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    SailAway | Official Trailer | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog
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    SailAway | Official Trailer | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

    September 22, 2019

    What are we gonna say? Everything Hey, hi Hello, hi I’m Eric. I’m Loren. This is Rivers Danger, and this is Zeke say hi Zeke And this is Sailing SV Layla This is our home at the Charleston City, Marina Loren and I are both Midwestern sailors and we met racing sailboats in Ohio and It wasn’t long before we decided we needed to be someplace with year-round sailing So we came to Charleston, South Carolina to do that So now we have a bigger boat We embraced the cruising lifestyle and realized that we want to see a whole lot more of the world Be there for at least year spent a year exploring Bahamas Keys us of course Probably do a little bit of more intercostal waterway sailing st. Augustine etc You’ll have to tune in to find out Within a year of that we plan to be in the Caribbean most likely in Puerto Rico Our plan originally was to move straight to the Caribbean, but then Maria We would love for you to join us and watch our videos as we show you all the ins and outs of sailing with a baby and a dog and cruising to new and interesting places on our way to the Caribbean And like it and subscribe like and subscribe Cheers where’s the baby cheers Cheers Where’s your drink You can’t no eww no no no no. Yeah, yeah Cheers Cheers Sorry We are the crew of sailing… Right now, but we are In the coming months moving our way gradually south we have to keep cheersing the baby to keep him focused Look at the camera sorry continue we were You wanted me to talk more….yeah but you skip the part about how we’ve bought the boat and sailed it 600 miles…they already saw that No-no-no that’s where we sit man I would but I’m running the camera Made some modifications to the boat to contain him and keep him entertained and so far they’ve worked pretty good Til now To motor boaters just Cruised up and asked if we had a bottles of water. They could have which It’s pretty sad because we would normally be more than happy to give them any water we have but all we have is beer And we are the crew of Sailing SV Layla And cut Please take a moment to like and subscribe and Be sure to follow us on social media Thanks for watching Cheers

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    September 20, 2019

    Catamaran JOY Entrando na Agua A Aventura comeca hoje ! Vamos na primeira fase de nossa viagem de LES SABLES para Barcelona, parando na Espanha, Portugal e ilhas Baleares ! Nos acompanhe assinando nosso canal e clicando o sininho no youtube Saindo de Miami alugamos um carro em Paris para seguir para les sables para conhecer nosso novo barco achamos a JOY momentos que ela vai para a agua pela primeira vez Saindo pelo canal de Les Sables, o mesmo que saem os barcos do Vandee Globe. Muita emocao e nervosismo ao mesmo tempo para falar a verdade um pouco perdido aqui assim comeca nossa aventura. Cruzando a baia de biscaya rumo a Espanha Lua cheia nos acompanha otimas condicoes para ajudar o marinheiro de primeira viagem esses eletronicos deram trabalho para aprender usar. Parabens Howlie! Agora vai ter que me ensinar a limpar esse monstro ! obrigado a todos que nos ajudaram a realizar esse sonho. Sem voces seria dificil.

    SailAway 72 | Making a Liveaboard Sailboat Liveable – The Projects Begin | Sailing Around The World
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    SailAway 72 | Making a Liveaboard Sailboat Liveable – The Projects Begin | Sailing Around The World

    September 14, 2019

    this week on sale away the projects
    begin just got installed one mass trader to shower some boxes and hopefully we
    will once again be waste management sound again we experienced the blessing
    of the fleet in historic downtown Brunswick and our first big expense
    arrives do you wanna say I wanna do you wanna say with me last week we made landfall after
    our first big transit on our new sailboats after a brief rest it was time
    to get down to business and the business was dirty business today we’ve got a
    couple of kind of gross disgusting boat projects to take care of kinda I hope to
    get them done before we left water Dale but everything was just so crazy and
    they were kind of non-critical so first one is bad macerator pump for the
    forward head and I see holy when I already pulled it out
    it was just leaking all over the place down there you know what it was leaking
    well cycling links and also wasn’t palpable and the previous owner had
    proceeded to fill that head beyond capacity so it was overflowing out the
    vents and it was also squeezing GU out of the master inner pumping in the bilge
    so I went ahead and bought a new macerator pump and that’s about to go in
    right there the white hose is the outflow from the tank
    Darko’s there’s one is overboard then to electrical connections the pump itself
    match threat to the whole so pretty easy all in all then right next to it is the
    next job that is the shower sump it’s just gross it’s just clogged up with all
    manner of disgusting human stuff pear and you know it’s not running either I
    think it’s probably just cause it’s so clogged up with everything I basically
    what that does is when you take a shower up here before the water runs out of the
    shower into the pump it’s got a little float switch and a pump in there and so
    it kicks that pump on it’s got a little screen and supposed to keep out hair and
    all that a couple hoses to disconnect for that one electrical connections and
    again it’s just automatic so there’s another one down in this
    just before the aft head is also not working so just got to install one
    master ater to shower some foxes and hopefully once again the waste
    management sound success there’s the both new items
    installed macerate around somewhat bug for you because there’s nothing to run
    in it but it works and then that’s the brand new shower some sea water flown in
    nothing gets to a certain height takes in the flow switch that’s it success to item down one to go stop pump number two jump up in a box
    basically oh this one’s way down in there pokey conduction big fan that was a
    bitch that just didn’t want I didn’t want to fit right she’s different make
    different shape it was in there but I was able to get rid of some weird pinkie
    extensions I put on the outflow hose I just plug it straight in which is good
    that works the key that’s what we used see flying showers on the boat now
    yeah we’ll let y’all know how this hold up so cheap play Tetris to get all this back in the
    dirty work taken care of we decided we deserved a little fun and it just so
    happened that the blessing of the fleet was taking place in downtown Brunswick
    the tradition was originally started by the Catholic Portuguese fishing
    community as a way to ask for God’s favor for a bountiful harvest in the
    upcoming season it involves boats lining up in a parade
    to go by a priest who then gives a blessing and flings holy water on the
    boats and while it’s mostly commercial boats
    dressed up nicely for the crowds literally any boat is welcome we
    certainly wouldn’t turn down the blessing but we weren’t quite ready to
    get out of the slip later really does Dana Gators on taters and just like that it was back to the
    boat list there we yeah good job trying to get this to line up I don’t
    know how I got the way it is but with the rudder in line the the wheel is like
    really cockeyed so you can’t fold it up that way ah so I’m trying to get it as
    close to center as possible so that you can sit in the dock and the rudders not
    like ah be careful dude it doesn’t want to get back together this rivers rivers
    I would like it if you didn’t jump around like that okay I’m gonna go back
    to pull out so that I don’t see huh okay we’ve got our first big delivery down at
    the marina office and we’re gonna have a bunch of stuff coming in we were finally
    kind of getting settled in here on the boat about some general stuff sitting
    around that we’ve been using daily but kind of gotten dug out down here for the
    most part and this right here is my recording setup just temporarily while I
    catch up on some work and then once I have a little break in that then I
    convert this back here into my studio but things are looking pretty good we’re
    gonna get rid of that big honking ice machine it’s kind of ridiculous and uh
    we are gonna get a smaller one because we like ice so we get that ordered we
    have brand new a/c unit for the foreword there’s two units on the boat one is in
    the main cabin was aft and so the one of the main cabin has gone bad and we had
    it serviced when we were in Fort Lauderdale two days after we got here it
    was blowing hot again so I ordered a whole new unit and we’ll see
    how that goes now we’ve ordered the icemaker I just
    ordered an arch to the stern from Atlantic Towers and I assume that will
    be here in a couple days so let’s go see what our first big
    surprise is Thank You Zeke is uh kind of digging this boat line every time we
    leave to go do anything he’s getting to walk hopefully whatever it is fitting
    our top card all right item number one hopefully car handling
    so far so good well that came insanely fast stored that thing maybe three days
    ago came so fast I don’t have time to put it in I’ve got
    two books to get done before Monday and so I pretty much have to do that nothing
    else from the next few days but then I got a week off to do boat jobs there’s
    gonna be a lot of Aqua air 16,000 BTU I think they called micro something
    they’re out of Florida this one of smaller companies not one of the big
    ones like Dometic or marine air they basically blew this packing foam in to
    fit the actual unit and then these pieces were all like molded in all
    around the sides it’s pretty cool I’ve never really seen anything packed like
    that before you know I gotta say my initial impression is a positive one
    thumbs up for how they shipped it at least these things are supposed to be
    more efficient and a lighter than similar units and quieter and I’m pretty
    sure our thickest our marine air pretty sure it’s the original unit and it’s
    kind of loud and it’s definitely bigger than that so I’m not gonna jump into it
    just yet but I’m gonna show you that packing job pretty cool next week on
    sail away not yet I install our new a/c unit and
    we join a bunch of new friends for the full moon dinghy drift thanks as always
    for watching please subscribe ring the bell for notifications of new videos
    every Friday and give us a like until next week Cheers in you wonder how we made it this far

