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    Bali Beaches | Canggu Beach | Seminyak Beach | Kuta Beach | Bali Best Beach Club | Day 5
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    Bali Beaches | Canggu Beach | Seminyak Beach | Kuta Beach | Bali Best Beach Club | Day 5

    December 9, 2019

    Good Afternoon guys Welcome back to my Channel and i am with Demi we are in Canggu Area if you haven’t seen previous videos then go and see now in previous video, yesterday we faced a lot of problem and we have to stay in that area only we can’t finish 2 waterfalls we improvised our plan and today we explored those waterfalls and after that we drove for 2 to 3 hrs and finally we are here today is the 5th and last day in Bali so quickly apply sunscreen on your body because we gonna cover up most beautiful beaches of Bali so let’s gooooo So guys here we are we are in Canggu Beach and this beach is very very big here the water is clean and its very popular as you can do a lot of water activities waves hear are perfect for surfing So guys we are in Seminyak and the 2nd Beach is Seminyak Beach this beach i like the most personally its clean and a lot of space to walk around its all flat surface you can see its clean the water is very clean too not that crowdy i personally like it if the beach is not crowdy that its good as you can enjoy a lot Demi : I like this one so guys we are finally reached Kuta Beach this beach is around 5 to 6 Km long so this fucking huge for parking you have to remember that which place you parked you vehicle because you will find a lot of gates here to enter in the beach and i don’t want that in the end you forget that which gate you parked your vehicle as there a re no gate number as i told you there are a lot of gates to enter crowd will be more and less it depends from which gate you are coming in So guys we are in Azul Beach Club and we are chilling here as our trip is about to be end tonight 1 AM is our flight and here we want to spend at least one hour to two hrs we gonna take massage because our body is in pain because we are traveling non stop from last 5 days North, East, Wast, South we covered most of it you can remember this name Azul Beach Club this place is perfect you can see sunset from here perfect Kuta Beach view from here Its amazing view from here good food and good drinks so lets end this trip and video right here we have to leave to Bangkok from tomorrow i have to do job Demi have to do job but the videos will not gonna stop my travelling will not stop If you like this Bali Series then share it with your friends and family a lot of information is there show it to everyone and if you haven’t seen pervious videos then go and watch and in the end please Subscribe hit he like button and you know guys what to do Stay Awara



    December 9, 2019

    What’s going on guys? This weeks episode we are in Brighton Beach. Deep in the heart of Brooklyn.The Russian Enclave of New York City. Also known as Little Odessa. We’ve got a lot of different communities from the former Soviet Union all living here. And today Alan and I are going to explore. We’re going to check out some authentic food. Some shops. And maybe even have a shot of vodka. So I let Alan talk there. He actually spoke Russian to her. Because some of the employees here don’t speak very much English. This is called Pirozhki. And there’s a lot of different fillings you can get. It’s baked. I went for the potato. And just for a dollar fifty it’s an amazing value. Mmm nice and warm to. You said you didn’t like it. I barely ate this when I was in Russia. I felt like the food in general wasn’t to healthy. And they sold this at like most of the magazines and shops. But yeah this is pretty legit. We’re about to walk into St. Petersburg books which has books, movies, and souvenirs, all from Russia. Let’s go find the most random thing we can. So this is a Russian Matrushka. This would make a great gift for somebody. It’s these little dolls. And you can open one. Then get to another. It keeps going until it becomes really small. If you’re in Brighton Beach. It would be a cool gift to get someone. What trip to Brighton Beach would be complete without actually going to the beach? And we’re on the boardwalk right now. A couple of hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean. And Alan and I have been amazed at how full the restaurants have been here at about 3 o’clock on a Monday. Yeah, lots of people out. A little bit of an older crowd I would say. I mean. What better way to spend your retirement than chilling by the water. Enjoying some Russian food. Maybe a couple of drinks? Could be worse. You know how you normally have coffee after lunch? Well in Brighton Beach we’re going to go with some Russian Standard Vodka. There’s already people drinking all over the boardwalk. And now Alan is going to explain how to say cheers in Russian. I used to think it was Nos Dorovia. Which is actually a thank you reply if somebody gives you a drink. But the proper way to cheers in Russian is to say Zoz Duh Rovy. Which emans to your health. Let’s do it. It’s strong. Strong stuff. But good. I’ve got some courage for the rest of the day. So for our last stop of this Brighton Beach tour. We decided to go somewhere that really shows the diversity of the neighborhood and what it’s turning into. So went to Cafe your Mother in Law. Which is a Hybrid of Korean Food, Uzbek Food, and Russian food. So I got their most popular dish. Korean soup called Kuksu. It’s cold it’s a mix of salad, meat, and noodles. And i’ve already tried it. It’s amazing. And Alan opted for the Borsch. Which is classic Ukranian Russian. And now he’s going to try it. I’m going to have the sour cream first. You must. Dig that in. A little mix. It’s good. A mix of beets, potato, a little parsley, a little sour cream. Can’t complain. Yeah so in the 19th century a lot of Koreans ended up migrating to Russia. Or places near it during the Stalin movement. So a lot of times that’s how we got the recipes. For the dishes. It’s a Korean/Uzbek fusion. So our native language is actually Russian. Not Korean. So that’s how it came to be. What’s in the Uzbek Plov. Uzbek fried rice, carrots and beef. The meat is beef and a little bit of lamb. Cool. Awesome. Thank you. So i’m working on the Uzbek plov right now . You know Uzbek,Russian food. Kind of some mixtures going on here. They add some asian flavor to it. This is as he said.Fried rice. Beef. What’s the verdict. Guilty of tasting very good. Seriously. This is a nice mixture. I’m enjoying this a lot. And again this is our sort of restaurant. I wouldn’t call it a hole in the wall, but it’s nothing fancy. It’s off the main strip. If you know where to look for places like this. You can find some gems in New York. Their are so many different Russian restaurants and bars in Brighton Beach. You could spend hours here. Just wandering around. Soaking it all in. It’s worth an afternoon trip. Definitely hit the like button below. Subscribe to Here Be Barr Travel Vlogs. We’ve got new episodes weekly. Until next time. As we watch Alan try to kayak for the first time.

