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    Fish Eye Lens Portraits/Landscapes: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson: Adorama TV
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    Fish Eye Lens Portraits/Landscapes: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson: Adorama TV

    January 25, 2020

    Are you not quite sure how to use
    a full-frame Fish Eye? Perhaps you own one and don’t use it that much. Perhaps
    you’re looking for a reason why you should own one. Well either
    reason is good enough for me for you to stay tuned, for my use of a full-frame fish-eye lens
    here in beautiful Provence, France. Adorama TV presents You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson. Well as you can clearly see I’m here in the beautiful countryside of Provence, France where I found myself the
    elusive but yet proverbial oak tree, with
    lavender fields, and in the distance you can see the small town Banon, which is famous for its
    cheese, thats B A N O N in case you want to Google
    pretty much exactly where I’m at. I’m sure you will because you want to
    come here and do what exactly? You’re gonna want to use your wide angle lenses. Of course
    because you’re gonna shoot the rows of lavender, with the tree, with the city of Banon in the background. As you can see here I’m already done that, what I call the obvious. But what’s not
    so obvious is, I recommend that you whip out your fish eye lenses, and you’re
    thinking, I don’t own a Fish-Eye lens. Well this is the greatest excuse possible as
    to why you should own a full-frame Fish-Eye. In my case I have
    the Sigma 15millimeter full frame Fish-Eye, love it, and look
    what happens, when I simply do this tree tilting straight
    up in this case, come in close and oohhh, I
    get a bonus, the sun directly overhead. We’re not
    supposed to be out here at high noon right? Wrong! Today we are, for good reason I’m
    gonna move in close enough, until that sun is peeking
    behind some leaves. Hi this is Bryan Peterson inviting you check out Adorama’s latest contest! This could be your chance to win
    some great prizes! I’m going to go ahead and shoot this
    at a plus one exposure, and take a look at that, f11, at 160th
    of a second, with 200 ISO. You’re probably saying to yourself ‘Wow, I gotta go buy a Fish-Eye’, but we’re not done! No sirree! We’re now
    gonna go on the other side of this tree, and I’m gonna kinda hide you from view here but, notice these limbs that are coming out, kinda like fingers pointing at the field in the village. Again,
    Fish-Eye lens. I’m gonna again, grab the sun, take
    a look at this exposure. Yup, that is pretty darn cool. And finally, check this one out, Fish-Eye lens once
    again. I’m gonna lay down on these rows, real
    simple, like so, and tilt the camera upwards, and look at
    that beautiful sky. Take a look at that. Yep, just like that,
    the lens has paid for itself, with three incredible contest winners. Or if you’re a commercial stock shooter, maybe
    it’s just paid for itself in stock sales! So, Sigma is the brand, any full frame
    Fish-Eye will do as far as i’m concerned. So next time you’re wondering what else can you do? Maybe it’s time to
    bring out the Fish-Eye lens. Until next time this is Bryan Peterson
    saying You Keep Shooting. Do you want great-looking prints at low-cost? Be sure
    to visit our easy to use online printing service. Adoramapix has professionals who treat your
    images with the utmost care that you can count on. For a quick turnaround on photos, cards or
    albums, use

    PLAN WITH ME | April 2019 Bullet Journal Setup
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    PLAN WITH ME | April 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

