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    Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Snails to Fish Tanks
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    Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Snails to Fish Tanks

    January 20, 2020

    Okay, now after our tank has been up for a
    good while maybe two or three weeks and we’ve got fish in our tank. They’re thriving, they’re
    happy, they’re eating, they’re doing all the things that fishes do. We should consider
    adding snails and/or algae eaters, Plecostomus. These not only add interest to the tank, they
    also serve the function of sort of scavenger or garbage, garbage, garbage organisms. Do
    the job that say Vultures do or scavengers do. First what we’ll look at is the snail.
    Now you wouldn’t add these to the tank right away, being that there is not going to be
    something for them to eat. Usually you’ll wait three, four weeks before adding snails
    or algae eaters. Snails you can probably get away with because they don’t consume that
    much. Algae eaters you definitely want to wait at least three or four weeks before you
    add them. You would think that this is not a, not a hard thing to do but it’s very crucial
    that when you add a snail that you don’t just dump it in there because believe it or not
    they can actually drown if you don’t make sure that they’re lodged on a piece of gravel
    or on the grass. So, what you’ll do is you’ll get your snail, it’ll be in a bag, and you
    can kind of just reach in here. Float the bag would be a good idea too. Remember we
    are conservative on everything. Put it down and kind of make sure that the snail when
    he comes out of his shell is going to be able to lodge himself and affix itself, affix himself
    on a piece of gravel. What you don’t want to do, is like this, the tendency he is going
    to want to flip over anyway but occasionally you can just put them like upside down and
    they won’t be able to right themselves and they’ll die. They’ll be floating in your tank
    the next day. So we’re going to put that little guy right there, he’s going to come out when
    he feels a little more comfortable and be able to affix his self onto a piece of gravel
    and about his merry way.

    VENICE BEACH Shopping Challenge | Los Angeles, California
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    VENICE BEACH Shopping Challenge | Los Angeles, California