    How We Spent over $16,000 in the Boat Yard
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    How We Spent over $16,000 in the Boat Yard

    December 8, 2019

    Recently we encountered a problem that
    was initially to take two to three weeks and around 2000 euros to fix. In
    reality it cost around four and a half months and over 16 thousand euros. This is
    the story of our nightmare haul out. This is a situation that I don’t
    completely understand and I’m not sure how much of it is my own ignorance, lost
    in translation, laziness, happenstance or actual malice,
    but to quote to Napoleon Bonaparte “I want to never ascribe to malice that
    which is adequately explained by incompetence”, and Tim Ferriss added, “or
    busyness”, and I would like to add or laziness. Never ascribe to malice that
    which is adequately explained by incompetence, busyness or laziness. That
    being said I’d like to lay out this situation as objectively as I possibly
    can in the hopes that we might all learn something. To set the stage the three of
    us set out from Spain close to 10 months ago. As to be expected from life as we
    were moving forward we encountered many obstacles that together we overcame.
    Mistakes were made and lessons were learned but entering into Croatia we see
    the first signs of real trouble. The other day we lost reverse gear. Went to
    put it in gear and it wasn’t there. Scavenger Jack signing out. Jackson had to
    catch his flight to North America to finish his degree in filmmaking
    while Tara and I head north towards Pula Croatia where we are scheduled to film with Made On The Road UK and have a Balkan campervan scheduled for rental to
    explore Croatia. We made a stop on the island of Mali Losinj where friends of
    Alessandro came and diagnosed the problem with the gearbox.
    These are lamella. They allow you to shift into forward, into neutral, and into
    reverse by gripping and not gripping the gears. The ones in this gearbox…It’s like a polish you know and that’s enough that under the pressure he don’t have a grip to make good connection
    for the reverse. We were told we should prepare for a rebuild of the
    transmission. Not having reverse is a big problem, but it’s not the end of
    the world because we could still move forward so we continued north to our
    obligations in Pula. This is where it starts to get weird.
    We contacted Ad Maris in Marina Veruda in Pula, Croatia. Patrick came to the boat
    and told us that it would greatly reduce the cost of time, labor, and headache to
    have the whole engine removed rather than struggle in the cramped engine bay
    with a big heavy gearbox for hours BUT this would necessitate a haul out.
    Initially we thought this idea was absurd but then we came to the
    conclusion that if we could spend a few weeks on land we could make some needed
    repairs and upgrades to Arianrhod now instead of the original plan was at some
    point in the distant future to have a haul out in Tunisia Africa, which is
    where Martin recommended. We also had a van for a week so this meant that we
    could leave Arianrhod on land in a safe secure location while we explored
    Croatia. The idea was beginning to look all right. The next morning, as we were
    making breakfast, Patrick called and 45 minutes later he and this boat
    arrived and they were ready to take us to the crane for a haul out. The pressure
    of this sales tactic is intense. We agreed to the haul out. This is
    turning out to be an eventful day. Within two hours Arianrhod was out
    of the water and the engine was completely detached and she was prepped
    for open engine surgery. The following day Adis, Patrick’s boss, and his crew
    arrived and we commenced the engine removal. Before noon her old battered, but still
    solid heart was removed and the gearbox was on its way for inspection. It was
    also determined that we needed a new clutch and that the parts would be
    difficult to find. We’ll send the gearbox to Rijeka. We will check if we can find the new part because we don’t have new parts this old. Returning to the gutted vessel slightly
    dazed we cleaned out the engine bay as best as we could. This is where the
    situation becomes really muddled. Adis. Comes and tells us that they don’t think
    that they can repair the gearbox because it’s an old engine and it’s impossible
    to find the parts and if they can find the parts it will cost around 8,000 euro
    to rebuild the gearbox and fix everything. His solution was instead of
    repairing it, it might be wiser to just shell out another five thousand euro to
    purchase a brand new Yanmar engine from him, of course, with a warranty for
    security for the years to come. We would be back on the water in three weeks and
    it would cost just over thirteen thousand euros. Now he made some good
    points. The engine is old and the parts for it can be difficult to find and
    it’s arguable whether or not a new engine is more reliable. The question
    really becomes if you plan on crossing the Atlantic and beyond, do you want an
    old repaired engine or do you want a brand new one? This was very difficult to
    hear and I turned to Reddit and I found a complete Kanzaki KH 18 gearbox in the
    USA to replace ours. It could be purchased for $1000, but
    shipping, importing, installation, all said and done it would cost near eight to
    nine thousand dollars. We also looked seriously into converting to electric as
    the dream is to one day be completely off of fossil fuels. We’re going to a
    factory to look at electric motors. But it seemed for us it was going to cost, at a minimum, of 12,000 euros. Meanwhile we asked Adis if we
    could have our gearbox returned because I wanted to see if we could find
    somebody else to fix it. We were returned a box of gears, not a gearbox. I’m still
    not sure how I feel about that. We ended up going with the Beta Marine 38 horsepower
    engine over our other seemingly less ideal options. With the decision this
    costly I was definitely not gonna let somebody pressure me into purchasing an
    engine that I was not completely on board with. We ended up flying to Morocco for two weeks because we needed a change of atmosphere. We returned and we continued on repairs
    while we waited for the new engine. We got a new Genoa. A new sail, a Genoa.
    We shredded the other one. And all the sail makers said that, “well, you could repair it, but it’ll definitely break again really soon.” Because it’s been repaired multiple times. So this one made by a professional sail maker here in Pula, Elvis. Genoa with the Sunbrella. It’s got this here to tension the foot. We removed and reinforced the davit
    plates. We extended the davits aft 30 centimeters as well as added cross
    supports all completed by Robert. I stripped roughly 20 kilograms of unused
    electrical wire and hose from Arianrhod. We saved maybe five kilograms as supplies
    and cleaned up the distribution panel. It took me two and a half days to buff Arianrhod And we completed many other smaller projects. It ended up taking
    around seven weeks for the Beta Marine engine to arrive and once we knew it was
    coming we were moved into position so the crane could access Arianrhod. This is our new engine. Wow. It’s really pretty. A quick aside we
    were never able to sell our wounded but functioning Yanmar 3qm 38 engine because
    we didn’t have papers for it. To me it seems like if you live in Western
    society specifically the European Union then you live in a society that values
    documentation over form and function and this hinders creativity and I do not
