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    Delivering Sailboat sv Dodi sailing at night in storm The Boat Life Adventure Travel Vlog S1E15
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    Delivering Sailboat sv Dodi sailing at night in storm The Boat Life Adventure Travel Vlog S1E15

    October 18, 2019

    This is The Boat Life. Wooo! we almost
    died yesterday. I don’t know about well I guess we could have anything could have happened
    there’s a lot of distress calls and whatever not the smoothest boat delivery
    tell you that right now we did go sailing that was great
    downhill from there this is the boat life we had a dream
    sailing in the Caribbean and living on a sailboat so we sold our stuff, quit our
    jobs, and now we’re doing just that Cruising at, cruising at? We’re sailing!
    Four knots. solid four knots. What happened? It was just five. Well we’re back down to four. Back down
    to four. Three five Well we’re sailing. Not very fast but we’re
    sailing. There’s not a lot of wind even though we had kind of a rough storm
    this morning but we weren’t sailing in it we were just trying to get out to where we were
    going to sail. But, pretty sweet What? I said I don’t feel like being at the helm. You don’t feel good? and then then where we had planned to
    come in to the the ICW was not passable and it just was not something I was
    gonna try and do so we had to figure out do we go north we go south but both of
    them were like three hours, right? yeah. and the Sun was starting
    to set at that point. Not a wise move. But we made it after after bumping the old ground. Six
    or seven times. Man I was just white knuckling it cuz it wasn’t it wasn’t horrible
    weather per se but I really wasn’t prepared to navigate at night or with
    such a chop. The boat was going back and forth, side to side. that and then and then also to somewhere
    that I’m not familiar with I had actually planned to be navigating things
    that I was familiar with during the day but we made it and it was so funny. FUNNY? As soon as we got here no, no, no. as soon as we got here it was
    like night and day I mean you can see the water behind us that’s how it was
    last night. it was just super smooth. Here? Yeah. Not on the journey. Once we got out of the Gulf. The Gulf was crazy. Like I said it wasn’t terrible it was more like we weren’t sure where we were going and trying to find the markers and
    things like that which are all normal boating things I suppose except that we
    hadn’t plan to do any of that, for a while. We got a taste of it. Sorry
    about that, sorry. Six to ten hour day that
    was 19 hours. It was a quick 19 hours though. I was seasick for 18 of the
    19 hours. That actually I think made it worse. I really felt bad. I wanted
    Melissa to just have a great time especially because it was the first trip
    and like the first leg That was fantastic. Yeah and then we anchored in Pelican Bay which it all went just to plan. The second day which I
    think was… I’ll take the blame here Lack of planning there so, lesson learned.
    I cried, a lot. I don’t know if I have any video of that. I hope not. What did it look like? *Nic fake crying face* no it really wasn’t that bad it was just
    now overwhelming emotion. That’s true. That’s The Boat Life! Overall I felt really good about everything this morning because we were able to get where we need to be at
    night using the channel markers and our chart plotter and then anchor in the
    dark on a nice safe anchorage. So overall I would say I was really
    impressed with our ability to do that on our brand new boat second day out in
    addition to all of the craziness that was happening to us like night
    navigation and not really having a plan and where to anchor and then we heard the story unfold on the radio. Haulin’ass everybody’s out on a Monday, nobody out
    on the weekend but yeah so as night began to fall I can’t remember if the
    call came in shortly before 9:00 or shortly after 9:00 basically around dark
    there was a call in to the Coast Guard that we heard. Yeah it was about 9. 9 o’clock. There’s this vessel that was in Tampa Bay 100 to 150 nautical miles out and
    they hadn’t they were supposed to be back by dark they had left the day
    before I think there shows me back by dark and they hadn’t arrived yet so that
    was fine we didn’t hear much about it and then we’re in this crazy waves the
    boats rolling hitting the bottom we’re freaking out I’m trembling and crying
    and then they come on the radio Coast Guard searching for this vessel six
    persons missing it just kept repeating that like every
    15 minutes I’m crying I think I’m gonna die and Coast Guard’s not helping. I
    probably should’ve just turned the radio down at that point but I didn’t. I don’t
    know it wasn’t on my mind. It kept going. In hindsight I should’ve turned that down.
    That was terrifying. It added to the tension and the nerves. That was not what I wanted to hear when I I’m like ahh yeah not good. Today is gonna be easy-peasy because we’re just gonna
    deliver it or finished the journey to where we’re gonna keep the boat for a
    bit. Yeah let’s do it! Can we talk about that school of
    stingrays I saw. Nic was sleeping the camera wasn’t working them it was the
    best part of the day yesterday in my opinion How many were there? I bet
    that’s true. That was a good part. Well I I didn’t feel sick at that part and it
    was like holy cow what is in the water and it was like 30, 40 stingrays and they
    were all evenly spaced so they were like there was like two pods or schools of
    them I don’t really know what they’re called I’m on google it and they were
