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    Disneyland Tips: 10 Things To Know Before You Go To Disneyland
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    Disneyland Tips: 10 Things To Know Before You Go To Disneyland

    August 18, 2019

    – Yellow productions presents… 10 things to know before
    you visit Disneyland in Anaheim, California. I’m Chris, this is Yellow Productions. I do travel guides that are
    fun, informative, entertaining. And in this video I am
    gonna be telling you everything you need to know to visit the most magical and happiest
    place on Earth, Disneyland. This is part of my series of
    travel guides on Los Angeles. Got videos on Universal Studios, you’ll find links in the description or at the end of this video, but in this video I’m gonna
    be talkin’ specifically about the Disneyland theme park. Before we get into it, let’s just talk about where it’s located. I said this part of my series on LA, it’s actually in what’s
    called Orange County. A city called Anaheim. It’s about thirty miles south
    of downtown Los Angeles. So if you’re planning to
    come visit on a trip in LA, you might want to consider
    staying in Anaheim, around Disneyland. Alright, here we go. The first to know before
    you come to Disneyland is about where to buy tickets, or should I say where not to buy tickets. The worst place to buy
    tickets is at the gate. Look at these lines. They’re also going to be
    the most expensive here. Do not waste your time,
    an hour on your first day at Disneyland waiting in
    these lines to buy tickets. You can buy tickets online, you can buy tickets in
    the hotels in the area, you can buy tickets from Triple A, you can buy tickets from Costco, so buy your tickets before you get here, and don’t stand in that long line. This is the happiest place on Earth, none of those people look happy. This is not the way you want
    to be starting your trip. Okay there is only one reason why you’d want to buy your tickets here, and that is if you’re
    buying an annual pass, and you’re coming on a blockout day. If you’re coming on a
    blockout day like July 4th, or Christmas, or a Saturday,
    you can actually buy the annual passes that are blocked out here, and they’ll give you what they
    call a blockout exception, and then you can go
    into the park on the day you bought the annual pass, even though it’s not valid on that day. The second thing to know
    before you come to Disneyland is about the park layout, so Disneyland, what this
    park is named after, is right behind me. It’s a theme park that’s been
    here for a very long time, but there’s a second
    theme park over this way. This is called Disney
    California Adventure. California Adventure’s another
    theme park that’s based upon kind of a fairground-type experience. We’ll talk more about that later. And then over this way, where the ticket booths I was standing, walking this direction is Downtown Disney. We’ll talk more about
    Downtown Disney later, and then there’s a couple
    hotels that are over there. What you should know
    about the different parks is the one-day ticket if
    you buy at the ticket booth, only includes one park. If you want to go into
    multiple parks on the same day, then you have to buy what’s
    called the park hopper ticket, that’ll allow you to go into
    multiple parks on the same day. The third thing to know
    is about when to go to avoid the crowds. Well, it is always crowded at
    Disneyland, let me tell you. But this is more of a
    question of when not to go, just like when not to buy tickets. The times you really don’t
    want to come to Disneyland are the heights of the Summer, and right around Christmas holidays. Those are gonna be the busiest times. Obviously weekdays are
    going to be least busy. It’s also the least busy in the morning. If you can get here at park opening, and then leave by noon or one, noon or one is when the
    park gets the busiest, but the advice I have to give
    you about coming to Disneyland is to use one of the crowd calendar or crowd tracker websites. If you go onto Google and you type in Disneyland crowd tracker,
    Disneyland crowd calendar, you’ll find these sites
    that will tell you what days are good and what days are not good. And these sites are surprisingly accurate. The only thing they don’t
    take into consideration is weather. So I will tell you if it is rainy day, that is the best day
    to come to Disneyland. You’ll find it won’t be very busy. The almost the worst day
    to come to Disneyland is the day after a rainy day, because now you have about
    two days’ worth of people all in the park on the same day. But, just be prepared
    for crowds and people. It is the happiest place on Earth, so lots of people want
    to come to be happy. Let’s talk about food. You definitely need to know about food before you come to Disneyland, and my favorite thing
    to eat at Disneyland is Earl of Sandwich. It’s in Downtown Disney. I think they make some of
    the best hot sandwiches ever. I like the Earl’s Club. It’s got the turkey, bacon, some things, and they like toast it
    right when you order it. (bread crunching) Super delicious. Sandwich, chips, and drink is $12 dollars. Which is pretty reasonable
    for food at Disneyland. You should know food at
    Disneyland is pretty expensive. You pay a premium to eat here. I think the most inexpensive things are around Downtown Disney, but we’ll talk about more
    about food inside the park, inside the park so let’s head over there. My other favorite spot in
    Downtown Disney for cheap eats is Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express. Pretty good gumbo, po-boys, and beignets. My favorite place to eat inside Disneyland is in the Plaza Inn. What is the Plaza Inn’s specialty? Fried chicken. Today it’s a chicken wing
    platter, $17 dollars. I like the fried chicken dinner. It’s about $17 dollars. Three pieces of fried chicken, biscuit, green beans,
    mashed potatoes with gravy; a good wholesome meal you
    don’t often get at theme parks. Come inside, let me show you
    what this place looks like. It’s this old, historic lookin’ building. It’s got kind of like
    these stained glass roofs. You’ll find this to be one
    of the busiest place to eat. It opens at noon. There’ll be a long line at noon, right in front of the castle, but come on in, make your way back to the chicken stands in the back, and you will be enjoying life, I promise. My second favorite place
    to eat inside Disneyland is at the Little Red Wagon corn dog carts, located right in front of the Plaza Inn. $9.50, you get a corn dog, you get a side, which is either chips or apples, and well that’s it. I mean it’s not cheap, but the corn dogs, they’re really delicious. What I like about them,
    the corn bread breading really tastes like corn bread, and not just a cheap dough. For me, I need two corn
    dogs to fill me up, but they really are that good. Best corn dogs I’ve ever had. From the Little Red Wagon corn dog cart. They sell them at
    California Adventure too, in a little different,
    I think Corn Dog Castle. My third favorite place to
    eat inside Disneyland is the Royal Street Veranda. It is this little tiny window right here that has about eight seats. What do they specialize in? They specialize in steak gumbo, $10.99. You get a bowl of steak
    gumbo in a bread bowl. If you’re trying to find this place, it is right next to the
    Pirates of the Caribbean. And when I mean right next to
    the Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s kind of hidden,
    but see this is the line for the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the window was right to the left. My final favorite place
    to eat inside the park is right next to it, it’s called the Blue Bayou. The Blue Bayou restaurant,
    it is the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It is a sit down restaurant. If you want to eat there, you really have to make a
    reservation ahead of time online 30-60 days before you come to the park, but it’s an experience
    you’ll never forget. Because how often do
    you get to eat prime rib right next to people that are riding boats on the Pirates of the Caribbean. One thing you should definitely bring with you to the park is a
    bottle of water, maybe two. Water in the park, really quite expensive. All drinks really quite expensive. They do let you bring drinks inside. And if you bring it with
    you, you’ll be hydrated and you’ll thank me later,
    ’cause you’ll probably saved yourself about four
    bucks per each one of these that you brought with you. Now let’s talk about lines and rides. Disneyland, there’s a lot of lines here, but what you’ll want to
    do is you want to take the FastPasses. They have they these
    things called FastPasses, and there’s two ways to get them. You can get FastPasses from the machine in front of the rides. Every ride will have basically three entrances into the ride. One’s the standby line, the second one’s the FastPass entrance, and the third could be
    the single rider line. We’ll get to single rider in a moment, but then a fourth entrance
    isn’t to the ride, but it’s to the machines
    to get a FastPass. You’ll take your park ticket,
    you insert into a machine, and it’ll print out this thing that’s called a FastPass reminder. This isn’t actually FastPass. You use your park ticket
    to go back into the ride, but it gives you a
    designated hour to come back, and then you can pull another
    FastPass another time. So we picked this one up from one to two, and it said the time to
    come back was at 1:14. This particular ride, Buzz
    Lightyear Astro Blasters, not really a super popular ride, so we were back to pick up a
    FastPass thirty minutes later. The Haunted Mansion, we
    picked one up at 2:15. We got that at one, it was
    an hour and fifteen minutes before we could pick up the next FastPass. So, the time that it takes
    that you can get your next FastPass depends on the
    popularity of the attraction you picked, and how busy the park is. But I will say what you wanna know, if you’re here on a busy day, you pretty much just want
    to be riding the rides with FastPasses. When you come in, pick
    the FastPasses for some of the busiest rides, and that way you won’t be
    standing around for a long time. Also you can use the Disneyland
    app on your smartphone to check wait times, and if you want to pay a little bit more, you can get what’s called MaxPass. MaxPass is $10 dollars
    per person, per day, and then you can get the
    FastPasses on the app. You don’t actually even
    have to go to the rides to pick up the FastPasses. The final note, single rider lines, I don’t think there are
    any of them at Disneyland, but at California Adventure, some of the rides will
    have single rider lines, and if you’re riding by yourself, or you don’t mind being broken up, that will be some of the fastest
    ways to get on the rides. Two of the busiest rides, most popular ones at Disneyland, number one, Space Mountain; number two, Indiana Jones, says what I’m standing in front of here. So those are ones you
    probably want to pick up your FastPasses early in the day. If you’re coming with the kiddos, and you’re going on the rides, and standing in line, you’ll have to park your stroller. You can’t bring your
    strollers into the line, they’ve got designated
    stroller parking areas. I am in some in-park stroller parking, but be careful, don’t leave
    any valuables on the strollers. Disneyland has had problem
    with people stealing things from the strollers. So make sure all the
    valuables you take with you on the ride. Next thing you need to know
    before you come to Disneyland is about shows. Disneyland has a lot of shows, but the coolest thing is
    shows just kind of materialize out of nowhere. You’ll be standing some
    place and all of the sudden a boat will go behind you singing songs, or you’ll be standing
    in front of the castle, and Mary Poppins will come by. (upbeat band music) (audience cheering) Or you’ll be standing some place, and a marching band will come by. And Disney has a way of
    taking a marching band and actually turning it into a show. (marching band playing dramatic music) But I think the best show at Disneyland, well it’s actually, it’s
    in this lake behind me. It’s called Fantasmic. It is a nighttime show. On busy days they do a twice a night. The second show will be the least busy. But if you here you should
    definitely check it out. They do fireworks over the castle, and they have another great nighttime show over at California Adventure
    called World of Color. You should also know that
    they offer dining packages along with these shows, so if you want to get a reserved seat, you can go online Disney’s website, book a dining package
    like at the Blue Bayou, it will include dinner and
    one of these FastPasses for reserved seating or
    reserved viewing area at the nighttime show. If you’re coming to Disneyland, you might plan to do some shopping. Disneyland has a lot of gift shops. I think some of the coolest ones are in the New Orleans area
    just around the Blue Bayou and outside the Pirates of the Caribbean. OC girl she really loves shopping here, and one of the stores here
    is its great dress store. Look at that cool dresses. But I think that’s the great
    thing about Disneyland, is that the stores, they’re
    not just crappy souvenirs, but actually they have really
    neat things in the shop. They’re kind of pricey, but a lot of shops have unique things. So spend some time, explore the different gift
    shops in the different lands. You’ll find different things,
    almost in each one of them. Last resort in Downtown Disney, there’s a huge World of Disney shop that has a lot of the things you’ll find in a lot of the stores,
    but not all of them. You’ll have to check out each one of them throughout the park. I promised I’d get back
    to Downtown Disney, and so here we are. Downtown Disney, it is a shopping
    and restaurant promenade. It connects California
    Adventure, Disneyland to the Disneyland hotel, which is the direction that I’m walking. So if you’re looking
    for sit down restaurants at normal prices, or things like that, check out Downtown Disney. So Downtown Disney area does
    not require any admission; so it’s free to come into Downtown Disney. So if you’re coming into
    Disneyland for a few days, you’ve got like an
    evening at the beginning, or a morning on the last day, great time to check this out. Also at park closing, Downtown Disney is typically open later. In Downtown Disney, there
    is also a movie theater, so you can watch AMC movies, and just over this way right here is the monorail station. You can take the Disney monorail, I’m gonna spin around this
    way so you can see it, it stops right here, the Disney monorail picks you up here and take you into Disneyland park. So that’s a quick way to get in. And then there’s two hotels
    that are in Downtown Disney. Right here is the Disneyland hotel, and then there’s also the
    grand Californian hotel. If you stay in the
    grand Californian hotel, that one has a special entrance that will take you into
    California Adventure just for hotel guests. Well hey, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this video. Now you know every thing you need to to visit Disneyland. If you enjoyed this video,
    you’d like to see more of them, like it every Sunday, every weekend, please click the subscribe button below or this yellow ball right
    here, or click here or here to watch some of our other videos from LA. You might like this one. It’s a 10 things to know about going to Universal
    Studios Hollywood, the other big theme park in the area. Alright, bye-bye.