    January 19, 2020

    We’re trying to find my brother something here. And Marko steals Alex’s underwear. I don’t always. I’m accused of it. We do laundry together; they get mixed up. Thank you. Throw me under the bus, Carrie. What’s up guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers Right now we are in Venice Beach, California on Abbot Kinney Street. What are we up to today? Well we’re here with Carrie Rad. Hello My lovely girlfriend. Hey guys. And we’re going to go try to find some shop. We’re doing a shopping challenge. The goal is we’re each going to have 50 bucks, and we’ll see who can buy the coolest things for each other with 50 bucks on Abbott Kinney, which is not easy because there’s a lot of high price shops here. We’re going to start off with lunch at a our favorite restaurant, Gjelina. Always a line here, so it’s smart to make a reservation, and they can text you in 20 minutes when it’s ready. Going to go for the Japanese sweet potato with jalapeno yogurt and scallions. OK. The charred brussels sprouts and the tuna salad. The main course we have is roasted chicken with a little sauce. The pizzas here are great. We got the mushroom truffle goat cheese which is just like a trifecta of my favorite things. Everything looks absolutely amazing. The pizzas here, like Marko said, are incredible, but anything with truffle oil and goat cheese is like a guaranteed, winning combination. Lunch was great, but now we’ve come up with the formula for what’s going to happen. What’s going to happen ? Basically we’ve got 45 minutes each. We’ve got 50 bucks, which is not a lot..a stretch on Abbott Kinney. We’re all going to get gifts for each other. We thought this out; you’ve drawn up a diagram. Want to see my diagram? Diagrams help. We pretty much want to buy each other things. So I guess I’m up first. I’m shopping for Carrie, my girlfriend. I have a pretty good plan of what I want to do, and I know that there’s this cool little shop down the street that might have exactly what I’m looking for. Let’s go. What’s this? Brazilian bum bum cream. Helps posteriors look and feel and feel their smoothest. Do you know how much this bum bum cream is? So I have purchased a gift, comes in a big bag, but it’s small and carry -on approved. Got the Malin-Goetz fruit facial cleanser, bergamont bodywash vitamin B body moisture, peppermint shampoo and cilantro hair conditioner $32. After tax, I have seventeen dollars and thirty cents left in my pocket. I’m going to head over to this garden shop and see if I can’t get her a little succulent because Carrie loves miniature things. I did that one last night. That’s beautiful. Seven dollars, a great piece of artwork done. 50 bucks on the spot…on the dot. Thank you. Have a good afternoon. We didn’t know the story behind Venice. Originally, this place was built to be like Venice, Italy. This street here was a canal, as were many here in Venice. It got filled in later in the ‘ 40s , I think . Abbott Kinney has gone through a lot of evolution, from kind of a seedy place in the ’70s , to now one of the most trendy spots. All these stores are super expensive. So the challenge is really going to be to find something affordable. We are at Intelligentsia on Abbott Kinney, one of the better coffee shops in Venice. There’s quite a few. Carrie’s favorite. Intelligentsia is amazing all over L.A., started in Chicago so good. My shopping or Carrie has been completed. Now Carrie and I are going to take off and shop for Marko. Good luck. What’s the plan? Where are we going? What do you think? You’re his brother. You’ve know him for 30 years. No, you’ve know him for 28. Where are we going? Almost 29. We’re