    like in diamond formation and they all were like this far away from each other
    just swimming at the same pace it was wild, yeah so mad I didn’t get any video. I’m upset I didn’t see it. Nic was sleeping, I was like Nic, stingrays!!! Didn’t even move. I was passed out. First night on anchor I didn’t sleep real well just cuz setting the anchor and hanging out there and then you know just nerves really it was hot too but just nerves.
    Have anything else that we did or experienced yesterday? No I mean we did a lot of sailing. We sailed for like six hours or something I was asleep for most of it
    I had my eyes closed in a corner and and it sailed well, I’m really impressed
    with the boat every time every time we do something else I’m really impressed
    with the boat and with the previous owner
    left as equipment and was on it as a setup. Minus the dinghy, minus the dinghy. That was like a four hour ordeal that we have yet to figure out. Yeah the dinghy motor isn’t working so we’ll go over that. To the marina! To the marina! Captain Nic, pull the anchor up! You know how easy it is to take the anchor up. Like it doesn’t seem that hard. But to get it unstuck. The leverage your pulling it straight up. Oh. That’s how the anchor works. If it pulls this way. Which that is why you want out so much scope. Because the boat, even if it goes up it only goes up to here. so that way, yeah. But still for keeping you secure all through the night. That one is awesome, it is so easy to set that anchor. They are much easier to see during the day. Oh my god, look at the birds. This is sailing vessel Dodi, just wondering when your next scheduled opening is after 11:00 okay Anna Maria Island Bridge to s/v Dodi we are on a 20 minute schedule
    so we are on the hour, twenty after, and twenty till. Do you copy? Copy that, thank you very much. ***BOAT speeding through no wake zone and crossing 10 feet from our bow and no one noticed**** WHAT THE HELL A$$HOLE! I’m like I don’t know my nerves I
    haven’t done so many things especially like consecutive like navigating at
    night anchoring at night anchoring in general on my own boat.
    Sailing? Yeah. Sailing. Hailing the bridge *phew* It’s weird. Don’t forget about the lock.
    and the lock yeah. So it’s all it’s really interesting because I just haven’t had
    so many high pressure but controlled experiences I don’t know is
    that even the right word? Yeah. While trying to catch them on camera.
    Yeah. Time Check! Let’s go through the bridge! One minute, one minute! I’m
    gonna go out. What was that? Just wait until it is fully raised. That is basically their warning. Got it! Woooo! We did it! That was easy. That wasn’t so bad. Woohoo it’s like you’re a real captain. ha ha! Where’s my captains hat. Successful bridge hailing. YES! Cortez Bridge this is sailing vessel
    Dodi from the North requesting a bridge opening. This is the Cortez Bridge next scheduled opening is going to be at
    11:40 coming up in about three minutes captain. Thank you very much. Haul-a$$. We are haulin’a$$. HAHA
    oh yeah about 24 RPM’s I might bump it up a little bit that’s up Cortez bridge operator thank you very much
    for the bridge opening You can walk to the pier from there
    interesting oohh look at that sailboat. It gets caught in the wind if it unravels itself. yeah a lot of Effing jet skiers you’re doing great dear, you’re doing
    great That happens to be all that’s in it. Huh? Nothing. What did you say?
    That is all that happened to be in the shot. It zoomed in. NICEEEE
    That’s how we sail, I mean motor. hey So I just realized that this is the longest
    I’ve ever been off of land for. I never took a cruise. Oh nice! I’ve never been out to sea for that
    many days. That’s intense. How do you feel about it? Besides being seasick yesterday, the other parts of it were fun. I just thought about that. Well, way to go! MOTORING! [sung] [inaudible singing] About to pull up to our new home we’re gonna live
    over there Longboat Key Moorings this is s/v
    Dodi Is it turned all the way up?
    Welcome Dodi, you entering the channel? This is Longboat Key Club Moorings.
    We are entering the channel we will be there in about 15 minutes or so. Roger that captain. When you start
    coming in you’ll see our fuel dock straight ahead you’re going to turn to
    port and turn down the fairway we have
    you on m9 which will be the 6th dock on your
    port side Great! Will you have someone there to
    assist us? Absolutely I’m gonna send him out there about ten minutes okay. Sounds
    great thank you. yeah make sure you don’t have any loops in it.
    coil it up and then give yourself some line so when you throw it
    doesn’t have to uncoil that part. Make sense? Good? Like this? Yeah yeah. So this is one? Holy $hit that’s a big boat. hehe yep. so this will be our home for a
    little while while we learn to sail Are you going to be able to make the turn into this? yeah. You might have to backup. No? No, it should be fine. I would hit it in reverse. wooo. reverse, reverse. Hi, how’s it going? It’s going! We’re going the wrong way. I know. Do you want me to throw you my line?
    I’d rather that bow line. Ok. You can set your stern line while your there. How do I set the stern line? You got to watch over there. Grab that. Grab what? yeah Is it in reverse? No. It’s in neutral. Dockhand: Is it in reverse? Melissa: He says it’s not. He can just put it in neutral or shut it off.
    I’m gonna shut it down That’s The Boat Life! We live on a boat,
    in a marina. We even sailed here all by ourselves. Thanks for watching, we really
    appreciate it. If you liked it share it tell your friends, give us a thumbs up,
    check us out on Instagram and the Facebook for real-time updates. See you
    next time. That’s The Boat Life!