    believe that a socio-economic system that squashes individual creativity will
    endure, but I digress. Because the engine was delayed by two weeks it arrived
    three days after the workers at the marina took off for holiday. Because in
    Europe it is common for many people to take a couple months off of work in the
    winter. Adis told us that he would not help us and instead we should try to
    find somebody else to help us because he would be on holiday, but all the
    mechanics were on holiday, and so the only help that Adis actually provided was
    a number for a contact in Split. A man named Igor who we bought our Beta Marine
    engine from and then after that we never saw or heard from Adis again. I had resolved to install the engine.
    I removed the old coupling and I found that the propeller shaft was 32
    millimeters in diameter and our new coupling is made for a 30 millimeter
    propeller shaft. We need to remove the propeller shaft and turn it on a lathe
    to reduce the diameter by 2 millimeters. I do not have access to a metal shop and
    I do not have the tools to pull a propeller. Finally I contacted Robert who
    had made adjustments to our davits. He agreed to reduce the shaft, replace the
    Cutlass bearing stuffing box, seacock strainer basket, and install and align the
    engine all for 2000 euro plus materials. We thought this was a bit steep but we
    agreed as we had finally found someone to help us. So then, does this corrode? No.
    Because you have the zinc on it? Bronze doesn’t corrode. Doesn’t corrode.
    Agh, I did not know that. It’s been four months and three days and
    today we are installing a new engine. It’s like a hundred and thirty eight
    kilos which is around 60 kilos lighter than previously. Slowly down. Little bit more. Little bit. Good. Stop. Going back. Okay. Slow. Little bit down. Stop. Okay, we can proceed. Go, go, go. Stop? No, go down. Down. Down. Stop. Little bit up. Up just a little bit. Stop. Stop. So far, so good. Pull it out and cut the tube a little bit
    maybe five centimeters and cut the shaft. So, here’s the problem. This is too close. We
    have an adapter, a rubber adapter, it’s about five centimeters has to fit in
    there and there’s no space between here and this is the coupling, the
    transmission, the stuffing box. This pipe right here this through-hole we need to
    cut that and then move this stuffing box aft maybe five centimeters and then we
    have to cut the propeller shaft so that it’s the correct length and then we can
    have this space in between here the two couplings so that we will be able to
    attach on, but the alignment looks good. We need five extra centimeters here. We’re good up front. Now the back. Yes, but put away the…take them out? Yes. Okay and then now I’m going inside and you must stay up here then we pull out the motor. Forward. Yes, a little bit. Okay, stop. This we must cut. Yep. Eight
    centimeter. Eight centimeters. You’re hot. They say maybe it’s hot and it’s
    going…yeah, expanded? Yes. Without hammer, nothing. I’ll be fluent in Croatian in no time. Doran? Is that what you said? Down? No, down is dolje. See. Told you. Fluent in Croatian, no problem. Dolje. What’s up? I mean that everything will be perfect. Perfect. Yes, everything will be fine. Engine installed. Now just to do proper alignment, secure it down, and then hook it up. Should be ready to start up tomorrow.
    I think we’ll give it a test start. We installed the raw water
    cooling system and the fuel lines. Then we realized the exhaust system
    needs to be adjusted with a high-rise. That right there that’s the problem.
    Otherwise it would run the risk of water entering back into the engine and
    blowing a cylinder from the rapid expansion of the water vapor. The next
    day we added oil and coolant and we hooked up a new battery and tried to
    start the engine for the first time. Robert created a custom high-rise for
    around 200 euro. The other option was to wait four weeks and spend over 300 euro
    to get one from Igor. We installed the high-rise and tested the engine while
    supplementing fresh water for the raw water cooling system. We used a temporary
    transparent exhaust tube to be certain that all the water was straining into
    the water log. Woo! Woo-hoo! I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing
    the old Yanmar out and instead gave it to Robert. We determined it was time to
    launch Arianrhod. After four and a half months of
    bleeding money and suffering stagnation we watched in amazement as Arianrhod
    was put back in the water. As soon as we were in the water we
    started the engine and checked for leaks. Alright, starting the motor for the first water test. Ready? Ready. Stop. Give it just a little bit of throttle, Tara. What? No, no, they asked if they can put away the…crane? The crane. And then, we’re good? Yes. Water don’t come in. We were then promptly shoo’ed off the dock before we
    were settled in. We were literally being pushed off the dock and told to go find
    a slip as it was raining and the wind was blowing around ten knots. They told us
    they needed the space immediately to lift another boat, which they lifted an
    hour and a half later. Once safely in our slip Robert helped us install our
    long-awaited Cubic Mini Wood Stove. We thanked Robert for his honesty, his hard
    work, and his flexibility and then we prepared to set sail. The period from September 2018 to January 2019 was one of the most
    stressful and by far the most expensive period of my life but that’s good
    because I learned a slew of invaluable lessons. Here are three of the
    many lessons learned from our nightmare haul out. Number 1: never let anybody
    hurry you especially if you have to pay them. Slow down. Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. That comes from the US Special Forces. Lesson Number 2: regular rest prevents
    downward spirals. Rest regularly or you will exhaust yourself and when you’re
    exhausted you will make a series of poor decisions that will begin momentum in a
    downward spiral. First, you have to halt that downward momentum before you can
    turn it around and create upward momentum. To prevent a downward spiral
    from happening in the first place regularly rest.
    Working yourself to death is not helpful for anyone. And lesson Number 3: always
    expect things to be more difficult and to take more time than you anticipate. In
    the Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu wrote something like this in Chapter 63: the sage
    expects everything to be difficult and therefore never encounters difficulty. This concludes Season One of SV Arianrhod. Season One was 13 episodes and took about
    ten months to create. It produced around a thousand dollars in revenue and costed
    over 50,000 dollars to create and that’s without me on payroll. If you enjoy these videos and would like to see more and would like to
    enable us to create more share the series with your friends. The best way to
    support the channel to support FLORB to support SV Arianrhod and Alternative
    Living Spaces is to share these series with your friends. Get more people
    excited about sailing vessel Arianrhod and Alternative Living Spaces. If you
    enjoy the videos and you have the means support FLORB on Patreon. Even if you can
    support one dollar per episode all of it helps us be able to create
    more for you. Let’s Explore Life Together. And check out this crazy Floating Orb
    that we all live on and share and call home. Big Love. See you soon.

