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    PIKE TACTICS: How to fish a Deep Weedline (Float Tube Fishing)
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    PIKE TACTICS: How to fish a Deep Weedline (Float Tube Fishing)

    September 21, 2019

    fish on so that the casting parallel to the weed line trick works Fisher oh man another stunning Baltic Sea fight I’m gonna give away three of these nothing locking knob on hey guys welcome back today we’re gonna go on a short pike fishing trip here so without any further ado let’s jump in the flat form and see if we can find any fish out there if you’ve seen any of my previous videos from this platform you know that we have the wars we have my fins and even have the possibility to mount the trolling motor on this one it simply floats you inflatable but now it’s rock solid it can be standing on this you have this oars and it’s simply one hell of a flow tube I’d like to also seen before when using this one and out other flow tubes and small bolts whatever can use this one deeper so mark it with roads in the water that’s it’s attached in this lanyard okay that’s been hanging in water like that and you just open up the deeper app like this so now we can see the depth the temperature and also where we can see the depth map and I’ve been here before a few times with a fill tube so I have this you know what I mean only paddling along the shore here but we can see that it’s quite a deep weed line we do have some weed and this is usually a good place for like fishing because they can hide down in this stuff I’m actually gonna start with this one let’s lock in with a 7 gram you get and a gator stinging perfect color for you know these dark conditions and now and that’s gonna work my way along this weed line that’s gonna make short casts and we’re gonna see if we can find any nice fish today so I’m gonna work my way backwards and that’s gonna make sure two casts like this toward the weed line I know from experience that most of the fish are standing the first few meters from the weed line under space we have a few meters so that’s so there’s not much use of you know place to throw 250 meters after making really long casts we’ve been covering quite a long stretch now with all this weed line haven’t felt anything yet Tim seen follower or nothing but we are fetching this place because we know there are big fish in here we’re fishing on four meters at the moment so you know if I want to go for numbers there are other places for that for sure but we are winding this place because of the big fish possibilities win over here might end up with nothing it might also end up with a super nice fish shape in this kind of cold water [Music] – all yes oh yeah nice pipes nice pipes right by this huge boat haha first Pike of the day took a while I’ve been grinding and grinding and grinding and just slowly methodically been casting this weed line and now outside of this huge ugly boat this night Pike decided to go for the kill we’re on four metres of water and there’s nothing okay we’re descending around me again did the trick look at this beautiful beautiful pike in this clear water ready for landing cold water certainly not that feisty so cool to catch pike like these from a flow tube what big fish you don’t really want to get them in here so I found this this way to land fish is to be standing from my knees like this I’ll take it on the side oh man this is nice quite yes oh look at that that’s a nice nice pike not really metre I would say but not that far away Wow look at this beautiful beautiful pike Wow small head level nice chunky long heavy awesome Pike to start off this short floated trip I’ve fished for like half an hour and we already have a fish like this in the boats or you know in the float tube her head is not that much smaller than mine so we’re gonna unhook this lady we’re gonna get her back perfect perfect fish to catch from a flow tube can’t believe it so we’re gonna unhook her and then keep casting try to catch some more of these girls thank you big girl yeah dudes job done this is why I came to this this spot you know not that many fish but usually some nice ones like that I was just winding and grinding and grinding this weed line didn’t feel anything didn’t see a single follower until that one slammed my lair right outside this ugly box awesome freaking freaking awesome so let’s keep on hammering great start few more hours to go just to kind of celebrate that knife fight I’m gonna give away three of these in net the Lockean lob on that I caught this Python it’s one of the lures that we produce down in our Factory in Sri Lanka that can be found both in our own web shop as well as a whole bunch of other shops around Europe and if you want to sell these alerts and at the same time support this channel and make all these videos possible feel free to send us an email down here and you guys if you want to help us feel free to tell your local tackle shop about these nurse and the stuff we do and maybe show them some of our videos that’s where you can also help us grow help us be able to make all these videos and produce all these coolers means the world for us means everything for us because without these nurse we would not exist back to the giveaway yes leave a comment why you need one of those and I will pick three of you guys within a week from the release of this video actually I feel like using something else now maybe this one holding a roach in the real ropes collar has a quite dark belly so she’s making good silhouettes and this ler always makes a lot of vibrations and noise in the water so on this 3/4 meter wide line should be perfect so now I’ve been casting this part of the weed line like this hundred meters from the boats fishing outside casting inwards like this haven’t had any more contacts so what I’d like to do then is to actually go really close to the shore paddle in there and make a few casts along the shore traveling like this could actually use these oars as well that’s because we have them makes it much faster and so now I’m gonna make you few casts along the shore like this if some days it seems like the pike you’re standing inside the weed you’re looking for prey to pass by and then sometimes when you fish it from the outside it’s easy to miss those fish because you’re not covering you know even if you make your casts every second meter when fishing from outside you might still miss some of those fish so I like to go in and make a few cast along the shore like this that’s to be sure we did didn’t miss anything and I caught many fish like this that I would have missed if I would have only fished it from the outside and then when going in like this I have managed to catch some some more nice fish because like this you can present earlier in that strike zone hundred percent of the time of your casts fish on oh yes good take that’s who begin oh yes when casting along the shore oh yeah it’s another decent pike awesome we have three meters right here by the weed line oh man so it’s kind of deep deep edge we got some weed and we have some pipes [Music] [Music] oh yes beautiful pike air flows through the weed line look at those leeches on the back indicates that they’re standing quite still close to the bottom man ok this beautiful Baltic Sea archipelago pike on that hooligan ROK’s we’re gonna unhook this lady and we’re gonna keep fishing of course because they are biting haven’t had any careful takes haven’t had any followers so it seems like these nice ones are feeding so yeah we’re gonna release this baby and keep fishing this is not a place where we want to put our hands so hook out as always so go back to the weed line where it came from felt that the casting parallel to the weed line trick works but now we’re gonna keep drifting and then I want to move out again have some distance to the shores I can keep making these kind of short casts into these pockets and then every fifty or hundred metres or so I’ll go in again and make a few more of these casts of course this technique takes some time to fish all the spots twice but like today we have quite a it’s quite a limited area it’s a few hundred meters of weed line that I know Holmes fish we have this perfect wind so there’s no need to rush anything hey Shawn oh yes yes yes I forgot to adjust the drag on the reel so took line in the hook set oh man it’s another nice fish [Music] oh yes again on that hooligan roach what an amazing take once again this is why you want land big fish on the sides usually from this one this works to it just careful oh man another stunning bite this real roach now I have the third Pike of the day well fished for a bit more than hour we do have like two more hours to fish I believe so this stays turning out to be really really great look at that look at this feisty nice beautiful pike let’s put it back I always use 300 hooks when fishing the holding ropes because it has such wide profile and the wider profile of your lair the bigger you need your travels to be just to make sure the hook is wider than the lair because otherwise the lure will cover the hooks kind of time for this lady to swim back oh she slapped my rod in the water good thing I had to learn up here and obviously the gator big baked explorer rod is floating together with this instinct real well this reel probably doesn’t really like that so I’m gonna rinse it with some fresh water just rinse it like this with some fresh water when I get home today I’m gonna do it way more thoroughly and careful the most of it is probably gun freaking freaking awesome not really surprised that this collar is working if I would pick one color to fish with in all waters all around you know every condition something like this will always work so and when it first like this when you know look you’re not gonna get as many bites even though well Noah had a good action but when fishing for big fish like we’re doing now we know that we’re not gonna get that many bites you know we’re not going to catch huge numbers then I like to use these you know comfort layers these layers that you are highly confident in you don’t want to be thinking like yeah I wonder if this one is gonna work so no it’s not the time to start experimenting with layers that you haven’t tried before stuff like that because that will just make you lose your confidence and stop believing what you’re doing and you won’t be fishing as efficient as you could do so one fishing big fish like this useless that you are highly confident in [Music] fish all yes another nice one and they’re not a good take four takes and four fish on the hook they are killing it today the general is holding a roach yeah dude really feistel dude hello there [Music] oh yeah nice bites holy shit guys we are crushing it today look at that another beautiful Baltic Sea pike super chunky looks like it’s a brand new from the pike Factory no damages or nothing whatsoever again drifting is 3/4 meter we’d like that’s making short precision cast like this into the pockets and this Pike kill this one if you mean results must have been like 2 or 3 meters but this one was hiding and yeah awesome cake we’ve had four cakes today and I haven’t missed a single one of them they’re killing them so hard so I measure real quickly as your most 90 centimeters so 9072 pike going back Wow so that Pike was standing close to this kind of deep hole here with the five six meters I’m signing on the edge here and now we’re entering a more shallow part of this weed line ends up in the corner down here with the only like 1 meter of water I think I’m gonna change us actually to this one when it comes to shadow fishing especially in cold water dragon is definitely one of my favourites to use come on now big Pike this is a great place it’s like a shallow plateau along out here with some weed so this place you should hold some nice fish also even inside the we like this Fisher Wow ok muff damn I like the second cast with a dragon don’t know what happened there but it was the first mr. fish of the day this one was brand new oh shit smoked ahead look at that holy holy shit it’s all inside a weed aha on the dragon Oh came off crap crap crap crap would have been so fun to have landed that one guess there’s a high probability that that’s what’s the last fish all today like you can see his life is going down really fast now hmm well I’m gonna keep casting few more guests so that was it for today we’re back at the shore after a short paddling trip I had a few awesome hours on the lake and the fish we caught I think I think we’ve got four fish right yeah puzzling four fish they’re all nice lost a few nice ones in the end this one was really killing it the real roach color of hooligan rocks also this not the Lockean but we are also running a giveaway on so if you want one of these leave a comment why you need one of those net the Lockean Loeb um so yeah that was basically it thank you so much for watching if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe up there as always and all the gear and lures used in this episode including the flatform dislodged rods reels everything you can found it on this link down there so yeah thank you so much for watching see you guys next time

    Un-Armed PIRATES & INTRUDERS – Self Defense on Sailboats against THEFT(Patrick Childress Sailing 42)
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    Un-Armed PIRATES & INTRUDERS – Self Defense on Sailboats against THEFT(Patrick Childress Sailing 42)

