to melt both materials together
    without any additional metal. It was just to guarantee that it’s sealed on both ends of the pipe. And then now he’s finishing with the MIG welding just to fill up the whole gap and penetrate the whole thing. It’s gonna make sense. Intershield 300 So with the shaft ready it was time to…? Install the rudder back in place. But before that we needed to give a proper maintenance of the system: take off the grease, change screws for
    new screws… Change the rubber for new rubbers. Change the rubber for new rubbers and you know… the whole maintenance of the system so we can install it. But we can show you that on a
    video clip, right? So video clip it is. All the retainers and o-rings Well, there’s something wrong here. I don’t know if you guys saw but we just installed our rudder in place. You see the rudder, right? Right in place. Sometimes the unexpected happens. Everything went wrong. When I mean wrong I’m not trying to make a drama, but actually today everything went really wrong. What happened? Come on. This is our axis. How do you call it? Our shaft. Basically… do you remember that we took this flange apart… I mean the old flange and
    built this new one? And in order to do that we create this entire piece new and we welded it here, right? When we did that we gave the turner the old flange, we gave the turner the shaft and we just asked him to consider that the disk that cut, the cutting disk has two millimeters. So, he needed to consider two millimeters the cut and he needed to make of course the same length. But… We didn’t measure it, that was our mistake, our part of the mistake, we didn’t measure when he gave us the shaft. And we didn’t measure it before. But today when we installed it in place it wouldn’t go to the right place because it’s a lot longer than it was supposed to be. I don’t know if you understood how bad is this, but basically… The shaft is almost one centimeter longer than it supposed to be. And that means that all the seals that are supposed to be here now they are like here. That means here the o-ring won’t seal and that means that the shaft won’t go to the right spot, and that means that the we cannot
    install the rudder in place. That’s why the shaft is here and that’s why the rudder is there. So the solution now: Pedro is gonna cut
    this weld again and he’s gonna cut the shaft in the
    correct length and then we are gonna install it in place. You know when you
    say that you are back to square zero? We are back to square zero 5 months ago. That’s the reality… I mean not to square zero let’s say square 1. It’s like 1 step in front and 2 back. I don’t know… Guys, sorry but this episode is not
    gonna end on the end. It’s gonna end a little bit before the end because it’s just… There’s nothing we can do… I mean like… It’s the first time that we actually
    started editing the episode before we finished it. Half of the episode was edited
    until today already. And we were like it’s just install it in place, it’s no problem. We can edit half of the episode, we finish the episode and then we have a few days to finish editing. But didn’t work this way. But, positivity. There’s a way of fixing it. We are gonna fix it. At least we have Pedro and he is gonna fix this for us. I think it’s gonna be fine in the end. Of course we’re gonna lose some
    days of work. But sometimes… Don’t criticize me by saying that again, but: sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If we get sad because of that it’s not
    gonna fix anything. So we need to be positive that at least there is a way of
    fixing it. If it was shorter than was supposed to then we were screwed. At least it’s longer. So, longer is much much easier to fix. So, that means we need to cut short the episode and then we’re gonna show you the fixing of this in a future episode. I don’t know if next week or in a week
    after. I’m not sure. We’ll see it. Hopefully next week. Hopefully next week. Let’s see if Pedro
    is really busy or not to do that for us. Because we gave him a lot of work to do. We have a lot of stainless… Ops. That’s for the future. But for now… that’s it for today I guess. That’s it. We cannot do anything else for this episode. So, let’s welcome on board our new Patreons then. So, welcome on board, Gregory, Patricia, Blaz, Tim, Spatz, Phil, Oleg, Ernesto. And we also want to thank the donations through our PayPal. Thanks a lot Kylie, Sean, Jason and Paul. By the way… thanks a lot Ernesto, our new Patreon that just showed up here today with his wife and his friend and he gave us a French press. That’s so cool. We love coffee and this is
    gonna be really cool for the boat. This is gonna be on the boat, Ernesto, for sure. Ee’re always gonna drink coffee from our French press. We really really appreciate it. And I guess
    for this week that’s it, right? Yeah. We see you guys next week. We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

    Shipping Container – How to Install Aluminum Doors – Living Tiny Project Ep. 011
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    Shipping Container – How to Install Aluminum Doors – Living Tiny Project Ep. 011

    January 28, 2020

    Hello. Hello. In this episode we are gonna show how we finally install the aluminium doors in our tiny shipping container house. As you can see they are in place already. So, let’s get started. Well, you guys must be wondering what’s
    the difference between doors and windows, but… There’s actually a difference. There are actually, in our case, in the kind of windows and doors we are installing, there are 2 differences. 2 main differences. The first one is that the windows come as one piece. What I mean by that is, when we bought the window came already assembling to the frame. And when you install and you apply the spray foam the window helped to hold the frame on place, and to make sure that the foam won’t bent the frame. In the doors, on the doors the frame comes separately. So, that means we need to install the frame without door and then we need to find a way to hold this frame on place, otherwise… because the frame. Otherwise is
    gonna bend, because the frame is really light. And the door is really heavy. So, that… basically we cannot put the door on place before the foam is dried. Because it won’t hold, because the door is too heavy. But, if we don’t do something the frame
    will get bent by the foam. So, that’s one problem. The second problem was… The floor. The floor. We installed the doors on the top of the metal plate, that is underneath of the walls of the container. But the problem is this plate is not flush with the floor, the plywood floor of the container. That means we have a gap in between the
    frame and the floor. It’s not too much, it’s like 1 centimeter or maybe 2. But, that means that the frame won’t be stable on place until the foam works. So… Instead of explaining, you must you guys must be tired of listening to us. Yeah, today we’re gonna do a little bit different. Instead of talking and talking and talking we are gonna show you guys a video clip that shows everything we did to solve both problems. So, let’s get going. Now that we have spray foam on the top we just need to hold on place until gets a little bit thicker, the layer. And then, we can let it go and do the sides. We have all the windows and door now. A 100%. Well, I don’t know if it was possible to understand everything we did. But, if you have any question, or solution, another solution, another… I don’t know. You can always ask on the comment section below. We are glad to read all the comments and all the questions, and answer as many as we can. And the other thing is, many people, many people are writing comments and giving us advices about how we could do it better, the tasks we are doing. But, there is one problem… the gap in between the day we record the video and the day we post the video usually is like 1 or 2 weeks. That means if you comment on the video we did the whole task already and it’s hard to fix it. So, our suggestion is to follow us on Instagram also. Because on Instagram we have daily updates of what we are doing right now. But… and that means that if you give us suggestions on Instagram we might be able to fix what we are doing or we might be able to not get things doing in a wrong way, and we can do it right for the video. So, that will be good for us and also for us everyone watch because they better watch something better, and something more right. I mean… So. Next week we are ready to start working on the roof. So, probably we won’t finish it on time to the next video. Yeah, the thing is the roof is really big and we have a lot of for us to grind. I mean, we have a lot of rust to grind. And a lot of plates to paint. So, we will take more in a week, for sure. That means, next week it won’t be the video about what we are working right now But, the good news is we’re gonna find something else to talk about and we will have a video next Monday. For sure, we always do… next Monday. So, I’m curious about the subject. Yeah, we always find something to talk about. There is plenty to talk about, about shipping container, there is always something about. It’s true. Yeah. So, I guess we see you guys next week. Next week.

