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    August 23, 2019

    look at that but here’s a little ramp to
    go in this is a box for loading in the middle of a lake oh what’s going on guys
    JQ from Jeep of me and we are back with a brand new video and today looking
    we’re not at home anymore dude we are not at home bro we are at a lake because
    you guys absolutely destroyed the last video we got over a hundred thousand
    likes in less than a day you guys have been absolutely killing it Papa Jake
    always keeps his promises we came out here now I know what you’re thinking
    what’s this this looks like a pun well this is actually where we’re gonna be
    building the box where we have this nice little area here we’ve got our boxes
    over here and this is kind of like a launching zone a marina whatever you
    want to call it and out there guys out there is the great lake normally we do
    these floating box sports it’s in our pool but here there’s all these looks
    sharks but there’s fish there’s mosquitoes there’s Paulino alligators
    but there’s definitely deadly stuff here we’re gonna start building this box for
    it again we don’t a lot of time so we want to make this thing as quick as
    possible so we can launch it on the lake and get out there and guys our challenge
    for today is to survive 24 hours in the middle of the lake we’ve brought a ton
    of supplies with us we’re gonna make this thing as cozy as possible we got
    lights we got food we got water we’ve got a shower so it’s time to get
    building this thing because we got to get it in the water but first we need
    our floaties let’s so we got our two floaties here and we’re actually gonna
    go for a design we’ve never used before it’s definitely a tall box for it but
    guys the reason why we’re making is so tall unlike my pool there are waves
    there are boats going by so if a big wave comes and hits the side of the box
    for it and we’re really close to the ground that’s gonna wet all the
    cardboard and ruin the whole thing so we want to make sure we’ll high off the
    ground high like a boat I mean like look Logan’s boat boat I don’t see a
    difference either gonna tape them together so they don’t move around at
    all and then we can start putting on the boxes let’s start building we use a ton of tape and they seem
    pretty solid seem like they’re not moving around too much so it should be
    good for us to start building with the boxes we just got the floor done and it
    is looking so nice it looks sweet dude we got the orange outline and everything
    going so we have all the walls done and it is looking it’s so awesome we still
    got to do the roof but check out the inside once we get the roof on we’re
    gonna make the door as well as windows and it’s really important guys that we
    have windows on this thing because when we’re out in the middle of the lake
    there’s boats there’s sea-doos there’s all this stuff that could come by and we
    want to make sure that we can see will definitely add some flash to the windows
    because at night I know there’ll be a lot of mosquitoes and bugs as long as we
    can look out and see a boat coming that’s what’s important we also to make
    sure we have a hole where we can use our paddles because we’ve got a paddle out
    into the middle of the lake also on a side note I brought my fishing rod and
    I’ve been looking in here and there are a lot of little fish so hopefully we can
    do some fishing off the side of the box for it and actually get it to work this
    time she is almost ready to go we definitely
    made this one extremely secure and this is probably one of the greatest floating
    box for builds you’ve ever done now this is ready guys we’re gonna go grab her
    gear when I can put her gear in until we’re out in the middle of the lake once
    around the middle of the lake then we’ll put the gear in so I’m a little bit
    worried about the waves but hopefully if we have the anchor and the oars set in
    place it should be okay to hold up against all that so we just finished up
    our lunch break and we came back the box is looking great so we’re gonna cut out
    the windows as well as the doors now and then we’re gonna get in it let’s make
    this door dude we also brought our extra tube over there which you’re gonna use
    to go on like maybe an expedition or something we don’t know yet but in case
    we want to like go out on the water we’ll have that little rowboat to get
    out on and like I said guys we’re also gonna need to make these windows so we
    can see other boats driving by or anything that might hit us check it out
    that’s looking pretty lit definitely want to be able to close them because at
    night there’s lots of mosquitoes lots of bugs and we don’t want those getting in so the windows are almost complete time
    to fill this up with all of our supplies oh we got a lot of stuff so it’s good
    thing we made this extra buoyant all right so we also brought along an anchor
    which is in here so we’re gonna actually pull out a rope and tie it to inside
    here but I think we’ll do that once we’re afloat in the box port obviously
    if you’re staying here during the night we don’t want the box to start moving or
    pick up with the current and fly off so that’ll keep us in place hopefully but
    we have one problem Logan this isn’t a big ank our lives are all depending on
    this tiny little anchor lifejackets are a must if this thing goes down we don’t
    want it to but in case it does we got our lifejackets so we’re ready to launch
    it we got our paddles here now it’s time to put it in the water we’re gonna
    attach the dinghy to it with our rope it’s all ready yet Jake it needs one
    thing she needs a name she doesn’t need any we will choose our favorite name
    from you guys leave it down below in the comments I’m not gonna lie to go in
    we’re ready to go we have a perfect docking system patches perfectly and now
    we’re hooked up to the Ducks the moment of truth we’ve got the Dean hooked up we
    got the rope there that’s gonna be keeping it to the box port house the
    floating box courthouse we’ve got our nice little stand here to get in it
    Rosie so sick it definitely needs some cleaning up in here because we just
    threw everything everywhere and then bringing some lighting in this so we
    brought our nice little survival pack here this is actually our shower
    sweatpants change of clothing all that kind of good stuff fuel for our dinner
    cuz we’re actually making a fire just because if we’re in the middle of a lake
    it’s gonna be kinda hard to put on fire so reason propane got a LED lights got
    the little lamps on here so those are some nice ambient light and we’re gonna
    put these up maybe up on the roof here so we get like two cool lights and I’ll
    put the control panel on the side BAM we got the lights on make them different
    colors let’s change them to blue we go check that out guys I’m not sure which
    colors the best I guess like maybe yellow is give us the brightest color
    but it is cool you can change it to whatever you want
    okay ready Oh God we’re setting sail now should you like cleanup yeah let’s let’s
    organize everything set up before we set sail God most first stuff organized
    we’re gonna organize the rest of it once we get out into the Melville Lake but
    the Sun is setting so we got to get out there ASAP I hung up our first-aid kit
    hopefully not gonna need that I also hung up our lights and I got some of our
    dinner cookware ready for tonight oh there we go guys I think we’re gonna try
    and get out there as soon as we can so we can anchor and do like a little
    expedition there’s this island pretty close to where we’re gonna be going we
    got a dinghy over there we’ve finally left the little marina we were in so
    we’re pretty far out now in the lake so once we got to a good spot we’re gonna
    set our anchor up we are now officially in the middle of a lake this is a box
    for loading in the middle of the lake we did it though now that we’re here guys
    we’re gonna set up our anchor once that’s done we’re gonna go straight into
    our expedition cuz we wanted to go to an expedition problem is if we go too late
    it’s gonna be pitch-black and there’s no way we’re gonna find our box for it so
    we got our anchor um this is more of like an anchor to catch on a rock then
    it is to hold down the boat 3 2 1 so now that we got that anchored it’s time to
    go on our expedition we’re gonna bring the dinghy around to the front we’re
    gonna gather a few supplies probably we’re gonna take our underwater
    flashlights it wasn’t until after we departed from the box fort and headed to
    the island that things started to get a little bit weird getting closer and
    closer to the island it was definitely creepy and we knew
    that being in an abandoned kind of Island place in the middle of a lake
    nonetheless once we entered into the island that’s when things started to go
    wrong at first we thought it was just normal
    stuff the camera kept shutting off but on top of that we had a massive glitch
    with all the sound from the entire island once we got back home after the
    entire trip we reviewed the footage and found out that no other part in the
    entire filming session did the audio cut out except for the island now it’s
    important to note that these were multiple clips on the island this wasn’t
    just us filming straight and the audio happened to glitch every piece of
    footage we had from this island glitched out we walked around for a bit and
    planned to head back and that’s when I saw some sort of like weird structure I
    thought we’d go check it out what we ended up finding was an abandoned
    treehouse now granted this is an island in the middle of a lake only accessible
    by boat after all the weird stuff that had been going down with the camera
    shutting off it was just starting to get really eerie I started to feel this
    weird feeling cat had hair sticking up on the back of my neck and just kind of
    like a scared feeling we got closer and closer to the treehouse and that’s when
    we decided to take a look inside and see if we couldn’t find any clues sooo if
    anyone was living there or had been there once we got up inside it we
    noticed it was overrun with tons of bugs spiders
    after spending a little bit of time in the treehouse and looking around we knew
    we had to head back to the floating box for quickly made our way back to the
    boat where we launched off and made our way to the box for it itself what I
    don’t think is a coincidence is that the next scene after we returned the box for
    it there was nothing wrong with the audio or footage itself alright guys so
    we just got back in after that expedition I never thought we would find
    in a bamboo tree for like it was like it was cool but as creepy man I don’t know
    that was probably someone’s hangout spot guys do you think that was cool or
    creepy let me know down below but it is getting dark out guys okay wait brace
    for wave Logan Logan that’s a big one you know here comes God guys we got a
    first Pope passing by quickly so we are gonna start getting ready for dinner but
    I just want to clean up a little bit more I found this cool flashlight it’s
    like really big to like really intense so this is the camping shower that we’re
    gonna use in our box for it pretty much you fill up your shower bag with water
    you put it on the roof and then the Sun heats up the bag and the water then it
    comes out hot just like a normal shower well so let’s fill it up and get out
    there now alright so I filled it up now I’m just gonna put it on the roof it’s
    on the roof gonna heat up there and we’re gonna have a nice shower tomorrow
    morning because this is actually starting to become such a nice home good
    chill out float here enjoy the nice waves I always say this guys I love our
    clothing box for 24 hour challenges because when you sleep in a floating box
    where it is like rocks you sleep slowly sometimes it can make you feel sick by
    the way dude I’m kinda hungry one week dinner making dinner is not easy we
    can’t call Pizza Pizza we can’t call uber eats you have nothing
    we only have the food we brought luckily we brought some rations guys know our
    MREs we use them all the time to keep themselves with just a little bit of
    water we ran out of that but luckily we actually brought a camping stove with a
    propane tank so we’re gonna boil some water pour it in our new ration pack and
    I think for dinner we got some pretty good stuff this is our dinner only way
    to activate and cook it is with boiling water so unfortunately we don’t have our
    MRE heaters but we’re gonna boil the water on our stove but it also comes
    with a kitchen and we’re in the middle of the lake pop the Jake’s the Box book
    got just letting you know we have our breakfast but this is what we’re gonna
    have for dinner we got a spicy sausage pasta and it’s southwestern style
    macaroni so looks pretty good do not forget we are box for build and
    professionals so anything we do do not try it at home and you’re doing this in
    the pool as dangerous enough but in the middle of the lake definitely dangerous
    is if you don’t like it you can go right out the box for door we have a tea
    kettle which not only is great to make coffee and stuff like that but it’s
    gonna be what we use to boil our water for dinner we’re gonna use one of our
    purified water bottles because you not gonna use lake water even if you’re
    boiling it I mean you can in a dangerous situation but we have got water so now
    we take our little propane tank and we put it in the propane tank holder that
    way it doesn’t tip cool girl especially I want this one we’re on a boat alright
    so that’s it just gonna test it real quick make sure it’s on and again guys
    if you do happen to have one of these do not try to use at home because they are
    extremely dangerous in any box for make sure you have parent supervision when
    you’re making your food it’s best to stay to dry foods there we go and now we
    got a gas soap in a box for it so now what we’re gonna do is take our skin box
    put it on top and wait for the water to boil so guys we’re just going to hold it
    steady now and wait for the water to boil it shouldn’t take too long
    to get the water boiling we’ll know when it starts to steam up here twelve
    seconds late Dale alright guys so it looks like the water has just come to a
    boil so we’re gonna turn off the stove there we go so we’re gonna carefully
    take this off here we’ve got this southwestern macaroni and cheese so
    let’s take our water then we’re gonna let that Sam for about ten minutes
    alright next up we got the spicy sausage passes so I think this one’s gonna be
    mine now we got about ten minutes for dinner to cook and we’re ready to eat so
    we’re gonna dismantle this put it away safely and then get ready for dinner by
    the way guys check this out we were kind of worrying that bugs might be an issue
    well they’re an issue look at all the bugs here dude they are swarming around
    the box port light it is insane luckily these aren’t mosquitos so like they’re
    not really gonna affect us we got some bug friends up there we started to hear
    some news we also heard some wolves earlier so that’s that’s nice I mean
    luckily none of those are an issue I mean the worst thing that could happen
    is a friendly loon comes Bob let’s change to some dinner lighting I’m
    feeling blue dinner lighting bro that looks nice
    all right so we got some blue dinner lighting going we got our friends the
    bugs up there they’re getting more and more up in that corner it smells
    delicious oh man that looks good does it look oh wow looks good man some beef
    macaroni and beef macaroni awesome man that was good man those
    dinners were great although they still don’t beat the MREs but they were some
    good meals it’s pitch black we’re both exhausted from a long day of
    building I think it might be time to hit the hay I think it’s time to sell our
    sleeping bags and get ready for bed I just got them a sleeping bag chilling
    out now I’m gonna turn off the lights and go to bed we got our anchor in place
    I think we’re snug for the night the anchor hasn’t moved at all so yeah we’re
    pretty good we also put a light on top of the box for we strapped one of our
    lanterns up there just to make sure that if there are any boats on the water at
    night they will see us and not run into us because that would be terrible but
    we’re gonna turn the rest of the lights off and get to bed you ready to go to
    bed Jake all right lantern it’s going off main lights going off and Logan if
    you would do the honors see you guys in the morning boats just went by right beside us man I really woke up and for a second forgot
    where I was like what is that I’ll be dying little gay apparently can sleep
    the rainy over there looking how did you sleep last night it got a little cold
    last night like at first I thought the box for was gonna be amazing
    we woke up during the night literally shivering and I was like bro so we had
    to change put on our sweaters for our sweatpants which was fine we brought all
    that stuff the anchor kept us perfectly positioned
    it just kept us in the middle of the lake I woke up like a few times when we
    woke up to fix this thing I took the high beam flashlight was like y’all it’s
    gonna check to make sure we haven’t floated downstream and we were
    completely fine we didn’t move at all the anchor seems to hold up the time anchor definitely highly secured back in
    there but it definitely got a little bit wet during the night by the way guys I
    don’t really got to show this off check out the beautiful morning view this is
    what we get to wake up to when you sleep in a falling box for it on the lake we
    have 360 degrees of a beautiful morning lake and it looks like the Sun is just
    coming up guys look at this view another kind of woken up a bit we are
    going bust your teeth because we’ve got toothbrushes we to set up the bathroom
    because we need a morning bathroom to get ready for a nice day on the box fort
    so we’re gonna set that up now and then after that maybe go fishing I look
    actually kind of bad the guys slept in the box for all night but the mirror
    looks awesome just because you’re living in a box for it does not mean you don’t
    have to keep up with hygiene all right looking good ready for a day
    in the box for it I think it’s now time to do some fishing I’m gonna see if we
    can catch some breakfast we did bring some breakfast rations but we also
    brought a fishing rod and I mean unlike my pool this is the floating Lake box
    for it so there’s fish down there and they need to be calm definitely catch
    didn’t release it but I do want to prove a concept I want to prove that we could
    survive here off the land if I catch a fish now watch me now oh thank god oh no
    both laugh I gotta freak down so we have the fishing rod ready I got our weights
    on it I’ve got our lure on it and now we are good to go out and do some fishing if everything goes as planned i’ma catch
    a fish Logan does not think I can catch a fish he does not believe that I’m the
    ultimate fisherman in a floating box seats at his lake Dale oh my god what oh
    you caught a fish yeah yeah guys be easy on Jake in the comments she was really
    upset he didn’t catch anything okay dude the fishing rod brochure this just all
    fell apart so it was all right you know it was a good test to see if we could I
    definitely could have if we had more time but we got to keep going here in
    this floating box for it before breakfast we’re gonna take a shower in
    our box for a shower at this point of the day the shower should have enough
    sunlight to heat up because shower guys I never thought I would be in a floaty
    box for it in the middle of a lake and having a shower that was really really
    refreshing so now I’m gonna dry off I get warm probably my sweater and
    clothes back on and look at all this seaweed a lot of very graceful docking
    but we don’t the wind really started to take us out which survived this
    challenge man well high five man we did it we did any for hours in the middle of
    a lake on a floating box for it barely made it home oh I’m exhausted man that
    was the longest pal back I did not think we’re gonna make it the current kept
    pushing us back well I think this wraps up our 24-hour floating box for Donner
    Lake challenge we did it it was absolutely insane and we pulled it off
    in style we had a shower we had a fishing rod we had a kitchen with
    everything in there even a bathroom it was so much fun also this was a really
    fun adventure as hard as it was it was really cool to be out in the middle of
    the lake the fresh air so guys if you enjoy this video and me wants to do more
    extreme challenges like this be sure to smack that like button down below let’s
    get a hundred thousand likes on this video share with your friends share it
    with the grandma I don’t care this is my Papa Jake from T Epiphany
    I’ll see you guys next time for another video


