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    Hyderabad Food Tour with Realme | Fish Point at Hala Naka | Resham Gali | Pakistani Street Food
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    Hyderabad Food Tour with Realme | Fish Point at Hala Naka | Resham Gali | Pakistani Street Food

    October 20, 2019

    Asalam-u-Alaikum my name is Zia Tabarak. And today we’re going to the historical city of Pakistan, Hyderabad. Although there are a lot of places for sightseeing & food in Hyderabad… …but today we’ll be visiting Resham Gali, Hyderabad. There bangles are famous in the entire country. Also we’ll try out Hyderabad’s famous fish. Breeze Fish Point’s Fish is so famous people come from different cities to try it out. A few of my university friends will be with me in this trip. And also with me will be my new “Realme 5 Smartphone”. This phone has Quad Rear Camera Setup… A long-lasting 5000mAh Battery… Super Fast Snapdragon 665 Octa-Core Processor… And a Beautiful Crystal Design. So let’s start our journey towards Hyderabad. Chalain! There’s a spot at Ali Baba Fuel Station & a lot of people have stopped here. People en route to Hyderabad stop here. This is the Nooriabad stop. A Tea Stall here and it’s quite crowded. He’s got Pakora’s here. What else do you have? Samosa’s, Pakora’s & Aloo Pakora’s as well. So this place is open 24 Hrs? No it’s 12 to 12. Is the restaurant open 24 Hrs? That too closes at 12 AM Midnight. So the Tea & Samosa’s are available there. And here at this “My Shop” they have French Fries & Juices and stuff. Hot & Crispy Fries are here. And how much are they? Rs. 200 Each. Large one is for Rs. 200. We’ve ordered only 3 items. This is the Pakora. It tastes good, but became cold ’cause of the weather, it just rained here. Aloo Tikki has huge chunk of potato in the middle. It’s good. Everything is a bit cold… I was expecting them to be warm. Let’s try out the tea. The tea is good. But these French Fries are really good. What phone is this Zia? This is my Realme 5. I got this for PKR 26,000. It’s a really amazing phone. It has 4GB RAM & 64GB Internal Storage. The 128GB Memory Variant is around PKR 32,000. It has a lot of features. One of the main one is its Quad Camera Setup… …and it has a Super-Fast Processor. And it has a long-lasting battery as well. And what’s this phone called? Realme 5. Ahad here is our Group Leader. We’ll be going towards Resham Gali from Hyderabad Bypass. Will we reach there before Sunset? I hope so. It might get dark? I think so, yeah. So finally we’re in Hyderabad… …and this is Hyderabad’s Resham Gali. It’s a really amazing place… …A lot of happening in this place. This place has a huge Bangles & Jewellery Market. And there are a lot of small food stalls at different points. What’s this? These are Potato Papad (Aloo Papri). This is a special item from Hyderabad. And how much is this? Its Rs.100 /250 Gm. My Aunt used to bring it for us in Karachi when she lived here. And I’m having this after a long time so let’s check it out. It’s a special gift from Hyderabad. The masala & oil on top of it gives it its flavor. Here’s a stall for Spring Rolls. Samosa’s & Spring Rolls are being fried here. And right in front of it is a Panipuri stall (Gol Gappay). The market is really crowded right now. So he’s your friend? Yes we work together. I watch all your Vlogs. Thank you so much! Is this Henna? Yes it is. Do you have cone as well? How much is this cone? Rs. 30 & 50. What food item do you like of this place? I like rolls of this place a lot. Are all these glass bangles? We have metal as well. Show me a few of them. This is Resham Gali & right next to it is Dehli Royal Fast Food. This place is crowded too. What was the reason behind naming this shop “Delhi”? We’re from Delhi. Your parents were from Delhi? Yes. So how old is this shop? About 45 years. And since then you have the same name? It’s a quarter chicken with a wing & a chest piece. And 2 bread slices with some French Fries. Chicken’s fried perfectly. Crispy from the top & doesn’t taste bland from inside. Now from Resham Gali we’re going to try out Shabbir’s Sandwich. I’ve heard that place has some good sandwiches as well. Let’s try it out as well. I’ve heard your sandwiches are really famous. What’s so special about it? Nothing special, just made from regular Dal & Eggs. You make it with eggs as well? Yes. It’s really famous. My brothers & I have been eating this since childhood. Let’s try it out then. It’s local style setup here. It’s a pretty big bun & they make 6 portions out of it. And 1 portion is around is Rs. 40. This the mixture of Dal & Kebab. And that’s how they put it on the bun. So this is the original Hyderabadi Sandwich. It has layers of Dal & Eggs… …topped off with Chutney & some masala’s. Looks crispy from outside & soft from inside. Wow! It tastes really good! The spices are a bit sour. Dal & Eggs are balanced as well. But the main thing is its spiciness. Really tasty. My friend Adeel brought me here. Been coming here since childhood. Thank you for bringing us here. Great! So finally we’re at Breeze Fish Restaurant. Karahi’s are being prepared here. What do you guys have in the menu? Mutton & Chicken Karahi, Fish Barbecue & Fried. What kinda fishes you have? We have Rohu & Salmon. Rohu is Rs.1200/Kg & Salmon is Rs. 1600/Kg. What about Karahi? Mutton is Rs.1600/Kg & Chicken is Rs.900/Kg. Now you’ll put the spices on it? Yes. What’s your name?…Waseem. Waseem is putting the spices on it & that’s what I think is its special ingredient. Is this specially made? Yes it is. It’s our own recipe. That’s why fish is so famous? Yeah. Some Tamarind Chutney on top. He first put the spices after frying and then tamarind chutney. Then I’ll pour oil on it again. Oil again? Yes exactly. It’s taste enhances after putting oil on it again. Lal Muhammad is marinating the Grilled Fish. Our food has arrived. This is the Chicken Karahi & this is Mutton Karahi. This is all Fried Fish. This one’s the Grilled Fish. And this is the Fried Fish. And these are the Karahi’s & Chapati & Naan. Let’s try this Grilled Fish first. It’s boneless & they use their special spices on it. The fish tastes great and the spices which they’ve put on it. It’s a bit spicy so let’s taste it with this Raita. It’s a really great fish. This is Grilled Rohu & the spices on it look amazing. I haven’t had fish like this anywhere. The spices are absolutely amazing. The spices have a unique taste. Really great. The best thing is that the fish is fresh. Their Karahi is also really famous. The Karahi has that authentic taste. The Karahi is great as well. So this Grilled Fish, Fried Fish & Karahi… …all 3 of these items tasted great. So this concludes our trip to Hyderabad. I hope you all liked this video. If you did then please be sure to Like, Comment & Share. Comment down your suggestions below & follow me on Instagram(@streetfoodpk). I’ll see you guys in the next epsiode. Allah Hafiz!

