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    The Best Fish ‘n’ Chips in the World: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 3)
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    The Best Fish ‘n’ Chips in the World: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 3)

    September 11, 2019

    [Music] so I’ve stopped off here on the east coast of Scotland in a little town called Arbroath which is famous because this is the place where they sign the dip the bit but they conduct a big line which is where they signed the indept which is known as the place Wes physician which is the place where the end which is where they signed this I don’t know what it is they sign the end it what’s it called their collection of Scottish independence Inn why have you brought us down here I write a to form of zero smokey this is the true home yeah this turvy village called Eknath ii which is about two and a half miles actually that bro this is where it all began hundreds of years ago from the Viking settlers landed on these shores did you come from a family of smokers you know I’m a first generation I was walking maker so would your ancestors have used this spot very probably yeah well let’s have a look man okay but what I’m gonna do is just dig a we haul about yes and why does it need to be in a hole well the whole provides insulation for the vial actually helps to keep the heat and when the pressure cookers she need help look I want to put me to work do you need help look I’m done with your hos anak don’t can you explain for the layman amongst us what is it smokey what is it smoky eye brother smokey is a hot smoked haddock which has beans likely salted and it has been gutted headed cleaned and tied in pairs and it’s hung on a special sticks and hot smoked over our hardwood log fire it’s a unique Scottish delicacy a teaspoon tastic are we gonna be fire here using em hardwood logs and that gives me a consistency with the flavor almost walkies you know and once they get a good a good solid hold in the fire what to do then is we are going to hang the fish on these sticks it in a second put the sticks over the top and cover the whole thing with some here sandbags the water and the juice separate the fish one on the hot embers make lots of steam and smoke so it’s a very very moist humid so P atmosphere in there mmm-hmm and have you got sort of super loyal customers that just can’t get enough of it oh yeah I got I got quite a few smokey Goofy’s just follow me alone yeah yeah yeah can I help you wanna get fishy Hans yeah okay just as close you can go in without touching the touch and they’ve cooked stick together okay okay obviously we please oh no I’m rubbish it’d be really really really careful okay gentle don’t clunk it though okay don’t flunk it down right dried it like a clunker yeah hey that’s fine yeah it’s good okay and which way this way it’s not the others that’s it that’s fine are you a perfectionist you have to be a Mufasa get this looks innate yeah it had a very Schloss more than fire today that’s that’s that’s good he’s there he’s all photographs here these go back to the to the turn of the last century the are all tickin like methey which is where we are today this is all the various stages of the of the process of fishing this is the bait in the lanes here how many years ago were these taken about 1895 to nineteen or two so you can see here exact what I’m doing now what was mentioned here they only be fresh it open in the fire get all the gaps Wow so she’s been having problems yeah so yeah okay so shallow that should be the fish really know how do you think great yes look at that oh my gosh she’s a total change for a moat mmm YUM they smell delicious so would you like try one so when the when I cooked a very very delicate very big oh yeah so what I’ll do here is I give the fish a gentle squeeze then one at the Boyd and you can see the flashes popped off the ball like that how did the skinned boy down to the tail and then it just falls apart ah just legal up there okay look at ya comes all the way out look at the juice run a little tuck in and just tuck in like that mm-hmm that’s all nice that is so good it is smoky it’s a smoky does what it says on the tin tender moist slightly salty they’re really Morris that is salted to perfection just right it’s just right genius mm-hmm very devious huh it’s just it’s a simple process just hobby log fire pretty fish muscle nothing suppose run [Music] I’m standing on the port and Oban which is a sleepy little seaside town in the south west of Scotland that’s also known as the seafood capital of Scotland where countless high-end seafood restaurants lining the harbour ready to cater to a seafood loving international audience but the place that gets the locals vote is an unassuming no-frills little huffed on the harbour known as the green Shack John Ogden is a bit of a legend on the west coast after many years of fishing in the Hebrides and waters John started to feel disillusioned by the percentage of his catch being exported one world instead of being kept local years of petty bureaucracy has caused the green Shack to be constantly under threat but supportive campaigns run by the locals have meant that John Ogden is here to stay and won’t be going anywhere without a fight you think I’ll be done we got this on a daily basis grief shaft everything we do gorgeous turn the off sorry I’ll sure about la no it’s really fine it was quite impressive to see did you get her lobsters here where’s the lobsters have they gone in yet really talk about what you’ve just done let’s start with that whatever just done um we buy this off the books yeah we store them in these keeps ice more them in the keeps and then we put the keeps into a secret location oh and we just bring them in everyday what we need oh so you put the keeps in the sea yes that’s pretty and Lukesh okay so nobody canna pinch them well that’s the idea yeah I mean everything’s live yeah has to be really live yeah they’re definitely alive show me around how does it work well it’s a tiny place it’s broken into two sections we have a raw section it’s processed in there goes through there round there and served up here we can bang our muscles there flashbang the slopes salmon is very sustaining we do a lot in a small space can we knock out a little dish of the scallops and garlic butter churn between yeah tell you one thing one thing about seafood if it’s done simply it’s the ultimate in convenience food and now sorry for you thank you so much well have a go at that have a little yeah and how have you prepared not just cooked in deep butter where they almost poached in butter now you’ve got it indeed butter not just a little banana a lot like that like D proper talking slabs into her I mean I’m a little go tell me what you think mmm beautiful just like you know it o to us that’s how scallops should be done when you scissor me just chuck them into a hot dry pan with the butter on them already don’t worry mum sizzle and just out spread it out and eat them but people sizzle them and Kaitlyn I’m a little bit opinionated but that is the only way to do [Music] feels like a real delicacy actually and how much is this Oh 695 that is just such a treat thank you John you’re welcome you’re welcome I’m gonna take a sandwich for later what do you what’d you recommend I mean I love crab but yeah well that’s another first person out that’s their 350 for a crab so I’m gonna treat myself right not often I get a fresh crab sandwich thank you you’re you’re you are a legend I heard you were a legend and I’ve seen it with my own eyes okay thank