    BOX FORT High School – ESCAPE Detention & CONFRONTING The PRINCIPAL (Challenge)

    August 22, 2019

    Wow this place is cool Wow no Justin stated by our brand-new
    principal principal Pete and it looks like he’s coming right about now looks
    like you’re going to detention bro maximum-security detention all right now
    I need to do is make a makeshift harness and I should be able to drop down there
    once down there spray the security camera with our silly string we’ll grab
    the key and get out of here we’ll be back home playing for tonight in no time
    huh miss McGillicuddy won’t even know I’m gone
    I was able to make a makeshift sureness I wrapped it around the bars to Willie’s
    cell and I attached it to me down here now I should be able to lower myself
    down into here slow enough that I don’t hurt myself on impact got my silly
    string it’s time to go down that’s so bad all right guys I’m gonna start
    lowering myself down into this room here there’s a lot of vines and looks like it
    could be spiders hi I’ve got my harness though shouldn’t be too bad it’s gonna
    slowly easily lower my son Oh Oh Willie Willie what are you doing Willie Willie what was that for all
    right oops like I’ve fallen into some sort of guys that’s spices blowing smoke
    wait look on the wall this place is overgrown
    this place must not have been used for years for sixty years and even make sure
    I don’t trip any of these lasers kind of hard to see but you definitely follow
    their trail okay all right there’s one literally right
    here okay just gonna get down on the ground and call oh that’s uh that’s
    pretty close to me but looks like I made it under that one without any issues all
    right guys now that I made it through the laser field
    I should be able to get through this next door here note with Willie’s right
    he said there’s some sort of confiscated toy box I might be able to use some of
    the supplies in there to get myself out of detention because I don’t know about
    you guys but I don’t want to be here for the next 60 years and I need to get back
    to Logan fast all right guys here goes nothing see what’s behind this door alright looks like it’s another room
    no guys keep it on the wall there’s a security camera principal P might be
    monitoring these no no this is good this is a good principal Piedmont seen us
    principal peace all the way out of our cell and he’ll come and he’ll lock us up
    again and will become Willie will be in a Cell for sixty years
    no no but you guys thought I don’t want to become Willie I need to take out the
    security camera if I’m gonna get into the next room and find this confiscated
    toys bin luckily for me I’ve got Willie’s silly string I might be able to
    use this to block out the camera it’s not much but it should be able to buy
    some time I’m just gonna aim this and get a shot on the camera here we go perfect
    cameras completely sealed off there’s no way he’s seeing us okay speaker away in
    this room shutting the door behind me it’s probably gonna wonder why his
    cameras blocked off but but in the meantime we might be able to use this to
    escape and look guys hey skeet Whitman pickles who brings pickles to school
    literally a jar of pickles in here Pringles okay and a 3d portable printer
    all right this actually might come in handy I thought there might be some
    better supplies in here to use but pickles I mean if I get hungry we got a
    snack and 3d portable printer well I can definitely use this to escape I mean all
    this escaping has worked up an appetite why would they confiscate Pringles and
    you know pop okay they’re prank Pringles oh I know why they were confiscated
    looks like there’s another door Stig won’t budge look guys if Willie’s
    correct there should be an old storage locker
    through this hallway and in that storage locker we might be able to find the key
    to get us out of herself once I’m out of my cell I can sneak back into class and
    then we’ll be back home in no time okay this is starting to creep me out a
    little bit okay meat move that’s your name how do I get through this door what yummy for some hungry it looks like
    someone squished the face and put it on a wall Boop I need to get through this
    door okay I’m trying to escape detention do you have a way for me to get it up
    here can you unlock the door me Moo this isn’t funny
    I need to get out of detention okay I need to get home to play fort night you
    don’t understand if I don’t complete my weekly challenges this could be very bad
    okay it looks like me Boop’s knocking open the door for us he’s asking for
    some yum yum yum Eason hello be you guys but I have no idea what that could be
    look if Willy’s already known this much about this place maybe he knows
    something about me Mook maybe he knows how we can get meat moved to open the
    door for us I’m gonna head back to Willy and ask him if he knows anything Willy
    Willy Willy can you hear me look I made it through the confiscated
    toward the end like you said it was there but I ran into something on a wall
    it’s not letting me go through the door he’s called them a meat Moop do you know
    anything about this you know how to get him to let me through the door oh you’re
    about didn’t think I’d be seeing you again okay okay Willie that that’s great
    but look I need to figure out how to get past meat Moop he’s asking to be fed do
    you know anything about this gotta give them a meat going if you want to get
    through okay Willie look I don’t have time for this just how do I get meat
    move I can’t believe I’m saying this how do I get the talking wall thing to let
    me through the door oh you gonna have to go to meet look corn and only I got one
    can I have it oh good these yeah these are these are
    pickles I found them in the confiscated toy band they look like hundreds of
    years old I would love me some pickles okay I
    didn’t really I didn’t know you were so into pickles
    Willie would do anything for some pickles what Willie would you give up a
    meat move coin for this juicy jar of pickles okay you what I’ll give you a
    meat mood coin and I’ll promise to be your best friend Willie will be your
    best friend for the end just the meat lube coin will be finally that that’s
    that’s all I really need here you go and I’ll take the meat move coin here
    you go Willie okay perfect all right guys we got ourselves a meet moot point
    all right we’ll figure that all out later all I know right now is we got to
    get through that door because behind that is where we can find the key to get
    out of here Jay yes principal P how’s it going uh it’s going great just learning
    my lessons you know I’m really learning from detention I just wanted to check in
    make sure you’re doing all right uh yep nope just uh just doing you know
    some stuff in here why why are you standing like that
    I know just doing just doing special yoga to learn about why I should not go
    to the ten just don’t let its don’t look behind me look yoga don’t look behind me guys that was close
    if you saw this hole we’d be in a lot more trouble than this let’s get back
    down there okay look I brought you your coin here if I feed you this please let
    me in to the store I really need to get out of here oh and just eat faster perfect I think it worked all right here
    goes nothing guys this is her robot drone just trying to shoot us no no no
    this isn’t good guys if we’re gonna get the key to get out of here we gotta go
    through some sort of robot drone that’s shooting us okay hi definitely no sneaking around it
    there’s gotta be some other way to get through there maybe there’s something in
    the confiscated toy box I can use what’s that sound I know that sound
    I wouldn’t expect to see you here what are you doing in my school’s detention
    districts Trader Joe’s always here to sell you the best wears and tears of
    business and all I do is exchange relax okay well I I do have a little bit of an
    issue there is a robot trying to destroy me in the other room and if I’m gonna
    get out of here I need something to take down that robot do you have anything I
    can use that would be perfect I could use that to seek out the robot hi I need
    how many likes you want nobody likes you likes ya ya know we have like we don’t
    have them any like so what if we get 30,000 likes on this video what will you
    give it to me okay perfect no no I trust the viewers I’m sure they can get it
    guys look the only way we’re gonna be able to stop this thing and get out of
    here we need likes on this video if trader
    Joe doesn’t get his likes well I don’t know what he’ll do but knowing trader
    Joe it can’t be good okay look I’m getting you the likes can
    I have it now you owe yourself a brandy thanks for
    shopping at Trader Joe’s perfect now little weird but I think I can use this
    become Iron Man all right I don’t actually know how to activate this thing
    whoa perfect oh ho now this thing sounds
    powerful minou you’re gonna want to watch this
    hey mr. robot try this on for size I think we got it cut and I guess you
    would circuit in it now it’s got to figure out where we are this is this
    school honestly goes on for miles underground there’s a lot of weird
    places in the squad no idea existed this door up ahead oh no no no no no it’s
    blocked off looks like it’s sealed off with some metal taping if we can’t get
    through there guys we can’t get the key to get up detention it’s gonna be
    another way guys check this out it’s the ventilation shaft by the looks of it
    this ventilation shaft should lead into the storage locker
    wait the 3d printer I can 3d print a knife when you use a 3d printed knife to
    cut through the ventilation shaft and get the key inside the storage locker
    and get out of here once and for all all right here we go guys I’ve got the 3d
    printer and it looks like that’s a little bit of battery left in it should
    be able to use this to put myself a 3d knife alright guys there we go we’ve got
    ourselves a 3d printed knife and we should be able to use this to cut
    through this venting right now let’s do is cut through here still hardening a
    little bit as we just printed it but it’s actually extremely tough up here
    and is pretty sharp so I’m gonna use this to start cutting perfect now just
    push through here there we go looks like we’re able to cut ourselves a pretty
    nice square venting is off and I think we found the storage locker this should
    come in handy looks a little empty but if you see
    something on the wall there looks like a note it doesn’t look like I’ll be able
    to make it all the way through but I can make it close enough to read this note
    it says hit the selkie boss looks like this was a note from maybe one of the
    janitors the principal Pete he hid the cell key in here and it looks like well
    it’s not very hidden it’s right there got ourselves our cell key now it’s time
    to get out of here question now is did we take Willy with
    us and risk getting caught or do we sneak out by ourselves guys leave a
    comment down below if you think we should take Willy with us so far he was
    able to help us and I mean he did help us break out of this place
    I’ve got the key time to get out of here Willy Willy are you there hey you don’t
    suit yourself we’re getting out my lesson yeah I have
    learned my lesson and what’s the lesson not to cook eggs in class all right come
    with me you’re just letting me out like this I thought I was gonna be in here
    for 60 years what you have fully locked up for 60 years
    who’s Whaley Willie’s the guy in the detention cell next to me Willie Willie
    principal Pete’s letting me go what’s going on yeah my name is not Willie it’s
    will grow the pickle pea wait what your name’s not even Willie
    we’ll draw the people what I don’t know what you’re talking about but it’s time
    to go back to class what principal Pete sighs it’s time to go back to class
    come on and the pickle people strike again in another puppet video okay I
    guess Willie was a pickle thief who got pickles all right I guess it’s time to
    go back to class