    Модульный дом из контейнеров/Рум-тур по дому из морских контейнеров/SHIPPING CONTAINER HOUSE
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    Модульный дом из контейнеров/Рум-тур по дому из морских контейнеров/SHIPPING CONTAINER HOUSE

    January 26, 2020

    Hello friends in this video there will be a house from
    containers, he has quite an interesting color scheme, spacious terrace with
    canopy, large windows in the living room as well as in the house has an attic. Overall it is cozy
    compact and modern house or simpler saying coll house. I especially love to do
    video about such compact unusual and interesting houses. Now I’m with my
    I’ll go to shoot a favorite assistant about this, and the house I pass the word to Vitali
    company mssd-stroy. Good afternoon friends, We are located in the village of Udaltsovo.
    This is our new project and I would like you to introduce him. We built a house from
    two 40 foot containers. Container is a self-supporting structure,
    strong enough, calculated already with loads. In this project, we
    used two 40 foot containers. As I said earlier, the containers were cut
    a block was assembled in half of them. The size houses on the foundation 9 by 10, of which
    occupies the main house 6 by 10 and a terrace 3 meters wide and roughly terraced
    board for 9 meters and further storage area attached. The house is on the foundation
    piling is a standard situation for such houses from containers, piles 21 meters,
    one hundred and eighth, the container is welded directly to the piles. The house is painted blue this is due to
    those in this cottage village have their requirements for the color scheme. In this
    zone cottage village should be and everything in
    such a blue color at home. We used two types of finishes, this imitation of timber 145
    20 millimeters wide and porcelain stoneware on the facade.
    In this project, we have done great terrace 3 by 9 and covered
    polycarbonate. Rafters made of planks planed, also we did here
    a small storage area. Here you can put a barbecue, well, the truth is she’s not
    completed. Shelves will be made, then it will be very convenient. Zone
    storage we trimmed with plywood, left we have plywood from the floor,
    trimming. And here we sewed up like that and also painted, and in principle
    it turned out quite accurately. Wall insulation on the outside
    basalt cotton wool 50 millimeters, inside 100 millimeters is also basalt
    cotton wool, floor heating in a warm circuit in the residential area 200. Bottom foam 100
    millimeters and there is already warming inside basalt cotton wool 100 millimeters.
    100 millimeters inside ceiling and 100 millimeters
    insulation outside under the roof. Total 200 millimeters of insulation of the ceiling and floor. On the
    the facade we see two large windows this windows with sliding doors
    energy saving glass double-glazed windows from metalplastic, rehau.
    The windows are finished with planed boards. 100 on
    20 and also painted with tikkurila paint in color 7024. Sockets, lighting,
    metal door with insulation loop. In this project we used
    the roof is rebated, the click is rebated so-called. The color of the roof is made in green.
    this is due, again, to the fact that there is some requirements in this cottage
    the village that each zone should have its own roof, roof colors. That is, there is closer to
    it should be brown in the forest. Here in the center of the cottage village they
    green. The roof is single-pitched, raised from containers by one and a half
    meter and there was a usable area. Where we proposed to do to the customer
    the attic turned out quite large room 2.20 by 10 meters. Will be
    made a staircase and there will be access to it the attic. At the moment, she’s just
    not ordered. The house is connected to the station aster 5, here it stands. Set to
    15 meters from the house and also connected central water supply, you can see
    where the entry of water into the house is done in two places, as the house has two bathrooms.
    A heating cable is laid inside the pipe and also the sewerage is taken outside
    under the house, also wrapped in a heating cable and insulation. Why is our company
    chose the direction of a modular home buildings, including those from marine
    containers? This is due to the fact that in the world it has long been popular and
    such houses in Russia are just starting gain momentum. And also related to history
    of our company, we have production sites where we can
    prepare blocks, bring them to almost up to 90 percent readiness and
    already bring and collect already at the facility. This is due to the timing, which is very convenient
    for customers when construction is not going full for six months there on
    plot. Here we collect such a house approximately from the conclusion of the contract to
    the moment of receiving the keys to the customer for three months. Now you will see the interior
    of this house, but before that I want to separately mark such a moment. Generally on the channel
    there is a video about different houses – from aerated concrete, wireframe
    modular, timber, half-timbered, from containers. In the future, it is quite possible
    there will be stone houses decorated with a brick. It is important for me that the house be
    modern, stylish, comfortable and available. And recently I discovered
    YouTube channel “building kitchen”, where the author and channel lead Roman Solov
    talks about stone houses and about facing brick
    Russian and European manufacturers. In his videos, Roman shows examples,
    how do houses look from different facing brick. Including at home
    in a modern style. Roman head is the largest in Russia
    permanent street exhibition materials for low-rise housing construction
    in the city of Ryazan “Demopark”, where they were built full size walls
    from each type of brick. More than 300 options. Roman is the owner
    large brick company and therefore highly expert in this
    industry based on 11 year experience sales. There are various
    useful tips for developers as well and for builders. For example, about the correct
    construction contract about the house of superthermos, about thermal panels and
    much more. In general, I advise you to look and
    subscribe to the channel “Building Kitchen”. The link will be in the description below the video. A
    now back to the container house, let’s see its interior and layout. Now I went into the house, I’m in the hallway,
    Hallway area two and two meters. Here there is a zone where you can hang things
    small. Again bought in ikea. Shield where is the introductory machine and machines made
    stand legrand. The floor is covered in the hallway. ceramic tiles, warm floor caleo.
    Here is the regulator, set the temperature. And also pass here into the bathroom area. Doors
    we have made retractable here. In the bathroom installed shower, hood-
    fan, it turns on with the light. Here we have a toilet, a boiler, for
    the toilet made water input and input sewers.
    This is a guest customer’s house built for himself, as temporary until the time of construction
    main. He will live here only at weekends. Of course it’s very convenient
    when external wiring is done water pipe so that you can see that
    didn’t burst the pipes in the cold there. Because everything here is tied to electricity.
    There are drain taps, we are leaving, we can drain everything and quietly leave the house for some
    long term. Next we go to the room. This is a kitchen living area of ​​25
    meters, ceiling height 2.369. The kitchen-living room has several zones. Zone
    for cooking food, where the kitchen is installed and for eating
    there is such a round table with chairs. Also places for rest, places
    You can relax by the fireplace with an armchair. And a small work area can be like
    for a child . You can sit here, play, read, do homework.
    And also for an adult. The TV is also mounted mounted.
    In principle, everything is enough at 25 square meters we placed
    maximum that can fit. Yet again I wanted to talk about the finish
    this room. Imitation of a bar made 145 millimeters wide, 18 millimeters
    thickness. The ceiling is ordinary euro lining, large windows also create a view enough
    panoramic such. In this project, we used
    windows and sliding doors, that is what quite comfortable. In the summer will be
    here you can exit to the terrace, relaxation area and barbecue area. From the living room kitchen we get
    big, so called big bedroom, but its area is 7.5
    square meters. Here a large double bed
    bed, the working area is quite comfortable and a wardrobe.
    Also a wardrobe. There is a small bedroom a window, also a single-chamber double-glazed window,
    roller blind. I wanted to notice that here we also painted the walls. Also
    imitation of timber and painted in different colors. More
    darker color and lighter, i.e. creates some kind of comfort enough, it seems to me,
    original and interesting. Stepping out large bedroom, well, according to the project, we
    called the big bedroom because it volume more than the rest.
    Passing here in our kitchen-living room an additional bathroom is made.
    Where the toilet is installed too small sink, 50 liter boiler,
    warm floor and here too additional input of water from the central
    water supply made. We get into the nursery. Children’s room.
    Here we have a two-story bed, lamps for each bedroom
    the place here is also a lamp. Also there is a window and a door. In that
    we made doors to the project, such retractable.
    That is, it does not take up space, well, and allowed constructive to make doors to
    the wall. Passing the rest area we we get into another bedroom. Her area
    is six square meters. In our homes we use infrared
    underfloor heating almost all projects have we are made, as the main heating-
    is an infrared film made by Kaleo. This is a fifth generation film that
    energy efficient enough, somewhere consumes 80 watts per square meter.
    For ventilation in the house we use as usually, vent.valves company vent.
    Reasonably inexpensive ventilation. Cost about every
    valve 1700 rubles in each room he is worth us. In the bathroom
    due to the fan, which turn on with the light.
    Kitchen area, ventilation here is worth
    extractor hood. The cost of this house is two and a half million rubles.
    This cost includes the foundation, connection of engineering networks,
    the sewer itself, laying pipes from the central
    water supply, electricity. Also the whole interior and exterior,
    including even in this project we have kitchen cost and furniture assembly.
    We implemented a project somewhere in three turnkey months.
    Friends like if this video is for you it was interesting, subscribe to the channel, and
    also write in your comments impressions about this video and about this house.
    I’ll see you!