    Barcombs Marina – Boating on the Adirondack Coast
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    Barcombs Marina – Boating on the Adirondack Coast

    October 19, 2019

    I’m Kristy Kennedy, Director of Tourism
    for the Adirondack Coast and right now we’re at Barcombs Marina in Rouses Point, New
    York. This is a fantastic location because not only is it close to our
    neighbors to the north, but also if you can see the bridge behind me, that leads
    you right to Vermont, our neighbors with the Green Mountains. A fun place to come,
    they do boat rentals so if you don’t have a boat and you want to get out on
    the lake, you could come here, rent a boat for the day. They also do diving
    expeditions. So whether you have a powerboat or a sailboat, Barcombs can
    accommodate you.

    Chazy Yacht Club – Boating on the Adirondack Coast
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    Chazy Yacht Club – Boating on the Adirondack Coast

    October 19, 2019

    I’m Kristy Kennedy, Director of Tourism
    for the Adirondack Coast and right now we’re at the Chazy Yacht Club, located on
    the Chazy River. Fantastic marina to use if you like river boating as well as
    lake boating, because you can come here enjoy the Chazy River by boat, and then
    if you head just a little bit that way, you find the open bays of Lake Champlain.

    SailAway 45 | Something’s Floating! Is it VALUABLE?! Is it HUMAN?! | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog
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    SailAway 45 | Something’s Floating! Is it VALUABLE?! Is it HUMAN?! | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