    TWO STORY BOX FORT ZOMBIES BASE 📦😱 24 HOUR Zombies Survival Challenge
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    TWO STORY BOX FORT ZOMBIES BASE 📦😱 24 HOUR Zombies Survival Challenge

    August 21, 2019

    hey what’s going on guys hi if you’re
    just tuning in after our last zombie video things didn’t go as planned Trader
    Joe’s soul this is safe but it didn’t have an antidote in it and the place we
    were going this supposed safe haven was a lie
    things have gone from bad to worse and with the change of seasons it hasn’t
    helped snow that’s coming down we’re low on food okay no protective clothing and
    it’s snowing all I’ve got is this and some extra ammunition we found from an
    abandoned school Logan what do you have all I have is a
    shotgun with two shells in it Jake we need to find shelter it’s getting so
    cold with you guys looks like there’s a storm picking up as well we need to find
    somewhere now powers been out for most of the city but it looks like some of
    these houses might still power with it he hears some Walker’s coming in the
    distance we got weight still place too risky I’m gonna shoot him get ready for
    more never heard of the Horde come on we got a movie on find shelter and fast
    okay look this house that’s in power it might not be warm but it’s a place to
    stay for the night as the bullet right now not now Jake what’s wrong I
    look down the dam what okay come on let’s move oh yeah man we need some new
    firepower put it boom my shotgun it’s too loud do you think this place is safe
    yeah it’s got heat let’s be really quiet this place looks abandoned Jake get out of the place boy Stan could be
    Raiders or more zombies what’s the lives here come on we don’t know what we’re
    getting into and we don’t know who’s here guys we gotta be quiet but also
    attentive I said we base up here for the night and get a base ready we can defend
    ourselves here from any zombies that break in after discharging my weapon
    outside now there could be a lot coming gee how much ammo do you have left
    good point let’s do a quick yellow check down to three shots how about you I only
    have two shots all right guys let’s keep moving hi worst case I run out of ammo
    guys I hit him with a hidden blade alright now keep moving we check this trip wire I was really
    close guys this place is booby-trapped 100 K that was close
    flew the rest of this house isn’t booby-trapped this place is massive yeah
    this might be a good spot to base up for the night all right look we need to base
    up and we need to base up fast and defend this place luckily though guys we
    have a new secret weapon you see in previous videos we relied on trader Joe
    to buy supplies and ammunition has it right now we’re extremely low where we
    have a new source of currency Jake what are l bucks guys l bucks are your likes
    from our previous song videos we can use them to spend them in videos for base
    upgrades upgrading our weapon buying new weapon and even gear in armor now we
    need your help to gather as much as we can trader Joe is still out there so if
    you ever need specialty items like drones or anything like that we can use
    your likes to buy that so we can’t spend all of them but for this video we have
    10,000 to spend and I think that’s enough to build our base obviously guys
    like this video will get even more l bucks you can buy even more cool here
    like night-vision goggles or drones or other stuff to help us fight the zombie
    bases or bigger base to be and expand the base out of medical tent anything we
    want so since we only have 10,000 let’s see what we can do with that for this
    episode alright guys in order to use our L bucks we’re gonna use this in a luck
    machine we can build and create anything we need using your life’s so let’s do it
    options we have for the space let’s see what we got here first option
    here is a simple base we can buy this for 6000 out bucks no what can we get
    for more we could get more likes add on a sniper nest for another 3000 al bucks
    but that only leaves us a thousand for upgrades so we’re definitely gonna need
    to go on a scavenging mystery guys should we lock it in
    well what’s the next option sweet do check that out we can upgrade it with
    reinforced concrete make the base even stronger against zombies how many likes
    500 at least this with 500 though guys we only have one can of beans between
    the both of us so that leaves us with a limited food and while the base does
    come with a weapon workshop so we can upgrade our weapons slightly but we’re
    gonna need to go on a scavenger mission and I mean it’s going back outside if we
    want to do anything else hopefully you guys can start that like
    in the next episode we can fly some really sweet upgrades all right
    locking in for 9,500 3 2 1 whoa dude oh now that’s a zombie base alright well
    that was El bucks well spent and just in time Logan zombie coming this way start
    moving towards the base now Marc wait for it just coming around this corner oh
    no look at my guns jammed get with this Johnny nice let’s get inside the space
    wait where’s the door it’s right here Oh secret entrance on the side nice
    reinforced concrete was definitely a good idea dude quickly your more coming dude wow this
    is actually pretty sweet bass guys this is awesome
    Oh guys check this out we have our own two storey lookout dude perfect for
    taking out zombies are even Raiders I mean we weren’t able to board up the
    back door so if anyone’s coming they’re coming from that way
    take him out here with ultimate cover something in here sniper tower we bought
    Oh check that out guys look at this view this is crazy guys we definitely need to
    unlock a sniper usually map from up here would be super legit and we’ve got a
    great view of the surrounding area plus the base down below guys this base is
    awesome check out here guys – one of the first things I think we need to do for
    this base – is upgraded with some power as you can see we’re using our
    flashlights and there’s a little bit of power the weapon workshop but this could
    definitely use a bit of a makeover as cool as it is what is this place it’s
    the food storage area store food and extra supplies Jake is that all we have
    to eat maybe we shouldn’t have spent all our L bucks on this massive base maybe
    we should have got some more food you’re right and I’m extremely thirsty I mean
    there’s snow outside so we can grab some snow and melted into water but guys if
    we’re gonna get food we’re gonna need to go on a scavenging mission and more
    importantly we did buy a weapons workshop I think we should go in there
    and upgrade our weapons now cuz my gun keeps jamming and Logan you’re out of
    ammo oh dude this looks sick this is like an underground trench it’s like the
    perfect place for a weapon workshop alright whoa
    Jake you gotta check this out alright well let it be said if we get overrun by
    zombies is the first place we need to reconvene all right time to upgrade our
    weapons let me get this off I think we need to
    upgrade this and add some attachments to it we don’t have enough l bucks to buy a
    completely new gun and i mean there’s a lot of stuff we could use long-range
    sniper thermal vision weapons rocket launcher but for now upgrading this is
    the primary all right let’s see what we can do with this it’s done me well so
    far but let’s try going for a stock upgrade all right perfect
    it’s gonna add some accuracy and it’s only 50 L bucks so not bad okay let’s
    see what options we have for barrel Oh long barrel looks amazing super good for
    long range but it’s way too expensive I can’t afford this let’s see what else
    they have hole suppressor so be sweet for being silent taking out zombies do
    this sniper scope is on real and we need this ammo box because if we’re gonna be
    taking out zombies we need ammunition which means Logan you’re only gonna have
    300 L bucks left over for your purchases and there we go
    I’ve got my gun upgrade hopefully we won’t be jamming anymore and we’ve got
    some new move aside Oh Jake I want this one okay you can’t afford that that’s
    2000 L bucks we need way more likes to get that okay what about this one yeah
    perfect that’s 300 L bucks all right that’s all we can afford at least we’ll
    have some weapons very long range and the hunting rifles not that bad
    alright this is awesome okay quickly let’s gear up with the ammunition I
    bought guys do you hear that more zombies coming we need to defend the
    base and fast here load you up with the ammo we got Logan I say you take sniper
    nest as you have a long range I’ll take the lower level alright defend the base
    at all cost guys even though we purchased it with Al box we still lose
    the zombies all right let’s do this like what keep your position in the
    sniper tower take out every last one of them
    alright guys let’s do this really nice shot oh I’m coming in we got more coming
    I can hear him with the right side I got the angle got him chief we going up top hold on i reloaded again I got this one high we were able to take off the
    zombies and fend off the Horde for now I’m glad the sounds of it there’s more
    coming and our gunfire is only gonna draw more of them okay Zeke what’s the
    plan hi I mean as of right now we have a base and we have some supplies but guys
    we don’t have any food water or really anything else I mean all I have is this
    vest and Logan has nothing look if we’re gonna be able to do this we need two
    things we need more al bucks which means more likes from you guys but also I
    think I might need to go on a scavenger mission now the nearest place I know of
    some supplies is deep in the woods the problem is the woods is an infected zone
    which means we need a respirator in order to go in there we only have one
    nope so Logan I might need to do this alone
    Jake you’re gonna go without me look if we’re gonna survive here we’re gonna
    need more supplies I maybe I can find another respirator maybe we can get out
    of this place we’re trying to go out into the country somewhere where there’s
    less population less zombies let’s hold them we’re just need to base up and get
    as much supply as we can okay well I guess I’ll just stay here and protect
    the base from Raiders hey look guys I think our biggest problem has been that
    we’re been trying to deal with this issue by solving it ourselves we’ve been
    trying to find a cure and solve the zombie issue but if we’re really gonna
    do this I think we need to go to the source Logan I think we need to find out
    who is responsible for this why they did it and stop them I think
    know who this cheek are you talking about the Baron yeah hi I’m Pat the
    group our old friend a little business

    The Man Trapped Papa Jake! Prison Escape Room Challenge (TOP SECRET  Mystery Battle Royale Game)
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    The Man Trapped Papa Jake! Prison Escape Room Challenge (TOP SECRET  Mystery Battle Royale Game)

    August 21, 2019

    hey what’s going on Papa Jake fam if
    you’re just tuning in in our last video we were captured and locked up in some
    sort of prison after putting a dark web USB inside our computer yeah guys put
    the USB in and must have joined some weird game and we end up here in this
    prison cell on the USB there was a video of someone who’s calling himself the man
    and apparently he’s running a dark Legion and those are the guys wearing
    the creepy masks who have locked us up here it looks like we’re part of some
    online game and we even have ranks and numbers on a leaderboard we were able to
    find a key and get out of the handcuffs after that we found a code that opened
    up the cell door and led us into here however whoever put us up to this is
    watching us with cameras and the only way out of here is to beat the game and
    what’s a bit more time testing is we’d have 11 minutes to do so yeah we need to
    get out of here in 11 minutes so in order to do that we need to open this
    door okay well I was able to open up this laptop here that they left now
    looking through it it doesn’t seem like there’s any internet connection there’s
    no way for me to get out of here it completely closed down the entire
    internet so there’s no way for us to call for help but what I did find was
    this phone message a phone message yeah you think I should play it yeah here
    goes nothing 47 I don’t know but I know I have to beat it game okay
    guys it looks like from what we can gather we are players and we are being
    ranked in this internet game we don’t know what’s on the line we do we don’t
    know what happens if you lose but what I do know is that there were definitely
    other players here in our last video we found nametags from other players that
    were left inside that cell and what we think may have been their clothing okay
    look all we can do right now is get out of here we can try and figure this out
    later whoever these people are whatever they want we’re collecting on this
    camera we’re gonna need your guy’s help solid we have five minutes and
    okay quickly we got to figure out how to get out of here it’s gotta be a way to
    get out of the game to leave the game we don’t want to play this we never should
    have ordered that mr. box in the first place ah Jake we should have never gone
    to that SUV Logan I got something looks like it’s a note I cannot be felt seen
    or touched yet I can be found in everybody yet I have my own style of
    music what am i guys do you know what that means it’s some sort of riddle guys
    if you know what that means comment down below let us know in the comments if you
    have any idea what this could be hear that take a really loud train yeah
    it’s definitely a train it’s coming from above us okay well okay well maybe that
    gives us some information as to where we’re locked up it could be some sort of
    compound may be under railroad tracks I had no idea where we could be guys but
    that’s half the mystery is finding out where we are some sort of box over here
    and there’s a light and a piece of paper inside we’ve got four minutes there’s blocks here they make some sort
    of puzzle well maybe it has some sort of information as to the combination to
    that lock the lock requires a four-letter word guys which means this
    puzzle should be able to give us a four-letter word it’s up Chapter seven
    now it’s kind of hard to make out what this puzzle was it’s all broken down and
    old but I think this might be a picture of a bird guys do have to let me know in
    the comments what you think but that’s a bird all right well let’s go try it
    got it G come on there’s only two minutes left
    all right looks like it’s some sort of medical cabinet okay there’s a
    flashlight in here a book of the world with a city highlighted okay it’s a key hold on
    come on come on boy what’s going on look the lights went off I think we go
    through here come on follow me so we beat the game huh hello if we beat
    your game we go we got out of the prison look at the screen screen please no the
    screen Oh Papa Jake congratulations on completing your first task you have
    proven yourself and increased your rank in this challenge you will be given
    another chance to do so you see our dear friend in front of you has lost his
    necklace and needs have returned completing this challenge will award you
    with all right points but remember the game’s law the game is tough and in the
    end the game winners necklace we have to return a necklace to take whoever’s in
    there why would anyone want us to do this look we can escape from this right
    now guys we can get ourselves out of here but this isn’t going to stop as
    long as we’re on that leaderboard as long as we’re players in this game
    they’re gonna keep coming back for us to figure it out the first things first
    let’s find this necklace let’s get out of here cheap do you think it’s real
    I have no idea guys listen only call me I think this
    thing’s real but I hope you’re honest with you I don’t want to open it and
    find out something already gives me the creeps meaning maybe we could dial out
    of here that’s the county Bell yeah it’s a it’s an old-fashioned phone I might be
    able to get it to work on we’ll check the other side here guys with this I
    think you can make it call yeah look look there’s numbers here 110 120 way
    there should be here police okay let’s get ready dial up to
    police maybe I can alert them as to what’s going on do you hear anything
    yeah yes this is done 9-1-1 look we’ve been trapped inside some sort of a
    prisoner or something we put a USB inside a computer and we were here
    abducted we were abducted inside some sort of black van and we woke up inside
    a prison cell and we had to escape and there’s someone talking to us can you
    trace this call I’m sorry I can’t help you wait no no no Jacob I don’t know if that was the
    police I think this phone might be rigged again
    longer they’d be performing here for us to find looks like you’ll never getting
    out of here is but finding the madness for our pile here my guess is we gotta
    go through this door way to get it open check this out look there’s some sort of
    wire attached to the wall here it leads down into this bookcase bingo this is a
    mag lock it’s connected to that door so we do need a combination to get out of
    here only question is a combination could be anywhere I’m gonna start
    searching around wait look at the console thing looks like a with a
    flashlight and telescope okay all right there’s some paper in here check this
    out just give me goosebumps man I want to get out of here I want to now and
    guys if you see anything let us know down in the comments cuz we need your
    help if there’s anything related between this and any information you have as to
    who could be doing this to us let me know we need all the help we can get
    so I saw this chest over here and I thought it was locked but when I came
    over there’s actually no lock on it so I think it’s just budged I can’t really
    get it open but look at maybe with your help oh nice what is it there’s like a lot of
    stuff in there there is a lot of stuff in here looks like there’s a key here
    okay well we’re looking for a door combination lock but that might come in
    handy in the future toast birthday it’s got a code on the
    back down at the bottom to 1:06 if you think that’s the code it might be let’s
    try it worked it turned green try the door quickly nice fun it great
    so we made it to another room whoa G what is this like a big pyramid
    with this blue thing on it that’s sure that what was that that was a lot click
    guys I think this might be a massive block like a like a locker lock that you
    see at school the ones you turn we should be able to base it on the clicks
    start turning about quickly I still should be full rotation and listen for
    the click okay did you hear that clicked again okay now we just got to
    rotate it back so this is the last room okay we’re look we’re looking for a
    necklace we need to find a necklace and put it on whatever that mummy is and if
    we do that we beat the game and then maybe we’ll be allowed to leave this
    place check the drawers so you can buy nothing in there radio here I don’t know
    guys what was that guys listen to this tell us if you can hear something maybe that’s the people who’ve walked
    Sun here maybe who’s ever in charge whoever put us in this game maybe these
    are the people from the dark web Logan guys you need to tell us in the comments
    below what you think you heard I couldn’t make out anything but maybe you
    guys are able to hear it better than us let us know down below we’ve been in
    here for hours let me give us any food or anything to
    almost eat that painting painting look dude that’d be the necklace maybe looks
    like here’s a small lock here Jake did you have it pink so yeah have him nice
    pass it here we go let’s get this open come on get us out of here here we go
    got it