    September 18, 2019

    hello we are Patrick and Rebecca
    Childress on the sailboat Brick House. Rebecca and I both know five
    people who have been captured and held hostage for ransom in the southeastern
    Philippines on the island of Jolo. two of those people did not make it out
    alive of course this happens elsewhere in the
    world like off of Somalia and other places but in this video we aren’t
    talking about these heavily armed pirates that when they approach your
    boat you’re shit out of luck you don’t have a chance the world of escaping them
    and if you think you want to pop off a few rounds from your 308 or ar-15 go
    right ahead because it’ll be the last thing that you do before you become
    Obliberated so in this video we aren’t talking about heavily armed pirates we
    are talking about the guys who come on your boat with machetes or intruders in
    the middle of the night that are there to steal your outboard we are talking
    about non-lethal defense to send a very clear message to these guys that they
    made the wrong decision to come upon your boat and we know other
    people that have been out on the ocean in the middle of the night two o’clock
    in the morning accosted by a fishing boat trying to pull up alongside and our
    friends are calling Mayday Mayday on channel 16 and nobody’s responding if
    they had some pepper spray or something to lob onto that fishing boat they
    would have been in great shape but they were able to pull ahead motor wise and
    then throw a big wad of polypropylene line over the side and then that caught
    the property of these approaching fishermen and that stopped them in the
    water but you know the last thing I want to do is if a fisherman is approaching
    the boat or somebody’s approaching the boat we’re not quite sure what their
    intentions are but it doesn’t seem so it doesn’t seem so good the last thing I
    want to do is you know shoot off a gun and kill one of them I mean that’s just
    gonna land me in a rotten prison wherever I am but since it’s at a distance I’d
    like to be able to lob something at him too so that they definitely know that
    we’re not the boat to pick so that’s the idea we were in a mall in Richards Bay
    South Africa we saw all these arms in the window we
    could not believe what they had but it turns out they weren’t real
    they were co2 powered so there’s a lot of good ideas in there but what the most
    amazing thing was a simple paintball gun a lot of people in the world play
    paintball and where they shoot each other with die marked balls but now you
    change the projectile in those guns they become very impressive and so let’s go
    to the mall we’ll take a look at a lot of these things and then you decide what
    you think might work best yeah and let us know in the comments down below which
    ones you think you’d have on your boat if some other ideas that you have for
    the same kind of thing we’re always looking for more ideas nice simple ideas
    things that don’t cost a lot of money but what would you have on your boat let
    us know in the comments down below of course you have to be careful where you
    bring these things they’re perfectly legal in South Africa but in Australia
    I wonder if even a slingshot is legal there you can get a lot of trouble for
    bringing even these toys into foreign countries so you have to research the
    customs and other laws in these foreign countries before you go cruising in with
    them yeah a good place to do that just go on new and they’ll they’ll have
    it pretty much in the description what you can and can’t bring you gets not the
    gospel but it’s a pretty good place to start yeah there’s another technical
    problem in a mall you know all the incredible reverb in the sound in the
    air in the mall and we had that same problem in this store so the sound is
    not that great to start with yeah we had the manager was able to close one door
    entry door he couldn’t close both of them and look like these shut up but the
    one door did help quite a bit then I put the video through audio scrubbing
    cleaning and that helped quite a bit so it gets better the audio gets better as
    we go along and also his accent there’s so many different accents in South
    Africa and his is Durban accent well Durban Indian Afrikaans a little bit of
    everything He is a good representation of accents in South
    Africa so effect I went through a lot of trouble to put in the closed captions
    and making sure that that’s accurate so just click on the CC button down there
    on the bottom if maybe you’re having trouble understanding or hearing any
    of the spoken words, and there are lots of languages too – okay let’s go to the mall… okay Security Hyper Store…kay holy moly look at these guys
    submachine gun? yeah it looks pretty serious look on the box
    the co2 air power. Let’s go in and get a picture… okay well hello there Chevron how are you
    doing this morning this is Chevron we’ve talked to her I
    don’t know 20 times I’m sure she’s been educating us along with Zain, and all the
    defense’s yeah this is amazing because we were just walking down the mall one
    day and saw all of these guns wow that’s pretty serious stuff but as
    it turns out none of it shoots gunpowder, none of them whatsoever. and we actually try to concentrate on
    anything that does not require a license and yet be able to defend
    yourself okay so all of these toys the co2 powered paintball guns all of that
    in South Africa is there an age limit for buying any of these? Our company
    actually doesn’t allow us to sell it to under 18. They would have to be
    older than 18 and present your ID as well for safety purposes. So for somebody living
    on a sailboat like us that’s nothing but one big headache to have some kind of a gun powdered firearm onboard, but yeah we saw the co2 pistols and rifles so what I
    actually wanted to start off with one of these ones.. actually one of our
    customers favorites. It’s a BB gun so shooting these metal balls here
    operating with co2 gas which is a non-lethal gas it won’t be able to affect you whatsoever as well and can you buy these all over the world
    um most places that do actually have it like we said in America and stuff, they do
    actually have different sizes. in South Africa we are standard
    size which is a 12 gram gas canister that’s 12 grams 12 grams. So our
    customers favorite because of the realistic feature of this gun itself. As you can see it’s just like a real gun. So it’s very simple. Very easy, very simple…With this gun you can have the options of semi-automatic and fully automatic so
    Let’s just say you need to shoot just one bullet. And then you can always switch it to full automatic mode…Holey Tamoley! That can shoot 19 bullets in 5 seconds!
    bullets in five seconds that’s That’s Impressive! That IS impressive! Now that’s pellets? BBs..BBs. Our
    customers really do love this gun, the reason being it’s an excellent deterrent. if
    you pull this out you just have to Cock it, and you are gonna think that I do have
    a real gun in my hand. It’s very realistic, the cock feature. So guys, its actually It’s actually an excellent deterrent, to actually deter your guys away.. our number one baby for our customers. Now, and it operates off if this…CO2 cartridge… and where does the CO2 cartridge go? Slip the CO2 canister here. So you take your Allen key, and open up a notch. This part comes out. Your gas canister, you just drop it inside, you tighten it up, and you are ready for use. And how long can you use that cartridge for. It will give you approximately 35 shots. 35 shots. Oh. So you went through almost a complete. almost through a complete canister. With automatic mode, it’s very easy to finish up your gas because of the rapid fire. Wow! okay now with the BB like that say like
    12 meters away what is it going to feel like. Well with BBs, we give you up
    to 10 meters we can be looking at a piercing so it will be into your skin. at
    10 meter up to 10 meters , where you just have to kinda pop them out. Most of the time, our guys know they don’t even shoot
    the gun you just put it out, (cock it) and they go away
    and it goes away…it works like a charm! yeah okay and once you put the cartridge
    in there can you pull it out six months later and expect it to work? No you can not. How long? Because it’s a gas, at
    the end of the day we give it to you to keep your gun secure at the same time
    you’ll say within 5 days you should use up your gas when you’re not using your
    gun over a longer duration, do not leave an open gas inside it’s just wastes and wears out the seals of your gun. So look
    after the gun so your gun can last a long time. Okay next thing I’d like to show the hand pistols would actually be the
    paintball gun specifically this one
    it’s our latest range for self-defense especially. It’s a six-shot you just load
    your… this here is actually going to be loaded with solids and peppers. so the solids
    whatever you hit you literally just break. I will get you a sample to show
    you the solids and the peppers. Okay, but starting with though, this is just a regular paint ball gun that a lot of people use when they play paintball yes
    and hit each other with the ball that explodes with ink. I will show
    you the paintball as well so that you do have a good idea of what we actually are looking at here. At the end of the day, remember, it is just a toy. But a toy that can actually defend you at the same time so that’s regular paint ball if you
    just want to mess around, take a few shots have some fun that’s your normal
    paint…and they really don’t hurt when you get hit. No…its a small sting nothing too bad. Thats why those guys
    wear the masks when they play? Yeah have to protect their face…don’t want it in the eye! it ’s very important to have your mask in to protect your eyes and protect your face. Yeah safety equipment… Ok, so our defense range…these are solid balls. solid balls. solid balls, how they work is… whatever you hit…you practically – straight through these ones here. BONES…you are looking at damage wise with these guys where you can break a bone or two. It’s a
    non-lethal item so it will not pierce the skin it’s meant to just defend yourself
    to put the person down so it gives you the upper hand in the situation for you to
    actually move away from the surrounding areas. Pepper balls are my very favorite
    reason being, one or two pepper balls are excellent. The guy cannot actually see
    you. Also if there are multiple guys, one two pepper balls are effective on all
    of them. The moment it passes in the air they all breathing at the end they can not
    attack you They are just trying to breathe themselves. I mean if I wore a lot of shirts or a
    jacket will it still explode? If it’s hits on a surface…you see it’s gonna
    pop so even next to them if you can fire It because the moment it goes in the
    air they also taking it in, if you find they are wearing too much clothing yeah so you don’t have to hit
    the person just hit next to them and you can hard-surfaced next to them. yeah hit a hard
    surface next to them. I do, personally prefer the chest reason being the moment
    it hits , they breathe it in, and are out on the ground. They cannot attack you and what percentage
    pepper is this? That’s a seven percent so you also do have ten percent peppers it’s ten percent that’s our bigger
    paintball guns which is more stronger as well. this specific one does pack a punch
    though so what I like about this gun is you load your bullets you load your gas
    inside the moment you load your gas it does NOT activate so you can keep this
    for a year for example in your gun.. There is no issue. The time comes when you need to use your gas, you press down here Here only it activates the gas and there
    after you can.. Thats good. Thats good…reason being it’s always going to be ready for
    self-defense you don’t have to think is there gas in my gun…do I have to worry. In
    a self-defense situation you don’t have time to be worrying about is there gas in my pocket?
    You want to be able to defend yourself and that works like a charm… And it uses still that
    same cartridge co2? Yes, co2 cartridge. which are sold nationwide.
    and you still get about 25 shots out of it…or 20 if glass because it takes more power. That should be enough, hah? More than enough… 1 mag is 6 shots, and you get 3. Pretty decent… you get 3 magazines CDs and so you now okay that
    uses the smaller caliber but can you get 10% pepper spray in the smaller caliber
    the smaller ones this is our latest Ninja King gun
    because most of our paintball guns, and if you do see the size of it pretty big guns, so our
    guys required actually required something more compact to keep on them and also non
    Lethal at the same time which are smaller ones are here, as for the
    bigger rifles is a variety you can pick from there as well we shoot the bigger pellets, and in the range on on this for hitting a something an
    exploding uh bear in mind, wind really makes a big difference because these Pellets are light as well so indoors, you are gonna get a
