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    Top 10 Most Famous Ships in History
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    Top 10 Most Famous Ships in History

    November 22, 2019

    Top 10 Most Famous Ships in History 10. The
    Santa Maria Though less than 70 feet long and by all accounts
    a slow and hideous vessel, few can deny the fame the tiny Spanish boat achieved when she
    brought Christopher Columbus to the new world. While Columbus has acquired a bad rap of late
    for his brutality as governor of Hispaniola and other little foibles he was famous for,
    no one can deny his extraordinary seamanship or his courage in making the crossing not
    just once, but four times during his lifetime. Unfortunately, the sturdy little Santa Maria
    would not be making a repeat journey, as she ran aground on Christmas day, 1492, and was
    salvaged for her wood (which, interesting enough, went into the construction of another
    ship originally called La Navidad—Christmas—because the wreck occurred on Christmas Day). While the original is long gone, no fewer
    than four replicas of the ship have been built since, all of them capable of putting to sea. Unfortunately, none of them are exact duplicates
    as no records of the ship’s original construction exist, resulting in a number of different
    configurations. 9. C.S.S. Hunley This early excuse for a submarine proved to
    be far more dangerous to her own crews than she was to the Union Navy, but she was to
    start a revolution in naval engineering that remains with us to this day. Built by the Confederates in 1863 specifically
    to sink Union ships then barricading Southern ports, she sank twice while being tested,
    killing 13 of her crew (including her designer, H.L. Hunley) in the process. Finally ready for her first combat test, on
    the evening of February 17, 1864, the Hunley, which never seemed to run out of men eager
    to serve on her despite the generally suicidal nature of doing so, snuck up on the Union
    sloop Housatonic and buried a spar torpedo in her side. Remarkably, the torpedo detonated as planned
    and the Housatonic sank, giving her the dubious distinction of being the first ship in history
    to be sunk by a submarine. Tragically, the little boat didn’t make
    it back to dock but sank for the third and last time that evening for unknown reasons,
    taking her entire eight-man crew down once again. After sitting on the bottom of Charleston
    Harbor for the next 136 years, she was finally located and raised in August of 2000 to great
    fanfare. The remarkably well preserved hulk now sits
    in a specially designed tank awaiting conservation. 8. U.S.S. Monitor and C.S.S. Virginia (aka Merrimack) While the hours-long battle fought between
    these two behemoths off Hampton Roads, Virginia in March of 1862 was relatively unspectacular
    and ended in a draw, it may have been one of the most important battles in naval history
    in that it was the first time two ships made predominantly of iron rather than wood ever
    engaged in battle. The Union-built Monitor—derisively called
    a “cheesbox on a raft” (which proved to be a fairly accurate description)—also had
    the distinction of being the first ship to possess a rotating gun turret, changing the
    course of naval warship design for the next century. The interesting thing about the Confederate
    ironclad was that it was built upon the refloated hull of the Union frigate Merrimack (hence
    the confusion regarding her name), which had been scuttled when Norfolk fell into the hands
    of the South in April of 1861. Refloated and fitted with massive iron plates,
    she not only proved to be impenetrable to cannon fire, but a dangerous weapon the South
    used to sink a pair of traditional wooden Union warships a day earlier. Neither ship fought again or survived the
    year, however; the Virginia would be blown up to prevent her from being captured in May
    of 1862 when Union troops retook Norfolk and the Monitor would be lost in heavy seas off
    Cape Hatteras on New Year’s eve of that year, taking 16 of her crew down with her. (Note: The wreck of the Monitor was located
    off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina in 1973 and was designated a national landmark. Since then, many artifacts from the ship,
    including her turret, cannon, propeller, anchor, engine and some personal effects of the crew—along
    with the remains of two of her crew—have been recovered and are now on display—minus
    the bodies—at the Mariners’ Museum of Newport News, Virginia.) 7. U.S.S. Constitution Known as “Old Ironsides” due to her sturdy
    construction, the oldest still intact ship in America serves as a museum in Boston, Massachusetts. Still afloat after 213 years, she had an usually
    long service life, having remained in commission on and off between 1797 all the way to the
    Civil War, after which she was made a training ship and continued sailing periodically right
    up to her final decommissioning in 1881. During that time she fought in two conflicts:
    the First Barbary War—when she battled real pirates—and the War of 1812, during which
    she distinguished herself by defeating the British frigates HMS Guerriere and HMS Java. It was those engagements that gave her something
    of a reputation as a ship that could take on the British in a head-to-head fight, which
    was no small feat when one considers that the Royal Navy was the largest and most powerful
    in the world at the time. Her fame saved her from the wrecking yard
    and in 1907 she began serving as a museum ship. Old Ironsides has been restored, refurbished
    and otherwise rebuilt so many times, it is said her keel is the only part of the original
    ship that remains, the rest having being replaced numerous times over the decades. She can still get underway, however, which
    she proves once a year when she is towed into to Boston Harbor for her “turnaround cruise”
    designed to ensure she weathers evenly on both sides. She is also a still officially commissioned
    warship, with a sixty-man crew who are all active duty members of the United States Navy. 6. Battleship U.S.S. Missouri Though not a participant in any major ship-to-ship
    sea battles, the “Mighty ‘Mo”, as she became known to her crew, had the distinction
    of being the vessel upon which the surrender documents that ended World War Two were signed
    in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945. But World War Two wasn’t the only action
    the massive 45,000 ton battleship was to sea in her lifetime; decommissioned after the
    war, she was reactivated and sent to fight during the Korean War, and again in 1984,
    when she became part of Ronald Reagan’s 600-ship fleet plan. She even saw service in the First Persian
    Gulf War in 1991, when she lobbed cruise missiles and 16-inch rounds from her massive guns against
    Iraqi targets in Kuwait. Today she sits tied up serenely at Pearl Harbor,
    where she serves as a museum and war memorial. Interestingly, she is moored just a few hundred
    yards from the wreck of the Battleship Arizona (see no. 3), making it possible to see from her decks
    both the place the war started and the place that it ended at the same time. 5. HMS Victory No single ship serves as a better symbol for
    the power that was the Royal Navy during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century
    than does Lord Nelson’s venerable and, indeed, almost legendary, flagship. One of the largest wooden warships ever built,
    the ship not only saw considerable action in the last decades of the eighteenth century
    fighting both the French and Spanish fleets, but she became the stuff of legends at the
    pivotal battle of Trafalgar in 1805, where Nelson was to be mortally wounded but not
    before besting the combined French and Spanish fleet and effectively saving England from
    a sea-borne invasion. Originally slated to be broken up shortly
    after the Napoleonic Wars ended, she was saved, the story goes, by the wife of the First Sea
    Lord, who, upon learning that the vessel that had served so long and gallantly was to be
    delegated to the wrecker’s yard, broke into tears and demanded that he rescind the order. Being no fool—and perhaps in a well-advised
    effort at maintaining marital bliss—the man did exactly that and the ship served for
    the next century as a pier-side training school. Heavily restored in 1922 by the British government,
    she now serves as a museum in Portsmouth, England, making her one of the oldest ships
    still afloat in the world. 4. Battleship U.S.S. Maine Some ships become famous not for what they
    did, but for what they represented. In this case, the battleship Maine (a tiny
    thing compared to the later behemoths that were to carry the title of battleship) became
    a rallying point for a nation intent on war. Anchored in the shallow waters of Havana harbor
    late on the evening of February 15, 1898, the ship was torn in two by a mysterious explosion
    and sank in a matter of minutes, killing all but 89 of her 355-man crew. Though the cause of the explosion was never
    determined (some historians and naval engineers believe it may have been an accidental detonation
    of her magazines by a coal bin fire), it was immediately suspected to have been an intentional
    act of sabotage—probably by a pre-placed mine—sending the country into a war frenzy
    that would, in the next few months, propel the United States into a short and spectacularly
    successful war with Spain. While Spanish complicity in the incident has
    never been proven (and would have been counter-productive to the Spanish in any case), the battle cry
    “Remember the Maine” would remain a popular and long-remembered one for many decades afterwards. As for the ship itself, in 1911 what was left
    of her was raised from the mud of Havana Harbor where she had become a hazard to navigation,
    towed out to the open sea, and scuttled with full military honors—a fitting end to a
    ship that did so little but caused so much trouble. 3. German Battleship Bismarck Perhaps no ship struck as much fear into the
    heart of the British Navy in the spring of 1941 than the massive German dreadnought Bismarck
    which, at 823 feet and with a top speed of 30 knots, was the largest and fastest warship
    then afloat. Breaking out of her Baltic haven in late May,
    1941 intend on decimating the ragged and besieged British merchant fleet keeping the British
    Isles afloat, the ship became the subject of the largest naval hunt in Royal Navy history
    and one that was to cost the British dearly. Engaged by the British battle cruiser HMS
    Hood and new battleship HMS Prince of Wales off Iceland in the early morning hours of
    May 24, after a brief but vicious battle the Hood exploded and sank, taking down all but
    three of her 1,418-man crew, and left the Prince of Wales damaged and limping for home. Damaged herself a day later by British aerial
    torpedoes, the wounded battleship made a run for the French coast for repairs, only to
    be chased down by a pair of British battleships, the Rodney and King George V, whose combined
    firepower finally managed to send Hitler’s proud but battered warship to the bottom—along
    with all but 200 of her 2,200-man crew—after a two-hour barrage. There the infamous warship remained undisturbed
    until it was located by Robert Ballard (the same man who had found the Titanic three years
    earlier) in 1989 and carefully examined. Even then the venerable ship had a story to
    tell, for it appeared that despite the heavy damage it endured during its final battle,
    it was still largely intact, suggesting that she had been scuttled rather than sunk by
    the British after all, giving her, even in death, the last laugh. 2. Battleship U.S.S. Arizona Few ships illicit the sort of emotion among
    American veterans as does the name Arizona. A World War One era battle wagon with an undistinguished
    career, her active life in World War Two lasted a mere fifteen minutes before she was sunk
    by a well-aimed Japanese bomb that ignited her forward magazine and tore her in two during
    the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. The “unlucky shot”—a one-in-million
    hole in one—killed 1,177 men out of her crew of 1,400—including her captain and
    an admiral—and left her a blazing wreck that was to burn for days.* Too badly damaged to be salvageable (she was
    one of only three ships sunk during the attack that was never repaired) the ship remains
    there to this day as a war memorial, where she is visited by literally millions of people
    every year. Considering how famous the ship is today,
    it is interesting that few Americans knew about the Arizona’s fiery fate until years
    later due to wartime censorship, and that she lay largely forgotten in the shallow waters
    of Battleship Row for decades after the attack. It wasn’t until the 1960s that she became
    a symbol of American resolve and sacrifice and acquired the mystique—along with a simple
    but powerful memorial that straddles her remains—that she enjoys today. 1. British Luxury Liner RMS Titanic Easily the most famous ship in history, this
    luxury liner was designed to showcase mankind’s technological brilliance but instead only
    illustrated his hubris. The largest and fastest passenger ship of
    its time, the British White Star liner left England on April 10, 1912 on its maiden voyage
    to New York, only to strike an iceberg five days later and sink. While most would imagine two hours would be
    plenty of time to evacuate the nearly 2,300 souls onboard, the ship had only half the
    lifeboats needed, dooming some 1,500 passengers and crew to a watery grave in the middle of
    the icy North Atlantic. The sinking sent shockwaves through the maritime
    community, resulting in wholesale changes in regulations mandating the number of life
    boats every vessel was required to carry and making other much needed safety improvements. Eventually the ship’s name became synonymous
    with avarice, indifference, and class privilege (most of the lost having been passengers from
    steerage) and holds a mystique that, if anything, has only grown over time. The ship was rediscovered three miles below
    the surface of the North Atlantic in 1985, and has since then become the inspiration
    for a multitude of documentaries as well as the backdrop to the most successful movie
    of 1999. It could truly be said that with the Titanic,
    humanity learned a hard lesson that continues to pay dividends to this day. Other Famous Ships in History: Battleship
    Potemkin (Russian warship famous for firing the first shots of the Russian Revolution
    in 1905); HMS Bounty (British frigate famous for its mutiny); HMS Endeavor (Captain Cook’s
    ship used to explore the Pacific Ocean); Mayflower (the ship that delivered the Pilgrims to Massachusetts
    in 1620); U.S.S. Enterprise (the most decorated warship of
    World War Two); RMS Lusitania (her sinking in 1916 was the catalyst for America’s entry
    into World War One); Japanese Battleship Yamato (largest battleship ever built); and the English
    Galleon Golden Hind (the ship used by Sir Francis Drake to make the first complete circumnavigation
    of the globe between 1577 and 1580.)

