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    Mervillas Beach Resort (Easter Sunday w/ Family)
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    Mervillas Beach Resort (Easter Sunday w/ Family)

    March 13, 2020

    Good Morning!!! Where are you right now? Where? Mervillas Beach Resort swimming? What is the date today? 20 April twent… ohh, 21 April 21 We’re here at Mervillas Mervillas Beach Resort We are here because of….. Ahhh… What is that called? Easter Sunday What is Easter Sunday? What is Sugat (Easter Sunday)? What? Don’t be shy We don’t know what to say Let’s go We’re going to the beach We wanna see the view of the sea But we already went there Let’s go This is an old Beach Resort So, this is it here Let’s go near the water I came here with my Family This is My Mother That’s my Mother Auntie Johnna Ma, done already Where are my sandals? it’s Gone Why

    Cunard Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship| Iglu Cruise
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    Cunard Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship| Iglu Cruise

    March 12, 2020

    The second-largest Cunard cruise ship ever built, Queen Elizabeth takes her name from her illustrious forebears
    as she joins a great legacy of Cunard Queens. Cunard’s signatures find
    exquisite expression on board this regal ship. Your accommodation of choice is paired
    with a reserved table in the Magnificent two-tiered Britannia restaurant, intimate
    Britannia Club dining or the refined Queens grill and Princess Grill
    restaurants. Dance under the stars in the garden
    lounge inspired by the glass houses of Kew Gardens Unique to Queen Elizabeth is her games
    deck for a game of bowls or maybe croquet is more to your liking. Recalling the
    legendary veranda grill of past Cunard liners the fine dining alternative
    restaurant the Veranda offers contemporary French cuisine under the
    gourmet guidance of chef Zimmerman. Start your evening with a cocktail in the
    Commodore Club Take to the dance floor in the lively
    yacht Club. Evening dining events in the Lido restaurant offer authentic Asian,
    fine Mexican and traditional South American cuisine. Another Cunard first, the Queen Elizabeth
    Theatre Company performs classic drama and West End-style productions in the
    Royal Court Theatre. Queen Elizabeth makes regular visits to the Mediterranean and Baltic seas, Northern Europe, Norway’s fjords, New England, the Caribbean and the Canary Islands.


    Ultima Populare 2020, final destination

    March 12, 2020

    Hi all We receive another shipment This one from where we get it ?mister? The same ,from China,whit Corona 🙂 It has genetic mutations?!:))) All inclusive I think they were left without Chinese merchandise Because they only sent two cans of fish We bring another 10.000 baby fish Scientific name: Alburnus , Rutilus Carassius….. and i see even some baby Squalius Yes they are I will hep you….. D’ont take them home…they have Corona :))))))))))),let them grow big They send us some even some big baby fish Please put again…. They need a little time to accommodate whit the water temperature from the lake lets bring the next one Another ……… Now we were releasing the fish and the second can from China :)))) Please show them…. a litlle Some guys take them at home to eat it…but we are released them to multiply next round please what we have here? -A nice Rutilus,let me show it,please A fisherman donate it to us In Ramnicu Valcea ,lake Ostroveni(popular name :Cacacioasa) Oooo… they begin to move ,seems that the fish is invigorates -Which is with the Corona? :))) The green one….do you see it :)))) Please dont eat it…..:)))) Only when they are BIG – Touch it a little… unleash them All the baby fish survive , A real SUCCESS We do this for this beautiful lake -On this lake was organized fishing competitions for children, for adults Subscribe to my channel and Share the content It matters what you do! Not what others do……. -We give the fish a chance to multiply … and we do not go on the idea of ​​others…..that this baby fish will be eat by pike or other big fish We believe that if 10 percent survive and deposit the spawn, it is a real success for the lake

    Dover Beach & St Lawrence Gap Barbados
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    Dover Beach & St Lawrence Gap Barbados

    March 12, 2020

    Time Out Hotel is just a few steps away from
    the white sands of Dover Beach. There’s water-sports and activities here plus food vendors and a beach bar so you can make a full day of it Time Out Hotel is located in the heart
    of St. Lawrence Gap, where you’ll find anything from street food to restaurants, souvenir
    shops and lively bars.

    Beautiful Beach Sunset – FPV chill style
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    Beautiful Beach Sunset – FPV chill style

    March 9, 2020

    I’m here to have fun, man. And try and not loose a quad I just wall planted a cliff. That was awesome. I did some 3D stuff on the waters that I
    was sketched out to do like I was getting super close. Go big or go home
    right that hand I have fun I didn’t lose a quad.
    yeah I had a good time. I just like skimming the cliffs trying to get nice and close.
    Did you see that there’s a hole below the… like I wanted to ride that rail all the way down. The rail was fun to play with. I did that a couple times as well. It was beautiful. Doing 3D around
    active waves and getting really close. Oh you did 3D? you mind oh yeah oh geez I can see that
    and I like the wall plan on a left side yeah this was awesome, just so last minute to. Like, should we fly there? It’s always these last second flights which are usually the most fun because everyone’s relaxed we just want
    to have fun and fly and it turns out to be like really fun yeah more fun than we
    thought it would be. yeah a lot of fun rip all the things