    longer distance easy on them will be on 40 meters, 30 meters. 40 meters. 40.
    I’ll give you about forty now without wind. Indoors. Damage-wise even twenty meters you are breaking a bone…so you are doing some good damage with those as well. Bear in mind you do upgrade your gun though. We know people who have been harassed
    people on foreign boats and if they And if they could have launched something like this
    onto their boat gas it would have been a great deterrent more powerful bigger
    thing would be the rifle you think there’s larger diameter paint then we
    just take this one for example so the advantage on these ones here is you got
    a hopper feed this hopper feed can hold up to 200 bullets we have a choice
    between 45 or 200 so it gives you a lot of shots you know that even if you’re
    not the best person to shoot you will still be able to Hit your target in the end.With this here, it takes the bigger canisters this is easier you will be getting more
    shots as well approximately 150 or so it depends on your pressure gauge at the
    end of today the extendable stop to make it more
    comfortable to hold. You do racks on the end of your gun as well to add a laser sight or
    torch so at night as well you will be secured you will be able to
    use it. Very simple you just cock, and…you fire…Very easy to use.. ladies at home, so very easy to use
    as you can see there’s just a safety catch so the kids can’t play wit it…and it uses quite a
    different canister of gas canister with the advantage of being able to get it in
    multiple sizes: 4 all the way up to 24 ounces so it depends on the size if you
    go the more shots again yeah approximately on a 20 ounce you get
    about 1400 shots but then again this is just a standard paintball gun canister
    of gas which you can buy wherever they play paintball with a living and you can
    fill it up with it as well okay so these are all toys really but ichange
    the projectile and it becomes quite a different piece of machinery.
    exactly. Now the the diameter of the projectile…is it the smaller or the bigger? No more smaller these are the glass
    breakers. These are the proper ones for self-defense whatever these hit, it breaks
    for example, glass, like I said, RIBS, LEGS, You can do some major damage with these here.
    Rubber balls they actually use in riot control they give a hell of a
    sting the guys kind of use this actually to turn the person to go away. And your next combo the best thing you will be getting is Pepperballs. Pepper balls are my very
    favorite, reason being, these ones are ten percent when you do hit this it’s
    very effective in the store, we have to pop it we have to evacuate the store
    And won’t be able to open. Even next Sore we would have to evacuate because it’s gonna go
    through the AIr con vents. Its quite powerful. now there is there are there
    any guns that really don’t look so militaristic like a gun more like a toy
    you know a real toy Something that doesn’t look so offensive
    yeah the coloration is more benign no pink ones yeah I think what it would be
    much better. On our BBs, we did have a pink one no lie. yeah you also
    have this like double-barrel shotgun another unit that just came in recently
    on the self defense range so the best thing about this is they actually
    concentrated on having a proper shotgun feature on this way it’s a double
    shot so how you gonna load this again you use a solid and a pepper you can
    eitherchoose between left right or twin shot with this gun here as
    well you can add a laser sight so at night You won’t have issues trying to
    find your target look at your laser light and attack with this gun here as well, you also have the same features that it has a laser light on it too so that the people
    can see the laser. All these guns whichever Gun has a bracket, it does allow
    you to see. Thats the mounting bracket for the laser. Now with this here, it also has a safety feature of keeping your gas and keeping
    your bullets in then laying your gun idle. …a scary situation comes through you press down here, and it’s ready to activate and then you ready to fire okay okay so
    you need to have your you know some in your pocket ready yeah with this gun you
    you do have to have ammo on you cuz it’s a proper shotgun feature so the only
    concentration I’m actually having two shots inside yes they wanted to keep the
    original feature of the shotgun and the gas can just drop it down here so with
    the allen key you just put it inside of ear twist it down yeah he’s gonna do check this moron as I
    see because okay so that cartridge, the co2
    cartridge goes right in there oh crap it in on the stock and then when you do
    need it yeah then exactly then you’re just gonna put our ties amid put your
    gun down have it loaded leave it down time call you need to use it you know
    it’s there yes stop activates and you need to find okay good you’re not
    letting gas leak out from you yes because you’re not gonna have that in
    the back of your mind thank you is there gas in my gun
    because the last thing you need is to use your gun there’s no gas over there
    and then you pull the chicken mechanics internet yeah and then of course these
    this takes a little more time to arm because it’s a it’s a larger your
    canister you have to screw it on the advantages of this is we do sell things
    like a valve, so how a valve works it actually sits on to your gas, on to your
    bottle and it’s an on and off tap. so you can have your bottle
    attached to your gun always if you close the tap which means there’s no gas leak,
    so the moment you need to use it, all you gotta do is turn your tap and you ready to
    fire so we can make it easy on you. This comes as well like we say time is very
    important assault fair situation you need to be able to act very fast without
    panicking without warning. emotion yeah I understand that these are used say like
    on the farms the guys use it on farms also you know open areas our guys use
    this a lot recently first of all guys don’t want to use they
    can is the first line of defense sadly you cannot just use your gun
    openly because there are also consequences to you you would be able to defend yourself without having the consequences of using
    A real gun. not to break a bone like these are it’s just it’s just a sting
    yes to get the message across like I have seen some YouTube videos where
    some people wanted themselves to be shot with the gas and they do it at like only
    about three meters and with no shirt on it’s my Hoy jeez and so what
    happens is they get a terrible big bloody hickey yeah it doesn’t really
    look like a hickey that constantly changes color. the pressure on these
    guns if you feel them on your bare skin it
    does but because the pressure is so high remember co2 is compressed air – it really
    does push up with a lot of pressure coming you can tear a piece of plastic
    easy to you with gas, yeah so even without without the bullet in it…. without a bullet inside of it…good for dusting around the house okay sadly I do not
    have the laser that I really would like to show you… it’s what’s used in the
    states a lot it’s the taser gun which is the only
    taser they can attack a person at 4 Meters away. it sends out to wires that hook on to you and every time you press the button in that thing sends a pulse out
    there so yeah so how it is you get the device itself and you get cartridges
    that you put inside now that cartridge shoots out 2 wires at a 4 meter distance it hooks onto you
    if you time you press the buttons the person gets zapped. In our country it’s legal because it’s not attacking it’s not killing the person who just puts a
    person down for you to have the advantage in the situation for you even move away or call the police. Now, bear spray actually do you call a bear spray well I know in the
    states that use it for bears but we call it Pepper Gel. Pepper gel is actually one of our newer things On the market. it’s much more effective
    than pepper spray. also in a windy
    situation I personally prefer the Pepper gel because it will not come back
    and hit you in the face… oh that’s the most remember something guys even if you’re
    Out on the ocean and stuff, you all have lots of wind constantly… if you spray
    that pepper spray it can’t hit you back in your face and the last thing you need
    is to spray yourself when you try to Defend yourself.. with a gel, you know
    it’s making direct contact anywhere on their face whatever it touches it’s
    gonna burn okay so it’ll stick to the person. Aim
    for the face – I suggest you aim for the face because that’s where you
    doing the damage yeah this is what the gel sticks to the person, so it’s more concentrated on the person. that’s why all guys don’t like sprays
    anymore because there’s too many people get affected in the situation of trying
    to defend yourself you cannot control Wind at the end of the day so with that wind it will come back. With the gel It will not come back at you. yeah it even says
    on the front safe to use indoors does not affect bystanders reduces wind blow
    back exactly on the pepper spray whether you’re using the paintball gun or even
    the in the canister up here that you actually pull a trigger on what would be
    an antidote to that if somebody got it in their eyes or you or I got it in our
    eyes how do we get rid of it quickly MILK. Water is a no no cuz it’s
    a base that actually sticks on to your skin so water actually makes it
    worse… it so the best thing you should actually use is milk. that’ll neutralize it yeah you know say like somebody leaving South Africa
    or it’s they want to play paintball in another country how difficult is it to
    carry a paintball gun in their check legged luggage depending
    on the customer the country you’re going to attend today for example if you go to
    Australia they don’t care what kind it is they will not allow it him because
    thier policies do not allow it there at the end of the day you’re not looking at
    our South African within South Africa there’s no issues with all guns
    whatsoever moving it you can see it’s a paintball Gun,l you push it through
    declared as a paintball gun the guys don’t have a problem with it. the
    countries it depends on the customs also the guys will not even allow it in most
    of the guys it looks so realistic for example our
    and customs the guys will never allow that in them because of how do you stick
    it is you got that Patrick that’s important
    look at the tip okay this indicates that it’s a toy or a regular paintball toy
    gun yeah it’s to show that that’s not a Real gun because the thing about airsoft
    is the look and the way it’s identical to the real one yeah something she’s
    actually sure that it is even something like this I mean this is small it it
    looks kind of like a toy in a way certainly not so intimidating like
    imitation this shoots the same ammunition same ammunition you can put a
    hopper here and dump a lot of idents any kind of ammunition you want
    exactly and the big tank comes off the back so it depends on you and your
    choice of Guns, you actually get up what I see or what you really want you
    can choose video thank you see this here does not look like a real firearm so by
    looking at this you can say it’s not a real fire okay then crossbows I mean
    this is a hundred and twenty pound bull crossbow I mean that’s powerful that’s
    really powerful when we were kids we had 45 pound and that was powerful enough
    with my target we actually stopped about 50 we got between 50 80 120 going all
    the way up to 140 so with the hundred 2150 the guys actually use it for
    hunting the rocks yeah damage it will definitely you looking at around
    plus/minus around four hundred fifty nine four pack of six now the good thing
    is as you can feel it is three point eight yeah what the top can be changed
    yes so if you want it to be a bit much area
    for example in the guys are using it for hunting etc we do use raise the head
    plates so this is that cuts right through
    anything okay and what is the cost of one arrow oh you said let me pack off
    six is fifty four hundred and fifty was about thirty dollars a chevron we’ve got
    to get you in here too but thank you you covered it pretty well all of our
    questions and more they will take you Chevron for helping us out thanks a lot
    and Rebecca wants to go play paintball now see you guys later there’s some very
    impressive non-lethal self defenses here I especially like the paintball gun
    would be pepper spray and glass breaker balls all to let those bad guys know if
    they should come aboard they should go find a safer career thanks a lot for
    watching I hope this video has been worthwhile for you if it has please give
    it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already click on the subscribe button
    also in the video description there’s a link to the tip jar if you don’t mind
    helping out to perpetuate these videos thanks a lot and we’ll see you next time trying to scare us away yeah backup