getting up there. Let’s do this. There’s a book shop down there that I think would be good I don’t know . I feel like he’s such a book guy, but don’t you feel he has so many books? What does your brother use right now for a wallet? It’s bad. The wallet situation is old…yeah, it was cool. Actually I’m using the same one. We got it at Buffer Festival two years ago I’m so excited right now. We just found a gift that we can initial. And it took 10 minutes. Also has a lifetime guarantee, too. Awesome. Perfect. What are the initials? M.R.A. So good. One more time. I was expecting an ice cream truck, but… Salt and Straw. It’s got some incredible gelato. The lavander…so good. Lavender and honey, isn’t it? Honestly, the hardest thing here is choosing a flavor. Luckily, they let you sample pretty much every single one, and then after you ask really politely, they usually give you a gigantic scoop. Not official company policy. Peace out. Now it’s time for you. Bye. Ahhhhh. Ok. Let’s go. I really think we should take a look at Scotch and Soda because we know he likes that store a lot. We’ll be able to find something around that he might possibly like. I think that’s a good idea. We just got the gift for Alex. it’s a sweet little shirt; went for one gift instead of many. I think he’ll be happy, and now we’re going to go over and get a little drink of beer here at the sushi bar Fifty dollars on Abbot Kinney, as we have found out, does not go as far as we thought it would, but it can. It can go far; you have to be strategic. I got you a beautiful little succulent purple….. these are the purple species, dark purple. His name is Succulentist Purpolonus Magenta. I got you a bookmark that is hand-drawn ; it’s a piece of art and it was hand drawn by some very colorful friendly locals. Very cool. You’re welcome. And last but not least, I got you this Swedish made…[penis enlarger]…Swedish made… Swedish made….. No. I got you this really nice Swedish beauty kit. It’s all carry-on approved, one ounce. And if you just saw our video on essential packing list, this is actually a good alternative to the triumph and disaster kit that we said. All right, Marko. Now it is your turn. We went to Will Leather Goods. I have seen this shop in Nolita, in New York and really thought it was cool, but I’ve not… Comes in a little box. I’ll allow you to open it. Great things come in little boxes. 3-2-1 Reveal. Oh yes, yes. This is what I was hoping for. Look inside, Bro. Inside? M.R.A. Wow my initials. I had heard about this… that they do custom engraving when you buy it. That’s so cool Final gift is my gift to my brother, Alex. We went to a number of places. We know that your’re a particular person when it comes to gifts. You know what you like; you know what you don’t like. Oh very nice. This took up the whole budget, but I didn’t want to get you something a little extra , which I thought you might like. I appreciate it. This is from right next door. It’ s Stag. I got you scotch-whiskey soaked toothpicks because Alex always likes toothpicks. I do love my toothpicks. I know it’s only five bucks, but I thought this could almost outweigh the shirt in some ways. This is great. Thank you guys. I appreciate it, Brother. Hopefully you guys had some ideas on where to shop in Abbott Kinney. We’ll leave links to all the stores we went to the info box, and hopefully that will help you find a gift for under 50 bucks. Good luck.. apart from that, guys ..if you enjoyed this video, you know what to do: give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Carrie, if you have not already. Thanks, guys. She’s pretty rad. Stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.