    HOW TO CHOOSE A SAILBOAT for living aboard and sailing arround the world! Ep. 2

    October 14, 2019

    I hope to my jingle and we are lingering gazes and as it goes what’s going on 27 people and we want to live in England London wear a dress in another book to check out this well film was night in the hub already was even night we were really enjoying the play but [Music] first of all it was to quote or maybe but just maybe we didn’t have the right book using Teddy shoes for walking in the snow second it was so cold the freakin see had frozen over and we want to be able to lawn in anytime soon like we’re supposed to be walking on top of that better if you’ll solid oh it’s that very day never seen C freezing up like this apparently the more than the Baltic is a less salty and that’s why it stays up so you place is amazing just beautiful yourself there’s even a couple of ducks sitting on uh what’s that nice boat something like it there’s no duck sticking off sitting over that oh this place is just amazing and third we won’t have to spend a lot of time and money on retrofitting that have already [Music] [Music] so you can take a look at this uh holiday rocky in Helsinki and I’m at a moment apparently all the docks are frozen there is no way out we have to wait until end of March beginning of April frankly and that’s the only way to have to leave we’re hoping we might get out of ribbon earlier tip with you by the sports to have what Cena in England but I choose this back massage and it’s a completely froze so a second option up here along the way it was a Naiad 391 and promised to be within our budget and in great condition we are linger on Jesus as it going came to look at the me odd when I one run away she’s freaking out because we’re driving the wrong side row everybody but the two things rarely go together right we had two options you think life is easy when there’s only two options right well not so much we had to scratch our heads over for a few days and still then get into a conclusion so after looking at so many boats the Nyad was really the only competitor to the harbor at sea we had considered in the first place world news today brought to you by Continental radio and for those of you who are wondering what’s with the yards and how the grasses let me try to explain those are two different brands of cold makers but they are situated in the same islands we noticed there’s a saying around here in Scandinavia and it was then for us we trust few would disagree with me that boats made in that Island and around that region are some of the best boats in the world those two models we ended up with had pretty much or what he wanted but he sent a cockpit that keeps us away from the incoming flow and gives us a massive aft cabin along he’ll gives us strength against groundings and keeps our boat going straight escape neck now rudder because we don’t want that for you I’m doing and I’m sorry construction it’s not a tank but it’s close enough although both boats are absolutely amazing sturdy and safe the 391 and a big job to be done on the teak deck and also some other stuff that would become too complicated from a knowledge background on the other hand the HR 39 in Munich tronics electrics and some fiberglass work to be done and that I believe we could tackle by ourselves that’s not too much to ask and then consider our key options we decide to put it off on the Hager ration ready to buy a boat here your work in the next episode check out our also was received by oldest and what our next steps will be we hope you all enjoyed that video and if you did give us a like subscribe and I’ll see you guys next week Cheers stop somewhere ah your mommy almost died


    Boat tour of our Bluewater Sailboat | 22° SOUTH | Ep.18

    September 30, 2019

    and welcome on board we thought it was about time to introduce you merely [Music] we are very happy with the boat is very strong built of a still and is our house and taking us everywhere in the planet muni okyun is a bold and South Seas 40 foot ketch built and launched in New Zealand in 2007 for serious offshore sailing as I go anyway yacht the last owner bought the house separately and befitted the whole boat to a boat building company and use it as a charter boat on high latitudes we are now in the cockpit this is where on passages we spend most of the time either at the helm checking the chart plotter looking where we go either the instruments there we’re checking wind direction wind speed and our course a background or lying down here and in just resting merely has a hard torture it gives you extremely protection and the bad weather and especially when the waves are smashing in the hull and going up here you are very well protected to the rain as well you can just come here and feel very very protected in this area why doctor pilot is doing its job then we have two solar panels in here that they give us all the energy in the boat and the mainsail it is not very high and at the front we have a general Annapurna and also a stays alone a furniture that we installed two months ago yeah this is the stay so on firma in the general on a hurdler to [Music] welcome on board let us show you the inside of the boat so I’m gonna introduce you the engine room here very weak engine for about this size is the Perkins M 65 it has an extra alternator which makes charge the batteries very quick and from here I have access to do all the maintenance as good as possible on a sailing boat which is now easy it has a second entrance into the engine as well so from here I can I can check the water raw filter and I can do other checks here you can see the navigation table that’s where the passage pan is done and where the main electrical panel is as well as a VHF and HF radios come with me in the front of the boat this is the river’s so when we have guests they can sleep here oh here for this moment is a bit of storage for the surf spearfishing and under the bed you have the the water maker so we can make water with from the ocean takes water from the sea go through a 5 micron filter then through a high-pressure membrane which would separate the soul water another result we will have a fresh perfect drinkable water let’s go to see the kitchen what do we have here oh here here we have a storage it’s the bathroom toilet but we use it like a storage and I’m not sure I can show you because it’s going to explode I hope honey okay be careful know if we can show that okay in the other side it’s a close it close it so it’s just just closed for the winter so we continue the visit in the kitchen so here’s the kitchen we have four fire oven yeah almost a normal kitchen it’s very good because when we are sailing we can hold our back like that what can we have a fridge yeah we have rich but it’s completely fooled to so yeah it’s full it’s completely full very healthy food and freedom a little freezer okay so we have our so storage oh we are for storage like that in the kitchen and the boot you have to use every single place so under the couch you have storage this is the food we can keep for a long long time so everywhere every single coat every single bed and here is normal and this is our room oh I I get the fan so this is our room the part of colors here with this little bear [Music] and the bed is my side we continue in the bathroom okay let’s connect to the bathroom on this side no food okay just simple bathroom toilet okay make sure you how to make the shower so you take that C and you open the water yeah you go through this on the floor that’s it and after the bathroom we are in the Seavers so when we are sailing we use this this bed when we are in this side you can sleep here very well and we are in the saloon again thank you for watching we hope you enjoyed the visit of the boat and get ready for a northeast part of Australia and the crossing to Indonesia don’t is it eight to share this video if you like it it subscribe for updates by this side starting starting and always [Music] and we have a hard Dodger as you can see I finished to film what you are saying [Music]