    Silversea Silver Muse Cruise Ship Tour and Review :  Best Cruise Ship In The World?
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    Silversea Silver Muse Cruise Ship Tour and Review : Best Cruise Ship In The World?

    December 8, 2019

    Hi I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers and I am going to take you on a tour of probably the most beautiful, most luxurious ship that I’ve ever been on! It’s Silversea Silver Muse. I’m going to show you all the features of the ship, the facilities, the dining options, and of course the suites as well. So let me talk about the different types of accommodation on board. It’s all suites and the Owner’s Suite is the grandest of all. It’s a one-bedroom suite, it’s very palatial and there’s an adjoining veranda suite so it can become a two-bedroom suite. The Grand Suite again is another magnificent suite, it had a real wow factor. It’s a one bedroom suite that can be made into two. The Silver Suite is also one bedroom suite. I really liked it. It’s avery comfortable suite and it’s pretty magnificent! And then you have three classes of Verandah Suites. You have a Deluxe Veranda Suite, Superior and Classic – and the real difference between the Veranda Suites is their location. So the Deluxe suite is mid-ship and in the quietest part of the ship. So let’s talk about places to eat now. There is no main dining room on board the Silver Muse. Instead there are eight dining venues, six of which are included within your fare – plus of course there is 24-hour room service. The first of the restaurants is a Silversea classic, La Terrazza. This is an Italian restaurant and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the day it has serving stations it’s self service, and at night it’s an a la carte restaurant. Atlantide is a restaurant that I loved. It’s a fish and steak restaurant serving incredible cuisine with beautiful fish and great steaks. It’s a great venue. Indochine is another great restaurant, and this serves Asian food – fusion food. It has Thai food and Indian food. An innovative restaurant is a place called Silver Note. This combines music and food, serving Tapas style food and there is music there in the evening. It’s a really fun and great concept. If you’re looking for more informal dining, there’s two places that are very popular. One is Hot Rocks. Hot Rocks in the evening does Silverseas famous hot lava stone cooking, where you cook your own food outside. It’s a great venue and during the day it has much more casual food like burgers and that kind of stuff. Spaccanapoli is a famous road in Naples and this is the name of the pizza restaurant, which is an outdoor restaurant serving incredible pizza. The pizza here is absolutely magnificent! Now there are two restaurants which you have to pay a cover charge, which at the time of making this video is around sixty dollars per person. The first is a French cuisine restaurant which is called La Dame which is a partnership with Relais and Chateaux, which is across most of the Silversea ships. The other one you have to pay a service charge for is Kaiser, this is a Japanese restaurant it serves sushi and in the evenings it also does teppanyaki. So let’s talk about bars and lounges. Well the most popular lounge / bar on the ship is the Panorama Lounge. It’s a quiet place during the day but at night it’s really where everyone heads to after the show and after dinner for drinks and music. An innovative and new thing to Silversea is the Art’s Cafe. This particular venue showcases lots of eclectic art, has lots of art books and will actually have art lectures. It serves food morning, lunchtime and into the evening when has little chocolate treats. It’s a beautiful bright venue. Right next door to the Art’s Cafe is a Silversea classic which is the Connoisseur’s lounge where you can go and smoke. So quite unusually for cruise ships these days, there is a place inside where you can actually go and smoke. But at night it’s really for cognac and cigars. Right up on the top of the ship overlooking the bow is Tor’s Observation Lounge. This is a great venue and there’s a library there so you can take books out and have a read up there. It’s beautiful during the day because can just sit there with great views over the bow of the ship and the ocean. They also have a cheese and wine up there around about nine o’clock at night if you’re feeling a little bit peckish! Another place to go and hang out is actually in the atrium reception area. So in the area where you’ve got the reception and the excursion desk is a great big lounge area with a bar. It’s a bit of a hub and is great again in the evenings for meeting people and having drinks. So what else is there to do on board the ship terms of entertainment? There’s the Venetian lounge. This is the main show lounge where the Silversea singers perform shows, but also things like enrichment lectures are also held. In terms of outdoor activities there’s a fantastic pool deck up on deck nine with a great size pool, lots of very comfortable chairs and loungers and there’s a running track. There’s also a spa and fitness center which has barber, hairdressers, nail treatments as well. If you’re looking for other things to do in evening then there is a casino. It’s a small casino. There are shops selling things like branded goods, watches and that kind of stuff. There’s also a card room. Another thing that’s quite unique for Silversea on Silver Muse is that there is actually an activity room designed for children. So at peak periods when there are a lot of children on board there will be facilities and activities for kids. So hopefully as we’ve gone around the ship you agree with me that this is a magnificent ship. It feels very luxurious. It feels very plush. It’s a beautiful beautiful ship and I absolutely loved it. Hopefully this video tour has given you a good sense of what it is and helps you to help you decide if this is a ship for you. If you like the video I’d love it if you left a like for the video, and of course I’d love to your comments. What do you think about the ship? But very importantly please subscribe to the Tips For Travellers YouTube channel

    most dangerous beaches in the world
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    most dangerous beaches in the world