    Most STRANGE Things Found On The Beach!
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    Most STRANGE Things Found On The Beach!

    November 22, 2019

    From human feet to giant eyeballs here are
    10 of the most unbelievable items that have washed ashore. 10. San Francisco Tombstones It’s not unusual to find objects that have
    washed up on beaches, but residents of San Francisco were in for a surprise in 2012 when
    some particularly somber items started appearing. Local residents started finding tombstones
    in the sand of people that had died in the 1800’s. First there was one from 1876, then one from
    1890, and they kept on showing up. While this may seem like a dark secret coming
    to light, the explanation for all of this was far more simple. The reason it had been happening was to do
    with construction works that had been done to help protect the beaches. The area had formerly been used as a graveyard,
    but the bodies had long been moved inland. The stones, on the other hand, proved too
    costly to be moved and were, instead, re-purposed. They were used as breakwaters, gutter liners
    and to construct a seawall, and it appears as if it is some of these had broken loose
    and washed up on the beach. 9. Severed Feet Since 2007 beaches and islands on the coast
    of British Columbia in Canada and Washington state in America have seen a particularly
    gruesome series of objects washing up on them- human feet that, in most cases, are still
    in their shoes. In total, 16 feet have been found. Disturbingly only two of these were left feet,
    which were matched with right feet that also washed up, meaning that the rest must have
    come from at least 14 different people. It’s completely unknown how these feet arrived
    on these beaches. Only four people have been identified as their
    owners, but there are plenty of suggestions of how such a thing might happen. The strange thing here is that only feet have
    been found, and no bodies. Some people suspect foul play by gangsters,
    others think they have come from the victims of a plane crash near the area in 2005, and
    some have suggested they may actually have come from victims of the Asian tsunami in
    2004. All of them have been found within shoes that
    would provide enough buoyancy for them to be carried by currents across the ocean, so
    it is completely feasible. The true origin of the feet might be a bit
    closer to home, though. One of those that were found have been linked
    to a man who is thought to have committed suicide, and two of the feet have been identified
    as being from a woman who jumped from the Pattullo Bridge in 2004. It’s quite possible, therefore, that these
    feet have all come from people who suffered similar fates in the surrounding area. 8. Ambergris As one of the grossest objects you could ever
    find on the beach, Ambergris is probably the one from this list that you’d most hope
    to find, because it turns out that this stuff is incredibly valuable. This substance is made when sperm whales eject
    an intestinal slurry into the ocean. From here it floats and bobs in the waves
    and, years later, washes up. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was
    an uninteresting object amongst the rocks, sand and shells that you normally find. It can be found in many forms such as large
    blocks, balls, egg shapes, jagged pieces or hard rolls, and has a unique smell that purportedly
    has notes of seaweed, farm animals and maybe a fecal note. Lumps that have been in the ocean for a long
    time, though, will have a sweeter, earthy scent to them. This smell, rarity, and the unique chemical
    properties that Ambergris has, is the reason behind its high value. It was, for a long time, a key ingredient
    for high-end perfume makers like Chanel and Lanvin because of its ability to fix the scent
    to human skin. While alternatives have been found in recent
    times, it is still a highly sought after substance— a 1.1 Kilogram lump that was found in Wales
    in 2015 sold for £11,000 (around $13,400) at auction later that year. 7. WWII Bombs Despite having come to an end more than 70
    years ago, the consequences of the Second World War can still be seen around the world
    when some of the many bombs that were unaccounted for wash ashore. They can come in all different shapes and
    sizes, are often mistaken for other things by beach goers and most worryingly, are still
    active and able to explode. No-one knows for sure how many there are out
    there waiting to be washed up, but to give you an idea, there are an estimated 1.6 million
    metric tons of conventional and chemical ammunitions lying on the seabed just in German waters
    alone. This is made up of over one million items,
    including grenades, detonators, giant aerial bombs, 15-kilo shells and many more. This is just a fraction of what’s on the
    sea-beds of the world in total. With the way ocean currents carry objects
    around, there is the potential for these items to show up virtually anywhere. It is not uncommon for objects like these
    to wash up on European beaches. There are many examples of bombs showing up
    on French and British coastlines, but in 2015 there was even one that washed up further
    afield in Florida. This revealed another worrying detail- that
    following WWII, the US government found itself with a large number of unused weapons. Rather than de-commissioning them they chose,
    instead, to dump them all in the Gulf of Mexico, so next time you’re at the beach keep a
    watch out. 6. Giant Eyeball in Florida In 2012 a beach-comber came in for a surprise
    when he found something staring back at him from the sand of Pompano beach in Florida. After digging the strange lump out and cleaning
    it off, it turned out he was holding a blue-tinged softball sized eyeball. He had never seen anything quite like it,
    obviously, and, super excited he waved down police officers to show it to them and eventually
    started contacting researchers across the state to try and identify it. Everyone was stumped, and couldn’t agree
    which monster of the deep it had come from. After deliberating between being from a squid
    or a fish, it was determined a few days later that this eye had, in fact, come from a giant
    swordfish. 5. The St. Augustine Monster Possibly the most famous mystery to have washed
    up from the ocean was the St. Augustine monster that appeared on Anastasia Island near St.
    Augustine in Florida in 1896. It was found by two young boys who thought
    it was a whale and reported it to the local Institute of Science. The scientists weren’t so sure it was a
    whale, though, as it appeared to them to have several arms or tentacles. Deeming it to actually be the remains of a
    giant octopus, photos and a specimen were sent to the Smithsonian museum in 1897. This monster is an example of what is known
    as a globster- the name given to unidentified biomasses that have undergone huge levels
    of decay by the time they are washed up and are, therefore, virtually unidentifiable. Conspiracy theorists, of course, have a field
    day with these sightings, and ever since the discovery of the St Augustine Monster there
    have been numerous theories as to the identity of the creature. The mystery was finally solved, though, in
    2004 when DNA analysis of the biomass that was stored at the Smithsonian proved that
    it was, in fact, a whale- just like the boys who found it in the first place had thought. 4. Fort Braggs Beach of Glass Some of the strangest, and most beautiful,
    beaches you will ever visit can be found in MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg in
    California. Between 1906 and 1967 the nearby waters were
    used to dump glass, appliances and vehicles– a policy that has left a long lasting mark
    on three of the local beaches. As the biodegradable waste broke down, the
    remaining items began washing ashore, most notably large amounts of glass. Rather than being sharp shards, the ocean
    processes have smoothed all of the pieces to form glass pebbles, which have become a
    beautiful tourist attraction. After opening to the public in 2002, the beaches
    are visited by thousands of people every day during the summer, all of who want their chance
    to see the most colorful beaches in the world. The glass won’t be here forever. The pebbles are slowly disappearing as they
    are washed back out to sea. Local politicians have refused efforts to
    replenish the glass due to environmental concerns, so if this is somewhere you want to visit,
    you had better go soon. 3. Doritos Large volumes of products are transported
    around the world on cargo vessels. Occasionally some containers fall into the
    ocean, and all their contents eventually all end up washed ashore. That’s exactly what happened to a container
    ship carrying Doritos chips that was caught in a storm in 2006. When it fell off the cargo ship, the container
    split and thousands of bags of chips were strewn across a half mile stretch, and resulted
    in bag-loads of images that you would almost believe were stills from the latest marketing
    campaign. Despite causing such an environmental mess,
    there was an added incentive for locals to help with the cleanup. To their delight the chips, that were sealed
    in foil bags, were perfectly preserved and absolutely safe to eat, leading to dozens
    of people combing the beach to get a free snack. 2. The Montauk Monster In another case of a globster washing up ashore,
    the Montauk Monster was found near a popular surfing spot on a beach near Montauk , New
    York in 2008. The mysterious creature has been the subject
    of intense speculation since photos started circulating, with people suggesting it may
    be the remains of a raccoon, rodent, sea turtle, dog, or a sheep. With each suggestion, though, comes a problem. Sheep, for example, don’t have sharp teeth. Raccoons don’t have such long legs, sea
    turtles don’t have fur or teeth, and rodents have very different mouth structures. As the creature had obviously been in the
    ocean for a long time, it had swollen up. It’s skin and hair had started to fall away,
    and decomposed in a way that made it very difficult to identify it for sure. Eventually the scientific community came to
    a degree of consensus that this was, in fact, the carcass of a raccoon- possibly one that
    had been diseased before it died. I don’t know…. 1. Legos This time the lucky one to receive an unexpected
    crate was Cornwall in England, when a crate of Legos fell overboard from the Tokio Express
    container ship during a storm in 1997. Instead of remaining at the bottom of the
    sea, they are still washing up on Cornish beaches today – offering an insight into the
    mysterious world of oceans and tides. Inside were almost 4.8 million pieces of Lego,
    many of which were nautically themed including flippers, spear guns, seagrass, scuba tanks
    and life preservers. The combination of the huge quantity of these
    tiny plastic pieces and the strong currents in the area mean that beachcombers still find
    them on an almost daily basis. In some cases they have even been found up
    to 300 miles away from where the container fell. Some pieces found on an Australian beach,
    on the other side of the world, are even thought to have come from the spill. Over 3 million lost pieces are still assumed
    to be floating around. It has now been 20 years since they fell into
    the sea, and maybe you should keep an eye out next time you’re on a beach– you may
    not be too far away from finding your own black octopus or green dragon that have travelled
    the oceans of the earth. Thanks for watching! Have you ever found anything cool on the beach? Let us know in the comments below! Remember to subscribe and see you next time! Bye!