    Cooking Tips : How to Pan Fry Orange Roughy Fish
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    Cooking Tips : How to Pan Fry Orange Roughy Fish

    January 14, 2020

    To pan-fry Orange Roughy fish, first start
    off with a pan set to medium-high heat, with a little bit of oil at the bottom of the pan.
    Next, salt the Orange Roughy, and add any seasonings that you would like to it. From
    here, place your Orange Roughy into the pan, laying it away from you so that the oil does
    not splatter on you.
    Next, you don’t want to move the Orange Roughy at all, or it will flake away. So let it cook
    about 3 to 5 minutes or until it gets a nice brown crust on it. And that is how you pan-fry
    Orange Roughy.

    Learn the Top 20 English Words You’ll Need for the Beach in America
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    Learn the Top 20 English Words You’ll Need for the Beach in America

    January 6, 2020

    Wanna speak real English from your first
    lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha, and today we’re gonna
    be talking about 20 words you’ll need for the beach. Let’s go! sunglasses The first word is sunglasses. Sunglasses are those dark glasses that
    you wear on your face when it’s bright outside. In a sentence, I forgot my sunglasses.
    Hold on! I forgot my sunglasses. beach Beach is the place near the ocean.
    You might have a beach in your city or in your country, the beach is
    usually visited in the summertime. The image is lots of sun, you can get a tan,
    you can get a sunburn, but it’s usually a fun place to spend time with family and
    friends. In a sentence, I’m going to the beach with my friends this weekend, I’m so excited! and next sentence, she walked along the beach. swimming The next word is swimming. Swimming is, of course, a popular activity
    to do at the beach. I go swimming at the beach every summer. Or in this sentence,
    be very careful when swimming in the Pacific Ocean. (Maybe sharks…) sun sun is that big bright thing in the sky that will make your
    skin change color if you stay in it for too long. So, the sun, in a sentence, the sun
    is really bright, let’s get out of the sun. palm tree The next word is palm tree.
    So palm trees are a type of tree, they are usually seen in, like, tropical places,
    like Hawaii has palm trees, any place close to the equator, the middle
    line of the earth, I think that’s where palm trees tend to grow. It’s kind of an
    image of the beach. So palm trees, there are a lot of palm trees near the beach in California. That palm tree is almost 60 feet tall. seashell The next word is seashell.
    Seashell are those little objects you find on the beach, like in
    the sand or in the water. In some cases, they’re like shells from, like, clams or
    maybe oysters sometimes, too, depending on what youconsider a seashell. But if you break the word down, it’s “sea” and “shell”, so, like,
    something from the ocean and the shell are like the covering the outside of
    something. So usually a small creature, a small animal has lived inside the
    seashell, and then you can collect them and look at them or make something from
    them; little kids like to collect them, I used to collect seashells when I was a
    kid. Oh my gosh! Look at this example sentence! It says it’s bad luck to take
    seashells from the beach. Oops! swimsuit Swimsuit is the clothing you wear to
    swim in, your swimming suit. There are men’s swimsuits, women’s swimsuits;
    usually men’s swimsuits are like shorts, sport shorts, or I suppose there’s the, like, speedo makes, like the men’s swimsuits as well, the really small ones.
    And then for women, they have one-piece swimsuits, they have, and then they have
    bikini swimsuits, the two-piece swimsuit. So in a sentence, I hate swimsuit shopping. And next sentence, I need a new swimsuit this summer. ocean The next word is ocean. Ocean is the big blue, the big water, the big deep blue sea. In a sentence,
    the ocean is so beautiful at night. In this sentence, he dipped his feet in the ocean. lifeguard A lifeguard is a person at the beach.
    “Life,” “guard,” so someone who guards lives. If someone gets into trouble in the water, they start to drown or they start to have trouble, if
    there’s an accident at the beach, the lifeguard at the beach is responsible
    for handling that problem. So they’ll call an ambulance or they know how to do
    first aid, to save people. So in a sentence, it’s important to go to beaches
    where there are lifeguards available if you need help. And next sentence,
    there isn’t a lifeguard on duty here. jetski Next word is jetski. A jetski is a like a
    water motorcycle, you can ride around it on with your friends, alone. Riding jet
    skis is a lot of fun. In this sentence, if you have a driver’s license you can
    drive a jetski. beach towel Te next expression is beach towel. Beach towel.
    Beach towel is different from regular towel because usually beach towels have,
    like, a bright color a bright pattern, or they are towels that you don’t mind, the
    towels that are okay to get sand or dirt in them. Usually, a towel you use in
    your house, you don’t want to get your towel really really dirty. So a beach
    towel is a towel you use only at the beach. In a sentence, I bought a new beach
    towel and it has a picture of a hamburger on it. And in this sentence, oh,
    no! I got sand all over my beach towel. That’s the point of beach towel. beach chair The next expression is beach chair. As you can probably guess, it is a