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    August 20, 2019

    hmm I’ll just walk but what definitely
    guys guys mystery I’m gonna cart just went by would like it’s horns on going
    crazy you know what do I got Bob you’re from Germany and we’re back with a brand
    new video and it is currently 12 a.m. it’s early in the morning but that’s
    because of god I am preparing for a 3 a.m. video that’s right does a 3m videos
    before guys and they’re really freaky Papa Jake doesn’t like 3 a.m. video
    we’re going to go outside oh whoa no Logan and we’re going to try and survive
    the area around my house is very very spooky my house literally backs off onto
    a cemetery and the Worcester situs have stories that will like literally
    children phone I think it’s time to gear up and get ready for 3 a.m. so for the 3
    am box board oh we’re going to need the survival gear pack now I’m going to be
    out there for 3 hours so I can only exactly need a ton of stuff but what I
    really need are some of the essential granny flashlights definitely a must we
    are going to need our night-vision camera so you can see in the dark make
    sure no one comes ask but it is going to be very dark out there guys headlamps
    are a month this is a fire starter we need that we’re going to have a fire
    resistant I don’t want to be cold open forgetting one thing guys I haven’t
    eaten yet and that’s where this comes in oh we have a tactical MRE certified by
    the Department of Defense so you guys know this is legit cheese and tortellini
    and tomato sauce alright good that sounds good I have all of our gears here
    now because we’re not doing this in the woods because that just does way too
    freaky a lot of you guys were saying that we should do this challenge at 3
    a.m. in the contrapunto house guys want me to do that how we want to say that
    even well how do you want to go that if we can’t 50,000 likes on this video we
    will do a 3 a.m. box for eating the woods but definitely bringing Logan
    along for that I mean maybe I’ll change my mind
    we’re going to be out there thinking about that prescribed keep thinking
    about outside right now freaks me out but anyway I’m geared up I got my gloves
    I got my head back we’ve got our flashlights you get our MRE and our
    firestarters last but not least before we go out there we are going to be
    bringing one set of tape that’s right that’s all we got one set of tape we
    don’t have a lot of time so we got to start building seeing it now a little
    bit of play from the pool let’s get out the area forgive you building the box
    for it probably don’t want to build it back here check this out guys
    leftover tape from our last video this looks like it is the perfect spot to
    start building so now we need some boxes Oh God
    the other thing I don’t like this isn’t good a weird story about this little Hut
    behind my house here when I was younger probably like 5 years old or so
    apparently my dad came out here one night and you walk back to the hut
    inside he found someone sleeping but the weird thing is the story goes when he
    went to go kind of confront the guy the guy looked up at him and his eyes were
    completely black after that he ran inside to call the police before he
    could come back out see the guy again he just kind of vanished it’s kind of known
    as the creepy guy shed for me but it is also our way to Baltimore or hardboard
    at least and not a lot of time before 3 a.m. so we got start building it also
    picks black and all I have is a flashlight in this but I want to get the
    box for built and I get a fire made the box was almost done I have the
    outside which is pretty much prepared the inside looking good we need to do a
    roof it’s not the best books what I’ve ever made I mean it’s definitely not the
    prettiest but considering that we had to make this that almost 1 a.m. now I think
    it’ll do good so I want to get inside I’m gonna get our fire started
    I’m also just feeling really creeped out guys like I’m getting that feeling that
    I got when we were down at the haunted tunnel tonch is feeling it this year we
    have in the Box mark the door blows so what can this window well no I feel one
    sleeve another in the box board I’m feeling good I’m feeling better I’m not
    as freaked out that kind of scary feelings got away so maybe it was just
    nerves I don’t know you’ll feel I mean that was just like animal or something
    free campus is really freaking me out right now so then just like really
    theory about being back here at night know if it’s the fact that it was so
    close to cemetery or kind of the village system this person in a tree and was exactly
    where we’re building oh my god I guess I can’t really tell them this GoPro but I
    think I’m seeing eyes but you don’t know I’m gonna get inside on the continue
    with what we’re doing and then I’ll get the night-vision camera alright guys
    this is my makeshift 3 a.m. fireplace now we’re going to put some off kindling
    in it and get started so that’s what he should be doing and as I was coming back
    – bass going around this one comes right around I’ve never seen back here time to
    make our fire oh there we go there we go there we go
    ok risen oh yeah let’s put the Box in here check out a fire that’s looking
    good dude I just feel safer with a fire even though ok
    – the fire burning us down I’m so stay for the clock so we have vanilla pudding
    dessert powder that sounds good mmm that’s awesome
    boom peanut butter this is the electrolyte beverage powder we got
    everything in this this is the drink mixer heater cardboard holder
    these are crackers this is like your salt and pepper and everything like that
    oh here it is this is the main entree this is the cheese tortellini so yummy
    so before we get to dinner I thought we could start off with some crackers which
    are like a thousand years old that’s ok I’m already forgetting about Devils
    carrier am enjoying tonight Packers don’t know how old is peanut butter is
    but it will ask you like 15 years or something like that my little bride will go ahead a little
    dry bones and I’m about all it is now past 3m it’s currently 3:12 the light
    just went out little simple backyard light went out I don’t know if this one
    out earlier that is really creepy in the back be really freaking me out
    there’s literally bats outside and all the lights in the back you’re actually
    I’m starting to get kind of freaked out I’m getting really freaked out couple
    minutes ago I was thinking you know gotta swim battle three am in a box port
    you know where else would you rather be but this is this is Jen kind of freaky I
    don’t like the fact that can’t see us I got so I’m going to I’m going to grab
    our night-vision camera I’m going to set the night-vision camera and we’re going
    to go looking outside duplicant and on top of all of that
    looks like a fire went out I can’t really see much but if you guys can see
    anything on the camera here the night-vision camera let me know okay so
    I’m going to come back over to the shed here yo what the heck is that what the hell
    is that is it was little something right there guys guys just really freaking me
    out look can you I’m getting out of here I’m
    getting out of here guys this is freaking me out way too much we worry
    out here we gotta get a discharge it’s just way too weird dude as of right now
    I’m like really freaked out I’m beyond freaked out I don’t know what I saw in
    the shed I’m hearing weird noises I think what I’m going to do is I’m going
    to go for a little walk there’s a park behind my house and that’s where I keep
    hearing like this banging noise and I feel like if I if I figure out what’s
    over there if I can figure out what’s making the sound I’ll feel a little bit
    better I want to get back to the box for pretty soon hey buddy hmm
    Jazzercise just walked by whoever thought the black hat or not there’s not
    a collar on it I don’t know she was friendly but only walking over that I’ll
    just rope here and I don’t know if you guys remember from our video down in the
    woods but I saw similar rope last time I saw her up like this fear we were deep
    in the woods and I know there were a lot of stories of kids playing down there
    and of course there were sightings of black-eyed children in the woods I don’t
    know if this is something maybe they play with but this is the part I’m
    walking in the bending was about earlier what that’s it
    guys guys this is three I’m going to cart just went by with like its horns on
    going crazy dude I’m feeling really freaked out right now I’m feeling like
    beyond freaked out this is weird maybe we should just go back to the box for it yo those moving before your water if
    those are moving before do what the heck if those were moving before those who
    not moving before those were not moving before guys yo you still hear the sound
    of the car I can still hear the sound of car I don’t know what’s going on in all
    of a sudden all of a sudden this one started moving dude this we started
    movie this is freaking me out guys this is really freaking me out and it’s not
    this abandoned truck here all right guys so I’m checking out the
    bed of the truck I’m not really seeing too much around here time to talk
    there’s something inside the truck guys what the hell is that dude we’re going I
    don’t care we’re going back in the box again over there is the cemetery which
    is kind of eerie I was thinking about going over and looking but honestly guys
    just wait to preview right now maybe with you guys well I’m going to go over
    the cemetery you can let me know we can maybe do a video there

    COD ZOMBIES BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! 📦😱 NERF Mini Game, Mystery Box & More!
    Articles, Blog

    COD ZOMBIES BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! 📦😱 NERF Mini Game, Mystery Box & More!