    Live Life to the Fullest – Ep. 1 BÁTOR ADVENTURES
    Articles, Blog

    Live Life to the Fullest – Ep. 1 BÁTOR ADVENTURES

    September 16, 2019

    Hey! My name is Botond Bátor Bencsik
    from Hungary I live the life fully I’m a backpacker Hey, I’m super-tired, just a security guard woke me up Since when I was, like, teenager I wanted to travel I wanted to see the world and I love the nature, so I wanted to see the the beauty of the nature. My name is Botond Bátor Bencsik from
    Hungary I’m travelling since 2014 as a backpacker. And now you’re gonna see my life because I’m gonna share with you everything. So, I’m in the Canary Islands
    right now I came here with my boat from Norway what I got as a gift from my friend Let’s go back in time a little bit, see what happened in the last four and a half years, almost. First trip, I flew from Bratislava to Ireland and that was my first big trip out of my comfort zone. It was my 22nd birthday I was so sick and I was a bit panicked like, what I’m gonna do in different country? I can’t really speak the language I didn’t know anything. So there was a big deep feeling inside me, probably a really fear what I wanted to push down So, the first trip, I was
    volunteering on a farm. And in January I decided to hitchhike through the whole country. That was my first big hitchhiking
    trip. That was the first time when I did swimming in the ocean So great! Yeah, I can go to the University, I can get a job… I can be a basketball player, whatever And.. I didn’t wanted that I said: I want a different life I want to go out… the country and learn
    English then just roll around the world or, at least do some cool adventure. If I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow that makes me feel I’m really live I live 100% I started my journey four years ago, and two years ago I met my friend Goggen… and I got a sailboat from him. And, using the power of the nature is so beautiful you just go somewhere where you want and you use the wind and that’s something magical Middle of the ocean! All right guys, see… I am back on the boat and today I’m a bit tired after this trip so I decide this is the day where I don’t do anything Just nothing. Good morning guys! 14th of February and the Valentine day, and I’m on my boat My anchor is still stable but you can see the waves are pretty big now so I don’t feel comfortable here. The wind is gonna pick up I will show you what is my plan So right now I’m in Porto Rosario and as you see, the wind is a bit too much 20 – 21 knots at the the gust. And my plan is go to north to Corralejo Okay…. So… Let’s sail Because the engine… stop soon It doesn’t like the big waves as you see f***ng shit Okay! I hate this when it’s stuck F*** F*** yeah Come on baby! Here I am again. Well, yesterday night was
    a bit choppy and to windy so I couldn’t really sleep well So I woke up a bit late and I wrote to my friend who lives in Norway and asked what can I do with the engine Here’s my engine didn’t even… take apart because I don’t have good tools My motivation about travelling is to experience as much as I can and learn every day something new It’s lovely town, Corralejo definitely much more nightlife then Porto Rosario This is my spot Italian pizza But, I got a nice pizza Look at this! (Spanish) Here we are… Miss Joy Forever! Here I am on a new mission to picking up some… buy some cleaner for the carburetor I didn’t find a cleaner but I bought food for 10 euro and I even found this stuff near the trash someone just throw this out. Very good stuff! Yeah, the challenges to be a backpacker guy who travel with low budget it’s always a hard work. People think like: Oh everything fine” Just travel around and they’re having fun. But it’s not like that It’s like more like: You have to find food, you have to find shelters, accommodation and you are anxious all the time while travels. So, I sure to try and fix the engine again I have to take out four parts and then clean the carburetor and probably change the fuel as well Hey Micke! Manage to take off the carburetor…. What do you think? It’s dirty or…. He’s good! It’s not easy to have online support. So, this is how we fixing things when we don’t have any clue, and any mechanic experience. Yeah, you need skills to make somebody to understand something they never done before. Back in life! It was a crazy party I woke up 12 o’clock Came home… half past seven… … half past six, sorry! It’s a new day! I give (borrowed) my dinghy away So, we just met yesterday because they live nearby on a boat So many people onboard! Crazy! Have fun! It’s another thing to… talk about: The girls, the ladies.. who I met on travel. I never had a long-term relationship, so… I was always struggle with this, but I didn’t take it like a struggle I take it like, okay, I’m more a free person If you can be in the moment I think it’s about the quality of the feeling But, you cannot… you cannot own your partner because it’s selfish I think it’s not the way of love So, I think it’s about the honest communication I just feel good to love anyone. I’m a human, I’m just… do what I feel what makes me happy. (music) Let me show you my life through WordPeople Subscribe here, like the video and don’t forget to follow me

    Liveaboard SailBoat Life: My First Time Hauling Out
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    Liveaboard SailBoat Life: My First Time Hauling Out