    MY 10 BEST  Magnet Fishing Finds To Date
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    MY 10 BEST Magnet Fishing Finds To Date

    November 20, 2019

    If your new to my channel and you havent subscribed already, subscribe so you get notifications of all my latest videos just found this bike dumped in the river brand new bike a brand new bike correra kraken hardly any rust on it what do you think it is? parking machine? i dont think its a grenade like last time The ammount we are finding is crazy been here about 5 minutes 1, 2, 3, 4 5 6 7 its still cocked wow thats amazing wonder why its still cocked something big in the water keeps falling off what is in this water come on im getting bubbles wow WHAT! O M G ! omg WOW SO THIS IS WHERE I FOUND THE CROSSBOW AND IVE JUST FOUND THIS THAT IS A KNIFE GOT A GOOD BITE ON THIS ONE feels the same weight as the man hole cover ive just found O M G O M G Found an UZI that is heavy i wonder if its real? Im going to have to hand this in to the police No magazine on it found the magazine to the UZI and a knife found the magazine as well

    How to Do Florida: Visit New Smyrna Beach, Florida
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    How to Do Florida: Visit New Smyrna Beach, Florida

    November 20, 2019

    – [Voiceover] This How
    to Do Florida segment is presented by VISIT FLORIDA. – [Chad] Hey, I don’t
    wanna rub it in here, but let’s face it. We live where most people vacation. So options for getaways are plentiful. Kristi and I are heading
    to New Smyrna Beach just south of Daytona
    Beach on what’s known as Florida’s fun coast. This fantastic little
    gem of a beach town has everything you could want. Great accommodations, terrific dining, shopping, tons of activities, and some of the most beautiful beaches. To do a getaway right,
    nothing beats staying at a local bed and breakfast. Not only are the rooms
    uniquely quaint and charming, but the staff can be
    invaluable in helping you decide where to go and
    what to do to make the most of your time together. New Smyrna Beach has a wide
    variety of places to stay. From beach houses, condos, to hotels. – I love coming to a bed
    and breakfast because it’s just full of decorating ideas. Each room has it’s own unique flair. – [Chad] We’re fishing today
    with Bill and Bobby Fisher. – I’m the captain. – I’m the captain. – [Chad] They’re taking us
    out on the Indian River Lagoon on this picture perfect Florida morning. We find a good spot and
    before I can even get my bait in the water. – Wow! – What is that? – Giant. – Oh my gosh, she’s got a huge trout. That is a monster.
    – Beautiful. – We’ve been out here
    for maybe five minutes, and Kristi just pulled
    in a big, big trout. – Bye bye, fishy. Wow, look at that. – Oh my gosh, let me get
    out of your way here, girl. Okay so I wanted to do this fishing trip, and Kristi’s already like just killing me. This weekend getaway is
    quickly turning into my wife’s getting away with all the fish. Watch it, watch it. – I got one. It’s a big one. What is that? Serious?
    – Oh my gosh. – You got a snook. – My first snook, honey. – This girl is killing me. She’s caught way more trout than I have, and here it is, she
    catches my favorite fish. You know, you come out here with a guide, you learn so much. These guys do this all the time. They live out here and
    they know this area. They’re just a wealth of knowledge. So you’re not only catching fish, you’re learning about the
    environment and it is just a full, full experience. – Yeah, these guys sure know
    what they’re doing, don’t they? – Yeah, they do. – Don’t mess around at all. – Oh, something just slammed my bait here. Come on, baby, come on, be a big trout. Be a big trout. Big snook. – Oh, that’s a catfish. – Sail cat. – That’s embarrassing. (laughs) – [Chad] Actually the embarrassing
    part wasn’t the catfish. It was my wife hooked the
    biggest fish of the day at the same time. – [Kristi] Oh, I got something. – [Chad] What have you
    got over there, girl? – I got a real fish. – [Chad] Honey, help me get
    this catfish off the hook. – You kidding me? – Honey, I need help
    – No way! – [Chad] Getting this
    catfish off the hook. – He’s gonna break my rod. – I’ve seen Kristi catch some big fish. This was a monster. Are you getting tired? You want me to tag him for you? – No. Smack your hands. You are not getting credit for this one. – Well I just said you need any help? I’m just trying to help you. This is a monster, monster red fish. – [Kristi] This is a red fish? – Yeah. – [Kristi] Look at that. Oh my gosh. – [Chad] Perfect. – Oh my gosh. This is like holding a child. – You’ve got to be kidding me. – That is giant. – [Chad] This is the biggest red fish you’ve ever caught, right? – Probably biggest fish I’ve ever caught. – So is this fun? – [Kristi] This is amazing. He is a fighter. – She caught the biggest
    red fish in her life. – Thanks for the fun adventure. – That’s what really
    motivates us to go tomorrow, the next day and the day after. And the smile on her face
    was just unbelievable. – Bye bye. – My understanding that Chad
    was the fisherman out here, but I don’t believe
    that was the case today. – Nope. – Yeah, I don’t know
    how I feel about this. – It’s alright. (laughs) – You know, one of the many
    iconic features here in New Smyrna Beach is
    where we are right now, Disappearing Island. As you can see, we’re right
    here by the lighthouse and right near Ponce Inlet, and it’s basically a giant sand bar. It sits right here in the inlet. And it kind of comes
    and goes with the tide. Great place to come up
    here and pull your boat up, have a picnic, hang out and just relax. When you come here,
    make sure you make it to Disappearing Island. – [Voiceover] View more videos at how to do Florida dot com. Presented by VISIT FLORIDA.