    Properly Waxing Your Boat

    September 15, 2019

    Shurhold, clean and simple. Hi, Barry Berhoff,
    Shurhold Industries. And welcome back to another
    episode of Shurhold’s Clean and Simple Tips. We’re down here at our
    project boat again today and I’m joined by Captain Sam
    McGinley, our demo captain. And today, Sam and I are
    going to share with you the proper way to
    wax and maintain your boat using Shurhold’s
    Dual Action Polisher Pro and our Pro Polish. Now, the single
    most effective way to prevent your boat from
    oxidation and sun exposure is by waxing it. Your wax will serve as
    a sacrificial barrier between your boat’s gel coat or
    paint in this world around it, keeping it shiny
    for years to come. Now as Sam heads
    off to the dock box to get the demo set
    up for us today, I’m going to talk to you
    about the differences between a traditional wax
    and a polymer based wax like our Shurhold Pro
    Polish and what else we’re going to need for
    today’s project. Now, there’s a difference
    between the traditional wax and a polymer based wax. A traditional wax
    has a surface layer that goes on top of
    your finish and that helps protect it in that
    way by creating a shell. A polymer based wax, like
    the Shurhold Pro Polish, actually has no
    traditional wax in it so there’s nothing there
    to yellow or gum up and it is going to make a
    chemical bond with the boat, filling in all the little
    pores and giving you much harder, longer lasting shine. Now what Sam’s collecting
    down to get ready for us for the demo , a Shurhold
    Dual Action Polisher Pro, a bottle of Shurhold Pro
    Polish, a set of buffing pads for the Pro Polish,
    some microfiber towels, and some microfiber bonnets. Sam should be all set
    for us now, so let’s head on to the front the
    boat and see what he’s got. I can see Sam’s finishing
    up getting all set here and he’s got the Dual
    Action Polisher Pro with the red Pro Polish pad. Why don’t you explain to
    us why you chose this pad and about how many we’re going
    to need for this size boat? Sure. This is our softest pad we
    make, designed exclusively for Pro Polish. You’re going to want
    to use this with a wax because it won’t
    affect the surface. You need about two for every
    25-foot section of boat that you’re going
    to be working on. OK, sounds good. Now Sam is going
    to get started here and he’s going to show us the
    process of getting started and the pattern he’s
    going to use for putting the wax on the boat. So what do we got here? You’re going to start
    by putting three dobs on the outside of the pad. That’s going ensure you
    have complete coverage when you’re waxing, it will
    stay on the outside. Go ahead and rest
    it on the surface and move it around
    a little bit, make sure your speed setting
    is around two and go ahead and get started. Now you can see here, he started
    with the machine touching the boat, and he mentioned
    that it’s very, very important. With all that
    product on the pad, if you started it
    up in the air, it’s going to sling that
    product everywhere. It’s going to get
    it on you, it’s going to get it on parts of
    the boat you don’t want to use, and it’s going to make a
    mess when we’re really trying to make it beautiful and clean. Now he’s working
    in a pattern here. Explain to us the
    pattern and why. I am overlapping
    in a grid pattern. That is going to ensure
    a complete coverage. You notice I work my way all the
    way down, move up a little bit, and work all the way down again. And then I’m going to go back
    over it by going up and down. And how long do we do this? We’re going to go until this
    product kind of hazes, kind of fades away. You won’t see too much
    of a shine to it anymore and you’re going to be ready
    to buff off the excess product. OK. Now, when it comes to
    buffing off the excess wax, unlike a traditional wax, you
    don’t need a big beach towel. There’s no fillers or talcum
    powders in the Pro Polish so you can use just a clean
    small microfiber towel and get most the
    boat done with that. But Shurhold also makes,
    right here, the Bright Bonnet. And this will make it
    even easier, a little less elbow grease. You can put it on
    the machine and Sam’s going to show us how
    he buffs out the wax and brings it to a final shine. One thing you want to make sure
    you’re doing with this machine is making sure it’s centered
    on the backing plate because it’s a little
    bit of a heavier pad, you don’t want to
    get out of balance. And really important,
    make sure it’s on the speed setting of one. Again, you don’t want
    to get it out of whack. Rest it on the surface, like
    you would with a regular pad. Start working that same pattern
    that you were working before. You’re going to be going down
    and back and then up and down. Again, you’re going to
    make sure you buff up all the extra wax you left
    on the outside of the boat. Now he’s going to do this until
    the product is totally gone. It only takes a second or two to
    get that last little bit of it out and it comes back
    to a beautiful shine. Now Sam, when
    you’re all set here, how do you check that
    you’ve got the shine? What I like to do is
    actually put my head really close to the surface and
    look down and see if there’s any smudges or marks. But one of the fun
    ways to do it is take your bottle of Pro
    Polish, put it up to the side and check the
    reflection and you’re going to see if you have a
    mirror finish out of that. Once you see it, you
    know you’re there. OK. Now once you’ve done
    that, how do you go about starting
    your next section? How far down are
    you going to move? Typically you want to move
    about six inches down and then into the next two foot section. That ensures that you
    have good coverage, you’re not missing any areas. OK. Sam is going to continue to
    do overlapping areas by about six inches and
    finish up the boat and we’re going to talk about
    how many coats you need to do and how often. First off, multiple coats. Think of it more like
    sunscreen for your boat. You only need to put on one
    now and one down the road. Multiple coats are something
    that a lot of manufacturers do to help you use more product
    when you really don’t need it. As long as you’re doing
    those overlapping sections and not missing
    anywhere, multiple coats are not necessary. Now depending on whether
    you’re in a northern climate or a southern
    climate will depend how often you should do it. Now, down here in
    Florida, we like to do it about three
    to four times a year. If you’re in a northern
    season like the Great Lakes, you probably only need to
    do it about at the beginning and at the end. Think about where
    you’re at and make sure you pick the
    appropriate amount of time to apply that
    sunblock to your boat. Now after you figured
    out how many times you’re going to do it, let’s talk
    about a couple of tips to make it easier. First and foremost,
    make sure you have everything you
    need before you get started, that makes every
    job go a little bit smoother. Next, when you’re using the
    Pro Polish, don’t use too much, a lot goes a long way. It’s a very highly concentrated
    product and if you use too much it’s going to be very messy
    and it’s not necessary. And that leads into making sure
    that your machine is always touching the surface when
    you turn it on and off. Again, we don’t want
    to sling that product and make a mess everywhere. And last but not
    least, make sure you remove any belts or jewelry
    because those are items that when you’re leaning or
    reaching across the boat, that you could scratch up the
    boat and work against yourself. OK. Now that we’ve covered that,
    let’s take a look at the boat and see how Sam did
    on the whole project. Sam, the boat looks beautiful,
    you did another great job. And I want to thank
    you and the people at home from myself,
    Barry Berhoff at Shurhold and Captain Sam McGinley. Remember Shurhold is always
    here to help you keep your boat clean and simple.

    How I made £2,848.66 with Football Index 💻💰 (2019)
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    How I made £2,848.66 with Football Index 💻💰 (2019)