    chair you use only at the beach. So again, this is a chair you don’t mind, it’s okay
    if it gets dirty or sandy; usually a beach chair is easy to fold or easy to
    carry, too. In a sentence, I have a couple of beach chairs that I’m going to bring
    to the barbecue this weekend. In this sentence, can we use these beach chairs? sand castle The next word is sand castle. Sand castles are usually kids make them
    they use, like, buckets. So kids will like put sand in a bucket or like they move
    sand into piles and design castles or these really complicated mazes or
    something, they make things, make buildings out of sand, we call those sand
    castles. So in a sentence, my brother and I used to make sand castles on the beach
    when we were kids. That’s true. In this sentence, get the buckets and we’ll make a sand castle. cooler So cooler is a noun, in
    this case cooler is the place you keep your drinks and your food. It’s a, it
    looks like a suitcase but it has a special lining inside that keeps cold
    things cold, so you can put ice inside and it will keep your food and drinks
    cold while you are at the beach in the hot
    weather. So in a sentence, Did you put a bunch of beers in the cooler?
    I forgot ice for the cooler! tide The next word is tide. Tide is the level of the water, the level of the ocean water at
    different times of day. So if you are interested in this sort of thing, you
    might know about high tide and low tide. High tide means the water level at the
    beach is high low; tide means the water level at the beach is low. So tide is how
    high or low the water is. In this sentence, the tide ebbed and revealed a
    starfish. Ebbed means it went away a little bit. So tide is the flow of water. tan So tan is, we use it as a noun like “to get a tan” in a sentence. It means that your
    skin turns a darker color. So be careful there are two words we use in English,
    “tan” means your skin gets a little bit darker, and we also use the word “sunburn”
    or just “burn.” Burn means your skin gets red, it means like it’s damaged, it maybe
    your skin peels a bit. So in America anyway, in the US anyway, a tan is usually
    considered a positive thing, many people want tan skin; but sunburn where your
    skin is red and damaged is bad. So be careful, those are two different words we
    use to talk about this the changing skin color. I got a tan last summer at the beach.
    In this sentence, you got such a nice tan in Florida. snorkeling The next word is snorkeling. Snorkeling is really really fun.
    Snorkeling is swimming but you have a like a hose you have a pipe that you can
    breathe through as you swim, so you can you usually put goggles, you wear goggles
    as you’re swimming in the ocean, you can look down and see fish, or you can see
    things in the ocean, but you can still breathe. So this is a really fun thing to
    do, to look at fish or just just to hang out and see a different point of view.
    I went snorkeling for the first time, maybe when I was 22, 23?
    In this sentence, she bought goggles so that she could go snorkeling in Hawaii. flip flop The next word is flip flop. Flip flop is a very common beach sandal. Many people
    like to wear flip flops in everyday life, too, some people prefer not to, it’s up to you. Like in California I know, especially in beach
    towns, everybody just wears flip-flops it’s very comfortable.
    So flip-flops kind of have an image of being a little bit cheap or just very
    very simple, it’s it’s the most basic possible sandal. Why are they called
    flip-flops? I always thought it was because of the sound that they make…
    sound I guess, maybe it sounds like flip-flop. In a sentence, I usually don’t wear flip-flops.
    In this sentence, these flip-flops keep breaking. sunscreen Next word is sunscreen. Sunscreen or you might also hear sunblock. These are products you can put on your skin to prevent a tan or to prevent a sunburn. Sun-screen,
    so it’s a protection, it’s a protection against the sunlight. I just hit this
    screen. So sunscreen is quite important, like, it is said that you should use
    sunscreen to prevent, to help prevent skin cancer. In a sentence, I’m out of
    sunscreen I need to buy more. In this sentence, mom, I don’t need sunscreen. bikini The next word is bikini. We talked about swimsuit a little bit
    earlier, but bikini is usually a swimsuit for women, and it’s two pieces; there’s a
    bottom half and an upper half. And oftentimes the the top half of the
    bikini, or sometimes the bottom half, you have to tie a knot, or you have to latch
    something. I suppose if you don’t tie it carefully it can create a problem, like
    you could fall off. So bikini it’s a popular style of swimsuit for women.
    Are you going to wear your bikini to the beach tomorrow?
    in this sentence, my bikini came undone in front of everyone, it was so
    embarrassing. End! Alright, that’s the end so those were 20 words that you can use
    to talk about the beach, this has me really excited for summer actually, this
    is a lot of fun. If there are some other words that you think about when you
    think about the beach, let us know in the comments. I hope you get to use these
    words a lot this summer and enjoy. Thanks very much for watching this
    episode, please make sure to LIKE this video if you haven’t already and also
    subscribe. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you again soon, bye!
    I went snorkeling and I saw an octopus! He was just like, he, I don’t know why it’s a he, look like a dress like… Woh! That’s really cool!