    Tiny House or Space Ship? Architect Builds Dream House & it’s so Cool!
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    Tiny House or Space Ship? Architect Builds Dream House & it’s so Cool!

    January 26, 2020

    Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. A couple of weeks ago I was searching the
    internet for unique architecture and I came across a man who’s typically a boat
    designer and decided to build a house like he would build a
    boat, but as you can see, the structure behind me is
    not a boat, but it is a house. It’s also a replica of a Lunar Lander. Needless to say, today’s
    tour is extremely unique. I can’t wait for you to see the
    inside and meet the builder. Without further ado, let’s get started. I’m Kurt Hughes and this
    is my Lunar Lander dwelling I began building strange things most
    of my life when I was in high school. I built a telescope in an observatory
    when I was 20 or 21 I built a dome up in the mountains
    of Wenatchee. When I was
    in architecture school, I started building my first boat and so
    when I was wondering what it would take to build a house just like a boat,
    I had to dive in and start doing it. I was always curious about
    the shape of the lunar Lander. Usually an architect can look at any
    form and understand what’s going on. I would look at the lunar Lander
    and I had no idea what was going on. I decided to build a lunar Lander
    as a getaway vacation home, kind of like a fishing shack but high
    tech and the idea was just to have a place to go away, be contemplative, and
    when I started doing that I thought, why not do it like a boat using a
    modern composites and vacuum bagging and modern materials. It’s suspended off the ground if you
    don’t have to dig a foundation and that both matches the lunar Lander, but
    also it’s very light on the land. It’s kind of cool. It’s just when you lie in the bed
    and them several feet off the ground. It’s taken me about seven years to
    build this on weekends and of course in the winter time you can’t
    really build anything here, but then seven years makes it seem like
    I’m done and I’m still puttering on stuff. I think one of my favorite things that
    happened to me when I was finishing it here was a family came up here and
    a little boy ran up and he said, what is it? One of the rules I realize I didn’t set
    out for this was I’ve got to be able to look at it and go, damn, that’s
    cool, and if I could do that. That’s the kind of things I’m
    looking for that keep me amused. So this is my lunar Lander dwelling.
    Here’s the inside, c’mon in, and this is the main floor here. Here’s captain Nemos window where the
    dining table is the window is again, I wanted to look like captain Nemos when
    doing 20,000 leagues under the sea and this is a table from my first boat
    that I launched in 1979 and decided to repurpose it here. Yeah, these are actually the old buttons on
    the sailboat and the button turns on the overhead light and then there’s the plywood epoxy seats. That I wanted to make look slightly
    aerospace and there’s the weather center and this is the bathroom here. so everything’s rounded and epoxied and
    because of that it can get wet and it won’t distort it or get soggy or anything, this light here and then
    that’s for Cove light underneath. And then inside here is the bathroom. There’s a Japanese toilet, the tank
    is intended to be installed in the wall and I thought it looks
    so technical and look, the tank is only a few inches thick. There’s a shower in there and that’s
    particularly fun because you can look out the window and see the river. There’s a opening vote window and the
    floor is all epoxy and it has glow powder in it so that during the
    day it’s absorbing sunlight
    or just light and a night when you walk up here
    and no lights are on, the whole floor is glowing like the Milky
    way. You built everything in here, the doors, the seats, yeah. Although
    the metal work, My brother did the dome
    He welded that together. Yeah, I really wanted to sit here and
    look up and see the stars at night. Okay, here’s one of the doors and unlike most
    doors it’s made of a piece of the wall so it has the same
    insulation value as the wall, which is about five times better
    installation than a regular door and that allowed me to do the airplane aerospace
    recessed handle like that and, and this is kind of fun, it’s a
    thumb print there. Now recognize I had too much fun with it. Kitchen has a
    carbon fiber, countertop, it’s electrical kitchens and everything’s
    wired for a 110 or 210 where it’s needed. And then the sink has colors indicating the temperature of the water. The water heater is electric and it’s
    an on demand water heater so that if I’m gone for a week or two weeks or a month, it’s not running up an electric bill
    and the place has a really good electric bills in the middle of winter, it’s been about 25 a month with the
    temperature staying at 60 degrees. This is actually a lunar Lander thing.
    If you look at any of the pictures of it, those two triangle windows are one of
    the signatures and the others are just kind of nautical looking. But I wanted to be able to see the
    river from here with everything. Extremely high quality plywood
    supporting a can lever out there. And that’s another sip
    panel for the floor. And it’s a great place to see it
    after sunset. Just look at the river. So it’s really a nice place. Okay, so that’s a can lever chips
    ladder and it doesn’t touch the floor. And originally my floor was on only going
    to be five feet down or something like that and it was just going
    to be like a lounging pit. But the building department said, no,
    you can’t do that. You need seven feet. So I extended the can lever and it’s
    the longest ship’s ladder I’ve ever seen. It’s a two feet smaller on each side and
    let it sit there. And besides the bed, they’re basically closets, I call them the bins work clothing or
    tools or things like that can be kept. Yeah, here’s some boat windows. And I originally bought two or three
    of them at about $10 total. I thought, I’ll just find two or three
    more and I’ll be good. But it turned out those were the only
    two or three I ever found. Again, at yard sales, so I bought the remaining three for about
    a hundred dollars each and these were um, airplane style, put stuff on, it has Cove
    lights all underneath. And these are kind of things that I
    learned being here that I would’ve never thought about when I was
    just laying out the plans. Steel stairs, steel legs, but the rest of it is a composite sip
    panels with a high grade plywood on both sides. And then the formula foam in the middle
    and all glued together with epoxy and fiberglass. One of the things that keeps me amused
    and also keeps you from stumbling around in the dark when I’m walking from the
    car is a glow in the dark pebbles here on the walkway. And at night they glow just enough so
    you could see where you’re walking and it looks kind of like a
    star field too. So again, these are steel. My neighbor next door,
    it turned out he had a plasma cutter, cute little
    details. I love that. It’s not touching the
    round. Yeah, suspended. And there’s no foundation which have
    blows my architect friends minds, but that’s because these pads, it just sits on the surface of the earth
    and you can adjust the turnbuckles to level it. And so it could be really on any kind
    of terrain or even changing terrain or even floats. It could be on the
    water with the float under each one, it’s about 2,500 pounds, which is a fifth to a 10th of
    what typical tiny houses way. This is the lower level hold down
    before the upper level was built. And then I have the
    upper level hold downs, which really do the heavy lifting
    and the winds off of them. Not often, but occasionally get over a
    hundred miles an hour here. And at least once we have pictures
    of, they blew a semi truck silver. And so I want to make sure this
    all stays here. I did calculations, it should do 88 miles per hour
    without hold downs, but, uh, uh, that wasn’t enough. This
    right here is the, uh, water coming in, so it’s very, very insulated. So the cold water can come in and this
    is a tool for the water shutoff in case the water has to be shut off. And then this sewer line runs
    down here out and into the, uh, to the fragile wetlands septic system. I started looking at, at the lunar Lander and just 3D modeled
    it myself just to see how it was and then change that around for
    things that could be useful. And pretty much everybody that looks at
    it as is impressed, they just, uh, go, wow. I never thought, I never
    saw one of these before. My neighbor across the street looked
    at my drawings for the stairs and he said, how are you going to
    get up there when you get old? And he looked at me and he said, uh,
    you’re not going to get old are you? I will probably keep building and
    strange, isn’t the idea, but, but interesting things that solve new
    problems. I’ll keep on doing that. And even on this one, I keep thinking of things to
    do it better or different ways. A lot of times I’m sitting
    in it and looking around, I will have this feeling
    like they let me stay here. It’s like the coolest
    place I’ve ever seen. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s
    video and that maybe it brought you some inspiration about what can actually
    be done with what we call home. I’ll see you in two weeks with a new
    video about tiny houses or travel, but in the meantime, make sure you subscribe and hit
    that bell so you get an alert. When I put up a new video