    Top 10 Avengers Fan Ships
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    Top 10 Avengers Fan Ships

    November 20, 2019

    Shipping is an essential part of any fandom! It comes from many a place – a desire to
    see ones self-represented better in mainstream media, or a want to see an ‘impossible’
    pairing come to fruition. So naturally, the MCU’s Avengers have a
    whole slew of couples that fans have been pairing since the first Iron Man film came
    out. So today, we’re discussing some of those
    ships with our list of the top 10 Avengers Ships! And we aren’t going to talk about the actual
    maybe canon ships that the MCU has hinted to over the years. Oh no friends, these are the ships that are
    far from being canon, the ones that deep down, y’all would love to see happy. Or hate. It’s a preference thing, really. 10 Iron Husbands
    Rhodey and Tony are a pretty obvious slash ship. The two pals not only care a whole lot about
    each other, but have some of the best back and forth banter in the MCU. James Rupert Rhodes was introduced in Iron
    Man, one of Stark’s best friends and occasional rivals, and become the liaison between Stark
    Industries and the US Armed Forces. This eventually leads to Rhodes becoming War
    Machine after he pops on Tony’s Mark II armour at his birthday party to stop a drunk
    suited up Tony from potentially hurting party goers and himself. That little rivalry would expand and resolve,
    with their friendship continuing to remain a staple in Tony’s life throughout the rest
    of the MCU films. Remember how distraught Tony was when Rhodes
    was severely injured in Civil War? Ah, heart wrenching! Plus, who couldn’t fall for Don Cheedle? The man is adorable. 9 Coulki
    Loki and Agent Coulson is a super minor ship, but we had to include it on this list because
    of how wonderful it is. This ship stems from the moment where Loki
    killed Coulson during his escape from the Helicarrier. Bit of an odd jumping point, but considering
    the lines that Coulson whips out on Loki while he’s dying, I can see the chemistry. And what better to start a ship with but an
    antagonistic past between the two? He killed Coulson, Coulson shot him through
    a wall, typical roots of a romance. That’s how most relationships start, right? Coulson would be later resurrected, and- spoilers
    – after Infinity War, it’s uncertain if Loki’s death will be a permanent one, so
    hey, who knows, maybe these two might cross paths again sometime in the future. 8 Hawkson
    Yup, we’ve got another Coulson ship at this number, this time between him and Hawkeye. Also known as Phlint, Clint Barton and Phil
    Coulson’s ship stems from one interaction between the two in the MCU films in the first
    Thor movie, when Phil speaks to Clint over the radio about what he’s got eyes on outside
    of the research center prior to Thor failing to lift his hammer. This got fans thinking that there must be
    a bigger backstory and some sort of past between the two, with Clint being an Agent of SHIELD,
    and Coulson essentially being his and Natasha’s handler. 7 Scarlet America
    When watching Captain America Civil War, one can’t help but notice how adamant Steve
    Rogers is towards everyone giving Wanda Maximoff a chance. Yes, she’s a little unstable, yes, she needs
    to learn how to control her powers better, but regardless, Steve has never treated her
    like a child, and is always in her corner. So yeah, there’s a fan ship a brewing there. And their relationship in the comics has also
    helped fuel that fire. Steve broke her heart in the comics though,
    and she didn’t take it too well, warping reality with her powers in the events leading
    up to the Avengers: Disassembled story event. 6 Science Boyfriends
    Aside from having THE BEST ship name, Science Boyfriends aka Tony Stark and Bruce Banner
    is actually a pretty fitting title. The two are the scientific experts on the
    team – prior to Shuri making her debut in Black Panther and putting their work to shame
    in Infinity War – and the duo worked together often to tackle major problems together by
    combining their intellects. And yeah, knowledge is pretty damn hot, so
    no wonder Science Boyfriends is one of the more popular pairings out there on the interwebs. And let’s not forget that great scene in
    Age of Ultron where Tony dons his Hulkbuster suit to try to tame an out of control Hulk. And taken in the context of their ship, it’s
    kind of the cutest thing ever. 5 Clintasha
    Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff are a clear shipping choice – the two have a long history
    with one another, with the two trusting one another immensely. Natasha denies the two have something romantic
    going on, but shippers often consider that as part of the fanon, stating that she’s
    in denial about her own feelings. Fans even noticed that she was wearing an
    arrow necklace in the Winter Soldier film. While in the MCU it’s incredibly unlikely
    that the couple will ever be a thing – Clint has an adorable family, which was revealed
    in Age of Ultron – the two at least have one of the best friendships in movies, and
    it’s hard to not love it when both share the screen together. 4 Steggy
    Steggy is the relationship that could have been. Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter are each other’s
    the one that got away. Steve was frozen, returning decades later
    after Peggy had lived quite the long life, making the moment they reunite all that more
    gut wrenching. And when Peggy passes in Civil War, it’s
    hard to not shed a tear – Steve loved her dearly, she loved him. Although him moving on to her great niece
    Sharon Carter was kinda, well, a little weird. 3 Stony – Steve Rogers and Tony Stark
    Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have one of the most complex and interesting relationships
    in the MCU. Just take a look at any of their scenes together
    in Civil War. Having different perspectives often makes
    them rivals, but deep down, the two care a lot about one another, and their ability to
    work together in a team is obviously undeniable. While we didn’t get to see them reunite
    in Infinity War, there’s still hope for them in the future – but oh man, that scene
    where Tony is about to call Steve BUT DOESN’T, that was a gut puncher. A relationship between these two isn’t entirely
    unheard of in the comics either. Sort of, that is. On Earth 3490, Cap is romantically linked
    with that Earth’s Ion Man, also known as Iron Woman Natasha Stark. Slightly defeats the purpose of the MCU ship
    if the genders are swapped though. The Civil War storyline went down a little
    differently on that Earth, needless to say – it never happened, cause they just resolved
    their differences in the bedroom. In addition to that, moving back to the male
    versions of both characters, the two are part of another great ship known as the superfamily
    – a family ship between Steve, Tony and Peter Parker, where they’ve adopted a young
    Peter and raise him together. 2 Scarlet Widow
    ScarletWidow is the femslash pairing of Black Widow and Scarlet Witch. And is definitely not to be confused with
    the Superman villain who appeared in his 1945 radio show. Scarlet widow, and female ships in general
    when it comes to the Avengers, isn’t one of the more overly apparent fanships, but
    once you scratch the surface, there’s a WHOLE LOT OF FANFIC written for the pairing. And hey, it makes sense – Black Widow is
    a calculating and often cold assassin, and Wanda, in her earlier appearances in the MCU,
    is wickedly powerful but emotionally unstable. The two are pretty opposite personality wise,
    and the only ladies on the team. Plus Scarlet Johannson and Elizabeth Olsen
    did this photo shoot together and this is how Scarlet Widow fans took it. Despite the two characters having romantic
    ties in the films – with Bruce Banner and Vision – those who ship Scarlet Widow are
    still pretty adamant, even if the pair may only ever be realized in fanfic stories. 1 Stucky
    Stucky is the slash pairing between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, and is perhaps the
    most popular of the Avengers ships. There’s a whole lot of evidence here for
    fans to delve into – Bucky and Steve have always been partners in justice, and despite
    being separated for decades upon decades, the two still have such a potent connection. And, when Bucky returned as the Winter Soldier,
    Steve was willing to die when trying to reach into Bucky’s mind for whatever was left
    of his ‘best friend’. Steve never gives up on him. Hell, Civil War was further perpetuated because
    of his relationship with Bucky, willing to be on his side even if he HAD killed T’Challa’s
    father. And – SPOILERS – that moment in Infinity
    War when Bucky calls out to him and turns to dust, and Steve is just UTTERLY DESTROYED? Bucky is the last remaining part of Steve’s
    past, of his life before Captain America, and even if you don’t agree that there’s
    some sort of romantic love brewing there, it’s undeniable that Steve loves Bucky dearly,
    and vice versa. There we have it friends! Which couple is your favourite ship? What other ships should we have taken about? And which ones do you think have a fighting
    chance of happening? Let us know all your feels in those comments
    below. If you dug this video, hit like! If you wanna hang out with us some more, hit
    subscribe! And don’t forget to check out our channel
    for more videos on not only the MCU, but other fandom’s ships! We highly suggest you start by clicking on
    that playlist that’s flashing on your screen. In the meantime though, thanks for watching! Catch you all in the next video!