    December 7, 2019

    We will go to the end of the world searching for a true paradise of our planet But behind the peace and beauty and their dangerous waters hide the most deadly creatures on earth By their beauty Australian beaches are considered among the best in the world But some of them are also the most dangerous on earth The great white shark is a rather frequent phenomenon here and it will not surprise Anyone on the beaches near Brisbane lives another most deadly creature One of these beaches is a Surfers Paradise Beach. The beach itself is very good and is suitable for both surfing and swimming But there is one danger They come snail or CONUS geographus is the most poisonous predator in the world During the day snail heights in the sand and at night she crawls out to hunt Noticing a fish nearby the snail begins to approach it slowly When the snail came closer it dips into the fish with his harpoon like tooth protruding from the mouth After that the victim’s body receives a mixture of hundreds of different toxins almost instantly paralyzing a small fish Paralyzed prey is immediately swallowed Very often an unusually colored cone shell encourages a person to pick up a snail as a souvenir In such cases the living cone begins to defend itself and stay the enemy with its tooth There are many cases when the poisoning ended with death for a person The next beautiful Beach locates not far from the Australian Broome City If you decide to swim in the waters of cable beach You should know that the beach has been closed many times due to a series of attacks of the saltwater crocodile This is the largest crocodile species on earth and the only species able to live in saltwater These reptiles can also be encountered on the beaches of islands near Queensland However, this is not the greatest danger waters of all beaches of Queensland and it’s Islands Fraser and T we are teeming with some of the most venomous creatures in the world a predator with 4 metres long tentacles browse in the water in searching of a victim Predator known as the sea wasp is a species of extremely venomous box. Jellyfish found in coastal waters from northern Australia and New Guinea to the north of Philippines and Vietnam It is the only kind of jellyfish that has eyes and a brain The effect of their poison is so strong and painful that it can kill a person in just a few minutes Fortunately barrage nets around the beaches can stop these jellyfish But there is one more an almost invisible predator which nothing can stop a thumbnail size little one almost invisible in water For a long time it managed to be an anonymous killer This is your Kenji and she also belongs to the family of extremely venomous box jellyfish The Irukandji bite is hardly sensible, but her poison is a hundred times stronger than Cobras He first victims of her bite were recorded only in 2002 there is no antidote in the world a few minutes after the bite Such strong pain begins that even the maximum dose of morphine does not help to remove it the pain period lasts about 20 hours the person will survive or not during this period The following two dangerous creatures may also be met in Australian waters Not every seat or chin could boast such a beautiful colour like our hero But beauty is deceptive and in this case deadly most sea urchins are harmless to humans, but not this one Ascona soma varium or fire Rajan lives in the tropical and subtropical Waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans from the east coast of Africa and Japan to the shores of Australia Most of his life he spends in shallow water among corals. This is the only action which has in its arsenal Not only deadly needles but jaws the antidote to their poison has not yet been created Therefore if the person accidentally touches him while swimming he may lose the ability to breathe and move and will drown The second one is this cute tiny octopus but death is hidden behind his beauty The blue-ringed octopus is one of the most poisonous animals on the planet It’s poison paralyzes the respiratory muscles and a person can die from asphyxiation within two minutes after being bitten Blue ringed octopus is rarely attack humans, if you catch them by surprise, they react aggressively but only in self-defence The toxin causes paralysis of the body affecting the respiratory centers of the brain externally a person may look dead and actually remain in the mind, but not have a way to report it if Continue to make the undergone artificial respiration after a few hours The poison is metabolized and removed from the body paralysis will pass and the person will be able to survive Fortunately the blue octopus rarely meets with people only three deaths have been registered for the last century The beaches of this little-known but very beautiful island are fantastic Reunion Island is the territory of France in the Indian Ocean in The northwestern part of the island is one of the most active volcanoes on our planet But thanks to this there are unusual beaches with black sand which attract tourists But the volcano is not the greatest danger in this paradise The variety of sea life and large waves on its coast attracts surfers and divers but swimming here is very risky and All this because this island is known as the most deadly island on our planet on The beaches of its coast there were 13 percent of all fatal shark attacks in the world Therefore it received a second name shark island This wonderful island is included in the unesco world heritage list and is dangerous for two reasons nuclear radiation and sharks Between 1946 and 1950 lives more than 20 nuclear weapons tests were conducted here for research possible damage and the consequences of a nuclear explosion for a Carrier Strike Group any of them planned nuclear attack by the Soviet Union a Huge number of ships sink due to receive damage the seabed near the island is simply dotted with sunken ships The lack of Fisheries in this region means that sea life has flourished here including sharks Due to this the island attracts hundreds of divers every year but besides sharks this giant clamp can be dangerous for divers The giant tridacna which can weigh hundreds kilograms It’s color palette is huge Inside the clam can be a huge pearl But in no case you shouldn’t put your hand in there the clan will capture it and it will not be possible to free it even with the help of the jack lifting Brazil is a country with countless natural beauties that can satisfy the fantasy of almost every traveler It is not for nothing that they call it a country of contrasts Mountains side by side with tropical forests wild jungles with huge mega cities and arid deserts with endless golden beaches and ocean bays The main danger of Brazilian beaches is sharks and minor crimes But never bathe in places where the rivers including the Amazon flow into the ocean in Such places there is a chance to meet piranhas and crocodiles Also when traveling in South Brazil Uruguay Paraguay and Argentina Be very careful in the tropical forests of these countries You can meet the dangerous caterpillar in one Omiya and it would be fine If only in forests But sometimes it can be found in orchards and in residential areas and even on the beaches People would have been glad to avoid meeting her but how to do this if she is perfectly camouflaged under the bark of a tree or tree moss the caterpillars length reaches 7 Centimeters her whole body is covered with branch thorns resembling Christmas tree twigs on the back There is a white spot which is shaped like the letter U Poisoning occurs as a result of contact with the caterpillar today mono Mia poison is the strongest of the all known natural toxins The coast of the South African cape town has repeatedly been recognized as the most dangerous in the world to travel The fact is that one of the largest white shark populations in the world lives in the waters washing its shores When the hot summer comes the Predators become more aggressive and go hunting There is even an attraction for the most courageous Divers are transported on a boat far from the shore but in a cage and lowered to the bottom of the sea Sharks who consider a person their legitimate dinner take the cage by storm Despite all the danger a large population of these animals attracts thousands of tourists Trained for the title of the most dangerous or fighting suit you Jason The first one is home spawn, which is also called the great white shark capital and the second is fish hook But all changed in 2017 when a group of killer whales comes to these places in a matter of months These predators destroyed almost the entire population of white sharks in the area The strange thing is that killer whales do not eat the entire shark as a whole they only eat its liver And Leslie one more – dangerous creatures that can be met in shallow water and near coral reefs on the coast ranging from the red sea of the Pacific and Indian Oceans and to the area of the Great Barrier Reef’s near Queensland one of them is a sea snake Underwater the sea snake may be more than an hour when the sneak rises to the surface to take another breath There is a chance of meeting with a person The poison of the sea snake is very dangerous of a teen people bitten by sea snakes Seven people remain alive if they receive medical assistance on time So the person has a chance to survive but to reduce the chance of a bite follow these tips Do not touch the snake. Do not tease or provoke. Otherwise may follow a fast attack Keep calm even if the snake swims towards you usually sea snakes are driven by ordinary Curiosity to avoid trouble with them you need to remember the most important rule that works with all predators Caution the main assistant the sea snake hardly attacks without a reason do not make her angry again Most likely she will not touch you Every year in Australia an average of 30 bytes of stone fish is recorded a large number of stone fishes found in waters from the Red Sea and to the area of the Great Barrier Reef’s new Queensland the area of the main distribution Also includes the waters of Indonesia the water zone around the Philippines and the waters surrounding the islands of Fiji and Samoa This predator loves hiding shallow water near coral reefs She does not attack a person but if you accidentally step on her she can easily kill a person Warty venomous fatal without immediate help So if you go to the beach watch these killers they will hide from you in the sand or disguised as bottom stones Keep in mind that the wart can live for another 24 hours Even if it is pulled out of the water the danger for humans is poison spikes Located on the back of the fish the strongest toxin contained in them If released into the bloodstream can cause death within a few hours