    Liveaboard SailBoat Life: My First Time Hauling Out
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    Liveaboard SailBoat Life: My First Time Hauling Out

    September 12, 2019

    Three novice sailors set out to Spain
    with the vague idea of sailing the Mediterranean. Five days after arrival we
    sailed 111 miles to Mallorca. We had an arduous time getting to Ibiza as well as
    back to mainland Spain. After a quick road trip around Spain we’re back on the
    boat and preparing for our next 100 nautical mile sail. This here is called a wind vain. It’s a
    type of auto helm. When we got the boat this was broken. We just med moored here in this marina and we had one of our lines accidentally
    going on it so pulled it even more so it’s pretty completely broken so I’m
    gonna take it off. That’s what a broken wind vain looks like. We found an open slip and began our Mediterranean moor which you can see by the exhaust that we
    are very new and the Med moor is difficult. This is my fourth ever successful Med moor. Nice job. Jackson. Dylan has been busy
    cleaning out the drains in the head using a chemical to do so. That’s so
    bright. Which like burns through whatever’s clogging it and we were
    having a bit of draining issues here so I figured agh if we have leftover stuff
    maybe we should put it in the sink. So Dylan put it in the sink. It burnt right
    through all the pipes in the sink. Oh my goodness. Whoa. What is this stuff that
    we’re working with here? Not good. No. This is sanitary hose that we’re gonna use
    underneath the kitchen because it’s all they had. That amount of hose was like 20 bucks. Tara and Jackson put on a coat of varnish and we went to bed eager for our
    sail in the morrow. It rained dirt last night. All of this came out of the
    sky. Yeah and we just varnished everything so. Cast off port side, cast off the bow. Cast off the starboard and unfurl the
    head sail and sail outta here. Go ahead and cast it off Jackson. Tara, I’m going to start unfurling the head sail so give me some slack. Jackson, what’s that caught up on? That main, that jib, that sheet. Yep, it’s all off. Okay, cool. The wind just died. It’ll be a lot easier to cast the stern off first. Okay. We’re gonna come around this. We’re gonna furl in the head sail and then jibe. So let’s prepare to jibe. All right so good ahead and let’s raise the main sail. So Tara, ease the sheet. We’re sailing to San Carlos de la Rapita where we will be moor anchoring
    for a few days and then hauling out the boat and cleaning it and working all.
    We’re going to miss you Javea. You were wonderful. So what happened and what did you just do? The head broke so this is a bucket of s*$%. I grabbed this big aluminum pole, known as a whisker pole in sailing lingo, and pulled out the
    Genoa as we settled into a run at the heading of 31 degrees, which we stayed at for pretty much the rest of our 25 hour sail. So we’re gonna read the Genoa. What that
    means is we’re going to make the sail smaller and the reason for that is so
    that there’s not as much stress on that sail and then because it’s starting to
    get relatively windy. I mean we’re probably sitting at fifteen knots of wind. Maybe a little bit more. Genoa it’s like super light so
    we’ve been cruising at like seven knots so we probably want to bring that down
    to about six knots. In Sant Carles de la Rapita we finally lined up a boat survey
    after over 400 miles on the water. Slightly leaking. Yeah. So you’re looking for movement of the
    rudder on the stock also any structural movement and we’re not seeing any. Good news. And then we hammer sound it to look for delamination. We promptly cleared the deck and began
    our boat work. These are blisters. This is like a tool.
    It feels like you’re cleaning up a wound to be, preparing it to be dressed. I would like to. No se exactamente, pero quiero. One to one ay? I filled all the
    blister pits and holes with two-part watertight epoxy. There were two spots of delamination on the deck. We drilled holes and filled the fiberglass with epoxy. That’s a mighty big box you got there. Dometic, coming in clutch. For the win. Mobile living made easy. We got another one, Tara. That many holes. Okay, I’m going to need your help now. Ohhhh you are, I hope you fly. Oh you fly for sure! Nice. How’s it going? Good to see ya. That looks great. What are you up to? Taking apart the head. So this is a sanitary hose that s*$% goes through and over time it calcifies, gets calcium deposits,
    and so if you look in here you can see that the diameter is like half maybe a
    quarter of what it used to be. All that gray build-up there. That’s calcium. Back in the water it was the first time
    to try out our new dinghy davits. It was un-gusseted. Not quite loose. First time using the dinghy davits. I’m drifting away! Jackson! I got you buddy! As you can see I have never done this
    before. We set off on our next 170 nautical mile
    sail to Cadaques, Spain. Expecting to have to motor the latter half of the trip, we settled into our journey. Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you
    enjoyed the video. If you really love what we produce consider supporting us
    on Patreon. I really appreciate all of you Patrons. Thank you so much. Big Love. Have a great week.