you for uh no you don’t keep up the good work okay bye bye come on I didn’t I’m gonna burp I really feel like I’m gonna bet you should fill me back irena law so asking any Scottish person where’s the best fish and chips in Scotland you’re going to get a different answer from everyone is kind of like asking an English person who does the best roast dinner but here in Iran there are two chippies in particular who are vying titled fest fish and chips hole in the blue corner we have open fish and chips and in the other blue corner we have Nori’s the seafood war broke out after they both claimed that celebrity chef Rick Stein quoted that their fish and chips was the best he’d ever had I wasn’t interested in what Rick Stein thinks though so I wanted to go and try it for myself the best fish and chips I’ve ever tasted Rick side hiya I’m Charlotte mine is any of you Linnaean yeah thanks for having me what is it about fish ambassador we like it’s a hearty meal and it’s warm comforting dish so yet the word on Britain you know it’s raining cause they mate in front your wood-burning stove with some fish and chips and mushy peas any bitter have you tried any of the fish and chips from your competitors yeah and well but nowhere near as good desserts errors are superior [Music] three German [Music] hiya I’m Charlotte how are you who is a meant to be talking to hi Airport what’s your name hey guys sorry we love I’m Bree we don’t really get that much in London are you gonna say what Oh for all these weeks ago and I give us a glass bottle heads up oh yes I get something it’s gonna be a trick eat yogurt did you open the shop no it was my grandparents of the shop okay how long have you acted since um I’ve been helped notice as before he’s been working here since you’re for since I was four you how did he manage that well these two gave me a lot of jobs to do I used to put the sauce on the pizzas I used to help my grandpa do petit was just she’s thinking maybe jobs to do Norma I can honestly tell you obviously cuz I’ve been here for 50 or myfarmers been here for 55 years but definitely bit the most popular fish and chip shop has now I’m sort more fish upper than anyone else Charlotte cuz that one down the road will claim they so like 300 portions a day what me but they do I don’t know no what makes you all fish and chips so good can you describe your going to the restroom no because their recipes are secret don’t know what my competition says give us my secret recipe and lesson all these other things that we can I bet we will do different things to to make it one unique you know Photoshop all you do is get a better fish you meet the bar and you put it in a pan you give it to somebody it’s not a lot more complicated than that and we could go and homemade wash it easy do you a lot secret a little better fish stock I make its Emily I’ve always been can you tell us how to make I mean I had to it why not the pharmacy okay there is a secret where do you get your fish from we get on a local fish Sylvie Canada that’s why for more I want our local fish as real and where do you get your habit front I get it from a local fishmonger a local fishmonger well no I get it from Glasgow Mosely I want more talk chefs are taking more fish and chip shops those becoming a real trend especially a zone that’s all made vinegar how do you make vinegar easily so dipped in light flour rice flour while I start assistant take ship makes it Kirsten can okay Wow there my grandfather heated when you didn’t chic all about it off innocent mate but he said you’re just a waste of money you’re already doing something different what they did good is in I tell them itself is all do um they dust the fish first in rice flour [Music] no I thought I thought those things that makes flower sweetheart no I thought that’s the nicest event today thank you say the daughter yeah Dustin race logo at the Samba come on yeah yeah I’m sorry I’m late no I’m sorry huh I thought I don’t dust things in ice floe it was clear that both chippies had conflicting ideologies when it comes to battering their fish but there was only one way to decide who was fish and chip champion [Music] smells so fresh hmm [Music] there’s just something so immediately comforting about fish and chips I don’t know if it’s being British maybe it’s in our genes I think we’re just born with it you can’t beat fish and chips this one the batter is light and crispy but it’s really well coated in the fish tender it’s really tasty yeah this looks bloody good mmm it is buried Ursus Antony’s not pretending to be anything other than a good solid fish and chip shop and that’s all good in my book I’m not going to enjoy this any less than I did the one that had a sort of secret fancy twist to it in the end the competition didn’t matter you can’t really go wrong with a fish supper it’s about the experience more than the ingredients these are two molecules what Nori’s lacked in posh butter it made up for in personality and while the Nighthawks descended on to Antony’s shop he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse if you ever tried about it I like they can’t Nicole sweat just thinking about it where have you been today ok where’s that dog she loves wonderful why do you love Spanish Bolton well you have it salt and vinegar a deep-fried Pizza well you have it deep-fried Pizza let’s hope you have a night yeah Michigan ether yeah how much the place of fine deal deal deal hey when it’s making me sad this is sad you’ll cook yeah I don’t get it why didn’t didn’t didn’t [Music] he didn’t what Waterland opinion oh that there are some guys who perform in the river do you need some help you need to bail quicker if I signal to stop you stop you don’t move a muscle what’s this Glencore both action rifle did I get it

    Hi Shredability: Chris Christenson and Brad Gerlach
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    Hi Shredability: Chris Christenson and Brad Gerlach

    September 8, 2019

    -What’s going on back there? CHRIS CHRISTENSON: That’s
    old Chief Two Beers. A little dismount
    before the trip. Hopefully they get done
    before it gets dark. Just busted him. You know, he calls me and says
    hey, man, do you want to do some motorcycle riding? Bring it on, dude. I’m ready to go. Lefty loosey, righty tighty. BRAD GERLACH: Yeah,
    I know that. But I mean, did you press
    it down or something? Great, got to get
    it on footage. Hey, hey, hey, Chris? How you get the gas
    tank open, man? CHRIS CHRISTENSON:
    Just spin it. BRAD GERLACH: Spin it? CHRIS CHRISTENSON: I looked
    at couple of his boards. It’s like, oh man, this
    guys looks like he knows how to shape. I just called him up to– hey, I want to get a
    board, you know? The conversation was probably
    like five minutes on the phone before I even knew who he was. BRAD GERLACH: When he really
    knew it was me after a while, he was like oh, shit. Sorry, dude. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: What was
    your last name again? He’s all Gerlach. I’m like, ah, OK, OK. But he’s kind of a
    grump, you know? He’s ar, ar, ar. It’s a big commitment to sponsor
    someone like Brad. And these guys are like 50
    boards a year and I don’t have those cards in my
    deck right now. Well, we just ended up becoming
    friends and friends are first to me anyways. So Brad seems like
    a complete nut. And he is a complete nut. And he’s always a good
    time, and you never know what to expect. BRAD GERLACH: Those are called
    fours, fake doors. You ever do that with words? Put two words together? Like sweaty balls, swalls. Woo! Swalls! Ha! Ha! The exciting part was