    September 8, 2019

    Hi guys Max here from Betslayer in this
    video I’m going to tell you exactly how I made two thousand eight hundred and
    forty eight pounds and sixty six pence with football index in 2018 Hi guys so on this channel we’re all
    about making a side income through low risk betting strategies and so I’m
    always on the lookout for the next great thing to utilize to make some more
    profits and that’s how I came across a football index so firstly you’ll learn
    everything you need to know about football index and how to get started how
    not to overthink it and how to mitigate basically all risk at least at least for
    the first seven days and firstly like and subscribe to this video I may do
    more on this topic and it will really help me do more videos to do that now. So
    the first thing to note is football index is legit you can check out the
    Trustpilot reviews and see what people are saying it launched in 2015 it’s the
    world’s first football stock market where you can buy sell and trade
    footballers with real money, think of it as a mix between fantasy football and
    the stock market you are betting on the value of that player going up over time
    it’s it’s a mix I would say between fantasy football and betfair. And unlike
    stock market trading where people don’t really have a clue about the stocks and you’re basically guessing many people have great knowledge about
    football that they do not put to use and even just being slightly ahead of the herd
    or having a little bit of knowledge pays big dividends in football index
    especially because getting in early getting in now will mean that you make
    profits anyway because as more people come onto the platform the price of the
    players go up and football index have just signed big advertising deals with
    sky and got big journalists like Guillem Balague from Spain onto the
    platform so it’s only going to get better and better and also the best
    thing about football index is you on a bad day you don’t lose your bet you lose
    a couple of pennies of players value and that’s why it’s a great alternative to
    just normal betting it’s also worth noting football index have
    no control over the price of any player it’s simply due to market demand so our
    strategy with football index is normally to buy no sell high but there’s also
    other ways to know so let’s go straight into it how do you make money so to know
    how to make money we also need to know what affects player’s prices so number
    one just normal fluctuations as mentioned earlier the more in demand the
    player becomes the more his price will increase the fluctuations in players
    prices provide a great opportunity to profit either long term or short term
    you know we want to buy low sell high to maximize our profits and that’s
    why it’s good to get in early because as more people come onto the platform it
    drives the price of the most popular players up so if we get in because
    football index is in its infancy it’s it’s really going to kick on over the
    next couple of years so why could a price go up of a player maybe they want
    to you know leave the club which leads to more media mentions which which
    means more media dividends which we’ll go over next maybe he’s on a great run
    of form and you know has won performance buzz a couple of times again we’ll
    mention that and why could price go down you know maybe lack of form maybe he’s
    been injured suspended maybe he signed a new contract so there will be no
    transfer rumors and media mentioned so media buzz is based mainly on uk-based
    networks and attribute points to players based on the mentioned in articles like
    transfers or articles on young talent it is worth noting that squad players cannot
    get media buzz, now squad players are the lower priced players okay and
    they can’t get media buzz but if their price goes up enough they can get promoted
    into the top 200 players which are eligible for media buzz and and
    everything so it’s worth noting also that dividends from media buzz
    performance buzz they get credited at around midnight of that day’s matches
    they automatically get added here’s some details about how much you can expect to
    make from that and with media buzz that the reason the price of UK players may
    be a little bit higher because they’re mainly uk-based media outlets so there’s
    more media buzz available for the likes of Harry Kane etc also make sure you buy
    your players before 2 p.m. for the next day’s games otherwise you won’t get
    credited so performance buzz monitors the footballing performance and players
    across the top leagues, so Premier League La Liga Bundesliga Serie
    A Ligue One Champions League and Europa League and football index has their own
    scoring matrix which basically will will rank the top players based on if there
    are defender tackles and things like that or scores and assists so it’s also
    worth noting that match days are split into three categories with different
    dividend rates depending on the number of matches taking place
    the table below displays the dividend for each share for both match days and
    non match days and also recently only a couple of weeks ago they’ve added inplay dividend so for the first 30 days of your share is owned you get dividends
    if a player scores assists or keeps a clean sheet etc so that’s a really
    exciting thing and the best thing about football Index it’s really expanding how you can make money and everything like that
    and it’s and it’s really just getting better and better so selling is the main
    way you’re going to make your profits on football index you make dividends you know
    I’ve made lots of dividends but I make most of my money when I sell my players so
    there’s two ways to sell, market sell and instant sell and so football index
    makes money from taking a commission on the total sales so for example with you
    sell 30 pounds worth of Neymar you’ve got a factor in the 2% fee that the
    football index take so the difference between the buying price and the sale
    price is known as the spread and market sell allows you to set a reserve price
    and place shares in a queue and it depends on how them in demand the player
    is so you might be in a queue with 300 people 3,000 and it depends on how
    quickly people going to buy it so if you were to join the queue you could sell
    them at the blue price and if you want an instant sell you to sell them at the
    red price and the difference is the spread so your instant sell allows you
    to immediately cash out your position on player shares for an increased
    percentage of commission so I’m sure you’re wondering what are the
    turquoise lines on the player charts no these represent the highs and lows of a
    player’s price for that day so the bigger the line the bigger the
    volatility maybe it’s a good thing maybe he’s zoomed up because he scored a couple
    of goals or got lots of worthy media attention and it’s up to you to kind of
    interpret this graph and this is a good way to see where the players going so
    how do you know which players to buy I wouldn’t overthink this I think it’s
    similar to fantasy football maybe you want to pick Heung Min Son because
    you think he’s in Forem he’s underpriced and he’s only going to get
    better maybe it’s a new player who’s come into to the team like Holding of Arsenal and
    or maybe you want a long-term strategy and putting somebody like the center
    back for Tottenham you just come in Juan Foyth it depends on your strategy you
    can have a long-term strategy you want to build up media dividends and and
    performance buzz and and sort of bank up a bank on the price of football index in
    the whole going up which it does or you maybe have a short-term strategy and you
    want to just have that seven days risk-free on football index so if you
    click through my link and this really does make it risk-free and really makes
    it this is a really really great deal if you sign up through the link in the
    description and deposit 20 pounds you get 30 pounds extra so that’s a really
    great way to keep on the investment in football index with confidence this is
    only going to be around for the next less than 30 days I believe and all you
    got to do is deposit that 20 pounds or more make sure you buy all your players
    then email Football index and then they will credit you the extra 30 pounds so
    super great also the best way to use football index in my opinion is the
    mobile app you can quickly see which players are trending browse the
    marketplace buy and sell players and check the top media buzz and performance
    buzz players and you can also analyze market performance so football index I’m
    sure can feel slightly overwhelming and confusing at first but if you if you
    check out a also just don’t overthink and think of
    it like fantasy football and jump straight in, especially the deposit bonus
    you’ll get stuck in in no time and it’s a really fun great way to bet so really
    excited for you guys to check it out and leave a comment below saying which
    football player will be the number one and your first pick on football index
    I’d love to hear it and any questions leave leave a comment and I’ll get back
    to you

    How To Remove Boat Lettering | BoatUS
    Articles, Blog

    How To Remove Boat Lettering | BoatUS

    September 8, 2019

    Hi, I’m Mike Vatalaro with BoatUS Magazine. Today we’re going to show you how to take old boat lettering off your
    boat. With me is Ted Sensenbrenner of the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety
    and Clean Water. Behind us is the Foundation’s 27 ft. Albemarle that was
    donated to them. It is a non-profit foundation and donations like this do
    help support its mission. So, we’re going to show you two methods today. First, the
    one you’re probably familiar with the old heat and scrape, and then we’re going
    to show you a new product that promises to make it go a lot faster. Okay, the
    first and more familiar method is heat. If your lettering is not too ancient, heat
    and a plastic scraper might be all you need to pull it loose. You may also want
    to use a straight razor to lift the corners, but be careful not to gouge the
    gelcoat or paint job. Remember, when using a heat gun, keep it moving so you don’t
    burn the gelcoat. Now, be aware this method often leaves adhesive behind and
    you’ll need to wipe it off with a solvent, such as Sticker Off or Goo Gone.
    Some folks also like to use acetone, but remember, with acetone you want to get it
    cleaned off as soon as possible when you’re done to avoid damaging the gelcoat. Okay, the second method is to use a
    product called Vinyl Off. So, you’re going to want to wet a cloth with the Vinyl
    Off, and then you use that cloth to wipe the lettering that’s going to be removed.
    You’ll wipe it on, and you let it sit for a little less than a minute. It says in
    the instructions if you let it sit too long, the adhesive will stick to it.
    What this product does is, it actually restores the vinyl lettering to its
    original condition so it becomes easier to remove. Okay, so we’ve given this about
    a minute, and Ted has worked his nail under…and…here comes the six. Look at that! There goes the nine. That’s
    pretty impressive stuff. Okay, so to remove your vinyl lettering
    adhesive, you’re going to want to get some Sticker Off or Goo Gone, or maybe go
    and find a can of acetone or mineral spirits and wet a rag with that. It should come right up. You do want to remember, if you use the acetone or the
    mineral spirits, you want to get that off your gelcoat right away so you don’t
    actually harm the gelcoat. So, when you’ve got the old lettering off and the
    adhesive off, you’ll want to prep the surface for your new numbers or graphics
    by spraying it down. A little glass cleaner and wiping it dry will do. Thanks for watching. For more videos, go to

    Protect your Boat from Sunscreen Staining as seen on SSTV
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    Protect your Boat from Sunscreen Staining as seen on SSTV

    September 3, 2019

    Hey guys, Barry Berhoff
    for Shurhold Industries, and we’ve got a clean
    and simple tip for you today that has to
    do with safety gear. We’re getting ready for
    our family summer trip, and we’re going to be
    crossing over to the Bahamas on the boat. And I’ve got my wife here
    with me today, Tiann. And Ti, what’s important to
    me is keeping the family safe for the crossing
    over to the Bahamas and, obviously, whenever
    we’re out on the ocean. So we’ve got our
    ditch bag, which has spare water and
    first aid it, our VHF, our EPIRB for emergencies,
    our flare kit, all the life jackets you could need. I even have a life
    raft on the boat. But I know that you
    have some safety gear that you always like you
    take on a boat, so what’s that? For me, it’s sunblock. I know that’s crazy. But we’re in the
    Bahamas for three weeks. And safety, for me, means
    keeping my kids safe, keeping you safe. We live in Florida, and we’re
    in the sun all the time. So sunblock is definitely
    high on my safety list. Now, you know sunblock– I’m very, very careful about
    what you buy for the boat. It stains. It can stain. It can stain. And we want to keep
    the boat clean. So I know you’ve done a
    bunch of research looking into the different sun blocks. Tell me a little bit
    about the staining, and where it comes from,
    and why it happens. So I found that– looking up different kinds
    of chemicals in sun blocks– that there is a chemical
    called avobenzone. And it’s what causes that
    staining on your shirts and staining on the vinyl
    when we go on the boat. So when I look at
    sun blocks, I try to avoid any sunblock–
    sprays mostly have it, but I can avoid those sun
    blocks on the ingredients when I buy them. OK, so you’re always checking
    the label for that avobenzone. Now I know because I
    looked at this with you. And in the cleaning videos
    we looked into this. The avobenzone binds with
    the iron in the water and causes that rust
    staining, similar to what you get from your
    sprinklers around the house. And so some people may
    see it more or less, depending on the iron
    levels of their water. What we want to do is
    prevent this from happening. First foremost, you said– Well, I always put sunblock
    on the kids and myself before I get on the boat,
    especially if I’m spraying. Because the spray gets
    into the vinyl and all that kind of stuff. So that’s number one
    if you want to keep the boat safe from sun block. And it’s hard to do
    that with guests. You can’t always
    tell the guests, hey, don’t bring the sun block
    with avobenzone on it. So you just try and maybe
    make them spray off the boat or put it on. But then they sit on the vinyl. And it can get in the
    vinyl and everything. So if that happens,
    then you’re going to have to want to clean
    it as soon as possible. Right, so before
    you add the water that has iron to
    it on the boat, we want to clean those seats down. And so what we recommend is
    our Serious Marine Cleaner. Now, there is going to be
    very little to no reaction with avobenzone with this. And this is going
    to cleanse the seat. We’re going to
    wash it with this. Then we’re going to
    come back, since we’ve stripped the seat down
    and got it nice and clean, and protect it with
    our Serious Shine. And spray it and wipe
    it down, and that’s going to provide a
    nice clean protection. Now, what I want you
    guys to do at home when you get a chance is
    visit us at And as usual, I’ve got all
    of our training tips, tricks, videos, and articles there. And we’re going to have an
    article on this specific topic in relation to the sunblock. I’ll list all my favorites
    that don’t stain. Perfect. And until next time,
    I’m Barry Berhoff. I’m Tiann Beroff. And we want you to keep
    your boat clean and simple.