    Tipsy Tarka Topdeck Tour – Sugar Scoops and Pilothouses

    January 23, 2020

    this is your warning this video contains
    content that might not be appropriate for all audiences you guys know what this
    means tipsy topside tarka tours and I’m gonna try not to
    mumble this time cuz I got a lot of comments a lot of hurtful comments Oh hey, welcome aboard and lets do a tipsy tarka topside tour Sugar scoop, pirate boarding platform our kick up rudder you see here lots of mechanisms that do things
    I don’t quite understand yet but my understanding is this thing kicks up spare
    emergency tiller slots it here from the other side if we were to lose our
    pendant steering which we’ll get to in the front of this swim ladder
    boarding ladder dope ass davit system like a Mad Max sort of platform we can lift
    our whole thing out of the water very easily a lot of solar shower kind of low
    pressure right now trickle but you can like trickle yourself and get wet
    so explain why the rudder in the skeg are so cool
    our rudder system is so cool because I can lift this thing up and then we drive
    well, no feet in the back but with the keel like two or three feet so we can
    pick up a rudder by pulling out this handy dandy pain in the ass pin stand on this thing this bad boy floats and the pin that was removed gets reinstall to different heights of Necessity I don’t want to do the whole thing, but you get the idea I know what you guys are saying you’re
    like oh shit like in heavy weather wont this pin just break yes
    and so this is our coastal cruising pin and we have an aluminum pin for offshore
    where we know we’re not gonna hit anything but the idea is this if we hit something in shallow
    waters this will break before everything else
    Breena will find out okay go ahead
    This is mine this is my tour they’re all mine Bee so, looking back
    here this is the wench that pulls up the skeg that’s under the seat here
    excellent hatches for ventilation if you were to be aboard the boat nice breeze
    coming through that’s great these giant six inches
    holes are the ventilation for the engine and if we were to have a indoor heating
    system which we do it on right now it all vent out right there nice tight
    clean beautiful safety features always good to have
    ours says our name on it which i think is pretty dank I think that’s
    everything back here you can kind of see this giant platform which we’ll get to
    in a second so much goddamn shade Breena picked the boat out because of her
    aversion towards the Sun okay now the Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Screaming) that was the sugar scoot moving into the cockpit
    which is an interesting configuration because it’s kind of like a center
    cockpit but kind of like an aft cockpit but kind of like an on top cockpit because
    there’s really no back to it so if it were to get pooped with a wave then it would drain out everywhere and there’s like a working section of the cockpit and then
    there is a hangout chilling section of the cockpit yes and if you were to be
    steering back here you see all these electronics some which are functioning some which are not but it’s a cool little station where you can see every point of
    the boat from the main steering area even with the giant ass dodger and Bimini
    which are kind of ugly but they serve a purpose and they’re working good so far
    okay from the main steering station you’re still noting this awesome giant
    hard Bimini that has water catchment in place so the whole edge of it has about three quarters inch lip that when it rains it just dumps water out the sides we
    don’t have a water maker because we have this thing now Dyneema not running back stays but adjustable back stays I know it’s furry, we’re going to replace that it’s a red flag but we can adjust back here and tension the back stay back
    when we’re beating towards the wind everything’s here walkie talkie actually
    works we can do a radio check should we call ’em yeah do it radio check, radio check, radio check well that’s disappointing yeah loud and clear catamarans
    thank you put that
    in today fuckin works pretty sweet what’s above you
    what this? it’s a window there’s no mast head anemometer thing
    or wind pointy Direction deal so I don’t really know
    why you so I guess so you can see the tell tails on the main Breena likes this
    feature our throttle and gear shifting lever is down by your feet so this is
    how you do it one two one two forward, back we got a locker here that you can find
    people in you should show the locker I know but it’s like lifting waits CrossFit the locker look at that
    thing how deep does that go to the bottom that’s the size of their boat emergency
    bilge pump next to the steering station all the books say you should do that because what if your boat gets swamped your taking on water you still got to handle the situation
    storm action pump pump pump you’re out here doing it Breena’s watching TV mostly
    outlander down there over here propane locker keep all our explosive
    things out here we have another storage area for gasoline and diesel so we don’t
    have any jerry cans on deck which i think is a great feature it’s under
    Breena’s feet right now she’ll do some b-roll of that from my
    point of view see Breena great I see we got speed log we got depth we got wind
    pointing direction thing we got autopilot
    we got steering wheel lock I got the Raymarine GPS system that is not
    working now that will be working in this Pelican box this is definitely a Rio
    fix like you couldn’t order the part that you wanted down here and so you
    made this Pelican box do I like it, I think it’s a nice addition
    VHF now working because of me thank God for me that’s most of the oh yeah this
    cool aft roller system so if you would ever like send out a drodge like in heavy
    weather I’ll never use it but it’s really cool if I were to use it okay I’ve
    got a 400 watt solar panels and we got a airex
    wind gen up there which it sounds like hell when it’s going we turned it off for
    the video which should be sufficient to run all our batteries batteries toasted I
    don’t really know but they seem to do the chargey bit things their supposed to do
    tell them what you hate about the cockpit that I love well it’s not here because
    it’s my video I took ’em out this whole fucking thing turns into like some sort
    of Parisian lounge that we should have hookahs out here with all these God damn
    cushions everywhere which I’ve been stepping on it and it’s been driving me
    nuts so for my cockpit tour I took them all out but when Breena does her tour
    the whole goddamn boats gonna be throw pillows traveler in the middle I think
    it’s nice a lot of boats we’ll have it further
    forward by the companionway I don’t like that you get stuck on it coming in and out of the companionway this is like the like we said the working station area so like the
    business end can be all back here and then that’s the lounging end uh, should I go up top
    yeah can we both get up there yeah get up deck sure Sure, I mean I didn’t design it this is
    the view from the top of the world on top of our hard bimini also water catcher
    if you remember we talked about a second ago people keep saying it’s a yoga platform we’re not gonna do that bullshit but one could do yoga up here I suppose Oh bright orange our
    boat is painted safety orange everywhere we have this giant dot on top if we were
    to be in trouble helicopter could see the dot and it may