    University Science Professor Moves into Shuttle Bus to Live Carbon Neutral
    Articles, Blog

    University Science Professor Moves into Shuttle Bus to Live Carbon Neutral

    August 18, 2019

    I’m Jeanine. I am a lecturer at San Jose
    State University. I am an ethno-ecologist. This is Lousã. She’s a min-pin. We live in
    The Champion. I was living in Northern California. I was renting these beautiful places out in the mountains at reasonable rates. I thought I need to
    switch this up. I remember this instant where I was driving behind a shuttle bus
    and the shuttle bus was making a left turn in front of me and I said, “that bus
    is good-looking. It’s shiny. It’s white. It has these huge windows all around it.
    If it’s a bus it must have its own air conditioning heating system”, and I had a
    bunch of leftover pension funds some of the tiny little ones that weren’t going
    to do anything because at that time the stock market wasn’t doing so great. Then
    I found a bus for exactly what my two pension funds put together. I bought the bus and I drove to Sacramento got a father-son team to put
    the floor in. I drove back to the place I was renting at the time. I moved
    everything out in one week. I basically took my studio bedroom and configured it
    to fit in the bus. As an ecologist I teach environmental science. I teach climate change. I teach living responsibly, living sustainably. I believe
    that I can’t be an honest authentic ethical teacher if I am not living
    exactly what I teach. Every year I’ve set a new goal for myself to live more
    sustainably. The next logical step was to live tiny, to live small. The thing with a
    lot of tiny homes is people build from new, build from scratch. I wanted to
    recycle and the best way to recycle was to get a bus. This is a Champion Challenger with an e450 engine. It’s a Ford engine with a shuttle bus chassis that would have fit
    I think 16 to 20 people and now it’s just me and a dog. This is a 45 watt
    panel connected to one battery which is the house battery that came with the bus.
    It has a ton of windows which is what I wanted it in my home. I wanted a lot of
    light. I installed screening all on one side of the bus. All of this furniture used to be in my bedroom studio. This bed which has been sawed to be half of its
    height. This screen allows me to keep all of my windows open and only partially
    curtained. I want to wake up with light and with being able to see all the trees
    that are around me, but I also want privacy. Much of the artwork is made by
    different artisans from tribes and tribal communities here in California.
    This is also from palmer lady who does some amazing designs. This palm is special to me. It’s Areca catechu which is a betel nut palm and that’s native to
    Southeast Asia and a third of my life is spent in Southeast Asia which is why I
    have an adopted family of the tato a clan of about 3,000 people. My dog Luca
    has her bed right down there and I also have a walk-in closet which most women want. This is my privy and it can also serve
    as a shower. This is the minibar. It’s a ladies
    traveling case and it has about 40 different liquors in it. This pantry is
    full of food. Most of my cooking is done on an induction cooktop but when I don’t
    have access to grid power I cook on a bio light stove that is filled with
    little tiny chips of Redwood. I built into my systems here there’s Plan A and
    Plan B and sometimes there’s even a Plan C so if I’m hooked into the grid I can
    use my two electric lights. I can run my electric heater and my induction
    stovetop. If I’m off-grid then I either use my battery-powered lights or use the
    solar panel and I use wood fuel to cook on. I made a decision to go with
    absolutely no propane because in becoming carbon neutral I wanted to
    maximize how I could generate my own electricity through solar. I didn’t want
    to be reliant on natural gas or on propane and also it’s dangerous. I felt
    really nervous about having propane around whether it was on the back of my
    bus or inside my bus. I have another pantry and the Yeti cooler. You would
    think that you’d want to use this for cooling but for me it’s better to store
    food in it because I would otherwise always have to be getting dry ice and
    this keeps my food more temperature stabilized. And for those of us who rely
    on chocolate in the middle of the summer either you have your chocolate in the
    refrigerator or you have your chocolate in the Yeti so I have two. One Yeti here and one Yeti cooler there and then I have a tiny little igloo fridge
    that is low enough wattage. This cloth here is handcrafted by the
    weavers in the Manggarai region in Indonesia where my adopted family lives
    and this is the harp that I am learning to play. That little white canister; that
    is the amount of trash I generate in a month to two months. The blue canister
    is dog food and the red canister are the little red wood chips that power my Biolite camp stove. This ficus tree is 17 years old. The mint
    is new. Every person should have aloe to have aloe available for any sort of
    stovetop burns or if overexposure to Sun. The first thing people said to me was,
    “where you going to park it?” and I was this clueless save who said, “oh, that’ll
    be no problem. I know some campgrounds down along the coast where you can camp for 500 bucks a month, 600 bucks a month”. During the off-season…pretty much after
    March April it goes right back up. But then when I realized as a professor I
    need to have a routine every fall semester, every spring semester, in the
    summer session, I needed an anchor. It took me a year to find a campground
    consortium where I can stay in these campgrounds for free based on a
    membership for three weeks at a time and then a girlfriend calls it renewing my
    visa but if I want to stay in the same campground I need to go out for a week
    and then come back in again. So then the challenge became okay where do I go for that week and because of the place where I am there are always
    Fairgrounds there are state park campgrounds within say about 20 mile
    radius of five or six different places where I can be or I can simply put The
    Champion in storage and go stay with some friends. Once I got over that
    initial hump of where can I be geographically so that I can be
    geographically stable and do my professional work, everything became so
    much easier. Every semester my students do group projects that make a difference
    in the world and this semester my students are helping me to become carbon neutral. We have set it up so that the students came to my tiny home to my bus
    they audited my entire life they came up with a range of figures of how many tons
    of carbon I am personally contributing to the atmosphere which is always
    embarrassing but as human beings we are going to contribute carbon. Once we
    crunched the numbers and figured out literally how many tea trees how many
    certain palm plants how much bamboo how much grass needs to be planted
    I will then get on the phone with my tato family and say, “okay, here you go”, and I will send the money over. I really like the idea that becoming carbon neutral I
    am now absolutely practicing what I preach. If I’m going to teach about
    climate change and how we humans are effecting climate change then I sure
    better be carbon neutral and I get to support my extended family in planting
    trees that will help build their homes that will provide bamboo for their
    baskets. Because of my background of having an
    adopted tribe as a family in Indonesia one of the phrases these folks have
    taught me is the phrase ‘All Our Relations’. Initially I thought they meant
    everyone we’re related to as our family or perhaps being relating to all humans,
    but now I understand that it means all living beings and so that phrase ‘All Our
    Relations’, which is something that you say as part of a ceremony or ritual or
    prayer means that you are understanding that we have a relationship with all
    living beings on the planet whether it is microscopic sulfur breathing bacteria
    at the bottom of the ocean or it is a Jaguar or a coyote or the forest or the
    waterway or the mountains. These are all our relations and so that is my family that’s who I care about.

    News Reporter Chooses Vanlife After Hiking Pacific Crest Trail
    Articles, Blog

    News Reporter Chooses Vanlife After Hiking Pacific Crest Trail

    August 18, 2019

    Hey everyone. I’m Liz Bryant and this is
    my Mercedes Sprinter Wild because I’m born wild and sprinting free. I hiked the
    Pacific Crest Trail in 2015 and it took me about five months to get from Mexico
    to the Washington border. After that I went back to normal life
    reporting at NBC San Diego as a reporter that you would see on the 5 and 6
    o’clock news. Within the six months of leaving the trail and going back to my
    career I thought to myself, “what are you doing? You just learned all about what
    adventure is and about what living life is and being out in nature.”
    I started looking at van life on Instagram. I came across it and then for
    the next year and a half researched it every single day. Finally I just said, “I’m
    not researching this anymore. I’m doing it.” Bought of 2016, a brand new at that
    time, Mercedes Sprinter and I just said “there’s always a back-up plan so just do
    it”, and I did it and I’ve never looked back. This is Wild.
    Wild is a 2016 Mercedes Sprinter 144 wheelbase. The van is a two-wheel drive
    not a four-wheel drive despite what people think because of my BF Goodrich
    all-terrain tires and I also have black rhino rims. I wanted the color to be
    monochromatic so black on black. Everything kind of matte that I could
    make matte black. So now let’s go around back where you might not think this is a
    big deal but not all sprinters come with a little step and I love this step. You
    can sit here and chill. Also I have a hitch for a bike rack or anything that I
    want to tow and then my favorite accessory on the outside this ladder
    bioluminesce. I have 200 watts of solar panels on my roof. Those are the Eclipse
    panels by Renergy. They were small enough to fit lengthwise. My Mercedes Sprinter
    did not come with running tracks or running rails. I glued my solar panels on
    with some really strong adhesive and then I put my Thule rack on. A big piece
    of advice for you is come up here and see if you have running rails or the
    tracks. Now let’s go inside, Wild where the beautiful white and blue interior is. The floor is extended. I bought it at a
    specialty store in San Diego. I felt that the laminate floor that I found at any
    other box store, they didn’t have that pretty wood grain. Now you probably think, “why in
    the world would she pick white as her color when it’s a van?” People are out
    adventuring, hiking, swimming, and then coming back in and getting super dirty.
    All of this fabric is stain proof. It’s by Perennials Fabric and it’s called
    acrylic dyed solution. I can spill red wine on it. I can put dirt all over it
    and I can just easily wipe it off so this is my bench that pulls out to a bed
    and then my windows vent so they’re teeny venting windows. I have one right here.
    I have one on the sliding door and then back in the kitchen area. I have extra
    storage under the bench slash bed an extra blanket, towels, and then a water
    bottle you can fill this with hot water and put it with you as you sleep then it
    keeps you warm and now let’s head to the kitchen. This is a quartz countertop and
    this is marble tile. People ask me, “how do you make sure that this doesn’t rattle
    off or shake off?” The marble tile was done with a lot of research so I called
    the company that has the adhesive in the grout and really talked with a customer
    service about what is going to ensure that there is no rattling and that
    there’s no tile falling off when I’m on a dirt road. My faucet extends and it has really good water pressure, watch this. Don’t want to waste water though cuz I only have 15 or
    16 gallons and it lasts me about a week. The other key element that you might not
    think of is that I wanted to make sure I had a really deep sink like you can see.
    The sink is 10 inches deep. I learned the lesson in San Diego that I needed a big
    sink because dishes pile up quite quickly and you’re not always motivated to
    do dishes every night. Oh, more dishes. I fill up my water tank by putting this
    funnel in this little hose and then just fill up your water and the pipe runs all
    the way back here to the water tank which is under the bed. So this is the Ramblewood
    cooktop and it’s one you see in a lot of vans and I don’t have one of those big 5
    gallon propane tanks that you refill. I have the little green canisters that you
    pick up from Walmart for I think it’s like $3- 3.15. This is an isotherm elegants
    fridge. I live off the peanut butter bars coconut water and juice so that’s really
    what all you’re gonna see in here. This is where my trash is and my cleaning
    supplies and my reusable grocery bags. Now everything in the van is white or
    blue and this is where I added some of the blue accents. These are two out of
    three of my light dimmers light switches and then this is where my water pump is.
    Now to the cupboard. This is where I store the silverware. This bin is all of
    my dishes and then pantry items lemons chips bulk items and all of my seasoning.
    Its shelving by the Container Store. It’s called Alpha. It’s super easy to get out.
    It just has clips on the side and you can take this right out and that’s how I
    change out my propane. I have this seamless look that I wanted and so mine
    is an inside lock. What you do is you push it and it locks and then you push
    it in to unlock it. And that leads us to the wet room. It is where I keep my shades for the
    back doors and where I keep the tempur-pedic topper that I cannot live
    without. Now this entire wet room is waterproof. The walls are made out of
    acrylic plastic and then this is my toilet. The toilet is self-contained so
    if I want to take a shower I totally can. I take out the tempur-pedic and I take
    out the toilet and then I have a portable shower that I just step in here
    and rinse off. These might be the most clothes you’re ever gonna see in van life.
    I have hanging clothes then I have more Elfa shelving which this is my active
    wear and my underwear. Everyday clothes more winter clothes and this is my
    bathroom drawer. At the bottom is my shoe storage. This is the sports closet. A
    leash from a surfboard. My camping backpack, camping chairs, yoga mat,
    longboard, wetsuit, hiking poles, have skis up on my Thule rack and then this is all
    my laundry. I also store goggles for swimming, an inflatable stand-up
    paddleboard up, and the Thule rack. I have flippers for the water too. So here’s my Vitamix. I’m a juicer. A bunch of towels. This location is so imperative. You don’t
    think about little things like this but I’ll be washing my face in the morning
    or at night or I’ll be doing dishes cooking and all I have to do is just
    reach up and get a towel from the pile. Backpacks and gym bags. This
    is my junk drawer and then this is another junk drawer. It’s the junk pen
    drawer and scissors drawer. This is a magnet wall and these containers just magnetize to it. This area has my solar control charger,
    my inverter, another light switch, my fridge switch and my voltage meter for
    my batteries. My table stores back here and it’s secured by a bungee strap and
    this is the most adored piece in the van. It’s made by a company San Diego
    Urban Timber. This is olive wood that I picked out.
    It was olive wood that was from a tree cut down in San Diego that would just go
    to the landfill but that company believes in saving all trees from the
    landfill and using it and then Jess the artist filled in the gaps with
    resin. Actually you don’t even hook it, you just slide it down on the base then it swivels all
    around. I sit here and I edit. I eat. I work whatever. Also this raises and
    lowers, if I wanted to. If you are trying to make a big change
    in your life give yourself a deadline and accomplish things in that timeline.
    This is what I did for my first big leap. I gave myself four or five months and each
    month I had a checklist. I made a goal like my apartment lease, take a safety
    course, research gear. That way I didn’t feel pressured and I felt prepared. My
    advice to someone who asks, “what do I do for work?” Honestly you have to figure
    that out yourself. I was just blessed with an NBC News
    career for seven years that transitioned me into having a video production
    company and that’s part of your journey. Write down what you’re passionate about
    and see how you can make that work remotely. Thanks for watching this week’s episode. If you enjoyed it be sure to like,
    comment, and subscribe. And thanks most of all to the Patrons. I really
    appreciate you supporting the channel. If you’re interested in becoming a Patron
    check the link in the description. And if you want to follow me just go to
    instagram @wildbythemile. See you soon. Have a great week, peace!