    September 12, 2019

    Three novice sailors set out to Spain
    with the vague idea of sailing the Mediterranean. Five days after arrival we
    sailed 111 miles to Mallorca. We had an arduous time getting to Ibiza as well as
    back to mainland Spain. After a quick road trip around Spain we’re back on the
    boat and preparing for our next 100 nautical mile sail. This here is called a wind vain. It’s a
    type of auto helm. When we got the boat this was broken. We just med moored here in this marina and we had one of our lines accidentally
    going on it so pulled it even more so it’s pretty completely broken so I’m
    gonna take it off. That’s what a broken wind vain looks like. We found an open slip and began our Mediterranean moor which you can see by the exhaust that we
    are very new and the Med moor is difficult. This is my fourth ever successful Med moor. Nice job. Jackson. Dylan has been busy
    cleaning out the drains in the head using a chemical to do so. That’s so
    bright. Which like burns through whatever’s clogging it and we were
    having a bit of draining issues here so I figured agh if we have leftover stuff
    maybe we should put it in the sink. So Dylan put it in the sink. It burnt right
    through all the pipes in the sink. Oh my goodness. Whoa. What is this stuff that
    we’re working with here? Not good. No. This is sanitary hose that we’re gonna use
    underneath the kitchen because it’s all they had. That amount of hose was like 20 bucks. Tara and Jackson put on a coat of varnish and we went to bed eager for our
    sail in the morrow. It rained dirt last night. All of this came out of the
    sky. Yeah and we just varnished everything so. Cast off port side, cast off the bow. Cast off the starboard and unfurl the
    head sail and sail outta here. Go ahead and cast it off Jackson. Tara, I’m going to start unfurling the head sail so give me some slack. Jackson, what’s that caught up on? That main, that jib, that sheet. Yep, it’s all off. Okay, cool. The wind just died. It’ll be a lot easier to cast the stern off first. Okay. We’re gonna come around this. We’re gonna furl in the head sail and then jibe. So let’s prepare to jibe. All right so good ahead and let’s raise the main sail. So Tara, ease the sheet. We’re sailing to San Carlos de la Rapita where we will be moor anchoring
    for a few days and then hauling out the boat and cleaning it and working all.
    We’re going to miss you Javea. You were wonderful. So what happened and what did you just do? The head broke so this is a bucket of s*$%. I grabbed this big aluminum pole, known as a whisker pole in sailing lingo, and pulled out the
    Genoa as we settled into a run at the heading of 31 degrees, which we stayed at for pretty much the rest of our 25 hour sail. So we’re gonna read the Genoa. What that
    means is we’re going to make the sail smaller and the reason for that is so
    that there’s not as much stress on that sail and then because it’s starting to
    get relatively windy. I mean we’re probably sitting at fifteen knots of wind. Maybe a little bit more. Genoa it’s like super light so
    we’ve been cruising at like seven knots so we probably want to bring that down
    to about six knots. In Sant Carles de la Rapita we finally lined up a boat survey
    after over 400 miles on the water. Slightly leaking. Yeah. So you’re looking for movement of the
    rudder on the stock also any structural movement and we’re not seeing any. Good news. And then we hammer sound it to look for delamination. We promptly cleared the deck and began
    our boat work. These are blisters. This is like a tool.
    It feels like you’re cleaning up a wound to be, preparing it to be dressed. I would like to. No se exactamente, pero quiero. One to one ay? I filled all the
    blister pits and holes with two-part watertight epoxy. There were two spots of delamination on the deck. We drilled holes and filled the fiberglass with epoxy. That’s a mighty big box you got there. Dometic, coming in clutch. For the win. Mobile living made easy. We got another one, Tara. That many holes. Okay, I’m going to need your help now. Ohhhh you are, I hope you fly. Oh you fly for sure! Nice. How’s it going? Good to see ya. That looks great. What are you up to? Taking apart the head. So this is a sanitary hose that s*$% goes through and over time it calcifies, gets calcium deposits,
    and so if you look in here you can see that the diameter is like half maybe a
    quarter of what it used to be. All that gray build-up there. That’s calcium. Back in the water it was the first time
    to try out our new dinghy davits. It was un-gusseted. Not quite loose. First time using the dinghy davits. I’m drifting away! Jackson! I got you buddy! As you can see I have never done this
    before. We set off on our next 170 nautical mile
    sail to Cadaques, Spain. Expecting to have to motor the latter half of the trip, we settled into our journey. Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you
    enjoyed the video. If you really love what we produce consider supporting us
    on Patreon. I really appreciate all of you Patrons. Thank you so much. Big Love. Have a great week.

    Ep 07 – Taking a break from work on our Sailboat! – Sailing Kauana
    Articles, Blog

    Ep 07 – Taking a break from work on our Sailboat! – Sailing Kauana

    September 1, 2019

    cause each individual animal can see whatever you want in Americans we speak Americans may be invited to the house of the owner of the yard where we stay go join the superstar man like is the best item and we’re gonna have dinner by his house oh and a proper Finnish sauna and we’re going to buy the frozen lake no we’re not you are my buddy and America one what about me [Music] you can sleep in your dinghy tonight [Music] what’s going on in Finland in helping actually is the first of main thing it’s wobbly laughter they are working it anyone would [Music] right later we meet later a reindeer reindeer right what does need it on this first introduced around boxes and then turn outside and then outside right it’s reindeer meat dry measure your lightened I guess it is good yeah you eating the egg me know people supportive it was it a choice okay she won’t say anything anything else yes me thank you reindeer today lady son yeah we’re good look at look at my plate is beautiful in this no I think it’s a real very jelly learning on the job then the potatoes which are which have them local hurts okay call it big okay you people have a lot of better you running here is lingonberries is not yellow one no there’s a cloudberry pops on Easter yellow and now you wrote me a minute of it yeah oh yeah oh yeah nobody worry so much Yaya Lu Olo ghosts can correlate again needle a bigger egg on Gonzaga the whole thing said she wasn’t gonna eat everything she ate always order the chicken wings like this lighter are you drunk what do you say that again is a good cotton around your heart yeah that’s right lesson yeah that’s what we to do Nadia Nadia she think she’s getting carries for sure them already Yeah right sure I’m having a couple of bowls of water cuz it’s going to be very hot in here right it’s like a hundred degrees know if you take this is hard for camera this is like Brazilian people all decisive not jump and if you heart your heart under the price you have to give your head of your hair hey gorgeous shutters over your mama not really nervous Oh coming like I’m gonna die on its own I don’t know Jesus she’s going [Music] Oh [Music] I saw a daughter [Laughter] no how are you you missing the yellow sauce mother red you look so cute let me have you digging it what the wisdom come on Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay listen I want to warn you guys if you go to drive in Finland you have to be careful to have this new high-tech speed cameras now they hide in the side roads between the trees probably and then when they see you coming they jump out from the middle of North because you can’t see them at all they’re just jump on that it’s just ridiculous you know I swear to you like uh it’s like potholes Brazil photos are the same you know like you’re driving the road is beautiful and then the pothole is right side in the side of the road and when you come close it just jumps out and gets right between those tires and all its Satara every time [Music] so called the hat froze [Music] the big day today so it’s the anaphor nearer here we just finished lifting the board into the truck I’m Ally EDD rocks listen last bits and pieces drops of paint we are now way to Tommy sorry doc no the idea to mix it out over there and then do another week’s worth of work while we’re in the water being at the right time at the right place with the right business colleague the first time two tours so two months ago this was Oh [Applause] well this is what the defense of it with real painting bursting waters have something lighted [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music]