    January 23, 2020

    (chill music) – Hello my little doodles, it is Amanda, welcome back to my channel. And yes, we finally came up with a name for our little family/community. Shout out to Twitter for
    helping me brainstorm some ideas of things that we can call ourselves but especially a big thank you to Valerie who is the person who
    came up with the idea of calling you guys my doodles, I just think it’s the cutest thing ever, you guys are like my little doodles. My children, you know? #lildoodles, I don’t know
    whether it’s gonna be L-I-L or just like the full word yet. Anyways enough of that. Today of course I’m gonna be
    doing my April Plan With Me and bullet journal setup. I am very excited to sit down and plan because I have some fun ideas of things that I wanna try out this month, but before we get into everything, I’d like to thank today’s
    sponsor, Squarespace. From websites and online stores to marketing tools and analytics, Squarespace has got you covered and they are a great all in one platform to help you build your online
    presence or run your business. So I’m gonna leave more
    details about Squarespace down below and I’ll talk a
    little bit more about them later in the video. But without further ado, I
    think we should get started so if you’re actually going
    to be planning with me, grab your notebook and your pencil. If you’re just chillin’, get a snack, cup of coffee or something and let’s get started. Okay so for April’s theme
    I actually asked you guys over on my YouTube community tab page what themes you’d wanna see and we all helped brainstorm
    the theme ideas this month together and we voted
    in polls and discussed, so if you wanna take part
    in future discussions, be sure to click that
    bell button down below so you’ll be notified every time I post on the community tab page. Now, there were a couple different main ideas floating around,
    one of the main ones being for me to do a bee/honeycomb theme, but another general consensus
    was that the bee/honey theme has been done a couple times before and people wanted to see
    something a little bit different. You guys also really loved the idea of me doing a bubble tea/boba theme, which if you didn’t know, I
    am obsessed with bubble tea. I think I drink it
    pretty much twice a week and it’s pretty bad. (laughs) So that was another big theme that a lot of you guys wanted to see, but I figured that that
    was more of a summer theme ’cause I think of bubble
    tea when I think of summer, it’s just more refreshing and
    perfect for a warm summer day, so I think I’ll save that for
    a bit later in the summer. Which brings us to the
    theme that I decided on, as you can see by now it is
    the hot air balloon theme. Now, I’ve seen this done a couple times, not as much as the honey
    comb and bee theme, so I thought it would be cool to put my own little twist on it, plus I have always had this fascination with hot air balloons. I have never been in
    one, but it is definitely on my bucket list to go on one eventually. And my inspiration for the cover page that you’re seeing right now was those hot air balloon festivals. I’ve seen pictures of it where it’s just a bunch
    of people floating away in hot air balloons at the same time, and the sky just looks so magical, so that’s kind of what I
    referenced in the cover page. But I did try to keep it
    within a color palette. Normally, hot air balloons are
    very rainbow-y and colorful. I decided to keep it all
    in the yellow color scheme, so I’m using a bunch of
    different yellow markers. Obviously my Crayola Supertips and a couple of other yellow markers from my collection as well, but I really like the bright yellow and the different shades. I think it brings out
    a little Spring vibe. When I started this cover
    page, I didn’t really know where I was heading with it, but in the end I actually really
    liked the way it ended up. I think it looks very bright and happy, and it’s also pretty
    easy to doodle as well, which is something that I
    try to keep in mind for you. The hot air balloons are simple doodles, but what makes it look
    complex and interesting is the actual designs within it. You can also change up the
    designs and the color palette, depending on what you want
    for your own cover page. So you can do more rainbow balloons or blue, purple, whatever
    floats your boat. Or should I say floats
    your hot air balloon? As you can see, on the page
    next to the cover page, I did a quote that says, “What defines us is how
    well we rise after falling.” Which I thought was very
    fitting for this theme and a lot of the quotes
    that I chose this month have to do with flying
    or rising above things. Oh, I also used washi tape, guys! (laughs) I get a lot of comments
    from you guys asking me what I use washi tape for so
    I decided to put it to use and use it as some decoration this month, which I think is a little
    bit of a change up for me. I don’t normally use
    washi tapes or stickers, but I liked the decorative
    element that it added. For my monthly calendar page, I opted for a calendar
    that had rounded edges. I wanted to keep things
    very round and bubbly, which is why you’ll see me use
    a lot of rounded rectangles, bubble letters, just to go with the whole hot air
    balloon, bubbly-ness of it. And within the calendar for the numbers, you can see I’m doing
    all these yellow circles, but I’m changing the shade of yellow so it looks more gradient. It kind of ended up looking like Skittles, but I also like that. And of course, last month we were lacking on the drop shadows, so I had to add a nice yellow drop shadow to make the calendar pop. I also did on the side my
    YouTube growth tracker as normal, and last month I also had
    a monthly focus/goal box which I decided to keep in because I like to have
    monthly short term goals and something that I can focus
    on for that particular month. And then obviously, to
    decorate in the background, I put more floating hot air balloons. With a theme like this where I have a lot of
    different shades of yellows and there’s so many different
    possibilities of the patterns that I could put in the hot air balloon, it can get a little hectic if
    you let it get out of hand, so what I tried to do was stick with a couple main types of
    designs for my hot air balloons and I did those throughout the whole month just to make things look more cohesive. So you’ll see that really, I’m only drawing about three or four different kinds of hot air balloons and then just repeating
    those over and over again, and it still looks like a
    variety of different styles, but it doesn’t look as hectic and chaotic. All right, so for my habit
    tracker and my mood tracker. My habit tracker, for some reason it’s my habit tracker first, usually I do my mood tracker first, but I guess I decided to
    switch things up this month. I, again, did the bubble
    letters at the top and I also did the
    little monthly calendars in the bubble style, and instead of writing
    out all the numbers, I just sectioned it off
    by grid and essentially, whenever I do that specific habit, I’ll just fill it in with a dot. This just saves me the time from having to write
    out all of the numbers. I can’t believe I used to do that. I don’t know how my hand survived, but thank God I have come
    up with a more efficient way of doing these habit trackers. Okay so for my mood tracker,
    I’m very excited about this, it’s very similar to the mood tracker that I did for January. It’s this big hot air balloon and I’m going to be
    coloring in each section of the hot air balloon
    depending on my mood. So I divided out all the
    sections and numbered it off. After I made this, I was so happy with it and then I was searching on Pinterest for more hot air balloon ideas and I saw that someone
    actually made a mood tracker very similar to this and it’s really cute so I’m gonna link it down below
    if you wanna see it as well. The account is @marthasjournal. I’ll also link a couple other
    cute hot air balloon spreads and images that I found
    that inspired me down below if you guys want some
    more inspo for this month. And of course, as usual,