    make us a little more susceptible to being saved or we just look like assholes with giant orange shit on top of our boat moving forward while Breena is steering underway this
    is the hanging out cockpit I was discussing prior we have a ample seating
    you can fit at least a hockey team in here lots of really nice big
    aluminum self tailing wenches recently greased look at that that is nice under here is where we keep our diesel cans our generator fuel things that blow the boat up
    things we don’t want clutter the deck with I’ll go down in the hole other
    things Oh the boats set up where all of the mast work is done back here through
    a bunch of clutches and wenches here so none of the shit you don’t have to go forward get it all here nice easy the boat is over built on
    every standard imaginable so like our blocks are huge wenches are huge
    cleats are welded in and enormous like you’d pull the dock off
    before you pull the cleat off because it’s three inches welded aluminum I
    think good oh these cool little baskets too Breena likes these you put all your shit in there keep the clutter out of the cockpit
    you don’t need to tangle up you don’t need like two dogs in heat this is
    just nice and tight everything is where it needs to be Dodger the previous
    owners were very very tall just huge giant people so everything is tall
    obviously could come down a little bit but it’s nice so like I can stand up actually on
    the back seat and still not hit my head on there but look at this cool shit huh
    look at this it’s nice I mean it looks goofy but serves a purpose this is for only when
    we’re at anchor we take this shit down Breena bought this Luci light it was
    expensive I’m still upset about it go forward K going forward being
    aluminum no soft decks what do you Glassers think about that our pilot house from
    the outside looks much better than from the inside cuz it’s all crazed and
    shitty and needs to be redone but when it’s done it is going to be siiiiiiiiiick everything’s welded in which is one of
    the features on our aluminum boat so our stanchions and stuff they don’t leak
    because there’s no through bolts it’s just it’s just heavy-duty and nice like
    you could lien on theat I don’t want to but you could lean on that if you wanted to
    pretty Spartan rig everything is very simple you got this boom break which is
    in addition to the Spartan bit but nice so I don’t die when Breena jibe….errr Breena doesn’t die when I jibe I should say we get caught on that one she woulda…hoo hoooo
    everything runs back to the cockpit nice nice three reefs in the main sloop rig
    we have a removable fore stay that you can put a storm jib on that runs on its
    own little track system I haven’t played with it much yet but it looks like a
    fore reaching system like everything is drawn in a very tight so so that’s good
    aluminum deck step mast higher quality than we’re used to very nice heavy gear
    a lot of self tailing shit lazy jacks Breena is not a fan she wants to cut them
    off immediately but the boats so goddamn big that it’s very nice to have a
    helping hand taking down all the gear so we’re gonna we’re gonna play with those a
    little bit the jungle did destroy most of the lines running rigging is a lot of
    replacement is in our near future but that’s on the higher priority list monster spinnaker
    pole for the monster Genoa we have you’ll see a video where I probably break my arm with this pole there’s a good chance in the near future I’ll hurt myself
    one of the nice features. up there. I’m sorry I’m the creative, Bee one of the nice features on our
    boat it’s fucking raining in the jungle damn it
    one of the nice features on our boat is that we have a lot of ventilation so a lot of
    these nice Lewmar hatches one two three four five six six in total in
    different compartments in the boat these flip up with the galley and the living I
    think we call it the fun station in the last video or
    something along those lines that keeps it nice and ventilated
    this one is nice it’s above the…. just rude anyway this hatch is above the nav
    station which has leaked previously and now is repaired yeah I’m gonna cut to
    the repair now you guys can see the new one dorads man that is salty as shit right
    that’s nice so like air can go in them water can’t keeps things ventilated you’re
    not at the boat maybe you’re under way in the passage just getting no one’s
    actually under way in a passage but if you were under way in the passage
    and blue water green water colors of water coming over the fucking bow no
    water’s getting in those that’s keeping the boat aerated nice crews happy you
    got to feed them though make sure you feed the crew [inaudible]
    we will go offshore I don’t know what this is no idea someone put a lot of time into
    it there’s a couple sheave block things fuck if I know looking up we didn’t discuss our rig
    is a very heavy duty double spreader lots of stays especially for a sloop
    rig the chain plates are welded in like a 3/4 inch aluminum I know there’s gonna be a lot of chatter about like ahh good like galvanic corrosion they look good
    heavy solid tighten this shit up good to go forward of me is our anchoring
    station my anchoring station that’s one of my my jobs on the board one of many, couple I suppose it’s nice and deep it’s a deep well so
    if you’re like getting pooped by waves you feel safe even though it’s a false
    security you feel like you’re tight to the boat at least you’re in a hole we
    have a manual Sampson Lawrence what the fuck is that thing. windlass. I know it’s a
    windlass it’s a sea something oh it’s really starting to rain now five five but good windlass OHH Here we go! it’s good roller furler, ok great let’s go inside we’ll finish the tour video in more of
    a coffee variety as opposed which will be less fun but I’ll probably be more
    informative if that’s your if you’re watching us it’s not for information
    I assume but you should definitely change channels if it’s for information but
    we’ll do in the am with more coffee and I will point out some more features of the
    boat that we like and I hope you like too okay okay I’m ready
    we’re doing it yeah oh okay what’s your rode, whats our rode I actually have no idea
    what our chain is tell you the truth we have our previous Rocna from our smaller
    boat so right now we have like a little lunch hook of an anchor but and then we
    have 3/8 chain that’s marked in increments I don’t know what the
    increments are so right now I put three sets out which is numbers we’re gonna
    check that when we get to the yard we’re gonna dump it all out so we will
    measure it it’s just temporarily the way it is
    nice roller harken roll, is it harken Profurler, Profurler roller
    Furler very nice easy to clean easy to maintain everything’s out in the open
    spray it down with water no lubrication needed this, this Bee is our inner
    fore stay, removable inner fore stay for our storm jib that swings back and forth
    on that little track I was talking about previously last night whew fuck me it’s hot
    can we call it, is that good I don’t really want to do a call-out this time though
    yeah I’m really not interested in hearing from these folks about my mumbling if you guys enjoyed these tours and would like them to continue
    shoot a little comment down on what you want me to tour next whether it be my workshop more
    in-depth someone else’s boat the dinghy I mean it’s up to you whatever you guys
    want I’m just I’m just here okay bye guys