    Learn the Top 20 Words You’ll Need for the Beach
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    Learn the Top 20 Words You’ll Need for the Beach

    January 4, 2020

    Hi, everyone, today we will learn 20 words
    you’ll need for the beach! It’s summer soon! Let’s go! lunettes de soleil “sunglasses” Des lunettes de soleil pour se protéger du soleil. “Sunglasses to protect you from the sun.” Because today is so rainy, right?
    Sunglasses! plage “beach” Ce week-end, nous irons à la plage. “This weekend, we will go to the beach.” nager “swim” J’adore nager dans les vagues.
    “I love to swim in the waves.” soleil “sun” Le soleil est une étoile. “The sun is a star.” I’m also a star. coquillage “seashell” Elle vend des coquillages à la plage.
    “She sells seashells on the seashore.” maillot de bain “swimsuit” Je me sens très embarrassé(e) de montrer mon corps en maillot de bain. “I feel very insecure showing my body in a swimsuit.” No, I don’t. océan “ocean” Je préfère la mer à l’océan. “I prefer the sea over the ocean.” maître-nageur “lifeguard” Mon ami est maître-nageur à mi-temps. “My friend is a part-time lifeguard.” And then you insert the music with that lifeguard series. And they run like this. I’m a lifeguard! jet-ski “jet ski” Maybe just say it with a French accent, jet-ski. Ils font du jet-ski tous les jours.
    “They go jet skiing every day.” Lucky them! serviette de plage “beach towel” J’ai oublié ma serviette de plage.
    “I forgot my beach towel.” I did forget my beach towel so I’ve bought one. So when you go to the beach, you should have two towels, one for lying down, and one for
    drying yourself. chaise longue “beach chair” Elle lit un livre sur sa chaise longue. “She is reading a book on her beach chair.” château de sable “sand castle” J’aime faire des châteaux de sable.
    “I like to make sand castles.” You take a bucket and fill it with wet sand, and then you…
    And you make the Disney castle. And then the wave comes in and (whuuu), and
    washes everything away. Sad. glacière “cooler” Je n’ai pas de glacière. “I don’t have a cooler.” Don’t forget your cooler at the beach, it’s very convenient. bronzage “tan” Leur bronzage est magnifique. “Their tan is beautiful.” For people like me, we don’t tan, we just burn like a shrimp. Good luck, you will never have a beautiful tan. plongée avec tuba “snorkeling” As-tu déjà fait de la plongée avec tuba? “Have you ever been snorkeling?”
    So did you? And where? tong “flip-flop” Nous portons toujours des tongs en été. “We always wear flip-flops in summer.”
    Yeah, everyone wear them in the summer around the beach. And they’re really cheap.
    And they goes like (flap flap flap) crème solaire “sunscreen” La crème solaire est conseillée lors de l’exposition au soleil. “Sunscreen is recommended
    for sun exposure.” Indeed, not only for surf, for everyday, all
    the time! Oh my god! Summer war paint.
    That’s how you get ready. bikini “bikini” Or you can just say it in English, bikini. Son bikini est rouge. “Her bikini is red.”
    And then she runs like this, with her blonde hair in the wind.
    Catches the lifeguard. mer “sea” Ils vont à la mer tous les étés.
    “They go to the sea every summer.” That’s what people do! That’s why the sea is so crowded in the
    summer. sable “sand” Il y a du sable sur la plage. “There is sand on the beach.” Oh, is there now? Mostly the South, maybe in the West and North
    too, I’m not sure, you have beaches that are actually made of
    rocks. So when you walk on them it’s really hard. I don’t know why people like it.
    Try it anyway, it’s therapeutic. So I hope you have a nice summer, and that
    these words will help you. And if you want more, you can just check the website, and
    leave me a comment about what you would do on the beach, and what you get for your summer,
    or if you have a beach at all. Because some countries don’t. Anyway, enjoy! Bye-bye! Enjoy your holiday!

    DIY Solar Tracker || How much solar energy can it save?
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    DIY Solar Tracker || How much solar energy can it save?