    Wind please go AWAY!! [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 81] (Ep.90)
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    Wind please go AWAY!! [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 81] (Ep.90)

    August 17, 2019

    We’re gonna start prepping the mast I’ve
    got to show you all my master splicing tricks and all of those are done and
    everything organized man ugh, so frustrating It’s 8 o’clock in the morning just
    dropped Simone off at the boat she’s busy editing to kick out another episode
    and here’s our list to do for today so we’ve got upholstery and we gotta sort out
    some rigging so I’ve got a collect rigging that’s waiting for us for the
    two fore stays then we have to phone southern ropes for our final order of
    all our new lines and some mooring lines and some rode. I always tell Ricky
    when you get a parcel wait till I can film you opening it do you think he does
    that no he’s too damn eager to open up his parcel. So our new two fore stays freakin
    awesome actually the first time I’ve ever played with the stuff other than
    obviously removing ours we’ve got a stay lock we’ve got our bottom
    turnbuckle this is a little one for inner fore stay ,guys we got to that stage where the mast is outside. We’re gonna start prepping the mast and
    I don’t mean prepping a sense of haylards and that. We’ve cleaned it and washed it
    and done all of that stuff terms of gear and that means installing our tricolour
    light with anchor light that’s below this very nice setup that they got, believe Lalizas does this they’re super nice really neat looking like that
    and we can do it because we are vessels just under 12 meters and this is for
    vessels just under 12 meters so we’re lucky on that we don’t have to do the two bow lights but we
    still need a steaming lighting we still need a we don’t actually need stern light
    because this one has one in the tricolor but we will install one anyways at the back
    mount for our VHF aerial and that looks like that’s one of these whip tips.
    and this is also AIS enabled one probably a later stage we’re probably
    gonna change it and run a secondary aerial to run the AIS independently but since
    our VHF has AIS built in we’re gonna run with one of these those will connect
    up with simple bracket that mounts in goes in there , thought about figured out
    how to mount this bracket in large spot that it’s not in the way of anything
    else and then we got our anemometer that we need to mount with Raymarine they come with a nice
    little base bracket mounted like that probably have it aft facing so that if
    we peek out of the out of the Dodgers it will be very easy to see if we put it to either
    side we might have a bit of a shadow or whatever we’re gonna put it to the back
    that backwards something like that there we got our deck lights, pretty much shines
    on on a well, workinglight, deck light shines on on the deck of the boat so
    that we can see everything at night if we were working if we want to do
    something something goes wrong we could turn that light on a good good light and
    then we got to have our steaming light on there and then our radar and this bad
    boy Quantum Raymarine, so awesome, we bought this
    in the beginning of the project and maybe thankful that we did because we
    have we gotten to this stage might have not been able to afford one, we would have allocated the money to
    other more important things but radar always a great great thing to have and
    yeah we luck to have got one. Here’s our steaming light for vessels less than 12 meters according to the call regs.
    what’s great about those lights that come with these and it’s a 3M double sided tape so all i’m gonna do is put it on drill the holes that need to be drilled
    and screw/tap into that One of the things i’ve discovered lately is using 3M VHB tape as a dissimilar metal barrier, so a barrier between stainless and aluminum ,slap
    some 3M VHB tape there it adheres to and then you can do your fasteners onto that, got
    some of this stuff Duralac tough to get here in South Africa for some reason
    can’t seem to find it, not much around but there’s a guy I helped out with some other
    stuff one of the old sailors helping him with some other gear and he says use
    this and I have seen this all along this mast it’s been green stuff read up a little about it, seems to be pretty good anti corrosive joining
    compound inhibits electronic corrosion between dissimilar metals so
    yeah so if you guys can get a hold of that seems to be good so all the connections we did with
    those and if you don’t know them it’s a solder and then two seals and
    then a heat shrink and over that I put two heat shrinks to seal everything up on top of that. We drilled
    the holes in the bracket that our radar sits on the electronics will only be
    mounted once the mast is already up We then ran all the wire through the mast
    for our lights and connected them up I didn’t get a bracket with the with the
    light obviously you never get brackets with the lights so gonna make one
    just got a piece of stainless steel that is lying around piece of scrap
    marked all my lines where I need to do bends and then the line where I need to cut off and
    we’re gonna fit it over here, we’re gonna have a little steaming light over here
    and our that’s our deck light working light so that’s the bracket pretty much as you
    can see and will rivet it on to the mast over there , we’ll just bend them in a bit
    more thosee tabs and it will be done! putting some of this Duralac stuff it’s
    just to isolate the two material from one another some VHB tape there on the back
    to just to isolate it from the mast to and it’s purely a barrier we just got this little power pack
    it’s a 12-volt power pack and all we’re doing is just testing the light to make
    sure that everything works then I check the tricolor up top. Sweet! sweet Moses helped us out the weekend
    and we got started with our rigging a little bit of corrosion there and on top
    that’s for our Furler so we’re just gonna clean all of that up nicely Lube it up
    maybe even add some anti-corrosion compound and put everything back
    together and inspect all the pins replace all the split pins So this is what she looks like before.. As you can see there’s just a single strap over
    there and then just have you have to take either one of the back stays and
    what I’m going to do is I’m going to standardize these holes are not standard
    I want to go to 13 ml I’m going to get another plate to this like that’s recut
    and then we’ll go down to the standard which is a 13 ml hole and then like
    that’s the whole rig is standard if we need to get gear anywhere it’s easy to get make new
    pins and it will fit, we’ve got a new strap for the other side
    These pins have been in there without compound so they a little bit tight and a little
    bit seized we’re just gonna smack it out that’s pretty much how how our two back stays
    are gonna be, the only thing that’s going to change here is that plate we’re gonna make a new
    plate on Monday with all the wires metal supplies closed today so that’s a set
    up for front one it’s going to go on to a stay lock we have a Norseman here but
    it’s gonna take us a stay lock up front Check at this wind the windsock over there, check at that windsock
    forecast is gusting 45 knots clearly what happens with this marina if it
    blows from the west it flattens everything out but if it was the east
    there’d be one heck of a swell in here on to these dead eyes we’ve got the dead
    eyes which we got from Kraken Luke in the US and we’re gonna make all of these
    lashings so there’s our super 12 from southern
    ropes we’re gonna get all of that turned into these so that we ready hopefully
    Monday to get it on so one of those things have been really on my mind to
    talk to you guys about is doing a boat build in like an open area like
    we’ve done exposed to the elements 24/7 seven days a week and if anyone knows PE
    they’ll know how brutal this environment is the wind pumps here it’ll be sunshine
    in the morning will be raining this afternoon and you’re trying to build a
    boat outside it’s freaking tough so if anyone’s ever considering doing a boat
    build or a refurb or something try your best to kind of get it to somewhere even
    if it’s upper stream somewhere into a little warehouse or something like that
    just to help you out a bit because the weather will really sometimes get you
    down but yeah I think Simone needs some help let me go help her out, at least we got some indoor
    splicing today I’m gonna show you all my master splicing tricks I’ve only been
    doing this for like two months.. no you’ve been doing it since Luke taught you.. joking been here since Skywalker has been
    here so Luke left me a whole bunch of these goodies like this thing I think he
    said this is to start the engine when it doesn’t fail.. Marlin spike. ah Simone knows them! it’s got some of these these apparently
    to do shoelaces .. fids.. splicing fids..I’m clever hey!! Too smart! Simone;s got it she’s got it down
    thanks to Luke well it’s not as neat as when Luke left it here. Luke check
    at this what is going on at this box and all of those are done and
    everything organized so we got each one attached to a sexy Deadeye man so
    frustrating so we’ve prepped up the mast pretty much we’ve run our rigging on the
    mast we’re ready to haul up the mast but do you think the weather plays right
    with us no, this wind never freakin stops which is great for sailing but really
    crappy when you have to work so we’re trying to finish up our little things
    that we still have to do and hopefully the weather clears up sometime this week so
    that we can hoist up the mast So all our Dyneema rigging is run.. check out those are the custom spreader
    tips that we put that we made out of HDPE and check theres our oh man almost
    looks like carbon fiber but it ain’t it’s super 12 from southern ropes
    with chafe sleeve cover on it and now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna seize these
    tips on so we’re gonna literally will run lines over in a figure eight like
    that so it’s secure and doesn’t move so that’s what the mast looks like at the
    moment VHF aerial super awesome LED light and that’s where anemometer is
    gonna go plug in to there I just took it off because I don’t want it hanging outside
    here, secondary fore stay that I made out of Dyneema out of super 12 just for
    the moment so we can get the gauge length
    there’s our backstay’s check how nice that looks man now that’s another one’s
    missing cause I’m waiting for that toggle for the guys to bring the
    toggle , there’s our solid thimbles and the whole rig is done like that check at
    that man that’s beautiful whole mast is set up
    Show you down here what it looks like our white steaming light
    Also LED with our deck light Hella, so we’re gonna have lots of good
    light at night you want a party on the decks so yeah the only thing we need to
    do, our furlers on the side see that long aluminum one there that’s a
    furler and we still got the drums at Basil’s house hopefully we’ll get out to
    that this week get it all done all the wirings in conduit in there and those
    lines are all gonna get replaced with new lines but for now we are ready to go up It’s Wednesday today, we’ve been
    waiting since Monday for a crane and obviously cause we trying to get the
    discount the crane can only come on the day that they’ve got work inside the
    harbor so we wait for them for those days and when they pitch up then we just
    use them once they’re done with the other work that they need to do first
    and then obviously it’s at a much reduced price much cheaper so it’s
    affordable for us to do it and that’s going to get our mast on but the boat is
    looking sweet check at that anchors on everything’s
    finishing up real good gotta give you guys a better view! check at that get my
    head out of it , that looks awesome man,so much work, year and a half down the line and we’re finally
    getting ready launch super excited just wanna freakin go sailing
    already travel eat food surf not that I can surf but we’ll try something check at those
    bad ass solar panels 1000 watt’s baby let’s get to work don’t forget to
    subscribe below if you haven’t already and give us a thumbs up if you’d like to
    support our production you can do so viaany of the links in the description below
    and have an awesome week Stay tuned till next week where we hopefully.. get our mast up.

    Attempted robbery! – The darker side of sailing around the world! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 127
    Articles, Blog

    Attempted robbery! – The darker side of sailing around the world! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 127