    Dangers for Sailboats Sailing Africa-Preparing for Passage when DANGER LURKS! –Patrick Childress#34
    Articles, Blog

    Dangers for Sailboats Sailing Africa-Preparing for Passage when DANGER LURKS! –Patrick Childress#34

    September 3, 2019

    hello I’m Patrick Childress along with
    my wife Rebecca on the sailboat Brick House we are in Tanga Tanzania on the
    east coast of Africa and tomorrow morning we pick up anchor here we are in
    Tanga Tanzania on the east coast of Africa and we have one two three four
    five the blue one is the fifth international sailboat here were
    anchored just off the Yacht Club you see that sailboat doesn’t have a mast
    I’ll get back to him in a minute but we are getting ready to leave here to go to
    Zanzibar which is to the South right now that is pointing north and that’s where
    the wind’s coming from so once we get out of this Harbor we’ll have a real
    nice sail so I’m getting this boat ready so we can leave tomorrow morning it’s
    about a 45 mile trip so just a day trip but up here in the bow you can see it’s
    quite a mess up here over the last three days I’ve been pulling up the chain and
    setting it on a plastic tarp down to here on the deck and letting it dry out
    in the Sun getting all of the muck and growth off of it we’ve been here for
    almost two months so there’s a lot of growth on the chain that had to dry out
    then I’d put it back in the water and wash it off pull more chain up so we
    have a pretty clean chain so now when we put it down into the hawse pipe and in to the anchor locker the whole boat isn’t gonna smell like that an old dead fish and back here I’ll
    be tying down all of these empty fuel jugs there on the port side we certainly
    expect all the wind to be coming from the north and northeast so I want all
    these fuel jokes to be on the high side we’re running low on everything which is
    just fine I want to keep this boat as light as possible since we’re just
    coastal we don’t need to stock up with tons of gasoline and diesel extra diesel
    on the deck so right now I’m gonna get ready to put the jib sheet blocks back
    on to the track. We take those off when we’re in port for any length of
    time just to get them out of the way so we
    don’t fall and trip over them stub our toes we also get the jib sheets out of
    the way but also here in such a poor country the people are very nice the
    fishermen are nice but they are so incredibly poor a lot of simple things
    like line will disappear from the deck off the boat if you’re not careful Ok, we will go into the engine room and
    check the engine oil and a few other things and since I’m not going to do a
    proper sailboat engine room tour I don’t think there is just enough there to make it
    worthwhile I’ll just show a couple things here while we’re down in my
    favorite room in the boat there’s a nice seat over here to sit on we have the
    refrigerator and the freezer up here I have them shut off right now so they
    don’t make noise in the background for us so this is a 56 horse Yanmar engine
    Lily you’re in the way! She loves to help me in the sailboat engine room and
    so it’s been very reliable you can see that it’s in here backwards. this is the
    flywheel so it’s facing aft and that goes… the driveshaft is on the other side
    it goes to the, of course the transmission and then the V drive as in
    Victor that reverses the output and the driveshaft comes underneath the engine
    and out the boat we have dual Racor filters with a very important suction
    guage so the needle goes counterclockwise to the left as we’re
    looking at it and that will tell me if these filters are getting plugged and so
    I’m always checking that while we’re motoring. in the back here there used to
    be one big fuel tank 80 gallons but that ruptured long ago and another owner had
    put in these 2 40 gallon tanks they’re actually probably about 38 gallons each
    there’s one to port and one starboard the dividing line is right here so that
    helps us to distribute weight on the boat a little better so the galley the
    head a lot of weight is on the port side of this boat so it just has a natural
    port list so we always try to use the port fuel first also the water in the
    port water tank underneath this settee We’ll always use that first and try to get
    more weight back to the starboard. up here is a remote oil
    filter makes changing oil extremely easy I just put a little plastic cup under
    here take the filter off and it makes it very fast and easy for changing oil up
    here is the oil pump for changing the oil and there’s a hose is here that
    comes down and I can just put that into an empty container. so I check the
    tension on the fan belt half-inch depression mid span which is good. make
    sure we have enough coolant in the reservoir that’s good and we’ll check
    this engine oil hey Lily she loves to come back here and help me check engine
    oil don’t you kitten? I can do that pretty much by feel. wipe this off you
    know you pulled these dip sticks out and they never have anything on them but you
    put it back in and then the oil will show so we’re right up there to the
    proper line we’re looking good and I changed this oil not too long ago I
    change the oil every 100 hours the manual says 150 hours
    but I always go 100 hours even one thing – I wanted to show you you
    know you always hear about boats catching fire and sinking and it always
    seems to start in the engine room and so why is that what I think might happen in
    some of those cases is that a positive battery wire would be chafing on a hard
    spot like right here chafe through shorts out overheats and sets everything
    on fire so what I have done in some of these cases where it does lay on top of some
    metal just take a piece of strong water hose, cut it lengthwise and use some wire
    ties to hold it on so you have some good safeguard. this is the engine room blower
    that goes back out to the cubbyhole anytime our engine is running this is
    running there’s a manual switch that we turn on I want to get as much
    cool fresh air into this engine room as possible and get the heat out this is our new mainsail when we get
    down to South Africa and we haul out our old mainsail will become a drop cloth
    and then we can finally get this one out of our way so reach down in here to the
    V drive area and check the oil on the V Drive and the transmission and the sea
    strainer has been sitting a long time I’m gonna have to shut off the water valve
    and clean that out If we didn’t have this V drive reversing
    the output from the drive shaft this engine we have to be sitting up there in
    the galley somewhere so we checked the levels in the transmission and V drive
    and we are good to go so in the morning right at sunup around
    6 o’clock we want to leave Tanga for Zanzibar so I want to check the tide
    tables and see what the situation is going to be if we’re gonna be fighting a
    current or going out with the current so although you’re getting a flicker in the
    screen because of the difference in shorter speeds of the camera you still
    won’t be able to see this but what I’ll do is hold my finger on the screen and
    the menu comes up and cursor place Waypoint chart objects and’ find nearest’
    I want to hold my finger on ‘find nearest’ let it go and we have a whole menu
    here I’m going to go down the menu for waypoints. ports. tide stations. current
    stations. obstructions. wrecks and go back to’ tide stations’ touch that one and now
    we’ve get all of our tide stations along the coast and I want Tanga Bay
    push the enter button up here and it comes up so I don’t want today’s I want
    to push ‘tomorrow’ and in the morning low tide is
    at 4:45 so if we leave at 6 o’clock it’s just changed and it’s going to be coming
    back in and just starting to rise so we won’t have too much of a current to be
    fighting on our way out here high tide is going to be at 10:30
    a.m. with departure festivities we got delayed we are putting the dinghy up on
    deck that night in the dark that’s no problem we’ve done it plenty of times
    but we cannot be delayed in the morning we don’t want to wait until then to put
    the dinghy up on deck we have to leave just before sunup so that we don’t have
    to fight the current that will be shifting against us but also we can’t
    really be traveling in the dark because there’s dangers out there which I’ll be
    able to show you I’m certain on the way out of the harbor and also I’ll be able
    to show you what happened to that blue sailboat and how it got totally
    demolished Ok, and this is the first danger for
    sailing at night these little fishing boats are out all night many of them
    have no lights at all or they rely on just a little flashlight or a little
    lantern to hang up when they eventually see you coming and about to run them
    down it’s not only the fishing boats also their fishing nets will foul a
    cruising sailboat’s propeller and these fishing boats also have traps that they
    marked with just little empty water bottles plastic water bottles that are
    tied with some monofilament line and those will certainly wrap up around a
    sailboats propeller as well so there’s a lot of dangers in close to shore. As we move
    offshore there’s tugboats and this tugboat was
    showing no AIS signal. we have two AIS Displays and neither one showed a signal
    coming from this tugboat and that would lead me to believe that also at night
    there’s no reason for them to be showing the proper lighting that is required of
    a tugboat so sailboats sailing along the coast of
    Africa in Southeast Asia and a lot of waters around the world they have to be
    extremely careful because International Maritime Organization regulations really
    mean little there’s very little enforcement in a lot of these other
    foreign countries and this is what happened to that wrecked sailboat at two
    o’clock in the morning. he was 10 miles off the coast of Africa when he saw a
    tugboat and he decided to go behind it right into the tow line and that
    demolished his mast. the tugboat finally saw what was happening and slowed down
    and the barge came along and then just wiped out the rest of his boat and just
    spun him around like a top and just beat him up on all four sides of his boat and
    the owner of the boat says oh he finally did see that there was a light on the
    tow but it was so extremely dim you had to be right on top of it to see it which
    is very common in these foreign countries if you see a tugboat at all in
    the distance give him a wide berth and plan on sailing behind him only at a
    very great distance I was told that the insurance company for the tugboat does
    not want to pay as both captains were equally responsible for the accident but
    of course that is debatable it could be very helpful
    to keep a quick reference guide like this close to the helm or the nav
    station just in case there is some questionable light combinations out
    there on the horizon on some other vessel when we left Tanga Harbor we motor
    sailed on a beam reach due east and then once we were passed all of the shoals
    and small islands and out very much into deep water then we turned due south for
    Zanzibar and in the afternoon as expected as it
    does every day the wind shifted so we had to take down the running pole roll
    up the jibs and move everything off to the port side and there of course I had
    to make sure that the forward guy the after guy all come off the bottom of the
    running pole cleanly so that they don’t tangle or get crossed and that the
    mainsheet goes through the jaws cleanly and it won’t get tangled and to make
    sure that the topping lift comes off cleanly from the top of the running pole this running pole is two feet shorter
    than the J dimension that is the dimension from the mast to the head
    stay/ it’s just too short I would really much prefer to have it at
    least equal to the distance to the head stay but even better than that two feet
    longer and that way I wouldn’t have to be rolling up the jib like this I can
    get a lot more sail area out with a longer running pole. in this Pleasant
    weather it give me a chance to remark the topping lift and the forward and
    after guys just where to cleat them off at. there’s different ways of setting up
    running poles with the forward and after guys I just clean off the forward one to
    a cleat near the windlass and then have the after guy come back to a turning
    block and then a winch in the cockpit and that suits me this is not a race
    boat I can set it up any way I want navigation is so easy these days there’s
    no figuring out drift correction angles or distance time speed equations it’s
    all just right here in front of you there’s very little to think about and
    the machine like this which has a screen of eleven and a half inches across makes
    it so easy to see and gives a very good spatial awareness gives the true wind
    speed, maximum true wind speed, apparent wind angle, waypoint
    time to go, distance to Waypoint , on and on and on, everything you could possibly
    want to know and certainly takes all the mystery out of navigation which that’s
    fine with me we are heading down now to a nice little
    cove on the north end of Zanzibar. we’re gonna arrive well before sundown. if we
    keep on going there’s a good chance we’ll have to enter the marina after it
    gets dark and we haven’t been there before and we’re not in any rush. so
    we’re just going to have a nice Pleasant sail for the day and anchor in this cove
    that we see on the chart that’s a change, we have our picture
    taken! so we set an anchor symbol where we drop
    the anchor and then settle back and now our track is swinging in an arc around
    the anchor so in the middle of the night if we have bad weather or any concerns
    at all we can check the chart plotter and we’ll see if we’re drifting if we’re
    dragging anchor or we’ll know exactly what’s happening. Rebecca and I have
    never heard of anybody being boarded on their yacht anywhere along the Tanzania
    coast and accosted but why take chances we just feel much better putting in the
    security bars closing the hatch and then inserting the bar into its proper
    position so the patch cannot be open from the outside but will also close the
    big forward hatch and dog that tight and just keep our security things…our
    knives or whatever we have close at hand just in case and we also left the bright
    cockpit light on but I didn’t go through the trouble of setting up our trip
    alarms Well are we back in Internet again? no…No internet? oh no. How many days has it been now? It feels like days, but 24 hours..that’s long enough! God In that amount of time the whole world could have just blown up and we
    just blown up and gone all the hell and all gone to heck, and we would never know it. Probably wouldn’t care! yeah really! we have enough food onboard and fishing line…Ah.. … a big ship out there huh? Yea. Its on AIS. Its at anchor. . Oh good, nice to see somebody has AIS out here that’s supposed to have it. So as we make our approach into the
    marina we always tie off the wind generator we don’t need that noise or
    having that thing spinning around and possibly getting in the way of anything.
    we roll up the Bimini and headsail and get that out of the way so we have better visibility
    over and around the Dodger plus we don’t need the extra windage. that thing can
    act like a sail and really blow us around and we don’t know what the wind,
    what the current is going to be inside the marina so we just want to streamline
    the boat as much as possible also on the way in I always have to think well what
    if the engine quits what do we do I mean we should be able to sail the boat to
    the dock but I’d prefer not to in a lot of cases I have to think well what would
    Kevin do? Kevin has a youtube channel called “how to sail oceans”. He sails
    everywhere on a 31-foot double ender gaff rig boat with no engine and so I
    watch his channel to refresh my memory on things that I have done only long ago
    and to learn new things so he’s got an excellent channel for those people who
    are out sailing now and you want to learn more and refine your skills Kevin
    on ‘how to sail oceans’. He wouldn’t ever turn on his engine he doesn’t have one
    to turn on and he would just sail into the dock here. and think nothing of it.
    After docking the boat one of the first things I did was go over the side and
    bagged the prop and the shaft with plastic bags it’d be far better to use a
    black bag or something that does not transmit any light at all to discourage
    marine growth but since this transparent bag is all that I had I went ahead and
    threw some laundry detergent powdered laundry detergent inside the bag and
    then installed it over the prop and that will help discourage any marine growth
    on the prop and on the shaft even though I had taken the time in Tanga it to wash
    off the chain it wasn’t enough it did start smelling so why not take advantage
    of the dock here all the fresh water and I pulled all the chain out of the locker
    and gave it a good rinsing and a little bit of a scrubbing and then let it dry
    out in the Sun so it’s nice to get all that mud and muck and old marine growth
    off and give it a good fresh water rinse before it gets stowed back in its chain
    Locker so now we’re in Zanzibar I’ve waited decades to get to this place
    and now we are here we get to explore this ancient incredibly historic Island!