    December 18, 2019

    In a previous project video of mine I showed you how I created a photovoltaic off-grid system which to this date works without any problems but what I noticed in the comment section back then was that many of you are stated that a flat mounting on the roof is not ideal Which I do agree with Not only does the panel gets out more easily but this mounting also decreases the air flow another panel and thus the cooling and Also the power outputs since the Sun is hitting the panel more often at a sharp angle So why did I mounted it this way then and not at an angle? Well, the reason is that it is not easy to spot that way and thus will most likely not get stolen But anyway, since I recently got interested in how much energy I’m actually losing due to the position of my panel I will conduct a small solar tracking experiment in this video Which will hopefully turn out in my favor and thus let me sleep at peace once again Let’s get started [music] This video is sponsored by JLCPCB one fact about them. You can easily find the tracking number invoice and production process of your PCBs in your account and Easily order more PCBs of your old design through the reorder button without having to upload your Gerber files once again For this experiments I will be using two Hopefully identical solar panels with an open circuit voltage of 6 volts and a maximum output power of 1 Watts 1 will be placed on a flat surface while the other one will be mounted to a solar tracker which like the name implies Follows the position of the Sun in order to maximize the power outputs of the solar panel Both panels will be connected to power logger and loads which will later reveal how much more energy the solar tracker system harvested and With the execution of this experiment explains. Let’s get started by building the solar tracker To move the panel in a circular manner and also in an uptown movements I went with this mini pencils mechanical system Designed by fbuenonet Printed the three-year required parts with my 3d printer which took around 4 hours Afterwards, I mounted the base plates to a piece of woods with some leftover screws and Got myself to SG90 servos which will be used to move the whole system. I Positioned the fitting accessory of bits in the base plates and added the motor to it Which by then covered with the second 3d printed parts To its I also added an accessory part of the servo Mounted the second servo to the third and last 3d printed parts with screws and then finally completed the mechanical system by combining the two pieces with an additional screw and As you can see the movement of the solar tracker was possible But of course for the servos, we need an electrical signal to move them accordingly for that I created this small schematic whose components I connected to one another on a piece of perfboard and Once I was getting close to finishing the circuits I noticed that the most important components the photo resistors were not properly utilized yet In case you’re wondering photo resistors are like the name implies resistors Would change to the resistance according to how much light hits them With lots of lights. We got a small resistance and in darkness, we got a high resistance. I wanted to mount four of them on a circle roof wall divided segments so that for example when the left side is dark the motors rotate the system clockwise and If the lower side stock the motors move the solar panel upwards This way the system will always follow the brightest light source so I constructed d described circular object in 1 2 3 D design and Once again used my 3d printer to create it Afterwards, I enlarge the holes for the photoresistor leads push them in place and secure them all with a bit of hot glue Now to mount the solar panel and the photoresistor setup to the mechanical system I created an eleven by nine point five centimeter piece of foam plastic To which I firstly secured the solar panel with hot glue After I sold our two wires to its terminals then I created a 24 centimeter hole in the top section of the foam plastic and Secured the photoresistor set up there with hot glue as well to complete the solar tracker I added wires to the photo resistors Which I then connected to the perfboard circuits and secured the fantastic to the mechanical system with hot glue Along with the 1 kilo Ohm resistors, the photo resistors build up a voltage divider Which creates a high voltage when the photo resistor stark and a low voltage when it is illuminated So after connecting these servos to the circuits and powering it with a 5v power source. It was time for programming in a nutshell, I utilized the timer one of the arduino atmega328p microcontroller in order to generate servo compatible pwm signals which are constantly alter depending on whether the lower upper left or right side of the photo resistor setup is illuminated and After uploading the codes I tested the setup of a flashlight Which seems to work without any problems, which means it was time to complete the experimental setup with my power logger. I built this one in a previous project video So feel free to watch it if you want to understand how it works or if you want to create one for yourself anyway, after connecting the logger to the remaining unmounted solar panel, I Connected a potentiometer loads in order to determine the maximum power point of the system Which according to my calculations should be reached with a resistance of around 3150 ohms But since we would never reach the maximum power at a higher brightness level with this resistor I rather replaced it with 4 , 200 Ohm resistors in parallel Which should be able to get us close to 1 watts That means the flat solar panel setup was complete but sadly in order to conduct both measurements at the same time I had to create a second power logger for the solar tracker which took quite a bit of time But once that was done, I hocked the solar tracking solar panel up to the power logger along with the 50 Ohm loads and started the outdoor experiments Now I let the two systems create electrical energy from solar energy for around 2.5 hours while making sure that the systems locked all the data onto the SD card and the solar tracker are truly followed the sun’s movements and After waiting for that long, the flat solar panel delivered a total energy of 10,345 milliwatt hours while the solar tracking solar panel delivered about 11891 milli watt hours That is a difference of 15% more energy, which is not that bad of Course we have to keep in mind that this experiment was rather short was executed around noon Did not utilized an MPPT methods and the solar tracker was limited in its movements But since we know that the Sun angle of only 45 degrees can decrease the power output by 30% We can assume that through the day especially during the morning and evening time My solar panel might be missing out on around 20 to 30% of the possible solar energy Which is affect that from now on I have to live with Nevertheless. I hope you learned a little bit about photovoltaic systems through this video If so, don’t forget to Like share and subscribe Stay creative, and I will see you next time!