    in the description box you’ll also find a full list
    of all of these supplies and pens and markers that
    I used for this video, so if you’re curious, they’re
    all linked down there. This next spread is what I like to call my monthly brain dump page, but it essentially just
    kind of becomes a place for me to spew out any video ideas. Maybe I should change
    the title of the page to just video planning
    or something like that, but it has become one of my
    most used type of spreads over the past couple of months, just because recently I’ve been trying a couple of new things with my channel and trying some new video
    styles and fun video ideas, so I hope you guys have been liking those and have been noticing. But yeah this is where I
    brainstorm all of the ideas. Ooh, okay I am so excited
    for this particular spread just because last month it
    was my first month doing it, but I got so much positive
    feedback on it in the comments and you guys asked for
    me to continue doing it, so here it is, another one of
    my monthly playlist spreads. Now I know technically
    this should be classified as the previous month’s playlist, because they’re all the songs that I’ve obviously been
    listening to for the past month, but let’s not talk about that. I mean I’m still gonna be
    listening to these songs this month, so it’s still
    my monthly playlist. Anyways, I decided to draw a
    picture of a phone this month and I have all of the
    songs within the phone, which I thought was very, very cute. And I have a lot of songs this month. What I decided to do this month is actually create a Spotify playlist with all of these songs on it just to make it easier for you guys. So if you wanna listen to
    it and if you’re curious as to what songs are my current favorites, check out that playlist down below. Just quickly, some of the highlights on my playlist are Sunmi Noir, which has been on repeat
    ever since it came out, and I actually did go to the
    Sunmi concert in Toronto. She is such a queen and the
    show was so, so much fun. But also on my playlist,
    we have TXT’s new album, Loco’s new album, Epik High’s new album, Mamamoo’s new album, there’s been a lot of new albums recently. I’ve just been really blessed
    with a lot of great new music. But yeah, Mamamoo’s new album has been one of my favorite
    Mamamoo albums of all time. gogobebe is such a bop, I love it. Heize’s new album is
    also really really great. The next song, Maybe It’s Not Our Fault was actually suggested to
    me by an Instagram follower. I checked out the music
    video that she sent me and I thought it was beautiful,
    so yeah thank you guys for sending me your song suggestions, sometimes they end up on the playlist. And then finally, I
    couldn’t not include BTS, just because the HYYH ablum art
    was actually the inspiration for one of the hot air
    balloon design doodles that I used this month on the cover page. I don’t know if any of
    you guys picked up on it, but I just thought it was
    perfect and very very in line with this month’s theme,
    so I included that. And also because Map of the Soul: Persona, their new album is coming out this April, which I’m so excited for
    and I preemptively put it on my playlist because I know that I’m already going to love it. Anyways that’s enough music talk. Again, I’ll link the whole
    Spotify playlist down below so we can jam out to some tunes together. For the page next to it,
    I did another quote page, and this quote says, “If you want to fly, “get rid of everything
    that weighs you down.” I really love this quote and
    it was very fitting to my life, as well as the theme, so I
    thought it would be perfect. And I also incorporated
    the same bubble letters within the quote and the
    brush pen calligraphy as well, which I thought was a fun mashup. And then to finish off the
    spread, I kept it pretty simple and only drew one hot air balloon, which I know, shocker for me. Usually I like to fill up
    the whole page with doodles, but I thought there was
    so much going on already so I just drew the single
    one that’s flying upwards. And then I also went back in
    and added a couple more songs just to fill up the space on the phone, but again, all of these songs will be in the Spotify playlist down below so I’m not gonna explain it anymore. Finally, we have made
    it to the last spread, which is the first
    weekly spread for April. I decided to make this one very similar to the monthly calendar in that it’s a rounded rectangle and using the same bubble letters, and of course the classic
    yellow drop shadow as well. This type of spread is
    one of my favorites to do when I don’t have too much time to plan, because essentially it’s just a rectangle and you just divide it into
    a couple different sections. If you’re curious as to the grid spacing, each individual day box
    is six grid spaces wide. If you did wanna keep things more minimal with your weekly spread,
    you don’t have to add all of the doodles and
    colors and bubble letters that I’m using and you would still have a very functional spread, but
    obviously you guys know me, I love this type of stuff so of course I have to
    fill it in with doodles. And something that I actually forgot to do was add in the washi tape,
    which I had planned on doing, so you don’t see it in
    this video but later on I added some washi tape accents to tie the whole thing together. All right guys before I show
    you the final flip through of my April bullet journal setup, I wanted to talk quickly about
    today’s sponsor, Squarespace. With Squarespace’s all in one platform, you can build a website, claim a domain and even sell products online. They’re super awesome, especially if you don’t
    have much experience with web design. They have beautiful designer
    templates that you can use, they make it really easy for you to claim or transfer a domain, and
    if you ever need any help with your website, they
    also have award winning, 24/7 customer service, which
    is really really great. I feel like I could use 24/7
    customer service for my life. (laughs) So Squarespace is already on it. And once you have your website set up, they even have tools to
    help you with your marketing so you can set up things
    like email newsletters and invitations, stuff like that. So if you guys wanna try out
    Squarespace for yourself, you can head to for a free trial and for
    10% off your first purchase of a domain or a website. And thank you again to Squarespace for supporting the channel as
    usual and making it possible for me to create more videos for you guys. Here’s the final flip through of my April 2019 bullet journal setup. I hope you guys liked the
    fun bright yellow vibes as well as the hot air balloon theme, at least my take on the
    hot air balloon theme, and I think it’s the perfect
    way to start off Spring as well as a new quarter of 2019. All right everyone so that
    was my April Plan With Me and bullet journal setup. I hope you guys enjoyed. While we’re doing the outro as usual, here are some of your recreations of last month’s bullet journal setup. If you happen to recreate
    any of my spreads, whether it be this month’s
    or a previous month, be sure to tag me in the photo and the caption @amandarachlee. I love scrolling through all of them and seeing you guys put
    your own personal twist on all of my spreads. Actually now that we have
    a name for our squad, I feel like we should also
    come up with a hashtag that you guys can put on your recreations. Maybe like #littledoodles? I don’t know, maybe let’s workshop it. Leave your hashtag suggestions
    in the comments below. Obviously has to be related
    to the little doodles, doodle fam, I don’t know. Whatever you guys think. I will look through
    them and choose the one that I like best for next month. Anyways I feel like
    I’ve been talking a lot, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did be sure to click
    that bell button down below so you never miss a new video from me, and also click thumbs up while
    you’re down there as well. Hope you guys have an awesome day, keep doodling and I will
    talk to you in my next video. Bye everyone. (chill music)