    Unique GARLIC FRIED FISH + The Sweetest Melons In The World – Uzbekistan Food Tour!
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    Unique GARLIC FRIED FISH + The Sweetest Melons In The World – Uzbekistan Food Tour!

    September 8, 2019

    – Good morning, I hope
    you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in
    Tashkent and this is day three of our ultimate food
    tour across Uzbekistan. Today we are driving from
    Tashkent to Samarkand. Samarkand is one of the most historical, oldest inhabited cities in Central Asia. It was an important
    stop along the Silk Road and so we’re gonna drive there today. We’re gonna stop to eat some
    amazing food along the way and we’re on our way now, we’re leaving. (upbeat guitar music) Let’s go, let’s go, go, go. (baby babbles) Let’s go, Micah. Let’s go, Micah, come on. (speaks foreign language)
    – [Woman] Yeah. – [Mark] Good morning, how are you? – How are you, Mark, nice.
    – Good, how are you? Good morning, hello.
    – Hello, how are you? – We’ve got about an hour
    drive to the first stop, the first food stop,
    we’re gonna eat some fish. Okay, that was about an hour drive. We’ve arrived to, oh, we’re still along the side of the highway, but there are some, I guess
    these are fish restaurants. Just, yeah, really cool looking spots. They’re pretty good-sized
    fish, river fish. I think they’re carp, a type of carp. I can’t wait to eat fish,
    Uzbek fish, for the first time. (speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) (knife chopping) She took the fish, she just
    machete chopped it into chunks and now I think they’re gonna fry it. (fire crackling) (laughs) Yes. (speaking in foreign language) (oil sizzling) They really bumped up the fire, stoked it with wood and
    then heated up the oil and then she tossed in
    the fish into that oil. It’s sizzling away, oh, that smells great. (speaking in foreign language) That’s this restaurant? – Yeah, it’s this place.
    – Chinoz Ri-ber-ja-ka, okay. – Chinoz Ri-ber-ja-ka. – So this place is called
    Chinoz Ri-ber-ja-ka. – Ri-ber-ja-ka. – Ri-ber-ja-ka.
    – Yes. (oil sizzling) – [Mark] Whoa, what. (speaking in foreign language)
    (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) That was incredible, okay,
    the fish right out the oil, sizzling still, like, on fire. She put it onto a plate,
    just drained that oil, and then she has this garlic lemon mixture that she just sprinkled, she
    anointed on top of the fish, and you could just hear the fish hissing, you could smell the garlic. Then she drained off the water, so then it just coated on the garlic. And then she sprinkled on, I
    think it’s dill and cilantro. The fish is just blooming,
    it’s really blooming. You can really smell the aroma of the dill because the dill has, well, garlic also, but the dill has just seared kinda because of the hot fish. She put it right onto the hot fish. And it’s just a mountain of fish. There’s salad, there’s tomato sauce. We are all sitting down. We have a small group here, all of us that are going to Samarkand. Hannah. – Hello. (giggles) (speaking in foreign language)
    (dish clatters) – [Woman] Oh! – Oh, it is juicy, look at that. Oh, wow. So far since being in Uzbekistan, we’ve eaten a lot of
    lamb and a lot of meat, but this is the first time to eat fish. Oh. Oh, wow. Oh, that’s incredible. It’s so, it’s juicy. It’s, like, and very soft, but then you’ve got that crunchy skin, you’ve got the essence of the garlic which she just sprinkled all over it. And what you can also do is
    dip it into the tomato sauce. This is like a light, just
    almost like a tomato soup. I’ll just dip the whole thing in there, and I think it is tastier to
    just grab it with your fingers and just bite it, bite into it. (slurps) Mm, mm, mm, the tomato
    sauce is just like a, it’s very light, it tastes
    like a tomato puree, but that’s been kinda watered down. It’s just refreshing, slightly tart. I’m gonna go ahead and just pour on some of this tomato sauce a little bit. (lively guitar music) (slurps) That move where she sprinkled
    on the garlic water, that is a move. So you just taste the
    essence of the garlic, but it’s not that, it’s
    not a pungent garlic, but it’s just mellowy there. And you can also pick up the tomato sauce and just drink it. Oh, yeah, I got a whole
    strand of dill in that. It has that kind of
    Clamato or V8 taste to it, like a vegetable juice. One more piece of fish here and you can just see
    how the dill and garlic is just caked on. You do have to be kind of
    careful of the bones though. Their recipe with the garlic is superb. (speaking in foreign language) Very good, very good. It was amazing.
    (speaking in foreign language) It was amazing, thank you.
    (women laughing) (speaking in foreign language) And the aunties, they’re so friendly. They really took care of
    us, they’re so friendly. People from all over Uzbekistan, they stop here for the fish, right? And it is well worth it. (laughing)
    Say that again? – Let’s go, Mark.
    – Next station? – Next station, king-sized samosa. – Yeah.
    – Okay, you ready? (upbeat music) – Another stop along
    the side of the highway, and as I was noticing as
    we were driving along, you can see just cartfuls of melons, and Uzbekistan is known for their melons. They produce a lot of melons, a variety of different melons. I just stepped out of the van and as soon as you got out
    of the van, I can just, this aroma of sweet
    honeydew, melony goodness, it’s overwhelmed my nose right now. We’re about to eat some melon. Wow. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, wow. Ying. – It’s very good, yeah. – This one is, like… – Like a honey? – Yeah, it’s like honeydew. It’s really crisp, but
    then unbelievably juicy. (melon crunching) There’s just honey dripping
    down my cheeks, mm. It’s so good, it’s really, really good. Just check out this car
    just loaded to the max. Melons in the trunk. Man, if you stick your head in the car, just the melon, it’s
    pure melon in the car. That’s beautiful, it’s
    so loaded with melons. I love these old cars. Oh, and they said they’re
    loading some melons over here that we should check out, or unloading. (speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) (men chattering in foreign language) Oh, this one? (speaking
    in foreign language) It looks similar, but
    I think it’s different. (slurps) Mm, mm, oh, unbelievable again. This one is more, it’s not
    as crisp as the other one, but just as juicy. – This one is better? – They’re both incredibly good. – Oh, which one you want to buy, Ying? Which one do you want? This one or the–
    – What’s the yellow one? (speaking in foreign language) Mm. Oh, man. Oh, that one–
    – Mark. – Yo. – Test it. – What’s that?
    – It’s a dry melon. – Dried melon?
    – Yes. – Wow, okay.
    – So beautiful. – Thank you. (chuckles) Dried melon. Mm, oh, that tastes
    like caramelized melon. Oh, wow, like melon jerky,
    sun-dried, caramelization to it. (upbeat music) This yellow one is crazy. (slurps) Mm, it’s unbelievable, it’s more like, more like cantaloupe in taste with kind of, I mean,
    that refreshing juiciness, but so silky, so… Juice is just dripping from my mouth. – [Man] This gentleman’s
    asking, is it a best melon you tried in your life? – It is the best, yes, the
    best melon I’ve had in my life. (speaking in foreign language). Mm, mm. (truck rumbling) Another melon shipment
    right from the field. And if you can see back here, those are melon fields right back there, so we’re right at the source. And from what Baktruzo’s telling me, these are the sweetest
    melons in the world. Uzbekistan, right here, and there’s no reason
    to doubt him whatsoever. They will blow your taste
    buds with sweetness. Oh, Micah loves to eat watermelon. (slurps) Mm, mm, oh, mm. Oh, the juiciness, it’s
    just ridiculously juicy. (slurps) Mm. (upbeat music) Micah, oh, yeah. (laughs) – Any good?
    – It’s the best watermelon I’ve ever had. – Mm. – Yeah?