    August 20, 2019

    mr. box time here we go what’s going on
    guys this Papa J Q from T with me and we are back with a brand new video and
    today guys we are doing something extra special we’re doing something I’ve
    wanted to do for a while now it you guys know I’m a huge Call of Duty fan more
    importantly I’m a massive zombies fan recently we’ve been making the biggest
    box for it we have ever made I mean you can see it here I’ve literally have to
    do the intro out here because it’s taking up the whole room it’s taking up
    two rooms that’s how big it is if you guys haven’t checked out those videos
    yet we did billionaires box fourth we did fall out box court and of course
    Batman box work in our last week in this house because we’ll move into a new
    house but I decided so we have all this space
    and all these rooms in this box court it would be awesome to make a call of duty
    zombies map all of duty zombies minigame with nerf guns we’re gonna have level
    ups a mystery box the ability to buy ammo and guns off the walls and my
    entire goal is to make it throughout the entire box and survive against the
    zombie onslaught now I’m gonna bring you guys inside the box to show you off in
    case you haven’t seen it yet but before we do that guys I do want to remind you
    I am doing a massive Christmas giveaway I’m giving back to all of you guys for
    being so amazing you know christmas is the time of givin and Papa Jake wanted
    to do something special for you guys which is why we’re giving a bunch of you
    guys brand new Xbox ones and iPhone X’s now I’m sorry to all you who said ps4s
    we had to choose its Xbox ones and iPhone X’s which is pretty sweet but we
    got a bunch them to give away guys and all you have to do to enter into win is
    hit that like button hit the subscribe button and most importantly a lot of you
    guys forget it smack that Bell buns beside the subscribe button click on
    notifications and you’ll never miss one of our videos so guys inside the box for
    now I’m gonna give you a quick tour we still have to clear it out in order to
    make it ready for zombies but as you guys can see we’ve got a room
    near the movie theater over here we have a massive room there’s also a second
    story up there and of course a very long hallway which leads to the company area
    and this is a whole other space now we even have a space in here there’s a
    treadmill over there which goes to the entrance and there’s another door here
    which goes into the gaming room which i think is where I’m gonna put the mystery
    box because it already kind of looks like a mystery box in here in order to
    get started other guys and in order for us to start this zombies game there’s
    two things I need to do I need to clear up this box bored of everything put up a
    bunch of security doors and then of course get all of our epic
    nerf guns in here and choose which guns I’m gonna use and let the zombies in and
    see if I can survive alright guys are checking out we’ve got our nerf box here
    and we have a ton of guns to choose from now I don’t want to bring all of them in
    because I definitely want to make it a bit of a challenge for myself but I’ve
    got to pick through which ones I want to spawn on the walls and then of course
    which ones are gonna be in the mystery box so here I have the box that we’re
    gonna use slash transform into the mystery box it’s nice and big and it can
    fit inside the mystery box room over there and get pretty much fit any nerf
    gun that we want to put in it I’m gonna kind of deck it out with some really
    cool tape and then make sure I can fit some guns in it and once it’s in there
    and I go to activate it it’s gonna be completely random which gun I get I
    don’t get to choose so it could be something like a sniper or key it allows
    your pistol hey it’s a mystery box so let’s start working on that and then
    we’ll get to working on the windows which is gonna be where the zombies
    enter into this box for it and my main points of defense it’s done and there we go check out how
    awesome this mystery box is I felt that the question mark and I’m also gonna add
    a smoke machine inside here so that when we do open it up a bunch of smoke comes
    out but basically that’s gonna go in there and then basically once I have
    enough points I’ll go in there open it up and see what I get
    so that doesn’t miss your box is done guys I’ve got to go around and start
    setting up the different windows the zombies can get in now just like in the
    game I’m gonna be able to reboard up these windows using tape so for example
    if a zombie breaks through a window I can grab the tape roll beside it tape it
    up and I’m good to go it’ll buy me a little bit of time before the zombie
    actually gets in and allow me to set up with my nerf guns to take them down we just started decking out the fort and
    it’s coming along awesome basically I don’t want to show you guys everything
    because I don’t want to spoil it as I’m going through the different rooms
    obviously I have to unlock every room in progression I don’t want you guys to
    know what guns are in each room but I will show you kind of what it looks like
    so as you guys can see on the wall here we have a gun and then we have it
    labeled with the amount of money it is if you look over here any door with the
    metal X on it is a door that I can open for a price so this door is $100
    of course the mystery box is sitting in here and we have a shock in here which I
    could buy but I’m gonna have to make some decisions cuz obvious I can’t buy
    every single gun any door that has a yellow caution tape symbol around it is
    either a window or a door that zombie can come in so those are things I have
    to be cautious of those are things I have to board up if too many zombies get
    in and also have to be aware of where they are in case the zombie tries to
    sneak up behind me but I’m almost done setting everything up so I think it’s
    about time to put you guys on my helmet-cam and get ready to start the
    world’s first Call of Duty box for zombies match so I’m gonna put you guys
    on board the GoPro head mount and we’re gonna start off in here all I get is my
    pistol but once I can unlock this door and go into the next rooms I can get
    more ammo and get more guns and hopefully survive this thing alright put
    the round begin so then one way you can come through
    oh if they bunch up in here I’m dead I gotta buy this door first thing Brian
    this should be enough points to buy the door let’s go let’s go alright next room
    mystery boxes in there $100 shotgun or pistol
    uh all right let’s do shotgun through the store 100 bucks I don’t have enough
    vamo let’s go let’s go let’s go there’s some work coming through there
    get the door the other door how’d you miss your box though mystery box mystery
    box time here we go okay see the shotgun way better bro these things up I get
    some money to open up the next room there we go here we go we gotta go we
    gotta go two hundred fifty two hundred
    let’s go this one we got a $500 room over there for a
    little bit here 250 combined sweet that’s you bad I’m high this door I see
    a little bit more money where they coming from next mystery box again I’m
    feeling lucky oh sweet
    sniper oh this is gonna help me a lot alright let’s do this let’s make your
    way to that door sweetie next room hohoho what’s this during their 50 bucks
    or the next door I’ll go with the cool come through you’re next maybe I should
    go back to mr. box all right leave this next door so Center bucks
    here we go these are the good here oh sweet fully automatic Eureka let’s say
    they’d be coming through these two windows here No that’s kind of the game the mega it’s
    over now looks like Papa Jack’s won this game
    here we go zombies let’s go time now I think I’m going
    after them myself this isn’t Ami’s versus me anymore this
    is me versus Amba let’s go well this pretty much wraps up our very first box
    Ford Kyle of duty zombies if you guys enjoyed it and think we should do
    another one make you feel bigger maybe get more zombies
    then let me know down below and smack that like button but they do so much for
    watching this video guys and of course I will be back with more awesome content
    for you so keep the subscribe button meet that notification button and I’ll
    be back in another box for video see you guys next time you

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    August 20, 2019

    previously on Samba week infecting the
    people it’s the only way that I can ensure I’ll be the richest person
    activating the virus now slim we wave go to see Walker no he’s not a Walker
    what’s your name this is where the parents hiding out he’s waiting for the
    infection to spread and for everyone to die gotta go there you gotta go there
    there is a cure we can go there and we can stop this thing I need to tell Logan
    about this I need the files I need to get back to base camp I gotta go what every single play he’s in trouble Mugen I saw the flare what’s going on
    it’s been really bad all the Barons men got here look at this place
    it’s destroyed man the whole fort looks like it took a beating the walls were
    broken down the Barons been breached the gate and zombies followed I was taking
    this place on by myself yeah I felt few walkers coming up here
    well since all the singleplayer I ran as fast as I could
    this place is completely toast Frankie it’s not even holding up Medical Bay is
    completely destroyed Jake what did you find I used the car to
    get deep into the woods and I found the military base located on the map they
    put up a pretty big fight but looks like most of them were overrun before I got
    there by walkers while I was there I found an envelope with some information
    in it I was able to retrieve her from the wreckage of the base got a lot of
    medical files in it but most importantly it looks like one of the Barons men knew
    how bad this virus would be talks about a cure Logan he says there is a cure
    there’s a way to recreate it we’re really gonna put an end to this we need
    to find out where the Baron is whoever this guy is he doesn’t like what the
    parents up to if we could convince him to change his mind
    keep the Baron and cure everyone oh no we got a walker I got it damn where’d you get that me the last
    night dual-action nice we’re gonna need that look this place isn’t safe I think
    we need to gather all the supplies we can and make our way to the woods it’s
    safer in there we’re gonna get deep into the woods and set up base camp for the
    night I’m gonna go over these files as well as any other information I can with
    the notes I have and see if I can’t figure out how this cure works once I’ve
    got some more information we got to find the bear in space we got puts top of
    this gear up and gather your supplies we’re heading out
    look here it’s got a pink marker place it here last time when I was making my
    way towards the base here the Horde behind this but in the woods this should
    be few and thin they can’t group up in here so we should be safe but I’m
    worried about though it’s people can I am they should be just up here see
    another marker up ahead hold up we got a walker let’s keep moving
    this way I fought the parents right last time they did a fairly he’s a stronghold
    set up here but I was able to take him out we need a place to stay for the
    night this is where we should build up and resupply what’s that they were
    setting up here for a long time I’m not sure how close these men were to the
    Baron but is where I found the information regarding the chemical
    compound of the virus and so we use what we have for cardboard and build a base
    here to bunker down for the night hey yo what’s going on guys Papa J here from T
    with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys
    it is episode 4 of zombie week that’s right our epic series does continue and
    today we’re out in the middle of the woods because we are surviving in the
    middle of the woods with this zombie bass are based on overrun by zombies as
    well as the barons men and it forces the flee to the woods finally go ahead and
    take him down but if we’re gonna do that we need a base camp which is why we
    found this area it’s a fairly secure concrete bunker area as you guys can see
    behind us there’s a massive pond and waterfall nothing can get us from behind
    and in front of us is the woods which is really hard for zombies to clump up and
    create a horde in we’re gonna start by working on setting up a wall area as
    well as our base where we’re gonna survive for the night it’s fairly cold
    in the forest and we’re gonna need to scavenge all the food and supplies we
    can to survive here I think we got to start building cuz the sun’s going down get out we’ve been working on the base
    now for quite some time it’s looking awesome we actually went through like a
    bunker kind of look to it which I love because the base is actually sunken down
    below the concrete as you can see the box fort itself is like half underground
    it’s really cool so you have to enter through the side and we have windows on
    the back side which we’re gonna put in once we get the roof on and make sure
    the support beams are working we’re gonna start bringing all of our supplies
    as well as our lighting inside and get this place lit up and warm because we
    got to survive here for the night guys I’m gonna hand you some materials all
    right check out inside here guys this place looks amazing this is one big
    coolest bases we have ever built inside as you can see we’ve got this awesome
    window here which opens up we can close in the case we want to make sure that
    this place stays warm cuz obviously it’s gonna be pretty cold tonight we also
    want to close it to make sure that you know any zombies or enemies can’t look
    at this but as you can see out here we’ve got a great view of the pond down
    below as well into the bunker that we’re able to salvage a pretty decent amount
    of stuff from our old base we’re still pretty low on supplies though we
    definitely need some food as we have absolutely no food left over we laid a
    few cans of beans but that really wasn’t enough for the most part I think we’re
    gonna need to go on a scavenging mission pretty soon to BrahMos super supplies in here we
    really didn’t have a lot weapon wise we’ve got one pistol here we’ve got my
    repeater and we’ve got Logan’s new creation here a double pistol medical
    supplies are almost none as well we used a lot of our other stuff on Kirk as well
    as in the last battle you got some extra gauze
    some band-aids I don’t even think we have an extra thermal blanket in here so
    it’s definitely gonna be cool tonight what we did find here though guys once
    we came back to the base we noticed there was some leftover chemistry gear
    used to be a chemist right Jake that’s right
    it looks like whoever was set up in his base before was working on some sort of
    chemical compound considering I found files relating to the zombie virus I
    think whoever was here was working on some sort of cure now there isn’t a lot
    of materials left over but I did find a small compound here I’m hoping that if I
    have some time at the station given the notes that I have inside this file I
    might be able to recreate the compound itself and created small doses of the
    cure it’s a long shot but at least it’ll be one step in towards defeating the
    Baron other than that one this morning comes we’re gonna have to go out and
    find this barren space alright before we do anything further though and going on
    our mission I got to treat my leg banged it up pretty bad we were walking into
    the base camp here gonna put a bandage on it’s one of our last there’s something else that do that oh
    yeah I got a visual on a walker think you can take him out of course I
    can take him out got him I think now if we want to get something neat tonight
    we’re gonna have to go on a scavenging mission there’s a lot of pretty beat-up
    walkers around here we might be able to pull some food off them at the very
    least we can find something maybe an old abandoned outpost grab your gear
    I’m also pretty low on ammo give any extras think I got a couple rounds
    passing say we stick pretty close to the creek bed seems like the water is fairly
    distracting for the walkers they can’t hear us or bunch up on us we
    go pretty low light we shouldn’t have a problem
    I don’t expect too many people I don’t know we’re gonna find some about where’s
    some walkers are the elements themselves the cold stuck in some quicksand you’re
    done there’s a bridge up here you make our way out should I keep the shot let’s
    keep moving down this way I think you see something up ahead looks like a
    person might have something on them oh yeah I see him it’s not living like he’s gone he’s
    gonna turn soon let’s go get some food on it it’s good here before we’re
    Waukesha I was a good mission it was so much but call six of beef jerky and some
    old-world M&Ms it’s a long day of hiking fine walkers apply the best slam gonna
    happen cesium to 980 I think this is the stuff they’re using to make the Cure it
    seems like you’ve up to 95 percent of the nervous system is infected this can
    still hear it it just needs to be implanted into the body somehow look you
    didn’t leave much supplies behind but with the small amount of chemistry
    supplies I have here might be able to formulate something Logan kill the lights and if I compile
    this correctly it should be glowing as you can see here the compound itself is
    glowing that means the radiation is separating from the cesium has compiling
    itself onto the water seems compounds reacting you see this stuff is highly
    radioactive this will cure the zombie virus we’re holding the only cure this
    entire zombie virus if we can implement this into a bullet we should be able to
    hit a walker with it and cure whoever it is I know it’s not much but this means
    that there is a cure it means the Baron has the resources if we can defeat the
    Baron you should have enough stuff piled up that we could cure the entire world
    we’re gonna try it on the next Walker refine I don’t know what’s gonna happen
    but if it works nice we have to cure right here tomorrow we’re gonna find the
    Baron tomorrow I’ll review the notes from the journal I have the notes are
    correct there should be some sort of stronghold not too far up down the creek
    we need some strength we need some rest we definitely need some new supplies
    we’re gonna be taking them on so we hunker down close the window just try to
    stay warm for the night Jake we go zombies yeah sounds like a
    horde where they coming from no no no no the golf come from the east well there’s
    a lot of them Caitlin breech the base he fired you
    fired did you hear any from behind us you’re having trouble getting through
    the creek bed but they’re still coming pretty fast I got one in this home
    wandering on the right side that’s our chance
    this is chance Logan I can use the Cure bullet that’s only one way to find out I
    only got one shot Hayden my enemies down I got him right in the
    torso let’s spend a roaming horde moving through this way all right let’s go
    check that body I want to see this cure worked all right I don’t know how well
    this would have worked so be careful when we approach the body bodies over
    there be really careful Jake this might be
    Kirk green administered the Cure to Kirk there’s exactly like I’m not you what
    happened let’s take his bite secured the Cure worked really where like Jake
    Logan what happened where are we Kirk the bite you had back at our old
    base turn you into zombie who turned on us okay we thought you were gone we
    happen to move here after our base got overrun by the barons men we’re able to
    formulate a cure based on some old chemistry findings I found in the base
    Logan that means the Cure works that means whoever was working for the Baron
    who formulated this cure knew what was happening this here’s a backdoor to the
    virus it can cure these zombies and bring them back to normal I’ll have to
    check his vitals once we get back to base but
    all right let’s keep back to base and brief you look at it the wounds
    completely healed there’s nothing there hearts good pulse is good this cure
    really is working cesium to 980 cure him you use the cesium on me how do you know
    what the cesium to 980 I used to work for the Baron I didn’t tell you guys
    when we first met I was scared I was running away from him what do you mean
    you used to work for the Baron Bester talking fast it’s not like that it’s not
    like that I was one of his minions when I met you guys I was running away from
    him we knew about the cesium he knew about the cure from what I can recall me
    and another scientist named van were working on a cure because we didn’t
    believe in the Baron so you wanted to stop him yes we always have your last
    names cretin Kirk Rita yes these are your notes this is what helped me
    compile the compound you came across a way to create a cure and compile it into
    a liquid form if we’re gonna put a stop to the Baron when you’re gonna need to
    work together we need to administer this compound to everyone the only one who
    has enough cesium to do so is the Baron himself we came to the woods to track
    down his compound we’re gonna go face them head-on
    I’ve got a notebook here has a map of where I believe it might be tell me if
    this is something you would call at all you see here his bunker system is four
    stories underground how do we get into it then where’s the entrance the
    entrance is over here it’s on the north side through an abandoned sewer system
    Kirk we’re gonna take your word for it are you willing to help us defeat the
    Baron of course welcome back to the team buddy
    so now we’re never we’re gonna get to the abandoned compound head in and
    defeat the baron once and for all we need to put a stop to this virus all
    right keep moving be really careful we don’t know what’s
    in here man this place is huge this parents
    fortress must go on for miles Kirk you coming LeBaron put him down put
    him down right now good to see you two again you thought
    you could escape me forever you put it down right now we know what you’re up to
    look there’s three of us and one of you drop it it’s over you think you could
    put a stop to this beautiful vibe we know about the cesium we don’t secured
    all of this I don’t think so only one person has the cure we have the
    cure from finding my full story concrete bunker unfortunately for you two you’ll
    be staying here forever what what are you doing what are you doing what’s this happened you just closed the
    gate on us the concrete doors just closed looking
    for trapped where’d you hear that pull the gas