    How to Use a Lure Retriever – Fishing
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    How to Use a Lure Retriever – Fishing

    January 21, 2020

    Hey guys this is Gene Jensen. You know if
    you fish crank baits you’re gonna get hung up in brush piles. You have to fish them in
    and around thick cover and heavy cover, and it happens. You just get them hung up. I’ve
    got this monstrous tree right here in the back of this pocket, and I got my crankbait
    in it. It’s a lipless crankbait. So what do you do. Well, you break out what’s called
    a lure retriever and whenever I mention my lure retriever I get tons of questions. What
    is a lure retriever? Things like that, so I’m going to do a video on what they are and
    how to use them. First of all it’s just a gadget that you can drop down your line and
    knock your bait loose. That’s what this is. This is called a somthing golden retriever.
    I’ll put the name right up here, but this is my favorite lure retriever. I have another
    one, these you can buy at Bass Pro Shops. These little ones right here. These are great
    too. These little chains they hook into your, you know if you have trouble getting them
    out of the brush pile just keep shaking it till these chains grab hold of one of the
    hooks and 9 times or of 10 you can yank it out. This one is amazing, let me go ahead
    and get this bait out and show you how to use it. Get the bait our of the brush pile
    by showing you how to use this. and then I’ll talk more about this golden retriever. OK
    I’ve got it mounted on an old broken rod with an old old bass pro shops pro qualifier, 60
    pound braided, I’d like to put 120 pound on here eventually I’ve just got to find some.
    but I just push the button, lay that broken rod down on the deck. OK, you want the line
    going towards you with the line tie going towards you and the hook going away from you.
    I’m on the opposite side of the brush pile from where I got hung up. I put it on here
    just like that so it will slide down that line. Pull my line tight, and I drop that
    lure retriever right down to the bait. When I get to the
    bait, I just bump it. Guess what’s happened. There’s my crankbait. OK. so let’s talk about
    what all went on and how I got this bait out and everything else. Let’s talk about the
    advantages of this type of a lure retriever and the other types of lure retrievers. Let
    me get everything set up turn the camera back on and I’ll jump on it. Now let’s talk about this golden retriever
    okay The reason I love this golden retriever. I found this a couple of years ago. A buddy
    of mine, named Jeff gave one to me and about a year after that or about six months after
    that I was trying to knock a lure off, and evidently it was on something metal, and it
    sliced my line. That’s why want to go to some heavier braid. I really need to put some heavy
    braid on here. I don’t like to use the line that comes with it because it’s so thick it
    doesn’t go on a reel very good. That’s just how I do it. Some people wrap that line around
    a marker buoy like the one I’ve got up in the front of the boat. I don’t particularly
    like that because if you ever let all your line out that marker buoy will sink like a
    rock. Because this is too heavy for it. So what you do is, Let me use the big thick line
    so I can kinda show you guys how it is. When you put it on your line. You see how this.
    It’s kinda hard to show the whole thing. This little spring or curlicue thing is. So basically
    what you do is you run it along your line and your line goes right through here just
    like that. The reel being on the side, and the bait being on this side. and you drop
    it down and you do what I did on that video. You just shake it knock it loose. Sometimes
    it takes a little little bit longer. you gotta change your angles and things like that, and
    shake it and knock it loose. this one is amazing because this big hook right here as opposed
    to these little chains, this big hook right here will get an Alabama rig or an A-Rig or
    an umbrella rig whatever you want to call it. it’ll get that unhung. it drops down and
    this hooks on to the main body of your of your A-Rig. I’ll use this one. Slides down,
    hooks onto the main body of your A-Rig and it will pull that out and straighten out your
    hooks and you get your 15 to 25 dollar A-Rig back. so that’s why I love this retriever.
    another thing is I fish a lot of bridges a lot of riprap around bridges and things like
    that and you are going to get your crankbait hung in somebody else is stinking fishing
    line that didn’t know how to break the line off properly. it’s just gonna happen so what
    I love about this is this will go down and grab hold of that fishing line that hook will
    and yank it lose. this is just the ideal lure retriever. Now what I need to do with this
    little broken rod is I need to put a new guide on, I broke the guide off cause this things
    so heavy, but I need to change the guide to the bottom of it so it doesn’t break off next
    time. And I just slide this over top of it. Reel it in and that’s how it stays stored
    on my boat. It’s real easy to take out and deploy and get it all ready to go. this one’s
    about $12 at bass pro shop. this one is $25 on whatever website you can find it on. not
    bad. the other types of lure retrievers are there’s a long pole that has one of those
    curlicues on it. and that’s ideal for a bank fisherman because you don’t need to, for instance
    you don’t need to get on the other side, it helps, but you don’t need to get on the other
    side of the brush you got hung into. You just extend that thing out and knock your bait
    loose and get your lure back. There’s one called a Pocket Knocker. Now that’s a brand
    name but I tend to just take my, break out my sinkers and a big clip and make
    them myself. so what I would do is I would take a heavy weight, witch I don’t think I
    have one in here but we’ll kinda simulate. take a heavy weight. This is a half ounce.
    I would probably use a one ounce, a bell sinker something like that and then I take one of
    my duo clips. Take one of these duo clips right here and I hook on to that bell sinker.
    and then what you do is when you get hung up you get on the other side of the brush
    pile, you hook it onto the line and drop it down the line and then when it hits that bait
    you drop your line slack and it knocks that bait loose or you sit there and shake it.
    It just gives your bait that extra weight on that bill or on the lip of it to knock
    it loose. It done work every time but it does work a lot. it will save you a lot of money.
    let me think. That’s basically it. I tell ya, a lure retriever is a great investment.
    it will pay for itself just like that. These $12 or $15 lure retrievers at bass pro shop,
    come on. you lose three 5 dollar crankbaits, you’ve lost the equivalent of the value of
    this thing right here. so this thing will save you money in a hurry even this one being
    $25 it has saved me a ton of money. they’re worth the investment and it’s worth learning
    how to use them. Well like I always say. Introduce somebody to fishing. subscribe to my channel.
    share my videos across YouTube and facebook. I ask you to do that every time because this
    is what I want to do. I want to teach people everything that I know about fishing and everything
    that I’m learning about fishing and I can’t do it without your help so, if you like this
    video share it across Facebook share it across social media, remember to like this video
    and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel do so. Subscribe to this channel, subscribe
    to my other one called Flukemaster Reviews. And get out there on the water and enjoy fishing
    and have a whole lot of fun. Thanks. Take it easy.

    BOUNCY & VOLUMINOUS Beach Waves using Dyson Airwrap 💁🏼‍♀️
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    BOUNCY & VOLUMINOUS Beach Waves using Dyson Airwrap 💁🏼‍♀️