    that we’re going to meet in New York. Pick the bikes up in New York
    City, and then head up north to New England. And I’m always looking
    for waves. And I’m always in some car,
    boat or airplane. And the most comfortable way to
    go looking for waves is on a motorcycle for sure. It’s really fun to cruise with
    one of your best buds. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Obviously,
    we have surfing in common. But when we get together, it’s
    kind of like the last thing we usually talk about. BRAD GERLACH: Do you think about
    when we first got going in New York a couple times
    driving along. And then all of a sudden going
    like, I had a couple of visions of eating it. And I was like OK,
    just let it go. Let it go. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Yeah. BRAD GERLACH: Because
    it’s just like woo. Think about it, you can
    just eat it so easily. You’re just like, splatter. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: That’s
    heavy shit. BRAD GERLACH: Hey, cheers. Here’s to not eating
    shit, huh? CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Guy just
    threw a cigarette butt at you. BRAD GERLACH: Classy. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Welcome
    to the Hamptons. This guy needs to ride a
    motorcycle backwards. Look at that hair. BRAD GERLACH: Which guy? CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Right here. BRAD GERLACH: What? That’s who he’s talking about. That’s who he’s talking about. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: No,
    there’s another one. BRAD GERLACH: There’s
    another one? The guy with the blonde hair? Now he’s stopped talking
    and looked over here. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Yeah,
    we’re talking to you. What the fuck you want? BRAD GERLACH: Hey, we’re
    just wondering where we can get the same– is that a beanie? Because that’s cool shit, man. I need that. I need that. I need that. There she is, the
    mighty Atlantic. Oh, shit. Pumping. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Think we’re
    going to surf this whole trip? BRAD GERLACH: Oh, look
    at that little– maybe low tide. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: There’s
    definitely a swell. Those tides are so high. BRAD GERLACH: Yeah. Settle down, would you? CHRIS CHRISTENSON: If we can
    find it where the beach maybe goes in and then hooks around
    that way, it’ll probably pick up swell. BRAD GERLACH: We don’t have any
    surf connection up here. There’s enough swell right now
    where people are like, oh god, you could have come
    around the corner. I was like four feet
    and pitching out. While you guys are playing
    around on shore break. Stingy and Dew Bag are
    over here doing four-foot aerial reverse. And varials and shove-its
    and what not. Because the waves offer that
    kind of playfulness, you know? CHRIS CHRISTENSON: See
    that right there? Maybe. Let’s go up another
    20 more mansions. BRAD GERLACH: Chicken! Honey, I shrunk the kids. Look at that thing right here. Paddling into it, you’re
    seven inches tall. You’re going to be hooting,
    because that thing feels like it’s about 30 feet. Look at that right. Look it, off the bottom,
    boof, into the lip. Around that, we’re in France,
    by the south, you’re on that next one. Whoa, big cut back. Float that section. Come around there, bam,
    bag, woo, air reverse. Oh, god! See, I told you. Just around the corner. I neglected to mention that
    Stingy and Dew Bag are only two inches tall. Let’s get out of the leathers! This board here was
    a gift for Skip. This thing’s 26-years-old,
    personal voyages. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Rock Harleys,
    then we got some Skip Fryes, we got an 11-footer. It’s just such a different
    trip, why bring all the standard boards? It’s just fun to mix it up, and
    ride something that you normally wouldn’t bring
    on a surf trip. BRAD GERLACH: Of course we’re
    hoping to catch some surf. But yeah, we didn’t get it. But we’re kind of
    surfing on those motorcycles anyway though. Yeah. And if the waves are insane
    around here all the time, this would be the best place in
    the world to live, huh? CHRIS CHRISTENSON: This would
    be a great place to have a surf [INAUDIBLE] where there’s
    just waves that just come out and going around. You come here in the fall
    time, you get all the colors, you know? BRAD GERLACH: It looks like
    Hansel and Gretel live here. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: These bikes
    were perfect for this type of riding, too, right through
    the coastal towns. It’s almost like an instinct. Like, the other guy can just
    make a facial expression that you know he’s going to do,
    or you know which way he’s going to turn. And instincts take over with
    every move you make, and different communications. BRAD GERLACH: Going through the
    beauty of New England with the lakes, and the rivers, and
    the trees hanging over, and the cherry blossoms, and the
    beautiful, perfect little gingerbread houses. It’s like, is there a better
    place in the world to ride a motorcycle? That’s it. I just wanted to pull over and
    look down one of these streets and just check it
    out, you know? CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Thought you
    had to make a phone call. I got to take a leak, man. BRAD GERLACH: I might be Chief
    Two Beers, but this guy’s got to piss every fucking
    five minutes. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: It’s just the
    diversity of the way the land is here. You just don’t know what to
    expect, because you can’t see what’s coming. Where down south, it’s
    just a straight line. Where up here, it’s almost
    fun getting lost. We don’t know where we’re
    going to end up. None of the roads
    are straight. -How far you going? BRAD GERLACH: The cool thing
    is we don’t know. -How far you going today? BRAD GERLACH: We’re going to
    end up in Rhode Island, Narragansett. -I’m going up to Maine. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Up to Maine? -Yeah. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: How long
    is that going to take you? -I don’t know. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Yeah. That’s the best way
    I guess, huh? This is going to be like just
    one of those trips where you like talk about years
    and years and years, you know what I mean? BRAD GERLACH: Oh, this one time
    I did this bike trip with this asshole. Here comes the thunderhead. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Look
    at that rain stuff. Man. Getting wet. BRAD GERLACH: It’s definitely
    raining now. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: A little
    wet out there. Time for some cold ones
    and some crab legs. Some real New England food,
    that’s what I want right now. BRAD GERLACH: So what are
    you going to have? CHRIS CHRISTENSON:
    I want crab legs. What else do they
    eat out here? Crab legs, lobster– BRAD GERLACH: Scallops. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Scallops,
    lots of scallops. BRAD GERLACH: Fish. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Beer. BRAD GERLACH: Clams. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Clams, you
    got to have some clams. BRAD GERLACH: Steamers. Steamers. And I’m going to have
    just a garden salad. -Yep. You want the red wine
    vinaigrette, put it on the side? BRAD GERLACH: No, I don’t