    ⛵️Time to fix an old problem of our abandoned sailboat #116

    January 22, 2020

    Hey, guys. Do you remember that a few weeks ago we showed you the bottom of our boat painted? Yeah. But on the episodes after that one there is something weird on the paint. I don’t know if you noticed, I’m gonna show you one more time. And then you pause the video and write down if you see something weird on the paint. And then we’re gonna
    explain what it is. Just to see if you can see it. If you have good eyes. Check it out. Yeah. Let us know. Just pause the video
    and write down what is wrong with the paint. And that’s what we’re gonna talk
    about today. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patreons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before
    we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish
    the house. New episode every Monday!! So this week we are gonna talk about the
    thru-hulls. Yeah, if you can see it… I think you can see here. There is a weird gray or blueish paint around the thru-hulls, and the reason for that is because we
    painted the thru-hulls inside. That’s sound… We can take a seat because it’s a
    long conversation. If you were used to an episode where we just show you as doing things, today we’re going to show a little bit of doing things but we also want to explain the reasons why we did what we did. And this takes a little longer
    of talking. Sorry for that. If you don’t like talking, you just skip this video and you come back next Monday. But I think it’s important to explain this. I don’t know if we… we did explain that before. This is a metal boat and all the
    thru-hulls are different if compared to a fiberglass boat. Because we have no
    flange on the thru-hull. What we have is tube welded to the hull of the boat all the way higher than the waterline. And after that we have a flange and from
    that flange we have a valve. So basically… in our way of seeing this is a good thing, because this means that if a valve brakes the boat won’t sink. That it’s a lot safer because it’s the all the valves are higher than the water line. And we can change valves while sailing. Not sailing with a hard weather. If we are on the water, really flat water… Because if the boat moves some water will go in but if the boat is in a flat
    water we can exchange valves even on the water without a problem. But, this being
    said… Right now is the time where everyone
    stops working the marina, so they’re all leaving and sometimes some cars are gonna pass through. But it’s the only time we can shoot this because it’s not loud. No one is working now anymore, so… Everything in life, not everything but most
    things, there is the good thing and the bad thing. Nothing is perfect, of course. This is a good thing for safety, but this is meant for a boat that is on the water, always… Not a boat that’s been sitting on a
    hard for 22 years. So we had a lot of rust inside of the tubes and a lot of nest of bugs. (Wasp nests actually) Because the boat is just
    sitting outside of the water, so the pipe is empty, I mean supposedly it
    was empty. It was full of bees, nest and… everything you can imagine. plus rust,
    plus this and plus that. So there was something… that was something that we were worrying about. Because you never know when the pipe is gonna corrode and create a hole the pipe. And that becomes dangerous. But then we found out that every one of these pipes are really really thick. They are… most of them are like half-inch thick, that means 12 millimeters for who talks in metric. So 1/2 inch thick pipe that means takes years to corrode all that. So we were really really worried about the pipes and took us like a few months to… decide what to do with them. To come up with a plan. Because everything in the project like this you need to have a plan. What are we gonna do with this, how are we gonna solve this problem? And the tube, the pipe that we were most worried about was the drain from the cockpit. (6 months before) So? We can see the top now. Check it out. This is one of the things we
    don’t like about the boat. That’s a solution that I don’t… this is the
    drainage hole for the cockpit. And the end of the pipe is underneath… it’s under the waterline. That means that there is always water inside of the pipe and is almost impossible to treat this pipe. And it’s not stainless steel. If it was in stainless steel it would be fine, but it’s not stainless steel. What the former owner of the boat said that they build with a really thick wall the pipe, so it would rust slowly and we take years to corrode the whole pipe. But it’s alright like 30
    years old (*29), so we… I don’t know. I’m not really sure if we need to change that or not, how rust it is inside. There is rust inside, you can tell. But at least now it’s
    open. So. Where’s the hole? This is the hole. This one was fine. You can see the other side. This one was locked. And now it’s opened. Come inside. I’m gonna show you something. The problem is that it’s a longer pipe. Because it goes all the way from the bottom of the cockpit to the bottom of the boat. That means the waterline, that’s the critical point, where the rust can be created and can corrode, where the water is in outside of the
    water all the time and there is oxygen, we cannot reach that point. That means we
    are really far like maybe a meter far from this point and we cannot see this
    point. And to get worse one of the… Exhaust. Water exhaust. Water… Can you say this? Water exhausting. One of the water exhausting from the engine is in one of these pipes. See? That’s
    the pipe. This goes to here. Basically the exhausting for the engine goes to the back of the boat. But as it’s too far away and you could not hear if the water is going through, the former owner did a second one just like a connection, like a T, going a little bit to a thin pipe through this drain. So it when you’re in the cockpit you can hear the water going through. That means that the engine is running water on the engine, so you can know what’s going on. So, we tried every single way of cleaning these pipes. And we didn’t even know if it was really clean. We bought a camera to see inside of the pipe. No, we won a camera. Yes, we didn’t buy it. Sorry. João, sorry,. One of our Patreons gave it to us as a gift. Check this out. That’s a camera. Then we put the camera in there. And we connect it to the phone. And then we can see inside the pipe. The light is on. So now you hold this. Curious? Let me see it. Let’s see the first surprise. It’s like an endoscopy. It’s better to treat
    better this part, right? I think it might be better to treat all of them. Sometimes you don’t have a perfect solution and you need to do what you need to do. What we did to fix this problem we’re gonna show you now. We tried to brush as much
    as we could inside of the pipe. And for that we used a extension for a metal brush. Like… we bought a custom-made stainless steel metal brush for the size we wanted it. We did an extension, that Pedro welded for us . And we used the drill to
    drill all the way the entire pipe. And in this way we took off all the loose
    material, all the loose rust. And some of the rust, of the… Before the brush Pedro made a little cup for us. Like a cup drill. And we tried to drill with this. But it didn’t work. Yeah, the cup drill would just like hit the walls and wouldn’t take off the rust enough. So I think the best way was just to use this brush. This is the small one. So, we have this brush made. It’s stainless steel. And we are clean the drains. I’m still working on the hoses, getting
    some notes, and Duca is here. How it’s going? One less screw. Do you wanna check it out? We are trying to take this and this off. Now I need to organize this. That’s all the valves. I mean, we have three
    extra ones on the engine, but that is to the next step. One step at time. So, we need to buy all these new because most of them are in a bad shape. And then from there we needed to decide
    a painting system in order to get as close as possible to a good painting. Because we cannot guarantee is gonna be perfect, but we need to do what I need to do. So we decided… talking to the paint
    technician who came up with a 3 paint… 3 coats, 3 paints system. The system basically is a paint called… I think I’m gonna write this one because I don’t remember (International Interseal 670HS). I think it’s called Interseal 670… It’s from International. It’s Interseal 670 HT, I guess that’s the name. So basically the reason why we used this first layer of paint is because it’s a really really good rust protective coat. It’s a coat that protects from
    rust. And we can use it even if we have a small rust, right? International says is a tolerant to rusted surface. That means that if we have some rust on the surface it will seal, it will encapsulate the rust. So that’s the reason why we used this paint. And the result is really really good. And it was a really thick thing paint. Yeah, and it’s really really strong. We let some paint fall
    on a hose on the top of our just regular engine hose, and it’s really hard to take
    it off. I almost broke my nails today trying to take a small piece
    because it’s so strong, and we really like it. But the only problem is that we
    cannot sand inside of the pipe, that means that we need to do a 3 layer
    system straight on one after the other, just waiting for it to dry on the touch. So instead of a full dry in sand and then apply another paint, we needed to wait a few hours until you touch and it’s not sticky anymore that much. And then we painted the next paint. And how we did that was… First actually we closed the bottom of the boat and then we used some thinner just to clean the surface, so we filled the whole pipe with thinner, and then we took it off, twice each
    and every one of the pipes. Then we wait until the thinner dries. We applied this
    other international paint. The one I’ve just talked about. And then after this one
    we wait for a few hours, and then we painted with Intertuf (Intertuf vynil primer/sealant), the same one of the bottom, the brown one. That basically it’s a paint to prepare the surface for the antifouling paint. So, we did… the treatment for the steel, for rust. Then the primer for the antifouling and then we give the antifouling. (International Intermarine anti-fouling) We decided to do all the 3 layers
    because now we can put the valves back in place. (New stainless steel valves) Because we did all these from the
    top to the bottom. Yeah, the way we did is just… we close the bottom, fill all the way to the top, wait a little bit until the paint impregnates in the whole pipe and then take off. And in this way we have… I think we have the best possible solution for now. Of course the best solution would be to have a sand blasting machine with a nozzle that for example… This is a nozzle and instead of sandblasting in this way sandblast around the pipe. But we don’t have this
    here. We don’t have the solution. We don’t have the machine to rent or anything. So we need to do the way we think it’s gonna last for a while. I actually think it’s gonna last
    for a long time. Once we go to the water all the pipes are gonna be full of water. the only bad ones are the drain from the cockpit, that we have half full half not. And for that we need to take the chance and in a year if we see we have problems
    we maybe cut the pipe and exchange the pipe for stainless steel or something like that. We don’t want to do this, but… By the way, sorry for an episode that we just talk talk and talk. If we don’t do that now we will lose this explanation because we are moving on the boat and then there is no space on the next videos to talk about the drain. And that’s something that we took a lot of thinking to ended up doing
    that. It took a lot of effort of a lot of people. We had some people visiting the boat and checking it, and a lot of people’s opinion. And I think it’s something really important on this boat. A critical moment. And we’ve just decided this after painting the hull. So that’s way it’s like this now. We should have done that *after we
    painted the hull, the bottom part of hull. But as she said we didn’t know…
    we had no solution until then. For the painting system. We were still deciding the painting system for this. That’s why. But it’s no problem because now we’re gonna just sand around the end of the pipe. And we’re gonna treat just the around really well and then we can paint the antifouling paint. I think I did it. 12 minutes. It wasn’t that long,I mean 12
    minutes on the camera. It’s just something that I needed to explain, I wanted to explain it. This is probably a boring episode. Sorry for that. She is gonna say don’t say sorry. But I want to open something that we received, that someone made special made for us. He is waiting for… I’m excited to open it and… She is trying to open it for a week now (3 weeks actually). And I said “No, just when we record the episode”. Since last year I’m waiting, since Christmas. I said “no, we need to see the real expression of opening it for the first time”. It’s not real if you
    open it before. We’re gonna pause the video, so I’m gonna get the gift and we are gonna show you. Where is it? Thanks, Daryl. I have no words to
    describe this. We’re really excited to see… She’s so excited that she’s gonna
    get hurt. That’s so cool. It’s so cute. There is something here. That’s so cool. I don’t know if you can read it. It says: Good luck with all
    of your adventures!! Daryl Stokes That’s so cool. Thanks a
    lot, Daryl. We loved it. Thanks so so so much. We loved the gift. And we’re gonna put somewhere on the
    boat, we’re gonna put the old name of boat, so we can remember that this
    boat once was called Abutre. That’s so cool. Thanks so much. And if you guys don’t know, Daryl Stokes also has a channel. That is funny because this was a surprise for us. He did a video on his channel
    building this and then someone told us. Someone sent as a message saying: oh, I
    just found out your channel because Daryl made a sign for you guys. And then we discovered our gift that was supposed to be a surprise before. But it was a surprise because we didn’t know about this. He’s building a camper van. Yes, we are gonna link… on the description we’re gonna put the link of his youtube channel he he built this. That’s so cool. But I think I, not us, I talk too much already today, right? Let’s welcome on board
    our new Patreons. So, welcome on board, Gary, Bill, Robert, Christoph, Paul, Louis, Bill. And also thanks a lot for the donations through out PayPal. Thanks a lot, Ilan and Uwe. So, we see you guys next week. We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