    August 17, 2019

    [? They got ?] [? it. ?] Hey. Hey. Over here, over here. Over here. Brady, over here. Brady. Kazza, what’s happening? Is it a guy right there? Yeah, he’s right here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Previously on Delos– we do
    some more underwater exploring, we have one final sail
    with Greg and Cheyenne, and we say a sad
    goodbye to Camilla. It was 3 AM and we
    had just been woken up by an incredibly loud noise. We ran out on deck
    to find someone attempting to steal our dinghy, Kazza, what’s happening? Is it a guy right there? Yeah, he’s right here. [INAUDIBLE] We had come home early that
    night and did as we always do, lift Maggie a few meters out of
    the water, turn out the lights, and crawl into bed. Unfortunately, a
    local from the village thought it would be a good
    idea to paddle out and see if he could get his hands
    on our outboard motor. Once he realized the motor alone
    would sink his little canoe, he decided to stand up and
    cut through the haylard that was holding all 150
    kilos of Maggie. The ridiculously loud noise
    of Maggie falling two meters onto his canoe woke
    us up immediately. I turned the deck lights on and
    ran outside with a flashlight to find a man standing
    in Maggie, attempting to paddle her away. Half naked and half
    asleep, my first reaction was to yell, hey you, [BLEEP],,
    which scared him enough for him to dive out of the dinghy and
    disappear into the dark water surrounding us. Brian appeared with a
    machete, also yelling and screaming like a crazy man. Get the [BLEEP] out of
    here, you son of a [BLEEP].. We immediately
    sprung into action, jumping into Maggie just
    before she drifted away. We re-tightened the outboard
    motor and began the chase. There was no way we were
    letting this asshole get away without trying to capture
    his face on camera. Where’s he at? He’s right under the boat. Right here, right here. Under the water. Swimming back over. This dude was an
    incredible diver, going back and forth
    under the keel of Delos and least six or seven times. He’s over here, Brady. He’s right here. So [BLEEP] scary, though. He’s over here. Our plan was to scare him, scare
    the shit out of him, actually. And hopefully get
    him in the dingy and take him to
    the police station. Hey, I’m going to
    get you [BLEEP].. Don’t [BLEEP] I don’t
    know if I like this. I know he’s [BLEEP] tired. He’s right here. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] Is there just one of them? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Come here. Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Come here
    in the [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I don’t– They’re going to
    get him in the boat. It’s– I mean– he’s
    a [BLEEPING] pissed, but you don’t– I don’t know. We don’t want him to drown. We don’t want to hurt him. So the boy’s getting him now. [INAUDIBLE] No, no, no Don’t let him rest. Don’t let him rest. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] All right, starboard. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] We’re not going
    to kill you, bro. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] We’re not going to kill you. He doesn’t want to go
    in the boat, though. Yeah, get his face. Get his face. But it’s– No, no, no [INAUDIBLE] Blurry. [INAUDIBLE] He’s slippery, bro. You almost had him. [INAUDIBLE] He’s hard to grab, bro. OK. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Guys. Brian, do you want to call
    somebody or should we– Yeah shouldn’t we be calling? Nah, we’ll get him first. He’s right here. Well, I mean, he’s never
    going to hand himself in. Yeah, he’s not. After a while, we figured
    it would be a good idea to call some of
    our local friends, get some advice on what to do. After all, we were in
    Madagascar and wanted to play by the local rules. The security guard. Should we call, like,
    Bruce Bruce or Rudy? Yeah, I think he swam to the
    other boat and [BLEEP] I mean, it’s really dark out tonight. Must be just like hanging on. It’s no moonlight. Yeah, he might be
    hanging onto something or is drifting, right? If he drifts down it’s
    real hard to see him. So I think we’re going
    to try to call somebody to figure out what to do. But, I don’t know. Yeah. I kept hearing
    these crazy noises and I thought the bow of
    the dinghy was full of water because it was like banging
    and making a weird noise. then I just got this [BLEEP]
    feeling, a really bad feeling. So I flipped the
    lights on on deck and came out with a
    flashlight and somebody had cut the halyard for the dinghy. Really? And was trying to fucking
    steal the outboard in a sinking canoe. Like, [BLEEP] is he going to do? Absolutely didn’t
    think about it at all. His canoe is totally
    under water and it’s gone and he’s trying to steal
    our massive outboard. Trying to swim to
    another boat to lose us. Come on, let’s go
    over there, quick. [? Go, ?] go. Why do people do shit
    like this, though? Like, what the [BLEEP]. I don’t know, it just
    makes me really sad. Like a beautiful place
    like this and then can just be completely
    destroyed, in a way, by people think that it’s OK to
    steal from other people. It’s just real shit. Just makes me sad. No luck? Nah, we lost him. We’re going to try
    and find his canoe. So I just need
    Mares dive lights. Can you [INAUDIBLE] I think we– I think
    we lost him in the dark and he’s something
    between the boats and we couldn’t
    get him on board. We kept grabbing him and his
    shirt kept ripping apart. But we found the canoe. And he probably stole it
    so if we collect the canoe and hopefully we have
    this face then we can maybe track him down. So the guys have
    just gone off now and there’s a lot of
    whistling going on and I think quite a few
    other boats are now awake. And I feel like it’s
    [? something that’s ?] going on at land. So maybe he got into land. I’m just happy other
    people are awake because then at least
    other people can help and locals can be more– I don’t know. I don’t like when it’s just
    the guys because you never know even– I mean, what do you
    even do with somebody? If we would have
    caught him, like– I guess we all have
    different feelings about it but for me it’s
    like, I don’t know. Like, if you want to get
    involved with the police in that way in here. I mean, Madagascar
    is amazing but I don’t think you want to get
    involved the police here, unfortunately. And me and Cheyenne
    are having a cup of tea because I need to calm down. Have you ever been
    robbed before, Cheyenne? From my locker in high school. Not like this. Yeah. It’s definitely
    a little sketchy. And it’s different when
    you’re in a country. Like, it’s not in Sweden
    where you can call the police, 911, boom, somebody’s there
    in 10 minutes, you know? It’s different. You have to deal
    with it yourself. You have to take action
    that you don’t need to in another country. Yeah. Yeah, just trying to stay calm. Where it’s like
    you said, back home it’s like you call someone
    else to come and help you. Where here there’s
    five of us and we all have to help each
    other and then look out for all of these people’s
    boats and make sure that everybody is like
    aware of what’s going on. Yeah. So it’s good that you
    got a shot of his face because now at least there’s a
    name to what’s been going on. Yeah. And it looks like
    there’s a spotlight search from– is that a boat? Do you see that? Is that the boys? Every once and a while. See that? Yeah, that’s probably them. Meanwhile, we were
    scouring through the jungle with about 10 of the locals. After a few hours of searching
    the sun started to rise and we called it off. The thief had escaped
    into the darkness. What a manhunt that was. Did you find him? No. Very close. Really? Very close a few times. He was up in the jungle. I think they saw him
    climbing the rocks here. Yeah, we spent the
    last couple of hours in the jungle
    trying to track him. No luck. No luck. Torches started
    dying and he gone. He’s gone. I think he was in his canoe
    trying to take the outboard off and that wasn’t working
    because it’s so fucking heavy. Ah, yeah. And he’s probably like– Because when you lift
    it the whole thing– The whole front, exactly. Goes up, right? So then he’s like, OK. So you have to be two
    people in two canoes to be able to push
    [? straight to ?] front. Yeah. So then he’s probably
    standing there next to it and just started
    cutting the lines and those were the loud
    noises that sounded like the anchor was pulling. Every time you cut a
    line the dinghy’s like– and then he had it. I mean, it was gone. It was loose. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah it was– He cut all the lines and
    the bow line was cut. Really? Yeah. It was floating right
    next to the boat when me and Brady came out. Yeah. I just stepped into
    it and then we– It was like this fucking close. Another, 10, 15
    seconds and it would have been drifting that way. We came out and it was gone. I mean it, I had pieces of
    shirt that kept ripping. Yeah. Then you’d grab his arm and
    he was a little slippery. Real slippery. Madagascar [INAUDIBLE]. We got a canoe. We got a canoe. That’s pretty cool. We did. Yeah, we found his canoe. I’m happy you guys didn’t get
    hurt or witness any brutality. Yeah, I was on
    the way back and I started seeing there
    was probably 10 people involved looking for him. And on the way back,
    we passed the people that were on the
    trail if he ran out, and they all had
    knives and rocks. And we’re like, well, maybe
    they’ll hit him a few times and then grab him and
    take them to the police. Or maybe their brain will
    flip and then he’s dead. I don’t think the
    kid deserves to die. No. That’s what we were saying, too. He deserves to get the shit
    scared out of him like he did. And he deserves to get caught. It sucks because we’re
    not going to sleep well and every little noise
    is going to wake us up. That’s the worst part
    about it is [INAUDIBLE].. The last time it happened
    it took months for me to be able to sleep again, you know? Yeah. So we have some
    boys here that think that they know who
    the canoe belongs to and they want to take it. I don’t think they
    speak good French and they definitely
    don’t speak English. And French is shit. But it sounds like they
    know the owner of the boat. The chances that it was his
    canoe is pretty slim, right? Yeah, I don’t think
    it would be his. He looked quite young. I don’t know,
    generally the people that own the canoes
    that are proper fisherman they’re not
    bad people, you know? They have a livelihood
    and they like the sea and they kind of have a
    respect for each other. So it could be his
    uncles or it could be somebody that knows him, right? Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Sorry about that. Huh? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] They’re like, shit. I don’t think they knew
    that we [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Brady, it’s true? You got to have picture of– Yes, on my phone. On your phone? Yes. You can show me the face? Yes. Yeah. Yeah, we can. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Things are happening. I don’t know what but people
    are gathering and talking. We’re going to carry
    it on to dry land. Only one guy, no? Yeah, one guy. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I don’t know what
    they’re saying but it sounds– they said a few names. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Is he black? Yes. Yes. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Maybe young, young too. Yeah, he’s young. 20 maybe. 20. About 20. Yeah. Or something. Not much more. You don’t know? Or you recognize him,
    but don’t know the name? [INAUDIBLE] Yes, yes. Yeah, we know his name. Oh you do? And he’s the guy who
    makes something wrong here every time, every time. Last night only one
    person, just him. Yeah. Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I know this face. I know this face. Yeah? I’m 80% sure. Yeah? I’m 80% sure. Who’s the canoe? Huh? Who does the canoe. This canoe is for the man who
    will help you to bring it here. The man who has the cab. I asked him who
    asked you yesterday for the [NON-ENGLISH]. Anyone ask to ask me
    for the [NON-ENGLISH],, he just kept the [NON-ENGLISH] Do you think he stole
    it last night from– Yeah he stole this
    [NON-ENGLISH] and– OK, so those kids had no idea. They were just like, my dad told
    me to come get his canoe back. And we were like, no, it’s ours. So we were apparently
    80% sure who the thief was by this point. Over the past year,
    things had gone missing from a few other yachts. In fact, our friends had
    their laptops stolen not long before this incident. The system here in
    Madagascar is a bit different than most places. Matters like this
    would normally be taken care of by the village itself. They call the village justice
    and it actually works really well for crime prevention. If you’re caught
    doing something wrong, you are shamed and
    possibly beaten. If the offense is really
    bad and you’re directly affecting the livelihood
    of the other villagers, there’s a chance
    you will be killed. There is no room for dishonesty
    among the culture here. But we were foreigners, and
    the last thing we wanted was to get mixed up
    in village justice. So we called the police. We called the police. Yeah. And we’re going to show them
    this guy and the picture [? of you ?] and then– So Bruce called the local
    [? agent ?] [? amery, ?] the local police department and
    his friend that is the police officer there. So they don’t feel the
    need to come down here. Bruce said that we’ll make a
    report, print the pictures, and then we’ll come and
    we’ll give it to Bruce and he’ll translate it in to
    Malagasy and then he’ll go and he’ll take it to the
    police station later today. OK. So– And then we’ll see. If Bruce wants to do that. It’s not like we’re– Yeah, no, he said
    this is the best plan. Or else he said it’s
    just like you just leave it and you’re
    just, OK, well let’s just be lazy about it and he said– And then he’s going to be
    out there next month, too. Yeah. We’re about to go in and
    give our official statement. Da da da. Wherever that is. [INAUDIBLE] And I’ve printed
    out some pictures of our little [BLEEP]. It totally looks like a
    wanted poster, doesn’t it? It does. And Brian put this little
    thing together just in case the police have a
    computer with a USB. The thief of Madagascar. We weren’t the first people
    to have problems around here. Everyone from the
    local village was pretty sure they knew who
    was causing all the trouble. The only problem was no
    one could ever prove it. Everyone wanted to come and have
    a look at the thief in action. So Bruce has just finished
    translating everything into Malagasy and he even
    wrote on behalf of the marina, too, how important the
    matter is because it’s not normal around here
    and it ruins tourism and it ruins
    sailors coming here. It’s a beautiful place and
    if one person can ruin it, nobody will come here anymore. And they understand that
    here for tourism, you know? So all the local
    fishermen around here and everybody that
    works here and everybody in the closest
    village is very, very against this sort of thing. I think we’ll go to
    the police station. The police station
    in [NON-ENGLISH].. OK. Just five kilometer or
    six kilometer from here. OK, not far. They won’t let us film
    in the police station anyway so we’ll just go and
    turn this stuff in and see what they say. Sounds good. Maitenant? Yes. OK. The story. So– Oui, oui, oui. So Bruce took me to the police
    department in [INAUDIBLE] way on the top of the
    hill somewhere. And we gave them the
    form and the photos and it was pretty cool. They had computers in
    there so I was able to– and he had a hard drive
    so I used the tablet and transferred the video
    and they loved it, man. They were trotting around
    watching the video like, oh, look at him. Laughing their ass off. And they said, we need to
    go see the local security force because the police–
    there is not enough police to do anything about it. Yeah. But there’s like a private
    security force that’s here. It’s 30,000 ariary per
    security guy to go capture him. So how many security guys? Three? Three. So now I go with
    this man to find him. If he’s really at
    home or not and then I phone them and come
    now and they [INAUDIBLE].. We need to capture him,
    he’s bad for the clients, for the tourism, and
    that’s really bad for us too here for the marina. And for the future of the
    marina it’s very, very bad. Yeah. And we need to make some
    example, something like that. The little [INAUDIBLE],, the
    Windows tablet, game changer. High five. They were like, what? You caught it on video? Never seen any crime
    caught on video before. And it’s on this
    little tablet thing? Like, what? And then the guy
    has a hard drive and he’s like, put it on here? I was like, yeah. They were like, whoa. And then he watched it on
    his computer like 10 times. He was like, aw, look
    at him, ha ha ha. Luis. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] OK. OK, so they said that
    they captured him. So it sounds like– oh no, no [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]. It sounds like they
    got him, I think. And he’s like, they’re going
    to meet at the local police station just up
    here for us so if we want to go and make sure it’s
    him we can have a look at him. Let’s go. Let’s do it. So we’re going to organize
    a taxi to go up there. It’s kind of weird because
    you never really, like– You never get closer. You never get closure. I think– That’s what the
    guy was telling me. It’s like, we
    never get a reason, we never know who it
    is, we never have– They wake up and
    their shit’s gone. Maybe they see
    somebody swimming away but they never can capture it
    and they don’t know who it is. And if this is the guy
    then it’s great, man. It’s kind of like
    an episode of Cops. And then things got
    even more bizarre. We met Bruce on the
    side of the road. A few guys who we assume to
    be the private security force piled into the back
    of the taxi with us. It turns out one of those
    dudes was the thief. What’s up Bruce Bruce? Yeah? How are you? Fine, and you? Yes. The man is just here. So– Yeah, that’s the one. From last night? Oui? Yeah. Are you sure? Yeah. Yep. The same dude we were
    chasing in the dinghy and swinging paddles
    at last night was sitting right
    next to Greg and Brian in the back of the taxi. And you guys? Are you sure? I need to see him in the light. OK, hold on. Wed need you to
    put the light on. Put the light. I can see your– Video. Yeah, yeah. Oui, oui. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Yeah, I mean, look at that one. Oui, oui. As soon as I saw him
    and the light, I– Yeah. I see. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Cool, man. Well Madagascar
    justice actually works. Who knows what’s going
    to happen after this. And it was civilized
    justice, so far. Very civilized. Nobody’s– I mean, he just– Nobody– We got in the taxi with
    him which surprised me. That’s kind of awkward. That was a little awkward. You’re like, dude, I was trying
    to smash your face in last night and catch you in the
    jungle and now you’re– And now we’re paying for
    a taxi ride to take you to the [NON-ENGLISH]. Yeah. OK. It’s very weird situation. I think– I’m glad the girls didn’t come. [INAUDIBLE] They would have been
    like sitting in your lap with him next to them. I think that’s a
    bit traumatizing. Yeah. Yeah. Looks like he accept. He accepted. He accept. He says, it was me. To be there on the boat. OK. He said it was him last night. Confession, 100%. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] OK, go. OK, OK, OK. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] So he accept. He accept. He admitted. Accept. Yeah, yeah, accept. Because he don’t want to– because the [INAUDIBLE]
    they force him, they force him again and
    again and he accept finally, you know? And they know the
    [NON-ENGLISH] on his face– From the fight. Yeah. Yeah. But let’s go now. OK, let’s go now. We did good today. Yeah. The thief ended up
    spending about two months in the local jail. After learning more
    about him it turned out he was a young
    father without a job and was trying to make ends
    meet and provide for his family. This is in no way an
    excuse, but his story is pretty universal worldwide. Just like in every
    other city in the world, if you leave things of value
    around or leave your house or car unlocked,
    there’s bound to be an opportunistic
    thief looking to take advantage of the situation. The friendliness and
    honesty of the locals here reminded us that Nosy
    Be, Madagascar is just like everywhere
    else in the world– 99% friendly, honest, and safe. Unfortunately, all it
    takes is one incident for word to spread and people
    to have a preconceived notion about a place. We have never found
    Madagascar to be dangerous and will not let this
    one-off experience change our perception of this
    paradise we love so much. So, it is our last dinner. Oh, shit. The last supper. I cannot believe. How do you guys feel about
    inviting a bunch of strangers on your boat? Just us. Oh yeah, we were
    kindred spirits before. I feel like I already knew you. I already knew you guys. Are we wicked awesome? Wicked awesome. Yeah. Wicked smart. Wicked smart. Thank you guys for
    being such a good crew. [MUSIC PLAYING] So, it’s 6:30 in the morning. I just woke up and
    we fly out today. And I don’t know if
    I’m ready to fly out. There’s been quite a lot
    of commotion the past day. And we had somebody
    try and steal Maggie. I was kind of, pretty
    shaken up by at first, just to be woken up by
    somebody else on the boat. Then you have mornings
    like this that are so calm and there’s such a
    beautiful sunrise and there’s already fishermen
    waving and so many happy people that it’s like, you
    just know it’s going to be OK. I just want to say,
    thank you guys. And I’m going to
    miss you all a lot. [BLEEP] But no tears because
    adventures will happen again. Everything’s packed. Sadly. Unfortunately. I know. Thank you so much for having us. It was such a pleasure to meet
    you guys and we will see you in [? Aman. ?] All right, it sounds good. Thank you so much. Our pleasure. It was awesome. You guys were an awesome crew. Thank you. Great crew. So much. You fit in so well. [INAUDIBLE] sad. Absolute legends, mate. It was a wicked awesome trip. Wicked awesome kid. Dude. Dude, it was killer. Bye, see you soon. Bye. And just like that, it
    was only three left. [PLAYING GUITAR] Next up on Delos– we celebrate Kazza
    birthday in style. I’m the king of the world. Not really, but
    it’s my birthday. A beautiful day
    filled with diving, exploring, and watching
    a solar eclipse. (SINGING) Count the
    stars, I’m fighting sleep. So let it wash over me. I’m ready to lose my feet. Take me out to the
    place where [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] First thing in the morning. It’s a wrap. (SINGING) –wake up
    [INAUDIBLE] part of me. [INAUDIBLE] I’m
    blind [? to see ?] find how far she go. Everybody got their reason. Everybody got their way. We just catching and releasing
    what beats [INAUDIBLE] today. Like it? I like it a lot. (SINGING) –your body. It flows right
    through your blood.