    Massive kitemare off the coast of Marocco – Ep99 – The Sailing Frenchman

    December 6, 2019

    All right, pretty good start we’re going Right, let’s start to look at the options. We have costal wind at the moment. It’s just the effect of the land
    which is warmed up by the sun The wind will be changing soon though. So we need to see a bit of options and for these we have time zero so as we see all the fleet here, moving And yeah, we’re not bad, we’re here,
    one here, two here, Not too bad so far, but you know, it’s a one month race, so much can go wrong then The weather, so that’s the weather
    that we’re gonna have soon Hisham, one month at sea what do you think? Looking forward to it, unless when I’m seasick But you won’t be right, you have your sea legs already from last race Alright, welcome to the doldrums We are right out of Portugal The first day and which has become a kind of weird area west of Gibraltar not much wind we placed ourselves not too bad, I think light wind, spinnakers helming smoothly and hopefully this afternoon we get some higher pressure This area here, see wind is coming in this area So we should benefit from this
    but let’s see how it turns out What are you up to Manuel?
    Can I help you? No you can’t
    No ? OK That’s a good thing so could you, have you been able to tighten it maximum or yeah, there’s a bearing it’s something inside, stuffing So this is actual footage from my bunk,
    I’m not even enhancing the sound, just wait for it… It’s the spinnaker sheet going through a low friction ring, and it’s like this every 30 seconds Have a good night This is not my hat It’s one of the maintenance guys that forgot it. I feel like I’m selling drugs in the desert Good morning Hugo, did you bought that hat or were you given it? It’s Blake’s He forgot it It just never stops All right, so it’s day three into the race,
    we left three days ago from Portugal We’re about like 500 miles into this journey, and we’ve been doing pretty good so far, sticking along the the Moroccan coast,
    gave us a good advantage. We are with a group of 5 boats, still such a long race It’s hard to say it if we we’re first or last, but we’re definitely not last, we are towards the front of the fleet, which is pretty good Yeah, everyone is working their ass off. So it’s pretty good. It’s starting to get warm as we go south A 100 miles away from Canaries now. Last time I came here was with my boat and just had the best time there.
    It’s sad not to stop and see my friend José Still a long race, still lots of things, working with daily problems But so far, the boat’s moving.
    So we hope we continue to do this way, getting really good at helming with spinnaker,
    so that’s nice I’m able to stay here in the nav station just do a bit of tactics and just overviewing the sail, it’s really nice. It’s going well You’ll see in the next day we should have more wind coming, as we pass Canaries and then we’ll go for the scoring gates. Scoring gate is just like 2 marks, 2 virtual marks, somewhere and the first boat to pass these two marks gets 3 points the second boat 2 points and the last boat one point and all the rest going through the gates gets nothing So it’s always good to go for these extra points like we did on first leg getting second on this ocean sprint so yeah, we’ll try to go for this Hi Josh, how are you doing ?
    We gybed, we are 1.6nm from Sanya Nice, good job What do you say a lot when you are at the helm?
    Bare away, head up, stop flogging, trim, trim trim….etc HeyJohn what does bare away mean ? which way ? Bare away, or the other way It’s left or right, 50/50 That’s our problem I think At that point we had been three or four days at sea and we had just passed the Canary Islands Making our way towards the Cap Verde and the scoring gate that was just north of it We were constantly under spinnaker our code 2 was up and we were doing good speed So good that we were in the lead with Visit Sanya, Jorge’s boat Sometimes second, sometimes first, switching places But the afternoon right after that watch I was having a nice nap in the sail locker when I felt the boat slowing down and some shouting starting I always keep my life jacket when I have a nap, so I jump on deck and can only witness the inevitable It’s there, the mother of all wraps. The spinnaker, because of mistakes from the helmsman got wrapped not only around the forestay,
    but also around the inner-forestay No way to solve this from deck Within seconds, I had the climbing harness on, and the crew swept me up the mast Started a now and off battle to enwrap our code 2, me from the top and the crew from the deck We eventually got it back on deck with only minor damage and within minutes we had our code 3 up and we were racing again But this one and a half hour at reduced speed made us lose quite some ground on Sanya and allowed Quingdao to come back to our level. This one mistake definitely played a huge role in the rest of that race So again, lessons learned, never ever let down your guard Never get complacent and never stop trying to do things better and faster

    Papermill Lake Beach Park
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    Papermill Lake Beach Park