    even need any dressing. -Nothing? Just dry? BRAD GERLACH: Maybe a lemon. -I’ll bring a lemon for you. Just remind me if I
    forget about it. BRAD GERLACH: OK. -So I’ve written you up
    the big one, right? BRAD GERLACH: No, the small. -Just a regular small salad? BRAD GERLACH: Even just smaller
    than the small. If they could just
    put a little bit. If you could make a note just
    to make it really small. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: You
    got to put some meat on your bones, man. You just getting a salad? Alright, I’m going to get
    some fish and chips. Are they pretty small, or big? -It’s a good size. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Good size? -Yeah, it comes in two
    pieces usually. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: All right. And then I want to get
    a couple appetizers. I want to get the seared ahi. -That’s awesome. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: I want
    to get some clam cakes. -Is that for you? CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Yeah. -Wow. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Yeah. And then which one do you
    recommend, the jerk wings or the buffalo wings? -I like the jerk, man. Where you get a little sticky
    and a little bit of spice. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: All right, I
    want to get some jerk wings. -Jerk wings. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: He’ll help
    me out a little bit. BRAD GERLACH: Jerk wings? CHRIS CHRISTENSON: And
    then can I get some kind of lobster? Because we’re in New
    England right now. BRAD GERLACH: Jesus. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Are
    these different ones? BRAD GERLACH: Yeah, the
    blueberry one’s pretty good. Give me that fork. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Hold on, I’m
    trying my beer right now. BRAD GERLACH: This one’s
    fucking tasty, man. This guy smells it. How is his food intake? Woo, woo, woo. RICK GOMES: I come out here, I
    spit raps and rhymes, guys. I’m the best-dressed homeless
    man in all of Newport. (RAPPING) Singing’s my game. Rick is the name. Slick Rick Gomes isn’t
    taking the blame. And the money I make, I
    make it all by myself. And then I have to share
    it with everyone else. So McCue took his rhyme to
    the very next level. I don’t carry a brick but
    I will ring your bell. A Roxbury crackhead
    don’t sound cool. Singing here and tripping,
    a mother fucking fool. And if you really don’t mind,
    I got a show to put out. Or do I really have to take
    it to the very next show? Tick, tock, tick. I see the clock on the wall,
    the rhyme’s still ripping. Woo! Alright, fellas. Thanks, my brother. BRAD GERLACH: Alright,
    Uncle Rick. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: And it’s
    been one of our better pit stops for sure. The rain came and I
    guess it couldn’t have been better timing. Hey, Bradley? BRAD GERLACH: Hey, man. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Hey,
    how you doing, buddy? How those two beers
    treating you? BRAD GERLACH: I think
    I had more than two. CHRIS CHRISTENSON: Old Chief
    Two Beers has got his shoes off right now. We’re always waiting on Brad. It’s either he had two beers or
    he’s talking to his chick. I’m ready to go to
    the next spot. But maybe I will just– I think I’m going to check
    out some [INAUDIBLE]. I’ll be back. There’s no communication. You’re driving and you’re just
    moving, and passing things. And it’s almost like
    thoughts, too. Like, here’s a house, here’s a
    lake, now that’s a thought. Now you’re past it. Now you’re coming up, here’s
    a gas station. And here’s an old monument
    statue, whoosh, passing that. Then come around this corner. The coolest thing is just like
    I’ve never been to this place ever before in my life,
    right where we’re at. And the motorcycles have
    brought us here. You almost want to get lost
    because getting lost is part of the fun.

    The Sushi Chef: Shark Hearts & Fish Sperm with Yoya Takahashi
    Articles, Blog

    The Sushi Chef: Shark Hearts & Fish Sperm with Yoya Takahashi

    August 24, 2019

    Jiro dreams of sushi, but Yoya dreams of
    Amber Heard. No, you don’t like? You guys don’t like her? I’d like Amber Heard to
    come to my sushi bar to taste my sushi. That’s my dream. My name is
    Yoya Takahashi. I’m from Japan, Kyoto. I’m the Executive
    Sushi Chef of Hamasaku in West LA. For me sushi means
    kind of my life. I’ve never done 14 years,
    the same job all my life. Sushi is an important part of my
    life right now. Yes!
    Exactly, sushi changed my life. When I lived in Japan, I
    never thought, you know I would do a sushi job
    in the United States. Just nothing to
    do in Japan. That’s why I jumped
    in an airplane. Yeah, it was unbelievable
    to start living here. My grandfather was
    a samurai actor, used to be. He’s like a Broadway
    actor a long time ago. That’s kind of the
    feeling I’m following. It’s going to be
    something happening, that kind of dream. Yes, that’s exactly
    why I came here. Then I found out that my
    great job is sushi job. Then I found out that my
    great job is sushi job. And then I kinda
    started that way. When I came to
    Los Angeles I just needed money. I didn’t speak any
    English before. I started working at a Japanese restaurant
    as a server. The owner said I’m
    kinda a big guy, kinda loud voice, why
    don’t you do sushi chef? Then I kept doing
    basically a sushi job, it was super interesting. How simple but
    how to create, you know, everyone thinking
    about it. That’s why i started
    the sushi job. Being a sushi chef is
    like being a stage actor. We’re standing in front
    of customer to make them enjoy dinnertime and
    lunchtime. Yes, exactly, I feel
    like an actor here. Sushi is art. Same knife, same fish. But if different people
    are gonna make it, it’s going to be
    totally different. Their personality exactly
    comes out in this one small piece. People are always
    thinking about sushi fish over the rice. Actually, that’s
    not sushi. We call it nigiri. We have to making
    squeeze so there are no space
    between rice and rice. Also how much
    we use wasabi, how big size to use of
    the sliced raw fish. Sushi exactly,
    need technique. I’m doing right now,
    breaking down fish for service today. This is Thai snapper. I’m going to take off
    scales right now. Yeah, I hired Hoya. I was looking for someone
    that’s really passionate and someone that could
    help us at Hamasaku. Bring more of the
    traditional aspect as, he just had him come in and
    we just started talking and we just click
    right away. Cooking on the barbecue
    some sushi and just unbelievable and
    it just went from there. This fish was caught about 12 hours ago in
    Japan, Kyushu Island. The fish comes about
    12 hours to us. I like working with
    it as sashimi. It’s nice in texture and
    fat. We have to tell people
    how beautiful the fish we have everyday. I never give up, I just
    keep doing different fish and different styles. Then people get excited
    to come to here to eat again. Orange soft clam. Normally people
    not much order it, that’s why I
    wanna try telling people how beautiful
    the clam we have today. Sometimes I’m too
    much focused. That’s why I need one person to smile for
    me, you know? Say, Hey Yoya! You need to relax,
    you need to calm down. That’s exactly me.