    PAPA JAKE – BOX FORT BABY (Official Music Video)
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    PAPA JAKE – BOX FORT BABY (Official Music Video)

    August 19, 2019

    Ay yo this is papajake if you wanna build a boxfort you Gotta start with some tape I’m talking ducktape(yeah) Don’t make no mistake you want your fort to survive you can stay alive We only source finest cardboard right behind hardware store We keep finding more an more In 24 hours we gonna make something cool A fort made out of butter? Logan you now what we do! Im talking box forts baby! We can float on a lake or we can build them in space Im talking box forts baby! Three stories are risen try to escape this box prison Im talking box forts baby! Defending our turf with nerf our dragon falls to the earth I am telling you no lies you need cardboard to survive Watcha building there Logan? Its a box thats frozen! No! I said no frozen boxes Our fans want something that can take us to planet where we’ll make a million box forts and we’ll call it Boxy Planet Look here, we’re up in the sky, flying all over the universe our fuel is running dry! Guess we better use the landing pod bro! that would make sense, Hit the button lets go!! I’m talking box forts baby!! We can float in a lake, or we can build them in space. I’m talking box forts baby!! Three stories are risen try to escape this box prison I’m talking box forts baby!! Defending our turf with nerf our dragon falls to the earth! I’m talking box forts baby! I am telling you no lies you need cardboard to survive! boxes and boxes we stack on boxy planet and they are aliens watching us, and logan can’t stand it some boxes of rocks and other boxes of socks and if you smash that like button you might win a xbox! I’m talking box forts baby! we can float in a lake or we can build them in space! I’m talking box forts baby! Three stories are risen try to escape this box prison I’m talking box forts baby! Defending our turf with nerf our dragon falls to the earth. I’m talking box forts baby!! I am you no lies you need cardboard to survive! I’m talking box forts baby! Ha! got ya panda! oh panda man? I’ll be taking that! im talkin Box forts baby we can float on the lake or we can build them in space three story`s a risen try to escape this box prison im talkin (creepy tune) Subscribe to Papa Jake and me poundmaster 685!

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    August 19, 2019

    J hey J hey J yes
    remember I’m you’re trapped by zombies in me we’re floating and couldn’t get
    out watch Oh God thank you firing you
    remember the fuck how do we escape that can’t remember Logan I’ve told you okay
    multiple times you don’t ask those questions the same reason people don’t
    ask why is the sky blue did Picasso ask should I paint this
    painting no look at he painted the painting okay we don’t ask if we escape
    the zombies and now we’re back home everything’s okay but Jake I just don’t
    get it local oh we don’t we don’t ask those questions it’s just it just
    happened we’re back home we’re safe now zombies are gone we don’t have to worry
    about them anymore you know what Logan Papa Jake’s don’t read it for today all
    this talk about zombies reminded me we got a brand new sponsor for this video
    that’s right The Walking Dead our won’t sponsor this video with their brand-new
    game based on The Walking Dead I Logan get this it’s augmented reality
    augmented reality what does that even mean it means you get to fight zombies
    in real life bro check this out you get to play with all of your favorite
    characters from The Walking Dead and see them in real life
    now Michonne is literally in our room right now hey what’s up Michelle how’s
    it going we’re gonna take out some walkers together I know we are how cool
    is this dude but get this Logan not only that it’s a
    location-based game which means where you are in real life
    is where you are in the game see now we’re outside Logan check out those
    walkers we’re gonna take them over right now come on Michelle let’s get these
    guys there we go all right oh they’re coming over here
    all right I got I got oh oh would you go down you go down all of you guys go down
    and best of all Logan when you unlock these legendary characters you can go
    into the photo booth mode I teach sweet pictures with them check this one out
    with Michonne here let me get in the shot all right here I go
    Camacho of the show just move a bit tier right okay uh yeah
    that’s that’s pretty good oh cool bathroom okay Jake let’s take
    your photo in three two one all right bring your photo Papa Jake here with
    Michelle but guys if you want to download the game we will have a link
    down below where you can get it for free in both the Google Play Store as well as
    the Apple Store oh yeah who’s that was it the lightning bolt hit us or
    something oh I don’t know what that was oh it broke my bracelet house I’m sort
    of weird didn’t think they had lightning on sunny days uh anyway where were we
    you were just showing me the AR mode can can I try oh dude look it’s a walker
    yeah that’s awesome it’s so lifelike okay well the phone I’m gonna go take a
    picture wait wait Logan what Logan that’s not in the game Wow Jake plan for
    the smokin I’ve got nerve plasters in the fridge why do you keep in the fridge
    because I like to let’s go I’m gonna go get supplies you me in the woods that
    are zombies okay can I get supplies the zombies are coming mmm food for my pets Logan
    hello oh no no no no no no no no this isn’t good this isn’t good
    these handcuffs oh where am I hello what’s going on so let’s train me
    to this Oh what happened last thing I remember I was Logan this app zombies
    zombies and I ran downstairs she was robbing here someone’s locked me up
    hello who are you hello my pets are so hungry I have some food for you that’s
    what what pets are you out there let me throw this oh it’s that we easy time my
    pets eating time no no no no no it’s not eating time it’s not any time but pop
    pop Jake’s not food alright I’m a person that people aren’t food I’m escaped from
    a lot of prisons we can do this okay this is w he’s got to be way off first
    six person gotta get these cuffs off okay there’s gotta be something I can
    use here something I could yeah break this off with water your canister wait
    wait my pockets baby got something in my pockets ah highlighter pen got some
    money wait a second this is an infused Kevlar pad if I add water to this it
    turns into a Kevlar cloth that can withstand heat cold anything if I can
    find something to heat them up or or freeze them off I can use this to
    protect myself Jake Jake where are you guys I don’t
    think Jake made it he told me to meet him down here in the forest but I mean I
    can’t find them oh no no guys I hear Walker’s okay we
    got to get going wait snare can stir if you shake these things
    to turn them upside down these are colder than liquid nitrogen
    I’m never be able to use it to freeze the cuffs off hold on I gotta break the
    lid shake it up oh yeah there’s definitely some fuel
    left in here let’s test it out oh that’s cool guys look at that look how cool –
    god I could barely touch that fry this is perfect it’s exactly what I can use
    to freeze off these cuffs I gotta start moving fast hello no one
    feeding time is but it sounds like it’s soon all right I’ve got to get this
    Kevlar pad activated and now time to add the water to the Kevlar pad and within a
    few seconds we should have a working cloth that will protect us from the cold
    there we go all right time you use this starts out
    as a little tablet now we got a cloth all right if I wrap this around my side
    of the cup should be able to protect myself I’m gonna feed it through here
    now to put this in the keyhole slot and break these cuffs off in three two one it’s still very cold very very cool ah
    these cuffs are cool all right time to break him guys I can hear them in the distance oh you guys it’s a zombie Oh guys I gotta
    get out of here okay guys I think I lost him but this doesn’t make any sense why
    they’re zombies in real life the kitchen there was a zombie wait
    the Thunderbolt that’s it it must have transferred us into the game or
    something okay wait for in the game I could use that to our advantage if I use
    the game’s map I can find a supply kit and maybe get a weapon or something I’m
    gonna need that if I’m gonna find Jake okay right there I found a supply crate
    there’s another song okay now time to get out of this place it’s gonna be some
    way out of here something looks like I’m not getting
    through that door looks like there’s a door here but it’s missing a door handle
    pretty second why am I even here we’re just playing with the app and then the
    lightning I don’t want to jump to conclusions yet but I think maybe we
    were somehow transported into the world of The Walking Dead that would explain
    the zombies I would explain this rundown place that this creepy guy has me in a
    zombie dinner oh no this isn’t good I don’t know if Logan’s been able to
    figure this out all right I’ve gotta break out of here and get back to Logan
    I just gotta find a way something a trapdoor no no that’s a zombie that’s a
    zombie so wired here yeah we’re making La Soul does it it’s a fan there I might be able
    to get this cord in there and stick it in there huh Oh cut the fan off okay
    next time you feed the wire through hey come on come on catch something hey
    perfect well we got the zombie stuff huh but you might be able to break out of
    there in no time it’s gonna be the way to eliminate him in here there’s
    something in my pockets I could use pens wait a hole makeshift crossbow okay you
    just stay right there zombie man all right yeah it’s not the best crossbow
    what it should do the trick in three two one oh yes you got it
    worked oh there’s all bees dead oh alright how much time that bought us
    guys we got to figure out a way out and fast looks like there’s a fire escape
    here but it’s locked up with a lock there’s no way I’m getting through that
    maybe there’s something in that room but the door handle missing there we go
    oh sweet okay guys this is perfect I have a weapon and I have lots of
    ammunition my next objective is finding Jay if I’m gonna survive these Walker’s
    I’m gonna need them what’s that I think I must have
    attracted apart no here they come Dolman on the left we’re gonna have to
    get out of here how many more coming all right I gotta
    go oh yeah that’s something I can use ah perfect this think it’s a hunting
    rifle I needs ammo oh here we go this should be enough to pull off the
    lock sweet it looks like there’s a tack best I’m
    gonna need this one we’re going outside it’s time to break out of here and find
    Logan I don’t know if he’s realized yet that we’re in the game but if he hasn’t
    he’s in a lot of trouble gonna walk beside you okay or touch his
    hand I touched his hand sound of bus this lock off three two one sweet you got it all oh here’s the
    window looks like I found a way outside not
    time to get out of here to meet up with pony this is getting really crazy if
    Jake’s realized what I realized that we’re in the game he’s gonna meet me out
    of safe house so all I have to do is find a safe house and meet him there
    all right this is the forest where I said I’d meet Logan I hope he’s figured
    out what I figured out that lightning bolt was no lightning ball some sort of
    weird witch crack we’re in the game now and if we’re in the game and Logan knows
    that and want to meet me somewhere it’s gotta be something around here okay some
    ammo crates around here I’ve been traveling for a while now and we’re
    almost at the safe house oh wait what guys another ammo box oh yeah guys what
    was that oh no there’s another survivor in distress all right you know what but
    I hope this person out and then I’ll meet Logan got enough ammo for it
    this should just be up here along this path wait Logan right hold still man I
    got you don’t move don’t move to 100 buddy that was really close you do not
    want to know what I just went through look I love you figure it out yeah but I
    think that lightning bolts about put us in the game yeah I realize that too
    that’s true then we’ve got Walker’s coming at us at all angles right now our
    number one party is surviving all my fault I found a safe house it’s not too
    far from here it’s just on the path that way if we can get there we might be able
    to ride this thing out whatever this thing is yeah Jake that’s where I was
    heading I was hoping to meet you there all right come on follow me well as you
    can we gotta get there before sundown okay safe house should just be up ahead
    you gotta be careful though I hear Walker’s coming from all distances but
    if you hear that you’re what listen listen is that a fork
    no it’s is that trader Joe someone in need where’s it taste what do you boys
    need yeah are we happy to see you yeah you definitely use some supplies today
    but don’t forget trader Joe deals in lakhs it’s the only thing I accept yeah
    yeah no no no we remember you you buy and sell using our likes Logan how many
    likes is our last song bees video have I think it has like 80,000 80,000 likes
    alright what can we get for 80,000 likes or Trader Joe’s got lakhs supplies for
    you so many supplies we’re all in my car I got something a little bit better than
    supplies something you boys might like a little more how would you like a save
    that might have the cure to the zombie apocalypse you check that bad boy out an
    abandoned safe oh oh those are so big right now I can sell the same to you for so what’s it gonna be well we could get
    a lot of supplies to those likes I say we get the supplies hokum Papa Jake
    hasn’t made it this far playing it safe you know what we’ll take the safe for
    eighty thousand likes whose safe it is have this transported to you in no time
    who knows what could be inside it’s an abandoned safe try to Joe how do we open
    the safe now oh you want the combination I could sell that to you for likes oh I
    didn’t think that through let’s see how you boys don’t have a hundred thousand
    likes Trader Joe’s gotta go alright I may have messed up a little
    bit but that’s okay look we got the viewers guys if we’re gonna get into
    this safe we need a hundred thousand likes that’s like nothing you guys could
    do that in a day right I hope so okay guys we need your help we
    need those lights to get in the safe who can do it fast guys is this getting dark
    and zombies are coming