    January 17, 2020

    – I wanna share with you my
    updated how I get beachy waves using the Dyson Airwrap
    with their curlers. Let’s begin. For leave-in conditioner, I’ll
    be using by the brand OUAI and this one smells so
    good, and they did actually just come out in Ulta Beauty as well, so if you like this brand,
    definitely check them out. This stuff smells so good. I’m just gonna do several
    spritz here and there, detangle it, and I feel like after using some of her products,
    I literally don’t need to use a perfume. That could be a good or a bad thing depending how scented
    you like your products. And then I’ll be using the
    Tangle Teezer detangling brush to brush out the hair. All right so first step,
    I actually am going to use the smoothing brush to make sure the roots are nice and dry and the ends are dry because I’m not going to be
    wrappin’ the entire hair section on the curler, only a certain section, I’ll leave at least one
    to two inches off the ends so they’re not gonna dry
    on the actual barrel. So I wanna dry the ends
    and basically the roots. I’m just gonna basically comb the hair. All right, I’m gonna look
    which way I need to go first. So this one I’m gonna go on my right side. And I’ll be working in sections,
    if you have longer hair, this is gonna take a lot faster just because your hair
    is not as sectioned. Even if you have a lot of hair you can just start working from the back. I’m gonna take sections
    from the back first, and this just really makes sure that I just grab all of
    the hair from the back. And I’ll be using the Airwrap
    going down instead of up, and I’ll be wrappin’ the hair
    and holding the hair there for a good 10 to 15 seconds
    on the high heat air flow, and with the heat, and then
    turning the Cool Shot on for about 10 seconds to
    really set the curl in place. I am going to do a medium air flow, actually no, let’s do the lowest air flow with the highest heat setting. You can see the ends are
    a little bit straighter, it’s not as curly all the way down, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. For this lower section of hair
    I’m taking bigger sections just because the hair’s shorter and it’s gonna be covered with the hair from the top so I’m not
    really trying to put as much time and effort
    into this lower section. That’s so satisfying. Next I’m gonna change the barrel, going to the other direction. This is the one thing I had an issue with
    when I first tried out Dyson I just didn’t like that you had to change the barrels from one side to the other, but… Now that I’ve lived with it for quite
    some time it’s not that bad actually So for bigger sections I’m gonna take a little bit more time just
    because they are thicker. I’m just taking sections
    just basically right across from the front end to my
    head, the back end of my head. And the reason why you
    guys saw me drying my roots and my ends in the beginning
    with the smoothing brush, you can just use a regular
    hair dryer for that as well, is because for those beachy waves I’m mostly focusing the curl or the bend on the actual part of my
    hair instead of the ends and the roots, so I really want
    the roots to be dry mostly, or like 90% and the ends to be 90% dry. Just takes a lot faster. All right, next step I am going to use some of the OUAI Super Dry Shampoo. I like adding dry shampoo on the first day that I style my hair
    after I wash and dry it just because it is very silky, I have a very fine texture hair, so I really like adding dry
    shampoo, not to absorb oil, literally to add texture to my hair and I really like this formula
    because it has rice starch instead of the aluminum
    or the corn starch. The rice starch is a lot finer and it’s not gonna be as gritty. It still has a little bit of grit to it, but this formula I really am enjoying it just because of the rice starch. And I’m not really applying
    it to the roots of my hair, I’m just kinda spraying it into the hair. Take my fingers and
    really tussle the hair. It just gives me so much body and volume, and the waves do fall
    out very beautifully. I’m still experimenting with
    this particular product, OUAI, their hair oil. So far I really like it just
    because it’s very lightweight, if you use a small amount. Obviously it’s a hair oil
    so if you use a lot of it, it can weigh your hair down. So I use the tiniest amount,
    and I like that it does have a little pump as well. Now I don’t even do a full pump. And all of her hair products, they smell very fresh,
    they smell very floral. Kind of reminds me of, if I went to Hawaii. This is what I would smell. And I’m just gonna apply
    it to the ends of my hair, and so far what I’ve been liking and enjoying with this product
    is how it’s making the ends of my hair feel and look. The ends look super shiny, very fresh, and they look very healthy. And I like that this
    look, it doesn’t give you those typical beach waves, it gives you so much volume and body,
    it’s quite incredible, but I still like the technique that I use where I just wrap the hair around instead of letting the
    hair wrap around itself around the barrel, that way the ends are a little bit more straighter even though they have a really nice bend, it’s not super curly towards the ends which I’m not always the biggest fan, especially for a really
    nice everyday type of look. If you can leave your hair like this, parted in the center, or you can flip it to one of the sides. Bam, look at that volume. And I’m just using whatever
    oil I have left in my hands. All right you guys, that completes of how I create very bouncy,
    very voluminous beach waves with the Dyson Ariwrap. And using the OUAI products that are new to the Ulta
    Beauty stores around you. Thank you for watching and
    I’ll see you in the next one very soon Bye (blows kiss)

    How to Make a Beach Bag
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    How to Make a Beach Bag

    January 16, 2020

    hi guys it’s alyssa from online fabric
    store today I’m going to show you how to make a phifertex peach bag this bag is
    perfect for Beach trips because the open weave of the phifertex allows sand to
    pass through while keeping your stuff secure so let’s get started
    the materials you will need are one yard of phifertex fabric I am using a red
    standard solid outdoor fabric a dritz loop turner pins or clips thread
    scissors chalk a ruler the template which can be downloaded for free on our
    website and iron and board and a sewing machine print cut and tape together the template
    use it to cut out the phifertex also from the outdoor fabric cutout two 19
    by 5 inch rectangles – two 19 by 8 inch rectangles and – two 35 by 4 inch strips fold the long strips in half with right
    sides facing and clip the edges sew up the edge flip the strap right-side out using a
    Dritz loop Turner iron it so the seam is directly in the center and it lays flat
    make sure to use a low heat setting on your iron take the long edges of all
    four rectangles and iron them in a quarter of an inch to hide the raw edge
    you may need to pin this in place click the top edges of the phifertex a
    and a half of an inch and sew them down so you hide the raw edge clip the two eight inch rectangles a
    half of an inch away from where the phifertex notches in to create the
    bottom of the bag do this to both sides sew these pieces on by stitching up both
    long sides of the rectangle don’t worry about the short edges for now they’ll be
    sewn on when you construct the bag then clip the five inch rectangles a half of
    an inch away from the top of the phifertex on both sides also clip each
    end of the strap three inches away from the center of the bag on both sides in
    between the phifertex and the outdoor fabric sew these pieces on by stitching up both
    long sides of the rectangle fold the bag so the right sides are
    facing clip up the edges make sure that the trim pieces line up with each other
    sew both edges fold the bottom corners closed so the
    seam that you just sewed is in the center and clip it down so this on both
    sides finally flip the bag right side out and now your bag is complete thanks for
    watching this OFS project like and subscribe to our channel for
    more crafting videos tips and tricks see you next time you

    How to Make an Epoxy Resin River Table With 3D Fish Stickers – NO Painting and NO Sanding! DIY
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    How to Make an Epoxy Resin River Table With 3D Fish Stickers – NO Painting and NO Sanding! DIY