    Florida Travel: Visit Cocoa Beach on Florida’s Space Coast
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    Florida Travel: Visit Cocoa Beach on Florida’s Space Coast

    November 19, 2019

    (upbeat instrumental music) – And today we’re heading
    to beautiful Cocoa Beach. (upbeat instrumental music) Cocoa Beach is just an
    hour’s drive east of Orlando on Florida’s beautiful Space Coast. It is also one of the
    most affordable spots here in all Florida. (upbeat instrumental music) Ron Jon’s Surf Shop is the
    largest surf shop in the world, and definitely one of a kind. They say if you can’t find
    it here, you don’t need it. (upbeat instrumental music) Cocoa Beach is the surfing
    capital of the world and I’m going to give it a try. (upbeat instrumental music) Historic Cocoa Village was
    first settled mid 1800s by fisherman, and it’s
    one of the Space Coast’s most popular destination. For those who are looking
    for unique shopping and dining experience. (upbeat instrumental music) Kennedy Space Center, where rockets launch and imagination begins. This is the birthplace
    of American space flight. – [Announcer] Attention,
    all engines running. Launch commence, launch
    commence, lift off. (announcer cheering) Right on. (upbeat instrumental music)

    Florida Travel: Welcome to Daytona Beach
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    Florida Travel: Welcome to Daytona Beach

    November 18, 2019

    (waves whooshing) – For me the beach at
    Daytona is so relaxing, almost healing. It’s got the softest white sands, it’s got the prefect sized
    waves, not to big, not to little you get to hear the sound
    of the ocean, feel it. You can either body surf, wind surf. We can do it all right here in Daytona. (yelling) Everyday either before work or after work I try to get down to the ocean because when I’m down here
    it just rejuvenates me. I get my energy back, the sky
    is blue, the air is fresh, the people are friendly and
    everyone just says hello and is enjoying the sand
    and the surf just like I am. (waves whooshing)

    5 Mysterious Cruise Ship Disappearances
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    5 Mysterious Cruise Ship Disappearances