    Message to Queen Najia and Her Mother | Trader Joe’s Salad & Chicken Breast Mukbang
    Articles, Blog

    Message to Queen Najia and Her Mother | Trader Joe’s Salad & Chicken Breast Mukbang

    August 18, 2019

    if you have somebody living with you and
    they’re your child even if they’re grown even if they’re grown and they still
    live with you I don’t care how child you’re growing your hot grown your child
    if their child still live with you you got the right to tell them what they can
    and cannot do in your house the minute they don’t want to listen to you they
    get out and that’s the end of the story ain’t no child too long to still be
    living with a parent and a parent can’t tell them what to do hi everybody and
    welcome to tasty mud mine tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty muck back tasty must
    bad baby see y’all hi everybody and welcome welcome welcome
    to tasty mukbang tasty McBaine tasting my thing tasting one thing tasty
    look Bane eats yeah I am here today with a food fridge with a fridge freezer and
    pantry mukbang video and also this is a Trader Joe’s video everything in this
    this is a Trader Joe’s my thing everything in this meal is from Trader
    Joe’s this is one of their pre packaged salads this is like a beet or Apple and
    kale and carrot salad I got some broccoli and I have their lemon chicken
    that is already precooked let me give you guys a close-up of this and if it’s
    anything you see on this plate that you won’t yeah better get it right now cuz
    you know I don’t be feeding ya so anyway you guys let me say my grace before we
    get started Christmas Heavenly Father I thank you
    for this food we’re about to receive but thank you for your blessings your love
    your kindness your mercy and your grace thank you for your protection over our
    lives and your provisions that you have made for us in Jesus name we pray a man
    so today how I got my water this is I’m doing the gallon of water challenge
    30-day gallon of water challenge and beyond to try to drink a gallon of water
    a day don’t be defeated by trying to think you
    could drink a gallon of water a day it’s the challenge is actually to drink more
    water than what you’re drinking now by giving yourself the challenge of
    drinking a gallon of water a day you will probably end up drinking more water
    than you then you normally do so you guys today I don’t know if like any of
    my subscribers or aware of Queen 9 and her mother and her sister and her
    brother maybe you’re not but I want to talk about Queen Naja and the stuff
    that’s going on with her family today Queen Naja actually put out a video the
    other day in response to some things that have been said in the media about
    her from her family and just to give you a background story of who Queen Naja is
    if you do not know she is a youtuber that started YouTube sort of like a rags
    to riches story start at YouTube with her boyfriend husband Chris sales they
    started YouTube together and they both got very successful YouTube channels and
    eventually they end up moving to here to Houston and then Chris sales cheated on
    her a whole bunch of times and she left him and then she wrote the song medicine
    in retaliation to her relationship and with Christie your hair dear to her so I think Queen Naja has over like
    three million followers right now and any channel that she’s associated or
    affiliated with gangs followers and popularity really fast so right now I’m
    just giving out the background story so after her and Chris sale broke up not
    only do they go they both separate ways but because YouTube is how they maintain
    money they both have their separate channels now and the bulk of the
    material that they did on their channels worth was with each other so now so Chris Sale got a little crew
    he got a little crew that he can continue to film with and make youtube
    videos I want to use my fuck for this but it’s gonna be unstable on the
    surface that I’m on so actually when Queen nauseum splits up with him even
    though she got friends she still don’t have like the crew like she had before
    so I guess she’s in a search which is gonna call it a replacement see see in search of a replacement in
    reference to someone to record within family she had millions of followers on
    Instagram and YouTube so she can pretty much pick let me tell you something a
    woman that’s gone you don’t want this with her so like she said in her video
    medicine she gonna give him a taste of his own medicine and a woman that’s gone whatever a man could do she could do it
    better so Chris was not faithful to her in their relationship he wasn’t
    appreciating her or treating her right but when she got out their relationship
    with him she could show him better than she could tell him he thought he was
    getting upgrade but she decided to get upgrade phone she contacted clearance NYC who she had
    a crush on to stop collabing with him I mind you when a woman got a crush on the
    man and plus she got a little success fame and fortune
    she’ll make whatever suit won’t happen and a lot of people think that Clarence
    is using Queen a lot of people think that Clarence is using Queen but I think their queen is a very smart
    woman even though I do think queen is still young and naive what you guys need
    to look at is the Queen and clamorous relationship started off as a business
    venture and I can’t say if Queen did this or not but if she didn’t do it she
    should have did it any channel that she appears on I’ll
    collab with it’s gonna get it on the popper so
    automatically upfront from a business perspective she should be charging fees
    for the potential grope that she’s gonna get from that channel or enter into a
    contract agreement with their channel for a certain amount of time to receive
    a percentage of the portions of the income from the channel based on her
    collabing with the channel so you guys are looking at Queen Nigel’s
    relationship with clowns and saying he’s just using her well actually I hate to
    use the word use it wasn’t climates using queen or queen
    using clambulance it was a benefit to them both when they collab together because now she has someone to see him
    with and not only do she have somebody to film with that person didn’t seek her
    out she sought them out and from a business perspective both parties needed
    to sit down from the beginning which they probably did and see how they could
    capitalize monetarily speaking from their collaboration and that’s what they
    did they milk the Carl his channel groom Patti’s tranel groom her channel group
    and then from there they opened up a new channel that has over a million
    followers almost in less than a month I can’t remember how quick they did it but
    it was astonishing so right now I’m just speaking from a
    business perspective from a business perspective Queen Nasser and Clarence
    boat capitalized on what you guys wanted to see because of what cruise sales had
    did to her I cheated on her everybody went to see her with another
    man everybody wants to see her be happy everybody wants to see her get either
    she selected I could say more than what I’m saying because I see farther than
    the average I could see Queen Niger selected the next man that she wants to
    move on with she’s infatuated with Clarence she finds him attractive and from the get-go she know what she
    wanted from there man so moving forward they eventually gets into a relationship
    with each other she eventually gets pregnant they recently had a baby
    together and then like I said they chopped they started the channel royal
    family so yeah Kassim all of them together so from a business perspective still I’m
    talking from a business perspective what woman that has the power excuse me to make her man’s life and his
    family life better not gonna do that and help put him in the position what he
    will never owe anybody anything well he will have all the financial success that
    he ever dreamed up what woman wouldn’t make that possible for her mania if she
    tenure because if she truly see a fruit of future with him whatever she does to
    help him she’s helping herself so when y’all say that Clarence is using
    clinging like they don’t even make sense because they’re gonna be together in the
    future and they’re building a future together
    and y’all don’t know everything to go on behind the scenes maybe they’re married
    already or maybe they plan to get married so
    whatever is he is this hers and whatever is hers is he is and when a woman comes into a
    relationship with more than a man usually that can be an intimidation so
    why wouldn’t a woman help Hermia become just as successful as she is or more so
    that way they can be equal okay it’s not that you know maybe before Queen mitten
    Clarence he had a goal that he wanted to reach by the time he was 25 or 30 in
    order for him to venture out on his own and be ready to get married and start a
    family when he met Queen maybe Queen helped him to accomplish what it would
    have took him five to ten years to accomplish financially
    maybe she helped him accomplish that in less than a year and so now he’s able to
    take care of his family help his mom with what he wanted to help her with and
    do for his family so that now he can move forward in the relationship with
    her because that’s what she wants so the more successful she helps him to
    become the sooner she can get what she wants and what she wants is Clarence
    she won Clarence queen won it Clarence she went after what she want she seemed
    a nice little snack and a nice little treat she had the money to go get that
    snack in that tree and that’s what she did now obviously she didn’t do everything
    on her own Clemens had to participate in that and he had to reciprocate what she
    wanted and he did because now they’re together and they got a baby she didn’t
    make no baby about herself y’all so another thing I want to talk about with
    clean najuk that I see that most people are probably overlooking Queen Nasser is
    a very beautiful person I think like most young women her age that she has
    been trying to fill the void and you can’t just look at the situation and say
    this is what I think about this situation without looking at everything
    there are things that are gonna make a person do this and that
    and if you don’t acknowledge that then you’re not gonna understand why they’re
    doing what they’re doing there are things about this situation
    that I see that maybe even Queen don’t even realize that she’s doing but I see
    the Queen is searching for something that has been a void in her life her
    whole life and that’s her father even though her mother did the best that she
    could and when you are mother and you are a daughter and you were a daughter
    and you’re older and you’re in the age that Queen’s mother is you have more
    experience and more knowledge Queen’s mother have more experience and more
    knowledge based on her experiences through life but at the same time her
    daughter’s experience is different than her experience so even though she wants
    to protect her daughter from this and that only a good mother would want to do
    that and that’s what she wants to do she can’t really live her mistakes through
    her daughter’s life so you have to let her daughter make her
    own mistakes because their situations are totally different Queen is searching
    for something and she’s been searching for it for a very long time she was
    searching for her dad and that was a void and emptiness in her life not
    knowing who he was not having him there for her to teach
    her anything wondering how does he look do I look like him wanting to be close to his family and
    even though she had her mom’s family she still didn’t have her dad’s family so
    there was a void and queen is looking to feel their whole way and when you guys
    say she’s disrespecting her mother and her sisters and brothers and her family
    members and making Clarence’s family be her everything that’s because Clarence
    represents in this story Clarence represents the father and the
    family that Queen Naja has never had because he is close to his family she
    gets an automatic family that she never had and why you guys are beating
    Clarence and his family up for being there for Queen because I think there’s
    some good people too I think they are good people I think Clarence and his family
    represents the family the Queen always wanted from her dad and because his
    family does embrace her and is getting involved in what you got to realize is
    that stay brother they don’t want the best for him
    and if they want the best for him the best for him is wanting the best for her so you should actually be happy that she
    have a man by his family that is embracing her because what you got to
    realize is it don’t matter that she’s with Clarence or with somebody else she’s gonna steal because she want that
    family niche that she never had with her dad she’s gonna still give that man and
    his family the majority of her time and her attention so what you rather for her
    to be with someone like Chris Sales who was mistreating her
    and abusing her but what you rather her be with somebody like Clarence who is
    putting her first and his family is doing the same to help her accomplish
    and succeed at the things that she is trying to accomplish isn’t it every
    woman’s dream and every mother’s dream for her daughters to have a me and that
    is gonna be there and support her like everything that y’all are complaining
    about it’s like it’s like so mister because first of all the woman was
    pregnant and going on tour he’s the father other child why would you have a
    problem with him being everywhere she went she was pregnant and didn’t even
    let anybody know so what y’all see is him following her around she was
    pregnant she wanted the man that fathered her child to be there because
    of what they do and the type of business that they do it has a forth in the
    lifestyle where he can travel with her and she could travel with him wherever
    they need to go so if they want to be together 24 hours a day what is wrong
    with that absolutely nothing y’all make problems
    where there’s no problems and y’all see things as being a problem when there’s
    not a problem it’s nothing wrong with him being there his sister was his manager and then he
    became her manager she became her manager now is that a mistake probably
    so because there is a conflict of interest whether she wants to see it or
    not especially before they became a couple it was a conflict of interest for Clarence’s sister to be her manager
    because Clarence’s sister is his manager and ultimately we all want to think when
    it comes to business businesses business but that’s not necessarily true when you
    mix business with pleasure and from my personal perspective even
    though I like Clarence’s sister even though I like Lannister sister and
    I know the Queen said the Clarence’s sister helped her out with some things
    in the beginning that she really needed help with but to Queen you could have
    paid anybody to do that and because you are paying someone it’s better for you
    to pay someone that it’s not a conflict of interest it’s better for you to pay
    someone there even though we would love to hire our family members and our
    friends when we become successful that is one of the biggest mistakes that we
    can make because when you hire people as your employer you’re the employee and
    they’re the employer I mean you’re the employee employer and they’re the
    employee for both of you you might feel like you can talk to them in kind of way
    because you’re their friend or their family member first way is if you just
    have somebody straight up working for you you wouldn’t take things personal
    and you wouldn’t say anything personal to them it would be strictly business so
    from that perspective it’s not good to help our family members and friends because sometimes just the thin line
    between love and hate when your family member or your friend do something that
    you would have fired a regular person for you don’t want to fire them because
    they’re related to you Oh they think they can do certain things
    and get away with it because they are related to you so there’s never gonna be
    no matter how you try to tell yourself from the beginning we’re gonna be able
    to separate friendship from business you’re not gonna be able to so it’s
    really not good unless there are some relationships that you can hire a friend
    or family member because that person really has their head all the way
    straight on the shoulder but they’re – like when you get ready to go off on him
    as a boss they’re gonna take it personal so it’s better to just hire somebody
    from the outside like I said I like Clarence’s sister but as far as be her
    being queen Naja’s manager I think it’s a conflict of interest and I don’t think
    that she should have hired her as her manager and even now that she signed a
    contract to a major record label I think she should consider getting another
    manager because that too brings problems into the relationship with her family
    because you do have Clarence’s sister and family being everything to you let
    them just be see people have too many titles and when people have too many
    titles that brings about committee that’s
    Clarence’s sister and that’s Clarence’s manager and that’s your manager so from
    your mom’s perspective and your other family members perspective they are too