    Sailor Girl in a Bikini Goes Sailing The Boat Life sailboat Adventure travel Vlog  Season S1E14
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    Sailor Girl in a Bikini Goes Sailing The Boat Life sailboat Adventure travel Vlog Season S1E14

    August 25, 2019

    Yeah the weather might turn on us. I’m on the right side of this, right? You love the boat and you don’t mind
    being on anchor, forever? Oh I’m not saying that! This is The Boat Life. We had a dream of sailing the Caribbean so we
    sold all our stuff, quit our jobs, and now we’re doing just that. Day number three
    on the boat. What are we doing today? This this is the big
    day because we’re gonna cast off. We’re out of here!
    Goodbye Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage They were great if you find yourself in
    this area, Placida, Boca Grande, Pork Charlotte, Yeah! Punta Gorda area. Check them out they’re
    awesome. Yeah. But for now we’re out of here! Gonna
    go stay on the hook. Ohhhh yeah, get hooked! Next up, Pelican Bay! First, we have to go
    through the freshwater locks. So we have to go through locks and then down
    through Charlotte Harbor and then Pelican Bay.
    Do I look like I live on a boat? Because I live on a boat! Who’s excited? I’m
    excited! How’s it going? How are you doing? Driving the boat! Can’t really see where I am going. One thing I forgot to do was put the
    registration sticker on so I’m gonna do that right now while we’re underway. What do you think it is? I don’t know. Should I go slower?
    It looks like a plastic bottle. I’ll try and pick it up. How close can I get? Ok we are coming up on it. Oh I might have ran it over. See it? Perfect! Perfect? Got it? No.
    Did we go past it? You missed it? Ahh. Should we reverse? You can try to. No? Woohoo! It’s a dip bottle. Ewwww *bleep* Floridians that’s disgusting. I don’t think that is necessarily a Florida thing. no I just mean it’s in Florida.
    All right crank it up, let’s get out of here. Saving the world! -How bad do you think bugs will be in
    Pelican Bay? -Probably pretty bad. Tonight we could probably use that lantern. -I can’t believe how bad they were this morning. -Yeah, that was pretty intense. -I can’t see where I’m going? -Sorry dear am I in your way? -You’ve just been standing right in front of my
    view for like five minutes. *Nic being overly dramatic* I just want you to look at me, you never look at me anymore. *Melissa sarcastically* Yeah It looks like right around there. I would say probably where that other
    marker is. Do you see the other marker? Right out here. Yeah but it’s before there, isn’t it? I don’t know I’m just saying I think
    it’s right around there. Yeah I think so. We’re on our way to the lock. Might
    be people in line, not sure. -That’s too close.
    -Yeah it’s definitely up further. Snack time! Barbecue mmm. Leftovers. Yeah the weather might turn on us. I think we’re okay but we kind of knew
    that. We’re trying to get in front of it. Now is our window. We gotta go. Haulin’ a$$. hahahahaha Haulin’ a$$ At how many knots? Probably five. -Well, five one. -Five point one knots. it’s a great question. There’s
    instructions. That’s good. Are there? Well there’s lots of words. Haha All right, that’ll work. I’m
    assuming those are instructions. -Big moment. – It’s happening first time at a lock. Whoa
    can’t hold the camera steady. -On our boat -All right we’re on our boat going through the lock. -So how does this work? Supposedly you pull up hold the chain
    down till it opens completely and then go through and then there you supposedly
    do that three times easy-peasy yeah so we’re gonna try it out right now
    okay now we’re gonna go basically grab a dock line we’re on the bow or the stern
    rather they’re in the cockpit sorry -The stern? -No yeah other side. See where the dock is?
    That way you can get up there. Do we have to dock? I can’t really tell what we need
    to do because I don’t know where the chain is. So all I’m saying is we’re
    gonna go there have that one ready have one on the bow ready. -Well then I need to get another line. You failed to mention all these things. And then we’re
    gonna cruise in there you’re gonna throw the one on the stern and try and slow us
    down to stop. Make sense? Yes, but I got to get this one on. Secure the one on the stern on and grab ahold. -Yeah -Does that make sense? -Yeah unless oh I have this pointed the other way -Can you make the legs so it doesn’t fall backwards. -Yeah but it’s not really going to get much of anything.
    -All right don’t worry about it you got stuff to do now. -Go around one of the posts? -Yeah and then
    that way you can pull on it you can hand it to me actually and I can pull on it. Ok…I have to throw it around there. ugh I don’t know why I can’t get it around. Well I got it around the cleat. yeah okay pull on it pull on it Yeah grab your line. Get your line on
    the bow. Make sure we don’t pull off. Oh, there’s another boat on the other side. -Huh? – I’m sure you have to pull the chain. -Yeah. So we’re staged, yeah but *Nic reading instructions* CANAL SEQUENCE ACTIVATED CRACKING CANAL GATE It’s going. okay Now how do how do we get the second ones
    or do do we go in between them or how do we get how do we get the second set to open? -You go in and you close it. -Yeah and then you open the other side -Okay. Right so it stays open. You can throw that bow line back on
    and then go back to the stern line. -Okay. WATER LEVEL WILL RISE. DO NOT TIE YOUR BOAT –So take that one over there and they’re just kind of give us a little push. You can put the camera down for now dear. I just wanna make sure we get in
    here. I know. No! CLOSING CANAL GATE , STAND CLEAR -No, no, no. Hit the operation button. Okay just make sure we’re in good shape You can put it on a cleat. Make sure our bow doesn’t hit. The lines, pull your lines. Make sure you hold on. Try to push the stern dear. -Do we need to close it or should we let the other boat go in? -We’ll ask him if they need to close it. Melissa to other boaters: Are you going through? Yeah? **BEEPING* -Is it the depth? -Yeah, it’s 4 feet here. *BEEPING* -3.9 uh oh -I’m on the right side of this