    – Mm. – Amazing. That was, by far, the most
    rewarding melon experience I’ve ever had in my life. Man, those melons are great. If you’re ever traveling
    from Tashkent to Samarkand, stop by and eat some melons. They just fill your mouth with
    juice and joy, joyfulness. And they also say that
    the melons are so sweet because of the drastic change
    of temperature in one day, so in the night, it gets really cold, but then in the daytime, it’s
    still pretty hot and sunny, and so that drastic change of temperature is what makes the melon so sweet. (upbeat music) King-sized somsa? – [Ravshan] King-sized samosa. – I’ve just been dozing off
    the whole day in between meals, but we’ve arrived to the next spot. (speaking in foreign language) Especially for us, the uncle
    is gonna make some fresh ones, so he’s kneading the batter again. He’s using all his muscle
    power to knead that dough, and then they’re gonna fill it up for us and make some fresh ones. (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) When he said king-sized somsa,
    he was not joking around. So a whole handful of the meat and onions, he said it’s an entire half
    a kilo into the dumpling, wraps it up, gives it a little
    pat-down, smashes it down. That is a half a kilo somsa dumpling, and then it goes into the oven. It bakes and that’s
    what we’re about to eat. (tool scraping) (upbeat music) It’s half a kilo of meat on the inside, and I think there is definitely
    a technique to eating this. So you kind of break it
    open from the bottom side. Oh, yeah, oh, the meat and
    juices are just sprouting. Okay, and you add in some oil. It’s a special type. Do you know what type of oil it is? Is that the flaxseed oil? You need that fragrant oil. It’s just blooming with
    onions and it’s so juicy too. – One, two, three.
    – Alright. (slurps) Oh, it’s so juicy, it’s
    so oniony, thank you. You can taste how the onions
    just dissolve in your mouth. Then you’ve got the meat, the fat, mm, the bready wrapper, the
    cumin in there, wow. It’s just oozing with oily juices, and then you can pour in some
    of the tomato soup again, tomato sauce, oh, yeah. (slurps) I love the whole cumin seeds in there because every now and then, you crunch on a cumin
    seed and it just, like, that spice just hits you, it’s so good. So many onions in there. That’s what really makes
    it for me, is the onions. (upbeat music) This has to be the juiciest
    bun I’ve ever had in my life and all that oil, and all of
    the cumulation of the lamb fat, and the onion juice, and that
    oil that we added into it. It’s just a sloppy, dough-saturated, just juiciness of meat and onions. (slurps) You have to kinda inhale as you eat this. Oh, hi, Micah. You want another bite? (baby babbles)
    C’mon, Micah, have another bite. Yeah. Is this the next stop? – [Man] The next stop? (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Oh, okay, cool. Tea and apples? Yeah, sure. Oh, kurut. – You remember? – Yes. We are gonna make it to Samarkand today, but we had many stops,
    so we’re just stopping. Then she sells apples, kurut, which is the dried
    yogurt, and fresh honey. (apple crunching) The kurut balls, the dried yogurt, and this one is with chili in it. (man coughing) You okay, man? – Yeah, yeah, I’m good. – Salty, you can taste
    the chili undertone, and it’s kinda animaly. (upbeat techno music) Apple was good. And that salty cheese
    actually went really, really well together with the apple. We are on our way now to Samarkand. We’re almost there. Welcome to Samarkand, we finally made it. It took, we started at 9:00 this morning, we got here, it’s about 5:00 p.m. now, but we definitely did not drive. Well, we did drive direct, we just stopped at many
    places along the way, and it was well worth it. We’re gonna quickly just
    check into our hotel, then I know we have dinner planned, but we’re not gonna do
    any sightseeing today. Tomorrow is gonna be the
    full day of Samarkand. Hold on, let’s just
    take a seat in this big purple king-sized chair, oh. Quite the plush hotel. (baby babbles) Whoa, Micah. – [Ying] Whoa, Micah. – Look at that La-Z-Boy. (chuckles) (Ying laughs) Micah, let’s do a quick bed test. – Micah, go.
    – Oh, nice. – [Ying] Micah, go. – Come on, Micah. – Micah, go. Go.
    (Mark yells) (laughs) Why, you’re not supposed to be there. – Ah, the giant seat is
    actually quite comfortable. And it sort of wobbles. (upbeat techno music) Mm, oh, that peach is really good. In about an hour from now,
    we’re going to dinner. But for the time being, I’m
    sitting back in the La-Z-Boy. (loud pop music) We’re gonna have kebabs here
    and this a huge restaurant. Walk into the entranceway and it feels like you’re
    walking into a palace. Wow, this restaurant is buzzing tonight. I guess it is a Saturday
    night, but inside, the dance floor, there’s a dance floor, there’s loud, pumping
    music, the flashing lights, but we got a table on the
    outside in the courtyard area. It’s a little quieter. (speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) – So the standard of this bread is one (speaking in
    foreign language) grams. – [Mark] One kilo? – Yeah, one and 300. – It looks kinda like a giant bagel, and it is dense and heavy. – [Man] Is it all the green stuff? – Always delicious. – Eat some mastava. – [Mark] Oh, thank you. – Rice soup. – [Mark] That’s rice soup. – [Ravshan] Yes. – Next course is the soup and
    there’s some cream in there. You stir that cream in,
    there’s rice in here, there’s chickpeas, there’s bits of meat, and a little bit of vegetable, I think. Mm, mm, I think I can
    taste the dough in there and the cilantro, and then it has that
    richness from the cream. (singing in foreign language) It’s not even a plate. It’s a platter, it’s like
    a chopping board of meat. There’s kebabs, there’s
    chicken, there’s, I think, lamb chops, there’s
    vegetables mixed within. – [Man] Oh, let’s make it
    more beautiful so put it here. (diners laughing) – I think I’m gonna try
    some of that kebab first. Oh, man, that’s just a plump, a plump, oh, you can see the juices coming out. That is such a plump kebab. Oh, yeah. It’s so spongy and just,
    when you bite down, you feel the onions and
    then you feel the juicy fat just squeezing out of it. Oh, oh, eggplant is great. So creamy and feels like
    it’s dusted in chili powder. Okay, try this chicken. Mm, mm, oh, juicy chicken. Oh, oh, it just slid out of the fork. And then what do you do with the sauce? You just pour it on? – Yeah, pour on kebab.
    – Everywhere? – No, only on kebab.
    – Oh, only kebab, here? – Yes.
    – I’ll come back for another bite of the kebab
    with this sauce on next. Oh, it’s like the tomato sauce. And also some of the onions. (upbeat techno music) Another piece of the
    kebab now with the onions and the tomato sauce, thank you. Oh, mm, mm. It’s like a light tomato sauce that does complement the meat well. It’s a cultural Uzbek restaurant. People are, hello, how are you? – How are you?
    – What’s your name? – My name is Jasur. – Jasur, nice to meet you. Are you from Samarkand? – Yeah. – [Mark] Okay, good,
    good, did you have dinner? What did you eat? (speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language)
    – This Jasur, this Jasur. – It’s such an energetic atmosphere. People are dancing, having
    just incredible feasts with big, huge groups
    of families and friends. So we’re just gonna head
    back to hotel from here and then tomorrow, coming
    up on the next video, we’re gonna go on a full food and historical tour of Samarkand. It’s gonna be a fascinating
    day, so stay tuned. So thank you very much
    for watching this video. Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment below,
    I’d love to hear from you, and if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe now, also
    click that little bell icon so that you get notified of
    the next video that I publish. Thanks again for watching,
    good night from Samarkand. See you on the next video.