    Even when I’m driving, he’s always watching me. Smile guys! Now I’ve finished
    breaking down. Sorry, sorry,
    fish guts are here! This is haiga-mai. I’ve almost used it for
    six years. So this haiga-mai is
    between white rice and brown rice. White rice is sometimes
    too sticky for me. Also, brown rice, there
    is no way to make sushi. It’s too hard. It’s totally different. I love it. Well, Yoya brings
    a lot of sauces and different flavors. Instead of the
    traditional flavors that you’re used to
    actually in Japan. He sort of has
    an edginess too and he’s very creative
    when he wants to make new American sushi. People say crazy. My GM only calls
    me rock star. Some people say
    Dead Head sushi. I have a tattoo,
    I listen to music. I have long hair. That’s why people think
    I’m kinda a bad guy. But I want more people
    talking about my food. Simple is my art. It looks crazy sometimes,
    but one knife, one shot. Yes!
    I was the one to use barracuda first
    time in Los Angeles. Exactly, it looks
    like a barracuda. In Japan we always
    do it on a grill. Simple soy and
    lemon for bite. Simple soy and
    lemon for a bite. That’s why,
    Why don’t you make sushi? Usually sushi is
    always raw fish, but I sear Barracuda
    because richer flavors come out that best
    match the sushi. I make best barracuda
    sushi in Los Angeles. So what’s next? Come on! Make sushi! Maybe people know here Hamasaku is
    like a hidden spot. Inside it’s
    still authentic. But more
    comfortable.That’s why people are coming here. I don’t know if you
    know the history about the place, but
    Hollywood hangout. Where all the actors and
    agents used to come. It’s been here for
    about 14 years, I’d say. Mike came and
    then Yoya came. They did definitely bring this place up
    a little bit. The first couple of years
    we had a power lunch spot here. We have to keep our quality high-end to
    maintain our reputation. That’s why people come
    here a lot, I guess. We became good friends. We’d go out. We go grab a drink, you
    know, go eat together. We’re gonna go hang out
    in Long Beach tonight. I live in Long Beach. I feel so comfortable,
    I don’t know why. The people are so nice. I think the long drive, I like thinking about
    the menu and other stuff. It’s like I have a small
    little office in my car. I like to go listen
    to live music. Like the Grateful Dead, country songs,
    also old rock and roll. Sometimes I go to
    the rock show, I feel, you know, I’m the only
    Japanese over there. Yes! I love to drink,
    go dancing, and go crazy all night.
    Yes! I love to drink, go dancing, and
    go crazy all night. I feel more at home in
    Los Angeles than in Japan. I’m more loud. I have more passion
    about presenting my own personality in my food. That’s a new look for,
    that’s good look. Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yoya likes to be known
    for traditional sushi, but he does have
    a different style. He has a little
    bit of a rock and roll edge to his sushi
    and technique as well. But we all bust with
    each others’ balls. We actually like
    to joke a lot. At the same time, there’s always some
    truth behind the joking. So that’s how we bust
    balls, that’s what we do. Sushi is starting to
    change kinda crazy now. Crazy changing means,
    you know why? It’s going to be here is
    California is roll using so many ingredients,
    so many sauces into it. Two more people
    are coming right now. Sometimes we learn from
    our customers what is the right way to
    serve people. I do the traditional way,
    but if customers want crazy
    sushi I will do it 120%. I never say no. But it has to be tasty,
    healthy, and happy. My skills are kind
    of okay, but how customer likes my
    skill is what I feel is more important here. I have a great technique. I have great knives. As long as
    the customer is happy. Yes, some customers
    are kinda crazy, but I like to see
    customers smile. But don’t trust me. He’s crazy, he’s loud, he brings
    a lot of crazy energy. Did I say he’s
    loud again? He surprises me
    all the time. He ordered fish sperm and
    I was like how can we. That’s the challenge
    probably, is how am I gonna explain
    this to the customer for them to order it? Now I’m going to make
    the Green Dragon roll. Christina Aguilera
    came in here to decide the ingredients and then pick out
    the name of the roll. Okay, let’s start. This is soy paper. I grab brown rice- easy,
    nice. This is spicy tuna. Just roll it up. This is half of an an
    avocado I’m going to cut. People talking to each
    other about Hamasaku, they can create
    their own roll, whatever they
    like to make it. -Could we get a vice
    Munchies Roll? Yes, why not? I can make vice,
    you know? Cover with plastic wrap. So, I kinda
    make the shape. This is what we
    call the makisu. Here in America,
    there’s so many different
    countries and people living together. That’s why they mix up so many ingredients that
    they’re making new sushi. Micro-mixed greens
    on top. There you go. That’s Green Dragon. This is lobster and crab mixed up with
    dynamite sauce on top. So we try to use, not just traditional
    Japanese techniques, but try to incorporate
    the modern techniques. So, we think
    outside the box. This is the busy spider. To make more
    unique things. Shark heart! What?
    Shark hearts! What’s that? Shark hearts! Oh.
    Totally floored me, I was excited. I was probably more
    excited than him when he said shark hearts, yeah. Let’s get it,
    let’s just try it. I wanna try it too,
    you know, and then people actually
    enjoyed it. We actually got that for
    Valentine’s Day. It was not good much in
    the sushi actually, so I sliced and
    cut to eat as sashimi. That’s a good way to
    eat shark hearts. If people want to know,
    I definitely want to talk to my own
    country’s things. I’m feeling sometimes
    that that’s kind of a tasting
    sushi bar’s job. People start with,
    I don’t like sushi. But I kind of start talking to push
    it a little bit. Then sometimes customers
    ask about sushi. What is that? Where is it from? How do I eat it? That is why I totally
    enjoy Los Angeles people getting started
    to eat sushi. So when people talk
    about good thing, bad thing, I don’t mind. Either way I can
    appreciate if people are talking to me. My way is my way,
    you know? I’m just going
    to go my way. I feel I belong here
    in Los Angeles. I love you.