    $3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos
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    $3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos

    August 17, 2019

    what’s happening I’ve been waiting for you to start oh I’m starting we’ve been a fish episode we’ve done a taco episode today we’re doing fish tacos that’s all right tell you out there Stephen close your eyes okay you hear the crashing of the waves smell the ocean air imagine putting a perfectly cooked piece of fish into your mouth right now I am salivating now transport yourself to under a bridge next to the freeway 14 miles from here no stop stop the dream you know what happens under highways that’s where we’re going now sketchy things bro sketchy things happen at the beach then worth it we’re going to be trying three fish tacos at three drastically different price points to find out which one is the most worth it and its price because Stephen all of the best fish tacos are not at the beach we’re heading to Silver Lake to a taco truck called Ricky’s fish taco listen folk I do not appreciate having us leave the beach but I have had these fish tacos before they are delightful but come on you can’t just bring me to the beach and then leave the beach beach please hi my name is Ricardo Pina we’re at Ricky’s fish tacos I had the idea of making the fish tacos in LA because the lack of original recipes for Ensenada sell fish tacos actually I got the recipe from a mom my sister and my grandma put it all together and apply it to the rush rush of LA was it something that she was making it home for you know actually I’m the first stucco guy in the family I went to school to be a lab technician but in that I’ve been at the care of a good Ensenada style fish taco calls for wheat flour oregano mustard mayo fried and large I use a lot more oregano a lot more mustard so it’s a more flavorful batter yes the deep fryers all the flavors fly out of the batter with that kind of temperature kiss is boiling so you add a little extra in order to maintain the flavors in it how do you achieve a really crispy piece of fish ah lard heats up faster than oil we and alert to go into the fish so i period the fish as it’s frying you get moist melt-in-your-mouth fish with a crispy crust I can hear your lab technician background coming through right now a good fish tackle should be able to bring you back to Ensenada shredded cabbage which doesn’t go bad without refrigeration as fast as lettuce back in the fifties in Ensenada that you didn’t have refrigeration when I started my recipe nine years ago I didn’t stop until I tried it and he tasted like my favorite fish taco place in Ensenada the smell of fried stuff yeah the aroma around this truck is delicious almost perfume like okay so I mean it’s off these bad boys up 20 recommend that we try it don’t leave the red because great the smokiness of the roasted tomatoes and the hell opinions with because the fish that go okay let’s go straight down the head we go didn’t chairs like a horse that you taught math here’s a controversial statement oh I think that fish might be a better fried food than chicken oh wow please defend yourself because they’re gonna be some mad people out there it’s how soft the flesh stays on the inside here at Ricky’s this particular better get so crispy then we got another like a really named new rash pretty good eating calm crispy yeah and you put your foot in the shoe and it feels soft oh yeah like the best sneaker that might be the best technology you’ve ever had a mango so good okay more I think we should do a lobster talk yes I have to ask about the lobster taco is that actually a very common taco from Ensenada not from Ensenada for no sorry there is a place for Puerto Nuevo lobster fishing village they serve Pacific lobster with salt pepper paprika and garlic butter so I wanted to bring that to lobster chairs oh that’s good I like how this is a very affordable would eat lobster your lover seven bucks boom you might roll your eyes at a lobster taco but if nothing else this proves that Ricky is a great all-around chef and is not just in the frying game look he’s a scientist Ricky’s a fish scientist yes is that what we actually learned that’s right let’s get out of here maybe only thing that would have made that better is that I was eating that at the beach I was an amazing fish taco it was so hot and crispy and crisp and now I need to cool my mouth down ice cream top perfect look at that sucker why doesn’t mine already look worse than yours out of the bag must have squeezed it too hard oh that’s good the taco shape is great for ice cream though because it allows you to bite the ice cream and your teeth don’t get cold fish taco back time fish taco bag any day of the fact the people of my pounds per what year that’s it yeah I was thinking to be a lot more no way yeah we gotta up our fish consumption so we’re on our way to a place called hold off a fine seafood restaurant in a food port near USC so once again we are not going to the beach correct [Music] my name is Alberto subpoena we’re here at Hull boss restaurant in Mercado La Paloma in Expo Park Holly Bosch is a regional coastal Mexican restaurant that works with sustainable high quality local seafood the heart of Mexican seafood is fresh ingredients seasonality and simplicity the purest way of eating seafood to a rock or wood grill we’re here to try a kampachi fish taco the anatomy of a taco is pretty standard across all of Mexico you have a tortilla then you have a protein usually there’s a fat component and like street tacos that’s what makes the flavor really pop this fish in particular the kampachi has the fattiness to give you that full mouth feel so fish comes in straight from the farm the blue agriculture back up on you our fish taco is skinned on we try to use as much of the fish as possible if the skin is delicious use it seasoned just with sea salt that’s it gets that very important ingredient which is the smoke from the fire that smoke takes me back to cooking fish on the beach back home in the Yucatan while the fish is cooking masa made for us by a Molina in East LA that’s been doing it for like thousand years maybe like 50 years we want the flavor of the fish we cook it to medium well this is a fish that is beautiful if it’s slightly undercooked our pico de gallo a little bit of motif that sauce motif is a smoked dried chili a little drizzle of that helps accentuate the sweetness of the fish alright guys this is a wood-grilled kampachi fish taco awesome did you smell that oh yeah look at this giant chunk of meat taco Cheers hey my pants appear that is ridiculous with the fear of sounding hyperbolic this is the most perfectly blended balance of ingredients I think I’ve had in a taco before this might be the best constructed single bite of fish I’ve ever had including the best sushi I’ve ever had Oh No you’ve had the best sushi in the world this is right up there with it what more can you say it was over too soon but another thing that I would like you guys to try is agua chili it’s a northern Mexican thing very very popular in Sonora Sinaloa California it’s a marinade made with lime juice water cilantro and spicy green serrano peppers we add a little bit of cucumber to it to give a little bit of sweetness we’re gonna be pairing it with beautiful Santa Barbara spot prawns one of the great products of Southern California marinated in the Iowa chili little bit of avocado then we fry up the heads of the ponds and serve them as a crispy garnish on the plate it’s a great little appetizer which would be my first bite the head the head right of all the crunch of the shell why are we not even shrimp like this all the time I’m gonna start with a little scallop action Oh God this is right there yeah it’s sweet like fruit it’s ocean for it oh my god shrimp is ridiculous whoa the first thing I noticed what the one this it’s in this rather bleep long one you know like people who have gone too far with their lip filler and it’s uncomfortably plum this is borderline uncomfortably plum one of our most popular dishes also people in between that octopus and its own ink in a taco fish taco location to taste test take to the octopus taco is a very traditional you’ve got on style recipe which is where I’m from here we do a version of that where the theme that the ink component is mated to a sofrito and then the octopus is fried and served on top of the it sounds great oh it’s really warm I’ve never had a fried octopus before Cheers okay where are we where are we where in the world do you eat octopus and it is soft still plump crispy on the outside and juicy dude it looks like a cheese stick I’m going to be thinking about that fish dies oh yeah a long time I’m gonna be thinking about that ugh what she lay for a long time so earlier we had an ice cream taco it’s time for another sweet treat we’re having ice cream again for this time what it’s in a fish oh how have I never heard of or do boop-boo-boo-boop everybody touch fish Cheers mmm mine has red bean inside well I’ll just drift off myself in 2017 14% of seafood fish to the US was used for fish oil what and fished me on him I mean my cat does eat a lot of fish products I think your cat should be on this more than episodes ooh I wonder if I could make a cat food fish taco oh he probably doesn’t know what a taco is though so I don’t know if you know how to eat it so for our last stop tomorrow we’re going to Connie seafood she will be serving us a whole grilled fish that we will eat as tacos [Music] [Applause] my name is Connie Kazu I’m owner of Connie seafood and today I’ll be serving this cattle set on the other this is a cooking style yes you have to be flipping it back and forth so sudden the other means means flippin yes Connie seafood it started in our backyard in 1989 my dad was a founder he’s from Nadi Mexico the cooking is simple you know it’s just a little salt pepper little lime and you can taste the quality and so that’s what I represent first we have the whole fish we butterfly it add a little margarine salt and then my special sauce and then we put it to drum face down first where all the meat is that because it’s a longer cooking process it’s about 25 to 30 minute process we have sliced red onions a little bit of margarine soy sauce a little bit of salt and that’s a green sauce it’s a traditional diet eat green salsa Serrano lying slaughter and so if you go to net eat all the seafood places have that and is there a reason why you wanted to maintain that Camino style I thought my customers would like to come out and enjoy the whole fish just the way I would enjoy when I was 12 years old my dad would take us to the beach and we get a large fish there’s a fine balance between telling customers to do too much or too little like I don’t wanna cook my own food but I do want to like participate in the making of it absolutely yeah I’ll cook it be a service mission Lata for you and Roma’s for me cheers Cheers [Music] what is yours my body’s tingling this looks incredible look at the sheen look how juicy this is I think we should try the fish on its own oh ha ha ha that’s a choice piece oh why don’t I make fish it’s not like this knowing you it could be any number of reasons okay I’m gonna do Hani’s recommended construction first fish caramelized onions a little green sauce that’s it you know what I just realized the reason that we probably build these is because you get to like get this start to salivate as you’re preparing your dish anticipation starts to build up as you’re getting the whole time in you know that’s also though sophisticated oh my god Stephens designer bite is coming up naturally I’m gonna add some of the crispy parts here at Carla’s onions fresh red onion course cucumber and I’m adding a chip because is there when you give me options I’ll take all of them you’re a monster you know you jealous when you started I was like there’s no way this isn’t gonna end up looking stupid but now I’m looking at guys looks pretty fun what’s the verdict heck yeah I want to try this it’s really the crunch that I had it here I think cucumbers my favorite part I can’t imagine eating this on a beach oh for sure Stephen I’ve brought you back to the beach thank you very much we’ve had our fish tacos it’s sunset on another worth its story time to decide okay which fish taco what’s the most worth it to you my were that winner is hole Bosh there was so much on that menu that I can easily go back three more times and not eat any of the same food whose you’re worth it winner okay look I would eat all of them all the time but if I were that winner it also goes through homage the wood flavor cloth the I’ll tell it made this beautiful thing that just yeah steam my mouth I couldn’t something about it here’s the thing each fish taco today had a special occasion where you would eat it Rikki’s is the go-to hole Bosh a date night and then Connie seafood that’s the group gathering taco spot Adam who’s you’re worth it winner well Adam says hole Bosh Annie who’s your worth a winner okay okay good night and good luck I’m gonna go that way should we finally touch the ocean let’s go touch the ocean [Music] my god there’s a bike coming [Music] jump in this volleyball game real quick [Music]

    #17 Spares for a sailboat trip to Antarctica | Sailing Sisu catamaran in Cape Town South Africa
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    #17 Spares for a sailboat trip to Antarctica | Sailing Sisu catamaran in Cape Town South Africa