    3 Simple Sailboat Tips EVERY Sailor MUST know!! – Patrick Childress Sailing #26

    September 3, 2019

    today on Brick House How the U V rays of the Sun affect your eyes, sometimes requiring surgery and how some
    unexpectedly inexpensive sunglasses can be better protection than the designer
    brand, and then shock absorbers for the main and jib sail when the wind dies but
    the waves are still up take that terrible snap out of those
    sails, how to fish out and patch a broken jib leechline
    a day on shore with the natives and some local yachting Madagascar style keep the
    bailer close by. Hello my name is Patrick Childress on the sailboat Brick House. I
    grew up in the southwest section of Miami and in the summer’s out of high
    school in the late 1960s if my friends and I weren’t waterskiing on the nearby
    lake then we were out scuba diving on the nearby reefs. In those days no one
    paid any attention to what the UV rays of the Sun were doing to one’s skin or
    their eyes. In 1979 I left Miami on a 27 foot sailboat to sail solo around the
    world. After completing that trip the worst
    part of that whole voyage was having to have both of my eyes operated on for
    pterygium. Pterygium effects anybody who’s outdoors a lot; construction
    workers, farmers, sailors, anyone who is exposed to constant eye irritation like
    dust, wind and especially the UV rays of the Sun. Pterygium starts out as a
    ‘pinguecula’. Take a look at this pinguecula. A pinguecula starts on the inside
    corner of the eye nearest the nose and it generally has a yellowish cast to it
    and it’s complete with blood vessels as it grows across the white of the eye and
    encroaches on the cornea, the clear lens of the eye, that is then called pterygium
    and is spelled with a PT. It can actually pull and deform the eye like a muscle
    and cause an astigmatism and certainly at that point it needs to be operated on to
    be removed. The sunglasses that are just open to the side they’re a benefit but
    they allow far too many rays of the Sun and wind in to damage the eye. A hat
    certainly helps but really the best thing is to use wraparound sunglasses as
    long as you don’t need prescription glasses – you can’t get wraparound
    sunglasses in a prescription as of yet. Some of the best glasses are
    actually the least expensive. These are safety glasses that you can buy at any
    hardware store for five or six dollars. The most important thing is to look for
    the ANSI – the American National Standards Institute designation on the
    Temple of the eyeglasses this will show that the safety glasses have been tested
    for impact resistance in UV protection along with other measures, These glasses
    are made of polycarbonate polycarbonate which is a natural inhibitor of UV rays of the Sun. Even if the glasses are clear like these safety glasses they’re 100% well
    did they ever say one percent 99.99% UV resistant. When the wind has died but the
    waves are still up what to do to take that terrible snapping slamming out of
    the main and the jib when you still have to sail? The best remedy that I have
    found is to use a snubber just like this anchor snubber that normally attaches to
    the chain. It can be looped around the boom of a mainsail and hooked back on to
    itself or a separate line can be tied around the boom and then the snubber
    attached to it or if the line is long enough on the outboard end of the
    snubber it can just be tied around the boom with two wraps and then tied with
    the bowline back on to itself and if you’re hanging out in Southeast Asia
    you’ll always see these old motorcycle inner tubes laying along the roadway.
    They may not be good enough to hold air but they’re great for shock absorbers
    whether at a docks or for taking that shock loading out of a sail while you’re
    still out at sea. So when we set up the shock absorber on this mainsail there’s
    a bail already on the boom its easy to attach to and it’s in a set up so when
    the shock absorber reaches its full extension then the mainsheet will take
    over the load. This certainly eases the pressure on the
    gooseneck and the sails. This shock absorber is set up on a Swan 53 and it’s
    so easy to set up the shock absorber on a Swan because there’s so many winches
    and cleats and all kinds of options to attach the bitter end to. Of course
    there’s a preventer tied to the other side of the boom. In this situation the
    shock absorber is set up as a jib sheet and once it gets to its full extension
    then the jib sheet takes over its loading in this light air it’s just nice
    to have a running pole, a lightweight running pole, to help hold out the jib so
    it doesn’t have such a throw for its movement. The outboard end of the pole is
    attached to a sacrificial loop of line that’s tied through the clew of the sail
    it also acts like a great hinge point and these light winds for my own use I
    just don’t see any sense in going through all the trouble to set up fore and aft guys and topping lifts. It’s just as easy to man handle these running poles and
    especially these smaller lighter what I would call whisker poles. In this
    situation the jib sheet is doing what it’s supposed to do but shock absorber
    is easing the vertical slamming on the sail and here you can see a close-up of
    the sacrificial loop of line to which the upward end of the running pole is
    attached to, so shock absorbers are a big help to save the sails, save the
    gooseneck, save the rigging, and also to ease all that terrible sounding noise. On
    the jib of Brick House and this is the clew of the jib and this is where the
    leechline used to be. iIt chafed through on this little cleat and we have no more
    adjustment, so if my problem is how to get the leechline
    out so I can tie a new piece to it and get us back in business again. So I cut
    just a tiny hole with a razor blade knife right through here being very
    careful not to cut the remainder of the leechline.Then I took this lighter
    and singed the threads so nothing would come unraveled. So now I’ll take my
    rigging knife and dig out that broken leech line and I’ll have about this much
    left to tie a new piece of line to, and get us back in business again. That was easy enough – sometimes you get lucky. On the staysail we had the
    same problem of a damaged leech line because of that cleat, but there, there was
    enough line exposed at the bottom of the pocket of the leech lines where I
    could grab it and pull it down and raise the sail up away from it and then clamp
    the leechline with vice grips the jaws of which were wrapped in tape so that I
    wouldn’t be biting through and breaking the leechline so that gave me enough
    exposed leech line to where I could tie it to a new extension and that was a
    much easier process getting us back in business. So I joined this Dyneema to the
    old leech line and I left a little extra here because there was a worn section in
    here I don’t want to risk tying to a bad area and having that break so I’ll shove
    this down it has a bit of stiffness to it and I can feel it coming down if I
    run into any snags and I can use a retrieving tool like this to shove up inside and grab the line and
    pull it down. But I think this is gonna work out okay. There it is, good
    I had a long pair of needlenose pliers I could have also stuck up in there to
    help pull it down. I’ll give myself plenty of line to come through… I don’t even
    like using this anymore because of that chafe factor. I’m gonna go around it and
    just use the eyes since we don’t really adjust the sail that much and I’ll give
    myself plenty of line. So I wrapped the new Dyneema extension through the eyes
    several times and then tied it off bypassing those terrible sharp jaws of the
    adjusting cleat. I don’t want to turn this into a destination YouTube channel
    but there’s just so many fun things that we get into I just feel like I need to
    show it to somebody… so I have a series of videos here that I’ve strung together
    and this shows our new friend Paul who showed us around his island and then
    took us for our sail in his dhow. This is the son of my sister …oh the son of your
    sister so your ‘nephew’. A cruiser had given Paul a solar panel and a 12 volt battery
    AND a single light bulb so he has enough power to also run some simple
    electronics. Very cool…look at the little kitten – a little snowball! How many kittens? Are there five? four? ONE? Meow Meow…Only one little baby hah? Better bring you back to your mommy before she misses you too much ha? This roof is made from palm..and the wood is for planking. Oh yeah…. This was the middle of the dry season so
    there wasn’t the waterfall that we had hoped for. But does the pig get smart yeah yeah yeah…and learn not to go…maybe he sees trap, and not to go yeah yeah yeah so maybe he see trap he see food but nah.. too dangerous…no
    no no no he like some food yeah because you you like some, you
    love some Rafia.( a flower seed) And how often do you catch pig? Maybe one or two weeks like this, they come in. Yes, On the first day, you make some seed and the pigs you come in to eat one day.
    ????///Oh ok… A Frenchman had been living on
    this island and went away for a couple of weeks at which time he died but while
    he was away a bad storm came along and washed his sailboat way up onto the sandy
    beach near the mangroves and it’s been sitting here now for several years. We had a fantastic fish lunch with rice
    and mango salad Singing… Thank you Paul for a fantastic day!