    Skeet Shooting, Trout Fishing, & the Turd Confederacy
    Articles, Blog

    Skeet Shooting, Trout Fishing, & the Turd Confederacy

    August 12, 2019

    I wanna get you to taste
    some stuff but first, this is really important. Yeah.
    I’d like to make you officially a member of
    the Terrior Quebec, the Turd Confederacy. The Turd Confederacy. This is deer turd. This is deer turds. It’s, it’s dried. It’s dried deer
    turds on my neck. It’s shellacked. Shellacs turds. This is a lot of
    work you know? There’s a lot of work
    in deer shit out here. I raise hundreds and
    hundreds of dollars with earrings, brooches,
    necklaces. All deer shit. Really?
    Yeah. You know like,
    the girl says, my boyfriend
    gave me shit. Yeah.
    Oh no, why? Cuz he loves me. Cuz he loves me. That’s it, you know? You know, not many people
    get gifted this beautiful shit, lacquered, deer
    shit necklace, you know. This is the best present,
    gift, ritual I’ve ever
    received in my life. Can I. Was given the necklace,
    ka kaw, now I’m here
    in a hot tub. Life’s pretty good. Bon jour, trolls. I’m here, obviously in a hot tub
    in northern Quebec. Like a goddamn god. You guys sitting at home, enjoying your lives,
    kind of. So I’ve been coming to
    Quebec since the early 2000s you know. Their food is rich,
    it’s beautiful, it’s about sharing,
    it’s about community, it’s over the top,
    it’s decadent. It’s everything that
    they are, it’s passion, you know, Quebec has
    fucking passion, it’s beautiful
    place to visit, I couldn’t live here,
    I can’t speak French, it’s annoying to me, and
    I can’t speak French, not that French
    people annoy me, I caught myself there,
    didn’t I? I love coming to
    Montreal, but I haven’t done a lot
    of travelling around the province itself. So this time, I’m looking
    to explore the terroir of the Quebec countryside. Is this a sushi
    grade lake? We headed out to
    Montebello, Quebec, which is an hour and a
    half outside of Montreal, to go fish for
    some trout. This is a lake. It’s called Otter Lake. They got trouts in here. We’re gonna catch
    some trouts. This is Emma. She’s a phenomenal chef. Her restaurant’s called
    Nora Gray in Montreal. This is Charles-Antoine. He’s unemployed. I don’t know
    why he’s here. Charles, what
    do you think? We’re gonna
    catch any fish? Probably we’re gonna
    catch a lot of fish. I don’t understand
    what he just said. I’m gonna get a rod,
    I’m gonna go fishing. This is Keep it Canada. This is Olivier, he is
    our guide for today. This guy doesn’t have
    a cell phone, no iPhone, no smart phone,
    no Instagram, no Twitter. This guy is 100% human. This is the first
    time I’ve ever met one of these,
    I’m excited for him to teach me
    how to fish, and become one with nature. No journalists. No crack. No.
    No stupid customers. Wow, it’s a beautiful
    life we have out here. Wow. Blah. Was that you? Oh, fuck. Emma. Emma caught
    the first fish. Wow.
    The bounty is yours. That’s your fish. Okay. All right. Quebec is notorious for having beautiful product,
    right? Like its fish, its game. I think we only develop,
    like, 20, 25% of what we
    could have. Right. There’s a lot more to
    like, for example, like, right now, we started
    a wild meat, project. Right.
    That, like, eventually in the coming
    years we’ll be able to serve in restaurant,
    actually, wild meat. So, like meat that’s
    caught by, like, hunters? Yeah. That’s amazing. You’re not allowed to
    serve wild meat in Canada, anywhere except
    for Newfoundland. But Quebecers are looking
    into serving wild game in their restaurants
    as well. And like nobody. Oh. Charles is
    getting a fish. And he’s got enough. I think fishing is a it’s
    a, it’s a inner, okay. All right. So there’s all these fish
    jumping around around us around the lake. Hopefully one’s gonna jump into the boat for
    me. What the. Emma got another one. I think the fish can
    smell that I’m from Ontario and
    it hates me like most, most people
    from Montreal. Yep. Are you kidding me? Are you guys both getting
    one at the same time. One would think
    that statistically, I could catch a fucking. Okay, I’m gonna try
    to focus here and really catch a fish,
    ‘kay. So, I’m gonna relax. Whoa!
    And, oh if I can get the fucking. Who’s bringing
    the cookies home? Daddy is. You got another one? I’m sorry. I caught one
    fucking trout. They caught like,
    15 trout. I’ve never caught
    a fish in my life. This is my first time
    catching a fish. ‘Kay, back it up. Shout out to
    Canuck nature. Beautiful time. Beautiful little lake. There’s our loot. Wow. Agile. You’ve never cleaned
    a rainbow trout, this is how you do it. You take a little knife, make a little
    insertion here, it’s got a little
    pee hole, you bring your knife up,
    and down. Then you got the guts and
    everything in here. Rip everything out, you’ve got the blood
    line up there. Kind of bring your
    thumb up through that, and you give her a rinse. We’ll eat this at
    Nora Gray tonite. There you go
    Oh my God that jacket’s
    gonna smell so good. Oh. So then after fishing, we got to go clay
    pigeon shooting. You know, skeet shooting. Skeet, skeet. Ya hear that? That’s the internet
    troll getting loaded up. I don’t know, hopefully
    this goes a little better than last time
    I shot a gun. Oh. Pull. Charles Antwon, he like, blasted two right
    off the fucking bat. Oh, first time. What? Pull. Pull. Nice. Bang Bang. Super fun times. Shout out to all
    the dudes shooting guns all the time. Yo, bonjour trolls. So, today was amazing. We caught that fish. We shot some guns. Now, we’re gonna
    go check out Emma at her restaurant,
    Nora Gray. It is a phenomenal
    restaurant. She makes,
    like literally, the best Italian
    food in Quebec. I’m gonna be that
    sketchy weirdo, like, supplier guy that comes
    in halfway through service on a fucking
    Tuesday night. Good night. Hey, how are ya? That’s our fish? There’s the trout, all the trout you’ve
    caught today. So, we’re just gonna throw it straight
    on the grill. Whole fish. Styles. That’s the best way
    to cook fresh fish, in my opinion. And we’re lucky to have
    a charcoal grill here in the restaurant, so
    it’s gonna be fantastic! We’re gonna make a nice
    little pecan butter sauce to go on top with some
    crushed potatoes, and sauteed black cabbage. Emma got more fish
    that all of us. So she had to cook
    the fish, which is better cuz she’s a better
    chef than all of us. Oh, come on.