    SailAway 46 | Live-Aboard Sailboat Tour – Hunter Legend 35.5 | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog
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    SailAway 46 | Live-Aboard Sailboat Tour – Hunter Legend 35.5 | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

    September 8, 2019

    do you wanna sail away I wanna say where
    do you wanna sail with me hey y’all so today we beard we would do
    a just a little boat tour showed me the outside of the boat a lot because we
    have done a lot of upgrades Eric spent a lot of work on it what we haven’t
    shouldnt do the inside of the boat very much figure today I’ve got a little bit
    of downtime the child is with Nonna and Grandpa and Eric is out working so it’s
    just me on the boat and it’s pretty quiet my Noctis but I do have a list of
    things that Eric would like me to tell you about on the boat we’ll see if we
    get to all of them we have gotten a lot of questions about what kind of boats
    oil is and she is a hundred ninety five legend 35 five we believe she is the
    last one ever built we don’t know for sure we can’t get any information about
    it apparently all the records are destroyed but we know that she was built
    in December of 1995 and 1995 was the last
    year that they built them so there’s a very good chance that she is if not the
    last one pretty close she’s got an open transom and Stern
    seats which we’re only on the newer ones she’s got a gray marine a 95 touchscreen
    with a quantum Wi-Fi Raider radar not Rader excuse me and currently there’s
    just a wind generator for charging okay it’s really bright out here so I’m going
    to go down below oh that’s so much better and actually see all right so
    you’ve probably seen a lot of this and our videos but all votes are different
    so we figured if we would show you kind of the cool little things that are going
    on with Leila obviously she is 35 and a half feet and right now I am standing in
    our galley kitchen she does have nice big refrigerator we
    obviously are not stocked up since we just got back there’s lots of room for
    fun things have a stove I’m gonna here let me show you that I’m gonna two
    burner stove in an oven which is pretty regularly let me show you where the
    trash bin is in case you ever would entail it’s right here underneath the
    sink and all their cleaning stuff I don’t really have a designated pantry we
    just kind of use whatever space we got so in our floors here we have all of our canned goods all the way here – and all of our pots
    and pans located underneath the oven which is very convenient that’s like a li pretty much everything
    you’ve seen everything it works show you the baby’s room so this used to
    be where Eric and I slept because it’s like a queen-size birth I believe it was
    really nice now we have it as the baby’s room and then we just use the other half
    as storage all the baby’s toys we didn’t have the baby in the Bieber but he fell
    out of it one time so we moved him here where it’s only a foot drop instead of
    the three feet there’s his clothes storage and he’s got
    some nice cool fancy light better there we got some access hold on you can feed
    two hands so got Indian access on this side which if you saw that’s where we
    had to start the motor won’t yet jumpstart it we fix that problem thank
    goodness and then speaking of motor access we also have it right here you’ve seen us do a lot of work on that
    fit we have replaced our toilet go to the bathroom yeah with an electric
    toilet so let’s do if you ever are on our boat toilet paper is in this first
    one here is our shower just so math here’s our diaper pail
    luckily we’re potty training so hopefully we won’t need that very much
    longer then on this side we have our nav station and underneath we’ve just kind
    of got a nice little catch-all where most of our equipment goes flares very
    important other safety equipment locating signals we’ve got air horns
    back there whatever this is personal water purification we also have a bunch
    of books um you know case shit hits the fan it’s Bible skills some celestial
    navigation mama-mama wakey-wakey okay the Abacos
    passages Eric swears by this one we’re gonna start fishing more and
    hopefully catch things that we can’t eat hats of course I mean a lot of hats on a
    boat here’s our lovely dining room that also converts into a bed vacuum cleaner
    has dogs on boats shed a lot just broke it apparently that was not the button to
    turn it on don’t hit that button alright let me fix that all right we do have a little TV it’s
    actually just a computer monitor that we have def we’ve got a Apple TV we aren’t
    in anywhere with Wi-Fi at the moment so we don’t use that very much at all
    usually we don’t have the doors on our bedroom but we put them back on so we do have our own little space my
    full room our closets
    everything’s getting washed at the moment the way up to and a wind scoop
    what’s this awesome I never use them they’re really cool we also have a bunch
    of net to go over all the hatches or when we have everything open so you
    don’t get the bun from you because everybody knows that the bugs are what
    can kill ya I mean not really you just make your life miserable so we have
    reflectors that we have actually cut so we just took one of the car reflectors
    for the windshield and cut them to fit so they are in all of our patches
    they’re also in the skylights we have them for like literally everything and
    it was probably what like five bucks really helps keep the boat nice and cool
    other than that I think I’ve showed you everything at
    least down here so now you know Thanks well hello all Christmas just
    passed we hope y’all had a great one and of course we hope you have a excellent
    new year and mostly we want to thank everybody for watching thanks for all
    likes all the comments being there being there and of course to our patreon they
    appreciate you guys more than you know yeah right here here is to see you for
    you thanks for making our 2018 awesome and here’s a awesome 2019
    cheers Cheers and now we bring you I mean maybe not
    exactly the sunset because there’s a vote directly in the way of it but all
    the rest

    SailAway 64 | We Made an Offer on a Liveaboard Sailboat! | Sailing Around the World
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    SailAway 64 | We Made an Offer on a Liveaboard Sailboat! | Sailing Around the World