    December 6, 2019

    Hi guys welcome to this week’s My Halifax. My name is Adam Cooper if you’re new to our YouTube channel we make videos
    all about the fun and cool things you can do in and around Halifax. This week since we are finished with the donut wars we’ve actually come out to a very small
    but very cool and very pretty park this is Papermill Lake Beach Park which is
    right in Bedford it’s not the biggest park but it is one of those hidden gems
    I think is super cool and we really wanted to share it with you guys so we are kind of in that weird
    time between autumn and winter like they’re calling for snow on Friday so it does feel
    very dark but the sun’s kind of bursting through every now and again so it’s kind of a cool time to be out it is pretty cold but Gina and I still like to go and explore
    parks when it’s kind of crossover period like I said before just
    because it’s fun to see the leaves and everything changing as winter rolls in. what I really like about this place and this again is our first time here is as you
    come through this trail there’s the lake one side and there’s another lake the other side
    it just feels very majestic as you walk through and you know often when we look at parks and places we try to find big ones that a lot of people go to but it’s also
    fun to find the small ones where you can find something like this and like I said earlier
    it’s kind of a hidden gem and this really is turning out to be quite the
    gem. so we’re not that far along the trail and we
    found a down tree now we did have a hurricane Dorian come through here which we made a video about I think this tree’s been down for a while it doesn’t look like it’s fresh
    and but it’s still kinda cool remember if you do come and you’re looking at trees
    always stay safe it’s really close to the water but let’s go look at it. so the thing I always love about the
    fall especially in Halifax in Nova Scotia is the color of the leaves that
    you’ll see they’re so beautiful like I never saw colors like that when I was in
    England and it’s one of the reasons a lot of people come visit Nova Scotia in the fall
    and I know we’re getting into what feels like the winter but there’s still
    lots of beauty and lots of color and nature out there so get exploring get
    out look around because it’s we live in a beautiful province and sometimes you
    know we get to the winter and we forget to go look what’s on our very outside
    our front door steps so that’s the end of this week’s My Halifax once again we’re at
    Papermill Lake Beach Park which was a surprisingly quaint and was actually a real
    surprise for us because we knew coming down here that it was going to be small
    but it was actually bigger than we thought and had lots of cool hidden little
    pathways secret lakes and definitely a place people should check out probably in
    the summer because it’s going to be more pretty but this is a great way to spend a Sunday so thank you for watching this week’s video don’t
    forget to like comment and subscribe to our youtube channel we’ll see you next week and very pretty park called Papermay…. paper..mill..lake..beach… Gina: paper mill beach
    lake? Okay Gina: I forget what it’s called big round subscribe button so you never miss one Squirrel: SQUEAK!!! of our cool episodes… there’s a squirrel that squeaked right in my ear Gina: I saw him through my
    peripheral vision thank you for making it
    all the way to the end of this week’s video make sure you hit the big round subscribe
    button so you never miss one of our cool videos it would really help our channel
    grow follow us on all our social media linked below and there’s a couple of
    videos here we’ve talked about like to watch