    August 17, 2019

    Good evening last week we discussed the foldable bikes and we also discussed the scuba gear and the fins and the things that we’re going to we’re theoretically going to get. This week we’re going to discuss spares and tools and things like that and a Rum Runner Bag. So thank you very much for last week you guys have been excellent and I think that this might be the main reason why I like the YouTube community the YouTube community You guys gave us so much feedback we also subscribed I think the last time a counted was around hundred and fourteen other sailling channels and from all of this you gain so much, I think this is a new kind of university! I am busy with my double PhD , but I think we should say all these paper things is??? we should go to YouTube school Oh, don’t let google hear that just now we’ll start paying for that too Okay anyway so thank you very much for for your awesome advice and comments that you give. You might have noticed that my arm is now not anymore white, so the white thing is gone. If you look like this I can already go, you see it must go that far, but I cannot, and also if I go, how was this?, Oh yes this way, I cannot move, you see this one? doesn’t want to. And then I can move like that already and I can move like that already, so progress is is in the air I’m still very stuff as you can see Uhmm so I also use a new lens if you guys want to have a quick look here is the lens, it’s a new lens The problem is . . . Is that that lens is not auto focus so I never know whether it’s in focus or not. It doesn’t auto focus so you have to tune it, it’s like very old-school manual things. Me an very electronic gadget guy, this is a little bit out of my reference view. But as a F2 stop it’s a very very awesome lens and also a 15 millimeter lens . . . Without auto focus. Anyway, so let us see how that goes and let’s carry on with this week. So the first thing, the first tool is a bosun chair. So and it reminds me of my days when I was actually flying paragliders and also powered paragliders. It is more of a powered paraglider chair than it is a paraglider chair, but it looks like a little chair. Electric tools, electric tools, electric tools! I’ve got, I’ve got this one but I will tell you now what is the problem with this one. This is a drill, but I also got a Dremel drill which is similar, similar things so the Dremel drill is actually my favorite and is to do with my drone days when i was flying drones. The problem with the Dremel drill is that it uses this kind of socket. The european socket. So our boat will be fitted with european, this two-prong sockets, but it’s electrical, so maybe I should go for the higher one. This is the Dremel 200 and we might need to go for the Dremel 8000, the series 8000, which is a battery, lithium battery operated one. So let’s see what happens. Then I also got these little things full off, I’m not going to open it – no if I open it everything falls out, but it has sockets and wrenches and allen keys and all sorts of things in it. But maybe just for safety sake I will have maybe two of them, they’re not that expensive so we can maybe have two of them, and . . . Then some of the tools that I, oooohh I must be careful now This hand is not strong! So as an Electronic Engineer, my first degree, I will know how to use this one, so this one can measure volts, ac/dc and amperes. I think I would like to get a clampy one, the way you put a clamp over to measure the ampere so you don’t need to break the wire. So this might be a good nasty one. And it is waterproof and all of those things, but I think for currents maybe we need to have the little clamp one. Then I’ve got a glue gun, and now my other hobby is starting to come out. This glue gun I used for first person view drones, racing drones, when I was flying racing drones, this this one can go into the lithium battery drone battery. But it doesn’t have a warning, if the battery, if the battery that doesn’t have a management thing then it will drain it and you kill the battery like kill, kill, dead! dead! So it’s not maybe a good idea, but this is a soldering iron for 12 volt. Then I also have this thing here, and if you watch The Wynns just recently, they have this as well. So it’s a nice thing uuuhh magnetic. So it’s a magnetic one and you can hold it here and it can turn around corners and still do stuff!!! It also has 57 pieces of stuffies that you can use. Pretty cool. Not sure how long it will last in a salty water but that we need to find out later on. So this is the one set of tools and I think for the spanners and . . . for the spanners, and the sockets and things like that, wrenches, maybe I’ll will have two sets of each, for in case one drops overboard, sounds like everyone is doing that quite often. So that’s it for that. I will look for tools that has lithium batteries so everything will be charged. So drills saws, uuhm grinders and things like that. So rather do that. Then a Chain counter? Another tool that I was thinking of is a chain counter. Chain counter, and the reason is The leopards 45 doesn’t have a big space for counting, or actually watching, even if you mark your chain to see the chain going out I don’t think it is . . . It’s that wIde, that you can actually quickly see how much scope you put out so I will drop the anchor look at the counter and then from there make five times more or three times or seven times depends on on the conditions of the sea. So I think a chain counter is good. Then a sewing machine. So sewing machine, we are thinking of doing the same as Ruby Rose. Uuhm, they’ve got a Sailrite, and it looked very good for us, and in Cape Town that’s almost the top of the range to do in Cape Town. Cape Town has a lot of sail makers, Cape of Storms, so they do repair a lot of sails. And then another . . . talking about sails, what about a sail repair kit? So in a sail repair kit we’ve got, I think I will put a manual in there so I know how to fix the sails. So and they’ve got the needles and then they’ve got this hand thing that you put on with a steel plate or a bobbin thing in that you can press the needle through that. So if the Sailrite machine conks, or there’s no electricity or for whatever reason then I can still manually fix the sail. And then you get these strips of Dacron and you get these strips of double-sided glue things. Basting tape, so get double-sided basting tape so that is also that I will get. I will also get like different spools of cotton. Either a big one that is not treated and you have a little wax, soapy thing to treat it or the threat is already, already treated for ultraviolet and things like that. So it depends on where you want to use it you can use it, it is just that some of them are expensive and others is very cheap so. So also leather that you . . . I think in the kit, I think there should be like a piece of leather and I didn’t know what it was for but at the clue, at the corners of the sail, you can actually then, if the corner has been stripped or broken or torn like ripped out then you can actually use, if you want to make a new corner you need to have to put leather in on both sides. Stitch it up with Dacron and it will actually strengthen the sail and then you can make a new hole, new punch also. We will also have the grommet thingy, a Jimmy grommet thingy so a jiffy grommet thingy to also do the grommets, maybe also for the eyelids, for the reefing lines so that will be there. We will have a couple of ropes and I’m not sure about ropes, so I was thinking, and I’ve just read now on the Leopard, the Leopard Owners Group That some of the halyards they replaced with another one, which is stronger but more expensive as well. But it goes faster through this thing, so the sail drops faster so I will look at that one. A Dyneema rope and, so this is a new thing, so I need to understand what that is But I might maybe buy those and then use the halyards and things that comes, the lines that comes with the running rigging that it is coming with, and maybe then replace it with this Dyneema lines or ropes. So we will have a few extra ropes. Sail ties! I would like to have sail ties. If you have a furling, and I will have a furling system and the furler is connected up and the lines is starting to, the sheets is busy, the wind pulled and pulled them and whatever, the water came over and pulled them and it is a little bit opening, and if it’s opening a little bit the wind can catch it and then it goes. So I would like to put sail ties there so it doesn’t go by itself. And so for that maybe a few spare sail ties. Then shackles, I think we will need a lot of shackles and, blocks, for I think we have blocks that we can put in for the Code 0, that I think it is coming with the boat. But I also want to have spare ones for in case they break and also pulleys, so we will see from Leopard what they have and then just maybe take exactly the same ones and have a couple of spares for them. And then Duct tape. A very good friend of mine one time gave this super bad joke which I cannot tell you guys but, a very good use for duck tape. So duct tape will be there and it will be different sizes, different lengths and different colors maybe. Electric spare kit. All the fuses, if there is ten 5 amp fuses and say two 10 amp fuses, then I think it’s obvious that I will not take 5 of each. So but a certain percentage of the fuses I think I will have in a box and then lux? If you need to cut a wire or if the wire is getting cut Then you need to be able to clean it, so we need a wire stripper, you need to put this lux? on and maybe crimp it and also heat shrink, so I will try to get that thing so a complete electrical toolkit, repair tool kit for any electrical wires, or electrical issues that we can pick up. And of course spare electrical wire. I’ve seen also another channel where they run out of Bora bora When they needed some electrical wire and there was no electrical wire. So they had to use from another thing like I think something like a pump of which they didn’t use, and that’s the wiring that I use, so I would rather have spare wire as well for in case something like that happens. And spare pumps, spare pumps I would like to have spare pipes and those pipes is either the water, the flexible ones or the stiff ones and all, then all up bends, and if you, and if you need to cut one like if it is burst and need to cut and stitch it together again so the ones that can stitch them together. So all of those pipey things I will also put on board, and then I’ve got two Yanmar engines, so the Yanmar engines I will need, apparently Marcel said there is two sets of spares. Spare kits. So one is maybe for the first hundred hours and then after that a regular one. So I will have a couple of those on board just to make sure it. . .Because one of the things is, the first one . . . The first couple of weeks we will go through the Wild Coast, so there is going to be a lot of shakey things. The Wild Coast is Wild Coast for a reason, and we need to be able to prepare or repair things very quickly. But the second one is, depends on the year, I don’t think this year we will make it but next year December, the season to go to Antarctica is always around December. Maybe late November, but definitely you need to wait for the ice to melt. So that I will go, and that will be a long trip to go around Antarctica from, from Ushuaia from Argentina, and you go around and you get to Australia. So that is a little bit of a longer trip and you will need a lot of spares for that so that is, I need to think of that. And also then, Water Maker kit, we have a water maker kit but the water maker, not just the strainers, not just the filters, not just the normal things but also the o-rings. Not sure but we have a bunch of o-rings and Ruby Rose, there’s a link, I will put a link up Ruby Rose had a video just on all the o-rings that you have. That’s a, not the whole video and just for o-rings, but video on spares. Lots of o-rings, so I would like to have also lots of o-rings. Since we will have diving stuff, so we will also have the diving spares and spare kits which also will need a lot of o-rings. So that is the thing and then Iridium Go, I would like to have a spare Iridium Go. And if you watched Delos just this weekend they actually run into troubles because their Iridium now for the second time, I think it’s electrical error there somewhere, but for the second time now their Iridium Go stopped receiving. Now the Weather Maps, which is a problem because it’s not a good idea if you cannot get the weather maps and again if we want to cross the roaring forties and furious 50s and screaming 60s we would like to know what is the weather window, where is those low pressure cells and you need to get out of the way very fast and you need to know what is the window for that. So i don’t want to lose the weather forecast for for that. Then also a small Mantus anchor for two reasons. The first reason is obviously for if you are at anchor and your boat swinging too much and it and you might hit a wall. There’s the shore or rocks, you want to maybe anchor it there but second, and also maybe the more important one is if you are in heavy seas like the guys, I spoke to some of the guys that’s doing the Leopard deliveries from Cape Town to Australia and then they, the run line to Australia is actually cutting through the furious fifties and the sea states is 40 foot 50 foot, very high. And for that the catamarans, the Leopards start surfing very easily and they can then do a nosedive. So what I do is I take a bridle out at the back so they put on the two hulls, the two cleats, it’s like a bridle, but it’s a hundred meter rope that they put out. And this 100 meter rope, at the end they have like a shackle kind of configuration like a bridle set up and there is the anchor, and the Mantus anhor, so it’s just to keep the rope down and just that rope is enough, first of all to steer the Cat down the waves in a straight line, to keep it in a straight line But also to make sure it doesn’t start surfing too fast. So, and you need to rope to be in the water all the time. We discussed the drogue anchors with them and some of them they do make drogue anchors but I don’t like them in general so the girl that is doing always the record speed from Cape Town to Australia, she use a rope. There’s actually a video. I’ll put the link for that video there as well. Awesome footage of, it’s the only video that I saw the sea state so high! And LED’s, so all the lights is LED so we will have a couple of LED’s for the lights so if the light goes out and you can have that. And you might ask us why don’t we talk about impellers? Since I’m watching Delos and since they’ve been now replacing these impellers at a furious rate! Why don’t? So I was, I was in a long discussion with Brent from Catamaran Impi, and this topic came up, because he has a video and I can post that link here as well, where he actually threw the impellers out. Actually the whole water pump system he’s kind of like thrown out and put a electrical pump there, so the electrical pump, the moment the alternators kick in the electrical pump is then started by the alternators and it starts, the water starts circulate. You can look in the video but I will also show you guys the moment we install it and how we install it. That’ll be like another couple of videos. So no impellers! We will replace it even before we leave Cape Town to make sure we don’t need impellers. But we’ll need then extra spare water pumps to make sure that they are all there. They say I need spare props. I’ll have some spare props for the dinghy and for the boat. If you do hit a rock you need to replace your props. So i will have spare props as well. So where are we going to put all of these things you may ask, and I may answer you so if you look at this video clip. So you go down on a starboard side and this is where we’re going to put the spares. Yes you’re right, this is not a four cabin version, it’s an owner’s version! But what about episode six! you will cry Yes that was when we were still young and dumb, now all you viewers have come up with lots of awesome advice. And we looked at other things, we actually looked at the catamaran, at a Leopard 45 at the starboard side where we can fit it in and my idea and what is actually there, didn’t work out. Also we tried to unify that two bathrooms. I’m not sure what you call them, it’s a Head and the shower right? I’m not sure what you call it now, but there’s two heads and showers, we wanted to combine them. It’s not going to work out, so we decided to go for the owners version and we will discuss that at a later video. So big changes, big, big, big changes that we did. This brings me to the Rum Runner Bag. Do you guys know what is a Rum Runner Bag? It just sounds so Caribbean It just sounds so rrrrrrrrr. I’m sure my Afrikaans accent is not making it less romantic. So a Rum Runner Bag is actually a bag to put stuff in and you . . . . there’s a little rope on top and you just pull it. And this is a Rum Runner Bag! I don’t know if you Sailors have a Rum Runner Bag. I think it’s awesome.