    October 19, 2019

    this week on sale away we say goodbye to
    the Bahamas and head out across the Gulf Stream to the east coast of Florida once
    again do you wanna sail away I wanna say where do you wanna say with me last week we woke up to a stormy
    birthday for me and I proceeded to try to cut my own toe off my toe went right
    in a hole in the toe REO why they call terrorism but we had a beautiful transit
    to West End Grand Bahama we’re leaving
    West End after rough night of anchoring the Anchorage
    outside of Bahama Bay Marina looked like it was gonna be smooth look nice really
    our only option because fitness day at the marina but there was current flowing
    out of the Anchorage off the shelf into the
    Gulf Stream and back and really like win so we wound up like
    turning sideways the very mild role coming off the Atlantic was hitting us
    and making us just pitch around like crazy it was the most uncomfortable that
    green with the entire trip that maybe ever
    so we did not get a whole lot of sleep the vote did finally turn into the win
    and that put the stern to the waves so we well I got a few hours sleep and we had
    to get going early this morning so that we can make it to st. Lucie Inlet well
    before dark we don’t wanna go in that one at night because we don’t know it
    well on it it’s a little shallow but it works it’s kind of how we we are well underway on our crossing
    back to Stuart so far it’s going very very well like
    we’ve all kind of gotten over our initial grumpiness we’re all doing well
    now we’re a solid third of the way across over there Winston you can see the
    curvature of our track there as the gulfstream starts to kick in pushes
    north toward Stuart we should have no problem
    tracking up to Stuart I don’t leave beautiful out here real gentle rolling
    waves not much wind motor at all
    Salo help max left will probably be back and the Stewart area need to send any of
    the channel probably by about 6 p.m. or something like that
    at the latest hopefully safe and sound in our dock by
    about 7:00 right now it’s just deep blue beautiful water very smooth I realized we never gave you a medical
    update on my toe still hang on there up
    look it hurts if I touch it and it tingles
    sometimes so I think I probably severed some nerves or something
    I’ve been trying to keep it elevated and take ibuprofen to make sure no swelling
    comes up use some antibiotic ointment on it it’s not it doesn’t feel too bad once
    we get to shore take the bandage off and see what it looks like and then decide
    whether to seek medical advice or just
    let it go I sure as hell don’t care about the scar on my tongue but long as
    it heals up with no infection or anything I’m good I think it’ll be fine so just a little update we are at least
    two-thirds of the way for the whole trip back I just wanted to show you the golf
    thing we’re kind of out in the middle of it right now
    a little more toward the u.s. than we are almost but this is a benign day
    there’s no wind there’s been nothing and there wasn’t any other kind of wind in
    the days leading up to this that was at first and yet out here in the middle of
    stream you can see what we got sets of waves that are with no sales up there rocking us all
    over the place and everyone thought we’ll get a couple of Pickers
    relatively speaking like five six people and this is with you know
    adverse we play this game at least once a trip
    where there’s something floating in the water and we have to mostly I think it’s a dead body because
    I listen to to be true crime podcast it’s a box of something extremely
    valuable but in this case okay last time it was a box mr. box yeah at
    least this time we get some trash out of you
    yeah thank you fifteen minutes away and it’s gonna rain
    you got pants back on oh you put your hands back on sale product you want to
    reach the st. Lucie Inlet here’s what it says on the chart st. Lucie Inlet
    caution channel boys are not charted because of the constant shifting of the
    channel passing through the inlet is not recommended without local knowledge of
    all hazardous conditions affecting this area we’ve never done it but doesn’t
    count yeah our friends who are locals know in
    and out at all the time and they do joke that it’s kind of shallow and having
    bumps here and there once or twice occasionally we may be going in the inlet in a
    thunderstorm any concerns we had about the st. Lucie
    Inlet turned out to be much ado about nothing it was plenty deep and really
    easy to navigate plus we had really good weather to do it too soon we found
    ourselves back at our temporary home in Stuart and already plotting our next
    destination as always thanks for watching please give us a like and don’t
    forget to subscribe if you haven’t and ring a little bell right next to the
    button so you get notifications of our upcoming videos every week Cheers

    This Cozy NYC Fishing Town is a Seafood Mecca || Food/Groups
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    This Cozy NYC Fishing Town is a Seafood Mecca || Food/Groups