    September 7, 2019

    do you wanna say away with me integral
    part of the boat line process is going to look at boats we are in Richmond
    Virginia we are going to get a look at three different folks this weekend first
    one we’re going to like right now just got here and it is a hunter for sixty
    two thousand one in Delta bill so we got about an hour drive and then tomorrow
    two more so it’s full weekend help me find a good well we are on our way to book number
    one for the weekend where this is what we actually technically flew up here for
    it’s lower on the price range super low hours all these boats are very similar
    in the fact that there this one is 104 60 one of them is 104 66 which is just a
    couple years newer version of the 460 with a very minor differences the other
    is a hundred thousand four seventy which is was supposed to be sort of a luxury
    version of these made by a boat builder in Florida who partnered up with honnor
    to do these things and the only way look make it to but anyway they’re all
    related they’re very similar type books and so this one here is what we actually
    came to see and we’re like you know it’s a three-hour drive or something like
    that three and a half down to North Carolina where the other two boats are
    so why not fly six hours so that we can then drive six hour round trip we have
    to fly all the way up here and not going to see more boats
    doesn’t make any sense so yeah we’re almost to the first boat hopefully it’s
    as nice as it looks in the pics meantime look at this great scenery it’s lovely
    up here this time of year all right well here we are this is
    Gaston 460 hopefully my hands aren’t shaking too bad from cold
    I’m very nice and can haul especially for a 2001 well this one you know
    doesn’t have a ton of amenities but the price is good it’s got the basic stuff
    that we want the really important things generator an AC got some definite dirty
    top sides but yeah everything else just looks like it’s just dirt they got the
    adjustable cockpit adjustable jib leads yeah below yeah there’s definitely some crazy to
    these video baby no it’s very inconsistent and
    I’m not sure why that is a wonder if try itself they decided like start sanding
    and then seal it with but that side looks like wider in color the overall
    tone of the wood I don’t mind at all it’s nicer you know in the newer ones
    more varnish a little bit better continuity language so it’s got
    whitefish I’d rather have an ice maker that’s cool it’s good spot for it may be
    a good spot for it we use more ice than we do or I would
    say wine I drink a lot you don’t really need it B to be nice right generally speaking add shape in here for
    the price for sure day to you and you learn three and a half hour drive south
    yeah we’re going to see a hundred Houston for 70s to 2001 only two ever
    made that’s good or bad I think they were kind of overpriced
    first base straight yeah just didn’t catch on obviously because I only sold
    two of them yeah what I think was this I only saw one of them
    all right so this is available market for a long time and I think it’s
    probably just because it’s unusually got kind of unusual colors on the side and
    stuff like that I mean it’s loaded yeah completely loaded so anyway I’m going to
    take a look at it the destination is on your left
    on the line hundred middle street oh all right that’s various terms cool pretty well
    done I mean not that it wouldn’t be on to vote number three – first a day
    but three all together this is a hunter 466 2004 yeah Morehead City just left
    where we knew Bern Bern to see the hell’s m2400 466 we’ve seen a couple of
    these already so super low hours it sounds like it’s pretty nice it looks
    like it was we shall see that is off left recovers sure got it set up nice
    station nice yeah not like a big thing but it is that this is whiter than the
    actual yep don’t know why I do like I like the counter yeah it’s a
    cage me where do you want me to go so here we are you know our sweet sweet
    luxury accommodations and at the end of our whirlwind boat tour of the northern
    south we got made fun of for calling this a trip to the north where it’s
    really cold but it is really cold and to us this is now the north because we’re
    so far south so it’s the northern south come sit yeah tell the people about the
    boats oh so we saw three votes today that’s vacant this is on an all hunter
    weekend because in our searches as we’ve shown you a bunch of those we’ve looked
    at kind of circled around to the hotter for 60s for 66 and 49 s just because the
    interior volume and layout is just it’s too good to pass up
    plus when I got to looking into them a little heavier I mean their construction
    is really kick-ass um you know people have differing opinions on the hunters
    out there obviously we like because we had one but they’re they’re very very
    solid boats being our trig is something that people just have to get used to
    sailing it the right way yeah you’ll get to see whether we learn how to do that
    or not hopefully yeah about yet not about yet but we kind of honed in on the
    hunters for that reason just the amount of cabin space we needed the amount of
    just overall space we needed overall features they just they come pretty much
    packed with that stuff so the first but was 100 for
    60 and talked a little bit about it I was really dirty which is fine it’s not
    a knock on the boat itself we could see past the dirt but it just wasn’t set up
    the way we needed it to be yeah this was a 2001 and the cheapest of any boats
    that we’ve looked at so we were expecting a little dirt yes that thing
    do you have to do a little bit and add some things to it but to get a you know
    primo price that it would be worth worthwhile but yeah there was just a lot
    of pieces and parts that just had that aged look you know some of the plastics
    had yellowed in different places and the wood was very uneven just probably
    hadn’t been particularly cared for over the years so places that got more white
    or faded just kind of had a lot of that going on so we came out of that kind of
    disappointed and then once all the second boat second foot we saw was the
    hunter house some 470 now this is an unusual boat in that it’s based off 104
    60 but it was a joint effort between hunter and Johan Johan Helsing jumpy