    And that’s it. Thank you very much for
    cooking this. It’s a pleasure. The charcoal gives
    it such flavor. Good think it’s perfect. I can’t wait to taste it. So there’s just a little
    bit more to add to our level of taste
    this evening. Oh, okay, okay. That is our t-bone. Oh, oh my goodness. Goodness. And.
    This is what I’m talking about. Fuck the trout. Thank you mama. Phenomenal. Dang, you just won. Winner Gagnon. This episode’s brought
    to you by the lottery. Phenomenal people,
    beautiful people, French people,
    Quebecois people. It’s 5:30 A.M. I’m here with Cyril
    at Societe-Orignal. Well done. Whoo! They procure the best
    materials in Quebec. They provide to a lot of
    restaurants in Toronto, a lot of restaurants
    in New York. Shout out to New York,
    you’re cool. Cyril! Yes.
    Walk us through this beautiful shelving,
    please. Yes.
    Here we, we keep all our
    dry products, of course maple syrup. This is actually the last
    bottle of the year. This!
    This is the last one. It’s a sign. It was for you. And we have some honey. We’re gonna go
    to an anisette. See the beekeeper
    Yeah. today?
    Can we talk about
    the sunflower oil? Because this is
    a crazy thing. When I first started
    buying stuff from these guys years ago,
    I’d never tasted something like
    this before. Sunflower crack, this is
    100% sunflower cocaine. That’s the good stuff. Maybe we should go inside
    the, the fridge now. Let’s check out
    the fridge. This is the milk. See this packaging? See this branding? Strong, simple, powerful, this is much like
    this man here. Does it look like much? Powerful, very powerful. You’ve never seen this, this looks like
    a fucking daimon, but it’s a carrot. Can I break one open? Yeah. Roasted them with a pig? Yeah.
    It’s all good. It should be great. And, duck? Roast these with duck. What else does
    this motherfucker wanna show off? The oysters from
    Magdalen Island. And, all the oysters
    that will be now roasted. Good breakfast. Good breakfast. Let’s go hit the road. We’re gonna check out a bunch of purveyors
    with Cyril. Mm. That’s salty as fuck! Bonjour! So we drove for a really long time out
    to this honey farm, chatted with some
    bee keepers. Gereaux? Gereaux?
    Gereaux? Gereaux. You can say
    Gereaux. Yes, it’s okay. He’s from France. You’re from France, too? Yes.
    Oh my goodness. This is the worst. I’m embarrassed. I can’t speak French. I’m sorry. I’m the worst
    person ever. But here, in this
    tairoit of Quebec, we make the best
    honey in the world. I’m here to taste it. Tell me about
    this tairoit. How can this only
    exist right here? It’s because we have
    really good climate that bring us some
    beautiful flowers. And also because we have
    friendly farmers or, or organic supply. Everything has
    to be organic. Around. It’s in the radius
    because these bees feed within what,
    three, six kilometers? Three kilometers. And that, that,
    that’s a big part of, up here in like northern
    Quebec is like, everyone wants to
    work together to make the right things happen,
    right. So everything’s just feeding each other,
    right? E, exactly.
    Like this farmer has the chickens, this
    guy’s got the sorrel, this guy’s got the honey. And the bees are?
    We’ve got the milk, and the bees are everywhere
    feeding and loving and having a good time,
    then they come home. And bring some honey.
    And bring some honey. Because if they don’t
    bring the honey, we got no money. You always see bees
    flying around, they’re making the honey. Everything’s amazing. What you don’t see
    is the winter time. And we put some foil
    to insulate from, from outside. And oop. Be, be, be careful. And here, just behind,
    there is a hole, so that they can
    go outside to put out their shit and
    everything. So that they can outside
    to put out their shit and everything. I never understood
    that beekeeping was, I thought that they
    would put it away for the, the winter,
    you know? And just keeping it
    natural obviously adds to the complexity of your
    wine and your honey. Yes.
    Okay, so let’s go check out
    this honey wine. It’s time for
    the honey wine. Drink. This is mead. We’re in a mead
    cellar pretty much. That old viking stuff that people
    would drink of alcohol, and fermented honey, and
    all that good stuff. So, you guys have some
    pretty good Summer parties, dont you? Yes.
    You guys get all. You guys get all naked
    running around putting honey on each other. The honey boys and girls. This one is, it’s 12,
    12 years old. Tastes like deep,
    deep flavor. Deep woods. Yeah.
    I know. That’s amazing. Sorta like a bourbon and
    whiskey. Yeah.
    Exact, exactly. Malt scotch. Exactly. Yeah.
    It was like a bourbon. Deep caramelized
    raspberry and very earthy tones,
    you know, bourbon talk, I don’t fucking know. So just like scoop it? Yeah. That tastes like that’s
    the world right there. That tastes
    like the world. Yeah. People aren’t, don’t know
    what honey tastes like. People are used to,
    like, sugar, corn syrup. Yeah.
    For people, there is one honey. It’s honey. Yeah.