    November 18, 2019

    Cruise ship disappearances 1. james christopher scavone In the early morning hours of July 5, 1999,
    in international waters between Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico, 22-year-old James
    Scavone vanished from Carnival Cruise Lines Destiny ship. James was on the cruise ship with his best
    friend, Jeff, and 12 members of Jeffs family for a seven-day trip to the Caribbean. At around midnight, James and his friends
    had been at the ships disco enjoying a few drinks. At about 12.30am, James told the boys he was
    going to the men’s room. James was never seen again. When his friends returned to the cabin at
    3:00 a.m., they assumed James had met someone and would return in the morning. By 10:00 a.m., James still had not returned
    so the friends went to the ships authorities to have him paged. James never answered. By 10:00 p.m. and after a thorough cabin-to-cabin
    search by crew members, James was still missing. A few weeks later, James mother asked for
    the itemized bill from James sail card. Her son had not gone anywhere or purchased
    anything after he left the disco, and he never reentered his cabin. In 2006, after viewing James case on the television
    show, Primetime, a woman recognized James as the person who went missing from the Destiny
    cruise ship that she was also on July 5, 1999. The woman told James family that on the morning
    of July 5, 1999, her cabin phone rang and she heard a young man on the other end say,
    “Help me, I can’t get out of here. Then she heard a scream, what sounded like
    furniture being thrown around the room, and some scuffling. The phone went dead thereafter. The woman was interviewed by the ship authorities
    and the FBI. She said that later in the week she asked
    about James, and the ship told her that he had been engaged prior the trip, his fiancee
    had broken up with him, so he probably committed suicide. According to the woman, this is a complete
    lie. She contacted Carnival Cruise’s corporate
    offices after the trip, in the hopes of being able to contact James family. Carnival Cruise told her they had no record
    of anyone disappearing from the “Destiny” on July 5, 1999. James remains missing to this day and foul
    play is not suspected in his disappearance. There have been no recent updates on his case. 2.Merrian carver
    Merrian Lynn Carver, 40, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, was a former investment banker who loved to
    write poetry. She was sailing aboard Celebrity Cruises’
    Mercury when she disappeared on August 28, 2004. She had a 13-year-old daughter who was staying
    with her ex-husband in England. She took CDs of her poems with her, but no
    computer, they were left in her handbag, in her room. She didn’t tell the 13 year old non-custodial
    daughter she spoke with on the phone daily, that she was taking a cruise, nor did she
    tell her parents. Her parents found out she was missing when
    they were called by their grand-daughter, after her calls to her mother had gone unanswered. Her parents tried to reach her for several
    days without success, and then filed a missing persons report. A police investigation five weeks later determined
    she had taken a cruise, and then went missing. She purchased round trip air fare with her
    cruise, which is frequently cheaper than one way which suggests that she wasn’t planning
    on commiting suicide. On night two of the cruise, she was suddenly
    missing. She never slept in the bed from night two
    on. Her cabin steward, Domingo Monteiro reported
    her not using her cabin, numerous times, and was told to shut up and mind his business
    when he reported her missing to his superior, and he was told to keep putting fresh chocolates
    on her pillow. The report was never taken any higher in the
    chain of command. Her belongings had remained in her cabin when
    everybody else got off the ship. Her cabin steward told his superior this. He asked his boss, should we report this? The boss says, ” No. I’ll take care of it. Just put all of her belongings in a bag. Put them in my locker and I’ll take care of
    it.'” Her handbag had her wallet with her name,
    Social Security number and everything. They just put it in storage, did nothing. No missing persons report was filed with the
    police by the cruise line, nor did they attempt to reunite the handbag with money and identification
    with the owner. At some point during the five weeks, the cruise
    ship decided to give away her belongings that had been in storage, to charity. After the Carvers started complaining, Royal
    Caribbean had held an internal hearing and fired Monteiro’s boss. But for the three months that the Carvers
    had been asking questions, the cruise line had never shared that information with them. After her father, Kendall Carver began his
    own investigation, hiring one of the word’s largest private-detective agencies and was
    being serviced by Tim Schmolder private detective from San Francisco, who was on the case, Domingo’s
    superior was terminated, memos went out to 14 other employees onboard, wanting to know
    if Domingo had talked to anyone about this event. Kendall Carver said that Royal Caribbean’s
    own documents offer evidence of cover-up. One memo shows that months earlier, company
    officials knew Monteiro had reported suspicious circumstances to his supervisor. The carver’s demanded Royal Caribbean produce
    a list of other passengers from the Boston area, where their daughter had lived, in case
    there was a friend or someone who might know about Merrian. Kendall Carver said that the subpoenas produced
    a list of the ship’s 2,000 passengers, with no contact information. Merrian ordered two sandwiches through room
    service on night two, and was never seen after that. On night two she (or somebody) left the entire
    trip tip for the room steward, $108, instead of leaving the tip on the last day of the
    cruise as is common, on a table with his name card on top of it. She never used the return portion of the airline
    ticket. Her father has spent more than $75,000 to
    date to get answers to the question, “what happened to my daughter?” He has also founded the International Cruise
    Victim not-for-profit organization. Royal Caribbean’s lawyer Jeffrey Maltzman
    denied any kind of cover up and later said in a press release that she appeared to have
    committed suicide on the ship. Her family denies she committed suicide and
    believes their handling of the cases will prevent them from ever knowing what happened. 3.Tammy grogan
    In 2006, Tammy Grogan was onboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Imagination when she vanished
    somewhere between Mexico and Miami, into the waters of the Gulf. Traveling with her were her mother Bonnie,
    her 14-year-old son Jimmy, and an aunt Deb. The trip’s final stop before heading home
    was in Mexico, and family reported seeing Tammy on the ship after that time, at about
    1:30 a.m. The next day, Tammy was nowhere to be seen. At first, her family thought she was entertaining
    herself somewhere, but when the ship finally docked in Florida and she still hadn’t appeared,
    they became concerned. By the time they told the ship of her disappearance,
    a full 32 hours had passed. The information desk put out a page, but no
    one responded. Sadly, the Imagination had traveled more than
    400 miles since Tammy was last seen. That meant it was too late to send out a search
    party. Instead, the Coast Guard contacted the Mexican
    authorities who sent a message to vessels in the area. But Tammy was never found. Reports in the days after her disappearance
    stated foul play was not suspected. But here’s where it gets weird. About 18 months later, Bonnie gave an interview
    to local news claiming that the trip had been an elaborate ruse to dispose of Tammy. She accused Craig Morgan, the man who had
    purchased the cruise tickets for the family, of planning her death so that he might have
    unfettered access to Jimmy, the 14-year-old son. Morgan had reportedly showered the boy with
    gifts and attention, taking him on limo rides and lavishing him with jewelry – including
    no less than 23 watches. However, these lavish displays of affection
    were unsettling for Tammy. Tammy reportedly became uncomfortable enough
    with this that she eventually told her son he could no longer spend time with Morgan. Shortly thereafter, Morgan purchased the cruise
    tickets for Aunt Deb (who had once been his baby-sitter) as a reward for losing 100 pounds,
    and told her to invite Bonnie, Tammy, and Jimmy along. Once onboard the Imagination, Bonnie and Tammy
    realized that Morgan’s sister and her ex-boyfriend were also on the ship, and indeed were rooming