    Pour & Tour – Tour of the BEST Sailboat Interior!! [New Boat]
    Articles, Blog

    Pour & Tour – Tour of the BEST Sailboat Interior!! [New Boat]

    January 17, 2020

    this is your warning this video contains
    content that might not be appropriate for all audiences it’s finally here the
    tour video we’re about to show you the boat that we just bought and I just want
    to give a little bit of precursor to all of our og fries that just because we
    bought a fancy as fuck yacht doesn’t mean that we’ve changed like the channel is
    still gonna be a dirtbag cruising channel do you want this martini dry, Bee yeah that’s fine I mean, nothing has changed we’re still this mmmmm same channel Welcome to Pickle’s tour and pour, pour yourself a drink and join me for a couple While I do a walk through of our new boat so this is a pilot house I guess, should I say what the boat is? yeah
    okay our new boat is a Rumba 41 it’s a French yard built cruising sloop with
    the keel down and it draws eight feet which it’s currently a suck down, but when that
    bitch comes up we draw two and a half feet and that is pretty slick okay so
    galley You’re just going to have to speak up a little bit because of the waves out here okay galley here we are at the galley part of this little boat I think this is where I do all my good work Breena’s not allowed in here in our galley side-mounted galley portside obviously
    we have a three burner stove, gimbled nice Two basin sink it’s alright we’re still
    working through that We have a fresh water on a 12 volt pump
    system on this boat which is kind of exciting although it already broke once and it and I imagine it will break many many times in future the storage in our boat is
    ridiculous because it’s giant and aluminum with very few bulkhead so anything
    that is hidden behind cabinetry is this open space and thus far we filled up
    with plastic bags and rum What else we got in here Got his cool spice rack Got this
    lovely spice rack where everythings hidden secure and not rocking around no
    clutter Breena doesn’t have to see it which is great I think I don’t have to hear about it
    this is our first boat that came with safety features such as don’t blow your
    boat up propane equipment where it sounds off if your boats going to blow up and it hasn’t sounded off yet and that’s great and you can push buttons and Boop on off
    like that the water tankage in the boat is two sixty gallon tank so you have 120
    gallons total they are filled in the boat not outside the boat
    I think that’s a clever design feature because then it’s like that’s less
    plumbing and less pipes to deal with also I don’t want to install it so I’m
    gonna say it’s a good design you may notice all the windows up in here no, it’s not a greenhouse we’re a pilothouse it does get hot as shit in here though I guess the idea is that at one point we could put a
    steering station in or we could use a little Beep, beep, beep Raymarine thing and drive from in here with our fancy ass cocktails around you poor peons if I put in a steering
    station we’d be destroying Breena’s lovely desk and office which is currently
    a nav station don’t mind the woodwork that’s getting fixed we’re tuning that up here this week nice big nav station lots of electrical
    things you can play with and touch they’re all in French so mostly we don’t
    know what they are but Pompe means pump know that! that’s true things that
    operate these don’t work but this is working which is great we can call our
    friends batteries are toasted our battery bank is 600 amp hours AGM which
    currently we have about maybe 25 amp hours because they’ve been sitting for
    five years and just getting fried by the solar that’s gonna be updated also we’re
    gonna do a lot of update videos oh you may notice this is where all our water storage is which is a nice midship design nice and low everything
    is brand new poly big fan of that no more rotting aluminum
    tanks like flapjack K not flapjack it’s not rotting it’s fine
    inside of this big spot here is in our center board trunk so like I said before
    this boat is a centerboard boat which is great when it works and when it doesn’t work it’s awful currently we’re drawing 8 feet but um so once I get that thing to swing up it will hide in this case I know we draw 8 feet because Breena hit the ground at seven five seven
    six and five feet so at least it bumps up so that’s good if you were to open this you’re going to see a giant aluminum trunk and has a viewing station where you can see if
    the center board is up or down which I think is a very clever design for
    this particular boat the pivot point is above the waterline so there’s no
    leaking concerns maybe you should mention the squeaking floors now what squeaking floors? The boat is currently squeaking a lot and I think that may be due to the thin plywood but we’re gonna remedy that but it’s
    very very nautical maybe that could be like a drinking game for the people at home since it is a tour and pour if you did that every time this fucking thing
    squeaks you would fucking die our boat is set up with dual heads
    which is fancy, I know. there’s an aft, we’re gonna get to the aft
    but there’s an aft living quarters with it’s own head which has the Jabsco that pumps
    directly out there’s no holding tank then to be in compliance with all the
    safety standards and Coast Guard stuff we have a composting toilet right here in
    the middle midship it’s all right, spacious stirrups it’s like you’re at the
    gynecologist we went with the solarium theme again some more poly up here keeps
    light in here which is nice 80s motif with the colors nice nature’s head
    not my favorite toilet if you’ve watched our videos before the whole one go back and do it don’t buy this toilet it’s already here though we’re going to use it pressurized water all
    led, throughout the boat led led led LED batteries dead still let’s go to the dining room, is it called the dining room? Settee? Is that right? I have no idea I think main salon, saloon, salon
    C’mon, Bee! here’s the main this is the action room
    It’s what we call at least right now, this is the main salon of our boat we have this rustic no nautical? Nah, Weathered, yeah this weathered table this is the upgrade to when it was nice lots of seating
    again storage storage storage storage storage
    underfloor storage we could like pack people in here if we had to we’re not a slave ship though we’re not gonna… cut that, cut that This is where we keep our flags
    because we’re gonna be traveling so many goddamn countries
    we have them all available at any time any any moment I can be like I’m in Cuba nope I’m in Mexico now nope, that’s a quarantine flag that’s not gonna work But you’re gonna need that for both
    Cuba and Mexico being a cruising of a fine
    standard that she is she has hand holes everywhere so you can stagger through
    the boat and not look too drunk at all points. See. we’re still gonna Bee don’t worry the hodge podge of cool electronics got an EPRIB it’s pretty slick
    Raymarine system storing all our goodies up here such as spots radios
    flashlights things bearing compasses we don’t use one downside of the boat is
    that it has its original engine which is the Perkins 4108 which is a great
    motor when it was installed in 1983 being 2020 now, is that right? probably due for an update
    you’ll see many videos of me wrestling loving and hating that motor
    moving on. Forward or Back? oh hey I know you’re like this is a
    different boat no this is still the front of my boat this is our lounge area
    right now I think right now it’s technically a seating nook or a reading nook but when
    I get to it we’re gonna put a fuckin sweet LED screen here have a gaming
    station yeah that has more storage more storage tools, spares and other things of the like Breena got this wind scoop at the swap meet and got hustled for 30 bucks
    still kinda mad about it moving on used to be a first-aid kit didn’t have any first aid now we hide our money in it don’t tell anybody when we sold the car we put like