    Navigator of the Seas Deck-By-Deck Ship Tour

    December 5, 2019

    Hello, Wanderers! Welcome to Royal
    Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas! We just spent nine nights aboard this Voyager
    Class ship and we put together a deck-by-deck tour for you. Let’s get it
    started. Race you to Deck 1! So this is Deck 1. This is where you get
    on and off the ship when you’re in port. Also, if you’re feeling sick while you’re
    aboard, here’s where you’ll find the medical facility. Let’s not race to any
    more decks…Here you can see passengers preparing to disembark. Staff have
    beverages ready for purchase and hand out towels for guests to borrow. Just
    scan your Sea Pass and you’re ready for a day in Port. On Deck 2, the Conference
    Center offers several rooms for group events or meetings. The Photo Gallery on
    Deck 3 is where you can view, order and download the photos taken by the
    professional photographers onboard. The kiosks make the process quick and easy. Also on Deck 3 is Studio B, which hosts
    everything from parties to game shows, cooking demonstrations and more! There
    are also professional ice skating performances throughout your cruise for
    you to enjoy, and open skate times for passengers. No reservations are needed
    and all gear is included. Deck 4 is where the real fun begins.
    The Schooner Bar, a nautically themed piano bar, is one of our group’s go-to
    spots. You can usually find us gathered around a scorecard for trivia or singing
    along to nightly serenades piano-side. Next to the Schooner Bar is the ship’s
    casino featuring video poker, slot machines, blackjack, roulette and more. The Sapphire, Navigator’s main dining room, boasts three levels of seating
    accessible from Decks 3, 4, and 5. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seating
    arrangements vary and although your table is assigned to you by the ship, you
    can choose to either sit with just your group, with specific passengers, or with
    random guests. You can also choose to dine at prearranged times or do My Time
    Dining, which allows you to arrive to dinner when you want. Also on Deck 4 is one of Navigator’s
    specialty restaurants. Sabor is a for-fee restaurant that offers traditional
    Mexican dishes like burritos, tacos and quesadillas, plus homemade guacamole and premium tequila flights! Boleros is Navigator’s Latin-inspired lounge with
    ample room to hang out or dance along to live music. They can also whip up a mean mojito. Art Auctions are popular events onboard
    cruise ships. They usually have the various pieces set up around the lobby
    for guests to view. Hi, Wanderers! The Metropolis Theater is the best place to find entertainment throughout your cruise. During the day the ship hosts
    informative lectures on topics ranging from marine life to shopping. At night,
    catch a comedy act, acrobatic performance or musical revue. Bar service is offered
    to guests with waiters bringing drinks right to your seat. Moving up to Deck 5, the Royal Promenade is a major hub of activity at all hours of the day. The
    four-story mall features various shops selling high-end fashion and accessories,
    souvenirs and convenience items. Live music plays as you stroll through the
    mall on your way to grab a quick snack, coffee, or Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cone
    at Café Promenade. The café has a nice seating area where
    you can relax with the daily paper or play games with friends. Numerous bars
    and restaurants line the Promenade, like Two Poets, an English themed pub serving imported beers and ales and Vintages, Royal Caribbean’s wine bar, which offers
    a vast sampling menu, wine tastings and classes. Off the Promenade you’ll find
    the Connoisseur Club, Navigator’s smoking lounge and the Star Lounge where events
    like the art auction take place with music and dancing offered at night. Deck 5’s R Bar, a dark and cozy lounge, offers custom cocktails and drink specials we
    often enjoyed before dinner. Have a question, concern or complaint? Speak to a staff member at Guest Services. If you want to book a port tour, visit the Shore
    Excursions desk next door. Lastly, you can access the ship’s helipad from Deck 5.
    Featuring a great view of the sea and opportunities to reenact silly movie
    moments, the helipad is a bit of a secret onboard but is open to the public most
    days. Going up to Deck 6, you’ll find Next
    Cruise – where passengers can speak with company agents to book future cruises. On Deck 7 is the Library and Card Room, a quiet oasis where you can borrow books,
    grab a daily Sudoku puzzle or play games with friends. For a fee, Royal Caribbean Online on Deck
    8 connects you to the internet and allows you to print documents, too. The
    Concierge Lounge is exclusively for guests staying in specialty Suites and
    Diamond+ and Pinnacle Club Crown & Anchor members. So Deck 10 doesn’t have any public areas – it’s just a lot of staterooms and all of the stateroom hallways look just like
    this! So now you know! Deck 11 is probably where we spend most of our time. First up, the food. The Windjammer is Navigator’s buffet-style restaurant and is also the most popular place to eat.
    It’s open most hours of the day and you can enjoy everything from American Breakfast favorites, to international specialties, sandwiches, soups and
    desserts. It’s all included in your cruise fare so why not try a little bit
    of everything? Next to the Windjammer is Chops Grille, a for-fee restaurant specializing in steaks and seafood and Giovanni’s Table, another for-fee
    restaurant that brings Italian fare, served family-style, to the high seas.
    After you eat your fill, you may want to hit the gym for a good workout. At
    Vitality, you’ll find treadmills, weight machines, dumbbells and more. There’s even a space for group classes. Visit the spa for a massage or manicure. Heading outside on Deck 11 is the best place to soak up the sun. The pool deck features
    two pools and four whirlpools. Grab a lounger to relax, listen to live music
    and order a drink. Or boogie along with fellow passengers. Make sure you get
    there early so you don’t miss the belly flop contest – a guest favorite. The Solarium, an adults-only pool area,
    has padded loungers and offers a quiet refuge away from the main pool. Hidden away at the front of Deck 11 is the Peek-A-Boo bridge, a set of windows that allows passengers to look down into the happenings of the bridge while you sail. Up on Deck 12 you’ll find the running track, open to walkers and runners. For
    families, you’ll find the nursery as well as the Aquanauts Club for three to five
    year olds, Adventure Ocean, designed for three to 17-year olds, and The Living
    Room, a teen hangout. Outside, Johnny Rockets serves up classic burgers, fries, and milkshakes for a small per person fee. And to round out Deck 12, visit the
    Challenger’s Arcade, stock full of your favorites like Pac-Man, claw games, racing simulators, air hockey and Skee-ball. Deck 13 is an active deck. First up, the
    Flow Rider, a simulated surfing experience, gives passengers the ability to surf or
    boogie board. Private lessons are also available. Check out Ryan’s skills before he wipes out! Climb the rock wall and get an
    unparalleled view of the sea when you make it to the top. Play against your friends
    and family at Navigator Dunes, the nine hole mini-golf course. Choose to keep
    score or not but make sure to brag if you win! The Sports Court hosts
    volleyball and basketball too. Perched high above the sea on Deck 14, you’ll find the Viking Crown lounge and Cosmopolitan Club, offering the best view of the pool deck
    and surrounding landscapes. During the day, grab a book and relax in
    the spacious lounge. At night, get ready for karaoke, live music and dancing. The Diamond Club is also located adjacent to the Viking Crown Lounge. Our final restaurant on Navigator is Izumi, a for-fee Japanese restaurant featuring
    popular sushi rolls, hot rock dishes and traditional noodles and soups. And last but not least on Deck 15 is the Skylight Chapel, which can accommodate 40 people for a small service or intimate wedding ceremony. So that’s Navigator of the Seas! We hope you enjoyed our deck-by-deck tour. As you can see, our bags are packed so we’re leaving the ship but hopefully you’ll be
    getting on soon! If you liked this video, be sure to Subscribe to our channel, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We’ll see you next time, Wanderers!

    Barcelona’s Little-Known Beaches | Things To Do in BARCELONA
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    Barcelona’s Little-Known Beaches | Things To Do in BARCELONA

    December 5, 2019

    Okay, this is our guide to Barcelona beach.
    Now let’s start with the main beach season, that’s 15th March to the 15th November.
    And high season is from the end of May to the end of September. Now you might think
    there’s only one beach in Barcelona but actually, there’s a few. But here we’re
    going to be talking about the main two. So Barceloneta is the closest beach to the
    city centre, so naturally it’s popular and usually pretty busy. Yeah, it’s got restaurants
    and beach bars. It’s even got art work and architecture, so it’s a little classier.
    What’s great about Barceloneta is that you can walk there from Las Ramblas. It will take
    you around 20 minutes and you get to soak up that chilled sunny city kind of vibe. Or
    you can be a bit lazy – jump on the metro on the yellow line, that’s the L4, and get
    off at Barceloneta stop. That 56 metre-long copper-coloured fish marks
    the end of Barceloneta beach and the beginning of Nova Icaria, which is a little bit less
    crowded. You can get to Nova Icaria from Barceloneta, just by walking, or if you’re using the
    metro, you need that yellow line again; it’s the L4. You need to be getting off at Ciutadella
    Vila Olimpica. Well done! Round of applause guys… In between these two beaches is Port Olympic
    Harbour. The port actually is Port Olympic. It was completely renovated in time for the
    Olympics, so that’s probably one of the reasons it’s as pristine as it is. There’s
    also some really big clubs on the beach front although I’m not quite sure what the Health
    & Safety regs are of putting a nightclub where there’s alcohol right next to the sea… All these beaches are fully accessible; there’s
    lifeguards on duty, they’re well-maintained and they’re beautiful. The water’s stunning,
    so just go there and enjoy it. You will love it. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to
    click subscribe and check out our other Barcelona videos. If you have any comments, leave them
    in the box below. And give us a like!