    right near them. On the night Tammy disappeared, Bonnie claims
    that, she had been in Tammy’s cabin. She claims she did not drink any alcohol,
    but when she drank a glass of water given to her by Jimmy, she blacked out. Bonnie alleges that she was secretly given
    Rohypnol, a powerful sedative said to be ten times stronger than valium. In 2010, WTOL News reported that forensic
    experts did find evidence of Rohypnol in Bonnie’s drink, but that claim has not been corroborated
    by other outlets. A more widely reported claim is that Morgan
    did some research on Rohypnol, evidenced by a handwritten note found by investigators. Morgan’s reasoning was that his sister Rebecca
    was having problems sleeping and he was trying to help her. Finally, when the family returned home four
    days later, without Tammy, they found that her apartment had been broken into and her
    computer hard drive and jewelry Morgan had given her was missing. Meanwhile, jimmy himself went missing in 2009. After living with his paternal grandfather
    for more than two years, he graduated from high school and fulfilled his life-long dream
    of enlisting in the military. But on September 29, he went AWOL from Fort
    Benning in Georgia and never finished his basic training. He is no longer in touch with Bonnie, or the
    grandfather. Bonnie believes he was involved. smith
    In 2005, George Smith and Jennifer Hagel were enjoying a wedding cruise in the Mediterranean. But on July 5 something went terribly wrong. George smith mysteriously disappeared never
    to be seen again. According to some of the 2,300 passengers
    onboard the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas, the honeymooning Smiths were heavy
    partiers who had drank and gambled well into the night and early morning on the day Smith
    disappeared. A police officer and his wife were in the
    cabin next door to the Smith’s and reported that noisy parties were the rule in the Smith’s
    cabin, usually into the wee hours of the morning. The officer was awakened at about 4:00 a.m.
    on July 5 by loud noises from the cabin next door; another party in the Smith’s room. This time, though, the officer and his wife
    heard yelling and arguing, the sound of heavy items being moved around the cabin next door,
    and then more noise from the balcony area next door to them. All of this was followed by a final loud noise,
    with other passengers reporting a scream, and then, for the first time in 30 minutes,
    nothing but silence from the Smith’s cabin. The daylight of July 5 found George Smith
    missing from his cabin with blood on the cabin floor, the bed, on the rail on the balcony,
    and a bloody handprint on the lifeboat just below the balcony of Smith’s room. Smith was nowhere to be found, and a missing
    person’s investigation took place. Jennifer was under suspicion for the disappearance
    of her husband, though she claimed to have no memory of the night before. She was found at 4:30 in the morning passed
    out in the hallway, a blackout that could explain her memory loss. George’s parents brought in Ivey Barnum
    & O’Mara, LLC’s Michael Jones to help them investigate the case and to see if he
    could provide more answers. He immediately got to work perusing the ship
    documents and interviewing the 4 men last seen with George. Two of them plead the 5th, one had a foggy
    memory of the events, and the last was serving prison time in Florida for trafficking. The man in prison, Greg Rozenberg, was the
    most forthcoming out of any of the suspects. All of the men claimed to have ordered room
    service at the time of George’s disappearance, but the timeline of the events is still suspicious. They were the ones who supposedly put him
    to bed before going back to one of their rooms and ordering room service. However, the ship made no record of a large
    room service order by the 4 suspects. 48 Hours reported later that Michael Jones,
    said a video involving three of the four men, could be key in cracking the case. “They pass a video camera around filming themselves
    commenting about George’s death in a very callous way,” Jones told 48 Hours. “But the really incriminating statement is
    one of them stands up at the end of the tape and sort of hunches his shoulders and flashes
    gang signs and says, ‘Told ya I was gangsta’ and in the context of the discussion about
    George’s death, almost as if he’s bragging about having done something to George.” None of the men in the video have been charged
    and all say they had nothing to do with George Smith’s death. This video was in the possession of the cruise
    line by the end of the cruise and, later, in the possession of the FBI which did not
    disclose it to any of the family members. It eventually became known to the Smith family
    only around 7 years after the incident. In 2015 FbI closed its investigation coming
    to the conclusion that there was insufficient evidence of murder. george’s parents still have no idea what happened
    to their son. 5.Annette Mizener
    Annette Mizener, 37, from Waukesha, Wisconsin, was traveling with her parents Wally and Heidi
    Knerler and teenage daughter Danielle aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Pride. She was in cabin #6169. She was part of a group of 200 passengers
    from the Las Vegas Hilton. On the last night of a West Coast cruise from
    Los Angeles, while off the coast of Mexico, Annette had left to go play bingo. She had won at bingo twice already on the
    cruise, and was supposed to meet her parents for the 10pm bingo. In fact, she said she wanted to arrive early
    to get a good seat. When she didn’t show up, her parents became
    concerned and her father began to look for her. He searched for her in the casino. A witness said she was in the casino at 9:30pm. As he continued to search he heard her name
    paged, and became very worried. The crew had found her handbag on deck, and
    had paged her to give it back. That page was around 10:10pm Her small black,
    beaded evening bag along with an overturned drink glass, and scattered papers was found
    alongside a railing on a lower deck of the cruise ship. A security camera was tampered with, actually
    covered with paper near that location. Yet, no cruise ship crew or security noticed
    the covered camera, or the image not on the monitor in security. Beads from her purse were found on deck, appearing
    to have been ripped from the purse in a struggle. That was the single most important clue to
    her parents, that a struggle had taken place. Spots of blood were found on the deck near
    the purse. Her daughter states there was a man harassing
    her mother aboard ship. Security had been notified of this many times,
    and refused to assist. The cruise lines says the ship’s crew launched
    a room-by-room search of the Pride after Mizener’s daughter Danielle and other passengers noticed
    she was missing. That search took three hours and during that
    time, the ship continued on their course. Then, they called the U.S. Coast Guard which
    told the ship to turn around and search the waters. The ship was turned around around 2:00am. The U.S. Coast Guard joined in the search
    with aircraft and a Navy ship, and searched the waters for 16 hours, searching 833 square
    miles, before the search was called off. At the time of her disappearance, Mizener
    and her husband had recently adopted two other children, and had launched a new business
    together selling dietary supplements. The business was a dream come true, and she
    was very excited about it and having the adopted children. She also had a pending case as plaintiff for
    child support for children of a past marriage, indicating she had plans to continue her life. Peter Knerler, Annette’s brother said she
    was in good spirits, and there is no way she committed suicide. Early on John Mizener claimed the FBI suspected
    foul play. Inconsistency’s in a crew responses to questioning
    of the disappearance, John Mizener, her husband, complained of communication failure between
    Carnival and the FBI. The agency told the family several months
    after she vanished, that there’s evidence in a crime lab preventing the probe’s completion. There was one unidentified suspect who was
    the first person that found annette’s purse and coincidentally at the very same time 2
    guards arrived and collected the handbag. He is known to have made atleast 6 trips back
    and forth to the scene of the crime. But he was eventually ruled out as a suspect
    after fingerprint and DNA test results turned out negative. Finally a judge declared Mizener offi cially
    dead, but the family – who rule out suicide and suspect foul play – still have no answers.