    January 13, 2020

    To make this table I found a wooden cutting board that was the perfect size. Mark a line length ways down the centre I used a jigsaw to cut the table top in half. I cut slowly with a Bosch T308B blade for a clean cut. Apply shiny parcel tape along the centre of a suitable base. I’m using white faced hardboard. Temporarily mask the cut edges of the timber with masking tape, then secure them down with double-sided tape. Mask the base along the full length of each piece of timber Decant some general purpose silicone into a syringe Apply a thin bead of silicone between the timber and the base to create a seal The idea is to prevent any leakage of the resin Use a ball ended tool to smooth the silicone into the corner, and remove any excess You can then remove the tape and wait overnight for the silicone to cure Create a dam for the ends using a piece of foam core board covered with more parcel tape Stick it into place using double-sided tape, then seal all around it with hot melt glue The dam must be the same height as the timber, no taller or the resin will form a raised edge For this project I’m using my usual epoxy art resin, which has a 2A:1B mix ratio by weight The first pour used 150g of resin, the four middle layers each used 75g, and the top layer used 150g for a total of 600g Pour half the resin, then add some pre-washed white gravel. The fish stickers do look best against a white background. Spread the gravel evenly, adding a little more at a time until there are no gaps This gravel will release tiny bubbles as it soaks up the resin, so don’t be tempted to pour too much resin at once Pour any remaining resin then use a lighter flame to quickly pop any surface bubbles. You may need to come back after 20 minutes and do that again. Take a small paintbrush, and use the resin to coat the remaining exposed sides of the timber to seal it I bought these ‘lucky’ Chinese fortune coins off eBay, and scattered a few on the bottom… However I won’t get my hopes up for winning the Lotto tonight I let each of these layers cure for 24 hours before pouring the next This was a plain layer of resin to provide a bit more depth before adding any fish Get them bubbles Get them GET THEM ALL Search eBay, Amazon or Ali Express for ‘resin fish stickers’ and you’ll find these The best way to apply these is to put down a bit of resin first, then add the sticker to the resin Trust me, I’ve done so many of these I’m an expert If you want to see this process in more detail, then please check out my ‘fighting fish coaster’ video And if you’re translating these subtitles into Portuguese that’s ‘drinks mat’ not ‘rollercoaster’ XD Google translate… :/ Notice how I’m putting the remaining stickers next to the relevant ones in the resin so I can remember which is which… I’m not just a pretty face 🙂 You might see it in that reflection if you look carefully XD Add a bit of greenery on each layer Make sure all the stickers get covered with resin GET THE BUBBLES This time apply the next sticker in sequence directly over the first They are arranged in order on the sheets. Top to bottom or left to right. Get them. Get them. GET THEM. GET THEM ALL! I can’t even remember which layer this is. Hardly anyone reads the subtitles anyway. Takes me an hour to put these on you know. Ooops messed that one up, time for a jump-cut YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO I think this is actually the last layer – finally. It feels like I’ve been filming this all week. Oh wait… I have :/ That fish on the far left looks like he’s about to jump Can’t say I blame him KILL THE BUBBLES Hooray, it’s cured 😀 Remove the end pieces first, then detach carefully from the base If there is any seepage of the resin, you can tidy it up with a light sanding I chose some hairpin legs – link in the description Mark the position of each leg, then drill pilot holes Perfect 🙂 Thank you for joining me for another project, see you again soon 🙂 [Alexa] Finally… [Alexa] Something decent for me to sit on [Alexa] Oh no… [Alexa] One of them jumped out

    Boom Beach: Save your Game Progress with Game Center (iOS)
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    Boom Beach: Save your Game Progress with Game Center (iOS)

    January 13, 2020

    Nobody wants to lose their island; and we’re
    here to help make sure that this never happens to you. To be certain your Island is well
    protected from lost progress, all you need is your own device, one base, and a Game Center account. Game Center is an app on your Apple devices, used to connect with your friends, and challenge other players. Most importantly, Game Center saves your game data; making it your best option for preventing lost progress. For example, the progress on
    these games has all been saved right here, automatically. One essential thing to note, In Boom Beach, your base can only be attached to a single Game Center account. If your playing your game without an attached account, and someone else signs in to their Game Center and loads your game, your base will permanently
    be attached to their Game Center account. It’s your duty to protect your base! So create
    or sign in to your Game Center, Commander! To do this Enter your device’s settings, Scroll down to Game Center And either sign in to your already existing
    account if you have one, Or, you can also create a new one if you have not yet set up your Apple ID. Since I already have an account, I will just
    sign in to it. Once you are signed in, make your way to Boom Beach, and launch your game. Boom Beach and Game Center will be connected automatically. When you reach your island, you’ll be notified with a “Welcome back text ” Be sure that this
    message contains your username. If everything looks normal, then you’re free
    to continue taking down the evil Blackguard. Have a shiny new device you’d like to play
    on? Or need to transfer your island to a working device? To transfer the island, go to the App store
    on your new device, and download Boom Beach. After installation, be sure not to open the
    game. That part’s important. Sign into the Game Center account used on your old device, then open Boom Beach from within Game Center. To do this, tap on the “Games” icon. From here, find Boom Beach under the “My iOS Games”, and in the top right corner of the screen,
    you will notice three small dots. Tap on these, then select “Play” to open Boom Beach. When the game opens, Game Center will prompt
    you with a pop-up that gives you the name and level of your base, if it is the right
    one, tap on “Yes, load game” and your base is now playable on your new device. So don’t forget: your device, an island, and
    your Game Center account. Ahoy!