    involved whereas if you had a separate manager there wasn’t Clarence’s sister the your mama wouldn’t be calling your
    manager because she would have no business with your manager but because
    Clarence’s sister is his sister and your manager she had business with her as him
    being as she being his sister and the lines get crossed over and get blurry
    because she’s your manager as well so to avoid all of that you need another
    manager and you need another bodyguard even though you think it’s a good thing
    to keep the money in the family and hire someone that you know already that’s
    capable of the job it’s really really really not a good idea it’s really not a
    good idea that’s my personal opinion and perspective disclaimer and again I’m not
    coming from it coming for anybody I’m just from a business perspective I’m
    speaking my opinion now let’s talk about all this stuff it’s
    gonna be a part 1 and part 2 yo talk about all this stuff going on let’s talk
    about the video that Queen Ida made the other day I seen in that video someone
    who was nervous I seen in that video someone who was hurt
    I seen in that video someone who was being pulled a tug of war and because
    that person is being pulled when you pull when you play tug of war eventually
    someone is going to win because that person can’t be torn into two pieces and
    make both parties happy that person it the stronger person that is pulling that
    person is the one that is going to end up winning that person so it’s not good when family members and lovers and
    boyfriends and husbands play tug of war with one person that’s not good
    because one person it’s gonna seem like they’re they’ve won and one person
    that’s gonna seem like they lost but if both of you love that person neither one
    of you should put that person in the middle to have to choose and see
    a part of that has to do with respect if you respect a person and you truly love
    a person even if you disagree with their opinion or their choices because you
    love them and you don’t want to lose them at some
    point you’re gonna let the Rope go and stop playing tug of war with them
    because you don’t want to split them in half you don’t want to cause more chaos
    in their life and because this has happened to me before
    I have been tact attacked before on social media by family member and that’s
    not a good feeling and were queen najin’s sisters and
    brothers and family member and mother need to realize is queen Naja is not the
    little girl she’s not a regular person anymore number one she’s an adult number
    two whether you see her as dead or not she’s a public figure now she’s a role
    model she’s semi-famous and she has different
    obligations than a queen Naja that you knew just a year ago not only did she
    have obligations to her first child firstborn CJ she also have obligations
    to her newborn she also had obligations to the relationship that she’s trying to
    build and establish and you guys don’t know if marriage is in the future for
    Queen and Clarence but the Bible says for this reason you leave your mother
    and father and you shall cleave to one another and so you cannot be mad at a
    woman and you should not put her in a position where she’s already if you
    believe in the Bible and you believe in the Word of God then you should already
    respect the fact even though they may have not done everything in the order
    that you want them to do it in they have a child now and they are planning a
    future together and you can’t expect that woman to choose between you and the
    man that she just had a baby for because if you put her in that position you’re
    gonna make her cleave to you I feel bad that she’s making that
    decision but even the Bible tells her if that is going to be a husband
    the Bible says cleave to one another and that is what they are supposed to be
    doing they’re supposed to be cleaving what
    mother would want her child to be married to a man that doesn’t defend her
    and take up for her even against you if he sees another thing people don’t
    realize he is people I heard some people saying well Clarence should have never
    said anything to her mother I disagree because you don’t know the relationship
    between Queen and Clarence there are things that queen is gonna tell Clarence
    about the way that she feels that she’s not telling anyone else so when she
    tells Clarence how the situation with her mother and her sisters and her
    brothers make her feel he is privy to knowledge that you don’t have and nobody
    else has he is sitting there at home with her crying with her when she cries
    when she expresses her feelings about how they hurt her no one else knows that
    but him so when he sees someone doing something to her
    that he already knows is hurtful to her because she has already told him that
    then it’s his job and his responsibility to protect her from continuing to be
    hurt even if it’s her mama that’s my opinion even if it’s her mother that is
    doing something to hurt her that she has expressed to him that is hurting her and
    because she has expressed it to him and haven’t talked to her mother about it
    means that she don’t feel that she can so he gets in defense mode and
    protecting his woman because he is a lion of his family that’s his job that
    is his job so when you say well it wasn’t his place to speak to her mother
    yes it was his place it was his place if she relinquished that responsibility to
    her man because she wants a man to speak up for her and protect her because again
    she’s looking for that emptiness that she had with her dad she didn’t have a
    man in her life to protect her so now she wants one so Clarence is the is
    being exactly who Queen wants him to be so didn’t you didn’t say well how do you
    remedy this situation number one I see things from both perspectives
    I see things from the perspective of her mother and I see things from her
    perspective Queen’s mother loves her Queen Queen’s mother loved her and of
    course she has expectations of her daughter because she’s her mom what mom
    wouldn’t want the best for her daughter but high insight again is 20/20 and we
    cannot keep our children from making the same mistakes that we made even though
    we want to we can give them a knowledge in their wisdom but ultimately it’s
    their choice to use it and Queen’s mother see things that Queen Casey
    Queen’s mother has desires for Queen that Queen don’t have for herself and
    because queen mother lived a life of not being a Christian and now she is a
    Christian she sees things from a different perspective then you are gonna
    see it and then Queen is gonna see it and but at the same time in that she
    cannot force what she foresees as being mistakes on Queen because I for see I
    for seen stuff from the beginning that I knew it was gonna happen based on Queens
    actions I knew what’s gonna happen in the end of happening but at the same
    time if anybody would have told her that she still probably would have made the
    same decisions so that’s for her to make and the only thing a mother can do for
    her child after their child wants to be rebellious is to keep them uplifted in
    prayer and to get back on social media theme as far as her sister is concerned
    going to social media and in sports her mom is concerned making videos with her
    name in it I know I heard her mom say that’s my child and I could speak on my
    child if I want to yes you can but at the same time you have to realize is
    your daughter is not an average person anymore
    and anything that you do say any any even if you’re defending yourself or
    explaining yourself you’re adding fuel to the fire for people like myself who
    are gonna make a video about it and there are other people out there who are
    greedy for attention and they’re not gonna make a video a positive video an
    encouraging video or a motivational video concerning your daughter so the
    more things that you guys put out there as a family the more initiative you give
    other people to continue to slander lies the name of your daughter and that is
    the most hurtful thing because it has happened to me before
    somebody kept my name in their mouth on social media and I asked them not to do
    it and they kept doing it and they kept doing it and they kept doing it but if
    that person actually loved me ultimately they wouldn’t had minded my name in your
    mouth period and even after I asked them to take my name out of their mouth they
    still had my name in their mouth so when you as a mother and as a sister to her
    sister when you choose to make a video about your sister it doesn’t matter it
    wasn’t a video about congratulations it wasn’t a video about I love my sister it
    was a video that could be construed in a negative light and when you choose to
    make a video like that about your sister and about your daughter you are driving
    a wedge in between you and her so when you say that someone is taking your
    sister or your daughter away from you that’s actually not true you’re still
    playing tug-of-war with that person by continuing to put content out there
    about them and using their name and you’re actually losing the tug-of-war
    because you’re driving that person closer and you’re not only just pulling
    at them now but you’re pushing him you’re pushing them into the direction
    that you don’t want them to go and now you’re putting a wall up if you already
    thought it was a wall of communication now it’s gonna be a bigger wall up if
    people were saying that uh Tina Queen mentioned in her video to her sister
    asked her to host a party or something for her and she wasn’t able to do it and
    my whole thing about that is you made a video about your sister talking about
    her attacking what she loves right now you guys need to respect the fact that
    she loves Clarence and you cannot attack what she love
    because when you take what she loves you’re drawing a wedge between you and
    her and so when you go make a video about
    her and then you turn around and ask her to do something for you it’s gonna be
    your no go it’s gonna be a no go like you just got to making a video about me
    five minutes ago and then you’re gonna turn around and ask me to do something
    for you uh dancer is no no and like Queen said she has given her mother and
    her sisters and brothers a platform to get paid it is what you know how many
    people would kill for somebody to just be able to give them an automatic
    hundred thousand subscribers Queen can you please collab with me honey girl cuz
    I will take whatever comes from that collaboration I will be so grateful and
    appreciative if a person gives you that kind of start the rest you have a bigger
    start than most people have the rest is gonna come from dedication and hard work
    what Queen has accomplished in a short amount of time that she’s has
    accomplished on YouTube to open up doors for her to be able to have a music
    career it took dedication and hard work for her
    to do that no one handed her that and for her to be able to hand off to you
    automatic benefit from her success to be able to help you to establish a channel
    that can take you just as far as it took her and now you think you continue to
    continually need to have her opinion videos for you that’s not showing that
    you have any dedication to it yourself like you got to make the risk that this
    happened for yourself okay you can’t ride on the kotel or your
    sister you got to make the Rashid did her part and she didn’t have to just cuz
    she is your sister she didn’t have to do that
    she didn’t have to do anything but she did which shows you her heart towards
    you she tried to set you up for success and not failure but she really don’t owe
    you that and for you to make video slander slandering her and talking about
    her and leaving accusations toward her shows that you’re a very bitter you’re
    very angry and you don’t even care anything about her my opinion once again
    and for her mother who may feel like she don’t have control over what her
    daughter does Tina does I disagree with that because not only is Queen put you
    in the house it might not have been house you wanted in the neighborhood she
    wanted and the car might not be what you want it but again she did more for you
    than most people are able most children are able to do for their kids I mean
    their parents so whatever she gave you a deal for you I will be 100% grateful who
    cares about the name-brand of a car your child bought you a car who cares about
    your child puts you in the house and not only is that house housing you that
    house is housing her sisters and brothers that are attacking her and so
    yes you have control over whether or not that child if you have somebody living
    with you and they’re your child even if they’re grown even if they’re grown and
    they still live with you I don’t care how high you’re growing your high ground
    your child if their child still live with you you got the right to tell them
    what they can and cannot do in your house the minute they don’t want to
    listen to you they get out and that’s the end of the story ain’t no child too
    grown to still be living with a parent and a parent can’t tell them what to do
    so – miss Tina that’s living in the house where Queen night
    is paying the bills how dare you attack your own sister that’s providing the
    roof over your head and you’re riding in the very car that she is providing
    transportation to her mother that is very disrespectful like she doesn’t owe
    you anything she’s done like she said if she don’t do nothing else for y’all ever
    again in life she has helped you on a platform to be able to provide for
    yourself just like she got over three million subscribers you can continue to
    get over three million subscribers why use your sister’s name in a bad light to
    give other people fuel to attack her like why would you want to add the
    Indian on top of that you’re attacking her and giving other people fuel to
    attack her but then you wanna talk you want her to turn around and do something
    for you and help you like I said before that’s a no-go you can’t attack me and
    then expect for me to help you with nothing like the minute you’ve made up
    your mind that you wanted to attack me was the minute you was on your own
    forever henceforth and forevermore end the story
    because you have shown me your character and you show me that you will do it
    again any time you don’t get what you want now
    you’re going to attack me no I can’t host no birthday party for you I can’t
    do nothing for you okay so I just think that there are different perspectives in
    different sides of the story who’s right and who’s wrong at this point if I had
    to pick a side even though I know Queens mother Queens mother loved her
    and I know she wants the best for her child and I know from a mother’s
    perspective that she sees and foresees things that Queen is not able to foresee
    but at the same time Queen is a grown woman cream has more
    obligations and responsibilities now that she has a record deal and she’s
    gonna be in the public eye she has more responsibilities than she just had
    before when she was just your regular daughter doing YouTube she has more
    responsibilities now and now in addition to having those more responsibilities
    she has more responsibilities to her new child and if she gets married then she’s
    gonna have more responsibilities to her new husband and she’s still trying to
    step up to the plate to be a mother to CJ she has a lot a lot on her plate and
    anybody that is not helping her with all of that stuff on her plate is causing
    her more frustration more burdens more insanity to go on in her life like if
    you are a family member or friend close to her you would not even want to ever
    put on a topic of conversation where another media source can go out there
    and blast her like she don’t need that she don’t need that additional publicity
    to her career like don’t you want her to be successful because the more
    successful she becomes the more she’s going to be able to help you with you
    already see her heart you already see that she’s a giver and
    that she’s going to give to you and take care of you so you would want her to be
    successful and I put any stumbling blocks or hinders in her way
    like that’s my thought on the Queen Nigel situation if I had to pick a side
    right now I would pick Queen I decide because I see things from her
    perspective even though I think that she has made a few mistakes but we all have
    we all have made mistakes and we all live and learn from our mistakes and she
    has to be allowed the freedom to make her own mistakes unfortunately
    we can’t live our children’s lives for them we have to let them make their own
    mistakes and if we love them we’re just gonna uphold them and keep them up in
    prayer so basically my remedy to this situation ending is Queen I love you
    girl I’m constantly praying for you and your family and I don’t think you should
    make another video in response to anyone don’t do it that’s beneath you and you
    were better than that and to Queen dowager’s mother and her sister and her
    friends I would not make another video about Queen Nyjah unless it was a good
    positive video thanking her encouraging her I would make another video to give
    anybody else anything to say or to attack her or to cause her any
    additional stress in her life I just wouldn’t do it so you guys that is my
    video for today I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give this video a
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