    But here you can see that there
    is not only one, there is like
    Gerald? Thank you so much. Quebec? It’s my time! We got to go to
    Rose des Vents, check out an amazing
    chicken farm. The dog came over to
    give you some support. Homies. I’m out here
    Rose des Vents. With Jean we’re
    here at his farm. They grow baby
    chickens to eat. It’s a amazing
    experience. We’ve got Cyril. We’ve got this old dog. It was trapped in
    the forest forever. But now he’s out. This is babby
    chicken world. Let’s go inside. The Federation of
    Chicken Growers of Quebec usually doesn’t allow
    visitors in the coop. They’re afraid of
    diseases breaking out. I know this is okay
    because you’re not coming from another
    chicken farm. C’est bon. In here we’ve got baby
    chickens that come in at a day old. We bring 1500 to 1800
    chickens every 15 days. Being inside of
    a chicken coop, you know. It’s a love hate
    relationship, you wanna be in there, you wanna see how
    the chickens are feeling, connect with
    the chickens, but you know what, it’s
    the most insane smelling fucking thing I’ve ever
    had to be inside of. It’s like 98 degrees in
    here, it’s very hot, I don’t know why I still
    have my jacket on, I’m about to start sweating,
    the ammonia is crazy, from the from
    the chicken droppings. That’s no, no
    disrespect to the farm. That’s just how it is,
    you know. Chicken shit is insane. What made you wanna like, do this here
    like in Quebec, it is a very specific
    thing, right? Like growing these
    younger chickens and providing these for, for,
    for Quebec, Ontario? Like these guys
    are bringing these out to different provinces. Like that’s an amazing
    thing that started right here, right? Family values first and
    foremost. We wanted to keep our
    children close to us. It was never our goal
    to be big anyway. The goal was always to
    keep it on a human scale and spend time together. All right so
    I got the baby chick. This is a one
    week old chick. Is the emojicon. This is the world
    of the chicken. This is it. I’m humbled right now, such a beautiful
    little creature, and this chicken is the most
    eaten thing in the world, and you know, you’re
    sitting here holding a little baby chick
    that’s done right. So we’re up here in
    the second floor. I like this room
    a lot better. It’s a little less
    insane for my body. We can hang out
    here a little bit. So, we got a few, we saw two, we have
    two other sections. They thought I was gonna
    hit Daddy, Patrick, the daddy,
    the chicken lord. Over here,
    they’re five weeks old. Yeah. And over there,
    six weeks old. Okay. What’s your
    favorite stage of the chicken to eat? The ideal size
    to eat them? Yea? Three weeks. Three weeks is perfect, that’s the strongest
    when it’s tender. It’s tender it’s a baby. When we go hunting we
    take about 20-30 poussins (young chickens) with us. We put down an oil
    cauldron and we fried them. They don’t soak up
    the oil they stay crispy. Yea. Best fried chicken.
    Fuck the south, right here in
    North Quebec has the best fried chicken. C’est bon. Next little trippy that
    we went on we got to go to like mont blanc,
    not being a loser on skis, no, checking out an
    old fishery that’s been turned into an amazing
    forging inner sanctum. So we’re inside of
    a teepee with the king of Wild Gourmet, Savage,
    OG Savage, Gerald, with Cyril,
    nice again, the homie. Tell us a little
    bit about this crazy teepee that
    we’re standing in. So yeah.
    It’s our meeting place. We have very
    uncomfortable benches. Keeps the meetings
    nice and short. Just the facts. Well let’s go check
    out some wild stuff. What I’m trying to do is
    to, to plant native water plants that are edible
    in each of the basins. In this one I’ve
    got arrowhead, it’s a very
    spectacular plant. Would you like
    to see them? I’d love to see it. Well I’m I’m gonna
    have to get my hands dirty here. Well that’s it. Can I wipe it on
    your coat after? You, you can, we’ll find
    something to wipe it on. Here you go. Crazy, looks like a like
    a lamb testicle or something. Hehe, I’ve got, I’ve got. Hehe
    He’s growing lamb testicles. Okay, you’ll want
    to have this raw. This is wild
    Canada garlic. Like, it’s amazing. Whoa. Whoa, yes. We, we won’t be kissing
    tonight, will we? Oh, for sure. I would like you to taste
    the water that’s coming out of these mountains. I want a drink. All of this water just
    runs freely, literally, from the mountain
    up here. You figure it’d
    tastes like rocks or like, rust or
    something, you know? It’s just beautiful. Let’s walk. I’m refreshed now. Don’t waste it. I’m not.
    You’re strong, eh? This guy’s got some
    frigging heaters. Foragers. I know.
    He’s got some heaters in there. This guy really knows how
    to live off the land and forage amazing products. So much so that he’s
    built a whole business around it to provide for
    his family. Gerald, thank you so
    much. What’s up, Weed? Evening primrose,
    it’s grape root. So, we’ve got a lot
    of amazing stuff over the last few days,
    haven’t we, guys? I obviously had
    to do something very special for
    very special people. Keller Ateal,
    cooking time. Now, we got a few
    things happening here. Delicious things. We’ve got some bacon and
    some Toulouse sausage. We’ve got some duck. We’ve got some little
    baby chickens. We’ve got a bunch of root
    vegetables, maple syrup, some honey wine, a bunch
    of weird-ass vegetables. So all these things
    look very basic to you. They come from Quebec. Today’s menu is
    very amazing. We’re gonna make
    a whelk pie. So we’re gonna
    talk some whelks, some bacon, cook that
    down, add some cream, over it in mashed
    potatoes, yummy. Number two. Tortiere. It’s like a meat pie. We’re gonna make a dough, put some spiced filling
    in there, yummy. Next. Shout out to
    the rose Devon. See those little
    baby chickens? We’re gonna be roasting
    those beautifully with some roasted root
    vegetables from some sautee originale
    Yummy again. Then, we’re gonna make. Is a classic French
    bean stew with to loose sausage. Yummy, yummy,
    yummy, yummy. Do I even remember what a
    fleur-de-lis looks like? Yeah. It’s gonna look
    like a pot leaf. It’s a family time. We’re here in a beautiful
    home shared by our friends. Now, I’m going to
    share with them, the best meal
    they’ve ever had. They’ve never had
    anything like this. No restaurant can compare
    to what I am about to let these
    people eat and it’s been brought
    to you by Quebec. I’m just floored
    by this meal. It’s excellent,
    it’s touching. It’s traditional
    Quebecois. It’s perfect. Cheers. Get in.
    Go, go, go, go, go, go, lift that knife. Yeah.
    All right, all right. This is fantastic. Mm-hm. The is so good. I’m out here
    in a hot tub. I’ve got a shotgun
    behind me. I don’t give a fuck. Do you give a fuck? Keep it Canada. World peace. Yah! What time is it? Comment t’appelle tu?