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    November 17, 2019

    hello πŸ™‚ we are back here at White Beach in Moalboal we want to keep you up to date now normally you are accustomed to see us doing a lot of different things… that’s different this time in the Philippines yes we’re travelling it a bit more relaxed here yes it’s actually because after travelling 14 months around and always doing a lot of things we just want to have a holiday now just enjoying the beach nevertheless we explore a little but not that much we’ll gonna be here alltogether… roughly 3-4 weeks yes roughly.. around that.. after this we’ll go further to Thailand and there we’ll have a surprise for you yes.. we’re looking forward oh yeah πŸ˜‰ yes.. in the philippines.. let’s walk a bit more πŸ™‚ it’s a bit more difficult to travel around there’s a lot to see but you always have to to go to another island you have to fly or go by ferry if there is a ferry at all and because we actually like Moalboal pretty much.. we said we just stay here πŸ™‚ yep πŸ˜‰ did you find someone? hi, I didn’t find somebody we want to give the keys back but I probably just put them somewhere here we go further now πŸ™‚ yeahh! where are we gonna go?? we don’t reveal it yet πŸ™‚ but here’s something we want to recommend accomodation Vivian’s Nipa Hut if you travel on a low budget for a long time like us, here you can save a lot of money and it’s very close to the beach pretty good of course not the most comfortable room but really ok actually yes it’s great have a look at our website we’re gonna do a lot of reports and we put our accomodations in if you are interested, we travel on a budget if you have the same interest have a look it will be there, we’re just a bit behind it’s a lot to of work πŸ™‚ see you later we hope you enjoyed the video today if yes please give us your thumb up it means more then you think for us our worldtravels go further we’re glad to have you with us if you don’t want to miss a episode in the future just subscribe to our youtube channel for free Do something good for yourselves, you deserve it to be happy thanks for watching see you next time