    SailAway 65 | Our Sailboat Contract FELL APART | Sailing Around the World
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    SailAway 65 | Our Sailboat Contract FELL APART | Sailing Around the World

    August 16, 2019

    guess what what we’re looking at more
    boats non-stop touring each singular looking at another boat which might be
    the last but I hope so do you wanna sail away I wanna say where
    do you wanna say with me last week on sale away we made
    an offer on the hunter Hilson 470 we have gone ahead made an offer that’s not
    official yet I emailed that took to write up an offer put that offer in at
    150 a flat seemed to take them back at after some negotiation they accepted 155
    we promptly scheduled a survey air B&B and plane tickets to come back up to
    Virginia and then this happened previous videos so were we yeah we don’t have a whole
    lot of footage well no footage to show you the stress and strife but basically
    this is a result of my self appointment I’ve been self-employed for 12 or 13
    years as a musician now and it’s been great because we probably be in the
    position we are like kind of slowly working ourselves into this one thing if I couldn’t be free when I
    am to be wherever one of these let’s all the pluses of their great
    but as most it self-employed people will tell you and it comes tax time you’re
    given tons of opportunities to write off things that’s what’s supposed to benefit
    you as a person so you don’t have a gigantic tax bill hitting you every year
    so people write off everything that their cloud right off that’s their fee
    but it shows up as less income on your taxes and so despite the fact that you know my
    like credit scores are great dad it’s low
    utilizations those terms all the good stuff
    high-income just doesn’t show and so that’s income ratio that’s just
    now quack that’s what happened whole bunch of lenders including one that the
    broker pointed us to that he was sure could do any kind of deal it just it
    just wouldn’t work there was also an issue with that
    thunder – because it’s such a unique boat that it doesn’t show up in the NAD
    a and B FCS databases for valuation and that makes lenders switch he had to
    assign it a value that was coming as high as it needs to be it finally
    just it gave out I mean we already had surveyed schedule yeah we were supposed
    to be we should have been on a flight right now actually we would be in New
    Bern right now because our our hall out in the survey and everything was
    scheduled for scheduled for Friday Thursday today and we didn’t so instead
    we’re driving to Fort Lauderdale again to look at another boats hopefully the
    last boat and lots of research and it fits all the criteria that we need to
    get a special note that is formulated for independence yeah so it’s work you
    can only get it if you get a good particularly lender that specializes in
    those and
    according to him we we are free for it we just have to give the survey first
    and there was a previous survey on this book we might get a hold of give to the
    because basically the vote it’s too cheap for its value and then what about
    what’s wrong with it yeah and there are things wrong there are whole former
    charter boats so and it’s not really set up the way that we want it to be and
    there are things wrong with it but that’s supposed to work in our favor
    so yes value was gonna be because in the book values way way way
    higher than what current masking process and we think we
    can get it for substantially longer than that asking price just even better the
    downside being that we will have to put money into it we only have so much money
    to work with right off the bat so I’m just kind of pick and choose our
    projects you know us we’re going to do a lot of stuff ourselves
    notice these do some canvas work and things like that we can do kind of as we
    go we got some plans yeah try to prepare ourselves for it possibly
    be kind of wreck at least presentation-wise yeah and technically
    we’re out of our rental house and the end of this month and it’s the fourth of
    April right now so we’ve got some very limited amount of time I realize we
    haven’t told you what kind of motor it is it’s in 2006 you know son odyssey 49
    for cabins for heads it’s gonna be an adventure – sneeze and he’s read that it with 4,200 boy gets got a nice little seat for us else and that’s antique top rattles that
    looks pretty whatever they’re fun right they just need besides Cornish get back seats and stuff it’s getting
    pretty well commissioner
    rhod kicker is from the boom down to the base of the mast yeah
    sale bag actually is in pretty decent shape because surprised I thought it
    would be a mess lazy jacks or still functional I got room that’s pretty nice it’s deep it’s what a CEOs okay gotcha be easy to work on this it might just need that a new color
    this without little events going it’s like a
    fall apart or anything but I’ve been searching while all right
    can you tell how the sale looks from that try these things out yeah
    very little bit – general okay
    yeah she’s got that good bilji smell yeah yeah what’s that electrical panel off take it
    off although there were a ton of problems with the boat we concluded most
    of it was just general maintenance that hadn’t been kept up and a ton of
    cosmetics while we knew it would take a while to fix everything we were
    confident in her foundation no problems were listed with her Hall keel master
    sails so we made an offer of 105 K and it was accepted and we found ourselves
    in contract on the second boat in two weeks we were on a tight schedule so we
    found a surveyor quickly and scheduled to haul out for that Friday to hold no that’s what I’m talking about with a
    lot of beautifully for Ocean cyclamen so despite being late to get to the boat
    or early to get to the fallout I’m an issue but usually it’s in the
    other dress and you can you find it down this way because the mounts sag down
    yeah yeah they start to collapse so it’s unusual to see it spire like that but
    when we were running it was just smooth to me when I was looking at and with that we head back to the dock we knew going into this that this boat
    was going to be a project but our survey showed even more problems than initially
    thought so with all of that information and knowing the time and money we would
    have to put into the boat to even feel comfortable to move it we had to pull
    out of our contract better to lose $1,600 on a survey then untold thousands
    and boat maintenance but we already had our eye on another
    boat but that’s a story for next week as you
    look through season five and you wonder how we made it this far as you look through seasons that in you wonder how a maid

    $600 Boat Vs. $41 Million Boat
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    $600 Boat Vs. $41 Million Boat

    August 16, 2019

    – Selorm, it’s summer, and this is very tough for me, but I’m gonna be taking my talents to South Beach! – [Both] Miami. – South Beach ♪ Me and Steven in Miami
    standing on rocks ♪ (bird chirps) – [Both] Ayyy! – Translation, worth it! – Worth it Lifestyle. – Boats! – Boats. – So today at Worth it Lifestyle, we’re gonna be trying three boats at three drastically
    different price points to find out which one is the most worth it at it’s price. – Worth it! – I feel like this is going to be hotels, but on the water, you know? – Yes, luxury, service. – Toilets that flush really well. There’s a boat, look at that boat. – Look at that boat. First up, we’re going to a rental company, They’re called Boatsetter, They rent out boats for you know, day rates, hour rates. – I feel like that’s super useful for someone who doesn’t wanna buy a boat, and just wants to try them, like me. – Should we take our talents
    down to the boat now? – Yes, let’s do it. Get on my back, it’s okay. – How strong, are you strong enough? – I’m not really that strong, I’m not strong. (grunts) Oh my God, oh my God! (light jazz music) – My name is Jackie Baumgarten, I am CEO of A lot of people don’t think about boating as just a fun activity, but it really is. Boatsetter makes boating affordable and available to anyone. And you don’t have to be
    an experienced boater, that’s the best part. – Good, ’cause I don’t
    know how to drive a boat. (laughs) It can’t be that hard, right? – I suggest renting it with a captain. (laughter) From your phone or your computer, you can decide what boat you want, where you wanna go, what captain you want, what experience you wanna have. – When I think about boats, I do think about, would I even buy one? ‘Cause that’s a lot of money. I grew up in Ohio. – Uh-huh. – So I almost don’t understand it. – It’s all about having
    the time of your life. Today, you guys are going to get to go out on the water
    on a 19 foot Yamaha, and experience what it’s like to race around on Intracoastal,
    and out on the ocean. – [Steven] Woo! (laughter) – Thank you. – Here we go, and our boat journey begins. We have Captain Trent here, we also have Ashley here. From what I understand, you and Trent are a couple. – [Ashley] Yes, almost five years. This was our first boat. – [Steven] Aww.
    – Oh nice. – Yep. – [Selorm] Can you tell
    us a bit about this boat? – [Ashley] This is a 2017 Yamaha jet boat. It seats a total of eight people. It has about 200 horsepower, so it goes about 50-60
    miles an hour on flat water. It’s equipped with a great sound system. We can bluetooth your phone, we have coolers on board. so you can bring your own
    food, drinks, and alcohol. You can relax on the back for tanning, or you can add on wake boarding, water skiing, wake surfing, I mean there’s a lot of
    different things you can do with an affordable budget. – This is so cool. Oh my god these houses are beautiful. – [Ashley] Yeah, this house
    belongs to Hassan Whiteside. – [Steven] No way! – Oh snap! This is something that I could definitely see myself renting, but
    if I lived by the water, I would definitely buy. – If you’re going to be in Miami, you’re going to want to
    spend most of your time on the water. So like I said, boating and jet skiing is like a way of life. – [Steven] I get carsick really easily, but I’m on this boat, and
    there’s a slight rock, it’s actually kind of
    nice, like I’m a baby. – [Ashley] It’s a soothing type of rock, that I agree. – So, you said this boat
    can go a little faster, can we see how fast it can go? – Of course, would you like to go to the front for that? – Yeah let’s do it! Come on Steven. – Always with the fun, Selorm. – You gotta live it up, Steven. – [Ashley] Alright, you guys ready? – Woo! – [Selorm] We are about to
    go fast, Steven, you ready? – Oh yeah! – So much wind! (screams) (wind whipping) – Oh snap! – Alex, you good? How do you like my new hair style? (laughs) – Woo! – You know how I hate roller coasters? But this is one of the most amazing feelings
    in the world right now. – Oh yeah, I was never really into boats, but this is a different kind of lifestyle being by the water. (laughs) – That was one of the first times I just forgot that we were filming. – Even though we were
    moving around in the water, I didn’t feel seasick, which was great. – I love it, I love it! – Boat fact! – Boat fact. – First recorded boats in human history are from around 4000 BC. And they come from the ancient Egyptians. – They were on it man, they
    knew what they were doing. They had their own thing going on, – They got pyramids, boats. – Eyeliner. They were on it! (laughs) – Selorm, I have a surprise for you. – What? – We are gonna check out an amazing boat in a different city. It’s called a shark boat. – Ooh. – So we are headed to Shasta Lake in beautiful, sunny California. – We’re here! – I thought it was gonna be sunny. – I thought so too, actually. But hey, it’s okay, the fun don’t stop. – Are you gonna do this? Are you gonna go all the way with this? – I’m committed to this show, Selorm, even if this is the most dangerous thing that we’ll ever do, let’s go. – Shark boat! (dramatic music) – Hey, how you doing, I’m Rob Innes, from Innespace, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Thanks for comin’. – Can you just tell us what we’ll be doing today? – So today, we’re gonna be taking you out in some of our Seabreacher watercraft, and these are basically submersible boats that can go underwater and do a bunch of freestyle tricks. – So would you consider
    the Seabreacher a boat, or would you consider it,
    what is the category of this? – We don’t fit into categories, we’re not interested, you know. It’s not like a production,
    cookie-cutter boat. It’s kind of like hand-tailored to whatever the customer wants. We do sharks, dolphins, whales, sailfish, fighter jets, hot rods, we’ll match anything, you know, as long as you’ve got the
    checkbook to back it up. (laughs) – So each of these boats are unique? – Yes. – And they’re one-of-a-kind. – [Rob] Yeah, we’ve been custom
    building these watercraft for almost 20 years now. It started off as a hobby, just built it for our own entertainment, and then it’s just grown
    into a business and a sport. The boat we’re taking you out in today is called our X Model, this one has a 260 horsepower
    supercharge engine, which is actually our little engine. We’ll go about 50 miles an hour, 55 miles an hour, on the surface, about 25 miles an hour below the water. – Can you drown in these? – No, you will not drown. We have a fully enclosed cockpit, its got pneumatic seals
    that keep it water-tight, half-inch thick aircraft
    grade acrylic plastic canopy, so you’re gonna be just fine. – [Steven] Who’s driving us today? – One of our stunt pilots, Joe is going to be taking you for a ride. He’s gonna promise you a mild ride, and then he is gonna ignore everything that you say, and just basically go crazy. – So this stays above the water unless you want to go down, right? – Right, we can stay underwater as good as my footwork is
    and then we want to jump it, I can get the tail about
    six feet out of the water. – It looks cool from the outside, I’m just hoping it’s not
    horrible from the inside. – Here we go. – Ooh, it’s so loud. – We can tilt like– – [Steven] Ooh, woo! (laughing) (screaming) – Ready for a dive? – Yes, let’s do it! – [Rob] Here we go. (engine revving) – Oh my God! – Whoa! Wow, you have ultimate
    control of this machine, huh? – Absolutely. – It’s like a dirt bike. – Oh yeah, it’s a jet ski on steroids. – This is just getting started apparently. – Are you ready, are your
    seat belts good and tight? – I don’t know! – Yeah, do it! (screaming) Oh my God. – Time to get real. – Woo! What in the world? (screaming) – I felt a little bit of my breakfast come up my throat. – I think I’ve gotten my
    adrenaline out for the day. – We’re back in Florida. – We’re back! – Back in Florida. And, wanna check out something special. But before we do that, boat fact! Okay so, in olden days, it used to take around two months to get across the Atlantic via boat. Nowadays, how long do you think it takes to get across the Atlantic? – I don’t know, I’ve only gone by plane. Two days? Is that right? – Seven days. – Okay, well you know what? I don’t ride boats, so leave me alone. – But today, you get to
    ride the best boat of all. There’s Seabreachers, there’s yachts, but there are also, mega yachts. Are you ready? – I think so, I’ve never
    been on a yacht before. – Palm Beach baby! – Mega yacht, mega yacht, uh! (classical music) – My name is D.J. Kiernan, I’m the Director of Marketing for Merle Wood & Associates. – We’re here on a mega
    yacht, if I get that correct. – That’s right. – It’s called the Quite Essential? – [D.J.] That’s right. – [Steven] What defines a yacht? – A yacht is anything that’s
    approaching up to 130 feet. Motor yacht Quite Essential is 180 feet, so it certainly qualifies as a mega yacht, or a super yacht. Yachts are unlike anything
    you will find on land, in terms of service, in
    terms of the experience, and it can take you wherever you want. So we can’t afford to charter the yacht, but can you at least give us a tour? – I’d love to show you around. – Yes! – [Both] Ooh! (laughs) – [D.J.] Welcome onboard
    motor yacht Quite Essential. – [Steven] Oh my God! (screams) – Oh my God! So what exactly makes this $41 million? – You’ve got a crew of
    12-14 permanently onboard. – Whoa! – [Selorm] Even the glasses are nice! – Cheers? – Cheers! – [Steven] To the yacht life. – You’ll see a pool onboard.
    – There it is! Woo! – Yachts are about details,
    extravagance, luxury, and a waterfall feature on a pool, a 7,000 liter pool at
    that, it’s quite special. In addition to the
    jacuzzi on the sun deck. – [Steven] Now you’re just showing off. – Let’s go inside. – There’s a button for the door! – [Selorm] Oh my gosh! – [D.J.] This is the main
    salon on Quite Essential. – Oh my god, it smells like flowers. – Each room has a custom scent. Literally every piece of furniture is custom built just for this yacht. – This reminds me of every evil villain. – [Selorm] You’d definitely
    be stroking a cat if you were sitting on this. – You have these doors
    that open on each side, Selorm, will you do the honors? – Oh I can push the button, okay. (angelic singing) – This room is bigger than probably both our apartments combined. – Really, oh yeah that’s sad. – [D.J.] You’ve got two V.I.P state rooms, one on the main deck, one on the lower deck. – [Selorm] See, I wish you
    guys had your socks off, because this feels amazing. – [D.J.] Silk carpets are a nice feature, aren’t they? – [Steven] No, what, why? – Pure luxury. It is an in-suite state room,
    so you have a full bath. – [Steven] What! – Shower has marble walls! – [Steven] Wait, is this a television? What’s goin’ on here? – Yeah, what’s with these TV’s actually? – [D.J.] Yes, and every single room has the glass walls with the custom made TV’s recessed inside. – You know like, when you get an Airbnb with your friends, and you’re like, alright I call dibs on this room, I call dibs on that room. – [Selorm] Right? – You don’t have that problem here. Even if you don’t get the
    first V.I.P. state room, you get the second V.I.P. state room. – [D.J.] So come on in
    to the master state room, this is truly almost a private apartment. And just like the main salon, we do have the dual balconies. You can go outside with
    the press of a button. – My turn! (angelic singing) The world is my oyster. – [Selorm] I’m still feeling the carpets, you guys, they’re really really nice. – You know, they’re so soft, I can feel them through my socks. – Oh my gosh. – [D.J.] And behind you,
    of course, a full bath. You look up there. – [Steven] Whoa! – It’s gas filled, so it can seal off the
    viewing for privacy reasons. – I don’t have words, it’s like, why do these things exist? What? – [D.J. Kiernan] I’m
    glad that you’re admiring the glass enclosed elevator that services, the lower deck, the main
    deck, and the bridge deck. So make your way down to the lower deck to see the guest state rooms. – [Selorm] Oh, Steven,
    we could share the room! – [Steven] Oh hey, there’s two beds! – Oh God, everything is
    so dope purple, okay. Wait a minute, this is like nice. – [D.J.] And that scent
    you’re smelling is plum. – Oh my goodness I need to
    up my interior design game. – We didn’t actually charter
    this boat, I’m saying, we don’t have that much
    money on this show, but, we can touch the robes, right? – These robes were touched
    by Steven and Selorm. (heavenly music) – [D.J.] Pure luxury. – This could literally be
    sandpaper and I wouldn’t care. (laughs) – [D.J.] Welcome to the bridge deck. – [Steven] Oh! This is a baby grand piano on a yacht. – [Selorm] With almonds! – Yacht, baby! – [D.J.] So here’s where you can seat 12 people for some of the best cuisine that you’ve ever had. – I don’t even have enough
    friends to fill that table. – No, you have me though,
    and Alex, and D.J. – Hey. – Hi. What makes this boat special
    also, is the spa deck. – [Selorm] There’s more? – How’s there more? – [D.J.] How ’bout this? 180 degree views, techno
    gym, stair steppers, ellipticals, you’ve got it. – [Selorm] You don’t have
    to do anything outside. You literally can just stay here forever. – So Selorm, check out door number one. – [Selrom] Oh, snap! – I’m on the Price is Right, except the price is always right! There’s a sauna, we get it! What’s behind door number two? A steam room! – [Selorm] Ayy! – And behind you, Selorm,
    is a treatment room! – [Selorm] Oh my gosh, they have cucumber water inside of here. – [D.J.] There is a
    full-time masseuse on board. – [Steven] No way. – How about a nice zen lounge for ya? The spa lounge is just some
    place that you can relax before or after your treatments. All the way throughout
    the boat you’ve noticed how modern the interior is and
    the bridge is no exception. This is actually the steering wheel. This is the main engines. You’ve got all your nav systems, security systems, everything in one place. – Yeah I was picturing, like you said, a giant steering wheel,
    and it’s this little thing. – [Steven] Yeah. – [Selorm] That’s it. – Can money buy happiness, Selorm? – I mean, it can buy a
    boat, which makes me happy, and there’s almonds in here. – Alright, that’s it. – I’m gonna miss you, yacht. I love you. – That was crazy. Also, look at our lighting setup. It’s pretty good, how we do work here. – [Selorm] It’s pretty
    awesome how we do work here. – You know how this goes. Which one was the worth
    it to you as price? – I don’t own any boats, so all of these were
    cool experiences for me. Boatsetter was really just
    a chill boat, ya know? I could take my family on that boat. I could just go out on that
    boat whenever I want to. But at the end of the day, I really frickin’ loved the yacht, man. The mega yacht. – [Steven] No! – [Selorm] I loved it! – I cannot say that’s worth it for me, because I cannot literally afford it. – I’m going with shark boat. – Shark boat?
    – Yeah, I know, right? It’s crazy, because I was the one who was like, nah, no thank you. But, that was fun. Worth it winner, go. Shark boat! – Shark boat’s his Worth
    It winner, okay, okay. I see you. – Okay, bye guys! – Bye! – Bye Palm Beach. Bye random tourists, walking through. – Goodbye random tourists. – Alright, bye! – [Selorm] Help me down Steven, Steven! – Cut the camera! (light pop music)