    Learn the Top 20 English Words You’ll Need for the Beach in America
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    Learn the Top 20 English Words You’ll Need for the Beach in America

    January 6, 2020

    Wanna speak real English from your first
    lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha, and today we’re gonna
    be talking about 20 words you’ll need for the beach. Let’s go! sunglasses The first word is sunglasses. Sunglasses are those dark glasses that
    you wear on your face when it’s bright outside. In a sentence, I forgot my sunglasses.
    Hold on! I forgot my sunglasses. beach Beach is the place near the ocean.
    You might have a beach in your city or in your country, the beach is
    usually visited in the summertime. The image is lots of sun, you can get a tan,
    you can get a sunburn, but it’s usually a fun place to spend time with family and
    friends. In a sentence, I’m going to the beach with my friends this weekend, I’m so excited! and next sentence, she walked along the beach. swimming The next word is swimming. Swimming is, of course, a popular activity
    to do at the beach. I go swimming at the beach every summer. Or in this sentence,
    be very careful when swimming in the Pacific Ocean. (Maybe sharks…) sun sun is that big bright thing in the sky that will make your
    skin change color if you stay in it for too long. So, the sun, in a sentence, the sun
    is really bright, let’s get out of the sun. palm tree The next word is palm tree.
    So palm trees are a type of tree, they are usually seen in, like, tropical places,
    like Hawaii has palm trees, any place close to the equator, the middle
    line of the earth, I think that’s where palm trees tend to grow. It’s kind of an
    image of the beach. So palm trees, there are a lot of palm trees near the beach in California. That palm tree is almost 60 feet tall. seashell The next word is seashell.
    Seashell are those little objects you find on the beach, like in
    the sand or in the water. In some cases, they’re like shells from, like, clams or
    maybe oysters sometimes, too, depending on what youconsider a seashell. But if you break the word down, it’s “sea” and “shell”, so, like,
    something from the ocean and the shell are like the covering the outside of
    something. So usually a small creature, a small animal has lived inside the
    seashell, and then you can collect them and look at them or make something from
    them; little kids like to collect them, I used to collect seashells when I was a
    kid. Oh my gosh! Look at this example sentence! It says it’s bad luck to take
    seashells from the beach. Oops! swimsuit Swimsuit is the clothing you wear to
    swim in, your swimming suit. There are men’s swimsuits, women’s swimsuits;
    usually men’s swimsuits are like shorts, sport shorts, or I suppose there’s the, like, speedo makes, like the men’s swimsuits as well, the really small ones.
    And then for women, they have one-piece swimsuits, they have, and then they have
    bikini swimsuits, the two-piece swimsuit. So in a sentence, I hate swimsuit shopping. And next sentence, I need a new swimsuit this summer. ocean The next word is ocean. Ocean is the big blue, the big water, the big deep blue sea. In a sentence,
    the ocean is so beautiful at night. In this sentence, he dipped his feet in the ocean. lifeguard A lifeguard is a person at the beach.
    “Life,” “guard,” so someone who guards lives. If someone gets into trouble in the water, they start to drown or they start to have trouble, if
    there’s an accident at the beach, the lifeguard at the beach is responsible
    for handling that problem. So they’ll call an ambulance or they know how to do
    first aid, to save people. So in a sentence, it’s important to go to beaches
    where there are lifeguards available if you need help. And next sentence,
    there isn’t a lifeguard on duty here. jetski Next word is jetski. A jetski is a like a
    water motorcycle, you can ride around it on with your friends, alone. Riding jet
    skis is a lot of fun. In this sentence, if you have a driver’s license you can
    drive a jetski. beach towel Te next expression is beach towel. Beach towel.
    Beach towel is different from regular towel because usually beach towels have,
    like, a bright color a bright pattern, or they are towels that you don’t mind, the
    towels that are okay to get sand or dirt in them. Usually, a towel you use in
    your house, you don’t want to get your towel really really dirty. So a beach
    towel is a towel you use only at the beach. In a sentence, I bought a new beach
    towel and it has a picture of a hamburger on it. And in this sentence, oh,
    no! I got sand all over my beach towel. That’s the point of beach towel. beach chair The next expression is beach chair. As you can probably guess, it is a
    chair you use only at the beach. So again, this is a chair you don’t mind, it’s okay
    if it gets dirty or sandy; usually a beach chair is easy to fold or easy to
    carry, too. In a sentence, I have a couple of beach chairs that I’m going to bring
    to the barbecue this weekend. In this sentence, can we use these beach chairs? sand castle The next word is sand castle. Sand castles are usually kids make them
    they use, like, buckets. So kids will like put sand in a bucket or like they move
    sand into piles and design castles or these really complicated mazes or
    something, they make things, make buildings out of sand, we call those sand
    castles. So in a sentence, my brother and I used to make sand castles on the beach
    when we were kids. That’s true. In this sentence, get the buckets and we’ll make a sand castle. cooler So cooler is a noun, in
    this case cooler is the place you keep your drinks and your food. It’s a, it
    looks like a suitcase but it has a special lining inside that keeps cold
    things cold, so you can put ice inside and it will keep your food and drinks
    cold while you are at the beach in the hot
    weather. So in a sentence, Did you put a bunch of beers in the cooler?
    I forgot ice for the cooler! tide The next word is tide. Tide is the level of the water, the level of the ocean water at
    different times of day. So if you are interested in this sort of thing, you
    might know about high tide and low tide. High tide means the water level at the
    beach is high low; tide means the water level at the beach is low. So tide is how
    high or low the water is. In this sentence, the tide ebbed and revealed a
    starfish. Ebbed means it went away a little bit. So tide is the flow of water. tan So tan is, we use it as a noun like “to get a tan” in a sentence. It means that your
    skin turns a darker color. So be careful there are two words we use in English,
    “tan” means your skin gets a little bit darker, and we also use the word “sunburn”
    or just “burn.” Burn means your skin gets red, it means like it’s damaged, it maybe
    your skin peels a bit. So in America anyway, in the US anyway, a tan is usually
    considered a positive thing, many people want tan skin; but sunburn where your
    skin is red and damaged is bad. So be careful, those are two different words we
    use to talk about this the changing skin color. I got a tan last summer at the beach.
    In this sentence, you got such a nice tan in Florida. snorkeling The next word is snorkeling. Snorkeling is really really fun.
    Snorkeling is swimming but you have a like a hose you have a pipe that you can
    breathe through as you swim, so you can you usually put goggles, you wear goggles
    as you’re swimming in the ocean, you can look down and see fish, or you can see
    things in the ocean, but you can still breathe. So this is a really fun thing to
    do, to look at fish or just just to hang out and see a different point of view.
    I went snorkeling for the first time, maybe when I was 22, 23?
    In this sentence, she bought goggles so that she could go snorkeling in Hawaii. flip flop The next word is flip flop. Flip flop is a very common beach sandal. Many people
    like to wear flip flops in everyday life, too, some people prefer not to, it’s up to you. Like in California I know, especially in beach
    towns, everybody just wears flip-flops it’s very comfortable.
    So flip-flops kind of have an image of being a little bit cheap or just very
    very simple, it’s it’s the most basic possible sandal. Why are they called
    flip-flops? I always thought it was because of the sound that they make…
    sound I guess, maybe it sounds like flip-flop. In a sentence, I usually don’t wear flip-flops.
    In this sentence, these flip-flops keep breaking. sunscreen Next word is sunscreen. Sunscreen or you might also hear sunblock. These are products you can put on your skin to prevent a tan or to prevent a sunburn. Sun-screen,
    so it’s a protection, it’s a protection against the sunlight. I just hit this
    screen. So sunscreen is quite important, like, it is said that you should use
    sunscreen to prevent, to help prevent skin cancer. In a sentence, I’m out of
    sunscreen I need to buy more. In this sentence, mom, I don’t need sunscreen. bikini The next word is bikini. We talked about swimsuit a little bit
    earlier, but bikini is usually a swimsuit for women, and it’s two pieces; there’s a
    bottom half and an upper half. And oftentimes the the top half of the
    bikini, or sometimes the bottom half, you have to tie a knot, or you have to latch
    something. I suppose if you don’t tie it carefully it can create a problem, like
    you could fall off. So bikini it’s a popular style of swimsuit for women.
    Are you going to wear your bikini to the beach tomorrow?
    in this sentence, my bikini came undone in front of everyone, it was so
    embarrassing. End! Alright, that’s the end so those were 20 words that you can use
    to talk about the beach, this has me really excited for summer actually, this
    is a lot of fun. If there are some other words that you think about when you
    think about the beach, let us know in the comments. I hope you get to use these
    words a lot this summer and enjoy. Thanks very much for watching this
    episode, please make sure to LIKE this video if you haven’t already and also
    subscribe. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you again soon, bye!
    I went snorkeling and I saw an octopus! He was just like, he, I don’t know why it’s a he, look like a dress like… Woh! That’s really cool!