    October 19, 2019

    Welcome to the Bronx! I know, not what you expected, right? Looks like the suburbs. That’s ‘cause it kinda is – – even though this is technically a part of New York City, we’re worlds away. This is City Island. It’s a one-and-a-half mile island off the coast of the Bronx proper, and even though it’s technically part of New York City, it’s remained basically untouched as the rest of the city has exploded around it. Today we’re here to meet up with Michael Proietti. He’s a born-and-raised City Islander, and a professional chef. He’s going to show us one of his favorite seafood spots, where we’re going to chow down and talk about the island’s deep maritime traditions. -So right now, we’re at the Morris Yacht & Beach Club. -And this is right at the southern tip of the island, right? -This is the end, yeah. We call it “the end.” Born and raised, my parents lived here for ever. You know, I moved away from home… it was three blocks. You know I’m an Italian, youngest Italian boy, I’m supposed to live at home for the rest of my life. I just never left City Island, ‘cause it’s just a great spot. -A lot of people in New York don’t even know that City Island exists. -Yeah, I try not to tell them too much, because we don’t want everyone to come here, right? Like, so…. It kind of has a New England vibe. You have all the seafood restaurants, you kind of have like, the salty dogs working on the boat. It’s kind of perfect. It’s like being on vacation every day. We call ourselves “clam-diggers.” If you’re born on City Island, you’re a clam-digger. -Okay -If you move to City Island, you’re a “mussel-sucker”. -So I’m a mu— well, I haven’t even moved here, so what am I? -You’re just some schmoe. You’re some guy who wants to eat shrimp. -Cool, let’s go do that! -I’m down! -Really feels like a small town here, which is totally unfamiliar because it’s technically in New York City. -Well, it is a small town. It’s a mile and a half long. Everybody knows each other. You can’t throw a brick without somebody calling your mother. -Right. -When you’re a kid, you can’t do something without [someone] calling your mom. -How many bricks did you throw? -A couple. -You’re a successful chef, but you also spend your time in what amounts to a small seaside town. -You know, growing up in City Island, hanging out at the beach, we used to get the mussels off the beach, the clams, we used to go home and make these huge feasts. And I think that’s really where my love of food kinda started. -What is this? -So we got lobster, you got your mussels, your clams, calamari. You got some scallops. Underneath all this buttery, garlicky, oreganata-y kinda stuff is pasta. -Grab yourself a tail there, man. -No it’s a whole half a lobster, or a whole WHOLE lobster! Here, look, I’ll lobster you first. -You lobster me. -How good is that lobster, though? -It’s delicious. -Come on. -This is so good. -And it’s not chewy, they’re really fresh lobsters. You can taste it in the lobster, it has, almost, like a sweetness to it. -I assume there’s a lot of fresh seafood that moves in and out of City Island, is that right? -Uh-huh, absolutely. It’s kind of the bread and butter of the community. -We have a very special drink, can you tell us what, exactly, you ordered me? -It’s a Henny colada! -A Henny colada?! -Right, so you’re in the Bronx! Hennessey is where it’s at, and City Island, you’re on vacation, this is your mini “day-cation”, right? So piña colada, Hennessey, it seems kinda… it works together. A marriage made on City Island. -So it’s sort of like, this like intersection of a bunch of different cultures, because you have like the sort of New England-y seafaring vibe, and then right across the bridge you have the Bronx, the proper Bronx. -And really, what a lot of these menus do, is they really embrace the seafood culture. So they’ll do it blackened, or Cajun style, Italian style, or they’ll put like a Spanish seasoning, like an adobo on it. So it really does kinda bring all of the Bronx together, and I think that’s what’s perfect about City Island. -You’ve cooked in a lot of different places, what’s the difference [here]? Different vibe? -You know there’s definitely a different vibe on City Island, right? You can’t yell at everybody like you can do when you work in Manhattan. Really, it’s more of a sense of community here, so you’ve gotta be a little nicer. People are always welcoming other people here. Because it really is about family, having a good time, and sometimes you don’t know who your family is yet. -So we had our seafood feast, we said goodbye to Michael. But no trip to City Island would be complete without having a local drink where the locals drink: The Snug. Let’s go do it. -I kinda grew up in this place, The Snug is like my family’s business. We actually got the building about 20 years ago, and that’s when we opened up the diner. So growing up here, I was very lucky to have that, like, very present community feel. -We’re drinking Dark & Stormys, they make ‘em kinda strong here at The Snug. This one’s got a kick to it. -They drink it like crazy. Still one of the big nautical things around here is the sailors have Wednesday night races, so Wednesday nights will be packed in here. And they’ll all come up and we just immediately run out of Goslings. Like, immediately run out of Goslings. Ginger beer will not be in supply. I mean we are an island, and it’s a local bar, so we’re not quite as sophisticated as Manhattan yet So, it’s very much like, a Bud Light/Jameson kinda place. I think one special thing about City Island is that it is very much a part of New York, right? So besides the street signs, like a lot of the people that live here are from New York, born and raised in the Bronx, work in the Bronx, work in the city, a lot of middle-class city workers and stuff. So you get that very pronounced identity. Food & drink establishments on City Island, Local places like The Snug, like the [City Island] Diner, like the [City Island] Lobster House, that really give the community a place to speak, and a place to interact with each other. -It’s welcoming in a way that many other places are not. So I totally get why people come here and stay here. -When we get new people on the weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays, we love welcoming them, and saying, you know, “Thank you so much for coming to our community, it’s been very nice meeting you, and… here’s a Dark & Stormy.” -Here’s a Dark & Stormy. [Laughs] Cheers dude. -Cheers brother. -Thanks for having us. -You got it.