    Nelson just a few it kind of just has all the bells and whistles in it has a
    lot of the finishes and colors that you would expect a more of a like Island
    Packet style every type but they did not catch on her
    there was only to whoever made and you know it was like $200,000 more expensive
    than the standard hunter hh4 60s back then so we like hunters but they’re not
    intended to be the Cadillacs of you know but it’s a really cool boat so we
    wouldn’t we went and saw it and I think because it’s such an unusual boat and
    there were only two out there at all I think it’s just been overlooked because
    people didn’t really know what they were looking at and it’s kind of it does have
    a couple of unusual color choices inside that we kind of decided we we think we
    like and can work with them that like is I think we can embrace them and make
    them I think I like it more than you do yeah but the outside of the is bu before
    so we were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was and it is loaded with
    everything practically everything we could want to go cruise and and detach
    ourselves from you know land for months at a time if we wanted to so and the
    price is crazy lows not as low as that first boat but it’s you know
    Furcal host of it has on it it’s it’s surprising and so this is a boat that
    supposedly had $200,000 worth of upgrades that is now basically just
    duking it out on the market with all the other hundreds before 60s and for 66 and
    so it’s depreciate yeah and it just wasn’t a concept that caught on so
    nobody and nobody out there cares that it’s a wholesome right but it’s it’s
    cool though but number three is a 2400 466 it was really really really nice the
    owners have taken amazing care of it super low hours it’s like 600 hours on
    the motor and really um couldn’t find any fault
    with the boat it was it was super clean and polished and just not mark on it
    anywhere just really really nice but I feel bad that we uh we already kind of
    be very confused this one we wanted before we got there
    2004 so it’s a newer boat that’s good and they did make some upgrades in the
    hall and a few other things but it’s the highest priced of all these we’ve seen
    down here and and it just doesn’t have the gear and the additions such as you
    know it doesn’t have a thing he doesn’t have an arch or solar or wind you know
    water maker these are all things that the Houston does have electronics are
    dated their original electronics it just doesn’t make sense for us because the
    price is just too good on the hunter helps them to not go that direction with
    everything that it has included so we had a little interior design work to do
    but that is like the only concession if you want to come with that so that is
    the rundown of the boats we’ve seen this weekend’s and we have gone ahead made an
    offer that’s not official yet I emailed him that to write up an offer for the
    hunter Houston and we put that offer in at 150 K flat and
    see what they come back at alright so that is it for this trip we’re gonna go
    get some breakfast I don’t know what else we’re gonna do for the rest of
    today now flight doesn’t leave for 4:45 and then we get into Palm Beach it like
    9:00 so whirlwind trip as you look through season 5 and you wonder how we made it this far as you look through ceases that coming in you wonder how he made it

    Sailing through the Breath Taking Mountains to Explore Kotor, Montenegro
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    Sailing through the Breath Taking Mountains to Explore Kotor, Montenegro

    September 2, 2019

    Today we begin our journey entering the
    Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. It’s about 17 nautical miles to
    the ancient walled town. As we sail through the mountains we are dumbstruck by its magnificence. A bit difficult to see, but out there is a small man-made island with an old
    Catholic Church on it and then to this direction is Kotor. They passed us. We rest at anchor in a pristinely calm bay. Below deck we almost forget that we’re on the water. We look up to realize
    this fiercely gorgeous boat dropped anchor just beside us. I’m Martin. This is
    my boat. The name is Styrr. The boat is about 100 years old and I own her now for twelve years. Absolutely king captain that one. Kotor, Motenegro. An ancient city. Some of whom’s structure date back to the sixth century built by the Romans.
    Although, when Kotor was settled, no one knows, but it was before the Romans came
    around and fortified it. Once fortified and probably before, Kotor’s history
    began to oscillate between peace, siege plunder, and rebuild. Kotor, to me, is an
    example of how countries expand and collapse, shift power, and sometimes
    disappear completely, but a well-built city or community can outlast empires.
    With Kotor being the focal point of such an extraordinary landscape it’s no
    wonder it’s been fought over for centuries. Now it is a relatively quiet
    town that receives a lot of tourism especially from cruise ships. Oh and Kotor is full of cats. The cats are
    loved by the locals. Do either of you know how to get there? I
    think so yeah. Okay that’s good cuz I don’t. I think you have to go through the old fort
    and then just take the stairs up onto the wall. I think there’s an entrance to
    the top there that way or further along that way as well. Yeah I went to the bottom of it down here so if you just walk through. We began a short trek up the wall to see
    the vantage point from which Kotor was defended on many occasions. We were
    joined by Ralph. He’s a stray. After enjoying the exquisite location we
    began making way out of the bay. We sailed by Our Lady of the Rocks. This is
    a man-made island. It was built by the continual throwing of rocks into the bay
    and they also sank ships full of rocks so as to create a tribute to the Virgin
    Lady and Child. Beating our way through the channel allowed for a perfect
    opportunity for Jackson and Tara to execute their very first single-handed
    tacks. We made it to Tivat and we came ashore and found these two poor chaps bailing this boat. Thanks for watching. Subscribe for
    more videos and thank you most of all to the Patrons who support this channel. We
    appreciate you. Subscribe and share this video with a friend.