    Photography Tips: How to find the right camera settings – think like a photographer
    Articles, Blog

    Photography Tips: How to find the right camera settings – think like a photographer

    August 30, 2019

    hello all you lovely boys and girls out
    there in photography land this week only show you a little film
    where we’re gonna go through taking couple of images but I’m gonna explain what I’m thinking
    as I do it now cameras a marvelous piece of
    equipment but on their own they can’t do anything they need to input
    Leonardo da Vinci’s brushes and pigments could not have
    created the Mona Lisa without him now I have created a new seven-week
    downloadable photography course which really goes in depth into this thought
    process behind every single image that you gonna take
    it’s called the same building blocks of photography just search for seven
    building blocks a photography you find a place five hours the videos as work
    sheets there’s masses of good stuff this is a big subject and I promise it will revolutionize your
    photography but anyway without further do let’s go and have a look of me shooting a couple of images as i
    talk you through what I’m doing and what I’m thinking in
    order to achieve the image that I want which camera
    settings should I use the question we hear quite a lot so I thought I’d take you through a
    thought process which i use and I ask myself questions by asking
    those questions the answers to its settings they kinda
    arise naturally now I’m assuming you’ve watched most the
    other videos in the different sections that we’ve already got on the site let’s just do it
    suppose I got this little boat sitting here in
    the sunshine which I hope is gonna last we got other boats going on the
    background it’s all really quite nice let’s say I want to take a picture of that first question how do I want it to look do I want to include lots
    background or just the boat do i want to have a
    shot front to back old or just wanna have a shallow depth of field looking at
    the boat by asking these questions it will tell
    me which lens to use and where to stand go and watch the
    lenses film particularly the ones about focal length then you’ll
    understand what I’m talking about the the shot im gonna take I’m gonna have a fairly wide angle shot
    with the boat strong in the foreground and what’s
    going on in the background kinda and not quite so important i wanna
    try and include as much of the sky as I can as possible so that’s gonna give me a wide angle
    lens by getting fairly close to the boat that is going to make the boat strong
    very much the subject to the picture right so I have my wide angle lens on I have already set it to its widest focal length: that 10 millimetres in
    this case so the next thing is to have a look and
    find the composition he’s gonna tell me where I’m gonna need
    to set the zoom but I think i want it shortest I’ll move myself backs and forwards to
    get the composition now ideally I’d like to be about four
    feet that way but I cant so I just hope I don’t fall in and if I do you can have a laugh at my expense if
    you wanna come around here Janey has them yeah 10 mill was fine and I’m just lucky
    that this is probably a good spots on a move back a shuffle and just focus on the boat so what I’m gonna do is put the boat in the kind lower left third in the shot and then those boats
    over there on the opposite upper opposite of the frame so I can see quite clearly that’s gonna
    work beautifully okay next question what light am i In . I’m in sunshine so that’s gonna give me
    my white balance setting isn’t it put onto the sunny setting the next
    question is how much depth of the fields do I want well for this honor
    shot landscape I’m on lot so that the field I wanted to be
    very sharp indeed said that is gonna tell me which
    aperture to useif i want lots of sharpness then i want a small aperture just wanna go to F-sixteen and I go to
    the smallest aperture lot because the lens will perform better
    if I don’t push it to its extremes that’s gonna tell me my depth the field the next question is which shutter speed
    doing i need because the aperture is going to govern
    that and it’s also going to have an impact on eyesight so again looking through the
    viewfinder you can’t do this just kinda pointing at the ground and looking in
    the back look through the viewfinder with the
    shot composed and see what shutter speed on getting I’m getting an 80th of a second
    F-sixteen in this light and my eye ISO on 200 which is the
    lowest the best quality the best colors and everything else so I don’t need to change it if I needed
    a faster shutter speed I would have to increase my ISO I can
    to get that why would I need a faster shutter speed
    you need to have a fast enough speed to freeze any camera shake those a
    little movements come watch the camera shake film that will explain it so there we go by asking myself those
    questions I know what my camera settings are are now put them onto the camera got my
    aperture my shutter speed I’ve got my white balance all set
    and I know that I can use my finest my ISO all I have to do now easily now over the
    water focus on the boat compose my shot and take the picture there it is so there you go there’s one that’ll set
    of questions for that particular shot and those
    questions by asking myself a given myself the settings I need for
    the camera can find a different scenario something kinda interesting me over here if you can see and we got this pontoon
    with these boats tied up to it and in the middle of it there are some
    flowers and I quite like there’s some sort of safety ratings
    record low lifesaver rings now quite like the light on those sites
    those like saber rings and and the flowers either side it’s a real sort of
    boaty sort of a key sighed thing think the sun’s
    going so like the light on them but doesn’t matter I’ll keep talking you through
    the shot maybe the Sun will come out okay that’s the shot I’m gonna go for
    what I’m seeing in my mind is something to do with those rings with
    the plant either side maybe some boats in the background
    something to say this the big boat you know bring it together first think think
    about the composition hand we wanted to look and that’s my first question well
    obviously i’ve got the soft background so i want a shallow dept of field I wanna make those boats in the distance
    probably come this way a little bit so that I can line up my an orange life bouys to do that i’ve gotta think about where do i
    think is really simple to line the shot up you just move yourself around and
    look with your eyes now on this or moving up and down here and I think to get I reckon from about here I’m gonna get the the life boys and the
    bit the plants and then some boats in the background ok where have you gone are you over there she keeps doing that she moves and im not ready
    for it so i turn around to talk to you and fung you’re over there right now to achieve that shot that’s
    gonna give that’s gonna tell me which lens to use im gonna need a long lens because obviously I
    can’t climb over there but even if I could I want to compress
    perspective I want to suck everything together a bit and I want a very narrow field review
    because I want to try and mess things like that Deepwater life jackets available sign on
    the pontoon and also the lifebuoy which is hanging
    on that pole Just in from to the third little boat in
    I don’t want them in their so I want a narrow narrow field of view
    i want to look like looking down a drainpipe like this I
    don’t know why it feel to be on to narrow field a few again gonna look our lenses films this
    the focal length for will tell you all about that the focal length: explained I think it’s
    called anyway long lens so I can get my camera with a long lens on it try not to trash everything in the
    process only is my longest focal length and the
    set zoom as long as possible act I have to move further away then so
    be it the long long as they will keep the field of view narrow so
    let’s try and set my in the Hudson click them standing up now I think
    that’s about right actually getting closer so many as close
    as I can because I want to make sure I can
    exclude that dep water life jackets from the shot just focused up and have a
    look through yeah I’m shuffle this way a tiny bit im lining the shot up nicely yes good I can
    I can just about achieve the shot im after so focus on the the no sorry than getting ahead of
    myself arent i on how much depth of the field do I want a very shallow depth of the field
    because I want the rings to be nice and sharp but i want
    either side of them to be a bit soft so that’s gonna tell me
    which aperture I need because the wider the aperture the shallower the depth of the field so I’m gonna set my widest aperture
    that is the lowest F number okay so now I can have a little look
    through the viewfinder again with the shot all composed and see what
    shutter speed I’ve got now with a very wide aperture obviously tons at light is coming in so have a
    very for most shutter speed let’s have a look at my
    ISO again I’m down on 200 ISO if it was dark you know why it would be
    good if the Sun had gone in cuz I have been able to show you that I’ll find a
    way to in a minute they’ve been dark I would have had to
    make sure that my shutter speed was faster the 200 for the second
    because my lens is set to 200 millimetres I’m gonna need the
    200 for the second to ensure I don’t get camera-shake any wobble lost on taking the
    picture but as it happens with my len says it
    F-four with isn’t quite my widest aperture but
    there you go I’m gonna focus on the lifebuoys I’ve gotta 1500 the second with the shot
    composed so that’s pretty cool let’s just know
    it’s windy squeeze of shot and there you go so that’s what I was looking at by
    asking myself those questions how do I want the picture to look it’s given me the settings i need my
    camera to make sure the exposure is correct and
    I won’t get camera shake et cetera subscribe to our YouTube channel to be
    notified each time we out like one of our cool photography videos well for more great photo tips workshops
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