    right? -I guess I should stay right in the middle? -I guess. Is this guy coming through though or no? -Woooo feel that breeze now? -I do. See that storm system? -Yeah. We’re going south though from here right?
    -South, yeah. -That’s a big dark cloud. -Beautiful day in the neighborhood. -It’s a
    beautiful day. I feel a breeze now wooo It’s like night and day out here. Thank God we missed that storm system
    knock on wood. Hopefully it stays that direction we’re going that direction.
    -Some weather off the stern there but it’s actually it’s following us right
    now but it’s not going where we’re going we hope. We’ll see what happens but the
    goal was to get to where we’re supposed to anchor before it rained on us. That may or may not happen This is how I feel about it. Nap time! I read an article about cleaning up
    plastics in the ocean because everything’s ingesting them from
    plankton to humans, it’s gross. -It is gross. -Pick up your trash. Don’t put it in the
    rivers and the oceans. -Did you know about it already? I did I saw a
    video about this online so the ocean cleanup is a project that they’re gonna
    put booms in the ocean that collect trash and then
    they take the trash out of it every two weeks and recycle it. It’s pretty
    freakin cool. And there’s a trash patch about 7.7
    square miles, big million square miles big in the Pacific Ocean. We’re gonna come in this way I think and then we’re gonna set the anchor in
    there and we’ll maybe explore a little bit at the beach before the storm comes
    through even though all that rain, none of it came near us. -It helped put out
    that fire over there. -You think so? That was crazy. We’re going in there. Wow that’s a big
    boat. -7 feet so we’re about ten 10 feet so we want about fifty feet of chain and rode out. Cuz you need about 50 if you’re gonna have 50 feet
    your boat can swing fifty feet in any direction. Right. Then we’re almost into the wind
    based on that flag. -This is Pelican Bay? -Yeah. We’re gonna go right over here. Maybe slow it down a little bit? -Anywhere in here? Drop it? -Yep. Hold on the winds pushing us so. -That’s because the wind is coming this way. -I know. You ready? -I’m ready. -Go ahead and drop babe, fast. Careful with the camera. It’s stuck on something. -Is it out? -No! I can’t get this to release. Ok here. Come here. I can’t get the clutch to release. -I don’t know if didn’t turn it enough or what. -You didn’t. -I was trying. I know but the wind keeps pushing us around we are
    running out of ground. Yeah the wind just changed. What? Back it up? -Yeah. -Keep going. -It’s in neutral. – Back it up. -Keep going? -Hit it pretty hard. -I’ll hit
    it. It’s backing -Ok, good. -Huh? -It’s good. -That’s it? -Yeah. -Wait other than the wind. -There’s a
    current too. This is our first anchorage. Big day! We left the boatyard and then we
    got to the lock. We just motored today to make it in front of the storm but it’s
    almost like the storm doesn’t exist so we maybe could have sailed but it’s nice
    to be on anchor we got the anchor down, we set the anchor.
    We do have a neighbor. -Just a loud drunk guy. Yeah but yeah that’s The Boat Life. -Tell me how you feel about it. -About
    which part? -Being on anchor? -It’s much better than I thought I thought it
    was gonna be I thought I was gonna be like the boat spinning circles and like
    I just thought I was gonna be like I don’t know. -Yeah no I know like you know
    it was gonna be crazy which it can be. -No, no, no, not crazy but I just thought it
    would be uncomfortable. -Uh huh -I’m saying on the dock it was pretty steady
    and calm until you stepped on and off and then your boat rocked but and I
    don’t I I know it can be but like I’m glad it’s calm the only thing is this
    guy with his generator and his Johnny Cash. -Yuck, but um… – I kind of like Johnny Cash
    -I know I don’t know why I wish I liked him his music just -So what you’re saying is
    you love the boat and you don’t mind being on anchor forever. -Oh I’m not saying that. No. -I don’t mind being on anchor right now. I’m okay with this now if
    we’re on a if we live on anchor and it’s like you know through storms and all
    that, I’m probably not gonna love that. -We’ll see what happens
    -Yeah, but no this is fine this is calm this is other than the background noise this
    would be the most peaceful place ever. That’s The Boat Life. -That’s The Boat
    Life. -This is The Boat Life. -Subscribe. Like it! Share it with your friends or don’t do any of
    those things but keep watching. -Yeah just keep watching. -Just keep watching, just
    keep watching! -I don’t mind going over there even if it
    rains I mean. -yeah -As long as the dinghy can handle it’s
    not gonna sink on us. -If we have any issues with the dinghy we might not go. -Is it
    worth it to stay all day tomorrow and hang out and leave Monday or no? -The weather is only supposed to get worse so tomorrow is a good sailing day. -Put your sunglasses on we’re
    going. -I don’t need my sunglasses on. -Don’t tell me what to do. -What do you say we go to the beach. -Yeah and by beach you mean State Park. -Yeah but there’s a beach
    there that’s only accessible by boat. -Oh yeah oh and we have a boat -and a dinghy
    -Well our boat has a boat -Baby boat -Titties
    See how do you feel about it? -Oh, ouch! I like it a lot. Do it again. Good you should like it. -How do you like me now? – I don’t. Haha! Just kidding. Row boat excursion this is additional. It’s not included with your original
    package. It’s a part of my package if you know what I mean. -It’s an erie feeling. -Letting your boat go? -I don’t think we’re going anywhere. -Why? -Because I can’t row like this. How do you feel about living on a sailboat? It’s *bleeping* hot! Well it is the hottest month though I
    mean you know yeah granted we were gonna go further south forever.
    -Yeah I mean I think it’s fine but yeah the situation down below. -Oh hey-o. -It’s hot! -How do you feel about this? I like it. I like all the wildlife I’ve seen. Not keen on the
    mosquitos. -You don’t miss the boatyard? -I liked the boatyard. I’m glad we can be on the water but the boatyard was fine.
    -It’s an amazing cool breeze right now They were nice yeah yeah the breeze
    feels fantastic but well the heat from the dinner
    cooking. Yeah don’t stand there come out here.