    Algarve Portugal Boating in Caves
    Articles, Blog

    Algarve Portugal Boating in Caves

    August 31, 2019

    We’re in the Algarve in Portugal One of the best things to do out here is to go explore the caves in a boat. We’re going to do that now. Here we go! Lagos Ponta da Piedade Getting down to the caves is a little bit
    of a challenge. There are about 180 steps, quite steep, but
    very picturesque and beautiful. It’s a little bit choppy. It’s choppier than I thought. You have to wear mandatory life jackets. That
    makes you wonder. Some of these sections are so low that you
    can touch the top. I just missed that one actually. Wow! That’s exquisite. Look at the camel. That’s a camel. Oh my God. That’s crazy. What are we doing
    here? Are we going through? Some of this is quite scary actually. Ah wow. That’s amazing. There are all these different formations. We’ve seen gorillas and elephants. This one is the Titanic hitting an iceberg. It’s very pretty, but if you’re prone to seasickness
    like I am, then it’s quite choppy. My stomach is turning a bit. It’s hard to get off huh? It’s so beautiful. What a nice way to see
    the caves. It took us just over half an hour. Long enough
    for me, I managed to not get sick. Getting down is certainly easier than getting
    up, but that’s the price you have to pay. Have you been to the Algarve? What was your favourite part? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Bye!

    Sailing Croatia in Wintertime is INTENSE
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    Sailing Croatia in Wintertime is INTENSE

    August 31, 2019

    Wind is supposed to be around 15-20 knots.
    Right now there’s almost nothing. Off in the distance you can see a lighthouse,
    very faint right there. It’s about ten degrees Celsius.
    Sea is a little bit rolly out here on the Adriatic and we’re about 45 minutes
    into the sail. We are motoring right now. Tara how you feeling? We’ve got about 18
    nautical miles to go. Right now closing in on this lighthouse.
    It’ll pass on our starboard so we’ll go to the left of that island and now we’re
    going to sail the Adriatic Sea. Anytime you’re on land for more
    than a week the first day, two days, three days, week maybe you’ll feel a
    little seasick. Nothing unmanageable but a little bit of salivating. If you’ve
    never been seasick before the progression is you start to salivate and
    your stomach starts to turn and then you start to feel green or queasy but by the time you’re like really salivating you can feel the blood
    drop out of your face and it’s not a good feeling.
    You feel like you’re gonna die, it’s terrible. Throwing up helps but even that
    doesn’t cure it. You just have to work through it. So it looks like there’s rain
    about dead ahead of us. The wind is blowing counter the swell so
    we’ve got waves going reverse of this swell. We’ll prepare the main so let
    the sheet run free I need to open the sail bag, attach the
    halyard, raise the main. Head up to about 190. Good old mended rope. That was a bit of a
    rough sail, got a little gnarly there for a while. We ended up in a little bit of a
    cross sea so we were getting hit with swell from every direction
    got a bit queasy, definitely cold. The rain came, wind picked up, ended up just
    turning on the motor to get here. South of the island we’re protected. It’s
    really calm, really nice. We’re in eight meters of water. We’ve got a ton of chain
    out. Down time to kick up a fire. We woke up today on anchor. We are heading out
    today to sail another 24 miles. That’s what we did yesterday to Silba, the
    island of Silba and that should provide us some protection from the wind because
    the wind will pick up again tonight. We’ll see if we can sail. The prediction
    looks like we should be able to sail on a beam reach but looking at the wind
    right now we might be headed right into it but that might just be the way that’s
    coming around the island. Excited to be moving again to get
    further south. I think it’ll be a lot warmer as we go. Feels so different
    working in gloves It’s harder to move
    with the gear on but it’s just different another element that’s
    fun to experience. We’re gonna go between these two
    islands that are down here and then once we get through then we’re gonna bear
    left so head up like 20 degrees to about 120 stay on that for a two – two and a half hours 14 miles and then we’re gonna turn left some more and head up to
    about due east so that’s the rough course right now. That’ll bring us to the
    south west side of Silba island in Croatia. Generally we try to stay away
    from the carbohydrates, but we’re gonna make some pancakes this morning. We don’t have
    buttermilk but the way you make buttermilk:
    you just take milk, take a lemon, put the lemon in the milk,
    leave it for 5-10 minutes it’ll turn into buttermilk and they make
    delicious pancakes. Go ahead, adjust course 10 degrees north. Here’s your pancake. Thank you. Oh my god Tara come look at this. We have just weighed anchor and began
    to make way south to get around Silba Island where we were anchored last night.
    Very calm protected anchor. It’s really nice this morning there’s not a whole
    lot of wind but the wind is coming out of the south-southeast and since we’re
    headed south we’re going to get around Silba and then 30 degrees east
    we’ll be going like right into the wind so it’s going to be a 3-hour motor and
    then we’ll continue to leapfrog our way south to get eventually out of Croatia
    and down into Greece. Nice sandy bottom we will use the motor to
    pick up the anchor and then we want to motor out of this Bay and maybe about a
    mile directly into the wind to get out of the bay. We’ll go straight north then
    we’ll set the sails and will pretty much head due east and we’ll be on a beam
    reach and pretty much due south and we should be running with the wind for
    about 18 miles. Right now the winds blowing about 20 knots. It should lighten
    up to around 15 knots and by noon it might be completely calm. Tonight
    tomorrow and the next day it looks like it’s gonna be coming out of the
    south so we should be nice and protected in Luka which is about 20 miles away so
    it should take us around four hours. We covered about 83 nautical miles in
    our first four days of being back on the water. Since being on the water the
    weather has been both heavy and calm. Now as we cruise into the serene bay of
    Luka we are prepared to sit on anchor for three days as a storm brews in the
    south. If you enjoyed this episode of SV Arianrhod subscribe and share it with a
    friend who loves sailing. Thank you patrons for supporting this channel. See
    you in the next one. Big love.