    SailAway 68 | Moving Aboard a 46′ Sailboat – Surviving the Chaos | Sailing Around the World
    Articles, Blog

    SailAway 68 | Moving Aboard a 46′ Sailboat – Surviving the Chaos | Sailing Around the World

    August 16, 2019

    so for one day out and living on the
    boat do you wanna sail away I wanna say hey do you wanna say with me that past day it was mom
    we can’t just like give away my wedding check it’s going into the loops gonna
    wear it when he gets married it’s fine anyway okay piles and piles and piles
    I’m just I’ll differently your wedding dress yeah just
    put it in my mind we’ll never know anyway this is the most
    stress well thank spiritual in the history of the world so it’s all folks
    yeah this is the boat pile granted there’s a whole lot it comes out I mean
    mostly stuff you’re going to give it away like like vacuum packs speaker you
    ready ready we are in the thick of battle final day
    to get out of the house building up this for a long time and we spent six months
    hardcore getting rid of stuff so many things preparing for this and in the
    last two months just crazy giving stuff away selling stuff on Craigslist
    donating things throwing things away and I thought like I thought we’re doing
    really good we’re going to be a good shape when it comes time got you know we
    got so much stuff warm ready to burn a normal place down but we’re closed
    place just looks like tornado hit it kind of still gotta get all this crap
    out of here this is not easy it’s not easy getting rid of enough
    stuff to live on but it sounds easy it’s freaking hard it’s really freakin hard
    were you going to pack us with all the stuff on the we’ve we’ve donated
    truckloads today which is a lot of stuff won’t fit on even a big
    boat at least not if you want to live like a keeping beat we’re gonna pack all
    the stuff under the boat we’re gonna go down there get a board celebrate have a
    drink and then tomorrow I’m gonna deal with it yeah someone that’s legit stuff it’s got
    to come up with us man there’s a lot of stuff that we’re literally just gonna
    have to throw stuff away tomorrow something we file some files of it down
    to the goodwill down the street from where the vote is for into the dumpster
    so wish us luck we’re so close I can’t reach river seven great I’m sorry bring
    beer away yeah we did it we’re in the car now we’re eating ice cream in the
    car it seems like it’s probably gonna be a really bad idea
    it’s freakin nine o’clock we still didn’t grab two hours just got
    onto the boat it is like 11:30 right now no it’s midnight so I made it we did it
    it was just a super stressful stupid day so feels really good to like be here now
    we’ve got all day tomorrow that we’ve got to dig out everything and still give
    away like half of what we brought because we’ve got way too much we made
    it well on the boat that’s our votes we have nowhere else to
    be so it’s really cool we’re excited I’m excited we don’t have anything to drink
    to celebrate right now because it’s still packed away or here good morning say good morning it’s it’s
    the morning and everything is still just as crazy as it was last night
    yeah at midnight when we got it and we don’t really have any food
    get on the boat so yeah so eating some fruit snacks then drama so anyway here’s
    our boat it’s the best house I’ve been feeling so Cuban the entire time since
    we got here I get these sane headaches when the weather turns severely one way
    or the other right and I took some kind of medication as
    the previous owner left on the boat for migraines that seems to have worked so
    I’m starting to feel human again got a little clusters and ginger got a
    shower still raining like hell so we haven’t unpacked the truck yesterday was
    just such a day I can’t even can’t even tell you how feeding goldfish to the
    pigeon to try to move onto a boat from a normal house life and we had already
    like scaled down the stuff that we own so far over the last two months knowing
    that we were going in this direction and it still is an overwhelming amount of
    stuff and we’re literally as we unpacked gonna have to give away half of what’s
    on that truck because if there’s no way it’s gonna go on a boat and we don’t
    want it like that’s the thing it’s just it’s not easy
    there’s no way to convey how hard it is to fit your life although when you’re
    used to living a normal American wife my god we’re gonna do it just so we
    know how crazy for our truck is can we see this she packed to the brim also Eric took
    his shirt off because it’s raining out he didn’t want to get wet somebody else
    decided that they wanted their shirt off yeah for you first home-cooked meal on
    the coats yeah it’s what our galley looks like
    just like crazy we’ll make a progress though actually
    getting some stuff put away thrown away a lot of stuff giving away a lot of
    stuff watching a little Mulan because it was the only DVD we could find currently
    that hey this guy might like and he seems to like it you’re kind of staring
    vacantly so yeah it’s mac and cheese with some tuna in peas just trick every
    time so we’re on day 2 I’m moving onto the boat and it’s not any better than it
    was yesterday actually I would say at least cleanliness wise in the boat it’s
    way worse we have to get everything out of the
    u-haul so now everything is officially on the boat but there’s not enough space
    for here the only thing that I would say that is better is that I got a shower
    today and I changed my underwear twice
    actually not for any reason I just wanted to uh but yeah it’s kind of
    insane as you can tell the kid he’s a little bit insane tail but I mean
    everybody knows moving sucks it’s true it’s not any better to move on to of it
    besides the fact that we’re trying to leave in three days well two days some
    kind of we’re trying to leave tomorrow and so without having things in their
    places it’s gonna be really hard to leave because we’ve got probably I’m not
    here excited 35 hour sale so it’s just I don’t I don’t know how we’re gonna do it
    we’re talking about leaving it by 10:00 tomorrow whoops okay
    7 o’clock right now so you need to eat dinner and take break because it’s just
    it’s been an insane day we’ve done nothing but work so we’re gonna do that
    and then we’re gonna get back at it Eric wants to change the sump pump but I
    think build trap help us to change Punk before
    we leave and I have to get literally everything somewhere how’s your balloon careful that’s the full drink alright so see you yeah you’re breaking my heart
    yes and maybe this was a bad it looks better
    than the last couple of colors that we showed you guys we’re leaving today even if it’s like yeah no no I just
    wanted to check all the basics because there’s some there’s some labels on some
    maintenance items and they out they say like 12 18 or 218 so over a year for a
    few things I know the the main belt alternator belt for everything
    so we’re so put the new belt on I’m putting new impelling around even
    though this one actually does look fine but I won’t put the new color in anyway
    just to be sure clean the sea strainer pretty much it
    motor wise get into the impellers a whole hell of a lot harder on this boat
    boat boat boat no problems pretty much got to take apart inside of the sink
    here to get to the covers on the water comes on back and to get to the access
    panel let’s get it out I got to remove this pipe round and then in so discover
    that this seals a little bit bad but so that’s how you get to all the stuff on
    this side so water pump have to take a that hose completely off so yeah I’m not
    quite as simple of an operation as on the little uh I’m a little Yanmar where
    it’s just sitting right there on the front that’s okay
    getting it done better safe than sorry yeah I really didn’t see if you got anything real in see what you got catch anything you got a fish
    so mrs. Cooley’s who is landing a little early been for the last three days shit together pretty nice just a little
    kind of a mark also has a nice private shower so the reason you’re here and all
    that jabbering is because we are getting ready to depart and we’re a little
    nervous about it okay why so we’ve got Kurt go on that way
    we got wind coming in this way and
    there’s an airship today there’s tons of traffic and Saturday you can hear the airplanes so it’s just
    lots going on up and down the canal this
    it’s pretty secure it maybe not
    but that’s the bridge that we have to feel under immediately so trying to figure out if we should
    call him first and you know be like hey dude we’re
    pulling out of our slippers we only got one line tied your question open you can
    see if you’ll do it and then we just pull out or do we just try to go
    upstream which might be kind of hard and see if we can turn around someplace
    but with all the traffic that sounds oh so much better to me
    so we really only have one line do it much
    man that’s happened right there so I think we’re going to do is get it
    forward he’s bow thruster this direction and
    see if we can even get it to point upriver nice plan see what happens keep your fingers
    crossed it’s a win-win either we did great and
    we’re happy or if we screw up and you guys get a fun show we’ll see
    join us next week to see if we improve our record at docking maneuvers two one
    and one and as always please subscribe ring the bell and give us a like Cheers in you
    how even made it this far as you look through ceases that comic girl in you
    wonder how even made it this far