    Learn the Top 20 Words You’ll Need for the Beach
    Articles, Blog

    Learn the Top 20 Words You’ll Need for the Beach

    January 4, 2020

    Hi, everyone, today we will learn 20 words
    you’ll need for the beach! It’s summer soon! Let’s go! lunettes de soleil “sunglasses” Des lunettes de soleil pour se protéger du soleil. “Sunglasses to protect you from the sun.” Because today is so rainy, right?
    Sunglasses! plage “beach” Ce week-end, nous irons à la plage. “This weekend, we will go to the beach.” nager “swim” J’adore nager dans les vagues.
    “I love to swim in the waves.” soleil “sun” Le soleil est une étoile. “The sun is a star.” I’m also a star. coquillage “seashell” Elle vend des coquillages à la plage.
    “She sells seashells on the seashore.” maillot de bain “swimsuit” Je me sens très embarrassé(e) de montrer mon corps en maillot de bain. “I feel very insecure showing my body in a swimsuit.” No, I don’t. océan “ocean” Je préfère la mer à l’océan. “I prefer the sea over the ocean.” maître-nageur “lifeguard” Mon ami est maître-nageur à mi-temps. “My friend is a part-time lifeguard.” And then you insert the music with that lifeguard series. And they run like this. I’m a lifeguard! jet-ski “jet ski” Maybe just say it with a French accent, jet-ski. Ils font du jet-ski tous les jours.
    “They go jet skiing every day.” Lucky them! serviette de plage “beach towel” J’ai oublié ma serviette de plage.
    “I forgot my beach towel.” I did forget my beach towel so I’ve bought one. So when you go to the beach, you should have two towels, one for lying down, and one for
    drying yourself. chaise longue “beach chair” Elle lit un livre sur sa chaise longue. “She is reading a book on her beach chair.” château de sable “sand castle” J’aime faire des châteaux de sable.
    “I like to make sand castles.” You take a bucket and fill it with wet sand, and then you…
    And you make the Disney castle. And then the wave comes in and (whuuu), and
    washes everything away. Sad. glacière “cooler” Je n’ai pas de glacière. “I don’t have a cooler.” Don’t forget your cooler at the beach, it’s very convenient. bronzage “tan” Leur bronzage est magnifique. “Their tan is beautiful.” For people like me, we don’t tan, we just burn like a shrimp. Good luck, you will never have a beautiful tan. plongée avec tuba “snorkeling” As-tu déjà fait de la plongée avec tuba? “Have you ever been snorkeling?”
    So did you? And where? tong “flip-flop” Nous portons toujours des tongs en été. “We always wear flip-flops in summer.”
    Yeah, everyone wear them in the summer around the beach. And they’re really cheap.
    And they goes like (flap flap flap) crème solaire “sunscreen” La crème solaire est conseillée lors de l’exposition au soleil. “Sunscreen is recommended
    for sun exposure.” Indeed, not only for surf, for everyday, all
    the time! Oh my god! Summer war paint.
    That’s how you get ready. bikini “bikini” Or you can just say it in English, bikini. Son bikini est rouge. “Her bikini is red.”
    And then she runs like this, with her blonde hair in the wind.
    Catches the lifeguard. mer “sea” Ils vont à la mer tous les étés.
    “They go to the sea every summer.” That’s what people do! That’s why the sea is so crowded in the
    summer. sable “sand” Il y a du sable sur la plage. “There is sand on the beach.” Oh, is there now? Mostly the South, maybe in the West and North
    too, I’m not sure, you have beaches that are actually made of
    rocks. So when you walk on them it’s really hard. I don’t know why people like it.
    Try it anyway, it’s therapeutic. So I hope you have a nice summer, and that
    these words will help you. And if you want more, you can just check the website, and
    leave me a comment about what you would do on the beach, and what you get for your summer,
    or if you have a beach at all. Because some countries don’t. Anyway, enjoy! Bye-bye! Enjoy your holiday!