    Top Ten Myakka River State Park, Sarasota, Fl  (Ep. 4)
    Articles, Blog

    Top Ten Myakka River State Park, Sarasota, Fl (Ep. 4)

    August 20, 2019

    Hey everybody and welcome to another
    episode of the Florida Trail on Camp Report. I’m Joanne and I’m Wes. Thanks for
    joining us! If this is your first time here then welcome to our channel where
    we cover hiking backpacking and camping in Florida. If you’re interested in
    seeing more of this type of content? Then consider subscribing to our Channel and
    click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of our episodes. Today we’ll continue our countdown of
    the top 10 attractions at Myakka River State Park. If you missed the past
    episodes use the link on the screen or in the description below to catch up. If you
    couldn’t tell by now Myakka River State Park offers something for everyone and
    every level of adventure. Bike riding and kayaking are great ways to explore
    Florida’s wilderness areas and Myakka River State Park has both covered. Don’t
    worry if you don’t have your own equipment canoes, kayaks, and bicycles can
    all be rented from the Myakka outpost. They even have tandem bicycles for
    couples. Bicycling and boating coming in at number 4 in our top ten attraction
    countdown. Oh way look over there. If you bring your own canoe or kayak ?There
    are several areas to put in, it which open other areas of the park for
    exploration. If you’re interested in bicycling you’re
    in luck. The park offers over six miles of paved roads to explore and many more
    off-road miles for the mountain bike enthusiasts. Not everyone will be able or interested
    in accessing remote areas of the park from a kayak or canoe. If this describes
    you, no worries. There’s another option a guided nature tour from a pontoon boat
    will take you deep into the wilderness. While providing an interesting education
    on the park’s flora and fauna. The hour long boat ride will take you
    across number Myakka Lake where you’ll find the shoreline teeming with wildlife. Gators. They’re very slow metabolism they only
    eat two or three times a week during the warm months of the year. The cold months of the
    year they two or three times a month. Sometimes they not eat even that often.

    Top Ten Attractions Myakka River State Park – Sarasota, Florida (ep.1)
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    Top Ten Attractions Myakka River State Park – Sarasota, Florida (ep.1)

    August 16, 2019

    Hey are you looking for some outdoor fun
    full of adventure from mild to wild? Then we’ve got just the place for you. Hey everybody and welcome to another
    episode of the Florida Trailing and Camp Report. I’m Joanne and I’m Wes. Thanks for
    joining us. If this is your first time here then welcome to our channel where
    we cover hiking backpacking and camping in Florida. If you’re interested in
    seeing more of this type of content, then consider subscribing to our Channel and
    click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of our episodes. This week we
    begin a five-part series on one of Florida’s oldest and largest state parks.
    We’ll travel about an hour southeast of Tampa, to Myakka River State Park in
    Sarasota, Florida. This historical park has enough activities in it to fill a
    week-long vacation itinerary. Which makes it difficult once you arrive to know
    where to start. Especially if you only have a day or two to explore. In this
    series we’ll cover the Top 10 Attractions in Myakka River State Park.
    To help you match adventure level and attraction and make the most of your
    outdoor recreation time. Coming in at number 10 are sunsets and sunrises. Park Drive is the main road that takes
    you from the ranger station to the outpost area and the pink alligator cafe.
    And there’s lots of places to stop and enjoy a sunset along the road. But the best place to catch a
    spectacular sunset at Myakka River State Park is on the birding boardwalk
    overlooking upper Myakka lake. Coming out here we just missed sunset,
    would have been a gorgeous sunset set to share over Lake Myakka. Were gonna come back here
    and see if we capture some of this beautiful color. There’s a ton of birds out here we are on the
    birding boardwalk, gorgeous. You can hear all the birds. Since the park doesn’t open till 8:30
    you’ll need to be an overnight guest to capture a one-of-a-kind sunrise. The 75
    foot tall North Tower of the tree canopy takes you high above the treetops so
    that you can capture the dawning of a new day and witness the forest coming to
    life. Its 6:50 Sunday morning we’re on top of the treetop canopy to catch some
    time-lapse of the sunrise. It’s a little bit overcast. So I don’t know how well if our efforts
    will turn out but it sure is neat being up here so quiet. There’s a real strong
    wind you can probably hear on the camera unless our DIY dead cat is working well? This is one of the two places that we
    recommend the viewing and sunrise and sunsets on top of 75 foot high tower for
    the canopy above the treeline. Coming in at number nine, is the birding
    boardwalk in the far north area of the park. Yeah, a lot of people miss this when
    you’ll need to veer right slightly before you reach the pink alligator cafe
    and go almost all the way to the far north gate. Hey everybody we found a cool tree to
    sit in time. First time Jeremiah has ever climbed in a tree. What do you think Jeremiah? Would you climb more trees? If you found this episode entertaining or provided any
    valuable information at all. You can help us out by clicking the like button below
    and make sure you click the notification bell. When you subscribe to our channel
    so you don’t miss our next episode where we’ll reveal number 7 and 8 on the
    Myakka River State Parks top 10 attraction countdown. See ya on the