    SailAway 17 | Windy, Wet and Wild Sailing – Sailboat Racing | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog
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    SailAway 17 | Windy, Wet and Wild Sailing – Sailboat Racing | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

    October 19, 2019

    This is what the boat looks like after we’ve spent one night in it. We have to barricade him so he doesn’t flee us in the middle of the night or anything we’re really late
    we’ve gotta go all the way back out the river to get to the start at 10:00 and
    it’s what 9:10 right now? last week you watched a sail from
    Charleston the Bohicket in perfect sailing conditions this week you’ll watch us sail
    back to Charleston and not-so-perfect conditions. Are you ready? So ready today Probably our last sail up this river There is no reason we would come here when we come
    back to Charleston These parts of Charleston won us over all the seagrass, all the marshlands race committee race committee this is
    leyla sail number seven nine five checking in to C fleet. 3. Thank you while we were close to being late to our
    start we luckily weren’t we got a pretty awesome view of the start before ours making our way out the channel mouth of the Edisto River.Baby isn’t
    quite set it in yet. Loren has. Probably gonna get a big old gust up there. see those guys get
    knocked over a little bit. Sails are looking pretty good 20 years old former dutchman sails. We have pretty heavy handicaps against them, if we choose to
    continue. currently we’re doing pretty good. Hard to say, we’ll see how this shakes out at the end of the day. race update. We tacked and now we’re getting rained on. Look you’ve got a bird friend look to you’re right after eight hours on the boat before we
    were debated back and forth with it we were actually going to race this whole
    race we finally turned down into the inlet into Charlestown looks really nice here I don’t like it when you make those faces and I’m holding a video camera and I can’t help Coming into Charleston again. Jetty’s on both sides surfing hanging tight man this it’s been
    a crazy day man big wave rain just kind of in the shit today not a glamorous sailing day that’s for sure. we’re literally like feet away okay
    feet away from our finish and the swaying blowing stink all day
    no ended completely yeah about a knot and half current against us right now so we’re
    sitting we’re about to start going backwards that’s not then we don’t clap at that we
    literally it’s been what eight hours that we’ve been sailing okay we will
    race right yeah we don’t have to not that hard core you know we can we could
    always just have a power home you know did the first race was the baby and a
    dog just let’s try and finish it Oh your book is done oh I know this is
    great we’re going backwards Just stopped we’re right heels I know of parigrin. I don’t know about celadon and there’s boats owed us a lot of time. At least we finished so happy and then we’ll get you out please take a moment to like and
    subscribe and be sure to follow us on social media thanks for watching Cheers

    No Roads, No Cars, Just Boats
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    No Roads, No Cars, Just Boats

    October 18, 2019

    – [Narrator] Today’s
    journey takes us to the Dutch town of Giethoorn. Giethoorn is just like any normal town. With one exception, roads. They don’t have them. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] And boats, lots of boats. – [Narrator] That’s Jan,
    one of the town’s resident boat builders. He’s known for punters, a flat bottom boat that originated in Giethoorn. – [Narrator] And where there
    are boats, there are bridges. 167 to be exact. And just like any town,
    people need their groceries, their furniture, their beer, you name it. But in Giethoorn, they
    must pass through Anton. He’s the town’s bridge guard. – [Narrator] One of those
    boats is the fire boat. This is Bart and Erik. – [Narrator] And this is Jan. He’s in charge of
    maintaining the natural lands around Giethoorn. – [Narrator] So, there you have it. The residents of Giethoorn prove that a life without asphalt, traffic and trips to the DMV can
    be pretty damn great. Roads, who needs ’em? Bye, Giethoorn.