    $3,000 in Quetzales in there. they don’t need to know that. but it’s a good story though, alright fine. Moving on
    Wanna go to the shop first I’m more excited about the shop but the bedrooms pretty cool
    Hey welcome to the bedroom, this is where it all happens This is the first time in our sailing career that we’ve had a door between our bedroom and the
    living quarters actually this is the first time in our relationship, sweetheart first time in our relationship other accommodations besides boats
    it’s pretty nice, I can like sneak out and make some coffee Breena’s got a little space back here a little privacy a nice square bed love that got a library over here got a
    shit ton of fans keep that air moving through here cool down Breena nice I
    installed this fan which is for better or worse I think a good idea for now
    until it goes to shit but I installed it so that it sucks out of the hatch in
    your face but if it gets rained on it’s kind of so I installed it where it’s kind
    of out of the way of the rain but I think worth the potential disaster of it being
    ruined Breena and myself each have our own
    lockers Breena decorated hers like she’s in high school very adorable I think I did
    not do that – just clothes Books
    we don’t read much but you could put books in there I think you put soap and shit in here, I’m not really sure what would you put in that, like spare change don’t bring any spare change on this boat you’ll ruin my boat because our boat is aluminum it has the potential of galvanic corrosion issues
    such as if you bring pennies on the boat and drop one in the bilge
    you will melt my boat about a hole that big and it will be about $4 grand so when you come on the boat you have to put all your change in jar which I spend
    on beer so it’s kind of a dual purpose system you don’t ruin the boat and you buy me beer it’s delightful two sets of hooks we can put bathrobes double bathrobes
    now your fav now my favorite part of the boat should we go to the back first I’ll
    just save that for the end it’s confusing then yeah we’ll go to the front I have a
    shop which is pretty sweet got a full bench vice lots more storage shits keep
    my tools in keep my mess in here which we’re still working on keep all my lines
    over here keep my work shit for when we actually gotta go get paid cuz this doesn’t pay anything put that down here later on we’ll fly out, go get paid, come back
    talk you guys again. chain lockers up front it’s kind of tiny you gotta
    like knock the chain down when we anchor but it’s sufficient but you know you want more
    shop space so that’s understandable it’s great don’t have to clean it up so it’s
    like normally in our tiny boats our other boats or probably your a boat
    like when you want to get to something you have to destroy the whole boat
    but here I can have all my tools and all my toys out and I like here’s a project
    I started today still out I’ll decide when that goes away whenever I want
    I got drawers yeah got slide out things here keep things like this is for my
    kick up rudder we’re gonna talk about later hang out up here I can make it
    like a cocktail shop lounge have friends they can sit here I got full
    120 I got DC I could make a test bench here if I wanna like test a motor in my
    vice because that’s what one does the shop’s essential I think people focus too much on the
    beds in the boat shop first then focus bringing people aboard best room
    room in a boat, do you understand that’s weird okay we should top this off ahhhhh ready? K, here we go moving aft should I show the engine, you wanna meet her yeah show it Since Tarka is a one-off boat meaning she
    was kind of designed and built by a yard for a particular person and what their
    needs are someone took a lot of care and time into making a lot of engine access
    with this decrepit old engine I am appreciating more and more if we had a newer engine I probably wouldn’t give a shit There is our old tractor engine everyone keeps telling me these fucking things are in every tractor in the world and thus far
    I can’t find any parts for it but I’m sure someone will write me saying that you
    can find parts everywhere you can open it here you can open the side you can open . the back gives you great access to get oiley continuing on wait but now we have to get all that shit that’s back there and put it up here Can’t we just have it dirty? I guess so, just precursor it well, they do yeah they do
    remember what Peter Mikenon said backgrounds are one of the easiest
    things to change to manipulate to make your videos look so much better I see a
    lot of people just filming in their kitchens or their living rooms and
    there’s nothing wrong with those specific areas of your home but it’s
    like a lot of those places have junk in the background or like the couch is not
    put together there’s dishes in the sink and sometimes it’s just cleaning those
    things up make your backgrounds so much better he’s not watching this shit Come on. Fine all right here we go
    going back gotta kinda duck so our aft quarters set up with this cute
    little writing nook I assume this boat was made for children to be onboard so this is like a homeschool station you can like write letters to your
    family and things whatever you want to do back here we are storing food
    currently in your closet if you come visit us you don’t get a closet
    inverter AC side breakers for the inverter and other things like that
    solar setup the bed is split up because we don’t want you guys getttin too frisky
    back here so we divide you in two places under me is our battery bank which we
    discuss off the top of my head I think it’s 600 amps, but that could be wrong but
    it’s nothing now because it doesn’t work so once we get new batteries they’ll go back
    in here, AGM so you don’t die there’s no off gassing back there more cabinet
    no if you were to stay you could use those cabinets potentially we’ll discuss the
    terms and conditions of your stay so this trunk here is the skeg that goes
    in front of the rudder and the idea is that it’s protected and then it’s a
    dagger board style where it slides up and so we can kick the rudder up and then
    slide this up and then sneak into a very shallow place where only tiny boats can be but we can have all this dope ass space if you were to enjoy our accommodations
    you’re welcome aboard you got a private head back here well not now that’s
    a communal head now but if we were to use the front head this would be your head
    standard Jabsco head pumps directly out for when offshore or out of
    do not do quotations marks people are gonna get pissed whatever uma did that whole thing no, i know people got pissed its a head it pumps out do what you please
    with that that’s fine I mean the point is two heads pretty dope same motif not
    attractive nice molding though oh you probably know no showers there’s no showers you have to deal with that somewhere else some other direction do I Iook sweaty and hot alright good so it’s accurate anyway if you enjoyed the tour and pour and I hope you joined along and had a good time if we’re gonna throw a number out, say 50 comments fuck it if we get 50 comments I’d love to do another drunken
    tour of the top deck and I can show you all the cool shit up there also the
    cockpit which is very interesting I’d encourage you to put a comment down
    there’s a lot of cool shit show the boat, yeah sounds good
    you say show the boat in a comment or say whatever you want I will be glad to do
    this again and also I enjoy martinis early in the afternoon
    oh if you’re wondering why these assholes got this boat you can check out
    the link I think above or below wherever Breena puts it we have a whole story behind the history of the boat and where it came from and why we love it so much
    check it out yeah also leave a comment there don’t say show the boat do a
    different comment there we’d love to hear from you guys and see what you guys
    think about our new home cheers folks glad you came along I hope you love the boat as much as I do but that’s not true because I love this boat
    a lot and I doubt that but yeah thanks comin along